Babysitting Trevi

This past weekend I had one of my best babysitting gigs ever. This girl who is 7 and I had her for the whole weekend. This was a late booking that I got during 7th hour class. Just a text that I had been recommended and should pick her up in an hour at her school. I had about a six block walk ahead of me so I stopped in the bathroom, took my seat and delivered the half bowl filler that had not been quite ready to come when I had sat twice earlier.

The only problem was when I reached for the toilet paper it was gone. The person weeing to my left said she had none either. So I hopped out like in a sack race and went several toilets down. I took my seat and must have taken 3 or 4 minutes doing my cleaning. That's kind of long for me and it worried me that my messy crap would upset the people at Trevi's school because I was going to be late and the office people go home earlier on Fridays.

So with my bag slung over my left arm I headed out. I cut across the football stadium without being caught and through a few yards until I got over there. I quickly checked my phone or at least tried to and it wasn't there. I remembered placing it on the empty toilet paper holder in the first toilet. I got really flustered, especially when I had to explain to Trevi that we had to go back to my school, get in before the doors were locked and get my phone. I was so worried that someone might be finding it and possibly stealing it since there was a band contest nearby. I figured mom would kill me because this was my third one in a couple of years.

Trevi was a slow walker, especially across the football field and through a couple of alleys but I eventually put her over my shoulders and that helped. She even enjoyed it. Said it reminded her of playing horsey with friends. The excitement of the ride got to her and she started to wine that she had to pee. I partially tripped up a curb and with her around my neck the results would not have been good for either me or her.

We had to wait outside my school for another student to leave so we could get in through the locked door. Now Trevi was starting to sniffle a little. We had one more set of stair to climb and I once again stumbled and I worried about her wee opening up on my neck and back.

We got to the bathroom. Luckily it hadn't been locked. I dropped her off at the entrance to the toilet next to where I had crapped. I quickly went in to the other toilet, grabbed my phone that was still sitting where I had left it and noticed Trevi was already on the toilet next door. Her feet were swinging about an inch off the floor. Then I saw her feet drop and she reseated herslf. I figured she might be uncomfortable on such a big toilet but then her wee started again. When we were walking to my house she explained that if she sits too far back on the toilet her wee hits the water harder and a few of the others snicker at the noise. I remembered feeling the same way and being afraid of snickered at by the older girls when I was her age.

We enjoyed our weekend together and I made enough money to upgrade my computer finally. And she enjoyed the ice cream I kind of bribed her with so she wouldn't tell.


It's time I posted

A big hello to everyone here I've been skulking around this site for years now and have read most posts from the beginning. I know I'm deplorable but now its time I share some. So this story served as the start of my interest in all things toilet. As a bit of background I'm a black male from Africa dark hair brown eyes. So back when I was a kid we had a few live in nannies I have several toilet experiences with all of them and there were several (God my childhood was awesome) but the first was with a lady I'll call Elle. Now Elle was watching TV in our room cause our tv had the best picture (i say our cause i shared a room with my brother) and she got the urge. She went to our bathroom and I heard the intensely strong water rushing sound, I thought something was broken so I went t check and there she was standing over the toilet releasing a firehose of pee. I was I'm shock she asked what I wanted and as soon as she did soft logs began to plop out of her into the toilet. I looked on in amazement and stuttered "I thought we had a leak so I wanted to check" she responded after another spurt of now diarrhea that everything was fine. I looked around for a bit as of t conform and closed the door, but listening in I heard more diarrhea and a bit of groaning. After she was done and out I went on t investigate and the smell hit me like a truck! I teared up as the stink was intense but oddly alluring as well. Anyway that's my story it started me down this very tumultuous path, I've got many more t share and will upload as time goes by cheers to all who've been uploading regularly u guys rock!!

Steve A

Big Poop After Tutoring Session

Today, I had a tutoring session from 12:30 to 1:30, but beforehand, I had some coffee & a breakfast sandwich. The urge didn't hit me until 5-10 minutes before my session was over, plus I finished my coffee by then. I had a heavy feeling in my stomach when my session was over, then I went straight to the bathroom.

My first log felt like a foot long, along with more poop that fell on top of it. I must've spent at least 15 minutes trying to get it all out of me. Once I was done, I filled the middle of the bowl, but there was only a small amount above the water line. I felt so relived after that. I then finished up and went to take my exam.

On an extra note, I'm glad that the toilet had a strong flush, or I may've clogged it.

Thursday, April 04, 2019


Post Title (optional)rugby dump dilemma

Had been to watch a rugby match in France and upon leaving my seat to walk down the steep steps the jolts of stepping down and the jostling of the crowds made me poop a little in my shorts. Making shuffling steps along the concourse as More shit began to fill the seat of my shorts I made a dash into the toilets but only after making a complete mess. Trying to attempt cleaning up in a hurry as the coach party was all waiting for me was futile. Got on the bus stinking and smelling of poo as my shorts were fully stained. Had to blame standing in some dog poo, even though no one takes their dog to a rugby match. Long drive back to Spain as I curled up in the coach seat as other travellers screwed their noses up. Back at the hotel got cleaned properly but could not face any ody after that episode.

weird guy

various info

to Victoria. my ideal toilet is elongated and off white color. preferably it is spaced such that I have ample room. I hate to feel crowded or cramped when I sit on the crapper. on a related note, I guess I have been fortunate enough to be a regular pooper pretty much as long as I can remember. I go every morning for sure and sometimes once or twice more a day. the exception came when I was in 6th grade. we went to camp for a week. I somehow managed to make it all week Mon to Fri without taking a dump. I do recall having a big and difficult crap that Fri when I got home. I can't imagine going days without a dump. thanks

Hi, I hope you enjoy my story! (I don't want to say my real name) but this is a crazy roller coaster ride of a story.
Me, my dad and my little sister (who's 4) were out to dinner one day. We were having a great time, laughing and joking together. But my sister suddenly started fidgeting a lot more than she normally does. A few minutes later she suddenly starts frantically pulling on my sleeve and says "my ???? hurts, I have to go potty!"

We started walking to the bathroom and all of a sudden she leans forward and grabs her stomach. She starts farting up a storm and it's loud and obvious. She goes "oops" and I look at her pants which are heavily stained with brown. I grab her hand and we race to the women's room. But there were only a few stalls and they were all taken.

I didn't want her to get a rash from the mess in her pants so I took off her pants and panties and put her on the changing table (she was still small enough to fit but she was definitely taking up the whole thing and a little more!). She wasn't too pleased about being half nude and uncovered out in the open like that especially since it was by the door so whenever someone came in that's the first thing they saw, so she started to cry. She was very uncomfortable with others seeing her girlhood and bottom. I remember when she got a little older and still in diapers around 2 years old she would protest diaper changes because of that reason. I was the same way when I was little. Poor girl. I tried to calm her by telling her no one was looking at her and that it was okay and that I didn't want her poop to get in her girlhood and cause an infection. I just threw her pants and panties in the trash because there was no way we would ever be able to get the stains out anyway.

I sadly didn't have anything to cover her lower half with so she just had to lay there bottomless and exposed because there was nothing to cover her with and it figures that the bathroom didn't even have paper towels but only hand dryers.

A stall opened up eventually but the person who'd used it had made a mess and it wouldn't have been good to stay there too long so I just sat her on the toilet, rubbed her back and encouraged her to let it all out, and I wiped her with the very little amount of toilet paper that was left on the roll. We went back out though because the stall was so filthy and especially stinky. I put her back on the changing table.

I texted my dad and told him to run to the store to pick up a pair of pants, baby wipes and some pull ups for her to wear in the meantime and to be quick because she was really embarrassed (I would be too if I was just outside of a stall out in the open for all to see with no pants or underwear on!!).

In the meantime she grabbed her belly again and complained that her ???? hurt and that she had to go again. I told her to try to wait but she couldn't and she ended up pooping on the changing table! Luckily I took a wad of toilet paper from the stall from when we were in it so I had something to clean her with.....untilllll she began to urinate! So I held the wad of toilet paper on her vulva in hopes of soaking up at least a little bit but not surprisingly this failed and I threw out the wad of toilet paper.

Eventually my dad texted me and told me to come meet him right outside of the bathroom because he had everything. He gave me a diaper, a small pack of wipes and a pair of pants for her. I came back and started by wiping her legs and in between her legs and in between her girlhood and her butt. There was a lot of poop caked all over her lower side, so unfortunately this took a while. I put the diaper on her and then the pants. She didn't even protest against the diaper because she felt sick. I also wiped down the changing table and quickly alerted a janitor that we'd made a mess. I washed my hands and we went home immediately, where she continued to have diarrhea.


Michael's recent post

Michael's recent post about the option of avoiding a soiled public toilet seat by lifting it and sitting on the bowl certainly resonated with me. That's exactly what I was doing about 15 years ago years ago sitting on the toilet in a park messing with my first phone while a junior high student who was trying desperately not to get so constipated that I would have to tell my mom and get the usual lecture. When I spent too long in the bathroom at home she would lecture me about eating better, drinking more water, sit times on the toilet before and after school and a couple of things that infuriated me more. So there I was sitting on the bowl in discomfort hoping for a miracle beyond my usual pee.

Like all the park toilets this was doorless. I was doing something dumb, I know, because most everyone else just sat on the seat, but mom indoctrinated me about the germs associated with that and there wasn't always the toilet paper available to layer the seat, as she preached. It didn't help that my friends sat right down on the seat, had much better results, and weren't being nagged to do something so different.
It took my parents' moving across the country when I was 16 and my move into a much larger school for me to finally say F*** the seat papers and go the most conventional way. But in my bowl sit a few years before that in my uncomfortable sitting position, I found the address written with a knife carving on a wooden stall cubicle and I've been a loyal member of the community ever since. My seat sits are a lot more comfortable these days!

Matt C.

Hiking story

I've been reading these forums for a couple of years, but only posted once. This one took place several years ago when I was a teenager, maybe 15 or 16. I was hiking part of the Shenandoah National Park with my dad over the summer. Back then, dad was a hiking and camping fanatic and usually brought me along for the ride. This particular day, we'd gotten up early to beat the heat. Normally, I poop in the morning, but travel messes up my bowel habits. The food we ate was high in protein, but usually made me backed up. The only exception to this was hardboiled eggs. They're delicious but always make me really gassy. I'd started the day feeling bloated, so I knew the hike would get things moving. Thanks to all the hardboiled eggs I'd been eating, I was farting a LOT. I hadn't pooped in a couple days, so I knew it was coming soon.

We were heading for one of the shelters to spend overnight and were about a mile out when I felt a fullness and low gurgling in the bottom of my bowels as nature began knocking at my backdoor. I let my dad know I badly need to go, but at this part of the trail, there weren't any convenient places for me to do my business, so I had to hold it in until we got to the shelter. (Shelters on the Appalachian Trail have composting toilets.) Part of me was excited as I kind of enjoy the feeling of desperation.

It was possibly the longest mile of my life. As part of my pre bowel movement build up, I was letting off silent farts to relieve some of the pressure, which worked. Just glad I was walking in back, because my farts are the worst. As we walked, I could honestly feel my BM moving downwards through my colon. Pressure against my rectum kept building up and I'd stopped farting as I was struggling not to crap myself. My stomach was aching and my bowels were grumbling every few seconds or so as if demanding to release their load. I was in a cold sweat. One hand was on my hiking pole, the other massaging my abdomen. Bizarrely, I was excited.

After what seemed an eternity, we arrived at the shelter. The compost toilet was a sight for sore eyes! Shaking, I unstrapped my pack and my dad handed me a roll of toilet paper. I half walked, half ran inside, dropped my shorts and plonked my butt on the toilet seat. And not a moment too soon, as I could feel it turtleheading!

I cut loose with a wet, rumbly fart and a crackling noise as a large turd smoothly slid its way out of me and landed with a thud. I felt more coming, and I massaged my bowels to ease passage. After a couple minutes, what had to have been a dozen smaller pieces shot out of me like a machine gun. I was grunting and moaning the whole time. I farted once more, and I was done. After that, I promptly emptied my bladder. I sat there panting and sweating in relief, and I felt empty. It didn't take long to clean myself, surprisingly. When I walked out, there was a girl waiting her turn. I turned red, but she didn't make fun. As she went inside, she asked me "Feel better?" I just nodded. The rest of that trip, I had several more bms, but none as eventful as that.

Victoria B.

Another thumbslip

So my post describing my ideal toilet got messed up. My bad!

You know that it's black but here are the rest of the details!
Ideally it would be between 1 and 1.3 gallons per flush. I'm all about saving water and therefore completely open to a dual flush system as described by Taylor and our very own Mina. I prefer the act of pushing a handle down but I know not to get too attached to material possessions and so a button on the tank would be fine as well!

I'm a fan of minimalist interior design, so a one-piece toilet with a skirted trap would be ideal from an aesthetic perspective and easier to clean. The bowl would be elongated of course and the seat contoured but there would be an additional refinement in the form of a bidet attachment. Folks, it's time. I do enjoy the act of wiping (provided it's not with terrible paper) but the bidet is not only more hygienic but also saves on paper used and bought. Those are important considerations when you stop and think about how much water is used in the making of toilet paper! Being able to do my business with the privacy, comfort, and convenience of toilet access taken for granted is a huge privilege and I want to make sure it's as easy on the planet as I can!

Now a comment:
To Taylor M:
Your post was after my own frigid Upper Midwestern heart! I've taken several squats over snowbanks before, both to pee and in once case for a number two. Welcome!




To Victoria B: my ideal toilet would be any color I could afford, and it would have one of those water butt washer things (know the word, but can't spell it). I would have one of those curved seats as well. To anna from Australia: That's a bit interesting to have a poop out of nowhere with litterally no urge. Good thing you didn't wet yourself. Me personally, if I had to go 2 at somebody's house even if I didn't know them well, it wouldn't bother me. Anyway, I'm celebrating my birthday early this year, and will have fun even if one of my ideas doesn't work out.

Icy, I just wanted to say that I've loved hearing all of your stories; it must not be easy being so accident prone but I love the way you describe those situations (and your friend's more recently!) It's great that you have an understanding significant other too. What did she say with the other two accidents she knew about?

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Carin as always another great story.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Nora great it sounds like you were having a major cleanout.

To: Taylor great story about your big poop.

Well that's all for now.

Anna from Austira
@Rose yes it was rough Situation but could have been worse. Either my acquaintance really did not notice anything I did, or she was polite enough not to mention it.

I normaly do not have any Problems doing my number 2 at public toilets or at someone elses house. When I Need to go, I just go, but going number 2 at a person's house I do not know that well and with a half open door was quite embarrassing.

Not mention that it came out of nowhere. Normaly i feel at least some preasure on both sides before I Need to go. But this time it was just the urge to pee to bing me to toilet. No urge to poop at all.

It seems that just my pee flow activated my bowels as well.

greetings from Austria



Unfriendly and bathroom obsessed

There's this girl who has hated me since we were in 2nd grade or 3rd about 8 years ago. We had a sub, had just come back from bathroom break and were on the floor in some large group circle and the teacher asked who was absent. My mistake was shouting out Demi's name. She came in a couple of minutes later, the teacher was mad for having to wait, and Demi found out that I had told on her.

From that time on she would give me this really evil look. I could get my pees in during the regular morning and afternoon bathroom break in grade school, but for my craps I had to raise my hand, get permission and then wait sometimes for a classmate to bring this piece of wood with our classroom number back in. It was our required hall pass. I had to use it at about 1:30 3 or 4 days a week and Demi knew the reason and would draw attention to it. Sometimes she would stick her foot out slightly and try to trip me. Once she slid her notebook toward me as I was passing her desk, but acted like I walked into it.
Once she got a couple of girls next to her to laugh as I came back into the room by saying I bet you didn't wipe good. Of course, I got blamed for the commotion.

Then that summer my friend Shelly invited me to go with her parents and her to a day at a large amusement park. Demi got permission from her babysitter to hang out with us there and I didn't help the situation that afternoon by having to take my daily crap. I knew Demi would be hassling me because she was able to regulate her bathroom use much better than me. So they all waited on a couple of benches outside the bathroom building while I went in. All of the toilets that were vacant had wet seats and a couple were overflowing to the point that I was slipping in the water.

I found the best one. Although there was unflushed crap in the toilet I didn't care. I didn't want to take up too much time. I pulled off toilet paper, laid it over both sides of the seat, then pulled down my shorts, and took what seemed like a rather high seat. Luckily my log dropped with little effort. I jumped off. Used only one piece of toilet paper to wipe with and like the Citizens Patrol that was talked about at school, I used both hands on the flusher to be that Good Citizen. Then I quickly washed my hands. I walked out a lot more confident and then Demi tapped Shelly on the shoulder and they started laughing at me. The toilet paper strip from the seat had stuck to my my sweaty right leg. So while Shelly's parents walked ahead Demi did everything she could to make me miserable. And it continued the next few years too.

Victoria B.


Dear Moderator,
I pushed submit too early. Please add this to my last post if possible!

The color I have in mind is black. They tend to be more expensive but this is my ~dream~ toilet after all!

What about the rest of you? What does your ideal toilet look like? I can't wait to hear about it!


weird guy

what do you do while on the toilet

this may seem strange, but here goes. when sitting on the toilet for a poop, what do people do with their hands? do they rest each elbow on their thighs? do they sit with hands clasped together? or do u have your hands at your sides? I guess a lot of people also use their phones too, so obviously that accounts for their hands. I am guilty of using my phone a lot. however, sometimes I try to take a dump without bringing my phone into the bathroom. in that case, I'll sit with my hands clasped together. a few days ago, I did partake in a somewhat lost art. I read a newspaper article while sitting on the toilet. thanks, weird guy

Nickel Plate

Some factorial information

I been reading these for a long time. and I have ask questions and written couple of times. So I like to share some things.

Some of you that do not go poop daily but every few days at a time and have to strain to get it out. The longer you wait the harder the poop be because your body large testent be the part takes the water out of your poop. and that drys it up more ad make it harder and more ca tear and that more painful. So try to go daily will keep is softer and you be more comfortable. If you have problems talk to medical person about it.
Often just get more exercise will solve it.

The other thing is smell. The protein is what smells. You notice horse poop does not smell much but cats and dogs does. They eat meat. and it used as territorial marker too. I drink lots of milk so my poop smells. If I skip a day I do have problem of getting it out of me. I sure that there are other factor too.

I like reading your stories. One about a woman teacher, I am glad she made it. I remember a story about a lady that had some mix gender kids and she had to pee and poop with the kids i the same stall or restroom together and she had to wipe. That one she could have made it educational by showing how to wipe clean for good health. There are other stories mostly teachers on field trips and had to go close or in same place kids went and some teachers had accidents too.

I think the teacher in a lot of cases should not feel embarrass much but make it positive body function and not have accidents or trouble by it. But so kids see your parts, they have the same just yours may be bigger or hairy. Everybody has them. That normal.

I do have one more statement, that is ; No body should be shame of there body. It is design and engineered for good function.

There are times that accidents happen where it public or it just not a good place and no safe corner to go and mess up.

A while ago at the local senior center I had a conversation with a lady dance leader. As we talked after her dance period: she seemed slightly reluctant to say it; she said "I have to go to the bathroom." She seemed to me that she was beginning to feel at ease with me.

Five days ago at the senior center she seemed mildly glad to see me as her students were doing Tai Chi.

When she had to go to the bathroom she walked past the woman's locker room, with probably only one toilet, then walked to the main ladies room.
She entered a stall and shut the door, almost slamming: she quite probably was going for a #2.

When a person you are talking and strolling with says they need to go to the bathroom. They probably feel somewhat at ease with you.

Another former scout
When I was a teenager I used to be a scout. We often went to toilet in the great outdoors because we had no other option. Sometimes when camping I also went to toilet in the bushes because the cabins were so dirty and smelling. When peeing we often went some of us together. But when pooping I think everyone went alone. We did not talk about it, because it was too embarrassing I think. The boys did it as well and even the leaders. Once I spotted an adult male leader squatting with a bare bum. Luckily he did not become aware of me so I managed to go away without making us both embarrassed. I still sometimes go to toilet outdoor because in my summer vacation I work as a postal officer in rural districts. I have to drive quite long distances and when urge comes up often the best is to stop and go into the woods to get it done. I think many people do so because I have seen poop and paper in the bushes many places. I have also sometimes seen others squat to poop at resting areas, for example truck drivers. I think it is a bit comic to see adult men squat. I hope that nobody has seen me taking a dump outdoor. I never tell anyone about it.


To Kate.

Kate, with Mia's history of constipation, it is entirely possible that her soiling accident was caused by overflow soiling which happens when their is still hard poo in the bowel but liquid poo passes around the side.
It could also have happened because she is so used to being constipated that she was used to farting with no consequences that she basically followed through.
Let's hope the pediatrician has some answers.

Sunday, March 31, 2019


Friend's accident

A few years ago I was with a friend at a farm. The kind of family farm you go to during fall to get your pumpkins, sweets, cider, etc. It wasn't terribly cold yet so we only really had spring jackets over t-shirts. I had jeans, she wore leggings, and we hung out there and talked for a long time. I noticed the whole time we'd been there she was really fidgety. Often staring into space. This farm had a single bathroom, and by bathroom I mean wooden outhouse. It was pretty cramped and when I went in earlier for a quick pee it was noticeably unpleasant. After a while we got bored and decided to head home. Her mother asked if anyone had to go before we got back on the country roads, but she didn't speak up. So we made our way back to my house, the sun setting at this point, and she was quiet the whole ride. When we arrived, the door was lokcked, and she jumped out ahead of us and ran to it. She was fidgeting and telling me to hurry and open the door while bouncing up and down. As soon as it was unlocked she ran in and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. It didn't take long for her to go... She leaned on the railing and squated a bit before a huge poop tented the back of her leggings out. I'm not sure she saw me standing there or not but either way she clearly gave up and was going all in as she just kept pooing for 2 minutes or so. She had a what looked like about two softballs crammed in her pants, stretching the fabric. She groaned and sighed with relief as she waddled upstairs without looking back. I never said anything to her and she never mentioned it. When she came back down she had no stains on her leggings or anything. But when I took the trash out later I noticed a pair of blue and white panties stained and balled up at the bottom of the bathroom trash bin...

Taylor M.

Having an urgently needed piss in the snow

To Taylor: No problem. :)

This one is from about a week ago. I had gotten up one morning and my bladder was quite painfully swollen-I think it was actually the sensation of it that woke me up haha. But at the time, I wasn't laughing-I really, REALLY had to piss. I couldn't think of a reason why it would be so urgent, and then I remembered I had foregone my usual before-bed pee. I very gingerly sat up in my bed, and rose to my feet slowly. I sort of speed-walked on the tips of my toes and was feeling confident I would make it to the toilet until I felt a spurt escape into my panties and I stopped dead in my tracks, one hand clasped over my vagina. I saw the door leading out to my back porch, and without thinking I went outside to the concrete steps while starting to push down my leggings. I managed to hurriedly squat on the first step, spread my pussy and started to piss immediately. There was no gradual buildup-my stream was furious and noisy. A huge stain formed in the snow as I simply pissed and pissed, and the relief was positively orgasmic. I don't think I have EVER needed to urinate so badly. I remembered where I was and looked around quickly, hoping none of my neighbors were up and about despite the early hour. Within thirty seconds or so, my bladder was empty and I pulled up my panties and leggings and stood. I looked at the colossal stain in the snow and giggled-I had bolted outside only because I wasn't sure I would get to the toilet, yet I still felt like I had done something forbidden. But I've always been very uninhibited about the call of nature-if I need to piss, or I need to shit, I simply go. I never had an issue using public toilets to do a number 2, while so many of my friends would hold back a dump until getting home. Feeling much, much better I went back to bed and slept a few more hours before-go figure-I woke up to piss again. And surprisingly, it was pretty vigorous-I thought I had got it all out the first time haha. But it was still a fun sort of experience.


My sister

Hi. I'm new. So my sister who is only one year younger than me was one of those rare, otherwise normal kids that never really seemed to catch on to potty training. As in constant accidents all way through elementary school. Camry always left it til the last possible second then...oops. Most kids don't need dry clothes in their locker after kindergarten/1st grade. Except Camry. My mother tried to be understsnding every time my sister came home from school or play in soaked jeans. It seemed like If someone didn't order her to go to the bathroom, she'd always wait too late. When Camry was in like 5-6th grade, my mom was fed up. She refused to bring a change of clothes anymore when my sister had accidents at school. Camry started getting depressed from all the teasing. I know she didn't enjoy wetting and occasionally pooping herself, that much was clear, but she was always waiting til the last minute before a mad dash for the toilet that usually resulted in wet pants and a puddle. She started doing a little better in middle school but still had way too many accidents for a kid that age. I admit I was a little mean girl wanna-be who wanted to be popular and I joined in with my friends making fun of her whenever we saw her in the hall with a pair of conspicuously borrowed gym shorts on. Now that she's 20, Camry doesn't potty herself near as often but it does happen. She actually text me her 2nd day of college asking me to bring her a change cuz she'd gotten to the toilet too late. Turned out, she'd both peed and made a huge poop her pants. Not diarrhea but messy as hell. I helped her clean up and then we ended up talking over coffee.she admitted to me that she goes to the toilet when she feels she needs to go, but the urge gets so strong she can't hold it long enough and she's usually dribbling like right when she feels she needs to pee and then doesn't make it in time. I feel bad but I do help her any way I can.

weird guy

toilet posture

forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I'll bring it up once more. how do u prefer to sit on the toilet for a dump? I personally like to sit as far back on the seat as I can if I have plenty of time to take my poop. if I'm pressed for time, I have found that leaning forward tends to produce quicker and more complete results. by the way, my toilet at home is elongated. when I poop using a round toilet I feel a little cramped. therefore, I will lean forward to try to finish faster. plus I don't like round toilets as much because they don't leave much room for my equipment. thanks, weird guy


Just a couple of replies

To Taylor (Giant early morning Bm) - Hi, welcome to ToiletStool! could you add a letter after your name or something so people don't get confused between us? Thanks!

To Victoria B - I'm glad you liked it! It's definitely something you need to try if you are into pooping like we are. I was amazed at how much of an effect it had on my mind, like i said, it looks, smells and sounds just like a normal toilet stall when I'm sat there, but mentally it was so much more. Please let us know if you do it!

In regards to your question, toilets like that are quite common here in the UK, at least in homes but the button is on the tank instead of the wall. I've seen a few like it in public but not as often. I quite like it, the small flush is more than enough to flush any toilet paper and the yellow water, and the large flush is good for everything else. You can even hold the button down for a slightly longer flush!

To Kate

Mia's default poop might be really soft if she is getting enough fiber and water. Eating triggers the gastro colic reflex that starts things moving. Is it predictable at each meal?


why are spring loaded toilet seats so seldom

Reading on this and other sites about the trouble of pee on toilet seats I found myself asking why public toilets don't have toilet seats that are up by default and hold by a spring. So a user either hovers over it or stands to pee or poop and cannot hit the seat or he or she pulls the seat down to have a normal sitting business?

I currently know onnly one toilet with such a seat. Why is this so unusual? Pricing simply cannot be the point since the reduce in cleaning should easily win the run.

What do you think? Or would you refuse using such toilet?

weird guy


to Victoria. I was in a hurry and typing quickly. in the first sentence of my post titled procedures, the word owe is supposed to be pee. sorry about the mix up. also, while I'm on here, I also like to see different types of toilets. as I have said before, I prefer elongated over round. I do sometimes check out a bathroom in a restaurant or other place even if I don't have to go just to see the toilets and urinal selection. thanks as always.


Toilet tutoring

As many of you know I'm an honors student, in a lot of activities and I tutor daily at my high school. Appointments are made by the counselors both before and after school. This new girl I had not met was 5 minutes late and my need to crap was becoming more immediate. I was told Shirelle was behind on assignments in English class, specifically an assignment on embarrassing moments. I left my bag on the library table and hurried to the nearest toilets. The two on the far end had Do Not Use signs on the door. I took the second from the front. I made sure the seat was down (I had a couple of accidents when I was younger) and my nails cut at my right thigh just in time to take my seat and have my panties free of semi-diarrhea. The soft, mushy crap that ended with a splattering of diarrhea was not relieving the pain in my midsection when this girl who didn't quite look old enough took the toilet with no door just to my right. She flung her bag so wildly that it almost slid under the panel, almost stopping on my left foot. She had really tattered blue jeans on and a t-shirt on with a hole big enough to expose a little of the side of her white bra.

She was tall enough though to drop herself onto the seat with a thud that was easily heard. Then her phone rang and she answered really mad that she was taking an F-ing shit upstairs and that she still had to go to F-ing tutoring next and some other equally assaulting. Her feet remained steady, then they widened as she pushed out the main event. I was already pulling off paper from my roll and wiping when she called out "Hey There..." and asked for toilet paper. An earlier user had stolen her roll right off the holder. I wrapped my hand about 3 or 4 times and handed it to her. All of a sudden she became less hostile and thanked me as she stood to wipe. As I was washing my hands I excused myself and told her I had a tutoring appointment I was late to. Then she swore again and asked my name. Sure enough she was Shirelle and we both got a good laugh.

From her toilet seat she explained her assignment and I told her that what had just happened would probably be a good topic. She said she was embarrassed, especially with the attitude she showed to her older brother who was waiting in the parking lot and late to his after school job. She said he holds off going to the bathroom at school, especially to crap, and that he's insensitive to girls who have to make more bathroom stops. Sometimes when he's driving her home he's been holding his shit for several hours and is in considerable discomfort. I talked her into outlining her thoughts and then writing her paper that night and emailing it to me for proofing.

Shirelle did a good enough job on it to get A- and her teacher wants to run it in this year's literary magazine. But her teacher recommends her using a pen name on it because of the subject matter and personal nature.

Bianca: You asked what cause me to have the diarrhea runs. My mom likes serving squash some evenings. Other nights it is chili. Oh yes, once a month or so when grandpa and grandma visit we have prunes. That's all I can think of, although I drink a lot of water bottles and pop at school. My boyfriend says that list is enough to explain the problem.


Re: Scouting

I can't address scouting specifically but when you're out in the wilderness there might not be any better option than going behind a bush. I hike, it's simply accepted that people will take a leak out in nature somewhere. You should bury solids but most people on dayhikes aren't equipped to be able to do so.

I was out earlier today on an easy hike, maybe 2 1/2 hours, 1/6th of the group went behind a rock. (I live in the desert, bushes are few and far between and are generally contraindicated due to their proximity to water.) When things warm up and we are doing longer hikes on the mountain everyone's going to water a tree or two.


Good Feeling

Hey everyone. Something happened today that sparked a question. I got the jitters (the good kind) while listening to Aerosmith, and was wondering if it happens to you poopers/peeers out there. For me, it was like my body was full of extra energy, and felt all excited to the point of me being giggly, too. I never took a poop that made me almost want to flap my hands with joy, but i do get the urge to pee while reading this site sometimes. I guess you could say excites my bladder.



Taylor-- I liked your story about pooping in a men's room. I have pooped in mixed-gender washrooms with multiple stalls, but the only time I remember using a women's was when I was an undergraduate and I was practicing piano late at night in the music building of the adjacent women's college and I was pretty certain no one else was in the building. I did have one time where I was peeing at a urinal and two young women walked right past me and peed in stalls. Victoria B--- I think the design you describe (with the panel on the wall) is more common in Europe than in North America.

Cubicle with a broken lock -Aaron

Hey Aaron. Yes, I've used toilets that have had broken locks on them before. Most of the time the stall doors are usually close enough where I can just hold the door closed if someone pushes it in. I used to sometimes use a single toilet at a gas station not too far from my house and one time I opened the door and there was a college aged guy wiping after taking a dump. He yelled that he was in there so I closed the door and waited for him to finish before I went in. He was the first guy I saw wipe from the front, between his legs, which is now my go-to way of wiping.

A few times I had been using it and someone would walk in and they'd either turn around and close the door, or they'd ask if they could use the urinal next to the toilet. I'd always say ok. One guy struck up a conversation with me and we continued it as I was finishing up and even wiping. We spoke while I pulled up my clothes and as I washed my hands. One guy just turned around and left, didn't close the door, which actually left me exposed to anyone driving by on the road. I had to stand up and shuffle over to the door to close it.

Former scout

Answer to anonymous below

You ask what is common among scouts. I can't give an answer valid in general but I was a scout for over 10 years and I know what we did. At camps we always had access to toilet, often just cabins like those found at festivals and like. When staying several days at the same spot in the wilderness we often made a latrine behind some kind of a shelter, often just digging a trench in the ground. But otherwise, either hiking or just staying outside for the day, we did as your girl friend describes, stick away from the other to find some privacy to get it done. I can't remember that we learnt or were told how to do it. But I remember that our list of hiking gear always mentioned to carry own supply of toilet paper. I can't remember that we ever discussed or talked about it. I think we all felt it somewhat embarrassing. But in some way I got used to it. When heading for the bushes in the morning one could occasionally on distance spot some others squat to take care of business out there. Quite often one could even see used paper and fresh poop (because we didn't practice digging a hole). For sure the leaders also did it that way.

Anna from Austria

weird acident

I had a really weird and embarrassing accident yesterday. No nothing went into my pants but it was quite embarrassing nonetheless. I was visiting friend and we had a nice chat and lots of mineral water. later then I was desperate for a wee and went to her bathroom. Unfortunately her bathroom door is different then mine. While my bathroom door can be closed very easily and you just need to give it a gently push to close. Unfortunately her door needs more force to be closed so the door only closed half way. I noticed it too late though. I was already sitting on the toilet and I could hold me pee anyway. I somehow felt embarrassed already but I was just peeing so need to worried about the smell other unpleasant things. But while I was being I started to feeling pressure on my backdoor too. It came out of nowhere and was too strong to hold back. I was shocked now. I had to poo at friends place with the bathroom door half open. So i started to push and with a brrt type fart I did a big log, some more prrft type farts and another small log. Then I wiped my back and bottom washed my hands and left.The bathroom was rather smelling bad now. I went back to my friend and she did not say anything. She was busy in the living room reading. Not sure if she heard everything and just ignored it, or if she really did not hear anything. we conditioned our conversation.

Now a question for my fellow ladies. Did you experienced something similar? that you just went for a wee and end up doing number 2 as well. It was the first time in my life something happened to me.

greetings from Austria



sequel of Moemi story

After we finish to shopping in mall, we went back to flat. Kazuko was very quiet. I and Hisae and Maho were talking, but Kazuko said only few things.

In evening, I had to go to loo again to do more diarrhoea. It was not so big one as in shopping mall but I stayed long time to be sure, about 10 minutes. The door of loo was open and I could see my friends. (In first part of story, "friends" change into "reigns" - I don't know reason.) They were move their heads. I could get message. Hisae and Maho were saying to Kazuko, "go to be with Minappe for her diarrhoea" with eyes. Kazuko answered with her eyes, and came to my side and squatted. She walked very slowly. I looked at her and then took her hand. About one minute, we didn't move at all, but then I had to move one part of body and then there was strong burururururu noise in loo water. Kazuko's eyes became to very big. I move forward little bit, then used eyes to tell Kazuko to look behind me, then pushed and produced larger burururururu. Kazuko suddenly smiled and at same time her eyes full with tears. I squeeze her hand and then pull her head close to me with left hand and give her little kiss on surface of mouth. Sometimes we do that now, but only very special time.

I did another bururururururu and moved forward more so Kazuko could clean me with paper. She cleaned me very tenderly, and paper was very brown. She dropped in loo, I shifted little, and did another burururururu. Then I said her, "Nearly finish. I feel empty."

She said, "Did Moemi do so huge diarrhoea as you in loo next to you?"

I answer, "even more huge I think."

Kazu said, "did you feel warm feeling?"

I said, "No." It is true. I was not so interested in Moemi's diarrhoea, I felt worried a bit though. She did a very powerful diarrhoea and I was sure it was very huge volume. I said that to Kazuko. I also said, "her diarrhoea not so special, but her smile very beautiful, and she smiled to you too Kazuko, so I think she like you! And your very own Minappe love you Kazu." And kiss her mouth again, and do last little piece, and wash my bottom with washlet. And Kazuko dried me long time. Now Hisae and Maho are at door! They are smiling. They can feel Kazuko's heart.

We already decide we all sleep in green flat as Friday was bridge holiday ( I learn this name from French friend in my school in Wales). Hisae said, "tonight I sleep with Maho."

Kazuko began to cry. She still drying me, and when she stop, I pull on panties and pyjamas, and flush loo and hug her hard. She cried long time, and Hisae also began cry. But I know, Hisae is not jealous. Because we decide long ago, we love to each other all same, and that never change.

In the bed, Kazuko said, "tomorrow I want to do motion Moemi size, and Minappe you stay with me."

I said, "I hope you can do." and pinch her beautiful bottom very little pinch.

And next morning she did. And it was very huge, and long time, but Kazuko is always very huge motion and long time! I was next her and saw all of it. Maho and Hisae were at door. Our eyes said many things. We communicate a lots with eyes. But Maho said to Hisae, "I am so happy see Kazu on loo and Minappe next her and they are so happy together." Kazuko said, "Maholin, Chae, if you are on loo and Minappe next you, it is exactly same feeling, and also same if I am on loo and you next me." (After "if I am" there was plop sound.) And Maho smiled and nodded her head. (In Japanese sentence, this sentence would be "also same" as last words.) Hisae also smiled, and gave squeeze to Kazuko's hand.

We decided we all dry Kazu's beautiful bottom. Hisae gave little massage at same time. I didn't do motion and Maho didn't do, but after Hisae and Kazuko finish, we hugged long time and then drank tea, like we always do.

I think amazing, but my feelings to Maho and Hisae and Kazuko are all same. And they think this way too. We are so happy live together! And share so loving loo time.

We love story of tree house of Kate and Carrie. So beautiful story! Benjamin, why you didn't sleep in tree house with them? Where you slept, so you could see their loo activity so detail?

I hope everybody is comfortable on loo and everywhere, and feel warm feeling to persons you love. Everybody in this site is so nice person, so Mina is happiest woman in the world.

Love from your very own Mina + 3

Victoria B.



No time for a story today but I thought I'd get back to a few fellow readers. I love getting replies from people here!

To Minappe: I'm so happy you're back. Hope your stomach has healed from being broken!

To Taylor: What you're doing for Robyn is really important. Being human means needing to pee and poop and providing an environment of acceptance will help her more fully embrace herself. Girls can be dreadful to each other at her age and you're helping her see through all the toilet-shaming nonsense!

To Rose: It's all about staying in the present. You've done what you needed to do and there's no sense worrying about what might or might not go down the drain when you flush until it's there. Enjoy the moment and let go of both your worries and your turds!

To Weird Guy: This is how I wipe. If I've both pooped and peed then I always wipe my front first. I finish that and then slide forward on the seat in order to make sure I have enough room for my hand and the paper behind my behind. I'll unroll three or four pieces, fold them, and then run them through my buttcrack front-to-back a few times before dropping the used paper into the bowl below and repeating the process until the last wipe comes back without any brown stuff or water if I've been splashed. My turds tend to be big and break off cleanly so I don't often need to use much! I'm familiar with phantom poops and I greet them as a "normal" person would finding an unexpected $5 in their pocket!
Hope this helps.

Happy pooping!

Curious Cody

Spring-loaded Toilet Seats

Being the youngest in my family I was babied beyond belief. For example, when I was away from home my mom insisted on taking me into the ladies room with her until I was halfway through 3rd grade. Finally, at that point my dad interceded on my behalf. My older sister Jill, five years older, was required to be with me when I wanted to ride my bike to the park, about 3 blocks from our house. Sometimes my friend Angie, two years older, volunteered to chaperon me at the park and she was really an adventurous bike rider, but mom insisted the Jill go along also. Both Angie and Jill were fascinated by the toilet seats there in the public bathrooms. There was a spring on them and when you walked into the bathroom the seat was up at about a 35 degree angle.

This was in spring so I guess the new seats had just been added because the toilet buildings were locked during winter. Something the sledders didn't like. Both the girls and guys bathrooms had the spring-loaded seats. Angie and Jill wondered why they were needed in the girls room, but they put me and the guys down as being the reason the guys' seats were always so icky. Since our mom was so strict, she had put the fear of life into Jill that she should never sit bare-butt on a public seat. Now that was a problem because Jill could no longer pull off toilet paper for her to sit on. Angie always thought that was dumb and would sit bare-butt down and shake her head about Jill's germ phobia.

Riding my bike so much daily at the park meant I had to crap usually right after noon and lunch. So with no alternative, I learned to just stand in front of the toilet, put my weight on and lower the seat for my craps. By the end of the first couple of months, however, Angie, Jill and I found the springs were vandalized and when that happened, some of the seats were like 25% or more off the bowl top. I would have to use my hand the align the seat before I sat on it and it being loose did worry me. The springs had been vandalized and were never fixed. Dad said once he thought the springs broke off because of the large amount of urine that corroded them. I guess nothing is the full answer to highly used and abused public toilets.

To Anna from Austria
I've definitely gone to the bathroom for a pee and ended up feeling the urge to dispose of some solid waste at the same time too. I've never had it be a problem like your situation before - that sounds rough!

I do enjoy it when I can pee and poop in the same go, it's a nice relief and it also feels nice to be able to flush so much of my waste down at once.

I don't know if anyone remembers it, but I got another chance to use my friend's super powerful toilet the other day. I had the luck to be able to drop a large turd, and watch it disappear in a split second. It truly is a wonderful toilet, I feel like I'd be comfortable flushing anything away down it.

Looking forward to more stories!




Nora... You really pooped a lot! I'm curious why you held it... you said you had to poop as soon as you get woke up. How come you didn't just take a poop? You also said you feel like you're never done. Three more pieces of poop is a lot of extra once you thought you were done pooping! Have you ever thought you were done and then pooped even more than three pieces? Sometimes I poop and then after fifteen or twenty logs drop, I'll flush and sometimes I'll even wipe, but then I'll start pooping again and then I'm stuck sitting on the toilet pooping. A lot of times, after I flush a full bowl of poop, I'll continue pooping until I poop even more than the first bowl! It's crazy how I always think I'm done when there's still a huge amount of poop ready to be pushed out. Do you ever flush and keep pooping. Nora?


Dear Victoria

Two different flush is very common in loo in Japan. Old loos often have on tank, new ones have on wall. In our beige loo, there are 3 kinds of flush. "Big", "Small" and "Eco small". In the green loo, the flush handle is on the tank, if you pull towards you it is "Big" and if you push away from you it is "Small". Our green loo is same age with our flat, but our beige loo is more younger.

Love from Mina

To Victoria,
I have seen those kinds of toilets before, though I haven't had the pleasure of using one before. I heard someone mention that they're a little more common it the UK than in North America, though I don't know for sure.
I'm intrigued by your interest in toilet design, it's something I've thought about a lot as well. Would you be able to describe what your ideal toilet would be like, in design and function?

I've been having fun using a new semi-public toilet I pass by fairly often now. My own has been proving unreliable in coping with my logs, so I'm using it every few days to empty myself before heading home. I visited there today, my stomach feeling a little upset after a few days of unusual eating. I entered the stall, and sat down, starting things off right away with a long hard pee that hissed against the porcelain and ran down into the bowl. I followed it up with a large log, which came out with surprising speed. A second followed, just as my pee trickled out and ended. A few small pieces plopped into the water below. I pulled off some toilet paper and cleaned myself off, before standing and pulling up my underwear and pants. In the bowl, the turds seemed darker and more green than usual. The first one had slid directly into the hole, so when I pushed the flusher it was gone almost immediately. I held the flusher down for a second to make sure the water caught hold of everything, and then sure enough, down it went.

To Mina(ppe)

Hi Mina!
I just wanted to tell you that you are one of, if not my only, favourite posters on here. Your stories are far from boring, so don't be so hard on yourself, asking if we are yawning reading them. You have a unique, gleeful writing style that makes me smile just reading yours and your friends adventures in the bathroom, please don't ever change, and make your posts as long as you need to!


A day started with urgency....

I have had to poop so much today! I just can't seem to get off the toilet today. I woke up this morning and knew that I had to go poop so badly. I felt it inside of me, and still decided to take my time getting out of bed. I felt the poop inside of me as I was making coffee and still didn't let myself poop. Finally, I couldn't wait any longer and I had to go now! I ran into the bathroom and plopped myself down on the toilet. I started to relax, and I took a video of myself pooping into the toilet. I saw long pieces of poop coming out of my butthole and coiling one on top of the other into the bowl. I just kept pushing, and the pieces of poop came out of me, plop plop plop. There were at least fifteen pieces of poop, and I felt each one stretch my butthole as it came out of me. The longest piece was 2 inches thick and 12 inches long. I thought I was done, but I never seem to be done! I put the camera away and got ready to wipe, and that's when the poop started coming out of me again. Three more large logs of poop dropped into the bowl. Finally I was feeling relief.

I have pooped three more times since then, it's going to be a busy day! But those are stories for another time....

Kate, I loved your story about your babysitting adventure! It was very interesting to read and it reminded me a lot of my own childhood!

I'd like to share a story similar to yours.

I was at the mall one day and had to go to the bathroom. I was around 10 so I could go by myself. My mom walked me in but then waited outside for me.

As I walk in I hear a big commotion. It was as if someone was giving birth! I actually initially thought that's what it was!

"Pushpushpushpushpushpushpush..........good girl! Push a little harder for me now. Good girl, you're doing such a good job. Come on girl, you can do it. That's it! That a girl! Pushhhhhh push push push! Almost there, honey! Push! It's coming out, you're doing amazing. Keep going! Just breathe and push. Squeeze my hand," I heard a woman say. I walked into the ladies room and there it was: a little girl and her mother were in the first stall, with the door open. Her face was bright red and she was straining really hard while her mother (I assume) kept encouraging her and cheering her on. Her legs were spread and she was straddling the toilet, so I could see a pretty long one exiting her bum. I wasn't trying to look, especially since she was so exposed and poop was visibly coming out of her, but my mind made me glance for a few seconds.

I was embarrassed for her AND felt bad for her. I've been in those situations where I've had trouble pooping and didn't think I could do it. It's not a fun situation!

When I was little, I would sometimes get that constipated too and my parents would have to pull it out! I'd have to get off the toilet after several minutes of straining, and lie on the floor on a towel and kept pushing but they'd dig it out if I absolutely couldn't push, despite trying all positions. I also used to squeeze my dad's hand when I pooped.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


To Tracygirl

I usually wait until I haven't had a movement for four days before I take a laxative. I usually take Dulcolax (3 pills) at bedtime which results in a huge, urgent movement without straining by mid-morning. There are a few episodes of diarrhea later on in the day.


Giant early morning BM

I found this site and was reminded of a quite large, satisfying shit I enjoyed early yesterday morning. I'm a 28 year old female, living in New England. I woke around 5:30 with a familiar feeling at my back door-a sizable bowel movement was just about crowning. I threw back the sheets, sat up carefully and gently got my slippers on, rising to my feet slowly as I didn't want my shit to be squeezed out into my panties before I even got to the toilet. I also needed to pee rather badly, at least 7.5 on the desperation scale. Luckily my bedroom and bathroom are adjoined so I shuffled to the toilet, hiked up my night shirt and dropped my panties to my knees as my ass fell on the seat. I began to piss a strong, noisy stream and I rubbed my eyes, resting my head on the tiled wall. I tinkled for around 23 seconds, and it finally tapered off. And not a moment too soon, as I felt the tip of a massive turd stretch my hole nice and wide. I busied myself with my phone as my large shit crackled and finally dropped into the bowl with a serious splash, indescribable relief washing over me. But I wasn't done, as a second log forced its way out of me. This one felt a bit smaller but still just as thick, and after a little mushy splats I was done. I wiped and stood to admire my creation. It consisted of one really huge turd, looked to be about 15 inches long and nearly two inches thick in places. The other shit was perhaps 9 inches in length, and also two inches thick. I felt amazing, like I was ten pounds lighter. I flushed, walked back to my bed and fell into it. I was asleep almost immediately. I have some other stories, including a few about times I've shit outdoors, so next time I might recount one of those. Thank you. :)

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