Car peeing

Hey Laurie, i think its really cool you and your daughters pee in your car! When you let them "go to town" as you said in your last post, does the pee ever get on you guys? Like when they pee in your car, do they ever make a mess so bad its get pee on you? And also, whats the best car peeing story you have, in terms of making a mess?


Toilet Stall Door Latches

OK I know that I had a weakness back more than 20 years ago in grade school and junior high. When the toilet stalls had doors, I had the hardest time latching, locking, securing or whatever f***in' word you want to use about the door. My friend Monica who lived two doors down on our street remembers my many mishaps and bruised knees and insults hurled at me while my sit on the toilet was interrupted with the door being thrown open on me.

So a few times a year Monica and I meet after work at a bar for a happy hour and to catch up. Last night the tide turned on Monica. She and I had downed a pitcher and she hurried to the bathroom in back of the very busy bar. I could see her dancing around the door as the bathroom was in use and wondered if she was going to made it before an accident. I quite well remembered a singles night she and I attended at that bar about 8 years ago and how we were both forced to "dance" while the most constipated b**** in the bar sat oblivious to our needs.

After a couple more minutes, across the hall this half drunk guy came out of the mens room still working on putting his organ away and instantly Monica and I almost collided getting into that door. Back then we had started earlier, drank more, and in this one-toilet bathroom we both decided the emergency was solved by us sharing a toilet. Monica sat gingerly over the left side and her torrential pee started immediately. Her black thong and jeans were at floor level and although I was in pain and yanking at my red thong and slacks in desperation, I pointed out the urine splashes she was and I would soon be sitting in, because there was nothing on the two toilet paper rolls attached to the wall. I took my seat, bumped her back a little bit because I wanted my pee to be into the bowl and not on the seat and floor, I remembered her asking if I latched the door. As we were each contributing a couple of quarts of urine into the bowl, sitting butt-to-butt with Monica sitting about 25% onto my half, she asked me again if I had locked the door. I deliberately banged into her for more space and told her she was being f*****' rude and demeaning to me.

Then she admitted she was just f*****' with me and because of my record of mishaps with the doors years ago, she had pushed the lock latch in. Within five seconds the door flew open and this guy in a corporate shirt, tan shorts and really knobby knees was standing there looking at us with his mouth agape. He immediately turned and slammed the door. It must have taken us a minute or two to finish our pees, pull our clothing up, and most importantly, discuss how we were going to exit and whether we were going to get stares, applause from what Monica suspected was a line of guys waiting for the facilities.

As the toilet was flushing, I opened the famous door and we exited, with Monica following behind me by a few seconds. By the time we got back to our table the lights seemed more subdued, because the DJ was ready to start the music. We ordered shots and stayed and talked for another half hour or so. Surprisingly, one of the early songs requested and played was Dude Looks Like a Lady. Neither of us wanted to ask the DJ to point out who requested it. Shortly after we left Monica needed to duck into an Avenue A alley where she did a squat pee. I did f*** with her once when I told her their was a rat to the right of her foot. I couldn't hold my laughter back which tipped her off that it wasn't for real.

But last night was a lot more tranquil. We met a couple of male friends there later and had a nice evening without even a trace of a bathroom mishap.


Three accident and side story

Let me start by saying this place already makes me feel like I belong. I stumbled across the site not too far back and liked it, but I just kinda went on and never learned the name. I stumbled across it again fairly recently and read more stories and it got me wanting to tell a few myself. I have a thing for people having bathroom accidents and also "accidents" and I credit these events as being the seeds for it.

I was in kindergarten at the time. Of course I had to be in class when it happened. I was just sitting there at my desk doing my work. Everything was fine. I didn't feel bad, I didn't have any discomforts, no nothing. All lights were green and it looked like smooth sailing for a while. All of a sudden, something change-something was different. I didn't know how, what, nor why, but I sensed the where was the seat of my pants. I suspected I had a load in there. I fidgeted around and didn't feel any mushing sensation. I poked the back of my jeans and came up with no answer. I poked my undies and still came up empty with answers.

I guess my trying to find an answer got the attention of the teacher because she walked up to me and took me into the hallway. I assumed that was it, anyway, because no one mentioned a smell or anything like my second story. Anywho, the teacher took me into the hall and asked me if I had an accident. I told her the truth as far as I knew it to be: "I don't think so." She checked-I did. I was sent to the youth service center to clean myself up and change my clothes. Then I was sent back to class. I wasn't embarrassed or anything and as far as I know, no one knew a thing. I don't remember a whole lot else from that day.

Same year, different seating chart (it was straight up a whole new layout). I remember the wall my seat was facing had a few computers along it. One computer was directly in front of my seat. The teacher made up a rule that if we got done with our work early, we could get on the computer, but it was a first-come-first-serve basis. She also had a second new rule: if someone on the computer needed help, they would get precedence over other students. This is understandable since computers are easy to break and a bunch of 4-5 year olds can break anything. The computers back then probably were running Windows 98, so it would have been excessively easy to mess them up.

Like before, I was just sitting there and everything was okay. I likely was not doing my work this time and its a habit I carried with me all the way through my entire school life. All was chill and all of the computers were taken. A girl on the computer directly in front of me was getting help with something when I suddenly needed to go very badly. I threw my hand in the air and called the teacher's name. She didn't respond so I called for her again and she told me to hold on a moment. Suddenly, as quickly as it had hit, I no longer felt the need to go, like the urge just went away and that was the end of it. Unlike the first story, I didn't feel anything happen, so I went straight back to pretending to do my work.

It didn't take too long before someone sitting beside me to ask if I had pooped my pants. I shrugged and told her I didn't smell anything. A small number of seconds later, someone asked me the same thing and got the same answer. Soon, the teacher (I think it was the assistant, actually) comes over to me and pulls me into the hall. I was given the same question yet again and I gave yet the same answer. She checked and sure enough, I had. I was again taken to the youth service center to clean and get changed and sent back to class. Once again, I didn't feel embarrassed. No more questions got asked, no one brought it up ever. With both accidents, It was just something that happened and that was that.

To me, this one actually doesn't count as having an accident, but pants got loaded and it's still a fun story nonetheless. Yet again, I was in kindergarten. I forget what all was going on, but I needed to use the bathroom. I got permission and left for the bathroom. I got there, went inside, chose a stall, went in and locked it. Back then, I would grab my pants (once undone), pull them all the way to my ankles, stand back up and repeat for my undies. I would then finally hop up on the commode to do my business. On this day, when I stood back up to hop on the seat, some fell out of me and landed directly into my undies.

It wasn't a tremendous mess that needed clean. One square of tp took the entire mass out and I dropped it into the water. Another two or three squares, and the rest of the evidence was gone. I finished up, washed my hands and went back to class. That was the end of that. No one knew, no one found out.

I haven't had many accidents after that; two, actually, only one day apart from each other, but that's a different story for a different post. I've had many "accidents," however.

STORY 4 (side story):
If you haven't guessed when it happened yet, it was kindergarten. I stepped into the bathroom, chose a stall, did my thing, got out and washed my hands. As I was walking toward the exit of the bathroom, two janitors walked in. One was a female, but that's irrelevant. The two approached me and started wiping me with hand towels. The guy janitor said something about "It's on his shirt too," and wiped my shoulder. They soon finished and left and to this day I still have no friggin clue wtf happened or why or anything. I never mentioned it to anyone because, well, I guess I just never did.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kathleen great stories it sounds Lynne really had poop a lot and it sounds they also had a good buddy dump as well.

To: Benjamin it sounds like Anna and Carrie had great poops in that bucket.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

your name Eileen

Post Title Close call

Hi everyone , I haven't posted in a while but I'm here now so , here is my most recent "adventure" . Last week , I'd been constipated for 3 days , anyway , at the weekend I went out with a friend for a meal and afterwards we had a few drinks . We had a great time and all was fine until I was about a quarter of a mile from home . I really needed to pee and I felt the beginnings of an urge to poop also . I didn't want to mention my situation to my companion and I prayed that a fart wouldn't escape from me and give the game away . The nearer I got to home the more desperate I became . At last I got to my door and just as I turned the key in the lock a few drops of pee trickled out of me . Once I got inside the house , a few more drops seeped into my panties . With no time for explanations to my friend I headed straight for the bathroom , got inside , lifted my short skirt and tugged my panties down as I rushed to the toilet . I threw myself down on the toilet and the pee just poured out . As I peed there was an "explosion" followed by a plop as a huge , solid 10 inch turd landed in the toilet , about 4 inches was above the waterline in the toilet bowl , the rest of it was underwater . After a few minutes a little 2 inch piece shot out , then it took another 10 minutes before I managed to squeeze the last , stubborn piece (a solid 6inch lump ) out . I sat on the toilet for a few minutes savouring the relief I felt . Then I stood up , cleaned myself very thoroughly , as usual , flushed the toilet , washed my hands and left the bathroom . Thank you , everyone . Eileen .

Georgie P
I'll use a different name than my real life name on here just to stay anonymous. I was the one who responded to Katie's post about being walked in on. I'm a transsexual FTM male, which means I still have the genitals I was born with (but plan to have surgery someday to construct a penis). Just wanted to introduce myself and say I've definitely been here to this site before!

Recently, me and a friend, we'll call him Jason, have started to become poop buddies whenever possible. He will be right there with me and watching as I pee/poop. He's a very understanding and kind friend, so I'm not too embarrassed about him seeing my genitalia.

We have had some trouble with him seeing and getting a good view, because I've become rather chubby and so when I sit normally on the toilet, my upper thighs touch, which covers basically my entire vulva (I think) and obviously my butt too. The wall is right next to the toilet, so it's hard for me to fully open my legs so he can see.

We recently figured out something that works a lot better and lets him see much better. Basically I strip from the waist down and put my foot on the wall so my leg is up. That way, my entire anus and entire vulva is exposed. My vulva is completely shaved, so he can see better when I pee! Pretty interesting to see pee come right out.

A few days ago, we decided to do that again! I stripped totally naked though, and straddled the toilet as best as I could and put my foot on the wall so my legs were spread as much as possible.

It took an awkward minute or so for me to get started, during which he just waited and he said "I've seen you go before, no worries, just remember it's all natural" and I laughed and said "yeah it's just weird having someone watch it come out directly like this and it's weird at first having someone see my privates."

I finally started to pee and he said "there we go! See? Wasn't so hard was it?" jokingly. I peed a good steady straight stream. It must've lasted for a good minute and a half if not longer!

I watched too as he watched me pee, and I said "I really needed to do that" and he said "ya no kidding! That's a lot of piss!"

Then I finished peeing and it was time for me to poop. I started to push and my face scrunched up and I let out a few labored groans and he said "you got this dude, pushhhh!" and I kept on pushing and as I slowly pushed a big long turd out while grunting like I was giving birth or something (hahah) the entire time I pushed it out he just said "pushhhhhhhhhhh" stretching out the word from the time I pushed until it dropped.

"Good job buddy," he said. "Thanks," I said. "Looks like you got a bit more coming," he said. "I can see it. Come on, I want you to push on the count of three and squeeze my hand if you need to."

I pushed and it came out within about a minute. He said again "still looks like there's more in there, just push it allll out" and I began pushing harder and I asked him "do you see anything? Is anything coming out?" and he said yes there was one coming out and that it would probably take just a few more pushes. I kept pushing and it came out. But I still wasn't done! I pushed out another one with a huge push (even squeezed his hand and scrunched my face up as I pushed and grunted as if I was giving birth) as he kept encouraging me and when it finally came out we both were very happy.

I actually let him wipe me, both front and back. It was weird having someone else wipe me; I didn't have that since I was little and potty training!

I have a story also about my grandma. I think someone posted something similar but I don't remember. My grandma had bowel issues sometimes and a few times we'd go out to dinner and on the way back she'd have an accident in her pants.

We were in the car but on a vacation this time and we were in the car for a while. We weren't anywhere near our destination on a busy road when she announces she has to make an emergency trip to the bathroom. My dad explained that he couldn't stop on a busy highway unfortunately and that we'd just have to make do with what we have. By the way my brothers were also on this vacation. They were sitting in the backseat. Me and my grandma were in the middle section of the car. So that meant I had to help her.

"I'm about to go right now," my grandma said frantically.

"Jim (not his real name but staying anonymous) is there a towel back there?" My mom said.

"Yeah" he said and tossed a towel to me.

She was wearing her favorite pair of pants so she was also upset because she knew she'd mess them up. Well she farted and I had to think fast. She held onto the sides of her seat and lifted herself up and I slid the towel under her on the seat and brought her pants and panties down to her feet.

"Ryan (again not real name) and Jim, please don't look, give her privacy" my mom said.

My grandma unleashed a massive symphony of wet farts. I looked over at her vulva and saw that she was also peeing a load. She put her hands on her face and leaned forward onto the seat in front of her and she began to cry.

"Are you in pain?" My mom asked.

"Some cramping, yes" she said. "But everyone, probably strangers too have seen my nether regions already so there's no need to tell anyone not to look anymore."

My grandma is modest and hates hates HATES people seeing her private areas. She has been in the hospital before, and, rightly so, she has gotten upset over having to be catheterized partly because she would have to be uncovered for the procedure.

Anyway soon my grandma was all finished (it was smelly!) and she still seemed down in the dumps (no pun intended). We stopped at a rest stop to get her back together. My mom opened her door (her pants and underwear were still completely down, so she was very embarrassed sadly) and she told my grandma to lift herself up again so they could get rid of the now poop filled towel. She did and then got a few tissues and wiped her behind with them so that she would be at least somewhat clean to put her pants and underwear back up. She helped her out of the car, helped pull her pants and panties back up, and said "hey the good thing is you didn't ruin your pants!" and she laughed a little.

Back then I hadn't come out yet so I was still perceived as a female. So I went into the women's restroom with my mom to help my grandma together. We got a handicapped stall to make room for us. She was embarrassed but she once again pulled her pants and underwear all the way down to her feet/ankles and sat on the toilet so we could clean her up. I got some toilet paper and wet it in the sink and began to wipe her vulva.

Anyways hoped you liked my stories and more will be coming soon if you enjoyed



Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted for ages, I'll get to my latest news after a comment.
Imogen- I enjoyed your last story about when you and your cousin were bursting for a wee and had to go in a field, I'm not surprised you both had a damp patch in your knickers! What happened to me this weekend was even worse…!!
I've just come back from a weekend break at a spa with Lucy and Katie, we all managed to finish work early on Friday so we could go home and get changed, and we set off just after lunch. I had a slight need for a wee but not really enough to bother using the loo before I left, as the journey was just under an hour. Typically we got stuck in traffic so it ended up being closer to 2 hours by the time we eventually arrived, I casually mentioned to Lucy and Katie that I was looking forward to being able to go for a wee soon, as I imagined I would be on the loo in less than 10 minutes. Cue the second delay, a massive queue at the reception desk! By now I was getting quite desperate but nothing I couldn't handle, so I didn't bother to find the loos while we were waiting, which turned out to be a big mistake. We checked in after what seemed like forever and I was looking forward to going straight up to the room, but the receptionist offered us a tour of the hotel and spa. I was too embarrassed to say I needed the loo so we started off on what turned out to be a mammoth tour of the building, which must have lasted well over half an hour. By this point I felt that my bladder was just about to burst, just as I was about to ask where the nearest toilet was we were back at reception to collect our bags and be shown to our room, not a minute too soon! I vaguely remember Lucy saying "As soon as we get in the room I'm gonna get changed into my swimming costume and go to the spa!" and Katie agreed. As we approached the room the receptionist left us and I said to Lucy and Katie, "Quick, I've got to get in there like NOW, I'm literally just about to wee my knickers!!" Katie swiped the card to get in and horror of horrors, nothing happened! Lucy had the second card but that wouldn't work either!!
"I'm really sorry Abs, you're gonna have to hold on a bit longer while I go back to reception and get this sorted," Katie said. By now I was openly holding myself through my denim skirt like a small child, I had already let a spurt go into my knickers but had just about managed to stop any more from coming. I said, "Just run for God's sake!" and Katie rushed off. My bladder moved on to a whole new level of desperation and I could feel this burning and throbbing sensation, I think it seemed much worse as I had been expecting relief and now I was being forced to wait again. Luckily Katie was back quite quickly with two new cards, but as she opened the door I felt another, bigger spurt come and I moaned, my knickers felt pretty wet now and I could feel drops of wee running down my thighs. Now ever since I was about 7 or 8 that is pretty much as bad as it has ever got, I remember queuing for a cubicle at school on several occasions and letting some pretty big spurts go into my knickers and feeling the drops running down my thighs, but this time it was just about to get a whole lot worse… as I sort of waddled into the room, intent on at least making it into the bathroom but not sure that I would actually get as far as the toilet, and I'm embarrassed to say that my worst fears were realised. I was so close too, basically I was about three steps away from the loo, I'd pulled up my skirt but before I could get my yellow and blue stripey knickers down the flood came, it drenched my pants, ran down my legs, soaking my socks and trainers and puddling on the floor. I moaned again, to be honest the relief was intense, but as the flood died down I realised what had just happened and burst into tears, I felt so ashamed that I'd wet my knickers like a little girl! I guess Lucy and Katie must have heard me crying as they both rushed in, they were both just in their bras and knickers but then I remembered Lucy saying that she wanted to go to the spa straight away so they were obviously in the middle of getting changed.
"I'm really sorry," I gulped, "I just couldn't make it, its so embarrassing!"
"Honestly don't worry about it , it could have been me on another day!" said Katie, "And anyway, I don't think anythings as embarrassing as these pants!" I must admit even though I was upset I had noticed that Katie was wearing humongous pink flowery knickers, she went slightly pink as she said, "My washing machines been on the blink so I went out to buy some new pants yesterday after work coz I didn't have any clean ones, I honestly thought I'd got a pack of bikinis but when I got them home they were massive granny pants!!" She paused and said, "And I guess its really bad to admit there like soo comfy, I actually think I'm gonna go and get some more!!"
"Well my knickers aren't much better, at least yours haven't gone up your bum!" said Lucy, she was wearing pale green knickers which were really tight and I could see they were stuck up her bum really badly. I couldn't help giggling at that, and Katie said, "Well I'm glad we managed to distract you!" and I smiled at her. "Could you hold my skirt up while I take off my shoes, socks and knickers?" I asked, "I think its escaped any damage!" Katie held onto my skirt while I basically took everything off my bottom half, and then I took off my skirt and top so I was just in my white bra. "Right, I'm gonna have a shower," I said, as I took my bra off, and Lucy said, "I'll dry the floor," and took some loo paper and started to mop up a sizeable puddle. By the time I had finished in the shower Lucy and Katie had dried the floor, washed my socks and knickers in the basin and hung them on the towel rail to dry.
"Thanks so much for helping me," I said as I dried myself, "I'm so lucky to have such great friends!"
"Well I'm so lucky to have friends who don't laugh at me for my appalling taste in underwear!" said Katie, and we all started giggling again. We went back into the bedroom and Lucy and Katie took their bras and knickers off and put on their swimming costumes, I put my cossie on too and we went off to the spa.I hope you enjoyed this story, I will try to post again soon, bye for now!

Victoria B.



The return to school has brought me back to my library job. I work there two days each week in addition to my duties as a graduate assistant and as a full-time graduate student. It's a lot but I like what I do!

Today I had shift at the research desk. It's still early enough in the semester that I had a quiet few hours and towards the end of my shift, enough time for a nice, refreshing poop. I hadn't gone this morning and was happy about the second chance. A text to my boss and I was on my way, receiving an encouraging response of "Take your time!" during my walk to the bathroom.

The library bathrooms are being renovated and the ones on the floor with the research desk haven't been done yet. That meant somewhat dingy conditions and stalls of a color vaguely resembling phlegm. One of the three, the first one, had an out-of-order sign on the door but that didn't deter me. I tend to gravitate towards middle stalls because they mean that neighbors tend to be more likely! The second stall was in working order and I entered and undressed after locking the door, feeling a little jazzed about the vintage black seat on the toilet. I've mentioned on here that I'm kind of a nerdy girl and bathroom and toilet design happen to be things I geek about!

I made myself comfortable on the seat and did my poop sigh before letting go. My bladder released first before my butt got into the action by releasing a bowl-rattling fart. God it felt good! I took my glasses off and set them on top of the wiping paper holder and closed my eyes, momentarily overwhelmed by the warmth and relief of purging unneeded weight and burdens from my body and consciousness. Two rapid plops splashed beneath me before something snapped me right out of it.

I felt something on my naked thigh and looked down only to see that it was a spider! I hate spiders and immediately bolted up from the toilet in fright. All this did was knock the spider into my downed underwear! Ahhh!! To make matters worse this spider scared the poop out of me because I felt my butthole dome with another log. It was time to get crafty. I slid my shoes off as the poop moved out of me and as it splashed I put my glasses back on and then I wrapped my hand in toilet paper and reached into the temporarily empty crotch of my purple panties and plucked the spider out. With that done I dropped it into the bowl and let myself catch my breath. What a ride!

Once I caught my breath I wiped and flushed before standing up and getting dressed again. I left the stall and splashed some water on my face as I washed my hands. With that done I left the bathroom and walked back to the desk. Once there I pulled out my phone and texted Robyn about my latest pooping misadventure!



Camping in cardboard boxes for a weekend, part 2

We woke early the next morning. Carrie immediately went into the makeshift bathroom and we heard her sit down on the bucket. A long, hissing pee started as she sighed, and it tapered off about twenty seconds later. There was a sudden fart and Anna giggled beside me. We heard Carrie grunt a few times, clearly trying to poop, but nothing seemed to come out and we heard her wiping herself a few moments later.

She came out and Anna quickly replaced her. Anna quickly sat and immediately farted loudly twice, before unleashing a flood into the bucket that lasted about thirty seconds. She finished and came out of the bathroom a few minutes later.

"We need to empty it somewhere. It smells," Anna said, holding her nose for effect.

Carrie volunteered to do so and went to get the bucket, which she carried off into the woods a ways away. Needing to pee, I walked a few steps away and opened my fly, aiming into the grass as I let go a night's worth of pee with a sigh. I finished after a while, tucked everything back in, and turned to see Anna watching me, her mouth slightly open.


"Oh." She quickly shut her mouth and blushed. "Sorry, I didn't realize you were going to do that, I would have given you privacy. Sorry."

I waved it away. "It's fine. We should walk around today, go exploring! We could even build a fort or something out of branches and rocks we find."

She smiled. "That sounds fun."

Carrie returned shortly, having emptied the bucket and cleaned it as best she could. She set it back in the bathroom and reattached the toilet seat. She came back and I informed her of our new plan for the day, to which Carrie enthusiastically agreed.

We quickly packed a day bag with food and water and set off from our camp into the woods. We ate granola bars on the way, as means of breakfast. Finally, Carrie stopped us beside a creek, where a rocky overhang sheltered the ground below in a sort of cave. "Let's build walls for that and make it an actual house! Maybe we can even go back and bring the camp here."

We spent about an hour finding and propping large branches against the sides of the overhang, slowly creating a strong wall on the three open sides, with a small opening to enter it in the front. Fortunately, there was nothing already living in the small cave. I also created a door we could prop against the opening to seal it completely.

After that, we retired inside the small shelter, hanging a battery-powered lantern from the ceiling that I had brought from the camp. We sat on large rocks that Carrie and I had dragged inside before the walls were finished, talking and joking for about another hour. We ate lunch after a while, having gotten very hungry after walking so far and then exerting more energy to build a fort.

After another thirty minutes, Carrie noticed that Anna was looking uncomfortable and shifting around a bit. "What's wrong?" she asked the squirming girl.

Anna blushed. "I...I, um...I need to go poop. Kind of badly. I don't know if I can make it back to camp. I should have said something earlier, but we were having so much fun I didn't want to."

Carrie nodded in understanding. "Do you know how to go to the bathroom outside? I mean, without a toilet like the bucket with the seat on it?"

Anna shook her head, looking worried. Carrie smiled reassuringly at her. "It's okay! I'll help you go."

We headed outside and Carrie looked for a place for Anna to relieve herself. She finally found a rock that formed a kind of bowl, with the back middle of it broken away, leaving a crescent shaped "seat" with a hollow bowl beneath it. Anna looked at it, her face very red in both nerves and embarrassment.

"I have to poop in there?" she said.

"Or you could just squat and poop, but that's harder if you've never done it before," Carrie told her.

Anna swallowed and her hands fumbled with her jeans, her hands clumsy due to being nervous. Finally undoing them, she quickly pulled them down to her knees, followed by her underwear. She slowly lowered her bare bottom onto the rocky surface, positioning herself over the open part. She winced from the cold seat but sat quickly. For a few seconds, Anna just sat there with her legs tightly together, breathing quickly, her face bright red.

"Just let go," Carrie soothed. "Close your eyes and make yourself believe you're sitting on a toilet. I mean, you are sitting on a toilet, so just picture that and it will be easier!"

Anna was trembling, whether from fear or embarrassment, and suddenly she began to cry. Carrie immediately dropped beside her and wrapped Anna in a tight hug, letting her cry but trying to soothe her.

"Hey, hey, just take your time, Anna. Just sit as long as you need to, and really try to picture that you're on a toilet and not out in the woods. That'll help, I promise. It's how my mom first taught me to poop outside."

Anna stopped crying and took several deep, steadying breaths. Then she looked at Carrie. "Okay. Um...okay." She closed her eyes and went very still for a few minutes. Neither Carrie or I spoke, as Anna was concentrating very hard on convincing herself she was actually on the toilet in a bathroom at home.

Suddenly, a hissing squirt of pee splashed onto the rock for several seconds and then stopped suddenly. She gasped and her eyes flew open. "Oh! worked! I was picturing myself peeing in the toilet at home and...and I felt myself actually start peeing! Oh my god, I actually peed... Um...okay, I'm going to try again."

She closed her eyes again and went still, concentrating hard. Again, after a minute, a second long gush of pee flooded into the rock toilet, and this time, it didn't stop. Anna moaned softly in relief as she peed fully, keeping her eyes tightly closed to avoid breaking the illusion. Finally, after nearly twenty-five seconds, her pee stream trickled to a stop and she shuddered slightly and opened her eyes. She looked very relieved.

She stood up and twisted to look down at the completely soaked bowl in the rock under her, with a huge puddle on the ground below it. "Oh, wow..." she said softly in amazement. "I really peed! That felt sooo good." Then she sat down again and blushed. "But, um, I still really need to poop!"

Carrie squatted down beside her again and gave her a big hug. "Good job! You peed outside! Now, you just have to poop! Just do the same thing, picture yourself pooping on the toilet at home, or in the bucket at camp, as you were doing really well! Just convince yourself it's really happening and you'll start pooping."

"Okay. Okay, I'm going to go," Anna said and shut her eyes again. She went still and quiet again for several minutes. Suddenly, Anna farted softly, and I knew she was beginning to poop. She farted again more loudly, and then a third time louder still. I surreptitiously checked behind her and saw her hole widening slowly. Anna moaned softly as her hole widened further and her first turd began to poke out. A small stream of pee sprayed out as she pushed. Then she suddenly leaned forward, her eyes still shut, and pushed hard, grunting. The log suddenly was forced out of her butt a few inches and then began sliding slowly out on its own, as she kept leaning forward and silently pushing.

Her first turd slid out completely in about thirty seconds and dropped into the rock bowl with a thud. She sighed softly and kept pushing and slowly, another turd began sliding out of her butt. It slipped out after ten seconds and dropped with a thud. Anna farted loudly, and then she farted a second time more quietly. Her eyes were still tightly closed, and she was clearly focused on the artificial reality that she was sitting on a toilet in her bathroom at home. It was clearly working.

She started grunting again as she began pushing again. Her hole widened again to slowly expel a long turd that dropped into the rocky bowl with a dull thud. She sighed and then farted again. She grunted a few more times as she pushed out a long, thick turd that dropped with another thud. A few more hissing squirts of pee went into the rock toilet as she peed a bit more. Then she let out a final, big fart and moaned quietly, apparently savoring the sensation of the utter relief she had to be feeling. Her eyes opened finally and she looked almost shocked to find herself sitting on a rock with her pants at her ankles!

"Holy crap, my stomach feels so light!" she said. Then her nose wrinkled and she coughed, covering her nose with her hand. "Ew! It stinks so bad, yuck!"

Carried quickly handed her the roll of toilet paper we'd brought along for just this purpose. Anna carefully wiped her butt and then did her front, before standing and pulling up her pants. She turned to look curiously at what she'd produced.

"HOLY CRAP, I ACTUALLY POOPED!" she screamed. Carrie and I glanced into the rock toilet and saw a large pile of turds in the pee-soaked bowl in the rock, with a few wads of used toilet paper on top. I almost envied the relief Anna was feeling at that moment. "I actually," she breathed.

Carrie grinned at her. "Yep, you actually pooped! Do you feel better, sweetie? I bet you do!"

Anna giggled and nodded. "Yeah, I feel so much better!" She glanced into the rock toilet at her poop again. "Wow, that was almost fun, I want to do it again! It felt so...naughty, going potty in a place other than a toilet. I really liked it."

"You'll probably have to poop again before you get home tomorrow afternoon. So you'll have a chance to do it again!" I said.

Anna nodded excitedly, smiling. Then she farted again softly and giggled. "Oops! That slipped out. I really think I'm done now." Her face contorted for a moment and I knew she was silently pushing, trying to fart again to get it all out, but nothing else exited her bottom and she let out her breath in a quiet huff.

Carrie gave her the hand soap to clean her hands after using the bathroom, and then she hugged Anna fiercely, holding her tightly. "Anna! I'm SO PROUD of you! You were able to pee AND poop outside! Good job!"

Anna giggled again, looking a bit embarrassed at the attention. We left the second camp we had made and started walking back toward our first camp. After about five minutes, Carrie stopped us and turned to Anna. "I also have to poop now and I want to show you how to poop outside while squatting. Watch me!"

She quickly undid the clasp on her jeans and slid them and her underwear down her legs to her ankles. She smiled at us as she squatted where she was, telling Anna that it was important to keep your feet apart when pooping outside and when peeing, for girls. Anna nodded, watching her closely. Right on cue, a long stream of pee spouted from Carrie's vulva and began soaking the ground beneath her. Her eyes closed, and then she opened them again as her stream trickled to a stop about twenty seconds later. She sighed and then smiled at Anna, who was beaming at her and clearly enjoying watching her go.

Then Carrie suddenly farted loudly, which made Anna laugh, and Carrie herself giggled a little as well. She shut her eyes again and grunted softly. I took a step to the side and saw Carrie go still as her hole started opening wide to let out a long, thick turd. Anna gasped quietly as it stretched to the point that she could see it hanging between Carrie's legs. Her turd grew longer as she pushed and pushed, and it hit the ground and curled around once, before dropping out of her bottom onto the ground with a soft thud.

Anna burst into applause, laughing. Carrie started laughing, too. "Stop it, I haven't even started yet! I have a breakfast and lunch's worth of poop inside me! It's coming out!" she said, her voice turning strained on the last few words.

Another long turd slid out of her butt as she strained, her face twisting into a pained grimace as it slid out. "Ow!" she said loudly after it hit the ground. "That one felt hard and scratchy! I hate those." Anna giggled again and Carrie shot her an annoyed look, which made her stop. Carrie grunted again, pushing harder, and suddenly, another stream of pee gushed out of her onto the ground for nearly ten more seconds!

"Crap, I didn't know that was still in me," Carrie said and I laughed. She pushed again, grunting softly, and after another soft fart, I heard the crackling start again as a turd started sliding out of her bottom. Finally, it dropped onto her large pile with a funny plop and Anna stuffed her fist in her mouth to stop from laughing at her.

Carrie farted again, much more loudly. Another long turd starting sliding out of her bottom as she pushed, grunting a few times. Finally, it dropped out of her bottom and she let out her breath in a relieved huff, just as a loud fart exited her butt. Another push expelled a short, hard turd that dropped with a little thud. Another push merely expelled two short farts and nothing else; she grunted, pushing hard one last time and really seemed empty this time.

She sighed deeply and opened her eyes again, looking incredibly relieved. "Whoa, I needed that sooo bad! Pass me the paper, I need to wipe."

I gave her the toilet paper and she quickly wiped herself and dropped the used paper on her poop. She stood up and pulled up her underwear and pants, before looking back at her work. "Wow," was all she said, her eyes wide as she looked at it.

We walked back to the camp and the rest of the day was uneventful. Both girls peed before bedtime, Carrie using the makeshift toilet, but Anna chose to pee squatting in the grass with her pants off. She squatted frog-like, her feet wide apart, leaning forward on her hands. She farted once while peeing but she apparently didn't need another poop, which was fortunate as it was so close to our sleeping room. I heard Carrie fart twice inside the bathroom stall and then there was a soft splash in the bucket, which made me smile.

Carrie came out of the bathroom after several more minutes, but I hadn't heard her poop any more, though she farted a few more times. She grinned when I asked if she'd pooped and she nodded. "Just once," she said and gave me a surprise kiss on the cheek before heading into the "cabin" after Anna. I entered also and we all went to sleep.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Things have been a bit crazy lately, what with the girls going back to school and all, but now we're getting back to a more normal routine. A few weeks ago, shortly before school started up again for the new year, Lynne went on a camping trip put on by the high school as a way to help students make friends before starting at a new school. Or, well, that was apparently what the school wanted to get out of it, but Lynne says she mostly just hung out with the friends she already had who were transferring from their middle school.

Anyway, that's not really the topic of this forum, but I mentioned that trip because it kinda relates to a more appropriate story. I dropped Lynne off on that Thursday evening and I picked her up on Monday afternoon. We had made arrangements that her friend Holly would come home with us and stay the night. On Tuesday, shortly after lunch, Lynne and Holly were hanging out watching TV when I heard Holly say "I gotta go lay some serious cable," and headed off to the bathroom.

I remember she wiped a ton and then flushed the toilet, but when she exited the bathroom she came up to me and told me she'd clogged the toilet. She said sorry and explained she couldn't bring herself to poop in the toilets at the camp site since they were just outhouse-style pit toilets and all three were lined up next to each other with no doors or walls, so she hadn't pooped in four days. I told her not to worry and I'd take care of it.

As I approached the bathroom, I began to smell her poop and as I actually entered, the smell was very strong. I lifted the toilet lid and saw a mess of brown water, strands of toilet paper, and lots of huge chunks of poop all mixed together, and a huge mountain of turds poking out from the "swamp". I set to plunging it and when I got the mess to go down, there was still a bit of poop left in the bowl which I pushed down the drain. Then I thoroughly cleaned the bowl because of all the skid marks, and flushed again. Everything was in perfect working order.

Before I go, I'll tell another quick story, this one from a few days ago. Julie and Lynne had just come home from school and were having a snack. Both were farting up a storm. All sorts of farts, dry, wet, long, short, loud, airy, you name it. Apparently, they both ended up having to poop at the same time. I found this out because when they went to the bathroom, they were fighting about who got to go first and how badly each one had to poop. Finally, probably because they were both about to poop their pants, they agreed to share the toilet and go at the same time. Once they had finished, they both wiped and had to flush four times to get all their poop and paper down.

This was posted to me so figured id answer it here.
Love the car peeing stories! Thanks
Can you go into the back story on how you started it, kind of vehicle you drive ect...? Ok I will give the short version and tell it the best i can. It started one day with my now 12 yr old who at the time was 9. She had to go really bad and we were in the middle of nowhere and she had heard about people peeing in cars. Fast forward.......She enjoyed it so much she just kept doing it all these year and encouraged her sister to do the same. I basically just let them "go to town" on doing this and figured lets really have fun, hence the torn seats, carpet and never cleaned

What do you do if you need to go yourself? see above.
Do you invite others like Car Mom? no we keep it to ourselfs and my girls friends pretty much.
What do you do if they need to poop as they pee? get out of the car. lol We dont poop in car ever.

Hope this answers your questions.


School bathroom roundup

My friend Jaylynn and I were bored in 1st hour study hall since our homework was done and we are straight A students. So we signed out to the bathroom. We stopped at the school's c-store where Jaylynn bought an apple. We went to our designated bathroom. We took toilets right next to one another. Both of us started our pees about the same time. Mine went long because I had only crapped, not peed, before leaving home. Jaylynn's would start and stop a couple of times, but it was no way as good as mine. Jaylynn was part way through eating her apple as she sat and I was checking messages on my phone when one of the assistant principals came through, looked between the cracks at us, and criticized both of us for "loitering" and having "nuisance items" in the restroom.
She took our names down and gave us like two minutes to come out and wash our hands and then walked us back to study hall. She told the proctor we were losing our privileges for a month. Jaylynn doesn't see anything wrong with eating her apple while we peed and talked. What's wrong with me checking my messages from friends. Bathroom is not a class and we shouldn't be treated like roaming cattle.


Laurie and car pee

Welcome to the forum Laurie. I really liked your story. How often do you and your daughters pee in the car? Does it make a big mess? Please share any car peeing stories you have.

Juliette from France

Aaron's survey

1). Do you ever spit on the toilet paper before wiping? No.I didn't.
2). Do you stand or sit when wiping? I sit to wip,it's more convenient
3). Do you wipe in between your legs or do you wipe from the side? Between my legs.
4). Do you ever smell the paper after wiping? No.My poop was always smelly,it seems gross to smell it,I don't enjoy the smell anyway.
5). Do you wipe thoroughly, or just a quick wipe to get the worst out? Wipe throughly,I need to be sure there were no poop still on my butt.
6). Do you roll the paper or screw it up to wipe? Roll the paper to wip.

The Watcher
I never pee unless I really have to. I never bother to go to the bathroom before I go anywhere or start on something. And I drink a lot of water because it's healthy. Quite often I have to pee when it's not convenient so I just hold it. Sometimes I have to hold it a pretty long time and then I have to go REALLY BAD. It keeps wanting to leak out and I have to keep clamping my muscle to hold it in. Sometimes I have to squeeze my weenie to reinforce my holding muscle.

Sometimes I start to leak in my pants, and that's the only bad part. Holding it is kind of exciting so I don't mind that at all. And peeing it out out feels SO GOOD.



To Laurie: Welcome to the forum! That's so cool that you and your kids pee in the car. For your little girl to pee on the window and door meant she had quite a gusher. I'm especially happy she likes it! On an elevator movie about people being trapped with a lady carrying a bomb, one of the passengers peed into a bag. The kid might have been grossed out by this, because she said she could smell it. The pee was audible too, making a nice stream noise into the bag. A guy who was trapped for 41 hours in an elevator documentary I have on DVD peed down the shaft. I unfortunately, wasn't able to hear his stream. It's otherwise a great documentary, and I very much enjoy it. Bye!

Hi Marie.......We dont poop in the car period. We pee anytime we need to and want to. How bout you?



Hello Marie, can you please share stories of you peeing and pooping in your car? Where do you pee/poop at in your car? Thanks



Hi everyone! Loving all the stories. Do any of you have any experiences with being with or helping their boyfriend (or husband) when he's having a constipated poo? My boyfriend gets really backed up and sometimes doesn't go for a week at a time. He likes me to be there when he finally lets it out and has me rub his ???? and encourage him to push. I think it's definiteky brought us closer together and if I ever get pregnant, well he owes me! Happy pooping, Kitty x

New guy

Holding poop

Has anyone ever just seen how long the could hold in their poop? How long did you make it? Have you ever had a contest with anyone to see who could hold their poop in the longest? And also how often do you hold it in? Hope everyone has a good day

As juliette told about squat toilet normally there is a big gap on the side walls here in Italy.
This happens in the old schools, university or in small railway station.
So the pryvacy has a lack with people that have no respect of the other people.
I can suggest to lower thights pants just far to go.
Another positive aspects for the squat toilet is that when someone use it assumes the natural position to empty the bside.
Bye bye

Thursday, September 19, 2019


Laurie and car pee

Welcome to the forum Laurie. I really liked your story. How often do you and your daughters pee in the car? Does it make a big mess? Please share any car peeing stories you have.

New guy

Holding poop

Has anyone ever just seen how long the could hold in their poop? How long did you make it? Have you ever had a contest with anyone to see who could hold their poop in the longest? And also how often do you hold it in? Hope everyone has a good day


Special Places

Just a short intro- I'm a highschool student (Female)that likes listening to(or reading) stories about people peeing their pants or even better, stories with lots of detail on strange places.

Taylor- I really enjoyed your Post-Festival Poop story, I can relate, whenever I don't want to clog my toilet I'll literally go anwhere else, but I never thought of a trashbag!!

Whoop-dee-doo, here we go. The other day I left my house this morning without taking my morning restroom session, and I had had to pee even then. I had XC practive right after school, and I thought that I could hold it and it actually had not felt so bad when I was in the locker rooms. I was a little late and did not even consider using the restroom, but I got a drink at the drinking fountain because, y'know, you gotta hydrate. I hurried out the field where we train and after a bit of jogging around a loop that goes around campus, I realised I seriously had to pee soon. I would have gone, but the janitor always gets really mad when XC kids go into the building for the restrooms, and we didn't have a porta-potty. So I told myself, like an idiot, to just keep holding it in. My family car-pools with these other XC runners, nad I was getting picked up by someone else. I started to feel the need to poop, too. Needless to say, I was almost squirming by the time I got in the car. But When I sat down, I was okay and thought I was being over dramatic. After all, I was certain I had gone longer. My younger brother offered me some of his water, and I gulped it down thankfully. (It was really hot) I get home, regular routine, and guess what? I accept a giant glass full of water and I chug it. then I start working on homework, previous worries forgotten. And then: It hits me. I need a serious wee. I grab between my legs and squirm as I waddle to the bathroom. But, lo and behold, it's clogged. There are other restroom in our house, but one of them is always locked (It's for guests), we're never allowed to use our parent's, and my brother's is so messy I'd rather wee on the floor.

There may have been other options, but guys, I was panicking. I Stuffed a wad of toilet paper in my pants just as my mother called me for dinner. I had to wait forever, and by the time dinner was over, I gave up and shimmied to my bathroom. The toilet was not an option, so I hoisted myself onto the counter and peed in the sink. I was so relieved after that- I used toilet paper (I only peed, so it didn't even soak the thing- It's still on my counter lol)

But this experience has taught me that I enjoy peeing in strange places. However, my parents are ENCREDIBLY nosy, so are there any places that you guys recommend?

Btw, I still have not pooped from that time, and that happened last week. I've been busy and I can hold my poop for freaking FOREVER but I'm worried it'll clog, so I might try Taylor's idea, unless someone recommends something better.

Happy Pooping! -Ol



To Anonymous: I'd usually poo in my toy box about once or twice before cleaning it up.

Laurie: Hi Laurie, I'm a fellow car peer as well. I was just wondering if you or your daughters would also poop in your car out of convenience. I have done it.


Darcee's bowels at school

My Darcee just started middle school. She's about a year younger than most of the other students there and the school is jam packed with students. In grade school her former pediatrician called her a slow producer when it came to having luck with her craps at school. During the designated bathroom break, she would have to wait her turn because others would run ahead, take cuts from their friends into line, and in one case, apparently fake getting sick to immediately get onto the toilet. She was always the last person to return from bathroom break and a couple of the boys would make snide comments about her as she walked down the aisle to her seat. Often Darcee had to sit up to 10 minutes in order to get her crap to come out. Often she would then go to reach for the toilet paper and find that it had been used up. So often she would hurry back to class unwiped. This would cause a smell when they were sitting in a circle on the floor doing a group activity. Of course at the end of the week when I was doing the laundry I would see the evidence of her problems.

On the advice of her pediatrician and a couple of emails to the school nurse, she was able to break down the barrier of raising her hand and getting excused by the teacher. At about age 9 the boys found someone else to pick on (sad, I know!) and she got more confident and more adept at punching it out on the toilet. Now she's in a new and much larger school and almost totally avoiding her bathroom needs. By the time I can get to her school to pick her up, she's been waiting at least 45 minutes and she's in considerable distress. If I run into a traffic jam during our 2.5 mile ride home, I'm worried about her having an accident in the car.

So Friday afternoon, upon her pediatrician's advice, I parked the car, stopped her as she was coming out of the lobby, and I took Darcee, backpack and all, to the bathroom. After several sales meetings in various parts of the city, I had been holding my crap for about an hour. So I led her into the bathroom. We had the room with 8 toilets, (none with privacy doors) and we took the second and the third. I deliberately messed with the belt on my designer jeans until I saw her back up toward the toilet, drop her jeans, and take a seat. I knew I wanted her to gain confidence by leading so as I seated myself (still holding in my crap) I got a conversation going. I started the timer on my phone. Within a minute I heard four rapid splashes from her into the toilet and her story about art class didn't get interrupted as she was pushing them out. I let mine go and about a three-second fart announced what was happening (as well as the splashing into the bowl). Both of us were done within 45 seconds, and I made some noise deliberately as I pulled on my toilet paper roll. I stood to wipe while she did hers from her seat. I deliberately did one or two unnecessary wipes to give her confidence and within five seconds of one another, we both flushed. Although it wasn't necessary I flushed a second time, telling Darcee that sometimes that was necessary.

We stopped at DQ and had a banana split.

Michael W.

Hanging out with Devon

Hi everyone. I wanted to share a couple of stories of pooping at my friend Devon's house. But first…
To Bigbill: You asked about our experience with explosive diarrhea? If you want to read about mine. You will find it on page 2572. And…
To everyone: Have you ever read the 'Goldie Pinklesweet' poem? It is written by Roald Dahl and you will find it in "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator." If you don't feel like reading the book then you can Google the poem. Here is a short version: Little girl and Grandma are having a nice day. Grandma goes out and gets drunk. Little girl is left alone at Grandma's house and she goes through the medicine cabinet and takes all the pills that are chocolate coated which are her Grandma's laxatives. Little girl starts to have a stomach ache. And the little girl has diarrhea every day for the rest of her life and regrets what she did.
Onto my first story. December 2000. Me and Devon were in 7th grade and we were both 12 years old. After school I went to Devon's house to hang out. He had homework to do and I decided to do my homework in Advisory (Which is Home Room) and Enrichment (Which is a class were you did your homework assignments). Anyways, we were upstairs in his room listening to classic rock like Journey, Boston, Styx, and Kiss. Devon said that he had to poop so he takes his Math homework into the bathroom with him. I sat cross legged on the floor in the hallway right outside the bathroom door as Devon and I talked. We talked about our teachers, the kids we went to school with, and girls that we liked. Devon had been in the bathroom for almost an hour. When he was done he came out without flushing the toilet. He showed me his poop. The big logs were at the bottom of the toilet bowl and sticks and twigs were piled up on top. And he stunk up the bathroom pretty bad. I told him that I had to poop. I flushed the toilet and Devon left the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He was outside the bathroom like I was. As I sat there and let my logs come out I started to get bored. I asked Devon if he had any books I can look at. "I have my Math book and my Geography book" he said. I said I wanted to look at his Geography book. So he opens the door and hands me his book and then he closed the door behind him. As I sat on the toilet we kept talking and I looked at the maps of the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. When I got bored of that I flipped through the pages and looked at the pictures. When my skinny rope like poop was coming out I had to push hard until my face turned red and when it fell into the toilet I farted quite a few times. I was done after being on the toilet for almost an hour. I got up without flushing and washed my hands and then I showed Devon my masterpiece that I left in the toilet. LOL! We both stunk that bathroom up.
Onto my second story. It was June 2002. We just finished 8th grade and we were both 14 years old. Summer just started and I went to Devon's house bcz I was bored. He was home alone. His Grandpa was out doing something and his dad was at work. He was on the computer surfing the web showing me a bunch of stuff on Newgrounds and the radio was turned on in the kitchen and Devon had it on the pop station. I told him that I had to poop. I went into the bathroom by the kitchen and laundry room. I pulled my jean shorts and boxers down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I farted and started to let my logs come out. And then "Hella Good" by No Doubt started playing on the radio. When the song was done playing I told Devon that I have my own version of the song and he wanted to hear it. So I started to sing. "My stomach is churning on me for some reason. I'm farting real loud like a thunderbolt. Don't come here any closer. Cuz I am about to blow the bathroom up. This laxative works good so I'm gonna keep on pooping. I'm pushing like I should so I'm gonna keep on pooping." He laughed and said that my parody song was creative. LOL! Goodtimes! Anyways, each turd that came out of my butt required lots of pushing. And sometimes I would fart really loud. Devon asked me if he wanted to get me anything bcz I had been in there for a while. "I don't know" I said. Then he said he'd be right back. When he came back downstairs he opened the bathroom door and gave me a folder of his drawings. He was a very good artist and his drawings are awesome. I draw just as good. I kept pushing while I looked at his drawings. They were mostly cool cars like the Dodge Viper, the Corvette, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. After I looked at all his drawings I was done. I wiped my butt with toilet paper and it took me 15 wipes to get my butt clean. And then I pulled my jean shorts and boxers back up to my waist. I was done after being on the toilet for an hour. I flushed the toilet but suddenly nothing went down. I guess I should've flushed before I wiped my butt. Anyways I told Devon that the toilet wouldn't flush and he said that he'd go get the plunger from the bathroom upstairs. He came back down with the plunger and then I pumped it into the toilet and the water and some of my turds went down little by little. I flushed again and the rest of it all went down. I left skidmarks in the toilet bowl. Devon told me not to worry about it and he said that he would tell his Grandpa and dad that he left those skidmarks but the smell I left behind would go away in time. After I washed my hands me and Devon watched TV in the living room. We watched "Charmed" and then "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." His dad came home from work and I had to leave bcz Devon had to go to his Art lesson.
And that's my stories of times I hung out with Devon. He is no longer with us. He had cystic fibrosis and they didn't find a cure. He was 19 when he passed away. We had good times when we hung out and I miss him. ); Anyways, I'll post another story later, until then Happy Pooping.

This is for Haylee, the one who wants to pee in a car. If i was there I would let u pee in my car like my girls do. Not sure what u like but my car is old no carpet ripped seats from normal wear and tear however I was considering getting a new car, in fact a mini van. Yes its bigger so easier to move around in to pee and more places to pee I think my girls would love it as they could move around anytime. I saw u said u just want to do it in the car and on the seat, or wherever and u could do it anywhere u like as much as u want. BTW my girls are 7&12 and the younger one loves and does it alot more then her sister they pee on the floor/seats, on the door panels, dashboard, and even the windows. My 12yo even has the ability to spray her pee from the back seat to the dashboard/floor are up front its amazing to see. Where would u be interested in peeing if you could pee in my car? Love to hear from you.


Car pee mess

To the poster that wrote about peeing in a bottle in the car: What a great story! Its good you didn't make a mess in the car, especially in front of your friends.

You asked if this had ever happened before, and it has once to me. However it didn't turn out good like your story, it was actually a disaster! I was riding in the car with my sister and her friend, and her friend really had to pee and we were stuck in traffic, just like what happened to you. My sisters friend tried to pee in the bottle, but missed it so bad because she had to pee so much. She ended up pissing all over the car, and us as well! It was quite a nightmare, because she actually peed so much.


A story and some questions

Hi guys, I have a story and some questions for you.


Firstly the story. This happened to me on Saturday. I was at the train station and I really needed to poo so I made my way to the men's toilets. In there were five cubicles all empty. I chose the one in the middle, hung my backpack on the door and pulled my trackies and boxer briefs down. I was nice and relaxed and looking forward to what was going to be a satisfying poo.

Just after I sat down, I heard the door open and the cleaning cart roll in. Obviously the cleaner had come to clean the toilets. I heard him fiddle around with his cleaning equipment. Now some people are shy about pooping whilst the cleaner is just outside, but not me. I mean they are toilets after all. I started with a loud booming fart followed by a blast of hot sticky poo. I sighed loudly in relief. It was followed by two more waves of soft mush that spattered into the pan below. It reeked as well. Phew! I stood up and proceeded to wipe, which took a lot as my crack was really dirty. I went to flush, but it failed, filling the bowl with more water but leaving my deposits in there. It wasn't my fault, it was just a rubbish toilet that couldn't cope with my load! I pulled up my underwear and trackies and left. The cleaning guy was still there. I told him that the toilet wouldn't flush, and said don't worry he'd fix it. He went into the cubicle I'd just vacated. A brave man as it wasn't too fresh in there. So not only did he have to listen to my poo, he had to deal with the aftermath too. I did apologise to him as he was looking into the toilet but he told me it was fine and said "you didn't do anything wrong, where else were you supposed to sh*t!" I laughed and left to catch my train!


Now for the questions. This is about wiping techniques. This was prompted by a work-colleague of mine. We recently shared a hotel room together at a works conference. We're pretty open and we weren't afraid of walking around the room naked or going for a poo with the door open or whatever. He's a rugby player, and if anybody knows rugby players here in the UK, you'll know they are pretty shameless about these things! Anyway I was shaving in the bathroom one morning and he came in said he needed to sh*t and it couldn't wait. I told him no worries and we just talked about the conference and work whilst I shaved and he plopped away. Anyway, he then went to wipe. I noticed him spitting on the paper before wiping. I'd never seen this before, but I suppose it makes sense. It's a sort of homemade wet wipe, and saliva does contain anti bacterial properties. So my questions are:

1). Do you ever spit on the toilet paper before wiping?
2). Do you stand or sit when wiping? Personally I stand as it's more comfortable.
3). Do you wipe in between your legs or do you wipe from the side?
4). And this next question is prompted by my friend - Do you ever smell the paper after wiping? My friend says he does this, he keeps wiping until he can't smell anything on the paper anymore.
5). Do you wipe thoroughly, or just a quick wipe to get the worst out?
6). Do you roll the paper or screw it up to wipe?

I'd be interested in what you guys think!

To Laurie

Love the car peeing stories!

Can you go into the back story on how you started it, kind of vehicle you drive ect...?

What do you do if you need to go yourself?

Do you invite others like Car Mom?

What do you do if they need to poop as they pee?

Hope to hear more about you soon!


Camping in cardboard boxes for a weekend, part 1

When I was eleven during winter break, Carrie's family bought a new refrigerator and dishwasher. Carrie excitedly asked if she could have the boxes to make a fort in the woods behind their house and her parents bemusedly gave them to her. She came over to ask if I wanted to join her for the weekend making a fort in the woods, and I readily agreed. She also called a neighbor girl who had recently moved into our neighborhood, a girl named Anna. Anna agreed to come, saying it sounded fun.

The three of us set out late on Friday evening, boxes in tow. In addition, we each had a winter-weighted sleeping bag and a bag with two changes of clothes and food and water. Carrie also lugged a bucket with a snap-on toilet seat. We walked through the frosty woods (it was dusting snow but not quite cold enough to stick yet) to a small clearing, where we decided to set up shop for the weekend.

Carrie dragged the large refrigerator box under a tree that was sheltered from the snow and placed our sleeping bags inside, side by side, along with our bags. It would be a very tight squeeze, but the shared space would make us warmer, I reasoned. I placed the dishwasher box a few feet away and set the bucket with a toilet seat inside, in addition to two rolls of toilet paper. That would be our bathroom for the weekend.

Carrie immediately headed for the new bathroom, letting out a tiny fart right as she reached it and she and Anna giggled. Crawling inside, she shut the "doors" (the box flaps) against the cold and I heard her pulling down her pants and then a creak as she sat on the plastic toilet seat. Pppprrrrt! A loud, rasping fart boomed out of the tiny bathroom stall and Carrie giggled again. Anna stifled a giggle as she listened. I heard Carrie grunt once and then a dull thud was heard in the bucket as Carrie pooped into the bucket for the first time. Anna giggled, unable to help herself. Carrie farted again. Thud. Thud. Pprrrrt! After farting, she started grunting a bit louder, really seeming to push hard this time, and finally a heavy thud hit the bottom of the bucket and a very loud fart blasted the bucket immediately afterward. She sighed in relief.

A loud hissing pee started in the bucket and Carrie sighed again as she let go. She finished twenty seconds later and then farted quietly once. I heard her grunt a few times softly, but she couldn't get anything else out. Finally, I heard her tearing off toilet paper and wiping her butt. Then she came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, having cleaned her hands with hand sanitizer. She looked very relieved and gave me a big smile when she saw me.

"I really needed that!" she said. Anna giggled and Carrie blushed slightly, looking a bit embarrassed by her noisiness. "Do you need to go, Anna?" she asked the other girl suddenly.

Anna bit her lip, looking pensively at the box. "I...I think so. Um, yeah, I'll go now." Her eyes slid over to me and she blushed.

"I can move away for a while if you want," I offered.

Anna considered it but shook her head. "No, if we're going to be staying out here, we should be comfortable pooping around each other!" She blushed again and headed to the box, where she ducked down and climbed inside, shutting the "doors" behind her. Carrie and I settled down in the other, larger box, able to clearly hear what was going on next door. We heard Anna shuffling her clothes down and then the seat creaked as she sat on it.

A long splashing, tinkling sound started as Anna started peeing into the bucket that was already full of Carrie's pee. She sighed loudly. Then we heard a loud, bassy fart, followed by a second higher-pitched fart. Suddenly, there was a splash in the bucket as Anna grunted audibly. Carrie looked at me and giggled: apparently there was enough pee for our poop to make splashes rather than thuds now.

Another splash was followed by a third fart, and a fourth. Anna's pee trickled to a stop, and she sat quietly for a moment. Splash! Splash! Splash! Anna moaned in relief; she must have really needed to let that all out. Another splash was followed by a loud fart. Anna sighed again.

We heard her start grunting again for a few seconds and then there was a big splash in the bucket. I counted seven poops so far; wow, how much did she have in her? A long, drawn-out fart answered me, which extended for nearly ten seconds. A loud sigh came from the stall, and Anna seemed finished.

I heard her tearing off some toilet paper and wiping. Then she came out shortly. Carrie and I were used to changing near each other, but Anna obviously wasn't, so I let her and Anna into the box by themselves to change into warm pajamas (with mittens and thick socks, to boot). Then they came out and I went in to change for bed myself.

Before retiring for bed, I went into the box-bathroom, needing to pee. I ducked inside, as there obviously wasn't room to do more than crouch down while inside, and shut the flaps behind me for privacy. The cold air mitigated much of the bathroom smell, but it was still a bit unpleasant. I looked into the bucket before I started peeing and saw a massive pile of poop in the bottom of the bucket, with pee filling nearly a third of the bucket. Carrie and Anna had both really needed to go!

My breath rushed out in a misty sigh of relief as my pee streamed into the bucket as I squatted awkwardly over it. I made myself stop (ouch) and turned to sit on the seat, figuring I might as well pee comfortably. I sat down and continued to pee. Prrrrrt! I farted quietly. Whoops, my change in position had made something stir in my gut. I began to feel a slight urge to poop. What the hell, why not?

I started pushing slowly, not wanting to fart loudly and wake up the girls (or to give them a show if they were still awake!) and I felt a long turd slowly slide out and drop into the bucket with a big splash.

Muffled giggling next door informed me that both girls were, in fact, still awake. Oops. I blushed slightly, knowing they could hear everything I was doing in here. I pushed again, harder this time, and my face flamed as a LOUD fart erupted from my butt, followed by a big splash of a turd. Loud giggling came from the other side of the wall. I was apparently quite the entertainer.

Splash! Splash! Prrrrt, prrrrt! More turds dropped into the bucket, followed by a few farts. I sighed in relief, feeling that I was almost done. I sucked in my breath and strained hard, and slowly, I felt a long turd slide out of my butt and drop into the bucket with a last, big splash. Ugh, that one hurt my stomach.

A final, soft fart hissed out of my butt as I sat there, glowing in relief. Then I reached for the hand soap and cleaned my hands, before pulling up my pants with difficulty and exiting the makeshift bathroom stall. I entered the "cabin" we were sleeping in and found both girls pretending to be asleep, but Carrie went into snort-giggles after a few seconds, which cracked Anna up too, and they were both laughing for a while. I latched the "doors" of the cabin shut with a wire handle I'd made, so the room was secured. We finally went to bed, and I dropped off to sleep quickly.


Nurse's Office Situation

Hey guys it's Andrew again and I want to share another childhood story of mine. It was back when I was in 3rd grade. I had just gotten over an awful ear infection which had sent me to the emergency room for vertigo. During this stay at the hospital I did not take a dump. When I got home I told my mom that I was constipated and she encouraged me to try to go number 2. I had a hard time pushing it out and she gave me this very laxative and it had no effect on me that night. The following morning she made me breakfast with oatmeal. Little did I know that she slipped some prunes into the oatmeal. So when I got to school that morning I was feeling fine. That all changed around lunch time. My stomach began to hurt and started feeling cold. I ate my lunch and then went to recess. During recess I started feeling sick to my stomach. I told my teacher that I felt like I needed to throw up and she sent me to the nurses office. By the time I got there I tried to fart and some poop came out, I did not tell the nurse but she I had pooped my pants she asked me If I need to use the bathroom and I said yes. So I went into the bathroom and she told to not lock the door so that she can get me a change of clothes. As soon as I sat down on the toilet I exploded all over the seat. In the middle of my diarrhea session the nurse opened the door and I released the biggest wet fart ever and every single kid who was in the nurses office at the time heard it. Credit there were only two younger kids there but that whole incident was so embarrassing. As soon as I finished up in the bathroom the nurse gave me an extra pair of jeans from the lost and found and called my mother to pick me up. Anyways the rest of the day I had diarrhea and did not go to school the following day. When I got back to school nobody seemed to notice anything until I asked to go to the bathroom. I run into this first grader and he had this big smirk on his face and said aren't you the kid who had explosive diarrhea in the nurse office the other and I said yes. He was like don't worry I won't tell anyone I had a situation like that occur earlier this year when I got the stomach bug and everyone still teases me about it. Your lucky nobody found out that you crapped your pants or had a classmate with you in the nurse's office. I went with a classmate to the nurse's office and he told the entire class what happened. So I said cool and went back to class. That is my childhood memory for the week. I will continue to post when I have the luxury and am not busy with graduate school and my day job.

Juliette from France

To Bigbill. My explosive diarrhea

I had many experience with explosive diarrhea. I will tell you my recently one.
It was last week, I get constipated the first time of this year. I've tried many ways but the poop still don't come out, I ate messy food and take laxative, but it still doesn't get out. Until yesterday, my poop came out like a disaster.
When I was having class, the laxative I take this morning works, suddenly feels a strong urge to go to bathroom. So I get to the bathroom when having class,
because I can't hold it anymore, also, I will never had a diarrhea when taking breaks because I don't want any audience for my poop. I quickly ran into bathroom and squat down, as the same time I squat down, a huge stream of yellow diarrhea spurt out of my butt. I can't stop letting out wet farts, and feel my stomach cramps. I hold the wall, constantly spraying out one and a another pile of watery stool. I made a lot of noise and stunk the bathroom for sure. I pooped for 15 minutes and finally let out a giant fart and feel empty.
I get out the bathroom and the class is over. Some of the girls get in the toilet and covered their nose, they found mine mess, I was very embarrassed but luckily they don't know I did this. Many people gather around the bathroom but nobody wants to get in. I suddenly feel another pile of poop waiting to get out, my friend Sophie heard the gurgle sound from my stomach, she asked me if I made the mess, so I tell her the truth. She suggested me to poop in another bathroom down stairs, so I went there to poop, because there are too many people in here. There are sitting toilet down stairs, so I sit on it and started, before I started, some girls went in, they also get down stairs to this bathroom because the bathroom upstairs were too stinky. They are the mean girls who laugh at other girl pooping. I try to hold my poop to wait for them to go. But I failed holding it, I let out a bunch of wet fart with some poop. The girls outside try to find out who is pooping, but my poop became really messy and stinky. So they ran out of the bathroom, I pooped for about 40 minutes, and clogged the toilet for sure. The beginning of my poop is watery yellow poop but by the end it was green watery ones. I thought these mean girls get away so I get out of the bathroom and been ambushed by these girls.
I tried to told them I just went in a few minutes ago and I went for peeing but they exposed me, because there are a few yellow poop on the bottom of my hair! The hair must being hung into the close stool when pooping, they laugh at me and spread the news to the whole class that Juliette were having diarrhea and make the mess in toilet, I was very embarrassing.
After this, I combed my beautiful long blonde hair into ponytails.
Sorry for the long story.


To big bill on explosive dumps

I have had many and I always get them I have IBS wich is a condition in the intestine you can search it up if u want

Anyway I was in school the other day and wasn't feeling the best I had already had diarrhea that morning but it's normal for me so I had to go in half way threw 3rd period straight after break the urge to poop hit me like a ton of bricks I can always go to the bathroom whenever I want because I got given a toilet pass so I used it showed the teacher it she said are u sure u can't wait I said in definately sure I started running to the toilets and farts kept escaping as I was running one fart came out that wasn't just air at this point it was about to come out I ran into the toilets shut the stall door and a loud crackling started as I pooped and lots of splashes and pklonks then a series of farts kept escaping with watery poo when all this was happening I looked in my pants and seen a little skid mark but it was easy to clean I was out of lesson 25 minutes and when I returned I just said sorry to the teacher

Anyway later that day i had a chicken wrap for lunch and when I was walking home about 40 mins away from home my stomach decided it didn't like the chickens wrap I had put in it and I got the worst cramps I walked for another 10 minutes until the urge to go became apparent there was no toilets around or no bushes so I went down a side ally in town and took a poo behind a bin there was CCTV but it was only my but facing it so they couldn't see my face but could clearly see the contents coming out of my area "ps if the CCTV gurad guy is reading this I'm sorry " anyway when I got behind the bin I pulled my pants down and instantly water just shot out and splatters on my shoes and abit on my pants I decide to take a different approach rather than fully squaring and getting my pants dirty I just bent my legs abut whils stood up and bent over I pushed again and a sloppy crackling noise came from my behind and a big sloppy mess as if an ice cream dispenser was there had landed on the floor diarrhea kept shooting out of my bum and when I looked afterwards my god the mess was discraceful there were some part of the poo that was like 3 metres away from were I was standing I really feel sorry for the CCTV guy who has to watch that anyway I had a mess in my pants after that because there was nothing to wipe with

I have lots of stories and embarrassing ones if anyone wants to hear them


Bathroom at the Mall

I really enjoy the stories about listening and seeing other peoples poop. I had an opportunity the other day to do both. I hadn't gone in a couple of days and the urge hit me at the mall. I went in the rest room a 3 staller and picked the middle stall and had a seat. Before I was done peeing a person entered and went into the first stall. You could hear a pin drop in this bathroom. I was sitting quietly and so was he. I decided to break the ice by letting out a fart while doing so a couple of small hard balls with a splash. He must have felt more comfortable because he started to grunt quietly. I was still holding just listening. I heard a light crackling that started slowly and then sped up. Then a FLOOMP that sounded like a good sized log slid into the water. I waited a minute and he got up without wiping or flushing and left. I quickly got up and went into his stall. There is the bowl was a thick knobby dark brown log of about 12 or 14 inches. I sat down on the still warm set and proceeded to push out a solid log of my own. I got up and looked at a very full bowl. I wiped and left it unflushed for others to see. It was a great experience. Do others also enjoy this?

As juliette told about squat toilet normally there is a big gap on the side walls here in Italy.
This happens in the old schools, university or in small railway station.
So the pryvacy has a lack with people that have no respect of the other people.
I can suggest to lower thights pants just far to go.
Another positive aspects for the squat toilet is that when someone use it assumes the natural position to empty the bside.
Bye bye

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Explosive Dumps

What is your experience with explosive diarrhea / being desperate ?

Juliette from France

To Mina[ppe]

Your story from 2728 is interesting, I also like to poop in nature, sometimes when I had to poop early in the morning, I will poop on a hill behind my school, it feels very great. The same as you, when I poop, I drop some soft log when the poop starts, by the end, I usually drop mushy and even watery diarrhea. Maybe it was because of two-third of the food in school restaurant make my stomach upset.
I almost never had constipated, but frequently diarrhea, it's also a kind of bad squatting while diarrhea because the poop will sometimes spray everywhere, having frequently diarrhea is very very painful. The poop that I did on the chair was a huge disaster, because the feeling of smashed logs and mushy poops all covered your butt is horrible! Do not try to poop like this, this is probably the most nasty pooping position I've ever tried.
The toilet in our school actually is a long line, but some girls feel uncomfortable when pooping with no privacy, so the school add doors and partition wall about ten years ago, it's very old, so I can see what happens next to me.
French name were the same as other western countries, your own name was in front of the family name, but sometimes front name will be very long, like Henri Rene Albert Guy de Maupassant , they are usually Christian name or the name given by elders, but there are very less long name now in France.

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