Kate (Katelynn
Hey guys! It's me, Kate (Mia's nanny). If any of you guys read my story, you know about the little girl Mia that I nanny for. She recently has had MAJOR constipation, poor bug and is only having poopies every 3 to 5 days. Her little bum hole has been bleeding and on multiple accounts her momma and myself have had to manually remove her poopies. It usually ends in fits and tears. After the event that happend in my previous story, I talked with her momma and she decided it was time for a pediatrician visit. Her mom told me that Mia's doctor took a poo sample and told her to start eating more fiber. After that appointment, Mia seemed to be doing better and having big but more regular poos. That is, until two days ago. When I was watching her, Mia had a HUGE diarrhea accident (she is fully potty trained so this was cause for concern) which is what my story today is about. She will be going back to the pediatrician tomorrow. Anyone with small children, please help! Have you had kids that experience terrible constipation and then extreme diarrhea all within the course of a few weeks? HELP!

Anyway, two days ago on Wednesday, I was watching Mia in her house. Her momma was at work as usual. Mia was doing great and had had a normal large poo in the potty the night before according to mom. I was making Mia lunch and she was sitting at the table coloring and humming and asking my questions (just like any toddler haha). I finished making her sandwich and cutting her apple and I set it in front of her. She happily began to eat it just like she normally does at lunchtime. There was seriously no sign that she was feeling bad or anything. About 5 minutes into eating, I hear her fart. It was pretty wet sounding but Mia makes farts a lot and laughs just like any kid her age so I thought nothing of it. About 15 seconds later, I hear another wet fart. "Do you have gassy toots Mia bug?" I asked her, laughing. She didn't respond. A second later, she farted again and it sounded like a squelch. "Do you need to make poopie Mia?" I asked? She nodded no. Mhmm I thought. Seconds later, Mia moaned. "My ????!" She yelled. With no time to react, I heard a huge explosive fart like sound but I knew it was more than that. Mia moaned loudly and leaned over the table and I heard the sound again. Her panties were being loaded with diarrhea. Not sure how to go about this, I picked Mia up and ran to the bathroom. The poor thing was still moaning and crying. I pulled out the back of her pants and undies and peeled inside at her bum. There was *very* soft (not quite liquid) poop everywhere. It was bursting out of her panties and down her leggings. "Honey, it's okay" I tried to soothe. Mia grabbed her belly again and I knew another wave was coming. I did what I could in the moment and ripped down her undies and pants and plopped her on the potty. Poo from the back of her legs and bum smeared all over the toilet as she sat down with her legs wide open and her hands on the front of the potty. Tears rolled down her little face and her body tensed up. In a second, soft creamy diarrhea flowed out of her bum and filled the toilet. Seriously I didn't know this much poo could fit in such a little kid. I massaged her belly and stroked her back. "It's okay Mia bug. It's okay. Just let all the poopie out. It will be over soon" I said to her. Mia didn't stop having waves of poo for another 15 minutes. By that time her mom was on her way home. When she arrived, I had Mia in the bath. "Mommy! I feel better now!" Mia yelled excitedly when her mom came into the bathroom. "Woah it is smelly in here" her mom said. "Poor baby did you have a poopie accident?" Her mom soothed. After cleaning her up, Mia's mom said I was welcome to go home since she was going to stay to make sure Mia wasn't sick.

As it turned out, Mia did not have a ???? bug like I though. She ate fine the next day all up until dinner. Her mom told me that she had ANOTHER major diarrhea accident while they were eating dinner. It seems very random. I feel so bad for her. She's just a little kid. I don't know why she's having so many bowel problems. Anyway, Mia is going back to the pediatrician very soon. I will give you an update soon.

In the meantime, if you have any experience or advice in this are, please HELP! I would really appreciate it and so would Mia's momma!

Is there anyone out there knowing something about scouting? My girl friend has been a scout (German: Pfadfinder) for many years in another country. She has told me that scouts often go to toilet outside when hiking, not only when an emergency turns up but just regularly. If staying several days at the same spot they make a latrine but else they go somewhere in the nature. She has told that everyone accepts it and that they mostly do not talk about it at all. When in need just walk away from the others and get it done. I also know some other scouts but I really can not imagine that they are so relaxed about this as my girl friend. But I have never asked them. It is too embarrassing to ask about such things. Does anyone know what is common among scouts? And do even leaders/adults go to toilet outside?


Morning Jog

With warmer weather here, I've resumed my morning jogs in the park near our apartment. I do about a half hour on the trails there and then stop for my crap in a tiny 2-toilet hut. No privacy--just two toilets next to one another, large black seats over badly stained bowls that probably are cleaned once or twice a year, at best. But I try not to think about that. I had some constipation issues as child that were probably due to my shyness and reluctance then to use toilets in public places. But I shook that off as I got into high school and I realized that suppressing my need was harmful. My pediatrician said that too, but my mom disagreed with him based on cleanliness issues she had/has regarding public bathrooms.

So yesterday it was around 9 a.m. when I jogged up to the toilets and went in. I was surprised to find a mother about 30 on the first toilet, jeans and underwear down to the floor. Her son about 4 was standing in front of the other toilet, sweats down to the floor, and splashing his urine over the seat he had not raised first. All of a sudden I felt awkward. Although she greeted me nicely and told the boy who she called Ty to hurry up, which he did, almost stumbling backward as he pulled his clothing up, she seemed oblivious to what he left on the seat. She watched me flush for him and then reach for the toilet paper and then do a cursory wipe of the seat. There was some on the back of the seat, too, but she seemed aloof slowly punching her crap out. Ty would look at her and smirk and ask about if she was 'splashing them in.' I guess I was lucky he didn't turn his back and watch and hassle me as I took my seat. My log, was formed, fast and required only one fast wipe. Although he did point out my black thong to his mom. Then she pulled him over to where she sat and told him not to stare.

weird guy


to Victoria. when u owe, what is your procedure for wiping. also, if u poop do u then wipe your front first and then your but? one other thing. as a guy, I sometimes have an ambush poop. I stand to pee and then realize I need to poop so I quickly sit down. have u ever sat down to just pee and then ended up pooping? thanks, I always look forward to your stories.


nose, and Moemi story

I and my friends often blow our nose in the loo! We use a toilet paper and put into loo and flush. We don't use a kleenex, because they clog loo, they don't dissolve in the water.

On Thursday, public holiday, I went shopping mall with my friends. When I was there, I suddenly felt very bad feeling my stomach. So I said my reigns, "I need loo, now, and long time" in small voice.

They said, "Go to loo, take your time. When you finish, text us, we tell you where we are."

So I went to loo. When I arrive, a young girl, maybe 11 I thought, was walking before me. I thought, " i hope she doesn't take last free cubicle!" She was quite tall but slim, she had a beautiful shape bottom in her jeans, they were quite short.

I entered ladies' room and six cubicles on left side, the first one is Japanese squat style, others are Western style, numbers 2 and 4 and 6 were occupied so I chose number 5. I bared my bottom and sat down and started to make bururururururu noise. very soft motion.

The woman in cubicle 6 left soon, maybe in cubicle 2 also, but in cubicle 4 she stayed. And soon she began make a lots of noise, crackle and fart and plops and burururururu, she did three very loud heavy plops. Me, I continue to do me diarrhoea. Bururururururu, bururururururu, burururururu again and again. Very very lots. It was first motion from Monday, maybe that was reason. But I was quieter than neighbour in cubicle 4. She made many noise! And again and again, same with me. She had a heavy diarrhoea, and me too. Women went into cubicle 6 for wee, but didn't stay long. Many women.

I wonder, who is in cubicle 4? That young girl? But I thought, maybe no.

Finally after about 12 minutes I decided I finish. After washlet I went out of loo, washed hands and then took wet tissue to wash phone because I texted Kazuko in loo. And at that time door 4 opened. It was the tall young girl! She came to washbasin next me to wash her hand.

She said me, "why you are washing your phone?"

So I told her it is danger to use phone in loo, you have to wash after to keep away bad bacteria like O-167.

She laughed, and took tissue to wash her phone! I said her, are you OK now? you seemed to ill in loo.

She said, "Now I am OK. But I broke my stomach." In Japanese, break stomach means diarrhoea or vomit, but usually diarrhoea.

I said her, "I also broke my stomach."

She gave me very beautiful smile. Then suddenly her face changed. "I am not OK. I go back to loo!" She went back into cubicle 4 and quickly shut door. I hear her bottom land on loo and begin to make noise very much. And suddenly, I too....felt bad my stomach again! So I went into cubicle 5, bared my bottom sat down and burururururu, burururururu like before. Huge dirty yellow mushy all over loo! Huge volume, but little bit less than first time maybe, and after about 7 minutes I finish, this time I am sure. She also seemed that she stopped, even she had a terrible diarrhoea again.

She came next me again to wash hands and phone. I said her, "are you 5th year of primary school?" That is year 6 in UK.

She said, "I am first year of middle school". So year 8 in UK. She must be 13, not 11.

Other ladies went in and out of loo, but didn't pay attention us. Funny thing though, they didn't use cubicles 4 and 5. I think smell was problem. I made very strong smell, she did too.

Then door to ladies opened, and Kazuko came in. "Minappe are you OK?"

Young girl said, "your name is Mina? So nice name! I am Moemi."

I think Moemi is nice name.

Moemi gave me very beautiful smile again. Her eyes so warm! even she doesn't know me.. ..

I said to Kazuko, "I am OK now." and to Moemi, "she is my friend."

Kazuko went into cubicle 5 and sat down, she did wee only, so she came out while I was still there, though Moemi had gone out. I know why she choose 5! She recognize her friend's smell!!

With walking back to Hisae and Maho, I told Kazuko about conversation of washing phone. Kazuko said, "I think most people don't wash phone after they use with doing motion." It is true I think.

Later when we all together, we saw Moemi again, she was with her family and she was in office of ballet class. So she is budding ballerina! With her long legs, I don't surprise. She saw me and Kazuko and gave us her beautiful smile again. So beautiful smile! I don't want to be her friend, she is too young, but I feel I want to see ballet performance of her class. Maybe I go one day. I went to ballet class when I was her age. But on morning of performance, in a dress rehearsal, I fainted on the stage. After that I stopped to do ballet. If I don't stop, maybe I have more beautiful body now....

Moemi looked happy face. Maybe her painful diarrhoea already become ancient history? I was feel fine then, diarrhoea all finished....?

I have next part of this story but this post already too long, so I tell next time. How many times you yawn when read this post? (Don't tell me answer of this question.)

I hope everyone is fine! and have happy time on loo and everywhere. I am a lazy, but your very own Mina never forget you.

Love from Mina, and H M K (and Moemi)


Birthday shopping with Robyn

Today was Robyn's birthday! I introduced her with a story on page 2736 but for those who don't want to go back and read it, she's 14 (today) and my neighbour, has blonde hair and blue eyes. She's very toilet shy. Her mother broke her leg recently and wasn't able to take Robyn into town for some birthday shopping so I offered to do it for her. Me and Robyn get along well and I always enjoyed spending my birthday money when I was her age. The drive into town is 30-45 minutes depending on the traffic and as we was getting close Robyn asked me if we would be able to find a bathroom before shopping. "Of course we can!" a few seconds later she said "Um, can we go to the same ones as last time please? They were quiet" I told her it wasn't a problem and we continued on our journey.

When we got into town we went to the same toilets as before at the top floor of the shopping centre and like the last time, they were empty. Robyn took the toilet furthest away from the door so I took the other one next to her and I could hear her peeing as I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my knees. She started straight away today! A few seconds into her wee I heard her sigh so she must have been bursting. I had a small wee, lasting for maybe 5 seconds and Robyn went for about 20 seconds in total then we sat in silence. Like before, I didn't want to rush her.

After about a minute of no noise from either of us Roybn said "I'm sorry, I haven't quite finished yet"
"Don't worry about it sweetheart. Take as long as you need."
I pulled out my phone and text Sarah (Robyn's mum) telling her we had got into town safely and just played on it while waiting for Robyn. I was in no hurry. We had been sitting for a couple of minutes when I heard her quietly say "Finally..." and a faint, wet crackling. Moments later there was a small splash and she quietly farted before the crackling resumed. There was a couple more splashes a few seconds apart and then I heard her reeling off some toilet roll. I got some too, reaching between my legs to wipe before dressing and flushing. I had just finished washing my hands when Robyn exited her stall, looking a little shy and embarrassed but also quite relieved. "Feel better now?" I asked.
"haha… yes" she replied with a smile. Once she had washed her hands we set about our day, We went to plenty of shops and had an amazing time, and of course McDonalds. That's a must for any shopping trip! We had been walking around for about six hours before we decided to head home and to my surprise neither of us had used the toilet in that time. I didn't have a problem holding it but Robyn must have been quite desperate!

"Before we drive home I'll need to use the toilet, do you need to go too?"
"Yeah I could do with a wee"
"Come on then, let's go" I held out my hand and we went to the toilets at the top floor, the nice quiet ones. I let Robyn take the stall furthest away from the entrance again and I went into the one next to her, pulling my jeans and thong all the way down to my calves before making myself comfortable ready for some good relief. I saw her jeans bunch up a little through the gap underneath the divider as she pulled them down and reassured her that we was in no rush. "Remember Robyn, take your time. It's perfectly fine" She thanked me and we sat in silence, waiting for our bodies to empty themselves.

I was the first to make some noise, feeling pressure on my backdoor and just relaxing into it as I was gently stretched open. I just let it happen on its own, making the most of the feeling as it quickly slid out of me. It fell into the water with a flumph and a few seconds later I started peeing with a loud splashing. I couldn't help but smile when I heard a tinkle coming from Robyn's stall as she joined in with a stream of her own. I went for about 15 seconds and she went for a little longer as she got herself some toilet paper. She flushed while still seated and then pulled up her clothes before leaving her stall to wash her hands. "I won't be much longer hun" She said okay and started washing her hands at the sinks. I knew Robyn was waiting for me but I was still going to take my time and let it come naturally since we were alone. I knew she wouldn't mind and I prefer not to rush my toilet visits.

The room fell silent as Robyn finished washing her hands and it wasn't long at all before I opened up again. Like before, I fully relaxed and let it happen, enjoying the sensation of it effortlessly making its way out of me. It was quite small and fell into the water with a loud splash and feeling empty, I got some toilet paper. I started with my front, needing only one piece to wipe that and I needed an additional three pieces for my behind. I flushed, pulled up my clothes and left the stall to wash my hands. Robyn was leaning against the counter waiting for me, and seemed to be in such a good mood. I mean, she was in a really good mood all day but she seemed to be a lot happier now she had emptied her bladder, and I'm sure she was very proud of herself for going in public. I know I was. I finished washing my hands and then we headed home, both with big smiles on our faces the whole way.

Victoria B.

Responses and questions

It's a beautiful spring day but I thought I'd pop back in to make a quick post!
To Taylor: Your heart wasn't the only one pounding during that story. I thought it was fantastic and I'll have to try to poop on my next visit to the men's, accidental or not!
To my responders: Thank you for your participation! I won the argument by the way!

I've mentioned on here before that I'm somewhat of a toilet geek and spend more time thinking about them and their design than is probably normal. Yesterday I saw one with a flush mechanism I hadn't seen before: there was a panel on the wall above the toilet with two buttons: a smaller one for pee and a bigger one for a number two. I only got to use the smaller button but I was wondering if anyone else had ever come across such a toilet!

Happy pooping!



Just a short questions for those of us who suffer with IBS-D .
Do you find that as well as having a flare up of diarrhea, you bladder gets irritated and you end up peeing way more than usual?
It annoys me because it's bad enough getting dehydrated with the squits and then your bladder joins in the fun.

Hey all, there's a lot of stuff since I was last here so I apologize for only responding to a few people to start

Victoria - I loved your description of your toilet flushing ritual a while back! I'd love to hear more about it, and your future flushes! It was also interesting to hear about your experiment with toilet paper!

Anonymous user talking about blowing nose - I do flush my tissue sometimes when I have to use some while on the toilet. I think I put it in the toilet right away usually, I like the idea of peeing on it a bit. Once I'm done, it's just flushed away the same as my other tp.

Love the stories! Thank you all!




Hello everyone I just wondered if somebody could tell me what foods you should eat to produce the small pepple poops. My poops have been really runny lately and I want to change my diet up a bit so I can produce large hard knobbly poops.

Sunday, March 24, 2019



VICTORIA B: I wipe the skin of my manhood (I'm uncut) with tissue after I'm done peeing. If I'm at home sitting, I'll just spray it with my bidet and then wipe it. Unfortunately, most urinals dont have water or tp near, so I just shake it if I'm out in public.

AARON: I don't know if shorter guys make a bigger stink or not? Although when I was in high school, there was this shorter kid, he would always stink up his stall pretty bad, although I never saw any skidmarks. Me on the other hand, I stink it up sometimes, as well as heavy skidmarks sometimes. On the contrary, we had many guys from the basketball team that would stink up the locker room pretty bad when they went. Even their farts were bad! Often many times I would go in after and the bowl would be painted in brownish-green skids.

RONETTE: Hovering is never a good idea, wipe the seat and then sit to pee, you might even have to sit on it. But by hovering, you risk pissing all over the seat. You could also sit on the rim and lift the toilet seat up. (Uncomfortable, but it's cleaner since nobody sits on it.)


1 Describe the last time you "held it in" rather than using a public toilet. Why?
A week ago, I was at a gas station, but it had automatic toilets, so I held it. I don't like the auto-flushers, they get water and the last users' contents all over the seat in my opinion, as well as waste water.

2 Did you find another toilet away from home to use or did you fully hold it until you got home? I just held it until I went home.

3 Did traffic or crowds cause you to partially rethink your decision? Nope, it was just the toilet.

4 Did anyone remark about your desperation as you ran for the toilet at home? Nope, I live in a pretty secluded apartment complex.

5 What was your reply? N/A

6 When you were young, did a parent under-react or overreact when you were away from home and said you were about to have an accident?
7 What happened?
My parents always let me use the toilet if I needed it, even out in public. They let me go by myself, even as young as 5. Mainly because I would often avoid using public toilets due to the sound. One time I had to pee really bad in the car, my mom let me pee in a diaper. I was six years old.


Using the gents

To Victoria - I LOVED your story about going on some toilet paper. I'm glad I inspired you! I used to do it as a young girl, I'd lay a couple of strips down in front of the toilet and squat over it to poop instead of sitting on the toilet. Just one of those growing up phases I had. I guess i never fully left it!

A while back I mentioned wanting to try using the mens toilets and today I had that opportunity! I had spent my Wednesday afternoon at a local cafe enjoying some food and a good book, I love it here, the staff are incredibly friendly and it's just a wonderful atmosphere. I hadn't pooped yet today and I kept telling myself that today was going to be the day I used the mens. I really needed to go but I kept putting it off, feeling too nervous to do it. From where I was sat I could see the toilets and they looked fairly quiet but it felt like such a big leap for me. I'm sure some people here would do it without batting an eye! After a couple of hot chocolates made their way through my system I was becoming increasingly desperate to pee so I'd have to make my decision soon. I kept watching the door, paying close attention to who entered and exited and once I was confident it was empty I got up and walked into the gents for the first time ever.

The toilets were small, there was two stalls right next to the wall near the door with some sinks opposite, and to the right of them was three urinals. As exciting as it would be, I didn't dare use a urinal so I quickly darted into one of the stalls. I locked the stall door, took a step back towards the toilet as I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my calves with my knickers as I sat. I slid back fully on the seat and tried to relax, making myself comfortable but my heart was racing. This was an ordinary toilet and bathroom, just like every other toilet and bathroom I've ever used, but at the same time… it wasn't. Just the fact that this was the mens toilet, that I was a woman and shouldn't be there, gave it a completely different feeling. From where I was sat it looked no different to the womens toilets but I had this little excited feeling in the back of my head. I felt naughty.

I had been sitting for a couple of minutes when I reached the point of no return. I couldn't change my mind now even if I wanted to. My backdoor crowned with a faint crackling as my poop slowly but effortlessly made its exit. I did my best to relax and savour the moment, loving the feeling of pooping. It eventually broke off with a quiet splash and I waited for the rest. I knew there was more and I still needed to empty my bladder.

After dropping my first log I was feeling a little shy and self concious but I don't really know why. I have no problems at all with pooping in the ladies and I really couldn't care less if people know I'm going or if they can hear it. And I was all alone here, but it just felt so different. I sort of expected it at the start but I figured once I got going I would be fine and the rest would come easily. I pulled out my phone and started replying to some messages while waiting. I was determined not to get off this toilet until I had properly relieved myself.

A few minutes had gone by with no progress when I heard the door squeak open and saw the shadow of footsteps under the door. I had company. He walked past my stall and to the urinals on the opposite wall just to the right. A few seconds later I could hear a very faint splashing as he started peeing. As if on cue my bladder relaxed also and I began such a girly trickle that made a really feminine tinkle as it hit the water beneath me. I wondered if he would realise it was a woman in the stall, and if he would say anything. I could feel my face going red as I continued peeing but my stream was not stopping. I went for a good 30 seconds, getting quite a thrill from doing it in the mens instead of the ladies and shortly after I heard him zip up and leave without washing his hands. I was alone again.

After about another minute I was opened up again as my next poop made its way out of me, I was a lot more relaxed this time and it moved much quicker than the first piece, but was also much longer. It eventually fell into the bowl with a flumph and after a little more wee, I felt empty. I got myself some toilet paper and started by wiping my front, and then using an additional three pieces for my behind. I stood up, pulling up my clothes at the same time and had a peek at my creation but unfortunately it was obscured by the paper.

I flushed and left my stall to wash my hands, washing quickly because at this point I just wanted to get out of there and as I pulled open the door to leave a guy was about to walk in! I held the door for him with a smile, the confused look on his face was priceless! I left the cafe after my toilet visit and carried on with my day, but I think this is an experience I'll never forget.

Questions and a couple of quick stories

Hi guys,
I know that the worst part about my school is that most of the toilet doors don't lock. I also know that this is the same with most schools in the UK. Is it the same for America?
Although lately some of the less used toilets have been refurbished and not many people know this, so hopefully they will stay clean now

My first story of this post happened near My house. We live about a mile away from the small village we live near that has the shops we use for milk and essentials. We will can either walk along the road to get there, or walk along the old military railway walk. One day, I had had lunch out in the village with some friends, and started walking along the old railway. About 20mins in my ??? Started to really cramp bad. I thought that I could hold it until home, but it started to become apparent that I would not. So I started to run which was a bad idea. It was a summer day so lots of people were out walking dogs. Now this walk is narrow, and has a few side paths but not where I was then. So I speed walked frantically looking for cover, when on a bend I saw a half secluded clearing. Before I went I scanned both ways for people. Only a few walking away from me, so I dropped my pants, and what looked like about 1 litre of runny poop Came out, so it was lucky I had avoided messing my pants. This happened when I was thirteen so it was quite embarrassing.

My second story happened in year six. We had just started our second lesson of the school day, when everyone starts to get the urge to use the bathroom at this time we had a really nice training teacher which was good as I think our normal teacher would not have let half the class for to the bathroom in one lesson. Anyway, I started to get the urge to need to go about 15minutes into the lesson. I therefore went and asked the teacher if I could use the bathroom. At that time we all had quite small bladders which would fill up very quickly. My teacher told me that there were eight peopld already in the queue to go but I could go after them. So I went and sat back down and turned around to see the second person in the queue jumping around the end of a table holding his privates and jiggling as he was so desperate. After about five minutes he went and then it was my turn to jiggle about but in my seat. My fifteen minute ordeal finally came to and end and I bolted down the hallway to the bathroom and what a reliving feeling.

Hope you enjoyed today's post and bye for now


Re: For the penis people

I usually shake it with my finger a few times before I zip up my pants. Love your stories!!


A supportive girlfriend

The saying "Accidents happen" is something I've found very true. But My girlfriend of over a year now is pretty ignorant of. She completely denies EVER having an accident. Aside from before potty training of course. She has a bladder that rivals my own and never seems to have an issue with hers. And In all the time we've known each other (not including time dating which is a few years), I've wet myself twice and been found out by her. Either by admitting it or otherwise. And a week or so ago, I sorta had to go while on my computer. I had my phone volume all the way up from some stuff earlier. Then on this nice calm night, and amber alert pops up on my phone,full blast, and vibrates the table like crazy. Making my physically leap from the seat. And of course me being me, I felt my pjs get suddenly warm and wet. So i stood there, angrily shut my phone off, and continued to stand there as I soaked myself. I was frustrated and texted her about how much I hate those alerts and about... well the accident. And just like the last time she found out about me wetting myself, she was pretty indifferent. Just,"Aww" and "It's ok, it wasn't your fault. Don't be embarrassed". I've confirmed with her that I'm a bit accident prone and she's accepted that fully. Which is a HUGE relief. So much so that she said she wouldn't think anything of it if I wet myself in front of her. It's nice to have someone who just likes you, despite the control on your bladder.
(And yes, I officially turned off the Amber Alert notifications)



Hey everybody! I've read discussions on here about getting diarrhea from sugar free stuff, so I tried it on myself. I bought some sugar free peanut butter wafers, and ate almost 9 of them. I got a mini poop urge while sitting at the computer that felt like diarrhea. It was loose, and noisy/smelly. Luckily, the episode only happened once. The sugar fre shortbread cookies didn't do this to me, probably because they were smaller. To Enna: glad you did most of your poop in the toilet. If I was you, a great idea for the future would be to always keep a spare so if you soil slightly, you can change. What I meant about ???? not showing the bathroom in one of his videos is that he didn't show himself going. However, if I remember correctly, he showed the bathroom briefly afterwords. I hope this explains things better.


How long do you wait?

So we were having an office discussion the other day about constipation and how long each of us waits before we do something about it. I usually take something on the second day with no BM since when I get constipated I get such big hard stools that I'm in misery trying to force them out. New survey? How long do you wait to take a laxative? And what is your laxative of choice?


Reply to Victoria

Hi, Victoria, I haven't read posts for a little while and just saw your question-- it looks like several people have already answered, but just for another data point, my answer is pretty similar to others: I usually pretty much grab it somewhere around the midpoint or maybe slightly towards the tip and give it a couple of shakes. Or if I am sitting down (especially if I am at home I will often sit down even to pee) then sometimes more like push down on it to wiggle it while it dangles, if that make any sense.

BTW, I see someone else recently posted as PN, which used to be how I signed myself, so maybe I'll use PN1 now, if I remember to.

Does anyone here ever blow their nose while on the toilet, and if so, have you ever put the kleenex/toilet paper in the bowl to be flushed afterwards? Do you drop the paper in right away, before wiping, or after?


To Victoria for the penis people

In my case it depends whether I am sitting on a toilet where I use toilet paper to dry my organ if it is available. If not or at an urinal I use to shake it off. When using an urinal sometimes not all comes out so some drops leak out after zipping up. This anoys me, but it is just the way it goes.

I think for us it is quite normal to have contact with our own urine since moving the foreskin back after peeing means touching the whet. Well since I whash my hands afterwards anyway I just don't care about that.


First post

I've been reading on here for a few years but never posted, I'm someone who is very shy when it comes to going to the bathroom (especially pooping)and farting and whatnot. I get too anxious to go #2 if anyone knows what I'm doing so public toilets are a no go for me unless its a total emergency. but my #2's are something I usually find rather enjoyable even though I often have diarrhea (due to my diet being similar to that of a raccoon with a costco card) in some ways it feels nice though because of the releif of going after having to go so bad but id say a nice big firm log is the best. I look forward to posting more I've got a short story for today and probably more soon.

I ordered some sugar free gummybears to try to be a bit less unhealthy with my sweet tooth and I was intrigued that they said excessive consumption may have a laxative effect and I was curious about testing it out. Anyway they arrived today and naturally I wanted to try them I didnt want the laxative effect since I only had the house to myself for a few more hours I checked the serving size and it was a third of a bag so I tried to limit myself there... unfortunately they were very tasty and I lack will power so I ate about half or maybe two thirds of the bag thinkng this wouldnt be excessive enough for the effect. Well I was wrong shortly after eating them I got very gassy and the farts quickly turned wet so I decided to use the toilet before things got messy, made it without any damage to my breifs. a few hours later while I was driving still very gassy but holding it in so my belly was gurgling and rumbling quite a bit I got a strong cramp when I was almost to my neighborhood i clenced but wasnt gonna last long luckily the cramp passed and i made it home and waddled to the toilet clenching making it just in time.

Ive got quite a few more bags and a day off tomorrow and my place to myself so im gonna test what happens if I eat a whole bag or maybe two and see what kind of gas I can conjure up. These gummybears are the most potent laxative I have ever tried and theyre supposed to be candy (a very tasty candy at that) if thats not a recipie for disaster I dont know what is.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

To Victoria:

I just shake my penis after a pee. I admit it would be better to wipe it with tissue, but am lazy

weird guy

reply to Victoria

I usually shake off the drops of pee when I'm done. I really don't use toilet paper after I pee, unless sometimes it drips around the tip of my organ. I do sometimes stand at the urinal or toilet for a few seconds after I finish just because sometimes I have problems with leakage after I put my organ back in my pants. hope this helps in your debate


Incredibly Close Call

Hey all. I am a teacher & today I was at work and got caught up as I do on many occasions, and so didn't have a chance to use the restroom. This is typical, but combined with skipping my morning BM, I was playing a dangerous game.

We had about an hour left in the schoolday when my stomach began to feel a little off. I figured no big deal, I'd use the bathroom as soon as I got home. Well, not 5 minutes later, I felt the first cramp tighten in my intestines. I let out a little quiet gas, but then instantly felt the burn of something much more serious knocking, and clenched. I tried to keep my breathing normal as I cut the direct teaching part of my lesson short and got the kids focused on a task they could complete on their own. Very quickly, things went downhill. I got another cramp and had to clench with all of my might. I really became worried I was going to have a major accident in front of about 25 kids, and I could not let that happen.

Once the kids were on task, I dashed down the hallway toward the teacher restroom, praying no one was in there or the lounge. Luck was on my side there. I got into the bathroom, threw the door shut behind me, and ran the faucet for good measure. My load was fighting me to get out, and the urge was even more desperate now that I had a toilet within inches of me. I was dancing around while trying to yank down my pants, but I was wearing multiple layers and in my frantic situation, my fingers kept pulling at my undershirt. My bowels started to lose control, and I could feel a hot, wet mess start to slip out between my cheeks and pool into my panties.

Finally, my fingers grabbed ahold of the waistband of my pants and I tore them down, while sitting down in one fluid motion, just in time to absolutely unleash a torrent of hot, soft poop. I mean it filled the bowl. My panties were a little stained, so even after I flushed and wiped I could feel the now cold stain sliding around on my butt, but nothing had leaked through to my pants, and this was NOTHING compared to the accident I could've had. If there had been another teacher in the bathroom, it would've been game over for me today. I had been mere seconds (if that) away from dumping a giant pile of hot slop into the seat of my pants. There would've been no hiding that.

I'm all for a poop accident, but NOT at my place of work or in front of anyone I know. I lucked out today, for sure.


Re: For the penis people

I usually shake it with my finger a few times before I zip up my pants. Love your stories!!

Anatomy Student

To Victoria B

After most people with a penis pee, we give a few shakes to get the drips out. Personally, a grab the base and pull up the length of it kinda like how you would get toothpaste out of a tube then a quick shake after that to get that last little drop.


This Guy

There's this guy Andrew that I like to listen to all the time. He shares one of the same interests as me, but to a more extreme. In other words, Andrew has a Youtube channel dedicated to one of his biggest interests. On one of his elevator videos, he admitted to farting at least a few times, and even went to the bathroom in a building with a hydraulic lift which was experiencing a leak. He didn't show the bathroom since it didn't have anything to do with the topic. I believe Andrew farted in the car. I read here about someone guessing that height makes guys poop stink more, but I don't know Andrew's since I never met him. If aaron's remark is true, and by any chance Andrew is short, he could very well blow the others out the bathroom with a really bad stink. I love Andrew's voice so much, he's often in my mind. I bet that guy takes some good shits, too. One thing's for sure, and that is if I ever were to meet Andrew, we'd have so much fun together! I could just imagine listening outside the bathroom to secretly hear his pooping/peeing routine. Another thing I get a kick out of is this one belching video (not from Andrew). The dude was in a contest, and the sound gets me cracking up every time. This is probably the longest I wrote in a while, so bye!


To Victoria B

Hi Victoria,I always enjoy your posts. I will give you a penis perspective. When I pee after the stream stops I sort of cup my balls and put a little pressure on the area just behind the scrotum while giving a slight push and get the last little bit out. Then I give it a quick shake and put it away. This method works well most of the time. I try to take a few extra seconds to make sure I'm empty because I hate when I put my penis back in and it leaks. Fortunately that doesn't happen too often.

I don't post much here but I do read almost every day. I moved in with a friend of mine about 1 year ago. We are not boyfriend/girl friend just long time friends. We hooked up on a social network and eventually ended up moving in with her. She has her bedroom and I have mine. One day she wasn't feeling good and wanted me to take her to the emergency room she had pains in her legs and in her arms, After about 4 hours of testing she was finally admitted. We got to her room and they hooked her up to a IV blood pressure machine and cuffs on her legs that blow up every 2 minutes after the nurses left I was about to go home after a long day. She said to me wait I have to go to the bathroom but I cant get up with all this stuff on me, I'm going to need the bed pan, but need your help. She then said I need to poop, can you hold the bed pan I cant move with all this stuff on me. I lifted up her gown and put the bed pan under her butt. I went to go into the hallway and let her do her thing , She said no wait hear. She started to go with a few grunts and the turd started to come out. It was huge . It was about 2 inches wide and rock hard. It was about 5 inches long and she smiled and said there's more about another 3 inch piece came out and it flopped over and hit my hand . She was all embarrassed but I said that's why there are sinks she eventually finished and I took it into the bathroom to flush it away. Now every time she goes at home she doesn't even close the door and she said that I owe her one and she said she wants to watch me the next time I go into the bathroom to poop


Wauneta's big craps

There's this girl Wauneta who is often on the bus with me each morning and many afternoons after school. She's kind of shy, has a bad relationship with her mom's boyfriend that lives at their apartment, and she's been kind of looking for a friend. Being new to our city this year hasn't helped her confidence either. You see she's often in pain while on the bus in the morning because she wakes up with her crap ready to come, but her mom leaves for work early and the boyfriend has a really hostile attitude toward Wauneta. She's a larger girl in terms of physical structure and she has big, really big craps. So big, that back in September he would yell at her and force her to plunge the toilet almost every morning before he could go in and do his thing. And it seemed like she never was good with the plunger and a couple of times he was told by the management guy who maintains the apartment community that if the problems continued, they were going to bill Wauneta's family for a new toilet and something called commercial grade piping. Of course the threat really upset Wauneta and after the stool ran over and flooded more than half the apartment one morning, Wauneta decided to hold her crap in until she got to school.

Now there's problems with that too. Sometimes the bus gets stuck in traffic and the other day a train switching tracks caused us to be even later. She was sweating profusely when we finally were dropped off at school. It was longer to get to the bathroom because the security check point was now busier than usual and Wauneta had her instrument case with her and that needed to be opened. I walked down to the bathroom area with her because I needed to piss. While I was waiting on the bench for her to come out, I guess the crowd in the bathroom line started to get on her case. She got a lot of dirty looks as she waited for a toilet to open and she was called the shit *itch by a couple of girls. One confronted her and said she could go in if she was going to do a fast piss. This was one of the toilets without a door and once Wauneta took her seat they started some sort of a count of how much time she was seated. The bell rang and kind of saved her, although some of the mean girls threatened to sit on her lap to prevent them from having an accident or worse yet getting a tardy to class. She was crying pretty bad when she came out. Since no one else was around, she took me in and showed me what the toilet would not flush. It was huge and for me would have represented a week worth of crap. She said it was two days worth. We were both late to 1st hour and we both got a tardy detention. I still feel sorry for her and the way he is being treated.

Paul S.

Re: Katie

Katie; Its OK, Accidents happen. Can you please post some more Poop accidents. Have you had any in Highschool? I posted the one previously that I had in 8th grade. Will Post the few that I actually had in Highschool and College soon.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


To Carin

Carin: Very brave of you going in the mens bathroom at the gas station to save your underwear. Btw, did you know what caused your diarrhea? For me, prune juice has done it, and eggnog. I've also had diarrhea from cranberries, and even out-of-the-blue episodes a few times where it was once, and no more. Todays poop was a bit boring, but my day was fun. Earlier today, I turned up the volume on my stereo speaker a bit, and jammed to Love In An Elevator by Aerosmith while walking around my room.

Victoria B.

For the penis people


I've got a question for people of differing anatomy. What do you do with yourself after a pee? Do you just sort of shake it out or do you wipe of toilet paper is available? I got into a debate with some of my classmates last night and we need some resolution!


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