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Hello Im 24 male. I have posted few times to this site but cant'remember my nickname.

What are charasteristics of a good poop? How about bad BM? For me it has been a stressful summer. No time to eat properly and healty. I live close to my workplace and im lucky for being able to use my own toilet during lunch hour. Often it has been disapointing toilet trip. Massive amounts of gas and small unsatisfying little turds. And of course when you are in hurry it takes very long to push everything out. You never feel completely empty. Sometimes spicy food hurs like hell coming out. And you need to wipe way too many times.

A good toilet session is when you have to hold it for a while. A good turd is moderately hard, thick and long turd. You don't have to push it too hard but just a littlebit. After main log you may need to push another one, but nice fart after log is fine also. I like to text or read magazine while im on the toilet.

Anna from Austria

Talking to somebody while using the toilet

Question to the ladies

What is your standpoint about talking to somebody while using the toilet? Up to this day I was living by the unwritten rule that talking to somebody while sitting on the toilet is not polite so do not do it.

Apparently the in my surroundings lived by the same rule. Neither my friends nor other unkown ladies I have seen in public toilets were talking to each other will sitting on the toilet. They were chatting at the sinks while washing their Hands but they were never talking while peeing or pooping.

Yesterday at work I had to go ladies as usual after having my coffee to do my usual morning bm. A new coworker went with to the ladies room to do clean her contact lenses are something like that. We were talking the whole way to bathroom. After we entered the bathroom she went to the sinks with mirror to do her stuff

and I looked myself into one of the stalls. She keeped talking all the time to me, even she noticed that I was started peeing, farting and pooping. I kept talking to her too, but It felt a bit weird that she did not consider that I might need some privacy when doing my things. She just kept talking and literally ignored the noises I was making.I felt a bit embarrased talking to somebody that knew I was doing These not very ladylike noises .

Anyway it was also funny somehow and interesting that not everbody is living by These unwritten rule.

What is your standpoint about it? Do talk to your friends while sitting on the toilet and doing your stuff or do you Keep silent to give them some privacy?

That's it for today.

Greetings from Austria


I sometimes fart to make my son laugh. Ever single time I fart, he laughs and it warms my heart. Well today, I was farting up a storm and he was laughing so hard. I ended up pushing too hard on my last fart and pooped m pants! My son has never laughed so hard in his life. It was actually pretty funny and I would have enjoyed laughing with him if I didn't have poop in m panties lol.

Paul S.

Real Account Write-up # 2 (Accident after Swim Meet)

One time when I was a Senior in Highschool I was on the Swim team. It was a Saturday Event Invitational. The Event went on all Morning and on the way back we had stopped at McDonalds to grab something to eat. I Ate three Big Macs. On the way back we were almost at the School and suddenly I couldn't even hold in my own Poo! I Pooped in my Speedo's (Tight Swim Briefs) and my Sweats sitting right there in my seat. When we got off the Bus everyone (It was expected) to help with the Swim Lane Ropes. I had to tell the Coach what happened and asked if I could be excused to go home. She said Yes. A few people made some Snide Comments, but the Coach told them to Just Grow Up! When I started to walk home, I did the rest in my Pants. A few Blocks later 2 Girls from my Swim Team drove by and offered me a Ride Home. They said that they knew what I did and not to worry. They put some carboard down in the back seat. They told me not to even worry about it and not let it bother me, They said that if people said anything about it to me, just say yeah I did it (it was an accident) and totally shrug it off like it was no biggie. I went in to my house and told my Mom that I Pooped in my Pants when I was on the bus - she told me not to worry and give her the Swim Trunks to put in the Wash, so I did.
The next day at school, I took the girls advice and did just that. A guy that sat right behind me and was on my Swim Team ask me what happened, and so I just told him that I had an accident and Pooped in my Pants. No real teasing from that one unlike the one in Eighth Grade (See Posts a few pages back). The very next away Swim Meet when we had all gotten on the bus, The Coach said to me - That our team wanted to know if I had used the bathroom before we left, so she could tell the bus driver to Go. I kind of just chuckled and gave her the Thumbs Up. A small price to Pay - I had already gotten over it and was just Prepping in my mind about my Next Event (The 100 Meter Butterfly) my favorite Event which I had become pretty good at. At the End of the Swim Season - I tried to turn my Swim Trunks in and the Coach told me - no you can just keep them (Pretty Dang Funny)!

Paul S.

Real Account Write-up # 3 (Accident at Work)

I had this Job Fresh out of College. I was about 31 or so at the time. I was doing Construction Inspection in. They were building a Small Bridge in the Forbes Forest right behind Seven Springs (Two Construction Laborers with a Superintendent that would come by every once in a while). I would drive to and from my house every day (about 1 hours both to and from). It was early in the Morning (After I had just eaten 2 Hardees Breakfast Sandwiches and Coffee). I was at the site and I realized that I had to go to the Bathroom. One of the Workers was using the Porto-John. I had to Go! I got in my Car and started driving up the Dirt Road and towards Seven Springs where I knew they had a toilet. On my way up the hill I got a Sudden Big Time Urge. There was no controlling it - I just Totally Pooped in my Pants! Being an hour and a half from my House and Since there was Concrete coming later that day - Going home was no option. I said to myself I better go somewhere and buy new pants! My gas tank was close to E. At the top of the Hill - The Superintendent was driving my way and going to the site. I tried to just wave at him, but (LOL) of course he motioned for me to stop - He had something he wanted to speak to me about. I don't even know were I said that I was going, but I had my Windows rolled down. I Stunk To High Heaven!! I knew that he knew, but I didn't say anything. (Was embarrassed of Course)!
I went in a Small Country store by the busy Gas Station and asked to use their bathroom. I still really didn't totally know what to do at this point. I went up to that same Cashier and Sheepishly told her that I had had an Accident in my Pants. She was about my age and told me that she had Chron's and that summer she was at a Festival and Completely Messed in her Shorts, and she told me that she completely understood my situation. She told me that I would probably be needing a Shower and gave me a great Idea after I told her my situation about being at work. She told me to go to a local camp ground and ask if I could use their shower (after I bought a new pair of Pants of course). No Phone GPS back then - I had to drive clear to Somerset to find a Store. I went into a small Thrift Store and all they had in my size was a pair of White Pants (I had worn Black ones that day). I then went to the Campground explained myself, and they were very nice and let me use their Shower. I think I slipped them $10 or something when I left for letting me use their Shower - but they wouldn't let me give them any more money than that.
I had started driving back to the site and planned to act as if nothing had ever happened. The first thing that they asked me is why are you wearing white pants because when you left here you were wearing black ones! I was Cole Busted! At that point I told them the whole thing and what had happened. They Razzed me Lightheartedly for about an hour and of course I went along with it and tried to laugh with them. After that they never mentioned it again and it wasn't brought up. So that's my Poop Story. Unfortunately for me that wasn't the first time and it definitely wasn't the last.
Moral of the Story - Sometimes in Life BM's come at you like this! And if you don't find a Bathroom soon, well then you'll be going to find a place to clean up just like me.

Saturday, June 08, 2019



Yes, I pee in the shower all the time. It is part of my shower routine. I note the post from Mac relating to alcohol. My partners father would sit in his chair and wet his pants and the chair because he could not get to the toilet, yet if his glass was empty he had no trouble getting to the fridge to get another glass or two or three or four of wine. Can anybody explain why he could not even attempt to get to the toilet yet could get to the fridge???? Answers would be appreciated!!!! The other story I have is not about pooping but bladder spasms. I get them from time to time. The best way is to have my lower back rubbed whilst trying to wee. Also drink a fair amount of water and run a nice hot bath. Make up some camomile tea as well. Before getting into the bath try and have a poo and wee. Then into the bath and lay back and relax.... especially try and relax the bladder area and just be prepared to wee many times in the bath. Lay back relax and feel your bladder deflate as the urine gently drains out and keep drinking camomile tea or water for a good bladder flush out. Also pass wind as often as it occurs. This has always settled bladder spasms! On another subject I wear incontenence undies for both bladder and bowel issues. Every time I wee I cannot empty my bladder properly due to an obstruction so it drips , drips, drips so normal and undies would end up being a soggy mess. Also you n the event of a bladder spasm if I have a short squirts of urine so the incontenence undies protect me . I would welcome any feed back !

Anna from Austria
@PN Thanks for the Reply. Yes it is quite different Europe. The toilets there ony have small gaps if at all. In recently built public toilets even have complete enclosed stalls.

Will be a quite a embarrassing matter to use this american type toilets for going Number 2 I think because I am not used to it, but I think I am going to get used to it in 3 weeks I am going to be in the states.

Ryan F.

Reply to C.G.

I'm a long time reader, but this is my first post. My name is Ryan, and I'm 23 years old.

C.G., your post really inspired me to post about something that I did when I was a kid, I think I was about 7 or 8. But I remember it clearly.

We too had only one bathroom when I was growing up. So occasionally someone would be using the toilet and someone else would have to pee and couldn't wait. It didn't happen very often, but of course it did happen once in a while. And so a few times we would have to do our business either in the bathtub or in the sink. More the bathtub though because I couldn't really get up onto the sink by myself. I definitely remember peeing in the tub and against the tile wall like you did. I guess it's a boy thing to want to pee up against something. Hence the design of urinals.

So anyway there was this time I had to pee, and not only did I have to pee, but I had to pee really really bad. Like I said, I was about 7 or 8 so I wasn't really good about going right away when the urge hit. And so I needed to pee, and it was about to burst out of me. Unfortunately however, at that moment my mom and my sister were both in the bathroom. My mom was on the toilet pooping and my sister was taking a bath in the tub. And so I was out of luck, there wasn't anyplace left for me to do what I needed to do. And I really needed to pee. Normally if someone was pooping on the toilet I would have just simply stepped into the tub and had my pee. But this time my sister was in the tub. I still remember when I said I really had to pee and that I couldn't wait any longer, the first thing my mom said was to go ahead and pee in the tub anyway. She told me to just stand by the tub and pee into the bathwater. Of course my sister didn't like that idea. She was 9 or 10 at that time and didn't feel like letting her little brother pee into her bathwater. But I really had to go. I actually started to walk over to the tub and position myself for it. But then my sister started screaming and my mom finally told me not to pee there. I couldn't believe it, what was I supposed to do? There was no way I was going to be able to climb up on the sink, especially the way I had to go so bad.

That's when my mom told me that I could do something else. I'll never forget how she said it, she said "Go ahead and just go right here." Then she put her hand on the wall between the toilet and the bathtub. She told me that I could go ahead and stand right there and pee. I still remember how surprised I was, and also my sister. Of course I was also excited to do it.

Immediately I walked up and pulled down the front of my pants and underwear. The wall was actually tiled all around the entire bathroom, including the part between the toilet and the tub, so it was actually pretty good for peeing on. It was the same as the wall above the tub itself, which I had already peed on a few times before. I still remember how my sister was responding to all of this. She kept trying to tell my mom that it wasn't a good idea for me to pee there and that there was no where for the pee to go. But my mom just kept telling her that it would be fine and that it was ok for me to pee there.

I still remember it vividly. I got up close to the wall between the toilet and the bathtub and I began to let myself pee. I peed right up against that wall like a urinal and my pee just flowed down to the floor beneath. It actually was a lot like peeing in a urinal and it even sprinkled me a little bit just like a urinal does. So yes C.G. I agree with you for sure!

And so that's how I peed. It went on the wall and then made a puddle on the floor and just sat there on the linoleum. My mom then put a towel down and soaked it up after she was done on the toilet. It was so wonderful to have been able to have a pee like that. I'll never forget the feeling of letting myself pee against the wall like that.

Thank you C

Anna from Austria

Talking to somebody while using the toilet

Question to the ladies

What is your standpoint about talking to somebody while using the toilet? Up to this day I was living by the unwritten rule that talking to somebody while sitting on the toilet is not polite so do not do it.

Apparently the in my surroundings lived by the same rule. Neither my friends nor other unkown ladies I have seen in public toilets were talking to each other will sitting on the toilet. They were chatting at the sinks while washing their Hands but they were never talking while peeing or pooping.

Yesterday at work I had to go ladies as usual after having my coffee to do my usual morning bm. A new coworker went with to the ladies room to do clean her contact lenses are something like that. We were talking the whole way to bathroom. After we entered the bathroom she went to the sinks with mirror to do her stuff

and I looked myself into one of the stalls. She keeped talking all the time to me, even she noticed that I was started peeing, farting and pooping. I kept talking to her too, but It felt a bit weird that she did not consider that I might need some privacy when doing my things. She just kept talking and literally ignored the noises I was making.I felt a bit embarrased talking to somebody that knew I was doing These not very ladylike noises .

Anyway it was also funny somehow and interesting that not everbody is living by These unwritten rule.

What is your standpoint about it? Do talk to your friends while sitting on the toilet and doing your stuff or do you Keep silent to give them some privacy?

That's it for today.

Greetings from Austria


.G. and to all other readers!

Poster Pee
I've always been fascinated by trough urinals, especially as a kid. I guess they remind me of peeing in a big sink. I've always thought it was amazing that they were made for peeing in. I also like the ones that are just a wall of tile that you just pee against. I think it's amazing that these actually exist, though they are very rare in modern America.

in some old shop, in the locker room, was a huge, circular urinal trough. the middle was raised about four feet high, the outer lip, about thirty inches. the center part was about two feet in diameter, and a steady stream of water bubbled out of it, and ran down the sides, into the basin. it was all cement (i imagine) with a terrazzo type finish to it. it was about eight feet in diameter. so not only are you sidled up to your fellow pissers, but they're also placed strategically across from you, to gain maximum peek factor. a big sign hung over the urinal, on chains stating "DO NOT THROW CIGARETTES INTO URINAL". a side by side trough seems rather pedestrian, in comparison.

My elementary school had a tile wall, with little water fixtures to run water down it once in a while, and at the floor, a little trough or channel with drains. I remember we'd have contests to see who could pee highest.


Wake Up

I had an early wake up call this morning which was dropping a bunch of loose poo in my loo. I did it nearly 3 times, but the other times were solid bits. It was more of a sludge consistency with the most of it being out before breakfast, and slightly more watered down afterwords. I didn't feel sick either so it seems my butt was telling me that the poop was ready now. My back end was surprisingly windy this morning, and as I slept by my stuffed dog, I noticed it was stinky under the covers when I became aware of my farting. Also, when I said many pages back I don't smell poop in my dreams, I meant I don't typically concentrate on it. Concerning my poop today, it was sure interesting! Bye!


Two Accidents

Last week was a really embarrassing one for me. I had two really bad accidents, both at work.

On Tuesday I was feeling a bit crampy in the morning, but I put it off to my period being due to start in a day or two. My husband and I got our daughter ready to take to day care. I decided to wear a pair of pink hipster panties and snug fitting navy dress pants that are super comfortable and make my bum look amazing. On this particular day, my husband drove me to work. I grabbed my emergency bag out of my car to take with me, just in case anything happened.

We took our daughter to her day care and then went downtown. My husband dropped me off. When I got o my office I realized that I didn't have my bag. I had my purse though and had some pads with me for just in case.

I was feeling a bit crampy all morning but my period hadn't started. I had my lunch and went for a walk around Victoria Park which I just across the street from my office. As I was walking my ???? started feeling really bad. It was rumbling and gurgling really loudly. When I got to the opposite side of the park, I had a really bad cramp. I passed some gas to relieve the pressure but when I did, it was really wet. It just bubbled out of me and into my pink hipster panties. I moaned "oh god" to myself as it happened. I stopped and clenched my butt cheeks as tightly as I could, but I just couldn't hold back another wet fart. I tried walking a few steps and stopped at a park bench however I could feel my bowels drop and a huge rush of diarrhea was pushing to get out. Keeping my butt cheeks clenched as tightly as I could, I tried walking quickly back to my office to get to the ladies room. I only made it a few steps when another cramp hit and the diarrhea just rushed out of me, filling up my hipster panties. The mess went right up my back and covered my entire bum area. I reached behind me to feel my bum and I could feel the wetness leaking through my pants already. I started crying. I texted my husband, it went like this...

Me: I need you.
Him: What's up? Are you okay?
Me: No. I need my bag. I forgot it in your car.
Him: What happened? Did it start early?
Me: No.
Him: Okay...
Me: I'm sick.
Him: Oh no! Are you okay?
Me: No...
A pause in the conversation. Finally...
Me: I have diarrhea... I couldn't hold it... I totally messed myself. It's... everywhere.
Him: Awe honey. I'm sorry. I'll be right there.
Me: Please hurry.
Him: Okay.

I started walking through the park to my office and I was still letting out diarrhea every few steps. I reached behind me again and my pants were soaked. It was obvious to anyone what was happening to me.

Then another text from my husband...

Him: Hey, your bag. It's not in the car. You have it, right?
Me: WHAT??? No!!! I don't have it. Are you sure it's not in your car?
Him: It's not. I'm sorry.
Me: Oh my GOD!!!
Me (again): Can you please pick me up and bring me home? I can't go back to work like this.
Him: Okay, no problem. I'll be a few minutes.
Me: Okay. Thank you.

I finally got back to my office and told my manager that I was sick and had to go home. I started crying again as I was telling her I was sick and she asked why I was crying. I broke down and told her what happened. She felt so bad for me.

I gathered up my things and headed back downstairs and outside to wait for my husband. I was still having bad cramps and letting out diarrhea into my panties every few minutes.

He finally got there and had a fabric bag for me to sit on. I sat down as gingerly as I could but when I did the mess spread out everywhere. It was horrible. We finally got home and I waddled to my house then went directly into our master bathroom. My pants and hipster panties were a disaster. Cleaning up took forever. I had a shower and washed out my clothes. My panties still have a bad stain on them, but I kept them to wear during my period.

Speaking of which...

During the early hours of Thursday morning, I had to get up to get a bottle ready for my daughter. My husband stayed in our room and held her to keep her from crying.

While I was standing in the kitchen waiting for her bottle to warm up, I felt a sudden gush and my panties and pyjama shorts were soaked. I looked down and saw that I had completely bled through my panties and shorts. I got the bottle and went back upstairs. I gave it to my husband and then to my dresser for some clean panties and shorts. My husband asked what was wrong, I just turned around and said, "I got my period". He looked, saw my panties and said "woah". I went to the bathroom, changed and put on a pad. I soaked my shorts and panties in cold water to get out the stains.

After that initial gush, my period lightened up quite a bit. I wore pink bikini panties and grey dress pants. When I left for work I made sure to have my emergency bag with me. I'm sure glad I had it...

Midway through the morning my manager called me into her office. I got up and as I was walking I felt another gush which filled my pad, completely soaking it. I saw down in my manager's office and could feel my pad leaking. I looked down and saw a very noticeable stain spreading between my legs. I looked up at my manager and she could tell based on my expression that something was wrong. She asked, "are you okay?" I said, "I'm leaking. My period just got super heavy and I'm bleeding through my pants." She told me to go to the washroom and get sorted out. I grabbed my emergency bag on my way out.

I went into a stall and pulled my pants and panties down. My pad was soaked all around, including over the wings. I couldn't believe how heavy my period got in a matter of seconds. I'm used to that happening as I get older though. I'm just really glad that I had extra clothes with me that day. I must have changed my pad every few hours just to be safe.

Anyway, those are my two most recent stories. Thanks for reading.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Sophie great buddy dump story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Women and unisex bathrooms

For a Memorial Day project at one of our state's largest cemeteries my long-time friend Nanci and I did an all-day litter cleanup and weeding project near the entrance road. After about two 2-liter containers of soda we had shared, Nanci got bloated and started to fart more. It didn't matter whether she was standing and using the hoe or on her knees picking up weeds for the bag, I knew she had a crap coming. And she hates, absolutely hates, having to crap in public toilets. She tries and brags about being able to regulate herself to go at home before she leaves. When I call her on it she gets really dramatic on me. But I enjoy pushing her button because when I was younger and when we were in grade school and middle schools, I got regularly bullied by some of the older guys because I was so awkward for my age and physically underdeveloped. So this is an area of sensitivity and bonding between me and Nanci.

So we walked up a steep hill towards a major monument and assembly area where we knew there was a toilet building. Neither of us had used those toilets before. There was after our 15-minute walk in the heat this old building built of really heavy stones with a metal door that contained a lot of graffiti, some of which we found pretty gross. Nanci said that a paint job was needed and we joked that this would be a good future assignment for a crew. It took me 3 tugs to get the heavy door open and on the 3rd I almost feel on my ass. Nanci got a good laugh out of it, but eventually grabbed the back of her jean shorts with greater urgency.

It took me 2 pulls of the light chain that had almost gotten into Nanci's mouth as she pulled the drama stage again. A dim overhead bulb flickered on and Nanci let out her usual lace of profanities as we looked at the 3 fixtures in the room. Right in front of us was an old sink that was almost stained beyond white. To my left there was like a 100-year-old toilet with a huge faded black seat that was shaped like a horseshoe. Nanci took one look at it and said he wasn't going to have any f*****' contact with it. I pointed out the old-looking steel urinal to her right. It could accommodate about 2 guys at a time and was held up from the floor by two piles of about 3 concrete building blocks each.

Before I unzipped my jeans I asked her again what choice she was going to take for her crap. Rather than reluctantly sit on the toilet which see dramatized like it contained explosives or something, I threw the seat up and took out my organ and began my pee immediately. I knew she would sneak her usual look or two, but I guess I commanded more attention than that. With her eyes totally fixed on me, Nanci stood on her tip-toes, dropped her underwear and shorts and halfway seated herself on the trough. When she started to slide a bit forward, she put her two hands on the steel and with a few more frustrated expressions on her face I could hear pieces of her notoriously soft crap dropping onto the trough's basin. When reminded, I pulled off some toilet paper from the roll on the far wall and handed it to her. Then I heard her use it. By folding and refolding it, she really gave the paper a workout.

Once outside, Nanci and I soaked up the sun while laying out on two park benches nearby. Then she asked this really interesting question:
In unisex bathrooms, are girls a civilizing influence on guys' bathroom behavior?

What do the rest of you think?



Hi guys! I had sugar free vanilla wafers again today, and surprisingly, I didn't get diarrhea. Once while on the loo however, I passed gas, and felt the associated slight discomfort migrate through me. I pooped later at home, and it was solid. I than dug into my jewellery box to find my "birthday bracelet" (beaded bracelet with rectangles that probably show pictures). I call it "birthday bracelet", because I bought it on my birthday. Guess what else? I heard some toilet stuff on Youtube yesterday. It's a channel called Will It Flush. It features various items that someone attempts to flush. Lol, that be cool if they featured the biggest poop. You never know, maybe a really big poop has been attempted to be flushed on camera already!

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

At the weekend I was at a department store shopping with my girlfriend. As we were looking round, my stomach was really churning. She had made me curry the previous evening and it was really cramping my stomach. I told my girl that I was going to the toilet and would see her in fifteen minutes at the cafe. I set off in the direction of the gents.

Inside, it was fairly small, with two cubicles, one of which was occupied. I took the other, locked the door pulled my shorts and boxers down and sat my ass down on the seat. It's fair to say that I unleashed hell! Immediately I let out a loud booming fart which reverberated around the small bathroom. It felt so good to release it as the pressure was really building, so I moaned audibly in relief. Next was a loud long wet fart, the sort that announces the arrival of a big poo and I sighed in relief again. Next I released five blasts of soft serve poo which spattered loudly into the bowl below, moaning after each wave as it felt so good to expel these demons from my ass! I had really stunk it up in there; I can honestly say that this was the most vile smell my ass had ever made. What had my girl put in that curry?! After about five minutes, I was done, but I decided to continue to sit there for a few further minutes relaxing. I pulled out my phone and started to look at Instagram and Twitter.

As I was chilling there, my neighbour in the next cubicle let out a tiny short quiet fart. "Sorry" he said. What?! I had just unleashed the forces from hell which he had just heard (and I am sure he could smell), and I didn't feel the need to apologise to my neighbour. After a few seconds, thinking about it, I decided to respond: "no need to say sorry mate, it's a toilet!" "Thanks" he responded in a soft voice. I sat there for a few more minutes, and I heard a few gentle plops from him. I think he had put paper down to soften the noise. Time was pressing, so I decided to wipe up. I stood up and cleaned my crack, and I could hear my neighbour doing likewise. He flushed and left his cubicle just before me. I flushed, and I saw the guy at the sinks. He was a guy in his early twenties wearing black compression tights and a dark sports vest. He looked at me awkwardly and said hi. I wanted to make the poor guy feel comfortable and so I said "Hiya buddy, we really stunk it up in here, didn't we?!" "Yeah," he said, "my stomach was aching so I was pleased that they had toilets here." We both laughed a little and left.

I saw him later with another guy holding hands. Hopefully he wasn't too shell shocked by my mega poo!


One Toilet

When i was a kid we only had one bathroom. It was just my mom and my sisters and me so our house was small and only had one bathroom. And so if someone else was on the toilet we were allowed to use other things like the sink or the bathtub, as long as it was only to pee. Of course i was a kid so i didnt think it was weird or anything like that. It was just something we did. I mostly used the bathtub, it was usually the girls who would use the sink. I actually liked using the bathtub, i would even use it when no one else was using the toilet. My mom didnt care how often i did it, as long as i didnt make a big mess or anything. I do remember her once telling me to try to aim for the drain as much as possible. Of course that rarely happened. Instead i liked to pee all around the inside of the tub. I knew it would all rinse away during the next shower anyway. My favorite way to pee in the tub was to stand sideways and pee against the wall, which of course was tiled so my pee would just run down the tiles and into the tub. I really liked the idea of peeing on the tiles like that. It reminded me of peeing in a urinal, especially those older urinals that actually have a wall of tile on the back and one long trough to pee in. Those were always my favorite ones to use when i was a kid. I also liked peeing in the tub that way because my pee would sprinkle me a little bit when i peed against the tiles, which was also like a urinal. And so thats what i would do. I was 9 when we moved into that house and i think i was 17 or 18 when we moved out and i know i did it the whole time we lived there. It was something i will always remember.


Re: Shower peeer--peeing in the shower-- anyone else?

A great place to do it. Saves water, feels good. I have a nice hand held shower head so I hose down the shower floor, sides, and curtain after I finish. The feeling is almost as good a taking a good gut clearing shit in the woods.


A couple of replies

Anna from Austria: At least in men's rooms there often are pretty big gaps where you can almost see into the stall, sometimes at the side of the door, and the bottom of the door is usually about a foot off the floor. It is similar in most of the US and Canada as far as I know. It does seem to be quite a bit different than most places I've been in Europe.

Shower peer: I had a girlfriend once who really liked to pee in the shower, sometimes when we were in the shower together, and she sort of introduced me to it as a pleasurable habit. I do it sometimes still.


@Shower Peeer

As a guy I can't see the slightest reason not to--I always aim to pee near the end of my shower. I'm already where I can pee, even if my bladder isn't full might as well empty it, it saves time.

I can imagine a woman not wanting to because it's going to run down her legs but it's going to rinse off very easily--I would still do it if I were female.



I eat a lot of food, one time we went to CICIS. And I had about 37 slices of pizza, all of a sudden I felt this huge urge, but couldn't make it to the bathroom on time, it was around closing time, so no one was really there, so I just pulled down my pants and had explosive diarrhea all over the wall, the server decided to call the police on me. I had to really explain my situation, on the ride to the police station, I felt the urge again, I shit my pants, then my stomach started hurting, and I ended up chucking everywhere in the car.


I was just wondering if fat people take bigger poops than skinny people

End Stall Em

For Icy's Question--A Snow Story

This goes back a number of years when I was in grade school. I learned that there were opportunities to get involved in activities and that they could be fun, but they also carried responsibilities. Our school, like the others, had something called Safety Patrol. We would arrive at school 45 minutes early in the morning, put on a vest and badge (I really liked the look of something official) and stand on the corner and when kids needed to cross, we would walk out carrying a stop sign and stop traffic at the crossing. Since it was cold during much of 2nd and 3rd quarters, the cafeteria ladies would treat us to hot chocolate for 10 minutes or so and then we would join our class late.

For some reason, I don't know why, I had never had hot chocolate. So I really took to it. Here I was in 5th grade, having an occasional poo at school, but nothing really significant about it. There wasn't enough time for me to do that during our class's regular potty breaks at 10 and 2 because there were about 15 of us girls in the class and a few of them were notoriously slow. Yes, I know they were stalling because they didn't want to get off the toilet and get back to class so they would sit, talk and hog the 6 toilets in the bathroom we were designated to use.

So on this one snowy day, where we were hopeful that school would get out early due to the storm but it didn't and that sucked, I was starting to feel the churning in my gut by 9 a.m. I don't remember why, but I didn't lead the run into the bathroom at 10, which was a big mistake. There were a couple of subs who didn't follow the toilet schedule for their classes, so by the time I got in there, the wait was 3-deep for each toilet. There wasn't a snowball's chance in hell that my needs were going to be met. And my needs were getting more immediate. Another 10 minutes into a movie, I asked my teacher for the bathroom pass. It was a 6-inch piece of wood with our room number carved into it.

I hurried to the bathroom and was already in pain and unbuttoning the front of my jeans as I raced in. I couldn't believe it. Legs of those patiently sitting under each of the doors. As I started to think about my options, a series of farts came out of me and with one of them, I could now feel a hot, moist substance gathering in my white panties. I stood waiting, started to cry and I didn't know how to stop either my crying or pooing. Then a door was thrown open, a 2nd or 3rd grader went running out and I seized the opportunity. I threw my wooden pass onto the floor, lowered my jeans and panties and took the warmed seat. That's when I was greeted with the good amount of diarrhea.

From my seat where I was still blasting hot liquid into the toilet, I took my shoes off, removed my jeans and then every-so-carefully, my undies which seemed to weigh an extra ounce or two. I just laid them back against the wall as I used almost all the remaining toilet paper squares to clean my back end. Plus my thumb and index finger were also smelling so I knew I would be needed a thorough hand-scrubbing, too. As I was at the sink washing and rewashing my hands, I got to feeling how strange my jeans felt my intimate area. Luckily the film was still going when I got back to class and my teacher didn't say anything.

That all changed the next day. The principal read an announcement during pride time that we needed to take pride in the bathrooms, watch out for one another and make good decisions. I felt so low because I knew they had found my panties. Actually, the custodian had found something else, too. Direct evidence. I had left the hall pass on the floor next to my panties. I was paged to the office during lunch, and when questioned I fessed up. Our principal made me feel bad when she said the nurse likes to help students in such situations. I was suspended from safety patrol for the week after we came back from the snow storm and I received detention time. My mom was called and she was pretty cool about it because I had told the truth. And she admitted that she has quit drinking hot chocolate at her office because it gives her big-time gas.

To Icy

I am also a young adult and I have been accident prone as well. Mostly because I hold it until I really have to go so bad that I have only a short time to make it. This often causes me to end up with full briefs, I have had a several accidents walking home from high school and even a couple in college walking back from class as like you I am very shy about going in public. Thankfully no one has noticed yet but there have been a few times where if anyone was behind me they would have really seen my pants bulge outward lol.



A quick question for you guys. When picking a cubicle (stall) do you pick one that's empty or one that someone has just vacated? I always pick the one that someone has just left if I can as there is less chance of pee on the seat. The reason I ask is that I was at the cinema last night with my mate. We both needed to plop and when we entered the toilet, there were six cubicles and as we arrived I took the one where a bloke had just come out of. My friend took the one next to me. As we were plopping away, he asked me why I had picked the cubicle that some guy had just left. He asked me if it smelt. I said, yes is did smell a little but I asked him: "Did you wipe the seat of pee before you sat down?" He answered, "Yeah I did" I said "You have your answer then!"


Post Title (optional)watching mommy pee

My mother was an alcoholic. A case of beer a day, everyday for the final three years of her life. She had a bottle of beer at seven in the morning and a final one about nine thirty at night with anywhere from fifteen to eighteen in between.
She passed away at age thirty eight from uremic poisoning.
She had little or no modesty. If she needed to pee, she just pulled up her dress and peed. Some days she wore panties. Other days she did not.
She was also ????ing a couple of other guys besides my dad. I know. I caught them firsthand a time or two.
One day we were at her favorite watering hole, along with her mother, who also lived with us and was more or less a quasi alcoholic. But she liked whiskey more than beer and could get drunker than a thousand Indians when she got one on.
Anyway, we were leaving the bar and neither had gone to pee while we were there, so we walked out the back door to where our car was parked and they both went to the back of the car, pulled up their dresses to the waist, spread their legs, and proceeded to pee. I got to see both of their pubic hair and watched in amazement as the pee began running down their legs soaking their nylons. Oh yes, in the late 40's, women wore nylons almost everyday.
They finished, never bothering to wipe their pussies, got in the car with mother driving, got home, got out of the car, and pissed again right in our back yard.
I watched again seeing grandmas salt and pepper pussy hair.
It ended in 1950 when mother passed away and in April, 1951 grandma got the boot from dad because she got drunk one day when he was not in our home area.

Thursday, May 30, 2019


Answering and a question for all

To an anonymous~
I'm not all too confident exposing my age but I'll say young adult so u get an idea. And yes, good observation o_o
I grew up (and still kinda am) toilet shy. It's very difficult for me to admit when I gotta pee. So u can imagine when I have to "unload" I won't say a word. Not to mention as a kid I had a lot of constipation issues. And I was very humiliated asking to use the restroom. The school bathrooms were so bad they didn't even have locks on the stalls. So public toilets suck In my mind. Those factors combined lead to me... well filling my pants up from time to time.
A quick question about accidents while I'm on the topic: Does anyone have the bravery to share a time they messed their pants in public? And did u ever get caught?

Shower peeer
Hey everyone. What's your opinion on people peeing in the shower?

I do it all the time. One time my little sister was in the shower (and I was on the toilet; we were right across each other and could see each other since it was a glass wall enclosing the shower) and she really had to go. I encouraged her to just do it in the shower but she crossed her legs, held herself and stopped washing her hair to hold her pee. All of a sudden there's this yellow fluid dripping from her and I knew it was pee.

I told her that it was fine and she could open her legs since no one was looking. She's very shy so she is always very modest and embarrassed when her girl bits are exposed like that. She did and man did that girl have to go! She peed so much!

I do the same thing. Anyone else pee in the shower?


Looking for Hill St Blues

Does anyone know which Hill Street Blues episode contains the scene where Lucy is on the toilet reading the newspaper? I want to Hulu it of possible.


I never thought it would happen to me

I had easily my most embarrassing experience today! I have heard of others doing it and my thought was always along the lines of "how does that even happen? i can't imagine doing something like that." well, now i know. here's what happened.

I've been home from college for about a week now, and today i went with my dad to do some shopping. we have a big family, i'm the oldest of 5 kids and the other four are all at home still, plus my parents, so we do grocery shopping at a certain big wholesale warehouse that's very popular in the US. I remember being on the way there when I noticed in the car that my stomach felt pretty full, and it crossed my mind that I was going to need to poop as soon as we got home. i really wasn't worried about it because like i said, i never expected i would have an accident. i'm 20 and it's never happened before so I just figured its not a concern for me until maybe i'm an old lady and my body gets weaker. i am generally healthy and fit, and i play soccer in college, so i'd say i take care of my body. i think the reason i felt so full and uneasy was because my body wasn't used to our rich home cooking since i've been away at college. i actually had on a pair of neon green soccer shorts over full cut light pink undies. if you aren't familiar with soccer shorts, well, they are kind of loose. that's important...

as we got into the store, i could feel the pressure building as we walked around and i had this ominous feeling that i might not be able to make it unitl we got home. i started to get nervous because i hate pooping in public, especially if i'm with someone who would have to wait for me. so, i just did my best to hold it in and also subtly tried to keep my dad focused and stick to our list so we could get in and out as soon as possible. my dad kept stopping for EVERY free sample in the place, and also kept looking at stuff that was not on our list and asking me if i wanted it. i was too busy focusing on holding my poop, which was now getting seriously urgent, so i just kept impatiently telling him no and to stick to the list. he finally asked me what my problem was, and i reluctantly mumbled that my stomach hurt. "go to the bathroom then" he said to me impatiently and looked at me like i was crazy. i was embarrassed and stubbornly told him i would be fine until we got home as long as he hurried up. he shook his head in irritation and kept on shopping.

when we were in the frozen section, i realized to my horror that i really couldn't hold it anymore and that i absolutely needed to get to the bathroom as quick as possible. i had to stand perfectly still to wait out an intense cramp while trying not to push. i felt my poop trying to force its way out and i clenched with every muscle that could help me not have an accident in my shorts right then. i finally felt like i had it under control and took a deep breath, and told my dad "ill brb". he just said "meet my up front when you're done" and i nodded and rushed off. well, as my luck would have it, the bathrooms are at the very front of the store past the check out area, and the frozen section is literally the opposite corner of the store. so i had quite a walk ahead of me... i went as fast as i could, trying not to panic, telling myself over and over "im gonna make it, im gonna make it". for the first time ever i was actually worried that i was gonna go to the bathroom in my pants at 20 years old... i got another bad cramp when i was halfway there, and had to stop and clench and ride it out. except this time, i lost the battle. i stood there off to the side of the main aisle towards the front, clenching with all i could, but the force to let go was too strong. i felt my poop just push itself out, and a hot soft mess filled my undies instantly with one push. my heart raced as i stood there in disbelief, and i wanted to disappear! i felt sort of dizzy as i looked ahead at how many people i would need to walk past to get to the bathroom. my eyes filled with tears and for what felt like forever i stood there frozen, afraid to move. i eventually started to come back down to earth and realized just standing there helplessly with poop in my shorts wasn't an option. so i took a deep breath and started to head to the bathrooms again. thats when it happened..... as soon as i started walking, i felt the mess squishing between my cheeks, which forced it out of the bottom of my underwear...a big glob slid down my leg and splatted on the side of my shoe and the floor, and that's when the waterworks began. it was super obvious to everyone around that i pooped myself. i just tried to make my way to the bathroom as fast as possible without looking at anyone, and on the way there i lost one of two more drops of poop out of my shorts onto the floor. it was so, so humiliating.

when i got to the bathroom i got in a stall and had to just sit down with my shorts still on while i tried to regain my composure. after a little bit i started to tackle the mess, and must have wiped myself with an entire roll of toilet paper and flushed the toilet like 15 times. once i got myself mostly cleaned up, including my leg and my shoe, i looked at my shorts and underwear and was so overwhelmed with how dirty they were that i cried again. i finally realized i couldn't put them back on to leave the store, and so i got my phone out and called my dad. when he answered he could tell i was crying and just said "...cass was that you? i saw...on the floor" and i just sobbed. he turned on his hero dad mode (i've always been his favorite, his first daughter and his princess) and he said "just sit tight, i'll knock 3 times after i check out and bring you what you need." my dad actually bought me new underwear, shorts and some wipes and delivered them to me at the bathroom after he checked out. i couldn't have been more grateful even though it was so embarrassing to have him do that...i just buried my shorts and undies in the bathroom trash all wrapped up in a ton of toilet paper, washed my hands and got the hell out of there. a few ladies had been in and out during my cleanup but i didn't actually see anyone thankfully. we left the store to go home and i made my dad promise not to tell the rest of the family that i pooped my shorts at the store...

so that's the story of my first accident. i can't imagine it gets much more embarassing than that...


Surfers pooping

I have just spent a couple of days at a very popular surfing beach. There were quite many others also staying there. Some were sleeping in their cars/vans, others slept in tents and some went to sleep in a village over 10 kilometers away. I slept in a van with a friend. There was no toilet at the beach. We peed just behind the car. I think most other also did so. When needing to take a dump we either had to drive away to find a toilet in the village or we had to go to toilet in the bushes behind the sand dunes. We never talked about it but I think both of us just went into the bushes to poop. I can't imagine that he managed to keep it for over one week. I did it every day. Some spots in the bushes seemed to be quite popular to use as a toilet because there were visible signs of paper and poop there. When I saw others going into the bushes I was quite sure that they were going to answer the call of nature. There was no other obvious reason to go there. Sometimes it was very obvious that a toilet visit was the purpose as some persons were going away with a roll of toilet paper in their hands! We had a Dutch couple as our camping neighbors. Every morning just after finishing breakfast the woman took the roll of toilet paper and headed for the bushes. No doubt what she was going to do! She did not seem to bother at all because she just squatted behind some nearby bushes. Once I spotted her head above the top of the bushes and the bum was visible between the branches when she was taking care of business. I think her husband was shyer as he went farther away and did not carry the toilet roll in his hands. When I went away to go to toilet I always put the paper in my pocket to cover it a bit for the others. Perhaps a bit stupid but I felt it a bit embarrassing to show explicitly to those I went by what I was going to do. Even though some nights we might be over 40 persons staying there, it mostly was easy to find a spot with some privacy. I usually went about 100 meters into the bushes to a spot with a huge stone which I went behind. There I pulled down and did what I had to do. It think it was one of the popular spots because there was always fresh poop there and once it was even occupied when I approached. Once a woman approached when I was doing my things but she obviously spotted me on some distance and went in another direction. I also sometimes on distance spotted others squatting. To avoid the embarrassment for both I then turned away. Most of us staying there was young persons. But also some seniors was camping around. I think many of them had a toilet in their van but once I saw a mature woman (60+, perhaps 70+) squatting when I went into the bushes. Another time I also saw a male MC biker squat with the leather trousers at the knees. When he had finished his wife took the toilet roll and went away. I saw a lot of poop but mostly I certainly could not know who had made it, except for the neighbor woman and the MC bikers the stuff was anonymous! Once a woman went to use "my" spot immediately after me and then she must have seen my production. I felt that a bit embarrassing as she was one person that I knew well. Before I have only peed outdoor. Now I had to poop outdoor for over one week. I was less scary than I thought. My preferred position is squatting as I also think most others prefer. But some might prefer more like standing. I would like other too to write about outdoor experiences this summer.


Subway choices

I traveled to a major city to attend a friend's law school commencement.
My crap was building during the 3-hour flight and when I got to the terminal, I couldn't believe the lines for each of the bathrooms. I guess a couple of them were closed for construction. So I held it in and after going down like 4 sets of really large and rough stairs to the subway, my holding faculties were shot. I knew I had one option before accident and I could see the red-lit shingle over the door down the hall. This was probably one of the last remaining WW II era bathrooms. About 10 toilets. Nearly half had the doors off. None-too-happy users seated, looking ahead or down, as they eliminated their body waste.

One of the non-doored toilets was open. I did take a look at its condition and it wasn't good. Bowl stopped up, a cumbersome looking seat that didn't look friendly to my butt, but a container on the wall behind the toilet with at least one seat paper left. I pulled it down, carefully placed it on the seat to find that it was only about 2/3 as large as necessary. I dropped my jeans and panties to knee-level and took my seat. I couldn't believe that I had a seat cover left because I thought most of the others had been depleted. That didn't seem to deter users which had the in/down/out attitude toward getting their business done. Trains were arriving outside and more patrons were coming in. Some had small children in tow. To my left I think I counted 9 users during my sit, including a little girl who seemed to have a hard time balancing herself up on the toilet until some other lady came by and gave her a boost. It seemed about 1/2 crapped, although one was a noisy with the farts that would have rivaled a thunderstorm. On my right, I counted 13 users. There was this mother peeing away and telling her daughter (I think) on the right to make sure she sat long enough for a full poo, or she wasn't going to get any lunch. And the motivation for that remark?

My crap came in about 3 phases. A small amount immediately, then a slow-slider and finally a more well rounded and difficult piece. In working my legs to get that one out, I tore up the seat paper so bad that in anger I crunched it up and threw it into the bowl and then I reseated myself. (Sorry Mom!). The good cleanout helped me have a great rest of the day. But I must have been on the toilet for at least 30 minutes and there were the mean looks from the growing numbers waiting for an opening. I've always been afraid to address such looks or say I'm sorry. I just make it look like I'm working harder to get off the toilet faster.

The rest of my day was better, although I had two pees at the large civic auditorium the commencement was held at. Nerves, I guess!

Monday, May 27, 2019


Sitting Down for a Poo

Had a big meal last night. Lots of ???? and had a lot of exercise yesterday. I am now in the toilet the poo is trying to push its way out and it is time I dropped my pants and undies and sat . Right.... that is done now sitting with my butt cheeks spread and time for a push. Deep breath in and pppuusshhh. Crackle and crackle and slop into the bowl, now having a relaxing wee. I can now start to smell my poo. Not too bad even smells healthy! A few more pushes but nothing . That might be the end. I look into the bowl. Quite a good production. All turds look healthy and floating . Yet another wee. Time to wipe. I do it from the front and sitting. Due to my disability it is difficult from behind. About 4 wipes and I am done. Pants up flush and leave


Summer heat

Hi guys

Abbie, great story about your trip home. Glad you made it. Do you have one bathroom at home In my family house growing up we had 2 but all the student flats I've lived in just have one.

Well I'm pleased to say that my exams are now over!!! Very happy. Last weekend we went out to celebrate on Friday night and I set off walking home with my friend Rachel, I felt a need for a wee and I'd been weeing lots that night cos it was so warm and I'd been drinking lots of water as well. I noticed Rachel seemed fidgety and after a while she said that she needed a wee. By this time I was pretty much busting so when we came across a side street we nipped into it. There was a phone box and a bin with a person sized space between and a conveniently parked van. Though I was really desperate, Rachel had said she needed it first so it was only fair she got to go first. I held her bag as she pulled her dress up and her blue lace knickers down and squatted between the phone box and bin, doing a very strong stream. I was so desperate by this point I was jiggling around and this must have been obvious, as soon as Rachel finished going she hopped up and let us swap places. I was trying to be careful and not step in the wee but at the same time I couldn't help dribbling a bit, so I had to tear down my knickers (pink with white flowers on) before there was a flood. I squatted down and the relief was amazing. Meanwhile rachel got her knickers back up. I didn't have anything to wipe with sadly so the rest of the walk was a bit uncomfortable!


So Relaxed

Siome minutes ago I posted about my morning poo. I am now feeling so relaxed. My stomach feels empty and my bum hole is tingling and feels sublime. I am sitting outside in the garden enjoying the feeling . How do you feel after a good BM ?

To Icy

Nice story about your accident, keep them coming! Also how old are you, seems like you have accidents quite often

Kevin RZ

I pooped in my pants

This happened back in March. My wife and I went out to dinner one night with another couple. They picked us up and took us to the restaurant. We had a good time. I had a small steak and some fries. Normally, you'd think that such a meal would plug you up. Suddenly I had this feeling like there was something horribly wrong, but I didn't know what it was. I thought that maybe I should try going to the bathroom. I politely excused myself, and went to the bathroom only to find the single stall occupied. It was then I realized that I had diarrhea. I didnt know what to do, so I went back to the table and sat down. A moment later, we got up and left. The parking lot was full of cars and there was lots of traffic. Getting out of the parking space was easy, but getting out of the parking lot took some time, and it was making me nervous. I'm in the back seat panicking inside thinking, "What am I going to do if I don't make it home?!" Luckily there was a rubber mat on the floor I could put on the seat just in case. Once we got going out of the parking lot, I started to feel better, but the pressure inside my stomach was still very much present. I reassured myself it was just a few minutes before I'd be home. It still felt like eternity though. I made it home without ruining their back seat, politely excused myself, and ran inside. My place has 3 stories and the first has no bathroom. I ran up the first set of stairs, and as soon as I got to the top, all hell broke loose. My first instinct was to squeeze my butt cheeks together to try to hold it, but that didn't even come close to being effective. I just let it go. I could feel it coming out and all the pressure in my stomach release. I felt it spread inside my underwear. I was wearing some black bikini underwear with blue and red polka dots that covered most of my butt. When I bent over to take off my shoes, I had to quickly stop because poop started running down my legs. I had to step on the heels to take them off. I still had to go up the second set of stairs. I grabbed the thighs of my jeans so I wouldn't get any poop on the carpet, and walked up the stairs. It was very messy. I got to my bathroom, took my jeans off inside out, wiped them off as best as I could and sprayed them with oxyclean. Same with my underwear except I didn't spray them. I took a long shower and put my underwear and jeans in the wash. You can't tell anything happened to my jeans, but my underwear has a slight stain. Ah memories. I just felt I needed to share this with some one.


The Stench

Hey everyone! I did a medium sized poo today that had such a stink, that Mom noticed it outside the bathroom. I had some garlic bread for dinner the night before, so I guess this strong food can stink up your poop badly. The wiping told me that this poop was a soft, but smooth kind. If a volunteer opertunity works out for me at a retirement home, I hope the bathrooms are nice! Also, it will be just as interesting to hear other's bathroom habits. To Icy: good luck with the toilets next time! Sorry you had an accident. The worst as an adult I've came to one was a sneeze that triggered a feeling that I had shit myself when in reality, I felt the poop shift. It was loos as well when I finally went, so I was lucky it didn't leak.Bye!


Latest story

Hi everyone, hope your all enjoying some good toilet visits!
Jasmin K- great story, glad to hear that you and Chloe weren't in trouble at the hotel but sorry to hear your still really struggling to go for a poo, I hope it gets easier for you soon.
So I have a new story for you, on Saturday I was at the shops with Lucy and Katie and I suddenly started to want a poo. I'm still a bit constipated but luckily its not as bad as it was a few weeks back, I didn't want to put it off for too long though as whenever I do that I always find it even harder when I do get round to going. I was walking around with a growing urge and couldn't really decide whether to use the loo in the shopping centre or wait until I got back home so I said to the others, "I need to have a poo, I can go here if you want to keep going round the shops but if your ready to go we might as well go back to mine, I'm still a bit constipated so it might take me a while!"
"I was going to go for a wee," said Lucy, "But if we leave now I can wait until we get home." We decided to leave and went back to the car park, Katie had driven us in to town so at least we didn't have to wait for a bus! We set off and after a couple of minutes we were stuck in traffic and not moving anywhere. I noticed Lucy jiggling around, she said, "I hope we're not gonna be stuck here long, I'm bursting for a wee now!" I said, "Well I won't be able to hold on too much longer either, I'm getting really desperate too!" Eventually the traffic started moving again, by now I was having to clench my bum to stop a log from poking out in my knickers! "How are you doing, Lucy?" I asked, and Lucy said, "I just hope I can make it back without weeing my knickers, what about you Abs?"
"Well its gonna start poking out any minute, so I know the feeling!" I replied. "I've got a feeling we're both gonna need clean knickers when we get home!"
Luckily we got back without any other delays, I waddled up to my front door as I could feel a massive log just about to come out in my knickers and Lucy was walking with her hand jammed into her crotch! We got up to my ensuite, Lucy said, "Oh God, I'm starting to wee!" and pulled down her blue jeans and pink flowery knickers, immediately I heard a heavy stream start to shoot down into the bowl and Lucy started to moan with relief. Her knickers had a dark patch so I knew she'd had a bit of an accident, as she kept on weeing I felt my log poking out despite my best efforts to keep it in and I quickly pulled my grey leggings and red and white stripey knickers down a bit, my knickers had been stuck up my bum and I wasn't sure I'd managed to pull them out in time! Lucys wee stream dribbled to a stop and she quickly wiped and then took off her knickers and jeans, I was waiting with my leggings and knickers round my thighs and quickly sat on the warm seat and relaxed my quivering muscles, I couldn't help moaning loudly as I did so! I felt the poo starting to poke out and I looked at my knickers, as I had predicted I had a skidmark but luckily it wasn't too bad. Lucy said, "Right, I need clean knickers!" and went back into the bedroom naked from the waist down. She opened her underwear drawer and took out some lilac knickers with yellow spots that she put on before putting her jeans back on and coming to sit to keep me company. After a couple of inches of the log was out I knew I'd have to start pushing, so I started to bear down and I could feel the log sliding out really slowly, it was getting a bit harder and fatter but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as when I'm really constipated! After a few harder pushes and a bit of grunting I could feel the log moving faster as the widest part was through, and shortly after it plopped down into the bowl, I could feel another log making its way out straight after so I started to push again, luckily it was another relatively easy poo which made life easier.When I was done I wiped my bottom, washed my hands and took off my leggings and knickers ready to change them, I put on some yellow flowery knickers and put my leggings back on before going back downstairs with Lucy and Katie. "Do you fancy staying over tonight, we could get a pizza and watch a film?" I asked Katie. "Yeah, sounds fab, I'll just nip home and get some clothes and my toothbrush, see you in a few minutes!" About 20 minutes later Katie was back with an overnight bag and we ordered the pizza about 7 o'clock. After we'd eaten Katie said, "Shall we go upstairs, I've eaten too much and these jeans are digging in me!" "Yeah, mine are too, I can't wait to get them off!" Lucy said. We went out of the living room and up the stairs, as soon as we got in the bedroom Katie and Lucy both undid their jeans and started to pull them down, Lucy said, "Oh my God, that feels so much better!" and sat down on her bed just wearing her top and knickers. As Katie pulled her jeans down her pink and yellow stripey knickers came down too so her bum was showing, she quickly pulled them back up but they were too small to cover her bum properly. By now I had taken my leggings off too so we were all just in our tee-shirts and knickers. I needed a wee but I thought I'd better check if anyone else needed the loo so I said, "I need a wee, do you mind if I go?" "Be quick, I'm starting to get desperate for a poo!" Lucy said, clutching her belly. I went into my ensuite, dropped my knickers and sat on the toilet, unleashing a strong stream straight away. It went on for quite a while before dribbling to a stop and I wiped before pulling up my knickers and washing my hands. As I went back into the bedroom Katie said, "Actually I'm dying for a wee as well, do you mind if I go quickly Lucy?"
"Just hurry up!" Lucy replied, "At this rate I'm gonna need to change my knickers again!!" Katie quickly went into the ensuite and shortly after I heard a strong stream starting up, Lucy stood up and I saw her knickers were stuck up her bum really badly, she pulled them out before going into the bathroom too, I followed her in just in time to see Katie wiping and pulling up her knickers. Lucy lowered her knickers to her thighs and sat on the loo, she started to bear down, as she pushed I could hear some wee trickling down into the toilet and I saw her starting to go pink as she was having to strain quite hard. She kept on pushing and after a while she said "Sorry its taking so long, I haven't had a poo in about three days, I think I'm a bit constipated!" "Is it going back up your bum when you stop pushing?" Katie asked, and Lucy nodded, bearing down with all her might and doing a loud grunt as she caught her breath. "Well if it makes you feel any better last time I had a poo I had the same problem!" Katie said, "I think its because I'm only managing to go every three or four days, I just wish I could go more often!" After a few more pushes like that I heard a loud plop as her log dropped, she went on to pass another couple of logs, which needed a bit of pushing but not anywhere near as much! She said, "Right, I'm done, thank God!" and started to wipe her bottom. When she'd finished wiping she flushed, pulled up her knickers and washed her hands. We went back into the bedroom and I put the film on. Lucy took off her tee-shirt and bra so she was just in her knickers, she grabbed her nightie but paused and said, "Actually its really warm in here, I'm just gonna wear my knickers in bed!" Katie and I nodded in agreement and took off our tee-shirts and bras too and got into bed. I hope you enjoyed this story, I'll try to post again soon, bye for now!

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