To Jenn

Hi again!

Awe, thank you so much for your support. I just try to make it through each day. It's hard but I get through it. I mainly try to stick to having BM's at home where I'm comfortable enough to make noise, grunt, squat, etc (sorry if that's TMI). But I do have my fair share of stories pooing in a public bathroom lol. Anyway, I'm glad I found this community because it makes me feel less alone. I'm also a single mom so it definitely makes things harder.

Anyway, enough about me! Reecie has not had her period yet. While she's comfortable talking about her poos, she seems to clam up whenever I mention her getting her period soon. She has grown in some pubic hair as well as now uses a training bra so I have a feeling it's coming. Which is funny because I didn't get my period until I was 15. But who knows. I know it depends. And speaking of periods, how did Macy handle getting her first period? Did it affect her poos at all? Does she have heavy bleeding?

Also, wonderful advice. I actually just took Reece to a new pediatrician to see if I could get a second opinion about her unfortunate poos in her sleep. He seemed to jump on the issue a bit more urgently than her other ped did. He had Reecie take a poo sample which she was of course embarrassed about and needed me to help her. Poor thing, it was a disaster. He offered to let her take it at home because she couldn't get herself to poo in the doctors office bathroom. I think it was nerves. Anyway, she took it at home (basically you have to poo into this thing called a "hat" and collect a bit of the poo and seal it off to bring to the dr. I really don't know if it was nerves because we were home at this point, but Reece seemed very constipated which is not like her at all. I left her alone for a while but came back to her crying with part of a BM out and part of it in. I felt so bad for her because I know the struggle with constipation. I am worried though because constipation has never been a struggle for her before. But I do worry too much. Her doctor will send the poo sample to a lab and also expressed his concern about IBS especially since I have it. I'm hoping it's just a phase Reece is going through. My momma heart feels so bad for her. I just want her to have fun like a normal girl and hang out with her friends. But we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for the support, Jenn! I really appreciate it!



Today I learned you should not fart while having to pee.

During lunch break, me and the co-worker I mentioned in my previous story, Heather were talking. I really had to pee, but I didn't exactly feel like getting up to go use the bathroom lol.

While we were talking, I felt the urge to fart. So I leaned over and let loose. As soon as I farted, I felt pee come out of me and go into my panties. I gasped and looked at Heather who had a combination of looking shocked while also smiling. "Did you shit yourself again?" she asked, referencing the time I farted and pooped my pants in her car aka my previous story.

I shook my head and said "No, but I peed a little". I actually found this situation funny and was trying not to laugh because I knew that if I laughed I would lose control and fully pee my pants.

Heather started laughing as I got up and went to the bathroom. I'm thankful there wasn't a wet spot on my pants. That would have been embarrassing!

When I got back from the bathroom, Heather said "So now you farted and pooped yourself and farted and peed yourself. Will you fart, pee, and poop yourself next?"

I hope not lol.



Does anybody else get those bad farts on the way to the toilet or when they have to go? It seems a lot harder to not pass gas when you're desperate. Anyone else feel the same?


Questions for Sophie

Hey every! I'm not new to the group, but I haven't posted in a long time and I don't even remember what name I used before. As my title says, I'm jumping in on the trend of questioning Sophie. Lol.

Anyway, I've enjoyed both of your stories, Sophie. Now for my questions:

1. You've talked about how you usually poop after games, but do you usually have to pee really bad after you play? I'd imagine you have to stay pretty hydrated.

2. Do you usually always pee when you poop, and if so what happens first, do both happen at the same time, etc.

Molly A.

To Callie

Your post was amazing! I was wondering about something though. I too let my kids pee in the couch, and i also let their friends do it too when theyre over. I was wondering though, since you also let the mom pee in the couch, as well as yourself, have you noticed any difference since then, like a difference in the smell or in the staining or anyting like that? I'm actually considering letting one of the moms pee in the couch too, if she would be willing to do it. I've always liked her, and she has always been open to the idea that i let her daughter pee in my couch, and so i decided that i really like her and i would really like it if she peed in my couch too. If you, Callie, have any suggestions, or anyone else on here who is interested, please respond and let me know. I really like this woman, and so i am really hoping that she will do this. Thanks!


Resting on the toilet

Last month I made some pretty good money making the long drive home from my college during spring break because it was also vacation week for many of the school districts in our city and I had a full schedule of babysitting assignments. I might be different from some, my parents say I am, but when I'm driving alone I like to drive at night. I make much better time, I don't have to wait in a 10 minute line at a truck stop to check out my coffee, pumping gas and even wait at a rest area while a van full of athletes relieve themselves. When that happened last summer my final 5 minutes in the crowd had both of my hands on my butt literally holding my crap in while my eyes scanned under the cubicle doors for foot movement, loud pee streams into the water, or occupants standing and turning to flush.

So on my recent trip I had stopped to fill my coffee mug (didn't even take a minute!) and I had about half finished it when I saw a highway rest area being advertised. Since no other vehicles were parked there and it was well lit, I decided this was going to be about a 15 minute pee stop. I walked in fast and confidently, carrying my coffee, when my eyes for some reason were on the middle of about 10 toilets. These doors were half-size, but I'm half-size and was the smallest in my high school class, so I slide-latched the door, laid my coffee mug on the floor, dropped my jeans and undies and took my seat. It was a couple of minutes before my pee began, probably because the toilet was one of the highest I've ever sat on and my feet were dangling by more than 6 inches off the floor.

My eyes were stinging a bit and I was rubbing them before taking another swig of coffee when I heard the footsteps of a child come running in. She ran past me and dove into the door of the toilet on my right. There was a big crash and I was surprised it didn't bounce back and hit her. She didn't do anything to secure it. She had pink bear ???? on and she dropped them and I heard a couple of squeaks as she positioned her hands on the seat to boost herself onto it. She had a lot of swing in her legs and it sounded like she almost fell off once as she yelled for her mom. She did that about four times before the mom came in smoking a cigarette and telling the girl she wanted to see her "production" before flushed. The mom took the next stall, was seated for only about a minute but had the noisiest pee. The mom didn't flush or wash her hands as she stood in front of her daughter and finished her smoke. The girl jumped down, the mom looked in and complimented her "production" and then tossed his cigarette butt in. She missed the bowl and it landed just under my left foot.

There was no hand-washing or flushing from either of them. I took another five minutes or so for my break and then got back on the road. I did flush and wash my hands, though. But I almost forgot and left my now-empty coffee mug on the floor there.


Questions for Sophie

Sophie I'm 17 and play soccer poops even before games for me is common. 3 questions

How long does it usually take you to poop either before a game or after or when your at home.

When u poop how often do you usually fart at what points of your poop do they usually happen.

Do you have any stories of poops you have taken when u first wake up


For Sophie

Thanks for answering my questions, Sophie! I enjoyed reading your answers. I just have a further question tho! Have you ever finished a hockey game where you had to poop and although you plan to run to the washroom to poop before the coach comes, she is already there and talking and you just couldn't avoid her? And if she takes a long time, you really can't hold your poo any longer! Has that ever happened? What did you do in that situation?

And have you gone on the floor before either because the toilet is in use or is really far away that you can't hold it that long?

Look forward to your next post!!

Friday, May 10, 2019

The reason why i will never poop in public !

It was a PE day at my school and of course i was on my period and during that time of the month, i get the shits. We'll this month in particular was bad as my stomach was really playing up.
Anyway, i was sitting in lesson and i felt my stomach was extremely painful and for some reason my ass hole felt like it was on fire, so as any person would do, i asked to go to the toilet. But when I started pooping i had realised i had been a long time. As i go back to class, a new girl decides to get paired up with me. Trying to hold my shit in, we'll I was struggling. I just couldn't stop farting. It soon came the end of my lesson and i finally went to the toilet for the third time.
As i got into the toilets, i noticed there were other girls i the toilet, in desperation i still pushed for my shit anyway, but i farted loudly instead. So i thought to myself, i cant do this now, these people are laughing at me. So as i stood up off of the toilet to wipe, i had to push again but before i could sit down, i had shit all over the toilet seat and wall. My face just went red with embaracement so me being me, i decided to just go. Apart from when i had finished and went to flush, the toilet with some splattered diahorreah in, didn't flush but instead it flooded. And to this day i have never shit in school. After i came out of the toilets i phones my mum and told her i needed to come home to poop so she told the school i have a dentist appointment 😂.



To Graeme: That was gross that you sharted, followed by fully shitting yourself. Worse yet, you had to ride to Dairy Queen in it to face others in the same predicament! I'd say the worse humiliation I received was in elementary school, because my teachers thought I was soiling on purpose when I actually couldn't help it. In fact, it was so bad I was crying, and Mom had to come to the school! That was one of the issues I dealt with due to my cerebral palsy, but luckily, I've grown out of. Some of my poops were loose this morning, but just as before, I've been peeing in the afternoon, and evening. I didn't have to pee when I took my shower today. Afterwords, I knelt on my bed to feel my old big tactual picture hanging on the wall. The raised design I think is a boat. I don't know the color of the velvet-like material that the raised design sits on, but it's as beautiful to me as the boat. To Hisae: beautiful poop story! Bye!


Questions answered!

I am glad you guys enjoyed my story!

- 10 million dollars is a lot! I would definitely try my hardest to hold it! Eating properly would make it so much harder lol especially with all the fiber I eat! After the 2 weeks I would def be taking a laxative, the relief would feel so good! I'd feel bad for the toilet though lol
- I'm pretty sure chloe regularly poops 1-2 times a day
- chloe's poops are huge everytime we've pooped together they've been really big, I don't know how the toilet flushes them all the time lol

- I usually poop before or after games, it's usually because I'm nervous or exercising got things moving inside me lol, but to answer your question yes I have before
- There are 3 periods which are 20 minutes each! Those 20 minutes don't include the time when the referees blow their whistles which stops the play and clock! I do live in Canada lol but hockey is popular all over north America even in southern states! It's also popular all over Europe and Russia!
- this has happened multiple times! I usually just run to the bathroom before the coach comes in so she can't tell me to wait lol
- My next story is about a party I went to! I'm planning on posting it soon!

Anonymous person?
- I'm often just on my phone while pooping, either on social media, texting, facetime, replying to comments on here ;) or anything else I feel like lol
- I have pooped in a porta potty before, it was at a festival and I had diarrhea lol

Thanks for the questions and comments!!! I really enjoy answering them and seeing that you all enjoyed my story! I will post my next story soon! Byyyyye :)

Steve A

To Sophie Plus A Question

Nice Story

Even though I'm familiar with rookie initiations, I've never heard of anything like that before. I bet you'll never forget that experience. You may even be in the same situation as Chloe someday.

My only question is: Back in high school, how was it different from college when it came to everyone else being as open as you are?


Not Bad

Hi folks! my poop wasn't too bad today. I did a nice one after breakfast, and some sloppy stuff which stank a bit later. After going home from the Killeen Training Center, I had to pee. I've been spending the rest of the day doing things such as playing with my moo box (old noisemaker probably from the 90's or so), playing music, and when it comes to my bathroom needs, just peeing. To Simmee: what a wild story! I'm glad at the end of the school day you got your crap out.



Sorry everyone, your very own Mina is bad lazy girl again. Maybe I never end this bad habit....? I had nice loo experience with Hisae in middle of April. She said me, why you don't tell to toiletstool site? They will enjoy. So I tell.

It was 17 April. I slept with Hisae in green flat. We had big breakfast in morning like we do always, and after, Hisae sat on the loo, like she does always. Off course door open, so at washbasin, I can see her if I look in mirror.

About ten seconds after she sat on loo, six loud heavy plops. I don't surprise, because Hisae usually do motion first, and very soon after she sit down. So I smile into mirror and she smile at me. We are accustomed very much to see each other on loo but even that, it is fresh experience every time!

But she didn't touch washlet button after she finish wee. She stay quiet. I don't see so quiet Hisae often, she always bounce everywhere in flat. But this time she is quiet very much.

After 5 minutes, I hear little o-nara, it means fart. I said Hisae, "you are long time today!" and she said, "I want to stay, I feel I don't finish." Very rare! Hisae is always quick on loo. I smile. I am happy to see she relaxes. It is good to relax on loo, Hisae always hurry too much.

Soon, another o-nara. I finish make-up, so I squat down next Hisae and hold her hand. Suddenly she moved forward and her beautiful bottom domed out, and five large turds rush out high speed! They were beautiful!! Very light brown and beautiful shape. I have to make efforts, I don't want to cry now after do make-up. Hisae's bottom domed out again and 3 little balls come out, plep plep plep in loo water. Then she said, "I finish! It is good feeling! Minappe I love you." I squeeze her hand, she washed her beautiful bottom with washlet and I dried her long time and carefully. She was more than 10 minutes on loo but because we are early bird, lots of time, so I sat down on loo.

My bottom became to be impatient while Hisae relax on loo so my motion also came out soon and it was very huge, about six heavy plops. Hisae squat by me but after my plops, she moved to washbasin for make-up and we smiled each other in mirror. Hisae on loo 10 minutes is very rare but me it is always 10 minutes or more so no surprise. I did wee and flushed, but of course don't move, I know I don't finish. When I feel feeling in bottom I signal to Hisae and she came. So she could see every my motion. At end it was soft very much, strong bururururururu with big volume and big smell, but Hisae said, "so beautiful!" I said, don't make me cry.

Next burururururururu was small one and last one. My motion size and Hisae's motion size about same I think. But Hisae's was very beautiful shape. Mine was mess. But it's OK, I think. Most important thing is health, not beauty of motion. We both feel good feeling with healthy bottom. We gave to each other hug, but only quick one so we don't cry.

This is not so interesting story I think, but I hope you enjoy. We enjoy motion time on loo every day (sometimes one of us doesn't go, usually Maho or me). But if I tell you every day you say, oh no not Mina again, so I tell only sometimes....

One thing I want to say big voice. When I see my friend do motions, my love stronger. Maho and Kazuko and Hisae are so so beautiful when their bottom dome out and produce huge motion! It is very hard not to cry! I am stupid girl.... (But Maho and Hisae and Kazuko say same thing about me.)

To Anny: I never do motion 3 feet long but if add all together, maybe three feet, I think. Hisae's 11 turds were about 9 - 10 cms. So a bit more than 3 feet? But Japanese have very long intestine....

Love to everyone from Mina and Hisae + 2

P.S. This week I am with Kazuko. Every day when she is on loo for motions she has so beautiful happy smile. Her motion face is the most beautiful face in the world!


Poop disaster

15y, male
I was riding home from a movie with a bunch of friends and one guy's mom.
I was in her car and I started feeling like I need to go bad. But this drive wasn't that long and I was with a bunch of other people so it was fine. Ten minutes later I'm almost home but sharting like every second. I must've had a stain on my boxers by now, and it smelled really bad. No one said anything but they knew it was me. I was wearing light grey Nike basketball shorts. Then when I was getting out of their van, I exploded. Not loudly, but my butthole felt warm and then sloppy poop started coming out. It fell to the ground on my driveway as I stumbled to the garage door. I ran fast while holding a hand below my butt to stop the poop from falling out, but by now there was a huge bulge and presumably a massive stain.

When I got inside the house, I was relieved to remember that my family wasn't home. I started to run to the bathroom when I realized my older cousin was here, visiting, which I completely forgot about. I said hi as a ran past him, and he said "pooped your shorts?" And I didn't know what to say so I said not yet and then continued running. But he ran after me and tackled me. Then he rolled me over and poked at the back of my shorts. I could hear the squish that it made and I felt the warmth of my poop. At this point my bladder exploded too, so to avoid getting my pee on the carpet I rolled over, feeling my poop smash against the floor. The piss violently streamed out of me and formed a huge dark stain all over me. I got up and ran to the bathroom but my cousin was already there. He made me sit down and talk to him. He said "tell me how this happened- were you just standing there and then you soiled yourself?" I nodded. "Lemme see that stain again" I got up and turned around. Without me knowing, he took a picture and then showed it to me. The damage was worse than I imagined. My shorts were brown all the way down well past the crotch. We're going on a trip he said.

So I got in his car and we went to Dairy Queen without me changing! Just when we arrived my friend texted me saying "don't think we didn't see you poop yourself... damn that stain tho" when we got out of the car there were lots of people there cause it was a hot summer day. The pee on my shorts was super noticeable so I tried to hide it with my shirt. It didn't work. Some dude came up to me and said 16 year old pisses in his shorts at Dairy Queen. And another muttered "dude you shit yourself" I asked my cousin if we could go but he said no. Then I saw one of my friends there. To my surprise, his white basketball shorts were stained brown on the back too. Not as bad as mine, but definitely noticeable. I walked over to him from behind. He turned around. His crotch was soaked! "Yeah completely destroyed these new shorts today." He said looking down. "You?"
"Just... accident you know" I replied. He nodded and and said "yeah the guys playing basketball with me all wet their pants too." He gestured to his left. I hadn't even seen these group of boys but yeah their shorts were really wet. One gut had blue shorts on that looked black, and one guy's real nice Nike elite (red) were ruined with piss and shit, and another had pee currently dripping from his black shorts and his socks were stained yellow.

Weird town I tell you.

Reply to schoolboy

how did you become poop buddies and how come you aren't shy about pooping in front of him, is he the only person you will poop in front of?

To schoolboy:
Well me and Alex have been friends for a long time now. Ever since we were toddlers! But when we were younger I had to use the toilet in front of a lot of people because I was rather difficult to potty train and I was always having accidents

Alex has seen me naked (below the waist I mean) many times since we spent so much time together as kids and were neighbors. I recall a few times this happened. Well I remember there was a party at his house once and my mom changed my diaper right there out in the open.

Also he would come over at random times sometimes and my potty was in the living room so sometimes he'd come over and I'd be on the potty so he'd see me. I even remember finishing up my poop session and my mom wiping my privates and bottom while we were having a conversation! But I really didn't mind. My privates were never really "private" and I was frequently exposed. So I got used to the idea of my vagina and butt being seen very early, and others being there when I peed and pooped.

He on the other hand was always more shy about it and he'd make a big fuss when I'd see him on his potty or being changed. He still is embarrassed (mainly because of his size I think) but he knows I don't mind.

I'd poop in front of others too, depending on the person though.

Truck driver
Offen I have to sleep in the truck. Then I often have to go to toilet in the bushes. Just pull down throusers and squat and poop. Many others also do. Not only drivers. Tourists and others too. Funny to see adults squatting. Sometimes embarrassing.

Jenn T.


Hi again girl!

First of all BIG HUGS to you for all the suffering you go through from going poop. Although I'm sure you feel MASSIVE relief when you get done :). Fortunately I've never had many problems going to the bathroom in my life. Since my teens I normally have one good sized BM a day. I try to watch my diet and get exercise daily. Hopefully your dr will find the right medicine for your IBS soon!!!

To answer your question Macy got her period when she was 11. She's already developing into a young woman (if you know what I mean :)). She's not especially private about her bowel habits with me at least, I've always periodically seen her have her BMs. Maybe she'll be even more open since I brought up the conversation the other day we'll see???

So Reece sounds like a beautiful young girl...I feel so bad for her pooping herself in her sleep. Her dr needs to be performing tests or something because it's not within the realm of normal to poo yourself in your sleep!!!! Something doesn't sound right to me!! Please have her checked out. Has she gotten her period yet?

Keep me posted

Lots of Love
Jenn T


To peter

That's awful, poor thing :c
My advice would be two things. 1. Control her anxiety. Make sure she is super prepared next time and develop ways to make herself more comfortable when she's up there doing her presentation.
2. Lighten up about it! Everyone has accidents and nobody can judge u for peein in your pants when you're scared. Try to make light of the situation and if anyone laughs at her it, just tell her to try and laugh it off. Heck sharing a story or two with her could help her out to. That way she knows she's not alone. Seriously I do it too, and when you're scared, is a natural reaction


More on Shirelle

I've been as busy as ever with my school, activities, and, of course, volunteer tutoring both before and after school. I'm trying to bond better with Shirelle, a new girl who moved in this quarter. She's the youngest student I tutor. Like a few others, however, she can be resentful of the required after-school tutoring because sometimes she is not the first to sign-up. Therefore, she has to wait an hour or so after school for me to get to her. And she's very frank about the attitude she shows: she doesn't like to crap at school. She absolutely hates it. Since she's not in sports or other activities, until she was assigned to me, her conflict was with her brother with whom she rode home. Like her, he also hates to crap at school so with the two of them you have both holding their crap in until they get home.

I know last month that Shirelle really poured on the drama when she took her first crap at school. We were in toilets next to one another and I was surprised with the amount of hostility she holds toward others. Afterwards when we got to our tutoring session, she became more manageable. I just feel it's foolish to try to hold off a natural event and blame others for the obstacles in your path. For several years, I've had at least one crap a day at school, plus at least two sittings for a pee. Sometimes, if I'm going to be in a lengthy meeting, I'll pee before it so there won't be an emergency. However, I got done with Shirelle about 5:30 p.m. Her brother abandoned her and went home right after school for Happy Shitting so I volunteered to drive Shirelle home. I was almost out of gas so when I stopped to fill up my tank Shirelle became almost unmanageable and said her anus was about to burst. As I swiped my card at the pump, she became more profane and disrespectful. So I told her where the toilets were inside and ordered to her go in and crap. I told her there was no way she could make it in normal life outside of school without having the skill to use a public bathroom.

When I got done pumping, I only had to wait for her for a couple of minutes. She came out with her phone that she put in my face. What it showed was a toilet with a black seat and most of the bowl filled with soft brown crap in several formations. The time identification showed it was taken only three minutes earlier. I hope Shirelle has finally learned her lesson from this experience. I then went in and took about a 10 second pee because after I was to have dropped her off, I had to do some shopping and my 20 ounce soda an hour earlier would be in need of coming out.


Accidents and underwear - reply to Abbie

Hi Abbie - I do remember similar moments at school, especially when leaking a bit and feeling like it would start running down your legs!! I have to admit I've had a couple of full accidents when I've totally flooded my knickers in the last few years. Luckily nobody saw them, all were after I'd been drinking.I normally wear normal knickers but do occasionally wear a thong instead.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019


To Jenn T (again!)


Awe, of course! I'm so glad she's feeling okay and not backed up or anything of the sort because it's miserable. Girls can tend to be embarrassed about poos in general so it's best to provide comfort and support when they need it. Also, if I may ask, has Macy had her period yet? I know that can trigger weird BMs.

Anyway, To answer your question, my IBS is actually quite bad. Like I said before, I go about my life, but it's hard admittedly. I almost always feel like I need to BM but most of the time cannot. I've been in the hospital for manual disimpactions (where the doctors has to manually remove my poo) many times. I've tried laxatives on top of laxatives but not much touches it. I have humongous poos (normally I'd be embarrassed to admit this to people but I feel comfortable on here after reading everyone's stories) that almost always tear my bum hole. So there's bleeding, crying, shaking, sweating etc. during each of my poos. Because of this, I usually only go BM about once or twice a week. My doctor is working with me to hopefully find another drug that works. In the mean time though, I focus on diet and exercise.

Also, you asked about my daughter! Also, this is for anyone else who could be of any help! Her name is Reece and she's 10. Up until the last 3 months, she has been perfectly normal in terms of BM habits. Also, as a side note, she is very open about her poo habits probably because of me having IBS. We frequently talk about how our poos were/are ect. Anyway, She has good sized poos (usually pretty big and soft), she normally goes at least once or twice a day. But just about three months ago, Reece started having poop accidents in her sleep. They started out as just skid marks and I would hear her running to the bathroom in the middle of the night to have BM. Shortly after, though, she began to go more and more in her panties at night while she was dead asleep. And I'm not talking diarrhea in case you're wondering. She has *BIG* relatively soft poos that end up smashed all over her panties and all over the sheets. It's a mess to clean up and she wakes up really upset, crying, and embarrassed. She's almost 11 and loves sleepovers but has not attended any or had friends stay over lastly because of this. Her doctor recommend having her have a poo before bedtime but she can never seem to. It's wearing on Reece and I and she is frequently late to school because of the clean up time.

If anyone has any advice, lmk. I definitely need it. And Jenn, please let me know how your little one is doing!


Sophie! Great story few more questions!

Awesome story about your pooping contest with Chloe!

That reminded me of another question. Hypothetical...

1) If someone legitimately offered you 10 million dollars, would you be able to hold in your poop for two weeks while continuing to eat what you normally eat?

2) Do you know how often Chloe usually poops?

3) Are her poops usually big like yours, or was hers big that time only because she wanted to win that bet?


Comments to Sophie

Hi Sophie, I loved your story!

Have you ever been through a hockey game without pooping or using the bathroom at all, either before, during or after the game? How many periods are there in all in hockey? I don't know much abt hockey at all! I suppose you live quite north to play hockey?

Imagine if the coach continued to talk on and on after the game and you just can't hold it anymore; what would you have done? Has this situation ever happened before?

And I would love to hear stories of other occassions from you such as at parties and etc! Please keep posting!!


Making up for my daily craps

At one time I had a crap once pretty much every day. If I got up early enough it might be at home. For example, last summer I would sleep in and then take my crap at the beach at about 11 a.m. or noon. I didn't have much privacy, the bathrooms were probably not the most sanitary, but the sit down, push, wipe, flush and back to soaking up the sun worked well for me. This year at my high school, huge with more than 2,500 students, crapping has gotten progressively worse. I've become much more self-conscious of asking to leave class or study hall, having others eye me down as I walk out and later come back in. I get ultra-frustrated seated on toilet finally, when my crap was knocking an hour or so before that and no longer wants to come out.

Last Saturday I was at a softball tournament to support two friends who were playing for the city championship. Between games I felt some bowel activity coming together and after a 10 minute wait my turn finally came up for a portable potty. You could tell others had been peeing because they were out within a minute or a little longer. The seat was metal, plenty hot, but I was on it for I heard 'Others are waiting B####' and other nasty things. All I had been able to get out was a small piece the size of a piece of hard candy. On Sunday I tried once at church and once at the mall, but others waiting in line while I sit with no action on my part make me feel somewhat conspicuous.

While I can pee with good ease, even when necessary in a door-less cubicle, crapping is nowhere near as easy. It takes longer. It frustrates me. So Sunday evening when I was doing my homework I took two laxative tablets. My thinking was that what it said on the bottle would be true. Also, I'd seen commercials of women taking it at bedtime, and getting good results in the morning before they started their day. So I finished my worksheets and fell to sleep due to the boredom. Dad woke me up at 7 a.m. and reminded me that I already have a couple of tardies to school. I moved fast, pulled out my nice loose-fitting pink dress, jumped into my red undies and I grabbed my bookbag and made a run for it without evening taking my pee.

There was about 5 minutes left before the warning bell when I ran up the 20 some stairs to the main entrance of my school. I thought I did a good job of dodging around those clogging the halls because I could feel a double need just below my waist. I ran through one doorway into the girls room, but I couldn't go farther. Totally jammed with legs under each toilet and with others at the sinks and mirrors. I backed up fast to go through the door on the other side and almost knocked a girl over with my bookbag. I apologized softly but she still cussed me out as I ran for the other side of the bathroom. Not a nice way to start my day. Then I got lucky. There was a girl exiting a door-less cubicle, she had flushed and it was mine!

I tossed my bookbag aside, dropped my underwear fast and then used both hands to lift my dress, just as my butt hit the seat. There was ample toilet paper that I eyed on the roll as my pee started immediately and I could feel my crap making a commotion. Then there was the warning bell. To myself I used a word my great-grams use to say caused her to get a mouth soap-out experience. No time to even flush, I cut off my pee stream, made myself presentable and ran for 1st hour. I was fast enough just to close the classroom door as the tardy bell finished.

I briefly got situated for my biology lab and told my lab partner I needed to make a quick trip to the bathroom. Ally wasn't exactly happy that I needed time out of class and when I walked up an talked 1:1 to our teacher, she said I could have just five minutes, plus something else which I took as negative and personal. Now I was on the 2nd floor and I hurried as fast as a could through two hallways. I stumbled and almost fell on the two steps leading into the bathroom. There were 6 cubicles; only 2 had privacy doors and there were legs under each. I was still a little shaken from my stumble. The seat was down, it looked like there were a few splashes of pee on the white seat, but I still decided to use it. The bowl was pretty yellow, but I figured I was nearing 2 minutes. As soon as I had seated myself I felt a pain in my right ankle. I spread my legs more widely, made a push for about 15 seconds that took my breath away, and I was able to squeeze out 3 pieces. Each was about the size of a flashlight battery. No time to wipe or flush. I rushed back to class and knew Ally was waiting on me. Our teacher was at our bench too and demanded that we get started.

Having been in discomfort the rest of the hour and knowing there was zero chance of me finishing my crap off during passing periods, I now couldn't wait to get up to History on 3rd floor and get permission to do a longer sit in the beginning of 2nd hour. Our teacher was setting up to record our discussion that day for some special project and told me to hurry and that I was going to be holding things up. I thought that was amusing knowing the turbulence in my gut. I didn't have as far to run to this time. Also there was no step for me to get hurt on. However, when I started looking for my toilet, the first was obviously taken. This girl was on her knees in front of it and puking into the bowl. I hurried to an open cubicle at the very end of the room. I could easily smell the girl's puke, but when I was pulling my dress up to take my seat, I saw a 2-inch turd, rather soft, that had been splattered by a previous user. It and the puke didn't give me much comfort and I had to make sure my shoes didn't touch the crap. My log this time came out fast and more easily. I allowed myself 2 wipes before I ran back to class where they were waiting for me. She reminded the rest of the class that no one else was going to be allowed to leave for any reason.

For a grade, I had to force myself to get involved in the discussion, but a good amount of my time was spent thinking about 45 minutes ahead where I knew my art teacher would let me finish up on my bathroom needs. When I got to art, I found our teacher was absent and we had to take a test and that no one could start until I got back from the bathroom. I didn't need that stress with my monster crap still knocking in segments. I wasn't as familiar with the bathrooms on this floor and I hurried. I figured within a minute or two my monster was coming out, ready or not. There were feet under 2 of the cubicles and between those bookends there were 2 toilets with no doors. I took the first. As soon as my butt hit the seat my turbulence got started with some violent blasts, followed by a feeling that my anus was jammed with something wider than a flashlight. I steadily pushed the monster for more than a minute, than longer and it seemed like I was going to split my hole. Finally the pain was over and in the bowl. I stood, turned around a saw it. I couldn't believe both the pain and relief I was feeling. There would be no way it was going to flush.

I pulled for the toilet paper pre-cut sheets in the holder on my right. There were only 4 left. I used those fast, knowing that my red undies were going to have a skidmark or two. Then I went back to class and the sub was largely unfriendly and worried that we wouldn't get done by the end of 3rd hour. I knew I could and would get criticized for that too. But for the first time in 6 or 7 days, I was unconstipated. Too bad that it took me so many steps to achieve it.

Question for Sophie

Do u read while pooping? If so, newspaper or magazine? & do u poop in porta potties?


Some Comments

To The Listening Ear: I aggree with your comments to decline a call while pooping. I'd do the same for peeing, because if it was something important (like a business call) they wouldn't want to hear your potty needs then. To Abbie: I'm glad your knickers dried quickly. I didn't have any unusual poos yesterday, but I still had fun! I bought some drinks, a Celine Dion CD, and even this cute penguin from the infant section that has a rattle as well as a squeaker. I call him Squeakers lol! Todays poop from this morning was solid, a bit broken up, and a quickie. Good pooping to everyone, and I'm glad to see new posters. Bye!


Sister wet herself - advice???

So something happened today with my twin sister Wendy (not her real name) and I was wondering if anybody had any advice. She peed herself at school because she got nervous while giving a powerpoint presentation during English class. I didn't see it happen because we aren't in the same class. When I found out about it I asked her why she didn't use the bathroom beforehand because it's not like the bathrooms at our school are super dirty or anything like that. She said she didn't have to go that badly beforehand, but once she got up in front of the class she felt so anxious that she froze up and started peeing. She's a freshman so this is the first time she had to give a presentation in front of the class like that and I guess she couldn't deal with everyone looking at her.

Anyway she's very embarrassed that she wet her pants and she keeps saying she doesn't want to go back to school on Monday. She's also worried that the teacher will make her do the presentation again because it's supposed to be a lot of her grade. I asked her if she thought she'd wet herself again if that happened and she said she didn't think so because she'd make sure to go pee beforehand, but she also didn't think it would happen this time so she doesn't know for sure.

We both wet the bed every now and again, and she's had accidents before, but only like when we're in the car for a long time or something like that where there was a good reason she needed to use the bathroom but couldn't...not just out of nowhere because she was nervous. It's also the first time she had an accident in front of her friends from school instead of just her family or random strangers so she's upset about that. It does seem like her accidents are a little more frequent than they used to be, but I figured that was just the stress of moving (our mom got a job in a new state last summer) and starting high school.

So I don't know what to tell her to make her feel better about going back to school. I was also wondering if anyone had any advice for how to deal with a nervous bladder so she doesn't wet herself again the next time she does something that makes her anxious. Or is possible this is just a one-time thing/freak accident (pun intended)?


Hi Leo

To Leo: I love your question about looking at your efert before flushing. I'm blind, thus I feel my poos as they escape, concentrating on the texture to determine the size, and consistency. Listening is good too, as I can tell between sludge, and pure diarrhea. My poos have been a bit interesting lately. They follow a pattern of being solid, and changing to looser consistencies. It can start in the morning, and go away afternoon. For breakfast, I love to eat sausages, eggs, etc, but if food were to blame, I'd have this happen all the time which I don't. For instance, I ate fried stuff for dinner today, and never passed sludge. I know that IBS follows a constipation/diarrhea pattern, so I doubt that it's that particular problem. I'm struggling for work right now, so I blame stress for the solid/diarrhea pattern. It's not the pure kind, but rather more sludgy. I love telling fascinating stories! I'm not overly concerned, but if you'd like, you're free to leave comments (this goes for everyone else too). Bye!


Toilet visits more common

I started lurking around this site pretty recently and I feel like it's the best place to finally talk about some things that I probably wouldn't talk to friends or family about, whether it be to embarrassing or it be a foreign concept to them.

I'll start off by saying I'm a kinda chubby 19 year old uni student. I've had a somewhat big belly for most of my life, but kinda small arms and legs, so I've started consistently exercising. More scheduled stuff compared to my previous lifestyle. Mainly push ups, crunches, squats, and a jog once a week.

Ever since I started, I've been going to the restroom to poop A LOT more often. It was 4 times today (5 after I post this). Each time, it's always very soft and liquidy, with a large volume sputtering out pretty violently, but it's definitely not diarrhea. It used to be 1 or 2 a day.

I'm mainly just wondering if anyone else has been going through what I'm going through, and maybe tips for a bit more firm and solid logs, cuz I kinda miss them tbh. Haha

Thanks for reading my dumb post
Best regards

Sunday, May 05, 2019

The Listening Ear

Using the phone in public toilets

This is to Aaron.

I think your instincts are correct, and you are right to decline calls when you are in mid-poo. BUT if the guy sitting next to you thinks it's o.k. to answer the phone in there, then he deserves all he gets. I had to laugh at your story.

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