To Jenn T.

Hi Jenn! I'm a momma too of a 10 year old girl. I just discovered this site as well when searching for info about my daughters night pooping. I won't go into that for now because I wanted to respond to your question. When I was about 11 or 12, I was very active and healthy. I was about 5 foot and 85 lbs. I loved eating (still do haha) and always digested fine. When I was about 13 maybe 14, I started having bigger and bigger poos. I wasn't constipated at first and honestly enjoyed having a good poo but after about 6 months, I started to worry. My poos were HUGE. And they were a beast to push out. I remember sitting on the potty crying and shaking as I tried to expel my monster poos. This would happen 1-2 times a day since I seemed to always need to go. When I would wipe, my tiny anus would be torn and bleeding. It was miserable but I was so terrified to talk to my momma about it because I was embarrassed. They wouldn't flush either. Because of this, my mom happened to stumble across one of my poos one day that I thought I had gotten to flush down (guess not lol). She came to me about a week later and casually asked me if I was okay because she had seen how large my poops were. I started crying and admitted that I was in pain. We went to the dr the day after and he prescribed laxitibes to me. About 4 years later, I ended up being diagnosed with IBS-C. But I've learned to manage it and hold a job and have a beautiful daughter. I am 33 now.

Anyway, all that is definitely not to say that your daughter is suffering! But it would be good to check. Sometimes they need us mommas to check in. Ask her if she's been feeling okay. Tell her a story about yourself or your poos to ease the embarrassment. I hope everything works out for you!

Lots of love!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Jenn T.
Hello I've never posted here before but I found this site when I goggled my issue with my daughter. Hopefully someone else has had the same problem,

Macy is 13, she does sports and is normal and healthy in every way. However recently when I've gone into her bathroom to clean up after her, I discover her BM left in the toilet unflushed! And it's usually HUGE. I just flush it away and only gently remind her to flush when she's done. Is this just a normal age thing because or is it a more serious behavioral thing??


The Feeling

To Abbie: I know the feeling of needing to go bad for both things. Today, I felt pressure on my back end while brushing my teeth, and I quickly finished before taking the toilet. This was another one of those multi days for me with variable transit times. My breakfast triggered the strongest urge, while the last 2 weren't that bad (although 1 poo session was loose). Having Lucy, and Katie need to go as well was quite the loo emergency. I'm happy that you didn't have a full accident, and hope your knickers dried up quickly from the spurts. It turns out that the site I found fart music from works after all (I said before it was no longer available). Also, pooping is my favorite waste disposal function, because it gives me the most sensation.I love strong urges as long as I know I won't poo myself.

Hey! So I'll get right to the stories now instead of introducing myself and stuff

So my friend Alex and I are poop buddies sometimes. One time we were in public and we both had to go. We went into the family bathroom together and I let him go first. He pulled everything down to around his ankles. sat down on the toilet. I wasn't sure if he just had to pee or poop. No offense to him (and he's aware of this), but he's not too well endowed, so he has to sit to pee.

He spread his legs and I saw the pee dribbling out of his penis. He really needed to go because the pee took forever to finish coming out! Then with a soft grunt, a log started to emerge from his anus. He had his legs splayed open for me to see, and since he wasn't too well endowed, there wasn't anything obstructing my view. I watched as about 6 or 7 turds came racing out of his body as he leaned back and sighed.

He wiped the tip of his penis and wiped his butt and flushed. Now it was my turn. I pulled everything down and took my pants and panties off and gave them to him to hold, and, naked from the waist down, I straddled the toilet so he could see. My pee took a while to get started but it did, and it came out as a perfect stream from my urethra and it felt nice. I'm a girl so my pee sometimes squirts a bit but this one didn't. I quickly dropped off a few turds and was done and wiped myself.

Also one time I was babysitting 4 year old twins (one boy and one girl) and we went to the store to pick up some toys to play with. Mark, the boy, told me with urgency that he needed to poop. I took him into the ladies room with me, put him in the second stall (the first one was taken) and he pulled his pants and big boy undies down and I lifted him onto the toilet. I went to go wash my hands as I usually do after I shop and I used the sink right across from the stall he was in so I could keep an eye on him through the mirror. I wanted him to have his privacy, but since I also had Alicia (the girl) with me, and we didn't take a handicap stall, I had no choice but to put him in a stall but leave it open.

All of a sudden, I hear this water trickling sound going onto the floor. I looked below the sink to see if it was leaking or something but it wasn't. I looked back at Mark and he was laughing, and peeing straight out! I forgot to tell him to point his penis down into the toilet to make sure he didn't miss and make a mess. I quickly told him to point his weewee down but he didn't listen so I had to point it down for him. He pooped and was done within 5 minutes and I let him wipe himself and I lifted him up off the toilet and he watched as I flushed and he went over to the little sink for kids to wash his hands and pulled his pants up.

At this time, Alicia said she really needed to pee bad. I did the same with her but she started to cry and was sitting there for a few minutes and when I asked her why she was crying she said "I can't go peepee" and I reassured her and said maybe she just didn't have to go.

Well we got home and we all started playing but Alicia looked so uncomfortable the entire time and she kept saying she needed to pee. I put her on her little potty multiple times and even let her go around nude below the waist (I made sure the window shades were all closed) so she could run to the potty when she felt she needed to. Understandably she was a little embarrassed because 1 she couldn't pee and 2 me and Mark were fully dressed and she was in just a t shirt. But I wanted her to be able to go to the potty herself (which was in the other room but where I could see her to make sure she was alright) without the hassle pulling down her pants.

After a few hours of her saying she needed to pee but couldn't even after trying I tried sitting her in a warm bath. I kept Mark busy by putting his toys on the bathroom floor so I could keep an eye on both of them (it's really hard entertaining the other kid/kids when you're dealing with the other one!) and she put her shirt on the sink counter and I ran the bath and she sat in it.

By this point she was in a lot of pain and she was lying down in the tub curled up as much as possible and was crying. I gave her a bottle of water and had her take sips every once in a while but she still couldn't pee. I rubbed her back and comforted her but she was in pain.

I told her to kneel and splash water up onto her girly bits because I thought maybe that would help but it didn't so she lied back down. I made it so that she could lie down but her body was still submerged except her head.

Eventually she started crying some more and I saw the pee coming out of her vagina underwater as the water turned yellow. She said it burned really bad to pee and laid on her side in a fetal position in the bath with her back toward me as she finished her painful pee. I got rid of the pee pee water and filled the bath with fresh water all while she was still in it and gave her a bath. Well apparently the poor girl had a urinary tract infection!!

Well those are my stories for today, hope you like them!!!


Student Teacher's craps

We have a student teacher in English this semester. She's in her senior year of college and pretty much every day during our passing period before 2nd hour she goes from our classroom 2 doors down the hall to our bathroom instead of using the faculty bathroom which is located farther down the hall.

There's almost always a jammed room of those waiting for the 8 or 9 toilets. Some are in better condition than others and about a 3rd of them don't have privacy doors. Well this student teacher cuts in front of a lot of us, has one of her hands against the belt on the front of her designer jeans and comes up with some type of plea. "My bladder needs relief fast!", "My ex-lax has been ready to work for the past hour" and stuff like that. Oh, "I won't be long, promise!" is another line she uses. Once last week she complimented me on my top which is 2 years old and I got it at a thrift shop. She's a good teacher, who takes an interest in our lives, but some of us think she's kind of taking advantage of us.

I have to admit once her clothing comes down she's immediately on the toilet and finishing up within a couple of minutes. Only problem is that every day right after she leaves the 1 minute warning bell rings, she's heading to class and we're required to be there on time. That just can't happen when some of us have to get to class without our bodily needs being met. My dad burst out laughing when he heard mom and I talking about this and why sometimes I can't get my crap in until lunch hour. Then I'm cramming my food in and don't have time to spend with my friends.

It doesn't seem fair.


Hey Everyone

Hi! I don't remember exactly, but this happened in either middle school, or high school. There was a locker room that I think I was scared of because of the big ventilation fans (believe there was 2). In the same locker room, there was 1 time when I had a quick surprise poo, and puked my school breakfast at my feet on the floor. Speaking of bathrooms, I think the ones on space stations are cool. The pee gets funneled out and sucked away, and the poop gets collected in a bag. I only heard the video yesterday, but I think the pee gets recycled. There's also a fan that runs either for smell, or suction. I'll write better details whenever I listene to it again. Although one person said sleeping weightless is hard, I think if I were an astronaut, I might find pooping/peeing awkward as I'm used to hearing everything, and sitting comfortably. Astronauts wear diapers during space walks since they can't go to the space station loo. Also, an update on Brooke Greenberg. I wrote about a documentary about her, and it turns out she died at 20. I told that she looked like a baby, and used diapers for bathroom needs. This is kind of late, but (yet again) I made a boo boo on an earlier post. When I was hospitalized and said I woke up with monitors beeping and moving in pain, I was only just slightly woozy. Now that I think about it, I was only moving around most likely due to wooziness, and I even explored my oxygen mask. This is quite a long post for me, so happy pooping/peeing to everyone!


Response to Jessie and Brain W

Hey guys!

Thanks for the responses, I appreciate it!

Jessie's questions:

I usually poop 1 to 2 times a day, the odd time it is 3 times a day lol

My dumps are usually quite big like the one I had after the game, I eat lots of fibre and protien Haha

I probably wouldn't have been able to hold it much longer lol, I probably would've went in one if the trash cans! It wouldn't have been the first time that's happened!

I pooped the night before the game, and it was a big one as well if I remember correctly!

Brian W's questions

We have pre game poops all the time! I have some stories that I will post on here soon about those experiences! I think those poops are my favourite to be honest.

I have heard other girls from other teams pooping, in fact I have pooped with them in public bathrooms before and after games lol.

Yes the odd time I have done that, I find it gives me a rush of some sort lol.

Again thank you for the response! I will write my next story soon!!!


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