I was looking through this and not sure when or if it was updated really. A very long time ago I started reading things on here and was influenced by Carmom and many other, mainly carmom. Anyway the latest I read was the one about the new van and once again i am influenced by that to the point that I want to get a van like hers. Let me her and her daughter me and my daughters (7 & 12) pee in the car and let me tell you what a convience it is for us and how much especially my younger one, who does it the most, enjoys it!! Now the van idea would give us more room and options as to where and when to pee and its always easy to move around if needed even when moving/driving. Anyway now I will tell you a recent pee story. We were driving to other side of the state and were out in the middle of nowhere when my little one without saying anything just started to pee and squirted the dash board and floor board, no carpeting on floor. Upon seeing this her older sister had to go and wanted to also soak the dash so they traded places and she sat down open her legs pulled her shorts, no undies, aside and a heavy stream hit the dash. A little later as we were arriving to our destination my little one once again lets me know she has to pee and this time sprays the back seat, door/window. It was a fun drive and day.


Car pee mess

To the poster that wrote about peeing in a bottle in the car: What a great story! Its good you didn't make a mess in the car, especially in front of your friends.

You asked if this had ever happened before, and it has once to me. However it didn't turn out good like your story, it was actually a disaster! I was riding in the car with my sister and her friend, and her friend really had to pee and we were stuck in traffic, just like what happened to you. My sisters friend tried to pee in the bottle, but missed it so bad because she had to pee so much. She ended up pissing all over the car, and us as well! It was quite a nightmare, because she actually peed so much.


Peeing & Pooping at School

About a month ago I started my sophomore year of high school. Not that eventful I know. I pee at school pretty much once each morning and once in the middle of the afternoon. Its probably not necessary, but I still spend some of my babysitting money on a cup or gourmet coffee on my way to school each morning. That comes out of me at about homeroom time. After lunch I get a bottle of soda from the vending machine and I pee at school just as I leave the building for my walk home. I've had two poos so far this year at school. Both have been kind of large and have come right after lunch period. These shouldn't be that eventful but they are. At this time of day, the bathrooms on each of the four floors are jammed. About 50% of the toilets have no privacy door. But I'm trying to make the best of it by wearing loose dresses that will cover me with my panties just below knee level. Luckily both of my poos have come pretty easily and after three or four minutes on the well-warmed seat, I'm wiping. I often can find a toilet with a privacy door for my pees because less of the toilet booths are in use then. I pee pretty fast and with good intensity right after sitting down, although sometimes a looser seat might scare me a little. You see, a seat's bolt broke off and I fell in once when I was starting middle school 6th grade. It scared me, but four years later, I'm able to add some perspective to it. I like to think I can adapt better to large public bathrooms. However, my parents were out of town for a few days last week and my grandma visited and stayed with me. She and I went to Open House together at my school so she could meet my teachers and see my school. I had to pee about 7:30 that night and she went into the bathroom with me. She's almost 80 and was in high school like 60 years ago. She was taught to never sit directly on the toilet and to cover the seat with paper towels or toilet paper first. Seeing that I didn't do that she was like What??? She also said schools as well as other public toilets should have what she called hygiene items such as seat covers made of paper that you can put between yourself and the seat. This is something I guess I've never thought much about. What do the rest of you have to say about this?


Wetsuit poo

Ok so I popped inside my wetsuit on Thursday by accident
Basically that morning I was already Feeling abit off but we went out anyway and done abit of diving as we were on the boat going out to see I let out a fart it was quite wet we all just laughed about it anyway we got in the water and it was amaizing loads of fish dead clear water but half way threw I really needed to go I tried holding it in I couldn't see my behind at the time but friend told me afterwards whilst luaghing that all he could see was bubble rising then tbubble rising with brown water and then a big lump appear in my wetsuit it was funny afterwards but at the time not so much the was a brown cloud following me round as I swam up to get out the whole boat right back to shore I was popping of the side of the boat my friend got a video of it we were all luaghing

Sunday, September 15, 2019


Dear Juliette

Thank you for your answer! In Japan too most school have only or mostly squat toilet, I think, though recently it begins change.

My name is Mina, but sometimes in Japan we put -ppe on girl's name, and sometimes -lin so I call my friend Maholin sometimes even her name is Maho. -ppe is mostly for little girl, but in my new "family" I am youngest, so my friends think I am baby. (But my parents sometimes call me Minappe even I am adult.) My friends love to clean my bottom after I do motions. They say Minappe Minappe with warm voice.

When I used squat loo in France I couldn't see next loo. Maybe different? My friend told me, in old school, school loo is in courtyard, many squat loos in long line, and loo at end of long line is reserved for girls. In new school very different, she said.

I also made mountain in countryside, you can see post, it is page 2728 I think. It was very good feeling to do and do in the nature. But if I don't read this site I never do, I think.

If I am constipate I prefer squat, so I lift the seat of loo, take off socks or tights and climb on loo and squat. Usually after a while I can do, and I do a many many so my friends always want to see. I love them so it's OK they see my nude. But I am not constipate so often. Maho is often, so she often squat same style. But when she start, she also do a many many, like me. Hisae is never constipate, she does a diarrhoea, she can do huge volume in very short time. Kazuko also squat on our loo sometimes even it is sitting type loo. Usually she produce more turds than Maho or me because she is very big eater, but she never get fat.

I think you are very brave girl to do huge motion sitting on chair. I think I can't do. When you were on chair, where was back of chair? Behind you or in the front of you? I didn't tell my friends this story because Hisae is a squeamish very much. They don't speak English at all. My English is a terrible, but I can speak and write as you see. I told them your story of mountain of turds in forest and they loved very much. They say hello to you.

I hope everyone on this site is very fine.

Love from Mina[ppe] + 3

Curious Cody

Baseball crapping

Jeci, my girlfriend, her friend Shari, Shari's 7-year-old son Tomas and I recently attended a professional baseball game. The game went into extra innings and over the 5 hours we were at the stadium all 4 of us had to crap at various times. It was so strange because all of us had been raised by parents who had been raised by parents who had been taught that while peeing away from home was OK, crapping was something that was best done at home.

Shari, who had driven us, was the first to excuse herself at the end of the 2nd inning. She was gone so long that Tomas embarrassed her when she finally stumbled over us to get back into her seat. "You had to poo didn't you?" he asked her. She grabbed his head and playfully said it was better than crapping in her yellow-painted seat. He started to say something back and she quickly grabbed his jaw and told him that was enough. Then in 4th inning, Shari started fussing with Tomas thinking he was just restless. He complained about needing a poo and she told him he didn't. He continued to argue with us and I told her I would take him down. He's a little smaller than most 2nd graders, but after 10 minute wait for a toilet to open, as I was latching the security lock, he had quickly dropped his jeans and underwear. He had done 4 or 5 quick bounces up onto the big seat and each time he either slipped sideways or frontwards back onto his feet. A soft piece, about the size of a sausage, fell against the elastic on his underwear and onto the floor between his legs. I kept him half-seated with one hand while I grabbed for the toilet paper. There was none left. Tomas laughed at first when I used the F-word and looked him in the eyes with a moment of anger. While I continued to restrain him with one arm, I used my other to rip off the cardboard roll. With it I pushed his streaking crap to the backside of the toilet, while I lifted him up and spread his legs wider so his sit would be successful. I hear 2 or 3 more splashes into the water and with his hands, he slid himself farther back on the toilet so he could look for his production between his legs. After another couple minutes, he assured me he was done. I pulled his clothing up, flushed and lead him out of the toilet and down the row where there was a door ajar. I checked an open toilet, saw a half roll of paper hanging, so I pulled his clothing back down, put him up on the toilet and told him to wipe himself. He wasn't that good of a wiper from my viewpoint, but when I asked to see the final pad of paper he had used, I checked it and told him to do one more. He tried to get out of it, but I insisted and probably prevented a debate.

When we got back to our seats Shari seemed a little concerned and asked if he had misbehaved. I said no but about 25 minutes later Jeci had been shifting her weight in her seat and I asked her what was wrong. She said he needed the bathroom. She had a hard time as usual stepping over people who were seated and at one point stumbled, and almost fell into a guy's beer. She's always been pretty much a fast crapper and I've noticed at home she doesn't like to waste time on the toilet. Back in about 5 minutes, she made a remark about the cheap beer and hotdogs being a good cure for constipation and retook her seat. When the game finally ended, and they were picking up their stuff and waiting for the aisles to clear, I told them it was my turn. And that I would meet them at Shari's car. About half of the 40-some toilets were not vacant and I took the middle one. I pulled off 3 sheets of toilet tissue, lined the seat and then carefully seated myself. It took me about 5 minutes to get results, but a 1 1/2-foot log that stretched my ring slowly chugged out. I stood, pulled the papers off my skin, and with new toilet paper did 3 wipes. The 3rd probably wasn't necessary, but just for assurance since I didn't want Jeci to have any more ammunition to playfully use on me about sometimes staining my boxers.

We stopped at a all-night diner on the way back and I had the biggest need to piss. Tomas came in with me and the little guy showed he was almost ready for an adult urinal. He took my suggestion, though, to use the toilet and even flipped the seat up before starting his piss.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

To unnamed poster:
Yes, I often grunt while pushing. At the end of each push mostly. I think its just because I put so much effort into it and I hold my breath so long that I can't help but grunt.
Usually in one session I can push for an hour before I give up if its really not coming but if there is a poo halfway out I will just keep going until I get it out because otherwise its just gonna stay there! I think the longest I've spent at one time was probably like three hours because I had a stubborn poo stuck halfway out and it wouldn't come out or go back in.
I have never tried spreading my bum cheeks. I don't feel like it would help.
Regarding your other question, it wasn't a boyfriend. (I'm lesbian anyway) it was a doctor.
Basically my mother had taken me to the doctor for my constipation and I didn't even know there was a poo sticking out because I was basically numb to it all by then so he told me to go push it out. I remember his english wasn't so good and his words were something like "go melanie. go toilet. go push push. get it out of you." and I sat in there for ages pushing and grunting with my mother and the doctor outside the door listening until I told him that I couldn't get it out and he had me squat down while he broke off the end of it, leaving the rest inside me.

Sonya Sue

Community bathroom issues

I'm back at college. My campus largely believes in bathroom privacy and in the academic classroom buildings the toilets, although heavily used between classes, have privacy doors and mid-morning and mid-afternoon custodians come through to replenish toilet paper, reload soap containers, and unjam any towel dispensers that need it.

We have an increasing enrollment and most of our classrooms are packed. As a result, four temporary classrooms have been created in the girls' physical education building. This building is also used by city parks and rec. for regular pre/post school programs for k-12 students in the neighborhood. It is open 24/7 and used year-round by several city athletic leagues. Since there hasn't always been a lot of adult supervision, the bathrooms have been vandalized and even some of the fixtures have been stolen. That's why there are only 6 of 8 toilets available. The others were disconnected from the floor pipes and stolen. So over the summer, the privacy doors for each of the remaining toilets were removed.

Last year, I learned that I would have to wake up at 4:30 a.m. in my large dorm in order to get onto a toilet before my 7:30 language arts class. So I slept later, went over to the student union for breakfast, and then used the toilet at about 7 each morning in the building where my first class was. But the problem now is sitting on a toilet without a privacy door and in a room filled with other ladies, a few of them rude and inconsiderate, especially as I sit and wait for my poo to come out. I'm very conscious of where I'm putting my hands (lap), throwing my attention (downward between my legs) and not making any major movements with my body that will cause them to get their hopes up that I may be finishing my task. Some days I may sit for 10 to 15 minutes and if my (often when my) fellow students are pooing too, that can cause the pee-ers-in-waiting to become increasingly hostile. Unlike the other buildings, there are not toilets or additional floors they can use as an alternative.

The grossest thing I saw this morning waiting for a toilet was this girl doing a slow push crap while reading her social media with her right hand and picking at her pubic hairs with her left. She finally got up without contributing anything to the bowl, pulled up her panties and jeans, and hurried off to class. My poo, which I had been holding came faster, but I was still late to my language arts class.


Marie, how often did you use your toy box before you had to empty it?

Hey y'all I just wanted to share a brief story about the time I had to pee in a bottle in a car with my friends helping.

Me and my friends were having a slumber party type thing but we were older so it was more like just a get together with us all spending the night. We were having tons of fun and we decided to go on a little drive. Well I had to pee before we left but I decided not to because I didn't wanna hold us up. Big mistake

So we were out driving and of course we get into this massive traffic jam. I dunno what caused it, I think some construction work or something. That was when the urge to pee really hit me hard. But it wasn't just a thing where I had to pee a little, it was an urgent thing like...I need to pee NOW!!

"I gotta take a piss," I told my friends. "I have to go really bad."

"Don't piss in my car please," my friend who was driving joked.

"No promises," I said. "Actually, do we have anything in here I could use to piss in?"

My friends looked at me like I was nuts and said "do you really have to go that bad? It can't wait?" And I said yes I gotta go right now or I'm gonna wet myself.

One of my friends had a plastic water bottle with her that she was almost done drinking. She quickly drank it and passed it to me.

"Uh" we all looked at each other. "You want some privacy or?" My face was tomato red.

We were in a van. There were 5 of us. Thankfully the back had 2 rows of seats. One of my friends volunteered to help and took the empty plastic water bottle for me and her and I both unbuckled our seatbelts (don't ever do that because it's unsafe but at the time we weren't moving at all but still it wasn't that safe but I was desperate and didn't wanna mess up my friends seats) and crawled into the first row of back seats. We all decided to take the seats in the very back of the van though I dunno why.

She took the cap off the plastic bottle and I embarrassingly and slowly started to take off my pants and panties and left them on the car floor. While I was taking them off she said "I don't know if you're pulling your pants down so slowly because you have to pee and don't wanna move much or if you're embarrassed. But trust me it's nothing I haven't seen before" she joked.

So now I was without anything except for my shirt. She said "hmm how should we do this" and she said "well I could hold it on the seat and you sit on it. Gotta be careful with your head though because you might hit it"

I said "my stream usually isn't straight down so I'm afraid that wouldn't work especially because I have to go so bad" and this was extra bad because the opening of a water bottle is very small.

She's a nurse so she knows the anatomy and everything there so she asked me to lie down as much as I could and spread my legs so she could find where my urethra was so she could put the bottle under it. She spread my lips with her hand and used her phone flashlight to see and she said she found my urethra so she put the bottle under it and told me it was ok to pee now while still holding my lips open to make sure I didn't drip and that the bottle would be right under my urethra. My other friend was kinda looking over the back of our seats to see if i would spill the pee. "Sorry I should mind my own business, my apologies, just wanted to laugh if she peed everywhere" she joked

"Don't make me laugh" I said. "THEN I'll pee everywhere."

So in that really embarrassing position I started to pee and it went into the bottle perfectly without spilling at all. She watched it fill up and she said "it's warm" and I joked "no way I thought it'd be cold" and I kept peeing. I was getting nervous because it was getting close to full. Then I was all finished and the bottle was almost full to the brim. I really did have to go. She put the cap on tightly so it wouldn't spill and put on some hand sanitizer and handed me a tissue so I could wipe myself which I did and then put my clothes back on and I was super relieved. I was too relieved at this point to even be embarrassed about what just happened. Though I don't think I've ever been that exposed in my entire life! But luckily they were all my friends and didn't care and didn't mind helping. But still there were other cars everywhere and I know some definitely stared

Has this or anything like this happened to anyone here?


answer to Rose

I give my answer of your question. Usually we don't share flush, but I remember I shared with Maho once. I looked on site, its story is page 2476, your can read if you want.

In our little family, when there are two or more people in loo room, usually person who flush is not person who is sitting on loo and doing creation, but a friend.

I look my friends' creations very often. They are sooo beautiful!!

Love to everyone.


Juliette from France

To Mina[ppe]

I'm happy that you like my story,my school was actually away from city,so our style of toilet was also different from others,our toilet was kind of old,so there are some big gap under the wall,if the girl next to me squat very low,I can see their butt.I'm using to squatting my stool,because only a few bathroom in my school have sitting ones,and in Paris,many of the toilet were squat pan,also,my poop were usually soft and sometimes even watery ones,so I didn't have much pain for squatting,if I had constipated,I will look for a sitting one for sure.
By the way,the whole area of Fontain Bleau were almost covered with forest,it was very very beutiful.My mountain that I pooped out that time was high,I can't remember the exactly size of it,but it is a record breaking stool I've ever made!

Katie I can relate to your story!

Like the title says I can relate to your story a lot. Same thing happened to me multiple times. I'm one of those people that has that bad luck with bathrooms so when I'm out in public I try my best not to use the bathroom unless it's a total emergency.

I'm a transsexual man (FTM) so I still have the female "equipment." This makes getting walked in on on the toilet extra embarrassing!

One time I was just peeing in a stall and a guy walked in on me. I was so embarrassed! I quickly closed my legs and sat forward so I was covered for the most part but the damage had already been done. I saw him look at my face and then look down between my legs so he definitely knew. He didn't say anything but just walked away onto another stall.

I spread out again thinking that was it but ANOTHER person walked in on me. I was pooping and really focusing on my "work" and grunting and looking between my legs as I pushed and someone came in and saw the whole thing.. And then while I was wiping, someone else walked in on me!

This even happened at a friend's house! I don't tell people I'm a transgender man right away usually unless I'm dating them but for my friends it's none of their business really. Well I was taking a crap and my friend opened the door on me. He looked at my vulva and saw that I'm trans and he asked me about it and I explained. Really embarrassing way to have someone find out though!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Peeing... outside... with a friend

So my friend invited me over recently to chill in a hot tub or something (Five feet apart- no, jk jk) and we swam for a good hour before my friend- let's call her K -Told me she really had to pee. I did too, because I had chugged a half-bottle of water before this.
K was a pretty fast pee-er, so I figured we could just go inside real quick. But K insisted that it wasn't neccesary, of course. she said to me "Come on, there's grass right there. Do it with me!"
Now, I'm cool with awkward peeing places. in fact, I enjoy finding the strangest places to pee and do that. (Ex: Sink, shower, squating in bushes, lakes, rivers, and the tall grass by canals- I'll write another story on that later.) But never before had I peed with anyone before, ever. But K is my best friend, so I trusted her, though I was sort of freaking out.
Just as she spread her legs, I was like, "K, this is a bad idea." She looked at me. "Oh, come on."
"This is so wierd. I hate you." I did not resist though, and let go. I felt the warm wet spill down my legs.

Surprisingly enough, this was excellent bonding. I am so glad that she pressured me into this.

Today I didn't have a very good day in terms of my stomach. I was on campus and was painfully full of gas. went into the bathroom and luckily there was only one person in there and he had just washed his hands so I was in the bathroom alone but still felt embarrassed because I was farting a lot. This happened again during dinner tonight


Michael W.

My Best Friend

Hey everyone. Today I'm going to share quite a few stories about my best friend. I'm gonna try not to make this post so long. Now about my best friend, his name is also Michael, but I call him Simba, which is a nickname I gave him a long time ago. I asked him if I could post about him and he said that it was okay.
We first met back in 1994. We were both in 1st grade and we were both 6 years old. We played together during recess and we both got into trouble. He got in trouble more than I did. Our teacher, Mrs. Stahley would always threaten to send him to the principal's office. One time she punished him by taking his shoes away from him and sent him to the principal's office in his socks. She did the same to me. I remember thinking 'What kind of a punishment is this?' But I didn't care. I liked not wearing shoes in school and being in my socks. Anyways, we both had speech together. I had to take speech bcz I used to stutter at that age. On our way to speech class Mrs. Wilcox let us go to the bathroom. Me and Simba both had to poop. He took the first stall and I took the middle stall. While we were sitting there, our feet dangled and could not reach the floor, our speech teacher stood outside the door and talked to us. Simba said he didn't have any toilet paper in his stall so I lend him some from my stall and gave it to him from underneath the stall walls. We both wiped, left our stalls, washed our hands, and left the Boys bathroom.
Fast forwarding to when we were Sophomores in High School. It was late Summer of 2003. Me and Simba were walking home and he told me that one time he was constipated and one of his friends Ryan put a laxative in his drink and he said that the next day he had diarrhea for an hour and he talked on the phone with his girlfriend while he was on the toilet. One time when we were hanging out at Amber's house, he was taking a shit and he says that he needed toilet paper. Amber was saying "I'm not gonna give you toilet paper. You have to find something to wipe your ass with" and she laughed.
Later on that same year, January 2004. He woke up late for school and he was having diarrhea. He shit himself on his way to school and stopped at my house. I was living in the duplex across the street from the High School at the time. He knocked on the door and nobody answered. Then he felt the urge again and ran behind a bush and had diarrhea in the snow. Then my step mom Kim asked him what he was doing. He told her that he was sick and he needed to borrow a pair of underwear and get cleaned up. Kim let him in the house and he took a quick shower and he burrowed a pair of my boxers. When he came to school he told me about it and I said that he can keep a pair of my boxers. When I came home I saw the tracks of diarrhea in the snow. When we were walking to his house in the cold we were smoking cigarettes and I was doing impersonations of one of our teachers and Simba laughed. He was like "I'm gonna shit my pants, Dude."
He told me that he can shit standing up.
A month or two later. His cousin Daniel talked about the time when he stunk up the bathroom at his house. A few days later after school was let out he had to take a shit and he tried to go back into the school and use the bathroom but the hall monitor would not let him. So he went behind a bush and dropped his pants and underwear and let loose.
In September 2004, he came to my house to hang out. I was living at my Grandma Sandy's house at the time bcz our landlord from the duplex was screwing my dad and Kim. Anyways, I was on the computer surfing the web. He had been in the bathroom over by the kitchen for quite a while. He was in there for like a half an hour. When he was done he came out and I told him that I had to take a piss. When I looked in the toilet the turd that he left behind was the size of a BRICK. I was like "How did you push that out of your ass?" He said "I don't know." I was like "That looks like it hurt pushing it out. If I had a turd like that coming out of my ass I would scream at the top of my lungs." I flushed the toilet and it would not go down. Then I took a kitchen knife and started breaking up the turd in a stabbing motion. I flushed again and it went down. I washed the kitchen knife. When me and him went to the movies to go see "Anacondas" we both went to Men's room. I only went to look at one of my zits bcz I had acne at the time. While he was pissing in the stall some guy walks in and takes a piss in the urinal. Then Simba said "It feels good when it comes out of your woody." (He didn't really say 'Woody' he said a different word but its not appropriate for this site.) Anyway, the guy at the urinal said "I agree." Then I laughed. Simba didn't know that somebody had walked in. All 3 of us laughed our asses off. LOL! Goodtimes!
In 2006, when we were Seniors, we hung out at the library. We both had to poop. I took the first stall and he took a handicap stall. We talked while we did our business. He was done after 15 minutes but I still had to poop some more. He talked to me while I was pushing my logs out. He goes "Hurry up, Dude." And I said "I always take long when I poop." I wiped my butt with toilet paper and then I showed it to him from underneath the wall of the stall. He was like "Ewww! Dude." I laughed and pushed some more poop out. I was done after 25 minutes.
In Summer of 2008, I was going to Night School bcz when I graduated from High School, two years before, I only received a Certificate of Completion, so I went to Night School to earn my diploma. Anyways the Summer classes were being held at the library. Simba came with me bcz we were gonna hang out after class was let out. I went to go use the bathroom to take a piss. When I was pissing in the urinal, Simba said "Mike, is that you?" I said "Yeah, where are you?" He said "I'm in the handicap stall taking a shit. I've been in here for an hour and I'm trying to get this turd out of my ass." After I was done I washed my hands and before I left the bathroom I said "I hope it comes out okay."
Somedays he gets constipated and some days he has diarrhea. He said that he hates having diarrhea and I said that I don't mind having it as long as my butthole doesn't burn. When I was staying at his place for a few days I was playing "Grand Theft Auto V" on his PS4 and he was in the bathroom taking a shit. When a half an hour had passed I went to bathroom to check on him. I knocked on the door and asked "Are you okay?" And he says "Yyyyeeeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!" while he was pushing really hard. He came out after being in there for an hour.
And that's the story of my best friend Michael, who I like to call Simba. I'll share another story later. Until then, Happy Peeing and Pooping.

I was in an older building in Oakland/Berkeley California (at San Pablo btwn Haskell and Folger), and the warehouse floors had a men's room urinal that was a huge circular trough, like a fountain in the middle of the men's room. Can't remember is there was a low step around it, so that one could hoist oneself up to. Probably eight or more guys could stand around the thing. Presumably it was large enough to accommodate a break in the work day.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Victoria B great story.

To: Sherryl great story about your surprise poop in the desert and great story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like you all had good poops.

To: Anna From Austria sounds like you got hit with surprise/ambush diarrhea lucky you didn't have an accident before that.

To: Arianna great story it sounds like you both had really good poops.

To: Rose great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Janet

Aw, that was a wonderful story! You implied that you are a little accident prone. I can relate, and am curious if you have any other stories like that!


Just a few replies for now

First post, but I have browsed this site for years!

To Victoria B: I've enjoyed reading your stories about you and Robyn. She seems to share your interest in bathroom activities. Have you ever been in a public restroom with Robyn or witnessed her pooping? Have you had the opportunity for a "buddy" dump with her? I wonder if she would be open to something like that.

To Sherryl: There must not have been much shade for you in the desert. Did that matter? Or was your sense of urgency more important than finding shade? I've never pooped in a desert, but I did poop in a forest a few times as a kid just for fun. It was usually by a tree and occurred in the spring or summer. Less clothes, easier to undress.


Dear Arianna

Thank you for very beautiful story! My friends love, and me too. After I translate, we all look at Kazuko. When she goes to loo, there is so unbelievable smell!! She says long time and she produces about 15 large turds (actual number varies, but it is a lot) and loo room is full of her smell.

When we look at Kazuko, there is tears in her eyes. She said quickly, "I am not sad, I am happy!!" because Arianna, you said, "No problem Sis, any time." and you really mean it. We always say to Kazuko, "your smell is so nice smell Kazu" and we breathe her smell with a big pleasure. And we mean it. We love Kazu and we love her smell. Now she remember that and she make effort to not cry, but I think she is going to cry. If she cry, I will kiss her many times.

I am sleeping with Kazu in green flat this week. So I am looking forward to her tomorrow's motion. This morning she did very huge motion with big smell as usual, she stayed on loo more than ten minutes, I enjoyed to be with her. I have to do make up, but I love Kazuko so much, so I sometimes cry and destroy make up. Actually I also stayed on loo more than ten minutes and did and did and did and loo was full and I never stop, plop plop plop plop burururururu bururururururu burururururu, and I made my smell, and Kazu stayed near me with smile and warm face.

After we finish, we spray inside loo, close door and do make up at wash basin together. Bath is in different room, so we never worry about smell in bathroom. For us, take a bath is one thing, do motions in a loo is different thing.

I think your sister is very happy girl because you are so nice to her.

Love to you and everyone.

Happy Mina and Kazu and Maho and Hisae

P.S. Kazu is now crying, and she said "I love Arianna" in English!! Hisae is giving massage to her. Maho is dabbing her eyes with handkerchief and squeezing her hand. I finish this post and go to Kazuko and kiss her.

Have you ever shared a flush with someone else? Did you look at each others' creations? Which of you flushed, and did you watch the flush?

Replies to Melanie

Melanie - I see that you say that sometimes you are on / off the toilet most of the day. Do you ever grunt really vocally whilst bearing down? How long can you push for before you have to stop? I can imagine you were really uncomfortable after the two weeks! I see you sometimes use different positions, have you ever spread your bum cheeks apart to help? What position do you find helps the most?

It sounds like an interesting experience with your boyfriend-did you ever poop with him again? Did he ever help you poop by rubbing your stomach etc.....?

I remember walking past the door as my ex was pooping, she had been a while and I was a little intrigued. I could hear her straining, and stayed to listen for a while. Eventually there was a massive splash.She had obviously been a little constipated, I was really intrigued but never asked her about it.


Forcing kids to hold bathroom needs

The other afternoon Kennard met me as I left the girls room at school after taking my pee, told me what he wanted from the c-store across the street, then took off for his 6-block walk home to take the crap he had been holding all day. I know, I thought--was hopeful--that I had broken him of that habit. The c-store was exceptionally busy, probably due to labor day weekend and from the back of the line I heard they had a technology problem and were trying to set up a cash-tray for those of us who had cash. Then my attention went to the mother in front of me who got down on her knees, right into her daughter's face, and said "Chloe Marie you are NOT going to use the toilets here. They are too dirty. End of story!" Chloe started to cry and mom leaned down, grabbed her head so she could see her face and told Chloe that they would be home in about 15 or 20 minutes and she had to start learning to hold it. Chloe seemed to be about 8 or 9. I felt to sorry for Chloe, who I feel could develop the same attitude my boyfriend Kennard has toward public bathrooms.

When Kennard met me in the park about a half hour later and we shared our snacks and began our homework, I told him how sorry I felt about Chloe. He was raised by that kind of parent too and I guess I just understand it. Avoiding public toilets is just a dead end. I used the bathroom twice in the 3 hours we were at the park and think nothing of it. Why some parents have to make so much of a child's need to use the nearest public bathroom is beyond me. I don't agree with my mom and dad on everything, but they were very realistic about bodily needs and not holding it in. When traveling, dad's always in a good mood after taking his shit, even though it might lengthen our car trips. Mom jokes about her love of coffee and how it quickly goes right through her system, although she complains about the cost of coffee going up.

What is the big deal with some parents and their children about using public toilets?

Getting the waste out of your system, wiping well, flushing and washing your hands with hot water and soap should be the most important goal.

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