Girl's Day Out

Hello, my name is Deb. I last posted about my good friend Carrie and when she had a really bad diarrhea accident at work a couple weekends ago. This past Saturday her and I got together and had a girls day. We went to lunch and then went to get our hair done. We were planning on doing a bit of shopping afterwards.

Our lunch was good, but it wasn't exactly agreeing with me. Something was just a bit off. We got our hair done at this girl who I had been seeing for years who's name is Jessica. She has a salon in the basement of her condo. I got my hair cut first and then had some colour done as well. While I was waiting under the hair dryer, Carrie was getting her hair cut. I could feel my ???? getting bubbly. All of a sudden, my bowels dropped and I could feel a rush of diarrhea want to get out. I tried as hard as I could to keep my butt checks clenched but I let out a small but very wet fart into my white hipster panties. I said out loud "I need to go to the washroom", but unfortunately Jessica couldn't hear me. More diarrhea wanted to come out so then I yelled "I NEED TO USE THE TOILET!" Jessica heard me and said, "Oh sorry honey! I'll get that thing off of you." She lifted the lid of the dryer and I sat forward for a few seconds as a wave of cramps hit. Carrie asked, "Hey, are you okay there?" I just looked at her with panic on my face. Another squelch of diarrhea slipped out. I got up and quickly shuffled my way to the washroom. Right as I got there, I lost it and erupted in my panties. I filled them up with a really wet and sloppy load. Some of the mess was already leaking out of the leg holes of my panties. I felt another wave coming on, so I turned on the light and closed the door of the washroom. I carefully pulled down my jeans and panties and let out a rush of diarrhea into the toilet. I could feel the mess that was on me dripping into the toilet. My hipsters were a wreck and the mess was already leaking through my pants. I just sat there and said to myself, "Oh my god!"

I tried cleaning myself up as much as I could, and I used all the toilet paper that was on the roll. I was wearing a sweater so I took it off and tied it around my waist. I washed my hands and went back to the salon. I sat back in the dryer chair and Jessica asked, "Hey hon, are you okay?" I said, "I'm okay, just not feeling the greatest. I guess my lunch didn't agree with me." She said that my hair was done, so she sorted me out. Carrie's hair was done as well, so we paid Jessica and left.

As we were walking back to Carrie's car she asked me if I was okay. I said "Actually no. I'm not. I don't feel well." She said, "Oh I'm sorry. What's wrong?" I said, "I have the runs." She asked me if I wanted to go home, but I needed to use the toilet again, so I said, "Can we just go over to the mall. I need to use the toilet again and it's closer than going back to my place." We got to the mall and while we were walking through the parking lot I started going in my pants again. In the mall I went to the washroom. Cleaning up was almost impossible. I met back up with Carrie and she asked me again if I was okay. I said, "No. I'm not feeling well. I didn't make it. I had an accident." She said, "Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. Do you have a change of clothes with you?" I said, "No, I need to buy some."

We went to La Senza and I bought several pairs of hipster panties. We then went to Old Navy so I could buy some new jeans. I couldn't try them on so I made sure that they were the correct size at least.

As we were leaving the store, I felt a gush in the front. I thought to myself, "Oh god, not again." I went over to a mirror and moved my sweater out of the way. Sure enough, my period was starting once again. I looked at Carrie and said, "I just got my period." I looked in my purse for pads, but I only had a regular one. So we went to Shoppers Drug Mart so I could get some Always extra heavy overnight pads. I got some baby wipes as well, to help with the clean up.

I finally got to a washroom in the mall and got myself cleaned up properly. I wrapped up my messy pants and panties and put them in one of my shopping bags. I was feeling better but my god, my period was super heavy. I actually bled through my pad as well as my new panties and jeans and had a big blood stain on the right side of my bum.

After I saw that I had an accident with my period, we decided to go back to my place.

Thanks for reading.



My Ideal Pooping Session ideal pooping session is similar to yours. I really enjoy taking a nice long, un-rushed shit on an adult sized toilet in a public restroom.I have found that eating lots of wheat cereals (Wheat Chex, Wheaties, etc.) gives me very large and firm turds which really can take time to pass as they really can stretch my butthole while exiting producing a wonderfully amazing sensation. When first seated, I will pass some gas and then have to push a little to get the proceedings started. Then, I will just let things happen, not pushing, but letting the large turd slowly inch it's way out of my backside. This process can take 15 to 20 minutes often producing a 15 to 20 inch turd. The feeling of this is INCREDIBLE! Sometimes, I get really lucky and will pass a second turd, too! Another nice thing, these turds are quite firm and wiping is usually not needed which really adds to an ideal pooping session. Generally, I experience a poop session like this about once a week.

I'd like to hear others give an account of their IDEAL pooping sessions....


Survey of Kendra

1. How many times a day we pee? Varies a lot. More in winter than in summer.

2. Is it a lot? Also varies.

3. when is biggest pee? Maybe in morning. But not sure.

4. How long can you hold? We are all able to hold long time when we have visitor in office and can't go to loo. Other times, we never hold.

5. hesitate to pee in public loo? No. All four of us don't mind.

6. How often we poo? Once or twice a day (H) Once a day (K) About 5 times a week (Mi) About 3 or 4 times a week (Ma)

7. Poo is a little or a lot? A lot, all four of us. We eat a lots fibre, so our motions are huge.

8. Do we poo at work or the public place? Sometimes (K, Mi) Never (Ma) Often (H)

9. At home, do we use loo with door open? Always. We don't think it is need to close door except when we have visitor. Very normal for me to see Kazu or Hisae or Maho sitting on loo with serious face. I think beautiful.

Love from Mina and friends

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Anna from Austria
Question to the ladies

Did you ever Forget to flush and got cought?

I had some cases where I had to leave a toilet unflushed after going number 2 because the flush was not working but I neve get cought so far. I just got cought once, when I Forget to flush my pee.

It was at a house Party and I was quite drunk already, so Forget to flush at a Friends house. Then another Girl, (luckily it was no guy) then called me out and said i shall go back to the toilet to flush down my pee.

Last week I might have cought a culprit that forgot the flush her poo. But I cannot say for sure.

I went to the bathroom at work and as soon I entered to toilet I knew something was wrong.There was a very intense poo smell.

Never have smelled it that intense in that bathroom before. It was like somebody was just pooping at the Moment but nobody was in the toilet besides me.

Did not thought About it much though because i was bursting for a wee. So I deliberately took one stall. And then the smell hit me even more.

I looked into the bowel and saw a big long sausage like turd covered with toilet paper.

At the Moment I pulled the flush a Lady was storming into toilet. As she saw me Standing the stall she just pretented to wash her Hands.

We both did not anything to each other.I just looked the door, pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the seat that was still warm and did a long hissing pee.

I might be wrong but I suspected the Lady to be culprit that Forget to flush and then went back as soon as she noticed her mistake. Would make sense to me at least. Nobody would rush back to the toilet for Hand washing only.

I did not know the Lady quite well by the way. it was one of the new employees.

That is my Story for today.

greetings from Austria



Ideal Poop

I note Catherine's request for the ideal poop. . It happens only very occasionally for me. I call it a " power dump ". Firstly I need plenty of time and be in a location that I can just sit there . It typically begins with stubborn turds that I have to strain and grunt to get out and I just keep on pooping and my poo getting softer as I go . The end result is a full toilet and a feeling in me that every last bit of shit has been expelled. Sometimes laxatives can give me a power dump but whilst they are effective mostly not. Once after an enema I went into power dump mode. Right now I am sitting on a public toilet and having a great movement but does not reach the ideal status of a power dump . Such movements take a long while to complete and come with a very rumbling ???? and lots of farts.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Cassie great story about your desperate poop at work it sounds like you had a major cleanout that day and sounds like that other woman did as well.

To: Crystal another great story.

To: Taylor T great story about you and Cassidy's big poops I bet you both felt good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now. Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


A big accident at market

So here's a little story about how I pooped my pants in front of a cute college girl... A few weeks ago I was out shopping at a local meat market of mine. It was a Wednesday afternoon so I expected them to be rather calm. And it was, but there were two main problems. Firstly I had to poop, and I'd been holding it all day while running around town doing errands. The meat market was the last stop. Secondly, they were understaffed that day. There was only one person working the main counter. Of course their bathrooms were for employees only when I asked so I was forced to just hold it. After waiting for 9 and a half desperate minutes (yeah I was counting the whole time heh heh) I finally got my sliced meats and went to the checkout. Luckily i didn't have to wait for the checkout cuz there girl working it was seemingly really fast. By the time i got to her she was just handing the last person's recite to them. She looked about a year or two older then me, so about 20 or 21. She quickly scanned my items and made some small talk. Just as I was paying for my stuff she mentioned I didn't look too well and asked if everything was ok. I told her I was just fine but was pretty desperate for the bathroom at the moment. Then to my surprise she told me there was nobody else ready to checkout and she could let me use their employee bathroom. Of course I took her up on that super generous offer and she handed me my stuff, telling me to just follow her. As she lead me to a super short hallway she lead me to a door that said "employee restroom" and she pulled out a key to unlock it for me. I don't know why but I was not able to hold it any longer at that moment. She stopped messing with the lock and gave me a curious but sympathetic look the instant she heard a loud squishing sound and an involuntary grunt from me. A firm load had started filling my briefs and creating a bulge in the back of my khakis, followed by two more logs, each a bit softer until I was finished going. She quickly tried to apologize but i turned it down and told her it was my fault, and I was sorry she saw that happen. She was super sympathetic and offered to let me clean up in their restroom which I declined not wanting to mess up their bathrooms I wasn't supposed to be in anyways. I quickly started walking away from her and towards the exit, and I'm sure she got a good look at the bulge in my pants as I waddled down the hall with a mess slightly bigger then a grapefruit in my pants...


A few stories

This story happened a few days ago after I had finished a night shift. I had thought to myself that I needed to wee before I left the hospital, but upon seeing that the loos were being cleaned I decided that I could wait until I got home which is only a 15 minute walk away. However, as I walked past another set of toilets, I thought it better to go now rather than being desperate later on, so I went inside. These toilets have been weirdly designed as if the hospital was trying to utilise all the available space possible. What this means though is that one cubical is extra big as it goes around the corner while the other is extra tiny. As both were empty, I elected to use the bigger cubical and after locking the door, putting my bag on the hook, taking off my coat, undoing my work trousers and sitting down onto the seat I had a relieving wee. As I was sitting there, I thought that I could also poo, so I began to push and yet nothing was seeming to move. I thought about giving up but pushed again and this time I could feel the turd crown and then it plopped into the water with a resounding splash. This was followed by another loud plop as a second log exited my arse. I stayed sitting to see if there was any more to follow and as I was doing I so I noticed that the cubical lock was extremely similar to the ones in my school's loos in the Art and English departments when I was there over 10 years ago (indeed, I think it was manufactured by the same company). I then stood up to wipe and just before I put the paper into the toilet, I looked at my turds; both were very brown and about 3cm's in width with one being around 5cm's in length while the other one looked to be much bigger, however I couldn't tell because some of it was already down the bend. After getting redressed and putting my bag on my back I flushed and unlocked the door. Then I washed my hands in the sinks that were to the right of the cubicles before exiting the bathroom.

As I've got time, I'll tell you another story and this one is from the day afterwards when I was in my favourite café having a vanilla latte and a slice of cake. As I was doing so I could sense my bladder filling up and also that I could maybe have a poo. Once I had finished, I made my way to the single occupancy bathroom. By this point my need to wee was quite pressing so it was a relief to sit down and empty my bladder, so much so that I momentarily forgot about maybe having a poo. Luckily, I remembered just before I was about to get up and within the next couple of minutes I produced two turds. I then stood up and saw to my horror that there wasn't any paper! And to make matters worse this poo has been quite messy! Seeing no other option, I just pulled up my dark blue panties and knew I would have a skid mark in them; indeed when I got back to my flat and was having a wee I looked down at them and saw that they were quite badly marked.



To Skeeter: I never get diarrhea with a cold. I'm not sure why you might experience that. Are you taking antibiotics or any over the counter meds with your colds? Antibiotics can cause diarrhea because they not only kill off the bacteria causing infections, but the good bacteria in your gut essential for good digestion. Eating yogurt on a consistent basis is a good habit, especially on antibiotics. Too, if you change your diet because of the cold, it could shift your digestion.

To Jess from Australia: Would love to hear from you! I hope you are well!




To Tlana


With apologies, I have not acknowledged your response to my questions. Thank you! I appreciate your posts and your responses to my questions.




answer to o-nara survey

o-nara is Japanese word for fart. Do you like?

Your survey Catherine. K = Kazu, H = Hisae, Ma - Maho, Mi = Mina.

1. How often? It vary I think. We fart more when we are stress.

2. Noisy or silent? It vary (Mi, H) Usually noisy (K)(Ma)

3. Smell? Usually.

4. Accidentally fart noisy? Yes, but few times only (H)

5. accidentally fart smelly? Yes (K). This is sensitive for Kazu. Her mother hit her many times when this is happen. Kazu is brave brave girl. She is a full of bad memories, but she said, OK to tell everything to Catherine.

6. when we are alone, we sit on loo and fart until we don't need to fart no more.

7. I think we go away from group! But we don't have experience recently.

8. medicine? Never.

9. naughty thing? Never, except when one of use is on loo with friends . Then we do like try to fart with music rhythm or fit noisy fart into song.

10. enjoy? Usually not so much, except when we are on loo.

12. Cry or blush? Very often (K) Never (H,Mi,Ma) But Kazuko cried only in her house. Now she lives with us, she never cry.

11. Blame someone else? Never never never. We hate to tell fibs!

13. O-nara when we are peeing? Very rare (Ma) Sometimes (K,H,Mi)

14. Public restroom? Let it rip means fart, am I right? If so, answer is, let it rip.

15. Fart when we poo? Often, all four of us.

16. Anyone shame us? Kazuko's mother for Kazuko. She always shout, "woman never fart!!" Very stress for poor Kazuko. Once I said to Kazu when she was on loo, "every time you fart, I kiss you." She farted about 20 times. Of course she also did motions many many. For H and Mi and Ma, Never.

17. We shame someone? Never. Why we should do??

18. I once saw in exhibition of body, notice said, "it is good for health to do fart".

Catherine, I like your idea of Caribbean, but I don't want bathtub in same place with loo. Separate is better.

Kendra, I do your survey next time.

Love to everyone.


Just Jerika

Kendra R's survey

1. How many times a day do you pee?
I'd say 4 or 5 when I'm home; up to 7 or 8 when I'm on campus in class or studying because I drink a lot of coffee.

2. When you pee is it usually big or small in quantity?
If I'm about to write a 2-hour exam I might just empty 25% of my bladder, because I don't want any surprises when I'm working. My morning pee when I wake up might be 3 or 4 cups worth, especially if Hernandez and I were celebrating with discounted drinks at the bar the night before.

3. When do you have your biggest, longest pee of the day?

4. How much pee (measurement) would you estimate you can hold at your max?
I had a couple of times when I risked bursting my bladder in high school. The number of toilets in some parts of the building were grossly insufficient for the number of us in the long lines that spilled outside and into the hallway. An adventurous few used a sink.

5. Do you ever hesitate to pee in public bathrooms?
Not really, but if the lines at one are too long, I will go to the next nearest one available. I had to visit 4 at one concert intermission before I found an open seat.

6. How often do you poop?
Usually once, sometimes twice a day.

7. When you poop is it usually a little or a lot?
It varies between both extremes, but Sunday morning at our apartment is usually my largest.

8. Do you ever poop at work, school, or another public bathroom?
During the work/school week almost all my poops are on campus.

9. At home, do you ever use the bathroom with the door open? If so, is it only when nobody is around?
When I'm babysitting with a really young child nearby. One of my friends was peeing, door shut for about a minute, and her 4-year-old charge had chased a cat down the steps and onto the street.


A never-ending poop and Kendras survey

There is something I always wanted to tell someone. This happened when I was in second grade. The day before I ate many bananas. I had a large self-made banana-milk with three bananas. I also ate in the evening additional four bananas. I don't remember what I ate differently that day. The next day was a normal school day. I was not uncommon for me to need to poop at school when I was in elementary. Because we were to many students in second grade my class was separated from the actual school. We used a part of the local gymnasium. Our classroom was the entrance for the grandstand. So there was on the one side of the floor our classroom and on the other side the bathrooms for girls and boys. The girls room had three cubicles.
On that morning I was done with my work half an hour before the first break. I used that time to go to the toilet. The room was lit because girl was already in the middle cubicle. I chose the one next to the sink. When I sat down, I first peed for a short time. I didn't need to push much for starting of my poop, because it was soft. When the first wave of poop was out the girl next to me left and I was alone. It felt like I had already poop three logs. I pooped again three soft logs out. I thought I was done and started to wipe myself. After I thought I was done, I felt more poop and let out another two larger logs. At that point I felt like having a never enduing poop, because when I started to clean myself more poop wanted to get out. Because I was not sure I had a strange mixture of wiping and pooping. So, I used way more toilet paper than usual. In total I was half an hour on the toilet. Flushing all down was way more complicated, because of the full toilet. I flushed in total four or five times to get all down. At that time, I was scared about my never-ending poop. Thinking back, I liked that experience.
1. How many times a day do you usually pee? Five to seven times

2. When you pee, is it usually a big quantity or a small quantity? Not small but mostly not a big quantity

3. When do you usually have your longest/biggest pee of the day? Either in the morning or in the afternoon

4. How much pee (measurement) would you estimate you can hold at your max? I don't know. Maybe something between 500 and 800 ml

5. Do you ever hesitate to pee in public bathrooms? No

6. How often do you poop? Between every other day and up to two times a day

7. When you poop, is it usually a little or a lot? It contains mostly of one or two logs. I don't know f this is small or big

8. Do you ever poop at work/school/another public bathroom? yes

9. At home, do you ever use the bathroom with the door open? If so, is it only when nobody else is around? Even when I'm alone I always close the door.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Kendra"s Survey

Hi Kendra! Welcome to the forum! Here ya go!

1. How many times a day do you usually pee? 5-6 times, I think. I don't count.

2. When you pee, is it usually a big quantity or a small quantity? It's usually a large amount. I don't have a sensitive bladder. Perhaps it's larger than most. I do drink a good amount of water throughout the day.

3. When do you usually have your longest/biggest pee of the day? Maybe when I first wake up in the morning.

4. How much pee (measurement) would you estimate you can hold at your max? I am not sure...quite a bit, though.

5. Do you ever hesitate to pee in public bathrooms? No.

6. How often do you poop? Twice daily :)

7. When you poop, is it usually a little or a lot? A lot...I eat a high fiber diet with plenty of vegetarian recipes. I do eat meat, but not often.

8. Do you ever poop at work/school/another public bathroom? Yes. I've posted for ten year on the forum. You can read some of my escapades! But mostly, I doodie at home!

9. At home, do you ever use the bathroom with the door open? If so, is it only when nobody else is around? I let my husband watch and rarely close our bathroom door, unless I'm having my period. I always close the bedroom door.

I hope this is helpful! I think I'm the only Catherine since I began posting...would love to hear your responses and why you are interested in the subject!




Flatulence Survey

I really appreciate your responses to my surveys! Because I struggled with controlling farts and embarrassed myself a few times, I thought I would make myself feel better! We all have a good fart story, right? :)

1. How often do you fart?
2. Do your farts tend to be noisy or silent?
3. Do your farts smell?
4. Have you every accidently farted out loud in a situation that it was not appropriate?
5. Have you ever accidently farted a silent but deadly in a situation that was not appropriate?
6. When you are alone, how do you manage to handle an attack of smelly gas? Do you leave the room and go to the restroom? Light a candle? Or, just let it rip?
7. When you have a case of gas that causes loud farts, but relatively little to no smell, how do you handle that when you are with others? Do you excuse yourself to the restroom? Do you step outside or away from the group? When you are alone, how do you handle it?
8. Do you ever take medicine to ease gas?
9. Do you ever do anything naughty when you fart? (Sometimes I will sit on a hard chair or stool and force the fart out to see how loud I can do it. Others might fart in people's faces or something. What do you do?)
10. Do you enjoy farting?
11. Have you ever farted but blamed someone else?
12. Has farting ever made you cry or blush?
13. Women, when peeing, do you fart?
14. When peeing in a public restroom, and you have to fart, do you just let it rip, or do you try to hold it and still empty your bladder?
15. Do you fart when you poop or diarrhea?
16. Has anyone ever shamed you for farting?
17. Have you shamed someone else for farting?
18. Is there anything else that you would like to say about farting?

Thank you for your answers!




Stupid question?

Hi fellow lurker's my Question is this.
For the last couple of years, every time I have a common cold virus I always get a dose of diarrhea along with it.
Do any of you guys and girls suffer like this?

Victoria B.

Kendra R.'s survey

Here are my answers to the bathroom habits survey. Enjoy!

1. How many times a day do you usually pee?

2. When you pee, is it usually a big quantity or a small quantity?

3. When do you usually have your longest/biggest pee of the day?

4. How much pee (measurement) would you estimate you can hold at your max?

5. Do you ever hesitate to pee in public bathrooms?

6. How often do you poop?

7. When you poop, is it usually a little or a lot?

8. Do you ever poop at work/school/another public bathroom?

9. At home, do you ever use the bathroom with the door open? If so, is it only when nobody else is around?

1. Five or six on average.

2. Usually a larger amount.

3. After three or four cups of coffee.

4. I probably have a bigger than average bladder.

5. When there's no paper!

6. Once or twice every day. I start to feel plugged up if I miss a day!

7. I was once given a specially painted plunger as a Christmas gift lol.

8. My second poop of the day is in public much more often than not.

9. Yes and no!



Public Toilets

I noted Ronnette's post about her friends reluctance to use public toilets . I am a great fan of public toilets. For me I have no real choice. With my irregular bowel schedule and associated problems I cannot wait till I get home. Only yesterday I was at a customer and my laxatives kicked in and had to take an urgent shit in their staff toilets. It was a fast one. I also had to wee three times as I was there all day. What I like best is to go to a public toilet that is not too busy and have my long constipated poo there...... and take my time and grunt as needs be . I do not know how I would survive without such facilities!


Embarressed about the amount of times I need to pee

@Crystal I really liked your story. In that situation I would have waited outside the bathroom. I find it myself embarrassing when I have a poop, and someone is waiting for me. How about you?

There is also another situation I'm embarrassed. When I meet with my friends, I need way more often to go to the bathroom than they. We met yesterday at a friend house to play board games and on her Xbox. I was there for around five hours and went three times on the toilet to pee. All that times it was urgent. Yes, we drank stuff, but that was all juice or water. My friends only needed to go once to the bathroom. It is also always so wen we go shopping, visit something or other outside activities. I'm nearly always the first one who needs a trip to the bathroom to pee. When I'm at home or out alone it feels as I wouldn't pee that often.


Ideal Poop

Here is a fun question. I think it says a lot about us! If you could have your ideal poop on demand what would it be like? How big? What would its consistency be? How fast or slow would it come out? What kind of toilet would you have? What would your bathroom be like?

Also, if you could create your own "normal" bowel routine, what would it be like?

My answers:

I've always dreamed of having my own island in the Caribbean, with an outdoor bathroom in a gazebo-type structure, open to nature, with a toilet and electronic bidet. I would be wearing an aqua, casual dress, and cool, but casual panties. The urge to go would be super strong, and when I sit a shiver would come down my spine and my body would involuntarily take over and defecate a two-foot long, thick, firm log that would wrap around the bowl, followed by a really satisfying pee, during which I would release a good, loud, bassy fart. The bidet would clean me with warm water, but I would use my Charmin just to tidy up and dry off.

I stand up and observe it for a minute or so, flush, and watch the anaconda disappear down the hole, followed by a stretch, all the while gazing off into the beautiful blue water!

How's that?

As for my bowel habits, I wish I could go twice is many times - four as opposed to two - with twice as much stool each time I went, and that the only times I had to pee were those four times when I went to poop.

A girl can dream, can't she?

Love to all!




Peter: Thank you for your insights!


Current Bowel Habits

Hi Toiletstool,

One thing that I heard about pregnancy is that it can permanently change your body. I've heard that some women acquire tastes for foods they previously disliked, and then refused to eat certain foods they once tolerated. I've heard that some women continue to struggle with constipation, even after giving birth.

Other than the diarrhea that I had back in October, I feel that my bowels have been the best that they have been in my life. With a few exceptions, I imagine that my bowel movements have been 90% 4's on the Bristol stool chart. Most of them resemble a soft, thick snake, with minimal smell, and they come out in one piece. They are anywhere from 1-2 feet long, and 1-2 inches thick. My appetite has been just as strong!

I turn 40 this October, but having a toddler has made me feel young, vibrant and feminine!

I hope that you all are well too, enjoying your body's natural rhythms, living your best life and loving passionately!

Love to all!




Taylor T: Congratulations to your hometown Chiefs! And, that sounds like a really satisfying bowel movment!

Cassie: Welcome to the forum!



Sunday, February 09, 2020


Me & Ryleigh

Me and my friend Ryleigh are in several classes together, plus homeroom, so when I heard her parents were going out of town and she would be alone for a weekend, I got permission for her to stay with my family.

Although we've known one another for a couple of years and worked on school projects and been in some clubs together, I had never seen her go to the bathroom at school, church, the park, and some of the other places we hang out. I regularly need to wee every couple of hours and poo at least once a day. When I have to pee or poo, I just go in, take care of my need, and think little of it.

As I sat on the subway toilet Saturday morning dropping my poo, Ryleigh said she was surprised I didn't wait for a better alternative, or just hold it in. I've always thought of weeing or pooing as a needed dumping of body waste. What's the big deal?

At the mall it was time for my wee. I asked Ryleigh if she wanted to come in and use the toilet after me. She seemed offended, actually, but said she's always held her needs in until she gets to a better, and cleaner, place. I found out later that means home, like my place or her place.

So Saturday evening at the movies, Ryleigh started to show more discomfort, moving around in her seat, and then crossing her legs and trying to sit on them. Finally, just before the credits started to run, she leaped from her seat and ran down the stairs. She tripped on one that wasn't lit, fell but didn't get hurt, and continued her run.

There were two bathrooms, one at the end of each hallway. Luckily I guessed the right one. When I got there, I saw her jeans drop over her shoes. There was a mighty yanking of the toilet paper that made it sound like she was ripping it by long pieces right off the wall. Then when I got down there I heard the thud of her butt, an almost instant explosion of wee that went off for longer than I can remember.

After about a 5 second slow down, the pour started up again for another minute or so. I found that so surprising. Then there was a group of about 9 or 10 splashes into the water that I figured were her poo. Then I saw her legs spreading and unspreading, it was almost like she was dancing.

Then Ryleigh called out to me, opened the door and I could see she was sitting in a nest of toilet paper that completely covered the seat. She asked me to get her some paper to wipe with. I did and I returned twice with more wrapped around my hand.

A half hour later as Ryleigh and I were getting ready for bed, she had to use the bathroom again. She had another crap. This one was huge, almost to the size of flashlite. We both had to share using the plunger to get it to flush. Even then it went down slowly and with hiccups, if you know what I mean.

Ryleigh's refusal to use public toilets for several reasons is a concern for me.


Thank you's

Dear Mina and Victoria B, thank you for doing the survey! I always look forward to your stories and hearing from you. Victoria, I hope that you are feeling better!

Also, thank you to Sam and 16 y/o from California for your responses! Welcome to the forum!




Answers To Catherine's Survey

1. How often do you get diarrhea?
Probably once a week, if I don't watch what I eat.

2. When do you decide that you are sick with diarrhea? Is it after the first loose stool, the second, or multiple trips to the bathroom?
It's when I notice how many trips I've made in a short time.

3. When you have an attack of diarrhea, how long does it last? Have you ever had diarrhea last longer than 2-3 days?
Probably a morning into the rest of the day. I've typically pooped it all out by bedtime.

4. What was your best experience with diarrhea?
IDK. It's sort of routine. I guess, after not having gone for awhile, eating some prunes and seeing that first spill of green feathers to let me know that not only had I gotten rid of everything backed up, but that we were in business.

5. What was your worst?
Pooping myself in the sixth grade. No one but the school nurse knew, but nonetheless.

6. If you could choose how you experience diarrhea, how do you prefer to experience it? Large amounts, chunky, mushy, runny, smoothe, explosive, a combination?
Explosive is fun if you can get to the bathroom on time. Otherwise smooth.

7. Have you ever had diarrhea in a public restroom? On a date? Out with friends? And, I'm thinking not only did you have one loose stool, but maybe multiple trips to the bathroom.
A friend has heard me farting my soul out in a public bathroom while making chitchat. Never on a date, thankfully.

8. Have you ever had an accident with diarrhea? If so, was it a squirt, small amount, or have you ever done the whole massive amount as an accident?
I had a small squirt and then more onto the toilet lid and seat just recently. Not fun

9. Do you wear disposable undergarments when having diarrhea?

10. Do you go to work or school with diarrhea or do you try to stay at home and ride it out?
Depends how bad. I'm notorious for powering through.

11. When you have diarrhea, do you eat and drink normally, bland foods or try to avoid food all together?
Bland foods, sorta. I typically don't have diarrhea very long, so I sort of let it run its course and don't eat overt irritants.

12. Do you sit on the toilet for a long time or do you make several trips to the bathroom for short amounts of time?
Definitely the second.

13. What gives you diarrhea?
Good question! I'd like to know that one myself!

14. Have you ever had diarrhea while looking very attractive or does it come when you haven't fixed hair and make up?
I mean clearly the answer is that I'm always attractive. But yeah, it hits when I'm dressed up.

15. Has diarrhea ever embarrassed or humiliated you?
Aside from accidents that no one was even there to see? Only when someone points it out. You do a little knowing smile and I'll do a little knowing smile back.

16. Anything else that you want to say about diarrhea?
I say this not having many accidents and having minor cramps, but it's vastly over-feared. Give me a noisy mushy nasty dump and another one in 45 minutes than sitting around in pain wondering when your bowels will move.


Catherine's Questions

What Happens?-My day nearly always starts in the same way.Get up,have a leak followed by a mug of warm water.Within minutes my rectum starts giving me a clear message that a load is in position and wanting out.I usually have to push a bit to get things started but once the head is out it is plain sailing after that.
Diarrhea-I was going to say that diarrhea gives you the shits but that would be stating the obvious.The last time I had it was several years ago when I was quite ill and had to have my gall bladder removed.Apart from the obvious inconvenience,the worst thing about diarrhea is that it gives you the Johnny Cashes ie.a ring of fire from wiping your bum constantly.
The Blow Out-It is never good Catherine when this happens at someone else's house.It sounds like you are going to blow the bowl apart and the smell is always a lot worse than your usual dump.As you pointed out,the one positive is that it cleans you out and you leave the toilet with that nice empty feeling.
Happy toilet adventures to all.


Desperate shit at work

Hi guys, this is my first post here, I'm in my mid twenties, about 5'10", 170 lbs from the Midwest. I have red curly hair and 34C breasts, all in all, I think I'm fairly attractive, and guys seem to agree with me there.

I work at a department store chain, and have a story from there the other day. I had woken up feeling a bit off, but nothing too bad, went to work just fine, and made until about noon before I got my first urge to go to the bathroom, it wasn't super urgent, but definitely needed to go. So I went to the women's room in the back of the store, it's much smaller than the one at the front, with only 2 stalls, and where most of us usually go when we need to poop. When I went in, there was someone in both stalls, but the one on the left was wiping, so I was able to get in within a minute or two, the lady on the right was definitely pooping, and I could hear her plopping pretty steadily.

I pulled down my pants and panties and sat down, then my pee started for about 10 seconds, afterwords I pushed a bit and my first turd started out, it was solid but soft And approx 7 inches long. Then my second one started out, again about 7 inches or so, but it got a bit softer to the end, and by my third if was basically just mushy. I blew a pretty wet loud fart at the end of the 3rd, and then was done for a bit. The girl next to me was still plopping away every so often, so she was having a good clean out too.

My stomach still felt a bit uneasy, but I could tell I was done for the moment at least, so i started to wipe, I could hear the girl in the next stall doing the same, and we came out about the same time. It was one of the girls in the electronic department, I hadn't talked to her much, but we both smiled at each other and washed our hands

Fast forward a couple of hours and my stomach was hurting again, I was going to make my way to the bathroom, but was stopped by a customer who needed help, which took seemingly forever with how my stomach was feeling, although it was probably only 5-10 minutes. During that time I had to let out a few silent farts to let some pressure off my stomach.

I hurried to the same bathroom as before, but both stalls were full and there was a little girl maybe 9-10 years old waiting. I was so desperate at this point I was worried about having an accident right then and there, and was clutching my stomach and doing a potty dance. The girl asked if I was ok, and I said I was I just really had to go to the bathroom. Thankfully I heard a flush from the stall on the left and her sister came out, and the girl let me go in.

I dashed into the stall and ripped my pants down, and my butt exploded as soon as it bit the seat. Wet farts and loose poop were just pouring out of me. I sat there clutching my stomach with this brown river pouring out of me for about a minute before it let up. I could tell I was no where near done though, and sure enough, after a few seconds I had a wet fart and a splatter of loose poop come out, this happened a few more times over the course of 5 minutes or so, then I felt done, so I wiped and pulled my pants up. The other girl was still sitting there, I hadn't heard anything from her, but I'm assuming she was pooping from the length of time. I washed my hands and left the bathroom feeling much better than when I came in.


Desperate at the library

Brandon T : thank you I am glad you enjoyed my story ^_^

I am a 15 year old girl with blonde hair that reaches my shoulders 5"7 and weight 120 people tell me i have a cute butt .

A few days ago I was at the library writing a book report for school I was there early in the morning and got me a Arizona tea my favorite ^_^ it took me 3 hours to finish and by then I had finished my tea and I needed to pee and I needed to poop so after I saved and printed my report I headed to the ladies room

The library has two floors and both have there set of men's and women's so as got everything ready I made to the bathroom I open the door and there was one stall . It's odd it's a single person ladies room but the stall is set up as If the bathroom was meant for multiple stalls.

I go to open the stall door but notice it's locked and the girl inside very shyly tells me it's occupied and I notice the latch says occupied I tell her sorry and stand back Crossing my legs as I am at the sinks as I notice she has her shorts and red thong at her ankles and she is pressing down on her toes a clear sign she is having a hard poop
I was about to head out and go to the ladies restroom down stairs but I heard her give a sigh of relief as her poop plops in to the water and she starts peeing as more poop is crackling out of her

Hearing her go only made my need worse but luckily she was wiping quickly it took her six wipes then exits the toilet she is blushing as she walks past me and I go in and notice she didn't flush so I flush it for her pull down my shorts and pink panties and give a sigh of relief as i finish in 10 minutes my poop felling amazing as it slowly makes it way out of me

After I am done I wipe myself clean pull up my thong and shorts wipe and make my way home feeling relief

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