Car peer

To Haylee

Haylee, i read your previous posts, have you been able to pee in a car yet? I really hope you get to soon!


To Marie and a coronavirus poop story

To Marie, were you sitting on your bed or did you squat over it and pee?

So since we can't really go anywhere, I decided to have some fun today. I really had to poop and I knew it would be diarrhea so I decided to make my own poop art if you will. I went outside on to my deck this morning. It was still foggy and cold out but I wanted to do this. I climbed up on to the railing after pulling my PJs and panties off, sat with my ass hanging out over the edge of the railing and just let loose a torrent of diarrhea. It splattered all over the ground below and since there's still snow on the ground(barely) it was a nice brown to white contrast. I then grabbed my baby wipes, wiped my ass, threw that on the ground and then went back inside.

I've been trying to walk every day, to get some fresh air during quarantine. I put my mask on and everything, don't worry. I take really long walks through the city, sometimes over an hour. And it's gotten difficult to find places to pee now that everything's locked down. Even shops that are open for takeout won't let you into their bathrooms. No emergencies yet, but it makes me worry. The closest I got, I had to turn around and head home, got back in time, and pissed a heavy, hydrated stream.

Anyone else trying to use a lot less tp? I thought I've perfected it, and have been counting how much I use, but I was so mad today because I had to use seven squares after taking a dump (and I've been successful so far at using 5 or less). I just can't deal with skidmarks, that's too gross for me. Luckily I should be able to stay under my personal daily limit of 20, because lately I've been getting by with less than 12 (probably not than 12 for today, but less than 20).

Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself, it happens, and I am still using FAR less than I used to. I don't mind if my I accidentally get a little pee on my underwear, but I draw the line at skidmarks. Is this selfish?

My country really should have adopted bidets lol.


What Makes Pooping Embarrassing?

I've really appreciated this forum. I love talking about defecating and feel that we have a safe space here.

Why are we embarrassed about pooping?

Is it the smell?

Is it the appearance of the final product?

Or, is that it is the fact that it both smells, appears gross, but feels so good?

I've wondered if that's where the shame comes in. I can talk with you all about every bit of this, but I would die if those who know me knew how much I enjoy my bowel movements.

And, so far, the other day was the only day I pooped three times. Yesterday I pooped twice, but they were both huge!

I'm going to back off the chia seeds, but keep them around for occasional treats. I need to be less gassy. I'm farting all the time! Or, I'm holding farts all the time. It's getting a little uncomfortable!!!

Love to all!



To Tee & OHIO Toiletstool fan

I used to enjoy many buddy dumps with friends growing up. In 5th and 6th grades, back in the 1950's, our schools OPEN STALL toilets were situated in such a way you would actually sit directly across from a classmate who was also sitting there doing his business. We had 6 such toilets, two rows of three, all facing each other. Many of the boys hated using these "very public", but there were those of us who realized that when you "gotta go", you "gotta go"! The best time for buddy dumping was during lunch hour. Those 6 toilets would get a workout. The amazing thing I remember is that everyone who used these toilets was respectful of everyone else. There was no bullying (like I saw in Junior high school). Everyone was there to do their front of each other. Some guys were very sociable while they were dropping their loads and others were more shy. It didn't matter. We all had to poop! Some guys took only a minute to do the deed while others would be parked for 10-15 minutes, sometimes longer. I saw many different wiping techniques. Some guys stood up to wipe, fully exposing themselves as they wiped. Others, like me, could wipe sitting down. Some of the "sitters" reached in from the front; others leaned forward and reached around from behind. Everyone was different. While seated, some guys sat with there legs tightly closed so as to not expose their privates while others sat with their legs wide apart, which showed everything. Some pulled their pants down to their feet while seated; some to their knees and others down "just enough" to sit on the toilet careful not to expose anything to those present. One friend of mine would take a 20+ minute shit every day during the lunch hour. If you sat across from him, you got a real show. With his legs wide apart, you could actually see his turds very slowly dropping into the bowl as he carried on conversions with everyone within his view. This guy obviously enjoyed his time sitting on the toilet every day. There was always a lot of farting going on, too. Most everyone had pre-shit farting, which amazingly was not laughed at or negatively reacted to by fellow shitters.

Junior high, however, was a bad time to even try to take a shit at school. The bullies would just make any guy trying to take a shit really uncomfortable. Once I witnessed a guy being pulled off the toilet while he was in mid-poop creating quite a mess. At most of the schools I attended, the toilets had no doors to keep kids from smoking. The best time to do a #2 in Junior high was between classes as often a teacher would be present to monitor things during the breaks....but you only had a few minutes and had to be quick!

To answer your other question....I generally only fart while sitting on the toilet. Except for being around my wife, I really try not to fart in public. Farting belong in the bathroom!

Times were very different in the 1950s. It's hard to believe, but men and boys actually swam NUDE at the YMCA where I also had many great memories of buddy dumping in the locker room with a row of toilets....side by the stalls!

I actually liked the openness of those times. Everything has really changed!

Monika B.

to Constaguy

I was just slightly constipated for a couple of days and I usually don't have to deal with constipation. I didn't realize how much it could affect frequency.

I think growing up I just went whenever I got the urge, and continued that into adulthood, so I didn't really train myself to wait longer. I feel like 6 a day is a good number to strive for; any less and I'll have to be dehydrated, which isn't good. Bladder training is much harder than I thought it would be though, and is a big part of the reason I'm cutting down on caffeine (if I drank as much coffee as I used to, there would be no way).

Student in Belgium

Outdoor pooping

Last summer my girl friend and I made a camping trip for several weeks in Scandinavia. Wild camping is legal for a few nights at any place in the wilderness. We used that opportunity. Mostly we stayed only one night at every place. From the first day we certainly peed outside but we were a bit unsure about pooping. My girl friend is a "lunchtime pooper" so she often went to toilet at a petrol station or a cafeteria. But I am a "morning pooper" and prefer to get it done just after breakfast. But the first days I did not do that and became constipated. But one morning in the second week my girl friend had been out in the bushes to take her morning pee and when she came back she had a broad smile and could tell that she had walked in on a man squatting with a bare bum. She concluded that if he could I also could. I felt the urge and I knew that I had not opened the bowels for at least four days. I decided to give it a try. There were several other campers there and therefore I had to walk well away from the parking area before taking the risk of pulling shorts down and squat. And it worked! I managed to empty my bowels in just a minute or two. For sure it was a good feeling. That was my first outdoor poop ever. The weather was nice and we decided to stay at the same spot for the whole day and another night. At lunch time when my girl friend felt the urge she also decided to give outdoor pooping a try. The remaining three weeks I went to toilet in the outdoors every morning and I guess that my girl friend did it every second day or so. She neither had pooped outside before. She is a bit more shy than me and she always insisted on being alone when pooping but a few times when she took her dump in the evening I saw her waste when I went to toilet the next morning. But once she was walked in on by a man when she was squatting. Afterwards she said that the situation seemed to be more embarrassing to him than to her! I was newer walked in on but a few times I think I was spotted from distance. We sometimes also saw other campers squatting to go. At an information boot at a national park in Sweden I asked the woman at the counter if there were toilet in the park. She said that the only toilet was at the parking lot. If in need when hiking one had to go in the bushes she said. I guess that she saw that I was a bit surprised because she added that one should not be embarrassed about it and said with a smile: "Recycling is fine, isn't it?"


Worst Nightmare!

So one evening me and my best friend was driving back from the beach and decided to have a quick meal at a roadside diner!Food was lovely but it my opinion was going to change quick.
We was driving along the road when my nose got hit by the worst smell ever "Sorry mate my stomach is messed up" he said. Within a few minutes i had joined him in stinking the car up. Half hour later both of us was getting desperate but a sign up front was a like light from heaven! We pulled up and started walking towards the toilets, in front was a van but we wasn't concerned as thought there would be enough toilets.
We opened the door and panic came across both us. Two toilets in the open, and one was occupied by a bloke who was literally shitting his insides out. My mate rushed to the only toilet left and started filling it up. I was getting more desperate, walking backwards and forwards. The bloke on the other toilet must have felt sorry as he said i could borrow his seat but he would need it back. I didnt even wait for the flush to finish as i pulled down my boxers and did the loudest fart ever and filled the toilet to the brim!
I had completely forgot about the other bloke, who was looking in distress. He said he needed the toilet back, but i couldn't get off as the shit was still falling out. He was begging me to get off as we could all hear the farts coming out of him. Luckily there was a trash can in the corner, he ran over and pulled down his briefs and hovered over the can. WOW he was literally shitting for 5 mins non-stop. My mate at the point had finished shitting and was wiping, he got up and the bloke walked over with his briefs round his angers and finished on the toilet. At that point i was finished and was wiping, but before we could leave my mate ran back to the toilet and started filling it again.
We was in there for 30mins taking it in turns filling up the toilet, while the other bloke carried on shitting on the toilet!

Taylor T

Old Stories Cause Nothing Is Open.

Hey all, recently I've been trying to reminisce on old stories because I really have no stories to tell. I'm either pooping at home or at work, I could take my mom's car somewhere and take a poop in public but that would really be it. First I have a couple comments for people.

Lucy- Great Story about your big poop! I actually have a story about a summer camp from a few years ago.

Emily H- I'm glad you like my posts. Sometimes I think I'm a weirdo but I'm glad people like my posts lol. I hope to hear more stories from you as I'm really interested!

Summer Camp- Okay so here is my first story. This was in 2017 and I went to a summer camp down in Florida. I remember my mom payed a ton of money for me to go to this camp and she spent the time down in Florida with my aunt. I was very scared on the first day when I showed up. I knew no one which was pretty scary but eventually I met one girl named Halle. We still talk to this day and she lives in Arizona. At the time she was blonde and very skinny and about 5'3. We had the same room together too. We had our own private bathroom and the rooms were air conditioned. Around 9ish we were in our bunk bed, she was on the top and I was on the bottom. We were on our phones and she had gotten up out of bed and said "Be right back" and she went into the bathroom. I heard the toilet seat clank against the bowl and nothing else. I heard a quieter pee and eventually it stopped, 10 seconds later she made a very long fart. I didn't hear anything else after that and she came out of the bathroom about 3 minutes later.

Grandmothers House- This story happened just a couple of days ago, my mom and I went down to visit my grandmother for the weekend. She lives all they way down in Cape Cod Massachusetts on Nantucket I think it's called. Anyways we arrived on Friday morning and we were leaving on Tuesday morning so we got settled in. I made it through that Thursday and Friday without pooping so by Saturday I was dying to go. I waited for my mom and grandmother to leave so they could go to the grocery store. They left around 1:00 and I immediately went to the bathroom. I pushed my leggings and panties down around my ankles and sat on the cold wooden seat. A big slimy turd slid out of me and fell in and it was probably a foot long or around there. A couple of pieces fell into the toilet with plopping noises and a medium sized turd around 5-6 inches fell in. I felt satisfied enough and began to wipe and I flushed.

5th Grade Summer School- So as you can tell by the title this revolves around summer school which I hated but I actually liked this year of summer school. This story takes place in between the summer of 4th and 5th grade when I was in summer school. It was me and 4 other students in the specific class. It was me, 3 other girls Kate, Yvonne, Brittany and 1 boy Josh. It was a rainy day of summer school and we had to split up into groups and read a book and do a couple of questions. I chose to work with Josh cause he was quiet and was actually really helpful. Me and him went into the theater room on the other side of the library. I remember me and him were talking more than actually reading and at one point we found something really funny in the story and he laughed so hard that he farted pretty loudly, he was so embarrassed but I told him it was fine. We finished reading the story and got to question 4 or 5 and he told me that he had to use the bathroom, I had to also so I told him I'd go with him. We walked down the hallway together and I told him I'd meet him outside and all of a sudden he couldn't get into the boys room and it was locked. He said "Ugh I'll just go to the other bathrooms all the way on the other side of the school" he said it in a joking way but I told him he could come into the girls room with me cause I wouldn't be weirded out. He thanked me and we went in, he took the first stall and I took the second stall. I locked my door and pushed my leggings around my ankles and hopped up on the toilet. I looked under the stall and he was rolling off toilet paper and placing it in the seat, I was kinda excited cause it would be my first time pooping with a boy. His red shorts and blue underwear fell to his ankles and he hopped up in the toilet. A couple of tiny turds fell out of me and one big turd slid out of me at the end. But I remember Josh having a big dump. I remember looking at the tile on the back wall to see a reflection, I remember seeing his butthole open wide and a big turd gape out and slide out splashing in. We finished up and met at the sinks and he said to me "Promise me you won't tell anyone this happened, I had to take a major dump and I'm like very private about it" " I swear I won't I understand how embarrassing it can be". We are still friends to this day and laugh every time we talk about that story.



To Marie: I love your pee story. I'm glad you enjoyed peeing into your bed! Prune juice is my drink of choice as a way of staying healthy, and I had a bit of a cleanout yesterday that was mush. I noticed sometimes that when I flush, a toilet can seem to "cough" down the water. It's sort of hard to explain, almost like an air bubble sound. My toilet seems to sound diferent every time I flush it as if this "air buble" thing has a different rhythm to it. It's such a wonderful experience just as enjoying my 1988 Holly Hobbie doll. Before discovering her, I never knew that 80's plushy toys were made firm. I do agree though, that holding her is still way comfier than sitting on a hard toilet seat all day lol! Hope everyone is evacuating well, and good day.

Monika B.

To Bert

Honestly it's too conserve resources. Sure before it wasn't a big deal... but I'm trying to conserve tp and soap. And I'm not doing anything too extreme, just trying to gradually put more time in between bathroom breaks. I eventually want to be able to comfortably put 4 hours in between, but I'm not sure that's possible for me, sadly. I've heard of others doing more extreme things. Tbh I feel a bit guilty when I use the bathroom now, even though I know I shouldn't.

Ugh these past two days I've been really struggling because I've been getting bad sleep, thus being awake longer... and I barely make the 7 a day limit. What makes it actually worse is that I've had to get up to pee in the middle of the night, so that's already 1 down, not leaving much margin of error. And if I hold too long, I end up needing to go very soon after. I'm drinking a normal amount. Maybe I should just admit defeat lol.

My wife and I celebrated our 1st anniversary last year with a 2 week trip to a beach paradise, were we both ended up with the worst stomach problems of our lives.

It all started on the second night. We went out to dine at a restaurant some friends had recommended and had the most amazing food. We both ate a massive amount of shrimp, crab and fish, and by the time the dessert came I was having a massive stomach ache. I didn't tell my wife, and went to the bathroom before we left for the hotel but I couldn't let anything out, the pain did subside so i thought I probably just ate too much too fast. On ride back, my wife complained of an upset stomach as well, which got me a little bit worried, but she was also fine as soon as we made it to the room and went to the bathroom.

We were both still a little bit jet lagged so we went to bed at around 10 pm. At around 12:30 am, i woke up to the most intense stomach pain I have felt in my life. I was covered in sweat and felt an urgent need to shit, so I ran to the toilet clenching my butt cheeks together, but I as I made it to the bathroom I could feel diarrhea starting to fill my pants. I still don't know how I managed to regain some control and yank down my now soiled pants to sit on that toilet and let all chunky hell break loose. In the rush and panic of crapping myself I didn't manage to close the bathroom door, so I had the most horrific diarrhea of my life with the door open as my wife laid in bed 20 ft away, so as soon as I felt confident enough I stood up and closed the door, thinking my wife was still sleeping.

I spent the next 30 minutes in there with severe pain but not being able to let much out except a few loose chunks. I felt awful and tired, so i got myself cleaned, got some new pants and returned to bed. When I did, my wife asked if I was feeling better so I told her something probably hadn't agreed with me, which was immediately confirmed by the noises my stomach was making. I was in so much pain that I couldn't help but moan loudly as really intense camps hit me one after the other. My wife got my some water and rubbed my stomach until she fell back asleep.

When she did, I went back to the bathroom to try and push out whatever was causing me to feel this way with little result, until around 5 am when the pain finally subsided a little bit and I went back to bed, where I managed to sleep for about 3 hours.
I woke up feeling better, but embarassed that my wife found the bag where i disposed of my soiled pants, but she was understanding and just said she was sorry I felt so bad.

About an hour later I was feeling much better, after sitting on the toilet and passing some bad gas, and actually kind of hungry, so we decided to go down to the hotel restaurant to eat something. I had some toast and banana, to try to settle my stomach, but unfortunately it ended up doing the complete opposite, because just as we were going back to our room to take a shower, I felt a really bad urge to go again.
As we waited for the elevator, my wife noticed how uncomfortable I was, and asked if i was ok. I told her I needed the toilet bad.

The ride up in the elevator was hell. Some other guests from the hotel got in and pressed the wrong floor button, so we ended up making 3 stops before our floor. When we finally made it I was about to loose it, so I walked as fast as i could while trying to keep everything inside. I made it to the room, but to my horror my card key wasn't working. My wife came and tried again but it didn't open, and just as she started to look for her card in her purse I realized I was about to shit myself again. In my desperate dash to the room I noticed a trash can a few feet before my room, so just as I was about to mess myself again I ran for it as I unbuttoned my jeans and just exploded inside it.

I felt embarassed and mortified but at that moment I also felt relieved as waves of mushy diarrhea cascaded out of my butt. When my wife realized what was happening she came to my side and desperately looked up and down the hall to see if anybody was coming, while she reassured me and told me everything was fine. Unfortunately it seemed like my stomach had decided to just expel everything that had had me agonizing the night before, and I just couldn't stop shitting. A few minutes later a woman tried to come out of her room and was surprised by the show I was giving so she just closed her door again. That was the most humiliating moment of my life but I just couldn't help it.

While I was relieving myself on that trash can, my wife managed to open the door to our room, so as soon as I felt confident I pulled up my pants and ran to the toilet, where I proceded to have severe diarrhea for about an hour.

I was so tired afterwards that I just wanted to get into bed, but I was also very sweaty so I decided to take a quick shower, where I once again got hit by really bad camps and lost control and had watery diarrhea while doubled over in pain. I ended up just squatting there as the cramps hit and I peed out of my butt.

My wife got worried that I was taking too long on the shower, so she came in and helped me finish my shower in between waves of diarrhea. She kept rubbing my ???? and telling me to let it all out.

That whole day I went to the toilet 11 times, before I started feeling better and my diarrhea stoped. I had never been that sick in my whole life, and we didn't even know what it was, as my wife didn't get sick.

The next three days everything seemed to get back to normal, I had my regular bowel movements, and we had a lot of fun even laughing about the show I had given at the hotel hall.

While WW3 had happened in my stomach, my wife was at the other end of the spectrum, as she had been suffering from constipation since we started our trip, and she had only managed to poop on that second night after we got back from that dinner.

After 4 days of constipation, she started feeling very bloated. She started to eat a lot of fruit and even had some fiber cereal for breakfast, but that only seemed to make it worse as she got a stomach ache for hours that afternoon but still didn't manage to go.

I went to a local pharmacy and got her some laxatives, but she refused explaining that the only time she had done so she ended up having the runs for days. That night I tried to help her by giving her a gentle massage on her very bloated belly, but she was very uncomfortable and the pressure caused her pain. Before bed she spend an hour on the toilet with no luck, until she finally decided to give the laxative a try. The bottle said that the stuff should work overnight, so I wasn't surprised when the next morning my wife got out of bed at 6 am and rushed to the toilet, where she spent about 40 minutes and I could hear her farting up a storm, so i assumed the laxative had done it's magic. When she came out tough she told me that she had felt some urge to go, but still hadn't managed to, she said it was probably just a matter of giving it some more time, and told me she did feel a bit better after passing some really bad gas.

That day we had an early breakfast with just fruit for her, as she wasn't feeling very hungry and everything else just made her more bloated, and after she tried to go again with no success, we went out to the beach.

As we laid there I could hear her stomach rumbling, and after a few minutes she told me she needed to go to the room because the laxative seemed to be making things move and she had a strong urge to go. She began to gather her shorts and t-shirt to get dressed to get back to the hotel (as per their rules), but suddenly she got a worried look on her face and placed her hand on her stomach as she excused herself and told me she really had to go bad, while doing a little dance to clench her butt. She took off in a hurry and I could see her trying to hold it in, and just hoped that she would make it, and that they wouldn't stop her at the entrance.

I got all our things and took off after her, and when I made it to our floor, a few feet before our room door I noticed a few drops of what looked like greenish/yellowish water on the floor, and sure enough, when I entered the room I could hear her moaning loudly and found her in the turned off shower, with her soiled bikini bottom on her ankles, as she was awkwardly half standing, half squatting as pure liquid shit came out of her at full force and got on the floor and the wall.

After a few seconds she realized I was there and began to cry and say she had to go real bad, her stomach hurt too much and hadn't made it. I felt really bad for her, so I got in and hugged her and told her everything was going to be fine. I got the shower running and helped her clean and shower. I rubbed her ???? for a few minutes and I could actually feel and see the movement of her intestines. After what felt like a really severe contraction of her stomach, she doubled over in pain, but not much came out, even though she looked to be in horrible pain. She squatted again and pushed and pushed, so hard that she actually fell unto her knees and began to throw up, just as a particularly bad wave of mushy diarrhea came out of her. So I got her cleaned up again and she finally made it to bed. She had 2 more diarrhea attacks that afternoon, but seemed to feel better afterwards. I told her I was sorry, the laxative had made her this sick, but she told me it had been her fault, as she had been so desperate that morning that she had just taken a big (almost half the bottle) sip after not being able to go.

We decided to just stay in the next day, which probably unsurprisingly went by without her having to go again.

The day after that, we went to breakfast to a restaurant a couple of miles from our hotel, and on the way back she suddenly stopped on her tracks and moaned that she needed to go, but before i could even react, she ran behind some trash containers lifted her dress, pulled down her underwear and had 2 very runny yellow diarrhea explosions. When i realized it I ran and try to cover her as best as I could, and when she finished she told me she had been having cramps since we left the restaurant and unsuccesfully tried to hold it in, until she realized she was about to loose the battle. I had to run to the store and got her some tissue to clean herself as she stayed hidden there upset about her new episode of the runs.

When we got to the hotel, she had to go again for about 25 minutes, but she didn't go again for the rest of the day, or the next one, and had her first non diarrhea movement 2 days later, when she actually had to go to the bathroom 3 times, non of them urgent.

I probably don't need to explain that we had to cancel a lot of plans and activities while we dealt with our stomach issues, but on our last day we had a scuba diving session planned which lasted 5 hours and included a light lunch, and since we both had felt good for a few days we decided to go. That morning I had a rather loose, almost diarrhea like bowel movement, and even though i felt fine, i decided to take an immodium (which i had bought along with the tissues), just in case, as I knew there would be no bathroom on the boat. Everything went perfect for the first 3 hours, we scuba dived and took amazing photos. At lunch we both decided to have just a small turkey sandwich, but my wife managed to eat only about half of it before she got that, now familiar, distressed and panicked look on her face. I realized what was happening and asked her if she was ok, which she answered by mumbling that she had to go again. I quickly found one of the instructors and and told him that my wife needed to go urgently, and asked him if there was anywhere she could do it. He said that she had to hold it, but at that moment he looked at my pale, sweaty wife and realized the situation she was under. He was in the process of saying he would try to find a box or bucket, when my wife almost yelled that she couldn't hold it anymore, ran to the back of the boat, that was thankfully free of other people, yanked down the bottom of her bikini, and managed to almost sit by the edge of the boat as her butt hanged out and released a massive stream of yellowish/brownish diarrhea. I quickly grabbed some towels and ran behind her trying my best to cover her. This went on for a few minutes, before her diarrhea seemed to stop, but sure enough, after she drank some water she had to go again. Of course everyone on the boat noticed her ordeal, but they didn't come close and tried not to look as she left a trail of diarrhea on the ocean almost all the way to the dock. We got back to the hotel without further incidents and my wife slept for the rest of the day, but that night, before I went to bed i had severe diarrhea as well.

We spent the last day locked in our hotel room, eating just things that wouldn't upset our stomachs.

Before we left for the airport we both took some immodium, and my wife took another dose just as we got on the plane. On our 6 hour flight home she had only some water and orange juice, while I also had some pasta, and just to top of the hellish trip I got another diarrhea attack right before landing. When I finally got to the stall after waiting for a few minutes for another person to get out I heard the landing announcement just as I jumped on the toilet barely making it on time, so sure enough, about a minute after the steward was knocking on the door telling me I needed to get to my seat for landing. I told him i needed a few more minutes, and he said to hurry up. When i felt done i cleaned, flushed and was washing my hands when he knocked again. I told him i would be right out, but just as I said it I was hit by a new cramp that just sent my butt flying back to the toilet with bad diarrhea flowing out of me. In the middle of this particularly bad episode he knocked again and said if I didn't come out he would have to open the door. I could also hear my wife explaining to him that i had a running stomach and I yelled that I wasn't feeling well and that I needed to finish, but he said I had 2 minutes. Needless to say when he came back I wasn't nearly done as an intense pain in my lower abdomen signaled, but I knew he was about to open the door so i just lost it, I pulled up my pants (without wiping) and pushed the door open just as he was reaching for it. I got out and yelled at him that I was having the worst diarrhea of my life, and that i hadn't finished, just as i got back to my seat and spent the landing in agony, with diarrhea between my cheeks and cramps that made me double over. As soon as the plane touched the ground i jumped up my seat and ran back to the toilet, where i just exploded all over the seat and the back wall, but by that time i couldn't have cared less.

As we got off the plane there was airport police waiting for me, as the steward had reported my "violent conduct", but after I explained to them that i had had a severe diarrhea attack they let me go.

On the airport I went to the bathroom 3 more times, and had to make 2 emergency stops on the way home, the last of them just a few blocks away, in the middle of the road to relieve myself. Even so, i crapped myself as soon as we got home, as i was running to the bathroom

I spent the rest of the day shitting my brains out, and had sudden diarrhea attacks a few minutes after heating lunch for most days for the rest of the month. In all, it took almost 2 months for my stomach to get back to normal.

My wife seemed to be better for the first couple of days after we got back, but got hit with another case of the runs on the third one, and has been having diarrhea sporadically since then, with a couple of accidents.

Needless to say we're not going back to that place.

Monday, April 20, 2020


Catherine's survey

If I knew my crush was peeing (4)
If I knew my crush was pooping (4)
If my crush farted (2)
If I knew my crush was vomiting (3)
If I knew my crush had diarrhea (3)
If I knew my crush was constipated (4)
If I knew my crush accidentally peed their pants (3)
If I knew my crush pooped their pants (3)
If I knew my crush took a laxative (4)
If I knew my crush had diarrhea in their pants (3)

Why I feel this way?

In my first year of graduate school I was dating this PR major, two years younger than me. She partied too hard and didn't seem to want to moderate her actions. Despite my warnings one Saturday night after a well-supplied VIP reception, she came back to my dorm room and stayed over. At 5 a.m. Sunday morning she practically fell onto me jumping out of our bed and running for the toilet. With only her underwear on she was blastings out of both ends. With her head in the toilet bowl she was moving and throwing up so violently that the seat had fallen back onto the top of her head while a soft stool and diarrhea was running out of her other end and splashing onto the floor and opposite wall. I tried to help her by pulling the toilet seat off her neck and was trying to keep her head up more so she wouldn't pass out and fall face into the water. When she told me to Get F##### twice and told me to leave her alone I turned the light out after that on our relationship. She showered and cleaned herself up and left without speaking. I had to clean up the floor and toilet wall. If anything, I'm probably too sympathetic when mistakes are made, but when they are repeated they are no longer accidents. Repeated bad behavior and decisions are something else.


A Bush Poo

I have read recent posts about pooping outdoors. It is a prerequisite for a rounded experience in bodily functions. I have travelled Australia extensively in my youth and in many places there are no toilets at all , so you look for a private spot and do the deed. I was on a tour in Central Australia and the vegetation is sparse. We were with a group of about five girls and when one or more wanted a BM one of the girls would be a "cockatoo " to warn away any more unwitting walker . I have done a poo behind a clump of trees , and in the bed of dried up rivers . If possible it is great if you can squat in a position with a panoramic view. I also like early mornings with a nice fresh crisp breeze playing around my private areas . These days I prefer to sit over the branch of a fallen tree for support . Once I had a laxative, it was around just when I started to be chronically constipated and what poured out of me was like caramel sauce . I have not had a bush poo for some years and hope to make amends in due course .


Catherine's survey

No crush, I'll answer about my wife.

No change from anything on your list. I would like to watch her go but simply knowing what she's doing is simply biology, neither good nor bad. Neither of us asks for privacy on the toilet.


Catherine's Potentially Risky Survey

I'm answering Catherine's survey, as a nonbinary person who's attracted to anyone regardless of gender.

Scale of responses:
1: Would gross me out
2: Would make me less attracted
3: Would not change how attracted
4: Would make me more attracted
5: Would excite me to no end!

First, if you knew your crush was peeing

Second, if you knew your crush was pooping

Third, if you knew your crush farted

Fourth, if you knew your crush was vomiting

Fifth, if you knew your crush had diarrhea

Sixth, if you knew your crush was constipated

Seventh, if you knew your crush accidentally peed their pants

Eighth, if you knew your crush pooped their pants

Ninth, if you knew your crush had diarrhea in their pants

Tenth, if you knew your crush took a laxative.

My general answer to all of this is that it's another form of being naked, in a sense. It's revealing your body in an intimate way to a person. I'm neutral on the wetting/messing of pants because that's just an unfortunate clean-up problem. And for whatever reason, farting around me is just like electricity. It's so playful and honest and bodily.


Responses to Mina and Jenny

Mina: thank you for your kind words. We are doing well and I really have not felt additional stress due to the outbreak. Our staff has handled things well. We've been able to help a few families with our savings. That's a blessing. And we are all pooping well! I hope you and your roommates are safe and healthy.

Jenny: I was so excited to see your post that I did not answer your questions. We have plenty of toilet paper, not from hoarding due to COVID, but because we buy our Charmin at Sam's and we pick it up when it's on sale. We stock up on Paper Towels and Charmin regularly (pun intended?).

Victoria B: Thanks for the tip about the wet wipes. We only use them if our poops are really messy and sticky, which is rare. But will change our habits to disposing them in the trash instead of flushing them. I hope you are well!

Love to all!


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