To Taylor T

I used to poop in school when I was in elementary school sometimes but when I got into jr high I found that even if have to go I didn't really have time between classes and I don't want people in my class to know I'm pooping if got a pass to go since it takes a me a little bit to go. I'll start high school next month. I'm like you I usually don't have to go until late afternoon. Sounds like we could be twins in a lot of ways based on our pooping habits lol. I've always been a big pooper too since like 3rd or 4th grade. I fart as soon as I sit down to poop too, as well as between turds lol

I saw a woman poop in the bushes at a resting area in Northern Italy yesterday. She was quite old, perhaps 70 years and had grey hair. I saw her on distance but when she had finished I went over there and saw that she had left a quite long turd like a cable. She had wiped with paper napkins. I think she was Austrian because she had an Austrian registrred car. Her husband sat in the car when she was relieving herself. She did not really squat. She more like bent forward when standing so her white bum was very well visible. I have a few times before seen an adult poop outdoor. That was my aunt when pooping in the back of the dunes at a beach. Another time was a truck driver pooping at a resting area. I have also seen my mother pooping outdoor when hiking.

Taylor T
To Macy: If I remember my poop was about 10-12 inches which is normal to me. And for Brianna it took about 4 minutes for her to poop but it took me about 10 minutes because it was so big LOL!! And most of the time I look between my legs just to see it and hear the crackling from my bum. And another question I have for you is, do you ever secretly watch people like your cousins or your mother pooping? Usually my female cousins will let me come in but boy cousins most of the time I watch them if they leave the door open a crack or if they're using my bathroom that is being renovated.

Yesterday I was getting up around 10:00 when my friend Jenna called me to hang out. Jenna is one of my best friends she's just like me kinda, she has brown hair (I'm blonde by the way), she's the same height as me and similar weight, she's a B cup and I'm a C cup, but she has a nice butt which is better than mine. I got ready and showed up around 11:30. Her Mom drove us to the mall and we walked around for a bit. We bought a few things and settled at the Dunkin Donuts on the second floor. I needed to use the bathroom so I told Jenna to watch my things while I went. I had to go up to the third floor since the second floor didn't have a bathroom, I went in and the bathroom was completely empty. It had three sinks and six stalls, I went into the fourth stall. I pushed my jeans down around my ankles and stood up while I unraveled some toilet paper and covered the toilet seat. I turned around, let my underwear fall to my ankles and I plopped my bum on the seat and began peeing. A lady entered the third stall and started peeing. I finished peeing and waited for the lady to leave. She wiped and left and I pulled my bum cheeks apart and quietly farted. My bum started opening up and my poop slid out and splashed in the toilet. I heard the bathroom door open up again and the person entered the stall next to me. They started wiping the seat and I looked through the crack in the stall and saw Jenna. She turned around and slid her jeans down around her ankles and I heard her bum clank against the seat and a big fart. My bum slowly opened up again and a piece slowly came out with a crackling noise and splashed in the toilet. Jenna farted again and I started hearing a bunch of turds smack against the water and a big log crackle fast out of her bum (she's just like me and has very big poops). I began unraveling toilet paper and wiped my bum a couple of times. I flushed the toilet and redressed myself. And went to the sink, Jenna came out a few seconds after, and said, "Holy -- that was big" "It sounded like it".


To Kate

Dear Kate: sorry your friends pooped themselves in the elevator. Twelve hours in there is a long time. Here's a suggestion for if you get stuck again. If the repairman says you'll be stuck for 10 to 15 minutes, you could try calling the fire department if you feel you haven't been rescued in a timely manner. I'm sure they would have gotten you guys out sooner! Bye.

End Stall Em

Nanny Experience

This summer I've cut back my hours at my mall job and taken a much better-paying job as a nanny. I thought I had a lot of experience some years ago as a baby sitter, but that was for 3 or 4 hours at a time and often at the family's house or apartment.

Carly is 5 and starting full-day kindergarten next month. Her brother, Alastair, is 4 and he's a handful. He waits until he's really ready to burst to pee and when we're out in public, that means a race to the toilets with his sister in tow. She finds it annoying. Yesterday we were seated with some books in the park, watching people feed the ducks in the lagoon, when Alastair put his hands over his crotch and said he had to pee. He had nice tan shorts on and he continued to draw attention to his need by grabbing his crotch and saying mean things to Carly because she's more restrained and doesn't jump when he says so.

So while Carly grabbed the books and followed us, I headed with Alastair in hand around the water, a walk that took probably about 5 minutes until we were able to walk up to the restroom building. He made a couple of statements and one gesture about just peeing into the water. I said hell no and and kind of dragged him along. Carly just shook her head and called him stupid and three other words I didn't want to hear.

I yelled "child coming in" at the entrance to the ladies room--something we were taught in our child-sitting training. The room was about 20% lit from one window, but the light chain I pulled didn't work because someone had stolen the bulb. There were two toilets with heavy-duty concrete blocks separating them and no privacy doors. There were a million flies and some type of flying ant that really scared me. We were all sweating badly. Alastair quickly bolted up to the first toilet, yanked down his shorts and underwear, and I reached over and saved the seat from a drenching by raising it just in time. He doesn't guide his organ very well and when he moved right up against the toilet his organ was on the front of the bowl shooting his pee too widely.

When he got done, I insisted that he flush and again he and Carly got into it. He didn't have enough muscle in his left arm on four occasions to get the flush to work. Then he used his right arm with still no luck. Then more smart remarks from Carly who pushed him aside, raised her right leg, and did an excellent flush. (A few years ago one of the girls I was babysitting fell over backward when she tried that).

I got to thinking that it had been almost 3 hours since Carly used the bathroom before we left home. There seemed to be less flies in the other toilet so I told Carly this was a good time for her to go too. She protested a bit, and Alistair shoved her toward the toilet, and while I was pulling him back into the other side of the room, Carly was standing directly in front of the toilet looking at me as if I had forgotten something. I told her to sit down and go because I didn't want the trouble of another bathroom emergency later. Alistair started making fun of her because she just stood there with her back to the toilet.

I told her to go and she said her mom doesn't let her sit on a public seat. I asked her to explain. She said her mom carries this kleenex like pack in her purse, pulls one out and unfolds it and places it on the seat before she sits down. I was kind of surprised, although my dad covered the seat for me when I was that age and we were traveling,
but I told her both toilet paper rolls were gone. Alistair seemed to enjoy our discussion, but I wanted to get it over with soon. I calmly told Carly that she needed to seat herself and get it over with. To that, Alistair warned Carly that she was going to get nuked. I know he doesn't know what that means, but Carly reluctantly sat down over the very front of the seat and peed for about 45 seconds.

I praised for for being adaptable, because sometimes there aren't any options.

- Taylor T- I loved you Six Flags story with Briana. 2 questions, do you how big your poop was, and how long did it take?

So over the weekend my mom asked me to do the dishes and I say "I have to goto the bathroom first. I felt a big load coming so I pushed the door shut ( it was still open a crack) I pulled down a my shorts and purple undies and sat. Within a few seconds I blew a loud fart in the toilet followed by cracking...slowly inching out of my butt I looked down between my legs at my growing turd (do u do that Taylor T.) right then my mom comes in and asks what I'm doing. AWKWARD!!!! I yell Moooomm I'm taking a big crap. She giggles and says sorry honey and walks away. Anyway back to pooping lol my turd falls into the toilet Probably 8 inches long, I knew I wasn't done cuz I still felt more. My hole opened up again and 3 medium sized turds quickly shot out. I was finally done I looked through my legs at my big poop wiped my butt pulled up my undies and shorts and flushed.


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Taylor T

To Macy

To Macy: I fart a lot when I poop. Usually when I sit down I fart instantly and then usually a few farts after my poop comes out. And mine are the same size mostly, I look like such a normal girl with small poops but it's the complete opposite lol. I could go out to a foot without eating much it's just how it's always been for me since the second grade. Do you ever poop at school? I don't have a problem with but I never really have the urge to go until like 4-5 in the afternoon but I'll poop at school if I really have to.

- Taylor T- I loved you Six Flags story with Briana. 2 questions, do you how big your poop was, and how long did it take?

So over the weekend my mom asked me to do the dishes and I say "I have to goto the bathroom first. I felt a big load coming so I pushed the door shut ( it was still open a crack) I pulled down a my shorts and purple undies and sat. Within a few seconds I blew a loud fart in the toilet followed by cracking...slowly inching out of my butt I looked down between my legs at my growing turd (do u do that Taylor T.) right then my mom comes in and asks what I'm doing. AWKWARD!!!! I yell Moooomm I'm taking a big crap. She giggles and says sorry honey and walks away. Anyway back to pooping lol my turd falls into the toilet Probably 8 inches long, I knew I wasn't done cuz I still felt more. My hole opened up again and 3 medium sized turds quickly shot out. I was finally done I looked through my legs at my big poop wiped my butt pulled up my undies and shorts and flushed.



Couldn't Hold it

To set the scene...
Home for the Summer with our teenager (and we all know how long they take in the bathroom) and our other bathroom is being renovated. I was about 1/2 way through my iced coffee when I felt an urgent rumble from my stomach. I was sitting on the couch thinking oh my god I am going to poop my pants. I knew I had to decide what to do and quickly. If we didn't have a contractor working in our other bathroom, I honestly would have just dropped my load in the kitchen trash and quickly brought the bag out, but I was worried about them seeing me and even worse smelling it (I've been eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and also taking probiotics so not only are they big, but wicked smelly).
We have a huge backyard with lots of piles of landscaping materials so I knew I could duck behind a pile, I grabbed some paper towels and rushed to the backyard with my load was trying to poke out like a turtle head. I found the perfect pile to hide behind and squatted down and peed a river and then dropped a huge load. I know squatting is our "natural"'position and I have to say this is not the 1st time I've squatted outdoors to do my business and I have to say that any time I move my bowels while squatting I feel so empty. 1 time I was terribly constipated and put some paper towel down on the bathroom floor and squatted over it and bared down with all my might and was finally able to get my load to exit. My question is, as long as my bowel movement is out of the way outside is it ok to leave it? I was googling this and it says it should be buried? Is this really necessary? I mean it's going to decompose or get eaten my flies or an animal. Only asking because I feel so empty that I think whenever possible I am just going to scoot outside and squat.

Thanks in advance for your replies!


upset stomach

My ????'s been kind of off today. When I woke up today, I felt pretty bloated so I sat down on the toilet and tried to go. I pushed out several loose logs, and felt okay so I ate breakfast.
At around 10am, I went to the pool with my friend Emmy. While we were swimming, I needed to poop again so I hopped out of the pool and into the girls' locker room. I pooed, but I had a bit of a bellyache so I sat there for a few more minutes massaging my stomach. I farted a few times but nothing else came out. My stomach still felt icky , but I wiped and pulled my swimsuit up over my belly and went back to the pool.
The cold water wasn't really good on my belly so after another half hour or so I headed back to the locker room to shower and go home. I sat on the toilet again before walking home just in case and let out some smelly farts that relieved some of the pressure in my belly. A few turds slipped out without me even needing to push. My stomach still hurt so I went home and got a hot water pack and started working on some summer homework to take my mind off of it.
I've had three more loose pooes in the last hour, but no diarrhea yet. I think I probably just ate something last night that didn't agree with me. I'll keep you guys updated if I need to go more!


my wife pooped in the woods

Today, during a country trip, I saw my wife pooping in the bushes. We drove on the forest road. My wife seemed tense. It turned out that she urgently needed to use the bathroom to poop. Finally, she asked me to stop the car. I chose a place and turned down the road deeper into the forest. When I stopped, my wife quickly got out of the car and went behind the nearest Bush. I could see through the window as she lifted her skirt and pulled off her panties. After she sat down she remained in this position for about a minute. I couldn't see very well, but I knew she was pissing and pooping. After she finished, she stood up, quickly put on her panties and straightened her skirt. In the car she came back in a good mood, said she is now much easier.

I have been surfing at the Atlantic coast for some days. Where we stayed there were no toilets nearby. We all had to go to toilet somewhere in nature, even to poop. Nobody spoke about it because it is a bit embarrassing telling others about it, but I think everybody did so because there were no other options. At the most secluded spots there were almost always some pieces of used toilet paper to be found and even some fresh and old turds could be seen. When walking in the backbushes or behind the sandy dunes especially in the morning one could on distance spot others out there and sometimes even see white buttocks of somebody trying to hide. I even saw some of my male friends squatting just like small kids. I also saw some older persons squatting on distance. I hope that I managed to be unseen by my friends but one morning an unknown man walked by just when I was squatting. He was polite and pretended not to see me!!

Lauren S.


This is my first post. I'm a longtime lurker. I'm an average sized 18 year old, blonde haired American woman.

I was out of town yesterday, visiting a city that's a good distance away from me. I don't have a problem peeing in public - the medicine I'm on makes me pee constantly, after all. I'm generally not comfortable pooping in public. I've probably used a public toilet for pooping less than a dozen times in my life. It's not so much that I'm shy as much as it is that I like to shower immediately after I poop, which I don't have the luxury of doing in public.

Anyway, I was in this town, and three friends of mine and I went to the most authentic Mexican restaurant I've ever eaten at in my life. I ate chicken fajitas, which is my go-to at Mexican restaurants. They were delicious. The day progressed, and we found ourselves in Chinatown. I was walking around, and I could feel my stomach aching. I thought I could hold it.

Chinatown was our last stop in this city. I was in a car with two of my friends. My friend, the driver, wanted to stop at a gas station in Chinatown to fill up her car so we did. "If you have to pee, go now," she said. "I'm not stopping on the way back."

As she was filling up her car, I waited next to her, doing a potty dance. "I'll go after you," I said. "My stomach is killing me, and I don't want to be in there with either of you," I added candidly. My other friend, who had already left for the bathroom, came back and the driver friend went to the bathroom. She came back to the car after a couple of minutes.

"The bathroom is clean," they agreed.
I entered the bathroom. it was a single toilet bathroom with a locking door. At least I would have privacy.

I farted a lot as soon as I sat down. Then, a torrent of poop flew out of my butt into the toilet. I felt like I was about to pass out. I felt very weak and dehydrated.

I spent between 10 and 15 minutes getting everything out of my system and toying around on my cell phone. It took a lot of paper to clean myself up, but I managed to do it. When I left the bathroom, I saw a line of about 7 Asian women waiting for the bathroom. I scurried out of the gas station, embarrassed by both the smell and the skid marks I had left in that bathroom.

I made a joke about Montezuma's revenge when I got in the car, which my friends laughed at. We didn't have any water in the car, and I was super dehydrated, so my friend gave me her tea. Within 30 minutes of driving, I had to pee again, but I made a promise not to stop. For 3 hours, I held my pee. I wasn't dehydrated, though lol

Anyway, I hope to have more stories in the future. I'm getting more comfortable pooping in public.


Pooping with my principal

So during the first half of summer I took an accelerated class open to students from throughout the school district. It was held at a high school I had never been to and since the distance was longer than I normally travel for my neighborhood school, I decided to ride my bike. Round trip was about 4 miles. I don't know why except on a morning a couple of weeks ago, I think I went a little faster and the ride was bumpier. Anyway, when I got to the school at 7:30 a.m. I obviously needed to unload my daily poo. This would be my first poo at this school, although I pretty regularly peed during the 10 a.m. break.

I locked and secured my bike, halfway ran up the stairs to the entrance, and ducked into the first bathroom. I was hopeful that there would be an open toilet, but at least half of them had no user. I ran my eyes down each of the two rows and said to myself F***, not one privacy door. I can get a fast pee in while the others watch and wait, but for a poo, which might mean a 10-minute or more sit, I wasn't that confident. There were two open toilets in the middle of the right row. The seat was up, I dropped it and within a minute my clothing was at floor level and I was adjusting my butt to the uncomfortable seat. One of the bolts on the back of the toilet had been broken off and the loose seat caused me to sit very gingerly. Early on, I think I had to switch my weight three times and I found that by hunching over the front, hands on my thighs, that there was less movement of the seat.

Looking in front of me, a couple of others were using the mirror to put on make-up. A third had taken a pill bottle out of her purse, but before she pulled out her tablets, she accidentally juggled the bottle and about half of them spilled out. She swore up a storm when her phone went off and with her other hand she was picking up the pills. One rolled to within a foot of my toilet and I leaned forward pointing it out to her. She said the prescription cost $40 and she didn't want to lose any of them.

My poo was taking longer. It seemed like a large part of it was bigger than normal and it wasn't sliding out as easily as usual. Then a middle aged woman with long blond hair and boots to kill for walked by and took the stall to my right. I thought it was kind of different to have an adult use our bathroom and one where there was absolutely zero privacy. Her jeans came down as she lined up in front of the toilet and there was a minor thud when her butt hit the seat. Her pee started splashing into the bowl immediately. Then she re-seated herself, widened the position of her legs, and I could hear chunks of crap dropping into the bowl.

Then I was startled. She said Hi and directed a bunch of questions at me about what I was taking, how the class was going, my home school and she asked my name. I told her and she introduced herself as Mrs. S, the principal. Conversation came easier to her as she sat than it did to me. I told her I had never gone to the bathroom next to a principal before and she laughed and said she's new and was trying to take every opportunity whether it was in the lunch room or the bathrooms to meet more students. Even my dad thought that was a little weird when he asked me for a highlight of my day. He graduated from high school in the 1970s and said teachers and principals would hang out in the bathroom stalls and once the smokers lit up, they would get busted. Some teachers would stand on the toilet seat so they could bust students smoking in an adjacent stall.

I passed Mrs. S in the hallway later that day and she remembered my name and the name of the class I was taking. I guess I'm kind of impressed.


Hot weather upset

It's sunny again and I've got a runny stomach again. It seems to happen any time it gets really hot. It's not like a virus (where you get desperate to go), but I find I need the loo more often and when I do go, it's runny. But not urgent runny. Strange!?


Tuesday, July 09, 2019


Shopping mall poop

Im Kellie and Im a 25 year old female. It was Friday night and I decided to go to the local outlet mall and invite my friend Chelsea to come along. We decided to go do a little shopping and have a little bit of dinner before going to see a movie. We opted to go to a place that a bit of variety to eat, More like a buffet since we both like just about anything. We got our food and sat down by a woman and her 2 daughters having dinner as well. We introduced ourselves and got aquatinted. Her name was Janice and her 2 daughters were Holly and Victoria. Victoria was her oldest (at 19 years old) and was a little bit of the stature of what you would say" few extra pounds". But honestly that shouldn't matter to anyone. There was a cute guy that wanted her number which was awesome and we were happy for her. Holly was 18 and had a little extra on the hips. Victoria got up to use the food court bathroom near by and a about 5 minutes later I had to go since my stomach was saying it was time to unload everything I had to eat. When you enter the women's bathroom there are 10 stalls along one wall and sings across on the other Wall. There are tile walls and the partitions have a Small Gap between the divider and the wall so you can see the back of the person next to you. I went towards the end next to the handicap stall which was occupied. I was getting ready to pull my pants down when I looked at the wall and could see the reflection of Victoria. She had her button down red shirt pulled up and get tight black jeans all the way down to her ankles and white panties draped down over her jeans and her legs were spread out. I pulled my pants down along with my spotted print panties and started to pee and just then Victoria let out a huge dry sounding fart that ended a little wet and then came a little bit of diarrhea with it. Right then I passed a huge fart and as I farted I started to have a huge load of messy poop come out at the same time. My stomach cramped up and then I started to unload more. Then Victoria dropped a few more turds and she pulled off a big batch of toilet paper and positioned herself to wipe. I just kept having poop come in different sets and finally I farted a little bit more and finished. Victoria was still finishing up but then she stood up and got more toilet paper. She pulled her butt cheeks apart and and kept wiping. She sat back down and pulled out her pad and took out her old one and replaced it and stood up and pulled up her underwear all the way into her butt crack. She reached back and pulled her underwear a little bit to adjust and pulled up her pants and flushed and left. I was just finishing up wiping, I had .y pants down all the way and my underwear so I could wipe. I wiped about 7 times and stood up. Pulled up my panties and flushed and pulled up my pants. Washed my hands and since we all got familiar with each other we all went to the same movie and enjoyed the evening. After we all stayed in touch.


Circular urinal trough

Last weekend my grandfather asked me to travel a couple of hours away because his high school graduation class (1959) was having their reunion. On Saturday morning members of the current student council at the school offered building tours. There must have been about 50 or 60 in our tour group. My grandfather was helpful to me a couple of years ago when I started high school and was trying to get up the nerve to use the deplorable toilets there. He assured me I wasn't the first in our family to have self-esteem issues and to be bullied and f##### with in meeting my bodily needs.

We were running early and once we entered his like 130-year-old school, he said he was going to take his morning crap, that is if the 1st hour class bell would cooperate. I kind of laughed and he knew why. So we walked down the hall to this huge bathroom. There were two sides to the room separated by a large marble wall. He made a joke about how old all the fixtures were and how the shitters had not been changed out (replaced or remodeled) since his time there. He said he had his famous throne. He walked to that toilet, which like the others didn't have a privacy door, dropped the ugly u-shaped black seat, and then dropped his political boxers, and sat for his crap. I asked him where he went for the urinals and he said they were on the other side of the wall.

What I came upon was a huge circular urinal. It was made of really beat up steel with lots of carvings and dents and about a inch of water circulating. About every three feet there was this clutch near the floor. You would use your shoe to activate it and it was the flusher. I had never seen anything quite like this. I peed for about a minute, shook my best dry, and then clutched my contribution. When I walked into the other room, grandpa was patiently seated, boxers at floor level and ready with the next joke. He said things move a little slower at age 78 and he would probably be swatted every day by the dean of students for taking too much time in the bathroom. Students were given a choice between a 45-minute detention after school or allowing the dean to give them three swats on the butt while they were hunched over and grabbing their ankles.

Victoria B.

Streak broken

I went and did it. Six months of clog-free pooping ended a couple of days ago.

I was having my normal post-breakfast poop and it turned out to be a big one. Three big turds and some mushy stuff held in by the plug of my bigger turd. It was all out in fifteen seconds and it felt positively orgasmic. This is when I should have flushed but the hubris my streak imparted on me interfered and I ended up in the throes of a wiping job that made me use an amount of toilet paper that made me feel guilty. It took six or seven passes before I felt clean between my cheeks again.

I flushed while still sitting down.... and felt the cold poopy water kiss my butt. The streak was officially over but there was no time to mourn; not when there was poop to plunge. By this time I'd stood up, panties still around my ankles, and realized that my custom pink plunger was in the cupboard on the other side of the bathroom from my toilet. Inspiration struck and I grabbed the toilet brush. I took the bristly end and thrust it as far into the mouth of the drain as I could, trying to push the paper and poop as far down as possible before attempting a second flush. I tried it again and everything went down; that is, everything with the exception of a nasty skidmark that was easy enough to brush off. The streak was over but shit will still happen. Here's to a new clog-free streak!


Taylor T

Six Flags

On Thursday, me and my friend Brianna went to Six Flags. My mom drove us and we were there from 9am to about 8:30pm. We had a lot of fun but of course like most of my amusement park trips, I had to take a poop at one point. We ate a few things before we were riding the Superman rollercoaster, and once we got off the ride I really got the urge to go. We both agreed that we had to go and we went off to find a bathroom. We went in and found that the bathroom only had two stalls and the toilets were up high because they were toilets that recycled your poop. Brianna took the first stall and I took the second stall, I had to wipe the seat since someone decided to pee on it. I saw Brianna's stretch pants fall to her ankles and she farted, I did the same and pushed my jeans and underwear around my ankles and sat down. I started hearing a wet crackling noise and a splash. Brianna already began wiping and flushed, she asked me how long I'd be and I said, "I don't know it feels pretty big you could probably be able to go on another ride before I'm done. She washed her hands and left and I began pushing and my poop exited me slowly with a wet crackling noise, it kept on crackling and crackling as it slid out. I heard someone come in and I saw that they were in khakis and a blue shirt and realized they were an employee. They pushed their khakis around their ankles and a clanking of the seat. I heard another girl come in around 13 and she tried to open my stall and saw me and my bare thighs in between the crevice of the door and said sorry. Eventually my poop dropped out of my bum and splashed in with the best "floomph" sound ever splashing toilet water on my bum cheeks. My second piece started sliding out of my bum with no crackling whatsoever. The employee finished peeing and left the stall, the 13 year old entered fast and I saw her jeans drop to her ankles and she sat and farted and all I could hear were sounds like "plunk, plunk, floomph, and a clank". My second piece dropped in and I unraveled some toilet paper and wiped while the 13 year old just kept on farting and there were a couple of plopping noises every few seconds. I couldn't tell if she was having diarrhea or if her poop was just breaking off. I pulled up my underwear and my jeans and flushed the toilet.


Wife needed a desperate poo

We went on a vacation me my wife and our 10 yr old, well at the house we have 3 bathrooms no problem if anyone needs the bathroom but in our hotel room was different usually not a problem but today was different. My wife woke up early I was still sleeping, when I got up started coffee my wife was outside on the balcony I went to the toilet for my usual morning poop I just sat down and started my usual loose poo i have always had loose poop in the morning i have to go at least 2 or 3 times. Well i was just getting started when my wife asked how long i would be i told her i just got in here she asked me to hurry i told her a few minutes, well couple minutes later i could hear her right beside the mumble omg please hurry i asked what she said she started and her stomach was bad upset I said ok I would be another minute I open the door she rushed in closed the door I was still standing there I heard a eruption of loose poop I mean she had a urgent release she sighed with relief it took her 5 minutes to finish I asked if she was ok she said probably not but I finally got in to finish my urgent dump it smelled awful in there good gosh

Taylor T- First of all thank you for responding on my last post!!! YES!! My mom does seem to walk in on me on purpose!!!! It's super awkward when I'm "mid turd" and I'm leaning forward LOL!! Lately I've been pooping in the afternoon. My poop vary.... sometimes I'll have 1 or 2 big turds (8-10 inches) but I do over a foot sometimes. Other times It'll be 4 or 5 like 4-6 inch turds. Either way it's usually a lot of poop LOL I usually go every day or every other day. And yes my butt gets splashed by my turds sometimes haha. Do you fart when you poop? Btw I'm 5'5 and I weigh 150ish and I have a big butt LOL. C cup boobs too.

Yesterday afternoon I pooped after I ate lunch. I pulled down my shorts and pink underwear. I let out 2 big farts then my hole opened a LONG(at least a foot long) snaked out of my butt,followed by a smaller(I think my huge turd broke actually) around 3 inches. I wiped and flushed. Hope you enjoyed my story.


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Darcee's dilemma

My daughter is almost 10 and over the past year or so she went from a rather neutral to a much more negative position about the inevitability of using toilets away from home. On Page 2752 earlier this year I wrote about her increased negativity about having to wait for me to pick her up after school. She tries to make the best of it and even does some nice volunteering in the hour or so she may wait for me. I sell media advertising and my clients are located all over town. So sometimes even when I'm only a few minutes late she's still in a bad mood because she's been holding holding in her bathroom needs for sometimes 6 or 7 hours. She says the bathrooms are too crowded earlier in the day and her only excuse for holding it in after school is that she's hopeful that I'm just around the corner because she would much rather meet her needs at home. Her brother doesn't help. He's totally insensitive and sometimes will throw out a length of the Cable he laid during bathroom break right after recess. Darcee, although she might flip him off or call him a foul name in the car, does internalize what he and the others say.

This summer we've been to two events where there have been long lines for the portables. Because of some taunts from others, I now stand right behind Darcee in the line and while there might be 12 lines of about 20 or 25 people each, I try and encourage her. Sometimes she may sit for 10 minutes or more but the rude people behind us in the line still will say negative things. Last week after 10 minutes I walked up, knocked, and she let me in. But Darcee was melting and getting more frustrated by the minute as she sat waiting for activity to start. She was pushing as hard as she could, you could smell her crap with each fart, but she was unable to produce more than 1 or 2 pieces the size of a fingernail. I finally decided to take her home and within two minutes of my unlocking the door, she did within a minute or two a double unload.

What is the answer? We've got 3 more outlook events coming up this month alone. In six weeks, she's starting middle school and I want her to have a smooth transition socially, but these experiences are not making me hopeful. What is the answer?


When I Was Younger

A little background; this is my first post and I've never told this story to anyone else. I was 9, I am in my mid-twenties now.

I was in 3rd grade. We used to stay in one class room back then, besides for art, and "library" class, which was basically time we spent in a lunchroom sized room layed out like a library. I started the day off in our classroom. I felt fine by that point, but a couple hours in I had to pee. Not too bad, but noticable. After another thirty minutes it was time for Art class. My teacher was a really nice man. I always like staying in that class as long as possible. By this time though I really had to go, bad. I didn't ask to go at this point, because we were set to go to Library class.

The teacher had to take us in a line from Art to Library class. When we got up too walk over to class my bladder felt very heavy. I also noticed one of my friends, we'll call her Nicole, moving her legs around a little bit. Me and her were pretty good friends. She was stood right in front of me, and turned to me and told me she had to pee. I told her I did pretty bad also. We made it to class, and I thought I would be okay, because after the hour class we had a bathroom break, and then lunch. Well, we got sat at our tables, it was me, Nicole, another girl, and boy. By this point I had to go so bad I was squeezing my crotch. Nicole noticed this, and asked if I was alright. I told her yes, but it was bad. She told me not to feel bad, and that she had to go too. About ten minutes later, I was not okay. We got up to get books and I walked through and aisle with Nicole. Problem was, I couldn't stop walking. If I did it felt like I was going to pee. At this point Nicole told me her need was also really bad. We asked the teacher if we could go and she said no. So we walked back to the aisle of books. That was when I couldn't wait anymore, and I peed my pants for what seemed like an enternity. Nicole looked and me and said she was sorry, but she said she couldn't wait either. Her hand went to her crotch and she started to pee herself also.

I remember me and her sitting in the nurses office waiting for our parents to come get us. It was super embarrassing. This was the first time I ever wet myself by accident.


Reply to Anna from Austria

"Did you observe that in the past by yourself your smell is different after you have been constipated for quite some time or it is maybe just my imagination." I'm not sure if it's a regular thing--- the smell generally changes slightly from one day or week to the next, but on the other hand after one of the worst constipation episodes I can recall, when I finally did manage to relieve myself I remember that the very last part that came out had a particularly intense, rotten smell.


Elevator nightmare

Let me start this off by saying Im going into my 3rd year at university. During finals, me and 4 of my friends were going to a study room on the 4th floor of one of our buildings around 6am.And as a result of it being finals season, We had been living on a diet of Ubereats and a LOT of coffee for the last 2 weeks. The elevator got stuck between the 2nd and 3rd floor. We used the emergency button to tell security we were stuck, and they called the elevator repair people. The repairman told us it would probably only be 10 or 15 minutes, but after 2 hours we were still stuck. The elevator was starting to get very very hot, and (Names changed for anonymity) Emma, who is very claustrophobic, was already having the worst day of her life, was huddled in a corner when we heard her quietly say "I have to go to the bathroom". We all reassured her that everyone had to go and we'd be free any minute, but 10 minutes later, we heard a telltale hiss as a wet spot appeared on her jeans and a puddle appeared beneath her butt. Now Emma was crying, holding her stomach, and begging the repair man to hurry up before she pooped herself, but that was a lost battle as less than a minute after that we heard her crying get louder and smelled that she hadnt made it. I dont know if it was something she ate, or the heat in the elevator, but the smell was almost suffocating.

It wasnt long before the rest of us were dancing around trying to get out of this ordeal dry, and at about the 3 and a half hour mark after getting trapped, I was the second to lose it. I peed for what seemed like forever, and my pants were almost entirely soaked. I even somehow managed to get the side of my pants wet. At this point Emma had just resigned herself to her fate, and would periodically just pee or poop a little more for the sake of feeling better.

By 4 hours in, Hannah and Sarah had also wet themselves, and I was starting to feel the urge to poop. Not long after that, Jen, the last of us to remain dry, and who had more or less been holding her cool, just exploded. In an instant she went from being calm and collected to panicked, then a huge rush of pee, and a loud crackling sound as her leggings filled up to a ridiculous size. I couldnt imagine any human being able to hold that much, let alone a girl whos only 5'1" and maybe, MAYBE 110lbs.

At about quarter to 11, I decided I didnt want to suffer anymore, and I let go. About 2 softballs worth of very soft poop filled the back of my jeans. I was so overwhelmed with relief that it took me a few minutes to feel grossed out about what I did, but i told Hannah and Sarah that we were going to be trapped here for a while, and they might as well let go. Hannah agreed, pushed, and liquid poop poured down her legs. Sarah was the at this point the last one to mess.

By noon, Sarah was still holding on. Peeing periodically, like the rest of us, but refusing to mess. She kept insisting that she could wait. But only 10 minutes later she was proved wrong like the rest of us. First we just heard a whimper, and when we looked at her she was squatted down with a brown spot spreading in all directions.

For the next several hours, we just relieved ourselves when needed, and complained about the rising heat. The temperature hit its peak around 4pm, and it must have been 40+ degrees celcius. When we finally got out at 5:40, after nearly 12 hours inside, we were all so happy to be free of that hellish box that we didnt even feel overly embarrassed by the fact that we had to walk by numerous students and staff and through public streets to go back to our house.

The next day we had a huge girls day and got absolutely wasted to try and forget what happened



I am in middle school have 3 younger siblings and I almost always go to girls room at school and love to fart and have other girls go sisters do same. I like how it feels and sometimes how it smells. Bye


Details and a Response to anonymous

Every time I do physical activity I try to wear briefs cuz it holds, well, "hold my everything in place". Boxers ride up on me. As for color, I wore Black briefs and black shorts. Both were rather stretchy and didn't resist much when I started unloading into them. So you could see the messy bulge very easily... doesn't help that bike seats hard not ideal in this situation. At first I just tried sitting with my butt hanging off the back off the seat. But I couldn't keep such an awkward position. Same when standing on The pedals. So at some point I had to slowly sit down on my accident... what a morning....


Another Close Call

This morning I was thinking of going swimming, so I had on my one-piece suit, shorts, and a tank top and was lounging around the house. I had drank a 32oz cup of water rather quickly, and as it tends to go, it didn't take much time for all that water to catch up with my bladder. I was watching a show I was super into, so I put off going to the bathroom for awhile, but finally I got to the point where I realized I'd better go. And now. Even at that point I had about 12 minutes left in the episode I was watching, so I bounced around in my chair a little and jiggled my knee, until finally it ended. I headed upstairs and once I got to the bathroom, I was dying I was so desperate. I didn't even shut the bathroom door. I walked (shuffled) to the toilet, opened the lid, and then it hit me. The urgency. I had to switch my stance to the side to keep from peeing on the floor. When the urge subsided a little, I pulled down my shorts, pulled my tank top over my head, slid the straps of the one piece off my shoulders, and was just about to pull my suit down when I had to stop to clamp my legs together again. A shiver washed over my body and I thought that was it. I was about to start peeing full force down my legs 6 inches from the toilet. By some miracle, the wave of urgency subsided a little, and I was able to unclench just a little. When I did, though, a spurt of pee jetted out and trickled down my leg, wetting my swimsuit. Immediately I tore down the suit and sat down on the toilet, spraying the rest of my stream into the bowl. It lasted for about a full minute. As I peed, I inspected my suit, which had a baseball-sized wet patch in the crotch. Luckily, I hadn't wet my shorts since they were pulled down. So once I finished peeing, I pulled on my suit, shorts, and tank top and went back downstairs to finish my show. By the end of the next episode, my suit had dried in the crotch. That was a close one, though!

Luke C
Today was the 4th of July and we ended the day on the front porch watching fireworks while having a farting contest. It was me, my mom, my sister, and my sister's girlfriend. The contest actually started when my mom who is about 5'7 with shoulder-length dyed grey hair and wears red glasses said she had some fireworks of her own and ripped a loud fart. We were having so much fun that we stayed outside even after the fireworks ended. My mom got a little cocky and started farting back-to-back. She wouldn't let anybody else fart since she was already winning. Well she ended up ripping a juicy wet fart and gasped. It was clear to me, my sister, and her girlfriend what she had done and we started laughing. She had just sharted! My mom excused herself and waddled into the house while holding her pants. And that's how the contest ended lol.

Taylor T

Buddy Dump With My Cousin

To Macy: Does your mom ever walk in on purpose just to see if you're peeing or pooping? My mom usually does that sometimes and it's super annoying and she always asks about it but I usually refuse to answer. You also said you said that you often have big dumps and enjoy them... how big in size do you think they are. And one last question that is weird to ask but... when your on the toilet and the poop drops out of your bum does the water ever splash back on your bum? And please post more I'd be very interested in your stories!

This week since July 1st I've been camping at the campground I usually go to every year or so. The last time I pooped was about 10 minutes after my last post on the site. So I didn't poop on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd but today was different.... we had a big party today at my campground with most of my family there. I hung out with my cousin Colby most of the day, he is 11 and has black hair probably about 90 pounds and 5'1. He is my closest cousin in age so we had a lot of fun with each other. We were walking around my campground and we went down to the lake and it had some swings next to it. We were on the swings and I suddenly got the urge to take a fat poop and there was no way I could hold it. I couldn't let Colby out of my eyes and we had a close relationship so I said to him, "Hey umm so I have to use the bathroom do you want to come with me" "Sure where will we go" "I think there are toilets around here". We walked down a long path through the woods and found a few picnic tables with no one there and saw a big outhouse. It was clearly handmade with a bench with four holes in it and had buckets under them. I assumed he was peeing so I said "Oh you can probably just go outside behind a tree I don't think your supposed to pee in them", and he said, "I'm not peeing". He walked over to the third hole pushed his shorts down to his ankles and sat down. I had short shorts on with blue underwear and clearly Colby found that cute because he was looking at my bum all day. I pushed both down around my ankles and sat down and he asked, "Are you pooping" "Yeah I haven't gone since I left home" "Just go in your camper" "I can't I have very big poops and they don't go down". My bum opened up very wide and it crackled out of me fast like a snake and I heard a big thud in the plastic bucket. About 20 seconds lter I heard a thud in Colby's bucket. We were both surprised at the size of our poops. I guess it runs in the family LOL!!!


Recent Poo/response to Mark

Sorry all for the absence! I just haven't really had the time to post anything but I'm back!

Okay, so I just had a rather big one, it makes me proud to be honest. As I sat down it did slide out a lil bit but then it stopped, and wouldn't continue. I gave a few pushes before cracking and audibly straining, clenching my fists. "nnNNN... Rnn..." I could feel that this one definitely opened me wide, and upon closer inspection, I did notice that it had some blood on it!

Mark- Actually, yes, I've managed to get away with not using a public bathroom my whole life, believe it or not! I never really gave it much thought, but I guess I probably do have really good control!


Today's Craps

Hi Everyone! To Ashleigh: Maybe Ava should write a poop/pee journal. She should describe her sensations, and the times she goes. That way, she can keep track of her waste disposal rhythm, and go when she needs to. I think reminders should be good, too. Anyway, today's craps were on the really soft side. It was a bit wet/chunky feeling this morning, and runnier later. To Michael W: Welcome back! Bye.


Morning poop

Taylor T - Welcome to the site! Thank you for adding a letter after your name.

Imogen - It sounded like you only just made it! It was quite funny how you managed to trap your friend behind the bush.

I woke up just after 9am and made myself a coffee before taking it with me to the bathroom. I opened my window a little and then sat down on the toilet, I had slept naked because of how hot it has been here so I didn't need to worry about any clothes. I just relaxed, sipping my coffee and after a few seconds my poop began slowly making its way out of me. I love starting the day like this and it always puts me in such a good mood. I kept sipping my drink as it easily slid out of me before falling into the bowl with a quiet splash. The rest kept coming and I just relaxed, enjoying the wonderful feeling. I dropped three pieces in total and then waited for my bladder., looking out of the window, happily drinking away. Sure enough, after about 30 seconds I started peeing, a strong stream that made a loud splashing into the water below, I really needed to go! I went for about a minute and finished my coffee before wiping. I started with my front, only using a few squares and then I used three pieces for my behind before it came back clean. Then I stood up, flushed, and had a cool shower. A perfect start to the day!

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