Mama Did a Pootie Doo


I've missed everyone on the forum! I hope everyone's well!

Just a quick story: I have the day off today and I'm home with my little boy, who's 2 & a half years old now. He's growing, learning to talk and, pertinent to this forum, learning to use the potty on his own. He's really done well.

However, he's learned some toilet words and, like his mother, seems really interested in all things poop related. Sometimes our younger daughter, Zoe, will play with him. And when he poops really loud and mushy, she will repeatedly say, "Eww! Someone did a pootie doo!" We use the words "doodie" or "doo doo" in our house quite a bit when it comes to our choice of potty words with Joey. But the word "pootie doo" signals more of an explosive type movement.

Well, today I had to go a little bit later than normal for me. Alan and the kids were gone, but I had gotten ready for the day when an urge to go came one stronger than usual, accompanied by some cramping.

I used the hall bathroom, and, of course, kept the door open (no privacy for moms when we are alone!). I pulled my sweats down and as soon as I sat down, I exploded. It was loud, filled with gas and mushy poop! Then, I turned and saw Joey in front of me in the bathroom. He was smiling, but said with excitement, "Mama did a pootie doo!" It was so cute!

Love to all!



Morning poop at work

I had another early morning shift at work today, and since I enjoyed it so much the first time, I decided to have my first toilet visit of the day at work too. I woke up at about 7:30 this morning and had breakfast before jumping in the shower. I've found as long as I can keep myself busy, I don't actually need to wee straight away, but as soon as I get comfortable the feeling hits me like a train. After my shower I got ready for work and then headed into town. The drive there wasn't too bad but I could feel the coffee rapidly making its way through my system. It got to the point where I was jiggling my leg whenever I didn't need to press the clutch.

It took me about 30 minutes to get to work and by that point I was BURSTING. There was no way I would be able to put off going to the toilet. I switched on my computer, put down my bag and headed to the single toilet on the floor. Luckily it was empty and I locked the door behind me before pulling my black trousers and red thong down to my calves as I sat on the nice curved seat. I had been sat for mere seconds before a loud splashing reverberated through the room as I began my morning pee. It felt heavenly! I leaned forward and sighed, completely losing myself in the relief. I do enjoy a good wee. I went for about 30 seconds and as it slowed to drips I was gently stretched open by my poop slowly but effortlessly making its way out of me. I enjoyed the sensation as it slowly slid out of me and it fell into the water with a flumph, followed by two more splashes as the remainder was evacuated.

I felt nice and empty so I got myself some toilet paper, peeing a little more as I pulled it off the roll. I reached between my legs to wipe my front and then used an additional four pieces to wipe my behind. I pulled up my thong as I stood and then pulled up my trousers, making sure I didn't have any of my top hanging out. I flushed, sprayed a little air freshener (not that I really needed it) and washed my hands before returning to my desk. It was an enjoyable shift and I think my morning toilet visit contributed to it.


Soft play centre toilet trips due to flare up/illness...

Hiyaa stoolers x

So yesterday I took my daughter scarlet to the soft play centre along with my best mate Mandy and her 2 toddlers.

I had a bad IBS flare up while i was there, and had to leave early..
Here's what happened..

9am - drive to Mands, and picked up her & the kids.
I had a big runny poo before i left the house, and on my way to the soft play centre I felt anogher urgent poo arrive.

We got to the centre for 930, and I left Scar with Mand, as I rushed to their loo.

I discovered I'd started my period a lot earlier than I thought it was due, and sat down to release my desperate plops.
7 initially, followed by a wet fart, a further 8, another wet fart, followed by a further 5. I sighed relief and pushed out a further 4 on top of that to finish.
I wiped 6 times znd flushed, leaving a load of skids in the bowl.

Just 30 mins later at 10.05 am I needed another desperate poo.
Off i went again.

I pulled my jeans and knickers down, and as i went to sit my first plop was already out and falling ...
This poo resulted in 16 plops in quick succession, followed by a sigh of relief, and i pushed out a further 8 on top to finish.
Wiped 7 times and flushed.
Washing my hands i looked in the mirror and saw i looked pretty pale and unwell...

Heading back to the kids and mand even she commented i didn't look well.

I soon needed another desperate poo but held it in for as long as i could, and finally gave up at 11.15am.
This time it was pure watery diarrhea and i decided enough was enough.
I said I'd be going home and because i drove us all, i dropped off mand first.

As soon as i got home i went for another bout of watery diarrhea and continued to have it for at least 5 hours later.

I feel ok today but I'm not going out till Monday (2 days later) so i can rest at home and keep up my water intake.

More soon, love J xx


Toilet privacy

At my high school, even more doors have been taken off the toilet cubicles because of smoking, vaping and some other activities that I don't think we're suppose to talk about here. So the other afternoon at about 6 p.m. I had finally finished math tutoring and a club meeting and my pee was hurting and ready to explode. I ran to the nearest bathroom and I almost broke my hand when I ended up pushing a fully locked door. I had to think fast. Run downstairs and hope for the better. Or run all the way down the hallway about a half block where I saw a janitorial cart parked. I was hoping the boys bathroom was being cleaned and that I would have clear access to mine next door. But that wasn't the case. Charleton, everybody's favorite custodian was working with a broken paper towel dispenser that he said cost $75 and would have to be replaced.

From just inside the doorway I did something I almost never do and that was cursed to an adult. I told him that if I didn't get my butt onto a toilet, he would be cleaning up another mess. He laughed, said he has 3 daughters at home, and told me to go for it. The toilet I took was the closest. There was a half ton of shit in the bowl, some splashes on the seat. But I didn't care. I dropped my butt directly onto the seat with a thud. Charleton heard it and laughed, telling me not to bust the seat. I told him I hope I didn't bruise myself because my right thigh hurt. Then the eruption started. It was noisy, I could smell the shit of I don't know how many others beneath me and being reconfigured, and Charleton said I reminded him of a barmaid he use to know who drank more than her customers and had to madly drain her kidneys every couple of hours. I told him all the coffee and pop I drink each day flows right through me.

Another student came in, saw Charleton at the other end of the room, and without asking permission, took the toilet next to mine. I could tell by the wideness of her feet, and clothing all the way to the floor, that she was probably a crapper. There were a series of splashes into the water and then she yelled out to Charleton that he hadn't replaced her toilet paper. He told her to get some from me. She seemed somewhat disrespectful as her fist hit the panel that separated us. I must have pulled down 7 or 8 of the cut squares for her. She thanked me and then yelled something to Charleton that I didn't fully hear or comprehend. Then I flushed and left without washing my hands. There's just something about a member of the opposite sex being in the bathroom while I'm using it that makes me a bit uncomfortable.


Shoutout to kmd

Hey kmd!
Thanks for the shoutout, u made me smile, I remember you too - i hope you are well?! :)

I'll post a story soon guys, a bit busy right now
Hope everyone has a great weekend x

Saturday, February 22, 2020


Post Title (optional)p

Hi Jemma long time no hear and it's great that you're posting again. I really loved your descriptive posts and it's great to see that they're still as good as ever. Congratulations on now being a parent and I wish you many happy years in this role. I have been very tardy in recent years when it comes to posting so you have inspired me to start again.

Well last summer I was rushed to A&E with severe abdominal pains and it was assumed that it was an appendicitis. Tests ruled that out and it that it transpired that I had an inflammation of the colon for which I was given strong antibiotics. A later colonoscopy confirmed that I had diverticular disease and I'm now on a very high fibre diet and to eat plenty of nuts and grains which I'm now doing. Oh well the ups and downs of getting old I guess lol. Mind you, fingers crossed, since I've been adhering to this diet I've not had a flare up and it's also important to keep hydrated.

Anyway Jemma it was so good to hear from you and maybe we'll hear more from you and I will try and start posting again. Take care you and also everyone else on site.



Sonya Sue

More summer toilet adventures

A few months ago I wrote about how my group of friends spent much of our time in the summer riding our bikes and and looking for ways to break the boredom when we were like 10. I told you about Moose, Nate & Annie, my friends on page 2799. Since we didn't want to go to our homes to use the bathroom, we improvised some interesting experiences. Often we used the toilets at the park, but one hot summer afternoon they were locked so Moose, who was the most adventurous of our group climbed atop a dumpster in an alleyway, dropped his shorts and underwear, and while carefully holding himself from falling in, said he was taking a crap. We didn't hear any plops, but it was close to a highway and the traffic was noisy.

By far, Moose was much more athletic than me and Nate challenged him to have a contest: Moose had tossed an old broken bowling pin down to Nate and said he didn't think if it was placed on the ground, and Moose directed a full pee on it, his pee wouldn't be strong enough to knock it over. Moose, of course, was sure as he pulled his organ out, that he could not only knock down the pin, but could roll it several inches into a ditch in the dirt driveway. Both me and Annie were surprised that Moose actually pulled his organ out and he immediately attacked the pin. It fell quickly and he really unloaded on it. Nate than said he wanted to try, but I felt sorry for him because he was only able to produce a few trickles. He got easily embarrassed.

We rode our bikes farther down the alley and Annie could see a patch of high weeds. She had to piss but said she wanted privacy. Of course, Moose tried to challenge her. He got off his bike and noticed way back in the weeds there were two toilets that had been thrown out as junk. One was stacked on the other. They were dirty, attracting bugs, and had probably been thrown out several months before. Working as a group with weeds up to our waists, we were finally able to lift the top toilet off, place it upright next to the other one. Like Annie, I hadn't pissed in about 3 hours and we had shared a 32 ounce bottle of soda, so Moose dared Annie and me to sit on the toilets and take our pisses. I told Annie to widen her stance as she sat because with no piping, her piss would be going into the ground and running downward to where we were sitting.

Moose had never seen a girl piss before, and he said a couple of things that Annie and I just looked at one another and realized how outright ignorant he was.

Anna from Austria
Some comments about the Diarrhea survey from Catherine.

I cannot answer the questions properly because I am not bothered with Diarrhea that much.

In my case it is a bit complicated because I know 2 types of Diarrhea.

I have not been plagued very often will real sickness related Diarrhea for many years. Has been a while since I have been feeling really sick and spending lots of time on the toilet.

But I "suffer" quite often from irregular waves of Diarrhea (very mushy and watery).

Especially when I am on my period the watery Diarrhea occurs quite often

Spicy food also has that effect on me.

But it does not cause lots of discomfort at all. It is just the normal number 2 feeling and after visiting the toilet I feel good again.

Going in public could be embarrassing because I my Diarrhea is quite explosive.

But I am always a explosive pooper even in normal poop mode so I do not mind. I always fart when I poop. So it does not matter.

That's it for today

Greetings from Austria


Marcus W

Catherine's survey...

1. How often do you fart?
Quite a lot; ten times a day at least. I eat a lot of pulses...

2. Do your farts tend to be noisy or silent?
Both, but they're usually audible.

3. Do your farts smell?
Usually, yes.

4. Have you ever accidentally farted out loud in a situation that it was not appropriate?
A few times. The best was in the scholarly silence of an academic library. I thought it would be a silent one, but it came out as a window-rattler that had readers on the other side of the room looking up from their books and staring around for the culprit!

5. Have you ever accidentally farted a silent but deadly in a situation that was not appropriate?
Many times.

6. When you are alone, how do you manage to handle an attack of smelly gas? Do you leave the room and go to the restroom? Light a candle? Or, just let it rip?
Just let it go: I don't mind my own smell.

7. When you have a case of gas that causes loud farts, but relatively little to no smell, how do you handle that when you are with others? Do you excuse yourself to the restroom? Do you step outside or away from the group? When you are alone, how do you handle it?
I smoke, so I use going for a cigarette as an excuse to go and let it out.

8. Do you ever take medicine to ease gas?

9. Do you ever do anything naughty when you fart? (Sometimes I will sit on a hard chair or stool and force the fart out to see how loud I can do it. Others might fart in people's faces or something. What do you do?)
Don't think I ever have.

10. Do you enjoy farting?
Yes - of course!

11. Have you ever farted but blamed someone else?
Only the dog.

12. Has farting ever made you cry or blush?

13. When peeing, do you fart?

14. When peeing in a public restroom, and you have to fart, do you just let it rip, or do you try to hold it and still empty your bladder?
I'll try to hold it if there are other people around.

15. Do you fart when you poop or diarrhea?
I never get diarrhoea. I sometimes fart when I'm having a poo, but not all that often.

16. Has anyone ever shamed you for farting?
Yes, when I did it loudly in assembly at school.

17. Have you shamed someone else for farting?
No, I don't think so.

18. Is there anything else that you would like to say about farting?
I don't care who says farting isn't funny - it just is!

Thursday, February 20, 2020


Shoutout to Jemma from the uk

Hey Jemma

I remember you! Thanks for posting on the forum again. It was good to hear from you again - I missed you. I used to post on this forum fairly often too but not so much these days - but I still visit the site. Hope life is going well for you and your family.

I always enjoyed your stories. It would be great to hear from you again, though I guess you probably don't have much time to post what with having to look after your little one.

Like your two stories - as always. BTW Don't mind other women who snigger when you're using the loo - best to ignore them. After all, it's what toilets are for.

Best wishes



To Mrs Bigandhard

Welcome to the Club, Mrs Bigandhard! I have an umbilical hernia which gives problems with a hard shit . Like today, I had not been for two days despite laxatives and this afternoon I got the feeling and used a public toilet to evacuate my bowels . Yes, it was hard but it came out ok. .


Hard Dumps and Public Toilets

I am still having big hard dumps. Say, ever second day . A short time ago I had my first poo at home for days.... nobody was at home so I was able to push and groan out loud. I examined what I produced and it was compacted hard lumps. The toilets at work are very ordinary. There are two toilets in the men's. No urinal the dividing walls are only about 5 foot six inches high so if you are tall you can see over. Often I sit there groaning and one day someone will hear me . Another thing about the toilets is they are not that clean due to very lazy cleaners. The toilets at work, I sometimes refer to them as the " meeting room" because there is another man in an office on my floor and we discuss work issues if we meet in the toilets . The staff must think I was having a huge dump! Our toilets have a bit of a window for ventilation, however, the ladies have no window but a "half hearted" air suck out system. They have only two toilets as well and there are more women than men and sometimes the smell just drifts down the hallway. Who says girls don't shit!!! If the opportunity arises and it often does then I will go and poo in a local public toilet in the park or will go to another destination.



To Jess: I understand about worrying about your husband finding out. I always delete my browser history on my computer. Though I use our real first names, I don't use real names of anyone else, especially our children. Alan knows of my obsession and also shares interest. But I cannot bring myself to tell him of this site.

For me, posting on this site has been a healthy outlet to think through what I feel has been an abnormal obsession. It helps me to get my thoughts out in the open so that I can go on with my day, if that makes sense.

I wish that I had a best friend who I could just sit down with, who shared my feelings about pooping, and we could just talk about it until we've come to terms with it and just get tired of it. But I've never had that friend.

It's amazing that you have not had diarrhea since you were 14! I am that way with vomiting. I just don't vomit much. I'm not really afraid to, but it's just not something I do. When I do, it's a lot at one time, rather than multiple spells of it. It leaves a pleasant after feeling, but it's not something that I want to happen.

I appreciate your thoughts, insights and your reservations and wish you the very best, both in the bathroom and in life :)

Molly: Welcome to the forum! Would love to hear more from you!

Thomas: Thank you for your reply. I always worried about going in my sleep when I have diarrhea but fortunately that never happened.

Constiguy: That's an interesting way to describe it! Thanks for your reply!

Love to all!



To Anna from Austria


Yes. I have been caught. I shared on this forum that

1. In 2010, I pooped a really satisfying long, thick log during a Labor Day gathering while friends watched a football game. It would not flush, and the owner of the condo (a man) had to take care of it. We dated for several months following, but it turned out to be a disaster.

2. My first story on the forum occurred in Spring 1999, my senior year in high school. Again, I clogged a toilet and the friend's father had to fix it. It was a massive dump.

3. In December 2015, I pooped at the movie theater following Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Because I had our youngest daughter with me in the stall, I was preoccupied and forgot to flush, leaving the person waiting for our stall at the crowded theater to take care of the deed.

4. In 2014 I pooped at church and it would not flush. However, I was long gone before the custodian realized who left the load.

Whether forgetting to flush or clogging a toilet, there's something a little humiliating about others seeing your poop!

I hope that's helpful!




Thank you, Mina!

Thank you so much for taking the survey on behalf of your roommates and yourself! The word O-nara sounds so beautiful! I could imagine your Japanese accent pronouncing it with such grace! "Fart" just sounds disgusting.

I guess it's like the words "diarrhea" and "defecate." They sound so beautiful to say, but then you remember what they mean...hehe!!!



Mrs bigandhard (optional)

I am a woman that has to sit and strain.. a lot.

Ever since I was little I have had very hard poops. Now that I am an adult, I still have trouble going to the toilet. My poop is always big hard... and wide.
At times it is like rocks all jammed up in my butt where it gets bigger and harder as time goes on.
I find that I just have to sit there for an hour or more straining pushing and I have developed a hiatus hernia.
So when it starts to come out, it is stretches my hole and it hurts.
I guess this is the way it is going to be.
Mrs bigandhard

I heard someone quietly swearing in a public bathroom today. Every couple seconds, from the next stall over, just 'f***,' always in the same frustrated tone. What was extra weird is that my poop had just landed in the bowl when I heard the first swear.

I guess this person wasn't having a good time.


Sharing some of my own experiences.

So I've spent a lot of time reading the old posts on this forum as part of my research. And after all that and the advice I received, I feel like sharing some of my own experiences. Like I said in my posts, I had male cousins and a little step-brother who always tried to spot me on the toilet.

All throughout my childhood, my family would visit our cousin's house a lot. It was two story and kind of run down. It had a bathroom on the ground floor and the top floor. The top floor bathroom had a door, but the bottom one had a shower curtain set up over the doorway. I'd never use a bathroom like that today, but when I was 6 and 7 I didn't really care.

The thing about this bathroom was the shower rod in the doorway could be jarred loose pretty easily if someone jumped around in the next room. My cousin that was 7 years older than me always thought it was funny to jump around and make it fall when someone was using it. He did it to me, my sister, our mom, and even his own mom and brother!

My other cousin was only 3 years older than me and didn't start trying till a few years after that. He would just open the door while I was on it. It happened enough times that now I'm sure some of it was on purpose. When I was little, I never thought I had to lock the door in my own house. Did any other girls here think like that?

My step-brother is the only one who really watched me use the toilet instead of catching a glimpse of me sitting on it. When I was 14 and he was 6, he hid behind the shower curtain. I was on the toilet for I'm pretty sure 5 minutes before I realized he was here. He thought it was funny. And every now and then I'd catch him there again, saying he was playing hide and seek.


Forced to use guys' bathrooms at school

Saturday I was with about 150 students representing my school at a statewide leadership conference. It was held at an all-boys high school. I was one of the first to arrive because it was a 45 minute drive and I don't have GPS in my car. I drank a large coffee while driving so when I arrived I was bursting for a pee. I figured they had to have at least one womens toilet for faculty and parent functions. But at the registration desk as I was trying to restrain my dancing feet the student leaders told me that one of the two bathrooms on each of the three floors had a sign over the entrance making it a ladies room. I picked up my packet and followed their directions to the "ladies" room.

It was clearly labeled and someone had tried to be clever by putting "don't be afraid of a new experience" across the bottom of the yellow butcher paper. There was a line of cubicles. Each without a door. Each had two rolls of toilet paper mounted on the wall behind the toilet. I went into the second of about 10, hiked my skirt, dropped my underwear
and at the last second realized I was about to fall in. I had forgotten to drop the seat. I flipped it down fast. Found it was a bit loose when I tried to get more comfortable with my sit. I indeed unloaded what Kennard's older brother calls the "tank" and as I did I found the row of urinals on the wall in front of me to be interesting.
The one closest to me had its bowl jammed and was leaking. I flushed from my seat and walked slowly to the sinks at the end of the room. Although I've seen urinals a couple of times before, being alone in the guys bathroom with a good look at the plumbing and imagining Kennard standing there and using it got my imagination going.

I used that bathroom three times later that day. Each time I peed I had several others competing for the toilets and discussing how gross things were with open urinals and no toilet doors. One said she now understood what her boyfriend had been complaining about. That makes me think that maybe my Kennard isn't quite as unusual. I had my crap after lunch and my pees were inconsequential, although one girl, while standing and waiting for me to get done, complimented me on my pee stream being noiseless. I explained that by sitting forward more the pee hits the porcelain. That was something my grandma taught me before I started high school.


Other recent accident

Thanks for the responses btw but yes there's more. I'll get right Into it here. So recently I had a late work day. I had just got out and had a phone call from my parents telling me they'd be out for the night. So I was on my own for food. I decided that I could hold it and stop somewhere to grab a bite. Had to poop after work of course and decided to go through the drive through cuz it wasn't busy. It was this nice vintage restaurant that serves older fashioned burgers and fries, but isn't very greasy or anything which I love. Anyways I noticed as I was paying that the urge to poo was getting rly bad so i quickly got my food and drove home. But by the time I had gotten home and up to the garage door, I was holding it for dear life. I could barely take a step let alone walk through the garage to the door and march to the bathroom... even through i was clenching as hard as I could my uh, butt muscles? Yeah those muscles just strained and went limp on me. The second they stopped responding I started loading my pants. This time it was simply a firm load. Two big logs back to back that formed a big bulge in my pants. Crackling much louder then I would have liked and overall just being an embarrassment... so to answer your question yeah I do have quiet a few accidents. Even since I was a kid I've been pretty toilet shy but have been pretty good at hiding my messy pants from those around me heh

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Long time, no stories (years ago regular poster)

Some of you may remember me?!
I'm Jemma and used to be a regular poster maybe 2 years ago or something.. well I'm 33, married, and now have a baby of 7 months old, and i live in the UK.

I have IBS mostly D, and it's so bad I'll often go in public for very big poos because i have no choice.

I have a couple of stories to tell.

1 - poo in motorway services last Saturday...

Me my hubby and my daughter Scarlet were on our way up north to visit friends and 3 hours in, i needed a poo desperately.
We were on the motorway and services were 5 miles, so we stopped in when we reached it.
Hubs stayed in the car and I dashed in to use the loo.

I pulled my white jeans & white thong down and hitched up my black jumper, sat down on the loo and before i could get comfortable, it was plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop ... 10 runny plops fell out in quick succession- i sighed initial relief, then a further 8 fell on top of that. I got up to wipe, and looked at my creation, curly light brown mushy poos took up the room and only a tiny bit of water could be seen. I wiped 6 times and flushed, leaving a few skids.
Sprayed my perfume, then headed out to wash my hands and head back to the car. We continued up north and arrived 2 hours later, having a fab weekend with friends ... and a few big poos in their loo of course!

2nd story - night out with friends, desperate poo in club in the early hours...

So I was out last night for the first time in about a year & a half! And it was such a good night, and at 1.30 i was bursting for a big poo, i was trying to hold it in but i was so desperate, so i told the girls i wss off to the loo.
There were a few groups of girls in there, standing by the sinks etc, and I headed in to the loo.. lucky i had a pack of tissues in my bag as there was none in the loo.
I hitched my red dress up, pulled my pink thong down, and sat on the loo.
I got comfy and let my loose plops drop... i had a bad ????ache and they all came out with a crackly sound and a few farts here and there.
I had an initial 12 plops, and after a sigh of relief, a further 10 plops, then after another sigh of relief, a final 7. The room stunk of my poo, and as i stood up to wipe i could hear the other girls sniggering and saying how much it stank in there.
I wiped 8 times and flushed, but only half went, so i flushed again, and by the time i came out, the girls had left, thankfully.
My stomach was still grumbling and spasming so I headed home at 2am, then as soon as i got in, i dashed to my downstairs loo for another desperate poo (i blame the wine!) That one was 19 plops in quick succession then i wiped 4 times, flushed and after washing my hands headed to bed, where i was greeted by my hubby who stirred as i got in, then spooned me rubbing my achey belly, i dont remember much after that so i must've fell asleep pretty quickly.

Well i hope you enjoyed my stories! Take care everyone x


to Taylor T

Hi Taylor. Great story about you and your boss filling up the toilets. I used to work at a grocery store too, and wen i was on carts i would always find my buddy in the back pooping. He always said, bout to go blow it up! Haha

Sounds like yall hand some good poops. Just wondering, who was on toilet cleaning that night? Did yall flush or leave it for the poor bastard to fix themself?


To Clara

You're welcome. Oh wow, yeah that's cool. When the need is strong n you gotta go, you gotta go. I don't wait around very long for the urge to develop. Last time I peed and pooped outside was today actually. I had to go on my way home from work. I had to pull over on the side of the road, grab my baby wipes I keep in the car, made a dash in to the woods, cleared an area from the snow, pulled my pants and panties down, squatted and peed and pooped. It came out pretty fast as I was not in the mood to stay out in the cold for very long. It took me less than 5 minutes to poop n wipe. I got back to my car n continued to drive home.

Pooped Pants Too

To Icy

Icy, that's happened to me before too. A lady at a gas station came to the back of the store to unlock the bathroom for me and I'd started pooping my pants on the way there. I basically stood still on the way to the washroom, squeezing my butt but it was no use. I waddled to the washroom and I'm sure she could tell what had happened.


Dump of my Life. A Satisfying Dump

After posting yesterday I was at an education session this morning and got a strong urge and knew it would be a hard one . I went to the public toilets and grabbed the first cubicle . I threw my arse on the pot and started pushing. It was rock hard but my poo wanted out. I pushed and grunted and gasped and I was so focused I did not care who heard me . It was long big and hard. Two pieces and both took super human effort to push out. The second was so long it just kept coming. In total it did not take very long and on wiping there was nothing on the paper . I still feel released and that BM was three hour ago!

To Icy

Nice story! Sounds like you are a bit accident prone, any other instances of not making it on time?

Otherwise I only read a lot here but tell my first not spectacular story from Friday evening ...

I drove to my best friend on Friday evening, we always like to cook together at the weekend and enjoy drinking wine and just chatting.

This time we made potato casserole because he still had some at home that had to slowly go away. Have eaten cooked wine and would have been a smoke was a very nice evening and then decided to watch a movie.

He just wanted to go to the toilet and I was sitting next door in the living room and have already watched Netflix which film we could watch.

His apartment is very noisy and the sofa on the wall to the bathroom. And I just listened consciously for the first time, I thought we ate something to drink, he must now have something bigger - of course he knows nothing of my preferences and joys about it.

I sat there and put my ear to the wall. You can actually hear it very, very clearly in the apartment if not very loud music etc. is playing.

He goes to the bathroom. Close the door. Lock upside down. Strum the belt and sat down. Cleared his throat. I have never made it consciously with friends honestly and was totally excited hoping that he had to poop and not just pee.

As I said he sat down clearing his throat and then silence.

Unfortunately I don't know if he peed because you couldn't hear it. But I heard a hard breath and was happy like a honey cake horse.

Then I heard a really loud fart echoing in the bowl.

Then actually 2-3 min. a strained breathing and clearing my throat again and again. Then a loud muffled splash of a probably thick sausage and an "ahhhh" then another loud muffled splash and "ahhh" and another third for about 30 seconds. Always clear your throat in between. Sounds like 3 big sausages.

Was really excited about the scenario to be honest. The whole process took about 5-10 minutes. not paying close attention to it.

Then I heard the toilet paper holder use it two or three times. Then the toilet flush and then take the toilet brush that smacked on the floor and the pot when the brush was pulled out onto the floor.

I quickly sat back down correctly and took the keyboard and mouse in my hand and pretended to be searching the Netflix media center. We had his laptop connected to the TV.

He came back to agree on a movie and drank some wine and had a nice cozy evening with friends. He is like a brother to me and neither of us would have the idea to want something from the other.

I enjoyed the thought that I was listening and he has no idea about it.

Best regards:)

Hope you like my first story


Thank you, Mina!

Thank you so much for taking the survey on behalf of your roommates and yourself! The word O-nara sounds so beautiful! I could imagine your Japanese accent pronouncing it with such grace! "Fart" just sounds disgusting.

I guess it's like the words "diarrhea" and "defecate." They sound so beautiful to say, but then you remember what they mean...hehe!!!




A couple of quick replies

Hi everyone,
Just a couple of quick replies today.

Candace: I don't think it's weird that you shower after you poop. It just never happens with me due to timing of when I'm going out etc. Believe it or not, it often happens that I'll get the urge after I shower! :) Oops. Like you, I admit to running the shower while I was on honeymoon as my husband was right in the next room. Hotel rooms don't offer much privacy. I was due to have a shower anyway so just ran it for a bit longer while I pooped.

Catherine: Thanks for checking in, have just been a bit busy and sometimes feeling a bit self conscious. My husband doesn't know I post on here and to my knowledge he doesn't know about this site. I remember you saying a similar thing about your husband once before and took some time out from the forum. Do you still feel the same way? I just don't want to be doing anything bad. Plus, I would do your diarrhoea survey but I haven't had full blown diarrhoea since I was 14. I'm 36 now! If I were to choose consistency it would be smooth or chunky. Watery or explosive just feels plain awful, burns my bum as it comes out and just smells awful! My worst experience with diarrhoea was when I was 14 and ended up in hospital. This will be a separate story for the forum. I hope that answers a bit of the survey anyway! :)

Skeeter: I haven't had an attack of diarrhoea with a cold, but believe it or not, as I'm leading up to a cold or respiratory virus which is particularly bad, my bowel movements may be a bit looser in consistency a day or two before the cold hits. Sometimes however, I go the other way and become slightly constipated. Maybe my gut gets a bit sensitive when I'm run down? Who knows? Interesting question though.

Take care all!
Jess :)


Anna from Austria's question

This happened during my first week of middle school. Unless we had the courage to raise our hand, be recognized by the teacher, sign a list posted on the wall, and carry this wooden block 3 times the size of a post-it, we had to do our bathroom thing during one of the 4 minute passing periods. For me it was a soft crap that I learned I should have taken care of before leaving for school that morning.

After 1st hour, with backpack still on, I made it into the bathroom, took the last available toilet, the only one with no privacy door. I had a dress on for some privacy. I pulled it up with one hand and tore down my underwear with the other and placed my butt on the warm seat. With minimal effort, my crap started its slide. It was kind of soft and somewhat loose so I knew I was going to have probably 30 seconds for wiping.

As the last piece passed and the 1 minute warning bell started, I feared I was going to be late to Science. These dumb squares of toilet paper were tough to use and I even stood during the last part of my wiping. That was no easy task with my backpack on and I almost fell forward. I knew I wasn't totally clean, but I buttoned up my jeans and went straight forward out of there. The last girl out. That was the problem.

I knew I wouldn't have time to wash my hands. In my panic I also forgot about flushing. I turned left for the exit figuring I had about 15 seconds left. This large lady, who I later found out was the girls basketball coach, was looking me directly in my scared eyes. She asked me if I forgot something. I apologized about not washing my hands. She walked me back to the toilet and I had to look at my crap floating round in the water framed by the faded black seat.

She stood behind me while I made a feeble attempt to flush with both my left and then my right hand. I guess I didn't get the leverage right because my back was hurting from holding the sliding backpack. Then I remembered what my mom did and had taught me to do so I didn't have hand contact with the flusher. I used my right foot and while frustrated on the 4th or 5th try, I finally got the flush to work. The teacher complimented me and told me to take time at the sink to wash my hands. Then she reached into her back pocket and wrote me an excused pass to Science.

I'm almost 30 now and almost always remember to flush in public places. At home, my boyfriend Diver and I are not perfect about flushing, but we're pretty close. Most of my craps are away from home; most of his are at home. Both of us are pretty good about flushing our pees, although in the middle of the night we might wait until morning to preserve each other's sleep.

Steve A

To Taylor T & Catherine's Survey

To Taylor T: I work at a grocery store as well. I've been in similar situations before of having to poop during my shift. When I'm on carts, I have more freedom to go as I please. However, if I'm on register, then I have to wait until my break to poop.

Catherine's Survey:

1. How often do you fart? It depends, I'd say between 5-10 times a day, if I were to count. Maybe more if I ate beans or something similar.

2. Do your farts tend to be noisy or silent? Both

3. Do your farts smell? Both smelly and non-smelly

4. Have you ever accidentally farted out loud in a situation that it was not appropriate? Here and there

5. Have you ever accidentally farted a silent but deadly in a situation that was not appropriate? Here and there

6. When you are alone, how do you manage to handle an attack of smelly gas? Do you leave the room and go to the restroom? Light a candle? Or, just let it rip? I don't care when I'm home

7. When you have a case of gas that causes loud farts, but relatively little to no smell, how do you handle that when you are with others? Do you excuse yourself to the restroom? Do you step outside or away from the group? When you are alone, how do you handle it? I'd excuse myself if my farts were loud in that situation, but once I'm alone, then it doesn't matter anymore.

8. Do you ever take medicine to ease gas? Never did

9. Do you ever do anything naughty when you fart? (Sometimes I will sit on a hard chair or stool and force the fart out to see how loud I can do it. Others might fart in people's faces or something. What do you do?) Not really

10. Do you enjoy farting? Yes

11. Have you ever farted but blamed someone else? Yes

12. Has farting ever made you cry or blush? No

13. When peeing, do you fart? Sometimes

14. When peeing in a public restroom, and you have to fart, do you just let it rip, or do you try to hold it and still empty your bladder? Only if I'm in a stall, but I'll try to hold it in if I'm at a urinal.

15. Do you fart when you poop or diarrhea? Yes

16. Has anyone ever shamed you for farting? Yes, some people told me that it was a "childish" thing to do.

17. Have you shamed someone else for farting? Never

18. Is there anything else that you would like to say about farting? No one should feel embarrassed about it.


Catherine's survey

Luckily it is not often that i have diarrhea, but if I do accidents happens. Several years back I was wrestling with bladder issues and bed wetting and some weeks I was diapered 24x7. So when I was having a diarrhea it was just normal for me to wear a diaper. And yes, it was frequently needed.

For whatever reason I tend to sleep deeply and I do not wake up. Luckily not a problem recently, but instead of waking up that I have to pee I would just dream about it and do it in my sleep. With diarrhea it was different, I would wake up to the sensation of filling my pants or diaper.


Kendra's survey

Hi everyone,
Sorry it's been a little while. Life gets busy! I'm amazed at some of the stories on here, with such volumes in people's loads. I'll send some stories in a little while but first, I'll reply to Kendra's survey.

1. I normally pee between 4-6 times a day. If I'm stressed, maybe more because my bladder tends to become overactive if I'm anxious. Thankfully, that's not too often!

2. When I pee, it's a reasonable amount. I had to keep a bladder diary once and my maximum flow measured between 500 and 600 ml.

3. My longest pee is usually in the morning or if I have a particularly strong urge to empty my bladder, then I find that the stream is more forceful.

4. My maximum rough estimate of my wee would be in my response to question 2

5. No, I'm never worried about peeing in a public bathroom.

6. I usually poop once daily but may miss a day when I'm getting closer to my period. I'm never constipated when I miss a day though which is fortunate.

7. My poop is normally quite big and voluminous. I guess I could say I'm flexitarian (half or more than half of my meals are vegetarian) which helps my bowel movements. I don't quite have the consistency of Catherine's big snakes though, however I do a few reasonable sized pieces.

8. Yes, I will poop in toilets other than my own home. I feel more comfortable in a public toilet than at work but I'll still go wherever I need to go as I don't believe in holding it in.

9. I'll only have the door open at home if I'm peeing, never for pooping.

I hope those responses are ok. Happy toilet adventures!
Take care,
Jess :)

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