It Wasn't Me!

There's been three times recently where I've gotten snotty comments at school for something I haven't done. See, our bathrooms are really busy, especially during lunch hour and between classes. I don't know if it is because of the extreme cold weather and snow or what, but a lot of my friends and me are now peeing two or three more times a day during school hours. Four-hour Saturday detention halls are given for each set of three tardies to class.

Since I haven't been wearing a dress as much, I've been trying to avoid using the toilets without a stall door. But they are growing in number. So when I get to the front of a line and a door opens and a person walks out, I make sure I take advantage of the privacy. Often that means no toilet paper left and piss of various amounts left for the next user on the seat. I've learned, with some pain to become a better hoverer. I drop my jeans to just above knee level and in my squat I keep my butt about a half inch off the seat when I do a rather fast pee. This works well for me, especially since a few of those before me have splashed the seat. The problem is when I'm done in like 30-seconds, yank my clothing back up and stiff arm the flusher, the previous user's wet seat is then blamed on me.

So as I leave the stall and the next user sees the wet seat, I'm getting the blame for what they think I'm leaving behind. Some of the things being said, especially by the older students, are so unfair. One of the things was so bad that I would not even want to repeat to an administrator. One girl, who I've never had trouble with before, almost ran head-on into me as I was leaving the bathroom and said to her friend "Well, Ronette's beaten us to the bathroom again and left her urine behind." Then they both laughed.

How can I convince them it wasn't me?

Monday, March 04, 2019


Live Poop

Hey everybody. Once while online, I listened to people taking a dump on video. I didn't hear splashing, but one guy (from what I could tell) strained a bit while talking. Does anyone else like to watch, or listen to live dumps? I heard them before too, and even believe there was a crackly one. I have a special recording that's audio only, but it doesn't involve poop. Instead, it's like a scrap book of special sounds from Chris Cole. In particular, I recorded the keyboard, and the door announcements from the main elevator. To Weird Guy, that's interesting to discover your poop curling, and tickling your butt on the way out. I've used wipes for a messy dump before. The most interesting and weirdest experience I've had is a vaginal fart. Air gets trapped in that area, and escapes (something like that). Once yesterday I had to poop moments after peeing. There was some slight gas, and it was another chunky one.

Has anyone here ever flushed a dirty diaper down the toilet?

End Stall Em

Survey: What causes you to reject a public toilet?

What causes you to reject a public toilet?

I go to college and work at the customer service kiosk at a regional mall. In public places, just like schools and arenas, etc., I've seen women look into every vacant stall to size up their options in big bathrooms before deciding on the toilet they will use. We've also seen others in a hurry that dash into the first stall they see, even if its dirty or in otherwise bad shape, just to get their need met. So I've composed the following survey.

1 Describe the last time you "held it in" rather than using a public toilet. Why?

2 Did you find another toilet away from home to use or did you fully hold it until you got home?

3 Did traffic or crowds cause you to partially rethink your decision?

4 Did anyone remark about your desperation as you ran for the toilet at home?

5 What was your reply?

6 When you were young, did a parent under-react or overreact when you were away from home and said you were about to have an accident?

7 What happened?

I'll get started.

1. Just recently when I got off work at the mall. On the way to the far parking lot I stopped in the basement ladies room for a quick pee.
The stench was horrid. Someone had hurled all over one of the middle toilets and there were tracks all the way to the entrance that I almost stepped in.

2. Since Spencer and I had plans for the evening, I had to get home ASAP but I stopped for gas about 10 minutes later. I took my piss there and none to soon because I was hurting. I saw some piss on the seat but didn't have time to do anything about it since I was bursting and the TP roll apparently had been used up or stolen.

3. It got worse when I was in traffic barely moving driving Spencer's truck and all the coffee and soda I had drank earlier in the day was now starting to work my bowels after two days. Of course, then I remembered the laxative I had taken with my headache meds that morning. While in traffic I saw a sign for a self-service laundry and in the five minutes it took me to get into the turn lane and around the block my laxative was working in overdrive. I parked in a service alley and ran into the building. Both bathroom doors were open at the far end of the building near the driers. Heading into the ladies one-toilet closet I pulled the overhead light chain. It flickered then went out. I could smell and tell the crap in the toilet was beyond that which would flush. So I ducked into the guys' toilet nearby. The light worked. The bowl was pretty clean. I quickly dropped the stained wooden seat. Luckily my belt and jeans buttons cooperated because the splashes into the toilet started a few seconds before my butt connected with the seat.

4. I texted Spencer from my seat knowing that I had a messy wiping job ahead of me. He made fun of me for needing two pit stops. I told him to F-off and that he was lucky because the front seat of his precious $50,000 truck was still clean.

5. See 4 above.

6. When I was about 4 or 5 my dad would under-react until he had to use the bathroom, then he would take me into the men's room. My mom would overreact and say that in the future bodily needs should be planned out ahead of time. I knew what question she would be asking before we went downstairs to the car.


Reply & Desperate Sneaky Pee

First, a thank you to Bianca for her comment. Sheila looked really desperate so it was only natural for me to help her out.

I agree that my apartment's walls seem to be an extreme case. It's probably one of the reasons why the place is as cheap as it is. That said, many old houses have thin walls over here. I think I haven't mentioned it yet, but I'm from Germany, and we still have a lot of houses that were build fast and cheap after the end of world war 2. Back when I was in highschool, a friend of mine once managed to literally punch a hole into a wall at his home in a fit of rage - I thought it was amazing, his parents did not...

Now, here's another small story for you guys and girls

On Friday, I went for a big shopping trip (I love stocking up on stuff). After visiting various shops and filling two large bags with different goods, I was finally ready to head back. I felt an urge to pee, but thought I could hold it until I was home, so I made my way to the tram stop and got on. Then, two stops from my destination, all passengers were told to get off since the road ahead was blocked by an accident, meaning the tram was stuck at this stop. So I got out and started walking back home instead (it was about 8-10 minutes on foot from there).

My urge to pee was only getting worse though. I soon started sweating trying to hold it and there wasn't a public bathroom anywhere nearby. I was passing by a large construction site and noticed no one was working there, probably because it had rained all morning. I hesitated for a moment, looked around nervously, then walked onto the large plot. There was a row of porta potties and I hoped one might be open, but they were all padlocked.

I could barely hold on by this point so I waddled over to one of those large dump trucks for cover and set down my shopping bags. I quickly unzipped my fly and took my penis out. I didn't even get to aim before I started peeing like a fire hose. It felt so good to let it all out and my stream just went on and on, drenching the truck's big tire and making a new puddle on the ground below it. I'm not sure, but I think I peed for almost half a minute. When the last drops dribbled onto the ground I gave my penis a quick shake before zipping back and leaving the scene with my shopping bags.

That's all. Best wishes from Germany


Embarrassing IBS Situation Caused by the Masked Singer

So this happen last week and was the latest embarrassing situation my IBS got me into.

First though a little background. So I live in a very small one bedroom apartment with my girlfriend Sofia. We don't need a ton of room and it's cheaper rent. With that benefit also comes some sacrifice though. We only have one bathroom which means we are not that shy about our bathroom habits. We both are very gassy in general especially with me having IBS so we have an understanding that if one of us needs to fart we just let loose even if the other is near by. We could excuse ourselves to the bathroom but the other would hear it anyway in the small space. We are use to it now even though some nights in our bed at night especially after we eat something like Mexican food it sounds like machine guns and trumpet sounds from under our covers. We usually laugh it off but we regularly have to pull the covers up and down to air out.

Occasionally when my IBS gets really bad in the mornings I have to take a really thunderous gassy 15-20 minute dump while Sofia is still getting ready for work at the sink. She still giggles and light heartedly makes fun every time I come to the bathroom clutching my stomach ready to explode but it isn't as embarrassing as when we first lived together. She is very understanding of my IBS and doesn't mind finishing her hair and makeup while I unload although she still laughs every time a thunderously huge fart explodes out of me while I'm on the toilet and regularly jokes that some day I'm going to blast myself through the ceiling.

Anyway that is just some background on our relationship so I could tell this story. Sofia is obsessed with that new Masked Singer show and had three friends over to watch the latest episode. Sofia is latino and very attractive and her three best friends are also ridiculously attractive. One is her cousin Maria and the other two are her friends from work, Jessica and Emily.

I'm not a fan of the Masked Singer so I was in the bedroom finishing up some work on the laptop. While working I suddenly felt a huge grip on my insides in my lower stomach and I really had to take a dump. I had been really gassy all day but couldn't fart at all and now I felt like I was going to explode which was the worst possible timing because the girls were just in the next room. Now even though I wasn't embarrassed as much in front of Sofia I had never had an IBS attack while we had company over. I thought about going down to a coffee shop and using the bathroom there but I knew I wouldn't make it. Unfortunately I knew I was going to have to use our bathroom which is right next to the living room within earshot of the girls watching their show.

Now Sofia's cousin Maria knew about my IBS because we once took a road trip with her and my stomach was doing somersaults trying to not fart in the car. Eventually I let Sofia know and we pulled to the side of the road while I got out and started blasting huge held in farts that I'm sure they could hear in the car while Sofia explained to Maria about my IBS. Maria was very nice and understanding but it was still very embarrassing.

So back to the main story I'm pretty sure Sofia's other friends Emily and Jessica didn't know about my IBS. I thought about turning on the shower to help muffle the embarrassing sounds but I knew it wouldn't do much good because when I first moved in with Sofia I tried that and she jokingly told me as I came out of the bathroom that she could hear every fart that exploded out of me.

Anyway I got into the bathroom which is in a small hallway(leading from the front door) between the bedroom and the living room which is conjoined with the kitchen. I had hoped they had the TV volume up but I knew that was a foolish hope because we always kept it low so we wouldn't get fined for any noise complaints.

I got in the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. After a short hesitation I let loose with a huge six second loud fart and followed that up with another. I turned beet red from embarrassment when I heard nervous laughter from the girls who could obviously hear me blowing up the toilet. I'd sat in the living room enough times to hear Sofia blow up and blast gas into the toilet to know just how clearly the girls could hear me at that moment.

I heard Sofia let Emily and Jessica know that I had IBS and wasn't trying to be rude and I heard Jessica say "Aww poor thing."

I continued to unload and constantly blow huge gassy farts into the toilet for the next five minutes while the girls tried their hardest to ignore it. I was finally done and after I flushed twice and washed my hands I exited the bathroom and I heard Sofia call out to me "Hey you okay babe!?". I looked around the corner with my face still beet red and said I was fine and went back to the bedroom.

Later that night we laid in bed while Sofia rubbed my stomach which she usually does after I have a bad IBS attack. I would say she does it to mostly comfort me but it is more of a massaging technique to help get trapped gas out so that I don't pass huge farts all night under the covers keeping us awake.

She assured me that her friends were not offended and that they understood. I said okay still a little embarrassed right before I shifted in the bed and turned to my side with my butt aimed away from Sofia blasting a huge 8 second long fart. Sofia waved her hand in from of her face while giggling and asking if I got it all out.


Guys' Wiping Techniques

As I have mentioned before, I work at a large university and I am able to observe the different wiping techniques of the guys. By looking at how they move their legs and watching the shadows, you can tell if they wipe from behind, from front, sitting or standing.

I'd say that 80% sit while wiping, and 20% stand. I have never understood standing because it would seem to me that once you stand with a dirty butt, it would get all squashed together and it would be harder to wipe. But to each his own I guess.

Of the 80% who sit, I'd say that 30% wipe between their legs and the other 70% wipe from behind. I have tried wiping from the front, and it is for me rather awkward. But it's more common than I thought. For those who wipe from behind, the guys usually lean forward, move their right leg back (if they're right handed, which most are), and then reach behind.

Some other notable wiping habits: about half "double dip," meaning that they wipe, fold the paper, and then wipe again. I personally do this after the first couple of messy wipes. The thoroughness of wiping is variable. I've heard (and smelled) guys taking messy loose dumps and then wiping once or twice. You just know that they're still dirty. On the other hand, some guys wipe obsessively, really trying to get clean. One guy in particular who is often in the restroom during my usual 10 AM bathroom break uses a "sandpaper" motion. He goes back and forth about twenty times, really working the paper on his hole. A couple of times I've witnessed guys reach into their backpacks and take out what I believe are wet wipes. You can hear them open a package and take out a wet wipe and finish the job. This must mean a very clean hole.

I'm sure that most people don't give wiping much thought and assume that everyone does it the way that they do. It's a very private and intimate act.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Katie Kool great story I bet you felt good after that big poop.

To: Abbie great story about your big poop.

To: Rick it sounds like Sheila really had to poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Using a sandbox for the weekend retreat, pt. 2

Kate woke up the next morning in the treehouse to find Carrie missing. She also needed to pee badly, so she went outside and down the ladder. She found Carrie sitting on a plastic picnic chair over the sandbox, with her pajama bottoms at her ankles, her bare bottom on the seat. She was holding a small book and reading it, and didn't notice Kate immediately.

As Kate watched, Carrie farted and grunted as a large turd dropped into a hole dug under the chair; clearly it had a hole cut into it. A stream of pee followed and Carrie sighed as her bladder emptied. By this point, Kate was nearly peeing in her pants. She dashed over to Carrie, who looked up from her book and smiled. "Hi, Kate! Look, I made a toilet out of an old chair from our shed."

Kate grabbed the nearby spade and hurriedly dug her own hole, before dropping her pants and squatting over it. Her breath rushed out in a moan of relief as she started peeing. A sudden, long, low fart made her giggle and Carrie joined in. Then their laughter increased as Carrie let out a loud fart of her own as she grunted out another long turd, which dropped into the hole with a thud.

Carried farted again after dropping another turd. Kate pushed experimentally and felt something move in her gut. She grunted, pushing harder, and felt her bottom slowly open up to expel a short turd, which fell into her own toilet pit with a small thud. Another, high-pitched fart blew out of her bottom. She pushed again, grunting louder but not embarrassed as it was just the two of them (and Carrie had already been farting quite a lot), and groaned as she slowly pushed out a long, thick turd, which fell in with a heavy thud. She sighed in relief and caught her breath.

Another push merely expelled a soft fart and nothing else. Done, Kate borrowed some toilet paper and wiped herself, dropping the dirty paper in the hole before covering it up and standing to pull up her clothes. Then she sat down against a nearby tree to wait for Carrie to finish her own poop (marveling aloud at how long it could take her, and Carrie agreed, laughing).

Carrie started to grunt again, straining quite hard this time, and, over the course of several minutes, slowly cranked out a long, very thick turd that dropped into the pit beneath her with a heavy thud. She sighed in relief and sat there, breathing hard. A fart buzzed out and Kate giggled.

Carrie pushed hard again for several seconds, but sighed and put down her book. "I'm finally done," she announced. She grabbed the toilet paper and wiped herself, dropping the paper down into the hole when she was finished. She then stood and moved the plastic chair aside so she could push dirt into the hole over her massive dump. Then she pulled up her pants. After again marking the used potty spots with sticks, she and Kate returned to the treehouse for the day.



To Paul: Ah the age old question. With most things, i'm in the grey area and this is no different. I can wear both and be comfortable. But i find boxers to be best in most scenarios. They feel less restricting. But on cold days or on days i know i'll be doing a lot of moving, i'll go with boxer briefs. It's more about the scenario i plan to be in. And accidents... well yeah messing yourself tends to be less of a hassle when briefs are in play i guess. and having used my pants while wearing boxers... oh god it's much harder to hide, and to clean up.

Saturday, March 02, 2019

The cricket guy

Stuck in a tent

Hi everyone, I have been reading posts on this site for a while but have never actually posted anything, and now I thought would be a good time to put that fact right. So let's get straight in to my first story.
So I was on an expedition training weekend with my school in the Lake District last October. It was minus 2 one night as we went to bed in our tents at about 11 o'clock. For dinner we had eaten a lot of pasta and also drunk a lot. I had a short tinkle before I went to sleep, and hoped I didn't need to go in the night. At about 1 in the morning, I woke up with a strong urge to use the bathroom. I thought that I could hold it at that point, so went back to sleep. About half and hour later, I woke up again, but this time I knew I couldn't hold it much longer. So being as quiet as possible, I managed to get dressed In my sleeping bag while squirming around as I was so desperate. Overall I think this must have taken 15 mins, but luckily I did not wake anyone up.

Next I had to put socks and walking boots on while couped up in a cramped tent. I am six foot so a two person rant is tiny for me. Five minutes later I was out of my tent with a torch. I started urgently waddling towards my teachers rant to grab the toilet trowel, while grabbing onto my behind and front of my privates. Two minutes later I got the trowel and had to carefully pick my way up the hillside to a secluded area away from camp. Then I started to try and dig a hole to poop into. I got about halfway there, but all that squatting made me leak into my pants a little so I stood up carefully turned downhill, unzipped my trousers, and let out a torrent of per that must have lasted nearly a minute.

During this ordeal I had struggled successfully to not drop a log into my pants, so it was time to finish my hole before I dropped one. This room about five minutes due to the frozen ground, but when I was finally done, I dropped 3 logs about 8 inches long each, covered the hole up and returned the trowel and then went back to sleep and no one ever knew.
I will post more in the future if people enjoy this post so have fun and I like reading other people's so please keep poating


Incontinence Undies and a Hard Motion also Bladder Spasms

It has happened a few times that I have had a stubborn turd and rather than sit on the toilet straining...I get off the pot and walk around the house pushing....I also favour a low squat position and hold onto the side of the path and makes it easier to come out and as the stool is hard it just gathers in the undies. I find it best to have the complete motion in a squatted position and then at the end drop the poo in the toilet and should give it a try !
This week I had a few hours of having to run to the toilet for a wee, however, I lost a bit before I got to the toilet and even after voiding I had quite some post wee dribble. Incontinence Undies took care of that...if I had normal undies I would have been a soggy story>


More Comments

To Rick: wow your apartment walls are thin! That was nice of you to let Sheila use your bathroom. Boy judging by the sounds of it, she had to poop a lot. I used to live in an attic apartment as a child, but don't recall bathroom noises from my neighbors. It was a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom kind of place. The toilet was next to the sink if I recall right, but the bathtub was in a room called a shower room. I also think the kitchen was small, with a window over the counter that allowed you to look in the dining area. My bedroom was on the right when you walked through the apartment into the hall, and Mom's was also on the right further down with the open kitchen just before the door to the living room. Here's an interesting ending to this post. While watching a documentary about the World Trade Center attacks, some guys broke through a wall outside the elevator, and ended up in a bathroom. All I can say is that it sounded big. I have no doubt that place had a ton of bathrooms with lots of sinks, and toilets.

weird guy

messy dump

this morning I had a really messy poop. it took two wet wipes and 4 wipes with regular paper to get some semblance of clean. luckily I was hopping in the shower after my dump anyway before heading to work. I also felt some of my turds start to curl up on the way out and tickle my but a little. anyone else ever have this happen? thanks

Paul S.

To Icy;

Icy, I too sometimes Poop in my pants. I wear Briefs. I was just wondering isn't that easier than wearing Boxers? I never have pooped in Boxers, but I would think that it would slide down my leg. Also, the times that I have pooped on myself in public. What do you think people were thinking? Sympathy, Disgust, thought it was funny? Just wondering.

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