Questions about habits

I have been on this board for a long time reading posts but I haven't ever posted. So what better time than the present:

What is the longest you have gone without pooping and what was the result of that?

What is the most desperate you have been? Did you make it?


More stories

I'm back with more accident stories. I tried to give some replies and post a story in the past couple weeks but I haven't seen it come up. In my replies I mainly just shared that I wear pretty much always wear full cut panties and bikinis that are colorful and have patterns, and I answered Catherine's question about why pooping is embarrassing. For me, it's the smell. It bothers people and there is no hiding it! Also thank you to those who welcomed me and replied to my first post!

As far as my accidents go, for the most part, it tends to happen when I'm on my way home from somewhere. l poop my pants in the car by myself every once in a while, and a couple of times I got out of my car but couldn't make it up to my apartment in time. Those are the most exciting ones because I get to experience genuinely losing control and having an accident in my pants without anyone around to know. There was maybe an occassion here or there where I *probably* could have made it but I just let it happen for the sake of relief, but as a general rule I have kept myself from crossing that line of doing it on purpose.

Other times i'm not so lucky to be alone. These two accidents are easily my two most embarrassing, as they happened in front of people.

This one happened only 6 months ago. I went out with some of my friends one night, and we had dinner and drinks. I didn't get drunk or anything, but after we all went our separate ways I noticed my stomach was bothering me a little. I got an uber and wasn't too worried as my ride home was only 10 minutes or so, but I knew I needed to poop. Almost as soon as I sat down in the car, I got some bad cramps and had to go a lot worse. I got a little worried at that point. Then all of a sudden I felt a strong pressure building in my rectum and it turned into the "I gotta go RIGHT NOW" feeling. I got goosebumps and a chill went down my back from how strong the need suddenly became. I sat there holding my stomach and squeezing my cheeks shut, and just concentrated as hard as I could on holding it in. I only had about 4 or 5 minutes left in my ride so I was praying I would make it before I had an accident. Buuuut...after another minute or so the pressure became too much, and to my horror I pooped in my pants. It all came out in one big burst and immediately filled my underwear and my black leggings up with a soft mess. I froze in terror as the stink quickly filled the car, and sat perfectly still in my mess just pretending everything was fine, but there was no way the driver didn't know I had just soiled myself in his backseat. He didn't say anything but I noticed him glaring at me in the mirror a couple times...I was mortified! When he dropped me off I rushed out of the car without saying anything, and neither did he. I haven't used uber ever since because I'm worried that word got out among local drivers that I pooped myself in that guy's car. God that was embarrassing!

This other time I became incontinent I was around 23 or so and went to the local pool with one of my girl friends and I was swimming laps. I had on a navy one piece from college when I was on the swim team and much more fit than I am now lol. After a little while the swimming made me have to go kind of badly, which tends to happen to me when swimming (is this common? Any knowledge as to why?) so I got out of the pool. I dried myself off as best I could and wrapped a towel around me and headed for the bathroom. When I got there it was crowded with people changing and both stalls were occupied, and 2 other girls were waiting. I held on tight for a while, until one of the stalls turned over. Then I farted by mistake and once that happened I felt like I couldn't hold it much longer. I was fidgeting like crazy, curling up and tensing my toes, holding my butt, taking deep breaths, doing everything I could to keep control of myself. When the next stall turned over and I was up next, I started to feel like I was going to make it. But unfortunately, that idea that I was about to get to the toilet triggered my body to prepare for relief, and I just lost control. I filled my swimsuit with a wet mushy load that bubbled out past my clenched cheeks and was pretty noisy. I turned bright red and my heart started racing and I made sure to adjust my towel to cover my butt and hide my accident. It immediately stunk so bad. I started shaking from the terror of being found out, but others in the bathroom were giving me looks because they heard me poop myself. I headed back out to the pool to find my friend so we could leave. When I found her I said "we gotta go". She said "why?" And I said "...there was a line for the bathroom and i couldn't hold it in. I have to go shower and change". She laughed at me and said "who cares? No one will be able to tell just get in the pool". I just stared back at her and said "they would know...I went #2". She dropped her jaw and lifted her sunglasses and said "you shit your bathing suit!?" And I had to shush her! I'm pretty sure people nearby heard her say it though because I was getting more looks. Anyway we got the hell out of there and I went home and cleaned myself up. I wound up getting diaper rash from that accident I think because my bathing suit was wet. Also I avoided that pool most of the summer in case anyone who noticed my accident saw me there again. I also had awkward times with that friend because she's not one I had ever told about my accidents or had one in front of before so it was fully unexpected for her. She seemed really weirded out and a little judgy about it. It made it feel a lot more embarrassing.

Next time I'll share a story involving another one of my friends! Bye for now!


Monika B.
I sometimes go through phases where it's so uncomfortable to hold it that I end up going more often. Like now. I'm not sure why, it just happens. It's like... actually painful. So I guess I'm forced to just roll with it until it passes. I'm really, really not wanting to use the bathroom at work when/ if I go back, but I will if I'm in pain. Just wish I didn't have to. Sometimes it's like I feel every drop I drink. Gah, it's a curse.

I'm trying to use less tp and I'm still under 20 sheets a day, but my we're still going through it fast because my roommate isn't worried about tp at all. And I mean, I can't exactly tell her to use less, that's a bit rude, it's not like there's anywhere open nearby that she can use their bathroom. A single roll usually lasts about 4 days, but I just put a new roll on yesterday (around noon maybe) and like 75% of it is gone. Wtf. In normal times this would just be annoying, I could just go with my mom to Costco to get more, and we have a good amount atm. It's just that I'm trying SO HARD to use less, holding it longer than I normally would (but still like 8 times a day, lately it's probably more if I'm being honest. Bladder weakens a lot around my period) and counting every sheet I use. I'm almost wondering if I should just let myself be very dehydrated for awhile so I can cut down to like 4 pees a day. Health is important but so is cleanliness.

This is the only place I really feel I can express my concern about this. Maybe I really do have a bladder problem; I can hold it for a long time if I really need to (as I've said, I can usually go through a 5 hour shift and sometimes an 8 hour shift without peeing. Usually really need to go when I get home), but I really do normally pee every 2 hours. Apparently this isn't outside the realm of normal, I just feel like that's awfully indulgent during these times. I also don't want to make myself sick because of going to the doctor... That's also selfish. Argh.


lockdown poo and an old story

Hey everyone

So I haven't had many stories to share recently! I started a job last summer and after christmas it all ramped up a bit, then of course the lockdown started!

The other day I had the quickest poo known to womankind! I felt a need to go whilst at home, went to the loo, pulled my jeans and knickers down and sat down. Immediately I felt my hole opening and a large poo slide out effortlessly and very fast! I dropped with a loud splash and I immediately felt empty. Wiped and left. It had only taken me about a minute!!

The large splash left me with damp thighs though which reminded me of something that happened years ago at school. I was in yr8 and had a teacher who was quite frightening. It was the first lesson after lunch and almost as soon as she walked in and closed the door I realised I hadn't been for a wee at lunchtime and needed one. It was an hour lesson, I was crossing my legs like mad. At the end of the lesson I ran to the toilets nearby, they were quiet but only had 2 cubicles and typically both were taken! I stood outside crossing my legs and dancing from foot to foot, another girl from my class came in too and I tried to not look so desperate. So I was standing waiting, absoultely busting for a wee, and trying to stand still! I could feel some small leaks come out and felt absolutely horrified when I started to feel my thighs getting damp as a tiny trickle went down... I was horrified I was about to have an accident. Luckily at that moment a cubicle was free and I dashed in, I ended up weeing on the floor as I started going full force when I got in. I was upset because my knickers were very wet and they were ones I really liked - pink with yellow lace around!



This topic brought back a memory. I was at an airport in the mens room at the urinal when a young man came in and entered a stall. He sat down and I heard two distinct plops followed by a sigh and then a long piss. I was finishing up at the urinal when he suddenly opened up the door of the stall and said to me, "Hey, can I ask a favor? Can you hand me some toilet paper?" I said, "Sure," and proceeded to gather a bunch of paper. I handed it to him and noticed that between his legs in the bowl were two golf ball sized stools. He thanked me and said, "That will teach me to look before I sit!" I asked if he needed more, he said no and then I left the restroom. I thought about it afterwards and admired his total lack of embarrassment. If it were I in a similar situation, I decided that I would NOT ask for help from a stranger. I would have pulled up my pants, flushed, and entered another stall (there were several) and finished up the wiping process. This young man apparently had no shame or embarrassment about a very natural bodily function that we all partake in. Good for him!

Monday, May 04, 2020


To Jay Bee

Jay Bee,

Great Question. I shared a "recipe" on Page 2522. You can find it through the old posts navigation tool. I would love to discuss this further soon! Let me know what you think!




Hi everybody! I ate a bunch of blueberries today that gave me a good poop. It was a medium firmness (semisoft), and came out in rapid succession. It had a mild distinct odor like how prune juice poop can smell a certain way. To Sherryl: I liked your latest story about the woman peeing in the garden area of the store. I especially liked that you took her home! I'm glad she wasn't soaked with pee. To Jay Bee: I had my gallbladder out too, and have experienced runny poop. I've never had chia seeds before, but maybe they'll help with thickening up your poop. Good luck. Anyway, that's all for today, bye.

Student in Belgium

Answer to Sabrina

For sure, in every aspect an interesting trip. But in advance I had not imagined that we should get so experienced in outdoor pooping! Certainly I were surprised that my girl friend went to poop in the bushes. But I was surprised of myself too, that I got used to take the roll of toilet papier and walk away to find a place to pull down and squat and just poop. I think that it turned out to be quite normal as we saw several others do it too. Walking a bit away from the site where people camped one could often spot someone squatting with trousers down, especially in the early morning. There was also often poop visible behind stones and bushes. As to my girl friend I saw her squat to pee lots of times but never saw her pooping. She likes to be alone. But I saw her poop several times because. Typically a "cable" about 30 - 40 cm long and 3-5 cm tick. I usually poop a couple of lumps.


Embarrassing about Pooping

I have read a few posts on the subject . I have less embarrassment on the subject than most, methinks! On the subject of door less public toilets they are very rare so rarely is it an issue. My first poo in a door less toilet was a very long time ago in out back Australia. It was early in the morning, still dark, and I went to the men's with my flash light and there were two toilets without doors so I took the furthest and sat with my flash light and had a poo . There were a few fellas coming in and out, no problems. I have only had occasion to go door less a couple of times since . If I could guarantee that nobody would recognise me then it would be no issue to have a BM in such circumstances. When using public facilities if I need to grunt I will! I have done a poo a few times when lady cleaners are in attendance . If they accept the engagement to clean the men's toilets that is what they are designed and used for . I have used unisex toilets many times with no problems. I have used a toilet in hospital with the nurse there but looking the other way. I have many times needed assistance with getting bowels moving and enemas and those administering see all! I used to fish out to sea in a small boat with one or two other men and often went did BM over the side of the boat but if very rough seas in a bucket . Not much embarrassment!!!!

Comment to Ryan. When I was a bit younger I used to stay with my grandmother for a couple of weeks every summer. Almost every day we went biking or walking in the woods or mountains, typically picking berries or mushrooms. Quite often she went to toilet in the nature. She never said that she had to go to toilet, but rather said like I have to be alone some minutes or I will just go for a short stroll, typically when we had settlere down for a break. At first I did not understand what she was doing but I soon discovered that she then went to pee or even poop because sometimes I even spotted her somewhere and sometimes I also saw her poop afterwards. She never covered it! She always had a roll of toilet paper in the back pack.


Near poop accident

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing ok in quarantine. I have a story about a near accident I had the other day. I had made a chicken soup the night before, and when I ate it, I had to run to the bathroom shorty after I ate it. I figured that was because I had not gone all day and I was really backed up. So the next day, I had the soup for lunch. Shortly after I ate the soup, I drove to a nearby lake to walk around and get some sun and exercise. When I was about half way around the lake, my stomach began with some intense cramping. I remembered the soup, and then realized I had added some cream, and tend to have bouts of lactose intolerance at times. I realized that was why I had so much poop the night before, and why I was about to have another huge poop shortly. The problem was that the offices and restaurants surrounding the lake that are usually open are all closed for business right now. I was only half way around the lake, and had about another half mile before I would make it to my car to hurry home or somewhere to get relief. There was not going to he enough time for that because the pressure of the poop wanting to come out was getting very intense. I tried to jog, but that only made the poop start to come out, so I had to stiffen up and walk slowly. I was looking for a good tree or hiding spot, but the lake was crowded and there was absolutely no where to go to get privacy. I was walking stiffly, clenching my cheeks, sweating profusely and praying that no one could see the desperation on my face. Just when I thought I should just give up and let go in my pants, I saw out of the corner of my eye a construction site, and by a miracle, on it was a port a potty. I walked up to the site where they were building a high rise on the lake, but to my dismay, there was a fence surrounding the area, including the port a potty, stating "hard hat area only". I circled the fence until I found an opening. Unfortunately, there was a construction worker standing there smoking. I asked him if I could come in and use the port a potty. He said, I wouldn't do that. My heart dropped, I thought he wasn't going to let me in for safety reasons. So I said, why not? And he said, it's gross in there. I said, I don't care, it's an emergency. So he stepped aside and I made it through the gate and to the port a potty. He was right, it was gross in there. But I didn't care. I ripped my pants and underwear down and fell onto the seat where I absolutely exploded into the pot. I moaned loudly in relief. I waited a few seconds because my stomach was still cramping, and then I exploded into the pot again, grunting and groaning as it all escaped beyond my control. The relief was incredible. I was so happy and lucky to have found this private place to let that huge poop go. I tried to wipe as well as I could but it was really small in there and I just wanted to get out, so the wiping had to wait until I finished my walk and got home. I ended up with a bad skid mark, but at least I managed to prevent an accident in my shorts. Thanks for listening to my story.


Time and Space

I'm become more frustrated when I'm on a toilet away from home and work and I'm being interfered with.

A couple of months ago a friend and I went out for drinks after work to celebrate her birthday. This lounge was moderate in size. One toilet, with sink, in a room the size of closet. I hadn't been seated 10 seconds before the knob on the door I had just locked from my side was being moved and tugged on. It was hard for me to get my pee stream going as every 15 seconds or so there was more movement on the lock. That caused me to lean forward and check that I had the lock cylinder pushed in.

A few days before that I was at a very busy multi-toilet bathroom at a big box store. I was seated for a crap and this little brat and her mother must have been really agitated, because the girl was constantly pushing on the door, then she peaked through the crack several times and told her mother in a loud voice there was 'no movement.' I don't know that the mother tried to do anything to restrain her.

A couple of weeks earlier my boyfriend and I were at a pro game at our coliseum. I had been holding a pee and crap since he picked me up at work. I must have waited 10 minutes or so in a line for a stall. When one opened, I barged in and couldn't wait to take my seat. The latch had been broken off the door, but I wasn't about to leave and go to the back of the line again. I was making progress, but after about 5 minutes, another lady had started calling to me and knocking. That knocked the door open about three inches and bumped my knee. I gave up at that point, quickly did one wipe, but deliberately left her my mess in the bowl.

It is my belief that time and space needs are not being respected in public bathrooms.



Hello Tom how have you been ? I was wondering what was the greatest most powerful dump in public you ever took besides the one at the zoo? Did you absolutely have to drop it and how many logs were produced?

To Jay Bee

Hello if you want to produce big logs you might want to eat more fiber and meats, that should do the job. I wanted to know what you love about producing big long firm poops and are you a shameless public pooping person? Thanks.

Sunday, May 03, 2020


What I saw at Walmart the other night.

So the coronavirus is causing people to do some weird things. It's causing some people to drink when normally they probably wouldn't. The other night, I went to Walmart to grab a few things. Well, as I was walking in, I was coming from the side of the parking lot that has all the garden stuff. The fertilizer and grass care stuff gets put out at this time of year, and a girl decided this would be an acceptable area to pop a squat. As I was walking in, I saw her in mid-stream piss. She was bent over forward in a squat, trying to keep hidden but she wasn't very good at it. I asked her what she was doing and she said that she couldn't hold it anymore and had to pee. Well, I can understand that and sympathize with not being able to hold it to get to the toilet in time, but I'm at that age where I am more disceet about it. She sounded drunk and I came over to her to help her out. She begged me to not report her as she couldn't be arrested for this...again. her speech was slurred and she stank of vodka. She couldn't have been older than 22. I got her in my car and gave her a ride home. I felt bad for her because I saw a lot of my former younger self in her. Stay safe everyone, and please be smart.



Dear Mina,

I hope you are well! I love how you said that your flatmates are your crushes! Thank you for taking my survey. I missed it in the last update but saw it today! I wish you all the best!

Thank you for your kind words about my work. We only have a minor amount of cases where I live. People are doing OK practicing social distancing, but everyone is getting anxious! I want to see "normal" return, but I'm not sure that's wise right now. And, yes, my time on the toilet has been very relaxing. It's been a great escape!



Jay Bee

To Catherine

Hi Catherine,
I'm interested in producing thicker, more solid logs when I poop. Would Chia seeds help with that? Currently my poops are soft & runny, I believe that it has to do having my gallbladder removed six months ago. Is there anything you can recommend that would help produce large, satisfying logs? I would appreciate any feedback that you're able to provide. It would be so nice to enjoy the feeling of a stretched anus for as long as possible.
The hard knobby ones always feel the best to me. Thank you for your time & as always, may your next poop be a special one!

If anyone else has a recommendation for producing fat long logs, I would certainly appreciate any input.
Thank you all so much!!!
Be safe!


To Monika B.

Hi Monika,
To be frank, no need to feel guilty to spend 2 sheets of toilet paper and a small quantity of water per flush (Of course, if you use half the roll and the full tank, it looks a bit different).
Not much of a benefit to torture yourself because of that


Skid marks and regularity

When I wore normal underwear I would have to scrub the crotch of my under pants at the end of the day so bad were my skid marks. I then used pantie liners but combined with bladder leakage I graduated to incontenence undies and it is so liberating!!! There is the downside that you cannot go into a dressing room at the beach or gym , but I have given up those pleasures. You also have to be careful staying at other peoples homes . Now I note Catherine is trying to increase her daily number of BM s. Up until many years ago I use to poo between two to four times a day and sometimes five! It was sometimes too much ! What might do the trick is Metamucil, plenty of water and dieters tea. A tea containing senna . These days I am the reverse . Poop every few days and need laxative and suppository help.


Toilet habits

Right after undergraduate school, my girlfriend lived with me while we both tried to get our feet on the ground and got jobs. The first morning she was in the shower, but with the curtain open partially. She watched with greater attention as I sat on the seat and pointed my johnson into the bowl. It seemed like she wanted to make fun of my 'shitting' position'. Then she teased me about my constipation. That was when I explained to her that most always, at home as well as away, I sit to urinate. She asked why and I told her about the comfort of it. I think it was the next afternoon we both got off work at the same time and needed the bathroom. She was at the mirror with her makeup and hair and glanced down at my sitting on the toilet. While I was urinating I took my right hand and did a double-wipe of my butt. I held the semi-soiled evidence up for her not to gross her out, but to show her how I'm trying to be more conscious of the skidmarks I leave. A few days later I walked in on her while she was urinating in a squat or hover position an inch or so off the toilet seat. She said that was something she has done for years and it seems more natural than the alternative. I find as I pass gas after a crap that I have more residue that can use a wipe or two at the same time I'm seated for my urination.

Monika B.


This might be tmi, I know no one likes to talk about this, but it's bothering me. So... I've always had these two problems, and they are INCREDIBLY ANNOYING.

1. During and a little before my period, I have to pee a LOT. No matter what I do. Even purposely being dehydrated doesn't help. I usually have to pee like 8+ times a day during this time (about a week and a half to two weeks), and I HAVE TO go, like I get really desperate really quickly. I've looked this up and this does happen to some women, but I wish I could find a way to overcome this. I'm dealing with this now, and it's screwing with my bladder training. I was able to make it to 7 times one day, but it was a lot of work, and I mysteriously held it for like 8 hours that day somehow. I didn't even really have to try the first six hours, and I really had to go for the last two but was able to hold on. I don't know how. So I know I CAN limit pee breaks, it's just that sometimes my body had its own ideas.

2. I always have to pee when I poop. Always. Sometimes I won't feel like I have to pee, but I still do. Then I generally have to pee again afterwards, it's like the shit doesn't allow me to completely empty my bladder. This is as annoying as it sounds. I'm a morning pooper, so there are times when I have to pee like 3 times in a 1-2 hour window because I have to pee when I wake up, them I have to poop (and pee during), then have to pee again shortly afterwards. What gives?! This makes trying to limit pee breaks to 6 or 7 a day almost impossible, like I'll be suffering. It's to the point where I'm wondering if I should sort of cheat and just not count some of these because it's unavoidable.

Also, I have IBS, and unfortunately this applies to when I get diarrhea. Plus I'm obviously more dehydrated, so I have to drink more, and... you can see how annoying this is. Or, on the contrary, it's equally annoying when I get constipated.

Honestly, I've had a few small accidents lately because of this. Like, not fill on peeing my pants, but leaking.

I'm trying to be kind to myself when I have these issues, and telling myself that as long as I stay under the 20 pieces of tp a day limit, I'm doing all right. I also drink sometimes, and when I drink (ESPECIALLY beer omg), it's pretty much impossible to limit peeing. I don't indulge in this nearly as often as I used to, though.

Under normal circumstances, peeing like 6 times a day should be doable, I was able to do it earlier this month, albeit with some difficulty. But now? Yeah no, although I'm still really trying to hold longer. I basically wait until I really have to go instead of giving in to every urge like I used to. Or does bladder training just take more time and I'm getting impatient?



To Marie: I'm glad you responded to my last post. You're such a great toiletstool writer. I had a bleh night again last night, and didn't make it to the toilet completely puke free. The interesting side effect of getting gunk in my nose is that I had developed a mild case of postnasal drip where it feels like mucous would occasionally go to the back of my nose into my throat. My theory is excessive mucous from stomach acid irritation can cause this. I had a sloppy poop today while playing a video. It was chunky, easy to clean, and occurred after breakfast. To Matthew: My advice for skidmarks is maybe you could try wetting the toilet paper before wiping. I bet that'll save your undies (it's helped me during a poop before). As always, I love writing when interesting things pop up, and happy pooping/peeing to everyone.


Curious' Skidmark Survey


Here you go!

Skidmark Survey

1. Do you get skidmarks more than once a month? No
2. DO you get skidmarks once a year? No
are you a guy or girl? Woman - 39 years old!
3. Name 1-5 types of underwear that you wear on a regular basis ( the last month) I wear Hanes Her Way panties, white. I don't waste money on lingerie or wear anything uncomfortable, or that rides up my bottom.
4. What colors of underwear do you wear. for mixed colors , choose the dominate base color? White
5. Do you use anything else besides dry toilet paper to clean? I have a bidet built into the toilet.
6. Do you think a certain type of dry toiler paper does a better job of cleaning ( brand, 1 or 2 ply) Charmin, 2 Ply, Soft
7.Do you get cleaner using addition hygiene (bidet, wet wipes ) Of course, when necessary!
8. Do you wear tight pants ( slim fit, leather pants, yoga pants or legging) No. I have some fitted jeans, but I have no desire to wear uncomfortable clothing.
9. If you wear tight pants, do you notice additonal moisture on your legs, groin or butt crack at the end of the day? NA
10. In the last month have you been stuck without toilet paper or enought toilet paper to clean completely - We have plenty of toilet paper.
11. Do you ever feel like your crack is still dirty even after wiping with toilet paper ? No. I won't leave the bathroom until I feel clean!
12. Has anyone outside of you birth family ( parents and siblings) seen your skid marked underwear - No
13. Have you seen the skid marked underwear of anyone outside your birth family? No

I hope that helps!


Thursday, April 30, 2020



I have skidmarks just about every day. I believe this is because over the years, I have had an occasional hemorrhoid, which when heals, leaves a little scar tissue (I believe called a tag) hence making wiping a little more challenging. Plus I have a serving of psyllium husks every night after dinner, which renders my bowel movements a bit sticky. It used to bother me, and I went to great lengths with wet wipes to try to eliminate the residual stool that dry toilet paper doesn't seem to reach, but I gave up since the wet wipes are expensive and they aren't good for the plumbing. So I live with the situation. Today's laundry detergents will wash the skidmarks away. I will oftentimes give my used undies a sniff to see if there is any tell-tale odor, and it is very faint. So I look at this as my "dirty little secret!"


Bowel Habit Update

Hi Friends,

I hope that you all are doing well and doo-ing well!

I shared a while back that I would add Chia Seed to my diet to see if I could add a third regular bowel movement to my daily routine. While I did go three times a few days, the consistency was affected and I had terrible gas. Since I already am having issues controlling farting, having bad gas is not the thing to do right now.

So, I backed off. Beginning Saturday my bowels were pretty much back to normal, having two, thick, voluminous doodies on a daily basis. What I'm doing works. I'm regular. I'm healthy. And, I'm grateful.

Love, prayers, and positive energy are with you all, my favorite toilet-talking, potty-mouthed friends!

May you and your loved ones stay well, stay safe, have everything you need, and stay regular!

Love to all!


Tuesday, April 28, 2020



Oh thank you Bianca. I'm glad you like my stories, have you seen any of my stuff from back in the fall? Also do you do any of the stuff I do.


To Catherine RE:What Makes Pooping Embarrassing?

For me it has always been the amount of effort I have to put into getting the job done. My earliest memories of toileting are of wishing my mother would go away so I could bear down hard enough to get my poop out. I really do think I must have some kind of pelvic floor dysfunction because I ALWAYS have to push and push, even when the poop is soft, to get it to come out. And much as I HATE to admit it, I GRUNT! It seems to me if I don't push hard enough to HAVE TO GRUNT, I don't go! I absolutely hate the thought of someone hearing my grunts...THAT REALLY EMBARRASSES ME!!--JW


To Student from Belgium

Hi, your trip to Scandinavia seems to have been quite interesting.

Were you surprised that your girlfriend went into the woods to poop quite regurlarly after taking her first shit outdoors?

It seems she didn't bury her piles. Did she shit large piles?

Greetings Sabrina



I have skidmarks just about every day. I believe this is because over the years, I have had an occasional hemorrhoid, which when heals, leaves a little scar tissue (I believe called a tag) hence making wiping a little more challenging. Plus I have a serving of psyllium husks every night after dinner, which renders my bowel movements a bit sticky. It used to bother me, and I went to great lengths with wet wipes to try to eliminate the residual stool that dry toilet paper doesn't seem to reach, but I gave up since the wet wipes are expensive and they aren't good for the plumbing. So I live with the situation. Today's laundry detergents will wash the skidmarks away. I will oftentimes give my used undies a sniff to see if there is any tell-tale odor, and it is very faint. So I look at this as my "dirty little secret!"


Responses to Catherine & Becky


I've thought about the What makes pooping embarrassing? question quite a bit during my 29 years on earth.

For me, it was the humiliation I had to go through in order to get a poop in starting in 3rd grade. I admit--I made mistakes, but like my mom said I was only 8 at the time. With my parents' move, I had to change neighborhoods and got a new grade school. Because I was the new student in a large class with several undisciplined students--a good number of them boys--I was subjected to ridicule and humiliation.

Our primary teacher was pregnant and gone a lot. There were several different substitutes over that year and they didn't have much discipline. To leave class the rule was you had to approach the teachers desk, ask permission, sign on a pad your name and time you left and came back, and then carry this key chain with a miniature toilet seat hanging from it.

My mistake on one of my first trips was that I walked down the aisle through the classroom with my pass in one hand and my other hand on my gurgling gut with the other. While I was looking at a group of boys snickering, a couple of other poked me in the ribs as I walked by. Luckily I was the only person in the bathroom. No privacy doors on any of the toilets. A couple of them were unflushed and a couple more had flushers that continued on. So I took my seat on the middle one. My jeans and white underwear were on the floor. Two pieces came out of me immediately, but I sat for about 5 minutes while the additional clog I felt was coming slowly down.

I had my head between my legs and was pushing and looking at the floor when I looked up there was Sheri, one of the girls who hated me, standing in front of the toilet almost knee-to-knee with me telling me the substitute was upset and asked her to check up on me. That worked. The shock helped me drop the final piece as Sheri watched and smirked.
My feet were a little off the floor and my sit had been awkward enough without Sheri. I found out later that the building had served as the junior high for years. My awkwardness also came out when I reached for the toilet paper pull-down lever. It was out. Sheri laughed and gave me a dumb-face look, but when I started to cry she went to the toilet next door and pulled off some toilet paper for me. I was so shaken that while I was at the sink, I realized that while Sheri waited she was standing over my toilet counting the pieces.

By the time Sheri and I got back to the classroom there was a movie playing and two of the guys held their noses while another said something about did I fall into the toilet. Of course, the sub hadn't seen or heard any of that. Within a half hour, another student needed the pass and of course I had left it on the floor by the toilet. Mom and dad briefly talked about putting me in a private school, which I pretty much knew they couldn't afford. You see Sheri had told her group about what she had seen and I was marked until the end of the school year.

I have my bowel movements away from home three or four days a week, sometimes more. While it has been 20 years since 3rd grade that humiliation and the lack of confidence has stayed with me more than I would like to admit.


I'm with you and especially with the pandemic taking place, I'm finding there's a definite shortage of toilet paper at some of the gas station and supermarket bathrooms I use. I too want to avoid skidmarks in my underwear. Just today at the gas station I finished the roll and was about 3/4 clean. Users of the toilets on both sides of me tore off large amounts of toilet paper to nest their seat with. If too many users do that, there's not going to be much left for the next user.

Re Jw

Have so tryed elevating your feet, it unkinks for colon so the poo will come out easier


Answering Some Questions

Hey Marie. I don't pee into beds like you did in an earlier post, but I love the poop effects of prune juice! Prune juice isn't something I need for constipation, but I drink it for the other health effects such as antioxidants. A good prune juice cleanse is always good rather you need it or not. I don't remember any of your stuff from the fall, but I'll check some time. Bye.

Victoria B.

Have you ever....


Sorry I keep doing these from the toilet but I'm back pooping again and I have a question based on something that recently happened to me.

Last week I had an interview for a summer job. Due to social distancing protocols the interview was held over the phone rather (Crackle! Kaplop!) than in person. I don't mind talking on the phone so that part of it wasn't a big deal. Problem was that during the interview (Splash!) I started needing to poop so bad that I started to lose my concentration (I'm done going for now but I still feel kinda full-oh, here's a tiny piece).

I didn't want to make up an excuse for stopping the interview and having to do it again and I certainly couldn't tell the truth and say that I was desperate for a number two so I decided to take my "business" to the bathroom and have the poop while interviewing. It was pretty far from ideal but I don't think I had any (just a sec, sudden need to push... ahh, two more small turds) alternative. I pooped as quietly as I could and didn't get caught or asked any embarrassing questions and on Monday I found out that I got the job!

My question is this: have you ever been in a situation where you had no choice but to take a phone calling while sitting on the toilet, either to pee or for a number two? How did it go? Did the other person on the line find out?


Skidmarked in Seattle Jenny

Why is this embarassing?

Let's be honest. Poop and pee can be gross. We all embrace the process here, but with all the people we see, we dont want to see EVERYONE in the world poop and pee. It feels so good and we apprciate how benefitcal evacuating our bowels and bladders , but it is an intimate experience that we share with ourselves in private and a few trusted people. Kind of like sex. Sex is human and awesome and beautiful, but maybe we dont want to see everyone partcipate like we see people eating and exercising which is also good for our bodies. Akso Like Sex, when we are in a certain state of mind, is very intriguing, because it is a private and initmate expericnce when other people have the same feeling and emotions we usually keep privae

Catherine- another reason pooping is embarassing is I have three brothers and poop was kind of gross to me growing up. guys can smell, and have dirty underwear, and as the only girl, I felt I was "above" them. The girls at school were clean, smelled good, and at times I though never pooped or had dirty underweat like me and by brothers. I obviously new they pooped in bathroom, but I didnt realize othe girls had skidmarks until high school sports. So there is a little shame involved. I know I am not " above" guys anymore. but there is a societal expectation than women smell better and are cleaner. I think that is why females on the the toilet is more facinating due to the cognitive disonance. I think that is why guys (like my husband) are interest in females, especially attactive females, on the toilet as it is interesting that our cute booties do dirty things. I personally do not have an interest in guys on the the toilet. I have been exposed to guys going to the bathroom my whole life, it is shown on movies and TV more (though women on the the toilet in the media is becoming more prominent) As much as I like my husband with his pants down, I am not as interested in is butt pooping as I am with.. his front.... That being said, that front organ I adore on my husband is involved in peeing...hmmmm..

Shannon-dirty underwear as always and still scare sme,. PArt of pooping in public that embarasses me is less that I am making stinking sounds, gas and solids out of my butt, but also that I am using paper to get clean, which I am unsuccessfull most of the time ,even if I use half the roll!!! That being said, you dont appreciate something until its goon, I have three times not after wiping and it is apparent that toilet paper does something... Whant kind of panties do yoy wear. Thongs are sexy and its kind of embarassing to get skids on such a cute clothing item, but they acutally get less stained than my full backed panties, bikinis and boy shorts. I eventualy thought thongs were more comfortable ( I have heard they are like contact lenses...once they are in , you forget about them) Only boy shorts are more comfortable to me than thongs...but man,...mine get dirty!!!!

Becky-do you every get skidmarks occasionly. If you dont, I salute you ; ) . It just is not in the cards with me. Maybe its the shape or the size of my butt...or the hair?



To the unnamed poster regarding your first anniversary: I'm so sorry! That sounded awful. Perhaps it was food poisoning or you shared an intestinal virus. I hope that you both are feeling better and have had the opportunity to celebrate your marriage!

Jenny: Yes, some toilet times have led to some intimacy. And, I'm perfectly OK with that. And, I'm like you, I don't get turned off by seeing my husband on the toilet, but I don't find it exciting either. I have more that I will share in a separate post, though. Thank you for asking your husband the survey questions. It's really been good to hear from you!

To Nolan, Anon, Sam, Elphaba, Sam, Peter, Shannon, Jenny, and Nobody, Thank you so much for responding to my survey! I appreciate the time you took, your candid responses, and taking it seriously and staying in the guidelines of this forum!

And, I hope to hear from the rest of you! I did a second survey focused on pooping! Would love to hear from you all again!

Love to all,



To Shannon

Hello there. Welcome to the website and I'm so glad that we have another person who posts. Hope to here more of your stories and experiences. I am somewhat similar to you with I've always enjoyed this but have very few close friends to talk to about it in the real world. Those are the same people who I have mentioned in my stories on here if you wanna go back and take a look through them. You have some pretty good stories to tell and I can't wait to read more of them.

Hi everyone!
Recently I was at a local park with my friends, where there is a closed of playground. We had been walking around the neighborhood for a couple hours now, and one of my friends Emily was looking like she had to go. I asked her if everything was ok. She said "I really have to pee, im probably gonna have to find a bathroom soon. We walked over to a nearby park bathroom, but it was closed of because of coronavirus. "O God I'm not going to be able to hold it we have to do something" she said. Emily was starting to do a peepee dance and just then let out a loud fart and leaked. I told her that since she was already a little damp, she should just let it out in her pants. Then she told me she had to shit too, and didn't want to poo herself. My friend Vivian suggested that she poo her panties and leave them, but Emily said she didn't want to get he butt all dirty. I had an idea, thinking back to some other experiences. I led them to the area underneath the playground equipment. We spread out, to maintain our social distancing. I dug a small hole in the woodchips and told Emily to poo in it. "Can you leave me alone for some privacy?" She asked. I explained the then anyone passing by could see her. She agreed that we would form a screen around her for privacy. Still holding herself, Emily grudgingly agreed and dropped to a squat, dropping her shorts (it was a warm day). She was beyond concerns of privacy now, and we watched her let out a squirt of pee. Then her stream splattered against the ground. It was too forceful for her to guide it into the hole, so some got on my shoes. Emily mumbled an apology, and we started to giggle. Then, a turd pushed out of her butt. She dumped a nice pile, a foot or so of turds squeezed and crackled out of her. It stank. We were laughing our heads off. Finishing, she tried to use her fingers to guide her stream of pee. Her shorts were holding her legs close together, and by losing a hand to steady herself, she fell, but first, into her own fresh pile of poop. Emily put her face in her hands, half laughing, half crying. Pulling herself up she remarked that she really needed that. "You must have been really full" Vivian joked. Emily said "yeah and I'm not sure that was all of it" as she pulled up her panties. Right then, it happened. She was absolutely right that it wasn't all, and the look on her face when she lost her diarrhea was priceless. She hover for a moment in disbelief as her white panties grew darker and bulged out we heard a brrrt sound as it leaked out. She quickly recovered herself and ripped down the panties, sending a blast of liquid poop. She sprayed and sprayed, the poop ricocheted if the ground. Finishing with a grunt, Emily discarded her sh*t filled panties and we went home.

To those of you who were talking about our toilets, has anybody here used a Backcountry vault toilet? It's basically just a box with a toilet seat over a pit. You are comepletely exposed, with only the natural concealment, which cool in my opinion.

weird guy

response to Catherine

I think people are embarrassed about pooping because of having your pants down. Also, I think the smell and potential of skid marks makes some apprehensive. Just my thoughts. have a nice day and stay safe.


Catherine's survey part 2

Haven't gotten to part 1 yet. I'm a man who is attracted to women.

Please answer with this scale
1: Would gross me out
2: Would make me less attracted
3: Would not change how attracted
4: Would make me more attracted
5: Would excite me to no end!

First, imagine your crush excuses his/herself to the bathroom, but does not say why, but you notice they are gone a long time. 4

Second, imagine going into the bathroom after your crush and there's a heavy poop odor. 4

Third, imagine going into the bathroom after your crush and there's a diarrhea odor.3

Fourth, imagine using the bathroom after your crush and noticing skidmarks in the toilet. 4

Fifth, iamagine your crush pooping a huge, long, thick, perfect log. 5

Sixth, imagine your crush pooping a small nugget.4

Seventh, imagine your crush having a loose, mushy poop.3

Eighth, imagine that your crush is having explosive diarrhea.3

Ninth, imagine your crush had a solid poop accident.2

Tenth, imagine your crush had a diarrhea accident.2

Eleventh, imagine that your crush is constipated 4


Relief during Lockdown

I just thought I would share this with you all.I have had a really satisfying shit today.The first easily,effortless shit since lockdown here
in the UK.It took me right up onto my toes and gently splashed into the pan.I did use a lot of toilet paper though,at least half a roll.
Take care all,Stay safe.



Skidmarks survery

Going to the bathroom, number #1 and especially # 2 is kind of tabbo in a lot of societies. But the effects on our underwer is even more taboo!

Few people ( usually women) deny they they poop. ( and few guys in denial believe that beatiful booties of Pippa Middleton, Beyonce and Sharkira don't poop) But many ( particularly women) deny they get skidsmarks. And those who don't deny it can be a silent elephant in the room. And most of the time, its pretty easy to hide with the exception of the most intimate relationships and living situations. I think this subject is one of the most taboo. I am of the belief that anyone who uses dry toilet paper gets skidmarks at least occasionaly, if not regulally. I may actually do a rough data analysis of the following survery ( I have a little more time now with the pandemic)

Skidmark Survey

1. Do you get skidmarks more than once a month? (honestly)
2. DO you get skidmarks once a year?
are you a guy or girl?
3. Name 1-5 types of underwear that you wear on a regular basis ( the last month)
4. What colors of underwear do you wear. for mixed colors , choose the dominate base color?
5. Do you use anything else besides dry toilet paper to clean?
6. Do you think a certain type of dry toiler paper does a better job of cleaning ( brand, 1 or 2 ply)
7.Do you get cleaner using addition hygiene (bidet, wet wipes )
8. Do you wear tight pants ( slim fit, leather pants, yoga pants or legging
9. If you wear tight pants, do you notice additonal moisture on your legs, groin or butt crack at the end of the day?
10. In the last month have you been stuck without toilet paper or enought toilet paper to clean completely
11. Do you ever feel like your crack is still dirty even after wiping with toilet paper ?
12. Has anyone outside of you birth family ( parents and siblings) seen your skid marked underwear
13. Have you seen the skid marked underwear of anyone outside your birth family?


Catherine's survey

I try to do. I thought, what is crush?? so I investigate. My crush is Maho, Hisae and Kazuko. I live with them and we know everything each other toilet habits, so "imagine" is difficult....

Survey of ten questions. Sorry Catherine, I don't do survey of 11 questions, because difficult for me. Please don't angry.

If crush is peeing, farting, pooping, my answer is 5. very excited.

If it is constipate, or diarrhoea, excited, but also worried.

If it is vomiting, worried. I want my crush to be good health all 3. I don't excited, because vomiting is not pleasant. Hisae says, she enjoys diarrhoea, but she doesn't enjoy vomit.

If it is accident in panties, N/A, because never happen, touch the wood. We are not so interested in pooping panties, but if it is accident, it can't help. If my crush have accident, I worried, but also love same like always. I clean her with strong feeling of love.

If it is laxative, I excited, but I think health mostly. We never take laxative now. Maho did before, sometimes.

I hope Catherine that you are in good health. You must be tired very much because pharmacy is busy, so many sick people in USA. I hope you can sleep well, ad when you are on loo, you can relax, not tense.

Jenny, thank you kind words. They disappeared from site, but I read them before they disappear.

And I hope everyone is OK. Please be careful everyone.

Love from Mina and 3 crush.

PS I have story, but I tell next time. I give hint. Now in my book, there is bookmark which is picture of Maho sitting on loo with strain face.


Pooping Embarrassing

I read the posts with interest. When I was very young I thought pooping was very shameful and dirty. Not s subject for discussion. Peeing was not such an issue. I would only poo in a clean flushing private toilet and nothing else. Not everyone thought that . I had a few friends ( boys) when I was little who would sit on the toilet and do the deed in my presence . I had a cousin (girl) of my age. ..... I might have been six or so and we were playing way down the street and she got a stomach pain so we headed home and they had an outhouse with a can as a toilet . We approached and she sat on the toilet with her pants still on and we chatted and then she said she felt she was able to poo now so she closes the door and had her BM. As I got older it was not such an issue. I have learned to enjoy a BM and celebrate it


Pooping and the phone

@VictoriaB: I just took a call while on the pot today. I just didn't drop anything during the conversation. Had there been an urgent need I would have moved forward so it didn't drop into the water, it should be quiet unless there was a lot of gas also.

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