Juliette from France

pooping on a chair

This happened one week ago,we are facing a very important exam,me and my roommate Chloe make a bet that who's score was lower then she need to poop on a chair sitting.
My grades are the best in the class,so I think I won't be beaten by Chloe,so I eat many messy things before the release of our results.
After looking the scores,I was shocked,I became second the first time,Chloe was higher then me,just one point higher than me!!!
After the day,I went back to my room with disappointed and a strong urge to poop.Good news is that there are only Chloe and me in the whole room,she let me get in the bathroom and let me sit down on a chair instead of the stool,she let me to keep my butt as close as impossible to the chair,I sat down and suddenly let out a loud fart and start pushing,I pushed for a long time because my butt was very close to the chair,my first turd get out with a wet fart after 15 minutes,I can feel the shit spreading on the chair under my butt,I feel messy.
Then,I pushed three big turds out in 10 minutes,and I feel something wrong,the beans and burritos I ate this morning was ready to came out,my stomach suddenlly hurts and a big big fart get out,I know my trial is coming,so I pushed hard,finally...
I feel one and another warm stream came out of my ass and spread over the chair,some of them flow down the chair...I pooped like a storm for 17 minutes and get finished,the bathroom smell like hell,because those poop doesn't went in the stool.Chloe covered her nose and looked at the chair and scream,I also looked at it and I'm shocked,I've never seen a dump messy then this, the chair was covered by brown shits that was been crushed by my ass,there are also a huge load of watery stools all over it,many of them are on the ground.I looked at my ass,my ass smells like a dead animal,the color of my ass turned white to brown,there are disgusting shit all over it,some of them were even downstream my leg!!!
Me and Chloe clean the chair and bathroom for two hours,but we can't dealt with the smell,so we just keep it,nobody ever gets in that bathroom for three days!!!Maybe it's because of there are no windows and ventilator in that toilet.
And that's my recently pooping story.


Two updates

Hi guys

Sorry, it feels like ages since I last posted! I have two things to write about.

Firstly from a few weeks ago, around the bank holiday. I'd been visiting home and was returning to the city I live in. It was a really hot day so I'd been drinking quite a lot of water. I'd agreed to give my cousin Emma a lift as she lives the other side of the city, she's 19 so slightly younger than me.
Before we left I went for a quick wee, we then set off down the motorway. Unfortunately because it was a bank holiday things were really congested, and they reduced the speed limit to 40, but we were crawling along. It wasn't too bad as me and Emma passed the time chatting, but I already felt a need for another wee and it wasn't helped by the amount of water I'd had in the car as it was just so hot. We were still going really slowly and I knew it was quite a way to the nearest services but I felt awkward bringing the subject up with Emma. I tried to put it to the back of my mind but I really did need a wee badly.
Just as I was thinking what to do Emma asked if there were any services coming up. "I'm busting for a wee!" she said. I said that I didn't think there were any for a way, and that I needed to go too, maybe we could pull off at the next junction and find somewhere like a McDonald's. "Yeah, that'd do, although I'm desperate and a bush would do right now!". I felt a bit more relaxed as I wasn't the only one in a desperate situation at least!
We carried on crawling along until the next junction, where I pulled off. It seemed to be in a rural area so I said to Emma "I think it might have to be a bush at this rate", she quietly said "Yes, that's fine, please find somewhere quick!".
I turned into a lane and pulled into an entrance to a field. Emma jumped out and ran into the field, I grabbed some tissues from the door and followed. Emma was ahead of me and as soon as she was behind the hedge she hitched up her navy blue dress, pulled down her tights and white knickers and started weeing furiously into the ground. I went around her (dodging the rapidly growing puddle!), lifted up my white floral summer dress and pulled my white knickers down and opened the floodgates. It felt like such a relief to finally let go, I was breathing deeply and recovering from having to hold it!
I looked down and I'd got a small spot on my knickers where I'd leaked, Emma obviously saw me and said "Oh don't worry, I did the same, it started coming out when I got into the field" showing me a much worse damp patch.
We finished off and carried on the journey, I had another long wee at her house when I dropped her off.

Just recently I've had a really busy week and drank a few energy drinks to keep me awake. Mistake. I've had a number of runny or urgent poos, it's really messed me up! Hopefully it'll settle soon.

Write soon,


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Three years ago I went to a camp in Sweden arranged by a youth organisation. We were not that many persons. We lived in tents and made our food outdoor and washed ourselves in a small lake. I think many of us found it more convenient to go to toilet in the surrounding woods than waiting to find a proper toilet around. Most of the boys peed just behind the tents. The girls went behind some bushes to pee. When needing to poop we certainly tried to hide better by going further into the woods. I found a nice spot behind some stones where I went to poop every morning. I do not think anyone spotted me, but I soon recognized that another person obviously went to the same spot to poop. After a few days I understood that this was one of the girls in our group because when walking over there I saw her squatting with her blue dress pulled up to her waist. I could clearly see her white bottom but I was too far away to actually see her poop. When she was finished I went over there to poop myself. She had covered her poop and the toilet paper with some grass and leaves, just like she always had done. None of us touched the issue but I think that she just like me went over there to poop every day.


Did anyone else hear about the vanity license plate in New Hampshire? PB4WEGO, get it? So, apparently this family had the plate on their car for years without any issues. Then one day they get a letter saying that it violated a rule saying that vanity plates can't have any sexual or excretory references. Long story short, they fought it and won. But it just goes to show how easily offended some people can be about even a silly passing reference to peeing.


5 Years Old

So I thought I'd tell you about how I first really got into going potty in special places. When I was about maybe 5 and half or so, I got really tired of walking down the hallway to bathroom and having to sit on the cold seat (sometimes I'd try and make it more interesting by peeing or pooping standing up). So I thought I bet I could go in my closet (all closets in my house are walk-ins) as it was much closer. So I went in there and had the brilliant idea to use my couch toy box. So I took a bunch of toys out of one side of it and put them in other toy boxes and other parts of the floor, oh and stole a role of toilet paper from the bathroom. The only problem was I didn't have to go potty! So I was determined to use it the first chance I got. I waited to till bed time that night which was really hard as I was nearly about to make my bed a potty while I was having story time. As soon as my parents closed my bedroom I hopped up and ran to my closet. Lifted the lid on that side of the toy box and had the most relaxing peepee and a little poo. After that point I decided I really didn't like the big girl potty and was gonna find my way around using it if I could.

I still have that toy box in my closet and still use it occasionally. I was never caught going in my closet but a few other places yes.

I hope you liked my first story. Sorry I'm a bad story teller but I'll get better! I promise!

Also thank you all for the replies on my 'potty optional parenting' question I might really give it a try, I mean I was raised that way instead of doing it in secret :)

Victoria B.


A few comments and then a story
To Taylor: I enjoyed your most recent story. The sitting-down flush is one of my favorite parts about going!
To Siford: Your dad's experiences reminded me of my own childhood. I was spanked (no paddle, just bare hand over panties) by my parents from about 4-13 and in that timespan a nice, cold toilet seat helped my butt cool down from a spanking many times. Sometimes I peed, sometimes I pooped and others I just sat and cried but I always appreciated the opportunity to be alone.

I'm back in school now to start the second year of my master's program and my first day of classes ended early. I availed myself of the opportunity to visit a café near campus for an early lunch. The food was delicious but by the time I was done my familiar sigh had been aired and I was on my way to the bathroom. What I found really impressed me.

This café has a noticeable '50s aesthetic to it and I'm happy to say that the bathroom was 100% on point in keeping with it. A white floor, pink tiled walls and a matching mint green sink and toilet(!) greeted me when I opened the door. This was gonna be the best poop ever. I got to it and undressed before sitting down on what turned out to be a very comfy seat that hugged the curves of my buns and opened me up for what was ahead. A bowl rattling fart followed by a crackle gave way to a long, thick log that silently broke off with minimal effort. It domed me out so far that I stayed open for two more much smaller pieces that gave me some unwanted splashing before my bladder released.

As I peed I pushed for the first time and got a brief fart and another piece out. Another push and another small poop. Another push, another turd. One final push and some soft-serve finished things off. I broke with my usual custom and stood up right away so I could turn around and inspect the damage. I had done a bowlful and then some. Inspiration struck and I reached down to calf-level to grab my phone from the back pocket of my shorts. I took a photo upon making sure that the pink, green and brown were all in frame and sent it to Robyn with the caption "spumoni" after the ice cream flavor of the same color profile!

With that done I sat back down and wiped before flushing and getting dressed again. I washed my hands and gathered my things from my table but not before I made sure to leave a generous tip.



Out in the desert

So yesterday a friend of mine, my sister in law, and myself went out in to the desert down here in Arizona where I'm at for vacation. We had driven about an hour on my grandparents dune buggies and we stopped because I had to pee. Well, I thought that's all I had to do. So my friend and my sister in law also had to pee. So we took turns one by one going pee, being sure to watch out for anything that might hurt us out here. It was hot, but we all had to go. So my friend went first and just let out a little bit of pee and I said "you couldn't hold that until we got back to the house?" She said no that she had to go and that she has a small n weak bladder. So then my sister in law went next. She found a rock to get up on and squatted and let a long stream of pee go. She had some tissues but only enough to wipe herself. So then came time for me to go. I pulled my shorts and panties down and squatted and started to pee. It felt so good but then I farted a couple of huge farts and the poop just came out of nowhere n it would not stop. So I let out 3 really big turds right there in the desert. I had nothing on hand to wipe with and my sister in law had just used the last of the tissues. So I waddled over to the dune buggy and thank God that there were some old papers that weren't important underneath the passenger seat so I used them to wipe. We all headed straight home and laughed the whole way there. I was so stinky when I got back that I went straight to the shower and cleaned up really good as the papers didn't clean as well as I wanted them to.


Probiotics for fun and science!

I bought some probiotics today. Just the CVS store brand, because I'm not made of money. My digestive health isn't causing me any distress, but I want to see what they'll do to my poop.

Right now, I take one to three small, mushy poops a day. A 5 or 6 on the bristol stool chart. There are usually a lot of floaties. I don't think I stink too bad, although I might just be used to it, and I'm done in under 5 minutes. They're a hassle to wipe. In terms of gas, I'm not a very farty person, and, again, I don't think they stink too bad.

Anyway, let's see what happens! I'll keep you all posted.

The boat poo

Hey everyone thought I'd share something I saw

So we were on a boat. Not a big cruise or anything but it was a big boat and bigger than a little personal boat. It was almost like a mini cruise ship. It had an inside as well as obviously an outside. We got to ride it privately while we were on vacation. It was so cool. I loved seeing the view of the water. I really like water and seeing it move so it was cool.

We all spread out through the boat to check it all out. It felt nice to be around each other and not strangers. It was a thing for family and friends. My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother, and some of me and my brothers friends and me. In total there were like 30 of us! We all went around to explore but I stayed on the outside just watching the water.

I decided to walk around a little but quickly returned to watching the water. Well I saw something I certainly wasn't expecting! One of my brothers friends was over the edge of the boat pooping!

One of my brothers friends, Eric, really had to go I guess so he had to go! Guess he couldn't hold it! He had just his butt and parts of his upper legs outside of the boat. He was holding on to the inside of the boat but his butt was out.

Well when I looked he had a piece of crap hanging from his butt. I immediately blushed because I saw EVERYTHING. His poop was sticking out, and his penis and scrotum were hanging down. He looked over at me and started laughing. He scrunched up his face and grunted a bit but the crap wasn't moving. He looked at me and scrunched up his face again and once again it didn't move. And then finally, he looked at me again, laughed and scrunched up his face, and the poop finally fell and he was done and got back fully into the boat.

He looked like he took all his clothes off, not just his pants. I wonder what everyone else in that area of the ship was thinking! Lol! He was very unashamed and open about it.


Accident in Mexico on a cruise

Hi everyone. I'm new here. I'm early 30s, married almost 15 years, one kid, good career, I keep healthy and in decent shape, and overall pretty normal. Except I sometimes misjudge how long I can hold it when I need a bathroom and that sometimes leads to emergencies, small accidents, or even big accidents. You'd think I would have outgrown it by now, but no...

My family took a cruise not too long ago and one of our stops was in Cozumel, Mexico. We did a long excursion to some Mayan ruins and some beach resort with shopping and a beach before returning to the ship. I hadn't had a BM that morning, and unfortunately the urge started to hit me at the Mayan ruins. I didn't really want to use their bathrooms from the look of them, so I held it. No big deal. We finished and got on the bus and moved to the beach place. The bathroom situation there wasn't much better, so I only peed there in a hurry before we left - no time for a poop anyway we were so rushed.

We got back on the bus and were driving to the port when the need got really bad. I was trying my best to act normal and hold it. I was turtle heading for a while but soon my body made me push and I couldn't stop it from starting to come out, but it pushed against the bus seat and stopped! I fought hard and regained control, but a small piece broke off inside my bikini bottoms. (I was wearing athletic shorts over my bikini instead of panties since we were going to the beach.) I don't think anyone around me noticed. My husband was napping next to me.

We got back to the port and off the bus but still had to walk quite a ways to actually get to the ship. I hoped I could just hold it until the ship. We made it about halfway through the shopping center by the cruise terminal when my body internal alarm started going off that the BM was imminent and I wasn't going to make it to the ship. I started looking around for a public bathroom and finally saw some up ahead. I mumbled to my husband about needing the bathroom and sped off ahead on my own, walking as fast and as normal as I could with my butt clenched trying to hold it in.

I made it almost to the bathrooms when my body went tingly and those alarm bells got louder and my body decided now was the time. I panicked and ducked sideways into a shop full of little trinkets that I was passing. I barely made it behind a display of tacky mugs with my back to a wall when my body pushed and filled my bikini bottom very quickly with a giant poo. A sales lady walked toward me and I mumbled "No gracias" and waved her away as I stood there finishing soiling myself. I glanced around the corner after a couple of very long second and saw my husband and son had stopped a few doors away trying on silly hats, so I quickly waddled the last bit from "the store" to the bathrooms and luckily straight into an empty handicapped stall without a wait.

I caught a look at myself in the mirror and there was no hiding the softball sized lump under my butt. It looked huge - and felt huge! I carefully removed the shorts and saw a lot of brown staining on my pale blue bikini bottom. "Shit", I thought, then just started laughing out loud. I carefully lowered my bikini and tipped the contents into the toilet and wiped myself clean - not easy with single ply toilet paper! I then hand washed the bikini bottom in the sink until it was mostly clean with very few marks left and then held it under a hand blow dryer until it was mostly dry again and got dressed again and left.

My hubby asked if I was ok since it took a while. I lied and said yes. I did finally tell him later that evening back on the ship after a couple of drinks. He just rolled his eyes. He's kind of used to it at this point. If it hasn't driven him away after 15 years I guess we're ok!


Babysitting Jakub & Janine

Over the Labor Day weekend I babysat Jakub and Janine. Its a way of paying down my college loans so maybe by the time Diver and I are 40 we can afford a down payment on a house. He was out of town playing softball and I took Jakub (6) and Janine (5) to the movies, zoo and to a festival at a park well outside our neighborhood. For each of our toilet stops Janine would go in first and do her thing while Jakub and I would wait outside. Then she would watch Jakub outside while I went in. Each day I had to have my crap while we were out. No problem, I'm a big girl, almost 30, but at the zoo there was a line for each toilet. A couple had their toilet paper depleted (both the regular roll and the supplemental supply under it) so only the pee-ers could use them. I think I waited about 15 minutes before my butt was down and dumping. The crap took about 10 minutes because the first log slid slowly and painfully. Not that I didn't have toilet paper in my hand ready to expedite my wipe. When I finally did my 5 or 6 wipes and made my second flush, I went to a sink and washed my hands.

When I got out onto the sidewalk, Janine was crying and this big burly man in a t-shirt and suspenders, with a boy about two years older than her standing next to him. This guy greeted me with "we've got a seat-soaker here!" Immediately Jakub started to cry as the man told me what had happened: Jakub had gone into stall, dropped the seat and deliberately hosed it down as well as the panel and some of the floor with his pee. He and his son had been waiting for the toilet to open since his son had been holding a crap in for some time. The bathroom was crowded and there were no alternative toilets for the boy to use.
So Jakub's actions were not taken well. The guy argued that cleanliness and hygiene were being compromised for other users and I had to agree with him. I apologized, grabbed Jakub by the belt closer to me and told him the incident was one that he was going to regret.

So at the park festival, where we arrived early, Janine stood at the door while I took Jakub into the mens room. There were 4 toilets, all with pee on the seats and crap in the bowls. I thought this would be a good lesson for him. I had Janine grab a handful of brown hand towels out of the ladies room and bring them to me. I made Jakub dry each of the seats, flush the toilets, and wipe up the sinks. Of course he hated it, but with some coaching from me, he completed the job. Of course he hated it which was the point I wanted to make. I hope there's not going to be a problem with him in the future.

Saturday, September 07, 2019


Paddle pooping & school toilet clogs

A couple of months ago my dad went back to his old high school. It was the reunion of the class of '89. The first night there was a kind of picnic. Award certificates were given out to about 50 of the 600 some graduates. His was for the Male with the Most Frequent Paddle Sessions. Instead of serving after-school or Saturday detentions, one of the assistant principals offered three swats of the paddle to erase each detention. The first swat was nothing, the second was a stinger, but the third was the worst. Offenders remembered that one and when they went back to class they chose to take the carpeted floor of the classroom rather than the hard wooden desk seat. My dad, however, got into additional trouble with the vice principal because within 30 or 35 minutes of the paddling, he was in dire need of a crap. He claims with a couple of exceptions when he had intestinal flu, the only craps he had at school were right after paddlings. His needs were immediate, but not all teachers would let him go take his crap when it was knocking. Within 10 or 15 seconds of class dismissal, all the guys' toilets would be claimed. The passing period was 4 minutes, and he would have to take a tardy to his next class in order to relieve himself. Another 3 tardies would equal another paddling. But he did what he needed to do, even though he didn't think it was fair. Once he took a paddling just before last hour. He said it was the worst ever and the wooden paddle had large holes drilled into it. He was about 3 days constipated at the time and within 10 minutes he had to run out of class and get onto the toilet. He filled the bowl up higher than the water and his butt hole stung like crazy. He went through the entire supply of those squared toilet tissues made with really lame paper. He was seated as the vice principal walked through on a smoking check trip. He was asked to stand and the vice principal saw the tissues stacked up to the seat level. Dad got three additional detentions for abusing school property. He served his time rather than taking the swats on that one.


On the river poop

So today I was walking down by the river with some friends. We got about 10 miles down river from where we parked the car and we all had to poop. Myself, my friends Ashlynn, Jenise, Amber and Melody, all 5 of us needed to poop so badly. So Ashlynn and I went out on to a log in the middle of the river and we both took two leaves with us, knowing that the poops we were about to have would be able to be cleaned up with just a couple of leaves. So we got out on to the log, sat down with our asses hanging over the edge and it took us a little bit to get started but we got going. Jenise decided she wanted to climb up a tree like she did as a little kid and sat on a branch and she had to use leaves to wipe too(we all did). Her poop was massive, just a massive log. Amber and Melody decided to squat on the river bank and they took the longest to poop. Amber was the only one of the 5 of us that also went pee and her pee just came gushing out in a powerful stream and she had a hard enough poop that it rolled down between her legs and into the river. Melody had the longest and most poop out of the 5 of us as she had diarrhea as well. It took her quite a few leaves and took her about 15 minutes to finish up everything. She also let out some very loud farts that were echoed from us being outside and near water. It was the last time we were all gonna get to hang out together for the summer before work and Amber and Ashlynn's kids start school tomorrow and I go on vacation for 3 weeks.
Hope you all enjoyed this story as I certainly enjoyed writing it and when it happened lmao.

Anna from Austria
Just earlier this day I had a weird poop at a local cafe.

I had a coffee and as usual the cofee caused some preasure at my behind.

I went to the Ladies room, loocked the door pulled down my Jeans and panties and sat on the toilet. I started to push and at first I just farted many times, and then waves of liquid of diarrhea splashed into the toilet bowl. It smelled so nasty and it took some time until it stupid. I needed lots of toilet paper to clean my butt. Then after doing that, I flushed, washed my Hands and left the toilet.

The weird part of this poop was that the diarrhea came out of nowhere. Normaly I have very bad ???? ache, before making such a mess, it usually a different Feeling then my normal bm.

But this time, I just felt the normal preasure for a Standard poo, so I was a bit suprised that it was that bad.

greetings from Austria


Potty Optional

Marie, I think parents that have other places their kids can go is quite common. I have never known anyone who makes their kids hold their pee or poopie. Most seem to have a contingency plan, or a place that's easy to clean up. I had a neighbor that had one bathroom. Her son would frequently go on the back porch.

It also seems like a lot of kids like to see it when they are done, have a much easier time when they squat, need to take their time or have to go immediately. They seem to have spots in the house they go when needed.


Sister Poops While I'm In the Bath

Hi! I had a bit of an unusual experience last night. After dinner I was sitting on the couch with my sister and we were both ripping our after dinner farts, which isn't so unusual. We both like farting, when we were younger we loved to have fart contests and see whose farts were the stinkiest. As we got older we realized our behavior was weird but we still enjoy farting in each other's company, even if we don't usually say anything about it.

Dinner was spaghetti with meat sauce and I ate a lot. She's not fat like me, just slightly chubby, but she still ate a good amount. I hate to admit it, but her farts were worse than mine. Probably because she isn't a regular pooper like me. I could tell from the smell that we both had big loads built up, but I figured hers wouldn't need to come out until the morning. I was wrong. We kept trading farts for a while, and then mine started getting really beefy so I knew I had to go take a dump.

I went to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. I'd missed my morning dump so I knew this would be a doozy. I pushed and all I got at first were juicy farts. They felt good but it wasn't the relief I needed. Finally I felt a huge log moving towards my hole. I bent over and got to pushing, letting out my usual hnnnnnnng sounds as it moved out. It was tough, but nice and smooth so it was enjoyable. While I was bent over I got a nosefull of popcorn smell from my feet and decided I needed a bath. After a couple minutes my monster log fell out and I sighed with relief. A huge wet fart blasted out of me without pushing. The bathtub is right next to the toilet, so I reached back and turned it on to fill the tub while I finished pooping. Another big, but not quite as big log took about a minute to squeeze out, then came the smaller stuff. Hnnnnnnnnnnnnng, plop. Hnnnnnnnnnng, plop. Hnnnnnnnnnnng, plop. 3 ???? banana turds came out. Then I gave a push and a huge wet fart blasted out with a small sausage. Then I was done. I flushed the toilet but didn't wipe cuz I was about to get in the bath.

After I'd been laying in the bath relaxing for a few minutes there was a knock on the door.

"Ari?" It was my sister.
"I'm taking a bath, what is it?
"I really need to poop, can I please come in?" She sounded desperate so I said yes.

She opened the door and came in. "sorry about the smell," I said, "I just took a big dump."

"Oh, it's not that bad." I was slightly surprised at her answer because I know I stunk the place up, but she is one of the stinkiest poopers I know so maybe it didn't bother her. The stinkiest I know is my friend Jen, maybe I'll write about her some time.

She turned around and pulled down her sweatpants, exposing her butt to me which I got a good whiff of because my head was only about a foot from the toilet. Before she even sat down she blasted a beefy fart that really reeked. I do like farts, but having one of hers right in my face was almost too much for me. Thankfully she sat down before the next one.

"Ooooh, I haven't shit in almost 3 days, I gotta go so bad." She doesn't poop as much as me but she still has some pretty decent loads, and after almost 3 days the toilet was in for a challenge lmao!

She started pushing, grunting like me but quietly. She isn't as noisy of a pooper as me. I said, "Big one?" She answered, "Nnnnnnyeah, look."
She lifted up her butt and I was astounded. There was a turd about 3 inches wide sticking about two inches out of her butt.

I said, "Jesus, does that hurt"
"Nnnnnnoo, it's..... nnnnormal. Feels good to get it out." Now I understood why she only pooped two or three times a week. It was kind of awesome to see a huge turd coming out of a butt so close to my face, but the stench was unreal. She kept pushing hard but with only mild grunting, and the huge turd fell after about only a minute and a half. It must have been 16 inches long. I was amazed that she she could push out such a huge log so quickly. It must me because she's in better shape than me. Maybe I should lose weight to make pooping easier.

The turd was punctuated by a juicy fart. "There's more, do you wanna see?" I agreed, so she kept her butt raised up and started pushing again. Over the next 3 minutes, she pushed out 5 thick banana turds like the ones I'd just done, about the same size, but she wasn't straining, she had a relaxed look on her face with only small grunts of relief as they fell. After the last one fell she let out a long airy fart and sighed.

"I feel so much better, thanks for letting me stink up your bath Ari." She blushed. It really did stink, BAD, but I replied, "No problem sis, anytime." I was being silly but I did mean it. It was fun to watch somebody poop up close like that. I can't believe she took such a huge dump so easily. It really makes me want to lose weight so I can get my big poops out without having to strain so much.

Anyways, sorry for the long story. Hope you enjoyed it.

My older son has a large bottle that he pees in, so when he has friends over they pee in that but often miss so I have to clean up a puddle I let my kids pee anywhere on a towel even with company because it means they can all go at once. Also they're the same age and most of them enjoy going together all at once on the towel. . We leave the towel for a while because often, my younger son finished peeing but then he needs to quickly go again.

just 'toilet' I have two girls, ages 5 and 7,and a 4 year old boy. i let them go outdoors because its easier and quicker for them. they usually go in the playhouse or on the front porch.


Morning relief at work

Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well. I have a short story to tell you but first, some replies. I've really been neglecting doing this.

Victoria - I loved your stories with Robyn, it sounds like you both are lots of fun. I wonder if I have a poop sigh? I flush standing up because with the way my toilet is, I'd have to be a contortionist to reach the button directly behind me. Jennifer and I are very close, we were born within an hour of each other and we pretty much grew up together so I'm not at all shy about telling her I might clog her toilet.

Anna - I prefer larger bathrooms. The lines are shorter, I hear more women relieving themselves and I have a larger audience. It's also nice seeing the variety of people underneath the stall gap when your neighbours are peeing. A healthy dump could result in seeing five or so people either side of you if they are only peeing.

Jackie - I really wanted to poop outside while at the festival but there was just no privacy :( I was talking to a few of my friends who also went to the festival and they all said they had a huge poop once they got home.

I had an early start at work today for the first time ever instead of my usual evening shifts so I decided to do something differently, I had my first toilet visit of the day at work! I woke up, ate breakfast, had a shower etc like I normally would, but I didn't sit on the toilet. I actually found it surprisingly easy to do, I had fully expected to be hopping around bursting for a wee or something. When I got to the office I switched on my computer and headed straight to the empty toilets.

I pulled my black trousers down to my calves with my pink thong and sat down on the toilet, looking forward to my morning relief. I had been sitting for maybe 10 seconds when I felt my backdoor doming and I just relaxed into it, being gently stretched by my poop coming out. I just played with my hair while my poop slowly slid out of me, enjoying how pleasurable it felt. I always enjoy my morning poops more than my evening ones. It broke off with a loud splash and I remained open by the rest coming out on its own. I began to wonder if anyone outside would be able to hear me going, I kinda hope they could! It eventually fell into the bowl and I started peeing as I got some toilet paper. The small bathroom was so echoey so it sounded really loud. I simply sat toilet paper in hand while I waited for my bladder to drain, I had so much wee to come out. I went for ages and then reached between my legs, wiping myself and getting some more for my behind. I only needed three pieces before it came back clean.

Once I was done I did something else I've never done before, I reached behind me and flushed while still sitting. I could feel the rush of water beneath me as my load was whisked away and it was actually quite a pleasant experience! I pulled up my thong as I stood and then pulled up my trousers before washing my hands and getting to work.


My First. Outdoor Poo

The post by Cherryl reminded me of my first time outdoors. I will not go into all the details but we were rock fishing and I was too young to rock fish so I was playing around the rocks. . I began to have stomach pains and my Mum wanted me to poo but I was reluctant. I think by the outcome I must have been constipated. Mum took my swimming togs off and I stood between a rock crevices which afforded privacy while she rubbed my belly, I was first resistant to poo but then I gave in and started to push whilst Mum encouraged me.. I pushed and pushed and when I finished there was a little mountain of poo at my feet. The relief was out of this world. A short time later I had to do it again but it was like a big diarrhoea. Ever since I enjoy an outdoor experience but these days it is so very rare .


Is It Right ????

I have an issue....when opening my bowels , if the turd is a bit hard and I have to stain....even though the straining is low grade I get dizzy, weak and breathless and it takes some minutes to get over, or even longer....does anyone experience this or know anything about it???

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Steve A

Gendered/Stereotypical Views on Daily Habits

Stereotypically, guys are more open when it comes to farting, burping, going to the bathroom, etc. However, even though I've heard of girls being open about this stuff as well, it wasn't very common during my middle or high school years, but more in college.

So, does it all depend on how you were raised or how you developed your own personal views? For me, I'm quite open about bathroom habits only if I feel comfortable around that person.

On an extra note, when it comes to dating, I'm quite an open person, especially when it comes to farting, burping, using the bathroom without feeling "weird" about it, etc. Even though it may take some time before she starts to feel open enough to not hold back whenever we hang out, I think it's important for every relationship to "break the barrier", but not right away. This is a process that shouldn't be rushed, unless if they just want to get it "out of the way" before things get awkward.

Post Title (optional) sherryl

Sherryl, your post reminds me of my experience! I was very young like 5 or 6 and my family was going for a hike. My brothers, sister, mom, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandma.

I had to go potty in the middle of our hike real bad. Mom pulled me aside and told everyone else to keep going to give me privacy. We went a bit deeper into the woods and she helped me take my pants and undies off. I was just standing there so my mom told me to squat so the peepee would come out and not go down my legs. I bent my knees and squatted with the backs of my feet on my bottom cheeks and my legs fully opened. I started to peepee and my mom said good girl. I grunted and she said oh you have to do that too. I grunted and grunted and a poopy came to my bottom hole and I could feel it, but when I stopped pushing it went back in. My mom tried helping me through it but I was very constipated. I was in so much pain with it stuck in my bottom like that. I cried and said I want dad and Cara (my sister; not her real name). Mom yelled out for my dad and about a minute later the WHOLE group was there! I began to cry harder because now I was both in pain AND embarrassed because my whole family had seen my privates (and the boys were a little younger than me so they never saw a girls privates) and had seen the poop in between my bottom cheeks stuck in my bottom hole! The younger ones just watched (VERY EMBARRASSING FOR ME!!) and the adults tried to help by telling me it was ok and to keep on pushing and to not give up and distracting me with funny faces or noises. Eventually it came out and I sighed in relief and everyone clapped and cheered. They still joke about that whole experience all the time!

Also one time at a family gathering we were all swimming and my little cousin who was around 5 at the time said he really had to go peepee. My aunt and uncle got him out of the pool and dried him off. This was at my other aunt and uncles house. They said to his parents that he could go on the grass so he wouldn't have to be cold going to the bathroom inside. My aunt took his swim trunks off and told him to peepee. He walked around a bit (funny how I was around his age and was mortified at my privates being seen and going to the bathroom but he was totally unashamed lol) and finally he stopped on the grass, looked down and peed. He also started unexpectedly pooping so his parents heavily apologized and cleaned it up. I couldn't help but laugh when I happened to look over and see the poop coming out his bottom.

Another time was one time we were on a road trip, just my parents and brothers and sister. Well I guess something didn't agree with me because I really had to go potty. I knew I had diarrhea. I frantically kicked the back of my moms seat and kept saying "I need to go poopy! Now!" and when my mom asked if I could hold it I said no. There was nothing in the car that could catch my poo so that meant we had to pull over.

I was too afraid to even move because I felt like if I moved even a little bit the poopy would come out. My dad pulled over and my mom hurriedly got out and opened my door and told me I could go poopy outside. Like I said before I was mortified because cars were passing by and my brothers and sister and dad were in the car and I'd be uncovered as I pooped. But I didn't even care at that point. "I think the poopy is coming!!!!" I yelled and before she even got me out of the car she undid my seatbelt, yanked my pants and undies down and took them off to keep them clean and not messed and picked me up and put me on the ground and I immediately started doing poopy everywhere. I peepeed too. My siblings were laughing at me and while I was doing my business I told them to stop staring but they're my siblings so of course they made fun. It was real noisy too. I squatted for a good 10 minutes while my mom waited for me and told me to let it all out and eventually I was finished. I left a nasty puddle of poo on the grass and a few logs too which really hurt to come out. My mom looked in the car and got the box of tissues and wiped my privates and my butt, and it took a while to get my butt clean. I got back in the car and my mom helped me back into my clothes on the lower half of my body (pants and undies) and I felt a lot better having done that. Lots of things like that have happened to me.


Potty Optional Parents

So are there any parents on here who raised there children potty optional. Like they could go in special places like I described in my earlier post? I was just curious because I almost feel like it would be easier to nanny my sister by doing that. She's 3 and just started potty training and I have caught going peepee in her closet (must run in the family).

Jim: Yes I do both in my special places

Anna from Austria
@Mina I also noticed during my time im Japan that the toilets in Japan Always had Always plenty of toilet paper no shortage at all.

It was a pleasent surprise, because some travel guides recommended to bring some tissues with you because there is no guarantee that public toilets are going to have toilet paper.

Maybe the advice was more for the rural parts of Japan. I have only been to Tokyo 2 times so far, and at least in Tokyo toilet paper shortage was not a Problem. The toilet Situation was great in General. I really liked the toilets in Japan.

ps: As expected the small toilet at my new work place could lead to some smelly situations. I just entered to toilet for a wee, and it smelled horrible. It was a horrible mixture of poo smell and parfume. The whole room filled with it.

Although the Lady who did the smell was gone already, I have a

suspicion who the culprit was. Among our stuff there is only one Lady that uses parfume a lot.

greetings from Austria



Pool Incident

Hi guys my name is Andrew and I am 32 year old from Missouri City, Texas. I have been lurking on this site for quite awhile. I have always been fascinated with toilet habits. I guess I while start off my posts by posting about a few incidents from childhood.

Back in the summer of 98 my parents had brought our first home and I used to frequent the pool a lot during that summer. I became close with a kid I met at the park named Jason. We would ride bikes together and hang out at each others houses and play video games all summer. Anyways long story short but one day we are at the pool and I had to take the biggest dump in the world that day. Me and Jason were quite open about our toilet habits and used to joke about it all the time. So I told Jason that I had to go number 2 and apparently the life guard overheard our conversation. So I go into the stall and drop my trunks. Midway through my dump the lifeguard came in and asked me to not use too much toilet paper (awkward!) and I was like okay. After I was done I wiped myself and pulled up my trunks and in the toilet was the biggest turd I have ever seen and I tried to flush it and the toilet spilled over. I was like oh crap. So the life guard came in afterwards and freaked the heck out. He was so mad that he told me to meet him in the staff room. So Im sitting there in the staff room and he came back and told me to call my parents to come pick me up. When my mom showed the lifeguard explained the situation and I can tell my mom was pissed off by the redness in her face. So as I get in the car my mother lectured me about my toilet habits and not using too much paper. She told me I was old enough to know better and that I should fold the toilet paper into a small square and then wipe that area clean. Anyways, that night my dad took off his belt and gave me a butt whopping and grounded me for the rest of the summer. Long story short I eventually told Jason what happened and he was laughing and told me he had done the same thing at Walmart and that he ran out of the bathroom before anyone knew what he had done. To this day we are close friends. We went to the same high school and college together. I was also his best man at his wedding and god father to his 3 sons. We occassionally joke about our childhood memories and he still reminds me of that incident and we just laugh while drinking our beers. Anyways I needed to get that story off my chest and hopefully I can entertain you with my childhood memories and events that happened when I was a young adult.


On the river poop

So today I was walking down by the river with some friends. We got about 10 miles down river from where we parked the car and we all had to poop. Myself, my friends Ashlynn, Jenise, Amber and Melody, all 5 of us needed to poop so badly. So Ashlynn and I went out on to a log in the middle of the river and we both took two leaves with us, knowing that the poops we were about to have would be able to be cleaned up with just a couple of leaves. So we got out on to the log, sat down with our asses hanging over the edge and it took us a little bit to get started but we got going. Jenise decided she wanted to climb up a tree like she did as a little kid and sat on a branch and she had to use leaves to wipe too(we all did). Her poop was massive, just a massive log. Amber and Melody decided to squat on the river bank and they took the longest to poop. Amber was the only one of the 5 of us that also went pee and her pee just came gushing out in a powerful stream and she had a hard enough poop that it rolled down between her legs and into the river. Melody had the longest and most poop out of the 5 of us as she had diarrhea as well. It took her quite a few leaves and took her about 15 minutes to finish up everything. She also let out some very loud farts that were echoed from us being outside and near water. It was the last time we were all gonna get to hang out together for the summer before work and Amber and Ashlynn's kids start school tomorrow and I go on vacation for 3 weeks.
Hope you all enjoyed this story as I certainly enjoyed writing it and when it happened lmao.


Size of loo

I am agree with Anna and Victoria. I and my friends don't care so much if we make smell and everyone notice, because all we make smell when we do motion, but it is nice to have many loos so people don't need wait too long.

In Japan women's loo is often more smaller than loo for men, and it is big problem because there is long line for loo especially there is at big railway station in morning. I think it is same as I read on this site, most women in long line want to poo and take long time! We need bigger loo! In large railway station, about 20 or 30 cubicle is best I think.

And it is good feeling when I sit on such loo and do and do and do motions forever huge volume and around me many ladies doing same thing, I think to my self, how good and comfortable they must feel! Because I feel so so comfortable on loo. Sometimes I think, ladies are embarrass their action, but on this site I don't read such thing, most ladies and girls in this site seem to be a big relief. I am happy for them. In my heart I say to women other cubicles, please do and do and do and feel good!!

Love to everyone.

Your very own Mina, and K H M

Michael W.

Labor Day Weekend

Hi Everyone. I'm back to share another story. But first, I would like to share a movie moment. In "Friday" Chris Tucker tells Ice Cube "I gotta go back to my crib, my stomach is hurting." So he goes back to his house and notices that he is locked out. So he goes back to Ice Cube's house and asks his dad Mr. Jones if he can use his bathroom. Mr. Jones asks him "Number 1 or Number 2?" Chris Tucker says "Number 2" and Mr. Jones refuses to let him use it. Then Chris Tucker does his business behind a bush and one guys asks what he is doing and Chris Tucker tells him and says "Keep it on the down low." So then the guy announces "HEY EVERYBODY SMOKEY IS OUT HERE TAKING A SHIT!" LOL! I love that movie.

Onto my story. This happened back in 2001 when I was in 8th grade. I was 13 years old, my dirty blonde hair was spikey and I was living in Arizona at the time. It was Labor Day weekend. On Saturday morning, my dad, my older bro Josh, and I had went to California. I haven't pooped at all on Friday, I wanted to hold it until we went to Six Flags. We drove through the Mojave Desert from Mesa to Hollywood and we saw the sights when we got to our destination. We had lunch at Del Taco, which is like Taco Bell only a little different. We saw Warner Bros. Studios, Paramount Pictures, the Capitol Records building, the Hollywood sign which is up on the mountains and then we went to Santa Monica Beach. When we got there I took my shoes and socks off and left them in the car. We were gonna go swimming in the Pacific Ocean. I told my dad that I had to change into my swimming trunks. I went to the Men's Room and before I was going to take a stall this chubby middle aged dude beats me to it and takes a shit. I can hear him dropping logs and farting. I waited for 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 15 minutes and he was still going. I got tired of waiting. So then I took my towel and wrapped it around my waist to cover up my private area so that I can change into my swimming trunks. I didn't care who saw undressing. After I changed into my swimming trunks I went down to the beach to go swimming. After that we did some more sight seeing. We saw the Virgin Records building all along Sunset Bolevard. We saw Hollywood High School. And then the sun started to set. Sunsets in California are breath taking. The sunsets here in Indiana are nothing compared to this. The sun was blood red, the sky was orange, and the clouds were pink. After that we saw the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Gruhman's Chinese Theater, and then we had dinner at Mickey D's. And then we went to a Motel to settle down for the night. I still haven't pooped and so far I got quite a bit building up inside of me. On Sunday, we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Me and my dad rode on the Goliath. I was scared when I went on this ride. When it was over I went on it again bcz it was so much fun. We went on some more roller coasters, saw a magic show and then we had lunch, I had chicken strips and French fries with ketchup. The other food that they had there didn't look too good. Like, they had Beets, Macoroni Salad…Gross…After lunch I told my dad that I was going to the bathroom. He told me that him and Josh were gonna so some window shopping at the Gift Shops. So I went to the Men's room and took the first stall and closed the door. I undid my belt, pulled my jean shorts and boxers down around my ankles and sat on the toilet. I cupped my chin with my right hand, relaxed my butt, and let it come out on its own. When the first turd came out of my butt it hurt. It was a banana turd which was over 12 inches long and 2 and a half inches in diameter. It fell into the toilet with a plop. I knew I wasn't done so I remained seated. Someone came into the bathroom and peed. Another banana turd came out with a loud Pffrrttt! Fart. They heard me then they were done peeing and went to wash their hands and then they left. More and more ppl came into the bathroom as I sat there pushing, grunting, pooping my brains out, farting, and stinking up the stall. When 20 minutes had gone by I thought I was done. So then I wiped my butt with toilet paper. I wiped like 10 times and then more poop was ready to come out of my butt. So I pushed again with an "UHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" And my face turned red. This time it was skinny rope poop. I pushed and pushed and pushed until there was nothing left. I looked into the bowl and saw the skinny rope poop on top of my pile. I farted again and felt some more poop was ready to come out. This time it was like 5 or 6 tootsie rolls which took quite an effort to push out of my butt. I stayed seated for 5 more minutes and then I wiped my butt with toilet paper again. I wiped 7 or 8 times and then I pulled my jean shorts and boxers back up to my waist and then I flushed the toilet, left the stall, washed my hands, and left the bathroom. I looked at my watch and noticed that I had been in there for 40 minutes. An hour later I found my dad and older bro. Me and dad went on The Riddler and a couple of more roller coasters. Before we left the park me and dad went on the Goliath one more time. The next day we went back to Arizona. And that was my Labor Day weekend. I will remember it forever. And that is it. Today I haven't pooped at all and I'm trying to hold it as long as I can. I want to do the same thing that I did last week. So next time I poop I am going to post about it. Till then, I hope everyone has a great Labor Day and Happy Pooping.

Just Jerika

Peeing from trailer hitch

On Saturday Hernandez and I got up early, so early he claimed his morning crap wasn't ready yet at 5 a.m., as we got ready to make our 3 1/2 hour drive to our state's fair. There's been a huge ad campaign saying the fair is "an experience you won't easily forget" and that was true. By 11 a.m, two hours after we arrived at the park, my bladder needs got worse and I told Hernandez that I was going to burst if I didn't get on a toilet fast. There must have been 50 or more portables lined up in a couple of rows that I could see, but as usual he takes a negative view toward many of my plans. He said it was band day and with a parade starting in an hour and 30 or 40 high school bands arriving, we were at the worst end of the park. As I got closer to the toilets, I could see students in colorful band marching uniforms coming out of toilets and others immediately taking their places. It was laid out like a funnel, the toilets were closed off by highway barricades and all users waiting had to go in from one entrance which was guarded by a uniformed trooper.

The line was long. Mothers with toddlers, people of all ages and preference was given to the band marchers since this was their last chance to go before the parade began. Teachers and directors were coming up to the line and yelling at their students to hurry up. One stood on the side of me and was using profane language as he texted his students on the toilet. That caused a few to come through the opened doors and come to him. The lady in front of me with both a young boy and girl that she had attached to a restraining belt in her right hand was getting more frustrated with the wait. I asked her how long and she said it had been at least 30 minutes. I thought "f***!"
My bladder was burnin' and smokin' worse by the minute so I hurriedly left the line to look for alternatives. I was already starting to cry and I saw a line of trees behind which a lot of utility and storage trailers had been parked.

I made a fast trek over there, cutting around in and front of people, and going under some ropes that I hoped would not get me into trouble. I didn't dare stumble because I was confident that would open the dike. I made an amazing jump over some cabling from a generator when I realized I was in a place where I was going to do my highly illegal pee. The front hitch of one trailer was badly rusted and was chained to two large foundation blocks. I didn't even look to see if I had an audience. I ripped my denim shorts down, it was tough with my sweating body, obscured eyesight and I broke my right hand thumb nail, but as soon as I sat on the rusted steel my faucet exploded open. Until I could see which way the flood run-off was going to go, I spread my knees until they hurt. Looking between my legs, I saw black bugs running from my flood and a couple of large ones ran over my shoe. As I've written about before, I've always been physically small and awkward for my age, but I was awed by the speed and torrential drain between my legs. Sitting on the steel hitch wasn't that uncomfortable and luckily the ground was sloped in such a way that most of it drained away from my temporary seat. The bugs, though, that it and my heavy sweat attracted was another story. One older man, who was lighting a smoke on the other side of the trailer, flipped me a thumbs-up as he walked by.

When I pulled my clothing up and walked back to the waiting area, I got a text from Hernandez as to where I was. I simply told him I had peed. He told me he was finishing his shit and was on piece four. I told him to make sure he wipes well because I was going to check his underwear that night when we got back to the apartment. Then he found he had selected a bad toilet because there was no TP. I sarcastically told them to be as innovative as I had been. He wasn't. That evening as we were getting ready for bed, I couldn't believe the skid marks in his blue underwear. I knew I was going to have to run them through two or three times.

I have to take a

A lady in her 50's, that I know, said "I have to take a" in a pleasant voice as she was walking to the ladies room, after the church service was finished. She probably meant "I have to take a shit/crap."

Not too often do women imply the need to have a bowel movement. I think an older person may be less self conscious.

Monday, September 02, 2019


A Bush Poo

I read the posts by Sherryl and Jackie and where I come from you are not from Australia unless you have had a bush poo. I really enjoy them....very relaxing and envigorating.
for all those that have not....just give it a try!!!!


To Lavah

Lavah thank you so much for your reply. you mentioned a visit to your paediatrician in which they had to manually assist you. Would you mind elaborating on this?
- Melanie.


Potty Spots


As a single adult now living by myself, things are pretty easy for me now at home. I use the W.C. for actual waste disposal, but without ever sitting on it. I'm perfectly clean and sanitary about things, but just have various old-fashioned chamber pots or bedpans easily accessible around the house for when needed. I have a very comfortable wooden commode chair in my bedroom, which I use most often. It looks like a small, low boxy chair on initial inspection (so a visiting guest wouldn't necessarily recognise what it was at first glance) but with a lift up seat and a compartment underneath for a perfectly fitted potty. Out and about in town is the main time I still wear diapers, and sometimes at work (or I have a travel urinal in my bag which I can use instead of the toilet). Anywhere in the countryside, I'm perfectly confident and adept at finding somewhere private and relieving myself in nature by now (I carry a little trowel to bury anything where necessary), having had plenty of experience in my younger years.

All this being said, I will still sometimes have whole 'relaxing' 'days off' in diapers, where I find I just don't want the hassle of doing otherwise. I do own both cloth and disposable kinds, though understand neither are brilliant environmentally, otherwise, if I had the money, I probably would just wear 24/7. I certain ended up doing so during my later teenage years, right up until university, and was quite happy and comfortable doing so, other than embarrassment about what others (including my mother) might think, and g

Victoria B.

Anna from Austria's question

Anna from Austria asked about preferences between smaller and larger bathrooms and I have to say I much prefer the latter. More toilets means more butts on seats means shorter lines. It also means less disruption if there's no paper in a stall or there's a clogged toilet. Finally, it helps make smells a little more manageable if there are several poopers at once.

Hope this helps!


Festival pooping

To Taylor. I also got constipated at a festival this summer. The toilet blocks were so dirty and smelling that I really could no use them. After three days without pooping I began to feel uncomfortable in my stomach. I told my boy friend. He suggested that I should go into the woods surrounding the festival area and try to get it done just by squatting and poop on the ground. He had done that twice, once at a resting area when driving to the festival and once at second day of the festival. I did so and went well into the woods. I found the perfect spot behind some stones where I could pull my shorts down and squat. I got it done in just a few minutes. Luckily nobody came by. If that had happened I should have felt very embarrassed. When walking in the woods I saw several signs of others that also had pooped there, toilet paper and turds. The last morning at the festival I went once more to poop in the woods before driving back home. Then I saw a man who was squatting with his bottom bare - amusing to see an adult man in that position. All together I found it better to poop in the woods than keeping it for four days. It would have been embarrassing if anybody should have seen it but after all it really is nothing to be shy about. Just a natural thing for everyone, even when staying outside.


Dear Juliette

Your answer to Anna was interesting. In public loo in Japan, always lots of toilet paper, because people put spare.(But Japanese woman always use a lots of toilet paper even she only does wee and is not period. Very bad to environment.) I hope you will also answer the question of Mina, because I wonder if squat loo is still common in France.

Hey all, I'm back!

Recently i've been feeding my toilet (hehe) with some softer logs. They've felt very nice, and tend to break apart easily.

The other day I was using a public toilet at a library, and when I went into one of the stalls I found a fairly sizeable poop already floating in yellow water. It was several medium sized turds all together, they looked pretty hard. I usually just choose a different stall, but this time I thought, it would be interesting to try something.

I took the stall, and sat down over the existing poop. First I let out a short but strong pee, which hissed on its way out and pattered against the porcelain. Before i'd completely finished, my log was on its way out, descending into the bowl. It moved quickly, and soon I was done - just the one piece. I wiped myself carefully, and dropped the paper at the front of the bowl as I stood.

In the bowl, my long turd was sticking out above the water a little. It was definitely larger than the others, and lighter-colored.

Now came my favourite part! I grasped the handle and gave it a firm push, and the toilet swept into action. Water swirled into the bowl, churning up the waste within and sweeping the toilet paper I'd used into a growing vortex. Several of the old logs were the first to go, gone quickly around the bend and followed by my own long log, which slid directly down. A few final small pieces circled the drain along with the tp, before they too were swallowed up in the flush. New water filled the bowl, leaving no trace of what had been just seconds before.

It felt good to use my own waste to get rid of what someone else had left behind.

As always, I'd love to hear any stories or thoughts related to flushing the toilet. I always find it very satisfying!

Have any girls used a urinal? Sometimes family bathrooms have urinals next to the toilet so I was wondering if anyone ever tried it and if so what was the story


Survey and comments

Brady's survey

1) Did your parents preach about the need to crap every day, at the same time and when possible, at home?
OMFG they did!

2) Were you afraid to tell them while taking car trips, while in airports, and at big arena-like events that you needed to use the toilet?
Yes, but I think my sister and I both trained ourselves, for reasons of "personal safety", not to need the toilet whilst actually traveling

3) Did they ask you whether it was a Number 1 or Number 2 you needed to do? Did that make any difference in their response?
They would definitely ask that - at home as well as in public.

4) How old were you when they finally allowed you to use a public toilet on your own? What did they tell you before you went in?
It was late. Probably not until I was 11

5) What would they have said or done if six blocks after leaving home you announced the need for a bathroom stop?
It wouldn't have happened.

6) What hang-ups did your parents have about using public bathrooms themselves or your need to use them?
Mix of hygiene worries and their need to inspect and "record" whatever was coming out of us

7) If on a vacation with your parents who were putting the same pressure on you that Tiffany's parents were, would you have seized the opportunity to walk into a toilet booth at a highway rest stop with a large unflushed crap and then seat yourself and pass the success off as yours?
I so wish I'd had the opportunity to pull that trick, but no.

PS: Melanie, I'm so terribly familiar with what you describe (if only the "moderators" would grow up, accept reality and their role in it, and print e-mails so correspondents could connect).


I keep blocking the toilet and don't know what to do

Ok so these past few months my poo has gone very big sometimes I have very sloppy poo but then also I will have a very solid large poo that blocks the toilet

When it first happend about 4 months ago I was in school and the need to go was urgent I used my toilet pass to go so the teacher can't deny me from going I sat on the toilet and immediately felt my butt stretch really wide it hurt so much it was about 4 inches wide and was touching the water whilst still attached to my butt it was about 12 or 13 inches long it finally broke off and it was coming out the water of the toilet and going up the front of the bowl I couldn't see the other end it was round the u bend I wiped and put the tissues in the bin cause if I put them in the toilet it would make it harder to flush
I then flushed it but it didn't budge at all I tried again and it didn't budge I just walked out the bathroom hoping no one sees me walking out so it wasn't blamed on me

Ever since then I have been having those unusually large poop and have blocked many toilets wich has been very embarrassing I'll tell those stories on a separate post

But I have tried everything I have tried flushing as the bowel movement is going out that deosnt work I have tried making it softer like I usually have but that just has such a big amount of sloppines that it deosnt flush

It isn't a diet change either cause I have the exact same diet as I always have

I'm just gna have to find a way to embrace my large stool that always clog a toilet so can anyone give me any ideas on what to do cause we had to get s plumber round the house like 3 times the past month

Sunday, September 01, 2019



To Melanie, I am a constipation sufferer due to a neurological condition so I will have it forever. I take osmotic laxative in my tea almost every day and increase the dose when needed. Sometimes I take normal laxatives but they do not work the way they are advertised . Anything can happen and sometimes does. They are supposed to work the next morning but often for me it is late morning or afternoon. Also what I have been doing is that I wear incontenence undies and if at home and get the urge I lay on the floor , knees to chest and pull towards me and push it all out that way. A bit messy but it helps .! Good luck on the toilet !!


My first potty experience in the woods

Hey everyone.
So this is my 2nd ever post on this forum and I hope that you all will enjoy my posts.
So this one is about my first ever experience with going potty in the woods.
I was 9 years old and I had been outside playing and I had wandered far from my house. I had to pee n poop n I knew I wasn't going to make it back to the house so I just took my pants and panties off, squatted down over some leaves , and it took a little bit as I had never done this before but finally a long stream of pee came out and when I was finishing peeing a few turda went shooting out of my ass. It felt good as it was something new and I enjoyed it, plus it was a great relief to finally go so I could get back to playing outside. I wiped with a few soft leaves I grabbed off a tree and I've been hooked ever since. I pee or poop outside almost every day now because of that one experience. I'd like to hear about your first experience with peeing or pooping outside.
Bye for now all


Do I prefer smaller or bigger public bathrooms?

The past two weeks I have been with my biological father who lives on the other side of the country. Just yesterday, I was having my morning pee in a one-toilet bathroom on the side of a Shell station when I read Anna from Austria's question on my smartphone. I guess I got lost in thinking about it when I heard a knock on the door and Dad said he was done pumping and asked if I fell back asleep. I stood up from the toilet and immediately flushed, because I knew that's what he wanted to hear.

Continuing our two hour drive into the airport, he came up on a sign that a hardware store was going out of business and he wanted to stop and see if he could pick up some cheap sinks and toilets for future use in the apartment buildings he manages. About an hour had gone by and as he was parking the truck, my morning crap was starting to ready itself. So while he was comparing plumbing equipment I excused myself to the bathroom. This was a five-staller. The middle toilet was open, shiny white seat with a toilet paper roll almost full and a seat paper dispenser on top of it (don't use, thank you) so I latched the door that was somewhat bent and plopped myself onto the seat. I quickly found that the other four users were employees. One called into me and asked if I was AJ. It was obvious when I said no that she was wrong and they all started talking about AJ, how she worked so hard and didn't always take her break, while they didn't give a damn and liked the opportunity to go onto unemployment comp. They were really trashing their manager as I pushed out two long pieces, wiped and flushed.

Back on the road, Dad dropped me off at the airport at about 11 and I had two hours to kill before my flight. I went through security, checked my baggage, had a sub sandwich and a 40-some ounce soda special (Dad says when I start drinking beer it will probably go right through my system too) and I walked to the next terminal to pee. I've written before about the toilets in this terminal and what I don't like about them. The seat spins before you sit on it and with the spin you get this cellophane liner or covering to sit on. I find it annoying and uncomfortable. Direct down on a plastic seat is my way.
So in the terminal I went to, I sat direct down on the uncovered seat and let go of a really wicked drain that I timed at 2:20 on my phone. All 25 or 30 toilets seemed to be in use. Half were against one wall, the others against the opposite wall and women moved fast in the middle aisle when a door would open.

One lady was so fast in slamming her door that it shook much of my cubicle and the gas that exploded from her even before she took her seat could be widely heard. There was a tiny little girl on the other side of me who was standing on her toes, shorts and undies at floor level who couldn't quite get onto the toilet. She called to her mother nearby to boost her up but I guess the mother was already seated taking care of her needs. Instead the mother explained to the girl twice, I think, on how to use her arms and the back-handed way of getting onto the stool. Then she told the girl to sit tight until she fully cleaned herself out. After wiping, mom told her not to flush until she checked up on her. The girl's legs were flaying off the floor and sometimes hitting the bottom of the door as she sat.

There was a lot more to keep my attention in the large and busy airport bathroom. I liked it and the hardware store's the best because I didn't know anybody. I didn't have to be self-conscious in any of the three bathrooms. I knew I would never see any of those people again. Back next week again in my high school's bathrooms where people know me, many of the doors are taken off and your sitting without privacy and your classmates are making judgments about whether you have enough to shave, well that's my least favorite. But as a senior, I just have one more year of it.

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