A Childhood Poop Experience

This one happened when I was eight years old. One day, I was out in the back yard with my mother at my parents house in a small town in New England. I was busy pulling weeds, etc.

After doing that, I felt a need to both pee and poop. I stood next to the toilet, unzipped and began to pee into the toilet. About halfway through, a large log came out into my underwear completely by accident. Just as I finished peeing, I could still feel that I needed to poop. At this point, I realized there was no point in pulling my pants down. Therefore, I zipped up and simply finished up in my underwear.

After that, I washed my hands and walked into the living room. My mother was sitting on the couch watching TV and I let her know that I had an accident and needed help cleaning up. The two of us walked to the bathroom and she undid my belt and noticed my pants were dry. Then she pulled back my underwear and saw what had happened. She had me step out of my underpants and proceeded to dump the contents into the toilet. Then, she proceeded to clean them out in the toilet and put them down the laundry chute to wash with some of the other dirty laundry.

Then she made some remarks about how I was too old to be doing this. I said that it was an accident. She said that she might believe if there was only one log in there instead of three (one large one, one medium, and one small). She also asked me how my pants could still be dry if I had an accident. I told her that I unzipped and did that in the toilet.

She asked me why I didn't do the other thing in the toilet as well. I told her that I was going to as soon as I finished peeing. (I was not yet able to cut the flow after I started. That would come about two years later).

When I heard her complain about having to clean my underwear in the toilet I asked her why she didn't she throw them out and she told me that I need to learn that just because she buys clothes for me in the toddler section that I still need to learn the difference between underpants and diapers.

I was born prematurely and was still small enough to pass for a toddler. I looked about three years old or so at the time.

After this lecture, she told me to wipe myself with toilet paper. I don't remember how much
I used but it was a lot. Then she filled up the bathtub and made sure the water temperature was right and had me step in and clean myself up with soap the best I could. Then she helped with any areas that I missed and had me dry off and put on a new pair of underwear.

After that, she helped me to get dressed and once again reminded me to do both things in the toilet next time. Aside from the lecture I received no punishment for what I did. This was fortunate because about ten or so years later my parents went with me to a neurological appointment for some headaches (with some nausea and vomiting) that I was having that turned out to be optic migraines.

In the course of the exam, the neurologist noticed that I have a neurological condition as a result of my premature birth and a small stroke that evidently resulted from that. She asked my parents about my childhood, including when I was toilet trained.

My mother said about three-and-a-half (give or take) at least during the day and at home. The neurologist indicated that many people with nervous systems like mine in fact never train (or at best train a bit later than I did). As a result, my father (who wouldn't usually tolerate less than perfect toilet usage) became more understanding of my (at this point) very rare accidents of either type. My mother (on the other hand) remains convinced that I was just being stubborn back then.

Today, almost all of my accidents happen if am nervous, or if I am in a situation where no restroom is available. I am now between five feet seven inches and five feet nine inches tall. For now, this is all of the detail that I can think of that is in any way relevant.

Kung Poo

Reading and pooping

My wife enjoys reading while pooping. It could be a book, on her phone. She also always has very hard poops. I have seen her straining red-faced just to get her turd to crown.

I have noticed though, that when she has a very hard poop, she'll stop reading, place her book on her lap, stare at nothing in concentration, and puuuuuuush. It's rather weird to me as I don't see why she can't push and read at the same time. I can do that - even if it's a hard poop.

Here's my question: Can you? Read and do a difficult poop at the same time?

To Tyler C

Awesome accident story! Quite daring to walk home with full pants.


Training Potty

So I made an impulsive purchases during quarantine. I bought another training potty. My current one was getting old and I thought this one is really cool. It's got mini mouse on the lid and a very comfortable seat :)
Does anyone else still use training potties?


Question for the ladies

So I have a question for all the ladies out there. Have you ever used a sink as your toilet before? If so did you pee or poop or both in it and what was the reason behind it? I've done all three a few times, both sober and drunk.

Reply to Carlie B
You mentioned you like pooping (in toilets) in high traffic areas where others will see it. I'm curious then if you sometimes poop in more public places. If not, I imagine that's something you're likely to do eventually (maybe when drunk). Something like sneaking out at night and squatting on a sidewalk, or in a store's parking lot.

I kinda like doing that myself. It feels very liberating somehow. Also squatting to poop really is the best in multiple ways. I don't know why, but I like that someone will find it. And there is a slight thrill from possibly (though unlikely) getting caught. I suppose if I did, I'd tell them it was an emergency (though that's a lie).


To Audrey

Hi Audrey!
Have fun at the camp! My advice would be to find a buddy, since pooping at a camp is even more fun when you're not alone.

I have just been camping in the mountains for some days. One night I had an old couple camping in a VW van as neighbours. In the morning I saw the woman coming out of the van carrying a roll of toilet paper. She went behind some bushes just beneath the van. There she pulled down her shorts and squatted. I could see her white bottom between the bushes. They left quite soon afterwards and then I went over there and saw a huge load of poop on the ground. A cable between 30 and 40 cm and 5-6 cm thick. She had burned the paper.

Carlie B.

Pooping Survey

Quick update before the survey: our new toilet at our apartment is completely shot. It flushes extremely slowly and weakly, even with nothing in it. When it finally drains, it takes half an hour to refill. Our landlord came and took and look and it looks like one of the valves is completely worn out. The piece attached to the valve also got warped so replacing the valve is more trouble than it's worth. Luckily it is still under warranty so our landlord is getting a replacement toilet shipped out ASAP and it should be installed tomorrow.

I asked an abbreviated version of some of these questions in a previous post and thought I'd expand it a bit more. I'd love to hear full on stories to expand on any of these answers. I've been reading old posts recently and am 'stealing' some of these questions, so apologies if any of you have already answered some of these before.

Toilet Survey:

Do you prefer public or private toilets when you go? Does it differ if #1 vs. 2?

Ignoring the context of where they are, do you prefer the stronger high power flushing ones usually found in public places or the more gentle, weaker home toilets?

Those of you who have experience with the opposite gender pooping, do you seem to notice if one tends to do bigger than the other?

When was the first time you remember seeing a clogged toilet? Do you know who did it or was it a stranger?

If you have ever, when do YOU first remember clogging one?

Have you ever had to deal with an overflowing toilet?

Have you ever "buddy dumped" onto another person's poo? Was it because you wanted to or because theirs wouldn't flush?

Was the biggest load you've ever seen done by you or someone else?

Do you wish your poops were bigger, smaller, or stay the same? Why?

Do you find that your poops are of similar size to your family's?

My answers:

1. Do you prefer public or private toilets when you go? Does it differ if #1 vs. 2?

For #1, absolutely private. Public bathrooms can be gross so I prefer to use my own.

If I'm pooping I don't care too much. Private is nice for obvious reasons but public is nice because you can just get up and leave without worry about what you've left behind.

2. Ignoring the context of where they are, do you prefer the stronger high power flushing ones usually found in public places or the more gentle, weaker home toilets?

I really like the high powered ones. Home toilets can be tough to plunge in some circumstances.

3. Those of you who have experience with the opposite gender pooping, do you seem to notice if one tends to do bigger than the other?

I don't know if I can answer this question because I've seen way more women go than men.

Out of the dozens of women I know fairly well, I'd say there are three who regularly poop big: my mother, and my friends Hannah and Sydney.

For men, my father, brother, and my college boyfriend all did their fair share of big turds. I had two other boyfriends, and that's about the extent of men I've been close enough with to know about their bathroom habits.

Based solely on this limited evidence, it seems like a higher percentage of men go bigger. But since the sample size is so small I don't think it means much, which is partially why I'm asking the question.

4. When was the first time you remember seeing a clogged toilet? Do you know who did it or was it a stranger?

I can't remember the exact first time, but, both my parents frequently clogged toilets, so I was pretty young. Usually they'd take care of it right away but I still saw their offerings a fair amount if they were busy or distracted before plunging.

5. If you have ever, when do YOU first remember clogging one?

In second grade I was on a play date at a friend's house and clogged their toilet. I remember my friend's mom was very nice, but told my mom when she picked me up because she was worried a second grader did that. My mom shrugged it off and told her it must run in the family, haha! It turns out my family had pretty good toilets in our home which is why it was longer before I started blocking those.

6. Have you ever had to deal with an overflowing toilet?

Only a few times. Every time it was because someone tried to flush an already blocked toilet before the first flush was done.

7. Have you ever "buddy dumped" onto another person's poo? Was it because you wanted to or because theirs wouldn't flush?

Usually I do it by choice. If I find an unflushed poo, I like to try and do my own and see if I can beat it in size.

I typically won't poo into an already clogged toilet unless there is only one working toilet left; it seems better to sacrifice one toilet to leave the other operational. I've done this a handful of times with my mom growing up.

I've also had to poo into a toilet that I myself had plugged and for various reasons still hadn't plunged.

8. Was the biggest load you've ever seen done by you or someone else?

Me. I think the giant log I left in the winery bathroom was the biggest I've ever seen. I wonder how long it took them to get that poor toilet working again. I remember growing up and seeing some of my parents' dumps and thinking I'd never be able to do that, but sure enough here I am, now making theirs look normal in comparison. I still think the biggest ive seen NOT done by me was that woman at the gym I mentioned above, it was seriously impressive. I wonder if that was normal for her.

9. If the total amount was the same, do you prefer one big turd, some smaller ones, or more of a pile?

I like one or two big logs. Although I had an upset stomach at the store few weeks back that led to a soft pile. It was truly a mountain of shit, and smelled awful, but the jet toilet swallowed it (albeit with 4 flushes it was so big) without the need for a plunger. Even after all the flushes it looked like someone painted the inside of the toilet brown. It was a nice change of pace from the usual hard log.

10. Do you wish your poops were bigger, smaller, or stay the same? Why?

I go back and forth on this a lot, but I think a little smaller. As fun as it is taking massive dumps, I'd love to be able to flush a toilet first try every once in a while.

That being said, I've wondered what it would be like to be able to do even bigger. That would certainly be a sight! I've read some old stories on here of people doing and seeing poops so big that, if they are being honest, would make mine look small!

11. Do you find that your poops are of similar size to your family's? This is from my mom's comment I mentioned above.

Yes for me. I have surpassed the rest of my family, but there's no way it's just a coincidence that we all take large dumps. My best guest is it has something to do with metabolisms, which I think are genetic. We're all in pretty good shape, and as I've mentioned I've lost some weight despite eating considerably more. Obviously all that extra food has to go somewhere and for me it seems to go straight to my dumps.

I hope you all will have fun filling this survey out. All the best!


What's wrong with the middle toilet?

Sunday morning me and my riding partner Courtenay got up early and did about a 10 mile ride on a bike trail we hadn't taken before. Of course we packed a lot of water and in our 3rd stop we had to leave the trail and stop at a gas station so she could take her morning crap. This was a single toilet room and Courtenay lost no time in lowering her shorts and parking her butt on the blue colored seat. Neither she or I had ever seen a blue public toilet seat before. As I was filling my water bottle at the sink and accidentally splashed a little on her left thigh, I was impressed how discrete she was. Midway through, she got her butt about an inch of the seat, reached back and held that position for about a minute as the flush cycle was working. Then she dropped back down for the second act that included a bit more of a squished up face as she pushed it out. Again she did the sit, then squat position, and then a 3 swipe wipe. With each wipe, she quickly looked at her progress before tossing the paper. Then Courtenay, stood and did something I had never seen done before. She bent over, took some toilet paper, and did a thorough wipe of the seat. I got a bit sarcastic with her as we changed positions and I asked her if she could guarantee I wasn't going to get an STD or carona 19 in sitting for my pee. Although I was burning to go, it took me about 30 seconds to get my stream going and I was sweating head-to-toe during the wait. When I finally got done and stood the seat stuck to me for about 5 seconds before I used my right hand to drop it. Courtenay joked that I was picking up too much weight and that was the reason for the stick.

Coming back we stopped for pizza and we took it to a nearby park to eat. We were at a picnic bench near the bathroom building and because there weren't a lot of people around it was pretty quiet until a few children on bikes came by and then we played this old game of, based on the noise, tried to figure out what each of them was doing in there. Courtenay's family use to do that a lot when they were traveling and using different bathrooms. A couple of boys were taking a crap and we got good sound on the release, splash and things they were saying to one another. One was saying some really mean things to the other as he sat and tried to get his bowels going. Courtenay said he reminded her of her kid brother.

As we prepared to start our ride back, Courtenay went in to wash our hands. I took the far end toilet of the 3 available. I knew I had a significant crap due because I hadn't had one for a couple of days. Exercise always has helped me go. Courtenay was preparing to drop herself onto the far toilet on opposite end, although I had pointed her toward the middle one in the middle and right next to me. I thought it was a good way for us to bond since I knew my sit was going to take some time. Courtenay said when given a choice she was taught to avoid the middle toilet. It is often the most used and the dirtiest. In larger bathrooms if all the toilets are available I will often take the middle one, especially if it is the closest to me when I walk in.

So here's a short survey. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for participating.

1. In large bathrooms if you are the first person in and several toilets are available, how do you make the selection?

2. When in a crowded public restroom with all the stalls full and not hearing any flushes, do you...
A) Look for leg movement under the cubicle door?
B) Listen for the noise of something hitting the water?
C) Evidence of wiping by peeking between the door and partition?
D) Ask if they are about done?
E) Take a doorless stall since it is likely to be available?
F) Other?

3. Does it make any difference if the person is peeing or crapping?

4. What have you done to get their attention and get them off the toilet?

5. How long should a person sit before relinquishing their seat?

Thanks, Ronette & Courtenay.

Monday, June 29, 2020


City Bus Peeing

Due to the pandemic and all things being shut down, I might have fallen out of my rhythm in doing some things. It's never been a problem before but yesterday when Juliet and I got on a city bus to go shopping just walking down the aisle as the bus was jerking to a start and trying to keep my footing, I could feel the first twinge of pee hurting. A rough road that long-ago needed new asphalt and jerking to a stop every time a new rider got on, within a mile, I got scared about being able to complete the 45 minute ride. Juliet tried to take my mind off it by keeping conversation going. I told her those buses should be required to have a toilet just like the cross-country charters we've taken for school activities. She refuses to use those toilets, although they've saved me more than once on band trips.

The pain got progressively worse with each mile and the number of stops to get new passengers increased. At one stop, the driver got into some kind of debate with this guy and wouldn't let him get on. I was ready to cry in pain and Juliet reminded me we were near a college campus that would have hundreds of toilets. We decided to get off there and we could board the next bus to finish our trip. Juliet brought a map of the campus up on her phone and let out a "F@@k!" that could be heard by those two and three rows in front of us. She said the campus was 100% shut down, but I told her I was getting off because I was ready to burst. She's a good friend and got off with me. Juliet spotted a sign for a 24-hour coin operated laundry and we both looked like daredevils running across the traffic to get over there.

This was a large laundry about the size of 3 of the classrooms put together at our school. When I cut in front of a lady with a laundry basket I asked her to point me to the bathroom. She said it was bad and she wouldn't use it, but I kept dodging customers as I headed for the corner door. There was no entrance door, I just went around a full wall to find 3 toilets with two half panels between them. An older lady sitting on toilet paper in the first one and a young girl was sitting on the 3rd. Her legs were not moving, her head was between them and she seemed to be pulling at her long hair. I knew I was seconds away from a flood but the brass button on my jeans was giving me big trouble. Both of my thumbs were hurting bad as they were clawing to get the button undone. Finally, as I finally got it and dropped my jeans to the floor, before I could yank at my white underwear the flood was already coming. There were splashes over the front of the black seat as I finally dropped myself onto it. The noise going into the toilet I was seated on was horrendous.

Juliet came in just after the two others left and I told her my underwear was almost 100% waterlogged. I showed her the splashes between my legs on the seat. I told her I had been hoping to do a job interview later that day and didn't know how badly they would smell. I told her just to be sure I was going to lift my legs, take off my jeans for an inspection and then throw the underwear away. Juliet suggested that while I sat she could take them, put them in a dryer, and I wouldn't have to be without them for the rest of the day. She got the tokens and had the drier going when I finally went out to join her. We shared a can of soda as we watched TV and in about 15 minutes I was back in the stall putting my dried off underwear on. I don't know if it was because of my emergency or what but while I was changing Juliet took the toilet next to me and took her daily crap.
She's much more refined in going about it than me. Most importantly, she a great friend.


Reply to SquatSpotter

I was squatting over the bedpan on the floor and holding the urinal (a bottle with a handle on it) in front of my vulva.

Years ago I used to clean a road side rest area. It seems that women had a lot of accidents and used to just leave dirty panties. Sometimes they would wrap them and place them in the trash or pad receptacle. Other times the stall would be a complete mess and the panties would be on the floor. Some women would clean the stall good and others would leave poop all over the seat and toilet where they messed it from their panties.
Does anyone have any similar stories or have any women done this while traveling or hiking?

I'm going to summer camp next week, so I will be able to pee and poop outside as much as I want! Does anybody have anything I can try to make it more fun?



Please talk about you and your moms pooping experiences.

Kamdyn & Alan
Thanks for taking the survey!
Are you more shy about pooping because you tend to clog up toilets more? What is an average poop for you like? Ample logs or soft serve or both?

Macy Jessi and Ashley G
Yall have great stories and would like to hear more if your still around!


Tyler C

After School Incident

To Sera: I'm glad to hear that you've got your toilet situation under control at school. Don't worry, I'd love to hear your peeing stories. I think I actually prefer peeing stories to pooping stories, but a good story's a good story either way. As a side note, it must suck for anyone who plays an after school sport if they need to use the toilet. I got stuck in an awkward after school toilet situation once.

One day in 10th Grade, I went on an art department field trip to an art museum in our local city. The bus ride took about 40 minutes. We left earlier than school regularly starts in order to get as much time as possible, so I didn't get a chance to use the bathroom that morning. Throughout the morning, I sort of had to pee, but not particularly bad. Now, anyone who has been to a major art museum knows that the building layout is usually pretty weird and it's easy to get lost. I spent the day walking around the gallery with a group of friends from my art class. We ate lunch around noon. There were restrooms near the food court, but I still didn't think I really had to go then. So, I didn't go. (BIG MISTAKE)

About half an hour after lunch I felt my need to pee getting a little more uncomfortable. I also noticed that I had to do a little more than pee. I probably could have asked where the bathroom was, but I didn't want to break from the group or make them stop what they were doing to accommodate me. So, I just held it. At the end of the day, all the groups met up at the front of the museum. We all waited there for the bus to come. I heard our teacher point out to a student where the bathroom was, so I followed them there. When I got in, there was a line for the stalls. There was a decent number of stalls, but this was a multi-school field trip, so there were students from dozens of other schools who waited till the last possible minute to go. When I finally got to the front of the line, I got a text from a friend saying,
"Bus is here. Where r u?"
So, I had to leave before I could go.

I was squirming in my seat during the whole bus ride, clenching my butt checks so that nothing would escape from either end. I was hoping that I'd get a chance to go as soon as I got back to school. The thing is, I played clarinet in the Marching Band. Practice would usually start about 20 minutes after school ended and run for about an hour and a half. Although, we were expected to have our instruments set up by start time, so it was really more like 15 minutes. That was the time I normally could go to the bathroom if I needed to. Unfortunately, the bus arrived 15 minutes after school ended. I rushed off the bus to band practice with a couple minutes left until start time. I hoped that I could set up with enough time left to go to the bathroom, but as soon as I finished setting up, it was time to start.

Normally, I think my teacher wouldn't have minded too much if I showed up a couple minutes late, especially if it was a field trip, but this was the week of a big parade, so every second of rehearsal time was important. Now when I have to pee or poop, moving usually helps take the pressure off. So, marching actually helped a bit. What was bad was when we stopped marching. Then the urge came on very strong. What was even worse was, to check our posture, our teacher would make us freeze as we were marching and stay in pose. Standing completely still is just the worse when you gotta go. I had to let a couple of farts go throughout. Luckily, I timed them so the sound got covered up by the music. We practiced outside too, so the smell dissipated. Toward the end of practice, I even felt something poking out of my butthole, but I managed to keep it from coming all the way out. Similarly, I ended up letting some squirts of pee dampen the front of my underwear. Nothing that showed on my pants, though.

Eventually, practice let out. I packed up my gear and ran to the bathroom only to see the stall taken with someone outside waiting for it. This bathroom had only one stall and one urinal, so I stood in line. The boy waiting for the stall was this kid, Cody, from the band. I could see he was rocking back and forth a little bit. After a couple of minutes, the guy came out of the stall. Cody ran in, shut the door, and I immediately heard thunderous farting. It sounded bad. I knew this was going to take a while. As he was doing his business, I felt like I could burst on either end at any minute. I waited a couple of minutes. I'm not the kind to be rude, but out of desperation I asked,

"Hey, are you almost done?"
"Sorry Tyler. It's gonna be while."
"But I gotta get in there right now!"
"Just give me a few more minutes."

I tried to weigh my options. Other parts of the school are locked off during this time, so the bathroom nearest to the band room was the only available one. It takes me around 15 minutes to walk home, and I couldn't hold it that long. If I only had to pee this would be so much easier because the urinal was right there. Just then, I felt a squirt escape from my penis. I put down my clarinet case and held my front. Now I was holding my crotch, doing the pee pee dance like a little kid. I bent forward to tighten my hold on my front end when I felt something poke out from the other end. I panicked, and quickly moved one hand to my butt. Now I was holding my butt in one hand and my wiener in the other. A full on embarrassing accident was imminent. There was no denying it. At any second, I was gonna go to the bathroom whether it was in the toilet or in my underwear. Cody was inching up on 6 minutes in there. In one last, desperate attempt I yelled,

"Almost done?!"
"Sorry, I think I'm gonna be a little longer!"

As he said that, I heard some more farting. So, I knew he wouldn't be done for another couple of minutes. Then came some more farting, but it wasn't coming from Cody's butt. That's right! It was coming from my butt. I felt a warm, hard log pushing it's way out, making contact with the back of my boxer-briefs. As one end releases, the other inevitably follows. It was the point of no return. The log was making a mess of my undies. The pee was making its way to the tip of my wiener. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't stop it. I accepted what was happening. I, a 15-year-old high school student, was doing the potty dance as he went potty in his pants. I then realized that the urinal was right there. Then, it occurred to me. What's worse, wetting and soiling myslef, or just soiling myself? I could at least only ruin the back of my pants, while leaving the front dry. I ran over to the urinal and pulled my wiener out just as the pee started coming out.

I relaxed as I found some sense of victory in the fact that I didn't wet myself. Maybe it was a strange thing to take pride in, but I didn't care. I was getting my relief at last! I stood there peeing in the urinal as the back of my pants filled up with log after log of hot, brown mush. It's kind of hard to poop standing straight up, so I leaned forward and put my hand against the wall for balance and pushed super hard to get every last piece of poop out into my pants. I finished peeing before I finished pooping. So, I flushed and went over to the sink to wash my hands. I pooped some more as I washed my hands. Then, I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror as I pushed out one last log. The back of my pants were sagging quite a bit. There was no hiding it.

I heard Cody finally flush the toilet, and I realized that if he came out, he'd surely see what I did in my pants. I grabbed my clarinet and ran out into the halls before he came out of the stall. That was stupid, but it was a quick decision. Just then I saw some girls from the dancing program exit the dance studio. I really didn't want them to see that I was wearing poopy pants, so I just ran out of the building. The door is locked from the outside to keep intruders out, so now I was stuck outside with a full load of poop in my pants. This meant only one thing, the walk of shame.

I was wearing a sweatshirt, so I tied in around my waist and headed home. It covered up the bulge on my butt pretty well. This was in the late fall, around the time the weather was getting colder, so I actually sort of liked the warmth I had down there. It had spread across my entire butt and up between my legs almost to my balls. It actually felt kind of okay once I tried to block out of my mind what it actually was. I got to my neighborhood. I waved at some neighbors on my street. I even had a short conversation with the nice old lady who lived next door to me. It was actually kind of funny to know that I had this gigantic pile of poop caked on my butt, and nobody noticed.

My parents weren't home, I decided to clean up when I noticed I still had some poop left in me. I opened up the toilet lid and unbuttoned my pants, but then I stopped and thought, "What am I doing? My undies are already filthy. I started in my pants, so why don't I finish in them." I closed the toilet lid, did up my pants, and pushed out the long awaited grand finale to this incredible mess in my undies while staring at the empty toilet. I even giggled a little at the absurdity of the situation. It was kind of a moment of levity after an afternoon of discomfort and embarrassment. It actually wasn't the first time I pooped myself, but it was the only time I got to spend time in it. It was a unique experience, but I don't think I'd want to do it again because the clean up was just not worth it.



To Shanna: I am so sorry that you had your accident. More than that, I really hate that you struggle with IBS. All the best to you!

To Andrea: You played that so well! I would have been so embarrassed. I loved your story and hope to hear more from you!

Love to all!



Latest accident and a survey

Hellooo toiletstool! I hope this post finds you well.

I foolishly left work without relieving myself first today, again. I knew I needed to go but I was in a hurry to leave because I had placed an online order for pickup at Chipotle lol. Anyway I was on my way there to pick it up and I was cramping and clenching all the way. I broke out in a little sweat when I was almost there because I was starting to worry about not making it. The plan now was 100% making a dash for the Chipotle bathroom when I got there. I flew into the lot and parked my car, but I simply couldn't hold it anymore and I knew I was going to have an accident. I felt myself push and could feel my poop come out partially and squish between my butt and the car seat. I clenched my butt hard and then felt the poop squish in my cheeks too. I jumped out of the car and I held my hand over my butt as I rushed inside but it was too late. I didn't make it to the bathroom in time and I seriously pooped my pants in Chipotle. The load was thick and soft and filled my pants up like a balloon, and was very warm. It all came out pretty fast too. After I filled my pants I just froze and looked around to see if anyone noticed but people were all either getting their food or eating so no one was paying attention to me. So... I just sort of casually went and picked up my food in my messy pants and then went home lol. I am sure some people noticed the stink and possibly saw a bulge on my butt but I avoided making eye contact or looking at anyone because I didn't want to know if they knew. I hurried home sitting in my mess and when I got, there I ate my chips and queso before I even changed my pants, but I cleaned up before I ate my main course. I seriously don't know what my problem is! Clearly I need to be in Pampers because I can't learn to use the toilet when necessary before I have an accident.

I have read a lot of other people's accident stories from the past on here and I decided to make a little accident survey. I'll answer the questions too even though I think most of my answers are obvious from my stories.

1. Age and gender?- 31 F
2. Have you ever had an accident? - yes several
3. Pee accident?- yes
4. Poop accident?- yes
5. How old were you the last time you peed your pants?- around 26 or 27
6. Were there any witnesses?- yes
7. Were you embarrassed, thrilled or indifferent?- embarrassed
8. How did you respond to the situation?- I first cleaned the mess I made on the floor then I went to take a shower and change.
9. How old were you the last time you pooped your pants?- 31
10. Were there any witnesses? Not this time but I've had witnessed accidents more than once.
11. Were you embarrassed, thrilled or indifferent?- embarrassed and thrilled
12. How did you respond to the situation?- see above story
13. Do you have a fear of having an accident?- sometimes, if I'm in public. My main fear is having a pooping accident at work.
14. Have you sought help or treatment if it is a reoccurring problem?- I have not
15. Have you or do you use protective items like diapers?- no
16. Share a memorable accident story!- the one above plus my other posts. But I don't remember if I shared the time I wet my pants that I referred to in the survey so I'll share that quickly. I lived with a girl at the time who notoriously took forever in the bathroom. She was in there getting ready for work and I woke up with a very full bladder and desperately needed in the bathroom. She took too long and I decided to go to the kitchen and go in the sink, but I started to pee on the way there and soaked my underwear and pajamas all the way to the kitchen. I left a trail of pee and I was cleaning it up in my wet pajamas when my roommate came out and saw me. She just said "did you pee your pants?" And I said "yeah you were taking forever..." And she said "you could have knocked" and didn't even apologize.

That's all for now!


My Memorable Dinner Shit

I did 2 poops today, but after having mushroom inchaladas, my prepoop farts signaled that a nassty one was on its way! The poop urge also felt like the contents were going to be splatty again, and it felt it was almost too soft. One of the tiny peices was lagging behind, and took a short moment to fall. Earlier today I experienced what it was like covering up for Covid (haven't had to do that before), and Mom had to pee at the store. The mask experience was awkward at first, but from what I could tell I adjusted. Luckily, the bathroom in the store that Mom peed in didn't smell, but I noticed some other odor in my environment that I can't describe now. The toilets sounded strong, and Mom finished quick. That's all for now, bye!

Carlie B.

Replies + More Trouble at Home

Victoria: yes, I always have had a goo sense of humor about it. I've found people are more impressed rather than grossed out, so it can actually be quite the rush to lay such big dumps.

Catherine: correct. The firmness plus the sheer size is what makes them nearly impossible to flush. Every once in a while I'll have a softer load. If the toilet is decent, I can usually flush in two or three flushes without needing a plunger. If it's firm, not a chance of getting away with no plunger

kmd: glad you enjoy the stories. I don't have a ton of stories from work because I usually took both my daily dumps at home; one at night and one in the morning. Sometimes if I work late I'll end up pooping at work. If it's late at night, the janitor is already gone so my big logs get seen by others in the morning. Over time, people have put two and two together and realize it is me clogging the toilets with enormous turds. We have 4 stalls, so no one really minds, although the smell can be bad. I have one coworker Jill, who also will occasionally clog one of the toilets. She is quite impressive because she's so short, you wouldn't expect her to be able to do so much!

I've also caused another issue at the apartment. Last week I got back from a hike in the evening and needed to go badly. Our toilet was still clogged by my morning shit though. I had clogged it but had to run as I was late before I had time to plunge it. It wasn't too bad because both my roommates were staying at their boyfriends for the weekend. I laid another huge log into the already plugged toilet. This new log was 100% out of the water, so the smell was terrible. I got to plunging but as I was doing so, Lindsey and her new boyfriend came back to our place as his roommates were having a party. Not wanting to embarrass Linsey with her boyfriend around, I just closed the lid and hoped neither of them would need it. Well of course that backfired, as her boyfriend needed to go. As he got up, I admitted I had clogged it and needed to fix it. He said he just needed to piss and wouldn't mind. Before I could stop him he had gone in and lifted the lid to reveal my giant turds. Good lord, he said. Those are the two biggest poops I've ever seen! I was embarrassed but also a bit turned on. A guy hadn't seen a turd of mine since I last broke up with my own boyfriend a while back. When he was done, I got to plunging. I got one mostly down, but was so tired I just threw on some gloves and pulled them out.

I think our toilet has weakened since we got it. Not only have I had more trouble plunging, but Lindsey and Hayley have also clogged it a couple times each, and seeing their turds, they aren't very big. Has anyone ever dealt with a toilet weakening over time? When we first got it, it was much better than the old one. Now, it seems to be worse.


Amazing Public Dumps

Early last Sunday saw me in another city. It was early in the morning , cold and drizzling rain and I needed a poo bad. I did not know this place at all and driving around and could not find a toilet . I surveyed as I drove possible places to go behind buildings or bushes then I came on a disused shop and those old shops have outside toilets at the back . This was no exception and I went in .... it even had toilet paper. I dropped my trousers and undies and did not shut the door but rather looked onto an overgrown garden as I released in major proportions what I so needed to do . I felt I released the entire contents of my colon . After that my bowels went into hibernation. It was the day before yesterday so I took a very big dose of my osmotic laxatives and not much happened and yesterday another big dose soon after I awoke . I was driving to work when the laxatives kicked in. No worries I will go to my favourite public toilet on the way to work but , alas as I arrived the toilets were being cleared . I then remembered that there were another set of toilets nearby at the boat ramp . Back in the car and in a few minutes only I was there. It was a picture perfect day and it was . Of course, at the end of a bay in an idyllic location. That was all very well but I was about to " loose my shit !" I parked and waddled to the toilets butt checks pressed together. I noted that the toilets had a great outlook and I would love to do my requirements with the door open but that would not be a socially acceptable idea . There were three toilets and unisex . As I got close I lost a bit and had a small squirt but what my bu cheeks did not hold my incontenence undies would . Anyway I went in and my bun was like an upside down fire hydrant shooting out dark brown water with hard pebbles and thumping big lumps of shit . Oh the most blessed relief!!! I had a personal trainer who once told me that she feels so much better after a big poo . I agree! Anyway back to the story I was sitting there relaxed when I heard foot steps and the next door closed. I heard clothing drop and some grunting and soon later a series of loud plops and farts. I felt so happy for that person in getting relief too . We both had very big BMs. Thank God for public toilets and eager bowels .

To Tyler C

Thanks for the reply! Could we hear about a time you "browned" a pair of undies :) Awesome stories btw.


Hey Abbie

I agree that Sera could pee behind the playground if she were desprate enough. Good idea! I'd pee there if I were her, too. To add a little adventure to things,I'd build up the courage to do a desperate poop in the playground as well. I did a sort of bubbly fart before peeing this morning, and a fart with a rising note while going. After breakfast minutes ago, I did a soft moderately sized poop. I plan to do a little project (hopefully today) with part of my elevator buttons I got yesterday, so I would love to do a pre-project excitement poop. If not, that's ok. Whate I plan to do is glue the top assembly peices on cardboard, and display the circuit assembly bottom half of my buttons on my window sill as I'm doing now. The top plastic parts gave me the sort of bored feeling like when you do an unsatisfied poop. I compare liking the bottom halfs better to having a good poop. Bye

Sunday, June 28, 2020


Accident... again

I posted last month about two accidents I had when walking home from running. Well... it happened again this week. I was walking home the last bit after a long, satisfying run feeling the need to go for a poo. The need got stronger and when I was about five minutes from my house, I had to stop to prevent the poo from escaping. This helped but only a bit and when I started walking again, the pressure became very strong again. That's when I decided to let a bit of poo out into my knickers, to ease pressure. This again didn't solve the issue for more than half a minute or so, when I decided to slowly let the full turd slip into my knickers. I should note here that, while I do live in a busy residential area, it was pretty dark so no one would have seen it really. It did feel strange, weird but also kind of naughty to walk there with a turd in my underwear. The pressure on my anus didn't really go away though and when I could see my house (and confirmed the 'coast was clear', with no neighbours outside), I just gave in and let the full poo escape. It was strange, weird, naughty but not too bad, though I didn't enjoy the cleanup at all.

I don't know why this keeps happening recently! My last accident was 15 years ago or so. Any advice from fellow runners?


Reply to Lilly

I'm so glad you enjoyed my stories! I generally poop twice a day-once early in the morning, before school, and again in the evening. I'm pretty regular, but I enjoy having a BM at school if I need to go. I have a couple friends I regularly shit with. To ease discomfort, I'll usually take a shit right before practice-a lot of the girls would, and there were times when every stall in the locker room was occupied by members of the team taking a shit lol. It could become smelly. The day I injured my knee, I had tried to shit before practice like usual, but I was really backed up and it just wasn't happening. The physical activity that followed helped it along, I think. I was very gassy, but fought to suppress any farts because I was scared of soiling myself during our routines. And when I finally had a moment to myself, later on in the hospital, pushing out that dump was life changing haha. I was beyond desperate. I exercise regularly, and try to keep fit-I generally eat healthy, with little to no processed foods or extra fat and sugar, and I do think that has a bearing on my large turds. I never rush along a bowel movement-the horror of a nasty constipation spell I had when I was fifteen (which was broken when, one day, all my backed up shit knocked very loudly on my back door and I had no choice BUT to go poop in a school toilet, which was so painful I resolved to never deny an urgent need to shit ever again, no matter where I was) lingered in my memory for a long time after. And yes, the dump I pushed out immediately after my last post felt so amazing-the feeling of a thick turd stretching my hole was enough to send a shiver up my back. With the world seeming so uncertain lately, I think it's important to take pleasure in all the little things-for me, it's the satisfaction of sitting comfortably on my pink toilet (my bedroom has its own bathroom), enjoying a healthy shit or a good pee.


Carlie B's Question - Least Favorite Places to Poop

Carlie B:

For me, I live on a pretty tight routine, which usually means that I will do both poops at home. However, my least favorite places are friends' houses, church, gas station, rest areas, or any other bathroom that's not clean. When it comes to pooping in public, I am OK when I am not with anyone I know and the bathroom is clean. I would rather not poop around people I know. At church, I've clogged the toilet a couple of times, and stunk it up pretty good. And, I just don't want to use dirty restrooms.

Love your stories!



reply to Jenny

Hi Jenny, welcome to the site and glad you found somewhere to have a wee before it was too late. Everybody in the world has been desperate at some point so it's nothing to be ashamed of and it sounds like Emily is open about it. Maybe you could try practicing next time you are out, when you're not desperate, work out what position squatting works for you best.
Obviously things are weird at the moment but I'm quite used to weeing outside... usually when in the park or on a walk (public toilets aren't always open anyway near me) or on the way home from a night out when I've been drinking. If it makes you feel better I've leaked into my knickers so many times when desperate!
look forward to hearing from you again soon


Replies, plus a story

Sera - Sorry to hear you peed your pants in school. It's a difficult time we're in now, so completely understand to be afraid of using public bathrooms. When I was in school, I knew a few girls who would try to hold their pee all day at school, with varied results. To avoid wetting your pants again, maybe you and Jasmine go behind the playground and go there, using each other as a lookout.

Enna - Fortunately, you were able to pee only some in your pants a couple times on the boat ride and hold the rest until you got to the bathroom, and you had black shorts on. Thanks for sharing. A similar situation happened on a boat ride to my friend Angela, but she couldn't stop peeing once she started. We were on a harbor tour, which was fortunately empty except for the captain, tour guide, and us. About a half hour into the ninety minute ride, Angela really had to pee, but there were no bathrooms, plus the ride was getting really bumpy. About twenty minutes or so later, Angela said she couldn't hold it anymore and was going to let out a little bit of pee, but once she started peeing, she couldn't stop. She was wearing black jeans (and a red sweater, which she tied around her when we got off the boat), so her peed pants were not too noticeable. The tour guide did see, and she tried to comfort Angela saying that on one of her first tours she worked, she peed her pants on the boat ride. And their uniform is khaki pants, so there was no hiding what she did.


Urgent Day

Hi guys.Yesterday was another needy bathroom day. I went close to 4 times after having smallish poops before. It was runny sometimes probably from a spicy sandwich causing irritation for some unknown reason, but otherwise my day was good. Due to going a lot, I started feeling the affects around my anal area like it was a bit sore/sort of pulsating. That has since gone now, and my poop was small today, but solid. To Stacy: Welcome! I'll think you'll come to love my stories. Bye.

Taylor T


Hey everyone! I'm back again for more stories but first I'm gonna reply to a couple of people.

To Victoria: Thanks for the shout out lol! It's good to know I'm not the only one with a group chat about this kind of stuff!
Celine: Great Story! I'm sorry about you're injury but I'm sure your huge poop made up for it. I remember one time I pooped at a hospital which was kinda weird for me but it was okay. Anyways I hope you post more stories.

I'll share the hospital story right now because it's still one of my favorites. So I was in 7th grade, I was on the girls softball team and I was pitching. I think this story happened right before I started posting on this site so I've never shared it. Anyways I pitched the ball and the girl on the other team Willow hit the ball and let the bat launch out of her hand right into my right arm, breaking it. My mom drove me to the hospital and I would have to get minor surgery. They let me stay in my uniform instead of a gown for the night, which was good because I hated hospital gowns, also my bum looked great in the pants lol. Anyways my mom had left to go home around 10:30 and I went to bed. I woke up at 1:30 and felt pressure in my bum so I got up and went into the bathroom. It was a huge struggle unbuttoning my pants and getting them to my ankles but 2 minutes later I got all set and desperately sat down and a big wet turd instantly slid out of me fast and fell in the toilet. It felt amazing and soon after another turd about the same size fell in. My butthole was so numb and that was it a torrent of diarrhea sprayed out of me like pee and I absolutely destroyed the toilet. At this point I destroyed my butthole and I started wiping and flushed the toilet. It somehow managed to get the two huge turds down with a strong flush. I washed up and went back to sleep.

That's all I have for now but I will post more stories at the begging of next week! Bye Everyone!


Reply to Sera

Sera, sorry to hear that you ended up wetting yourself at school, but at least no-one noticed. I think going behind the playground sounds like a good plan, hopefully you'll be able to go for a wee with Jasmine and you can guard each other!
In answer to your questions, when I was at primary school we had a big field and at the far end there was a gap in the hedge to a farmers field behind it, I must admit my friends and I did sometimes go through the hedge when we were desperate to have a wee and thought we might not make it back to the loo in time. I never had a full accident at school luckily, but there were several times when I was bursting for a wee and I let some spurts go into my knickers, normally when I was queuing for a cubicle and I just got too desperate to keep it in!
Its lucky your able to have a poo before you leave home, it would make it really awkward if you needed to do that as well at the moment! I hope you manage to have a successful wee outside behind the playground, let us know how it goes.

Victoria B.

A few quick replies

Short and sweet and to the point today

To Minappé: I love all of you and I'm so happy you're keeping yourselves safe. Do a big one for me!

To Catherine: That's so kind of you to say I think you're an amazing woman and Alan and your children are lucky to have you!

To Carlie B.: I love your stories! The way that you've handled being such a handful on plumbing is so lighthearted and playful. Have you always had such a good sense of humor about being too much for most toilets to handle?

By the way, I agree with you. Friends' and family members' places are always the worst to poop at. Once when I was in junior high I had a bomb-dropping in my friend Sara's basement bathroom that was so bad that they had to go to the hardware store to buy an auger because nobody could get the toilet plunged! Sara's mom was really sympathetic but from that point on there was a sign added next to the one above the toilet warning us not to flush pads or tampons: "If you are anticipating 'really having to go,' please take your business upstairs." Can't wait to hear more from you!


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