More about Ava

First, let me clarify something. I accidentally misspelled my name in my previous post. My name is Ashleigh. I'm 18, by the way.

To Canada poop- Do you have any stories about your cousin that you would like to share? What did you do to help her?

Thank you all for your concern for my little sister Ava. Some of you asked if her accidents are truly accidents or on purpose. To answer your questions, there's nothing medically wrong with her. Most of her accidents are true accidents, but are the result of her being lazy and not going to the bathroom on time. Both me and my parents have tried to get her in the habit of going to the bathroom on time, but she still has accidents.

The only recent accident she has had that was on purpose was the one I mentioned in the last post that happened while she was on her bike and didn't want to stop to go to the bathroom. That is something that she used to do a lot when she was little. When she was playing at home, she would pee or poop in her pants rather than stop playing. Because of that, we used to have her wear pullups at home if she wanted to, and she wasn't allowed to go in her underwear. We used to do that up until I think she was in 3rd or 4th grade.

Now, I'm not one to criticize her for having accidents. I myself wasn't completely potty trained until I was about 3 and a half and I have still had occasional accidents long after. I even pooped my pants out of spite a few times in elementary school (let me know if you want to hear that one. It's kind of a funny story).

Now for a story. We went to visit our grandparents this past weekend. They live 6 hours away in Dayton, Ohio, so Dad told us both to go to the bathroom before we left, but Ava didn't go because she didn't need to at the time. About 4 hours into the drive, Ava whispered to me that she had to go to the bathroom, so I asked Dad if we were going to stop anywhere. He said that we weren't because we were already behind schedule. About an hour later, I could tell that Ava was getting desperate. She was fidgeting, clinching, sitting on her hands, and biting her lip. When we had about a half hour left, she finally announced that she had to go to the bathroom. "Didn't you go before we left home?" Mom asked. "I didn't have to go then," Ava said. "Well just hold on. We'll be there soon." "But I have to go REALLY bad! I don't want to have an accident!" "I know, but we'll be there soon." Ava was quietly staring out the window and I saw her start to cry a little bit. A few minutes later she whispered to me, "I'm pooping." She lifted her butt off of the seat and had a concentrated look on her face. I lifted her skirt and saw a large bulge start to grow in the back of her panties. It continued to grow for about two minutes. Then she said, "Mom I pooped my pants." Mom got really mad and started yelling at her and Ava was crying harder. When we got to our grandparents house, Dad brought in our bags and we rushed Ava to the bathroom. Mom took me in there to help clean Ava up. Her panties were a mess. They were completely filled with poop that was smashed from when she sat down in it, and the poop was all smeared on her butt. We spent almost an hour cleaning her. Mom told her that if she had one more accident, she would have to wear diapers 24/7 until she stopped having accidents. She meant it too, because Mom never bluffs when it comes to punishments. The panties were ruined, so we emptied the load into the toilet and threw them in the trash. Then Ava took a shower and went straight to bed.

I'm really worried about Ava because she just can't seem to get in the habit of going to the bathroom on time and I don't want her to have to wear diapers. Does anybody have some advice?

Hi this is my first post. I'm 14 years old and I found this website on my moms laptop. I've always had a secret fascination with pooping and enjoy a big dump (which I often take lol). I enjoyed Taylor T's story. It's nice to know there's another teen girl here. I take my panties down to my knees too and my mom walks in on me sometimes. I usually poop in the afternoon after school too :). I'll post more later.

To Kamdyn (you're not alone!!!)

Kamdyn, funny you should say that because almost the same exact thing happened to me!!!!! Extremely coincidental! Before I tell my story, I wanted to let you know that I agree!! He was really rude and his mother should've kept an eye on him.

Here's my experience (though I guess I don't even have to tell it because it was almost identical to yours!!!).

My older brother went to college a few years ago pretty far away. We'd have to drive nearly halfway across the country to see him!! Surprisingly we never took a plane there (I guess due to the expenses!) but to be honest I loathed those trips. I'm a bit older but I still hated those car rides that lasted like 12 hours!!!

At a rest stop is when and where it all happened. I went to the ladies room to have a pee and a poo. I was pretty desperate at that point so I didn't wanna walk too far to find a stall (it was a pretty big bathroom) so I took the first one that was open which was the 4th or 5th stall. I attempted to lock the door but the lock was broken and the door wouldn't even close! I couldn't hold it closed as I was doing my business (I like to be totally relaxed when doing my business, with my pants off and my legs spread and basically straddling the toilet and leaning back and if I leaned forward it would make it harder for the poo to come out). So unfortunately that meant I had to leave it open. I wasn't happy about it, and was embarrassed especially since the bathroom was big and there were a lot of people in it and a lot of people had to walk past me and peek into the stall to see if it was open or not, but I'm not modest so I wasn't concerned too much about my bits being seen. I just wasn't wild about the idea of strangers seeing me as I pushed and strained and peed and pooped.

I began to pee and soon after my stream ended I heard a boy talking to his mom. They were walking to find a toilet. The boy had a sister around his age too. Well when they walked past me the boy stopped and looked at me and peeked between my legs and laughed. I was right in the middle of my pooping session, and he covered his nose and said PU!! He said to me "why isn't your private hairy like my mom's? And it doesn't look like hers!"
He then turned to his sister and said "Katie, her private looks like yours! And look she's making doodoo!" and his sister looked too and laughed.
I keep myself shaved down there (and not to be TMI but I have an innie so it doesn't look much different from when I was just a girl) so that's what he was referring to obviously. His mom quickly pulled him away but it all happened so fast that she couldn't really prevent it. I was shocked and humiliated that he would say something like that! He was little though but still I was super embarrassed and caught off guard! Even telling that story makes my face hot!

You're not alone! Kids, especially boys! can be very rude. I remember in school we sometimes saw each other in the bathroom and we all made such a big deal out of it. It's definitely a maturity thing because I mean we wouldn't do that to anyone !! But we're adults so we know better but it's still very irritating and rude that they do that !!

Anna from Austria

intersting observation and question for everybody

Normally I am very regularly with my Bm I need to go once or sometimes even twice a day but for some reason I could not go for about 3 days.

Today this luckily changed I could go again and I made a funny observation. Not only that I never did a big poo previously in my life, I even clogged my toilet but that is not the observation. That is normal that the amount is bigger after not going for about 3 days.

My observation is, that also the smell changed. it smelled way more intense than normal. Did you observe that in the past by yourself your smell is different after you have been constipated for quite some time or it is maybe just my imagination.


from Austria



Saw an accident

Well, I witnessed an accident yesterday. I was at my city's Pride parade. I was watching it with some friends, one of whom lives in an apartment just off the parade route, so I was lucky enough that I could go inside and get refreshments and use the bathroom when I needed to. The other people at the parade...not so lucky. There were port-a-potties set up every few blocks, and my friends and I ended up standing about half a block away from one such group of toilets.

Well, an hour or so in, I noticed one young woman in line for the port-a-potties who was very obviously squirming a lot. She was maybe eight people or so deep in the line. I was intrigued by her predicament, so I made an excuse to my friends about wanting to a better vantage point to take pics of the parade floats, and walked over to get a closer look. She kept stepping back and forth in place, crossing her legs back and forth each time. The line moved forward at a reasonable pace, and within a few minutes she was only about four people back, so I assumed she was going to make it.

But then she started grabbing herself between the legs. At that point, other people started noticing what was going on, and one of the people in front of her in line offered to switch with her so she could go in faster. It ended up being too late for that - I heard her start swearing, and a few seconds later a dark stain spread down the inside of the legs of her khaki pants and started puddling on the ground. At the same time, she reached behind her and held herself from the back, her hand pressed against the seat of her pants. I wondered if she was soiling herself, or about to soil herself, but I couldn't see anything, and I wasn't close enough that I would have been able to hear or smell anything. The people in line near her noticed her accident and started stepping away from her.

Anyway, eventually the door to the port-a-potty opened. Everyone pretty much just let her push through to the front of the line so she could go in. She took her hand away from the back of her pants to open the door, and I saw that she had indeed had a small poop accident. There was no obvious bulge - her pants were kind of baggy - but there was a brown discoloration in her khakis a few inches across. That was the second time I've ever witnessed a soiling accident, and I couldn't help but think that it must be a nightmare to clean up in a port-a-potty.

So I wandered back over to my friends and made a mental note: never wait to use the bathroom at the last minute at an outdoor event! Has anyone else ever witnessed (or experienced) something similar?


Saying Hello

To the anonymous poster and to Jenny in Seattle, who mentioned me a while back, it was so good to be remembered. I do peak at the forum even though I don't have much time to post. And, I love reading my favorites, like Victoria B, Mina, both Anna's, and others! Enjoy your doodie everyone!

Love to all!


To Icy

Dang, so you got caught? Those must have been color briefs if they came out fine, good thing they were briefs and held everything in place, otherwise you would have had a real bad mess

Michael W.

An Accident

Hey Everyone. I'm back. Its been a long time since I posted a story. The reason why I haven't posted on here in so long is bcz I lost Internet at my old house where I used to live at. Now I live in a new house and I have access to Internet again. I've been reading everyone's posts on my phone. Anyways, onto my story that I'd like to share.

It was March 2002. I was 13 years old, going on 14 and I was in 8th Grade. Me and my older bro Josh were at my mom's house for the weekend. My step bro Matt had just turned 11 years old and we were celebrating his birthday. I was in his bedroom listening to music on the radio with my cousin Dustin. Then "Thank You" by Dido started playing on the radio. (Remember that song?) There was something up with the speakers of the radio. Either it was a bad signal or the speakers were kind of blown out. Whenever the song playing on the radio would reach a bass the speakers on the radio would sound like somebody is farting. Dustin would ask me "Did you fart?" And I would say "No." And then the speakers would keep making that noise. And me and Dustin started laughing. I laughed so hard my face turned red and then I accidently pooped my pants. So then I ran out of the room and went into the living room to look into my duffel bag for a clean pair of boxers. Then I went straight to the bathroom. First I tried to use the bathroom that is right across the hallway from Matt's room. I couldn't use that bathroom bcz my sister Jeannea, Nicole, and Samantha were giving each other make overs. (Girls stuff) So I ran straight to the bathroom in my mom's room. No body was in that bedroom or bathroom. So I went into the master bathroom and closed and locked the door. I pulled down my jeans and boxers down around my ankles and sat on the toilet and then I started pooping. It was wet and creamy like soft serve ice cream. I checked the boxers that I was wearing and I saw the poop stain in them. So I took some toilet paper and I started wiping the stain off. I got most of the poop out but the brown stain was still there. So then I took off my jeans and boxers. And then I took the clean pair of boxers I put them on and then I put my jeans on. And then I looked at the side of the toilet for a plastic grocery bag from Walmart and then I put the soiled pair of boxers in the bag and then I tied the bag up. I was still pooping and I got bored sitting on the toilet. So I grabbed a magazine and started looking through it. I kept pooping and farting. And then I thought I was done. So I wiped with toilet paper and stood up and just then I felt I had to poop some more so I sat right back down on the toilet. I put the magazine back were I found it. Lil turds just kept sliding out of my butt. About five or ten minutes later my step dad Ron knocks on the door. "Who's in the bathroom?" Then I said "Me." Then he said "Okay." Then I think he left to use the other bathroom. I farted again and then I laughed. I waited for another turd to come out but nothing. So I wiped my butt with toilet paper until it was clean and then I pulled my boxers and jeans back up around my waist. Then I flushed the toilet. I left skid marks in the toilet bowl. And then I washed my hands and left the master bathroom. All in all I was in there for about 40 minutes. And then I went to the Family Room to play a video game on the Play Station with my cousin Kayla. And that's all for today. I don't know when I'll post again but I hope you enjoyed reading my story. And Happy Pooping to everyone.


Survey and a childhood experience

Taylor's suvey:

1) How old are you? 34
2) How many bathrooms do you have?
1 at my parents' house; 1 at my apartment; 1 at Bennett's apartment.
3) How big are your poops?
If I remain regular, they are often soft and smaller; after a couple of days they can be the size of a flashlight and more time-on-toilet is needed.
4) Where do you poop the most? At my work; otherwise its about equal between my apartment or Bennett's place.
5) Where do you put your bottom at? Usually at shoe-level unless it is a really filthy public place like a gas station and then I don't want my clothing on a weed-on, leaked on floor.
6) How long does it take you to take a poop? I prefer the fast (minute or two) soft ones, but for the longer ones it might be 10 or 12 minutes. That's why I put paper over the seat for those situations. Hey, a woman's got to protect her assets!
7) Do you poop with friends? Yes and often when the two other ladies in the department we're in travel to trade shows.
8) Do your feet hang off the toilet? Not since grade school and junior high. By 6th grade I had grown to having my feet on the floor, but in 7th grade our middle school toilets were a bit higher, so I lost that advantage.
9th grade.
9) I don't like to admit this, yes, if I've been holding it in because of lines for the toilets or if I just ate a big meal or had several alcoholic drinks with Bennett.
10) Have you ever been walked in on? Yes. Several times when I was young and in a public stall, and didn't latch the door. My bad. At home my mom would worry about me being allegedly constipated and in need of assistance as I sat. She would stand there, ask me also these personal questions when was the last time I had tried to go. How much water I had drank in a given day at school? What I had eaten at lunch?
How well other friends of hers children were doing because of how they ate more roughage and something else I can't remember.

Pooing in the Park

When I was about 10 or 11 my mom's intrusive questions made me feel bad about myself and I started my walk to school each day about 10 minutes earlier. It had just gotten to a point at home that each morning I spent time on the toilet, mom would come in with all these intrusive questions. She felt I needed to drink more water at school, eat more roughage and there was something else that made me feel kind of dumb. So instead of her standing over me while I was on the toilet, I left for school early, and on my six block walk, I stopped at the park that I was cutting through anyway. It was much more relaxing for me to take my crap there, although I didn't have total privacy because there was no door on any of the toilets. I was able to sit in leisure and with the nice clean morning air and no aggressive questioning, I was able to complete my crap within ten minutes. And then I didn't have to stop and try to get onto a toilet before classes. Each day so many of my friends were turned away by the warning bell or they took tardy checks after the others made a run for class.

Then one evening when I came home, mom started questioning me again.
One of her friends who lives by the park was on her porch and saw me go into the park toilets several mornings in a row. Mom called the park bathrooms filthy, after I confessed, and said I was going to catch something really, really bad. She also worried about my security, but I tried to tell her the criminal types are not in the park that early in the morning. While my dad ended up mediating our argument, I promised mom that I would not sit directly on the toilet seat by covering it first. I still continue that habit today, more than 20 years ago. There's something satisfying about a morning crap and there's something even more tranquil about it being outdoors and in the park.


Recent Poo/response to Mark

Sorry all for the absence! I just haven't really had the time to post anything but I'm back!

Okay, so I just had a rather big one, it makes me proud to be honest. As I sat down it did slide out a lil bit but then it stopped, and wouldn't continue. I gave a few pushes before cracking and audibly straining, clenching my fists. "nnNNN... Rnn..." I could feel that this one definitely opened me wide, and upon closer inspection, I did notice that it had some blood on it!

Mark- Actually, yes, I've managed to get away with not using a public bathroom my whole life, believe it or not! I never really gave it much thought, but I guess I probably do have really good control!

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Pee Man

Circular Urinal Trough

So I've been looking all over the internet, hoping to find the truth about this, and so I'm glad i found this site. I know most people have seen or have at least heard of those big circular troughs that act as wash basins in restrooms. They are big and round and have a foot control that makes water flow from the middle part. Now my question is, has anyone ever seen them used not as a sink but as a urinal? I'm not talking about a special situation where you had to pee in it as an emergency, like you would pee in a sink. I'm talking about a situation where the restroom was actually treating it as a urinal. A restroom that actually had sinks on the wall and had that circular trough as its urinal. I could swear when i was a kid my dad and i used one like that, and it was so amazing to pee in it, and there were other guys also using it all around it. It was absolutely incredible to me. I remember it was at some kind of park or fairgrounds or something. The foot control was used to keep it flushed. It even had a couple of stepstools there for little guys like me to use it. And there were definitely sinks on the wall, so it was a urinal. I'm really hoping I'm right about this. I'm also hoping for a lot of replies to this post. My dream is to someday find a place that actually has a urinal like this. I would love to be able to use it, preferably with other guys there peeing at the same time, but alone would work too.

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