Michael W.

Another Pooping Survey

Hi everyone I got bored and decided to do another pooping survey. For those of you who have not done my survey, you will find it on page 2552. You are all welcome to take my survey. Once again, I'm going to answer my own questions.

1. How old are you? I am 31 years old.

2. How long does it take you to poop? It varies. Sometimes 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Usually it takes me 20-25 minutes, A half an hour, 45 minutes, and sometimes 1 hour.

3. What is your poop like usually? Semi-hard, soft and mushy logs.

4. Do you fart when you poop? Yes, I fart LOUD.

5. Does your poop plop loudly in the toilet? Yes.

6. Are you comfortable pooping in other toilets than your own? It depends

7. Name all the places you have pooped.
I have pooped at work, at school, at the store, at the Mall, the movies, restaurants, Porta-potties, outdoors, theme parks, the bus station, the library, the hospital. But I feel free when I poop in my own bathroom.

8. How bad do you stink up the bathroom when you poop? Oh God, Its strong.

9. Do you do anything to keep you occupied when you poop? (For example, Do you read, do your homework, surf the net on your phone, or play portable video games) Yes, bcz I know that I'm going to take a while.

10. What time of the day do you usually poop? I would say around like 2 o'clock in the morning when I'm at work. When I'm not at work, I'll poop later in the evening.

11. Do you courtesy flush? Sometimes, If I poop so much and think I'm going to clog the toilet.

12. Have you ever clogged the toilet before? Yes, I pooped A LOT! See page 2581 and page 2617.

13. What sort of things make you poop? Italian or Mexican food, Nervousness, or Working out.

14. How long does it take you to poop if you are constipated? When I get constipated I'm on the toilet for 1 hour and if nothing comes out I'll give up and try again later.

15. How does it take you to poop if you are having diarrhea? One time I was on the toilet for 1 hour and 45 minutes. See page 2574.

16. Have you ever thought you were done and then felt like you had to poop some more? Yes this has happened to me lots of times, especially if I have diarrhea.

17. When you have finished pooping and left a terrible smell in the bathroom, What does the next person who goes in there think? The next person will definitely know that I have pooped.

18. How do you sit when you are on the toilet? I have my jeans and boxers down to my ankles, I lean forward, cup my chin with my hand, and take out whatever I have with me like my phone or a book.

19. Would you rather be constipated or would you rather have diarrhea? Diarrhea, as long as my butthole doesn't burn.

20. When was the first time you found this site? Late 2011 and I've been reading stories on this site ever since.

Dear Victoria,

I and my friends also hate spider! I don't want to see in loo or anywhere. I am not scared so much, only hate. Hisae is not scared at all. when she see spider, she kill with angry face. When I read to her your post, she said, "I want to drop spider in loo and then do motion on top of spider." Actually in Japan some spider are poison so we must to be careful.

I love your story (except spider) when you write story about your motion, I always want to cry.

Dear Juliette,

I angry very much to mean girls who ambush to you and laugh at you when you did a diarrhoea 40 minutes. Why they laugh?? It isn't funny when a girl is sick her stomach. If I am with you in your school I bang together their heads many times. I did before, I also hit and kicked and pushed girls to ground, very high speed, because they laughed to a girl who did a long diarrhoea at school in Wales.
And I also angry to boyfriend who ditch you when he know you did a motion. Maybe it is good thing, because you don't need such bad boyfriend perhaps.

But I think it is danger for girl to wipe between her legs. If you don't be careful, piece of motion will enter your woman part and then you can get bad disease of kidney. I want to say this to all women in this site.

Love to everyone.

Mina + 3

P.S. After she hear your story about hair Juliette, my friend Kazuko put her hair in shower cap when she goes to loo for motions. Sometimes her bottom is violent very much. I often see her motions fly every direction.


Reply to Abbie

Hey Abbie, great to see you posting again, and sorry to hear about your accident! As I've posted before, I've had a few myself, so I know how it feels. I hope it wasn't too difficult for you and at least you had friends around, and dry knickers. I've totally wet myself before but usually it's been on the way home from a night out and I've been a bit drunk. It's worrying when the occasional spurt changes into a full on flood.


Bathroom patrol of 8th graders

I'm starting my second month of with a pre-student teaching assignment as an education assistant at a large middle school. In each of the bathrooms, privacy doors on all but one of the stalls were removed over the summer. This was due to smoking and vaping. Yes, the girls are getting into the vaping thing too. So during the passing period between 1st and 2nd period (5 minutes with stricter detentions now for offenders), I'm assigned to the 15-toilet bathroom. Being a former student council member at my old high school, I know it is hard to keep the bathrooms clean and well stocked with toilet paper, especially when so much of the toilet paper is wasted. So much for what we were taught four years ago in ecology club!

Just like at my old high school, so many of the students are crapping and running. Some, who are wiping standing up, are making bad throws and the used paper isn't making it into the bowl. Others sit and when the one-minute warning bell rings run out pulling up their panties and jeans. This is without reaching down to flush or stop and wash their hands. Three days last week, I had to flush and pick up wiping papers before I sat down for my morning crap. Then picking up after the others in another 9 or 10 toilets, turning off a faucet or two, and picking up a towel or two from several of the sink bowls can be a 10 minute task.

One girl who I think used the toilet during my 1st hour classroom observation crapped her pants, took off her undies, black and with a handful size of crap intact, and laid them over the back of the black toilet seat. I think two or three girls did a fast pee in that toilet during the break before I found them and tossed them into the large trashcan that is not receiving nearly enough use.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kathleen great stories it sounds Lynne really had poop a lot and it sounds they also had a good buddy dump as well.

To: Benjamin it sounds like Anna and Carrie had great poops in that bucket.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Michael W.

Buddy Dump with My Boss

Hi everyone, I'm back to share another story. But first…I wanted to share some bathroom related moments from "King of the Hill" and "The Simpsons."

In one episode, Hank is constipated. One night, Peggy wakes up from having a bad dream and she runs to the bathroom and sees Hank on the toilet. She was like "Oh Hank! I had a dream and you died!" Hank is like "Honey, get out of here! You're not supposed to see this!" LOL! If I was married and my wife saw me on the toilet I wouldn't care.

In another episode, the Hill family goes to a Church banquet. Bobby eats all the sea food. The next day when they are in church, Bobby gets a real bad stomach ache and he runs to the bathroom. He shits his brains out in the stall and moans and yells "Why did you have to taste so good?" Then his Grandpa walks in and he smells the stinkness Bobby made in his stall but he doesn't know it was him until later on in the episode. His Grandpa says "PEWWW!!! What did you eat?" LOL! Bobby eats embarrassed and his Grandpa leaves the bathroom. Bobby finishes his business and locks the door then he lights a match to do something about the smell. Someone knocks on the bathroom door and says "Hello? Anyone in there? Are you alright?" Bobby gets jumpy and then he throws the lit match in the trash can and escapes out the window. He accidently burns down the church. His Grandpa got blamed for it and he says "It wasn't me! It was the man with the terrible smell!" LOL! Bobby confesses and his Grandpa calls him "Stinky." And he says "I'm sorry. Did I hurt your feelings, Stinky?" LOL!

In one episode from "The Simpsons," Marge is driving home with Bart, Lisa, and Maggie in the car. Then Bart smells something and realizes what it is. "Mom, I think Maggie fudged her huggies" Bart says. "Don't say it like that you'll hurt her feelings" Marge says and then she smells the stinkness coming from Maggie's diaper. "JEEZ LOUISE! How did you turn Cinnamon Applesauce into that?" Marge says. Maggie points at Lisa. "Don't blame this on me lil sister" Lisa says plugging her nose. LOL!

Onto my story. It was late March 2013. I had just started college and I recently got a job at The Roadhouse and I was 24 years old. I woke up at 9 o'clock in the morning. I went outside for a cigarette and then I brushed my teeth and then I got dressed into my work uniform. I wore a black T-shirt, blue jeans, white crew socks, black dress belt, and black non-slip dress shoes. Then I combed my dirty blonde hair, grabbed my black leather jacket and let my brother-in-law know that I was ready for work. He also had to take my sister Samantha to work and her work was right by my work. Anyways I got dropped off first. I didn't go to work right away bcz I had some time to kill. So I went to Chick fil-A to get some breakfast. I ordered some mini chicken bisquits with lil hash browns, and sweet tea. I sat at one of the booths. I took my shoes off and sat cross legged and ate my breakfast. When I was almost done eating, my drink was nearly empty. "Would you like a refill?" A lady who worked there asked me. "Yes, please" I said. She filled my drink back up and then I finished my breakfast, put my shoes back on, dumped my tray and went to the Roadhouse which is right next door. Anyways, I was still early for work and had to clock in at 11:30. I went to the back over by the dumpster to smoke a cigarette while I was out there my boss (Not mentioning his name) was there. We talked and when we finished our cigarettes we both went to the Men's room. On our way there I hung up my black leather jacket. In the Men's room, I took the first stall. I locked the door, undid my belt, pulled my jeans and boxers down to my ankles, sat on the toilet and relaxed my butt. My boss took the handicap stall. We didn't talk while we were pooping. While I was sitting there pushing my logs out, I cupped my chin with my left hand and had my phone in my right hand. I was texting Colleen (A girl I was dating at the time), and country music was playing on the radio in the bathroom. I don't remember what me and her were talking about but I know that we were bickering like a couple of kids. She texted "Not Uh!" I texted "You're a brat." She texted "You're a dork." LOL! She did take a break from texting. So while I waited I read stories on this site (Before I had the guts to post my own stories). I pushed another log out and went "Mhmmmm!" and it plopped into the toilet. Then I farted and it was loud, like PFFFRRRTTTTT!!! My boss definitely heard it, but I didn't care. This was a bathroom and everybody poops and farts. I pushed a couple of more turds out of my butt which came along with some soft Pfffrrrt! Pfffrrrtt! Farts. I sighed in relief. Colleen texted me back and I looked at the time on my phone. It still wasn't time to clock in yet so I stayed seated and continued to text her. When time got closer I put my put my phone in my pocket. I started to wipe my butt with toilet paper. It took me 10 wipes to get my butt completely clean. Then I pulled my boxers and blue jeans back

Post Title (optional) Aaron's survey

To answer Aaron's survey:..

1). Do you ever spit on the toilet paper before wiping?
Nope, I don't think so. Whenever I've been so messy that I've needed moist paper to wipe with, I just run it under water for a second.

2). Do you stand or sit when wiping?
I sit. Unless I have to get up and get more toilet paper. At that point I just wipe standing but it's not as easy as sitting down.

3). Do you wipe in between your legs or do you wipe from the side?
I've wiped my bum from the front before, but it was difficult because my wrist was making contact with my pussy, so I had to clean my wrist after. I just wipe from the back, sometimes from the side.

4). Do you ever smell the paper after wiping?
No way, I smell it enough without smelling it up close!

5). Do you wipe thoroughly, or just a quick wipe to get the worst out?
I was gonna ask this question to my fellow toiletstool-ers actually. I wipe the outside first, then I'll wipe the inside of my anus to make sure nothing is left inside.

6). Do you roll the paper or screw it up to wipe?
I screw it up, I just take it off the roll and then crumple it up



Resppnding to New guy, I've never really done it just to see if i can, but i've held it in a lot in the past. One of the longest was when i went on a week long school trip when i was 15. The toilet facilities had no doors and were old and disgusting and so i refused to go the entire week, leading to some moments where i physically had to sit down to keep it inside. I knew my pants were going to be stained, but there was no way i was sitting on that dirty toilet and having a poo in front of ANYONE, let alone people i went to school with. When i eventually came home, i desperately rushed to the bathroom and ended up clogging the toilet.. really embarrassing.

I can't imagine a situation where we'd compete on holding it, since pretty much everyone i know just openly goes when they need to with no shame. I'll often be at work holding one in and my guts kind of churn in jealousy that it's so easy for them to just poo in public like that. Friends have even had conversations with me while they're on the toilet, and when i apologised or looked away, they just said it was fine. I hold it in pretty much every time if i can't find a private toilet, unless it's an emergency. Unfortunately, since i hold it so much, it tends to be urgent like that quite a lot.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Holding it

I have never had success at holding my BM in the hope of one big dump. What happens is that it takes several trips to the toilet to get full satisfaction. I wonder why?


Post Title (optional) Sister in Law

This story happened a couple of weeks ago at a family picnic.
We were at a public picnic area with pit style toilets. The men's and women's rooms are back to back. I finished eating and made my way to the toilet to make room for dessert. I went in and chose a second stall next to the handicapped stall. I sat down and let a mushy load out. I had more coming so I relaxed for a moment when I felt a gusto of air on my bottom from the women's room door being opened. Suddenly the toilet directly behind me was having the lid opened quickly. At this point my gassy crap was ready to exit but held back to avoid any embarrassment. I figured the person behind me would pee and go.
All at once there was an explosion of crap splattering all over the pit below. Some even splashed my ass. At this point I let loose and really made some noise. I finished and wiped good and headed outside. As I was leaving the building my sister in law came out of the women's room. She said I feel better now sounds like you do too.
She then went on to say that she waited too long and messed her panties on the way. She said she threw them into the pit along side the slop that fell out of her ass.


Gone Fishing

So this happened earlier this summer, about 3 months ago. I was out fishing with my husband and a couple of my girlfriends Ashlynn and Jenise(they are from my earlier posts). So anyway, we got out to where we were going to fish and of course, the biggest and loudest pooper of all of us, Ashlynn, said that she really needed to pee and poop. Well, of course she couldn't have gone before we got out to where we were going because where is the fun in that? So anyway, she got into the river that we were fishing in, she took her waders off, pulled them down, pulled her pants and thong down, and did a little bit of a squat and let loose a long stream of piss that was followed by two really big logs of soft and mushy poop. She didn't have anything to wipe with, so she bent down into the water n let the running water of the river wash her ass. So about two hours later, as we were getting ready to head out as it was pretty much dead, we only caught one fish, all four of us needed to pee, but only the three of us girls had to poop as well. So me, Ashlynn and Jenise got to a nice secluded spot off the river bank and took all our lower clothes off, squatt d and started grunting and hhhhmnmmnnngggghh, all 3 of us let out really large streams of piss and we all dropped one log after the other, must've been the breakfast we all ate. It smelled so bad but this time we had stuff to wipe with, leaves and grass. We all got our clothes back on, headed back up to the truck and went home.
Sorry it's been a while, had a lot of stuff going on recently.



Hi I can give you advice if you'd prefer going in special places as opposed to the toilet with nosy parents.
Closets work great for pees or poos as they are private, quite, and a door to keep things in.
Sinks as you told us about are great for quick pees, so is the bathtub. Also there is something really awesome about taking a poo while showering.
Basements are great for the same reasons as closets. Oh so are house plants if you feel risky.
Anyways good luck and please share more stories :)



I've got the reverse--a few times I've had to put on a glove and help dig it out when my wife is constipated. Not exactly fun but no big deal.

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