some stories

I remembered an experience I had when I was about six years old and in school.
When I was in school I used to ask to go to the toilet A LOT. A combination of constipation (hard poo pushing on my bladder) and anxiety (which I still suffer with badly today.)
The teacher ended up calling my mother who explained both of these to her.
After this my teacher excused me to the bathroom without anger but she began to ask me questions whenever I would ask to go to the toilet. I remember her asking me "Do you need to go peepee or poopoo?" usually it was the first one and she'd just let me go without anymore talk however I remember one time I did need to go for a poo and I was squirming around holding my belly. I asked her if I could go to the toilet and she asked me what for. When I told her it was for a poo I still remember her exact words and facial expressions.
"Stay as long as you need, Melanie." She told me. "And try and squeeeeeze it alllll out."
I remember having a long and labourous session on the school toilet, pushing and straining and wishing it would just come out. Eventually I got a huge log out and returned back to class, exhausted from my efforts. I did my work for a few moments until my teacher got a spare moment and came over to me. She knelt down beside me and asked, "How did it go? Get anything out?" I simply nodded, not saying anything. She told me I was a good girl and said "I bet your poor belly feels better." then she gave me a smiley face sticker on the back of my hand and thats all that was said about it.

I also remember a time I went to the doctors for my constipation as a little girl.
My mother took me, and for the whole appointment she was glaring at me as if it was my fault that I was so constipated. I laid on the exam table while the doctor prodded around my belly, telling my mother that he could feel hard masses in various different parts of my colon. He asked me to roll over to examine my bottom and my mother pulled my pants down for me. He spread my little cheeks and immediately my mother had a look of disgust.
I had a poo poking out of my bottom and I didn't even know. I'd been constipated for so long that I'd stopped having urges and I couldn't even tell that I had a poo an inch out.
the doctor commented on how huge and dry looking it was and directed me to a toilet connected to the room telling me I needed to get it out both for my health and for him to continue the examination. I remember spending a huge amount of time on that toilet, straining and grunting and massaging my poor little bloated belly but it simply wouldn't come out or go back up. I just had to waddle out and explain ashamedly that I couldn't push it out. The doctor ended up having to grab the end of it with a gloved hand and breaking it off and disposing of it. He gave my mother a prescription for stool softener and some kind of pamphlet about dealing with constipated children. I saw various doctors as a child for constipation but they all seemed to take the same route.

Juliette from France

Answer to Anna from Austria

At those big cities in France, most of those toilets have toilet paper, in my school, it's the same,but sometimes toiletpaper will run out too,the cleaner add the toiletpaper twice a day,but if somebody's stomach feels upset that day,the toiletpaper will be gone quickly.I've only met this situation for one time.
It was one month ago,I ate too much for breakfast,so I had a sanitary feeling in afternoon,I try to hold it because I'm having class,I made it till the class ended,then I ran for the nearest toilet,after getting in toilet,I found there's no paper in there,there is no way I can make to the other toilet,because my poop was already getting out a little bit,so I quickly ran in one stall and start relief myself.while I pushed out my first turd,two girls went in,they also found out there is no toiletpaper,so one of them get to the nearest toilet for it.A few minutes later,they get back with a lot of toiletpaper,they get in the stall and begain pooping,so after I was done,I asked for toiletpaper,they gave it to me,and I finished wiping,and get out.
That's all.

Steve A's survey

1. Have you ever walked into the wrong restroom before, by accident?

Once, when I was seasick and confused on a boat. I actually did my business and washed my hands before I realized where I was.

2. Are you particular about the brand of TP that you use?

I'm not. I grew up in a Charmin household, but in my apartment I just go with whatever's plush enough to get me clean without my ass being raw.

3. How often do you clean your bathroom? Sink, shower, toilet, etc?

I sort of clean as I go. Like whenever things start to look iffy I give it some attention.

4. Would you ever consider installing an air dryer or urinal for your bathroom?

No? Why?

5. Have you ever dealt with a restroom attendant?

I wasn't aware those existed. I hope they get paid a lot for that kind of work.

6. Should all public places require a private, single toilet, family restroom for the public?

Yes. I think free public bathrooms should be handled as a municipal thing by the city they're in. It's a quality of life issue.

7. What hand soap alternatives would you use, besides hand sanitizer, if you ran out soap? (Body Wash, Shampoo/Conditioner, Face Wash, Dish Soap, etc.)

I haven't had to worry about that, but I'd probably use whatever I could in a pinch. Soap is soap, on some level.

8. What type of air freshener do you use for your bathroom?

I use the fan and hope I don't stink it up too bad. So far I haven't been embarrassed.

9. Have you ever been to a place that had no restroom or only reserved it for the employees? Did they let you use their restroom, even if it was against the rules?

Honestly, I've been too shy to ask in those places. Or at least not desperate enough to overcome my shyness.

10. What is a public restroom pet peeve of yours?

When people try to open the door without knocking. Even if I know I've locked, it's just rude. It happened to me today, actually.


To Marie

Do you poop in those places or just pee? Which one is your favorite?


to melanie

To melanie - I enjoyed your stories! I grew up with constant constipation problems too. All of my teachers knew about my issues and some asked me about them a lot. I remember once my kindergarten teacher spent an hour in the bathroom stall with me while I pushed out a stubborn piece of poop. Another time during recess in 3rd grade, my teacher let me stay in the classroom and rubbed my ???? when I was constipated while all the other kids went outside to play. Most of my teachers were really understanding and wouldn't be mad if I spent 30 minutes in the bathroom or needed to go to the school nurse to lay down. Like you, I am all too familiar with doctors examining my back exit. When I was a teenager, I ended up being really constipated during my yearly physical and my pediatrician had to manually remove my poop after spending 20 minutes with me on the toilet trying and failing to push it out. Thank you for sharing your experiences! It's so nice to hear from someone who understands these types of things!

P.S. Don't let your mom make you feel bad about your constipation. You can't help it. As your mother, she should understand that it isn't your fault and be dedicated to helping you find a solution to the problem instead of guilt-trip you into thinking it's your fault.

Happy pooping!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Michael W.

The Best Dump I Ever Took

Hi everyone. I posted on here this morning and I wanted to share another story. This happened just today. I haven't pooped in 3 days. Yesterday the only thing I ate was chili beans and I drank tea mixed with fiber powder. I only mixed with fiber powder bcz I haven't been pooping as much as I should be. Anyways this morning after I posted my latest story I had my 3rd bowl of chili beans with tea and fiber powder. And then I went over to my friend Simba's house to hang out for a while bcz today is my day off. The whole time I was there my stomach was cramping and making churning sounds. I decided to hold my poop in for as long as I can bcz I wanted to get a tremendous amount out of me when it was time for me to go. I decided not to go while I was at my friend's house bcz 1. There were other ppl in the apartment and it wouldn't be fair if they had to go if I was in there pooping my brains out. And 2. I wanted to take as long as necessary. So while I was there me and my friend just watched a bunch of videos on YouTube. I left his crib around 2:30ish and I took the bypass all the way down to Meijer to get some food for my rabbit. After that I went over to BK to grab a couple of burgers and had a vanilla Dr. Pepper. When I was done eating I left the restaurant and went back to my crib. On my way there my cramps were getting worse and I said to myself "I have to poop." So I arrived at my crib and I took my things and made my way inside. I went downstairs to the basement, which is where my room is and I set the bag down on the floor and threw my hoody on the bed. I put my wallet and keys on the dresser and then I kicked off my shoes and took my phone with me upstairs to use the bathroom which is right by the kitchen. I closed the door and locked it and I pulled my jeans and boxers down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I let my poop come out on its own. Once it was out the relief was amazing. I did some pushing and I farted a lot and some of them were loud and smelly. When I took a break from pushing I looked at my phone and read some old posts on this site. I even massaged my belly to help some of it out and I could feel it. I farted 6 times. I had to push some of my poop out too. When a half an hour had passed by I wasn't done yet. I still had to push, strain, and grunt quite a bit more out of my butt. My older bro Josh knocked on the door. "Are you OK in there?" he asked. "Yes" I said. I farted again. I looked in the toilet and there was a HUGE pile of poop in the bowl. Like it covered the hole up. As always it looked like soft serve ice cream. I stood up and turned the light on and then I took a pic of my masterpiece with my phone. I sent it to a couple of my friends. LOL. I decided to flush the toilet bcz I didn't want it to clog. I wasn't done yet. I started pushing and grunting again and a little bit more of skinny rope like poop came out of my butt right along with some more loud farts. When I thought I was done I wiped my butt with toilet paper and then I felt some more poop ready to come out. I pushed again and some tootsie rolls came out of my butt. I relaxed and decided to stay seated for about 10 more minutes to make sure that if I was done or not. I wiped my butt with toilet paper again. I wiped until I saw a little bit of blood on the toilet paper. I stood up and wiped my pee pee and threw the last wad into the toilet. I pulled my boxers and jeans back up to my waist and washed my hands. Then I flushed the toilet and I was free. I had been in the bathroom for an hour. I sighed in relief and now here I am sharing my latest poop story with you all. Well, that's it for now. I'll post again later, till then Happy Pooping Everyone.


Toilet Doors Removed Due to Vaping

As a requirement for my education degree, my college requires me to do a semester as a teaching assistant prior to my actual practice teaching and licensing. Two weeks ago I started at a large grade 6 thru 9 middle school. I've written before about having to adjust to little privacy in the toilets as a student myself, but the new situation I'm at is a bit different. Because of the large number of students sitting and vaping in the toilets, over the summer the janitors took out in each bathroom--male and female--all but one of the cubicle doors. This is a shock, especially for my 8th grade girls. My responsibilities include bathroom supervision during passing periods--5 minutes--and for part of the lunch hour.

Since the lone doored cubicle is for designated special students, I've caused some bad feelings by stopping students from using it. I've heard enough profane language in two weeks to last me awhile. Some of the girls talk about "holding it" but I've told them that's going to be tough for 190-some school days. As a former student council member in my high school, I've suggested partnerships where one serves as a human privacy door for the one on the toilet and then they reverse roles. But that takes more time and tardies are going to happen, with more teachers getting upset. Some of the girls, however, are willing to risk a detention to help their friend have more privacy. I've also seen more girls wearing loose-fitting dresses. That was something my mom suggested for me about six years ago when I was in a similar situation. But I learned early on not to throw myself onto the seat too fast. Crap smeared on the back of my pink dress was gross, especially since I didn't see it until I was walking down the aisle of my English class and some immature boys were snickering.

Michael W.

After Detention

Hi everyone, I'm back to share another story. But firstů

To Juliette from France: Nice pooping race story and congratulations on winning. I had a similar experience with one of my brothers when I was younger and I will post about that another time. I read your stories and they're pretty awesome. One of your posts titled "Strange embarrassing day" reads like it didn't get finished. How does the story end? And I can't believe your boyfriend broke up with you for pooping. If I had a girlfriend and if she pooped her pants I would do whatever I can to make her day better. I would even ask her if she wanted me to buy her a new pair of underwear. If she got constipated I would be in the bathroom with her and help her poop.

To Bianca: I'm glad you loved my latest post.

Here is my story. It was April of 2005, I was 16 years old and a Junior in High School. My dirty blonde hair was spiked up and I went through a Punk Rock phase at the time wearing black T-shirts from Rock bands, wallet chains, sweat bands, etc. I was given detention for being late for class. We had block scheduling, each of our classes were an hour and a half long and they were broken up into White Days and Maroon Days. On White days our classes were: 2nd hour, Seminar, Lunch, 6th Hour, and 8th hour. And Maroon days were: 1st hour, 3rd hour, 5th hour, Lunch, and 7th hour. I had work experience on both days. On White days I would go to one of the elementary schools in town and help the librarian. And on Maroon days I would help the lunch ladies in the cafeteria and the commons. When I went to the principal's office for being late for my classes, Mr. Troyer (the Principal) said that I had to serve my detention on Thursday which was a White Day but I asked him if I could serve it on a Friday and he said yes. So when Friday came I went to go serve my detention time. It was held in the cafeteria. They said one student per table to keep us from talking bcz talking was not allowed in detention. So I signed in and took a table. When I sat down I took my shoes off and put my feet up on the chair across from me. Then I fished my Math book out of my backpack and started doing my homework. I got stuck on a story problem and I raised my hand. The detention supervisor who was a hall monitor came up to my table. "Ma'am I'm don't understand this problem, can you help me please?" She did. I wrote the work down on a separate sheet of paper. She didn't give me the answer but she did give me an example of what the answer would be. I said "Thank you" and then she went back to her seat. Detention only lasted for an hour. At 4 o'clock, detention was over. I put my Math homework back in my backpack and then I put my shoes back on and left the cafeteria. As I left I felt a poop brewing in my stomach, so I went into the Boys bathroom which was right down the hall. When I was younger I didn't poop in school unless it was an emergency but when I was in High School I didn't care anymore. In the bathroom there was 5 urinals and 3 stalls. I looked in the 3rd stall and saw that there was a turd that was literally the size of a BRICK. I flushed the toilet and it would not go down. I was thinking. Wow! I can't imagine pushing something like that out of my ass. I would be screaming at the top of my lungs. So I took the middle stall and locked the door. I undid my belt and pulled my jeans and boxers down round my ankles and sat on the toilet and fished my book out of my backpack. Before I started to let loose someone came into the bathroom. I heard his phone ring. He wasn't in the bathroom very long. He just peed. I held my poop in and listened to him talk. I couldn't understand a word he was saying. 'He must be a foreign exchange student' I thought to myself. Before he hung up the phone he said "Auf Wiedersehen." And that's when I knew. 'Oh, he's from Germany.' He left and I was alone in the Boys bathroom. I started to read my book and let my poop come out of my butt. The book that I was reading was "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl. Now I know I'm too old to be reading that book but I don't care. As I read the book I also looked at the pictures. First a banana poop slid out, then another, then a couple of snickers poops, and then fun sized snickers poops slid out of my butt and then a couple of skinny ropes, 7 Butterfinger BBs, and 6 tootsie rolls. I farted a few times and they did echo in the toilet bowl as well as the room. 20 minutes in and I was done but I remained seated bcz I got lost in my book. When I was done reading Chapter 3 I put my bookmark into my book and closed it and put it back in my backpack and then I wiped my butt with toilet paper. As usual my poop was like soft serve ice cream and it took 10 wipes to get my butt completely clean. I pulled my jeans and boxers back up to my waist as I stood up and bucled my belt. I flushed the toilet and saw that I had left skid marks in the toilet bowl. I came out of the middle stall and washed my hands and then I left the Boys bathroom. I looked up at the clock and noticed that I had been in the bathroom for over 40 minutes. When I left the building and crossed the street I put my headphones on to listen to music on the way home and I lit up a cigarette and started to smoke it. When I turned my Math paper in I got an A on it. And that is my story. I'll share another story later, till then Happy Pooping Everyone.

Anna from Austria
Yersterday I had my first poo at the bathroom in our new Office. And I do not not like the place very much. It is much smaller then the ladies room in our last Office, with just 2 stalls and no Windows to open. The only air circulation is done by Ventilation System.

I prefer bigger bathrooms for privacy reasons. In the bigger rest Rooms are not filled so easily by the poo smell, and as there are many other People there as well it is harder to locate.

In such a small bathroom the "culprit" is much more easy to indentify.

I was alone this time, so no embarrasing Moment, but it was amazing how fast the room was filled with my Poo smell. if 2 ladies are going to poo at the same time the stench would be horrible for sure.

How About my fellow ladies here on this site? Do you prefer smaller public bathrooms or bigger ones or do you do not care about such Things. ?

ps: The poo was nothing Special. Peed first, then did a loud prrrrrt type fart then a firm log came out, another airy fart and another small log. I cleaned myself, flushed, washed my Hands and left the bathroom.

greetings from Austria


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