To Audrey

In response to your question about your going to summer camp next week and making it fun. I have years of experience in peeing and pooping outside and I hope you share your stories in this forum. As for making it more fun, I would suggest trying to climb up a tree and sitting on a sturdy branch and using that as your "toilet". You could also try using a log or a stump as your bathroom. Maybe try using leaves or moss to wipe with. You could also see if there are any other girls there who would like to join you. An outdoor potty buddy can always be fun. See if you can also pee or poop in a nearby stream or creek and watch your poop float downstream. Try going at night and challenge yourself to not piss on your shoes. Hope this helps.

Tyler C

These Pants Were Made for Peeing

Thanks to the unnamed user. I hope you enjoyed the story I just posted about the time I "browned" my undies when I was 15. In it, I mentioned that divorced from the embarrassment of doing it in public, pooping my pants felt kind of interesting. It was warm and squishy and taboo, but it was still kind of gross, and the clean up sucks. Conversely, divorced from the embarrassment of doing it in public, I've always found peeing my pants to be very enjoyable with very easy clean up. An example of this would be a strange couple of weeks a little over a decade ago.

When I was 10, my house had a problem with the main drain. My Dad tried to fix it, but couldn't. Eventually, we had to call the some people to fix it. Turns out it was tree roots growing into the pipe underneath the front lawn. The whole ordeal took about a month to resolve. It got to the point we couldn't use the drains at all. We had to wash our hands and dishes outside, we took showers at my grandmother's house, and, most relevant to this story, we couldn't use our toilets. Of course, I could go at school, but any other time, we had to go to this rec center down the street from us. The thing is, it was a 10 minute walk away. There were closer places, but they were just stuff like convenience stores with no public restrooms or restaurants that made you buy food first. So usually, my parents would take me up and we would all go at once in the evening and also around noon on the weekends. This, of course, got tedious very fast.

I usually only had to poop once or twice a day, sometimes only once in the span of two days, so that worked out fine, but I'd normally pee several times a day. So, I'd have to ask one of my parents to drive me up, and if they weren't available, I'd either have to hold it for an uncomfortably long time or walk to the rec center. Now, sometimes I'd enjoy a good walk, but other times, I'd be busy doing something and I wouldn't want to make a 20 minute round trip just to pee. So, this required some innovative thinking.

I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again: I don't like peeing outdoors. There's nothing wrong with the experience itself, in fact, it's quite enjoyable, but I always feel like I'll get caught. I especially might get caught in my backyard because we only had wire fences that let our neighbors see into our yard. I didn't want to have to show the old lady next door my wiener every time I went to pee. I would have been alright peeing into a bottle, but I drank primarily juice pouches, soda cans, and water from a pitcher. The only water bottle I had was a reusable metal one I took to school and I wasn't going to pee in something I intend to drink out of. So, I didn't seem to have any options besides the rec center.

Then one night, about a week into our plumbing situation, I woke up needing to pee. I checked my alarm clock. It was 3:00 in the morning. The rec center was obviously closed. I probably could have gotten away with peeing outside, but we had a security system I didn't know the code to that announced when the doors were opened, and I didn't want to wake my parents. I was really at a loss of options. There was only one place for me to use the bathroom and that place was in my pants. That's when I came up with my clever solution.

I don't want to ruin these nice pajama pants I wear ever night, but what about some pants that I never wear? I dug through my pants drawer and found some old khakis that I hardly ever wore. I took off my pajama bottoms and put them on. It was kind of weird to just purposefully pee in my pants, but I just stood with my legs together, arms at my side, and tried to imagine I was in a bathroom standing in front of a toilet, and it worked! Off I went, peeing and peeing just like being in a bathroom except instead of my pee going into a toilet bowl, it was spreading across my lap and running down my leg, caressing me along the way with it's warmth. The front of those light tan pants turned dark shade of brown so fast. The pee made its way to the bottom of my pant leg and cascaded off my foot, pooling in a little puddle on the linoleum floor beneath me. When I was all done, I was so relieved. I took the pants off and wiped up the puddle and my legs with the dry parts of the pants. Then, I stuck the pants in the bottom of a chest of toys that I had outgrown playing with. Problem solved, pee all cleaned up, evidence hidden, it was that simple. Why hadn't I thought of this before?

The next day, I woke up and decided I couldn't put the pants in the laundry basket because my mom would see them while doing the laundry, so I decided I'd have to keep them in that chest until she ran the washing machine at which point I could throw them in. That wouldn't be for a day or two as it wasn't laundry day. I was playing my PS3 later in the day when I realized I had to pee. I got up to ask my parents to drive me to the rec center when I had an interesting thought: Why don't I just use the same pants I went in last night? It was a very naughty thought. I mean, it was justified the previous night because I had no other option, but was I really about to intentionally have an accident into the same pants just because I was to lazy to spend 5 minutes using the bathroom at a rec center? ...The answer was absolutely!

Once again, I threw on those admittedly nice pair of khakis and let myself go. The wet spot was still visible from before. Although, it was kind of faint, but I made sure that wasn't gonna stay the case. I rewetted the whole front of those pants. I think it ran down both legs that time. I proudly stood there in the middle of my bedroom with my hands on my hips taking care of my business in my pants. After I was done, I cleaned up and threw the pants back in the chest again. This was perfect! It was like I had my own private bathroom. Every time I had to pee at home for the next few weeks, I just threw those pants on and let nature take its course. Who knew that having the plumbing broken would making peeing even easier.

It was so fun! I even tried to hold it at school just so when I got home I could unleash the full power of my bladder into those pants. Towards the end of the second week of our plumbing situation, my Dad told me that the old lady who lives next door would let us use her bathroom so we didn't have to keep going to that rec center. That was very nice of her. So, that meant I didn't need to use my secret toilet pants anymore right? ... nope. I was having too much fun to give those up. I of course did my poops at her house and occasionally peed there to so my parents didn't get suspicious of my never going to the bathroom, but other than that, we go in a boring old toilet when you can go in the comfy privacy of your own pants.

One day, my Mom came in my room and commented that something smelled weird. She was right, the smell of stale pee was starting to seep in. Eventually, my Mom did the laundry and as she left the washing machine running, I snuck my smelly pee pants in, but not before making a brief visit to the bathroom in them. When the laundry was done I took them and stuffed them back in my toy chest for when I needed them.

This cycle lasted the next couple of weeks. Use the pants, sneak them into the laundry, put the back in my chest, repeat. The toilet eventually got fixed, but that didn't stop me from using my own special toilet. Unfortunately, one day I came home found my Mom going through my toy chest to find stuff for Goodwill when she found my pee pants. This was one of the most embarrassing conversations I ever had to have. The plumbing was actually fixed for about 5 days at this point. I just told her that they were from when the toilet was broken and I had to wet my pants because there was nowhere to go. It wasn't a lie. That is what initially happened. I just didn't tell her about the other couple of dozen times. She told me it was okay, but I shouldn't have tried to hide it in the toy chest like that.

That embarrassing outcome put me off purposefully using my pants as a bathroom on a consistent basis, but it did teach me that is that if I'm in a situation where getting to the bathroom is inconvenient, wetting myself isn't a bad alternative as long as I can get away with it. That's some advice that has served me well over the years, but more on that later.



Aubrey: Going potty in the woods can be really fun. I suggest trying and finding a toilet log. You know a log with the middle hollowed out so it's easy to go in.

Sherryl: Yes, I have done both in a sink. Sometimes it's just quicker to use the sink. You know for those times you don't wanna use the toilet but also like don't wanna put up effort.



To Celine

Thanks so much for answering my questions!! That's so nice that you're able to go two times in a day and are so regular. Since you mentioned you would usually poop right before practice - do your cheer practices usually take place in the evening at about the same time as your evening poop? Would it be around 7 pm or would it be later? Congrats on the really satisfying dump that you had that day, I'll bet it felf amazing! And it's definitely healthy to eat no processed foods and all, I wonder what foods do you eat and how do you stick to your food plan? I don't quite eat that healthy and I have no clue how to change my diet for the better, haha! Although I really want to.

PLEASE PLEASE tell me about the time when you were 15 and hit with nasty constipation spell that had you decide to never rush along a bowel movement again! As I mentioned, I am also phobic and I really want to hear about your story. OHHHHH and a pink toilet, that's so cool! How did you get a pink toilet in a bathroom all to yourself? Your so lucky and no doubt it would be really comfortable to sit on and do your poop and pee!!

Talk to you soon!


Shannon's Survey

I was doing my usual stalking this site yesterday and found this survey I'd like to take.

1. Age and gender?- 27 M
2. Have you ever had an accident? - Four
3. Pee accident?- No? (Details below)
4. Poop accident?- All four times
5. How old were you the last time you peed your pants?- 27
6. Were there any witnesses?- No, but someone easily could have been
7. Were you embarrassed, thrilled or indifferent?- Not indifferent, but "thrilled" is way too strong of a term
8. How did you respond to the situation?- I didn't (it was planned)
9. How old were you the last time you pooped your pants?- 27 (accidentally at 18)
10. Were there any witnesses? Sorta, with the accident. No one in the bathroom saw it happen because I was already in a stall. I did have to have a teacher bring me a garbage bag to toss my undies in. I tied a jacket around my waist to hide the stains on my pants as I walked from there to student resources to get changed. As for my non-accident, still no, though I'd like to be witnessed (but by no one I know).
11. Were you embarrassed, thrilled or indifferent?- embarrassed af
12. How did you respond to the situation?- Uh, I guess I answered this in 10
13. Do you have a fear of having an accident?- Depends on where I am, who I'm with, potential witnesses, etc.
14. Have you sought help or treatment if it is a reoccurring problem?- N/A
15. Have you or do you use protective items like diapers?- No, but I'd like to give it a shot
16. Share a memorable accident story!
I'm not sure what stories I have shared and what I haven't. I do know I've told all my poo accident stories and a couple very close calls. So here is the story I referenced in question three. I had been drinking and I was definitely feeling it. Everything was fine and I got an urge to pee. It wasn't a very strong urge, but it didn't exactly hit lightly either, but I got up and wobbled my way to the bathroom. I get there and I undo my massively oversized pants and pull my member out. Everything is good at this point and I do my thing. When I got done, I pulled my pants back up (I spread my legs to keep them from falling to the floor) and noticed the inside of the right leg was cold and wet and I was like what the heck? I went back to my room and acted like I didn't notice anything. I don't think I peed myself because my crotch wasn't wet when I grabbed it. I think my stream just went two directions for a moment and got my pants a little wet.


Response to Carlie B.'s Survey

Toilet Survey Answers:

1. Do you prefer public or private toilets when you go? Does it differ if #1 vs. 2?

Doesn't really matter to me, I'm more preferential about the people in my company. I would feel more uncomfortable in front of work colleagues a public restroom or acquaintances in a private home, but other types of company in the same setting would not be as bad.

2. Ignoring the context of where they are, do you prefer the stronger high power flushing ones usually found in public places or the more gentle, weaker home toilets?

I prefer high power toilets that can handle my large loads. I've had toilets that I clogged pretty much every single time without fail and it gets tiring to plunge it all of the time.

3. Those of you who have experience with the opposite gender pooping, do you seem to notice if one tends to do bigger than the other?

I can't say definitively because I know there are a lot of factors that contribute to movement size such as frequency of movement, amount of food, and types of food that are completely independent from one's sex type. I've experienced larger bowel movements from men just because as a man I've been around them more often. However, I've definitely seen, smelled, and heard of women that can go toe to toe against any man, so I really think it just depends on the individual.

4. When was the first time you remember seeing a clogged toilet? Do you know who did it or was it a stranger?

I was a young boy and it was at our home. My dad had just come from work and went into the bathroom. Soon, he came out and asked who did this? I walked into the bathroom and there were three foot-long, thin logs swirling about among brown water and bits. I guess it was from my mom but she wasn't one to leave a toilet like that, even though she is a big pooper. I guess I'll never know.

5. If you have ever, when do YOU first remember clogging one?

I can't remember the first time but my 8th grade year was pretty much the first time I started to feel comfortable using toilets outside of the home on a regular basis. I have three or four memorable stories from that year, but I took a huge dump in the middle of my 8th grade graduation ceremony that clogged a school toilet, which was high-powered, commercial grade. I will share that story another time.

6. Have you ever had to deal with an overflowing toilet?

Yes, once or twice before I realized to not try to flush a clogged toilet twice in rapid succession. What a mess!

7. Have you ever "buddy dumped" onto another person's poo? Was it because you wanted to or because theirs wouldn't flush?

I've never deliberately buddy dumped with anyone and it sounds like it could be fun with the right person. On occasion circumstances forced me to use a toilet that had other's contents inside or left in partly functioning condition. I felt bad for whoever had to clean that up.

8. Was the biggest load you've ever seen done by you or someone else?

I haven't seen definitively bigger loads than mine in totality, including pictures on the internet, but the biggest log i ever saw was in the Miami Airport some years back. The length was sizable, probably 18" - 20" and extended rim down into the bowl and up to the other rim, but nothing too extraordinary on that front. However, the girth amazed me. It was substantially wider than the trap from top to bottom. It had to be at least 3.5"+ inches thick. It was seriously massive, definitely thicker than my thickest. It looked light brown and soft so it also didn't look like it was from constipation, but I guess it could have been. The toilet kept try to flush it but had no ability to clear the beast. I would have thought it was photoshopped if I had not seen it or smelled it for myself.

I saw a funny post on IG where it said every day someone takes the biggest poop in the world. Whoever laid this log might have won it for that day.

9. Do you wish your poops were bigger, smaller, or stay the same? Why?

I'm happy with the way mind are. However, I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to lay something like the dump I listed above. It's probably an amazing experience if it's not too painful.

10. Do you find that your poops are of similar size to your family's?

Not sure on this one. Experience tells me there are several other big poopers in my family, but I haven't had a lot of first hand observations. We always have plungers in every bathroom and I hear them get used from time to time. I've also heard through doors what sound like huge releases.



Very long men's shirts

Does anyone know of anything that can reasonably be worn as a male top garment with no bottom garment? Something that can simply be lifted to let fly in the outdoors?

Monika B.

Somewhat serious question

Do we use too much tp? My roommate and I usually go through a roll of tp in three days, especially since we haven't been able to get Costco tp. It's really making me worry... It's been hard to get basic things this year (I've been having a ton of trouble finding bulk hand soap too), and tp is something you REALLY don't want to run out of.

In all honesty, sometimes a roll lasts LESS than 3 days. I really try to conserve my usage (I try to use less than 20 sheets a day. I haven't really been keeping count lately, but at this point it's a habit), but I don't think she tries. She claims to have been able to make a roll last a month before I moved in, but I'm reallllly doubting this. Tbh I think she didn't take into account that she would be out and about much more often before and thus using public restrooms, whereas now she's home pretty much 100% of the time. I'm not mad at her or anything, I'm just worried and I'm not sure how to approach this embarrassing topic. So instead I just keep an eye on how many rolls we have and buy it if it's available. I feel like that's borderline hoarding, but we don't really have much choice since we don't drive and can't just go to like ten stores in a row looking for tp.

Anyone else noticing small things like this? How much tp you use? We're both women.

Monika B.


Or do I just use the bathroom too much? I've been trying to keep hydrated, but that means I have to pee 8 times a day (not every day, but most days), sometimes more. Google search says this is actually normal, but it's like... isn't that a bit indulgent still? I don't go at work because I'm too afraid, so I always go before leaving home, even if I don't need it that bad (a "safety pee"). I'm not really sure what to do. I've been trying to hold it longer and I CAN, especially since I drink very little coffee now, but my bladder kind of goes through phases and sometimes it's just really weak no matter what I do. I've ALWAYS been like this, it isn't new, so I'm not concerned about my health or anything. It's just annoying as hell. I have anxiety issues too, and sometimes it makes the need feel worse than it really is. All this COVID shit is wrecking havoc on my anxiety.

So a couple of questions...

1. How many times do you pee a day, and do you keep properly hydrated?

2. Do you have anxiety issues, and if you do, do you notice it affects your bladder?

3. Is it a little selfish to use the bathroom that much? Or am I being ridiculous?

4. When you drink coffee, even just one cup, does it weaken your bladder for a few hours? I've noticed that lately.

My nephew decided to be helpful recently when our neighborhood had a power outage. All we had was flashlights, and the house was pretty much pitch black after the sun went down. He volunteered to stand outside the bathroom and shine a flashlight in for their was enough light for me to use it without bumping into something.


Carlie's survey

Hello! I hope everyone is hanging on despite the present situation! I'm mainly a lurker, but I came to respond to a survey.

Do you prefer public or private toilets when you go? Does it differ if #1 vs. 2? I most prefer my own toilet, but I don't mind doing it in public. Peeing, I'll go anywhere, not a problem. Pooping, I prefer manual toilets because I don't like getting the chemicals splashed on me mid-movement.

Ignoring the context of where they are, do you prefer the stronger high power flushing ones usually found in public places or the more gentle, weaker home toilets? I prefer the weaker, home toilets, although, in school, I've always had to the high powered ones, but even the commercial ones can be weak.

Those of you who have experience with the opposite gender pooping, do you seem to notice if one tends to do bigger than the other? I have no experience with this! If anyone knows, let me know!

When was the first time you remember seeing a clogged toilet? Do you know who did it or was it a stranger? In primary school someone shit and used too much toilet paper in our kindergarden class. It was a small boy, named Bobby. I was next in line, and I went in and there it was, a big, long turd, with so much toilet paper in the toilet. I was able to see his turd in entirety because he had put the TP on the side and on the back.

If you have ever, when do YOU first remember clogging one? When I was little I often clogged the toilet in our basement, I remember one time I went and the water rose.

Have you ever had to deal with an overflowing toilet? I often plunge it before it spills, when I was younger, I didn't know what to do and one time it leaked on the carpet.. and yeah.. it didn't end up too good. Luckily, it wasn't massive damage.

Have you ever "buddy dumped" onto another person's poo? Was it because you wanted to or because theirs wouldn't flush? I used to avoid it, but now that I'm thinking about it, now I should. However, it's rare for me to encounter an unflushed toilet these days, even though most in my town are manual flushers.

Was the biggest load you've ever seen done by you or someone else? I've done a few real winners, I think the fattest one I've ever seen was done by me in high school, after having burritos and mexican cuisine for a few days in a row. I was already constipated on top of it. I went and I shat a large turd, thicker than the hole, and it several inches long, after I wiped I tried to flush and it didn't budge, so I left it.
In terms of someone else, I've only really seen skidmarks. In college once, a guy did a really fat (but unfortunately) short turd. It didn't flush and it had a powerful smell. He was short, and geeky.

Do you wish your poops were bigger, smaller, or stay the same? Why? Stay the same or bigger, but we must remember, what comes in must come out. I wish it would stay the same for that reason, it's enjoyable.

Do you find that your poops are of similar size to your family's? I find mine are bigger for whatever reason, I think it's due to my appetite.

In size compared to friends, I find I shit more than them, but I eat more, I guess give or take, and I shit less often (every other day to every two days.) It also smells worse when I go, and I often clog the toilet quite a bit. My roommate says I stink up the bathroom a lot. And I've had people comment when they've walked into a public bathroom after I've just gone, yikes.


Taylor's survey and Ronnette's

1: How old are you? 23
2: What is your favorite position to go to the bathroom? (Sitting, hovering, squatting) Sitting and squatting is nice, hovering hurts my poor legs.
3: Do you like pebble sized poops or massive poops? I like the one piece logs, the pebbles hurt.
4: Have you ever pooped at a friend's house?
5: If yes did you like it or not? I have, and it was okay. Nothing special about it. Except I clogged a toilet once or twice.
6: What is your favorite place to poop at? Public place is nice because I can have an audience, school is nice too because a lot more people tend to poop there so I don't have to worry if I really make it smell bad.
(Home, School, Work, Public Place)

1. In large bathrooms if you are the first person in and several toilets are available, how do you make the selection?
I choose the stall farthest from the door.

2. When in a crowded public restroom with all the stalls full and not hearing any flushes, do you...
A) Look for leg movement under the cubicle door?
B) Listen for the noise of something hitting the water?
C) Evidence of wiping by peeking between the door and partition?
D) Ask if they are about done?
E) Take a doorless stall since it is likely to be available?
F) Other?
F) I would have said C but, usually you can hear someone wipe. Or at least in the men's bathroom you can hear either the dispenser or someone tearing off TP. This actually brings me to a memory.

A few months ago, I was at a second hand bookstore. I went to go crap and it's a one-seater. I go in, do my business, and someone decides to come in, they stand infront of my stall and look; they see me and almost make eye contact, yet they stayed put. I was surprised that they didn't leave, but not only that, they were SO close to me, surely they smelled what I was doing and maybe didn't want to walk out and come back? I had done a decent sized turd and I started wiping when he was still standing there, looking from time to time through the partition. After I finished wiping, the stall smelt pretty ripe. I flushed my turd down sucessfully with two flushes and left as he walked in smiling with me.
You would think you would wait outside, or by the door, but each to his own I guess.


Shannon's survey

Hiya, posters!!! I wanted to jump in again hoping I can fit in here. I had an uncomfortable event this morning that happens to me a bit and i cant find anyone online or any friends who have experience with this. I was woken up really early having to take a really bad poop. I know waking to pee is normal, but i woke up having to clutch my stomach and having to almost crawl to the potty. Is this normal?

Shannon's accident survey answers:

1. Age and gender?- 26/F
2. Have you ever had an accident? - too many to count
3. Pee accident?- yes several
4. Poop accident?- yes, almost a regular occurance
5. How old were you the last time you peed your pants?- a little after my 26th birthday at work
6. Were there any witnesses?- yes
7. Were you embarrassed, thrilled or indifferent?- embarrassed
8. How did you respond to the situation?- I just squirmed into the work bathroom and tried to dry up the best I could
9. How old were you the last time you pooped your pants?- 26
10. Were there any witnesses? No but ive had plenty poopy accidents where there were
11. Were you embarrassed, thrilled or indifferent?- more anxious of being caught. I've had enough pooping accidents where it alone doesnt embarrass me much anymore.
12. How did you respond to the situation?- see my recent story
13. Do you have a fear of having an accident?- if I'm at work or around people in public yes. I wouldnt worry if im alone or if I can keep it hidden
14. Have you sought help or treatment if it is a reoccurring problem?- I have diagnosed IBS and was given a script for medicine of some kind, other than that it feels too awkward to share with the doctor to keep seeking treatment.
15. Have you or do you use protective items like diapers?- no but I've been wanting to get some to wear to bed and in case I'm somewhere I cant use the potty for long periods of time. I just get a little embarrassed at thought of the cashier selling me diapers
16. Share a memorable accident story!- other than my recent posting. This happened a lil over a year ago. I was sick with a stomach bug at work when I pooped my panties on my lunch break. I was outside when i felt a sharp instant pain in my stomach and turned around and tried to walk while waddling and clenching my butt together. It was a bit of a walk to the employee's potty but I didnt make it and started pooping in my panties outside the building. I recall wearing a simple black polo and a skirt. I waddled in past everyone and the first coworker asked if I was okay because I was shaking. I told her i just needed in the bathroom and keep waddling. There was another girl in the break room by the bathroom and I asked her for some hand sanitizer (she always kept a small mini bottle attached to her keys and i was hoping she would let me borrow the bottle but she gave me a squirt). I went in quickly pulled down my panties and sat on the potty because I felt more coming. I was wearing some normal white briefs and they were obviously destroyed so I threw them out and just went like that. When i came out, I asked the coworker for more hand sanitizer because it didnt feel like soap did it all, and she asked what was wrong. I whispered to her "i accidentally just pooped on myself." She knew from working together that i have digestive struggles so she was nice and comforting. She encouraged me to go home, but there was no coverage. I got to take the following day off.

Much love!! <3


Some Suggestions

Hey Shanon! Maybe when you feel you need to go to the bathroom, you can put a reminder on a sticky to prevent accidents. If you absolutely can't hold it and your in the car, you could sit over a bucket with your pants down to involuntarily pee/poop into it. My elevator button art I made turned out nice, and the arrows etc are in a picture frame above where I lay my head. For you toilet lovers, maybe you can have pictures of nice toilets in your room. Maybe having pictures of toilets above your pillow would be weird but possibly you could put them across from it. Bye.


Shannon's Accident Survey

Shannon's Accident Survey

1. Age and gender?- 65+, M (Disabled by Cerebral Palsy)

2. Have you ever had an accident? - Many

3. Pee accident?- Yes

4. Poop accident?- Yes

5. How old were you the last time you peed your pants?- I frequently dribhle after urinating; my
undershorts are often damp and smell like pee

6. Were there any witnesses?- Yes

7. Were you embarrassed, thrilled or indifferent?- Sometimes embarrassed, usually indifferent

8. How did you respond to the situation?- I sometimes change my undershorts depending upon how wet I am.

9. How old were you the last time you pooped your pants?- Within last six months

10. Were there any witnesses? My wife knew that I had an accident

11. Were you embarrassed, thrilled or indifferent?- Embarrassed

12. How did you respond to the situation?- Went to bathroom (at home) and got cleaned-up

13. Do you have a fear of having an accident?- At home, no, I just deal with it; away from home, yes - I would have a hard time in a public restroom

14. Have you sought help or treatment if it is a reoccurring problem?- Yes. I've been having sleep issues when traveling. The medication I use leads to an uncontrollable urge to pee. A doctor suggested I wear adult diapers overnight when I travel.

15. Have you or do you use protective items like diapers?- Not yet, but they may be in my future.

16. Share a memorable accident story!- I was on a public transit bus going home after dinner with my best friend. I had a sudden and urgent need to have a BM. It was a cold winter night, and I struggled over the course of almost an hour not to poop myself. I no sooner got off the bus and I just lost control. I stood on the sidewalk, almost paralyzed, and I began having a bowel movement in my pants. I had an almost three block walk to my house and because I wear boxer shorts, my biggest fear was that my BM was going to work its way down my legs and land on someone's pavement...fortunately it didn't, I was still living with parents at the time. I walked in the door, barely said "Hi" to them, got rid of my coat, and made a bee (or maybe a BM) line to the bathroom. I undid my clothes and of course my pants were filled with and my backside was covered in poop. I no sooner removed my trousers and undershorts then I need to poop again. I was able to get on the toilet, but by the time I was done, there was poop all over toilet seat. Needless to say it seemed to take forever to get everything (including me) cleaned-up.


TV Pooping

Once again on Big Brother there are house mates that have trouble moving their bowels. It appears due to gross lack of privacy . I think that this phobia is silly because we all poo and we have to poo . What I am going interested in is do people get over such fears or hang ups ? I would love to hear experiences from

John H


Hi all,
Catching up with posts and I have some comments.
@Midwestner, hi and welcome. I enjoyed your camping story. I hope you post more about going to the toilet outside during work and it would be cool to hear more about you and Anna using the toilet together. How did you find out you both like to watch each other. That was a good show she put on for you while camping.
@Andrea, I think there are two Andreas so shoutout to both of you. Andrea that used the toilet in the Chinese. That sounded like a major clearout. I am surprised the toilet didn't clog.
Andrea that responded to where it all began. Thanks for sharing and how nice your mother was to let you go with her to the bathroom and not to make you feel bad. She sounds cool and I bet you have a great bond. What age were you when you last joined her in the bathroom?
@Where it all began, hope you share more stories about your dads girlfriend and she sounds like she wasn't put out either which is cool.
That's all for now
Talk soon
John H.


Carli B's survey

To Gregg:

Am I more shy about pooping because I tend to clog up the toilets more?

Yes when I'm at private homes of my friends. That's because it is obvious to the next user that the person last using it was probably me. There is one exception, however, and that's family size. One of my friends has 11 siblings. Each of the 2 bathrooms has a plunger on each side of the toilet along with a big flashlight. I learned when staying over with my friend Heidi to flush at least midway through each of my craps. Sometimes I will flush twice before starting my wipe. The softer my stool is--and each crap may be a mixture of soft and harder--the better the flush cooperates. Heidi's 80-something grandpa is the worst offender. Once when I was looking looking through their medicine cabinet for aspirins, I came across his collection of laxatives.

Carli B's survey:

1. Do you prefer public or private toilets when you go? Does it differ between #1 and #2?

Private toilets are great for pees. There's once exception to that. At a couple of airports I've traveled through have those seats that spin and change the cellophane after each user. While I'm seated there seems to be a vibration under me; otherwise public toilets are fine. Oh, I've got them figured out now, but when I was like 4 or 5 the electronic flush sensors gave me a fit. Once I learned to sit more still, I became more confident for both 1s and 2s.

2. In opposite gender pooping, is one bigger than the others?

One of my friends is shameless with the biggest logs I've ever seen. He rarely even tries to breakup the problem at school. At least half of his crap is extending out of the water. Once at the park we shared facilities and this 170 pound multi-season athlete can do a crap in less than 30 seconds. I followed him on the toilet and what I produced (I thought it was average) he called "pretty f*****' minuscule." However, on 3 occasions I've outpeed him by at least 40 seconds.

3. When was the first time I saw a clogged toilet?

It was at a neighborhood gas station when me and my friend Heidi were out riding our bikes. We were like 11 and this was the summer before we started middle school. Each of us had to pee that morning and we did right onto it. Heidi moved around on the seat to see if her pee could damage the crap. No contest.

4. Do I remember clogging a toilet?

Yes. It was the first week of 6th grade. It was a Friday afternoon and I hadn't crapped since Monday. The girl who replaced me on the toilet was kind of snarky and yelled "Thank you" to me when she looked in the bowl. I felt sorry for two things. Making her late to class. And, as my biological father calls it, "leaving my calling card."

5. Have you ever had to deal with an overflowing toilet?

Twice. Once when I was about 12 and babysitting. One of my first jobs.
I had to call the mom's emergency number and she wasn't too happy.I think it was her crap, though, but she never admitted to it. Her boyfriend gave me $10 for my extra responsibilities. The second time was at Wal-Mart. I had waited at least 10 minutes for this high school girl to do her thing. Each time I looked in on her she looked like a stiff sitting on the toilet using her phone. She seemed upset in leaving, throwing the door open, and when I saw what was in the bowl I pushed down hard on the flusher. With my jeans already at ankle level I took my seat. The flush cycle continued, I looked between my legs and found I was getting some fountain-like splashes on my underside. By the time I got to my feet, the water was starting to flow over the bowl and onto the floor. It was uncomfortable, but I held my pee until I went to the larger bathroom at the other side of the store. My pain was getting worse because it was only a four-staller and there were about 10 of us waiting.

6. Have you ever "buddy-dumped" onto another person's poo?

Yes, several times at my high school. There's only a 4 minute passing period between classes and tardy detentions suck. This is even the case sometimes after school. If all the other 9 toilets are in use you can't be picky. What I really hate is when there's urine splashed on the seat but sometimes that's the less of the evils if we want to avoid detention hall.

7. Do you wish your poops were bigger, smaller of the same? Why?
I just take what comes. Many of my poops are at school and twice this past year they have been interrupted by a fire alarm going off. Stopping at mid-poop, wiping and then trying to start up again 20 minutes later is no fun.

8. Are your poops of similar size to the rest of your family?

My mom is a larger pooper because she will hold it in. For example, I will meet her at the airport when she flies back to town. Sometimes I'm not fast enough because she's been holding her crap since changing planes. Most of the time, I will use my earliest opportunity to poop.
Most of the time I feel good about my decision.


To Mike

Hi Mike , hope you are enjoying your holiday and not getting up to TOO much mischief . Nothing out of the ordinary with me at the moment , but that could change and then I'd have some disasterous pee or poop story to relate . Enjoy your holiday and talk soon .


Active Bowels

Yesterday I pooped 3 times again. One of them was during the recovery of a feedback loop tinnitus spell, and my effected ear seemed to ring a little every time I heard a small sound (like the plops of my latest poop). I had to pee several times before I went to bed, too from water I had before. My ear than rang again in intensity sometime later as that feedback loop tried to correct itself. To Marie: I love the description of your new training potty. Minnie is so cute! I don't have a training potty, but that would be cool if I had a tactile Disney toilet seat. Bye.

Thursday, July 02, 2020

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