To whomever wrote about your toilet troubles during your anniversary, sorry to read that. Sounds like you and your wife got hit hard with a poop storm. I hope the diarrhea is gone now. My prune juice today produced solids at first, but then my poop became a thick sludge. A beach paradise seems nice, but as of right now, I feel the happiest hearing something I love such as the tropical birds on my new sound machine, especially when track 2 on my music selection plays! The songs play 1 at a time continuously until the music is switched off if left alone, and I just love it when track 2 loops around again. However, if I think of you while listening, I won't think of your diarrhea, but only good thoughts. I wish you good poop luck next time on your anniversary. Bye.

Jenny AKA Skidmarked in Seattle
You know what's more embarrasing than skidmarks and being caught pooping...all my typos!!! Sorry most of my posts are on my iphone while I'm pooping and predictive text is making me look illiterate!!! Victoria B. I noticed your last few posts you were pooping as well! I love the commentary !!!!

The curious guy ( or girl) survey:

1. Do you get skidmarks more than once a month? (honestly) Oh yes

2. DO you get skidmarks once a year? see above

are you a guy or girl? girl

3. Name 1-5 types of underwear that you wear on a regular basis ( the last month) Thongs, boy shorts, panties

4. What colors of underwear do you wear. for mixed colors , choose the dominate base color? black, brown ( yeah really, light blue, green, pink, red and white. (you can guess which ones have visable skids!!!

5. Do you use anything else besides dry toilet paper to clean? I used to use wet wipes, one wipe charlies

6. Do you think a certain type of dry toiler paper does a better job of cleaning ( brand, 1 or 2 ply) what ever is used in public toiles seems to not work... I use costco kirkland brand at home

7.Do you get cleaner using addition hygiene (bidet, wet wipes )yes! Only used a bidet once. I felt so clean...I let my partner at the time try things I normal don't even let me husband do now... ;)

8. Do you wear tight pants ( slim fit, leather pants, yoga pants or legging all of the above
9. If you wear tight pants, do you notice additonal moisture on your legs, groin or butt crack at the end of the day? ya know...I do...hmmm....

10. In the last month have you been stuck without toilet paper or enought toilet paper to clean completely not in the last month

11. Do you ever feel like your crack is still dirty even after wiping with toilet paper ? always :(

12. Has anyone outside of you birth family ( parents and siblings) seen your skid marked underwear : Husband, maybe one roommate, but I hide them in locker rooms, though I admit I have spoted a few skidmarks of other ladiees underwear at the gym...I'm a hypocrite

13. Have you seen the skid marked underwear of anyone outside your birth family? see above. Also I saw a lot of skidmarked panties in highschool, track, volleyball, basketball teammates in the locker room in high school


Response to Catherine

Catherine, you ask a really interesting question about why we're embarrassed about pooing? I've often wondered this myself and have developed a few thoughts on this subject.

Firstly, we are socialised primarily by our caregivers and secondly by wider society that pooing (and peeing) are private activities. Consequently, when it becomes public knowledge that we've had a poo by the smells and sounds, it causes us shame. Even if there's the cubical door and walls in between us and the other people or we're alone in our bathroom at home, there's always that sense that we're being watched by omnipresent societal expectations and therefore we still have the feeling of what we are doing is somehow wrong especially, as you say, if we actually enjoy it. Conversely, when we openly acknowledge that we poo, we're making a statement that we don't care about being shamed which is in itself is shameful.

Secondly, there's also an involuntary part of pooing that makes it shameful in that there's only so much that we can do to make our poo smell anything other than poo and same with the sounds - we can hold in farts but sooner or later we need to let one rip. Anybody who is older than a toddler is expected to have control of their body and therefore when we lose this control it (acutely or chronically) robs children of their progress in growing up and adults of their status as grown-ups; indeed, when we poo or wet ourselves, it infantilises us.

Thirdly, there's the simple fact that poo is a waste product. We can eat the most tasteful meal but later on parts of it are going to come out of us as waste. It's easier for us to enjoy eating if we cognitively dissociated it from the end product. I also think there's an evolutionary aspect to this in that we find unpleasant smells repelling because usually things that don't smell nice are dangerous for us. And not only that but because it smells disgusting we attach the meaning to it that everything about it is innately disgusting.

Finally, is the gender aspect. In a patriarchal society, the only goal us girls should have is to make ourselves as attractive as we can to the men of the world. The work we put into our bodily appearance, makeup and clothes is all paradoxical to us farting and pooing. I think this is one reason why other women make comments about women who poo in public because even though there are no men in the bathroom it again challenges the omnipresent societal expectation. Even preteen girls are put under this pressure if their caregivers say that pooing isn't "ladylike". For guys, even though farting and pooing are more tolerated it's only up to a point. When they poo they have to sit on the toilet and when in public they have to use a cubicle. These are things associated with women and, to quote Madonna "for a boy to look like a girl is degrading 'cause you think that being a girl is degrading". This is why guys feel that they should be hyper masculine for example by lighting their farts on fire.

I'll also answer your second imagine your crush pooping survey:

First, imagine your crush excuses his/herself to the bathroom, but does not say why, but you notice they are gone a long time - this would make me more attracted

Second, imagine going into the bathroom after your crush and there's a heavy poop odour - this would excite me to no end!

Third, imagine going into the bathroom after your crush and there's a diarrhea odor - this would not change how attracted I was

Fourth, imagine using the bathroom after your crush and noticing skidmarks in the toilet - this would excite me to no end!

Fifth, imagine your crush pooping a huge, long, thick, perfect log - this would excite me to no end!

Sixth, imagine your crush pooping a small nugget. - this would make me more attracted

Seventh, imagine your crush having a loose, mushy poop - this wouldn't change how I attracted I was

Eighth, imagine that your crush is having explosive diarrhea - this would make me more attracted

Ninth, imagine your crush had a solid poop accident this would make me more attracted

Tenth, imagine your crush had a diarrhea accident - this would excite me to no end!

Eleventh, imagine that your crush is constipated - this would excite me to no end!


Responses to Catherine's follow up survey

Here is the scale:

Please answer with this scale
1: Would gross me out
2: Would make me less attracted
3: Would not change how attracted
4: Would make me more attracted
5: Would excite me to no end!

First, imagine your crush excuses his/herself to the bathroom, but does not say why, but you notice they are gone a long time. 5, initially. Now a 4 since we've been together awhile.

Second, imagine going into the bathroom after your crush and there's a heavy poop odor. 5

Third, imagine going into the bathroom after your crush and there's a diarrhea odor. 5

Fourth, imagine using the bathroom after your crush and noticing skidmarks in the toilet. Or skidmarked tp. 5

Fifth, imagine your crush pooping a huge, long, thick, perfect log. 5

Sixth, imagine your crush pooping a small nugget. 5

Seventh, imagine your crush having a loose, mushy poop. 5

Eighth, imagine that your crush is having explosive diarrhea. 5

Ninth, imagine your crush had a solid poop accident. 5

Tenth, imagine your crush had a diarrhea accident. 5

Eleventh, imagine that your crush is constipated. 5

It never goes away.

Sunday, April 26, 2020


On What makes Pooping Embarrassing

I was intrigued by Catherine's post. It reminded me of when I was in college, I worked one summer at a national park and lived in a dorm with other young people who were employees of the park as well. The bathroom had two wooden stalls that instead of doors, had shower curtains that allowed privacy. In the beginning, everyone went to great lengths to make sure that the curtains were completely closed to allow for maximum privacy. But as the weeks went by, most of the guys realized the silliness of this and either left the curtains open, or made a minimum effort to close them. The result was that pooping became very relaxed and care-free, like peeing for most guys. Guys would come in when you'd be at the sinks shaving, sit down on the pot, leaving the curtains open as they had their bowel movements while conversing with you. They'd sprinkle their conversations with grunts and farts, and would oftentimes make comments like, "Man I needed that," or "Sorry about the smell, dude!" It changed my whole attitude about shitting and the embarrassment surrounded by it. I've seen videos on the internet of men in some parts of china using completely open squat toilets without any privacy barriers. Their culture doesn't allow for any embarrassment surrounding this very natural bodily function.

Victoria B.

Some replies

So today I'm.... back on the toilet. I just pushed out a huge semi soft load but it feels like there's more inside me so I'll hang out for awhile.

To Jenny: I'm of Hungarian Jewish descent on my mom's side of the family. In other words, I'm hairy. I leave my bush pretty full but I'm clean shaven back there and yes it does help. Just be really, really careful shaving-you do not want a cut on your butthole!

To Becky: I recently switched to toilet paper made from bamboo. It's a kind of bamboo that pandas won't eat and it grows back much faster than trees. The pa

Jay Bee
Hi everyone,
I've been a big fan of this site for years, but feel a bit guilty for not contributing like I should. This is an awesome site that doesn't seem to exist anywhere else.

To Catherine: I hope that you & your family are doing well during this difficult time. As always, you are so correct in that this site provides a certain anonymity that makes us feel so safe in discussing our feelings about poop. When I have more time, I will complete your survey. Thank you for your work as a front line worker. So much appreciated!

To Sherryl: Wow! I so much enjoy your posts. I would love to be able to poop outside as freely as you're able to do. I look forward to the end of the quarantine, when you're able to poop with your friends outside again.

Again, I'll post more from this point on. To be able to open up on a site like this, just does not exist anywhere else.


Something on the internet

notice;this is an auto-translated article so there might have something wrong.Sorry,but my mother languang is not english

also the protagonist of the article is not my classmate

(this is indeed a true story, the protagonist of the article is my classmate cow demon's classmate.)

Her name is hard to say out, her name last word is "month", call her month month.
She has gone to college now.
When she was in junior high school, she was the "class flower(the most beautyful)" in her class.
When she was in her second year of junior high school, one day was her worst day.
That day, she got up late in the morning, because of the fear of being late, did not eat, also did not go to the toilet, rushed to drink a bottle of beverage and went to school.
Class is math in the first quarter, due to catch the assignments, she has been writing in the class, also didn't go out, section 2 and 4 is the teacher in charge of a language lesson, but I can't to the teacher in charge in the second quarter, everyone on self-study, many people began to speak, of course, the discipline is a mess, the result has been caught by the leadership of the tour, school leaders arrested on the spot a six discipline students, 4 men and 2 women.
The two girls were her deskmate when she was caught talking.
Then, the head teacher came back to know this matter, the six students called to the office crazy criticism.
Month month on the morning did not go to the toilet, the first class class also did not go, originally thought the second class to go, but the teacher called to the office, and can not go, then she has felt a little unable to hold back, but there is no way, had to endure.
And the side also have to endure the side by the teacher.
As a result of the impact on the school, the head teacher is very angry, the training of the 6 people until the third class, in order to "kill the chicken to see the monkey", after class, the teacher let the 6 people all stand at the back of the classroom on the wall, the 6 people had to obediently punished.
Month month now feel more hold back not to live, the urine is not stop to pour out, after all a morning did not go to the toilet, if she is not punished, she may be able to ask the teacher to go to the toilet, but now she which dare.
You can only hold it while you stand.
The other five stood perfectly still, while she staggered from side to side and bent down a little to try to hold back her urination, but the feeling of urination grew stronger instead of lessening.
The students in the back row, see she has been moving, did not feel anything at first, and then probably found, she may be unable to help urination, they see the ordinary "class flower" now in the suffering, psychological are very sad, but also can't help ah.
Her only hope was that the head teacher would find enough time to send them back so she could apply to go to the bathroom.
But not only the head teacher did not early pardon them, and she so and uncomfortable, and stand not good, early has moved the head teacher, the head teacher of course do not know the real reason for her confusion, loudly scold: "XX month, you are not standing is not good ah?"
She had to endure to the limit, suddenly cold less than defense by the class teacher called a name, a fright, her whole body shook, that has reached the limit of the urine directly like the floodwater to open down.
I forgot to mention that it was probably may. Today, she wore a T-shirt, white leggings, light-colored socks and sandals.
But as she did so, her crotch began to bulge, then her urine gushed out of her crotch, trickling down her legs, and the color of her pants changed.
Because this time forbearance for a long time, so the amount of urine is particularly large, full urine for a long time before stopping, in fact, she also want to stop the urine on the way, but where to do.
Most of his trousers were wet through, and many of them spilled onto his socks and feet and even onto the floor of the classroom.
Those in the back row heard the sound, saw her pants and her feet, and understood everything.
Later in the fourth class, the teacher in charge finally let them 6 people to stand back to the seat, she silently bowed her head, quickly walked to the seat to sit down, in fact, she could not help crying out when she urinated, but she still stood against the wall when he fought back tears and wipe the tears clean.
Considering that she was a very strong girl, she had never cried in front of her classmates when the teacher called her before, and she did so this time.
She sat there to endure the wet pants and finished the last class, after school, she did not wait for any students to greet, disappeared in the crowd, but the seat and the back of the classroom and the appearance of her walking pants, but many students found.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Jenny Skidmarked in Seattle


HAs any ladies or guys have any experiene with shaving or waxing their buttholes? Does this make really make a differene with getting cleaner after a poop?

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