Questions answered + Another hockey story!

Thanks for the questions! Glad you enjoyed my story lol

- I don't think I'd want to take a pill like that. I really do enjoy pooping, I guess I just love the relief! I also enjoy pooping with friends lol.

- Sports has definitely made me a confident pooper! There's usually toilets in the dressing rooms and when I need to take a dump there's no holding back lol! I do have one story where I had to run back to the dressing room mid game but that's a story for another day!

Brian W.

-The season has ended sadly but our team finished 5th in the league out of 15 teams I believe, and for penalties I think I got around 8-10 so not too bad lol.

Story time!
Another hockey story lol
Also I forgot to mention this on my last post, none of the names I use are actually their real names!

This story took place at our home arena near the beginning of the year. I was still getting to know all the girls on the team, but by this point I considered them all my friends. So there's something this team does called a rookie initiation where rookie players (me since it was my first year) have to do something to be able to be considered part of the team, most hockey teams have this sort of thing and every team has their own unique initiation challenge. Thankfully this challenge was right up my alley, me coming to this school and playing on this team must have been fate lol. The initiation was that a rookie had to face off against one of the non rookie players in a pooping contest! Whoever's poop was bigger won the contest and the loser bought them a clothing piece of their choice! So far only one rookie won so far her name is Laura, she's a really good player and apparently a very big pooper too lol. These challenges happen before a practice. The whole team gathers in the arena bathroom. There are about 3 toilets and the two girls take the toilets side by side and we leave the stall doors open! So I was the last rookie to go and I was up against one of the 4th year players Chloe. Chloe is 5"7 brunette with an amazing athletic figure, she's probably the strongest girl on our team! Anyways me and Chloe enter the stall and pulled down our track pants while everyone huddled around us. I made sure to eat foods that make me poop lol, I was prepared to win. I was so excited for this especially since I was needing to go since i woke up and the practice was at 2pm! As soon as i sat down i immediately started to poop, ever so slowly my poop came out crackling as I sighed in relief. My teammates were cheering me on lol, I've never been cheered on while pooping it was weirdly exciting Haha. Hannah (who is also a rookie) yelled "don't you dare lose sophie!" as my first log made a splash. While this was happening Chloe let out a loud fart and what sounded like multiple logs came out all at once she screamed "holy f*** that felt good" as the older teammates cheered her on. I then released a whole lot of soft poop as I held on to the walls of the stall, this wave of poop went on for 30 seconds I was sure I was going to win after that. I felt like I was empty so I stood up to wipe (yes I stand to wipe don't hate me lol). I looked back and the bowl was just full of poop. There was huge log with a mess of wet poop around it. Laura looked in the bowl and said in awe " Chloe is gonna have to pull a miracle to win" I didn't flush it and threw my toilet paper in the other toilet so the poop would be visible. Chloe was still pooping. I washed my hands and went over to watch. She was holding on to the bottom of the toilet seat, with a red face. I heard her poop slowly sliding out and imagined how good that must've felt, I was envious of her lol. She let out a big sigh and said she was done. She got up and went to the empty stall to wipe we all looked in to the toilet bowl. There were 7 big logs and I immediately knew I lost. The captain of our team Shaye was the judge of these contests and despite my big poop, chloe's load was unbeatable, I can't believe she pooped that much I was in shock lol. Chloe won and we flushed our toilets, but to no surprise chloe's big dump wouldnt budge lol. We had to just leave it for the poor janitor lol. I ended up having to buy her a pair of Jean's sadly, that poop ended up being my most expensive poop lol.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this wild experience of mine! :)

Jenn T.


Hey Tammy! Thank you SO much for your personal response! I did ask Macy today if she was feeling ok with her ???? because I noticed her big poops. She said that she holds her poop at school until she gets home because the bathrooms are "gross" and she doesn't want other friends to hear if she "lets loud farts" LOL. I assured her that everyone farts and poops and she doesn't need to feel embarrassed if she has to go. I further explained that the more she holds it,the harder and bigger her turds would be. Fortunately we have a good flush on our toilet LOL. I made her promise to come to me if she ever had any questions or problems with her bms because her mom needs to know those things

A couple questions: How do you do with your IBS-C? And if I may ask,what's going on with your girls' poos

I'll keep you posted!
Love, Jenn T



hi this is Ashleigh i want to leaue a nice complement for End stall Erin! I enjoyed your post ! Sounds like Jess and had a good time in the ladies restroom! I hope that you haue a Great Day and therefore may God bless! Loue, Ashleigh

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

GIANT soft log after lunch

Hi everyone :) Haven't really posted here in a while but I've been busy with doctors appointments, etc so haven't had the time or energy to post. Anyway I've been pooping on a regular basis, 1 to 3 times a day, usually giant soft logs.

I had rice with plenty of vegetables and some meat and then a cup of hot water to wash everything down. Not long afterwards I needed to poop really badly so I went to the WC, closed the door, pulled my PJ capris and boy shorts underwear down and sat on the toilet. I gave a gentle push and a GIANT, soft curved poo flew into the toilet followed by some pee. Wiping was such a long job to get all the poo off. I tossed the paper into the bowl and stood up. WOW is all I can say about what had come out of me! It had to have been about 3 feet long, it was SO big! Holy shit is all I can say lol. I pulled up my capris and undies and had to flush twice to get everything down. I washed my hands and left the WC.

Happy pooping!



Some replies...

Bianca- yes, my knickers dried pretty fast as it was so warm! I know what you mean about loving strong urges, although I do get constipated quite alot so then it isn't quite so much fun. I hope you can post again soon.
Imogen- I didn't really check how big the wet spot was, I could just feel my knickers were a bit damp and I was wearing white ones so it wasn't very noticeable. By your definition I have had quite a few accidents, in my head an accident is when you totally flood your knickers and it ends up everywhere, which luckily hasn't happened to me since I was about six or seven!! I must admit I'm really bad for putting off going for a wee until I'm really bursting, I remember sometimes when I was at school I'd be desperate to have a wee and would be stuck in a queue for a cubicle letting spurts go into my knickers and praying that I wouldn't end up with drops of wee running down my thighs. I always wore a skirt to school and only wore tights when it was really cold, the advantage being I could quickly flip up my skirt and drop my knickers when I was bursting for the loo but I did feel a bit exposed when I was waiting for a cubicle and my bladder was on the point of bursting as I knew that apart from my knickers there would be nothing else to soak up any leaks!! I think that knowing I'm prone to wee spurts and poo poking out moments has been a reason for avoiding thongs at all costs, but even more of a reason is the fact that they look really uncomfortable- I must admit I've never actually tried one, I'd rather wear massive granny pants any day! As you said Imogen, I think a thong and leggings would be a really bad combination for a poo accident!!
I hope you can post again soon, bye for now!!


Q & As

Answers to Steve A's questions:

1. What restaurant foods negatively impact you?
Tomatoes. Adam's parents brought some over on Sunday noon from their garden. I ate two because they were good. Monday morning at 7 a.m. I had just gotten to the park where I walk our two dogs, my coffee triggered a revolt. I sat on the toilet there for 15 minutes while the Ts came out as D and two restless dogs with leashes tied to my ankles as I sat.

2. Have you ever eaten too much fiber in a day or sitting? Constipation relief or diet changes?
Yes, I find fiber helps keep me regular. As a college girls coach in two sports, I also do a lot of exercising.

3. Have you ever added exercise or more water/healthier foods to your diet to deal with irregularity?
Yes, this is something my mom preached back when I was like 13 or 14. She encouraged me to try intramurals and team sports in high school because it would give me exercise and get rid of my extra weight and lack of confidence issues. Now its my career.

4. Do you always check if there's enough toilet paper, before its too late?
Adam teases me about it at home because I almost have my graduate degree, but the answer is no. One Sunday afternoon I had just taken my later-than-usual crap that often comes while I'm at the park, I was all alone and I stumbled with my thong and sweats at my knees into the kitchen to get the first roll out of a new 12 pack that Adam had just bought the previous evening. I grabbed the full pack in my left hand and was at the top of the stairs five feet from our bathroom when Adam opened our apartment door and exposed me for a few seconds to a freshman he was bringing over for a tutoring session. He teased me that full-frontal was not in the intro to poly sci curriculum.

5. Should stall doors be required in all public bathrooms? Privacy?
Yes, that would be nice. But I remember from the two high schools I went to, plus the amusement park I worked at a couple of summers, the toilets take a lot of abuse. Without doors, it is easier for the powers-that-be to police for misuse. Loitering, drugs, vaping, and to discover vandalism ASAP so it can be painted over. The facilities director at my college also says some doors are stolen, for what reason he doesn't know. Privacy would be nice but the girls I coach often are assigned locker rooms with a lot less privacy than when I was their age. It is a societal problem with no easy answers.

Jenn T's question:

Is non-flushing a toilet normal or a behavior thing?

I would put a plunger next to the toilet in Macy's bathroom. Whether you're 13 or older I don't think you want to be the reason why the toilet ran over. At 6'6" as an adult I have some hefty poops and although most are done away from home, Adam and I have a plunger next to our toilet that can be used to not only break up large craps into smaller pieces that will clear the pipe, and in cases of emergency also get the suction going for the flush. On occasion, I also have to remind my team members to flush their poops because the way they leave visitor locker rooms and highway rest areas does reflect on our college. And our brand is on what we wear as well as the vans we travel in.



Abbie, when you told the story about Danni and you taking a massive poo I was wondering: When done with such a job do you never take a look at the result of your effort before flushing?

How about the others?

Greets, Leo

Thursday, May 02, 2019


The Feeling

To Abbie: I know the feeling of needing to go bad for both things. Today, I felt pressure on my back end while brushing my teeth, and I quickly finished before taking the toilet. This was another one of those multi days for me with variable transit times. My breakfast triggered the strongest urge, while the last 2 weren't that bad (although 1 poo session was loose). Having Lucy, and Katie need to go as well was quite the loo emergency. I'm happy that you didn't have a full accident, and hope your knickers dried up quickly from the spurts. It turns out that the site I found fart music from works after all (I said before it was no longer available). Also, pooping is my favorite waste disposal function, because it gives me the most sensation.I love strong urges as long as I know I won't poo myself.

Brian W


Thank you for answering my questions! I would love to hear your pre game poop stories...what is your team record this year? How many penalties have you had this year?

End Stall Em

Public buses and toilet needs

My live-in boyfriend Spencer was out of town on a huge commercial sod-laying job and since he had the truck and my vehicle's in need of repairs, I took a city bus from our apartment to the regional mall I work at in order to pay my college tuition. I was at the stop about 10 minutes early, was the first passenger to board at 7 a.m. Since I didn't have much experience taking pubic transportation, I sat in the seat just across from the driver. Jess who is about 15 years older than me said it was her first morning shift, after a few years of driving evenings. About six or eight other passengers got on at various points. Jess was going at the speed limit, hitting several bumps in the badly paved streets and one time the back wheel went over an intersection curb as she was turning. That caused me to start feeling bowel activity, plus my morning coffee I finished at the bus stop went right through me. At least since Jess was making good time, I was hopeful she wouldn't be making too many passenger stops because I wasn't sure I could hold my needs until I got to my mall kiosk.

The sun was coming out when we were going by this large city park. Jess pulled the bus up to the curb. Nobody was there to get on and nobody was standing to get off. She shut the engine off, took her keys, and looked like she clocked out on her computer. Then she said she needed a potty break and would be right back. Just as she got down the steps, I couldn't believe the opportunity I had. I got off caught up with her and we walked to this small bathroom building. She said it was open 24/7 and she's regularly used it on the evening shift. She said everyone deserves a potty break and she would enjoy having a partner this time.

She said she hoped I didn't mind any privacy because there wasn't any in the bathroom. 3 toilets, no privacy, but still all we need to avoid a disaster in our clothing. As we walked around the wall into the building, I told her I liked the plan. I took the toilet on the right end. Surprised? I pulled my jeans and thong down to my knees and took my seat. It seemed more comfortable than it looked to be. Jess lined up in front of the left end toilet. She carefully pulled her blue uniform pants and white underwear down to floor level, turned to an
unflushed the toilet and then waited for the cycle to end before she thudded to the seat. My pee started just about the same second her crap pieces started hitting the water. She looked over at me and said something about nothing feeling better than getting rid of her morning crap. I told her I agreed and as my pee was ending, a moderate push enabled me to start with my crap, although it slowed just before it was to come out.

Jess started wiping and that worried me because I didn't want to hold the bus up. I pushed a little harder and I guess she could tell I was getting frustrated. She said a 10-minute break is built into the schedule. She can't be running ahead otherwise she misses a transfer point with another bus, which would inconvenience may riders on both buses. Luckily, by shifting my weight on the seat, and the blessing of a little gas, I was able to get solid 9-incher out of me. Jess heard it exit and congratulated me. She washed her hands and left first. I wiped and had to struggle with a loose flusher handle, but it finally worked. I washed my hands and trotted back to the bus. Jess had the engine going again but waited another couple of minutes until her computer buzzed her that it was back on schedule. She ended up getting me to the mall about 45 minutes before my shift began. I took the time to get breakfast in the food court. Then I took a second pee. Then I went to my customer service kiosk for my 6-hour shift.


To Rose: Flat pan toilets


me too I prefer these 'flat pan' toilet (look up 'Flachspüler' and you would find pictures about how they look like) that are still relatively common in Central Europa, especially at home.
What I like: You never get a wet/dirty behind when you poop because it doesn't splash. Plus, you can take a look at what you have produced, which, besides personal interest, can be good for health reason - as most of you will know, our poo can tell quite a lot about the state of our digestion.
Unfortunately, also here toilets where your poo goes directly into the water become more common, but at my home no chance I would install one of these



Sharted In My Coworker's Car

Hello, my name is Regina and have a story for you. Hope you like it.

This past Friday me and one my coworkers, let's call her Heather went out to Taco Bell after work. I'm probably not going eat there for a while after what happened lol.

After eating our food we were on the road again and Heather was taking me home. We were talking and Heather suddenly says "sorry" and rolls down the window. I was confused, but then the smell hit me and I realized she farted.

I giggled and said "you're not the only one who is gassy" and let out a loud fart. Me and Heather laughed but then Heather started coughing. She said that if the cops pulled her over, they would probably think she had a dead body in the car because it smelled so horrible.

I guess she decided she didn't want to be out-farted by her 42-year old coworker and tried to beat me. But her farts were just quiet and/or squeaky. I told her I had one more...and I shouldn't have trusted that fart.

The fart sounded and was super wet and it was clear to me and Heather what that "fart" was. Heather died laughing and I turned red. Here I was, a 42-year old woman who had just pooped her pants in her 30-year old coworker's car. Heather would later tell me that if my blonde hair was red, I would have been red all over.

I was quiet for the rest of the ride, too embarrassed to say anything. We arrived at my place and I quietly said bye and waddled into my house.

Me and Heather talked on the phone later that night and only then did I start to laugh about me sharting.

That's about it, hope you enjoyed my story!


Change of Pace

Hey everyone its been a while since I've last posted. My usual posts talk about my constipation and me struggling to push my poop out. However, I am taking new medication that gives me the opposite problem. I have extreme diarrhea now, and its gotten to the point where I miss pushing out as I much prefer that. I think it'll be back to that soon.

Anyway, how are all my constipated people? My last hard shit was 2 weeks ago, but I felt like I needed a birthing coach for it haha. Hope everything can get it out.

Keep pushing,


Another question for Sophie

Thanks Sophie for your answers to my questions!!

Another question if you don't mind.....

This is completely hypothetical of course, but lets say they came out with a "magic pill" that made it so you NEVER again had to poop if you took it.

Lets also say, that this pill not only made it so you never again needed to poop, but that also, you would have no ill effects from not pooping if you did take it.....

If such a thing existed, would you take this pill and enjoy never again needing to poop, or would you just continue to poop as you always have?

Steve A


1. What restaurant foods negatively affect you?

2. Have you ever eaten too much fiber, in a day or sitting? Constipation relief or diet changes?

3. Speaking of constipation, have you ever added exercise, or more water/healthier foods in your diet to deal with irregularity?

4. Do you always check if there's enough toilet paper, before it's too late?

5. Should all public bathrooms require stall doors? Privacy?

I have some questions:
For Rose Are you self concious about the smell of your poop or is it just the smell, have you alway felt this way, or did something happen like a person in the bahtroom commenting or making fun of you for pooping, do you have any stories?

For Sophie What makes you such a confident pooper, were you always that way or did playing hockey and being with teammates make you that way, any other poop stories where you had to go during a game and couldn't hold it until after?

To the person who is poop buddies with your friend Alex, how did you become poop buddies and how come you aren't shy about pooping in front of him, is he the only person you will poop in front of?

To Jenn, Why do you think Mary doesn't flush the toilet, is she wanting you to see her huge poops, and do you think she is constipated or holding it on puropose to avoid pooping at school or in front of her friends, it might be good to tell her everyone poops but it is important to flush, because if she leaves her poop unflushed at school or at a friend's house she could really be mortified. I would be nice about it but if she doesn't lsiten remind her socially what not flushing a huge poop could mean


She finally gets comfortable

So my girlfriend has recently moved into my place and the other day she told me she felt uncomfortable living here because she felt embarrassed with having use to the toilet. I was confused we have been together for almost 3 yrs now and we have seen each other pee numerous times and it was no big deal. So I was determined to get to the real issue so i confronted her,well as it turns out she is terrified of having to drop a dump at my place while I am in earshot of the bathroom. I asked her why this is such a problem since we have seen each other pee numerous times and it never has bothered her before. She said pooping is entirely different and that she thought it would be best if she moved out. I said absolutely not there is another way to solve this issue, she asked what that was. I said simple I watch you take a dump and then you watch me and we promise not to laugh and try to get comfortable with pooping here. She said she would think about it, well that evening came and I still hadn't heard a response but I felt a rumbling in my stomach so I told her I was heading to take a dump and for her to come with at first she was against it but than she decided to come. As I sat on the toilet and her on the tub looking at me I relaxed and went like it was no big deal she began talking to me about her day and even when the occasional fart or plop was heard are conversation continued as normal. I finished up and said see no big deal. She said yeah but she still couldn't see her self ever getting to the point of being that comfortable so we continued with our night. About 5 days pass with her feelings remaining the same when suddenly it happened she said I have to go to the bathroom really bad that she had been holding in a poop for 5 days and couldn't hold it any longer. She told me to come along cause she couldn't continue living this way. So we made our way to the bathroom she sits down on the toilet with her pants barely down enough to expose her curvy ass and places her hands in her lap, I take a seat on the tub facing her. Well she must have really been desperate cause as soon as she set down a bowl echoing fart sounded from beneath her its then that I begin asking her about her day she begins engaging in the conversations as a stream of pee tinkles into the bowl below. The conversation is going good when another fart blasts the room about a second later a turd hits the water under her with a loud plop. Again I keep the conversation going for another 15 min while she finishes going soon she reaches for the toilet paper and begins to wipe from a seated position. I get up off the tub and start heading out when a hand reaches out for me I stop and turn around to see my smiling girl still sitting on the toilet she starts pulling up her pants and tells me thank you. Its been six months since this experience and since then my girl goes both pee and poop daily and will even talk to me during this process she is fully comfortable and this is apartment that used to me be mine truly now feels like ours.

Anna from Austria
Reply to Rose

I have not been to North America yet so I cannot tell how common these type of toilets are but i believe they might really very rare there indeed.

the Toilets have tray that is placed direct above the hole with the water. The water comes from above then and everything is flushed down from the tray then.

I cannot say for sure but I think these type of toilets are smellier than the others.

At least I think so. During my vacation in South Korea and Japan, all the western style style toilets had the hole type toilet and I felt it was less smelly than at home.

greetings from Austria.


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