Were you ever told to poop in your pants when you were a kid

This is not so much a post as it is a question. Has anyone who has posted on this site ever been told or given permission to poop in their pants when they were kids?

Taylor Toots

First Time

Hi all -

Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm a first year at a university in the US. I went to an all girls boarding school in the NW so I've never even had an opportunity to discuss #2 AROUND boys until this year haha. But my dorm is a 1800s build and the restrooms are still a shared scene (boosted by progressive values whatever your opinion on them "and please do not make my post about that").

But anyway I have never used in front of a guy before and I could use some advice on how to / when to do my business without being caught and mocked haha.


To Sarah


Thank you for your kind words about my posts. I remember that bowel movement very well...haha! I was embarrassed, too! I wish I had a better title for the post, though! Chloe has not shared any stories of embarrassing moments in the bathroom. Both girls seem to have their bowel movements at home.

I would love to hear your stories and offer whatever advice you may feel helpful and appropriate. It seems normal to have a little anxiety about pooping in public because of the lack of privacy. And, no one wants to be that one who explodes and/or stinks up the bathroom. I have a couple of stories from the summer I hope to share soon! Until then, I hope you are well and I look forward to hearing from you soon!




Survey answers

Gender: Male
Age: 17

These are my answers to the peeing and pooping away from survey questions.

1. Do you poop and/or pee more at work than at home? The answer is yes.
I'm in high school and my needs have increased each year because of
the availability of beverages and snacks at our school.

2. Under what conditions, if any, do you try to hold it?
Many of the guys' seats have been peed over by 4th hour. But I've
given up trying to find the perfectly clean seat to sit on. Its not
worth the embarrassment of filling your underwear with one or two
classes still to attend.

3. Are ass gasket seat papers available? If yes, do you use the?
No. But I tried once at a department store and I gave up just in
time to save my blue boxers.

4. How often does straddle pissing go on? Why do you think its done?
I saw a guy straddle pooping once at the mall. He looked really
unsteady. He might have been drunk.

5. Are the seats usually OK for you to sit on when you need to?
At the mall with more toilets available you get more of a choice.

6. Do you know of anyone who has an unusual attitude toward using
public toilets?
Yes, I have aunt who tries to avoid them at all cost. When we
vacation together she upsets my parents by slowing things down.

7. What has been done, if anything, to accommodate these people?
My dad cusses under his breath and says she needs to be broken in
with a summer camp.

8. When waiting for your turn on the toilet have you ever been
critical of the person vacating it and the condition being left
for you?
Yes. Even at home, my sister has two friends who will often leave
full craps unflushed. I doubt they do any better at school.


stomach bug

Hi everyone, sorry my long absence. Your very own Mina is bad girl.

Bad news (but OK now) we all had stomach bug middle of December. But funny thing was, we all start bug on same day! All us four!! It started afternoon of 15 December. Hisae was first, about 2 pm, strong diarrhoea and she stayed on loo more longer time than usual. She said, she dry her bottom herself, because maybe infection. We said OK, but at 3 pm, Maho sat on loo and big diarrhoea! At 4 pm, it was turn of Kazuko and she stayed 20 minutes and sprayed her diarrhoea all over loo! Hisae also did motion again just after Kazuko. They said, Minappe, you only are Genki! Genki means good health. But about 5.30, I decided I wanted to do motion. So I did. It was huge and soft! Bururururururu bururururururu bururururururu...more and more, so it was a diarrhoea too. I washed and dried my bottom, then stood up, then I was on floor! Friends said, it was very short faint, they know what to do when I faint, but I suddenly said "throw up..." so Kazuko brought bowl and I threw up but only small volume, I was still on floor, Hisae massaged my upper back while I throwing up. But few minutes later, she also threw up, and also small volume.

It was Sunday evening so difficult to go to hospital. Maho said, "I call my father." He is doctor. So she called, while Kazuko went to loo and did long huge diarrhoea again. After that, always someone on loo. Almost we take turns! Maho went to loo after Kazuko. Burururururu, burururururu, burururururu. So she can come off before her father come. Actually he came when Maho just finishing, so she didn't flush, she ask him to look at her produce. So he looked, and he felt stomach all of us and asked lots of questions. Hisae showed him paper of time everyone went to loo, Mina's faint and my and Hisae's throw up. Maho's father said, Wow, you keep so good record! Hisae also wrote temperature of everybody , we all have fever but not so big.

Maho's father gave us biofermin, so we drank. He said, "I give you medicine, but you go to hospital tomorrow. Very strange you all catch bug at same time, but I think infectious bug so please tell to hospital."

Nobody threw up in night. Lucky! We decided we all sleep together same flat (green) until we better.

Monday morning, we ate only soup for breakfast. Maho's father said, drink is better than eat, but if you eat, eat o-kayu, it is rice gruel. After breakfast, we all went to loo and huge diarrhoea, to save time Kazuko and Hisae went to beige flat to do their huge diarrhoea.

We went to a hospital by taxi. We all saw same doctor, she is my usual doctor. She said same things with Maho's father. He is also doctor but not internal medicine. Hisae did a diarrhoea with waiting for the doctor.

Doctor said, our bug not so serious all of us. She was a bit surprise that Maho and Kazuko didn't throw up, and other two only little. She gave to us medicine and advice. Big problem was, we started to feel hungry because stomach so empty, we said to doctor and she gave us list of things we can eat.

Problem was, with our appetite, in afternoon there was somebody on loo all the time. Loo was never empty! Sometimes someone come off loo before finish to give loo seat to friend. Then go back after. Loo seat stayed warm all day, until we go to bed. Worst time was just after we come home from hospital. Cole weather outside and we had to wait for taxi. When we home, we all want loo, so Kazuko and Hisae went beige loo again, and Maho and Mina took turns to sit on green loo.

So Monday was sitting on loo or sleeping all of us, also a little bit cooking of safe food. And in evening, three friends watch a TV while fourth person is sitting on loo to make many bururururururu noise. Fourth person change about every 20 minutes.

Tuesday was same, but all of us, motions less of liquid, more of puree. And we feel stronger especially Maho feel, so she did cooking mostly. But she often go to loo and stay long time.

Wednesday we also stayed home but Thursday we all went back to a office. I did a diarrhoea in office loo in afternoon (Mari was absent, she also had stomach bug, she mail me) and in evening Kazuko and Hisae said, they did too, but Maho didn't do. But all of us it was not so bad diarrhoea.

In end of story, I want to say everyone, I hope you don't get stomach bug, but if you do, you feel better if you keep warm. We felt that very much.

I hope you all enjoy holiday, and Happy New Year to everyone. I will go back to home town. Kazuko will come to stay with me 2 days. My mother said, "Bring with you girl who can't do motion her house because her mother angry!" My mother remembers very well.

Big shout out and love to everyone.

Mina + 3

Chinese boy

Seriously diarrhea caused by mustard

Last week, before the midterm examination, I made a bet with one of my classmate, this is common in my class, especially before an exam.
We made a bet about eating a pile of mustard for the people who've got the lower score.
The day before yesterday, all of the score came out, nine subjects, he got 821 points, but I only got 804 points. So yesterday's morning, he gave me a big pile of green mustard and I need to eat it in one time.
I just boldly threw it in my mouth, OH MY GOD! I couldn't describe the feeling of it, the disgusting smell was full of my head and the cold temperature of it get straight through my stomach.
After drinking a lot of water, I began feeling better. But I can still feel the cold air was running in my stomach.
Two hours later, I suddenly felt a bit of uncomfortable in my stomach but I didn't take notice of it. Until another one hour later, I began to felt a bit sick and I noticed that I shouldn't ate those mustard.
When I'm having my lunch, just a sudden, I felt very sick, so I quickly ran to the nearest bathroom and threw up everything I ate for lunch. I knew something were seriously wrong now so I get back to classroom to have a rest.
I get back to classroom and lie over the table, after a while, I felt my stomach hurts very badly and I felt I'm very gassy, so I let out a loud wet fart, it stinks very much, but luckily, nobody were in the classroom, in the next five minutes, I felt like I could never stop letting out big wet fart, I've farted over thirty times in five minutes, the classroom smells really really bad, and I knew I need to poop badly, but I first went downstairs to school doctor. On the way getting there, I threw up all the things I had for breakfast and I knew I need to threw up again so I went to the nearest bathroom, it's a small bathroom with only one stall, I ran in and vomited again and again, my stomach really hurts, I vomited a lot of bile and undigested mustard, after finishing, I walked slowly toward the school doctor's office, but on the way, suddenly... warm and runny diarrhea sprayed out of my butt and filled my pants, some of it flowed down my leg and dropped on the ground. So I quickly ran back to the stall with a line of runny poop on the ground behind me.
As I squatted down, huge amounts of diarrhea sprayed out and splatted on the wall, the wall behind me turned brown, then, big wave of diarrhea rushed into the toilet with a wet fart, then another big fart and another wave of diarrhea... My god! I couldn't believed there were that much of poop coming out of me.
After about 20 minutes, I finally got finished and wiped myself for using 15 sheets of toilet paper. I looked back, the whole squat toilet was full of runny and watery poop with undigested food in it, also a lot of poop on the wall. I tried to flush it, but what did the flushing machine do was just letting a few bubbles get crossed these disgusted yellow things.
My stomach still hurts very bad, so I called my parents and they took me back home quickly.
I pooped for another five times that day but smaller amounts. I got dehydrated. I felt better that night so I made mistake of eating something.
And today's morning, I woke up with a strong urge to poop, so... Diarrhea again, now I'm sitting on the toilet typing this post, it was so painful to have diarrhea like this!
I swear I will never eat any mustard in my whole life.


nearaccident at mom

This is my first post in several years in here. I have been following for many many years.

I was at my moms home, for the holidays.
I was awoken by noise downstairs. My mom was up. I was trying to find a new shirt and some headphones for the tablet, so i could take it downstairs.
We had a lot to eat in the past few days beforehand, so i had to poop and it was already sneaking out. When i came downstairs to say hi to my mom and the dog, they obviously smelled that i pooped a little because my mom said if it was time for the Christmas shower?
I laughed and said yes.
I checked my underwear and a little turd was in there. I dumped it, it was a little mushy for me squatting while having to find the headphones. I wiped the underwear with paper, and kept them on.



To Sherryl: I loved the story about Marie using her training potty years later. Unfortunately, I don't have mine, nor do I recall using it. I had a neat solid poop today. It wasn't a mass, but small parts that came out one after another guided out by pushes. One of the peices made sort of a bubbly kind of plop similar to what water sounds like when a drop drips into a puddle. My poop peice must have sounded like this, because it hit the center of the toilet water at the very top. Other than that, I haven't pooped much today. Hope you all find interest in this unique post. Bye!


A New and Terrible Experience

I've posted a couple times before on here, but I'm almost 30, a graduate student, and I use they/them pronouns regarding gender. (Which is sometimes relevant to public bathroom use and sometimes not). This happened a couple months ago, so I don't remember some of the details, like whatever I ate the night before. But I woke up at the usual hour, and needed to take my morning poop right away. I got a couple comic books to read, and sat down. As soon as I started going, my insides cramped up horribly. I kept moving and fidgeting because of the pain, and I wasn't even really aware of what was coming out of me, just that everything up from my hole to my belly felt like it was twisting and squeezing and burning. I'm sure I let out some rank farts, and I'm sure it stank, but I honestly only remember the pain. And then I was fine. I did a mushy, nasty shit later in the day, but it didn't hurt at all. By the next morning, everything was normal. It wasn't until the next month, when I picked up my comics subscriptions, that I realized I hadn't been able to focus on or remember anything I had tried to read on the toilet.

I hope that was an isolated incident, because it was the worst.

Victoria B.

I'm back!


My apologies for the absence. The end of the semester was brutal in terms of workload but now it's behind me and I'm happy to announce I have my bidet now! It's pink and white and attaches to my toilet seat and the warm and cold water supply in my bathroom. I couldn't be more excited!

Shoutouts to Taylor, Mina and everyone else here. Happy 2020!




Hey - just wanted to wish everyone on this site a happy Christmas!
I've been back at home with my family for a few days and been eating LOTS of heavy food... I've had quite a few explosive and large poos but I've not ventured far from the house so none resulted in desperate moments. yet!

Sunday, December 29, 2019


My Christmas Poo

During the run up to Christmas I've eating a lot of mince pies, chocolates, cakes especially on Christmas Day, which this year I was working, as all the nurses brought in snacks for each other to eat on the ward. Therefore, on Boxing Day, after having a lovely breakfast of croissants, strawberry and champagne jam, orange juice and coffee, I went to my bathroom and only poo'd out a couple of small pebbles. Even though I was sending Christmas on my own I still dressed up in a nice dress and did my makeup. Later on, as I was waiting for the roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, stuffing and veg to finish cooking I looked at all the food and said to myself 'I wonder how big my poo's going to be after eating all this?' The dinner was excellent and after having a couple of glasses of wine I snuggled into my armchair and had a nap. After waking up an hour later, I was making myself a cup of tea when I thought that maybe there were rumblings in my belly. So, I went to my bathroom and lifted up my dress and dropped my tights and panties to my calves and sat down, but all I could produce was some loud zipper farts. Fast forward to Boxing Day to when I woke up late and was in my bed scrolling through Facebook. My bladder was quite full and I said to myself that if I didn't go in the next few minutes I would wee myself. I made my way to my bathroom and once I got in front of my toilet I pulled down my pyjama bottoms and panties and sat down. After a long pee I thought I could try for a poo so I pushed and felt my bumhole open and a log make its way out. Within seconds it plopped down into the water and was quickly joined by another log. After farting a third log fell from my bum. By now the room was staring to smell of poo. Sensing I was done, I stood up and turned around to look at what I had produced; in the toilet bowl were three medium floaters. I sat down again and rolled off some loo roll to wipe. It was quite a messy poo as I had to wipe a further four time until I was clean.

The very best festive wishes to everybody and happy pooing


To Marie

That sounds like a good lil potty. Wish I could join you in your closet poopies. What is your favorite thing to use to wipe with? What about when you are outside for your poopoo and peepee?


Christmas Day pee and poop adventures

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope everyone is having a good day. So this morning when I woke up, my husband said that he had to go the bathroom. I asked him if he had to poop. He said he did. I asked if he wanted to join me outside as I had to pee and poop as well. He said since it was Christmas and that it's not as cold as it was yesterday, that he would. So we got our costs on, stayed in our pajamas, headed out to the woods behind our house and he found something to sit on, and I just squatted. It took him a little bit longer to get going but once he finally did, it was a large dump. Guess all the food and drink he had yesterday just waited to come out all at once. As for me, my pee was very long, at least a minute and a half. I could have gone to the bathroom last night but I was so warm and cozy in my bed, I didn't want to. Anyway, once I was done making the snow yellow lol, I pushed out 3 big logs of soft and mushy poop. It felt so good to get them out. I had to grunt and strain a little bit but once I made one big push, I was able to relieve myself. Both piles of brown in the white snow looked rather funny lol. Anyway, we both wiped up and then headed back inside and took our showers. Now we are heading over to my friend Amber's and our friends Tara, Jenise, Ashlynn and Dana are gonna be you know the 5 of us girls are going to be rowdy like we are teenagers again and are gonna have a Christmas pooping party outside. We are gonna drink a bunch of wine and eat a bunch of food and we are gonna wait til it's dark and then find places outside to drop some loads of shit lol.
Merry Christmas everyone, happy peeing and pooping to you all.


My mom's questions continue

I'm now 34 and moved out of my parents' house like 15 years ago. I work for a large national firm. As part of a trio we travel throughout the country and occasionally abroad, to market our company's products at large trade shows. Most are held at exposition halls and in huge arenas and may attract thousands of guests.

A few years ago when visiting mom she started up again asking about how my bowels were moving. OK this was an issue when I was like 11 or 12 and adjusting to the stifling toilets of middle school. The lack of privacy doors, normal toilet paper conducive to wiping, a couple of foul-mouthed divas who threatened those of us who were shy and underdeveloped, and other complaints were common. Mom tried to help me with laxatives, excusing me from school until they worked at home in the morning, and the occasional enema that I felt was just short of torture.

But as I became older I got accustomed to independence and was able to shake most of the problems. However, when I got my current travel-intensive job I made the mistake of getting into a conversation with Mom about how it is so hard for me to pee on long flights and how I was packing suppositories for use in hotel rooms, and unfortunately at airports. Now she continues to as my about my toilet experiences on two fronts. All I say is that I'm doing better and hope to keep it that way. How common are such intrusive questions with the rest of you?


To pooperlady

Oh ok. Too bad you don't live where I do, there are plenty of places to do it without being seen. What do you prefer using to wipe with when you do it outside. I've used toilet paper, baby wipes, leaves, moss, even a smooth rock and clumps of snow. I prefer squatting but it can be nice to find something to sit on when you can hang your ass over it.


Post India follow up

Hi. I thought that since my last post I would be back to normal, but it wasn't to be. In those three days, I did not have the slightest urge to poop. This morning I had a bath and came downstairs to make some coffee and have breakfast. While putting the coffee in the jug and putting the kettle on I started to get a strong urge to get to the toilet for a poo. I thought that I would finish making the coffee and take a cup up with me but I started to get in to a desperation situation. If I just relaxed my rear end muscles slightly, it was crowning. I gave up the idea of finishing making the coffee and slowly made my way slowly upstairs, cheeks held together and one hand over that area. I was naked anyway, as I am usually round the house so just sat straight down on the toilet, nothing to pull down. I was determined to just relax and not push at all, just really enjoy passing three days worth of poo that had built up. I felt my back passage dilate slightly and had the sensation that a poo was starting to come out. The slight poo smell confirmed it. I still remained determined not to push and stay in this wonderful moment. After a few minutes I felt some involuntary muscular movements and my anus started to stretch further open as a nice smooth, soft turd slowly left me. It felt so good. It must have touched the water at the same time as it broke off as there was a sort of flopping sound. It was immediately followed by another longer piece, also soft, smooth but came out faster that made no sound as it entered the water. I took some deep breaths to savour the pleasure I felt the wiped myself. I am a bit obsessive about cleanliness down there so also washed my bum using one of those plastic bidet type things that fit inside the toilet. I have read somewhere that the time difference in hours between home and your destination is the same in days required to get back into normal sleep pattern. Maybe it the same bowel habits?? Hope so as I missing my regular daily poop.


Reply to Jared

I, too, suffer from chronic constipation. On a number of occasions, I have had to manually assist my evacuations with my lubricated finger. The fastest and most effective relief I have found is a dulcolax suppository. I have never had that fail to make me poop, no matter how backed up I am.

Thursday, December 26, 2019


Christmas Eve dump

So first of all, Merry Christmas Eve everyone. Hope you are all having a happy and healthy and prosperous Christmas season. So this happened this morning. This morning my husband was on the toilet, and I needed to poop so bad, I wasn't going to wait for him to be done. Its snowing and blowing here today, so going outside was out of the question. So I used the only thing available to me. I grabbed a bucket and threw my PJs and panties off, sat on the bucket and exploded in it. My ass felt so much better because my poop was pushing on my ass hole. It was a loud echo from my 3 farts that I had as the poop was coming out. I wiped up n took the bucket outside and dumped it at the tree line and just left it there, I'll take care of it in the spring lol. Merry Christmas everyone, happy Christmas pooping and peeing to you all.


After 4 AM

Hey guys! I had another round of sloppy shit close to 5 AM this morning. Just as before, it was pure liquid, but it didn't smell much. I'm guessing that what I thought was poo actually was bile spewing from my butt. It didn't burn, but I would think that diarrhea presenting as mostly poop would stink badly. The state of my intestines improved later on, and I was able to feel solid bits although it wasn't well formed. I probably pood close to 5 times again. Some of it happened while away from home. Bye!


Pooping outside

In response to Sherryl - I have pooped outside, but only very rarely. It's hard to find somewhere that I won't be seen.

Anyone else chronically constipated? No matter what I do, my BMs are awful. Yesterday after 4 attempts I finally managed. It came out about an inch and then stopped. I PUSHED as hard as I could but it wouldn't move. So I got in a squatting position and used my fingers to help the stretching. Finally after nearly an hour, I managed to get it out. Anyone else have to manually assist themselves with severe constipation? What helps when you are totally stuck?

To anonymous: I'd leave the door open. My nephew was doing the same thing when he was around 9. I'd be pooping and he would look under the door and even go outside to look through the window. I remember he left the door unlocked one time so I would walk in and could see him on the toilet.


Everybody can't poop at home

This new student named Presley moved across the country and enrolled at my high school a couple of weeks ago. Up until this time she had been schooled at home. She stayed with me two nights while her mom went back to the coast to handle some divorce complications. I live in a smaller one story home with one bathroom. My dad's usually in the bathroom in the morning when I get up and I need to get to school for tutoring assignments within a half hour. Sometimes my mom is able to get her crap in before my dad gets up, but often she does her daily when she gets to her office. This schedule really surprised Presley, who moved from a three bathroom suburban home.

She just has this OMG! attitude about sitting on a toilet at school. For me its 3 or 4 times a day because activities keep me there from 7 to 7. Most of my friends think nothing of it, although I've written about some, especially guys, who hold their craps in until they get home from school. Presley seems to think schools should have those ass-gasket papers you pull down, unfold, and place on the seat before you sit down. I don't think too many of us would use those, although I don't know about the guys. With the heavy use the bathrooms receive, I would think the papers would do more to clog the toilets which already have high loads of crap to flush since so many students don't push down on the lever. Before a simple pee, it seems I have to flush for the previous user about 50% of the time. More of us are probably being distracted by electronic devices as we sit. That's not going to change though. Also a few students, Presley among them, straddle piss into the toilet. Not all know how to guide their stream. The splashes they leave need to be wiped down before sitting. This just puts an extra strain on the toilet paper rolls--3 per cubicle--that are often used up by lunch hour.

So I've created the survey below for all ages who poop and pee regularly more often at work or school than at home. This should be interesting.

Your Name:

1) Do you poop and/or pee regularly more at work than at home?
2) Under what conditions, if any, do you try to hold it?
3) Are ass-gasket seat papers available? If yes, do you use them?
4) How often does straddle pissing go on? Why do you think it is done?
5) Are the seats usually OK for you to sit on when you need to?
6) Do you know of anyone who has an unusual attitude toward using public toilets?
7) What has been done to, if anything, accommodate these people?
8) When waiting for your turn on a toilet have you ever been critical of the person vacating it and the condition being left for you?



Claire: I don't see anything wrong with going with the door open. Or going in places that aren't the toilet that's just me :)

Sherryl: My potty is a " Summer Infant Step-by-Step Potty for Girls, Pink" according to the online Walmart description. I'd recommend to a lot people getting a training potty they are great, especially if you like going in special places but don't like cleaning every time.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Elphaba great story it sounds you both had good poops.

To: Sherryl great stories about your 2 poops outside and your big poop at work.

To: Imogen great story it sounds like you both had really good poops and it sounds like she was a lil desperate as well.

To: Taylor great story it sounds like you both had good poops.

To: Kayla great story it sounds you all had great poops and your toilet sure had a busy day lol.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Breakfast Rush

Hi everyone! I had a poo rush this morning after breakfast that sounded like someone dumping something into the toilet. It was a semi urgent need that was almost immediate. However, as the day wore on, the poos were gradually becoming solid, and the amount decreased. To Tlana: I do agree that kids need to be supervised in the bathroom. What happened to you when that kid layed on the floor in the bathroom asking you questions was a big invasion of privacy! Good luck with that. Bye!


When one poop frees up another one

So today has been kind of a weird day. I didn't have my usual morning poop outside. It couldn't be done. Idk why because I usually am always able to get one out. I felt a little stopped up in my stomach, but didn't think much of it. I then had a very sticky and messy poo that I had to use a lot of toilet paper to clean up. Well, that opened the flood gates up because not but an hour later, I'm now sitting on the toilet because it is waaaaay to cold outside for me to go poopy. It is one of those ones that started out solid but then turned I to liquid. It felt AMAZING. Ok, time to wipe my lil butt hole. Happy peeing and pooping everyone.


To Catherine

Huge fan of your posts, especially the one on page 1845, about your big stinky poop at the church on Easter Sunday, I would have died of embarrassment, if that had been me, as I just hate pooping in public, or anyone knowing I'm pooping in general, I guess I know everyone poops, and girls do poop, but I'm just shy about it. In regards to the girls I asked the question based on a post on 2603 about how Zoe,is not shy about pooping, but Chloe had to poop at school and was teased for it, which I also was. I was just hoping it had gotten better for her, and was wondering if she is less shy about pooping at school or in a public bathroom? I hope to share some of my stories soon.


College Accident

Hello, my name is Deb.

Back in 2002 when I was 22 years old I was in my third year of college. I started playing intramural football, soccer as it is otherwise known as. It was a six aside coed league and was really fun. One of the rules was that we always had to have two girls on the pitch at a time. My team had four girls, but on this day only two of us were able to play. So that meant that myself and just one other girl had to play the entire match.

One sunny day at the beginning of May, we had a match in the afternoon after our classes were done for the day. I was wearing jeans and regular bikini panties. I was sitting in class in the morning and started having bad cramps. Towards the end of my class, I felt like I needed to have diarrhea. My class ended and on my way out of the room I let out a fart and it made a squelching sound as a rush of diarrhea shot into my panties. I could feel the mess swish around my panties as I walked to the Ladies room.

Luckily I had my football clothes with me, so I cleaned up and changed into them. My shorts were white, so I wore a pair of white hipster panties and some white compression shorts under them. My period started in the early afternoon but it was light to begin with, so I put on a regular Always Ultra Thin. When my last class was over I could feel that it was getting heavier so I wore an Always Overnight Ultra Thin with wings and went on to my match.

I had a really embarrassing leak during the match due to my period becoming really heavy. The leak happened at the back of my pad. As I was running around, my pad somehow scrunched up between my butt cheeks, which is what caused my pad to leak so badly. I didn't notice it at first. I just thought that the wetness I was feeling was because I was sweating. In the second half, during a quick break one of my girl teammates came over to me and said, "Hey, uhh, so... You've had a leak." I felt behind me and said, "Oh my god!"

The match finally ended and my team won, which was good. I said bye to everyone and got out of there as quick as I could. I didn't have anything to wrap around my waist, so I tried carrying my bag so it covered my bum.

I got home and went into the shower. I cleaned out my poopy panties and jeans and also cleaned out my period soaked clothes as well.

I'll be back again soon with some more stories.


Response to Claire

Speaking as an adult male in my 30's who started developing an interest at a young age, a little older than your nephew, I can say that you definitely need to set some strict boundaries with him. When I was 15 I got into some trouble because of it. I engaged in some inappropriate behaviors which were worse than what you're describing, but may still be relevant to this discussion. I was definitely young and impulsive, but that's no excuse. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I did it anyway. And at the age of 11 your nephew is surely old enough to understand that as well. How you want to handle it exactly and what, if anything, you want to say to him is ultimately up to you. But he has been entrusted into your care, which means he needs to follow your rules. If closing and locking the door and expecting that no one lingers near the door while you are on the toilet is what you would consider normal in your home, that shouldn't change on his account. It's great that you want to handle the situation delicately, and that you don't want to upset or shame him unnecessarily. But we live in a world now where everyone, men and boys in particular, need to be explicitly made aware of where everyone's boundaries are. That way there is no confusion about what is or isn't appropriate. Your nephew needs to understand that unless he's invited to come into the bathroom or have a conversation through the door, a closed door means stay away and respect that person's privacy.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Nice Poo

To melanie - did the belly rub on the couch produce much else? Did you have another load of poo to push and strain to get out?

To Abbie - great story of your buddy dump - you all seemed pretty constipated! Have you ever pooped in front of a guy?

I've just come back from having a really nice poo. My stomach had felt odd for a while, and I finally managed to get back from shopping, so sat on the toilet. I knew I needed to do a poo but didn't know how long it was going to take.

I farted a little bit and felt a bit of a bloating so I strained a little bit nnnnnn turning into a slightly vocal grunt as I pushed this turd to try and come out. I'd felt full for a while so definitely needed to get it out. I stared down at the floor and continued to strain as I felt it poke out of my bum and land in the water. Such a relief, I can tell you.

I sat up and then felt a force in my stomach as a I did a booming fart and a wave of poo came out, which felt really nice and such a relief.

I began to wipe, and the paper had quite a lot of wet poo in it, but all of a sudden I clenched up again. I felt full so strained and I felt a nice hard turd slowly come out. I returned to wiping and it took quite a while to clean up.


Post India Pooping

Hi. I haven't posted here for a long time (since my experiences with Austrian shelf toilets) but still regularly read and enjoy the posts. I have just returned from a holiday in India. Most people I speak to report experiencing diarrhoea when they visit India. For me it is the opposite as each time I go, my every morning regularity changes to only being able to poop every 2 or 3 days and even then not very satisfactorily. On the flight back to UK I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in the lower abdomen, not knowing whether I needed to fart or poop. Each time I went to the aircraft toilet I could do neither. Within a couple of minutes of getting inside my house, I felt the urgency to poop so went straight to the toilet, removed my bottoms and underpants and sat on the toilet expecting a rapid emptying of my bowels. The sense of urgency reduced so I decided to just relax and let nature take its course. After a few minutes I felt myself opening a bit as a turd started to exit, it felt like it was a little way out but that is as far as it got. A nice feeling but I couldn't just sit there indefinitely so had to give a bit of a push to force out a short, thick and fairly hard piece of poo. One wipe was sufficient to clean myself then flushed and went downstairs to make a coffee and go through the accumulated post. Within about 5 minutes of finishing the coffee, I felt some strong peristaltic movements in my lower abdomen and that I needed to get back onto the toilet. I had the sense that this time it would be a much more satisfying experience. Again I just wanted to relax and really enjoy it. I had only been on the toilet about a minute when I felt my hole being gently opened and a nice, long, smooth and fairly thick poo slowly slid from my bottom and quietly entered the water. This was quickly followed by two more equally long and smooth pieces. It just felt so good, not just the usual wonderful feelings of having a good bowel movement, but to be free of the abdominal discomfort. I cleaned myself, flushed and went downstairs to put on the TV and catch up with the news. After sitting down for about an hour, I suddenly felt a desperate urgency to poop again so rushed upstairs. While I was in the process of pulling down my underpants and lowering myself to the seat it was coming out. A long, soft, continuous, fairly thin rope of poo. I had that nice feeling that my bowels were finally completely empty and I hope now that I am back to normal. I have been inspired by Taylor's posts to try using toilets other than my own for pooping such Portaloos, Public, Shops etc. I will post again if I get any interesting experiences.


Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a merry Christmas! My wish for you all is come Christmas morning, first thing, you sit on the toilet and you evacuate the entire contents of your colon in an enjoyable way and have a good long relaxing pee !

Pooping Exhaustion

After a BM I am so exhausted and short of breath. I am taking a heap is osmotic laxative to make it easier but that gives me the shit splatters when I go. Also have a hernia that plays up if I strain too much .


Supervising kids in public bathrooms

There have been several times in my 20 years when I've had my privacy invaded by little kids who are unsupervised and allowed to run around in public bathrooms. I've written about several of the situations.

Friday evening I started my trip back home from college. When I'm driving, and I prefer nights since there is less traffic and I can make better time, I'm downing a lot of soda and when necessary, black coffee.
Interstates are nice, or so I use to think with pretty modern, well-lit bathrooms which are at least half clean.

It was just after midnight when I wheeled into the rest area. There were only a couple of cars there. Long line of toilets. Two of them with legs showing under privacy doors. Privacy doors made me feel like a queen because it seems like almost half of the bathrooms don't have them because of misuse, crime and other stuff like that.

I'm not one of those who is going to inspect each of my toilet options. I opened the door to the nearest, noticed it was flushed with the seat down, latched and double checked a different looking latching device, dropped my jeans, seated my 4'7" self, and as usual, my feet were 2 inches off the floor. Black, like many public seats, this one really cradled my butt with almost customized comfort.

Just as my pee was ready to start I heard my door move a sliver, then I felt pushing against it and then there was a finger pointing through the space between the door and cubicle. Then I saw eyes on me and when I heard a thud of knees onto the floor, I figured out it was a kid. I probably shouldn't have said anything, but I said there were other toilets that could be used. Then this boy in pajamas was laying on the floor under my cubicle door. He was maybe 5 or 6. He kept looking at me and was trying to get me to say something.

I pushed my arms and legs toward him and I caught myself halfway through swearing at him. By this time my pee was hitting the water noisily and as he watched me he started a bunch of questions: my name, how old I was, did I know his mother, was I pooing or peeing (he didn't have good ears, I guess) and something else that I didn't catch because he was slurring his words. Finally, I threw my feet with jeans on them at the door but they wouldn't reach with me almost falling off the toilet with my pee still going on. He didn't scare off easily. Then I really yelled loud: GEEETTTT OUUUUUT! Then I called him a monster or bastard or something worse. Then he got up and ran down to the other side of the room where I suspect his mom was doing her business.

She left him I guess. He went running out of the bathroom half crying and calling her name. She had moved outside so she could have a break from him. Then I heard her tell him: "But Sebastian, not everybody is as friendly as you." By the time I calmed down and also dropped a rather wide and painful 6-inch log, I heard their car leave and that was fine with me. I'm paying my way through college on child care work, and I'm studying teacher ed, but I feel that too many mothers don't do the supervision necessary of young children in public bathrooms. When the child is of the opposite gender, additional rather than less supervision is called for.

Nephew is getting curious

Hello everyone. My name is Claire and this is my first time posting here. I've always figured boys might be interested in this kind of thing. When I was little, I had cousins and a little step brother who it seems like would purposely walk in on me while I was on the toilet. From the looks of here, a lot of women find it interesting too. I'm surprised!

I have a 11 year old nephew I'm watching because my sister can't. That's all I really want to say about her. I've noticed he's started lurking outside the bathroom door when I'm in there because I can see his shadow. He already tried once to jingle the locked doorknob. Like his other male relatives!

I've wondered about starting to leave the door at home open for his sake. Like I said, I had family members do the same thing, and they turned out just fine. I don't think it would hurt him. But I wasn't sure, so I looked it up online and found this place! You all seem smart about this, so I was wondering if anyone here could provide knowledge from experience.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

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