Victoria B: Thank you!

Mina: I hope you are well!

Carlie B: I loved your latest story! I wish that I could have been that bold when I was in high school! But I loved the way that you wanted to show Ethan what you could do. Also, it sounds that your poops are pretty firm? Hope you are well and look forward to hearing from you!

Love to all!



Chinese Restaurant Poop

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a big woman. Big on top and getting bigger on the bottom. I take after my mother. I'm not as heavy as she is down below but my weight is creeping up. I tell myself that I'm starting a diet but the problem is that I love to eat. Last fall my girlfriend and I went to a Chinese restaurant for an all you can eat buffet. It was crowded so we had to take a table one removed from the rest rooms. The table next to the rest rooms was occupied by two young girls. I would say they were around 20 years old. The food was delicious and we both went back a second time. Of course I went back a third time. When I eat a big meal, I usually get gassy and need to take a dump. I decided to try the rest room and if it was clean, I would poop and maybe have enough room for more food. the door to the woman's room was close to the table where the young girls were sitting. the restroom was very clean but it only had one toilet and a sink. I locked the door and sat down. As I told you before I don't hold anything back when I go to the toilet. As soon as I sat down I started farting loudly and it seemed no end to the farting. eventually it stopped and I settled down to trying to push out some good sized turds. I felt one coming so I pushed a little harder and just before it came out I farted again which pushed the big log out of my hole and it made a big splash. I was looking at my phone as I started feeling another one coming out. Just then I got a text from my friend. "I can hear you farting and the two girls next to me go into gales of laughter whenever you fart. LOL." I texted back, "The show's not over. Is anyone waiting to get in?" She texted back, "No one is waiting." I settled back to concentrating on my butt hole and what I hoped to get out. Well for the next 5 minutes I farted and pooped some huge logs. Before I wiped and covered some of my shit with toilet paper, I got up to look at my masterpiece. I counted four big turds in the water and an enormous one that was so long it laid up against the side of the toilet bowl. I didn't need to wipe much because the turds were so hard and my farts were very dry. I flushed and the toilet swallowed up the whole pile much to my relief. After I washed, I came out of the restroom and paused in front of the two girls' table. They had their heads down and I could see they were trying to hold their laughter in. I asked, "Ladies did you enjoy the fireworks?" They started laughing so hard tears were running down their faces. I sat down with my friend, she was laughing too by the way. I said, "I think I just shit out my entire meal!" My friend asked laughing, "Are you going back for more food?" I said, "Well I'm thinking about it." she laughed and said, "No way!" So we paid the check and left.


welcome Stacey

Great story about you and your friends pooping at school. Just wondering, do yall do this often? And did y'all flush or leave the toilets full?

Seraphina (Sera)

After the First Week Back at School

Things were settling into a nice pattern. At lunch play me and Jasmine would take turns on the path behind the playground to have a wee. I thought we would do that until they found a vaccine for the virus.

But then the weather changed. It is mid winter here. Up until now we had fine but cold days but on this one it was raining and windy so we had to stay inside at lunch time.

Jasmine suggested we just treat the school toilet the same as going outside and that seemed to make sense to me. I was a bit more urgent that usual too and I think that helped me agree with her. So we waited until we got back into class and then the teacher let us go together to our favourite toilet which is the smallest toilet block at school.

Turns out they had also added a new toilet seat. This one had a lid! And a sign saying to always close the lid before flushing and how it would be cleaned every 30 minutes. The toilet roll holder had been removed and replaced with a little shelf with a stack of folder toilet paper and more hand sanitiser as well as the one on the table outside.

I think they had done a pretty good job to make it as hands free as possible and with only one cubicle open (with the door removed) it seemed fine. I hear that the larger toilets had more cubicles in use but the cubicle dividing walls were still up: just the doors had been removed.

We had been more in contact with each other in the playground although that was being sanitised regularly as well. And in the school newsletter they said that all toilets would be locked for after-school sports practice. So that would reduce usage too I guess.

Using the school toilet was quite an achievement for me. Trying to hold it all day did not work as well as I had hoped (see previous stories) and I have a history of avoiding unknown toilets when out in public, sometimes with unexpected results.

I find myself worrying about what they will be like and try to avoid going. Times that come to mind (before the virus happened) are birthday parties and being out visiting with my parents. There was also a trip to the snow last year and my first long plane flight.

I will try to post those stories soon if anyone wants to hear them. Sorry they are not poo related like most stories on here. I am lucky enough to be a regular after-breakfast pooer and would like to stay that way.


Paul S.
Hi Jane,
I would definitely like to hear of you and your moms Pooping Accidents. I've also had my share over the years.

Tyler C

Peeing in a Secret Spot

To the user who didn't leave they're name, if you're asking if this was my only accident ever, then no, not at all. I posted about an accident I had back in 7th grade a couple weeks ago, and I've had way more. As for the second part of your question, wetting or ...otherwise, my embarrassing incidents have tended toward the wet but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't browned my fair share of undies over the years.

To Sera, sorry to hear you're having so much trouble using the toilets at school. I honestly don't blame you with the news about how the virus can spread. On the bright side, a pair of wet undies is probably better than catching the virus. I say that as someone who had their own Covid related wetting incident about a week ago. Using that spot behind the playground sounds like a good idea, just make sure Jasmine does a good job being a look out. When I was in middle school (That's Grades 6-8 where I live) we would often have P.E. outside if the weather was good. Sometimes we would have to play specific sports, but sometimes we would be allowed to pick between a group that did one sport, a group that did another sport, and walking/running laps around the field area. This encompassed a small soccer and a small baseball field. Me and my lazy friends always chose that because the other coaches were so busy overseeing the sports that they'd lose track of us and we'd go hang out behind some trees on the opposite end of the school yard. It was usually between 3-6 of us so the coaches usually didn't notice.

One day, we were back there and my friend, Max, said he had to pee and that he was going to back to the school building, but my friend, Josh, told him to just pee on the tree. I think Josh probably was the type of boy to do this regularly because he said it so casually, but I think Max was like me in that he didn't usually pee outdoors. He was hesitant at first, but then he did it. He was giggling as he did it. He's a nervous giggler, but I think he also thought the situation was kind of funny. After all, it is kind of weird to be peeing outside in the school yard with the only bit of privacy being a few trees obscuring the view of the rest of the P.E. class.

That was that for a while, but he kind of made a thing out of it. Every couple weeks Max or Josh would use that tree as their urinal. They usually didn't do it when there was more than the three of us, but it did happen once or twice. One time we even had another boy join in. They sometimes asked why I never did it, but never liked peeing in front of people, not even in the urinals, and especially not outdoors. One day towards the end of the school year in seventh grade, they got their wieners out to pee when, to their surprise, I unzipped my pants and held my wiener right next to them.
"Finally decided to join the party?" said Max.
"Well, I figured that I put it off long enough," I said.
I guess I felt like I knew them both long enough that I felt sort of comfortable peeing in front of them, and it was the end of the year after all. Everything was going fine. Just three boys enjoying a good pee when we heard one of the coaches yell, "Who's back there?!" We panicked! I guess we were over confident in the secrecy of our hiding spot. I didn't have to go too bad so I was more or less done, and I can proudly say that this is one story that doesn't end with warm liquid running down my legs. Max, on the other hand, as a shock reaction to hearing our coach, shoved his wiener back into his gym shorts as it was still spraying kind of like I did a week ago. Josh thought he could finish up before the coach rounded the corner of the trees. He was wrong. The coach came into our area and yelled "You there!" at us. Josh quickly turned around in shock and accidentally got some pee on the coach's leg. Needless to say, that made him mad.

Max and I didn't get in any big trouble. We basically just got told off. Luckily, Max was able to change into his normal clothes without being noticed. We wore black gym shorts and I walked in front of him on the way back to the locker room. As for Josh, he got detention, but he's lucky he didn't get suspended. So the lesson is, if you're going to pee in a secret place, always have a lookout.


To Carlie B

Hey Carlie B

I'm enjoying your stories including the one about the big dump you had at the winery. Personally, I'd like to hear more stories from you - including dumps you take at work etc - even if they don't seem that special to you.

To answer your question; my least favourite toilets are ones that are filthy and don't have toilet paper.

I think it's cool that you don't mind taking a big dump and leaving the turds unflushed for others to see - but that's just my opinion. It might be better for you to leave public toilets unflushed - especially if you don't think your turds will flush - given the current climate.

Hope you (and other posters) stay well.



Question for Audrey

What did the urinal they gave you to pee in for the sample look like and how did you pee in it while sitting on a bedpan?


Been a while

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I have been on this site. Been working hard for long hours. Anyway, I have a story to share of what happened last night when I was coming home from dinner with a friend of mine. We went out for Mexican food and drinks. I have the rest of this week off so I figured why not get a few drinks? Well, after the mixture of tequila and good Mexican food, we decided after an hour it was time to go home. We called one of our friends to come get us. She came n got us and we were driving back to Ashlynn's house(the same Ashlynn from my earlier stories) when we both had the urge to pee and take a massive shit came over us. We told our friend that we needed to pull over so we could go in to the woods. Well, I don't know how many of you have ever been to Alaska during the summer, but we have mosquitoes and we have a lot this summer as we had a wet break up or Spring as everyone else calls it. We decided we would deal with it or else we were gonna soil ourselves. So we pulled over, got out and made a quick fast walk in to the woods...which is hard to do when you're drunk, but we made it happen. We found a nice open area, pulled our pants and panties down, squatted and Ashlynn immediately let loose a torrent of wet and mushy poop and a long stream of pee. I let out a couple of long solid turds and a nice little pee. We forgot to grab our babywipes so we grabbed some leaves off of a tree and did our best to wipe. We took about 5 minutes to get cleaned up and the whole time, the mosquitoes are biting our asses. We got back in the car and went to our homes. I'm so itchy this morning and have about 9 mosquito bites on my ass and one on my pussy. Which is annoying as all get out. Anyway, hope you all are staying safe out there. Happy pooping.


Lines for toilets move slowly

Yesterday mom woke me up at the last minute for me to get to my restaurant job. I threw my clothing on, not wanting to waste time on the toilet. So I got about 3 blocks and my gasoline light was flashing. I was at a railroad crossing; the train must have had 4 or 5 dozen cars and it slowed to switch tracks. After about a 10 minute wait I started to look for alternatives. I was second in line with about 15 or 20 cars and trucks behind me. I was thinking of leaving my car, running into a row of high grass and weeds on my left and taking my pee. But everyone waiting behind me would watch me get out and figure out what I was doing. But the train finished, the electronic arm couldn't raise fast enough and I hit the gas to get onto a toilet ASAP. Luckily that was just about a mile down the street.

I pulled into the only available pumps. I could tell by the design of the station that the bathrooms were on the far side of the building. I trotted to the bathroom, leaped up a small curb, turned the corner and found two women waiting in line. My mind had me already on the toilet, my pee gushing and my pain subsiding. Then the door opened, an older lady came walking out and this younger lady with a great figure went in. I asked the lady immediately in front of me if the guys' toilet, within a few inches of where we were standing, was open. The light was on and she said she assumed so. I gently turned the knob to the left. It didn't turn. Then I tried to the right and pushed. The door opened. Very small room. Older looking toilet with black oval seat waiting for my butt to plop down on it. I dropped my jeans and black thong, just then remembering to chain latch the door. My stream probably hit 2 minutes. It had been about 14 hours since I last went. I looked between my legs and saw a lot of bubbles beneath me. I concluded that my pour must have been ferocious--something my boyfriend had said when he and I buddy peed at the park last summer.

When I flushed and opened the door, the lady will still waiting. She turned around and ran in before my door closed. When I got back to pump my gas, I swiped my card, pumped my tank full, and on the speaker, the attendant called me into the office. He said I should have parked by the bathroom and then moved my car over to the pump. He said my time in the bathroom cost him money by causing some other customers to drive off and take their business elsewhere. By the time I got to work, there was a line 4 deep for each of the two single-toilet bathrooms. And I was already 15 minutes late and I had to take my crap.

Gregg's questions:

1. I am comfortable peeing in front of my boyfriend; at places like school with no privacy doors I do regularly poop and pee in front of the other girls. I've learned to wear dresses more because they give me additional cover as I sit.

2. When I close the door I do so so that others will not intrude on my space. I'm not going to crap any faster if a person is standing an inch or so away from me or on the other side of the door.

3. I'm more self conscious about crapping than peeing in front of others when I'm at home. One takes longer, leaves a smell, and can cause clogged pipes.


Carlie B's Question - Least Favorite Places to Poop

Carlie B:

For me, I live on a pretty tight routine, which usually means that I will do both poops at home. However, my least favorite places are friends' houses, church, gas station, rest areas, or any other bathroom that's not clean. When it comes to pooping in public, I am OK when I am not with anyone I know and the bathroom is clean. I would rather not poop around people I know. At church, I've clogged the toilet a couple of times, and stunk it up pretty good. And, I just don't want to use dirty restrooms.

Love your stories!



Urgent Day

Hi guys.Yesterday was another needy bathroom day. I went close to 4 times after having smallish poops before. It was runny sometimes probably from a spicy sandwich causing irritation for some unknown reason, but otherwise my day was good. Due to going a lot, I started feeling the affects around my anal area like it was a bit sore/sort of pulsating. That has since gone now, and my poop was small today, but solid. To Stacy: Welcome! I'll think you'll come to love my stories. Bye.


Replies, plus a story

Sera - Sorry to hear you peed your pants in school. It's a difficult time we're in now, so completely understand to be afraid of using public bathrooms. When I was in school, I knew a few girls who would try to hold their pee all day at school, with varied results. To avoid wetting your pants again, maybe you and Jasmine go behind the playground and go there, using each other as a lookout.

Enna - Fortunately, you were able to pee only some in your pants a couple times on the boat ride and hold the rest until you got to the bathroom, and you had black shorts on. Thanks for sharing. A similar situation happened on a boat ride to my friend Angela, but she couldn't stop peeing once she started. We were on a harbor tour, which was fortunately empty except for the captain, tour guide, and us. About a half hour into the ninety minute ride, Angela really had to pee, but there were no bathrooms, plus the ride was getting really bumpy. About twenty minutes or so later, Angela said she couldn't hold it anymore and was going to let out a little bit of pee, but once she started peeing, she couldn't stop. She was wearing black jeans (and a red sweater, which she tied around her when we got off the boat), so her peed pants were not too noticeable. The tour guide did see, and she tried to comfort Angela saying that on one of her first tours she worked, she peed her pants on the boat ride. And their uniform is khaki pants, so there was no hiding what she did.

< P>Imogen

reply to Jenny

Hi Jenny, welcome to the site and glad you found somewhere to have a wee before it was too late. Everybody in the world has been desperate at some point so it's nothing to be ashamed of and it sounds like Emily is open about it. Maybe you could try practicing next time you are out, when you're not desperate, work out what position squatting works for you best.
Obviously things are weird at the moment but I'm quite used to weeing outside... usually when in the park or on a walk (public toilets aren't always open anyway near me) or on the way home from a night out when I've been drinking. If it makes you feel better I've leaked into my knickers so many times when desperate!
look forward to hearing from you again soon


Accident... again

I posted last month about two accidents I had when walking home from running. Well... it happened again this week. I was walking home the last bit after a long, satisfying run feeling the need to go for a poo. The need got stronger and when I was about five minutes from my house, I had to stop to prevent the poo from escaping. This helped but only a bit and when I started walking again, the pressure became very strong again. That's when I decided to let a bit of poo out into my knickers, to ease pressure. This again didn't solve the issue for more than half a minute or so, when I decided to slowly let the full turd slip into my knickers. I should note here that, while I do live in a busy residential area, it was pretty dark so no one would have seen it really. It did feel strange, weird but also kind of naughty to walk there with a turd in my underwear. The pressure on my anus didn't really go away though and when I could see my house (and confirmed the 'coast was clear', with no neighbours outside), I just gave in and let the full poo escape. It was strange, weird, naughty but not too bad, though I didn't enjoy the cleanup at all.

I don't know why this keeps happening recently! My last accident was 15 years ago or so. Any advice from fellow runners?


Replies to Celine

Hey Celine, I loved your stories! Just have a question about the time where you injured your leg - do you usually have to poop before practice? What time do you poop in the day generally? Since you needed to go so badly that day during practice, did anyone notice anything? Maybe during the desperation you might have farted a bit (especailly during cheer) and I'm just wondering if your teammates might have smelled something? It must have felt nice to be able to finally let go after all that time!

And when you were a cheerleader, do you find yourself eating lots and pooping out really big poops? Are your poops usually huge? It was so nice of you to help out that girl at your school! I also have a phobic about pooping in public toilets, do you have any stories from the past about your phoebia as I'd love to hear them!
Oh and how was the mega poo after you have written your last post? Did it feel good?

Would love to hear back from ya!!


My least favourite place to poop.

I have to agree with both Carlie B and Victoria B that the worst places to poop at are friends or family. I don't mind being heard or anything but until I have experienced it, their plumbing is unknown. I have no idea if it is able to handle what I produce, if I need to pinch it off into smaller pieces, if I need to flush mid poop or the paper on it's own etc.

I remember a couple of years ago I spent a couple of days with my friend and his younger sister was astonished that I pooped twice a day, She never said anything but I will never forget the look she gave me when I said I was just nipping to the toilet in the evening, and not returning for several minutes so it was obvious it was more than a wee. Like I said, I didn't really mind but I can just see her thinking "I know you pooped this morning, how on earth are you going again now?"


To Eileen

Glad you liked it hopefully things will all be ok it's hard at the moment if you need the toilet when you are out as no toilets are really open apart from super markets luckily you made it without an accident
No big poos myself tbh just soft small ones ha
I am currently off work on holiday so just chilling out mainly and having a good break from it keep up the good stories and speak soon x


Bush pee

I was out walking the other day when I decided to find a spot to stop and take a rest. I saw a nice spot on a field and made a note in my head, also deciding to look further just to see if there was a better one I was missing out on. As I was looking there was a car waiting with the passenger door open. At that moment a girl came walking quickly from around the corner of the trees and got in the car, which then drove off.

I decided there was no better spot up ahead so took the one she had just come from. As I turned the corner and sat down I noticed a bundle of toilet roll next to me as well as a wet patch. I realised she must have come here to take a desperate pee! The toilet roll was visibly damp from her cleaning herself off and had a light brown stain on the end I'm assuming must have touched her butt. I wondered if maybe she had pooped earlier that day and not wiped very well or whether peeing had released a little extra.


To Audrey

I'm not entirely sure if I peed I was so distracted by the high pressure diarrhea going everywhere I probably did as when I take a poo I usually pee after the poo has come out or during

And for the sample I did per but they had like a toilet next to the bed and then they put the bag hanging and the back part were my poo would come out and the per jus went into the actual toilet


Diarrhea accident...

Hello, everyone!

I'm a new poster with this story that just happened. I've been lurking here for a long time but was always kind of scared to just jump in, but something just happened and figured I might as well. Soooooo, I'm a white female, red hair, very skinny age 26, work in retail, and I currently live with my parents in the southern U.S. I have really bad IBS-M, where typically I'll be constipated with stomach aches and either not poop at all for at least 3-5 days, or have instances where I can only get very tiny bits of poop out at a time. Then like clockwork I'll be pooping constantly for 3-5 days with flare ups out of nowhere.

During the day, I was perfectly fine and then had my first poop at about 7 PM. It was really hard and hurt badly getting out. After I went and spent some time with a friend of mine at her place. Neither of us have any other friends really so we like to do this most nights when nothing is going on. I pooped out a large blob of diarrhea into her toilet a little before midnight and was feeling better after this. I went home about an hour later and had a painful flare up right as I got out of the car. Thankfully since it was late, it was dark outside and my folks were sleeping inside. I had to clench my butt cheeks together as I went to unlock the door and of course I could feel some slimy sludge leaking out into my panties as I quietly came inside. As I turned around locking the door, a long wave of hot poop just keep pouring out of me and I couldn't stop it. I was wearing just a t shirt and some shorts and white, Hanes her way panties underneath. I placed a hand over my butt and tried to quietly waddle to the bathroom as I felt the poop sliding down my legs. My mama and daddy were asleep and I was paranoid about the awful stench waking them. I got in the bathroom and peeled down to my panties, I had smears of poop all down my legs, and my panties, which were solid white and pretty roomy, were just completely soiled in hot liquid poop. I maneuvered the undies into a trash bag because not enough bleach on earth would save them (not like i can find much due to the ongoing pandemic).

After wiping myself up, I tried to flush and of course I clogged the toilet, so i had to wrap myself up and slide into my parents half bathroom where the plunger was, and that took care of it. After I started walking off to my room with the bagged up panties, I noticed my light sleeper mama had woken up and went into her bathroom. She hasn't questioned me so I think I did good at covering everything. If she does in the morning, I can tell her easily that I had a bad poop but hopefully I can avoid admitting that it was in my underwear.

I quickly slid into my room and stepped into a fresh pair of panties. I worry I didnt get everything clean enough or I'll have another accident when I'm sleeping because this happens more often than it should for someone my age. Every single pair of panties I have and like wearing are just normal white briefs, FTL or Hanes her way, and i end up replacing them too often. I've never been caught having an accident but mommy has asked when combining our light clothes for laundry where I got so many new pairs of underwear. Does anyone else have experience of any advice? I'd appreciate it very much!!! <3



Precious Poopers

There is a show on TV called Big Brother and there is similar in other countries. One of the housemates got constipated from being unable to poo due to people around , I think particularly men . I hear of situation where girls cannot poo around their boy friends . I spoke to a person that never does a poo at work ! There are those that are too shy to use public toilets . I say get over yourselves . Poo and I enjoy it !!!! I have adopted this policy for decades .

Thursday, June 25, 2020


Girls just wanna have fun

Hi I'm new here, just reading all the wonderful stories about the teens and young adults of our past generation inspired to write about my self, I have dark brown hair medium complexion yes I'm mix White dad and black mom, 16 years old ,built up 5'6. So before the pandemic me and my girls had, no trouble taking craps in public even at school. So I will like to share a story in beginning of the school year, me and my bestie Blair was so excited to be juniors on our first day of school we decided that we take our official junior year poop to celebrate along with Amanda, Erin and Rein. Luckily we had all had lunch period together, and with my amazing boyfriend Dean the captain of the wrestling team. So I told him about our celebration, he was drilled, so after lunch us girls headed to the bathroom with 6 stalls with one being in used all ready, so we got into our stalls , sense I'm co captain of the Cheerleaders with Blair we said ladies get ready you can hear the shorts and panties being dropped to the floor and I dropped my shorts and panties to my shins and Blair said now if you must cover the seat you may do so now we started to giggled and placed our butts on the cold seats after fifteen minutes of splashing of moaning and groaning we all made it to the sinks washed our hands, later on I rejoined up with Dean with his pals Ben,Shawn, Stephen, Wilson. That's all for right now

To Tyler C

Is this the only accident you have had, wetting or otherwise?


To Abbie

To Abbie: been reading your stories. Have you tried squatting to poo that may help. I understand your struggle as child I was often constipated to the point of piles and prolapse. Was shown a thing called Bristol stool chart, type 2. Look it up. But now even if like you go every couple days or so, is often soft type 4 and come out without pushing.



Wow, quite an impressive story from when you were in the hospital. It must have been a bit rough! Did you pee at all when pooing on the floor or in the bedpan? What did you do about that when giving the sample shitting in the bag? In the past, they have always given me a "hat" to put over the toilet so that I can pee, or had me shit in the bedpan while holding a urinal for my pee.


A reply to Mike

Hi again , Mike . I enjoyed your story , sounds like you had quite a poop recently . I'm from Ireland , near Dublin . Things are getting back to normal , I hope it isn't happening to early . Anyway , no big poops lately but I did have a pee related very near miss on my way home from shopping this weekend . I did manage to get home in time but a few drops of pee seeped into my underwear just before I got myself onto the toilet . It could have been worse , and wetter . Bye for now , take care and talk soon again .

End Stall Em

Toilets at my shopping center

I work in the hospitality kiosk at a regional shopping center. Only a few stores were open during the pandemic, but now we're ramping up to get back to almost full operation. There has been some discussion of the dangers of public bathrooms on this board. These are my observations over the past couple of weeks:

1) Disinfectant dispensers throughout our mall and entrances to tenant stores are in heavy use with supplies being refilled every few hours.

2) Parents with children, especially girls, are sometimes more forthcoming when they knell down and tell them that they are going to have to hold it in until they get home.

3) One day last week during daytime hours I had three separate requests for custodial services to replace the toilet seat papers in our most heavily used restroom adjacent to the food court. Food is available for take-out only.

4.Our travel supplies store remains yet to open, but a couple of prospective customers have asked me what stores might sell packages of the toilet seat papers. One lady, perhaps a grandma, asked me about any on-line sales I might know of by makers of urinary extraction devices that are used to avoid contact with a toilet seat. I suggested she Google it.

5. On my lunch break, I went in and sat down for my usual mid-day pee. While seated and scrolling through my messages, a mother and young girl took the toilet on my left. Mom stretched toilet paper out over the seat before telling her daughter to sit still so her skin didn't touch the actual seat.

6. To prevent flush splashback when sitting on a toilet, one of my colleagues has suggested laying toilet paper over the water in the bowl before doing your elimination. Splashback is reduced especially if you do a fast, harder crap.

This happened about a year ago. On the last day of school, I had gone into the girls bathroom to take a dump. I hadn't had a bowel movement in two days, and I knew it would probably be huge. I also had to piss pretty badly. I walked into the bathroom and was about to take the last stall when another girl walked in slowly, clutching her stomach. As soon as she saw me, she very gingerly turned on her heel and made as if to leave, but stopped. I asked "Are you alright?" and she says "Not really-I was hoping no one was in here, because I'm dying to take a shit and I can't hold it until I get home." Remembering how phobic I used to be about pooping in public toilets, I say "Well, I also need to shit-you're in good company. Don't be nervous. Lets sit next to each other and talk a little. What's your name?" "Jessica" she said, smiling a little. She was a little chubby, and suddenly ripped a big fart. That seemed to decide her. She smiled, said "Okay" and walked toward me. I went into one stall, and she took the one right next to me. I was starting to turtle head, so I hurriedly unsnapped my jeans and pushed them down with my thong underwear as my ass plopped onto the seat. I looked down and saw her pants drop to her ankles, and heard her settle onto the seat. We began to piss almost simultaneously, and she let out a little sigh. After about twenty seconds my stream tapered off, but hers kept going strong for a few seconds longer. She giggled and said "That feels SO good, oh my God" and I laughed and agreed. I sat up straight and gave a gentle push as my turd began to slide out slowly. It felt absolutely massive, and I gasped when it finally snapped off and splashed my ass with water. I felt more, so I leaned forward slightly and pushed out a couple smaller, softer turds followed by some wet, mushy shit. I heard Jessica breathing heavily, grunting, and she apologized-said it hurt rather badly. I put my left hand under the partition and said in a low voice "Hey... take my hand. Go on. Don't force it too hard-just let it come" and she took my hand and began to talk about her week. I did the same, and before long I saw her begin to rise slightly and lift her ass off the seat. "Ooooh now it's coming" she said and I heard a meaty crackling sound, followed by the unmistakable aroma of a robust dump. The crackling seemed to go on forever until I heard a loud splash and her moan of relief, and a plop as her ass came back down on the seat. My own BM finished, I wiped and looked at what I had just expelled. The biggest turd was about sixteen inches long, two inches thick at the ends and about three inches thick in the center with a couple smaller turds lain on top of it. Jessica pushed out one last log, and giggled and told me to come look. I pulled my pants up, and opened her stall just as she was wiping her ass. She shifted aside to show me, and my jaw dropped. It looked like a horseshoe, almost as thick as a Red Bull can. About the same length of my turd, and knobby. She said she felt like a new woman after such a dump, and she looked at my own load. She joked that we were now "shit sisters", and I said to her that if she ever felt skittish about taking a dump in school, I'd happily accompany her even if I didn't need to shit. And we actually had several memorable dumps together after. And on that note, I need to go to the bathroom-I have a crap on deck that could choke an elephant. Happy pooping!


Reply to Sera

Sera, sorry to hear that you ended up wetting yourself at school, but at least no-one noticed. I think going behind the playground sounds like a good plan, hopefully you'll be able to go for a wee with Jasmine and you can guard each other!
In answer to your questions, when I was at primary school we had a big field and at the far end there was a gap in the hedge to a farmers field behind it, I must admit my friends and I did sometimes go through the hedge when we were desperate to have a wee and thought we might not make it back to the loo in time. I never had a full accident at school luckily, but there were several times when I was bursting for a wee and I let some spurts go into my knickers, normally when I was queuing for a cubicle and I just got too desperate to keep it in!
Its lucky your able to have a poo before you leave home, it would make it really awkward if you needed to do that as well at the moment! I hope you manage to have a successful wee outside behind the playground, let us know how it goes.

Victoria B.

A few quick replies

Short and sweet and to the point today

To Minappé: I love all of you and I'm so happy you're keeping yourselves safe. Do a big one for me!

To Catherine: That's so kind of you to say I think you're an amazing woman and Alan and your children are lucky to have you!

To Carlie B.: I love your stories! The way that you've handled being such a handful on plumbing is so lighthearted and playful. Have you always had such a good sense of humor about being too much for most toilets to handle?

By the way, I agree with you. Friends' and family members' places are always the worst to poop at. Once when I was in junior high I had a bomb-dropping in my friend Sara's basement bathroom that was so bad that they had to go to the hardware store to buy an auger because nobody could get the toilet plunged! Sara's mom was really sympathetic but from that point on there was a sign added next to the one above the toilet warning us not to flush pads or tampons: "If you are anticipating 'really having to go,' please take your business upstairs." Can't wait to hear more from you!


Monday, June 22, 2020

Thank you Victoria. We love you!

We do same. If we don't finish, but we need to flush, we stand and put down lid of loo.

Love from Mina

Seraphina: I would agree that you should try using some protection. I have done it, and even wet at school with no one noticing! It can be a huge help.



To Thomas: I love your story! That was brave of that mother to let the son pee pee in the diaper. After turning off my nature melodies this morning, etc I had a solid poop. It was another one of those semi stinky ones, but tomorrow's BM may be smellier due to having fried motzarella bites with my burger. From what I recall in the past, my poop has gotten smellier depending on my diet the day before. At least I haven't had really funky smelling poop in awhile (my last one like that was before being addmitted for an operation in 2016). If you haven't read that post, the poop story was probably from 2015 or so, and I said something like it had a methane type of smell to it. The closest I've come so far is my poop almost smelling kind of fatty. One of my dreams is to get the chance to experiment with garlic one day to see what that does to my poop smell. I have to say though, the flavor sort of burns a bit. One guy from the adult training program I graduated from doesn't have a sense of smell. To him, all odors (including poop) would register as nothingness. He's blind too, so he lacks the ability to see his poop creations. If that were to happen to me I'd be sad to lack the detection of my shit by smell on top of already not being able to see it, but I'd get used to it. Fun in pooping would be entirely through texture just as someone who's lost taste would experience from food. Bye!


To Eileen

Hi yeah things are slowly heading in the right direction which is good because peoples lives are kind of on hold at the moment
Where abouts are you from ?

I have a little story from the other week when one day I didn't have a poo until later on in the evening, I had an urge to go so went to the toilet and sat down I had a wee and started to try push. I felt it slowly coming out and the poo was quite big so hurt slightly after a short wait there was a big plop as it dropped in the toilet probably about 7" followed by a smaller 4" then a few small softer bits dropped I wiped making sure I was clean and flushed leaving a bit of a smell

Speak soon take care x


Another urgent dump

I just posted my first story the other day and I had another experience. I run a construction company and got a new site had to be there early like 6am I live 2 hrs away . Well we dont have anything set up yet we are all there talking I told the crew I had to go find a bathroom so I left and found a small gas station up the road they were just opening up a cute short blonde girl working I walk in and ask for the restroom she pointed towards the back I go in get situated I can hear her at the counter doing something I had to go bad I tried to be quiet but when it started coming out it was fast and loud . Took about 5 minutes I walk out she is right there making coffee and says its fresh and hot I say sorry but I think that is what caused my situation I told her about the job and not having a porta potty yet she laughed and said well that's why we have restrooms I thanked her and told her I proably be around for the next 2 months she said so I will see you every morning I told maybe but I will definitely have a porta potty at the jobsite tomorrow.


To Sarah S

I honestly don't mind the smell. At first it was a little hard(especially when she had diarrhea), but I have learned to deal with it. I think my mom taught me a different method than the one she has for pooping in public. She told me to not think about anyone else and to just imagine I'm at home. It honestly helped me a lot. My mom, however seems to take joy in the fact that she is pooping in public and will purposely make little comments to herself when other people are in the public restroom. If I ever were to get married, I would love to be open with that person about pooping.

Don't worry, I have plenty more stories to tell. Would you be more interested in hearing more about mine and my mom's pooping experiences or our accidents?


My 2nd Another Bathroom Story

This is my 2nd Another Bathroom Story. My first was a while back on Page 2820.

This time I was 11 and just starting middle school. It was during the winter and like after school at about 4. I had been carrying an increasingly painful crap. I had sat down twice, once during homeroom and another time at lunch. Each time I weed and even though I tried a couple of the tricks grams had taught me, I couldn't quite get the demon to clear. It would turtlehead but I couldn't quite push it out using gram's advice. It had been 8 hours since I took a laxative with breakfast, but I couldn't get it to drop.

Now it was an hour after classes, mom was late to pick me up and I was getting more turmoil in my gut. I couldn't wait to get home, get a suppository from her which I knew would bring me almost instant relief. Using my bookbag for a pillow, I laid on a bench, fell asleep and was suddenly awakened by my friend Ramos bumping into my feet as he sat down.

Half asleep, I got to my feet, told him to watch my bag and headed for the restroom. Just at that time, my phone rang and mom was running even later because she had a flat tire. Ramos could see I was upset as I crashed into a girls' room door that was locked for cleaning. I started to cry and was wondering if I could make it about block to the other side of the hall where there was another set of restrooms. Ramos said there was no one in the guys' room, I could use it, and he would guard the entrance for me. I thanked him and made a run for it.

There were like 10 toilets in a row. None had privacy doors or anything even half high like we had in the girls' room. All the seats were black, some splashed up pretty bad, and I had my jeans at my knees and thumped myself onto the middle seat. I noticed that it was unflushed, with yellow water but I didn't look to see how many turds
were a couple inches under me. The seat was not comfortable, but I used another of grandma's tricks. My head and hair were practically at floor level between my legs when heard a noise, looked up, and had a little boy, probably about 3 or 4 almost a half inch from me looking at me funny. He was hard to understand. He asked my name, what I was doing, something about did I know his mommy, and he had a sucker he almost dropped onto my knee.

I was madly pushing and getting a bit more to come out, but not enough to break off and dropped. He was continuing to pest me as I was crying and my pain was increasing. He started to kick at then pick up my phone on the floor. I know I shouldn't have, but I grabbed him, shoved him sideways away from me. As I was hurting more, I was getting madder. When I heard the toilet seat next to me drop, I was encouraged that he had something to play with. Then this teacher came in, I think she taught consumer science, and she swore a couple of times as she called out for Gabe. When she saw him she yelled at him to stay put an she quickly sat for a wee two stalls down from me. Then she grabbed her son and dragged him outside without any flushing or handwashing.

Ramos was long gone when I finally got the monster out, and shot a picture of it with my phone, and went back outside to wait for my mom.
I went back in and weed one more time before she finally came. My butthole still hurt some when I went to bed that night. And the next morning in social studies I thank Ramos for doing such a great job in guarding the bathroom. He snickered, wiped his face, and said I must have taken too long.

Carlie B

Putting on a show for a friend

Hi everyone, it's been a while. Nothing super interesting to report so I'll share an older story.

Back when I was in High school, my little brother Dylan had his friend Ethan over. I was a Junior and they were freshman. I got along well with my brother and Ethan was cool too. I was tutoring them in math as that always came easy to me. We were down in the basement working when I felt the need to take a dump. I excused myself and Ethan made a joke about girls not pooping. Dylan gave him a funny look and said something like Not only does Carlie poop, but she takes the biggest shits you'll ever see. I went into the bathroom and secretly listened as Dylan explained that we had a plunger in every bathroom because of me. At this point I decided I'd try and put on a show for Ethan. Normally when I poop I'll try and quietly let out gas gradually, but this time I just blasted a huge fart that echoed in the bowl. There was no doubt it was quite audible even through the closed door. I then pushed out a big log into the bowl. Just after it landed, a second followed. I stood up and looked at my big dump. I wiped once and just for fun hit the flush. The toilet attempt to move my offering was futile. I grabbed the plunger, but then decided I wanted to show Ethan what I was capable of. I got the idea to hide the plunger in the bathroom closet. I unlocked the door and announced the toilet was out of order and that the plunger was missing. I said I'd go upstairs to find another. When I got to the top of the stairs, I opened and closed the door to make it sound like I had left, but I stood there at the top. I heard Dylan say I told you so and then they both got up to look at it. I heard them lift the toilet seat and Ethan say "Dylan your sister didn't take a poop she took a DUMP" I remember that exact line because it was so funny to me. Ethan asked if it's always that big and Dylan said he's seen bigger from me. Ethan asked how it was possible and Dylan said he didn't know, it's just something she has always done as long as he could remember. I finally went and retrieved the plunger and had a bit of trouble getting it down. Ethan has to go home soon, so I just left it and finished the tutoring. Knowing Ethan was intrigued I joked about my poops being too big for the poor toilet to handle. At this point Ethan admitted he had looked and asked how many days it had been since I went last. Dylan laughed and said I had clogged that same exact toilet this morning before school. I'm sure that was the last time Ethan ever thought girls didn't poop.

A question for others:

What are your least favorite places to use the toilet? Number one for me is definitely friend's houses/apartments because of the awkwardness of clogging their toilets.

Airplanes are another one I don't care for. The rooms are always tiny and super uncomfortable.

I also hate hotels. They often have the weakest toilets and never provide a plunger so you have to call the desk. It's even worse when the same person comes multiple times. I was in Mexico last summer for a 3 night stay and I think I had to call maintenance to unclog my toilet 5 times lol. With the all you can eat style resort, I was constantly laying huge logs that were too big. The same maid came 4 out of the 5 times. I bet she was glad to see me leave.

My favorite places are high traffic areas where I can poop and then leave knowing others can see them. I love going at the gym or crowded bars and I loved going at school too. Pretty much anywhere someone who isn't a close friend will see. I used to always leave them unflushed for someone else to see, but as I mentioned they seem to have gotten quite a bit bigger recently so it doesn't matter if I flush because they will just clog anyways and still be on display. It's also nice not having to plunge my massive dumps, although I still do as a courtesy if they happen to have a plunger near the toilet, but that's rare.


Gregg's Survey

One: I'm comfortable peeing and pooping in front of males and I'm comfortable peeing and pooping in front of my wife or when I was single in front of my girlfriends but I wouldn't poop in front of a woman who wasn't my girlfriend.

Two: Out of courtesy for others such as friends or relatives.

Three: I'm not self conscious of peeing or pooping in my own house when others are around but I avoid pooping in someone else's house unless it is an imergency.


Walked in on having diarrhea

Hi I am jason funny story the other day me and my wife were out for lunch we had Mexican. It always does a number on my bowels. She wanted to do some shopping after so we just did a few small places like dg DT and Walmart. Well while at dollar general my stomach started cramping up bad I knew u was gonna need a toilet fast so I told the wife need to poop going to the restroom and I swear this is a older dg store it has a single toilet for both men and wemon there us a sign on the door to please knock the lock dosent work. Well I get my pants down just enough to get my ass on the toilet , the toilet is sideways to the door , the door swings out so there is no holding the door anyway my luck I am cramping and just as u explode in the toilet the door flew open there was a dg cashier staring at me she said sorry I didnt think anybody was in here she shut the door I reply you work here and there us a sign to knock she apologized again as I kept having gassy diarrhea I apologized also we had Mexican and I couldnt hold any longer I will be just a few min. Well I am still having a little diarrhea and u can see her shadow under the door moving back and fourth and I was like is purposely listening to me poop. I flush get cleaned up walk out she is a few feet away she said sorry she has to go bad too and was just waiting not wanting to go back up front and have a ton of customers before she could come back. She went in and I could hear her having a gassy dump as well . I didnt tell my wife as she think bodily functions are gross and private.



Where it Started: Glad that you shared a bit more! Yes, your Aunt Cheryl sounds like she was a massive pooper!

Andrea: Thank you for joining in the conversation!

To both of you, I don't think these interests are unhealthy at all. When I think of the damage my girls' biological mother did with her prudish, even controlling behavior, I become angry. Our children need to know that bowel movements are a part of life!

Victoria B: Yes, I can relate! The joys of being a woman! Thank you for sharing a little off topic information! You sound like a bright, hard-working young woman. I wish you the absolute best in life!

Love to all!



Wear black if there's a chance you'll pee your pants...

Hey all! I'm back with another story that happened today. It was hot and humid and sunny outside today and I had been out all day, so when I came in I drank about 2 36oz cups of ice water (within about 30min). Then my MIL and her sister invited me out for a boat ride. I was wearing gray pants that I THANKFULLY changed out of in case we decided to swim. So instead, I put on a pair of black workout shorts over swimsuit bottoms. I peed before we left, but silently hoped I had been dehydrated enough that the water I had just downed wouldn't catch up with me. I figured it wouldn't matter anyway because I could just pee in the water when we stopped to swim.

Well, 90 minutes into our boat ride, I had to pee. The urge came on strong and fast. 20 minutes later, and no plans made yet to stop to swim, I was too embarrassed (and we were too far from home anyway) to say anything. Ten minutes after that I had resigned myself to accepting that I was peeing my pants on this boat. The only way to avoid doing it noticeably, was to take control over the situation. I had to let a little out at a time and hope for the best. Otherwise it would soon reach the point where if I stood up, I would pee uncontrollably.

So, I moved to the front of the boat and brought a cup of water with me (the old "I spilled my water" trick). I covered my lap with a sweater I had brought. Even though I had to pee SO bad, I literally could not go. I pushed and nothing came out but I was in agony. But my body was struggling to let go in front of people. Finally, I lifted my butt off the seat enough to feel a dribble seep out. I pushed again and a stream of pee jetted out, soaking and warming my butt. I sat down and regained control. My bladder was still full. I went again. This time I peed for about 5 seconds before stopping. I discreetly felt my butt with my hand and it was soaked, but there was no puddling on the seat so I was okay.

I waited a little longer, every wave against the boat jostled my bladder, and I still had to go badly. My MIL decided to dock the boat at a convenience store (had I known this was in the plans I would've tried to hang on just a minute longer, but I still don't think I would've made it to this point had I not let some pee go). My MIL stayed in the boat while her sister and I went into the store. I had tied my sweatshirt around my waist, even though I don't think my wet patch was noticeable on my black shorts. When we entered the store it was busy, and much to my dismay there was a sign at the back clearly stating no public restrooms. I did my best to waddle through the store trying to stay calm as we picked out our items. At one point I found an empty corner and pretended to browse the shelves as I let out another spurt of pee. I felt drips start to trickle down my legs and I had to bend over to wipe them away before anyone noticed.

Finally we went to the ice cream store next door (my only hope) and luckily there was a bathroom, so I went in and finished peeing but at that point my shorts were already saturated. I had to air dry when we got back to the boat, but no one said anything, and I don't think they noticed.

Tyler C

No Bathrooms During Bike Rides Due to Covid

I've seen people here talk about how the lack of public restrooms is affecting them. I've seen some opening up recently, but with recent announcement that the virus can be spread through flushing the toilet, I think I'm staying away from public bathrooms under any circumstances. Of course, this comes with a downside. I live down the street from a nice park with a nature trail and I've been frequently going there ride my bike or go for a walk. It's really refreshing because of how boring lockdown life has become. I usually spend a couple hours there. I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and that usually means I need to take a pit stop in the middle. Before the quarantine, if I had to go, there were always restrooms every couple of miles, but now it's a bit more complicated. Obviously most guys wouldn't have a problem here. If you're deep in the woods, just whip it out and go, but I've always been a bit shy when it comes to peeing outdoors. I mean, the act of doing it itself is fine, but I always hated the lack of privacy. I always feel like someone is gonna see me. So, this has lead to me having to cut my trips short in order to get home in time.

A few days ago, I was feeling particularly bored and went for a bike ride. I went up to my usual mile mark, but this time I decided to keep riding. I ended up riding almost two and a half times what I usually limit myself to. Eventually, I decided it was time to turn back. Shortly after turning around I started feeling a bit like I needed to pee. I thought I could hold it till I got home and maybe I could have, but with just a few miles to go, it got pretty uncomfortable. So, I stopped. This is a pretty well populated trail. I think a lot of people like me have decided to come here more often to get out of the house. I knew that if I peed there, someone would definitely ride by and see me, so I parked my bike and walked into an unmarked part of the woods that was separate from the trail. Like I said, I normally am uncomfortable peeing outdoors, so I walked pretty deep to be sure to avoid people. I took out my wiener and let it go.

It was all going fine for the first couple of seconds. I was still paranoid about people watching me so I kept looking around as I peed. That's when I noticed the tree I was leaning on had a huge spider crawling down it. This scared me so much that I prematurely pull my shorts as pee was still shooting out of me and ran back to the trail where my bike was. I was so relieved to get away from that spider. I forgot that wasn't the only kind of relief I was experiencing. I saw a group of teens who were probably just a couple of years younger than me ride by. A boy and two girls. I gave them a friendly head nod, and the boy said "Sup," but they all seemed to be giggling as they looked at me. That's when I looked down and noticed my shorts were absolutely soaked! Glistening and dripping with the pee that I failed to finish in the woods. Needless to say I was annoyed and embarrassed. I let the last few drops make their way into my boxers. I got back on my bike and defeatedly rode home. To add insult to injury, on the way back, I saw a Dad helping his toddler pee on the side of the trail. Why can't I do what a 3-year-old can.

I was wearing black nylon shorts, so I don't think it showed too much. I didn't notice anyone else giving me any looks. I managed to avoid my parents when I got home and put my wet shorts and undies in the washing machine. Hopefully I can get better at taking care of my bathroom needs in the future.


Urgent poo at a closed store

I was having to leave early in the morning for work . It was a business trip out of town so needless to say I left around 3 in the morning. I had big breakfast I knew pretty much nothing was going to be open well around 430 my stomach was killing me I needed to poop badly but nothing was around I finally make it to a small town the first station I pull up to is a flash food circle k something about 10 min till 5 the lights were on I walk up to the door briskly it was locked I saw the clerk lady saying 10 min I grabbed my stomach and waved her over she unlocked the door to speak to me I told her may I please use your bathroom it is a emergency she said well I am not supposed to I said please I have a upset stomach and need a toilet , guess she felt sorry for me she ok sure the bathroom is up front very close to the register and the kicker no fan. I go in I can hear her getting ready to open up I just I am so sorry for this and I exploded with soft poop splattering in the toilet I moaned slightly I heard her giggle and say you weren't kidding I just apologized and said not done yet. I have 3 more wet explosions and feel done . As I was leaving I thanked her saying omg thankyou she tells me hell we have all been there once before.

Saturday, June 20, 2020


Replies and a story

To Emma

My soon to be girlfriend is gorgeous if u know who Madison bear is she looks like her and were both athletic she's 5"7 I'm 5"9

So this story is back when I was getting tested and treated for IBS
It's so rare that I get constipated but when I do it's bad
During my time I was getting tested I got constipated for 10 days the stool had all compacted in my anus

I was in so much pain we wnet the doctors they put my on a kids ward and the doctor came over massaged my abdomen. To feel how firm in was and how bad the constipation was they decided a suppository was the best option so a nurse came a rather beautiful nurse to and she put a glove on and lubed her fingers up and lubed the suppository up to

I was asked to lay on my side with my knees slight bent the nurse then put the suppository up my bum and then she started massaging my abdomen to help it all move along she asked the assistant to go get a portable toilet but as she was gone the suppository took effect I couldn't hold it back becaue it had been so much stool the pressure was immense i had no say in the matter of it coming out I let the nurse know it was coming out and she said oh shit oh well just let it out so it came out a massive log that was really wide and about 15 inches long came out quit slowly but as soon as that came out sloppy poo just shot out landing on the floor and hitting the side curtain my front curtain wasn't closed so the kid on the other side of ward seen this and the nurse looked in amazement I couldn't hold it back and the relief was so nice the other nurse came back with the portable toilet and seen she quickly placed it down and said quick sit on her but I couldn't move my legs weren't working I lost full control and the other nurse just said it's to late she carried on massaging my abdomen as watery muss kept shooting out in a consecutive stream for about 3 minutes the floor was covered in poo and a massive log and the smell was so bad the kid ahead looked horrified finally after 10 minutes of pooping the flow had kind of stopped and I regained control of my body and was able to sit on the portable toilet for the second wave I massive soft serve came out with about 5 second in between each large amount of poo coming out it whilst that was happening another nurse was cleaning up best she could taking bed sheets of the bed and janitors had to come to clean the floor
The whole ward if kids was evacuated so the wrad could be properly cleaned and sanitized I spent the night at the hospital on and off the toilet and the next day they done and enema to make sure there was no poo still stool in there they were prepared this time and used a bed pan filled about 2 bed pans and almost filled a 3rd

That day I ate the hospital food and my main doctor said now that Ur eating normally we might as well take a stool sample and check it out to rule out anything that causing Ur IBS so then later on in the dya I had to ship in a bag that the doctors then inspected and a fw days after me getting home they gave the results and siad I have ibs


Covid 19

Whilst I have taken the prescribed precautions, I am a numbers man and the chance of catching Coronavirus in my state is extremely low thanks to a swift and decisive government both Commonwealth and States and an opposition, to their credit were realistic and supportive and most of the normal population being sensible and compliant . Now the subject is toilets. Despite the virus it has not affected my public toilet visits. I appreciate the risks mentioned, however , to catch the virus it needs to enter via the mouth nose or eyes . On this basis toilet seats are not a problem if one washes hands well at the conclusion of an official visit. I would say that due to the unemployment, maybe some unemployed could be directed to public toilet cleaning which would well benefit society . Yes I still use public toilets and the risk is low.


An effect of the increasing lack of public restrooms

Yesterday, I was having a pastrami sandwich on a bagel while sitting on a bench outside. As I was eating, a family of three (a mother, a daughter about 2 or 3 years old, and a son about four or so) were just finishing eating in an outdoor seating area at a nearby restaurant.

Due to current concerns involving that virus that everyone is talking about in the news almost all public bathrooms in my area are currently closed. As a result, parents have needed to resort to having their kids wear pull-ups (or something similar) just in case (even the seemingly perfectly trained ones).

Anyway, just after they got up from their chairs and walked maybe five or six steps, the son suddenly stopping walking and cried a little and said "pee-pee, mom". After a sniffle, or two the mother ran a hand through his hair and reminded him that he had a diaper on and that it was okay to use it.

After reassuring him about five or six times that it was okay to "go" he went, and within a minute the crying and sniffling stopped and his mother asked him if he felt better, and he nodded his head yes.

Evidently, the diaper worked because there were no puddles on the ground and the mom congratulated him for doing something that was so difficult for him, and then they walked across the street in the direction of a nearby toy store (presumably to shop there). I don't know what happened next because I still had half a sandwich to eat, along with a bag of potato chips and a chocolate chip cookie.



Hi Taylor T. I love your dance class poop story. That toilet you pooped in had quite a load in it. If I had the chance to plunge something like that, I'd be so determined. Does anyone like poop emogis? I have a poop emogi that's so cute! He's a fur ball with a pretend poop sticking out the top of him. I believe Mom told me he's a poop emogi when I asked what something on the plushy was, and she said it looked like a turd. The nickname "poop clan" is so cool. I bet Jenny and Riley have lots of fun pooping with you. Bye.

Victoria B.

Watch out for toilet rona!


One quick reply to Catherine: You must have forgotten because the only time I mentioned it was in the context of being hairy, something you might be able to relate to as a Greek woman hahaha! I was raised in Conservative Judaism and given a bat mitzvah but nowadays my beliefs and times of need for prayer are something I keep pretty much to myself. Thanks to being a vegetarian I am still kosher though!

I read an article in the New York Times today about toilets and the dangers they can pose during a pandemic. It made me so nervous that I'm going to have to temporarily abandon my preferred sit-down flush! You see, aerosol droplets from someone with infected with COVID-19 can be launched up by the force of a toilet flushing. This is especially dangerous for all younger posters here who are much more likely to develop asymptomatic forms of the rona and spread it amongst others.

From now on once you're done and dressed put the lid down before you press flush! Also, be really careful with public toilets. Really, really careful. Like, only use if it's an emergency and you're about to have an accident careful.

Please be safe I love all of you!


Nicole S

Story time

Hello everyone. I'm actually surprised that this site existed for a long time.

But anyways, I have a story to share but first, a quick detail about myself. I just turned 30 this year, I'm slim, 5'9", brunette. My bowels is somewhat regular and I normally go every other day but my loads is somewhat large, sometimes even to the toilet where I wonder if it's gonna clog the toilet.

Last Friday, while I was heading back home from work, I had to poop really badly. Due to the covid19 outbreak, I've been avoiding public washrooms or any washrooms outside for that matter and only use them if I absolutely had to, otherwise, I just use the one at home. But this time though, I've been pretty backed up for nearly 4 days, so I knew it was gonna be bad. I hurried it up as far as I can without going over the speed limit by too much and luckily due to the pandemic, the streets are mostly empty, so it usually took me less time to make it home. Anyways, by the time I got back to my apartment building, I was literally at the verge of losing control because I had to go so badly. To make matters even more worse, the elevator broke down so I had to take the stairs, which was not a easy matter. When I managed to get halfway up to my level, one of my neighbors that I had a good relations with was heading down and proceeded to chat with me with idle chit chats after she saw me. I'm for one always try to be friendly with many people so despite my desperation, I try to hide it as best as I can. After a few minutes, she finally said her goodbyes and I quickly went up to my level as quickly as I could but as soon as I reached my front door, before I even had a chance to unlock the door, my stomach suddenly had a cramp that caused me to let out this violent fart, which led this thick turd to slowly poke out a little bit. I stood there while clinching my cheeks together and tried to prevent the turd from coming out.

Unfortunately, luck was not on my side, I couldn't prevent the turd from coming out, so I clinched my cheeks to prevent it from coming out any further and proceed to unlocking the door and bolted into my apartment. As soon as I locked the door from the inside, at this point, this thick solid turd was already partly sticking out of my cheeks. I figured that since I was already going that there's no point to stopping it now, so I quickly pulled my panties down before I made a mess in them, lifted my skirt up and leaned my back towards the wall and gotten into a semi squat position. When I did, I just relaxed my bowels and this thick solid turd started to ooze out of me. While it was coming out, I couldn't help but sigh of relief.

After a few minutes, I was finally finished and the load was massive. Luckily the poop were solid because it made cleaning up a heck of a lot easier, but even with the windows opened it did take at least several hours before the odor had cleared out though.

~Bonus story~

Yesterday, I got back to my apartment with ranging diarrhea that my cheeks just barely even made it to the toilet seat before my load had exploded into the toilet. It lasted for nearly an hour before I felt comfortable enough to get off the toilet and took a shower afterwards. I think the culprit was probably that spaghetti that might've been a a little off. :(


Reply to Mike

Hi again , Mike . The toilet was pretty full after my visit . Thankfully , the only other person in the house didn't need to use the bathroom for maybe an hour after I'd left so by then the air would have been less "fragrant" . Life is getting back to normal and I hope we don't have a second wave of Coronavirus . Have you had any toilet mishaps at any time ? I'm a bit older than you at 32 years of age . I hope we talk soon again . 'Bye for now .

Seraphina (Sera)

The Day After the First Day or, Revenge of the Bladder

This happened on the 2nd day back at school...

It was nearly 11AM. We were all sitting in front of the video screen watching a rather boring movie. We would have to write about it afterwards. My mind wandered to the events of yesterday where I could so easily wait for the entire day. I thought of getting back home and onto my toilet when... wham! In an instant I needed to go so badly it was nearly coming out!

How could this happen after I had such a good day yesterday? (I had a pretty good idea, hence the title I have chosen.) I strained as hard as I could to stop the impending burst of wees under my skirt. I shoved my right hand between my legs and pushed for all I was worth. (I never do that in public unless it is to stop some coming out)

Then I took a big gulp of air when I realised I was even holding my breath too. And I held and held tight and after what seemed like 5 minutes but was probably only 20 seconds, the feeling went away. And I was still dry! Jasmine was sitting beside me and she whispered about how she could see I was bursting. But it had gone away just as quickly as it had started. I just hoped my need would stay away until I got home again. But today there was still so much time still to go!

Over lunch I chatted to Jasmine again and she asked how well I lasted yesterday. She admitted that her Mum let her squat on the grass beside the car when she came to pick her up as she would not have been able to wait during the drive home. She whispered how she had started wetting her pants in class and I felt we were becoming really good friends. I almost wanted to tell her that I had wet as well to make her feel more comfortable but of course I hadn't. I don't know why she wouldn't go but I think we were the only 2 that kept holding all day yesterday.

This day was so different to the first day. After my near disaster in the morning I was quickly getting fidgety again in the playground at lunch time and I kept wanting to sit down on my foot to help hold on. I couldn't even feel that I had a lot to do it was just that I had to use my muscles so much or I would wet. So much for having a strong bladder. I had no idea how I could last the whole afternoon. I mainly just sat on my foot when I wasn't running around playing some silly game.

Then the bell rang and it was time to go back to class. And that meant standing still as we lined up. I had to clutch myself. I just had to. We had maths that I usually like. But I had to go so bad. It was so hard to keep still and be good at holding on at the same time. I could see my teacher looking my way so I removed my hand and then a burst of wees did come into my undies so I quickly held myself again. But I did not want to admit that I couldn't wait. If it did happen this would not be my first flood but I had never done it in school.

I ended up having to hold my self under the desk for most of that lesson but even that did not stop another burst of wees in my undies. My teacher didn't notice, thank goodness. There was another lesson but I managed better with that one. We were sitting on the floor watching a movie and I was able to sit on my foot the whole time. Then it was afternoon play. But it wasn't getting any better.

We have several playgrounds at our school. In the middle of the largest were 2 buildings. One was a large shed that was kept locked. Teachers stored exercise equipment there that we used every few weeks. The other was a play shed that we all called the dolls house.

Behind the playground and the big shed was an old path with lots of weeds that was blocked off about half the way around and we were not supposed to go there but some did especially to hide. I know that sometimes the boys would do wees there when they were too lazy to walk back to the toilet block.

Jasmine was with me and we were whispering about both being so bursting. But I didn't tell her I was already wet. She said let's do it behind the playground but I was worried we would get caught. So Jasmine did it while I kept guard. I was thinking I should just do it there too as I sort of knew I couldn't last until Mum picked me up.

I was just making up my mind to ask Jasmine to keep guard while I went when the bell rang. So she finished and we went back to class. I felt I was about to do it all in my pants so I held myself tightly as we went back inside, not caring who could see. But I pretty much knew I was about to have an accident and had no idea how to hide it.

We were supposed to be writing about something from our home life but I couldn't think of anything, I just wanted to go to the toilet so frantically. Any minute I knew it was going to run down my legs and make a big mess on the floor. The teacher saw that I hadn't started and she called me up to her table.

I couldn't stand still and now had both my hands jammed against myself. She said I should go to the toilet. I whispered that "I have grand parents at home" and she whispered back "Just go and have a look and decide what you want to do". I was thinking that at least I could have my accident outside. So I ran to the toilets and stood on the first green tick and it had a big puddle on it already. I assumed that was wee: someone else has had an accident before me.

Straight away I started to release and knew it was going to be a flood. It was going to run down my legs and into my shoes so I squatted down on the concrete above the green tick.

My wees poured thru my undies, thru my leggings under my skirt and splattered onto the concrete making the puddle even bigger. That was the sort of gush I was expecting yesterday when I got home. It felt so good to finally do it!

So then I went back to class and I am sure my teacher assumed I had used the toilet because I was much more relaxed and could actually participate in the lesson. I don't think anyone found out what actually happened because the wetness didn't show on my thick skirt at all. As I have mentioned this was not my first accident but it was the first at school. I made up my mind to go behind the playground on the next day.




Hiya! Quick survey for yall. 3 ?s,

One. Are you comfortable peeing and / or crapping in front of other people, particularly of the opposite sex?

Two. When you close the door to go to the bathroom, is it because you don't want anyone to see you peeing/crapping, or out of courtesy for the person/people who are present?

Three. Are you more self conscious about crapping then you are about peeing when there are other people at your home, or when you are at someone else's home? Why or why not?

Fill me in.

Seraphina (Sera)

Replies to J, Abbie and Jenny

Hi J, I read your post about your experience with your (maybe) new girl friend. I am so pleased you have found some one in real life to share your world with. I have said on here that I have a strong bladder and don't like using strange toilets.

But I have anxiety too and pretty much can't use a toilet I haven't used before. So home and school (before the virus) are fine but not many other places and sometimes I do wet myself when I just can't hold it. So that is my problem and it is hard to explain to anyone that can just "go".

I would give you a big hug if I could. So please accept my virtual hug.


I can certainly relate to many of your comments to Jenny. I only avoid school toilets now because of the virus. Before that I never loved them but just put up with them.

I always did my poo at home so never had to worry about getting constipated. Did you ever end up wetting at school? If so were you found out? Did you ever find a place to do it at school that avoided the toilet? I have just found a place behind the playground and I plan on using that for a while but I am worried about getting caught.


Hello to the U.K. I am from Australia. I have done lots of bush camping so very happy to help out if I can. I know that bush fires are called wild fires just about everywhere else in the world and I see you call it wild camping too. Over here our kangaroos get pretty wild if we walk between them and their baby Joeys while looking for a toilet spot.

We also have some nasty snakes and spiders: good to avoid too. As for getting used to it: Practice is the key! You could start in the shower or bath (just for wees I mean). Start with your bottom clothes removed then add a pair of undies once you get used to it. Maybe you could practice pooing in the garden?

I find that squatting itself takes some getting used to if I haven't squatted for a while. I try to squat right down so the part of my legs above and below the knees are completely resting on each other.

Does that make sense? You will see people from Asian countries do that sometimes (with clothes on!) to sit and chat to each other: they don't need chairs and it can be very comfortable but there is a muscle in the ankle that I find takes a while to stretch if you have to hold that position while pooing.

So practice every day and it will become second nature.
Oh and most important: always wear a skirt! Gives you more privacy than the boys in that it does not matter which way you are facing. Beware of strong winds and steep slopes too!

My Dad taught me to always dig a hole to bury the toilet paper. There's nothing worse than seeing the mess some people make if they are lazy.

My attitude is that I prefer it when there is no toilet available and I hope you get to that stage too as it is really the cleanest option in my opinion! Good luck with it all. Do let us know how it goes.


Where it began

Catherine, Glad you liked my story. Yes Mom was capable of some large loads. She had an older sister that could out do her though. My Aunt Cheryl was a large lady. My mom took a job during the day so mom would drop me off at Aunt Cheryls in the morning during the summer. My Aunt was a teacher and was off. Aunt Cheryl was not bashful at all. I guess Mom and her were brought up to not be inhibited. She would fart openly and say "that was a good one" laugh. It didn't take long to figure out that when she started farting that a trip to the toilet wasn't far off. I would get a bit excited with anticipation. She had a well stocked magazine rack in the bathroom and would sit for some time. Like my Mom Aunt Cheryl didn't close the bathroom door. I would quietly hang just outside the door. I could hear her performances in detail. She would usually fart as soon as she had a seat then begin to pee. Then it would usually get quite quiet except for an occasional flip of a page. I could hear when she started to push and I could see her feet go to her tippy toes when she pushed. There would usually be several pushes before I would hear any splashes. Usually there would be a few smaller but solid sounding splashes. Then a big splash or at time just a plip of a long log that must have already be in he water. She didn't wipe very much because her poop was mostly solid. One time I heard the toilet flush and then heard "Shit the toilet is plugged". As luck would have it the plunger was kept in the basement. She came out and headed downstairs. Here was my chance. I went in and the seat was up. I could smell a stale poop smell it smelled just like my Moms. I looked in the bowl and was amaze by what I saw. 3 solid knobby turds from 3 to 5 inches and then the trophy. An amazingly thick dark brown log of about 10 inches long. But it wasn't the length that was surprising it was the girth. This turd had to be 2 and a half inches thick or more. When she returned I offered to unplug the toilet but she said she would do it. This also has stayed with me. I had many more encounters with both my Mom and My Aunt. Ill tell more later.


Baby Poop

Hi everyone. Today I was listening to babies pooping. One of them was a loud grunter as if he/she was constipated. Some of the ones in farting videos let out muffled squirts. I bet those babies showed some really cute pooping faces! My "me day" was at the Red Lion Inn, and I'd have to say it was a bit disappointing. The elevator was out of order, and Mom and I mostly had to use the hot staircase. I say mostly, because I rode the elevator once during testing (door problems). Bathroom wise, things were a bit small. It was a single vanity half bath with 1 toilet next to a bathtub. The bathroom got hot, too, and the toilet wouldn't stop running before we left today. My poops a couple of days ago while setting up my Internet connection on the new router were nice, but pooping today felt lame. Babies pooping/farting may not be your thing, but some of those little ones sure knew how to let em rip. Bye.


My Story

I just read the post "Where it Started" and it was so close to my experience that I wanted to share it with all of you and especially with the poster of "Where it Started". My fascination with my mother's bowel movements came out of nowhere. I was probably 7 or 8. The morning routine was always the same. My mother and father would get up first. While my father showered and dressed for work my mother, in her nightgown, would go downstairs and make breakfast. When breakfast was ready she would call up to both of us. At the breakfast table I was in pajamas, my father was dressed for work and my mother was in her nightgown. My father would leave for work around 8:AM. My mother would clean off the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. In the summer I would just go into the living room and read a comic book or maybe watch tv. When my mother was finished in the kitchen she would come into the living room, pick up a magazine and announce "I'm going to the toilet." The "toilet" was a half bath across the hall from the living room. She would go in and close the door enough to shield her view but she would never shut it. Ordinarily I paid no attention but this one morning when she said she was going to the toilet my ears perked up. She lifted the lid and I heard her butt hit the seat with a thud as she sat down heavily. Within seconds she started farting loudly and I heard her pee hitting the water. Her pee stream was strong but would occasionally slow when she let out another fart. After peeing there was silence. After a few minutes I heard a barrage of loud farts and several plops as her turds hit the water. I was so excited. My heart was pounding. She stayed on the toilet for another ten minutes reading. She farted a few more times during that ten minutes and I heard one more turd hit the water. She wiped, washed her hands, flushed and left. I went in right after her. I sat on the seat which was still warm. The aroma of her farts and poops was fresh in the air. I tried duplicating what she did but I didn't have the urge to go. When I did have the urge to go I let loose just like she did and I do to this day. One day I got the courage to ask if I could come in while she was pooping. I made up some stupid excuse about needing to talk to her. She said ok if you can stand the smell. She asked me what I wanted to talk about. I was so embarrassed. My face was flushed. I admitted that I just wanted to be in the lav with her when she pooped. I was waiting for her to yell at me and throw me out of the lav. She just laughed and said you can watch me poop anytime you want as long as it's just the two of us. Many times after that I would follow her into the lav. I would sit on the floor across from her as she farted, peed and pooped. She wasn't in the least bit inhibited with me in there. I studied her and I could always tell when she was about to drop a turd. She would stop talking and her face would get a little red as she pushed. Shortly I would hear a plop. Then she would pick up the conversation where she left off. She had no problem with me looking in the toilet after she was done. My mom's philosophy was and still is that peeing and pooping are necessary functions that we all do. Don't try to hold it in when you have the urge and don't be embarrassed about the loud noises you might make. I follow her example and I have to admit I get some pleasure out of pooping and farting loudly when I know others can hear me. When we have guests and I come out of our lav after a particularly loud bathroom session, I get a naughty pleasure out of knowing that they heard me. I never shut the door when my husband or kids are around. I would love to leave the door ajar when we have guests too but I think that might be over the top. LOL! I guess that's why my mother never shut the door when my father or I was around.


Taylor T's survey

Age: 17
Favorite position going to the bathroom: At school, I sit to both pee and crap. Even if I'm sitting on a partially splashed seat I have more privacy than at the urinals with no privacy partition between the users.
Wandering eyes make me uneasy. In other public bathrooms I will stand to pee if they are not crowded and offer me privacy.
Do I like pebble-sized or massive poops? I prefer the massive ones unless I'm at home. When I was about 10 and had dropped a big one dad would playfully cuss me out and give me a plunging lesson. One time when I was probably about 13 and with one of my friends for a weekend stay over dad joked to mom that guests should be responsible for a $1,000 pipe dredging if they clog the toilet.
Have I ever pooped at a friend's house? A few times, I didn't particularly like it but having brown soup water logging my shorts would have been worse.
Did I like it or not? No, but it caused us to have a short discussion of toilet habits before we got back to our math problems.
My favorite place to poop at? A park, bowling alley, shopping center if they are not that busy. As long as they have wiping paper and I don't have to plunge.

To Tee:

Dad farts a lot because he's a fast eater I guess and he has a stressful job. When I was about 5 and he took my to my first Cubs game we were at this huge urinal trough, I was standing on my toes to get my urine to go in, and he let off about a 10 second barrage that caused our neighbors to look kind of annoyed at him. Sometimes when my mom calls him out he calls it anal belching. A couple of my friends who have parents at the bar with him say he's even worse there.

To Catherine:

I agree with you that an accident in public would be mortifying. That's why when bathrooms are greatly crowded and others are bypassing a toilet with a wet seat or a jammed bowl, I will gladly take it if it saves me from a mortifying accident.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

John H

Saying hi And some shout outs

Hi all,
John H here. I used to post a lot but it's been a long time since I last posted.
I hav always continued to read and there has been some great posts recently. It's great to see all the new posters. Shout out to you all and thanks for sharing.
It's also great to see some old posters still here and some that have returned in recent times.
Shout out to Catherine, love to read your posts and glad to hear all is well with you, Alan and the girls. I often wondered how you were when you took a break from posting.
Shout out to Adrian and mr klogs, two blasts from the past.
I must be 10 years reading and posting here and a big thanks goes to the sight moderators who continuously do a top job. This is really a special place for me as a person who enjoys and is interested in using the bathroom and it's cool to read experiences of others who feel the same
Hope to post more in future. I am working from home now so no more office dumps for me.
Take care all
John H

Taylor T

Riley and Jenna

Hey guys I'm here to share more stories, sorry about my last post too. It was posted 2 or 3 times because I had trouble posting it so it's up multiple times.

This story happened when I was 12. I was at my cousin Katelyn's dance class. She was 11 at the time and I was 12. I was sitting with my aunt as they were practicing and I really had to poop. I went to the bathroom with one stall and there was a dancer pooping. She had her pink leggings and black panties by her ankles and there was a huge poop mark on them. The bathroom had a strong poop and fart smell and she was sitting in there taking a massive poop, at least it sounded like it. She started wiping and came out, it was Katelyn's friend Maggie and she said "Hey Taylor umm.. I'm sorry somebody clogged it before but I had to poop so I went on top of it". I told her it was okay and I went in. And wow was it a huge poop, it was a big pile. At least 7 or 8 turds, 5 of them were Maggie's, all we're about 8-10 inches so if you put that together she had about 40 to 50 inches of poop stuffed in her. I pushed my leggings and underwear to my knees since the floor wasn't the cleanest, a big mushy turd crackled out and another big turd came out too. The door opened as I started to wipe and it was my aunt and she waited as I wiped. I said to her "Auntie can you look around for a plunger somebody took a big dump before me". I pulled my leggings up and walked out. My aunt got a plunger from under the sink and she said "Phew this isn't going down, is this yours?" "No those two turds on the top are mine". My aunt just peed and we went back to our seats. But this story is an answer to Tom who asked about the nastiest pooping experience. This was it.

So in my last post I said I would share some stories about my friends Jenna and Riley. We call ourselves "The Poop Clan" because we're always talking about pooping and we always do it in front of each other. These are really the only two friends I talk about pooping to. I talk about it to a few others but the three of us have a special bond about it. So my first story happened many years ago, it was August of 2011 and I was 7 years old. I was at Riley's house, we were just hanging out not sleeping over and we were outside on the swing set. Just to set the scene I had a purple shirt on with some black leggings and blue underwear and black Nikes. I also had brown hair at the time in a bun (I now have blonde highlights). We were on the swings and I had to poop really badly, it made sense because I had been holding it for a few days. At the time I was really shy about pooping so I didn't want to poop at her house but it was turning out like I had to. I asked Riley if I could use her bathroom and she said sure since it was getting hot out. We went through her house and downstairs into the basement. It was a finished basement and probably the best part about her house because it had its own kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. It was basically another house and it was all to herself, she told me she'd be in the kitchen as I went in. The bathroom was a little weird, as soon as you walked in the toilet was off to the left of the door with a closet to the left of the toilet, the shower was off to the right behind the door and the sink was in front of the toilet. It was kind of a small but cozy bathroom, I pushed my leggings and underwear to my ankles and farted as I hit the seat. A massive turd slid out and splashed in as I peed and another huge turd followed it. I remembered my butthole feeling amazing after that, however the satisfaction left me, there was no toilet paper! I looked in the closet and under the sink with my bum hanging out but there was nothing, it was such a stinky poop too because it was so big. It was either walk out butt naked to the closet with the toilet paper or call Riley to get me some toilet paper. I called Riley's name twice and she ran to the door and asked me what was wrong, I said to her "I just took a poop and there is no toilet paper can you get me some" "Sure let me go upstairs and grab it". I pushed out a fart and another big turd when she left. She came back downstairs and opened the door and handed it to me and said "Phew you took a massive poop". I moved forward on the toilet and she looked at it and said "Wow Taylor that's a big poop". I wiped my bum and tried to flush but it clogged. Riley said "I got it" and started plunging it. She got it down and said "Okay good" and turned around and pushed her jeans to her knees and sat down halfway on the seat for me to see her pee. It tinkled in and a turd fastly crackled out and plunked in and she said "Ahh I've been holding all morning I was gonna wait for you to leave but I couldn't hold that". I said "You couldn't hold that that turd is so tiny". "Yeah I already took a big poop this morning before you got here, I clogged the toilet that's how big it was". She wiped her bum and we went to go watch a movie in the bedroom.

So now I have a story about my friend Jenna from a year or two ago. This was our first pooping experience together, we had never talked about before or even pooped in front of or with each other so it was very relieving to talk about it to her. I was 12 years old at the time, I know this because it was the day after my birthday in 2016. I had Jenna over my house for my birthday, I invited Riley but she was on vacation so she couldn't come. Jenna and I had a ton of cake and food all around. She got picked up around 7:30 and invited me to her house the next day around 3 and I could sleep over. It would be my first time at her house since we had just met that year in 7th grade. She showed me around her house and we walked upstairs to her room and she had a big room. The car ride there I knew I would have to poop and when we went in her room that urge came back. I was wearing a pink t shirt, a pair of blue panties, and gray booty shorts that made my bum look big lol. So if I pooped myself it would've showed through them. Jenna was figuring out her TV and I asked her, "Hey I'm sorry but I need to take a poop can you show me where your bathroom is" "Haha it's okay don't be sorry follow me". She walked me down the hall and showed me and we went in and she said "The toilet is right through here and oh crap hold on", she speed walked out to the closet across the hall, there was a poop smell in the air and I looked in the toilet and saw skid marks on the bowl, Jenna came back with a roll of toilet paper and said "I completely forgot to change it cause I used all of it" and I said "Did you have a poop cause I see the skid marks" "Yeah I'll be honest I was pooping right when you rung the door bell that's why my mom answered it" "Yeah I meant to poop at home but I didn't want to be late, I was gonna wait but I said to myself I'd have to take a massive poop" "It's totally fine I don't care, if you have to poop then you have to poop, I'll leave you to it by the way the plunger is under the sink in case you clog the toilet" "Okay thank you I'll be done in a few minutes" "Okay take your time". I locked the bathroom door and went through the doorway to the toilet with out closing that door. I went to the toilet and turned around, let my shorts and panties fall to my ankles and I sat down and let out a strong quiet fart, and the turd poked out and it was actually pretty big. It slowly slithered out and it felt super amazing, it still is one of my top 10 poops (yes I have a list in my head lol). There was a knock on the door and Jenna said "Taylor I left my phone in there can I come in" I said "Sure I can't get off the toilet I have a turd hanging from my bum so just come in". Then I remembered the door was locked but she opened the door and came through. As she came in she looked at my thighs and my legs and the shorts around my ankles. She grabbed her phone off the tank of the toilet and said "Does it feel good" "It feels super amazing" and right after I said that the turd went in with a flumph noise and Jenna said "I bet it does that sounded big" "I always have massive poops, every time I poop I clog the toilet" "I do too I clog the toilet every single time". We talked for the next 5 minutes about pooping as I pushed out 4 or 5 more massive turds and clogged the toilet. The rest of the night we talked about very private stuff one of them being pooping and other things. Anyways that's it for now I do have another survey for people to answer if they want to answer so here it goes!

1: How old are you?
2: What is your favorite position to go to the bathroom? (Sitting, hovering, squatting)
3: Do you like pebble sized poops or massive poops?
4: Have you ever pooped at a friend's house?
5: If yes did you like it or not?
6: What is your favorite place to poop at?
(Home, School, Work, Public Place)

That is it for now and I hope everyone enjoyed and I'll post more soon. Bye everyone!

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