Chip... You're right about the "muscle" that helps a male to hold his urine more easily than a female thereby resulting in frequent leakage among women. It's not really a muscle; it's a gland that is attached to the base of your bladder and wrapped around your urethea tube called the Prostate gland. It is also the gland that produces the seminal fluid that your sperm rides in. During an ejaculation the seminal fluid mixes with the sperm stored in the seminal vesicles and the result flows through through the tube and out the penis. The prostate gland is also a common source of cancer among men, mainly starting to develop during their 40's or early 50's. The best way to treat the cancer is to remove the prostate. This will result in "dry climaxes" but can also cause impotence and incontinence. That's the medical name for the leakage you mentioned. Since my surgery 9 months ago I have had to fight this leakage problem constantly. When my bladder gets filled past halfway, any sudden move can cause a leak. Depends makes pads called "Guards for Men" to help with this and there are numerous medical solutions if it becomes too annoying. By the way guys, when you get to be around 45 make sure that you start getting a prostate screening every year, EVEN IF YOU FEEL GOOD AND HAVE NO SYMPTOMS! I did and if I hadn't I would be placing my casket order within the next 5 years. The leaking problem beats a slow, agonizing, painful, death by a long shot!

Last winter, we were on a school ski trip. The teacher in charge went into one of the rest rooms. There were two unisex restrooms, each with just a toilet. About 3 minutes after she came out, I notice that the maintainance people were coming down with a squeegee plunger. About three minutes later, they had a wet dry vacuum. I guess she dumped one big load.

A few things. First on laxatives. I use to work at MCL Cafeteria in Carmel, Indiana when I was in H.S. One of the asst. Mgr's was kind of a jerk. He get in in the morning and sits in the office reading the paper with a big cup of coffee. One of the people put a couple laxatives in the cup while he stepped away for a few minutes. He came back and contined in the paper. Later, he was on the toilet for a long time. The guy (Joker) that put the laxatives in walked into the bathroom and the Asst. Mgr asked who it was and then he mentioned that he has the shits pretty bad and hasn't been able to get off the toilet. Joker had to contain his laugh until he got out of the bathroom. ---- As for Lady T's question about how many flushes after dumping a load. For me, it can be 2 or 3 flushes. If someone is around in the house, it is 2. One flush right after the last turd comes out and then another flush to take care of the paperwork. Sometimes a 3rd when there are remants of shit and paper left.

Has anyone else had this experience. I was working around the house and I knew I had a shit coming on, but I wanted to finish what I was doing. I was cleaning out the cellar and it was dirty and dusty work I had been working up to a sneeze for a while. Finally the urge to sneeze overcame me and I sneezed with all the energy I had in my body. At the same time as the dust was blasting out of my nose my ass began filling my drawers with a huge load of shit. I learne my lesson don't put off shitting especially if your gonna sneeze.

I was at a friends party once and I was outside for some reason when I looked up (it was a 2 storey house) and saw through a window one of the girls sitting on the toilet. I could only see from the chest up but she sat there and then wiped herself and left.

I just dropped one of my favorite kind of dumps. I felt the pressure real bad and I went into the bathroom and decided to squat above the toilet to see how big and long the turd would be. Sure enough it was a 14"er it started sliding out slowly, but as it got longer and heavier it slid out faster. It slowly slid into the water and went right in the hole and rested ther. It was so long one end was all the way in the hole and the other end was sticking out of the water waving at me. I let two more 7"er go and they rested on either side of the big one and one of them stuck out of the water also. I only had to wipe three times and even then there was little on the paper. Donny I think someone pissed there pants and put them in the urinal and all the other guys were glad to have something to aim at and absorb their piss. Mike I too catch my shit when in public restrooms with toilet paper. Andy, I can piss with a hard on, so I think RV is right.

I just dropped one of my favorite kind of dumps. I felt the pressure real bad and I went into the bathroom and decided to squat above the toilet to see how big and long the turd would be. Sure enough it was a 14"er it started sliding out slowly, but as it got longer and heavier it slid out faster. It slowly slid into the water and went right in the hole and rested ther. It was so long one end was all the way in the hole and the other end was sticking out of the water waving at me. I let two more 7"er go and they rested on either side of the big one and one of them stuck out of the water also. I only had to wipe three times and even then there was little on the paper. Donny I think someone pissed there pants and put them in the urinal and all the other guys were glad to have something to aim at and absorb their piss. Mike I too catch my shit when in public restrooms with toilet paper. Andy, I can piss with a hard on, so I think RV is right.

I was hunting many years ago with friends. One of them brought his 12 year old son along. This was his first year and he was pretty green. We were kidding him about the many apects of hunting, including dumping in the woods. On the first day, he was placed in a stand approximately 10 feet off the ground on the side of the mountain. At about daybreak, he realized that he has to dump. He doesn't want to get down for fear of spooking any deer during the prime hunting time, so he decides to dump from the stand. He gets his pants down and lean over and starts to dump. When he's done, he reaches for the TP, but knocks it to the ground. He decides to try to step down with his pants at his ankles. He gets to the last step and stumbles to the ground. Eventually he gets the TP and finishes the paperwork. That night, when we heard the story, they heard the laughter in the next valley. He took it pretty well. He returned for many years and took a lot of ribbing.

Back to Andy: The reply I made was directed to the inquiry made by an Andy on the 17th, posted between "Bridget" and "Lee". I was not responding to your erection problem that you "asks". My response was to directed to an open question on the incident that I wrote about. If you don't believe me, maybe you should do some checking yourself. Also ponder the scenario that there actually may be more than one person named "Andy" in this world, and he may also be posting on this forum.

Joe .
To Preggy

our latest post. I really enjoyed reading it because we seem to be alike in the way that we enjoy pooping. Please keep posting.

Hi Aaron - your post about you and Chris up at the lake was really excellent Your descriptions were awesome - the more so because everything you write is just how I feel too - except you write it so much better! I bet you get really top marks in essay!! Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, it actually got me a bit OVER-excited(!!), but briefly I know the exact delicious feeling of cold water lapping on and in my hole on a hot day - especially sensuous if, like you, nature is about to stop calling and start shouting! I've never experienced "swimming cheek to cheek" - not even with Josh - but it sounds cool! We think maybe you should have mentioned your need to empty your bowels to him there to see what he would have said. I mean like, was there somewhere that you could have dumped? Or could you have even done it in the lake? We don't know though - it just seems to happen to us, but like I said once before, if there are already two buddy-dumpers it is easier to get a third (PUN opportunity passed!). Just try to introduce the subject in a light sort of way - not serious - that doesn't need nerve, and if he doesn't pick up on it you are no worse off and you haven't upset him - but he might well pick up...? Your awesome description of the eventual emergence of your shit was so-o-o-o real - I know the itchy, tingly, sensual feeling as my turd(s) inch their way from inside of my colon and emerge into daylight! And then, like you say, the feeling of contentment as I gaze at my proud production. And wiping - I'm really into wiping - especially watching others like Josh when he wipes himself, but I really love the feeling when I wipe (except of course if that agonising stabbing pain of a used poppy seed that has stuck to a. my anus and b. the paper occurs!! I guess from your post you've felt that pain too!) Of course, my shits can be quite at break yesterday - I got about 3 minutes warning - well final warning!, just got to a school toilet, trousers and pants down, no time to consider any social niceties when - pphhrrrrrsht!!- massive fart (anonymous response of "©¿¿*¿©ing hell" from about 3 cubicles away!!) followed immediately by my explosive dump - three massive soft turds hit the water cleanly, almost simultaneously. Complete with stink bomb effects - really it was designed as an outdoor production - like most of mine! However, I had no option, and the entire bowel evacuation took all of 30 seconds. Unfortunately, there was no paper, so a set of skidmarks to be proud of were in evidence later when I was on the way home from school. Anyway, I was v. proud of my shit - it was a lovely sort of tan colour and very uniform, so I left it for any other boys to admire - unflushed!! I also know exactly how you feel about older folks - I try not to be prejudiced, but they don't interest me either. (I wouldn't mind if they wanted to watch me - I could quite understand that!), but my preferred age for wanting to watch/watching/wondering how and what is 'up there' is really 12+ to 18/19 (young looking 20's too I suppose if I think they are teens!!). Yep - you're right - we are both weird - but I'm sure that I'm weirder! Enough for today - I've got an 'official' essay (for school) to write here too! All the best - Nicky

My husband is a brilliant cook. One of my favourites is his stir-fry, and he cooked me one of those last night. It's a vegetarian dish (he doesn't eat meat), and there are all sorts of vegetables, as well as beansprouts, and just for me he adds some soya meat substitute - and he cooks loads of it. I can usually manage two platefuls with no problem. Now there is a bit of a side effect from this dish, that I had noticed before, and that is, that the next day my poos are particularly smelly. Not a "too much beer" smell like men sometimes produce, nor a "stomach upset" smell; it's just a stronger than usual poo smell. So there I was in the loo at work this afternoon, having my regular movement, when I realised that I was stinking the place up somewhat. It was quite busy in there, but I knew it was me that was making the smell - and I could hear people talking about it. Part of the trouble was that two of my poos were sticking up above the water, and that always causes more smell. So having finished, and flushed, I felt obliged to wait a while before venturing out. Silly really, because that is what toilets are for - they are bound to get smelly! Ah well, it won't stop me from enjoying a good stir-fry next time it's on the menu!

News you can use - the other morning my butt was really itchy (anyone else experience this?). So while I was in the shower, I washed my butt real well (probably too well because soap can iritate too). I rinsed well also, but when I was drying, it was still real itchy (right at the anus). So I applied some cortizone cream (it indicates one of its uses for anal itching), it WARNS you not to apply inside, only outside the anus. Well, some must have "slid" in a bit. About 20 minutes later, I was finishing my routine and feeling the urge to take a shit. I thought I could slip out a a fart and WHAM, I started to shit, kinda wet and loose. I dropped my toothbrush then leaped for the toilet. I then proceede to dump, pretty loose still. I must have sat for 10 or 15 minutes. Needless to say, I had to change and was late for work. Oh well. Does anyone ever get such serpious itching? To DORK - My butt is average for hair, but no, it doesn't take me any longer to take a crap because of hair. Maybe a little longer to wipe if its messy.

Friday, October 09, 1998

Jasmine>> I have flushed food down the toilet lots of times, whether or not it has first been digested... :-) Among undigested stuff I have flushed has been overly done oatmeal cereal (too sticky), carrot sticks, pasta (elbow macaroni), and some old egg salad...Usually goes down without any problems, provided that you don't put too much of any one thing in at a time...

Thank you for the comments, I'll look into it... Whats with the cup cake thing? I never asked about cupcakes and laxitives. I think the person who did that is very sick and twisted and would never in a million years do that to anyone. All I askes was the errection question. If you don't believe me I am between Paul and Ann. Thanks again, Andy

Hi Aaron - just a short note to say I'm fine, my teenage type turds are slipping itchily and ticklishly out of me on a daily basis! - I'm just so busy at school it's not true - even dumping there a lot!! Weather now is not always up to comfortable outdoor dumps. We have a 'long' weekend coming up - off early on Friday + no Saturday school, so I'll try to get all the news to you then. I did actually try to reply to your lake/beach swim/picnic, but the forum moderator judged my reply to be inappropriate or something, so I have to rewrite it for you. I'll tell you about the other thing then too that you asked about - I haven't posted it at all yet - time pressure.....!! (It's about that boarder who was constipated last term before the Summer.) Promise I'll post again soon! Take care - Nicky

Hello all! I am home sick today with the flu. :( I have found a new thing to do, it's a lot of fun. When you haven't pooped for a few days, or it just seems that you have an unbeleivably large load up in there, weigh yourself on a bathroom scale before you poop. Then after you've rid yourself of everything, weigh yourself again. My aunt brought up this Idea to me, And it works! It's the best if you have a very accurate scale that measures pounds and ounces, (kgs and gs in the UK?) As Always, Candi

hi cousin told me about thsi place but i did not believe him.then he told me that he put some times i went.well after hitting him till he cried i said it was okay from now on.anyway i like this sight but i thought i was the only one.i guess not. and i love to laugh at you poor boys who have truoble pooping. now you know how i feel.anyway he is a story my cousin doesb't know. but i guess he will soon. anyway i love watermelon big cousin says do not eat too much because watermelon is natures laxaitive. he and i eat it seeds and all. anyway my smaller cousin was there and had to poop so i let her go first. i a good girl. well not all the time. anyway i then got the feeling of poop going big time. i told her to hurry but she was pooping up a storm. i needed to get out of there to get my mind off of it so i went outside. the feeling was so strong that i felt you know the place where poop comes out start to open.i hold my bottom and ran to some bushes near the corner of our house. there i pulled everything down and pooped like i never pooped just kept coming and coming and it would not stop. i was scared that someone would find me if i took too long. anyway later it stopped. but i did not think about paper. i was stuck.but tehn i remembered that when we ate watermelon outside before my cousin used wet ones to clean my little cousin up on the picnic table. i looked out of the bushes and yay there they were. i looked around and ran well the best i could with my overalls and pampies around my knees and got them and ran back. after cleaning up fast. i put my pampies back one and felt something slimely. i got it with my fingers and it was a watermelon seed. i guess it escaped from my tushie. good thing that was the only thing that did. has this ever happened to any of you that you had to go so bad you took things into your own hands and ended up getting stuck cause you did not think a head? bye for now linda

I just got through getting a load off my mind...Have just taken a massive dump after not having had one for the past 5 days. I started with dropping several small "depth charges" (my butt getting splashed), and then my anal opening dilated to its maximum size and proceeded to expel a large knobby-shaped log on the one end and smoothed out from there...It was about 12 inches long and floated at the surface of the bowl...It took about a minute to pass out of me, in a slow continuous motion, during which I got an erection from the stimulation of my prostrate gland while eliminating the monster. It was a dark brown, firm, and straight as an arrow, even after it hit the water with a soft "plop", as we have a large toilet bowl. I had to wipe only once, and even then there was hardly any residue on the toilet paper. I did have to flush twice to make sure it went down the drain, as it did leave a few skidmarks as it started its journey to the local sewer system...

RB you always have good stories. Not having a hairy ass, I've always wondered if hairy assed people's Shit stuck to their hair as it exited. I wondered if they had to wiggle to release it from their hair. I wondered if they had to wupe more because theeir hair was smeared with shit. I wonder if that is why some guys need to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Do you or anyone one else know the answers ?

Donna, we have it preserved in a glass enclosure over the fireplace. It's a real work of art; one can only wonder what you had been eating.

Cousin... I remember one time driving along when my girlfriend said that she needed a bathroom really bad. We continued driving along with nothing in site and she again said she wasn't going to be able to hold it any longer so I better hurry up. Finally there was a store and as she left the car in a very brisk walk she had one hand pushing up against her butt. I then realized that having to pee was not her problem, so to answer your question... I suppose for some it really does help to hold it.

Traveller, re: peeing with an erection... your information is incorrect. The "trap door" so to say only gets closed off during orgasm and ejaculation. You should be able to urinate without any problems while you have an erection.

Donna, interesting about the vanishing turd. I've had it happen to me while out camping. My friend and myself both took dumps in the same spot and when we returned, our turds were gone, but the paper was still there. We were pretty sure that some animal ate them. Jasmine, part of my job is cleaning school bathrooms, and the kids throw all manner of food items into the toilets, sandwiches, apple cores, chips, and if it looks like it will go down OK, I flush it. If it's an orange or something, I have to reach in and get it out. Pens, pencils, paper, hair berets, underwear, hall passes, you name it. Once I ate a banana while sitting on the toilet and flushed the peel. It went down OK.

I went into the boys restroom after school to clean it and found that I had a real mystery on my hands. In one of the urinals rested a urine-soaked pair of blue shorts and pair of Hanes briefs (size 30). They were not resting in the pee filled trap of the urinal, but off to the side. I could not decide if some boy had wet his shorts and discarded them or if the shorts were placed in the urinal and subsequently peed on. Readers, what do you think happened here? I kept the shorts and underwear in my supply closet.

when I was little my brother took a shit the size of a thermos and clogged the toilet. my dad had to go out front with the drain snake, and poo and pee came flying out all over the lawn. I haven't seen him get that agitated since. Needless to say, it was one of the highlights of my childhood.

SV Females are lacking that muscle that shoots the sperm at special times, but also helps squeeze closed the pee path at others, so when they have to many in my past have told me...they have to go, as then it just starts leaking out. Most females do tend to have leakage problems now and then, its a little flaw in the design.

me and a girl friend that i had been dating for a few months were planning a camping trip, we were going to go when i got off work that day. i needed to take a dump at work but i held it in so i could do it outside that night on the camping trip, i have always enjoyed dumping outside since i was young. i had not ever taken a dump in front of her so i was interested to see how she would react, we got to the camp sight and got the tent set up when i started farting, i knew it was time, i told her i needed to take a dump, she said she had brought some toilet paper so i got it and walked a short distance away and by a tree i pulled down my pants and squated down, i looked to see that she had sat down at a picnic table with a magazine so that she could watch me but it would look like she was reading. so i started grunting and pushed some poop out and after a few minutes i leaned forward and wiped, her watching the whole time. there was nothing said about it but i knew she enjoyed watching me. the next morning we got up and she jokingly said she had to do somthing and i cound not look, so we went outside the tent and she took some toilet paper and went behind a tree, she told me not to look but she went where i could clearly see her, so i watched her as she took her pants all the way off and then squated by the tree, her little but was sticking out from behind it in clear view, i decided to get a little closer i wanted to se her pee, when i got there much to my delite she was pooping, i just stayed quiet and whatched as she dropped four or five turds, it took about ten minutes and then i got to see her wipe, she got up and put her pants back on, we then went for a walk, it was the best camping trip ever.

Thursday, October 08, 1998

I find that a turd almost always causes a big splash in the bowl and as well as getting wet the noise of over people hearing me go to the toilet embarrassed me when I was a kid. I started using my right hand and holding a piece of toilet paper to catch the turd and lower it gently into the water. I have been doing this ever since. When I urinate the splashing noise embarreses me and I urinate against the porcelain in the toilet bowl so it runs quietly into the water. Sometimes when I let a turd go I have a kind os spasm and urinate as well. Sometimes when I catch the turd in the toilet paper I lift it out of the toilet and take it apart as I find this enjoyable. Peanuts don't change much and I have sometimes wondered about eating them again, but I am not really that sick! After that I flush it down the toilet. Does naybody find that sex leaves them feeling all bunged up and urinating relieves this feeling? Everybody should be taught to use the toilet properly as this is very i! mportant. Sometimes when I drop a big load the toilet blocks up and I reach into the bowl and mash the turd up with my hands to make it easier to flush.

Hi, I haven't posted for a while, cause there was nothing special to report about. I just wanted to share with you what I'm feeling right now: As you know, I am pregnant (6.5 months). Usually my bowel movements are very smooth and easy, but I guess it becomes more difficult as the pregnancy continues. Well, this morning I had my morning coffee, which usually leads to a satisfying BM, I did feel a slight urge to go, but when I set on the toilet, nothing happend. You know how you feel when you're heavy and full in the lower abdomin and you KNOW you are full of shit, but you just can't get rid of it? Well, that's how I feel right now... I'm dying to defecate. I've tried eating some prunes and milk with cereal, but so far (it's 10:00 AM right now) nothing happened. I must admit, I'm a little bit excited, because I hope that later I'll be able to take a big dump, which would probably be more enjoyable than my usual morning dumps... If that happens, I'll report to you. But right now I guess there's no other choice but continue to feel heavy and full of poop.

To Andy: I heard about that story about the cheerleaders as well. The girls guilty for serving the laxative laced cupcakes are facing charges for food tampering, since two of the recipients ended up in the hospital with chronic diarrhea. To see a full article on the issue, do a search for the "Asbury Park Press" website, then use their search engine and look for laxatives.

there was this one time i had to poop and so did my girlfriend so i just let her sit on my lap to go and i did not know it that she was going to have direa she always has colan attacks and it smells.

Andrew, not to alarm you, but in answer to your question about painful peeing when you have an erection: normally, a male shouldn't be able to urinate at all when he has an erection. Males have a small, valve-like organ (sorry, I'm no anatomist) that closes off the urethra - the tube that connects the bladder to the penis - during sexual arousal and erection. At the same time, this "valve" opens the way for the eventual ejaculation of semen. If you're able to urinate during an erection and if it's painful, that may be a warning sign. Anybody have a more informed opinion? To Andy: I hate to sound like a party pooper today, but putting laxatives in cupcakes, etc. isn't all that funny. A Virginia woman was convicted of assualt and battery for doing that to get revenge on her boyfriend. Besides, there's always a lot of wise talk at this forum about the harmful effects of laxatives. What if you "slipped" them to someone with an intestinal problem? The results could be far different than anything you ever intended, don't you think? Okay, everyone, you know I'm not usually on a soapbox here, so I'll step down now. I'll share something I recently remembered in a day or two. Good posts lately!

Lady T
What is the most amount of flushes have you guys had to do to get a heavy load to go down the toilet? I never have to flush more than twice.

desmond - glad to know i'm not alone with enjoying my morning dump. sounds as though eddie was a lot like, smoke, enjoy! RB - yep! thanks for enjoying the same as me. i just like watching/listening/smelling other dudes take a good dump while not being shy about doing the same. doorless stalls in mensrooms are not a problem for me. a dude needs to dump... thats it. no ifs, ands, or buts. why be so private about pants pulled up to the knees? we are all sitting for the same reason and we're all dudes. just chill and enjoy the dump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey gang. Just a there any way to get to this part of the site (the posted stories) WITHOUT having to wait for the never-changing "puke & poop gallery" to load?? I often read the postings during the day at work, and I would have a hard time explaining why there were pictures of shit on my screen if someone happened to walk by at just the right moment! Thanks!!

Don't know if I am getting you right, but I will give this a shot. Here are 5 easy tips to assist you in lowering productivity to a safe and managable level at your place of employment. 1.)In your browser's preferences turn image loading off. b.)(practice this one before you need it)Or open another program and maximize it, Open your web browser as you normally would. When someone comes by hit ALT+TAB to switch back to the other program.3.)Load the page and scroll down before the images load. 4.)Place one of those stick on notes over the upper left hand corner of the monitor. 5.)Put your monitor on its own power strip, when someone walks up simply kick the switch on the power strip.

To Andrew You CAN'T pee when fully ramrod-hard erect. The bladder is cut off from the urethra. You just have to wait till the erection subsides. But you can pee when partially erect, and yes it can be a bit painful. The answer is just to wait a bit longer till the erection subsides. I am fascinated by this business of watching people do their number 2. If your family will not let you watch, nor will your friends, then what do you do? Stalls without doors may be common in the USA, but in Europe they are rarer than hen's teeth. So no way can you watch anyone except with mirrors, peeping through cracks and suchlike devious practises. So there's not much chance of me watching someone. I would be quite happy to let someone watch me, that would not be a problem...

hi everyone--two things for yall. yesterday i was at a store sitting on the toilet. i was on it for about an hour, i like to sit for along time. anyway some guy comes in and bangs on my stall door and yells out, hey man are you okay in there??!! i was so embarressed! i just said yes fine and he left. i decided to "pull it back up" and pulled up my pants and left. the guy was standing outside the restroom with the manager and said, thats him. i was so embarressed! has this ever happened to anyone else?? am i wierd to sit there an hour? there were two stalls, its not like i was preventing anyone else from going. to the guy that said it hurt when he peed with an erection, yes that is normal, i usually cant even pee with one. second thing--today i was in line at the grocery store and there was a young guy in front of me with only the following items: a pack of suppositories, a roll of toilet paper, and a newspaper!! i wonder what he was going home to do?? i wanted to give him a high five! peace to all! hi keith! (oh yeah im male 17)

Thanks to whom ever sent me that short but sweet story.I feel improtant now.Well before I get a swelled head let me return the favor and it's similair.One time when Linda was 4 I was playing hide and go seek with her.To make it easier I hide one on the first floor.But all the good places wher down stairs.I couldn't find a place and I heard her say"Ready or not" so I ran in the bathroom and hid behind the curtain of the shower.Then I saw the light come on and thought she found me so I decided to give up.As I pulled the curtain back I saw her oldest sister(19)(Who I'll call M for now) sitting on the toilet peeing like there was no tomorrow.I yelp at the sight (But if I were smart I won't have) and she turned and saw me. She looked at me rather strangely and then went back to doing her thing.I thought for sure I was toast. She finished and then then looked back at me and said"can you turn on the fan for me?" I did rather uncertain.She smiled at me as I heard a hugh plop in the toilet.I guess I was shaking cause she said."I'm not going to kill you so stop worring.You're lucky taking a dump puts me in a good mood." Well we talked for a bit and then she got some paper and I went back in the shower and closed the curtain.I heard a flush and the fan and the light turn off.My heart was pounding as Linda opened the curtain and said,"Found you!" Luckly it was her nap time as I need to resy and let my blood pressure go down again. After that at time she would go over to me and say,"I have to poop." and walk over to the bathroom. But I never went cause well I hardly have good luck and I don't push the little I have.

Has anyone here ever flushed food down the toilet? If so, I'd like to have details.

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