more from me

Shannon - wow, more great stories. your accident in Homegoods must have been embarassing. at least my accident in target recently finished in the bathroom stall and my husband could buy me new pants and panties. i totally get it about the car, i've had plenty of close calls or leaks coming home from places or going places trying to hold it. one memory was around 12 at a grocery store i couldnt' find their bathroom so i held it and on the way home just couldn't anymore and i remember sitting up on my knees in the backseat and totally flooding my jeans, but they were black and it was dark and nobody found out

i also remember once in college ihad gone out on a date with my boyfrind and my best friend nad her boyfriend. on the way back the guys were in teh front and we were in teh back. we came to a roundabout suddenly and the boyfriend decided to keep driving around it in circles and we were all laughing and suddenly my friend shrieks beside me "i peed! i peed!" and we start going normal again and i look over and she laughing and spreads her legs to show a big wet spot about a softball size on her crotch.

all these stories lately i find myself holding it longer than normal when i need to go to the bathroom. kind of enjoying the feeling. kind of almost wishing i could have another accident and really focus on the feelings after reading shannon and catherine talk about it... maybe i'm just going crazy in quarantine, ha.


My wife and I bought a bedpan at an antiques store a while back. We have been squatting over it to poop (not at the same time LOL although that might be interesting.). We find that squatting cleans us out better. Does anyone squat to poop on a regular basis? If so does it clean you out better? There is also a stool called a toilet stool. You put your feet on it while you are sitting on the toilet. It is supposed to be similar to squatting. Has anyone tried a toilet stool?


The Smell

To Catherine,

The smell! The smell! I agree Catherine.The smell is the biggest source of embarrassment from having a dump.
You said that you stocked toilet sprays at your pharmacy.Do you sell a product called v-I-poo?You spray this one in the bowl before you sit down.
Back in 2017 here in Australia an ad for this product ran on prime time television.It talked about punishing the porcelain and stinking out the toilet.It created a lot of commentary on social media and is still on you-tube if you want a laugh.

P>Victoria B.

Bookmarks- to Minappé


I told Robyn about the matching bookmarks that you, Maholin, Kazu and Chae have of each other and she loved the idea! Next time we're together and one or both of us have some turds we need to get rid of one of us is going to snap a photo of the other mid-push, sitting on the loo.

Thank you so much for this great idea!

Love always,

Jasmi< n K

Hard Poo

I thought I would share this mornings poo with you all. At this time my bum is still too sore to sit down on so I'm laid on my bed writing this.

So I had a bad ???? ache on Saturday and only did a few hard pebbles and as it was a nice day I didn't want to sit on the toilet for hours and went into the garden which we can do although we are locked down as its secluded . Sunday we had a movie day as the weather wasn't nice and despite ???? ache ate chocolate and sweets all day..
This morning my ???? was quite swollen and hurting but I still had breakfast and then dressed ready for a long sit on the toilet. It's colder here today so I wore thigh high socks and my highest shoes to raise my legs so I can strain harder, a pair of blue bikini style knickers and a mid thigh loose fit mini skirt and t shirt top. I waited in my room for my sister and niece Isabelle to finish in the bathroom. My sister was on the toilet and Issy was on the potty chair that is also in the bathroom. It an older wood potty chair and although she is 8 can still comfortably sit on it. I've spent hours sat on it when I was younger, my older sis on the toilet me on the potty chair both of us told we were not to get up untill we had done a poo- it had straps so you couldn't stand up off it and an adjustable foot rest so you were sitting with your legs raised.
i had been waiting about 40 minutes when I heard the loo flush and I went in as my sis was pulling up her tight leather look leggings and checking her ???? in the mirror. It smelled a bit in there but the extractor fan was running so not too bad. My sis says to me Jas have you still got ???? ache ? Yes I have, my sis says well you can stay on the toilet untill you do it all today and with that pulls my knickers down and says sit down jasmin. ( just like mum did and sis did when I was younger ) when I was sat she said oh and can make sure Issy stays there untill she does it. So I started pushing hard and doing some farts. I told Issy to try hard and hurry up, I wanted the bathroom to my self. Issy said she had done some but mum had said it wasn't enough - so I told her to stand and I would look -'she had several hard pebbles and some pee in the pot. I told her she had to do more and she started to strain and strain and made a crackling fart and said she thought it was coming. I was straining hard my ass bulging down as I bore down into it and dropped a couple of poo pellets that plipped into the water. Issy said its coming aunty Jas, she was red in the face straining and there was a plonk plonk as a couple of nuggets of poo dropped then she pulled her legs up and strained really hard making a huuuuunh noise and said its coming but it's hurting I said keep pushing it out you can't get up untill ts in the potty. Another huuuuuuh and then a thud as a rather substantial log fell to the potty. I handed her some paper to wipe. She winced as she wiped. Issy said can I wear nice knickers now ? I handed her some out of a drawer in the chest of drawers next to the toilet which she put on and I said go and tell mum that you've done a really big poo and off she went.Issy has 2 types of knickers what she calls nice ones and bad ones which she wears when she can't poo after ages or is constipated,and has to get off the toilet or potty chair like to go to school for example she wears the bad ones because they will contain any accidents.. In the meantime whilst talking to Issy I had been pushing with my ???? muscles and felt what seemed like a huge hard log in my bum. I gave a hard long push down into my bum which swelled up and pushed down and out. I strained down really hard and felt something move and farted again, a mucousy spray fart. I gave up trying to hold my ass up with 2 fingers and only relax enough to let the poo come through, I totally relaxed my ass and got a grip on the loo seat with both hands and strained, amhuuuuump grunting bear down into my ass as hard as I could. I felt my ass pop out and could feel a solid log inside waiting to be pushed through the tube bit which was now outside of my ass. I bore down again and my solid log started to push its way out, as it emerged some pebbles broke off an plopped plop plopped into the water another hard push and a lot of grunting and panting it was coming out slowly but each push it was further out.. I know some will find this disgusting but I felt behind me at the emerging log. I felt the bulging out tube part of my ass and the knobbly chunky log sticking out from that. I pushe down hard again and the log totally came out and made a big splash in the water. I rubbed my ???? and pushed and strained again and felt some more poo coming another chunky hard log which took about 10 minutes to come out and drop and then some smaller formed pieces. I rested and just sat there for a few minutes before straining hard again for a few minutes which brought a few thin pieces of formed poo sausages out. I strained hard to see if there was any more and apart from a couple,of mucousy farts nothing else came. I wiped and tried to push my ass back up inside but couldn't did another long pee then stood up pulled my knickers up and checked my load - a couple of knobbly logs one about 10 inches and coke can thick and one about 8 inches and thick at one end and thinner at the other along with several sausages and lumps. It took 2 flushes to clear then I emptied the potty from the potty chair into the toilet cleaned it flushed again and used the brush to clean the mucousy splatter marks off the toilet bowl. I walked back to my bedroom with my ass tube pressing against my knickers laid on my front on my bed eating a chocolate bar and haribo whilst writing this
Jazz X


I finally got to poop outside again

So it has been a while since I got the chance to poop outside. I have been constipated for the last 3 days and yesterday I was finally able to get to where I could go outside. I've been so insanely busy with work lately but I finally made it happen. And oh boy, did I need it. I found a secluded spot down by a creek that runs near our house. I pulled my pants and panties completely off, squatted down next to the water on a big rock, pushed and pushed, letting out a few massive and raunchy farts. Soon, two big and long turds finally slid out of my ass and I felt so relieved. I knew that if I tried to sit on the toilet I would be straining on this one but the fact that I got to do it outside and squatted, it made it so much easier. I then only had to use one leaf to wipe as it was a clean break off which was nice.
To Marie- have you gotten the chance to go potty outside yet this spring/summer?

Victoria B.



Thank you to everyone who's answered my survey so far. I jinxed myself with it though and had to use the toilet brush to shove a load down the drain just today! It's not as though I used too much paper to dry off or anything either-I just pooped a ton! Four big logs and then a huge helping of soft serve. I was back sitting on the pot within an hour too!

To Mina: Your story was one of the nicest things I've ever heard and yes I did cry a little bit. Maholin is such a sweetheart!!


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Has anyone had a shit in a toilet in Great Yarmouth?
I was on holiday there many years ago, and went into the guesthouse toilet for one.
I was only dropping small pieces, but the acoustics were brilliant.
Nice loud plops which echoed
I checked, and the water level depth in the toilet seemed to be much
higher than usual

The following morning, my girlfriend woke me up, and she had a toilet roll under her arm
She went down the corridor to the toilet which was some distance away, and began dropping some amazing sounding lumps of shit.
They must have been really big ones, because the sound effects were unbelievable- its the loudest shit I ever heard
Kersplunk, kaplop, kerspuloonk, kebam, thud

5 in all - I went in to the toilet 5 minutes later, and you could cut the smell with a knife

I'd like your comments


Nickle Plate's question: What do the teachers do?

I've written about my job in previous posts. I give financial literacy talks to middle school and high school classes, although they are suspended now due to the virus.

Each of the 30-some schools I serve have a faculty bathroom. Most of them are right off the cafeteria. They are small with no more than 3 toilets, but as one can imagine they are better lit and cleaner than the student bathrooms. They do however have a better quality of toilet paper, plus extra rolls laying out atop the sinks, and in each stall those sanitary seat cover papers that you can spread over the seat when you sit down.

In many schools when I'm presenting several times back-to-back and there is just a five minute passing period and the faculty room might be two minutes each way, I just go into the nearest student bathroom. Most of the time it is for a fast urination and I head into the closest available toilet. Some of the girls know me and will tell me to go ahead of them in line. Otherwise they involve me in small talk while I wait my turn. Once or twice a month my crap earlier that morning might have been delayed, but I'm very time conscious and usually will not be seated for more than two minutes. I might be in a hurry to get back to the classroom, but I will always flush and greet the next user as I walk out.

A few times I've saved time by taking a toilet that was vacant but had no privacy door. A few of the students have complimented me on my willingness to use those toilets, but my focus is to relieve myself and get back to the technology in the classroom that I always like to test before the regular teacher introduces me.

There have been times when another teacher or two do a pit stop with me between classes. One of them is really demanding of the girls if they run out of the stall without flushing. She also tells them to slow down and make sure the paper towel gets into the trash can.

Sometimes I feel a tiny bit guilty for taking a student place when I have one kind of reserved on the other side of the building. I don't think though that I want to make that long walk, especially if it is upstairs. I've also seen the availability of a bathroom listed as a human right on a couple of bulletin boards.

Nickel Plate


I thought of some other solution to skid marks, if you have gas problems, and that is put some toilet paper in your underwear or panties. that will absorb it.

I read some of the stories on this. I like stories when babysitters or moms have kids young enough that they have to take the kid in with them. What they have to do, or kids look and ask questions. Your stories are interesting. I think that chance to show that big people have to do the same thing and let them see for there curiosity. I have read where the adults had to go in the bushes near where the kids were or where they saw you.

Mrs bigandhard

Another big one

Mrs bigandhard, trying to go again,

Now several days since I tried to poop, I feel mass of hard poop rocks all jammed in my butt. This makes my hole stretch wide. Sitting on the toilet Straining hard, the hard rocks did not want to come out or move.
So the only thing I could do is use my finger to loosen them up and dig them out while straining hard... kind of like POKING PENNIES out of a piggy bank.
I got most of them out, one … at.. a time while my butt hole was stretched wide open. It was an ordeal that I have had to perform when I can't go to the toilet or have a hard time .
Mrs bigandhard


Car peeing

Hello, I've read many stories of car peeing on here. Does anyone that still reads on this forum pee or even poop in their car? If so, any stories?

Monika B.
I don't want to jinx it, but I think I've gotten to the point where I can pee 5-6 times a day and remain hydrated, which I'm happy with. Only thing is, I DO hold it for hours at times, which probably isn't great, although I do want to be able to hold it longer and longer. So far, the longest I've waited to pee including overnight was 11 hours (I usually pee one hour before bed and hold my morning pee as long as I can, which is usually only an hour). Not including overnight, the longest was 8 and a half hours.

So some questions... these aren't unique by any means, they've definitely been asked before.

1. What's the longest you've held your pee?

2. What's the longest you've held your poop?

3. Do you use public restrooms?
3a. For poop?

My answers...

1. 16 hours, I was working out of town and just didn't want to use the restrooms. I barely drank anything, so that's the only way I was able to wait for so long. I didn't have to pee the entire time, but that's the longest time in between pee breaks.

2. A whole weekend. In high school, I was very self-conscious about pooping at friend's houses and I spent a weekend there. I had to poop almost the entire time, but just held it.

3. Yes, if I really have to or if I'm out for a long time. But I'm becoming less and less willing to use them. If I'm out drinking, yeah I'll just give in and use them.

3a. Nope, not since college. Once I spent about 5 hours desperate to take a poop. I was at an anime get together in this park and the restrooms were... scary. There were NO DOORS WTF. I mean, I would have held it anyway, but I couldn't believe it. I ended up really having to pee too, and had to bike back to my friend's apartment (I was staying the night there. Luckily by now I was over my anxiety about pooping at friend's houses) really really needing to do both. I got lost, too. It was horrible.


Back again

Hello! Thanks to those who replied to my last post, I'm happy you like my stories. I have a lot more so it's a good thing they're well received. Here are 2 other notable bathroom mishaps of mine.

This one time is when my best friend was there for one of my accidents, it happened around 4 or 5 years ago. We were out shopping. I needed to go but was stupidly waiting, which to this day I still do. I guess because 90% of the time I do make it to the toilet, so I'm never really expecting that I'll not make it, unless it's a real emergency, ya know? So I held it in until I realized I better find a bathroom before it was too late. I told my friend I had to find the bathroom and we started to look around. As we searched the store (it was a Homegoods) for either a bathroom or an employee I realized I wasnt going to find it in time. I told my friend "ok I really think I'm gonna go in my pants" and she got really determined to help me and started to rush over to an employee to ask for me. She told me it was gonna be ok. She was really there for me like a friend unlike the girl I was at the pool with. She came back over to me and told me where the bathroom was...but unbeknownst to her it was already over before she even walked away. I was already standing there going to the bathroom in my leggings....oops. I told her "it's too late...I have to go home and change my underwear..." and she just said "oh no! I'm so sorry!" Then she walked behind me so no one would see the bulge in my pants. On the ride home she just kept reassuring me that it was okay and saying we would one day laugh about it, but honestly I didnt even feel upset that time, I suppose because I felt comfortable with her so it felt more like an exciting accident like if I was by myself. I told her we could already laugh about it, and we did. She is really a very sweet person, and she didnt tell anyone what happened. When she dropped me off at home I remember I didnt even change and clean up right away. I was like going through my mail and looking at the stuff I bought at the store in pooped pants LOL.

The last thing I wanted to share was about being in the car when you're desperate. I keep thinking about that time I recently had an accident while riding in an uber and I can't help but wonder- does this happen to other accident prone people a lot? I'd say most of my accidents happen in the car. It's like the perfect scenario for it because there's no bathroom to get to depending on where you are and the desperation feels a lot worse knowing you're sort of stuck. It happens when I am on my way home from work sometimes. If traffic is bad when I'm driving home and I need to go, i get nervous and a little panicky which just makes me need to go worse, and then I'll mess myself in my car before I make it home. However I have stories about other times it happened when I wasnt alone in the car (neither were as embarrassing as the uber accident though).

This is actually the second time in my (teen/adult) life that I pooped my pants I'm pretty sure. When I was 16 my family went on vacation to the outer banks in North Carolina and it was a 6 hour ride. The night before we left I ate a really big dinner and dessert, so a good ways into the ride, I started to have to poop, but it wasnt long after we made a stop so I didnt wanna ask my dad to stop again so soon. Eventually I fell asleep. When I woke up from my nap, within a few minutes I felt like I had to go pretty badly, and it looked like we were hitting bad traffic. Well as you can probably guess, I asked my dad to stop, but it was no use. We got stuck for too long and I couldn't hold it, so I accidentally pooped my shorts. It came out slow but it was a lot and it was warm and soft under my butt. Much like in the uber, I just sat there perfectly still pretending everything was fine, but by the time the smell filled the car, my brother was just like "aw what is that? Aw what the -----?" So I started to cry, and had to tell my family that I had an accident. We pulled over as soon as possible where i had to clean myself up and change my panties and shorts in a gas station bathroom. My brother has used that incident as an anecdote to try and embarrass me in front of friends in the past. He told my first boyfriend about it! (This was prior to me realizing I preferred girls). He just laughed about it.

Does anyone else have any stories of being desperate/having an accident in the car? I have to imagine it's a pretty common scenario. I'll be back again!


The other bathroom

Question for everyone. Have you ever had to use the bathroom of the opposite gender? If so why? Was it an emergency? A mistake? Did you have company? How was your experience?



I promised story, sorry I keep you waiting long time.

It was few weeks ago, Saturday evening like now. After huge dinner in green flat with 3 crushes, I felt very heavy my stomach. I think maybe I didn't do motion 3 or 4 days.

But I didn't announce. Sometimes we go to loo without say. So my friends thought maybe only wee, they didn't move, They were watch telly. I sat on loo, door was open. It isn't need to close.

After about 2 minutes, I made huge plop sound.

Two seconds after that, 3 faces at door of loo, they look at me warm eyes. I was strain face because second turd came to back door.

It was big fat one and hard, so I strain a lot. Suddenly Maho whip out phone and took photo! After my turd land in loo Plop, I asked to see, so Maho showed to me. It was quite good photo! You can't see my turd of course, but look my face, you know what I am doing.

I showed strain face again so Hisae come to kneel by me and she start massage. Feel so good! My bottom begin to work. Maho and Kazuko look at me warm eyes. They know I will be there forever, so they record TV programme, they said. I gave Plop, and Hisae's fingers work and work. Maho and Kazuko are smile. If Mina does only one turd they worry very much, but if Mina does ten or eleven, they think normal. They are looking forward to next plop sound, I can see in face. So I push, and again Plop, and next one come very soon but make no sound when it land, so I get up to look.

Four turds under loo water but 5th one on top and across the other four. Hisae said, I flush. But Maho and Kazuko leap forward. "After we see!" they shout. So I stand, and they look, then Hisae flush and I sit down and Maho and Kazuko kiss me on my top of head.

Hisae massage more and my bottom react and Plop and Plop. Finish? I am not sure.... I say Hisae, "I stay little bit more, OK you don't massage." But Hisae didn't move, except fingers, they dig me again and again.

I can see in Kazuko's eyes, "Minappé please do more!" I nod head because next turd moving inside me. When it comes out, Plop, I see tears on Kazuko's face, and Maho put arm round Kazu.

Ninth one coming. Plop. I gave sigh sound, because that one is last one, except little pieces. I say, "Big ones finish". Kazuko still crying little bit. I stayed on loo about five minutes more, so nearly 20 minutes altogether. Then I wash with washlet and 3 crushes dry me, Hisae first then Maho then Kazuko, she is not crying now, but when she finish to dry, she bring her face close to my face and I give her little kiss on mouth. I love her and Hisae and Maho. But Mina is not crying. Mina made a progress! But I never say Kazuko is silly crying baby. Silly crying baby is Mina.

After I finish, we go back to telly, except Maho, she sit at desk and work with photo. She printed out! I ask her why, she said "o-damari!" it is mean shut up. Then she took many things with her and went to beige flat. She look angry and walk with stamp and we hear slam door, but her eyes are twinkle, so we know she doesn't angry really.

45 minutes after, Maho came back. With happy face! And in her hand...three bookmarks!! With photo of me on loo strain face! She give one to Kazuko and one to Hisae, she keep third one, and she's said, "Minappé tomorrow."

I think I know what she trying to say.

In the night, in the bed, she caress my bottom well and said "I love you" some times. And she said, "tomorrow big surprise to Minappé."

Sunday morning we all had breakfast in beige flat, and then crushes did huge motion all three. And Maho busy to photo! So now I understand. With Hisae she is quick, but Hisae cooperated with very strain face. Kazuko did her special loo smile! and then Maho gave her phone to me and I took many photo, Maho had strain face 15 minutes so lots of opportunity. (All three crushes did huge many turds.)

Then Maho busy again, she say us, "don't look."

Now I have three bookmarks. One is Chae, One is Maholin, one is Kazu. They are treasure! Maho coloured on paper, so very colourful around photo. And they can fold, so if we read book on train, we can hide photo.

We hope everyone this site healthy and no corona virus. We go out only to shopping, we do exercise in flat, we telework every day, we wash hands all time and lots alcohol disinfect, so perhaps OK. We don't scare to touch or kiss when we are in flat all the day. (But from middle of April, we stopped to kiss.) Please be careful everybody, put on mask and wash hands and ...well you know what must you do. I want everybody to be perfect health and have relax time on loo so you smile always!

Love to everyone

Mina and 3 crushes


My first outdoor pooping

It is now almost 8 years back in time. I went with about 20 other youths to Scandinavia for hiking etc. When camping in the wilderness we had to go to toilet in the woods, not only for peeing but even for pooping. We were joking a bit with it when out there but in fact I think everyone found it very embarrassing. When in need we had to find a suitable moment to "disappear" from the others and walk into the surrounding woods and look for a sheltered spot behind a rock or some dense busk and pull shorts down, squat and poop onto the ground. At that time we had not heard about LNT (leave no trace) and left the waste onto the ground and perhaps tried to put the paper away between some stones etc. I think I had to poop outside 4 or 5 times and I guess I had to pee type twenty times. I often saw piles of poop from other there and even on some distance spotted some of the others squatting.

Victoria B.

Answers to Aaron's question


Never thought I'd be answering questions about my personal grooming habits but here we are!

I started shaving my butt-cheeks and crack-about four years ago and I've got the process down to a science. My first piece of advice is to never, ever use an electric razor on the kind of hair that only grows down and back there. I once tried it on my bush and ended up with a rash that itched in a way that's hard even now for me to describe. So if you don't want to have to drop your undies during a visit to the doctor's office or spend the better part of a week scratching your crotch don't do it!

It's a two-stage process for me. The first part is in the shower on my cheeks by feel. I wait until there are mirrors available to do my buttcrack. Be patient and really careful-you poop from there and you absolutely don't want it to get infected. That'd be just as bad of a trip to the doctor's office!

Hope this helps,


Victoria b clogged toilet survey and more

1) Have you ever clogged a toilet? Yes multiple time
2) What do you do when you block one up? Grab a plunger? Break up the turd(s)? We have a stick we use the break up the poop but in public toilets if there's nothing the fix the clog I just get out that bathroom quickly and in school I just leave
3) Have you ever had to put on the rubber gloves and take your own poop from the bowl to get it to flush again? Yep it works well
4) Have you ever clogged or had to use a clogged public toilet? Yes I have clogged public toilets and used a clogged one and clogged it even more
5) Have you ever blocked a friend/family member/significant other's toilet? Yes I blocked my girlfriend's toilet at her house I also blocked my aunties
6) Have you ever had to admit to plugging a toilet after trying and failing to get it to flush again? Yep at my friend house I had to go tell his mum I clogged the toilet she fixed it tho
7) When it happens is it because you're a huge pooper in general or because you used too much paper? It's because I'm a huge pooper my BMS are very large I usually have mushy diarrhea sloppy stool but I also can have massive logs
8) Are you familiar with the two-flusher trick? Yep but often forget to use it because I will be in a rush to relieve myself and on the verge of an accident

Constiguy my respons to different pooping situations
This one happend 2 months ago so it's very recent just before lockdown
Me and my friend went free running in local city
We climbed up a drain pipe to get to the top of a really tall building all for a good view of sunset half way up I had an attack of diarrhea my mate was like bro what the ???? are u going to do I was thinking so fast because cloning whilst needing a poo depseratly deos not help the side of the building we was on was the side were a little alley was between the building we were climbing and the much smaller building we were way above that building anyway I literally pulled my pants down enough and let loose this mushy sloppy load wich just kept coming out it was weird watching it fall all the way down abit landed on the building next to the one we was on but only abit

I was pooping this soft mushy load for about 10 minutes I finished had nothing to wipe with though and because we were climbing well I got major skid marks

When at the top we wtached the sunset had a can of beer and enjoyed the veuw whilst sat on the ledge of this building I needed another desperate shit tho and the the roof door was locked so I ended up having to take a shit on top of the building my friend heard and see the hole thing just like he heard and seen the whole thing when I took a poo halfway up the building but that poo I took was one of the best because the vewi was amazing

Now it's like a legend because everyone else can hardly climb up that building or are to scared and now that shit pile at the top shows as evidence we was there and made it up there
On the way down though I unfortunately full on shit my pants my friend was the one below me to so he literally seen the bulge form and smelt it felt bad for him but we became legends and when we got down and seen the alley there was a big pile of poo but it was more spread out that in a big pile that was the aftermath

I think I shouldn't have had that coffee before we climbed



Aubrey, I sit on the bed like it's a potty so I let it soak my parts. I do it like that for pooping too.



Victoria's Clogged Toilet Survey

Hi Victoria! I hope that you are well! I hope Robyn is not giving you a hard time with your clogs. Sometimes I wonder why toilets can have such small holes and weak flushes! I've read your struggles with clogging but really congratulate you on your healthy bowel habits!

So, here goes:

1) Have you ever clogged a toilet? Oh yes, several times.
2) What do you do when you block one up? Grab a plunger? Break up the turd(s)? Almost cried. I've shared three stories on this forum where I clogged the toilet in high school at a weekend retreat, at a friend's apartment - a guy friend, who I dated for a while afterwards and at church. None of those bathrooms had a plunger, leaving someone else to see my huge turd!
3) Have you ever had to put on the rubber gloves and take your own poop from the bowl to get it to flush again? No.
4) Have you ever clogged or had to use a clogged public toilet? Clogged a public toilet, yes, but I've never used a toilet already clogged.
5) Have you ever blocked a friend/family member/significant other's toilet? Yes. I dated the guy whose toilet I clogged in 2010. He was the one who had to unclog the toilet! I don't know what to think of this to this day...
6) Have you ever had to admit to plugging a toilet after trying and failing to get it to flush again? Yes...I've been caught, poop and all!
7) When it happens is it because you're a huge pooper in general or because you used too much paper? Huge pooper. I don't have to wipe more than five times when I poop (when no bidet is available)
8) Are you familiar with the two-flusher trick? As a trick, no. If you mean flushing in the middle of a poop, I can't do that. I have to see the finished load. It's an obsession. I try to say that I am saving water, but I really want to see my creation!

I hope that's helpful and I look forward to hearing everyone else's responses!

Love to all!


Sunday, May 10, 2020


Sisters Long time on Loo

Hi All,
This weekend I had not pooped for a few days so decided to take a long comfortable seat on the loo. I love a long sit on the loo. For me getting comfortable on the loo is a must. I pull my legs under the pan and have my thighs close together a lovely tingling feeling set in it was awesome followed by a huge hard poo which I loved doing and really took my time - just over 4 hours on the loo it was fantastic. My Sister Louise is aged 23 and 5 feet 7 in height slim with blond hair. Ever since I can recall she has always taken ages on the loo and just loves the whole poo experience. Louise has a Burlington toilet suite with high level cistern which she loves for her comfort on the loo. Louise is very private about her toilet habits and she desires complete privacy for long sits which she just loves. Louise took a long time on the loo taking her time doing a large hard poo which she really enjoyed. She just loves it coming out a wee bit then going back up. Louise and I never force a poo out we just sit until it comes out. Louise went on her loo after breakfast and took in a sandwich for lunch as she said she wanted to be on the toilet for hours. Louise like myself sits right back on the loo and pulls her legs under the pan with thighs close together this produces an awesome tingling which we just love.It adds to our comfort and enjoyment on the loo. Louise does not like to be disturbed when on the loo so I just left her there and she emerged 8 hours later from the loo after a huge long poo which she loved doing. She did not want the experience to end such was her enjoyment. Happy pooping everyone.


Toilet sounds

My wife is very loud when taking a dump as I have documented before. She knows I love hearing her long, loud farts and the splash when a big turd hits the water. How many on this site enjoy hearing their significant other in the bathroom?

Nickel Plate


I notice that people ere been talking about them. I do read time to time and I have written about other poop issues here. and related stuff. Some gotten publish here and some not. I am not i the medical field. but that does not mean that I do not read.

Many people poop and wipe vary well but get skid marks. It often as simple as gas. if you fart and it make a noise that because it more than gas coming out and there your skid mark. if you again let loose the gas and it just hot air or gas and quiet, it just that gas. if you want to stay clean a little training maybe needed if you can. hold the gas and let it out slowly might help. I like to read some of the things on here. One that I like to read is how some of you teachers survive and what you do when you have students there or you have to go with the students.

Hi i am greg call me ????. I love poop and pooping. This is a great site! I've been around here for a while and thought i would share my most recent poop.

I been feeling a need to go since midday and at 5:40pm I finally gave in. As i was pulling out my phone to surf, i felt a turd pressing its way out and closed my eyes pressed my lips and laid a cable that kept coming out. Must have been that big brunch today. An earthy poopy smell filled the room and i surfed for a minute then took a look. About a foot and a half worth of poop, not bad! No plunging needed this time. Well let me know what you all think! Hope this tale brought you some joy. Like the tales on here bring me joy

Happy pooping

Marie-When you do a bed pee do you squat above the bed or sit on it and let the pee soak your areas? I probably won't be able to try this for a while but it sounds fun!


To Victoria B.

How do you shave your butt hole? Do you use an electric razor? How often do you shave and do you do it with a mirror or is it by feel?



My poops today were boring, because they were on the smallish side. They felt a little raw coming out as if it was a bit drier then usual, but other than that still felt good. I ate a bit more cheese than usual. To Enna: I like your pandemic poop story, and good thinking for pooping in a bag. We too, have had plumbing problems, but so far, it seems the worst is over. I said that the toilet bubbled when Mom was using the sink in an earlier post, but what actually happened (unknown to me at the time) was the washer drain was to blame. It seems water backed up into the toilet. Also, I'm glad that you threw your poop away in a garbage can. Luckily, the only poop I faced from the trash was dog poop, but it sure reeked, too. It always seems that diarrhea smells worse than typical poop. Anyway, I had fun listening to the music from my dog violet. For those of you who bought this toy before, she's from LeapFrog. Bye.


Xander's questions

What was the longest you've got without pooping and what was the result of that?

8 days. I was 4 hours away from home at Bible camp. The toilets were like 30 in a line. You first stepped up on a wooden platform to take a seat. On the right side there was a chain coming out of the ceiling that you pulled to flush. The seats were very uncomfortable. They had been painted black and the wood just like the paint was chipping. Any movement while you sat would pinch your underthigh. The toilets also smelled real bad and there were bugs flying around as you sat. I got bitten a couple times because I was sweating badly the longer I stayed to pee. So I held my crap in until the last day. I was really clogged up when dad got there to pick me up.

What was the most desperate you have been? Did you make it?

This happened at school during standardize testing. The test went on every morning for four days. The only way you could leave the room was to be sick, get a principal's permission and then a rather mean para-proctor would be called to the room and she would take you to the bathroom. She showed you what toilet you could use, went in first and scanned the walls for answers, and even lifted the seat briefly to see if there were any notes on the underside of the seat. All this was done after a stern lecture about planning ahead, falling into routine, and getting ready for adult responsibilities. I told her I was sorry and this was about my usual time, but she just seemed cold and shook her head as I sat with her watching me trying to push a couple of large, hard pieces out of my. When the first hit the water, I know she heard it and I expected her to lighten up a bit. I care about my grades and wasn't trying to stall. She called out 10 minutes and I was lucky because that's when the last one came out. I took the opportunity to wee a bit too before I started my wipe. As I was washing my hands she was making a couple of notes on my hallway pass. Then she walked me as fast as I could go back to the classroom. My butthole hurt until about lunchtime due to the pushing and stress she put me through.



Enna: Welcome! It sounds like you made a quick decision to use the grocery bag! Would love to hear more from you!

Shannon: Thank you for answering the question. Yes, the smell...oh, the smell! I do carry toilet sprays in my pharmacy just for that reason. I'm sorry about your accidents but appreciate your stories, as I've had a few myself. Would love to hear more from you!

Love to all!


Monika B.
I sometimes go through phases where it's so uncomfortable to hold it that I end up going more often. Like now. I'm not sure why, it just happens. It's like... actually painful. So I guess I'm forced to just roll with it until it passes. I'm really, really not wanting to use the bathroom at work when/ if I go back, but I will if I'm in pain. Just wish I didn't have to. Sometimes it's like I feel every drop I drink. Gah, it's a curse.

I'm trying to use less tp and I'm still under 20 sheets a day, but my we're still going through it fast because my roommate isn't worried about tp at all. And I mean, I can't exactly tell her to use less, that's a bit rude, it's not like there's anywhere open nearby that she can use their bathroom. A single roll usually lasts about 4 days, but I just put a new roll on yesterday (around noon maybe) and like 75% of it is gone. Wtf. In normal times this would just be annoying, I could just go with my mom to Costco to get more, and we have a good amount atm. It's just that I'm trying SO HARD to use less, holding it longer than I normally would (but still like 8 times a day, lately it's probably more if I'm being honest. Bladder weakens a lot around my period) and counting every sheet I use. I'm almost wondering if I should just let myself be very dehydrated for awhile so I can cut down to like 4 pees a day. Health is important but so is cleanliness.

This is the only place I really feel I can express my concern about this. Maybe I really do have a bladder problem; I can hold it for a long time if I really need to (as I've said, I can usually go through a 5 hour shift and sometimes an 8 hour shift without peeing. Usually really need to go when I get home), but I really do normally pee every 2 hours. Apparently this isn't outside the realm of normal, I just feel like that's awfully indulgent during these times. I also don't want to make myself sick because of going to the doctor... That's also selfish. Argh.

Mr X

Xander's questions

Hi Xander,

1. What is the longest you have gone without pooping and what was the result of that?

I have two answers to this question. The 'as a kid' answer and the 'as an adult' answer.

a) As a kid, I was very constipated. I frequently went several days (4, 5) without going poo. It wasn't even that unusual for me to go a full week without pooing. The longest I ever went without having a full and complete poo was just under 2 weeks (I pooed on the 14th day). The result was that I spent a full morning on the toilet, pushing out a massive poo. We needed to break it up with the toilet brush and it STILL caused a clog.

b) As an adult, I usually don't get constipated, but once I went 6 days without a poo. I remember I was out at a festival with friends, and I just suddenly felt the urge to poo as we were about to depart. I rushed home on public transit, feeling the poo poke out the whole way. I had to occasionally squat and sit on my heel to keep the poo from coming out in my pants. I got home, and as soon as I entered the bathroom my body gave out and I pooed in my pants. I had to throw the underpants out, and I blocked the toilet. The unfortunate thing is, the next day I had diarhhea with blood in it. That really worried me but it only happened once.


Back again

Shannon - i liked your stories and hope you share more.

I didn't think i'd stick around after my first post but I kind of can't keep away now. It's so tabboo to talk about and kind of exciting. Not something a middle aged mom normally discusses. at most a little joke here or there about little leaks when laughing or something, especially after kids, but rarely more than that.

with so much downtime with everything shutdown i've remembered more accidents from my past and some i saw others have i guess i'll share sometime.

a few years ago we were driving home from a vacation late and my husband was driving and really had to pee. we were still over an hour away so he decided to stop at the next rest area, driving with one hand and holding himself with the other. a few minutes out he was complaining more and then cursed and said he just peed some but his hand was still in the way. we got to the rest stop and he ran inside. when he came back he had a baseball sized wet spot on his crotch. he wasn't happy but we laughed it off. i thought it was kind of cute.

i remember another poop accident from once when i was like 15 or 16 over the summer swimming at a friends house about five minutes walk down the street from me out in the country and needing to poop but holding it because i didn't want to do that at her house, but then it started to get urgent so i said i needed to go home. i started walking home and made it about halfway to my house when i couldn't help it and filled my bikini bottom with mostly solid poop and had to waddle the rest of the way home with it sagging under me because there were no bushes or trees to hide behind, just open fields of grass.

like i said above i know lots of women are used to the feel of a small leak here and there. mostly a small spot on my panties only when it happens. a few times it barely shows on my pants. once or twice enough i need to cover up because it would be visible on more than just my crotch. rarely more than that but sometimes. i think most recent one of those was maybe 8 years ago when our kid as young and we went to the zoo and two leopards were, well, making another leopard baby... one of the other kids nearby thought they were hugging and everyone started laughing, including me. then i felt a big leak for a second or two before i could stop it. my khaki shorts were wet fully in the crotch and down the inside of my left leg a couple of inches and my husband said some was visible on my butt if i bent forward too much. it was hot out so it dried pretty quick, i just stayed behind our stroller.

i guess thats enough for now. bye!



Shout Out to Brandon T

Brandon T,

I hope that you are well! Miss you!

Thought about you tonight while I was pooping!


Victoria B.

Clogged toilet survey!


Robyn won't leave me alone about the (2) time(s) I've pooped in her toilet and plugged it up so I thought I'd make a survey!

1) Have you ever clogged a toilet?
2) What do you do when you block one up? Grab a plunger? Break up the turd(s)?
3) Have you ever had to put on the rubber gloves and take your own poop from the bowl to get it to flush again?
4) Have you ever clogged or had to use a clogged public toilet?
5) Have you ever blocked a friend/family member/significant other's toilet?
6) Have you ever had to admit to plugging a toilet after trying and failing to get it to flush again?
7) When it happens is it because you're a huge pooper in general or because you used too much paper?
8) Are you familiar with the two-flusher trick?

My answers to all of these, for better or worse, is yes and I'm curious to see what everyone else has to say!

Stay safe and do a big one for me!



Painful and Hard

For those that read my posts and as the name suggests I get constipated due to a neurological condition. Well, on Monday I had not been for a few days and I felt as though there was a lot there . There was no one at home so I sat on the toilet and pushed but nothing . I felt this stubborn hard but of poo in my back passage..... I got the Vaseline and the nserted my finger and pushed and as I did so the turd came down and I tried to break it off.... push and break off. I found this slow and painful and I started to bleed. I then thought of suppositories but after much difficulty I got them out of the package . People do not realise getting things out of packing is difficult for me ! . Anyway back to the subject. I inserted two suppositories and went about getting ready for work etc . I was doing the washing up when the urge hit. Usually when this happens I squirt a bit of fluid into my incontenence undies and wait until my further urges hit to give the suppositories time to better work. However, this time I lost control and evacuated a diarrhoea like substance right through my undies and into my trackers. I rushed to the toilet and took off my lower clothing and sat . There was a big hard stubborn turd blocking the way . I pushed groaned , grunted and screened so bad it was . As it exited my bum I grabbed it for examination and it was so hard and dry. I pushed out more... finished up , wiped and had to have a shower to finish off. Next day I saw the doctor and he told me to hit the osmotic laxatives and I have to see a GI specialist. The next day, being yesterday I continued with my laxatives..... my bum really hurt and produced nothing but at work just after the last of the staff left I got the urge and I could not control my farting! That has never happened before . I ran to the toilet and sat . I produced a couple of turdlets that more resembled rocks than faeces! Then it all happened . A war broke out between a big hard bit of shit in my butt and the poo further up my colon wanting out, presumably caused by the laxatives, after pushing millimetre by millimetre the stool moved and then out into the toilet bowel and then the longest bit of poo quickly snaked out . I was on the verge of passing out. My heart was racing and I could not catch my breath. I sat there for some minutes to recover. . I surveyed the wonderful situation . I have never seen so much shit from me .... the poo was long and thick . I have had big dumps before but this wins the prize !!!! When I did my BM I leant right forward so there was some shit on the back part of the toilet seat .... that happens often and necessitates a cleaning job. I felt so much better and lighter after yesterday's dump . Today my back passage is hurting...... I wonder what , if anything, today will bring ????


Better Poop

Hi everyone. After having a pee filled night while playing the oation on my sound machine, I had a really soft poop before dinner. I guess the spice from my pork skins I had for lunch today did it. Water noises in the background have never made me pee lots before, so I guess my bladder couldn't go to sleep last night lol! Anyway, I hope to have a satisfying poop again tomorrow. To Shannon: I'd be utterly embarrassed myself to poop in an uber. The most embarrassing accident for me is walking into my elementary class after breakfast wearing a pullup, and getting maybe midway across the classroom before gushing diarrhea into it. I remember then sitting on the toilet with my soiled pullup between my legs, and eventually getting changed. Changing diapers/pullups was a necessity for me at school at that time because of medical needs. Luckily though as stated before, I'm completely diaper free now.


To Xander


Glad you are here!

I'm a twice a day defecator, so I like to think of how long I've gone in terms of how many regular bowel movements I've missed. I think the most I've ever missed would be 3-4 bowel movements - two days. It usually happens when I travel and get out of my routine.

But, I've had a few solid (non-diarrhea or loose-stool) accidents in my life and have had some glorious relief after missing some regular bowel movements. I've written about them, going all the way back to page 1811 on the forum. I'm the only Catherine, I think, if you want to search my posts!

Hope to hear more from you!



Xanders question

So the longest I have held my poop has got to be 6 days
I went on holiday with my girlfriend and her family when I was 14
And I have ibs have diarrhea quite alot and so this was a big thing for me Uno this holiday and I was scared I was gna shit myself and all that and stink the toilet up

So I took some immodium and that blocked me up first few days I was like this is great until a few more days passed still hadn't gone and the last day of the holiday me and my girlfriend spooning watching Netflix getting freaky in our room when I started getting the need to go I dismiss it and carry on forget about it 10 minutes later it forces itself out no warning I run to the bathroom a log about to force itself into my pants

I yank my pants down instantly the log pushes out no resistants u hear the almighty crackling if the log when that plops a loud fart lets loose echoes threw the bowl an some sloppy mushy logs crackle out rapidly u can hear the plops echoing

Then after that the diarrhea came and it was explosive so loud and embarrasing but the relief was amazing after about 20 mins my girlfriend asks if I'm ok after hearing all this I finally flush and the toilet gets clogged me and my girlfriend luaghed about it tho but that poo was so big

Thing is I've had one of those exact same poops but it has been in my pants before so if you're want that story just ask

And the most desperate I have been was year 7 in school having IBS and highschool is not fun I have to poo in the bathrooms every day about 4 times I'm known as the kid who shits at school

But anyway my first day I was very reluctant to shit at school but I was so desperate and I was holding it in all day till when it was the end of the day I was literally almost crying holding this in I knew I couldn't make it home from school so I ran the bathrooms and blew the bowl up with sloppy mush and the relief was the best but there were people in there who heard and smelt it all

Thursday, May 07, 2020


Plumbing Issues

We had plumbing issues at my house this weekend, starting yesterday morning that we weren't able to get fixed until today. We were able to pee, but that's it since we didn't want to flush the toilets and risk causing further damage.

Anyway, so I hadn't pooped since Friday afternoon, and today is Sunday. I normally go once or twice a day. I was trying to hold out until the plumber was finished, since with the whole virus deal I really would prefer not to go in public. But I could only distract myself with work for so long before I felt my need become dire. I wanted to go for a walk at our local park's trails anyway, so I figured I'd just go there a little early and hit up the bathroom there while I was at it.

By the time I got in my car, my need became an emergency. Like it hurt to sit down, I had to go that bad. The park is about a 15 min drive away, and I was biting my lip and becoming increasingly impatient with slow drivers on the way. I finally did make it though, and pulled up into a parking space as close as I could to the bathrooms. It was difficult to walk because I had to clench to keep from having an accident. But, no problem, the bathrooms were just up ahead.

Well. I reached the bathrooms, and lo and behold, there was a sign stating that the park bathrooms are closed to prevent the spread of covid. I was in serious trouble now, but tried to stay calm. No big deal, I told myself. I'd just hop back in my car and stop at the nearest grocery store.

So I walked back to my car. As I backed out of my parking space I just remember thinking oh, shit. Literally. Like I understand now what people mean by poop trying to force its way out. I clenched as hard as I could and sat down hard, but at this point my eyes were watering. There was no way I was making it to the store or a gas station, and if I did I knew that by then I would likely poop in my pants walking to the bathroom or honestly just standing up to get out of my car.

So, running out of options, my next thought was emergency mode. I looked over my shoulder quickly and saw a grocery bag in the backseat. I knew there was another small parking lot for the park just up ahead, so I only had to make it there. As I pulled in, another car backed out and I had to stop to wait. I almost pooped my pants right then, no joke. Come on come on come on was all that was going through my head.

I pulled into the back of the parking lot, away from other cars, yanked a sweater to put over my lap, and lifted my butt to place the open grocery bag underneath. As soon as I lifted up my butt, my bowels gave out. I started pooping. I quickly yanked down my pants, and no sooner did I do that than did my first log break off. Luckily it did land in the grocery bag. After that I couldn't stop. I had to hover even higher above my seat to avoid sitting in my pile, and the smell of poop wafted in the air. It was strong. Two more logs slipped out and then I pushed and a pile of mush plopped out into the grocery bag. When I pushed I squirted a little pee out by mistake that I could only hope stayed in the bag. Now, finally finished, and still hovering over my seat, a car pulled in 3 spaces away. I made sure I was covered, tried to look like I was searching for something (which I actually was, I needed something to wipe with). I pulled the grocery bag out from under me and grabbed a towel from the backseat and wiped the best I could. I pulled up my pants and then tied the grocery bag. It reeked. It was really full and the bottom felt warm. I pulled up to a closer parking space where I saw a trash can, found some paper to wrap the bag in, and then deposited my load in the trash can and drove home with the windows down.

Not my finest moment but definitely the closest I've been to unintentionally pooping myself in a long, long time. Especially for a solid load. If my husband hadn't been home or the workers at my house, I probably would have just given in and messed my pants in the car and cleaned up at home. Anyway, that's my pandemic near-accident story. It's kind of inspired me to want to hold it again to have an "accident" at a more convenient time, but we'll see.


To Tee

The most powerful dump I ever experienced took place at a rest area along an Interstate Highway. I was driving with my wife and two adult sons when I had an absolutely urgent need to find a toilet RIGHT NOW and make a major deposit! An hour earlier, we had stopped for dinner before this sudden urge hit me. Fortunately, we came upon a large rest area where I was able to pull off the highway. Then, I had to walk about 250 feet to the restroom which took great effort. In fact, I had to stop several times and cross my legs along the way as I felt I would have the explosion in my pants. I finally got there and found an empty stall and quickly took a seat, not caring that the door was not securely locked behind me! Well, what followed was the loudest, echoing pre-shit fart of my life! It just keep going for maybe 30 seconds!! In fact, I heard someone in the crowded restroom comment when the farting stopped.... "That must have felt great!" It was almost all gas but soon was followed by one of my typical long (and I mean LONG!) firm, wide turds which loudly crackled all the way out! It was about 20 inches long and come out rather quickly. It was followed by another, smaller, softer piece which took a few minutes to fully release. I now felt relieved; wiped my butt a couple of times leaning forward, while still seated and quickly exited. The place really smelled bad, but I sure did feel better and was quickly on my way down the highway again!

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