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Hey everyone! I have a story to share, it's short, but I'll add more detail to make it a little longer. So the other day I took my moms Infiniti QX30 and brought my dog to Petco to get groomed and bathed and it was about 25 minutes away. I was a little worried about driving on the highway but it ended up being fine. I brought her in and saw a sophomore from my school working there we said hi to each other and talked for a little bit. I thought her name was Hailey, she's mixed race with black hair and a really nice ass, it was small but really big especially in her gray and black leggings. I got my dog checked in and it was gonna take about 2 hours. I walked around for a little looking at all the dog food and started to get the usual urge and within probably 3 seconds I had to take a massive poop and it was hitting my back door hard. I went into the bathroom and there were two stalls and it was relatively clean. I got into the first stall and pushed my dark jeans and green underwear to my knees and sat down and a big turd slid right out easily a foot long and 3 inches wide and I just started peeing and farting from there. The door opened and I saw a Petco worker walk in and take the bigger stall. The worker's leggings went to their ankles and let out a big fart. I looked through the reflection of the tiles and saw Hailey hovering over the toilet with stuff hanging from her bum. It was pretty big about 7 inches long and it fell in. I pushed again and another turd slid out and splashed in. I looked through the reflection again and saw Hailey taking off her leggings and underwear. I was wondering what the hell she was doing and she started getting in top of the toilet and squatting on the toilet and another big turd slid out and splashed in. I finished wiping and she started wiping too. I flushed and went to the sinks and she came out about 10 seconds later and said "Oh hey" "Heyy" "Sorry I've had to take a dump all day" "It's cool I did too haha" "I never usually go here but I had to" "I go at work if I have to". We had a long conversation for a bit and she had to go back to work.


Response to Catherine

I would presume the term 'modesty pee' would be linked to the idea the women aren't supposed to have bodily functions and that if these can't be avoided then they must be done in top secret like positioning ones pee stream in such a way that it doesn't hit the water and make a sound.

Perhaps the term 'courtesy pee' means that if your in a public bathroom with someone else, you should try and urinate, even if you don't necessarily need to go, in order to make the other person feel less embarrassed about having to go?

Taylor T

Girl Scouts/ School

Hey everyone, so today I wanted to share a story with everyone that happened many years ago but has always stuck with me and I remember every detail because of how cool it was. So this happened in I want to say 2011-2012, I was definitely 7 years old at the time and I was in the Girl Scouts. I was wearing a brown vest, blue underwear and tan khakis. In July if I want to say 2012 we took a hike in Shawnee Mission Park in Kansas City which is where I'm from. There were 16 of us in the group and two leaders Molly and Carly. They were both mid-20s and very professional about the group. We were going to camp there overnight and as we were setting up our site I had to take a gigantic shit. I ended up holding it in for a week because I wanted to poop with my friends Trinity and Irene. I asked them if they wanted to go to the bathroom and they said sure and we told Molly and she joked to us quietly saying "find a secluded place cause nothing is worse than random people seeing you go to the bathroom" and we all laughed. Trinity asked Molly if we could have some toilet paper and she gave us a roll. The three of us walked down the trail and Irene skipped down the trail singing "Have to take a big fat poop" and we all started laughing. We found a big tree log that looked really fresh with no moss on it or bugs. We were all talking and Trinity started to undress first, she pushed her khakis around her ankles and hopped up on the log and I did the same and so didn't Irene. It was so cool that we were all just sitting there khakis around our ankles about to take massive poops. Irene farted very loudly and I saw a huge log slide out from her bum and smack on the ground. Mine felt amazing with a big turd sliding out like a snake and slowly and quietly crackling out. It smacked against the ground and I made a loud fart once it came out and then Trinity also had a hissy fart and a few pebbles fell out and a big turd crackled out of her and fell to the ground. Then Carly came up from behind and said "Mind if I join" and I said "go right ahead" and she said "Wow you guys really had to poop, I do too". She pushed her jeans to her knees and sat and farted and runny poop squirted out of her onto the log and a big slimy turd slid out from under her, smacked off the log and onto the ground and she said "wow that felt good". We all got some toilet paper and wiped our bums and threw it into our poops after we observed them.

So this story is from yesterday, it was first period and I didn't get enough time at home to take a poop. I hadn't really pooped at school much and it would be the third time I've pooped at school this entire year, a normal sized poop on the first day of school, and a big poop right after Thanksgiving. I was in physics and I really had to poop, I was wearing a pink short sleeved shirt tucked into my black jeans with a belt that really showed off how big my ass was, I let out some gas that really stunk up the area of 3 boys around me and that's when I asked my teacher if I could go and she said sure. I walked down the hall to the bathroom of three stalls and they were all empty. I took the middle stall, wiped the seat, pushed my jeans and orange g string down to my ankles and sat down letting out a quiet but windy fart and I began to pee. I was done and a turd stretched me open and crackled our, it felt amazing and splashed in. I was pretty much done so I wiped and flushed.

Sunday, March 08, 2020


Australian Toilet Paper Shortage

Because of the corona virus many people in Australia think they will run out of toilet paper! I would be more worried about running out of food!!! Anyway people have been buying up big.... some people have been buying what looks like a years supply . The shopping trolleys are overflowing with toilet rolls. It is a sight to see. There have. Been many Punch ups and disputes all over toilet paper. Every time the radio or TV comes on it is about toilet paper , the lack thereof and alternatives . Some of the commentary is hilarious. So many people are discussing their toilet paper usage which was once a private subject. On that subject I use , mostly between one to 5 squares a movement. I wear incontenence undies so I do not have to be concerned with skid marks.


Worst nightmare

The other day I had to live one of my worst nightmare situations: going #2 at work. I try to never do that in public and I always, always hold it normally until i get home if I can, but the other day I had no choice. I had barely started when i got the feeling in my stomach and inwardly groaned, thinking i'd now have to do my shift while needing to go the whole time, but it felt worse than usual and within a couple of minutes I realised it was close to coming out already.

I panicked a bit on what to do, but I knew I really had no options. I knew I couldn't hold it in for long. I glanced around to see if any of my coworkers were nearby and then i grabbed the key to the disabled toilet and hurried in. We don't have staff toilets so this is the only option we have to get any privacy, but to use that word is a joke. It has 2 sets of keys that open it, so at any moment it could be unlocked on you; PLUS, the door opens outward and the handle is too far away to reach if you're on the toilet, so you can't even pull it shut!

But I knew I had no choice, because it was a real emergency here. So i locked the door and wiped the seat, shoving some toilet paper down as i fidgeted to get my pants down. The evidence of how badly I had to go here is I didn't even have time to paper the seat. I pulled my pants down to just my knees and hurried, and the second I sat down it already began coiling out into the bowl. I grimaced as what felt like one long turd snaked out for about ten full seconds. I couldn't help but gasp when it thudded against the paper, hurrying to hover off the seat and flush immediately to try and get the smell out.

I sat back down after flushing (since I had already had to sit on the dirty seat, ughh) and thankfully there wasn't much more, so i started hurriedly wiping so I could try to seem like I was just peeing if I bumped into anyone. Once i felt clean enough I flushed again and quickly exited. I didn't see any of my coworkers on my way in or out, so I don't think anybody knew it was me, but about ten minutes later during my shift I did hear one of them coming back from the toilet themselves and making jokes about the smell and asking "who's been for a shit" which was horribly embarrassing to listen to them joke about. Really, really hope I don't have to do that again!


Modesty pee

I believe it is when you do not want to expose yourself, so you pee through your underwear or swimsuit. If there are too many people around you just go.


2 Poops

Hi everyone. My first poop of the day today felt a little urgent, and I felt gas inside of me. My poop was loosest at the beginning, and chunky with gas at the end. My second one also felt gassy pre-poop, but was a bit firmer. To Mateo: I love your buddy dump story! Bye.

Me and my friend Colin were 9 when this happened. It was after school and he came to my house because it was a Friday and we had no homework. We decided to go in the backyard and play in the large inflatable pool we had. We were just splashing around and having fun. We couldn't swim because it wasn't that deep so we could just sit and splash around. My mom was home so if there was a problem we could come to her. Well we were playing and he started to act weird so I asked him what's wrong and he said "I need to go wee." I said he could go in the house to go to the bathroom but he said it would be too cold, and he wouldn't have time to dry off because he'd have peed by then. I said he can just stand up in the pool and pee on the grass. He said "but then you'll see my penis!" I said I didn't care. He was so desperate that right there he stood up still in the pool, pulled his trunks down and took his little weiner and started peeing into the grass. I took a peek because I was curious. He really had to go! Then he shook it off, pulled up his trunks and sat down again saying "that's a relief".


Having to go at concerts

I have a question about dealing having to go to the bathroom during concerts. I'll be going to a big outdoor concert soon, and I probably won't be able to visit bathroom for many hours if I don't want to lose my place. However I'm afraid I can't hold that long.. I'd like to know how other people have dealt with such situations?


Courtesy / modesty pee?

I recently read an article that mentioned a courtesy pee or modesty pee but the article didn't explain what those terms mean and I have never heard them before.. I was thinking if someone here knew what those terms mean and could explain to me?

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Big poop right after finishing husband's coffee lol

Right after taking my meds at 9 am when my cell phone alarm went off I immediately went and finished the rest of my husband's coffee (he always leaves for work around 8:30 am and knowing I love coffee and always have he leaves the rest of his black coffee for me to finish). Not long after that (almost immediately) I felt the urge to poop so I headed to the WC, closed the door, pulled down my underwear & shorts and sat on the toilet. All it took was one gentle push and I could feel lots of crap filling the toilet. I was done within a minute. I wiped and could see it was messy so I tossed the dirty sheet into the toilet and wiped with a couple more sheets to get my bum clean. Then I took a look at my creation. WOW! I had filled about 1/2 the toilet with a soft log that was twisted around another one! Holy shit is all I can say! :O I sat for a couple more minutes to make sure I was finished. I was. Maybe even more will come out after lunch. I feel heaviness in my stomach lol.

Happy pooping!




Being told to use bathroom in your pants?

Has anyone here ever been told to use bathroom in their pants? I have been told to do that quite a few times. For example here's one story from my childhood:

My mom was a bit old fashioned/modest in a way that she didn't think it was appropriate for girls to pee outdoors. However we often spent time outdoors, and it was not uncommon that I needed to pee while being outdoors. Most of the time I could hold it until we found a bathroom, but sometimes there simply were no bathrooms near. In those cases I was told to just go in my pants. I often wore skirts or dresses so I would just pee through my panties. When wearing jeans I sometimes my mom would sometimes tell me to pull my panties down and go through just my panties, or sometimes squat and pee through jeans so only butt, not legs would get wet.

Anyone else has similar stories? I can also post other similar memories if anyone is interested.


Ice Cold Toilets

Our school was out for two days of teacher meetings. So I picked up a babysitting job. Mia Mae is almost 7 and I took her downtown to our metro outdoor mall, which is a recreation area with iceskating just about to end for this season. On skates for the first time, she was actually pretty good. Going to the bathroom in a public place and under cold conditions was a problem.

We had to take our skates off and go down about 10 or 12 stairs of an icy sidewalk to get to the toilets. Both me and Mia Mae find we have to pee more frequently, sometimes each hour, when we're in such places. There were 3 largely open toilets. Each was separated by a half high wall of building blocks. The toilets came out of the floor and were totally made of bright gray steel. The seats were built in to the toilet and couldn't be raised or lowered. The toilet seemed to be a little higher than normal and it had no bowl of water. Sitting on it would be more than awkward, I could tell, and especially for a child. There was a lever on the ceiling and a pull chain for flushing.

Luckily, me and Mia Mae were the only persons in the room. We took the end toilet for more privacy in case others came in. Both of us were in need of pee relief. When I put my hand on the toilet it seemed as cold as the lock on the garage door at home that I dread opening. So being nice I told Mia Mae I would warm the seat up for her. I was very slow in dropping my jeans and undies which I was careful to keep higher than mid-thigh level for obvious reasons. I didn't sit back any farther than necessary and my parka draped over the back of the toilet. It took me a lot longer than normal to get my pee started, especially since you could hear it hit the bottom of the unit like rain on gutters. Mia Mae smirked a bit at the pouring sounds, but I told her she would be making same sounds too. Only I was warming the seat up for her butt.

I didn't spend one extra second on the cold seat. I quickly stood, pushed in the skin of my butt to make sure it wasn't frozen. I wasn't surprised that my thumb and fingers could get even colder from my freezing skin. Mia Mae didn't sit back far enough on the seat so that her pee would go into the toilet. I had to help her push back perhaps 3 or 4 times so that her private area would clear the freezing steel.
I could tell she was far from being comfortable, but I didn't want to complicate her discomfort. Surprisingly, she got started faster and with more output than me. I encouraged her to sit for a last trickle or two and she splashed a little over the front of the seat. It took me a couple of minutes to get her jeans buttoned up. Then we hurried out to the skating rink for a few more minutes.

When we were done skating, we walked two blocks over to the big city library building for hot chocolate. When we finished and were ready to go out and get our bus for the trip back home, my gut told me my daily crap was coming on. We used the toilets there. The bathroom was much bigger, the smell was bad because of all the activity going on, and I felt better after releasing my 3 logs. Although Mia Mae insisted she didn't have to go, I made her get on the toilet after me because I didn't want any emergencies at the bus stop or on the ride home. This time we both enjoyed a warm seat and surroundings.


How is gambling analogous to using the bathroom?

Someone flushes the jackpot.

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ash it sounds like you had a rough time being with the stomach flu.

To: Victoria great story it sounds like you just needed to really good poops that day lol.

To: Sherryl hopefully the stomach flu didn't last to long.

To: Cara great story about your huge poop.

To: Dumping Dahlia great set of stories.

To: Taylor great story as always.

To: Jemma at least you avoided having any accidents.

To: Deb it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


2 Poops

Hi everyone. My first poop of the day today felt a little urgent, and I felt gas inside of me. My poop was loosest at the beginning, and chunky with gas at the end. My second one also felt gassy pre-poop, but was a bit firmer. To Mateo: I love your buddy dump story! Bye.


Poo on Pier

I never wanted to use a public toilet until I had to.I had arrived in
Devon on holiday and the resort where I was staying had a pier.I was
desperate to poo,touching cloth in fact.I went in the gents took a
stall, almost tore my jeans and pants down and got seated..There
was sharp crackling as my shit left me and went splat in the pan.I was made to rush as they were waiting to lock up for the day,so I had to wipe in a hurry.I used a lot of paper and then had to flush twice and even then my log was wedged in and would not move.When I left the Pier Toilet I had to find another one to finish my wipe as my pants had big skid marks in them.However I got used to Public toilets after that.



A new question

This weekend my friend Mitch and I went to an out-of-town concert. It was only an hour drive and because we both get good grades our parents agreed to let us drive there. I felt so dumb for it, but about a half hour from the arena I had to do a crap. It came on fast with gas and it kind of scared me because we had Mitch's parents' new car and any damage to my jeans would have gotten onto the light colored seats and we would have been in big trouble. Mitch knew of a rest area and sped up to help me. He drove around other cars to get me to the toilet in time. I was unbuckling my seat belt before he stopped and ran for it. Six toilets. No privacy doors, but I didn't care because I had the bigger issue. The one toilet not in use was MINE. I was lucky my clothing fell before my butt hit the seat. It was soft and I know was heard by the other users. Cleaning myself was real labor. I flushed the used tissues in two installments so as to not clog the drain. Then I re-seated myself for another swipe just to be sure. I washed my hands fast and was trotting down the sidewalk to the car when a lady opened the car window, said Hey! and almost grabbed at me to get my attention. She looked old enough to be a grandmother and asked me "What were the bathrooms like?" I pulled away and could only say "They are open" when I started to hear Mitch begin honking. I know sometimes I have a pissy attitude and I guess that was one of them. Mitch seemed to think there was something different in that lady's question. Something deeper, I guess. Oh, and I peed twice at the arena and no one asked me any dumb questions.

Monday, March 02, 2020


Hi Braidy!


I've always appreciated your posts and wish you the best. Glad you are still around!




Post Title Nursing Home

Hi everyone! I had a funny/gross experience at a nursing home some time ago while volunteering. While talking to a resident, I had to go poop. It was noisy, and Mom and I laughed about it later in the car! The bathroom I used was a half bath, but didn't have a bathtub. Btw, I have a new noise machine, and one of my favorite sounds is the fireplace. Hopefuly this lasts longer than 3 years. The brook sound on my other one reminded me of how our toilet streams water into the tank. Bye!

Clara's question reminds me......

Clara's question on peeing or pooping on or on the side of a public toilet reminds me of a pretty vivid memory of several years ago. My friend Crystal's mom dropped us off at the mall and theater for something I was really looking forward to. It was my first trip there without a babysitter or adult supervision. I think we were both in like 7th grade. So after the movie both of us had to pee really bad because we had downed a ton of soda. We thought for sure we were going to have an accident and pee ourselves because the line was huge all the way to the entrance of that bathroom. I think we waited at least 15 minutes, may be more because Crystal was in worse shape than me. Finally, a stall door opened and I told Crystal to hurry up because my pain and fears of an accident were increasing. Next door the toilet opened and this mother pulling what looked like a kindergarten or first grade boy who was crying cut in right in front of me without even saying excuse me. I thought that was rude, especially since I could see Crystal was seated and relieving herself while I was in pain and getting more scared. Then I could hear some yelling from the mom even before she latched the toilet door. The boy's shorts dropped to his feet and it looked like he was shoved or partially turned around. She told him a couple of times to Stop Stop Wait and something else while I heard her yank at the toilet paper for long pieces she pulled off. He was protesting and it was obvious she was lining the toilet seat for him to sit on. Then I saw 2 turds drop down onto the floor. She saw that. She got furious and placed him on the papered seat, being careful not to step in his turds. Crystal was sitting there on the toilet with the turds a few inches from her left foot. The boy dumped a couple of more turds while he sat and cried. Crystal flushed and came out. I took her toilet. While I was pissing I watched as the mother grabbed a mitt of toilet paper and had difficulty picking up the turds. She remained angry when he jumped down off the seat. She helped wipe him. I think she used her foot to flush for him and while I was peeing away I just looked at the smears on the floor. I was also thankful that I didn't have a mother with that bad of temper. Crystal said the boy was crying at the sinks as they washed their hands.


Reply to Victoria B

I have been in a similar situation before a few years ago. I had a long road trip (well, long for a Brit and our tiny country) and I stopped at some services to pee and stretch my legs. I went into one of the two unisex toilets, locked the door behind me and sat on the toilet. No more than 15 seconds later the door flew open and I was greeted by a very young girl. She immediately ran off, leaving the door wide open (which opened outwards so I couldn't close it with my foot) "Mummy! There's someone already in there!"

Fortunately I was able to cut off my stream and waddle forward, pulling the door closed.

Saturday Februrary 29, 2020


Awkward incident in the work toilets


Long time lurker on the site with a story i've always wanted to tell but never really had the courage to tell but would love to get it off my chest and tell to some people.

I'm a male average height and build who takes very long on the toilet normally 25-30 minutes always been that way since i was a kid not sure why just how i am.

Well one night after i finished work they was me and this one girl left on shift who i got on with very well that i didn't have much privacy she would leave the toilet door open when peeing and pooping if it was just us on shift together and change in front of me so I'd seen her go the toilet as we would sit chatting while she would go. She was very like me and would take a while to go once she was on the toilet very similar time to me hers from always been very long logs that she would take a while to pass. I occasionally used the toilet at work but this one evening I had the urge to go very bad so i head to the toilet as we've closed up the shop and was only us left and i knew she wouldn't mind waiting while i went to the toilet.

As I got to the toilet door she exited the canteen door and turned to the toilet door we bumped into each other quite hard and the realisation hit us at the same time that we both needed to go desperately and both made movements to try get priority of the toilet as we both entered the bathroom both of our pants were been pulled down hoping the other may give up on trying to go first. our asses banged together as we both tried to get in front of the toilet as we both simultaneously ended up sitting on the toilet neither of us really over the toilet hole as our ass cheeks pressed up against each other covering the centre. We eventually both turned 90 degrees so we was back to back and could get our asses in to position to both start pooping like a silent agreement that this was just going to happen as we both still jostled for space we both started our poops which instantly collided and brushed against each others asses. we sat there for the next 25 minutes pooping and every so often flushing as to not block the toilet we laughed at the situation we had found ourselves in and jokingly argued over who was causing the smell.

This incident lead to us deciding to try varying positions on the toilet on other nights were we both needed to go but not as urgently as we'd normally had gone one after the other but this saved us a good 30 minutes been able to go simultaneously we found back to back the most comfortable as sitting between legs would become a bit painful for whoever sat on the back when sitting like that for so long. Sometimes if one of us was already pooping the other would just join them it became very easy to share a toilet after so much time sharing over 3 years.

Unfortunately I don't work with this girl anymore but i stay in touch we are still really good friends but never our alone to repeat these occasions which we both agreed were proper bonding experiences as it was such a private act to share with someone else.

Thank you for reading,



Post Title (optional)shit

I remember my first outdoor shit. I was probably 15 or16.It happened one afternoon after school.I had grabbed a lot of toilet paper in the school toilet and then got on my bike and pedalled off to woods near my home.I unbelted my school trousers removed my blazer and pulled my pants down and
squatted.My shit came sliding out.It felt great just like a huge snake
coming out of my bum.I used all my tp up and pulled my pants and trousers up . I broke a twig off to measure its length,it was 19 inches long and
3 inches wide.I kept admiring it for a few days after.


Unconventional pee experience with cousin

My little cousin Katie and I were at our community pool one summer day and it was really crowded. We were in the pool when she told me with urgency that she had to go potty. When I asked what she needed to do she just said she needed to do peepee. So we dried off and I hurried her into the bathroom. Well because it was so crowded outside it was packed in the bathroom and it didn't help that the bathroom only had 3 stalls. There was a very long line. She was squeezing her legs together and jumping up and down and it was obviously clear she was about to burst and have an accident. After about a minute she told me she couldn't hold it anymore and was about to peepee right there. There were no stalls open so I did what I thought of first, though definitely not the most cleanliness option. I quickly took off her bathing suit, threw it over my shoulder, picked her up, and held her over the sink with her legs open apart to make sure she didn't get pee on her legs. I didn't even tell her she could go in the sink before she started. I looked down and watched the yellow stream pour into the sink. She leaned her head back on my shoulder and sighed in relief. She looked in the mirror (you could see EVERYTHING) and saw herself pee. She laughed and said she had never seen the peepee coming out of her before so she liked watching that and was very mesmerized by it. I kid you not, the stream lasted way over a minute. So she had a bit of time to watch herself go. Eventually she was done and I turned on the water to wash it away and got it to a lukewarm temperature and held her under the faucet so her private part could be cleaned by the water. I put her down and helped her back into her bathing suit. Weird way to go to the bathroom huh? Desperate times call for desperate measures! Has anyone ever had a moment like this?


To Clara

While I am not a doctor, we sell Colace Stool Softener at the pharmacy. It does not stimulate your bowels, but makes the product softer. Also, try to drink more water and avoid caffeine (or at least replace the fluids you lose from caffeine). But give the Colace time to work, taking it regularly. Also, I eat All Bran on my cereal and eat yogurt daily. The fiber and probiotics will help create a nice, large but soft product that should be easy to pass and much more relaxing. I hope life calms down for you.



Anybody ever have a bf/gf who was shy about pooping near or in front of you until you told them you wouldn't mind them pooping?



Victoria B: During my freshman year of college, I lived in a dorm with suites, basically two dorm rooms joined with a small bathroom, which included a small shower, sink and toilet. Four girls had to share! The only problem was that the doors to the bathroom locked from the outside, so that you could lock your dorm room rather than the bathroom. So, yes, we had a few mishaps with girls walking in on each other during the first month or so of school. I walked in one a roommate at least twice and was walked in on 2-3 times. We really didn't mind peeing or being seen on the toilet. But, I think it was pooping or dealing with our periods that made us want privacy. By a total stranger? No, thank goodness!

Cara: With regards to your second story, wow, that sounds like a massive poop! I hope you are well and glad that you are posting here!




Kendra's survey

1. How many times a day do I pee?
From 4 or 5 on the low end to 8 or 9 or more if Adam and I go out for drinks after our games.

2) Is it a big or small quantity?
This largely depends on the amount of coffee I drink to get through meetings or soda I consume during practice breaks. I've been seated on a toilet in the locker room of our field house and had a fire-hose like stream going for more than 2 minutes.

3) When do I have my longest pee of the day?
Just the other morning at our apartment Adam was in the shower and I was on the toilet. Finally, he said I should watch my time because I was running late and he didn't need the company. I told him he wasn't getting it; I was still peeing, but decided to hold my semi-ready crap for 10 minutes later when I was walking the dogs in the park.

4) How much pee would you estimate you can hold at your max?
I'm a 6'7" 20-something college teacher and two sport coach that often gets remarks when using public toilets about the length and strength of my pees.

5) Do you hesitate to pee in public bathrooms?
The answer was yes up until I was about 15 or 16. Then when I got into sports I got more confidence about my body and often using toilets with no privacy doors or sometimes even panels separating users from one another.

6) How often do you poop?
Usually once a day, but the time differs due to my schedule and anxiety. Just before we leave the locker room for pre-game practice is a popular time for both myself and several of my volleyball and basketball women.

7) When you poop is it a little or a lot?
Often it is a lot because I'm a big eater.

8) Do you ever poop at work, school or in another bathroom?
All three, mostly away from home.

9) At home, do you ever use the bathroom with the door open? If so, is it only when nobody else is around?
Yes, I did when Adam was in the living room and asking me about finding the remote or dog food. But that ended a couple of months ago when he left the apartment for his car to get something and didn't tell me he was leaving. With the apartment door about 50% open, his business colleague walked in with two six packs. We were both embarrassed, so much so that when I finally came out, got the dogs and was leaving with them for the pack, he offered me a beer. I took it because I felt I had earned it.

Friday, February 28, 2020


Response to Jemma

Hi Jemma

Thanks for replying to my post :-)

I'm fine - thanks for asking.

Hope you are feeling better by the time you read this post - if not, then I hope you are feeling better soon.

Looking forward to more of your posts




Prune Juice and Laxatives

I read with interest the post by Ash. Well , I had not been for about 5 days so this morning I took my laxatives and a glass of prune juice. About half an hour later I sat on the can for a try and strained and grunted out a less than average size turd that was so hard you would need a diamond saw to cut through it . I was at a customer just before lunch and had to use the toilet and had an average evacuation that was quite easy. Shortly after lunch back on the toilet for another but bigger movement . Went back to the office and at the end of the day had a big soft bulky shit. Felt so good . Tomorrow I will skip the laxatives and just have a good glass of prune juice and see how I go .....will report back! To Clara..... try prune juice.... start small and build up until the desired result is achieved . Hope you get blessed relief!


Stress made me constipated and a question for the girls

Hi everyone, it was a bit stressful for me recently. The stress did get me very constipated. I had it now that I only need a poop after four days two times in a row. That is so unnormal for me. The only good thing was, I had both poops at home. The first one was a Sunday evening. I needed to fart a lot but waited till I could have the bathroom for myself and wouldn't get disturbed. At that point the need got very strong and I was just sitting on my bed waiting it got quitter at home and every one was in bed. Normally I'm not toilet shy at home, but I knew I would be long on the toilet. I took a book with me and took all clothes off in the bathroom, for two reasons. One, I could sit more freely and second, I could go afterwards immediately in the shower.
I started slowly with peeing a bit and tried by pushing softly. I felt my poop move, but it was nowhere near to poke out. This and reading I did for at least five minutes and nothing happened, so I push way harder that get things going, but at some point my poop was to big and got stuck. This was the hardest and painful thing, to get that log out of my body. I grunted a lot and got tired from pushing, but I wanted it out. I think after 15 inutes it was out and my whole face felt red. There was a second and third way smaller log in me. I didn't want to use toilet paper, so I cleaned myself under the shower
The second one was last week Thursday. I got home totally soaked from rain and so I had a good excuse to be longer in the bathroom, to warm me up. This time it was easier, because I did it in a low squat over some paper towel. I only did that with my first log, second one I could release on the toilet.

Is there a way of softening my poop before pooping without taking a laxative?

@Anna from Austria You asked about forgot to flush a poop. Yes that happened to me and I saw it. One time it happened at home when I was 9. I was done on the toilet and the telephone rang. I answerd it, it was my dad and I totally forgot about the bathroom. I was embarrassed when my mom found the toilet unflushed.
The second incident wasn't really my fault. It was second day at the new school with 11 and the flush didn't work. I was so lucky nobody knew it was me. Also something I might tell later.
I think you wanted to ask about the most unusual public toilet. I think this was a toilet when I was on a day trip with my parents to visit some castles and a museum. Funnily enough that toilet wasn't at a castle or museum, but in a restaurant/ inn. It was so old, kind of dusty and hadn't a working lock. There was a giant spider in one corner. I felt uncomfortable, but had a strong need to poop. I was super fast and nearly got caught by an old lady.
My question for the girls here
So far I only heard of that but never witnessed or saw it. Did anyone ever saw someone pee or poop beside a public toilet or did it themselves?


Nasty Poops

Hey all.

I was supposed to come back with a story about a really bad experience with the stomach flu, but I haven't had the energy to write because I've had really bad diarrhea. The prunes and the prune juice weren't really what did it to me-even though they were. I'd been really backed up and so two days later I'm still having messy, loose poos cause of how much was in me combined with that I did eat a lot mire prunes and drink some more juice the first day. My stomach right now is churning with mushy shit, and I'm desperate for a bowel movement. I feel a small amount of poo settled at my rectum but not enough to create urgency. I've been to the bathroom just twice since 5 am today, and both times were muddy and runny. Yesterday my bowels were also muddy and runny but more urgent, and I lost my bowels in my pants a few times-once from following through really bad. My shits were solidish yesterday but still watery. The day before was more muddy. Today's consistency is somewhere in between.

I had a few more prunes yesterday because as much as I was going I felt poo still stuck inside me. Today I'm feeling much more empty but can tell my bowel movements will be really loose and messy and urgent today. My first bowel movement was nasty and thick and muddy, and I lost a little of it in my boxers cause my stomach felt too sick to hold it all. The second one was just as nasty and loose but not as urgent.

I'll be back with the story when I feel a bit settled in my stomach and can focus, but that's an update of how I'm feeling now. I feel a nasty, sick bout of diarrhea coming on soon. I'll keep you guys posted too.

Peace out,



Summer vacation

Has anyone seen that his/her mom pooping a long turd in front of them?Iam from India.When I was a kid my mom was used toilet in front of me be it indoor or outdoor.I was only 6-7 years then.My mom was a school teacher.Once for a summer vacation we were going to Goa and There was only one toilet and the toilet doors were broked.My mom had not poop for 4 days.On the 5th day ,At afternoon I was on the toilet for peeing, after finishing job when I had gone to leave toilet, my mom came here and hike her saree(Indian dress) and squatting above the toilet(since it was a squatting a toilet) infront of me.She was grunting for a miniute then a brown Colour snake poked from her butt hole,after it was coming and coming slowly with damn pee.i was shocked that time how long was the poop.i thought it was never ending.after 2 miniutes it was was completely a long piece about 22 inch long and 1.5 inch wide.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Sloppy Diarrhea

Hey it's Ash again.

I got constipated yet again, so I went to the store and got both prunes and prune juice. I ate about twenty five prunes and had about 24 Oz of prune juice, and now I kinda can't stay off the toilet lol. I don't mind. I'm not in too much pain, and my diarrhea is a very gentle consistency-not too watery and runny, but not blobs of poo either; thick mud is running out of my bum. But as much as I don't mind my bowels are a bit looser than I anticipated and the prunes-not so much the juice-are making my intestines feel heavy and bloated as they rip through my colon. I'm seeing a lot of undigested prune bits on the toilet paper when I wipe, but also a lot of shit which means at least I'm being cleaned out but it's taking longer than anticipated and regardless I was really backed up so I'm pooping a lot.

It is a bit much; I've been too the bathroom a lot. I was really backed up and the prunes are also running right through me. I just can't believe all this poo was inside me nor can I believe how much these prunes are making me have to shit my guts out. It's not that I'm not used to having diarrhea; I get diarrhea often even when I'm not trying to get it from laxatives or foods that loosen my bowels, and usually it really painful and mushy, and it comes out thick and urgently to the point I feel like I'm gonna shit my boxers. But even now the volume of poo coming out of me as well as the urgency isn't like when I get stomach bugs or my ibs flares these prunes are really churning my insides, and I can't be mad cause I needed this as backed up as I was. I didn't pop for nearly a week and a half.

Also, about an hour ago I had an accident actually. I let lose a fart that was just a little to watery. And a few hours before that i just didn't make it to the toilet in time and ended up with some mushy loose pop in my boxers before i released the rest of my bowel movement into the toilet. My ???? right now feels like a huge storm is brewing in me. Not too many cramps but a ton of gas and a lot of urgent, runny poo churning in my bowels.

Imma leave soon-I already desperately need to run to the bathroom again so I can take another watery, loose dump. I'm debating eating more prunes or doing something to make my stomach cramp so it feels a bit more like authentic diarrhea; I think imma eat some more prunes and may drink more juice.

If found that the juice really loosens and moistens my bowel movements while the fruit makes my stomach turn and digest old food and adds substance to my poops so I'm not just shifting water. I think I'll eat another 25 prunes and may even have some more juice-we'll see, but now I gotta go so I can empty my overloaded bowels. I really have bad diarrhea today!!! Gonna try not to shit my pants anymore. After this bowel movement I'll come back with a story about a time I got really bad diarrhea out of nowhere-stomach flu-and shit myself while I was in bed. It was so awful needless to say.

Okay, I'm done! I really gotta go shit, I'll be back soon.

Best wishes,


Anna from Austria
Another question to the ladies:

what was the most usual public toilet you ever had to go for your number 2?

In my case the answer is easy. It was a toilet a disco club.

Been a few years since I went clubbing for the last time, but during my active time, I never noticed any other lady doing her number 2 there. They were just peeing, or puking, if they had too many drinks.

greetings from Austria


Victoria B.

Awkward incident


I had one of periodic public bathroom mishaps earlier today and thought I'd write about it here.

I needed my second poop of the day as soon as my afternoon class was done and that meant a trip to the one-toilet unisex bathroom right down the haul. I was struggling a little bit to hold everything in during class and was pretty desperate by the time I got to the bathroom. I tore my black skinny jeans and blue and pink striped cotton panties down to my ankles and threw my very full butt onto the waiting white plastic seat, landing with a rewarding *thud*!

My poop crowned as I sat down and it wasn't long before it domed me to the limit and began sliding into the water below with a subdued flumph. The log kept me open a little longer and a zipper fart followed before a second turd started making its way towards the exit and then a third followed. It was all over within fifteen seconds and the sensation was so strong that I needed a minute to cool myself down! A good poop is one of life's pleasures and this one was my second of the day.

A buzz from the phone in the back pocket of my lowered jeans woke me back up and reminded me that I wasn't the only human who needed the toilet and that I needed to wipe up and get flushed and dressed. To that end I unrolled a generous handful of the awful half-ply toilet paper on offer and continued to marvel at the elusiveness of the logic that people would not need to use as much softer, more absorbent paper as they would this poor, translucent excuse as I passed it front-to-back between my buttcheeks before dropping it into the bowl below.

True to form I still felt dirty back there after my first three passes and I reeled off some more paper and was putting it to use when the door suddenly opened and an attractive red-haired woman walked in! Right when I was wiping how embarrassing! I realized then that I'd been in such a hurry that I forgot to lock the door before getting undressed-what a dummy! To her credit the redhead understood what had happened right away and gave a genuinely sincere apology before closing the door and leaving me to finish up.

I didn't need a second disruption and didn't want to do the shuffle of shame to lock the door with my jeans and undies still down and also felt like I was as close to clean as that stuff was ever going to get me so I flushed and got dressed again before washing my hands and heading out of that bathroom. I wanted to apologize to the redhead for being absentminded but she was gone! Must've been as desperate to find a bathroom as I had been.

Has anybody else here been walked in on because of a broken lock or forgetting that one existed?



Being sick with a stomach flu

So this happened a couple of weeks ago, I'm doing much better now, but I had the stomach flu which really did a number on my ass. For the most part, I would wake up several times during the night and I was basically shitting pure liquid poop because I was drinking so much to try and flush it out of me. When it wasn't liquid, it was loud farting and sharty poops. I felt so horrible when I had to go to work because I had to poop 7 times. If anyone came in to the bathroom, they either heard or smelled it. It was not pretty. I even had to poop outside on the roadside when I went home. Normally I have no issue but this time was different. At least it was dark outside as I had the later shift that day. I got out of the car, went over to the other side, pulled my pants n panties down, did a bend forward squat and a stream of liquid poop just shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh out of my ass. It felt so good to get it out. Wiping was a chore because I had to make due only with a couple of napkins, but I made it work as best I could. I got back in the car and went home. I was sick for a few more days after that. Idk if anyone saw me but I didn't care.


Bad Stomach Ache

I just got back from a school overnight for the first time which was awesome. We ate lots and lots of food, which was great, but it did a number on my digestive system, as I'm not usually a huge eater. It was also hard for me to go to the bathroom while I was there, because we were staying in a summer camp style dorm situation which meant all of us girl had to share a bathroom with three stalls. I tried to find some alone time in the bathroom to do my business but I was unsuccessful during the first few days. On day four of our week long trip, I woke up with horrible stomach ache. In the morning, I had no luck getting any privacy in the bathroom, but I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. I made it to lunch time where we had sandwiches and chips. After a few bites I started to feel sweaty as my belly churned, growled and cramped. With everyone eating, I thought it would be a good time to sneak off to the restroom. I quickly finished up l, found my teacher and excused myself and headed to the cafeteria bathroom. Unfortunately for me, a group of my girl friends asked to join, so we all stopped at the bathroom together. I quickly took a seat in the first stall and two of my girl friends took the remaining stalls with two waiting in line. I peed a little bit and then without any control, I began to push out a thick log. While the log slowly squeezed out, my two friends finished their pees and were replaced by the others in line. My first log landed with a thud and my stomach quickly cramped up again. I grabbed my belly and leaned forward feeling sick. Another long, thick log slowly started to curl its way out. By the time that it landed in the toilet, all four of my friends were done and waiting by the sinks. My stomach was feeling awful still and I knew I would just need to take my time and get everything out. My friends chatted at the sinks, hardly noticing me while I laid a third log. I couldn't help but groan as my stomach cramped up yet again. I leaned back and began to massage my belly in circles. My friend Anna called out "hey Cara, are you almost done?" I sighed and replied "I don't know. You guys don't have to wait for me", "Its okay, we don't mind", "I actually have a really bad stomach ache so I might be a while". My friends quickly wished me well and then headed back to the cafeteria. I massaged my stomach for about a minute when it gurgled again and I had to lean forward again suddenly. I curled off log after log after log for about five straight minutes, each one landed with a thud in the bowl. By this point I had been in the bathroom for about ten minutes and lunch was going to be ending soon. My teacher came into the bathroom and called out "Cara, are you okay?" "Yes, I just have an upset stomach still" "Alright well you've been in here for a long time and we are going to be finishing lunch soon". I started to feel a bit anxious, but my stomach wasn't letting up. I sighed and started working on a long rope piece of poo that just seemed to keep coming. When it finally broke off, I was ready to squeeze out some smaller lumps of soft, sticky poop. I still didn't feel done, so I kept pushing, but nothing was coming. It had been fifteen minutes by this point and I knew everyone was about to head off to our next activity so I had to hurry up. After rubbing my belly some more and rocking back and forth to reposition myself, I was finally able to push out a decent sized log. I began to pee and I finally felt done. I stood up and looked into the bowl in absolute amazement, I had completely filled the toilet! Three huge dark logs stretched at the bottom. Each was about 2. 5 inches thick and each was long enough to reach from one end of the bowl to the other, sticking several inches out of the water. About ten, light colored logs floated in the water. Each was about two inches thick and between 6 and 10 inches long. One long 2 inch wide poop wrapped around the bowl entirely and chunks of soft poop filled the rest of the bowl. I wiped carefully and tried to flush three times with absolutely no success. I eventually left my monster in the toilet, washed my hands and rejoined my class just in time for our next activity. "Feeling better?" Asked my teacher, I nodded "yes". I silently swore to myself that I would never eat that much ever again and prayed that whoever was left to deal with my stomach demon in the toilet would forgive me.

Huge Monster log

You wouldn't believe the poo I had today. I spent thirty minutes pushing out the biggest log I've seen. I usually poop once or twice a day. It's usually about the size of a large banana and it's pretty easy to get out. However, I've been on a girls trip with my mom and sister and it's caused me to get a little bit backed up. All three of us are sharing a hotel room with one bathroom. Early this morning (around 4 am) I was woken up by my stomach cramping. At first I just tried to go back to sleep and ignore it but I was getting really uncomfortable. It felt almost like I needed to have diarrhea and I was hot and clammy. I rubbed my stomach and tried to pass some gas, but I was really starting to feel sick. After about a half hour of tossing and turning in pain, I decided I needed to try to go to the bathroom so I could feel better and go back to sleep. I held my stomach and made my way as quietly as I could to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and instantly a huge log started to force its way out. I usually try to let my poo come out in its own time but my bowels were straining and spasming without me controlling it. I grabbed my belly and leaned forward, unable to stop myself from moaning as my stomach continued to cramp. Meanwhile my log was moving out at a snail's pace. It was really stretching me and struggling to get out. Five minutes in I needed a break so I sat and tried to relax my ???? by rubbing it, all with a few inches of poo hanging off my backside. After a minute or so of this my bowels decided they needed to get back to work as the cramping got unbearable again and my ???? started to spasm. I instinctively leaned forward and moaned in pain and the beast tried to work itself out yet again. I struggled and strained for another five minutes, making slow progress. Suddenly the door to the bathroom swung open and my sister stood there sleepily. She saw me hunched forward, sweating and holding my belly and quickly apologized and closed the door. Now I needed to really get going since she was waiting for the toilet. I continued to strain, working as fast as I could only to make slow, but steady progress on my log until it got too wide and was absolutely stuck. No matter what I did, I couldn't get the log to budge. My sister knocks on the door "hurry up, I've been waiting for ten minutes and I really need to pee". Feeling helpless I reply "sorry, give me another minute". During the commotion I guess my mom woke up as well and she comes over to check on what's happening "what's going on?" I hear her ask outside the door. "I have to pee and she's been in the bathroom forever". My mom knocks on the door and asks me "you okay in there?" I tell them that I'm having a bad stomachache and I need them both to leave me alone so I can finish up. My sister is annoyed and tells me to hurry up but my mom scolds her and tells me not to rush it. It takes about ten more minutes of hard work to finally squeeze the rest of the log out. When it finally broke off I felt SO much better, but I took a few minutes on the toilet to make sure I was really empty and done. After a little bit of gas and a pee, I was sure I was all done. I looked into the bowl and saw the biggest poo I've ever seen. It was too wide to even fit into the toilet hole and went all of the way from the back of the bowl to the front coming out of the water on both ends. It was about as thick as a Pringle can, except for one hard, larger bit near the end (which was HUGE and the most difficult part to pass). It curved slightly to fit in the bowl, but was generally very firm. I tried to flush it three times with no success and apologized to my sister on my way out as she would have to use the toilet with my monster log in it. Later this morning when we were all awake we had quite the task getting rid of the thing. "No wonder you had such a bad stomach ache, what did you eat?" my mom joked and she tried to break it up in the toilet. My mom ended up having to call the hotel staff to take care of it. She and the custodian that came to tackle the beast laughed and said that I must have felt MUCH better once I got rid of that thing.

Dumping Dahlia

Some Experiences

I've posted once before but I've been a lurker for a while.
I'm a 31 (almost 32) y.o. female, 5'6" with short, medium blonde hair, about 135lbs with a flat stomach but wide hips.
My interest in pooping, especially in males, has been kind of a recent discovery. My last boyfriend was very open about his pooping habits; would leave the door open, announce he was about to go poop, and even come in to poop while I would be taking a bath.
My current boyfriend, however, is not as open. He said he's embarrassed about poop sounds, and barely lets me stay in the bathroom if he's only peeing. I haven't told him about my turn-on because I sort of asked a hypothetical about it once and he said that it was totally disgusting and didn't understand how anyone could be turned on by something like that, so asking to see him go is likely out of the question. However when he does go, he always takes a while and he's mentioned that he always has to strain and grunt a bit when he goes, which really turns me on and I wish that I could hear through his bathroom walls, but I unfortunately can't. He's become more open about going when I'm around, so I have hope that he will happen to leave the door open one day.
I'm not a super shy pooper, but I close the door when I use the bathroom around him because mine are really smelly. I poop quickly , usually less than 5 minutes, but can still stink up the bathroom pretty good. I also usually poop once a day.
Unlike some other female posters though, my poops aren't very big. They are fairly thick, but I usually only poop one solid turd of about 6-8" or smaller turds that add up to about 6-8". But I could be miscalculating because my turds always sink and maybe start falling into the hole.
I also don't fart often when i'm pooping, but I fart a lot while the urge to go builds.
Recently I've been having extra thick poops that are quite firm. It's happened a lot, maybe 4 times the past week while I've been sick and staying in bed most of the day, and probably not drinking enough fluid. However, they feel soooooo amazing coming out. The first day of having the very firm, thick turds, it tore my anus a little bit and noticed some blood on the paper, and with such thick turds continuing, it seems to reopen everytime. Does anyone have any advice on what to do to heal this? I feel a slight bit of pain when one of these poops start, likely of the cut/fissure reopening, but the feeling of being stretched still feels great. So I'd like to keep having firm, thick turds, but without the initial sensation of pain.
I eat fairly healthy - probably not enough fiber, and probably not enough water. However, if I increase my fiber intake, will my poops get softer? What kind of fiber would be the best addition to my diet? Should I try a fiber powder that I would add to a drink or should I get it from adding other fiber-rich foods into my diet?
Anyway, I look forward to hearing some responses and will try to post again soon.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020



Hi guys! I love the diarrhea stories so I'll contribute mine. I know that a diarrhea urge feels different from a regular poop urge (like a fart). I got a farty urge at the store nearly 3 weeks ago, and just knew it would be diarrhea. Sure enough, when I got back to ????, I made a butthole waterfall. Interestingly, Miss Ranita told me yesterday that when she listens to her water white noise on her phone, she has to pee. My sound machine has recently broke, but when I listened to water such as the brook option, I didn't pee too much.Bye!


I'm Back

Hi folks! It's Bianca! We moved not too long ago, and I've not been able to post. I'm giving it one more go. Anyway, Mom's/my bathroom has the toilet next to the sink, and the shower pan next to that. I hope all is well. Bye!



To Anna: Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry that you struggle with diarrhea and hope that it does not interfere with your life too much. Blessings!

To Marcus: Thank you! Yes, farting is funny!



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