Using the Phone while Pooping in a Public Bathroom

I poop virtually everyday at work, and I notice that EVERY guy (including me) looks at his phone while on the toilet. You see them drop their pants, reach into their pockets and take out their phones and as they go, they play with their phones. Many listen to music. Very few, however, actually talk on the phone or take calls. I have seen it happen though, and I always find it odd. Usually these calls are not of particular importance. It makes you wonder why someone would feel so compelled to take a call during a private moment.

To Anna from Austria

I'm intrigued by your description of toilets in Austria, with a tray. I've never encountered one of these before, I imagine they're very rare here in North America. What are they like? How does the flush work, what happens exactly and what does it look like? Are the tray toilets smellier than non-tray ones, because the poop is exposed to the air?

As for noise, I've always been self-conscious about noise too. I find the amount of noise I make varies a lot, sometimes I'll have a silent pee or poop and sometimes I get lots of hissing or plops. I've yet to figure out what exactly changes how noisy things are, besides simply just how the poop drops into the bowl I guess.

My other fear with noise is always that people will hear me flush twice in the occasions where I have to give the toilet a second rinse. I always feel like it broadcasts very clearly a lot of information about the waste I just disposed of.


Embarrassing beact toilet story

When I was 14 years old I was on a vacation with my two sisters. One day we were at the beach. I was having a good time, and out of nowhere I needed to poop. Our apartment was almost 1 and a half kilometers away so I decided to hold it. The day was nice so my sisters decided we would stay for another hour or two. At this moment I needed to poop very bad and I wasnt sure how long will I manage to hold my poop. I said to one of my sisters if she can give me the key of the apartment because I need to use the toilet. She than said that this building on the beach had also toilets (I taught it had just changing cabins and showers) and that I can go there. I didnt liked public restrooms but I poop a lot in the school (every boy from my grade poops in school) so I decided to go in there. I came in and there were changing cabins on my right and showers on my left and in front was an entrance to the restroom. I came in and there were two sinks and on my right were three toilet stalls but withouth doors. I have until then never used that type of toilet but I needed to go very bad so I entered the middle stall because there was someone peeing in the last one and the first one had no toilet paper. The toilet seat was clean so I pull down my swimming trunks and sat down. As I sat down someone came in, it was a 11 or 12 year old, fat boy holding his butt. He needed to poop very bad so he probably didnt relaised there was no toilet paper in the first stall. He sat down and started to pee, and as he finished he farted loudly and dropped a log (the log was very big because I heard a loud splash). The guy who peed in the third stall left and as he was leaving I finished pooping, wiped my butt and stand up to pull up my swimming trunks. At the moment I was standing up the boy was looking for toilet paper so he wanted to go past my stall, and then I was exposed to him. As he saw me naked (he saw my penis) he was shocked and wanted show with his arm that he is sorry and by that move he moved his hand away from his penis. Even do he was younger than me his penis was almost the same length as mine, about 11 cm. He than quickly turned and as he turned I saw that his butt was in a big mess (thats why he didnt put his swimming trunks up when he was searching for toilet paper). I pulled up my swimming trunks and as I was leaving I gave him the roll of toilet paper because I heard some group of boys coming in (I felt sorry for him). He said thanks and I left. That was the only time I used the toilet on the beach for pooping.


Using Public Facilities

Regarding discomfort using public bathrooms, I used to be really shy and avoided pooping in public. This all changed when I entered the work force. I would hold it when I needed to go at work for hours until I got home because I was embarrassed about my sounds and smells. If I was really desperate, I would leave the building and find a toilet outside of the office. Then I noticed that virtually every guy in the office would poop at work. Some would do it often and shamelessly, walking into the mens room with a newspaper. So in the interest of comfort and health, I started to poop at the office too and I found that I actually enjoyed it. Now I poop virtually every morning at around 10 and it has become somewhat of a bonding experience as oftentimes the same guys are in at the same time. I feel much better now that I've overcome this hurdle. Everyone poops, and we all have at times loud and smelly bowel movements. No shame in this!



To Sophie you have a good and healthy attitude to pooping....well done. To Taylor you have a great attitude to using public toilets and when you have to go,,, just go!!! to Icy I know what you mean. When constipated to that extent just get it out without any delay. If I was by myself I would have done the same

Brandon T

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To: Taylor great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop.

To: Imogene great story about your desperate poop outside.

To: Sophie first welcome to the site and great story and I look forward to anymore stories you have.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Going outside

Abbie - glad to hear you found the field in time! Did you leak much? I occasionally will end up with a spot like a penny size, anything bigger than that I'd call an accident.

Taylor - lucky you could find somewhere in time! I know the feeling of relief in letting go, and also I know what you mean about walking, the same happens to me! Lucky your leggings avoided damage, I can imagine that pooing yourself in a thong in leggings is about the worst combination.

Lots of park toilets are closed now especially in the evening, I guess due to vandalism. I guess that just means people will go in the bushes though!!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Brian W

Questions for Sophie

I have some questions for Sophie who posted about going poop after her hockey game....have you or your team mates ever had lld a pre game poop? Have you ever heard any of the girls from the opposing hockey team go poop before or after a game? Have you ever had to poop real quick between periods?


Bathroom needs while traveling

Myself and two others from our company travel several times a year to trade shows in various parts of the country. We're all in our 30s and in sales and we represent our company to a thousand or more people at each show we exhibit at. We are put up in a hotel suite together and since we've done this for a few years, we know each other and their habits pretty well.

Just before boarding our flight Annie said she had to use the toilet so its customary for the other two of us to go in with her too. Heidi insists we try and stay together and use toilets adjacent to one another. Annie had to pee the worst so she bolted into this cubicle, and the bottom of her business suit dropped and she was weeing away in no time. Heidi and I would take the toilets on both sides of her. I walked into the one on the left and told Heidi she could have that one. She seemed surprised, but then a smile came over her face as she went in and latched the door. Heidi, once she sat down, told Annie that I had again rejected using a a toilet with a black seat. Both Annie and Heidi feigned surprise at my choice and as I pulled down a seat protection tissue, something they hadn't done, they gave me a tougher time, especially when I was fumbling a bit just to get it unfolded so it would press out right. Annie and Heidi knew that I only use the seat paper when I'm crapping so they decided the last person out, with hands washed would have to buy the first round of drinks when we got to our hotel.

Obviously it was me.

Anna from Austria
@BRANDY I also realised during my many adventures at public toilets that there are loud and not so loud People using the bathroom. I am among the loud People myself unfortunately. My pee stream is quite load and not only that, I also fart rather often when peeing. That is one thing I have never heard from other Ladies. And when pooping I also fart regulary. The other Ladies I have heard or should I rather say I haven't heard are more silent when they do their Number 2.

I also have issues with my loud ploops. Most of the toilets in Austria have a try were the poop can rest and it does not go directly into the water though. So most of the time this is not an issue. But with a toilet where to poop goes directly into the water, my ploops can be heard.

I find that quite embarrassing sometimes and I really wonder how the other ladies manage it to be so quite when they relieve themselfs and why I am so loud.

But cannot be helped There is no way to prevent These sounds.

greetings from Austria



Reply to Imogen

Imogen, great last post- sorry to hear the Tescos was shut and you had to go and have a poo outdoors- I guess a skidmark on your knickers was definitely better than pooing them completely! I've had to go for a poo outside a few times when I've been on camping trips so I know what its like!!
I also had to go to the toilet outside on the Easter weekend, but it was to have a wee not a poo!
On Sunday afternoon Lucy and I met up with Katie for a picnic in a local park. It was lovely warm weather so we were wearing summer dresses. After we'd eaten I was getting desperate for a wee, so I told Lucy and Katie and they said they were bursting too. I knew there were some toilets at the other end of the park so we set off but when we got there they were locked! "Oh God, I'm gonna wee my pants any second, what are we going to do?" asked Katie with a worried look on her face. I knew the feeling, I was literally seconds away from flooding my knickers as well! I said, "Yeah, I'm just about to wet my knickers too!" Luckily I knew the way into a field next to the park, it was a well hidden path behind some recycling bins so when we made it out into the field we were completely on our own. By now my bladder was screaming to be emptied and I was letting some spurts go into my knickers, so I quickly lifted my dress, dropped my white knickers and squatted down, Lucy and Katie hiked up their dresses and pulled their knickers down too (they were both wearing white ones as well) and soon we were all weeing heavily into the grass. When we were done we wiped with some tissues I had in my bag before pulling up our knickers and making our way back to the park, feeling very much relieved! Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!


Park close call

After reading Imogens story about going in the park I was reminded that I hadn't used the park toilets in a while so I decided the next day I was going to use them. I skipped my morning poo and waited until I was ready for my evening just to make it that extra special. At about 6:30 I left my flat with a full bladder and walked to the park about 15 minutes away and as I was walking I could feel myself getting increasingly desperate. Walking always has that effect on me and I don't know why. By the time I got to the park things were becoming pretty urgent but I could see the toilets across the grass, I knew I only had a few minutes to go. When I got to them I was greeted by the worst sight in the world. The toilets were locked and there was a notice. "Due to repeated vandalism the toilets will remain locked except during events at the park. Sorry for any inconvenience" My stomach gurgled and I knew I had to make a choice, fast. There was no way I would be able to make it home again and the nearest toilets were at the supermarket 10 minutes away. Too far. I had two options. Either find somewhere quickly to go, or go in the back of my leggings. The toilets were a rather large brick construction and behind them was a lot of trees and bushes so I figured that was my best choice. I quickly looked around to make sure nobody was watching or coming towards the toilets, then ran behind them.

I pulled my leggings and thong down just enough to go and squatted with my back leaning against the wall. Immediately I felt unstoppable pressure on my backdoor and my poop opened me wide as it forced its way out of me. I couldn't stop it now no matter how hard I tried. On a more positive note, instantly letting go like that was orgasmic. Going from holding on as much as I could to relief in moments. Knowing there was no going back I just relaxed and tried making the most of the situation. My poop started coming out faster and soon curled against the ground beneath me, I'm not sure if it's because I was squatting instead of sitting but it seemed to be so much longer, coming out in one long rope instead of multiple pieces. It eventually broke off and silently hit the ground and I began peeing, my body was on autopilot. Luckily I always carry a pack of tissues with me so I got them out of my bag while my bladder emptied and wiped my front first, discarding it next to me. I needed a further five pieces for my behind before it came back clean. I stood up, pulling up my clothes at the same time and had a look at what I had just produced. Where I squatted was a huge pile all curled up neatly, easily a couple of feet long and an inch thick. I am so glad it didn't end up in my leggings instead! I straightened out my clothes and left my cover behind the toilets, trying to act as calmly as possible just in case somebody was coming. Luckily nobody was around and I took a long walk home with a huge smile on my face.

The walk home took me a good 30 minutes and as I was in the lift traveling up to my floor I felt a familiar sensation, I needed to poop again! It wasn't urgent but I wanted to act on it right away. I let myself into my flat and went straight to the bathroom, lowering my thong and leggings to my calves as I sat down on my toilet. I let out a small trickle of wee as my backdoor opened and my poop quickly came out of me. It was only a small log but I still enjoyed it. I wiped and looked in the toilet before flushing, a log about 2 inches long and an inch thick looking back at me. Overall it was a successful outing, my clothes were spared at least!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Constipation and a "double accident"

So I've quickly come to the realization I'm constipated at the moment. Which scares me because last time was several years ago and lead to one of my rare accidents where I lose control of more than just one or the other. And Joeanna, you don't have to feel alone in the accident department, I can assure you that. Anyways my current constipation certainly hurts a lot more but also isn't causing me an accident. Last time was several years ago, and it was summer vacation. I was off on a bike ride around my neighborhood and a few blocks down. Wearing boxer briefs, snug cargo shorts, and a t-shirt. I'd chugged my whole water bottle halfway through the ride and didn't pee before I got started. Once I felt my bowels finally starting to shift I turned around and decorating I'd risked enough. I'd leaked again and again so by the time I got home, there was a small wet spot on my cargo shorts and my briefs were soaked through. I'd had to go so bad i could barely pedal and was hunched over clutching myself when I finally crawled off my bike. If you've ever had to go so bad you could hardly walk, that was the state I was In. The front door was locked so I tip toed around the house, still hunched over. But once I got to the backyard and onto the deck, I burst like a faucet. Incredible relief, instant puddle pouring out and looking under me though. And when I gotta go that bad, the other end gets envious, and I ended up filling up my pants standing up. Cleaning up a "double accident" especially when you haven't pooped in days,



So the way i found out about how much fun peeing is, is through my neighbor next door. Her name is Kara. We both have daughters that are the same age, and they often go to each other's houses. Eventually i found out that Kara had been letting the two girls pee together in the couch. Of course my daughter didnt mind doing that, like any kid. So i was fine with it. But i have to admit, it was fascinating to me that Kara would let them do that. Of course it also made me wonder if she herself did it too. Eventually i too started letting the girls pee in our couch, and soon i found out from the girls that Kara also did it too. I liked that idea. I began to have a strong admiration for Kara. I soon developed a close friendship with her, and eventually i felt comfortable enough to ask her about the peeing. At first it was awkward but then she realized that i wanted to do it with her. And so we soon began to pee together. It was amazing. We began to come over to each other's houses and pee in the couch together. It became an amazing relationship. We still do it all the time.

I was shitting in a unisex single toilet bathroom at a gas station yesterday. I guess the button lock on the door did not work because I was walked in on by a super cute Latina young lady. She was really shocked and sorry, but also a little giggly. I had my pants around my ankles so she saw all of me. I really stunk up the bathroom too. When I finished up and walked out, she was waiting outside. She said sorry again and I said that is ok and I said sorry because it really stinks in there. She laughed a little and said she was going to add to the stink.


Bathroom Issues

I note the post from Brandy. .... I once did not like public toilets for anything other than a wee. Pooing was filthy and I was not that sort of person . Have I changed! I cannot exactly pin point the change but I think it was when I was about 13. I was on an overnight scout camp and we were waiting on a small country train station for our train home. It would be w while before the train came. I wanted a BM but could wait till I got hime. There were 5 of us and one of the fellas said he needed a shit. He went over to the toilets and they were closed so no problems he just went behind some bushes . He returned feeling much better. That might have got me to the point where I accepted that bodily functions are normal and should be enjoyed. I am at the stage and have been for a long time I enjoy letting it rip plop and splash in a public toilet . To Ellison you were a very good and brave young girl to poo amongst all those men . I bet you felt better after. To Abbie a great story and as I have hard movements it would be beneficial for me to have someone to help me.


Fundraiser with no bathroom

Me and my friend Nanci have known one another since kindergarten. Now we're in the civic club at our school and do lots of volunteer work to support community organizations. The past couple of weeks have been devoted to softball tournaments with money pledged based on performance. Nanci's mom dropped us off at a park on the other side of our city and we knew we were going to be there for at least 12 hours.

I could tell in the car something wasn't quite right with Nanci. She wasn't her usual bubbly self. She put her hand into her sweats once. I figured she might have had a pain. It was 7:30 a.m. when we got out of the car and we had about a 15 minute walk to our assigned field, but our game wasn't scheduled for 90 minutes.

When we got to our field we were the first there. Nanci laid out over a faded steel bench and right hand in her sweats. I figured it might be her period. She gave me this icy stare like I might be stupid. Then she let off the longest string of cuss words I'd ever heard come out of her mouth. Then she became more emotional in saying she was constipated, feeling some activity coming, but her mom ordered her off the toilet at home and into the car because she was late in opening the business they own.

Since I had known Nanci for about 16 years I remembered that she absolutely hates crapping in public toilets. I think we were in 4th grade when she had to take her first crap at school. Her mom had taught her crapping should be done before leaving home and on your own toilet. So I knew Nanci was being traumatized. In my mind, I kind of blamed her mother for the problem. But we had 12 hours or so at the park and we had to make the best of it.

Our first game was over in about an hour. As we walked over to the next field I could see this really old brick building that I pointed out to Nanci. Then she went off on me again with something like 'great F***in' find if you want me to get climedia, lice, crabs or one of those F***in' superbugs.' I didn't know what to say but told her I was going to walk up the hill to the toilets to take a piss. Then Nanci started telling me again how I didn't understand her situation and lacked sensitivity and something else that I knew wasn't good.

What we walked up to was a very interesting situation. A tiny building like my dad's SUV in size. Ladies on the left; men on the right. The ladies door had a really mean looking padlock on it. I couldn't believe it because the guys' entrance door had been completely removed. So I told Nanci to walk around the wall with me into the guys room. She almost tripped on the drain in the floor and the flies and stench smell didn't help her attitude. There was just one older-than-old toilet, badly stained with a grayish seat (that might have been black last century) and a sink that was in no better shape.

I pulled down the front of my sweats, pulled out my organ and was starting my leak when Nanci let off some more curse bombs about me being like the other males and forgetting to lift the seat. I told her that my aim was very efficient and I wouldn't get anything on her precious seat. I could see she didn't believe me. Then about a minute later she was a believer. Being long-time friends, I knew I could mess with her. Then I reached down and flushed. She gave me this evil look that I knew was drama.

After looking in several places for toilet paper (there was none) I told Nanci since she had watched me, I got to watch her. She was really negative about the park's upkeep and how she just hates having to place her butt on a public seat. Nancy dropped her clothing to mid thigh and carefully placed her butt over only the very front of the seat. She sat pretty normally at first. Then as she pushed she dropped her head and shoulders slowly toward her lap. Then her hands grasped her knees and her head was at against the clothing as she let go of her giant shit. She kept her feet planted.

There was a great sigh of relief and her face came back to normal. Then Nanci let off another f-bomb about have to sacrifice her white underwear (which she said she buys herself out of her babysitting money) in order to clean herself. I told her there might be an alternative and to give me a minute outside. I came back in with a slightly dirty handbill about an auction of houses and told her she could use the back. There was some dust on it but I told her it was the best option unless she wanted me to tear up a large BK soft drink cup. She turned some more drama on, but then tore up the paper in fourths and used the pieces to stand and wipe.

She and I agreed that her dump was much too large to flush. I asked her how many days it had been and she reminded me about a time when we were working on Algebra in her room like five days ago. Then I leaned down and kissed her and we walked over to the diamond for our next game.


Desperate poo at night

Hi everyone

This bank holiday I went to see my family and left after dinner on the Monday. I had quite a slow journey back, the traffic was bad and there were roadworks on one stretch.

By the time I got to the edge of my city, I felt a need to poo. It grew on me within about 10 minutes to the point of being really desperate. I pulled into the car park of a 24 hour Tesco, which has been my saviour before, but it was closed due to the holiday. By this point I was getting more desperate, and went further down the road, pulling into a deserted car park which serves the playing fields. By this point it was dusk and the whole area was deserted.

I got out the car and went onto the field, which was empty, and went along a little way where I could at least squat behind a bush, so if someone came along they'd not be able to see me, although I was facing the empty field.

As it was dark I was worried I'd not be able to squat properly, so I quickly slipped off my shorts, shoes and knickers, I was naked waist down, and squatted down. Immediately there was an eruption of runny poo, splattering down into the bush. I started weeing, and then pushed again at which point some more poo came out.

I wiped with some leaves and got dressed before leaving. It was very odd as I was quite open and exposed, despite being hidden at the same time! When I got home my lilac knickers had a skidmark on so they're in the wash now, but I know I would not have made it home in time otherwise.


To Dave

Dave: I've been walked in upon, and have done my share fare of stinks of course, too. Recently, my bowel movements have been a little frequent. This morning (for instance), I stunk the loo up twice, and 1 episode was loose. It wasn't pure diarrhea, but had sludge consistency. I guess in my case, being emotionally discouraged over not being able to get a job right now after graduating ???? stresses my bowels at times. The loose stuff isn't too bad, but I've noticed it at times since my graduation. I only had a few bouts at the center. The Bm's where you have some sludge with bouts of solids upon later poops are quite interesting. It's like the transit time shifts paces occasionally. I bet people who are lucky enough to not have food allergies (such as I) experience differing transit times in their gut in one day. Anyway, the other poops I had today (one of them was later in the day) felt like it had a slower transit firming it up more. I hope you find this interesting, and I bet everyone else will also.


Welcome Sophie!

Welcome Sophie to the forum!

Just curious how ofter you usually have to poop?

Are your dumps usually as large as the one after the hockey game, or was that an unusual one?

If there had not been a toilet available after the game, how much longer would you have been able to hold it?

When you pooped after the game, how long had it been since your previous dump?

Monday, April 22, 2019

I was shitting in a unisex single toilet bathroom at a gas station yesterday. I guess the button lock on the door did not work because I was walked in on by a super cute Latina young lady. She was really shocked and sorry, but also a little giggly. I had my pants around my ankles so she saw all of me. I really stunk up the bathroom too. When I finished up and walked out, she was waiting outside. She said sorry again and I said that is ok and I said sorry because it really stinks in there. She laughed a little and said she was going to add to the stink.

On my way into town I needed to pee badly. Took a diversion and saw a multi storey car park decided against that due to cameras. Found a se luded wall got out of car and noticed a lot of people sitting around across the road on public benches jumped into car and drove off. Remembered a lane nearby, very desparate now. The lane was very narrow and there was nobody around. Drove about 100 yards up the lane, stopped opened drivers door and left it open, checked down the road nobody around, unzipped and pointed dick at the high stone wall and let go. My piss came straight out hit the wall and ran down it onto the cobbled pavement where it ran into the gutter between my feet. It seemed to take ages before I stopped pissing. I shook my dick quickly to get rid of any drops. I put it away, zipped up jumped into my car and drove off. When sat in the car I ws surprised how high I had pissed against the wall and although I stood only about six inches away from it my piss had left a mark about six inches wide down the wall to the pavement where it left a patch about 18 inches wide before going into the gutter.


Witnessed high school wetting

Hi everyone!

I think I mentioned something in my last post about a girl I knew who had several public bathroom accidents in high school, so I figured I'd start sharing those stories (some I witnessed myself, some I heard secondhand).

The girl's name was Lucy. IIRC she and her older brothers had all been homeschooled prior to starting high school; I think her family was fairly religious. She and I weren't close friends or anything like that, but we shared enough classes and had enough mutual friends that I got to know her as someone who was basically sweet and friendly, if a bit sheltered.

Anyway, her first accident that I saw happened a couple months into our freshman year when she wet herself badly during a math test. I'm not sure exactly what caused it, since that teacher didn't have a particularly strict bathroom policy - I'm pretty certain that if Lucy had raised her hand to ask, she would have been allowed to leave. So I don't know if it was nerves, or not wanting to miss five minutes of the test to get to the bathroom and back, or being too shy to ask in front of everyone, or just plain old overestimating her ability to hold it until it was too late. People were gossiping about it in the hallway afterwards, and I heard someone say that they'd seen Lucy drinking from a large soda cup (like the kind you get at a fast food place) during the class period after lunch and before the test, so that probably contributed.

The incident itself happened during the last period of the day, about five or ten minutes before the end of an 80-minute class. If Lucy had been squirming or acting desperate during the test, I hadn't noticed it even though she sat diagonally in front of me, but I can be pretty oblivious when I'm focused on something, so that's not saying much. By that point the first few people had started going up to the teacher's desk to turn in their finished exams; I was technically done with all the questions but was still trying to double-check all my answers in the last few minutes of the class, so I wasn't paying much attention to what was going on around me.

As a result, my first clue to what was happening, as I sat there trying to figure out whether or not I'd dropped a negative sign, was that I heard the sound of liquid trickling and splashing onto the linoleum floor. My first thought was honestly that someone had knocked over a water bottle and that it was leaking off their desk. But when I looked up and glanced around, it became obvious that the real source of the sound was Lucy, who was standing next to the teacher's desk. She was wearing a black skirt, so there was no obvious wet patch or anything like that, but the puddle growing at her feet was obvious enough. When I looked more closely I could see liquid running down her legs, which were pressed tightly (and futilely) together. She was still clutching her test in one hand - she must have been on her way to turn it in when she lost control.

It didn't take long for the rest of the class to notice her situation; once a kid in the front row exclaimed loudly about it, everyone else looked up from their own tests and saw what was going on. I remember exchanging a look with one of my other friends who was in that class - a look of "is this seriously happening right now?" - as people started whispering to each other. Poor Lucy was still frozen to the spot. It probably only took twenty or thirty seconds for her bladder to finish emptying itself onto the floor, but they were twenty or thirty of the most excruciatingly awkward seconds of my life, and I wasn't even the one peeing myself in front of a room full of people.

Lucy started crying even before she'd finished wetting herself. The teacher got up from her desk, looking shocked - as I mentioned above, this was a sweet older lady who generally let people use the restroom whenever they needed, so she probably hadn't ever had to deal with this problem before - and then ended up hovering uncomfortably a few feet away from Lucy, obviously not sure what to do. A few seconds after that, Lucy was finally done, and she quickly dropped her test on the desk, stammered out an apology to the teacher, and fled the room. One of her friends got up and ran after her. Immediately, the class went into an uproar, and the teacher had to tell everybody to be quiet and warned us not to make fun of Lucy for it (she also had to send another student to go find the janitor and ask him to clean up the puddle).

The interesting thing was, another student quickly noticed that the seat at Lucy's desk actually also had a small pool of liquid on it: not much, but enough that it was obvious she'd started having control issues while she was still sitting on the chair. I always wondered about that - had she started to leak, been unwilling to leave before finishing the test, and sat there for minutes gradually wetting her skirt? Or was it a single spurt that made her realize she wouldn't be able to hold it and finally convinced her to get up and try to get to a toilet? I'll never know.

Typing this out, I remembered the other funny thing about this incident, which was that someone told Lucy's oldest brother Julius about her accident - according to a few other girls who went to the restroom after the bell rang, he actually went into the girl's bathroom to comfort Lucy and give her her gym clothes from her locker, and then stood guard in front of her stall door until she'd finished changing so he could take her home. Not too many boys who could have gotten away with that one, but Julius was on student government and everyone knew he was protective of Lucy, so I guess the other girls knew he wasn't there to be a creep.

So that's the story of the first full-blown daytime wetting accident I ever witnessed. People mostly didn't give Lucy a hard time over it to her face - she was well-liked in her own right, and Julius was both fairly popular (as captain of the lacrosse team) and kind of intimidating - but I definitely heard a few whispers and giggles about it when she wasn't around. For the most part I think people were sympathetic to her embarrassment and assumed it was a one-time thing which could happen to anyone...except of course that it didn't turn out to be a one time thing. But this post is getting long, so I'll leave those stories for another day, if people are interested.


Update to homeroom bathroom duo story

Me and my friend Keerthna were written up by one of our high school's assistant principals for both being in the same toilet stall. Keerthna had to pee a river, I had to get rid of a crap I was holding, our sub had only one more hall pass in her book and she put both of our names on it. We had to wait for a toilet to open and we both thought it was logical to go in together and then to go back to class together. Both of us served our Saturday morning school detentions. We did get a lot of homework done. Her parents, as I expected, over-reacted to receiving an email copy of the referral. They are talking about transferring her to a private school in the fall since they are still upset about the quarter-size scar she has on the bottom of her thigh from sitting on some hot cigarette ashes back in her freshman year. They, who both went to private high schools and colleges, hold the substitute partially responsible, me partially responsible (I had just dropped my clothing while waiting for Keerthna to get off the toilet and let me on) and that's why the AP might have suspected some illicit (her words) activity.

Beth, it is interesting that you asked about my being seen with my clothing down by the VP. She regularly will look in between the cracks as students sit. This is especially true if she doesn't hear any noise or she any movement by a person on the toilet. The VP was an intern or something like that at the junior high I went to and once in like 7th grade, finishing a crap in a no-privacy toilet without a door, she walked by me like 3 times in a minute or so. I didn't think anything of it when I pulled my purse in between my legs and took out a small bottle of aspirin from which I had 2 of them in my hand that I was about to swallow them. She took them from me, called my mom who vouched for why I had them, but my mom just told me to try and use a toilet with a privacy door so as not to draw attention to myself. It's not always possible but the AP told my mom that I should learn to better plan my bathroom habits so as to be less dependent on the school's toilets.

I have to believe that such repressive rules and principal enforcement of them may be behind the problems my very good friend Kennard has been having. He's inexperienced and socially awkward for his age and he will take every opportunity to avoid crapping at school. Then most every day he'll make a fast trip home right after school to take his crap. Then he'll walk another 6 blocks or so to me at the park where we will work on our homework or our art projects. I've had some success in getting him to go to the bathroom there, but then he'll have a setback, but I'm not about to give up on him.

So I have a question for you guys. Is it acceptable to use your phone whilst having a poo in a public toilet/bathroom? My instinct is to say no, because the other person on the end of the phone probably doesn't want to hear you whilst you fart, plop and grunt. Plus there are usually other guys in there too, and they probably don't want their noises broadcast on the phone. So I've always declined the call when I'm mid poo. Yesterday however, I went to go for a plop in a public toilet which had just two cubicles. I was the only one in there, but I was soon joined by someone else in the other. About 10 seconds after I heard his ass hit the seat his phone rang and he immediately answered "Alright mate..."

Now this bathroom is way quiet. You can literally hear everything in there. So I could easily hear his voice and the voice on the other end of the phone. What happened next amused me greatly, because as you know, I'm not shy about making noises on the toilet. So his conversation went something like this:

"Alright mate" "Alright mate, where are you?" "I had to go for a shit mate" "How long are you going to be?" "I've just sat down mate..." at that point I let out a rest loud booming fart followed by a load of soft crap. "Aaaaaaaahhhh" I let out a sigh of relief. "Was that you?" The guy on the end of the line said. "No, I'll call you back in five." and he hung up. I was silently laughing, having completely ruined the guy's phone call. But I didn't care, but the other guy probably did. So what are people's v


Free 40oz iced coffee leads to my first "double accident"

I was getting gas last weekend when the attendant handed me a scratch off ticket for the adjoining store to win various items. I won a free 40oz iced coffee... seemed like a ton of coffee but it was free. So, this week, one morning I stopped in on the way to work and got it. It was huge of course, but I was tired and thirsty and I drank the whole thing during the rest of my drive.

It's almost like our bodies arent meant to consume 40oz of iced coffee in such a short time, because it didnt take long for my body to want it all gone immediately. All the liquid and caffeine made me have to pee super badly super fast, you know how sometimes you go from not even knowing you have to pee to bursting just like that? It was like that. But to make it even worse, my stomach gurgled and flip flopped and I got a bad cramp, and before i knew it i also felt a major dump brewing. I broke out in a sweat and clenched as hard as I could, and just reassured myself that I was almost to work. I literally had 5 minutes left.

I wiggled and bounced and clenched and breathed heavily the whole 5 minutes, my crampy stomach feeling like it was putting more pressure on my bladder. It was super difficult to concentrate on holding my bladder, because I felt so uneasy like I was going to have diarrhea. The number 2 became my primary concern but obviously I wasnt about to just wet myself for the sake of not messing myself. No, I am 28 and on my way to work, I need to just HOLD IT. These are the thoughts that were going through my head. Finally I reached the industrial park where I work. I am just a customer service rep in the office for a shipping/logistics company. Well on this most desperate of mornings, a new/inexperienced truck driver entered our industrial park through the employee/visitor parking area instead of entering on the opposite side of the complex where all the truck traffic was directed. So I was stopped by a long line of cars all waiting to enter the employee lot as a tractor trailer meticulously tried to reverse and turn around to go back out. It was a nightmare.

I legit just started to cry in my car because I couldn't hold it in anymore. As I sat there I caved to the pressure on my bladder and began to pee myself. It started flooding out so fast and with such force that I felt a wave of hot wetness spread underneath me and soak my butt completely within seconds. It was such a huge relief but also very upsetting at the same time. My bowels didnt wait much longer to join in the relief and I took a soft wet dump in my pants too while waiting for traffic to move. It came out quickly and sloppy and spread under my butt in a smaller area than my pee. It felt like I was sitting in lumpy mashed potatoes with gravy. I felt so defeated, this was the first time I ever peed and pooped my pants at the same time. I realized I didnt even have anything to change into so I couldnt even go to work. The embarassing thing is I was so distraught that I couldn't even come up with an excuse, I was obviously crying when my supervisor answered the phone and she got very worried. I didnt want her to be scared and i didn't know what I could possibly say that would explain my crying and not freak her out, and I straight up told her exactly what hapoened... I was bursting for the toilet, but a stupid truck jammed up the parking lot again and I couldn't hold it. She seemed sympathetic and told me not to worry and she'd see me when I got there....

It took me 2 hours to get home, clean myself up and put new underwear and pants on and get back to work. When I got there EVERYONE IN THE OFFICE was being super nice to me and asking me if I was ok. I got really paranoid and had to ask my supervisor what she told them...she went red in the face and said "I'm so sorry! It just slipped out! I said 'joanna had an accident she'll be late' and when people thought you crashed your car and asked if you were hurt I clarified that you...went to the bathroom in the car'" I just about died. All I could do was just politely tell people I was fine and pray no one would ever bring it up again... I dont know what is more embarassing, that I pooped and peed myself in the car or that I told another person and actually thought they wouldn't tell everyone else...should have known better

That's my first and only double accident. I am accident prone though, I have wet my pants so many times I cant even keep count. I just have a tiny weak bladder. My family and close friends know about it and tease me playfully sometimes. I dont poop myself that often, this is the 4th time I've pooped my pants (5th if you count sharting). The only one with witnesses though happened to me in high school. Had to go really bad after school, couldn't hold it for the bus ride. I managed to hold it until we reached my stop, but once I stood up gravity took over and I started "turtle heading". I couldn't hold it and walk at the same time, but I had to try and make it off the bus. As I made my way to the front my poop started coming out. I instinctively started crying. When I got off the bus I stopped in the grass and stood there frozen while I kept pooping my pants and crying. It was a firm load that I held all day so it felt really uncomfortable as it pushed out into my jeans, feeling like it had nowhere to go but my body couldn't keep it in. There was no hiding the bulge on my butt, even my bookbag didnt hang low enough. Everyone knew what happened. At least I didnt do it earlier in the bus ride and have to sit in it with everyone smelling me.


First post!!! Pooping after my hockey game

Hello! This will be my first post! I have so many pooping stories to share lol! So first an introduction! My name is Sophie and I am 19 years old and just finished my first year of university, I am blond and around 5"7 with an athletic build! I play university hockey and I used to play soccer back in high school. Anyways on to my story!

So this story takes place earlier in the year during one of our hockey games. We were on an away game, it was about two hours away from our university. During the game I felt some pressure build up inside my gut, this was during the 3rd period. We were down by 1 goal and it was getting really intense! The more intense it got the more pressure I felt in my stomach lol. We ended up losing the game 2-1 and I wasn't even disappointed because by that time I really needed to take a massive dump lol. So when we got back into the locker room I waited for the coach to stop her post game chat and then immediately began to strip down. I got my skates off and upper body gear but still had my hockey pants on but that didn't matter cause I was ready to poop! I ran to the bathroom in our dressing room. The only problem was that there were no stalls! I didn't check to see what the toilets were like in the dressing room before the game but it didn't matter now. So I was basically pooping right out in the open where my whole team could see lol. I didn't really care I just wanted to release my massive dump. One of my teammates Hannah yelled at me saying " need to take a dump Sophie??" as I was yanking my hockey pants down, I laughed and yelled back "I've been holding it in since the beginning of the 3rd period!", they laughed. My teammate Alyssa can running over with just her hockey pants and said " I've been needing to poop too haha I couldn't hold it any longer" I laughed "someone come take a picture of us"! One of my teammates Megan jumped up and came and took a picture of the two of us side by side holding hands on stall less toilets pooping and sent it to our hockey group chat lol. As soon as Megan took the picture I immediately began to feel a massive log begin to inch out of me as I let out a slight moan. I could see in the corner of my eye that Alyssa was straining and it made me realize we were still holding hands as her grip tightened on my hand. My log was so big it felt so goooooddd as I didn't even need to push as it inched out of me ever so slowly. I don't think I've ever felt so good while pooping I felt like I was in heaven lol! Alyssa gave out a sigh of relief as a she pushed out her poop we looked at each other and I said "this feels so goooood" where Alyssa smiled and said " I don't even care that everyone is watching us I feel like I'm in heaven haha" I pooped a little more but my initial log was so big and felt so good that I didn't care if there was no more poop. Me and Alyssa started to wipe I stood up and we compared poops lol. Mine was super long and think and reach to the top of the bowl and slithered down the toilet hole with little poop around it. Alyssa's was multiple medium sized poop. Both of our dumps were basically even in size. My poop went down when I flushed but Alyssa's didn't lol probably because it was many medium sized turds, we just laughed it off and decided to let the next team see her massive dump. We walked back in and all the girls said they were jealous of how good our pooping experience looked. Hannah said " I wish I could experience a poop like that" and we all laughed.

That's it for my first story! I have many more not just from hockey but from parties and stuff! Hope you enjoyed!


to Katie

Hi Katie, I loved your stories have you ever had an accident from being scared?

iews on taking or making calls in public. Yay or nay?

Paul S

Re: Katie

Katie; I posted a couple of pages ago about the accident that I had in Middle School. Will post the other 2 that I had in High School soon.

To the person who posted about being forced to poop in front of people or in a doorless stall, that feel a little abusive. Privacy is a fundamental right in using the bathroom espeically to poop. As a girl myself I am already mortified having to stink up a public bathroom or have others earing me poop, having them watch would be a total nightmare. Were you embarrassed having to poop with an audience?


Reply to Abbie

Hi Abbie, good to hear from you. Glad you were able to find an alleyway before squatting when your car broke down. As you may have gathered from my stories, I'm often busting for a wee on my way home from parties etc, i think the alcohol goes right to my bladder. I've had to squat a number of times and have had a couple of accidents, you must have a bigger bladder than I do to have avoided any!!

Sunday, April 21, 2019


Bathroom Issues

I note the post from Brandy. .... I once did not like public toilets for anything other than a wee. Pooing was filthy and I was not that sort of person . Have I changed! I cannot exactly pin point the change but I think it was when I was about 13. I was on an overnight scout camp and we were waiting on a small country train station for our train home. It would be w while before the train came. I wanted a BM but could wait till I got hime. There were 5 of us and one of the fellas said he needed a shit. He went over to the toilets and they were closed so no problems he just went behind some bushes . He returned feeling much better. That might have got me to the point where I accepted that bodily functions are normal and should be enjoyed. I am at the stage and have been for a long time I enjoy letting it rip plop and splash in a public toilet . To Ellison you were a very good and brave young girl to poo amongst all those men . I bet you felt better after. To Abbie a great story and as I have hard movements it would be beneficial for me to have someone to help me.


Response to Paul S.

Hi, Paul. To answer your questions, I wouldn't be surprised if at least a few people didn't notice a bulge in my leggings or tight jeans. These accidents were just a result of me either being lazy and not responding to the urge to go before it was too late, or just getting distracted. In high school, we only had two minutes between classes and I found myself without time to go to the bathroom. I had accidents between classes at least once a month throughout high school. Luckily, most of my poops were solid, so I was able to clean up in the bathroom and walk out with just minor stains on my panties. This was the same for the accident I told in my last post about pooping my pants at a soccer game.

Unfortunately, they are not always like that. In my previous posts, I had a couple of messy accidents in community college and as I told in my last post, I had a pretty bad accident in 7th grade. I also had another sophomore year of high school. I was feeling pretty crappy that day but decided to go to school anyway. Around 3rd period, I got the urge to poop, so I got permission from the teacher to go to the bathroom. I made it about halfway there when I uncontrollably filled my panties and threw up in the hallway. I went to the nurse's office (luckily there was nobody else there) and told her my situation. She helped me to clean up and told me that if I wanted, I could stay in school and she could give me one of the special needs kids' diapers to wear for the rest of the day because she didn't have any spare panties, but she recommended that I just went home. I told her I would like to go home. My panties were a total loss, so I ended up wearing the diaper anyway (which felt weird being in high school) along with a spare pair of sweatpants. I rested on the bed while the nurse called my mom to come pick me up.

I was really lucky that nobody saw me poop my pants that day. I wish the same could be said about the incident in 7th grade, but I guess it happens to the best of us. With all the student drama going on at that time, my accident was forgotten in a week.

Can you share the stories of your accidents in middle school and high school?


My 2nd grade back-to-school present

My first week back to school when I was in 2nd grade was a memory-maker. This was more than 20 years ago and my dad had been given a couple of tickets to a college football game and none of his friends could go. So he ended up taking me. So long story short I ate a lot of popcorn, had a hotdog and drank my pop pretty fast so I had to poo within the first hour. At first, dad tried to blame it on my mom for not "reminding" me to go before we left home. He had done that a few times before when we were away from home and I thought it was kind of odd because she couldn't defend herself.

So he led me down a couple of flights of stairs while I was afraid of having an accident to the mens room. I didn't remember him taking me in before so I guess I wasn't alone with him that much. From my first sights of guys standing against a trough hosing their pee forward and sometimes trying to shake it dry, I was grossed out. One guy turned just as we were walking in back of him and knocked me into dad. He was apologizing and giving me this big stare. Then there was this thunderous response we could hear from the stands as we walked to the side of the room with the toilets. This old guy on the toilet had his fists in the air and it looked like he might jump off the toilet.

We walked down this line of toilets; most every one was in use. Not one had a door for privacy. Finally we came upon one where the seat was up. Dad reached in, dropped it and then swore a little bit when he noticed it was wet. And he also showed me to check for toilet paper and there was none. As we walked farther, dad pointed to a vacant toilet and made what seemed like a joke about it being the best available. There were some splashes on it but I knew I needed to get my underwear and shorts down because I was feeling more pain.

I started to pull my clothing down, but dad completed the job and hoisted me onto the toilet. It seemed to be so much older and larger than we had at my school. Dad seemed surprised that I started to pee immediately and he almost didn't get his hands out of the way in time. He stood in the doorway and shielded me as the number of guys continued to come in and complain. Thinking about it now, I was the only girl in there and I didn't see any boys my age either. I remember the relief feeling good and it was awkward sitting there on the toilet with my dad as the shield. I remember him telling me two or three times to take my time and get it all done.

I don't remember if the seat was loose or I was just too nervous but at least once I remember almost sliding out of position sideways as I pushed through some gas between my legs. That caused dad to reassure me that there was no hurry. That was between the booms of cheering fans when I was trying to release more gas. Then there was a diarrhea bomb that hurt and burned me greatly as it blasted into the toilet. Dad noticed my pain and how I grabbed onto my thighs because minutes before I was using my hands to balance me on the seat. Dad was so patient and he beat me to the toilet paper by rolling some off for me.

I used it all and he reminded me that mom would want me to take a couple more wipes. So I pulled off some more paper, fumbled with it because of my nerves, and he picked it up for me. He was smiling and reassuring as he reached down and kissed me on top of my head. He said it was his turn and he tossed the seat up, took out his thing and immediately did what my grandfather called a "wee-wee." I tried not to stare at him, but I had to look somewhere and I was a little more curious now. Our team won and after the game we went to DQ for a treat. This time dad let me leave our booth and walk down the aisle to the ladies toilet. It was a lot more cleaner, had those seat sheets you can put on the toilet which I didn't use, and I liked the quiet. For some reason, I remember staring at the door lever and hoping it didn't move. I was lucky I guess, because in leaving I figured I had not locked it right.

Walking back down aisle to dad, I felt so much older and independent. I caught him, though, sampling some of what I had left in my strawberry sundae cup.


Some responses


Why were you and Keerthna in trouble? Was it for using the same stall? Also, how did you feel about being exposed to the VP while sitting on the toilet?


Great story about pooing with your teacher. I've sometimes wondered what it would be like to poo in a stall next to a professor or former teacher.

Being ordered to go in front of someone else:

I had to use the toilet in front of other people quite frequently when I was a kid. I was often constipated, so the adults around me were very vigilant about my toilet habits. It started with my parents making me sit on the toilet to 'try' each morning - usually with the door open so they could come in and check on my progress. It evolved into a system where if I hadn't pooed in the morning, I'd have to have a try on the office toilet at school, where I'd be monitored by the nurse, who would report back to my parents to let them know whether and how much I'd pooed. The nurse always told me not to flush the toilet, and to throw my poopy paper in the garbage.

I have memories of having the nurse opening the door to the single user bathroom where I was sitting on the toilet, and not just checking on me but coming in and full-on interrogating me about my bathroom habits, my diet, my home life, etc. while I sat there in front of her with my pants around my ankles. And, if I showed signs of pushing (or if she smelled that my poo was coming out) she'd encourage me to keep pushing and get it all out.

I also had some accidents. If I'd been caught having pooed myself, I'd be taken into the bathroom where I'd be instructed to take my poopy pants down, sit on the toilet, and try to 'push it all out' before I'd be allowed to clean myself up.

The thing is, when this first started, I was too young to feel embarrassed about it, but as I got older and realized bathroom affairs were 'supposed to' be private, I started to get more and more embarrassed about everything: being caught with poopy pants, being asked about my poo habits, and especially, being seen while I sat on the toilet trying to poo. The thing with the school nurse continued throughout grade school, and so did the accidents. The sit times at home continued past that and well into high school.

Anna from Austria

just some replies

@Rose I can also understand being poop shy in public. I just had no time to develop it.Since I was small I always had to go when I was out, so it become normal to me. Under different cirumstances, if I could go at home most of the time and only sometimes at public places I would have developed it too. Was specially weird during my teen years, when some Girls seriously though It was uncool to poop at School. So they made some mean remarks when they could hear or smell what I was doing. Never really cared about it thought just found it was weird. When you have to go, you have to go. And not everybody is lucky enough to be either good at holding it back or have the perfect biorhythm that you just have to go when you are at home. I am not good at holding it back, and when I hold it back to Long i tend to fart like a storm, and farting a lot in the classroom would be way more embarrassing than pooping at the Girls room at School.

@Mina Thanks your Reply. Your friend Hisae is really cool that she replies to some unfriendly comments to other ladies that complain when she did her poo. I tend to ignore this comments but it is really awesome that she replies to them.

Greetings from Austria



To Katie

Katie - Were your poop accidents in high school noticed by anyone? Did you have any pee accidents then too (other than when you peed in your shorts at practice)?


Tinkle, Fart, Crackle, Plop, the sounds I make on the Pot

Tinkle, fart, crackle, Plop, the sounds I make sitting on the Pot

Hello I havent posted in quite sometime, but today had a few things on my mind so I thought I would post them here to get others opinion.

So recently I have noticed that when I go to the bathroom that it is quite loud, I havent really ever paid much attention to this in the past but recently it has really started bugging me. I am to the point where I analyze every sound that happens while I am sitting on the toilet. For example if I am peeing I always have a forceful urine stream that makes a very audible tinkle sound I tense usually during the process wondering how badly I am heard in the next room or even by the person sitting in the next stall. Usually in a public restroom I hardly ever hear sounds coming from my neighbor on the toilet next to me why is this? Surely they should be heard as well right? Then there is the matter of pooping this used to be a relaxing process for me but recently it has become an anxiety inducing affair, I mean I am sitting there trying to relax but as soon as the tinkleing begins I tense, here recently after I tinkle I always expell an audible fart that always is the bowl echoing variety which makes it hard to finish going. The other day I was in a best buy pooping and this happened and a young girl in the next stall starts laughing I was so embarrassed. Usually after I tinkle and fart things quiet down for a moment and I am able to relax but then it happens the turd starts emerging which is always accompanied by a crackling sound which inevitably brings the intermittent tinkle or fart which causes the stress all over again. Usually I pray the turd lands In bowl in an inaudible manner, but 9 times out of 10 there is always a huge plop. Omg so noisy and stressful. I used to be so comfortable in the past with my toilet habits, so comfortable in fact that I would let my fiancee often watch as I went, and always viewed these moments as truly intimate between the 2 of us, this is now no longer the case. I am at my wits end obessing over this, why cant I just get back to the days when I used to be comfortable and liked another person experiencing my most vulnerable moments with me?

So my question do any of you ladies or gentlemen often experience similar issues when using the bathroom, and if so what did you do to get over them? Any advice would help.


My Gut

Hey everyone! I had a rumbly gut this morning that signaled an urgent poo while eating breakfast. I made it through, and passed chunky gassy poop into the toilet not once, but twice! My rumbly intestines settled down after a while, and I didn't poop for the rest of the day. To whomever asked about going in front of an adult so they could see you: Luckily, (as far as I know) this hasn't happened to me.

Nick (from Canada)
Weird guy: Like you, I have an elongated toilet at home and much prefer that. More room to be comfortable and room for my equipment.
I stayed in a hotel a month ago that had a round toilet. I hate those toilets, mainly because there isn't any room for my equipment. I find I have to sit back a bit to get things in, then I can move forward so I'm sitting more normally and in a way that I can evacuate without getting it on the back of the seat. I have never forgotten having to share a hotel room with a round toilet and a big guy back in university. He left a streak on the back of the seat which absolutely repulsed me. So I have always made sure never to do that, even if I am the only one using the toilet.
With the elongated toilet, I never have to worry I won't have enough room.
The only downside to the elongated toilet that I have found is that soft seats aren't readily available for them. Seems like the majority of soft seats are produced for the round toilet. But if that's the price I have to pay for more room, I will take it!


Replies and morning poop

In reply to being ordered to go in front of someone else - I've never really been ordered to go in front of someone as such but when I was 6 I was at a family event, and my cousin took me to the bathroom with her. She was 16 at the time and didn't feel comfortable with me going on my own so she took me with her. I told her I needed to poop as well as empty my bladder and she told me to go ahead. So I did. She was stood watching me while I pooped. I didn't really mind, we just talked about every day things while I went, completely ignoring the noises I was making.

In reply to toilet posture - I sit as far back on the seat as possible and lean forward just a little. Like I'm not bent over double, but my back isn't perfectly straight either. My underwear will be at my calves instead of my knees as well. I don't really spread my legs while pooping, I just seem to prefer my underwear at my calves for some reaosn. When peeing I am more than happy to have them at my knees.

My poop this morning was inspired by Victoria B, I remember her posting not too long ago about drinking coffee while going through her morning motions so I thought I'd try it myself. I usually have the coffee first. So this morning I woke up and made myself a coffee and some breakfast¸ eating the toast while the drink was cooling a little and then made my way to the bathroom. Coffee in hand. I was naked so I just sat down and sipped away at my drink while waiting for my body to take over.

After about a minute my poop crowned and I was gently opened by it effortlessly moving out of me. It was really nice to just look out of my window and enjoy a delicious coffee while also enjoying that incredible feeling of pooping. It fell into the bowl with a quiet splash and I started peeing. Loving taking in liquids while letting them out at the same time. My wee went on for around a minute or so and I was opened up again mid stream by another log coming out. I felt so relaxed and was in no rush whatsoever. I can see why Victoria enjoys it so much. It soon fell into the bowl with another splash and while I felt done, I decided I wasn't going to move until my coffee cup was empty.

I spent a few minutes slowly enjoying my drink, I don't like to rush these things, and I was surprised by another log coming out of me several minutes after the previous two. I just let it happen, taking in the wonderful sensation and once it broke off I peeked into the bowl before wiping. There was three dark brown logs all next to each other in a neat line and some rather yellow water. I got myself some toilet paper, reaching between my legs and wiping front to back before dropping it into the toilet, and then got myself another four pieces for my rear. Once I was all clean I flushed and jumped into the shower.

I think I'll be starting the day like this more often!


Latest story

Hi everyone, I have a story from this weekend which I'll share in a minute.
Imogen- great to hear from you again, glad to hear you made it to the loo in time in the club! I hope you can post again soon.
Anyway, back to my story, on Friday night Lucy, Katie and I were invited to a party at a friend of Ellie and Beths called Danni, I went to a party round hers a few years back and it was good fun so I was happy to go again. Danni now lives in a flat about 10 miles away so Katie offered to drive us there and back, Ellie and Beth were staying over so there wasn't really room for the three of us as well! We had a great time and left just before midnight, Ellie, Beth and Danni were all pretty drunk and were still drinking when we decided to go, I was a bit tipsy and Lucy was definitely struggling to walk in a straight line as we went back to the car, we had parked down a side street a couple of minutes walk from Dannis flat. As we got in the car I realised I was getting pretty desperate for a wee but I knew it wouldn't be long before we were home so I wasn't too worried. We set off and must have gone about a mile when the car suddenly died, luckily there was a lay-by which Katie managed to stop in. None of us are member of a breakdown service and so we decided to walk back to Dannis and get Katies dad to sort the car out the next morning, I rang Ellie and told her what had happened and she said they were still up so it was no problem. Lucy had been saying she was bursting for a wee and as we were walking along she suddenly stopped in the middle of the pavement and said, "I'm gonna wet my knickers if I wait any longer, sorry!" With that she lifted her dress and dropped her yellow spotty knickers, she squatted down and moaned as she started to wee a heavy stream. Katie and I stood there hoping no-one else would come along as we were in the middle of a housing estate and right under a lamp post, but luckily no-one did so Lucy was able to finish her wee in peace! As she pulled up her knickers and lowered her dress I said, "I don't think I'm gonna be able to hold it much longer either, but I really don't want to have a wee in the middle of the pavement, shout if you see an alleyway or something!" We carried on walking and after a few more minutes Katie said, "There's a footpath over there, I need to have a wee too, lets go down there!" We turned away from the road down a narrow path between 2 fairly high walls, we walked part way down and I stopped and said, "Right, this will do!" I hiked up my denim skirt and dropped my purple and orange stripey knickers, next to me Katie lifted her black skirt and pulled her pink flowery knickers down and we both squatted and started to wee at about the same time, as we were in mid flow Lucy said, "Actually I need another wee!" so she pulled her knickers down and squatted too, she joined in with a pretty strong stream of her own given that she had only just been! We were all still weeing when I heard footsteps coming down the path, I heard a girls voice say, "Thank God we've made it, I'm bursting for a wee!" "Me too!" the other girl replied, and suddenly they both appeared. "Oh God, sorry, I didn't realise you were here!" the first girl mumbled awkwardly, looking embarrassed. "No worries," I said, "We're nearly done!" By now our streams were slowing and I knew I'd soon be finished, I must admit I did feel a bit exposed with my skirt pulled right up and my really grim knickers on show, luckily Lucys and Katies knickers were no better so I guess it could have been worse! The girl said, "Sorry but I'm gonna have to go too!" and she dropped her leggings, I was relieved to see that she was wearing pink cotton knickers which she pulled down before squatting and starting up a strong stream, her friend seemed more shy as she was clearly waiting for us to finish before starting to have her wee! We finished up, wished the other girls good night and then went back to the road, we made it to Dannis flat without further incident. We went upstairs after being buzzed through and knocked on the door, Ellie opened it in just her white bra and orange knickers and we could see Beth on the toilet as she had left the door wide open and the loo was literally opposite the front door, she was completely naked apart from a pair of white knickers round her thighs and if anyone else from any of the other flats had been in the corridor they would have seen her too!! Ellie said, "We're getting ready for bed now, sorry we're half dressed!" We came in and closed the door, as Ellie turned to go back into the bedroom I saw her knickers were stuck up her bum. Just then Danni came out of the bedroom just in her knickers too, she was wearing white ones like Beth. She went over to the loo and said, "Hurry up Beth, I can't hold it much longer!" Beth grunted something and eventually stood up and pulled up her knickers, and Danni quickly dropped hers and sat down and I heard a fierce wee stream starting up. Lucy, Katie and I went into the living room, once Danni had finished on the loo she found us some blankets and we said good night to her. As we hadn't been planning on staying the night we obviously didn't have any nightclothes or anything, luckily it was really warm in Dannis flat so Katie said, "Well, I'm gonna get undressed, I think it'll be warm enough to sleep in just my pants!" I said, "Yeah, its actually really warm in here, I might have decided to sleep in my knickers even if I'd brought a nightie!" Lucy had already fallen asleep on the sofa, I said to Katie, "I don't think we should wake her, I'll just put a blanket over her!" and Katie agreed. We both undressed to our knickers and then lay down on the floor with a blanket over us.
The next morning I woke up late but everyone else was still asleep, I could feel my bladder was pretty full so I went to the loo, dropped my knickers and sat down, as I was in mid flow the door suddenly opened (I'd totally forgotten to lock it!) and in came Danni, I felt a bit embarrassed as I was practically naked but luckily Danni was just in her knickers too so it could have been worse! "Oh, sorry Abbie!" she said, and I said, "No worries, its my fault for not locking the door!" My stream dribbled to a stop and I wiped my front before pulling up my knickers, Danni quickly eased down her pants and sat, she said "Thanks for warming the seat!" and I smiled at her as I heard her starting to wee. I turned away to wash my hands and as I was drying them Danni said, "Would you mind bringing me a toilet roll from the kitchen cupboard under the sink, I've almost run out!" Her wee stream was starting to die away by now and she obviously needed to wipe herself. I looked at the roll and said, "I think theres probably just about enough left," and Danni turned a bit pink and said, "Well, er…actually I need to have a poo as well so I don't think there will be enough!"
"Oh…sorry, I'll just go and get you another roll," I said, I could feel I was blushing too. I pulled the toilet door closed and went into the kitchen, found a new toilet roll and went back to the toilet door, I thought I should knock as I don't know Danni that well and figured she might not want me to barge straight in. "Its OK, you can come in," she called. I handed her the loo roll and said, "Right, well, I'll leave you in peace," and turned to go back out, but Danni said, "Actually I could do with someone to keep me company, I've been a bit constipated lately, if I'm honest I haven't been for a poo for three days so I think I'm in for a hard time!"
"Well I'm more than happy to help you through it, I often get constipated too so don't worry if you need to strain, I'm used to it!!"
"Yeah, I think I remember when you stayed over ages ago you said you often struggle to have a poo so I guessed it wouldn't faze you!" she said, "Right, feel free to keep talking to me but I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to reply for the next few minutes," she said, taking a deep breath and bearing down. After a hard push she made a loud grunt and said, "I can get the tip to poke out but its really hard and dry so its gonna be a nightmare to get it all out!"
"I get exactly the same when I'm constipated," I replied. "You need to squeeze your thighs together, pull your bum cheeks apart and push for as hard and as long as you can, and then take a really quick breath so you can keep up the pressure, that way the poo won't end up going back up your bum too much when you stop pushing!"
"OK, I'll give it a try!" Danni said and she did exactly what I had said, she kept pushing for ages, and then took a very quick breath in and pushed again, she couldn't help grunting loudly in between the pushes but at least it seemed like she was getting somewhere as she kept on going. I could feel a tightness growing in my belly and realised I was starting to want a poo as well, seeing Danni go must have given me the urge! After a few more massive heaves she stopped and said, "Right, its out too far to go back up my bum, so I'm having a break for a sec, I just hope I'm gonna be able to push it out, its really fat!"
"Well, if it makes you feel any better I always have really fat poos when I'm constipated and need to push really hard, so I know the feeling!" I said as Danni started to bear down again. After a few more pushes she said, "Thank God I've got the fattest part through!" and shortly after I heard a splash followed by a loud moan of relief. "Wow, that sounded like a big one!" I said, and she replied, "I still need to do some more," and I could see she was pushing again. I could feel my poo making its way closer to mu bum hole and I realised my knickers were giving me a massive wedgie so I knelt up and pulled them out, Danni said, "Are you OK Abbie?" and I said, "Yeah, sorry, my knickers were stuck up my bum, I want a poo as well and I don't want to get skidmarks, I haven't got any clean knickers!" "Oh sorry, I didn't realise you needed a poo as well, I won't be much longer!" said Danni, and shortly after I heard a couple more plops. "Right, I'm done," she said, standing up and pulling the flush. She moved over and took some toilet paper, and then started to wipe her bottom standing up. I quickly dropped my knickers and sat down, I had a small wee and then started to push and a log soon started to poke out of my bum, it seemed that Danni wasn't the only one to have a really fat poo as I could feel that mine was huge too! As Danni threw the paper between my legs and pulled up her knickers I took a deep breath, pulled my bum cheeks apart and bore down hard, making a loud grunt as I released my breath. "Sorry, I'm a bit constipated as well," I panted after a few minutes of straining, "It keeps going back up my bum, its really annoying!"
"When did you last have a poo?" asked Danni and I thought for a minute and said, "I'm not sure, at least a couple of days ago I think!" I started to push again, I could feel I was going red and my bumhole was stretching really wide as a fat log came creeping out slowly. I kept up the pressure and eventually managed to force the widest part through, and felt the log speeding up and not long after it splashed into the bowl, I then did a couple of smaller hard pieces which made really loud plops when they dropped and splashed water up my bum!! I then felt empty so I said, "Right, I've finished now!" I wiped my bottom, pulled up my knickers, flushed and washed my hands. I went back into the living room to get dressed and Danni went back to her bedroom. Katies dad came to fetch us about an hour later and then went to sort Katies car out. Hope you enjoyed this story, I will try to post again soon, bye for now!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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