To Kate and others about elevators

That sucks being stuck in an elevator that long for sure. If that ever happens again - or if it happens to others - you might as well avoid messing up your pants and underwear. Just drop your pants and go on the floor. No one can blame you given the circumstances, and it isn't like the floor was going to be clean after anyhow.

I'm curious if anyone else has stories about relieving themselves in elevators. Or stairwells since that's related.

Ashley G
Hi! I used to post here a couple years ago. I'm the mom of Natalie who is now 17. Are there any moms or teenage girls still around?

To Taylor T-Enjoyed your story about you and Jenna! It sounds like she did a BIG poop! To answer your latest question,yes I've been around when my mom and a couple of my girl cousins pooped. Had a few experiences with them in the bathroom with me! Also I have a 12 year old sister,Abby. Shes a big pooper like me LOL. Her turds are as long as mine!!

Today I went poop around 4pm. I was hanging with my sister watching tv I said I had to go poop and if she wanted to she could keep me company. She sat on the side of the bathtub as I dropped my pants and undies to my ankles. Right away I farted loudly which drew a laugh from Abby. My hole opened up and my turd inched out. It kept coming finally it dropped and splashed my butt. I let a couple quiet farts and my hole opened again and 2 pieces dropped in a row. I was done and wiped and got dressed


Just Jerika

School bathroom reflections

To Taylor T:

I enjoyed your story about you and your friends needing to use the bathrooms at the mall. I'm in college and 5 years older than you but me and my friend Gopi had a lot of experience and observations when using the bathrooms pretty regularly at places such as school, gas stations, the park, our civic center arena and oh yes, at the coin-operated laundry we stopped at after school because the school bathrooms, while larger, were crowded and gross. Sometimes everything from puke and piss would be on the seat, the toilet would be unable to flush because of things such as soda cans and even a paperback or two would be thrown in.

Like you, we found sitting on the toilet and listening and watching what was happening in adjacent stalls to be very interesting. More than once when we were washing our hands, Gopi and I were debating whether this girl who came running in, bashed open a stall door, and noisily thudded herself onto the seat did so without soiling her panties. Gopi and I were opposites when it came to bathroom procedures. Having moved to the U.S. just a few years before that from India, Gopi was very formal and efficient in the bathroom. She always nested the seat with paper, would sit and fairly easily released her waste. I often could hear no farting and sometimes depending on the shape and how big the toilet was, she would lay additional toilet paper on top of the water. She was a strong pisser and didn't want her pee hitting the water to be heard by others. She was like a bronze statue who sat on the toilet, hands around her knees, feet like in cement in front of the toilet and almost never wanted to talk while seated. One day at school, she was battling diarrhea and in an emergency, ran into the bathroom to find all three stalls not in use to be without toilet paper. She was forced to sit on the bare seat and the first of her diarrhea did go into part of her panties. After school, she and I walked to a coin-operated laundry and she washed her panties. Twice she had to run to the bathroom there for another round of the runs. She was so embarrassed that she had to sit on the bare toilet, without any toilet paper as a buffer, and a butt that was sore and largely mud-caked. She insisted that she be allowed to use my bathroom for a quick bath before we went to my room and started on homework. My parents were gone, but she was petrified of her parents, who were very strict, finding out what had happened.

I remain fascinated by bodily functions and how people handle them in public places. While on a public toilet I've heard some parents quite upset and verbally hostile to their child who had forgotten to go to the bathroom earlier before they left home. One came into the 3rd floor bathroom yelling for her daughter. The girl was on the toilet next to me slowly doing her dump. The mom called her out for not being at the curb when she came and said no normal would rather use a school toilet when they were just five minutes from home. I found that attitude to be bullying and disrespectful and I wasn't surprised when the girl started to cry and blow her nose. For like five minutes, the mom stood in front of my stall and said some really mean things to her daughter. Then she tried to convince the girl that there's a lot of people that go all four years of high school without having to use the school toilets once. I remember listening to a few other insults that parents were laying on their daughters when they needed to use the bathroom.

Most days I peed two or three times at school and sometimes it took me two or three separate sits to get a really mean turd out. At first I was a messy wiper, but I got progressively better. I learned to pee in 15 to 20 seconds, sometimes trying to ignore the need to wipe someone else's pee splashes off the seat, because the five seconds that would take could cause me to be late to class and that would mean a four-hour detention. Several years ago, when desperate, I found it more convenient to pee into a bucket in a little-used janitorial supply room when I saw the door ajar.

Now as a community college student, I continue to be very dependent on bathrooms away from home. I still don't subscribe to that belief that Gopi had that you should not directly sit on a bare public toilet seat. Gopi and I are still friends, although her college is at the opposite coast of the country.

Taylor T., keep up the great stories. Those of us interested in this type of thing deserve the best.


bury a turd?

I agree with John, it isn't need to bury a pile of turds. Because if someone step in it when can't see, it is big problem! But I also think, it is better to take paper away and drop it dustbin. Then nobody know if turds are from human being or animal.

Sometimes in Japan, people do motion in field, then mix turd with earth to create fertiliser. Well, they did in past. Perhaps today too, in very countryside place.

I have story but now sleepy.... I will write soon.

Love to everyone.

Sleepy Mina

Does anyone else feel like they have to pee at least once an hour after holding it for awhile? Or do I just have a weak bladder?

I'm a germaphobe, and didn't ALWAYS have this problem, but lately I try to avoid using public restrooms if possible. If I really need to and/or will be out for a long time, I will. I'm usually good at planning around it and not drinking a lot. All this goes out the window if I'm drinking alcohol, however, lol.

Anyway, I don't even like to use the restrooms at work because they're now open to the public (we don't have private restrooms for employees). So if I can, I just hold it until I get home. Thankfully I work part-time lol (my shifts are usually only 5 hours). I always drink coffee on my breaks and usually drink a big bottle of water on my way home. Today I had to pee already when I got to work (happens a lot to me during morning shifts), but held it for the entire 5 hours (and still had my coffee; I NEVER skip my coffee). And, a common side effect of this fairly new habit for me, when I get home I'm peeing like every hour. This has always happened to me. I wasn't even THAT desperate when I got home, although it got kind of bad on the walk home.

So yeah, does this happen to anyone else? I want to try to stop this because I literally pee like every hour or two while at home and it's annoying.

haven't posted in so long but this morning i decided i should again.
i woke up a few hours ago with a stomach ache which is not uncommon for me considering i go days without pooing so theres always something in there making me bloated and sore. i got out of bed and realised that there was a poo ready to come out and it felt urgent! i honestly thought it might come out in my panties. because of this, i assumed it would be relatively easy to pass but i was wrong. i pulled my pants and panties down and sat on the toilet. it already felt huge, filling me up inside. i took a deep breath and pushed and nothing happened. i leaned back and gave my belly a gentle rub and tried another push. immediately my hole felt like it was being torn apart. the poo was so big and hard. i yelled for my mum. (i've gotten more comfortable with doing that now.) and she ran in and said, "oh melanie, you're constipated again, aren't you?" i nodded and she told me to stand up and bend over so that she could take a look. i did so and she said that it was rock hard and the biggest poo she'd ever seen. she told me to stop pushing because she was afraid i'd tear my bumhole and left for a moment to get the vaseline. she told me to push to open my hole for her and i did. she got a huge glob of vaseline and rubbed it around the poo. she patted my bum and said that i should try squatting. she didn't even put toilet paper on the floor she just helped me down into a squat and sat behind me, rubbing my belly for me. every time i pushed she'd push on my belly hard. eventually after about half an hour there was a huge nearly black poo on the floor, hugely wide and rock hard. mum took a good look and told me how dangerous and bad it was that that was in my belly and asked how many days of poo worth that was. i told her about five. i ripped a huge fart and she giggled and said i guess there's probably gonna be a lot more of those. she told me the usual that i need to stop getting so constipated but i bet you feel better after that. she wiped me and we both washed our hands and i went back to bed.


Circular Urinal

When I was in the first grade I went to a school that had round urinals that you stood around to do your bussiness. The water would come out of the center column, sort of like a fountain.

I switched states and schools halfway through the year. The first day at the new school I went into the bathroom and peed in a similar urinal.

It turned out to be a circular sink ( kind you push down a foot pad to make the water come out) in the girls bathroom.

I used a bathroom with stalls but now doors ??

So me and my family went camping and on day 5 we were moving to a different campsite I had recently got a water parasite a few weeks ago and it was still affecting me and still is now and we were in the car and I really needed to go like it was very urgent my other sister makes fun of me cause of this water parasite because I have had a few messy accidents on this camping trip so far

Anyway back to the story we were still about 4 hours away from the next campsite and I was very desperat my parents understand that I can't hold it that long so we quickly found somewhere to go and pulled over as soon as I got out the car I just squatted right there because it was coming out right now my sister says "oh god can u not do it right there " I replied with I can't help it " and then " look away ! "
I finished my poop and got back in the car and we carried on the rest of the trip we made a few frequent stops because me again needing a poo anyway we were about 30 mins away from the next campsite and I started feeling abit uneasy AGAIN. I said I needed a poo again and my parents say can u not hold it were almost there I said fine
About 5 mins past the urgency passed and I knew it would be back within 10 mins stronger

About another 15 mins past and we were round the corner I really needed to fart and so I did very cuatiosly but my family didn't like that because this parasite makes my farts smell really bad anyway we got to the camp site I ran to the toilet to find there's no doors on the stalls it practically an open bathroom I think to myself beggers can't be choosers just do it so I sit down and start exploding loose stool and farting someone walks in and starts using the mirror which is in front of all the stalls she spots me and the looks disgusted and walks out about 5 mor mins I'm still popping away and someone else walks in and uses the stall next to me I hear this women drop her pants and then starts pooping she drops a log then I hear some loose stool she wipes gets up and flushes then as she walks past my stall she goes I hope u get better I felt embarrassed but comforted at the same time cause she didn't give me a disgusted look like the other women did before

Anyway that was my open stall experience have u had any

Dom P

Pooped In My Yard Last Night

Dom P here. I used to post here a couple of years ago about pooping outdoors in my backyard. I'm here with another story about pooping in my yard last night. Last night I was outside in my backyard hanging out just as the sun was going down. I hadn't pooped yet in the day and after a short walk around my neighborhood block I felt the need to poop. My parents were both home so I had to be careful not to get caught pooping by my parents. There is a fairly private area on the side of our house by the garage, there also happens to a below ground utility box that holds the electronic valves for the yard sprinkler system. I opened up the box with the sprinkler valves in it, pulled down my shorts and underwear and squatted down. I pushed out a whole bunch of soft poop that landed in the box. I then pushed out another small piece of poop. I also dribbled a little pee while I was pooping. I felt done but stayed squatting for a minute or two. I didn't have any toilet paper to wipe with so I pulled up my underwear and shorts and closed the lid on the utility box and walked away.
Question for anyone who wants to answer it: Does anyone else like pooping outdoors just for the fun of it? If so what do you like about pooping outdoors?

Anatomy Student

To blondiemaja

It is recommended to bury poop in a latrine to prevent other people from stepping in it, rain washing it into water and potentially contaminating a small ecosystem, and to prevent animals from eating it and getting hurt from something that isn't harmful to humans that made it into your deuce. One poop left out isn't really going to cause much problem, but if everyone did just one poop they didn't bury, then it would add up to a big issue. The burying thing is really more for parks and forests. As long as it isn't going to wash into a water supply it's fine in your back yard.

Male student

Train toilets flushing onto the track

I am on an educational tour to Europe. Just now I am in Italy. This morning our group went for a train trip. Before entering the train I stood for a while on the platform. Suddenly I heard a sound from under the train. Then I saw a lot of water and waste coming out of a pipe onto the track. The waste was human poop and used toilet paper. After a minute a woman (one of the students from our group!) came out of the toilet adjacent to the entrance. I guess that she not at all had understood that her waste was flushed just out into the open! It was still 20 minutes till the train should leave and I therefore went along the train to see if more toilets was in use. I spotted no more flushing but I saw some poop and a lot of toilet paper on the track. Does anyone know how common it is to use this type of toilets in trains in Europe? Where can they still be found?


Post Title (optional)big load

These past 3 days I havent had a poop I have been constipated and usually I go 3 or 4 times a day with either loose mush or a massive log I always have huge loads anyway so the fact that I was constipated worked me for what would happen when I finally took a poop anyway I woke up this morning and had a coffee ate breakfast went to school thinking oh another day of constipation but I was wrong I was sat in class when I got the urger to go I usually wait till I'm home or until break time depending on urgency but I had been constipated way to long so I quickly asked the teacher if I could go she said yep and I went to the toilet I sat down and pushed let out a few farts and then a log started coming out at first it hurt my butt hole because the end was ABIT dry from constipation I looked between my legs and see a massive log still going it was touching the water and was still coming out it had a width of about 3 or 2.5 inches and was really long it kept coming out at this point it was touching the bottom of the toilet bowl and was still attached all one peice finally it broke off was about 14 inches and 3 inches wide it was going up the front side of the toilet bowl I wiped and then stood up just before I pulled my pants up I felt something started to make its way out I quickly sat back down and the backed up mush made its way out it made that sloppy crackling noise I was sat there for another 15 minutes plus the other 10 minutes for the massive log I was finally wiping and finally finished as I hear my teachers voice shout if I'm ok in here I say yep I'm done now and then flushed but it didn't flush I shouted miss it's not flushing she asked if I was decent and I said ye she came in and seen it tried flushing it and it didn't go down and blocked the toilet we walked back to class and she used the telephone to ring the school janators to sort it out I felt embarrassed but she just said to me it happens to the best of us I just said ano I've been constipated that's all and that's it but it was obvious to the class I went for a poop and Taht I was the one who blocked the toilet but oh well at least I got rid of my constipation I just luagh with people about it now instead of feeling embarrassed

Today I just arrived home after about one month driving around Scandinavia with my girl friend. We camped with our tent mostly somewhere in the wilderness (mountains or forests). Only a few times we camped at ordinary camping sites. We found nice spots along our route where we could pitch our tent for one night. Mostly no toilets were available. My girl friend is very regular related to bowel function. After her first morning coffee she usually has to open her bowels. That meant that every morning when camping in the wilderness she had to pick up the roll of toilet paper and walk away to find a place in nature where she could go to toilet. She is not shy about peeing but when it comes to pooping she prefers to be alone and not let me see. She neither likes to talk about it when things hve to be done and when I saw her take the paper roll I knew that nothing should be said! Sometimes I went away to pee after her and then I sometimes saw her poop and the toilet paper she had used. But I never mentioned anything about it to her. Once I think that she was walked in on by another camper, but she did not like to talk about it. I am a lunch time pooper. Therefore I more often could find a toilet along the route for my business. But even I went to poop in nature several times. Only once I was seen by others. That was when camping in the mountains of Norway at a site where many others also camped. Then a mature woman walked by just at my side. She smiled and went away quickly. She was obviously out there for the same reason because when walking back to our tent I saw her white buttocks when she was squatting. My girl friend saw others squatting several times when she went to take care of business in the morning. Once she went direct in on our camping neighbor, a nice elderly man which we had a nice chat with the evening before. She said that he appeared to be very embarrassed about the situation. Pooping outdoor was a new experience to me but not to my girl friend. Some years back she had attended a trip organized by a youth organization. Then they often had to poop in the forest she has told me. I should have liked her to be more open about it. Then we perhaps could have squatted side by side. She is not shy about neither nudity nor peeing, and she can smile when she talks about other going to toilet, but when it comes to herself she hates that anyone should know about it. Last summer my parents went for a similar trip. I think they were more relaxed because among the pictures from that trip I have seen a photo of my mother squatting behind a bush and even one of my father when he is using the toilet paper.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Anna from Austria:

I've got a question for you. When you visited your festival and had to go in the bushes, you mentioned that your pee farts were mistaken for poo farts. In your observations, is it frequent that people have to poo in the bushes or it would be something unusual at that festival?

To blondiemaja:

Your place, your choice. If you don't mind leaving a pile drying / rotting away or there's no risk to step in or being seen by people you don't want to see it, there's no need to bury it. Digging a hole is what they recommend when you're in public location, but who cares if you're at home?

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