I was interested by the recent letter about someone doing a jobbie outdoors and then when they went back later it had gone. In his case it was obviously some cleaning operative in a van but im my case it was a curious occurance which i have never been able to solve. Lauren and I had gone camping and as we usually do we found a spot in the woods nearby to use as our toilet, a little clearing off the path and surrounded by bushes, just ideal. Our tent was only a couple of minutes walk away. (as previously explained we do not like camp sites prefering to go "rough camping"). On the day in question Lauren had gone to the nearby town on her bike to get some money from the bank and I was alone. I needed a motion so went to our dumping ground and passed a nice big fat solid carrot shaped turd which must have been a good 14 inches long and over 2 inches thick. I was quite proud of it and as she hadn't been able to accompany me as she usually did I knew Lauren would have wanted to see it when she came back. I rolled up the toilet paper I had used and left it next to the jobbie. When Lauren came back I took her to see what I had done but when we got there my turd had vanished although the toilet paper was still there. There was no sign of it whatever. As I had only done it about an hour before it hadn't been broken down by natural processes, it was a dry day so it hadn't disolved in the rain and besides it was solid jobbie and it hadn been trodden on by a walker or anything as traces would have remained. I also cant see that a cleaner would have removed it as the toilet paper was still there and besides this was wild country not a public park . Now I dont think we have large Dung Beetles in Britain and this was a fair sized turd for them to roll into a ball and remove but this is the only logical explanation. Perhaps a reader who is into Zoology or Entomology could explain if this is the case. Unless any other wild creature ate it, the only other explanation would be if some person took it, but I cant imagine what they would want with someone else's turd! It hardly of any use to anyone, is it? Has anyone else had a similar vanishing turd experience?

Anne asks if any female reader has had an experience of a male being turned on by seeing her doing a motion out of doors. I can remember one such occurance a few years ago. I was about 18 at the time and had gone on a day trip to the sea side with some friends. We had a picnic in the sand dunes near the beach and afterwards I felt I needed a motion so went away into the dunes to do so, taking a roll of toilet paper with me. Now I noticed that the other families 20 year old son seemed to be interetsted in this but he didn't move from his sunbed. If he had wanted to I would have happily let him come with me and watch. Anyway, I did my motion, a nice big fat solid turd, and came back. When I got back he asked were I had gone as he too now needed to go himself and wanted a secluded spot, and took the toilet roll. I told him that I had used a little spot off to the left of the dunes pointing the way. He was gone about ten minutes and on his return I couldn't help but notice the bulging erection in his swimming trunks. He also said to me later , "I bet you feel better after dropping that lump!" I smiled and said that I did. Curiosity led me to go back to the scene an hour or so later. My jobbie was still lying there but there was no sign of another one, so I assume he didn't need a motion at all but had gone to see what I had done. I didn't remark on this to him or anyone else , but would have been quite happy if he had watched.

Happy Camper: could you hear anything? Such as pushing and/or plops?

Wednesday, October 07, 1998

Joe B.
I've been on vacation in France for a couple of weeks and have just gotten caught up on old posts. Among all the great posts, there was one really disturbing one. I donr recall who posted, but it was about enemas, one of my favorite subjects. She said she takes 5 or 6 quart enemas with near boiling water. DO NOT EVER TRY THIS. THIS IS EXTREEMELY DANGEROUS. Water boils at 212F (100 C). All meats are well done at temps much lower than this. Enema water should be baby bottle temp. A gentle 2 quart enema is all you need to completely fill your colon. Three or four quarts is possible, but dont do it without having a lot of enema experience. To Preggy: I hope you'll post again here soon. Please dont think I was suggesting you experiment during your pregnancy. Do what your doctor says and dont get constipated.

Hi all - just have to let you know some more interesting things that have happened to me. As you all now know i'm into watching other guys unload so consequently spend a little time in the occasional mens room. No that you get much opportunity but sometimes you never know. There is this toilet block near here in the local shopping centre. There are 3 cubicles (all have doors) but one has a glory hole through the wall about 3 inches in diameter. Well i was in there one day and as luck would have it - some guy walks in the cubicle next door. I try not to make it too obvious that im watching and hopefully they dont stick toilet paper over the hole to obstruct the view. Well this day this guy walks in and starts to remove his pants. He took them off completely and hung them on the hook at the back og the door. (guys there goes your myth about ankles or knees) - he took them off completely. I could see a nice pair of hairy legs on the other side. i try to inch further forward to see whats happening. I could see a bent pair of knees high up and wondered what the hell is happening in there. I stood & leaned forward to get a higher view and this guys is squatting on the bowl above the toilet. Best and perfect view of the best hairy butt you have ever seen!!! Again my hearts pounding thinking what is this guy gonna do. I could hear him straining and then heard one of those long and violent farts. This guy wasnt phased out at all!! I saw that delightful butt hole open wide and could actually see the start of a big brown turd inching its way down out of his hole. anyway it seem to be stuck and you could hear him pushing and straining and all the time this turd came out a bit more and then more. Eventually theres this huge log about 9 inches hanging there in all its glory for me to look at. You know its sounds sick but i could even see steam coming off of it. Eventually it snapped itself free and went KERPLOOSH into the bowl below. He didnt move though did he. No he stayed a while to make sure that that was the end of the show and all the time i could hear him straining and watch his arsehole contract and expand - contract and expand. Eventually he got down wiped his butt standing (it was pretty clean i can tell you) put his pants back on and left after flushing. That was one wild experience th! at i will probably never live down. Probably even hotter because i never saw the guys face - but then again i have ssen his arsehole!!!!

Today the following happened to me: as usual i was waiting at the bus station after work to go home. At the office there was not time enough to use the toilet although i felt a strong demand. Waiting for the bus i suddenly realized that i could not hold it. I looked around and found some bushes behind the bus station, but i was not alone waiting for the bus. An attractive lady in the forties that i had met quite often and which seemed to live near my home was also waiting for the bus. But there was no time left to think it over. So i went behind the first bush, pulled down my trousers and my shorts and squatted ready for a big jobbie. Just when i started to press i saw that the lady had moved beside the bush so that she could really see me from a distance of appr. 8-10 m. But it was to late for me to chance my intention as a big fat - quite hard - jobbie moved very slowly out of my ass. It kept its full length while moving out and at least at a length of appr. 15 cm and a width of appr. 4 cm it fell down. The lady looked at me for the whole time and it seemed to be that she enjoyed what she saw. After finishing the bm i started to piss some liters. Then i took some kleenex that i searched in my trousersīpocket and wiped my ass clean. After i had pulled up my shorts and my trousers, i returned back to the bus station. Passing her she asked:"Now, do you feel better?" Quite ashamed i answered: "Yes, of course." "Well, to say the truth, i also looked for a possibility", she said. Then she moved into the direction behind the bush where i had relieved. I move on the some place beside the bush where she stood before and saw that she lifted up her skirt and realized that she did not wear a slip. She squatted exactly on the place where i had made my bm. This was the reason for me not to stay on the spot and i moved closer to her. When i was nearly 2 m in front of her i saw that she pissed in full strength on my jobbie. Unbelievable i thought, but it was a fact.She even moved her piss jet along the length of the whole bm, so that it became weak and lost its shape. As she saw me standing near-by she explained laughing: "You have really made a good and big thing of nature. It is really charming me to do what i am doing. I hope you do not mind." As she meanwhile had finished a lake of piss with a diameter of appr. 40 cm was beneath her with my weakened jobbie in the middle of it. She asked me for a Kleenesx that i gave her. She wiped dry her shaved and hairless cunt very carefully and one could think she did it longer than it was required. After she had moved up we went back to the bus station and introduced ourself to each other. Nothing else happened. I am waiting to see her again one day at the bus station. What do you think, how shall i behave? Of course i would enjoy to see her peeing again or even more to see her making a big jobbie. Shall i ask her when we meet together?

Hey there no stories this time just a quick post.I read that some of you asked about there ever being a woman needing to poop on tv.I remember when I was young there was a show called"One day at a Time" I can't remember the people who came out though.Anyway the mom character was mad at her boyfriend and stormed off to the ladies room.The guy caught a girl on the way in and asked her to give her a message.They sent messages to each other about 5 times and then at the last one the girl,(who had not been able to do what she had to do) held her ???? and doubled over as if she had a cramp.Then the mom character came out as she ran in.Okay also in an episode of "Thirty Something",(Yeah I'm a guy and I watch Thirty Something) Anyway it was a Christmas episode and Hope (I think ) was on the otilet reading a list to her husband.They only showed her from the waist up but the lid was at her back(As if she was sitting on the seat]Okay I saw a movie called Leolo and in there are scenes of the boys mother pooping on the toilet.(for some reason the family was obesessed with going once everyday.(Like most of you) Well that's my contribution I hope I helped someone out there.I'll be back next time with a story.Bye.

Happy Camper
I've been real busy so I haven't had time to sign on and read and post. Yesterday my wife and I were getting ready to go out in the morning. She announced that she had to go to the toilet (that means #2). A couple of minutes later, I went into the bedroom. The bathroom door was wide open. I sat on the bed (which has a direct view into the bathroom) putting on my shoes while looking in at her. She started a conversation. After putting on my shoes, I went in to the bathroom to brush my teeth. She did about three wipes, flushed the toilet while still sitting down, and got off. There was a little smell, but nothing too bad. She made a comment as to how is she suppose to wash her hands while I am using the sink. I still haven't been able to say anything to here about her recent change from needing a lot of privacy to leaving the door open when she poops. I will soon. I think she actually enjoyed having me keep her company this time, or she realizes it is something that I need. It looks as if my look efforts to change my wife from being very modest with her pooping to leaving the door open has finally paid off. For those of you who have modest wifes that you want to change, don't give up. Keep at it. If I could get my wife to change after 15 years, you can do it too. I will keep you all posted. Also on another topic, my wife always walks in on me when I am reading this site. I finally learned how to keep things secret. After this site has been loaded, I log off the internet while I read the posts. When I hear her coming in to see what going on, I switch to another program real fast. She doesn't realize I am reading the posts on this site, because she doesn't know about cache and all that good stuff.

I swear I am not looking for this stuff! I saw two things on Saturday you would be intersted in. One was already mentioned by Some Guy, it was Mad TV. The second was during the day. I had the TV on while I worked around the house. I walked into the livingroom and see two guys in adjacent stalls taking a dump and having a converstion. Very nice! I stayed to see what show took that bold step and it was called 'Student Bodies.' It was on NBC about 11:30 here in St. Louis. As far as taking a dump in a doorless stall and how far to pull down your pants. I'm not sure it's a matter of courtesy or anything. It's think it's a matter of comfort and privacy. I've been in doorless stall were EVERYONE that comes into the bathroom needs to walk past you. That's a knee situation. But if it's just another guy looking to take a dump too and he's the only one who's going to see, make yourself comfortable and go for the ankles. I think it's also a matter of how comfortable YOU feel. I was in a Sears with doorless stalls once and this nice looking guy walked into the stall and dropped them all the way to his ankles and spread his legs 'til he was comfortable. Everything was right there, nothing was hidden. It think he was like RB's friend Steve, he just didn't care. He did his thing, wiped and left. No big deal.

Jeannie, How very cool, I am not alone. I am in the 10th grade, And I had a similar experience at a six flags park near my house. I live near the one in Chicago, Six Flags Great America. The new Batman ride had opened, and the wait was about 3hours to get on the ride. Of courrse, you know, they have those little snack stands near the lines, so I bought myself a 64oz. coke. I really didn't think about the 21/2 hr. line ahead of me, but needless to say, I DANCED in that line, oh, it was terrible. I thought my eyeballs would float right out of my head. I finally made it off the ride, but my friends thought it would be funny to tease me a little more. I was so desperate, I didn't even realize that we passed the nearest bathroom up. They all knew it was there, but didn't tell me. So I hobbled myseelf to the one I found, and of course, the line was sooooo long, I just figured, "why put myselfthrough any more pain? so I made a scene, like I couldn't hold it anymore, and just intentionally let go. It felt good, but I got a whole lot of funny looks. so we went into the bathroom, and poured water all over me, Like I got off a water ride. That was definitely cool. Then I held it in until we actually did get to a water ride, and I peed my pants again, only this time, no one knew it! ;) Keep 'em coming everyone! As Always, Candi

once i felt like i had to fart but i really had to go diarea and i pooped on the floor once my sister had to go poop so bad when she rushed into the bathroom she missed the toilet and she pooped on the floor and didnt even know it .

It is obvious that there are a few of us who enjoy buddy dumping. Spending 5 years at a boarding college gave me plenty of opportunity and most of us were quite open about it. The stalls in our toilets all had doors, but it was quite common for guys to take a dump together and have a good chat about the day, sport, studies and often the noises they were making. At certain times of the day there were queues to get an available throne and it was quite satisfying to take over a toilet from someone else and see what they had left behind and sit on a still warm seat, especially in the winter - unless the smell was too bad! Mostly the dining hall food kept everyone regular so the pong wasn't too bad. There were various times of the day which suited different guys to dump. Some liked it first thing in the morning, but I always found that my system took a while to wake up and there wasn't much time to enjoy it. The busiest time seemed to be straight after classes and before any sports activity. That was always my favourite time although these days I seem to need to go after lunch. We were given good opportunity to go hiking during weekends in the mountains and that was where the real "in your face" buddy dumping took place in the great outdoors. Spending that number of years with the same guys, you get to know them pretty well and there were very few inhibitions. I thought that I was unique in my fascination with this subject but this site has made me feel quite normal. Long may it continue.

Hi, I have been reading here for a while, I think you all are great people. I have a guestion to ask you guys out there, you don't need to answer if you don't want to but here it is any way... Do you find it painful to pee while having an errection? It does for me, but For some reason I think there is something wrong with me. Or am I being parinoid? Let me know Please. Thank you for any and all comments. Andy

Sorry I havent been able to post recently but I have been busy with tours etc. Last week however a most amusing incident took place. I had to drive a load of teenage schoolkids on a field trip. As they are from a rather rough school and can be a bit rowdy, a male driver accompanied me. When we got to our destination we were to drop them and come back later in the afternoon. While driving the coach back we both needed the toilet and this coach didnt have one one board. I drew the vehicle up at the side of this country road and we both got out and went behind a convenient wall. My male colleague only needed a pee and did so against the wall but when I squatted to pee I also felt a motion come down and passed a big fat easy turd on the grass. When I looked up I saw that my workmate was watching intently and it certainly seemed to have given him a buzz. To show that I wasn't annoyed I broke the ice by saying, "I feel a lot better for passing that!" as I wiped my bum, pulled up my knickers and adjusted my grey uniform skirt. By now he was a bit red faced and mumbled "If I'd known you wanted a dump I'd have gone further away". I told him not to be bothered as we all do it and it didnt worry me that he had seen what I had done. I suppose this proves the recent discussion that lots of men are turned on by women doing a motion. Have any other women had similar experiences of a male colleague or friend seeing them doing a motion and it having an effect like this on them?

To Charles- What was the sensation like while you were waiting? Could you feel urine literally flow into your bladder like a faucet? Was there a time when you thought you might not make it? Also, has this happened to you before?

For cousin
When I was little I hid under a bed to play spy. My cousin came into the room running for the bathroom. Lucky for me, she left the door open and I got to see her pull her shorts down around her feet...just in time to see a turd FLY out and land on the floor.

RB, you're so lucky to have a friend who offers to videotape himself pooping. I wish I could have a videotape like that which I could watch over and over again. Chris, it's true thst it's strange thinking of celebrities going to the bathroom. All those glamorous stars have to sit on the toilet and strain out their turds just like the rest of us. It's also interesting to think how they go about pooping, what positions they use, how they wipe, etc... I don't know what Leonardo did when he got the urge to dump during Titanic, maybe hang his butt over the side of the ship??? LOL... Another actor from Titanic I would love to see on the toilet is Billy Zane who played Rose's fiance Caledon Hockley. Jeff A, I wouldn't want to participate myself in the olympic pooping events but I would sure like to be a spectator. As for the pants down to the knees or the ankles I always just pull them down to my knees for both peeing and pooping. Sometimes, I only pull them down far enough so as not! to pee or poop on myself. Bridget

Today I was driving my car to school (yes Im 17 and I drive) and I was listing to the radio and I heard that In some school In the USA, I don't know where this happend. The radio annoucer said some cheerleaders put laxitives In cup cakes that they were making. I wonder If any one had to go the bathroom after eating them? Did any one else hear about this?

I know this has probably been discussed before, but does anyone have any good advice on how to get the poop smell off your fingers after you wipe? I invariably get poop on my fingers and under my fingernails, and the smell just doesn't seem to want to go away no matter how many times I wash. Soap doesn't seem to do the job. I've tried cleanser on my fingers but thwen my fingers smell like cleanser. Perfumes and colognes just mask the smell and then you get a weird mix of the perfume and poop.

Yesterday, my wife and I went over to a friend's place to watch the Bronco's play the Eagles. We had some pretty good snacks. In the middle of the game, I ripped some good, potent quiet farts. They didn't get out until I got up 15 minutes later. Everyone was grossed out afterward. Later, I felt the familiar rumbles of "you shit when it is time and no holding!". I headed off to the john and did my thing. When I got back, my friend asked, "you feel better ?". My reply was a happy "Yes". It is kind of weird that I would rather shit around strangers than friends. How about you all ? Y'all prefer to dump around friends or strangers ?

Monday, October 05, 1998

Sup everyone, i'm a freshman in high school. The other day, i was in my 5th period spanish class, and i was hit with a need to take a piss in around the middle of the period. (i did have a big-ass pepsi during lunch) Anyways, for some reason, my bladder started getting fuller, and fuller (is that a word? fuller?) by the minute... and the substitute wouldnt let anyone go to the restroom 'cause there were only like 20 minutes left...after like ten minutes passed, i was freakin totally desperate, and those last 10 minutes, seemed to drag on forever. FInally, and mercifully, the bell rang, and when i stood up, i realized that i couldn't even stand up straight. So, i tried to run (but instead i hobbled) to the bathroom. When i got in, i hurried up to the toilet(urinal) and started to piiisss... i couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief(fortunately, the restroom was still empty) and peed for at least a minute. dayam that felt good! aightes... latez everyone!

Hey here's another about my cousin Linda (7).One day mt toilet was broken and I had to fix it.(My dad said it was my toilet so I had to fix it.Don't you hate when your parents give you stupid responsiblities)Anyway Linda was playing in the backyard as I fought with this thing.I admit I'm not that good a plumber, if it were computerized I may have stood a better chance.Any as I was finally getting the better of this thing Linda comes running in.She sees the toilet and me fixing it and says,"I need to poop BAD! Are you alomst through fixing it?" She was holding her bottom with both hands,(a thing I never understood)and was dancing around a bit.I laughed and saud."Not in this lifetime, but I think I almost got it.Just wait a bit longer." She winced and said,"I'm gonna poop on Tigger!!"(She said this because she was wear Tigger undies.)I joked,"Well I guess then they will be Winnie the "pooh" undies." She pouted and jumped around a bit more.I was finally putting things back together when I looked and saw her fanny plop down on the toilet in front of me.She slumped down and let out a HUGH sigh of relief as there was a PLOP!! followed by a three smaller splashes.As she started peeing she looked back at me as I said,"Happy?'She stuck her tongue out at me and said,"Get back to work!!" I finally put it back together as she wiped her bottom and as she flushed it I felt proud as I as a man had done me first do it yourself project.(It's a guy thing girls) Anyway, she washed her hands as I told her I had pity for her husband.She walked off saying."Well then I guess I'll just have to marry you." I just stood there looking up at the heavens and said to God."You love doing this to me don't you?" In a way I'm glad I got no answer.Anyway as I stated before I'm curious as to why children put their hands on their bottoms when they have to poop? Does it help at all or is it a mental thing/ I don't think I did it when I was small so I'm asking.Did any of you do it, or ! do any of you still do it.Thanks for you time and I'll take any comments you have.

Some Guy
I hope you all saw Mad TV Saturday night! On one skit a daughter is talking to her mother about that "not so fresh feeling" and while they are talking the woman takes a dump! She just pulls down her pants, sits on the toilet, strains and wipes! I'm sure that was the first time a woman dumped on TV! It was a new one and you'll have to wait for repeats to see it again, but Mad TV comes on Fox at 11pm where I live (US pacific time). It was national TV so of course there was no nudity. The skit continues on with some other freaky stuff, but that was the most important part.

A friend opening bathroom door and letting me watch her - with leg up on sink - peeing in a wineglass & inviting me to share

Hi guys! RB, awesome post about Jason! The poor boy must have really been in pain after not going for a week. I also liked reading about Steve- I'm glad he didn't think you were "weird' for liking this stuff. Jeff A., I loved your post about Cindy (and the responses from Donny and Redneck). My friend Eric and I plan to "go" in front of each other when the time is right (my boyfriend, who has no interest in this stuff, is the only other guy whom I'd go in front of). Bridget, I can't pinpoint exactly when my fascination with this stuff began. My folks aren't that puritanical, but there was never talk about "bodily functions" in our house; unseen and unheard was (and still is) the maxim around here. My mother and father both helped train me (an only child), but I don't recall any bathroom talk after that. Our society considers this so shameful that it took nearly 5 years before Alex and I (the best and closest of friends) discovered we have a mutual interest in this. The moral is, if two or more parties agree to "buddy dumping" or whatever you want to call it, that's cool. Alex, Jodi, and I, plus many people on here (George, Moira, Donna, Lisa, and too many others to mention) love sharing our stories; we don't need any self-appointed "moral police" telling us we're *sick." Peace, Steph

I've enjoyed the discussions here about female defecation scenes in movies. Here's a related question. Does anyone know of any movies where a woman's anus is shown? There are a lot of movies where female butts are shown, but they always seem to be filmed in such a way that you can't actually see their anus. I'm not talking about X-rated or porno movies, just the regular kind of movies you might see on HBO or Showtime. Thanks!

Sunday, October 04, 1998

To Doorman: Here is the new rule of trouser ettiquette, buddy. If the stalls HAVE DOORS, you have the option of doing ankles or knees. I prefer ankles. If the stalls DO NOT HAVE DOORS, than trousers around your knees are a common courtesy, to cover up your privates. We learned the hard way, where i work in JC Penney's when a mother looking for her son wandered into the men's john, with my privates pointing straight at her. I don't know who was more embarresed, me and my manager in the next stall,pooping away, or the lady !!. We still joke about it.

Jeff A.
RB: interesting posts from you. You seem to have a good thing going with your friend. If he wants to do it for you on video, then I say go for it! Just a girl: what would I be doing if there were no such thing as poo? I'd be inventing it!!!! I was thinking that pooping should be considered an olympic sport. True, the stadiums might not be filled, but I think it's quality, not quantity that I'm talking about here. There could be events like the "6 mm squat", "team-dumping", the "log jam", or even "cross-country pooping". Just imagine the "poop-training camps". Coaches with their whistles screaming "C'mon, C'mon crap it out! let's go, let's go!". Olympic runners could run across the track with a flaming roll of toilet paper affixed to a plunger. Why I get sentimental and misty just thinking of it! I'm even willing to enter. This I will proudly do for my country. Who among you will drop your pants for your country, and stink up the restrooms in the name of good sportsmanship?

When I crap, I'm out of there in 5 minutes max. You people that take 10+ minutes, is a turd sticking out of your butt for that long, or does it just take a while for it to start coming out?

To RB & Kevin - RB, your friend is really cool! I think it's great that he lets you watch him take a shit. And if he offers to let you video tape it, what the heck? Then you watch it and enjoy the arousal it brings you (it would for me anyhow). And Kevin, I didn't see Spin City, but always thought Michael J Fox was so cute. I wish I could have seen the show. I always wondered what it would be like to watch a star take a dump. You know they do it just like us!! So for all we know, Michael J Fox can dump a huge load that won't flush for real! And I wonder how all these hot stars wipe? Just gets you thinking..... Like in Titanic, what did Leonardo do during filming when the urgent need arose to dump?

To Doorman - I always drop my pants down as far as they will go. I'm 6'4", with a 36 inch inseam, and I generally need a good wide leg spread when I'm taking a crap. You can't stretch your legs real far if you have your pants at your waist.

There have been some great posts in the last few days! I don't know which to reply to! The one about the young boy who went to camp, then came back a week later and dropped a massive load rekindles a memory. When I was in 5th grade, they sent us kids on some wilderness trip for maybe 4 or 5 days. I too was petrified of taking a shit in the bathroom with a bunch of stalls and all my school friends. So, with incredible pain, I held back for several days til I got home, then did the same thing, ran for the bathroom and exploded. Now things are different. Since college a few years back, I have no fear. Since we had public stalls in the dorms, I got use to dumping with the guys. I too have been fascinated with my own dumps, as well as those of other guys. I use to think it was wierd or sick. But thanks to the internet, and this GREAT SITE, I realize it is very normal! My partner lets me watch him take a shit, then we can check out what he dropped. He reals cool. I even enjoy watching him wipe. He's usually alot messier then me. Anyhow, thanks for the great forum to share!

To RG - Regards to wiping your butt even if you haven't dumped... I have found that sometimes after a major load, seems like you can wipe forever and it never comes clean. On a day like this, or if I have alot of wet gas, my butt can start to feel kinda dirty. So I'll grab some TP to wipe and I swear sometimes it looks like I just dropped a load. Usually I'm really clean, but it can happen.

Hello all, especially George. Since you asked Kevin to get me to post of my experiences here we go. As a child I too found that I enjoyed passing a good solid motion. The feeling of a nice big solid jobbie coming out, the "kerplonk!" sound effects then looking down the pan at big brown turd lying there gave me a buzz from an early age, as did hearing someone else doing one or seeing their jobbie. Like some of the other regular female posters here at school I would watch some of my friends doing a poo and would let them watch me and, of interest to Donna, we would sometime go into the woods near our school and buddy dump together. My brother and I also sometimes watched each other doing a motion but only when our parents were out as they would not have approved being a bit straight laced. Certainly they wouldnt have anyone else into the toilet when they were on the pan.

When I met Kevin I soon realised he had a similar interest as he was always hanging about outside the toilet when I was doing a motion listening to the sound effects and would go in after me to see if my jobbie had stuck . Sometimes I deliberately didnt flush the toilet and I noticed how this excited him so I asked him one time to come in and rub my ???? as I was a bit constipated. That broke the ice and since then we accompany each other when we can. We still have separate flats but are hoping soon to get a place together. I agree with George's theory that many women enjoy doing a good solid motion (as of course do many men) and realise that their man is turned on by such matters so its another way to arouse him. My jobbies arent usually a big as Moira's or George's as I am of average build, 11 stone, size 12 top and 14 skirt size (British measurements) but usually are solid carrot shaped turds of from 8 to 10 inches long and 2 inches fat though sometimes if I havent been for a couple of days I will do one longer than this, and they are usually floaters. I suppose there must be countless couples out there of all ages and nationalities enjoying watching each other doing a motion, having a dump, going poos or whatever phrase is used, but society's mores prevent then talking about this pleasure. Its funny, having an intimate dinner for two is considered perfectly acceptable but watching the consequential elimination of the waste products of this meal is not. Its a funny old world!

Kevin: That "Spin City" scene had me on the floor, darn near choking from laughter. But it wasn't Michael J. Fox who shit. It was the "dude' before him. Funny show.

RB, Steve seems like a great friend to have. It's tough trying to figure out what to tell a friend about yourself and not lose him as a friend. I think Steve would like to be video taped,he seems to like showing off and being seen. The next time he comes to your house, or even your car, have a video camera in view and see what he says or suggests.

RB, go for it dude! I'd never pass up that opportunity! You are a very lucky guy. Heck, I'd be interested in seeing that video. I had a roommate once who used to leave the door open and it didn't matter what he was doing. I did get to see him on the toilet several times but really wanted to stand in the door and talk to him the entire time. Never had the nerve though. I just enjoyed finding a reason to walk by the door when I knew he was taking a dump. By the way Doorman, he was a knee guy. Me, I'm an ankle guy. RB, Drew, what are you?

To Nicky....Gosh I've been so busy with school that I hasven't had time to come here very much. I looked through the old posts and could not find you at all. Are you still out there? I told you that I'd tell you where I live. California. On the Coast south of San Francisco. Also...another item to put on your list of things that come out intact...Poppy Seeds! Can't see 'em in the turd...but I can see 'em on the paper after wiping! You were going to tell me something...something that was about to happen to you that you said was partly 'cause of me. I never saw that. Must have missed it. Post it again OK?Aaron

Jeff A, the story about watching Cindy poop was pretty cool. I had a similiar situation when I was a kid; we had a well that broke down on occassion, and also when the power was out, we had no water. One day when the pump was out my sister and her friends were playing in the backyard when one of them had to poop. She could not use the toilet so we recommended that she just drop it in the backyard, so she went behind a tree and pulled down her shorts and let fly. She was OK with us watching, since she had already seen the rest of us piss. All of a sudden this thin brown log started out of her ass. It broke off and she stayed in position. Another one started out and dropped. Then she straightened up and announced that she was done. I went into the house and got her some toilet paper to wipe with. I got the idea that it would be fun to wipe her bottom for her, so that's what I did. I told her it was a lot of poop for a girl. She thought it was funny that I wanted to wipe her, and we left the pile of turds and paper there on the ground. I went to check on it later, and the turds had shrunk since they were drying out in the sun. Eventually I ran over the pile with the lawn mower, grinding the dry turds and paper into little bits and watching them fly out of the chute into oblivion...

Steve, I have never had the opportunity to see a guy on the toilet, except a quick look when someone has opened an unlocked stall door revealing a guy sitting on the toilet and, of course, what you cannot but help to see in a public restroom with large gaps between the stall doors and walls. So you are correct in assuming that I have been limited to my library experiences where, on the rare occasion, I have had a conversation with the guy in the next stall. The best one, of course, was the one I described in some detail quite a while ago. Doorman, I prefer to drop my trousers down to my ankles, unless the floor is wet or I am so desperate to go that I drop them just far enough to sit down and let loose. If I ever find a doorless stall to shit in, I'll take Ryan's advice and keep the trousers up to my knees. Is this the most common method in doorless stalls? Good to hear from you again, Ryan. Do you have any recent JC Penney stories to share with us? How did you feel about taking a dump with your manager in the next stall? Ross, I totally agree with what you say about wiping. I have never understood guys who stand up to wipe. I've tried it and wiped until the paper was clean and have then sat down and wiped again and guess what, the paper was not clean! RB, I wish I had a friend like Steve. Take him up on his offer and see what happens!

Randi P
EV: I posted earlier that when I take a shower sometimes I'll stick my middle finger in my retcum to see if I'm close to haveing a poop. I've been doing it for years. So your're not alone in doing that.

Ev>> I do stick my finger up my anus quite a bit of the time when I feel like I need a movement, mainly just to see how firm it is...Of course, I stick toilet paper on my finger before I do so, as I don't want a messy finger...And, yes, it has helped stimulate my bowel into moving on occasion when things seemed to be stuck and wouldn't budge...

WEll, I haven't had much time to post or enjoy the pleasure of shitting due to being busy at work at at school. Here is a story from when I was a kid like in 1st grade. I was over at a neighbors house playing. Her name was Nicky. We were in the family room when she mnetioned that she had to go to the bathroom. She went in and shut the door so I went outside and tried to watch but she closed the curtains. As she got older, she turned into a real fox. I remember other times when being a kid in grade school where we are at other people's houses and watch each other go to the bathroom. What a fun time it was.

I'm just curious. I see several women on this message board mention that when they are desperate to pee they first lose a few "spurts" and when they do have an accident they totally lose control and can't stop the flow. I've been in some desperate situations (I'm a guy btw) but I've never lost spurts and I'm quite sure that if I did have an accident that I would be easily able to regain control after my bladder emptied a little bit. I'd just be interested in hearing a few comments from some of the ladies on this subject. Thanks, sv

Hello!I have read this site for weeks,and this is my first post, (I must say sorry for my poor English,I'm a Chinese) I really enjoy to hear about male's experiences, so I want to share a story about my neighbor,Ray. About two months ago,he and I swam in a swimming pool.(When we want to swim,we have to walk thirty minutes from home to the pool) We swam about only five minutes,and he said he had a little pain in his abdomen,I asked him "Are you okay?, he said that maybe the water in the pool is too cold.He would be all right as long as he take a rest, so I continued to swim.After ten minutes,he said he want to go home because the pain is more serious than ten minutes ago. I asked him if he want to poop,but he said he doesn't want, so we went home from the pool. We walked five minutes,he said he had to go very bad,so we go to the toilet in a school,he poop and I pee.He stayed in toilet about ten minutes.We decided to take a bus because he didn't want to have an accident,but your asshole is not so easy to control when you have diarrhea,so he only can let the watery stool flow from his asshole,no matter he is on a bus or any other place when he just can't hold it anymore! I can understand how embarrassed he was, I had diarrhea several times before,but I never have an accident like this!(except when I was five years old, I had food poisoning,and I vomited on the desk and floor of doctor's office) Does anyone here have story about a man or a boy when they have diarrhea? I really want to hear about them!

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