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Senior Prank

Last week I was in our university's library studying with Lisa. She's 15 years older than me, has gone back to school, and a couple of hours before our English Comp final, she got an emergency message. Her daughter is in 9th grade and before classes started she went into the girl's room to take her morning poo and she was literally stuck-down on the seat. As a prank, some seniors had put some type of invisible miracle glue down and Jaela, who's a really nice girl who studies hard and is in a lot of activities, needed a few minutes to unstick herself. In doing so, she used one of her hands and it too got sticky. Apparently one toilet seat in each of the bathrooms had been sabotaged. Lisa had to leave our study session, go home and get Jaela some clothes and then take them to her school. The nurse gave Jaela a pass to the locker room to take a long shower and some administrator went out and bought a few bottles of a special high-performance soap. Five or six other girls also got pranked before security could get into each of the bathrooms in the school, which is very large, to check each toilet out. One boy was also impacted. He sat in some type of black ink and glue and apparently was taken to the emergency room where some special chemical was used to clean him. Both Lisa and I are glad we're not in high school any more. As for me, I'm a little more leery now before I sit on a public seat.


Both had accidents

Mother-in-law visited today while husband was out work and well...something happened. Mother-in-law was really gassy and was releasing loud farts. We are open about it, so her farting was no big deal. But she was farting so much! I don't even know how many times she farted because she farted so many times. Soon we were sitting on the couch watching tv and she leaned over to let out another wasn't a fart. It was wet and I swear I heard a splat when she farted. She gasped and said "I just shit my pants." I couldn't help myself and I stared laughing. I heard her start to laugh as well, but I was laughing so hard. Well I laughed a little too hard because I felt something wet running down my leg. "I'M PEEING" I shouted. I couldn't stop laughing and soon my pants were soaked with pee. After calming down, we went to the bathroom to shower and clean up. I had to give mother-in-law some panties and pants to wear since she had ruined hers. When we told husband what happened, he laughed.

Thursday, May 23, 2019


Hello Constipated Friends

The best thing and I have mentioned before is plain water enemas and a few of them in succession . Make sure you drink plenty of water well before and during.... what are your experiences with this ? Next thing is digital stimulation with plenty of lube. Finger well inserted..... you will probably need a helper... anyway finger well inserted and bear down and push as if to push the finger out . If the turd is in the rectal area it may well eject. Has worked on me many times.... has anybody tried this? Next is incontenence underwear . sitting and straining on the throne is not good. Try lying down with the incontenence undies and legs raised and massage the colon and keep at it. When the urge hits push and push. Or just wear the undies and keep pushing as you move around the house. What do you think ?


Here we go again...

Yep, I'm back. Yep it happened again. About two weeks ago I was on my day off after a week of mixed schedules and weird twists and turns. Everyone else was at work. I was wearing cargo shorts, and a t-shirt. I had been holding a poo since the minute I woke up. I slept in a realized I had to quickly drive to a haircut place I had an appointment with. (I didnt go there cuz They don't have a public toilet... also I'm shy)
Over two hours later I finally stumbled out of my car. That whole drive was just me fighting every urge I had to lift my butt off the seat and give up. So I make my way inside and low and behold, the bathroom door is locked from the inside. Idk how it happens, but it felt like fate was just laughing at my desperation.feeling I was running out of time, I bolted to the kitchen to find a toothpick so I could hopefully pick the lock. But while I was dancing foot to foot, my body ran out of patience. I stopped, and leaned against the door, simply squatting a bit. Instantly, a solid but soft log surged into my briefs. Followed by another, and another. Until the last little bit was pushed out in a weak attempt to get it over with. I was actually shaking in place and felt like my legs would give out. I felt the back of my shorts and estimated the bulge to be softball sized. I finally unlocked the door and walked in, each step making a horrible squish. Man I'm accident prone... I've genuinely considered diapers.

Anna from Austria

questionn about public toilets in North America

This time I have no story to share unfortunately, just a question. I am going to visit the states (New York City) for the first time in September and I am bit curious about the public toilets you can find in America.

In many movies I have seen it seems that American toilets have some very large gaps that you can almost see the other person using them. This would be a very stark difference to Austrian public toilets in case the Hollywood movies showed the toilets right. Would be a very stark difference compared to Austrian toilets where the gaps under the stall are really small if you can see them all. The biggest gap I have seen was just so big of the shoes.

If these toilets are common in the states it will be a very strange experience using them being exposed that much.

Greetings from Austria



On privacy and courtesy

The financial institution I work for has me on the road 3 or 4 days month making financial literacy presentations at middle schools and high schools. I hope I'm not getting to calloused since I'm nearing 10 years on the job, but there's a couple of things that I'm seeing when I use highway rest stop toilets.

1) Usually 1 or 2 toilets are taped off as broken.
2) When younger kids are using the facilities, they are too many times unsupervised.
3) Privacy breakdowns.

Earlier this month on I-35 at a rest stop 2 of 4 toilets were closed off but with no evidence of repairs being done.

At another Interstate rest stop there were only 5 workable toilets, all were taken and there must have been at the peak 15 of us waiting.
To make matters worse, a girl I was talking to during the wait was from a sporting team traveling by van and she said her teammates get upset in a lot of places because the waits are due to 1 or 2 persons using the toilet as a lounge. Her response: if you can't go after 5 minutes get up and out and let someone else use the toilet before they burst.

Outside of a large city I came close to having what my boyfriend Diver calls a cloud-burst. There were only 2 non-broken toilets and while they uncommonly had privacy doors, even with latches, there were 2 girls, who might have been sisters on the toilets. No adult supervision that I could see. One looked to be about 9; the other a couple of years younger. There was some sort of hole, drilled I guess, in the panel, between them, and they were up and off then up again on the toilets playing some peek-a-boo game. I would think the government group maintaining that bathroom would want to expeditiously plug that hole. Such invasions of privacy just creep me out. The girls left after about 10 minutes, but I told them when they came out that they were being discourteous to others. I took the toilet of the girl who didn't flush and wasn't surprised that there was nothing in it. Just playing around, I guess, jeopardizing my urinary needs with unnecessary pain.

When I got home a couple of hours later I told Diver about that and that I was still in pain, even though I had finally been able to use the toilet. I've told him before that I've seen travelers pull off the side of the road and walk a few yards into where there's trees and weeds to relieve themselves.

He's said that is too dangerous and has made me pledge not to do it.


Farted On By Girlfriend's Mom

This story happened yesterday at the girlfriend's house. I was in the kitchen preparing some toast and felt a fart coming on. I didn't think anyone else was around so I let it go, it was a bit loud.

"Luka, did you just pass gas in my kitchen?" Girlfriend's mom had walked in without me noticing. She's about 5'7 with shoulder-length red hair. She was kidding of course, but has this sly grin.

I chuckle and say "Yeah, I did."

She raises an eyebrow. "Better watch out. I ate a lot of chili this afternoon."

I'd never heard her fart before despite being at the house loads of times. So I was kinda shocked when she said that.

But I went along with saying some joking thing like "Psh yeah but everyone knows girls don't do that."

"Oh? Interesting theory," she says, "Well, you were warned ..." And backs away like Homer Simpson back into Flanders' hedge.

Thought nothing of it, ate toast, watched tv with girlfriend on the couch. A couple episodes into the show we were watching, we're both feeling pretty tired and just sorta chilling there, her head on my shoulder, enjoying each other's company and half-watching wacky cartoon antics.

My girlfriend's mom walks in, see her out of the corner of my eye. She walks over close to me on the right side of the couch. "Hey Luka, remember our little exchange earlier?"

Bit droggy so I'm like "Hm?" and turn my head to the right JUST as she's turning around, and then puts her butt right on the arm of the couch and riiiiiiiIIPS! a ginormous wet fart literally in my face.

I'm in total shock, stupidly take a whiff, it's as bad as you would expect a huge chili fart in the face to be, I gag, girlfriend's mom is laughing super hard and then apologizing profusely that she didn't mean it to be that bad but I can't really concentrate because I'm coughing and my nose is assaulted, my girlfriend is yelling at her mom, I'm in the middle there suffocating in the cloud.

I actually ended up laughing once I got my nose buried safely in my sweatshirt; in retrospect it was very well played of course. The brief rest of the night goes normal. Except soon before I leave, when I say goodbye to girlfriend's mom, she pauses with an odd look for a moment, "I think you should take a shower when you get home. You smell pretty bad, wonder how that happened?" I roll my eyes and can't help but laugh a bit, she winks and chuckles, we hug and I get in my car to go home. And I did take a shower when I got home.

And have a new appreciation for my girlfriend's mom's abilities


Question/Comment to Sophie

Hey Sophie,

Thanks for answering my last questions. I'm not surprised that you can't just poop. I'm not sure if anyone really can. lol. This sparked a follow up question though: how long do you usually pee for after games?

Also, I'm quite impressed that you and Liz were able to share a toilet without making a mess. Lol

I've got some stories of my own, so I may share those soon.


Log in the old barn

Long time, no post. I've been very busy with things, but I've been lucky enough to have a few encounters with fellow toilet users.

A few months ago me and my friend Claudia went to stay at an old farmhouse with some other friends of ours. We ended up sharing one of the rooms, thankfully there were too decent beds so neither of us had to slum it.

One morning the others headed out to get some supplies for dinner, while me and Claudia opted to stay and take a walk and explore the countrsyide. As we're heading back she says that she needs to go to the bathroom. We're quite a way from the main house, but there's an external barn a way away which it turns out has a very old toilet in it. Claudia heads there and tells me to just wander around while she uses it. She's gone a long time and eventually I start to need to pee, we've been drinking a lot of water as we walk as it's super hot and humid out.

Eventually she returns, looking a little sheepish and apologises for taking a while but explaining that she couldn't flush it as it was just a pan of water and no actual water supply. I tell her not to worry, I really have to pee anyway so I'll give it a go. At first she looks a little worried, but I tell her it's okay and I've got it covered. I make my way to the old barn and as I head inside I'm greeted by a strong smell and a surprisingly large turd lodged in the bowl. She must have had some difficulty passing it as it was very wide for a lady of her stature. It was knobbly and had numerous visible pieces of vegetables, probably from our Stew last night. The water was also murky so I wondered whether she had a little loose stool too. The toilet paper had been discarded in a small bucket next to the toilet and also had quite visible streaks from a pretty intense wipe. By this point I was desperate to pee so I had to pee directly on top of it. This made the smell much more potent, but also helped to break things up a little. I took a final moment to admire her work and then took the large water bucket and used it to flush, I could life much more water than her so I was able to flush. There was quite some splash and the force did make the bowl look pretty murky, so I wonder if anyone else would wonder what happened here.

I returned to Claudia and let her I know I had successfully flushed, and she looked pleased and suprisingly at ease now. I wonder whether she actually didn't mind me heading in after her.

That's all for now,


Monday, May 20, 2019


Latest story

Hi everyone, hope your all enjoying some good toilet visits!
Jasmin K- great story, glad to hear that you and Chloe weren't in trouble at the hotel but sorry to hear your still really struggling to go for a poo, I hope it gets easier for you soon.
So I have a new story for you, on Saturday I was at the shops with Lucy and Katie and I suddenly started to want a poo. I'm still a bit constipated but luckily its not as bad as it was a few weeks back, I didn't want to put it off for too long though as whenever I do that I always find it even harder when I do get round to going. I was walking around with a growing urge and couldn't really decide whether to use the loo in the shopping centre or wait until I got back home so I said to the others, "I need to have a poo, I can go here if you want to keep going round the shops but if your ready to go we might as well go back to mine, I'm still a bit constipated so it might take me a while!"
"I was going to go for a wee," said Lucy, "But if we leave now I can wait until we get home." We decided to leave and went back to the car park, Katie had driven us in to town so at least we didn't have to wait for a bus! We set off and after a couple of minutes we were stuck in traffic and not moving anywhere. I noticed Lucy jiggling around, she said, "I hope we're not gonna be stuck here long, I'm bursting for a wee now!" I said, "Well I won't be able to hold on too much longer either, I'm getting really desperate too!" Eventually the traffic started moving again, by now I was having to clench my bum to stop a log from poking out in my knickers! "How are you doing, Lucy?" I asked, and Lucy said, "I just hope I can make it back without weeing my knickers, what about you Abs?"
"Well its gonna start poking out any minute, so I know the feeling!" I replied. "I've got a feeling we're both gonna need clean knickers when we get home!"
Luckily we got back without any other delays, I waddled up to my front door as I could feel a massive log just about to come out in my knickers and Lucy was walking with her hand jammed into her crotch! We got up to my ensuite, Lucy said, "Oh God, I'm starting to wee!" and pulled down her blue jeans and pink flowery knickers, immediately I heard a heavy stream start to shoot down into the bowl and Lucy started to moan with relief. Her knickers had a dark patch so I knew she'd had a bit of an accident, as she kept on weeing I felt my log poking out despite my best efforts to keep it in and I quickly pulled my grey leggings and red and white stripey knickers down a bit, my knickers had been stuck up my bum and I wasn't sure I'd managed to pull them out in time! Lucys wee stream dribbled to a stop and she quickly wiped and then took off her knickers and jeans, I was waiting with my leggings and knickers round my thighs and quickly sat on the warm seat and relaxed my quivering muscles, I couldn't help moaning loudly as I did so! I felt the poo starting to poke out and I looked at my knickers, as I had predicted I had a skidmark but luckily it wasn't too bad. Lucy said, "Right, I need clean knickers!" and went back into the bedroom naked from the waist down. She opened her underwear drawer and took out some lilac knickers with yellow spots that she put on before putting her jeans back on and coming to sit to keep me company. After a couple of inches of the log was out I knew I'd have to start pushing, so I started to bear down and I could feel the log sliding out really slowly, it was getting a bit harder and fatter but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as when I'm really constipated! After a few harder pushes and a bit of grunting I could feel the log moving faster as the widest part was through, and shortly after it plopped down into the bowl, I could feel another log making its way out straight after so I started to push again, luckily it was another relatively easy poo which made life easier.When I was done I wiped my bottom, washed my hands and took off my leggings and knickers ready to change them, I put on some yellow flowery knickers and put my leggings back on before going back downstairs with Lucy and Katie. "Do you fancy staying over tonight, we could get a pizza and watch a film?" I asked Katie. "Yeah, sounds fab, I'll just nip home and get some clothes and my toothbrush, see you in a few minutes!" About 20 minutes later Katie was back with an overnight bag and we ordered the pizza about 7 o'clock. After we'd eaten Katie said, "Shall we go upstairs, I've eaten too much and these jeans are digging in me!" "Yeah, mine are too, I can't wait to get them off!" Lucy said. We went out of the living room and up the stairs, as soon as we got in the bedroom Katie and Lucy both undid their jeans and started to pull them down, Lucy said, "Oh my God, that feels so much better!" and sat down on her bed just wearing her top and knickers. As Katie pulled her jeans down her pink and yellow stripey knickers came down too so her bum was showing, she quickly pulled them back up but they were too small to cover her bum properly. By now I had taken my leggings off too so we were all just in our tee-shirts and knickers. I needed a wee but I thought I'd better check if anyone else needed the loo so I said, "I need a wee, do you mind if I go?" "Be quick, I'm starting to get desperate for a poo!" Lucy said, clutching her belly. I went into my ensuite, dropped my knickers and sat on the toilet, unleashing a strong stream straight away. It went on for quite a while before dribbling to a stop and I wiped before pulling up my knickers and washing my hands. As I went back into the bedroom Katie said, "Actually I'm dying for a wee as well, do you mind if I go quickly Lucy?"
"Just hurry up!" Lucy replied, "At this rate I'm gonna need to change my knickers again!!" Katie quickly went into the ensuite and shortly after I heard a strong stream starting up, Lucy stood up and I saw her knickers were stuck up her bum really badly, she pulled them out before going into the bathroom too, I followed her in just in time to see Katie wiping and pulling up her knickers. Lucy lowered her knickers to her thighs and sat on the loo, she started to bear down, as she pushed I could hear some wee trickling down into the toilet and I saw her starting to go pink as she was having to strain quite hard. She kept on pushing and after a while she said "Sorry its taking so long, I haven't had a poo in about three days, I think I'm a bit constipated!" "Is it going back up your bum when you stop pushing?" Katie asked, and Lucy nodded, bearing down with all her might and doing a loud grunt as she caught her breath. "Well if it makes you feel any better last time I had a poo I had the same problem!" Katie said, "I think its because I'm only managing to go every three or four days, I just wish I could go more often!" After a few more pushes like that I heard a loud plop as her log dropped, she went on to pass another couple of logs, which needed a bit of pushing but not anywhere near as much! She said, "Right, I'm done, thank God!" and started to wipe her bottom. When she'd finished wiping she flushed, pulled up her knickers and washed her hands. We went back into the bedroom and I put the film on. Lucy took off her tee-shirt and bra so she was just in her knickers, she grabbed her nightie but paused and said, "Actually its really warm in here, I'm just gonna wear my knickers in bed!" Katie and I nodded in agreement and took off our tee-shirts and bras too and got into bed. I hope you enjoyed this story, I'll try to post again soon, bye for now!



Has anybody ever had a farting contest? Me and my husband have them sometimes and they are so much fun.


School gym poop

So last friday at school I didnt had history last class because the teacher wasnt at school(btw im in eight grade). Except I had another PE class because we were already in our PE chlothes and the gym had enough room for another grade. In the first PE class I got the urge to poop but I didnt wanted to go because we only had 2 toilets in the locker room and the toilets didnt had a door for privacy, just a short wall betwen them. But the urge got stronger and in the second class I decided to go and poop. My class mates were all outside playing football and the only problem were 4 boys from 6th grade that had PE at this time every friday.
I was scared that they might need the toilet but at that moment I needed to poop very bad and had no choice. I came in the locker room and sat on the first toilet because it had toilet paper. I started to pee and as I was finishing a fat 6th grader came in. He came to the toilets and sat on the second one. He started to poop and as I had no other option I started to poop too. It was very embarrassing but he was also farting while pooping so I felt more comftarable. We both finished and then he found out he had no toilet paper. He was embarrassed to ask for some so he just got up and pull up his pants. As he was standing up I saw his butt was very messy, but it looks like it didnt bothered him. I finished after he left and went playing football.


Sharing a toilet!

Hey guys, I got a story for you today!

First I will answer some questions!

- thankfully I am usually the first one to the dressing room so I have never been caught in a situation like that! I still have 3 more years of hockey on this team so I am sure it is bound to happen! When it does I would probably try to sneak off or I'd just yell it out loud "I have to poop!"
- I have gone in a trash can before but never the floor to be honest!

- before a game it usually takes me 5-10 minutes and at home usually 20 minutes! I am a slow pooper lol
- I usually fart during the beginning and end, not usually in the middle of pooping
- I do have those kinds of stories, I may share one soon!

- oh ya I always have to pee after games.
- I always pee and then poop, I can never just poop lol

- I can't imagine anyone beating chloe in the size of her poops!
- and thanks for the advice! I don't usually get sick but I will make sure to do that!

As always thanks for the questions and comments! <3

So this story still involves my hockey girls but not at the rink but one day when we went out! So it was a Friday night after one of our games, we all went out to go drinking, typical university girl thing to do :). We were all dressed pretty casual and ready to have a good time. I remember most of the night, I usually don't like to get super drunk. I mostly stuck around with 2 of my teammates who are also rookies on the team, I will call them abby and liz (short for Elizabeth). Abby is around my height, brunette, and an athletic build (everyone on my team has an athletic build lol). Liz is very blonde, and a bit taller than me and abby, both girls are extremely pretty (all my teammates are :) ). We were having a great time, we met some boys ;) and were doing some dancing. All three of us went to the bathroom a few times only just to pee and everytime we went we noticed girls were missing the toilet, especially when pooing which was quite gross lol, there were 3 stalls and for some reason the closet stall to the door was a mess, the toilet seat had poo all over it the toilet wasn't flushed and poo on the ground. The 3rd time we went in there this very pretty girl who had to be a little older than us went into that stall. Next thing we saw was a really thick long drop on the ground and her let out a big sigh of relief, wipe and come out and wash her hands. We were very surprised and did not know what to do in that situation, so we just ignored it lol. The 4th time we went to the bathroom I had to poop. I told Liz and Abby and funny enough they both had to as well. There were 3 stalls and none of us were going to use the 1st one no matter how drunk we were, but we all really needed to go! I ran to the third one, abby ran to the second one, and liz was desperate, she barged into my stall and begged me to share with her, normally I wouldnt but the alcohol made me not think twice about it lol. Abby was already pooping, it was like it was hailing in her toilet Haha. I scooted over a bit for liz to sit with me, we were both on there butts touching and while leaning forward with our hands on the walls of the stall. I could feel liz starting to push while I was pushing. A big wave of liquid poo came out of me while liz was pushing out a big log, I know this because I looked back lol. I was having diarrhea and I kept checking to see if I splashed any on her butt but thankfully I didnt! I farted a few times and felt empty as i just released a whole lot of pure diarrhea, alchohol tends to do that to me! I stood up to wipe and liz finally pushed out her long log, I looked at it and it was super long, it went down the pipes all the way up to the toilet seat! I passed her some toilet paper and we flushed our mixed poop down the toilet, abby finished up too and we continued our night like nothing happened! I am not sure if she remembers but it was a weird bonding experience to say the least lol. Anyways that's my story, it's a bit different but it goes to show how close our team is lol!

A bit less detail on this story since I dont remember too much of it!

Thank you for reading!
Hope you enjoyed!


Crapping in a suit

This happened when I was in like my second week of my 9th grade year. It was picture day where the school hired a photographer to shoot every student. Unlike my friends, my parents insisted that I wear my suit to school that day. They are conservative and wanted pictures they could send out to family members. As for me, I hadn't taken a crap at the high school yet and with four days worth of crap in me, I knew what was coming.

My parents were already off to work when I woke up. I showered, put my suit on, took out the tie, but since I didn't know how to tie it, shoved it into the bottom pocket. My friend Shelly was the first person I saw as I walked into school. She and I have been friends since first grade and I've bailed her out a few times and she owed me this one. As she lifted my shirt collar and put the tie around my neck, I was impressed by how fast she was. That was important because we were less than 10 minutes from the bell, I was sweating bad, and my four-dayer was knocking at the door. And I told her frankly that I needed the crap. (I've got some future stories on how I had helped her in emergency situations, too).

I hurried across the hall to the nearest bathroom. The only cubicle with no privacy that was not in use was the middle one. I used it. I flushed the yellow-watered toilet, dropped the seat and my trousers, and just as I seated myself I figured out what was so awkward. I was sitting on the back of my coat, and the tie, which was longer than my equipment, was laying over my equipment on the front of the bowl.

I stood up just as another glob of crap was hitting the bowl. Not only did it scrape against the bottom of my coat, I got an extra splashback or two. Because I had pushed a little, a couple of trickles of piss had landed on the back of my tie. Out of anger and frustration, I reseated myself, then realized how dumb that was, so I tried to calm down--although I was now obviously tardy and my parents were going to get a robo-call because they had not called me out ahead of time--and I tried to break down what I needed to do since a lot more crap was knocking. I took off my coat and there I was standing with it when this older student came in, saw me and smirked a couple of times before going to the urinal in front of me. Putting the coat over the left panel didn't work for more than 10 seconds. And twice it fell off the right panel.

Finally, I folded it over and laid it on the floor farther from the toilet where it wouldn't get stained by some spots of urine from earlier users. The urine boy turned, again snickered with his left hand and used his right for an obscene gesture as he slowly walked out. Just then Shelly texted me about how it had gone. She's always been so sensitive and non-judging. She told me to flip my tie up over my shoulder which I immediately did. Then with my equipment against rather than on the bowl, only one strong push rocking push forward was needed to get the first of two mega-pieces out of me. Both were as big as good-size bananas. Then came two much softer bursts of crap.

Out of respect for not clogging the bowl, I flushed and while I was waiting to retake my seat and doing the mega-wiping (that was another five minutes and pretty much filled the bowl) I did my third flush. As I was standing and catching my breath, another student came in followed by a janitor. The janitor checked out the supplies, put the information into a palm pilot, and smiled and told me to have a nice day as he walked out. When I got to the attendance office, however, I was 30 minutes late gave me a doubly-sarcastic "I guess you got a slow start today!" Then she stamped my tardy check for 8:30.

My parents were somewhat understanding, but said I needed to get up earlier and have my craps before leaving home. Shelly told me she only has to crap at school like once a month. For me, though, over the past three years it has been about once a week.


In Remission

Hey guys! My abnormal poop pattern has spontaniously gone in remission. I'd have to say the diarrhea/solid pattern has gone away for a little over a week now. Since work is still a struggle, I suppose this poop oddity was just some strange thing I developped. You know, poop can be a mystery sometimes. In the mean time, I continue to enjoy listening to some familiar sounds from the adult blind rehabilitation center I graduated from, etc. I even play music that I associate with something there, because I became really attached to it. Luckily, since that particular object has a computer voice, I enjoy it in a different way now. I have a question now for all toilet lovers on the subject of forming attachments. Is there a special toilet you like to listen to, and if you couldn't enjoy it physically, would you record the sounds? i'd have to say my favorite toilet was a double flusher, but I'm not a really big fan of toilets as far as liking them as a hobby. I still continue to sometimes listen to bathroom stuff online.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Jasmin K

Getting caught and pooing help

Hey long time since I've posted but my meet today got cancelled so I thought I would post about 2 poo events.
You might remember when I posted a while ago about my best friend Chloe and I sneaking into the toilets adjoining a function room in a certain London hotel and having a poo competition - well since then we have done that several more times at that hotel and at the 2nd to last time we got caught..As we were leaving a rather embarrassed red faced young manager stopped us and asked 'are you residents in the hotel ? No use lying as the next question would have been room number so I was honest and said No we're not we are just passing through.. Both out us giggled at the insinuation of the word passing as we had just passed huge amounts of poo. He then said I notice you have just come from the lower floor function suite, what were you doing down there ? Chloe said - nothing much we just used the toilets. The jist of the conversation was that they were aware of what we had done -'several times ( excuse the pun) the cleaners had reported the state we left the toilets In and could we go to his office to discuss this as obviously the hotel had incurred a cleaning cost etc etc.. When we were in the office he asked about the what's and whys of us being in there and we both apologised - for any inconvenience. But added it was the only quiet toilets we could think of and we were both unwell and decided to have a competition to see who could do the most. This time the 3 of us laughed. It was obvious that he was quite enjoying the situation so I asked him was there anything we could do to put things right and said we wouldn't use those toilets again. His reply surprised us when he said ' well if i could watch the competition I could let it happen again.' We shot each other those women to women glances that are an entire conversation and Chloe said - ok we don't mind being watched. I said but we can't today as we just have had a competition. He said well I think we out to go and check the state of the toilets down there. I said TBH it's quite bad - sorry. We got down there and he was practically shaking and so red in the face. As we had done before we had each pooed in a toilet then used a different cubical to wipe in. He said ok let's start with you Looking at Chloe- she pointed to hers and he looked at the bowl contents of a log sticking out the water and lots of pebbles of poo and some softer mush splattered on the back of the bowl, then he looked into mine which was a knobbly log a log that was knobbly and nearly black at one end fading to a smoother dark brown at the other a few chunks and some mucous that sprayed out when I was farting. I said to him ' if Chloe is agreed do you want to see us do it again now - bearing in mind I still had ???? ache and often need to poo again about 1/2 hour after I've been and I had that full ass feeling I thought I could do something. Chloe said ok and we both lifted skirts and pulled our knickers down and sat on an unused toilet and I counted 1, 2 , 3 and we both strained and strained. He was clearly enjoying this and I fired a pebble which splashed into the water along with a jet of pee and a further push and my ass swelled up and bulged out and I went pfrrt and some mucous splattered out. Meanwhile Chloe was dropping pebbles in the water. When we finished we all left and he provided us with refreshments and his mobile number which we might let him know next time. Both of us left there that day very empty and very sore.

My other post is what happened over Easter and this hasn't happened to me for a few years, I was already very constipated before Easter and needless to say I had over indulged on chocolate and on Easter Sunday having had a huge cooked dinner on top of chocolate and again after that I had a sit on the toilet but after 1/2 hour of bum bleeding straining hadn't even done a pebble. My older sister and her 2 kids were staying and she came in the bathroom and said she wanted to get her kids ready for bed which basically meant Jasmin get off the toilet. She asked if I had been and I said no, didn't need to flush and just pulled my knickers and jeans up washed hands during which she sat her daughter on the toilet and just said to her ' do a poo and don't move untill you have ' and sat her boy on the potty chair which stays in the bathroom and said the same to him. My sis started to re do her makeup in the mirror. I went back downstairs and watched tv with my mum. After about an hour my sis called down to me to come upstairs and said to me Now Jasmin you also need to do a poo and took me in the bathroom where her girl was now sat on the potty chair, the boy being in bed and my sis undid my jeans pulled them down and said to me kick them off which I did and then handed me the boots to put on ( they have a wedge sole / platform sole and raise your legs up and come up to my knees ) She then massaged my swollen bum hole through my knickers and whilst doing that said to me you have to do a poo Jasmin and pulled my knickers down told me to sit on the toilet then totally removed my knickers chucking them in the bath. I started straining hard and farted and she just said try harder Jasmin and knelt on the floor in front of me and lifted my booted feet onto her jeans covered legs resulting in me being hard back against the cistern with my bum in more or less a squatting position and pressed my ???? whilst I pushed a log started to emerge stretching my ass hole to the point my eyes watered. I strained and strained edging it out more this fat knobbly log. My sis felt under me and said Oooh Jas its huge you havn't been going every day have you. I said to her my as hurts so much it's splitting me, I could feel the 2 splits I've got tearing open and bleeding. She said Jas you know what to do. I took a deep breath and strained down on it as hard as I could straining and grunting and straining untill it moved and thudded into the bowl. I strained again and some smaller hard bits dropped out. My sis felt underneath and said Jas ur ass is hanging out. I said I can feel more so strained again sending more small pieces and logs dropping in the water. My sis was massaging around my ass and telling me to push harder again when I squirted pee all over her hand wrist. She squeezed the pipe thing hanging out under me and some poo dropped into the water. She then eased my booted feet back onto the floor and she stood and started to massage the small of my back and I strained hard again and some softer poo came out and just kept coming with each push. Whilst I was doing this she stoppe massaging me and check how much her girl had done on the potty chair and said she had done enough and let her wipe and get her pull up on and go to bed.
I had kept trying but no more was coming so I wiped and eased my ass back up inside me and my sis put my knickers over each boot and up to my knees so I could stand and pull them staring up as I get lots of mucous leaking from my ass after it come out like that. I put a second pair of knickers on with a pair of very tight shorts over them, my ass was too sore to wear jeans. I felt much better after that.

Oh a comment to Tammy re Reece and night pooing. This used to happen to me when I was younger particularly when I was constipated and had been on the toilet before bed trying hard to poo and hadn't been able to force any out. It would sometimes come out in my knickers in bed.

Bye Jas K

Jenn T


Hi girl!

SO glad to hear that Reece doesn't have anything major wrong with her. I would definitely look into the probiotics for her AND yourself!!! I'm concerned about you too dear because I know you suffer. You need me to give you a massage to allow all that backed up poo out!! HAHA. Has Reece had any good poos lately? Does she have much gas with her BMs? My Macy is like a machine gun sometimes "giggles". I'm gassy too so we have good laughs over it.

I did want to report (hope it's not TMI) that Macy had a poop this morning before school as I was showering (this is a common thing). When I got out and flushed she had done 2 LONG poos(8ish inches).

Lots of love
Jenn T


The Toilet Trailer

As the amount of babysitting I'm doing increases, I'm gaining more confidence, but there always seems to be something new that happens. Such was the case this past weekend with Malory, a real sweet girl who is 7. Her mom owns a bar and when employees don't show up, she hires me to take Malory at the last minute. Strange I know, but it was like 3:15, I was still at school. I had overeaten pizza and bread sticks the day before and I was on my favorite toilet close to my locker as I was punching out my third crap of the day. I finished fast, wiped even faster, got my homework and halfway ran to Malory's house so I could be there when she got home from school.

Malory's mom had the plans sitting out for me along with a $20 bill. There was a community carnival and parade about 6 blocks from there. Both me and Malory like parades although sometimes the clowns walking the crowd and sneaking up on you can be scary. And a couple times during the hour-long parade cannon sounds right in front of us were so explosive that I almost peed my pants. Malory was working on the cotton candy and I juggled but saved the container of soda we were sharing. Shortly after one of the explosions Malory grabbed onto me so hard she almost knocked me over.

After that we walked over to another street that was blocked off for the games and rides. Like everyone was headed over there. To avoid some of the crowd Malory and I cut through an alleyway and stepping over like a hundred utility cables caused us to almost trip a couple of times. Before I could tell her I was going to need a bathroom she said she was about to burst. As we were getting oriented to the lights and noises of the carnival we came upon the bathrooms. It was something like I had never seen before. There was this long white trailer about the size you would see being pulled by a truck on the highway. You walked up a two-plank wooden ramp that wasn't that sturdy to get to it. Then you would wait for one of the 15 or 16 doors built into the side of the trailer to open. And this was the ladies restroom. I think there was another trailer behind it for the guys, but we didn't really see it.

Each of the doors had a really wicked looking lever on it. Luckily I was there because it would have been a bit higher for Malory to reach. Like others near us we waited for a door to open and a person to come out. I tried to keep Malory's mind off her situation which was getting more desperate. She put her hand into her yellow shorts a couple of times because of the pain. Then the door opened. It was almost thrown onto us by this angry lady who was pushing her little boy out while scolding them. She said he was taking too long, they were getting bitten by the flies and other bugs, and that he had to work on his aim before starting school in the fall. He was crying. Without looking at the seat I knew what that meant. It was splashed to the max. There was no toilet paper or sink. Just this rather high toilet with a circular black seat that didn't quite fit it.

Space was very tight. If either me or Malory had been overweight we would have stuck together in the humidity and stench in there. Immediately she told me she couldn't use it. I knew we had to get our job done and out of there otherwise we were going to melt. And I knew about the anger of some of those behind us in line. I dropped my jeans and took the seat. it was wet, of course, but I wanted to show Malory that sometimes you just have to make the best of it. I was thirsty and I took a few more swigs of the soda from the container as I sat and placed it on the floor because Malory was still working on the last part of the cotton candy. Within a few seconds she heard my stream start and I sighed in relief because I knew she was hurtin' and I didn't want her to wait too long. I think I peed for about a half minute. I got off the stool, stepped aside and just as I was taking the cotton candy from her to hold, I heard to fists hit the door. I wanted to throw the door open on them and as my step-dad says cuss them out to the max! They are so insensitive and have no class... but then it came back to me that I would be making a bigger mistake.

Even though she was in great pain, Malory was reluctant to get up on the toilet. I told her to do the same as I had done which she did. I could see she was scared. Standing in front of her as she sat I leaned over and pulled a couple of tree burrs our of her hair. I wished I had a hair brush with me but I tried to keep her mind off the embarrassment by telling me what she liked best about the parade and setting the order of the rides we were going to buy with the family pass I had in my jeans pocket. After a couple of minutes I too was surprised because the tinkles of her pee were slowing down and the look of frustration came off her face. She got off the seat and he clothing up so fast it reminded me that he school probably is tough too on tardys to class.

Both us us were happy to open the door and we bolted out of there and down the ramp. We enjoyed the rides and having some concessions food that stuffed us. We got back to her house after dark and we had no trouble falling asleep. Taking a hot bath helps me and I suspect her, too, to get to sleep. Saturday morning when we were explaining our experiences to her mom, her mom seemed surprised that I had allowed her to use the toilet trailer. Why use such a dirty bathroom when you could have walked back her to use the toilet and then gone back and enjoyed the carnival? Malory's mom seemed to be critical of me for the first time. I was surprised. I thought we did the best we could considering the circumstances. My mom agrees with me. I guess I just need to get more experience.


To Whoever

Hello to whoever posted about never pooping in public: too bad you had a shitty day at school (literally). I had diarrhea once in high school, and I never shit on the seat, and wall. I don't know who you are, but welcome. Here's something interesting. Once after finishing up at the dentist, and recovering from laughing gas, I had to pee after going out to eat some time later, and had the runs while my lip/chin were still numb. I don't know if laughing gas can give you diarrhea, or if that was just a coincidence. I do know however, that for me it didn't give me the giggles. Instead, I felt I was just chilling out while relaxing.


to Tammy

Hi, I'm Lavah! I used to post on here a lot about my struggles with constipation. (Apologies to everyone for going away! I've definitely still been lurking! Maybe I'll try to post again soon!) I'm so sorry to hear about Reece! I think it's great how supportive you're being! I grew up with my mom constantly having to give me massages and hold my hand while I'm trying to poop. Her openness and kindness have helped me to not be ashamed of my body's natural processes. I'm not afraid to grunt when I'm having difficulties or confide in my friends about how constipated I've been. Having help and support makes extreme constipation so much more bearable! I hate to hear that you know the struggles yourself, Tammy, but I'm glad that Reece doesn't have to feel so alone! Us constipated people need to stick together!

Best wishes to you both! (and everyone else on the forum!)


Dear Tammy

I tried to read your post but my English is not good....but I understand basic. We are happy that it is no serious disease! We can't give you advice, because too far away, but we hope and hope that your lovely girl will feel better soon and able to go to loo! We send a best wishes to you and Reece.

Love from Mina and friends


Dear Sophie

If you use your phone when you are in loo, please wash it with wet tissue after (only a little bit wet is OK), to kill bacteria. If you don't do, you can catch bad stomach disease, like noro virus.

Love from Mina


To Molly A.

Thank you so much for appreciating my post! I'm glad that you're interested in letting someone else pee in your couch. I was wondering though, when you asked if there is a difference in the smell and the staining, are you hoping that there is a difference or that there isn't? I would have to say that i haven't really noticed a difference in the smell itself, but its hard to say really. I would just say that it keeps getting better and better since Kara started peeing in it, but it could just be because there is more pee in it in general. I will say this though, when Kara does pee, she almost always farts too, so the combination of the smells when she's relieving herself are nice. I do really like Kara a lot, and i'm glad that she is doing this.

Thursday, May 16, 2019


I have been catching up on messages and was interested in several of yours, including the last. I suspect that arriving home with damp, or quite wet, knickers is not all that unusual for quite a few women. Full floods as you call them must be much rarer, though perhaps not quite as uncommon as we might think.

A year or so ago my wife arrived home looking very flustered. Before I could say anything she blurted out that she had wet herself. As I looked surprised, she said that she had been desperate to wee for ages on the way home and just could not wait. That was a real flood, her knickers were saturated and she had wet streaks down her legs.

We talked about it a little later. I asked if it had ever happened before. She said it had once, going home after a party when she was at Uni. She admitted that occasionally when she had to hold on in urgent need of a wee she leaked a bit and arrived home with her knickers a bit damp.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina great story it sounds like Hisae had to poop and a lot to I bet she felt good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next story thanks.

To: Annie From Taiwan great story about your big poop.

To: End Stall Em great story it sounds like you both had good poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Curious Cody

Jeci's missed appointments

Recently my girlfriend Jeci went out for some Sunday evening drinks and suggested that I come as the designated driver because she wanted to unwind between studying for her college final. Half-priced drinks are appealing to those of us on limited budgets. I remember Jeci taking an exceptionally long time in the bar bathroom while I was waiting to leave with her. When she got into the car she said something about fully "draining her tank" and me not having to worry about her having an accident in my bed. That told me she was staying over and was kind of arousing. She and I hit the bed immediately and when we awoke we had slept through the alarm and in a couple of minutes we had to gather our stuff up and I had less than 45 minutes to get her to campus where she had to write a two-hour final.

We turned onto the radial highway, came upon a resurfacing project with a detour quite a bit out of the way through an industrial tract, and Jeci started to panic. She told me her missing her morning pee was now an issue and there was going to be a mess. I looked and she looked as we drove but there were no open stores--nothing. Finally at the top of the hill I saw a faded sign for a do-it-yourself car wash. I told her many of those have a toilet and tried to encourage her to hold it as we weaved through several parking lots to get there. This building looked as bad as they come as I sped toward it. I told Jeci I didn't see a bathroom door. Just two wash bays that had been recently used but no one was around. Jeci jumped out while the car was still stopping. She ran to the far bay. Yanked her jeans down and squatted like she was about to sit in a chair and with some bouncing around she had her hands on her knees as this gusher came out and out and out. It was impressive and when I complimented her back in the car, she said she was almost aligned with the main drain, but missed. I kissed her and told her I was glad it was over. She said she was, too. But as we finished our drive to campus she said she hoped there weren't surveillance cameras on. Then that started to worry me, but nothing's happened yet. When me and my sister Jill were growing up at home mom always reminded us of our morning bathroom "appointments". I guess there's no way of getting around that.


To Jenn

Hello again! You are so kind. I appreciate the sentiment and concern for my babe. She's had an emotional week and has been sluggish at school. I think it's because of all the stress she's been under the last few months with her bowel movements. I want her to feel better poor thing.

Anyway, I actually asked Reecie about sharing her personal info on this support site. She does not know the name of the site nor will I allowe her on it, but I wanted to be sure she was okay with me sharing her results with this community. She happily agreed and says hello! So the results of the stool sample came back negative for any parasites, or any other stool related diseases. This was a major relief for me, but her ped says he strongly believes her to have early onset childhood IBS based solely on the history of it in the family (aka me) and her poo struggles. He says we will have some follow up tests and possibly a colonoscopy but he's almost sure. I was very positive with Reece and told her how I'd be there for her. But To be honest, I cried when I was alone knowing how hard it is and will be. Her ped suggested stool softeners (She has since had progressively harder and harder BMs and the night pooping has almost stopped due to her constipation). She hasn't gone since I last posted. He also suggested a high count probiotic! I got her some so hopefully it will help her belly.

I'm so sorry if I've over shared, I just have no other place to vent. I feel like a bad momma but I want to support Reece. I told her if she needs any help at all even if it's massaging, sitting with her while she tries for a poo, that I am happy to help.

I love that you got to bond with Macy! She seems like a sweet mamas girl and I love that she's confident enough to let you join her in the family bathroom.

And also, I am a part of my neighborhood gym but I hardly go admittedly. I should go more often! In fact, you've encouraged me to visit more. I know exercise can ease difficult constipation so I'll have to get back into it.

Thanks again for listening, Jenn. You are the best! Hugs to you as well!

Talk soon.


I have been catching up on messages and was interested in several of yours, including the last. I suspect that arriving home with damp, or quite wet, knickers is not all that unusual for quite a few women. Full floods as you call them must be much rarer, though perhaps not quite as uncommon as we might think.

A year or so ago my wife arrived home looking very flustered. Before I could say anything she blurted out that she had wet herself. As I looked surprised, she said that she had been desperate to wee for ages on the way home and just could not wait. That was a real flood, her knickers were saturated and she had wet streaks down her legs.

We talked about it a little later. I asked if it had ever happened before. She said it had once, going home after a party when she was at Uni. She admitted that occasionally when she had to hold on in urgent need of a wee she leaked a bit and arrived home with her knickers a bit damp.


Dear Sophie

I translated your story about Chloe and competition for my friends. They laughed! But Kazuko said, she never want to do such kind of competition. You want to know why? Because she is like Chloe and she is sure to win! We all poo very big, but Kazuko is always champion.

She said, she doesn't want to win! She wants to buy jeans and shirt and panties for Mina and Maho and Hisae, but she feel guilty if we buy for her!

We told her, we never do such kind of competition, so she can do biggest motion without feel fear. Competition is fun for some people but not for us, we decide. But we want to read more competition stories from other people on site! Thank you Sophie for nice story!

Kazuko went to loo and stayed long time and did huge motion, Chloe have to buy jeans for her maybe. She cried a lot with doing the motion so we all hug her many times, we take turns to hug her while she do. We said to her, "we don't do motion now, we do tomorrow!" She smiled with crying.

I hope everyone in this site love Kazuko. She is so sweet and lovely!!!

Love to everyone

Your very own Mina[ppe]

Tuesday, May 14, 2019



Oh man, the same thing that happened to your sister happened to me when I was in 8th grade! Wetting accident in front of a whole bunch of people. Except it wasn't a powerpoint presentation, it was a a choir recital, the first time I had to perform a solo...singing in a group with the others I was nervous but basically fine, but when I stepped up to the microphone by myself and looked out at the audience who were all looking back at me, I guess I just got overwhelmed. I couldn't remember what I was supposed to do - it was like my whole mind was just buzzing with static. I didn't even realize I had lost control of my bladder at first because I was so numb with panic.

Then after a few seconds I came back to myself enough to feel the pee running down my legs! Very embarrassing! Our choir outfits were long black dresses so if I'd been able to stop immediately I might have gotten away with it, but I was still kind of shaky and not totally in control of myself, so pressing my legs together didn't stop it and I ended up making a puddle. I guess our choir director noticed what was going on because she got up and started walking towards me, which jerked me out of my state of shock and I was able to run offstage.

Afterwards I told people I'd just had too much water to drink trying to stay was true I had drank water right beforehand so my throat wouldn't get dry while I was singing, but that wasn't actually the reason. Before my solo I was at "oh, I should probably get to a bathroom in the next half-hour or so" levels of needing to pee, not "DANGER WILL ROBINSON ACCIDENT IMMINENT" levels. It really was just stage fright.

Anyway, tell your sister it could happen to anyone. I never wet myself like that again, if it makes her feel any better. I did definitely make sure to always go to the bathroom immediately before I went on stage after that! And people at school didn't give me a hard time over it - my friends teased me a little, but not in a mean way, and everyone else just seemed to pretend it never happened - so hopefully nobody makes fun of her. If they do you can just tell her that they're jerks!

Oh, and if she's been having accidents more frequently, has she gone to the doctor? Sounds like it's probably stress, but it could also be a UTI or something.

Sonya Sue

Moving Shit

Last Saturday morning my friend Cameron wanted to start extra early in moving his stuff from his dorm room to his off-campus summer apartment. So he comes by my convenience store at 6 a.m. when my shift is ending and I'm going in to have my morning shit. He's knocking on the restroom door after I had been seated for only 5 or 10 seconds wanting me up and in the truck immediately. I gave in and all the time we were driving to his dorm room we passed a number of gas stations that I would have loved to have been shitting at. But my discomfort was growing. We got to his dorm and two hours later with everything loaded up, I asked to go in and take my shit. He said now was not a good time, but because he was stressed, I held it in. We got to his building, and he backed over a couple of curbs and an extended sidewalk (which didn't help me fight the urge to hold it in) and before long we were jointly carrying his large screen TV up two large flights of stairs and then moving box after box of stuff up to his 3rd floor apartment.

I pointed to the bathroom with its door open as I made my 3rd or 4th trip with boxes into the kitchen. Cameron said since he was risking a ticket for parking illegally, I should hold off my shit until everything was in. In addition to my bowel discomfort, I had hit my hand on a door jamb and it was swelling, turning blue and there was a little blood. I started thinking "you##############! and contemplated breaking the two shelf bookcase I was carrying over his f#####' head. But after everything was in, I started toward the open throne and while unbuttoning my jeans, he came up to me, grabbed my arms, and said he couldn't trust me shitting in his toilet. You see we had shared bathroom privacy at our dorm and seeing each other going to the bathroom, Cameron reminded me that I had stopped up those institutional-style toilets several times with my big craps. He said the pipes in this old apartment building would not be able to take my shits. I pointed out to him that his precious bowl had handled several shits since the white both under and above water level was pretty badly stained, as was the inside front of the bowl.

So while I was suffering, behind the door he was peeing away and I was getting madder. Cameron likes to f### around with me because we are attracted to one another and have worked together in drama productions both in high school and college. I showed him it was 11 O'clock and I demanded the lunch he promised me. I told him exactly what I wanted and was very precise, even writing the main things down. So while Cameron drove down to the store, I was intending to throw myself onto that toilet and vacate that shit I had been holding for more than six hours. I turned the light on, pulled down my black jeans and undies, and just as I was about to drop my butt onto the seat, I saw a safety pin about 2-inches long floating at the top of the water. I thought "You F@@@@@'B@@@@@@! He was planning to catch me illegally shitting.

I had to think fast. A lot of the things that cross my mind can't be printed here, but I walked downstairs to the porch to consider my options. Immediately I saw directly across the street where they were renovating one of the buildings. In the alley there was a green satellite portable toilet. None of the workers were there. A wind storm I guess had toppled one of the fences. I walked right up to the door, opened it, was seated and blasting out my shit within seconds. The time invested on the cool, steel seat was more than worth it. I knew Cameron would be coming back soon so I sacrificed my underwear for toilet paper and a little tucking over and under got me four swipes of my butt. I dropped them on the side of the toilet, put my jeans back on and ran across the street to the apartment. Within a couple of minutes Cameron came in with a bag of lunch in his left hand and a six-pack in his right. I remember mocking him before opening my sandwich because he said he had to "wash up." But I knew what he was in there for.

Jenn T


Hi again!

I feel so bad about poor Reecie! Sounds like she might already have IBS like her momma "BIG HUGS! to BOTH of you!! Such a tough thing for a little girl to have to deal with. Have you ever considered going gluten-free for either of you?? They say it does WONDERS for overall energy. Probiotics are good too. Macy takes them daily..that along with her eating well and playing softball and volleyball, It helps her take BIG BMs.

Recently we were out in public and she had to use the family restroom at Walmart.I went inside with her just so I knew she was alone and safe ya know? She just played on her phone just perfect as normal(making grunts and noises...TMI) as I stood by the door. A nice bonding experience!

So you asked about her periods. Fortunately they aren't too bad. She doesn't really talk much about them. They usually last 4 or 5 days I think?

Do you work out or anything Tammy? I belong to a 24 gym and workout 4-5 times a week!

I'll keep you posted and look forward to your next update

Thank you so much for your support

Lots of love
Jenn T

Sunday, May 12, 2019

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