Last summer I was travelling by car with my parents in Norway. Once we had a break at a scenic point up in the mountains when my father got a real need to visit a toilet, no for peeing, as we all were quite used to do outside, but for a bowel movement. It should take around 1 hr to drive to the nearest village. My mother and I would rather like to spend the day in the mountains, not driving 1 + 1 hrs. Therefore she suggested that he should go for a walk and get it done somewhere in nature. He hesitated a bit. When we began teasing him for being a coward not willing to squat (as we did outdoor several times every day), he eventually took the roll of toilet paper and went over to an abandoned gravel pit. We saw no others around there. His resistance was obvious, almost comic, and my mother and I laughed loudly of him. We found it so amusing that we went over to the edge of the gravel pit to tease him a bit. He was squatting with the shorts at the knees. He did not find our laughing amusing at all and angrily yelled at us to go away and leave him alone. When we went back we spotted a woman coming up from the other side on her way down to the gravel pit, but then we were too far away to warn either him or her about the situation. But for sure she discovered him because she quite soon came rapidly walking back! My father refused to speak about it afterwards!! But my mother and I still joke about the incident.

End Stall Em

Taylor Toots question answered

In the gender-neutral bathrooms of college, I certainty hope no one would get caught and mocked, although I know there are immature guys at all age levels. Its best just to go about your business as normal and not to draw attention to yourself if you're in a line for the next available toilet. I wear a full bathroom robe in the morning and carry my toiletries bag in with me. I place it over the top of the cubicle door, drop my pajama bottoms and take my seat. Then I wipe, flush and go to the adjacent room for the showers which are separate by gender. The times to avoid the bathroom are at about 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights when the partyrs come in often drunk, throwing up without first lifting the seat, or peeing so foolishly that they hose down the toilet panels. One guy jumped up on a sink to crap and halfway broke it off the wall causing a flood. I learned to not go barefoot after the first week when my feet started sticking to the floor. After midnight, my roommate goes nearby to the 24/7 study center in the library. The bathrooms are small, but gender-specific, something Shannon says her mother, who is a germophobe like by boyfriend, would appreciate.

Dear Victoria,
I am so happy you got your bidet! Is it same with our washlet? Can you wash your bottom after your motion? And other things too which women do only? I don't know American style.

I wish a happy year 2020 to everyone. Include Moderator san. Thank you Moderator san for your hard work, and we hope we keep good relationship with you this year too, that is Japanese-style greeting.

Love to everyone.

Your very own lazy Minappe, and Chae and Maholin and Kazu.

P.S. We are very fine now. Stomach bug is a ancient history. We all have comfortable time on lovely loo. I am in home town, but 3 friends give me detail of loo visit with phone! I do same.


To Victoria B

Welcome back, I've missed you !

I didn't know you could get bidets like that! I thought you needed either a separate unit/bowl or one of those Japanese style toilets.

Please please PLEASE post a story of you using it, I'm incredibly curious!


New story

Hey everyone,

Hope y'all had a good festive break. Sorry for the lack of stories here recently, I've been super busy. And if anyone is wondering which Aaron this is, I'm the millennial Brit one :)

Anyway, something happened this week which deserves being mentioned here. I went into an out of town retail shopping centre to have a look at the sales. It was a few days after Christmas. I was looking at at some clothes that I liked when I realised I had to shit. I made my way to the small customer toilets in the store I was in. Once in there, I found them empty. There were two cubicles and two urinals and two sinks all tightly packed into a small space. I took the first cubicle which was a little dirty, but at least it was vacant. I pulled my trackies and boxers down and slammed my ass on the seat. I did my poo which I had to bear down on to get out. Excessive Christmas food had made my shits harder and required a bit of effort to get out. Five good logs later I was finished, but as usual I decided to treat myself to a bit of a longer break and play on my phone as the crowds outside were mad and I was enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and the sit down. After about ten minutes after I had finished, I heard the door open and a guy entered the next cubicle. I heard him pull down his jeans and underwear and sit down. The poor guy was obviously suffering from diarrhoea as I heard liquid shit and loose farts spatter into his toilet for a good few minutes.

I sat there playing on my phone still; I felt a bit bad that I was relaxing enjoying myself whilst my neighbour was sounding like he was having a bad time. Anyway, there was nothing I could do about it. After a little while it went silent again. He had obviously got most of his mush out. There were a couple a squeaky farts, but not much else. It's a this point I heard my neighbour rifling around. He was doing something, but I don't know what. A split second later something tapped on the floor and a single Apple AirPod bounced under the partition and into my cubicle! He had accidentally dropped it and it landed by my right foot! For a moment I just stared at it, but thought the guy would be feeling a mixture of embarrassment and anxiety that he would have lost his expensive AirPod. So straight away I picked it up and held it under the partition. I felt his hand on mine as he quickly swiped it away. "Thanks" came a soft voice from my neighbour.

We both started to wipe. He flushed and left as did I about five seconds later. He was at the sinks, wearing his AirPods. A young sporty guy who I actually recognised from my gym. He looked sheepishly at me. Once he recognised me, he thanked me for saving his AirPod! We walked out together, and we said we'll see each other in the gym soon!

Jay Bee

To Catherine

It's so nice to see you back. I've been enjoying your posts for so long now. I hope you & Alan are doing well, as well as your children.
Your attention to detail, along with your honesty about your love of pooping, is quite refreshing. I'm not sure how or when this interest started for me, ( as long as can remember), it's always comforting for me to read your posts.
You're very much appreciated

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

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