Babysitting Poopies

Hi all! My name is Katelynn but I go by Kate. I am 20 years old and a part time nanny for my neighbor's sweet little girl named Mia. Mia just turned 3 and her parents have been in the process of potty training. Up until this point, she has used diapers when I'm watching her per her mother's request to make things easier since she was still having poopie accidents. Because of this, I have been used to changing diapers easy peasy whenever Mia needs a change. That all changed this past week when Mia's mom let me know that she would like to make the transition from diapers to pull ups and undies because Mia has been making it to the potty for both pees and poopies with little to no accidents. So that brings me to my story. On Monday, I packed Mia's bag and we headed off to Target to get some shopping done for her momma. I had Mia sit on the potty before we left and she did quite a bit of pee pee and said she was done. Before wiping her, I asked "Mia do you need to make poopies sweetheart? We'll be at the store for a bit." (She is not fond of public pottys). She replied with a quick no and jumped off the potty. I figured she had pooed earlier with mom so I believed her and we left for the store. When we arrived at the store, I placed Mia in a shopping cart and began to shop for the things on our list. After grabbing only a couple things, I realized that Mia was very quiet and not her usual chippery, talkative self. "Are you okay, bug?" I asked her sweetly. She shook her head insisting she was fine. Not even 10 minutes later, Mia groaned and said "Katie (what she calls me) my ???? hurtssss". Figuring it was something she ate, I told her I'd take her to the potty just in case so she wouldn't have an accident in her undies. Since it was just us two, I made the decision to leave our cart outside the bathroom and grabbed her diaper bag. I chose the handicapped last stall so I'd have more room. Since Mia is still newly potty trained, she needs a lot of help. Mia was wimpering as I brought her into the stall. After locking the door, I took off her pants and undies and sat her on the potty. "My ???? hurts, I don't need to go potty, Katieee" Mia cried. "I know your belly hurts baby. Let me feel it" I said. I lifted up her shirt and felt her belly. It was hard and more bloated than usual. I quickly realized that she may be constipated so I texted her mom to ask when she had pooed last. Unfortunately her mom was in a meeting so I didn't get a response. Mia began to cry and whimper as I massaged her tiny belly. "I think you need to make poopies, bug" I told Mia. "Your poor belly has a lot of poopies in it. You'll feel better once you go". I told Mia to give me a few pushes. She pushed as hard as she could as I held her hands and balanced her on the big potty. Her little face turned red. I heard nothing but a few spurts of pee. "I'm done Katie. All done" Mia said pushing my hands away and trying to get off the potty. "No sweetheart, you need to try and make some poopies okay? It will make you feel better" I told her softly. Mia obediently began pushing again. She ripped her hands away from mine and grasped the front of the toilet. She spread her legs wide (straddled the toilet) and pushed with all her might. Tears rolled down the poor things face and I kept my hands on her waist for balance. "My bummy (what she calls her bottom) hurts Katieeee. It hurts me!!!" Mia screamed. I knew the two women in the stalls over were hearing everything. "It's okay honey. It's okay. Take a deep breath. Let me have a look". With her legs still straddling the potty ( I had taken her pants and undies all the way off at this point) she leaned forward. I had a clear view of her bottom and I saw the WIDEST poo I've ever seen come out of a child. It was only about a centimeter out but it was stretching her poop bum hole about 2 inches wide. That may not seem like a lot to you guys but all I've ever seen her do is like 1/2 inch to 1 inch little poos in her diapers. "Ohhhh honey" I said. "Bug you've got a big big poopie that needs to come out. I'm going to help you get it out, alright?" I assured her. I sat her back up and got on my knees on the side of the toilet. I firmly held her belly with one hand and put my other hand on her tiny back. "Okay Mia, push had baby, okay?" She groaned loudly and pushed with all her tiny might and I pushed her belly and back in. The big poo just sat there and Mia was left completely exhausted. She began to cry and ask to get down and go see her mommy. I knew that even if I tried to bring her to the urgent care that I wouldn't be able to make it with this huge poo stuck in her bum the ride over. I decided to try the only thing I could think of. I held one of my arms across Mia's belly and had her lean over my arm. With her bum hole in sight I told her to push and I inserted my finger into the side of her bum. I began to circle the huge poo with my finger as she pushed and grunted loudly. "Come on baby. It's okay. It's coming sweetheart" I coached her. Slowly, the giant poo inched out. "Katie hold me?" Mia said through tears flowing down her face. She wanted to be done. This shouldn't be happening to such a little incident kid I thought. She wanted to be held. It's what she asked for if she was hurt or sad whenever I watched her. "Once your poopies come out, I'll hold you bug" i told her. I checked her bum and the poo had stopped again. It was about 3 inches out and just as thick. "Hold me Katie. Hold meeee". She was crying and I felt terrible. I scooped her off the potty and held knee close to me. I had one hand on her back and one under the fold in her knees. This kept her in somewhat of a squatting position so that maybe the poo could keep working it's way out. I handed Mia her pacifier (something her mom has been trying to wean her off of) and she layer her head on my shoulder. "It's okay bug. I know" I soothed. I checked my watch as I rocked her on my arms and realized we had been in the stall for over 45 minutes. Suddenly, Mias back lurched in my arms and she screamed in pain. I looked at her bum and see the huge poop moving quickly now. I sat her down on the potty and she grabbed my hands and pushed. Suddenly I heard a LOUD plunk. I check the potty and see a HUGE 2 inch wide 1 1/2 foot long poop. "I did poopies Katie!" Mia yelled in delight. "YES BABY! You make poopies alright!" As I go to wipe her, the groans as a flood of about 20 soft serve poos flood out of her. "I have MORE poopies Katie!" Mia yells. Amazed, i wipe her ???? and we both look at the toilet. I don't even think I've ever had such a big poo honestly. But I don't tell her that. I flush and help her wash her hands. I told her mom about the whole ordeal and she says she had forgotten to tell me that Mia had not been pooing for 4 days. Yikes. Mia will be going to the pediatrician this week.

Thanks for reading! I'll be back with a Mia update!

Is it me or do short guys do really smelly poos? A situation got me thinking today. I was at a shopping mall and needed to drop some logs. As usual on a Saturday I had to wait for a cubicle. Fortunately there was only one guy in front of me, and he soon went into a vacated cubicle. About 20 seconds later someone flushed and this short young hipster dude came out, skinny jeans and a pink top. I when in after him and my goodness! It stank! The pan was covered in skids, and it was really ripe! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this guy did a bad thing - if your dump smells, it smells, right? It is toilet after all, so I didn't mind. The I sat down on the very warm seat and did my business. As I sat there, I started to think.

There is a short guy in the gym who always goes for a poo before his workout. It always stinks, I can smell it in the actual changing room. And my former roommate used to stink out the toilet and he is short. And every time I've used a cubicle after a short guy, it always smells. Is it me? Surely there is no physical reason your height makes your poo smell.


Another Accident In Community College

Hi! My name is Katie and I am 19 yrs old. A couple of months ago, I posted a story about an accident I had in my pants while at community college. After that, I started carrying extra pairs of panties in my bag just in case. Well, after that accident and several close-calls, it happened again. I had another accident.

This one happened in the morning just the other day. I had accidentally slept through my alarm, so I had to rush to get ready, which meant not going to the bathroom. I had only one class that day, which started at 9:00 AM and ended at 10:30. All throughout the class, I had bad cramps and I knew that I would have to go to the bathroom right after class if I didn't want to have an accident. When class ended, I rushed out of the room and towards the bathroom. To get to the bathroom from the classroom, I would have to walk down a long hallway, around a corner, up a small flight of stairs, around another corner and little ways down another hallway to the bathroom. As I was walking down the first stretch of hallway, I had a few more bad cramps that caused me to half to stop walking for a few seconds. As I was about to round the first corner, I lost control. I leaned against the wall and held my stomach as I filled my panties with soft, warm poop.

When I poop in the morning, it is almost always very soft, and today was no different. After a large turd made its way into my pants, a wave of warm, almost liquid poop followed. I continued to lean against the wall, trying my best to hold back tears. After a few minutes (which felt like an eternity), I decided to continue my journey the bathroom, now with the objective of cleaning up my mess. I tried to walk as normally as possible. When I had to walk up the small flight of stairs, I felt my mess spread around in my panties, up my lower back, and in the front.

Eventually I made it to the bathroom and started to cleaned up. The whole process took about 15 minutes, and after I was done, I realized that I had no way of cleanly hiding my soiled panties in my bag. The toilet paper was too thin, there weren't any paper towels, and I only had one pair of extra panties. Also, I couldn't throw them away because it was still early in the morning, so the trash was empty and I didn't want anybody seeing soiled panties in the trash. So I decided to put the panties back on with the extra panties on over them. By now, the panties were damp and cold, so it felt gross to put them on. I left campus as normally as possible, went home, and took a shower.

That's my story. It was only the second time I had an accident in college, but I have had several accidents before, pee and poop. Let me know if you want to hear them.


A lurkers question

I've been lurking here for a while now and I've always wanted to know if anyone here has ever pooped at the beach?

Thanks for the posts


Sonya Sue

Shannon's hang-up

Me and this guy Cameron were studying in my dorm room the other night when this horrendous fart noise came through the wall. That stopped us from studying our World Civ test preparation notes. The communal bathroom is down the hall so we didn't hear a flush or anything else. There are so many people in and out of that room we couldn't get a good idea of who that might have been. Cameron said his dad is a 'blaster' and he gave me a couple of examples. Don't think they can be printed here, though. So I told Cameron about my childhood friend Shannon and what she did one summer when we were like 9 or 10 and she and I traveled to a vacation trip to her parents' cabin.

Shannon was very self-conscious and didn't have much confidence. So when we'd stop at a highway rest area for a pit stop, I'd head as fast as I could to an available toilet, pull down my jean shorts, and get onto it for my pee. It might have taken me a few seconds, but my pee stream would start and I enjoyed hearing it hit the water and the relief it gave me. I didn't give a damn whether the toilet paper was available because I didn't usually wipe. Shannon, however, would need toilet paper before she seated herself. It would start by her forming a TP mitt that she used to wipe off the seat. Then she would take it apart and throw it into the toilet bowl. I would hear more TP coming off the roll then the seat would be lifted. Then she would lay that TP spread out over the water. Then the seat would drop and I could hear her butt drop onto it. Within a minute or two her pee would start but you go not hear it well because the TP served as a muffler to her pee's noise. She had been bullied earlier at a summer camp and this caused her to be the way she was.

I have another story! I didn't put my name last time but I'll just stay anonymous. When I was younger, I saw my father pooping a few times. But one time he was constipated, and I watched him but I don't think he realized!

I was laying on my parents bed. Their bathroom is just a few feet across from the bed and the TV is on the right, close to the bathroom, so you definitely could see a side view of anyone using the toilet in your peripheral vision while watching TV if they left the door open which my parents usually did.

So one day he had to take a dump. I was watching TV but he left the door open because I got nervous whenever I couldn't see my parents at all times. He pulled down his pants and sat down.

I immediately started to hear him grunt but he tried to make it quiet but it was obvious he was having a hard time. He stayed on the toilet for a long time! Like 10-15 minutes I think, and I only heard a few plops and a sigh afterwards.

Well he had a tough "grand finale!!!" He started grunting even louder this time, clearly having a lot of difficulty with this one. I looked at him on the toilet and just watched as his face scrunched up and turned red as he pushed. It stayed like this for a few minutes. Then he started grunting more audibly and desperately.

He grabbed the towel rack handle and the edge of the sink and stood up a little bit, but his butt was over the toilet but he was still technically standing. He looked behind and below him. I saw a long and fat piece of poop hanging there, and also saw his man parts dangling in front of it. He pushed more and it seemed to move a little but not a lot. He sat down and pushed for a few more minutes before I heard a huge plop and a big heavy sigh of relief. He wiped and got up.

Another time, I had just pooped and my dad was wiping me. He commented on the size of my poop and asked "whoa. Didn't that hurt coming out?!?!"

Sunday, March 17, 2019


Diarrhea and toilet paper needs

The other morning driving to school I stopped for gas. While I was pumping my fuel, the crap I was holding in for about the rest of my 20-minute drive to school became more immediate. I paid for my gas and went in to one of the 2 single toilet bathrooms. I latched and then re-checked the door because I've had them opened on me in a few cases. I pulled my jeans and yellow underwear down to floor level and took my seat. It was partially warm. Within 15 seconds diarrhea blasted out. I was relieved. I quickly reached to my left and could find no toilet paper. Then to my right next to the sink. All there was was a cardboard roll with absolutely no toilet paper.

I looked for a paper towel holder. None. Just a blower. I thought @@@@! @@@@! @@@@! because I had left my car at the pumps. I was going to be late to my appointment as a tutor. I had to be careful not to get my pretty expensive yellow underwear soiled while I exited and prayed that the separate guys' door next door would be open so I could clean myself. I flushed and walked carefully with my jeans hanging on my hip as I found the door for the guys' room ajar. Again, I started by latching and checking the door. There were a few splatters on the seat but I didn't want to waste what little paper was on the roll. I seated myself and after having looked at how well my underwear had survived, from my seated position I cleaned myself using all the rest of the roll. I washed my hands extra well because some diarrhea had slipped onto my forefinger.

As I passed the clerk, she gave me a stern warning about my parking place at the pumps costing them money, but I apologized and got back into the traffic that was bad. Finishing off my coffee on the console might have been a bad idea because I couldn't get parked fast enough on campus and upstairs to my school before my Round 2 need became more apparent. The bathroom was crowded and I get in the smallest line, but when two of the girls in front of me had their attention elsewhere, I walked up, peeked into the stall and saw a user seated holding up her beautiful dress. Most importantly, I saw 2 full rolls of toilet paper on the right panel. It was all I needed to see. I might be an honor student in a lot of clubs and activities, but I wanted to learn from my dumb mistake 45 minutes earlier. Waiting for that toilet and taking a tardy for 1st hour would be worth it. By the way, I had 2 additional diarrhea runs that day. But checking out the toilet paper first made the difference and my favorite pair of underwear survived.


Sugar free experiment

After reading several reports on how larger amounts sugar free sweets result in explosive diarrhea, I was somehow intruiged and decided to give it a try. For the fun of it and because I don't mind having a good case of the runs from time to time. I went to the store and picked up some peppermints; the ingredience list said that 100 gr, i.e. a pack, contained 80 gr sugar alcohols (i.e. sorbitol), so I bought two packs and started eating them away on my way home. By the time I was in our house, I had eaten them all - and so the next thing I did was sitting down and did a google research on sorbitol, only to find out that the dose I had taken was indeed excessive, and that within the next two hours or so, I would get a proper case of flatulence and the runs. The rest of the time I looked through this forum to get an idea on what would happen next. After only 45 minutes, my stomach was already starting to rumble and gurgle - then the farting started. Incredible farting, really - I just had no control over it. Perhaps half an hour later, the farts started to feel wet, and then, without the slightest warning, the next fart wasn't a fart, but totally liquid diarrea; not much of it, but enough to let me know that I need to shower and better remain close to the toilet. I will not bore you with how often I had close calls with diarrhea shooting into my shorts. I don't know how often I was on the toilet - perhaps 10 times? It was pure liquid diarrhea.
In brief - if you ever try this, remember two things: It works, and how!

Anon trans boy
Hey! So I'm a trans FTM guy and would like to share a story if you'd like to hear!

A few years ago in high school I was drinking lots of water so I REALLY had to use the bathroom! I usually didn't use the bathroom at school but this time I really had to! So I went into the boys room, got the last stall from the door, locked it carefully (but the door was hard to close and lock, but I managed) and put a seat cover down, and then I leaned forward, pulled down my pants and underwear and sat down, leaning forward. I lean forward while pulling down my pants AND while I'm on the toilet. Unfortunately, I still do have a vagina, so I have to cover myself to make sure nobody catches a glimpse!

I peed like there was no tomorrow, but was so self conscious and only let myself pee significantly whenever someone flushed a toilet or was out of the restroom. But I cringed as I peed when others were in there because it couldn't be avoided. I very carefully and quickly wiped myself and pulled my pants up, flushed, unlocked and opened the door and went to go wash my hands. This happened twice or three times within a month!

Just recently, I was on vacation (which is good because I had a pretty low chance of being recognized by anyone I knew!) and failed to properly lock the stall door and got walked in on a bunch of times, very similar to what others on here have talked about and have been talking about lately. Some guys quickly apologized and looked away as soon as they saw me to respect my modesty and dignity, but others lingered a little longer with the door fully open. I was super embarrassed and ashamed because I'm pretty sure at least a few of them saw my genitals! I think I saw a few glance down there when they opened the door on me. I'm glad nobody was really mean about it though!

One guy, when he opened the door, said "whoa. Oh!" the moment he saw me sitting there and he laughed, and I laughed along with him but he kept it open and looked for a considerable amount of time.

Are there any other trans people on here? I don't see many! If so, have you ever experienced something like this??

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day! Happy pooping and/or peeing! And, to those on the toilet right now, keep up the good work! Lol!

When I was younger, I saw my mom on the toilet a lot. She didn't mind me coming in while she was doing her business, and she'd always keep the door open. My dad would sometimes do that as well, but my mom still sometimes uses the bathroom openly.

I remember one time, we were in public using the ladies room and she was on the toilet. We both went in the same stall but took turns doing our business. Well she had to pee really bad and she was peeing but her pee sounded different and sounded like it was hitting the side of the toilet more than the water and was more forced, whereas my pee stream sounded like it was just being poured into the toilet water. Her pee stream also jetted out a little more than mine.

I teased her a little about it. I said "your pee sounds weird!" and she laughed and said "well how does yours sound?"

I looked between her legs and her pee was coming out more forward than downward, so she was hitting the front of the inside of the toilet bowl more. When her stream was starting to come to an end, the stream would go more straight downward.

One time she was doing that and I caught a glance of her pee coming out of her private place again but when I looked I also saw that she was going number 2! I saw it hanging from her for about 2 minutes while she grunted and looked down every once in a while. She wasn't too ashamed of her toilet habits so she always kept her legs open so she could see what she was doing! I didn't mind this because I always saw what she was doing too which I found cool! When it came out I congratulated her and told her she did a good job! She wiped her hairy private with some toilet paper and wiped her bottom with some too.

I had to go too, so I pulled my skirt and panties down and sat on the potty. I started to tinkle and my mom asked me "do you have to only do peepee or do you have to do poopies too?" I had to make poopies so I said that and started pushing. Just like her, I looked between my legs to see the poopy hanging from my bottom. I sighed in relief when it dropped. I was done so I got some toilet paper and wiped my girlhood and my mom helped wipe my bottom. We washed our hands and left but the stall really stank at that point!

Also when I was littler my aunt and uncle brought my little cousin over. He was still a baby. I remember they changed his diaper. I was embarrassed for looking but I accidentally took a peek and that was the first time I saw a boy's weewee. I also saw the poop! It was really stinky too!

To Aaron Post Title (optional)

I literally had the same exact experience a few months ago!!!! I even looked at your name to make sure it wasn't me being the one posting!

The door would close but as soon as the first person opened it on me, it was wide open and my private parts and poop were on showcase for all to see! I was so embarrassed. People even made fun of me! I tried to cover myself but I like to be spread out and relaxed when I'm having a poo. It was so humiliating! I have gone poop with the door open before in a room full of people but this was especially embarrassing because everyone was laughing at me when they saw me sitting there! It also happened to me a few other times but I was only going pee. But I'm physically female so I have to pee sitting down. Trust me, it's much more private to pee standing up than having to sit down because of your anatomy! Lol

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Nomination: Crime Against My Butt Toilet Paper

I realize this is a free country. Schools and businesses can do as they please with their restrooms. But my nomination for Crime Against My Butt Toilet Paper would be the cut squares that they stack in these little containers on the stall partition. They are so bad because for one they easily can drop from the container and be wasted in the mess on the floor. Unless the bathroom is frequently checked during the day, a pack of squares is going to be gone within an hour or two. This is especially true with many people crapping early in the day.

I often will reach for a piece when I'm still seated. They do jam up in the container and I've busted a nail once or twice trying to pull them down and what comes is a clump in my hand. When you're sitting with no privacy door and the waiting eyes of you are watching, you don't want to draw out the experience. Soft craps are especially bad because the little squares aren't big enough to get everything off and often I'm getting soft crap on 2 or 3 of my fingers. If I don't notice it and clean my fingers right away I can find myself back in class, hand on my chin and a strange smell drawing my attention.

It takes longer to use the cut squares and I'm not about to stand and draw attention to myself; its like saying "Here voyeurs is a free show..." and that upsets me too. And more than once, the extra movement required in the toilet stall has caused the flusher to go off. I'm not saying my wiping technique is perfect, but the squares are so frustrating. I know I find more skidmarks in my underwear after I've used the squares. And sometimes when there's a suspicious liquid on the seat, I try and make sure that my hand is not going to do the job the paper slip is intended for. I have used it somewhat effectively, however, for a fast nose blow. Otherwise the things are a crime against my butt.

Monday, March 11, 2019


Cubicle with broken lock

Hi again everyone. Quick question for you all, if the lock is broken on a toilet cubicle, do you wait for one that locks or do you just go ahead and use it? I ask because I was at a busy train station toilet yesterday and the only cubicle available had a broken lock. I decided to go ahead and use it. It closed, but would not lock. The door was just far enough that I couldn't reach it whilst sitting on the toilet.

About a minute after sitting down, someone opened it. I had to get up to close it again. It happened again, but this time I was pushing out a really firm large log at the time so I couldn't stand up to close the door. So for about 15 seconds the door was wide open whilst I sat there pushing out a turd. As I said, it was a busy bathroom so a number of people saw me. As soon as it plopped down, I got up to close the door again. It then happened a third time, but this time I was able to act quickly to close it again. I was getting annoyed, as I do like to relax when having a poo. I then noticed a pair of feet standing immediately in front of the door of my cubicle. The person just stood there, which I thought was weird. I thought it was someone messing around ready to open the door. I grunted some more logs out, annoyed that I wasn't able to relax.

I then heard him speak "Not this one mate, not this one..." he was speaking to someone outside the cubicle. It sounded like he was preventing someone else coming into my cubicle. Weird, I thought. Anyway I wiped up, pulled up my boxers and jeans, flushed and opened the door. Stood immediately outside my cubicle was the cleaning guy. "Hi, I noticed that people kept opening the door so I thought I'd stop people coming in." What a nice gesture! "Thanks very much!" I said. "No problem, I didn't want to see you struggle" he then put a out of order sign on the door.

What a nice guy! Do any of you guys use cubicles with broken locks?

I know my last post was only a few days ago, but anyway here is my second post.
Firstly, some background information. I live in the Uk south of London and am a fifteen year old boy.
My story today happened a few years back while I was on a French exchange in Avignon in France. I was staying at my exchanges house, but we had gone out for the day while they were at school. About an hour into the 2 hour bus ride, I started to get the urge to tinkle. The bus did have a toilet on it but we were not allowed to use it. So I held it and tried to forget about it. Luckily I had no one sitting next to me, and everyone else was consumed on their phones, so couldn't see me. I was getting more and more desperate as we got closer to our desternation and was by now stating to Greg my privets and jiggle a bit. When we did get there, we filed off the bus, and the urge went away now I was standing so there was less pressure on my bladder. We walked to a square, where we got told that we would have an hour to look around on our own. My first priority was to find somewhere to relieve myself. I walked around for about 20minutes looking for a toilet to no avail. I had passed a couple of cafes and restaurants but they all required toilet passwords to use, and I did not want to buy unwanted food to use the toilet. So I kept walking around until 45mins in I found a map which had a public toilet on about five minutes away. By this point I was squirming and running about to piss myself. I got to the toilet... only to find that I needed fifty cents to use it, and I did not have loose change. At that point my time was up, so I let go into my pants. The stream went on for 30seconds until I stopped it to hold the rest. Luckily I was wearing black pants so no one could see that I had had an accident in them. I went back to our meeting point, to find that one of my friends was desperate to use the toilet, and she was wearing tan trousers, so an accident would be visible to everyone. We had to wait five minutes for everyone to turn up, and I could see that she did not have much longer left from the look on her face and her shifting movements as she stood there. Once everyone was accounted for, we walked I. The direction of the next place to visit, which took us past the toilet I had visited 10 minutes earlier. She asked the teacher for 50cents and if we could stop. As we got there the previous person came out and she was just about to run in and then the door shut. She tried to insert the money but couldn't and we discovered that the toilet did an automatic clean of the floors. By this point she was beyond desperate and was about three minutes from messing her pants. Finally after a ten minute cycle, she inserted her money and ran in. As soon as the door shut we could here Asher pants descend her legs and a torrent of pee hit the bowl as she sat. It want on for about a minute and a half and then it finally stopped.
So that was today's story I hope you enjoyed it and I will post again soon bye!


A question for whoever

Recently I was reading something online and the topic of "Fear wetting" popped up. And supposed fear messing too. If it wasn't obvious, fear wetting it's when you get so shocked or scared that you end of peeing your pants. So I figured I'd ask on here if anyone would like to add a story about a time they witnessed or were a victim of fear wetting.


Introduction (+ childhood wetting accident)

Hi all,

I discovered this site a good fifteen years ago and used to spend a lot of time lurking; I happened to be reminded of this place a few days ago, so I've been backreading and figured I might as well start actually posting. I'm an adult woman, and I've had an interest in toilet-related activities for most of my life. I won't try to psychoanalyze myself too hard about it. I did wet the bed until an older-than-usual age as a kid, which may have contributed, and then when I was in high-school there was a girl in my year who had several public bathroom accidents over the time we were in school together, including a few which I witnessed and others I only heard about secondhand but which caught my attention pretty hard regardless - one of the ones that I saw happened within the first couple months of our freshman year, so needless to say, that was pretty memorable. Those incidents and a few others I've had the fortune to witness guaranteed me a bit of a fixation on the subject.

Anyway, I figured I've gotten enough enjoyment out of reading all your stories that I may as well share my own, so here's the one wetting accident I had while awake once I was "too old" for that kind of thing. I was in 7th grade, at a herpetology camp in the desert a few hours away from where I lived. It was a sleepaway camp, so I was there for two weeks during the summer. It was quite hot and arid as I'm sure you can imagine, so I and everyone else was drinking a lot of water.

Well, one day I had a close call when we went out hiking and looking for lizards. It was a long hike - several hours. The thing about hiking in the desert is that even though you're in nature, there really isn't a good place to go to the bathroom. There were no trees, no leafy bushes, no real opportunities for privacy. For a group of mixed-gender 12-13 year-olds, I'm sure you can imagine that nobody was willing to simply stand off to the side and go out in the open. Anyway, by the time we started heading back to camp, I was pretty desperate, and I know I wasn't the only one - some of the other kids were complaining to the counselors. The walk back seemed interminable. I don't think I've ever had to pee that bad in my entire life, before or since. As we started approaching camp, I genuinely started to worry about having an accident - something I hadn't done since I was in preschool. And then, of course, once we did get back to camp, everyone made a rush for the bathrooms all at once, so I had to wait in a line outside the stall hoping that the marathon bladder-holding I had done during the endless trek wasn't going to come to futility just a few feet from a toilet.

Thankfully, I made it - but that didn't end up being the end of the story. I guess my kidneys had gotten used to working at full capacity, or else maybe my bladder was overexcited from the strain it had been under. That night I woke up around 4 in the morning, absolutely desperate to pee, though I hadn't had such an issue on previous nights despite drinking just as much. If I'd been at home, I would have immediately gotten out of bed and run for the bathroom. But there wasn't actually a toilet in the cabin, and since the camp administrators didn't want kids our age wandering around outside in the middle of the night, we had been told that we were supposed to wake up one of our counselors to take us to the other building. I was hesitant to do that, out of a combination of embarrassment at the idea of admitting that I couldn't make it through the night and the feeling that it would be rude to disrupt the counselor's sleep just to ask her to walk with me thirty feet to another building when I was surely old enough to go by myself. On the other hand, I was quite a goody-two-shoes - I wasn't scared to walk myself over in the dark, but that would be breaking the rules, and I wasn't a rule-breaker.

So, I lay there for maybe half an hour, deliberating and hoping that someone else would happen to wake up so that I could have a "bathroom buddy" without having to actively shake anyone awake myself. Eventually, holding my bladder became so painful that I realized there was no way I was going to hold it until morning. I crept out of bed and went to stand in front of my counselor's bunk bed, squeezing my legs together, trying to summon the courage to wake her up. I stood there for a solid minute, frozen with indecision. By that point, I was pre-emptively embarrassed at the idea of being seen in such an obviously desperate state, crossing my legs and holding my crotch like a child. Finally I started getting the full-body shivers which told me that it was going to be now or never. I said her name, but quietly, hoping not to wake anybody else up. Too quietly as it turned out - she didn't wake up, either.

That turned out to be a good thing, because it meant she wasn't awake to witness the next thirty seconds. I couldn't hold it anymore; involuntarily, I just started peeing. Frozen to the spot, my pulse was pounding in my ears - I couldn't believe that at my age I was wetting myself. I should have started running for the bathroom the moment the accident began, but it was like my whole body was out of my control. It wasn't until after my bladder finished emptying itself onto the floor that I regained my senses, turned around and, barefoot, took off out of the cabin and across the campground to the communal bathroom. Luckily I had been wearing a nightgown, so the only stained clothing I needed to deal with were my undies, which I took off and stuffed in the sanitary napkin receptacle. I wiped myself down with paper towels and returned to my cabin.

I was grateful that nobody had seen me, but a new fear arose once I walked back inside. It was just light enough that I could see the puddle in front of the counselor's bed, and the bare footprints leading from the puddle to the door. It would be incredibly obvious what had happened, even if nobody would have any reason to know that the person it happened to had been me. And there was no way that a group of pre-teens would just be willing to overlook the fact that one of their own had peed all over the floor - there would be gossip all day as everyone tried to guess who had done it. So I lay back down, steeling myself to act as surprised and grossed out as everyone else presumably would once they all woke up later in the morning, and trying to reassure myself that I was a good enough actor that I wouldn't get caught. As it turned out, I needn't have worried. The desert air was so arid that by the time the wake-up call came a few hours later, the evidence of my accident had dried up entirely.

All in all, the experience was definitely a bit humiliating, but I was incredibly relieved at how lucky I'd gotten that nobody found out. And I learned an important lesson about always going to toilet when I needed to - adult permission or no!

Victoria B.

To Taylor

Sounds like you've settled in quite nicely to your new place. Moving to a smaller utilities-included (heat, water, sewer, recycling/trash, and snow removal) apartment from a larger house here in my city (think of an area a bit bigger than Greater Manchester for a rough population estimate) has suited my needs and bank balance much better! Good job on getting the upgrade to a contoured seat; I'm finding life without one to not quite be the same.

You inspired me this morning to do something a little out of the ordinary for me during my routine. I noticed during my first-thing-in-the-morning pee that the roll of paper in the holder was more or less down to the grey cardboard tube and would have to be replaced. This I put off in favor of breakfast and the day's first cup of coffee. By the time I'd finished my yogurt smoothie and coffee my behind had reached its 'no vacancy'sign and I headed off to the bathroom for a nice, relieving poop.

I dropped my boyshort underpants from underneath my oversized t-shirt to my ankles, gave myself the customary pat, and sat down at almost the precise moment when I remembered that I needed to get toilet paper from my bathroom cabinet. It was the past result of a leaky sink and a declined debit card when I tried to replace the ruined rolls that convinced me to store extra paper in a more water-free area of my bathroom but now I was regretting it because by the time I got a new roll down from the cabinet I was bursting so badly for a poop that I didn't think I'd be able to make it back onto the toilet in time!

This is when I remembered one of your old stories and decided that I was feeling a little naughty. I unrolled three nice-sized strips of toilet paper and placed them on my tile floor before getting into a comfortable squat above them. I barely needed to push before a fart gave way to the crackling that announced what turned out to be two long, thick turds that came perilously close to touching tile. I felt so much better as I set to the task of wiping. It only took three sheets before I felt clean and got up from my squat. I wrapped up my two logs in the toilet paper I'd set down and picked them up along with my used paper before dumping the whole mess into my toilet and giving it a flush. I'm still at zero clogs on the year so far! With that done I finished undressing and hopped in the shower.

Happy pooping to you and everyone else here!

weird guy

toilat paper

to Victoria
for me, the paper at my work is pretty rough. it's not quite see through, but it's very thin. I try not to take a dump at work unless absolutely necessary. a while back I was having to poop often at work, so I brought my own angel soft from home. the problem came when I forgot about some unused paper in my pockets of my work pants. when I washed the pants, the paper fell apart and made a huge mess. so I have relegated myself to hoping I don't have to dump at work too much


Toilets, history & my grandma

My grandma on my mom's side of the family is nearing 90. Although she doesn't visit us as much now due to her age, I remember several sessions with her when I was a young girl. When she was visiting us, she would invite me into the bathroom with her to keep her company. And many times when we were traveling or otherwise away from home, when I had to use a public bathroom she would come in and take the toilet next to me. When she needed to go, she would ask that I take the toilet next to hers. Often we would spend 15 or 20 minutes more than necessary after we got our business done continuing a conversation. She would call it giving her bowels a rest and sometimes start a second round of evacuation. I liked being called her co-pilot.

Among the things I learned from her was back when she was my age many of the toilet seats were made of wood. In the 1940s she went to a camp that previously had been used by the army. There was a lid over a toilet, you'd lift it, seat yourself very uncomfortably while fearing you might fall in, and let go of your waste. There would be rows of these toilets in a large room without any privacy partitions, or anything. As I got older I'd remember that when so many of my friends would complain about the many toilet cubicles without doors at my school. Then it didn't seem so bad. She also said girls were taught by their mothers that going to the bathroom was something you did before you left home. You didn't go to school early, hang out and do your morning motion there. The building would be locked until just before classes began and there wouldn't be enough time. I would think planning ahead like that all the time would really suck. Then at places like the movies and some other businesses you had to pay to use the toilet. There would be a vending machine-like thing on the door and by putting in a coin, she remembers 5 or 10 cents, you could pull a knob and with a click the door would open for you. She said a few girls just defied it and shoved themselves on their backs under the door and cheated.

She said there was a social disease scare in the 40s and 50s and her mother really got on her case about not sitting direct down on a toilet away from home. She said some of the largest stores had these white seat tissues in each toilet stall right above the toilet paper roll. I found it interesting that she too, just like me when I've seen those covers in places like Wal-Mart, found them hard to handle. She eventually gave up on using them because she could accidentally tear them when she moved her cheeks on the seat. We bonded well in talking about our bad experiences with them. She and I both remember a couple of bad accidents we had away from home. Once at school I forgot to check the seat. It was up and I fell right into the bowl. For her, it was at a train station and the seat had been busted off the back of the toilet. When she fell she hit her head on the concrete stall divider and was temporarily knocked out. A para-medic unit was called and it was the most embarrassing moment of her life.

Two years ago when grandma last visited us she came to the freshman play at my school. At intermission I helped her to the bathroom. She couldn't believe how nice the bathrooms were compared to those her generation grew up with. She liked the modern facilities, bright orange colors and great lighting. She checked out five toilets she was going to use and found each to be without toilet paper and with a clogged bowl of crap. The one she took she liked the comfort of the seat, a white seat that had a nice shine compared to the dirty black and gray seats of her youth. She found the faucets on the sinks more complex to use and got frustrated when the sensor on the paper towel machine wouldn't work.

Friday, March 08, 2019

weird guy

using the bathroom at a relatives house

anyone else out here have opinions on using the toilet at a relatives house whether for a dump or a piss. me personally, I try to hold off till I get to my own house. however, that's not always possible. in that case, I will try to be discreet. also, what do you think if someone has to use your bathroom. for me, I prefer they not take a dump, because my house is small and the smell fills up quick. when I take a dump I have to spray air freshener to keep it under control. thanks

Anatomy Student

To Bianca

I love talking with people while I or they poop. It's such a private moment because of social norms or whatever. It's kinda thrilling to reach that level of trust with someone. My discord # is 8226 if you ever wanted to listen in :)

Victoria B.

A Crime Against All Butts


I've written on here about how my disdain for the toilet paper in public bathrooms has gotten to the point where I now resort to bringing my own paper from home. Yesterday I forgot to do that and it was a mistake I won't be making again.

I was out doing some shopping yesterday afternoon when the need for a pee struck. I visited the one unisex bathroom in the store and did my business before checking my purse and taking in the bad news. I was going to have to wipe my vulva with toilet paper that upon unrolling turned out to be so thin that it was literally translucent. I could hold it up in front of my glasses and partially see the wall and sink through the paper! It took two handfuls just to get my front dry and I could only imagine what it did to the poor posteriors of people who sat down for number twos in this same bathroom!

What's the worst toilet paper you've ever had to use? Was it see-through bad?



Catholes for the wilderness guy

Something I have read but haven't had the occasion to try yet: Take the trowel, make sure the ground is soft enough but don't dig a hole. Take your dump, **then** dig a hole big enough for what you did and use a stick (not the trowel!) to knock it into the hole.

Obviously, not an option if you think what comes out won't be solid enough for that.

I made myself a diy version of those pee-while-standing devices recently, and I've been excited every time I feel the urge to go now! It took a few uses to get the hang of, but it's pretty easy for me to use now. I had wanted to put it to the test tonight by letting it fly off my porch, but it's so cold the urge left me the moment i went outside. Instead I decided to just piss into a glass, and honestly being able to hit a target consistently made me giddy!



Hi, im new here.
I have a story, at my work (hospital) there are lots of woman working there and i work in the administration office, and there are mostly all ladys working there. One day i had to go to bathroom (very small toilet room)and when i open the door. Guess what, my suprise Yepp there sat Anna and she was pooping, and i was ashamed and sad to her oh excuse me! Oh she said, i must have forgotten to lock the door, but hey it fells like we are a family anyway, yeah i said back and left. That made me curious about pooping. To "Bianca" Yes i started to like to listen to pooping and watching also. May sounds odd but that i think it's pretty more open now, and for 10 years ago. Kindes Carl.


My gushing pee

For Kennard's birthday, I got us two tickets to his favorite band's concert. It was on a school night so I checked with his parents to make sure they would let him go. School got out and our routine was pretty routine. Kennard hurriedly walked about 6 blocks to his house where he took his daily crap which he had been holding for most of the day. Ironically, I stayed at school for a short club meeting and then I went in for my second crap of the day. There's something about Mexican food that gives me gas and causes me to crap. The graffiti on the inside of my stall's door was very graphic and interesting. So much so that I used my phone to shoot and show it to Kennard.

Those toilets are pretty dirty at that time of day, but I just sat and relaxed for about 10 minutes after I finished until Kennard texted me from the trans stop outside the school. I had to wipe a bit more aggressively to fully clean myself, something that took me back a few years ago to a woodworking project Kennard did that required us to use a lot of sandpaper and to really bare down. I got outside just as our trans was arriving. Kennard hadn't changed his clothes or anything and I tried to tactfully tell him he could have used the guys bathroom and had the same result without walking almost a mile, crapping and then hurrying back. Sometimes I think I'm making progress with him, but othertimes I don't know.

The stop and go on the trans was worse than usual and we got to the arena with only about a half hour to spare. Security was slower than usual and a lot of people were getting busted for what they were carrying in. I needed to pee and it was getting worse every minute. And ahead of us at the checkpoint it seemed like argument after argument was taking place. Finally we were cleared and I told Kennard to wait on a bench while I ran around some people jamming the hall to the bathrooms. There was conversation on top of conversation going on in the aisle as the burning between my legs was getting worse and worse. It took me 15 minutes of anguish just to make it into the bathroom and the jam up was even worse in there. Two girls were having an argument about propping themselves up onto one of the hand-washing basins for a fast pee. Another girl had her phone out and said the picture would go viral.

That's when I knew my time was limited to just a couple of minutes. Doors were opening and with bumping and a couple of near fights, the door would close within a couple of seconds and another person would throw themselves onto the toilet. A few of those waiting were banging on doors and saying some really nasty things. Although I was getting a bit closer, I could feel trickles of pee in my blue underwear and I was getting worried because of the new jeans I was wearing. They were the nicest, tightest, and showed off my figure better than anything I had ever owned. When we were alone, Kennard would stare at them for the longest time. I loved that but now I couldn't stop the water spot that was forming and the pee that was running down my leg, into my socks and soft shoes. And what a bad decision it was for me to have worn my newest and most expensive least-restrictive underwear.

It seemed like a half hour, but I suspect it was less that I stood peeing myself and couldn't do anything about it. And for a couple of minutes as I got closer to a toilet I no longer cared. I knew my thong and most of my jeans were drenched and the warm flow on my inner-legs was continuing. Finally, I was rescued. A door opened, a woman walked out and said 'All yours...' She seemed surprised when I started to cry and latched the door. I tore at my clothing, dropped it to the floor, and seated myself on the warm toilet. The lighting wasn't the brightest and my battery was almost dead when I texted Kennard with the bad news. Surprisingly, he was more alert than me when he asked if I had enough toilet paper. I looked to my left. No roll but rather those cut squares stacked on top of one another. I knew I would use them all and I did while Kennard waited outside. I took off my thong, and while I sat I used both hands and a great grip to wring it out before I placed it in my handbag. My jeans seemed to be wetter on the left side, but there was nothing I could do but to pull them up to cover my exposed mid-area. They felt so coarse without my underwear to protect me. But that was the best I could do. I washed my hands doubly good and then Kennard and I got our seats.

I was a nightmare I never woke up from.I felt so helpless with that gushing pee.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019


First poop in my new place

I moved into my new place yesterday! I didn't need (and couldn't afford) the rent of a full house so I've moved into a little flat/apartment instead and to be honest, I actually prefer it. The whole place is really nice but there's one room I like more than the others; my bathroom. It was being renovated just before I moved in and I was given the option of changing things if I wanted to, within reason of course. So I requested a curved toilet seat! I have one at work and love it but didn't have one at my house so it was a must for me.

Today I woke up about 9am and began my usual morning routine. I made myself a mug of coffee and some pancakes and sat down at the table, taking my time to enjoy them while checking up on the news. By the time I had finished the news, the coffee had made it's way through my system and I was feeling ready to empty both ends. It was time for my first poop in my new home.

I walked to the bathroom, leaving the door open so I could hear my music and pulled my pajama shorts down to my calves as I sat on the toilet. I opened the window next to the toilet and enjoyed the 30th floor view while I waited for nature to take its course. After about a minute I quietly farted and was opened wide by my poop slowly inching out of me and I began a strong hissing stream. It was so enjoyable to completely relax and empty both ends at the same time, twice the relief. My poop broke off but I stayed open by the remainder working its way out and once that fell into the bowl I waited for my wee to finish.

Once I was satisfied I was empty I reeled off some toilet paper and began wiping my behind, needing four pieces in total and I used one more piece for my front. I stood up, happy with the two long longs floating in some dark yellow water and flushed, pleased that it all went down. I then fully undressed and had a hot shower before continuing with my day. I think I'm going to really enjoy it here.

I made myself a diy version of those pee-while-standing devices recently, and I've been excited every time I feel the urge to go now! It took a few uses to get the hang of, but it's pretty easy for me to use now. I had wanted to put it to the test tonight by letting it fly off my porch, but it's so cold the urge left me the moment i went outside. Instead I decided to just piss into a glass, and honestly being able to hit a target consistently made me giddy!

weird guy

interrupted bath

hey, all. so today was a lazy Sunday with snow falling. so I decided to take a warm bath. all was well until about 15 minutes in, I felt stomach pains. I figured farting would not be a safe bet, so I hopped out of the tub and sat on the toilet naked. I didn't bother to dry off totally, so it was a weird feeling to sit there with no clothes on and still wet. anyway, I dropped some turds and felt much better. then I wiped, flushed, and got back in the tub to finish my bath. thanks


Accident at the hospital

Hello, my name is Deb and I have posted a few times here before.

My good friend went into the hospital for an emergency procedure a few days ago. She's single and doesn't have much family nearby to visit her.

She texted me yesterday, which was Saturday, and asked me when I was coming by to visit her. She told me that her period had started and that she had to use a hospital grade maxi pad that they gave her. I stopped by her place to get her some fresh clothes including panties and pads.

I made my way to the hospital yesterday morning after I stopped at her place. As I was driving my ???? started feeling off. I was having some really bad cramps and knew that I had to get to a washroom rather quickly. I had a hard time finding a place to park and was getting really nervous about having another pooping accident in my pants. I finally found a parking spot. As I got out of my car a bad cramp hit me and I involuntarily let out a bit of diarrhea into my pink bikini panties. I let out a moan as it happened and clamped my butt cheeks as tightly as I could. I grabbed my friends' bag and shuffled to the elevator.

I got into the hospital and was heading to the ladies' room but I was too late. The diarrhea started shooting out of me uncontrollably, filling up my panties quite quickly. I decided to continue to find my friends' room with this huge load swishing around my panties. It was terrible.

I got to her room and started crying. She asked me what was wrong and I had to tell her that I had gotten sick in my pants. She was in need of changing her pad so she went to the washroom and got herself sorted out. Her panties were stained with dried period blood. I had packed about five pairs of panties for her, so she was nice enough to offer me a pair to change into. So I got myself cleaned up as changed in the washroom in her room.

I stayed with her for a while before heading home. My ???? was still not feeling well and I wanted to get home before I pooped my pants again. Unfortunately I didn't make it and messed myself quite badly in my car.

I decided to buy my friend some new panties to replace the ones that I made a mess of.

That's all for now.

Thank you.


pete the poop

reply to Bianca

Hi Bianca

I love to hear live poops but apart from men in the men's room I rarely get the chance to in public. I've sometimes found some online. Who do you normally listen to is it your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Victoria B.

Order of operations


I was at a coffee shop on campus last Friday to do some grading. It's the most tedious part of my assistantship but I couldn't afford grad school without my scholarships and stipend and that makes it a little easier to keep things in perspective. Anyway, I was drinking my chai latte and grading these papers when I felt warmth and fullness at the bottom of my belly and decided it was time for a poop. I didn't go before I left my apartment that morning and needing to go before noon that day made me happy to stay on schedule!

This particular coffee shop had two unisex bathrooms across the same hallway that led to a door marked "Employees only." I knocked on one and got a shout of "Occupied!" (thankfully it wasn't drunk me asking for the password again!) before trying the second one and it was wide open and available. I made sure to lock the door as I took a look around at the décor. It was neutral tile, pretty standard stuff for a coffee shop bathroom. There was no urinal; just a standard stool of the sit-down variety, albeit one with a nice cheek-cupping contoured seat.

After setting my purse down on the handicapped rails I pulled my black skinny jeans and hot pink thong down to my ankles before doing a ritual I haven't talked about here before. I give my butt an affectionate pat before every number two to try and encourage it to be productive. Does it do anything tangible? Probably not. Does it help put me at ease with my body and its functions? Yes it does.

I sat down after my pat and got my buns comfortable on the seat before my first log made its debut. It crackled its way out and landed, giving me a nice splash on my right cheek. As though the coffee hadn't woken me up already! It was only the tip of the iceberg (pooberg?) as my bumhole opened again and unleashed a ten-second torrent of brown mushy stuff. It was like getting everything out in a single push and the contented sigh I let out was good evidence of how there for it I was.

I got my purse from the handicapped rail and unzipped it to grab some of the toilet paper I carry and then proceeded to wipe my behind. It took three or four passes before it came back clean and I was just about to get into my normal flushing ritual when my bladder released! The chai latte finally caught my front up with the rear and I let out a brief, hissing pee before wiping that side too.

I closed my eyes and reminded myself that the past was already done and that it was time to release and move on. With my eyes still closed I reached behind me and pushed the flusher down, imagining anxieties and insecurities being sucked down the drain with the same force as everything else in the bowl. It all went down and I opened my eyes before standing up, getting dressed, and washing my hands before I returned to work and what ended up as a great day!

Happy pooping!

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