Nice Poo

To melanie - did the belly rub on the couch produce much else? Did you have another load of poo to push and strain to get out?

To Abbie - great story of your buddy dump - you all seemed pretty constipated! Have you ever pooped in front of a guy?

I've just come back from having a really nice poo. My stomach had felt odd for a while, and I finally managed to get back from shopping, so sat on the toilet. I knew I needed to do a poo but didn't know how long it was going to take.

I farted a little bit and felt a bit of a bloating so I strained a little bit nnnnnn turning into a slightly vocal grunt as I pushed this turd to try and come out. I'd felt full for a while so definitely needed to get it out. I stared down at the floor and continued to strain as I felt it poke out of my bum and land in the water. Such a relief, I can tell you.

I sat up and then felt a force in my stomach as a I did a booming fart and a wave of poo came out, which felt really nice and such a relief.

I began to wipe, and the paper had quite a lot of wet poo in it, but all of a sudden I clenched up again. I felt full so strained and I felt a nice hard turd slowly come out. I returned to wiping and it took quite a while to clean up.

Curious Cody

Wiping competition

On Friday nights my live-in girlfriend Jeci and I like to get out of the apartment for a break of pace. She's much smarter than me, in college, working to pay her own way and very competitive. So a couple of months ago at a sports bar we got into this strange conversation: Are men or women better wipers?

OK I admit a few days before that she was sorting the laundry and one pair of my pin-striped boxers with a 1.5 inch skid mark in the seat. She said I was welcome to take any of her underwear from the hamper and check it which I did. I did. No stains. She has a crap on campus most every day, so I planned to make an impromptu check of the hamper when she wasn't around. I did but could never get any good evidence. I've also read on this site postings where women have immediately thrown their underwear out at a public place because its badly soiled. So I had been waiting for a good testing situation.

So at 11:30 or so on Friday evening we had gotten out of the movie and had about a half hour wait at our transfer stop on the last leg home.
Jeci had grabbed her gut twice and I knew what the meant. She was leaning against a support pole when she said she was going in to do her crap. There was no one around and our midnight train was the last of the day. I figured I'd give Jeci about 3 minutes to get settled on the toilet. Then I'd walk in just far enough to make sure it was her. Sure enough I saw her clothing at floor level over her soft shoes. I heard plop-plop-plop and some gas. I concluded that this was catch situation. She was going to have to do a high level of her pseudo-patented precision wiping.

She wiped from her seat. I heard 3 sequences of toilet paper being pulled off. Then she flushed, the door opened and she waddled to the next stall, turned, thudded herself onto the toilet and I heard two more grabs at the toilet paper. So when we got home I challenged her to drop her clothing. Her underwear was 100% clean, except for a couple of pubic hairs. Then it was my turn. I had white boxers on and there was a brown spot about the size of a quarter from my crap that morning at the car repair shop. OK, I tried!



Hey dude, your stories are awesome! I love how much detail you put into them and you seem to do really impressive loads. Any chance you remember what your all-time biggest dump was?


To pooperlady

Have you ever pooped outside? I do it pretty regularly myself. If you have or do, would love to hear some stories.
To Marie- Oh ok.



On the 9th, I went to have some fun at a hotel. Concerning bathrooms, my room had a loo with toilet next to sink, bathtub on opposite (probably pretty standard for a hotel bathroom). I peed at night 3 times, but didn't poop during my stay. Mom did however, notice a stinky morning fart after coming up to get our stuff. Fun wise: I rode the Schindler 330A elevator (my favorite model), snacked, laughed, and enjoyed It's A Miracle on Mom's phone. After one night, my poop was a bit gross after coming home on the 10th. On Wednesday I had diarrhea for an unknown reason until later that afternoon. My poop has been more solid since. To Sherryl: When it comes to the topic of caring if I'm seen going, I don't care since doing both 1 and 2 are normal. Bye!

19 year old

Wetting the bed

Hey it's me again, I posted before about suddenly wetting the bed after several dry years. It's happened again twice since then and it's just a little worrying to me. Is it stress related to starting college or a sign of something else or am I just drinking too much before bed? I'll talk to my doctor about it next time I see them, but I figured I'd mention it here.


Outdoor pee in the summer

This summer I found myself out in the country at night. I was trying to figure out how to get home.

I walked around for a while, hoping that I could find a way back home. I also really had to pee, so I was uncomfortable.

I eventually came to a college campus. I was wondering if there was somewhere in the nearby town where I could pee, but most places looked closed. I was walking beside a park that was part of the campus, and I knew I couldn't wait much longer, and since there were not a lot of people around that late at night, I decided to relieve myself in the park.

I found a small group of trees that was fairly secluded, and I went into the middle of them. Making sure nobody was around, I then crouched close to the ground, pulled my pants and underwear forward, and began to relieve my bladder onto the grass and dirt beneath the trees. I was so grateful for finally being able to have a place to pee! I was hoping that nobody was hearing the splashing sound as the puddle got larger beneath me, but like I said, hardly anyone was around.

I finished peeing and pulled my pants back up. I then was able to go into the small town, feeling better. I found a taxi back home from there.

I hadn't peed outside in years, and it felt good! I later learned that this college campus is considered an environmentally friendly campus, so I was glad to have contributed a good eco-friendly deed to the college - peeing outside the natural way, and watering some trees and plants.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Kenzie, if I could be of some help with you being able to pee and poop in a car, I remember that you mentioned your older brother has a car. Perhaps you could stage something where you have to use the bathroom urgently while he is driving you for whatever reason, and then ask could you use the car. Of course, offer to clean any messes.

Haven't much happened lately other than the fact that, something happened to me I never thought would. I literally pissed my pants coming home from work one day, overestimating my need to hold it. Since I was using public transportation, I couldn't go anywhere, I began leaking at one point, and tried to hold it from there, but then just couldn't hold it anymore.

Luckily, I don't think anyone noticed because I stood up late, and had black pants on, and moved quickly to walk the rest of the way home in the dark, as it was probably 10:35-10:40 pm that this happened.


potty pooping

Marie, I found the bottom half of my training potty in high school. My mom had given away the top. only the bottom and cup were left. I went in the bathroom and filled the pot. it was a lot to clean up afterward.



To Haylee: Aw, that really sucks. If I could, I'd let you pee in my car if you wanted to, hell, I'd even let you take a shit in it too as long as you promised to clean it up.
To Marie:That's a great story. Wish I could use a training potty like that with you, how many training potties do you have now and what do they look like?
To LC: Sounds like you had a really good poop.



-Sherryl: Not really

-Halyee: I'm sorry you didn't get to go pee in a car yet :) but I have been curious. You say you pee in different places around your house, do you poop In of those places too?


New guy

Pooping with my girlfriend and her friend

Hey its 'new guy' again, i havent posted in forever. I last posted around page 2742 i believe about my girlfriend helping me out with constipation. Life has been pretty hectic and regular for both of us so there hasnt been anything interesting to post about. However, recently my gf and i hosted a game night at our house with some friends. We had some drinks and after everyone but my girlfriends best friend headed out (she was spending the night), somehow the conversation turned bathroom related. I dont remember exactly how it started out but Alexa (gf's friend) ended up asking if my girlfriend and i ever poop with the door open, to which my girlfriend replied "yeah, we even poop together sometimes". I knew that alexa and my gf had pooped together before being as theyve known each other forever, so i asked her well how about you and mitch? (Alexas ex boyfriend). She replied no, never, he didnt want to know about my bathroom habits or details! She then mentioned shed never seen a guy use the bathroom and would be interested in seeing it sometime pending the right circumstances. My gf pretty much knows im really open about bathroom stuff so she volunteered me right off the bat and told alexa "i bet he would do it!" And pointed at me. I kind of laughed it off as a joke and said "yeah whatever" but alexa said she wouldnt mind only if i was cool with it and my gf was there also. So me being a few drinks in agreed to do it sometime for them. Well we had a camping trip planned for a couple weeks later up at our land where we have a camper, but the bathroom is just a small outhouse i built otherwise its just go in nature. my gf had invited alexa to come along. I said why dont we plan on you ladies getting a show from me at that point, since were going for 4 days, i know ill have to poop at some point! They both just kind of giggled and agreed. Well, fast forward to our trip, on the 2nd day middle of the afternoon i was hit by the urge and knew id be going soon. As luck would have it i hadnt pooped in 2 days, and my poops are normally pretty big and the harder variety so i knew the girls were in for a show. I took my gf into the camper and then I told my gf i had to go poop and to see if alexa still wanted to watch. My gf went back outside and asked alexa, and she said she still would if we were both ok with it. There was no way the 3 of us would fit in the outhouse together so i told them i would be going outside and lets go on a hike to find a nice spot. My gf grabbed a roll of toilet paper and some hand sanitizer from the outhouse and we set out to find a spot. We walked about 10 minutes when I found a log that was tipped over on the ground but was still propped up high enough so i could sit on it with my butt hanging over it and go. I told the girls this spot would work, and began to get into position. Alexa asked my gf and i if we were sure it was cool 1 more time and my gf said hey hes the one pooping, if its ok with him im fine with it! I pulled my pants down with my ass facing the girls and hopped up on the log. I leaned forward a bit so the girls could get a good view of things back there. I turned and told them it might take awhile and alexa said take your time its no big deal. I relaxed and took a deep breath and began to push slowly. I could feel my hole beginning to stretch and my poop moving towards the opening. Alexa exclaimed omg i see it! I stopped pushing and my hole closed. I did this a few times and alexa asked if i was having some trouble. My gf said not really, he normally has harder poops that take awhile to get started but once they start to come out its fine, its just getting to that point can take a bit. I told the girls i hadnt gone in 2 days so it will be big, and my gf said here let me help you, and she pulled my cheeks apart and told me to push. She also told alexa that she could "coach me" while i was going if she would like. I sucked in my breath and pushed a little harder this time with my hole opening pretty far, once the head started pushing against my opening, my gf said wow babe it is big, and alexa encouraged me to keep going. I stopped to catch my breath before the next push and could feel the turd slowly retreating back inside. I pushed hard again and alexa said ok its coming out again, keep pushing, and try not to let it go back in when you need to stop pushing! I was concentrating pretty hard and my poop stayed stuck for a couple more pushes when i strained pretty hard to give it an extra nudge, when i felt it slip a little past my hole. Alexa said there you go, keep trying, its coming out! My gf said it wont be long now! I kept pushing with the girls encouragement and the first poop came out and landed with a thud at their feet. It was about 8" long. The next one took some pushes to get moving and i took a quick break with 4 to 5 inches sticking out from the play by play i got from alexa lol. I pushed again and she encouraged "cmon, youve got it, push, push." The 2nd log landed at their feet and was again about 8-10". Good work! Exclaimed alexa. Are you done? My gf said "i doubt he is" as i began to push again. "Nope, guess not, i still see more" alexa said and giggled. I gently pushed out the next turd which was not as hard or thick and didnt require as much effort. "Keep going babe" said my gf, and "push it all out" from alexa. It slid out and hit the ground after about 10". I pushed some more and asked alexa if i was done. "I think so, i dont see any more when you try" she told me. My gf playfully handed alexa the toilet paper and told hershe could do the honors. Alexa politely declind and my gf began to gently clean my butt and 3 wipes later i was clean. I hopped off the log and pulled up my jeans. Alexa was still looking at my poop on the ground and my gf was gathering our things. I asked alexa if she thought it was what she expected and she said yeah that was a "different but cool experience" and thanked us for being cool with it. My gf teased and said "hey your a pretty good coach for him, maybe we can do it again sometime" and she laughed. Alexa said she wouldnt mind at all, and that the 2 of us could "coach her" sometime to return the favor and laughed. If that happens, ill be sure to post it! For now, we walked back to camp and for the rest of the trip, our experience was all alexa could talk about. I think she really enjoyed it lol. Take care for now and happy pooping!


When I was 18 (1998)

Hello, my name is Deb and I'm back to write about another accident I had when I was 18 years old.

I had gone a couple years without pooping my pants. I had diarrhea from time to time because of my period, but it wasn't bad enough to cause me to have accidents. I mean, there were a few times when I had some slip out, but that was usually during my period, so I would just leak onto my pad. My periods were very heavy and I did have accidents when my pad leaked.

A few weekends after my 18th birthday at the end of March, my mum and I went to see my Auntie Barbara and my cousin Emma, who was 15 at the time. They lived in St. Thomas which was about a 45 minute drive from where we lived in London. I wasn't feeling the greatest that day but that was because my period was due to start in a few days. I had packed some pads with me in my purse, but I didn't think to pack extra panties or pants. By then I had started wearing hipster panties because they were and are so comfortable.

This one Saturday in early April, my mum and I drove to St. Thomas to my Auntie Barbara's house. I was cramping pretty badly during the drive there. I went to the washroom when we got there, but I didn't have to go, other than pee that is.

We drove in my Auntie Barbara's car to Port Stanley, which is about 20 minutes drive from St. Thomas. We had lunch and then walked by the beach for a while. As we were walking, my cramps started back again and I let out some farts. The pressure in my bowels kept getting worse and worse and I knew that I needed to get to a toilet. I let out another fart and this time it was wet. I stopped walking and did the best I could to keep my butt cheeks clenched. My cousin Emma came over and asked if I was okay. I told her that I was fine and just wanted to enjoy the view for a few minutes. I let out another fart, this time with a squelch. Then I started filling my panties with a soft load of diarrhea. It spread all over my butt cheeks and up my back. It happened in a matter of seconds but I wasn't done going. We started walking back to my Auntie's car and I let out another rush of diarrhea into my pants. I started crying.

My mum came over and asked, "Sweetie, what's wrong?"
I said, "I'm sick. I just got sick in my pants."
"Oh honey, I'm sorry"
I said, "I pooped my pants mum."
She said, "I know. It's okay"

My mum told my Auntie that I was sick and had an accident. We went back to their place in St. Thomas. I had a shower and Emma gave me a pair of bikini panties and jeans to wear. I put a pad on in case my period started because I didn't want to stain her clothes.

My period started two days later and was so heavy. I was soaking through my pads within a few hours for several days. I remember sitting in class one day and I could feel my pad starting to leak. When I got up at the end of class, I felt a gush of blood pour out of me soaking my pad through and leaking through my pants.

That's pretty much the last diarrhea accident I had for a number of years. Things got bad for me again once I was in my late 20's. I'll be back again later to share some of those stories.

Thank you,


Outdoor pee in the summer

This summer I found myself out in the country at night. I was trying to figure out how to get home.

I walked around for a while, hoping that I could find a way back home. I also really had to pee, so I was uncomfortable.

I eventually came to a college campus. I was wondering if there was somewhere in the nearby town where I could pee, but most places looked closed. I was walking beside a park that was part of the campus, and I knew I couldn't wait much longer, and since there were not a lot of people around that late at night, I decided to relieve myself in the park.

I found a small group of trees that was fairly secluded, and I went into the middle of them. Making sure nobody was around, I then crouched close to the ground, pulled my pants and underwear forward, and began to relieve my bladder onto the grass and dirt beneath the trees. I was so grateful for finally being able to have a place to pee! I was hoping that nobody was hearing the splashing sound as the puddle got larger beneath me, but like I said, hardly anyone was around.

I finished peeing and pulled my pants back up. I then was able to go into the small town, feeling better. I found a taxi back home from there.

I hadn't peed outside in years, and it felt good! I later learned that this college campus is considered an environmentally friendly campus, so I was glad to have contributed a good eco-friendly deed to the college - peeing outside the natural way, and watering some trees and plants.

Sonya Sue

Bathroom noises

Recently at my college I saw an old childhood friend, Moose. He was delivering equipment into the student union. He was by far the biggest and most physical guy in our 4th grade class. Me and my friends Nate and Annie lived on the same street and we hung out with Moose in the summer because he was really adventurous and interesting, but me and my friends had to remember not to use the potty-mouth words he taught us in front of our parents.

As long as we stayed together as a group our parents allowed us to venture out farther on our bikes. So the huge park about 5 blocks away was our hang-out for much of each day. Moose was kind of our leader. He could do some amazing things on his bike, which had wider tires and a more sturdy frame because of his weight. He would do wheelies, jump it over holes in the street, and often be the first to need to use the toilet.

What was different about the bathroom we used was that it had no roof. Annie was peeing away on the toilet and a splatter of bird poo landed on her thigh. I was on the toilet right next to her and the surprise almost caused her to fall off and onto me. Only a tall wall of building blocks separated our bathroom from the guys and after hearing Annie's scream Moose came riding in and parked in front of us.
We were both beyond how to react, although from time to time at his house he would barge into the bathroom when I was on the stool. My mom doesn't cuss much but I still remember her saying he had no F#####' barriers. He also stopped up our toilet a couple of times and tried to blame it on Nate, the most potty shy of our group.

Many times at the park Annie and I would go into the toilets together. I admit I gave the guys who were listening nearby a noisy show because I would just sit over the front-end of the seat and my pee like a garden faucet would be deliberate and noisy in going into the water. A couple of times Moose would clap when I finished my task with a plop or two of a crap. Both he and Nate would yell out in excitement if I set off a fart explosion.

But out of our group, I felt the most sorry for Annie. She was so hassled by her mom almost every day about her constipation. Have you crapped? Where? When? How much? Was their any blood? Had she done her twice daily half-hour time sit on the toilet? She was given a full or part enema each month and her mom was overbearing about getting that in. When I was with her a few times after school, her mom told her it was time for her enema and I would have to leave early.

By the time when we got to junior high Annie changed. She rebelled about using a doctors note to get out of study hall for a daily toilet sit and started lying more to her mom. She would use much of her babysitting money to buy expensive suppositories that she would use at school. Since there were no privacy doors on the toilets, she got questions and some bullying from the others waiting, about what she was doing and why she was taking so much time. She wanted to tell them to F-off and give her some time and space, but she couldn't get the words out. Later when we were studying at my house she would use the suppositories without getting bullied. I told my parents about it and they purchased a couple of extra containers of country scent spray they left on top of the toilet tank.

I don't know whether Moose has matured but Annie and I have continued our friendship, although she's away at another college.

Thursday, December 12, 2019


My visit to London as told in visits to the loo

I haven't posted in around 18 months, so I'll reintroduce myself: I'm a 28-year-old (trans) girl from the south-east of England and my username is inspired by Elphaba Thropp from Wicked, which is one of my favourite musicals. Now, with that out of the way, I get on with my story. This week I'm on annual leave so I decided that I would treat myself and have a day in London. I brought myself a vanilla latte just before boarding the train to Waterloo and once the train reached its destination an hour and half later, I knew the first thing I had to do was have a wee. Luckily the toilets were nearby the ticket gate (I had feared there would be quite a walk) and as I walked down the stairs to the bathroom I got my purse out of my bag ready to pay the entry fee but was happy to see that the toilets were free to use. Nearly all the cubicles were being used and I managed to find one that was free right down by the opposite wall. By this time, I was getting quite desperate and as I hanged my bad on the hook of the door I wee'd a little in my pants but then managed to clamp shut my bladder until I had sat down upon the toilet. It was quite a relief to go and as I was finishing my wee my butthole opened and out plopped a small poo. After wiping, getting myself redressed, putting my bag on my back, and washing my hands I made my way out of the toilet and onwards to the underground and Camden Market. A couple of hours later while I was looking at a stall selling second-hand vinyl records I suddenly became extremely desperate for a wee. I knew from previous visits to the market where the loo's were but when I got to them I was in for a surprise; in the years between my visits the loo's had been refurbished and not only that but you had to pay 40p to enter. Again I got out my purse, but then another woman walked up to the entrance and called to the girl who was waiting by the sinks for her friend to finish to walk towards the barriers and so that they would opened which meant we could both enter without having to pay. The woman turned around to me and said "we've got to look out for each other, shouldn't we?" before going into a cubical. I entered my own cubical and noticed that the toilet looked quite modern. After emptying my bladder, I was pulling up my tights, but they tore - however this was luckily right near the top so my skirt would cover the rip. I then went to the sinks to wash my hands and again noticed that they looked really modern. Before leaving the bathroom, I checked my reflection in the mirror and reapplied my lipstick. Following looking at more market stalls and buying a few jumpers I went back to the underground and got off at Kings Cross. I went to the Harry Potter shop and afterwards went to find the loos as I needed to wee again. I didn't have far to look because they're right near platforms 9 to 11. When I went in all the cubicles were occupied, however I didn't need to wait long because within a few seconds a cubical opened up and I swapped places with the woman coming out of it. As I was sitting on the loo, I noticed that both woman in the cubicles beside me had their bags in the floor and there was no movement in either cubicle, so I assume both were having a poo. After Kings Cross, I walked to Gay's The Word (the only LGBTQA+ bookshop in England) and then went on the Tube to Piccadilly Circus and walked to Tottenham Court Road via Oxford Street. It was great seeing all the Christmas lights and as I walked my bladder was filling up again, so I nipped into the Marks and Spencer's to use their loos. The signage pointing to the bathrooms was really bad and I walked around the second floor two times before I found them. Getting into a cubical I had a wee and then I had a poo as well. After reaching the Tottenham Court Road I had dinner in a pub and used their loo to have another wee. Then I went to a gay bar in Soho and after having a Jack Daniels and Coke I needed to wee again so I went to ladies. The toilet seat was square and actually quite uncomfortable - I'm glad that I only needed a quick wee. I then made my way back to Waterloo and found that a train back home would be leaving in ten minutes. I used these ten minutes to go to the Smiths and get some snacks for the journey and not, as perhaps I should have done, gone to the bathroom. I didn't notice how much I needed to go when I was sitting on the train, but when I stood to go and wait by the doors just before the train got to my stop my desperation went up from one to a hundred and I had to keep on crossing and recrossing my legs. As I was doing this, I heard two women chatting behind me and one say to the other that she needed to loo. The train finally reached the station and I rushed to the bathroom. As it was half nine, I had a sudden thought that the station staff might have locked the loos for the night but luckily this wasn't the case and I was so happy enter the bathroom and seeing one of the two cubicles free I dashed in. As I was emptying my bladder, I heard the woman in the other cubical unlock the door, wash her hands and leave the bathroom. After a few seconds the door to the bathroom opened and a woman entered the other cubical. I was smoothing down my skirt when I heard a soft plop come from the other cubical. I waited in my own cubical to see if I could hear any more but after a few moments of silence I unlocked my cubicle and went to wash my hands. As I was doing so I heard the toilet flush and out come the woman who had said she needed the loo on the train.
I didn't think this post would be as long as it turned out to be, but I hope you've enjoyed reading it


To Maria

Sounds like a good experience. Are you one of those girls that is/was very self-conscious about being seen going to the bathroom? I used to be but by the time I was around 15-16 I stopped caring.


Childhood Story

So since something from my childhood was overwhelmingly chosen here yah go :)
This is the story of finding my training potty when I was 11, I have a new one speaking of which. Got it from my friend Reese for a little early Christmas present.

I was snooping around in the basement looking for another potty spot. I walked into the storage room and saw that one of the boxes had a onsie sticking out of it, being curious I decided to see what was inside. I found some of my old baby stuff bibs, clothes, some diapers which I took and after moving aside a ???? time blanket I found it. A cute training potty! My Training Potty! It was pink and had a little bowl in it with a lid. I knew I couldn't let this just sit in storage forever so I packed everything back up and snuck it back to my room. And just waited to I had to go potty and when I did, I made sure it got used. Everything just felt right sitting on my potty doing my business. It wasn't like the big girl potty which I hate, but less clean up then going somewhere special. I also discovered it's great for putting in front of the tv and just going as you please.

So that's my story. Please comment if you still like using a training potty!

If there's interests I'll tell y'all about how I met Reese.



Cartoon Poo at Work

I had to use the work bathrooms today, which can be perilous due to the low flow toilets and lack of a brush or plunger.

As it were, I had conference call with some team members in an earlier time zone, which meant I didn't have a chance to have coffee and allow things to take their course at home. I grabbed some coffee on the way into the office and figured I would just go after the meeting. I had a heavier feeling in my bowels all morning but I didn't have clear urge to go even with the coffee. I resigned myself to the reality that I would miss a day. Things changed after I ate lunch. I suddenly felt bloated and in need of the bathroom.

The bathroom was empty and it smelled fresh. I chose the second stall and got comfortable. I let things move at their own pace. The first piece felt thick and soft as it moved steadily but deliberately. I felt it touch the bottom of the bowl. It kept coming to my surprise as things are usually more segmented. I felt it break at one point but it didn't halt the motion. It continued to crackle out at an even pace. I was done after 20 seconds. I aimed myself to pee and could see a huge brown mass beneath me. I thought I felt more inside but didn't want to wait around.

I stood to wipe and inspect. The offering had coiled up like a huge cartoon poo. It completely filled and obscured the hole area, as it simultaneously stretched towards the front of tht bowl. The latter portion coiled above the water line. I was glad to be alone because it produced a powerful smell that at least engulfed my stall. I thought that it might clog the toilet given the overall dimension of the pile. It took about 10 wipes to feel totally clean. I pressed the flusher. The toilet barely managed to choke down the oversized mass only due to its softer consistency. Good job, toilet! Thick streaks adorned all sides of the toilet leading to the trap and there were some remnants left over. The water only seemed to refill half ways. I washed up and left the bathroom feeling much better.



Me & Mitch in the bathroom

Me and Mitch got to school at 6 a.m. Saturday morning to take the bus to a competition. In our wait for the bus to arrive, Mitch found he needed to go to his 4th floor locker to get batteries for his iPad. I had forgotten to pee at home, so I told him I'd come up with him. As he was getting his batteries he said he felt a crap coming on. As I was walking around the wall into the girls' room I told him to do his crap now because the bus ride was going to be 90 minutes and there was no bathroom. I went into the middle stall, hiked up my skirt, dropped my thong and seated myself on one pretty cold seat. My stream was slow to start and I heard footsteps coming into the room. Mitch yelled into me if it was OK for him to take his crap with me because the guys' room was closed off for repairs. I told him to come in and take the toilet next to me. He seemed a little more awkward as he took off his suit coat, placed it over the divider. Within seconds, it slid over my side and I caught it on the way down. Then I hung it on my door latch.

Mitch lost no time in dropping his tan slacks to his shoes and I was most surprised by the blue and orange design on his boxers. There was a bit of a noise as his butt hit the seat and he immediately said it was the most comfortable he's ever been for a shit at school. I asked him what he meant by that and he said the girls' toilets are much higher than the guys and at 6'1' he appreciates the more comfortable sit. It was like a volcano for about five seconds. There were three or four splashes into the water I could hear and I'm sure he heard my pee as it started to pick up in intensity. Then he swore a couple of times and I playfully asked him if he got splashed. Then he swore another time and said both toilet paper rolls were used up. I like to play with him in such cases and I told him about how much paper was on each of my rolls and how I wasn't going to need it. Then I pulled one of my rolls off, gave him a count down and had him jump for it. He jumped up, fumbled with it, but it rolled down the road and under the next toilet. I knew it would be a stretch for him to reach it so I told him it was the second roll or nothing.

I know I shouldn't have, but with my pee done and my heels on I stood up on the toilet, looked over the divider and saw how frustrated he was. I told him since he couldn't catch worth a damn, I would hold onto the roll and throw him one strip down at a time. But I wanted to see him wipe, use the paper efficiently, and then flush without clogging the toilet. He stood and was pretty pathetic with the paper in his hand. He fumbled with two. One he accidentally dropped into the toilet as he pressed it to his butt. The other he tore his finger through as he used it. It was the funniest thing. He was embarrassed I know, and also getting an erection. Then our coach got on the intercom and said the bus was there. So we hurried downstairs. Neither Mitch or me can figure out why the girls toilets are higher and have more comfortable seats than the boys room.



And it STILL didn't happen. Peeing in Kayla's car that is. She texted me that she had to cancel on me and that we would do it next week for sure. Yeah, ok. I'll believe it when it happens. I think she likes her car more than she likes me. I hope she really did have something come up, and that we will do it next week, but I just don't see it happening. I am really hoping to get my own car someday, I just wish it was sooner than later.

Bye for now,


Outdoor Poop Twice in One Day

So I did something yesterday that I hadn't done in a very long time: I pooped outside twice in the same day. So the first one was after morning coffee, I felt the urge overwhelming and I knew it was time to go. So I went out in to my back yard, pulled my PJs and boyshorts down, squatted and pushed out two nice sized logs. The second one had a little bit of stragglers on it n they wouldn't fall off, so I had to use more toilet paper than I normally would. So I finished up and went back inside. It was a really stinky poo too. I had ripped a nice big fart off too as I got down in to my squat. Anyway, nighttime(which where I live is around 430 in the afternoon this time of year) I had just had a shrimp and broccoli Lean Cuisine for dinner. Well, the cream must have been bad, even though it didn't taste that way, because it gave me almost an instant diarrhea attack. Well, I was going out to pick my husband up at his truck yard, and when I got there, he hadn't arrived yet. The building was locked up and I knew I wasn't going to make it til he arrived. So I got out of my car, ran over to a dark place in-between an old car and old truck, dropped my pants and panties and it literally came out as I was going in to my squat and it just pppffffhhhhtttttttttt came out of my ass like a water cannon...I felt so relieved though. It took me longer to clean up than the one I did earlier in the day but man did I feel better. My husband showed up about a minute after I got back in to the car.


I knew I should have pooped last night

So I'm sitting here on the potty at work right now, and I knew I should have tried going poopy last night before going to bed. It is one of those problem poops that I know is gonna take some serious effort, and had I just gone last night, not as much would have piled up. This is gonna be a big one I can tell. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmpppphhhhhhh oh man. Oh man, I feel better. I got half out. Holy crap that stinks. Phew, and it is a huge log. Now just have to wait for the second half to come out. Oh man my butthole hurts, had to stretch it big just to get it out. I'm gonna courtesy flush this one. Well, here we go, time to push out the second half. Hhhmmmmppphh...heeeeeeegggggggg...rrrrrrrrrrr OOOOOH MAN. WHEEEEEW. Oh I feel better. Wish you all could see this lol. Oh man, time to wipe and go back to work. Hope you all have a good pee or poop today.


Shopping centre poo


So yesterday I went to the shopping centre in the city after work, I went round a few shops then started to feel a need for a poo. I headed to the main courtyard where the toilets are and went inside, it was about 6.30 by this time and really quiet. I chose the cubicle right at the end, locked it, set my bags down, then pulled my black office trousers and white lace knickers down to my knees, sat down on the cold seat, and started pooing. I hadn't been desperate but there was quite a bit that came out! It died down and I thought I'd better sit for a minute or so in case any more was coming.
I then heard footsteps and somebody going into the cubicle next to me, and the rustle of their clothes as they sat down. They farted loudly and then I could hear them straining, puffing and grunting quietly as they were obviously trying to poo. There was a tiny plop as a small poo obviously came out, then more grunting and another tiny plop. More grunting again and then, all of a sudden, there was a loud fart and torrent of poo exploded out of them. By this point I knew I was done so I wiped myself, pulled up my knickers and went to wash my hands. When I was finishing up there was a girl in school uniform who looked maybe year 7 or 8 coming out of the cubicle. I guess she didn't like school toilets and had held onto it.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Fall 2001 pumpkin/thanksgiving adventures

I was 10 this one fall. My parents were pretty strict about things, especially when we were out away from home. Going to the bathroom before leaving home. Only if absolutely necessary should you use a bathroom at the city arena, a gas station, highway rest stop, theater, unless you were absolutely unable to wait until you got home. You were never to seat yourself directly on a public toilet without first putting down a seat protector or some toilet paper to sit on. My mom was/is very careful about doing that herself even to this day. Even now, when I'm out with her I have to remember the 'bathroom procedure' that she will go through and if I forget she will call me out for it. I love and respect her. We just disagree.

This high school senior, Faith, was my babysitter two or three times a week in the fall of 2001 because my parents were out of town frequently for a day or two caring for a sick aunt who was in pretty bad shape. Each time they gave her a list of activities, but two I remember most were a mid-week evening at a pumpkin patch and a black Friday all-nighter in line for the specials at an electronics warehouse. At the pumpkin patch Faith went in and peed twice while we were there. I went in to keep her company but I was holding my needs in because sitting on what looked like a wooden box with a large opening in the middle and a aerial flush chain to pull the flush with didn't seem to meet up to my mom's standards. Let me tell you, though, Faith could pee with the best of those using the facilities. There we no privacy doors. I held her jacket while she was on the 'toilet' Problem was about 20 minutes later when I bent down to pick up the big pumpkin we were entitled to take, my dam opened and in a gush my underwear filled, warmed pee ran down both inner legs, and for some reason, my left sock and shoe was pretty soggy. Faith took me to the other side of the lane where there were a cluster of portable toilets.
I was forbidden to use them by mom, but she said this time it was justified and with me seated on a more normal toilet seat, although quite cold on my butt, we used all the remaining toilet paper drying me.

My second dam break came with Faith and me in a line Thanksgiving night awaiting the midnight opening of an electronics store. With a $25 coupon she was able to get a much better price on an awesome sound system for her boyfriend's car. He was away at college and she was planning to surprise him the next week. So we were about three hours into the line at 11 p.m. when she came back from her second pee in the portable toilets. I was somewhat confident, well hopeful, that I could hold it for another hour until we got into the store. Then I could head to bathroom. It wasn't to be. I was sitting on the curb in 40 degree weather when this boy about my age and a friend were in a shoving match. One got shoved into me and the surprise hit and my butt slipping off the curb onto the concrete driveway did the number on me. My bladder started to empty and I couldn't stop it. I grabbed between my legs. That was a dumb thing to do, because the guys started to whisper and laugh. My waterlogged underwear got colder until midnight hit and the doors opened. I was almost in tears because they would only let so many shoppers in at a time. That added another 10 minutes to my misery. While Faith was getting the gift, I was in the bathroom using a much higher handicapped stool and privacy door that I was thankful for as I dried myself off.


Pooping with Jennifer

I had spent last night with Jennifer (my friend with an outdoors toilet) and this morning we ate breakfast together in her kitchen then lounged on the sofa watching TV for a little while. Staying at hers had thrown my morning routine out of whack and I hadn't been to the toilet at all since yesterday morning. After about an hour I really needed to go. "I'm just going to the loo, I'll be back in a couple of minutes." Jennifer looked at me and said "Are you going to be long? I need to go too but I wanted to finish the program but if you're going anyway…. Can I go first?" It was her house so it only seemed fair so I let her go first. "Thanks. You can keep me company!"

I followed Jennifer to her bathroom and leaned against the door as she unfastened her jeans and pulled them down to her knees with her underwear as she sat. Moments later a loud hissing signalled her first pee of the day, it was clear she was rather desperate. She looked up at me with a smile. "Whew! That feels better" I smiled back and we made small talk as the hissing continued. After about twenty seconds she stopped as suddenly as she started but remained seated. I knew she hadn't finished. We continued talking and a little later there was a small splash and she exhaled, almost like a sigh. This happened again and again, Jennifer exhaling after each splash. I'm guessing she was pushing a little each time. There was about four splashes in total and she began wiping. Reaching behind her each time. I was glad to see she was wiping because by this point I was getting VERY desperate. It didn't take much paper to clean up and she flushed while still seated before getting up, redressing and we swapped places.

I lowered my jeans and thong to my calves before sitting down on the now warm seat. It was lovely! I leaned forward a little and made myself comfortable, looking up at Jennifer to talk. I was really looking forward to this. I had only been sat for a few seconds when my poop crowned and I began to birth a large, smooth log. I really enjoyed nonchalantly talking to Jennifer while my poop effortlessly slid out, knowing she had no idea I was pooping yet. From her perspective, I was just sitting on the toilet waiting for nature to happen. It fell into the bowl with a "flumph" and she smiled while still talking. Another log began making its way out and it felt just as nice as the first. I simply relaxed and fully enjoyed the sensation as I went. It soon broke off and I got some toilet paper to wipe with. "Do you feel better now Taylor?"
"Yeah" I smiled "but I still need to pee" as if on cue my bladder released and a tinkle filled the room. It felt incredible. I sat, toilet paper in hand, as it poured out of me. I really needed to pee. I went for ages and once I was finally empty I reached between my legs to wipe. I really appreciated how soft her toilet paper was. I used three pieces for my behind and following her, and Victoria's example, I flushed while still sitting. Then I got dressed as I stood up and we washed our hands before resuming watching TV.


Thanksgiving poop on Black Friday

Hey Richard! You asked about pooping experiences while shopping so I was reminded about the time, several years ago, when I decided to stop at the department store on Black Friday. It was later in the day, so the rush was over, but the store was still quite busy. I knew this store had doorless stalls, so I decided to go and drop a deuce there. I like using doorless stalls, so I'd stop in when I had a chance.

The restroom was actually quite busy. There were 5 regular stalls and a handicapped one on the end. The sinks and mirrors were in front of the stalls. The urinals were directly to the left of the door, as you walked in. I walked down the line of the stalls and saw they were all occupied. It's interesting to note how the guy is seated on the toilet. Some guys are quite shy, doubled over their legs, trousers just barely down enough to use the toilet. Others are looking forward or up, trousers down at ankles exposing their underwear, or maybe around thighs. It's also interesting to see how guys wipe. Some lean forward and reach back to wipe, others wipe from between their legs, and some might stand, facing the door or turned away from the door.

I had to wait and pretty soon, a guy in his 30's with brown hair, in good shape, stood up to wipe. I could see his penis just barely poking out past the bottom of his shirt. He faced the door and wiped a few times. Then he pulled up his white briefs and jeans and walked to the sink and washed up. I immediately took his toilet. With the mirrors, it's kind of odd to have guys watching as you unbutton your trousers and belt and lower your jeans. Then they see as you lower your underwear. It's nothing they haven't seen before, obviously, but it's still odd to get naked in front of strangers.

I pull my jeans and briefs to my ankles and drop my load. I pee into the bowl too. There were several guys who moved in and off the toilets while i was there. After I was done emptying my guts, I grabbed paper and reached between my legs, lifted my junk out of the way, wiping from the front a few times. Then I stood up, pulled my shirt up, and grabbed more paper and wiped from behind a few more times. Once I was satisfied with the cleanup, I pulled up my briefs (I think they were red), and my jeans, and buckled up. I went to wash up, watching as the next guy, probably early 30's again, take my place. I saw as he repeated the movements I just did. He also pulled his jeans and underwear to his ankles and I saw his penis and a bit of pubic hair, dangling into the bowl, as he unleashed a torrent of pee. That must have felt great!

This was a pretty cool department store. Unfortunately it closed and there's a Target there now.

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