Knees or ankles? To me, knees for #1, ankles for #2 seems about right, although I dont have any definite rule for this. Silke, what are your experiences of using squat toilets? You seem to have used many public toilets where they might be found. When describing the combined squat toilet/shower in my last post, I didn't mention the joys of sharing it. Janet and I often showered together anyway, and the opportunity of enjoying a poo together at such close quarters was not missed. There was just enough room for two to squat (rather cosy), but plenty for two to stand. The idea of a washing fixture with a soil outlet (i.e. poo and wash in one appliance) extended to one of our later bidets, fulfilling a similar function to the Japanese automated bum-washing toilets. I converted an existing full-spec bidet, with rim warming and ascending douche, by enlarging the outlet to 2.5-3" and fitting extra check valves to comply with plumbing regs. Janet's favourite for comfort, next to squatting, and unrivalled for convenience. Because she often used it during her period (it outlived the shower/squat) she tended to block it with sanitary towels, and I couldn't squeeze a larger trap into the pedestal. So we invented a 2-trap syphonic arrangement which could handle heavy loads and also did away with the plug. Adding water would fill the bowl to normal level, after which it would be maintained at this level until flushed. Typical usage would be as follows: Warm rim (optional), fill with water if pooing (optional), sit and poo/wee. Put in waste for disposal (e.g. towels, tampons) and lift flush lever up while still seated. Bowl would empty (without cold water entering bowl) and could be refilled for washing. Once finished, put in any additional waste (e.g. hand towels, applicator) and press flush lever down. Bowl would then empty and flush vigorously with water. The ascending spray could be used without the bowl filling up by turning on the spray during flushing; a small venturi served to maintain the vacuum in the trap, whilst still allowing disposal of solids, useful when cleaning up after a messy accident. It could also be used as a conventional wash out pan, pressing lever down to flush after use. Very cunning, I think you'll agree. BTW, I'm being more productive on the toilet at the moment, back to two poo sittings a day, and larger ones at that. Enjoy yours! Crimson.

Saturday, October 03, 1998

Movie Fan
Here's another movie I'm told has a good bathroom scene. It's called "The Maddening" and it stars Angie Dickinson and Burt Reynolds. I happened to see it on USA cable the other day, but the scene was predictably edited out. Has anyone seen the uncut version of this? I've heard the scene involves the young woman who is held hostage in a bedroom all night. Evidently, she eventually has to go to the bathroom and she starts making "desperation" faces and wiggling around, etc. She finally pulls down her clothes and pees on the floor. If anyone has seen this, please share the details of how much is shown, what sound effects there are, etc. Thanks!

Some Guy
Candice and Jeff A. and others great stories! DD: Hatching an egg is another less famous synonym for dumping. Doorman: Don't worry. I usually pull my pants to my knees to in public restrooms. My main focus in public is to drop and go. At home you can relax and stay for a while. Also there are some bits on the local radio station that have women pooping in them and I would try to put them up on a website, but 1. The quality would be not so good, 2. I'm worried about copyright infringement or something, and 3. I can't list the name of the site here anyways. However if anyone wants me to type the transcript of a bit, I'll do it.

just a girl
All you poop lovers out there...what would you be doing right now if there was no such thing as poo? Or if something happened to make everyone stop going? Or if you had to pick...would you pick still going #2 like you do now or would you pick never going again without getting sick? I would pick not going!! Then you wouldnt have an accident in public or anything. At least you guys would still be able to watch your wifes/husbands/friends go pee!!!

RB, awsome story! I came real close to 'talking' a casual friend into just taking a dump next to the road one night while we were out drinking and having a good time. He threatened to do it several times but backed out cause he didn't think he'd get a claen drop. Man I wished I'd had a wad of kleenex in my pocket! I would have loved to have the view you had, watching some one start to finish. All I've ever gotten was a quick look at a guy on the toilet if the stall has no doors. It was great in high school cause none of the stalls had doors. So I'd see at least one guy a day. Oh to be in high school again! Drew, sorry you missed it, I'm sure you would have enjoyed it. Not nearly as good as the scene in 'Kissing Guido' though. Have you ever had the opportunity to see a guy on the toilet or are you limited to sharing the experience in the library?

To Doorman: Here is the new rule of trouser ettiquette, buddy. If the stalls HAVE DOORS, you have the option of doing ankles or knees. I prefer ankles. If the stalls DO NOT HAVE DOORS, than trousers around your knees are a common courtesy, to cover up your privates. We learned the hard way, where i work in JC Penney's when a mother looking for her son wandered into the men's john, with my privates pointing straight at her. I don't know who was more embarresed, me and my manager in the next stall,pooping away, or the lady !!. We still joke about it.

Does anyone else do this? Sometimes when I'm not really sure if I need to poop, I'll stick my middle finger into my anus and if I reach far enough I can actually feel if there's any poop. Am I the only one who does this? A lot of times it's hard to get your finger in without putting soap or skin creme on it, but I found a really neat trick that makes it go easier. When you have to fart real bad, moisten your finger with saliva, and then push your finger gently into your anus just as you let the fart go. Something really cool happens. If you hold your finger on your anus, the air from the fart can't get out because you've got the anus sealed, so it sort of makes your rectum balloon up. Then you just gently slide your finger in being careful not to let any air out, and you'll find your finger goes in nice and smooth and you can feel all around the inside of your rectum real easily. It feels like the inside of a ballon, and it's pretty interesting to feel all around the walls of your rectum. If there's any poop, I can feel it pretty easily, and I can usually tell if there's a lot or just a little dribble. As soon as you start to pull your finger out and break the seal and air starts to escape, the rectum collapses back down on your finger. It's really neat. The only caution is that if you have long fingernails (as I do), make sure you clip your nail down, otherwise you could scratch or cut the inside of the rectal wall, which would be dangerous. Also, if you do find poop, you may end up getting some under your nails, and then it really stinks, even if you wash it off as best you can. Sometimes if you're alittle constipated, you can sort of poke at the poop and stimulate the rectal walls a little bit, and it may help to make you go. I think that's a better idea than the suggestion I read here once of sticking a small piece of soap in your anus. While that may work for some people, it can also cause major irritation to the rectal wall.! I did it once by mistake -- I was washing my anus with a little tiny piece of soap, and it accidentally went into my anus and I couldn't get it out. I eventually crapped it out, but it was really painful and burning while it was inside, and I promised myself never to insert a piece of soap in there again. At least when I just put my finger in gently (especially when I do the fart thing), it never hurts. Does anyone else put their finger in their anus like this to check for poop? I've never heard it mentioned...

To reply to Doorman. I wear my panties round me knees when I am sitting on the toilet pan though if I am using a public toilet with no bolt on the door where I think someone may accidentally or otherwise come in I pull them down just to the tops of my thighs, enough to do the toilet without the risk of wetting or soiling them. I NEVER pull my panties or trousers down to my ankles as Public Toilet floors are often wet and dirty and I certianly dont want my clothes soiled this way. I have never wet my pants or the toilet seat when sitting down to pee or do a motion as has Aussie Guy and I cant see how this would happen unless you had a really rampant erection as can happen if you are passing a really big fat solid turd, but most blokes cant pee with a hard on anyway. I do know however that the seats in some Boys and Gents toilets in schools and factories have a gap at the front for this reason. I notice from some recent posts that most blokes, as I am myself, are turned on far more when the hear a female doing a good solid motion or see what she has done, than when it is another male. Yesterday, however, I got off a train and went to the toilet. Although I only wanted a pee, as is my custom I went into a cubicle (stall) and sat down to pee as I always do. I has bee sitting there for a minute or so when I heard the door of the next cubicel being opened and a bloke went in . There was the sound of his undoing hus belt and trouser zip and the rustle as he pulled down his trousers and underpants then the sound of his doing a pee, a loud powerful jet. He then went "OO! OO! AH!" and it was obvious that he was straining to pass a big solid motion. I could even hear the crackling as it came out then he took a deep breath, went "OO! OO! OH! AH!" the there was a KER-SPLOOMP!" like a depth charge. I then heard him get his breath back wipe his bum then obviously he must have looked down the pan at his motion as I heard him exclaim "bloody hell! I needed that!" He pulled the flush twice then went out. As soon as he had gone I went into that cubcile to have a look. Sure enough, stuck in the pan was a great fat jobbie of about 9 inches long, so not the longest Ive seen or done myself, but it was sure fat 2 and a half inches I estimate at its thickest and shaped like a naval gun shell, blunt at one end and tapered to a point at the other. However it wasnt nobbily but smooth. I must say I got a buzz from seeing it although if it had been in the womens' toilet done by a female the thrill would have been far greater. Finally, to Kevin and Louise, nice to have you aboard as it where. Moira also has a twinkle in her eye when talking about defecation etc and she also soon twigged that I had a thing about it. Im sure lots of women enjoy having a good solid motion and realise that many men are likewise aroused and use this as a means to turn them on. Perhaps you could get Louise to post to this website and give her perspective on these matters? All the best from George.

I read that my stories are interesting for some of you. I'll write down a storie that happened at the holiday I already told you stories about. Nearly to the end of this holidays my parents wanted to look for a new place for our next years trip. They planned a day-trip to the yugoslavian coast -to the peninsula Istrien. It would be a real long trip and so we had to get up very early (6:00pm). Nobody was able to shit, because our time was 8:00 as I wrote before. Half an hour later we started our trip. But after 1 hour we get into the first traffic-jam and the radio said that there will be more before we could pass the border. We could drive but we were only a piece of a long row of cars. But after a curve I looked and saw - no cars ! We all wondered about this, but then we heard the reason in the radio- a truck had a accident and the road was closed for more tha 2 hours. The most cars tried to reach the boarder before the road would be clear, but my father said that it would be better for us to try a shit now than standing in the traffic and feeling the urge. We stopped at a empty(!) rest-area with only one car left, and my father said that we should go behind the bushes -it will be better than go in the public toilet some metres away. We tried to go after a bush but it wasn't possible because there was a slope behind it. So we must use the public restrooms. As we arrived there we saw a woman squatting over a big pile in front of a wall. She had finished and pulled up her pants only seconds later.My father waited at the door as we tried to use the womans room. But it wasn't possible- there was only one! stall for hundreds of women who had used it- and it looks like this . It smelled like the most of them had floated the floor. The pot wasn't flushed and stuck with poop and there were many big piles at the floor too , at some place there were shitmarks at the wall and the dustbin was full of used diapers and tampons. Even in washbasin was a big load of diarrhoea with tp and a bloody tampon. Now we knew why this woman had squatted outside - it was a typical restroom at the Gastarbeiterroute! We went with my father inside in the mens room , but the stall didn't look different but there was a little more space in front ogf the two urinals. My father turned the key of the main door and we looked for a comfortable place. My father took my little sister and sat her on a urinal. My mother farted and liftet her dress. She lent at a wall with her nude ass and pressed out a lot of turds and a powerful pee jet. My father used the second urinal and I jumped on the washbasin. As my pee tickeld in it I saw a fat turd of my mother sliding down at the wall. I had a really comfortable dump in this washbasin and I stucked it with my pile. While we relieved a men would get in, and as feeled the closed door we heard a strong peejet that was let out against the wall. My father has still wiped himself and my sister while my mother was still letting out stinky turds. I also get of the basin and wiped myself in front of and let down my dress. My mother had finished and changed her tampon because she had her strong days of her period. She only let the used one falling on the floor. It was the first time i saw that and later she told us in our car what it means. She didn't wipe because we hadn't no tp any more. But she said that it doesn't care because she made solid turds. We took a short look at our piles and at the shitmark at the wall from my mother and waited some minutes before we went back to our car. PS: at the wall outside were 3 new puddles of piss. As we arrived at the border (10km - 2 more hours!) we wanted to pee and what we saw you can read some sides before. Something more happened at this day and I will try to write it down soon.

DOORMAN no you are still in the guy club even if you sit with your pants around your knees instead of ankles. Any guy that thinks youre NOT one just because you do that should get a pole up his ass! No one can prove if they are really a guy or not by how far they pull down their pants! I am a girl but I had to tell you that!

Hey Doorman, I don't think there's any kind of general rule about pants around the knees vs. around the ankles. I've seen men do it both ways, and I believe women also do it both ways. A lot depends on where you are and how much privacy you have, Some people prefer the pants around the knees in situations where there's not much privacy. Also, when I'm in a particularly dirty restroom, I sometimes prefer not to let my pants hit the floor because the floor is too messy. On the other hand, if you have privacy and the floor is clean, dropping your pants all the way gives you more freedom and comfort. I have two similar odd questions. First, whenever I've seen a woman on the toilet, it always seems the woman sits with her knees touching and her feet spread apart. That's a very awkward position for me and maybe for most men, but a lot of women seem to sit that way. Do any women reading this sit on the toilet with their knees touching? Second, I've seen some discussion her in the past about whether it's easier to wipe while seated or while standing. I don't understand how it can be easier when you're standing. When you're seated, your butt cheeks are spread and it makes it real easy to wipe, especially inside the anus. When you stand, your butt cheeks close up, and for me at least, it's a lot harder to wipe and very difficult to clean the anus unless you sort of bend over, and then you might as well be sitting. Can anyone explain why they think it's easier to wipe standing?

Okay some things about my cousin Linda.Sometimes she has what I call "stage fright" or is unable to pee. One time I was washing my hands as she came running in pulling her overalls and undies down.She sat down after a quick hi to me.She remained silent for a while and was a bit shaky.I told her"I know what you need." And I turned the water on in the sink for a few seconds.(the sounds helps her start) after I turned it off the sound of her musical tinkle was heard as well as a sigh of relief.On that note one time I had to pee and I went in and just has I was about to begin she walked in.(we're close so we do this kind thing alot.Anyway she stared directly at my thing and for some reason it would come.I froze and she noticed this and said"Can't go? I know what you need." and sure enough she turned on the water for me like I did her.I started laughing and that's what made it come gushing out.She said"All better?" But it was the laughing that helped.Anyway do any of you know just why or have had this stage fright happen to them? I'm a little curious. Bye for now.

THOM--you asked if anyone else got well prepared for a dump and then spent about 45 minites on the can, reading, smoking, etc. i once had a roommate named eddie who used to do that. he would get up around 7 am every morning, go outside and get the paper, then fix himself a big glass of coca-cola. he would head of the the RR with newspaper, coke, and cigarettes. he would stay in there for about an hour, and when he would come out there would be about 4 or 5 cigarette butts in the ashtray. Eddie obviously made the most of his toilet time and really enjoyed a good long dump. i think thats KOOL!

Doorman - I don't think whether you sit on the toilet with pants around knees or ankles is a girl/guy thing but a pee/poop thing. Generally (although as we've heard there are exceptions) it's only girls who sit to pee, so only girls you ever see with pants around knees. But EVERYONE needs to pull pants down further to poop because their knees need to be further apart to do it successfully.

Did any of you see Spin City this week? Michael J Fox had to poop at a party. When he was done, his poop wouldn't go down the hole. So he tried flushing again. This time, the water level of toilet continued to rise. He stood on the toilet seat, hoping that would force his poop down. But the toilet kept overflowing. Really funny. After this, he crawled out the window and fled.

Well guys seems like some of you are getting to like my little stories. Yes Steves little episode left me little shaken and the truth is that i later told Steve that i got a buzz out of it. He just told me i was a sick bastard and laughed!! Anyway since that time there were other occasions at the beach (a good meeting place)when Steve would suddenly turn up and start to chat. I dont think he will ever forget what i told him and he constantly teases me. Every now and then he'll turn up, talk a bit then he'll say - i have to shit - want to watch?? Now this puts me on the spot! Does he mean it or is he just pullin my leg!! Well the first time i just laughed and that was that - he didnt even attempt to go. Second time i said to him "OK i'll watch you drop a load" then he says "OK lets go". I thought this is unbelievable but anyway he gets out the car and starts to walk towards the bushes etc - turn around then says - "well come on what are you waiting for" I figure hes serious so i get out of the car lock it up and follow. He leads me through the bush until he finds a nice little spot - proceeds to unbuckle his pants zipper etc and then squats down right there in front of me. He tells me which end do i want to watch from (as if i cared). Anyway he lets fly and produces some of the best shit youve ever seen and he does it as if he hasnt got a care in the world. Ive since noticed that He actually gets a kick out of it too - he actually likes me watching him shit!! He keeps toying with me all the time. Says things like "i'm gonna come round your place one day and you can video tape me shitting" I think "yeah - sure" but i know if i ask him he'll say yes - what do you think guys??

Well this happened back in June when I was taking a flight between Seattle and Chicago. I was on the plane and we were being served lunch. I was in the aisle seat eating, when I felt like I needed to go. The pain grew worse and I debated whether I should wait or make an effort to use the facilities. I soon decided that I should take action cause I was beginning to need a pee in the worst way... the first time in a few years I felt an urgent need. However the serving cart was braked right beside my seat. I handed my tray of food to the lady next to me saying I needed to use the bathroom, but alas, the cart was blocking my way to relief!! I tried to get past in twice but I couldn't squeeze past it. I was getting a bit desperate by now. I HAD to use the bathroom... the couple next to me seemed concerned and pressed the notification button to get a stewardess to move the cart for me. It took a bit so I kept looking down the aisle. Finally a lady came and took her time putting away trays. I asked, "Could you move this thing?" And she said "just a minute!" So I concentrated on holding it in, although it hurt. Finally she moved it and it was hard to walk down the aisle with a full bladder. The lavatory was occupied, so I had to stand there waiting... luckily I didn't have to shift around or hold myself. I was finally able to go without a real accident, but that was quite uncomfortable for me. Then on the way back home, on the flight, we were being served lunch again and I was in the aisle seat. The lady two seats down from me started whispering to her husband that she needed to use the bathroom. I saw that the cart was coming down the aisle, so if she didn't get out to go, she wouldn't get out! She started to sigh at times and seemed to place her hand in that area one places their hands. I absolutely knew how she must feel. Having to go but can't move!!! So I got up and let her come out.... honestly, I knew that she wouldn't have made it if that cart came by with everyone's food trays and tables down! I guess I am too nice to let someone pee their pants... but I was in the same predicament, so I couldn't let someone else suffer.

Is it a guy thing to sit on the toilet wuth your pants down to your ankles? I notice in public restrooms all the guys in the stalls have their pants at their ankles. In movies I've noticed this also. The reason I am asking if it is a guy thing is because I've noticed in movies and in real life that women sit on the toilet with their pants at their knees. I am a guy and my pants are always at my knees. Am I not in the guy club for doing this?

Do any females have trouble moving in a public bathroom if someone is there? I know I get paranoid when another person is in the bathroom with me when I'm moving. When I urinate, I don't give a hoot who happens to be there, but when I move, It's a different story. It may have to do with the fact that I make a lot of noise in there, (gas noises and the like, or the occasional grunt) Any takers? -- Candi

Jeff A.
I was thinking a lot about early childhood experiences with watching someone poop, and being excited about it. I guess I've been watching, and letting myself be watched all through childhood, but one of my most memorable, and formative experiences was when I was 13. I was playing in this field with a neighbor girl named Cindy who was 12. We were playing our standard summer adventure games, like Tarzan, or copying whatever current TV show was on. I always got to be the hero who was rescuing the beautiful girl from danger. It was about this time that I began noticing just how good she was beginning to look in a pair of summer shorts. There was a ditch surrounded by tall grass, and we were walking by it, when she said "I have to go home now." and I said "Why?" (we were just beginning to have fun), and she said rather honestly, "I have to go to the bathroom really, really bad." So I said, "Just go pee over in the bushes." At this point, I was already getting excited at the idea of her pulling her shorts down to reveal her adolescent secrets to me. She said back to me "I don't have to pee, I have to go number 2!." She was beginning to get real desperate and squirming a little, so I promised her if she did it in the ditch, I would go too, and she could watch me after I watched her. She looked at me real suspiciously for a second, and then I think she was judging the distance to her house as opposed to the secluded ditch. She said "Do you swear to god you'll do it, if I do?" and I said yes. She crawled down into the ditch, unbuttoned her shorts, and slid them down to her thighs and squatted. Her face looked almost pained as she started grunting and puffing. She obviously had been holding it for a long time. She was hunched over with her arms around her ankles and really started to let loose! She was going "Ohhh-oahh-unh-httt-httt-ohhhh…" I could see a turd coming out of her butt, and it was real long and thin, kind of knobby shaped with thin spots, and then fatter lumps in it. It coiled around until it broke off, and then another one started out a little faster. It was like her first long turd opened the flood gates. She was pooping turds that looked like they were coming out of a brown soft ice cream machine. They were coming out in yellowish-brown globs, faster and faster, crapping and splatting on a soft pile between her legs. I remember her butt quivering as the last one fell She had a pretty good sized stinking pile. Afterward, she fanned away from herself and said "P-U!!!" Afterward, I was sworn to absolute secrecy (until now), and threatened with death at the hands of her brothers if I told anyone what I had just seen. When it was my turn, she was calling the shots like a little princess, telling me how to squat, and to go slow so she could see good. She wanted to be sure that she saw me from the front when I pulled my jeans down. I squeezed out one real long fat turd that seemed to please her immensly. I struggled and strained, occassionally rising up a bit so she could see between my legs which is what she wanted. I dropped another one on the ground next to my big one, and she seemed to get pretty excited. She was so scared after she finished, that she didn't even attempt to wipe, just pulled her pants up quickly. When we were walking home, she ducked down into the tall grass, dropped her shorts again, and started wiping furiously with clumps of dried grass. I went to my house, and she to hers. After that, we started playing lots of kissing games, showing each other our "equipment" out behind the garage, or in the field, and started pooping outdoors together regularly. Oh yeah, she was the same girl who pooped in the old abandoned house for me. If anyone else is harboring any good childhood stories, then bring em' on! Ah, La Dolce Vita!!! J.

Steve, I was not lucky enough to catch "That 70's Show" on Sunday evening. I would have loved to have seen the guy on the toilet. Hopefully I'll catch it when the re-runs come on. RB, what a great story about your friend taking a shit next to the car. My reaction would have been the same as yours, heart pounding etc. Welcome to the site. David, Keith, Eric, -looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Tim Reynolds
today i was running, and i kept having the need to fart. guess i just had a lot of gas, and the running helped bring it out. whenever i got the feeling, i would push to try to fart. but at the same time, i would hold my penis through my pants so no urine would come out when i pushed. what i want to know is whether or not girls do something like this. and if so, what do they hold or squeeze? or do they just cross their legs? thanks, ladies.

Movie Fan
In answer to the question about what TV shows have referenced women pooping, here are the only ones I know:
LA Law -- had an episode where Ann Kelsey poops while camping out with her husband. She has to use leaves to wipe herself (because her husband forgot to bring tp), and she gets poison ivy on her butt.
Hill Street Blues -- had an episode where Lucy Bates is shown sitting on the toilet reading a newspaper as one of the male officers sends a remote-controlled robot camera in to spy on her. I assume she was pooping because I don't think anyone reads the paper on the john if they're just peeing.
Jenny McCarthy -- did a bit as "Super Jen" where she rushes into a bathroom stall with her hand holding her butt and then screams as soon as she gets in. From the context, it looked as though she had to poop.
These are the only shows I can think of where there is a reference to a woman pooping. I'm sure there must be others, but I can't think of any. Does anyone know of any others?

I have seen the illusional and very sneeky poop snacher at work before. I decided to spend the night one night on the docks at Savannah and I thought this would save time instead of going home and having to come back in the morning. . .so I just got some stuff together and made a camp there under the boardwalk. I had noticed some people stoping at the car park that night to let their kids do the typical "can't hold it anymore mama" pooping in the park there. I wondered, as you did, where the hell all that terds and poop went before the sun came up. . . .I found out what happened to it! The mysterious shit steeler showed himself in a very large, lifted and LOUD 4x4 truck. I couldn't sleep thru the sound of his motor coming into the park so I got up to see what the hell was going on. The time now was about 1:00. He shut of the car and produced a metal wastebasket and a scooper. I was thinging, "I can't believe it! It's really him!" He just collected all the poop and put it into his monstertruck and drove out of there. This posed alot of interesting questions to me. . .does he dump it somewhere? Who does he give it too? What if he keeps it for free fertilizer? Maybe he was just hungry? Whatever the case may be, I was there to witness the workings of the Savannah crap colector!

Candice! Hi, I'm Jeannie and I'm 16. Your description of what you do and all that goes with it fits mine and my sisters situations better than anything any of us have ever come up with. All four of us have always had the habit of holding it lots longer than we really should. On top of that at least my older sister and I have some kind of hair trigger bladder that just gives up without warning. This has caused lots of accidents. None of us gets any sexual charge (at least I don't) out of it and some of that nasty stuff along those lines that seems to be all over the net really makes me sick. There have been some times when I've chosen to wet my pants because it the better alternative. Like last summer we went to the local Six Flags park. The womens bathrooms are really nasty, so my sister and I agreed that we'd just go in our pants. Two of my friends came with us and told them what and why before they decided to come. My older sister had reminded us that a lot of the people there are wet from all the water rides so you can't really tell the difference. As far as I know none of us got near a bathroom for over 12 hours, so I know I wasn't the only one. My friends normally don't do that. Around our house, it happens all the time, so my folks don't make a big deal out of it. I guess its just how your head is put together. By the way, what grade are you in?

To RB.....just wanted to tell you that I *REALLY* enjoyed your post the other day about the constipated 10 year old boy (Jason). Now if we could only get him to tell us in his own words just what that felt like! For a boy that age who's not normally prone to constipation; it must have been very difficult for him to withold his movements for seven days.... Hopefully his Dad had a talk with him before the next camp would be a shame if he did that again. Please Post some more...You're very welcome here. Gary

Just wondering what everyone elses opinion on this matter is. Coming from Australia myself, I have only had the pleasure of using Western style 'sit-down' toilets as opposed to 'squat' style toilets. To me it would seem that squat toilets make much more sense, as it would seem to be a more natural postion for passing a few logs. And hands up the guys that have ended up pissing on their pants and the toilet seat, when sitting down on a Western style toilet to do a jobbie? It happens to me frequently! IMO, somebody was certainly not thinking when they invented western style toilets. The only benefit I see of Western style toilets is for those that spend a long time on the pot, and perhaps take the oppertunity to read etc while doing their job. Squatting for extended periods is probably not quite so relaxing. Personally my jobbies come out with relative ease and so I usually only spend ~5-10 minutes doing my deed. What does everyone else think?

Tom thought id let you know i really enjoy going to a mensroom too and getting into groaning and dumping with the other guys. Would really be great to find a mensroom without stalls so you can actually watch the guy next door!! Also really like to dump outdoors with other guys - gives you a real feeling of freedom.

I can agree with Traveller that some women seem to know that many men are turned on by defecation, especially women doing big solid motions. My girlfriend, Louise, worked this out early in our relationship and I often see the twinkle in her eyes and the little smile when she tells me about the big jobbies, (big healthy movements as Traveller puts it) she has done if she has gone at her home or in a public toilet or especially when she is with me and tells me she is needing a motion and invites me to accompany her to the toilet to watch her doing it. I am seldom disappointed as she normally goes "OO! AH!" and passes one or two nice big fat solid turds with the "crackling" sound and good "kerploonk! kursploosh!" sound effects. She also freely admits that she enjoys passing a good solid jobbie herself and likes to watch me doing mine and to talk about such matters. What he took as blue urine may well have been a toilet cleaner. We have it here in the UK called "BLOO! and it is sometimes a block dissolved in the cistern and thus washes out the pan with a deodorant and bleach. The condition that some British Royalty suffered was "Porphyria" and its does have this side effect as far as Im aware. Blue Blood and Blue Piss perhaps. To DD . I have heard the expression to "Do poo", also "go poo" "go toilet" "go number two" etc. To "Go Bombing" is a favourite of my girlfriend and me. Its more common in the UK to say "to do a motion, jobbie, number two, poo etc". The American expression to TAKE a dump etc doesn't quite come right to British ears.

Great story RB, wish I was there to see it!

Lazy Rider
I remember one time me and a bunch of my friends went out to go swimming at a nearby rope swing. We would swing off of a tree that hung out over the water. We would also climb up to the top branches of the tree (which were over twenty feet above the water) and jump off. Well one day I was up on the top branch and I suddenly had the urge to take a dump. There were still people swimming, but before they knew what I was doing I let fly. when it hit the water it made a loud "smack" sound and flattened like a pancake. I couldn't stop laughing, but most of my friends were kind of grossed out.

Thursday, October 01, 1998

Kevin, I use my thoughts about pooping for solitary pleasure and self-satisfaction. Also, I agree that going to the toilet is natural and is as much a nessecity in life as eating and sleeping. It is a part of everyone's life so why be embarassed about it? Sex is also supposed to be a private activity, done behind closed doors, yet this act is displayed freely in the media, in books, in movies,etc... I also agree that what makes pooping so exciting is because it is such a private act and it allows us to see the person who is pooping in a whole new dimension. The fascination with toilet issues WOULD diminish if it was discussed more or displayed more. I wish they would make whole documentaries about shitting, on television, complete with graphic demonstrations. Wouldn't that be great... Alex, I have never had any toilet experiences with any close girlfriends, as you have, and I never really imagine watching another woman on the toilet. Most of my life, my thoughts have primarily been about guys shitting.

Yes, it's been a while. Good to see Alex checking in from France. Any run-ins with "squat-type" toilets yet, Alex? I remember your saying that you don't look forward to using them, but squatting to poop can be quite enjoyable. I like the recent posts from Bridget, Jeff A., Michael, and others about our interests. Add me to the list of guys who find womens' pooping very arousing. Strangely, even though I've been into this since an early age, I somehow lost interest for a while in late adolescence, just when I had a g.f. who was into being watched on the pot. When I think back on that, I can't believe I didn't accept her bathroom invitations. I have a very happy sex life with my wife, who is definitely not into watching or being watched, although she talks openly about elimination. (George & Moira would tell me, "Don't give up," right?) The other day I used the bathroom a while after she had and saw blue water in the toilet, along with some skid marks. I cleaned it the day before, but it had been flushed several times since then, so I was puzzled. (Didn't one of the English kings pass blue urine, a symptom of some terrible disease?) I asked my wife about the blue water. "Oh, I did a 'big one' and I knew you just cleaned it, so I wanted to clean it again." I rubbed her shoulders as she worked here at the keyboard and asked if her bowels were upset. "No, just a big, healthy movement," she told me, looking up at me with a twinkle in her eye. I had seen that sparkle once before when we were traveling and I asked her to bring me some t.p. just after I did a really stinky one. She shot a glance at my bare behind and a quick smile sneaked through. That brings me to a question: I've noticed that when some women have wanted to get to know me better, they made remarks about emimination. Have any other guys here noticed that? How about the women here at this forum? Have you ever steered the conversation that way with a guy as a way to get more intimate? You're all the greatest 'family' to be in!

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