After school waiting for a parent ride

In the late '80s and early '90s I sometimes had to wait as long as 2 or 3 hours after school for a parent to pick me up. Mom drilled it into me that it was a fact of life and I kinda did. But I was 11 or 12 and had just started middle school, and the bathrooms were gross after several hours of use and I tried to hold off using them by carefully watching for mom to swing into the parking lot. Now its become an almost daily complaint of my Darcee, a 4th grader. Since I sell media advertising my schedule is a little different each day and a last-minute late-day meeting for a $10k contract is sometimes necessary. But Darcee's been having more and more complaints about hanging back at school. She gets her homework done and sometimes gets to help in the library, but she absolutely hates using those bathrooms. One afternoon last week I snapped when she complained about holding her crap for five hours since lunch.

I didn't want her accident chance to hang over me since I was low on gas and also needed to stop at the drycleaners. Since the doors were still open due to something in the gym, I led her back in, right into the first restroom, pointed to her toilet and I took the one next to her. I had chosen the only 2 toilets in the room with doors. Amazingly her crap and my pee started within seconds of one another. I was surprised by how much crap she had been holding while my pee only went about 20 seconds. Then she started arguing again that I wasn't being fair and didn't understand her needs. That caused me to snap. As we sat I told her about my most embarrassing story of my early years.

During my first month of middle school I was in a situation almost like hers. I lived 31/2 miles from school and was dependent on my parents who that year could not afford to pay school bus fare. This was before email and texting and I had no idea when the Ford Granada would swing into the parking lot. Three of my friends and I really liked this guy Price. He was on the football team, really smart and the Fabio of our generation. I was planning to invite him to my birthday party the following month. So at about 4:30 I couldn't take the pain in my bowels anymore so I hurried to the bathroom. I checked each of the four toilets that had doors. One had splashes on the seat and the other's bowl was clogged with black and brown crap. At the other end of the row there was another clogged toilet with water all over in front of it. The one next to it had a Subway container floating into the bowl. So I knew my butt was headed for the middle toilet that didn't have a door.

I backed up to it. I dropped my black jeans to my shoes and my faded pink Disney underwear was a mid-leg. I don't know why I was surprised but the seat was a bit cold, because it hadn't been used for awhile. By doing my crap, I was hopeful that I wasn't going to miss Price walking down the hall because he was very friendly and seemed interested in me. Then I started to hear a squeaky cleaning cart that I had often seen being shoved down the hall by PJ, a janitor who was really nice and called all us girls Peaches. He had worked there for years and years, but I instantly feared him coming in and seeing me on the toilet and especially with no privacy door. I was nearing an OMG moment as the cart came nearer. Then it stopped and I heard footsteps.

As I sat halfway panicking and doing an extra-effort push on the big one, a lady in a blue janitor's uniform walked up, took two scans, one of me seated and really scared for my privacy and another at my empty toilet paper roll that I hadn't noticed. She reached for the cart, got a full roll and leaned over me to install it on the holder. As she did her lanyard was just an inch from my face and I couldn't believe the name that was on it. It was Price's mom and she was seeing me this way! She knew me and said her son talked about me as the nicest girl in the class. I thanked her 2 or 3 times, awkward I know, because I was like maximum embarrassed. I asked that she not tell Price about her meeting me and she agreed to it. Price and I became better friends and sometimes studied together. He came to my party, also.

I found leveling with Darcee gave me important cred. She got rid of her hostility and she seems to have a much better attitude toward being more adaptable.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Funny situation yesterday

Hi again and sorry for the lack of post recently. It's been fairly boring on the toilet front so there's not much to write about. Yesterday, however I was in a funny situation that I thought you'd all find funny. I was taking a smelly wet poo at the gym. I was in one cubicle and the other was empty. After I was empty, I stood up and reached towards the toilet roll holder. Only, it was empty! Rookie error, I hadn't checked before I started.

I thought about it for a brief moment, and then decided I would just waddle to the next cubicle with my shorts and boxers round my ankles. I unlocked the door and shuffled out. As soon as I did so, there was a guy I knew stood at the sinks who looked right at me in the mirror. He's a guy I get on really well with. "Hello!" he said. I stood there and shrugged my shoulders "No paper!" and he immediately stared down at my manhood and nodded approvingly. I am well endowed so I wasn't ashamed. I nipped into the next cubicle and grabbed a load of paper and returned to my cubicle to wipe.

I finished up and saw my mate at the lockers. He made comment "Quite a size there mate!" I suppose I should be quite proud!

Pete the poop

response to Victoria and sea front dump


Victoria. It was lucky you had finished otherwise you might have been mid dump when you were called. I've had that happen before a few times

Also I'd been out to a dancing comp this week and there were huge lines for the ladies almost all the time. It can be awkward because you need to wait for your dances or callbacks so often holding a pee and plenty of nervous stomachs too. I had a big dump at the hotel beforehand but there was still plenty of no 2 action in the gents

We came back today and whilst in the seafront arcade trying to win some money I had a sudden urgent urge for a poo. After we had played we carried along the sea front and I told my wife I needed the loo. They were all unisex apart from the mens only urinals (in separate cubicles). I hurried to get my pants down and had a much needed dump. It flew out very quickly. Luckily I was just in time. I had a messy wipe and wanted to flush but I couldn't find the flusher (honest truth). I ended up just leaving and the cleaner had arrived to service them.



Hi again folks. Today was a gross day concerning poop, because some of it was gassy, and I dropped a load. My poop this morning was a bit chunky. Later while enjoying the somewhat bassy quality of my new speaker while jamming to instrumental Bluegrass, I blew some disgusting gas in my room. Eventually as it got nastier I decided to go for a poo. This poo was chunky too, and even seemed to smell a little worse. In the evening before brushing my teeth, I did a slower poop with a lighter fecal aroma. This was a poo session in which I kept on feeling a little like I had to do more when I thought I was finished. It was like a faster version of one of the poops I did when I was younger.


Toilet habits questioned

My boyfriend and I went out the other evening for dinner and some drinks to celebrate both his and my birthdays. How strange it is that both he and I have the same birthday and we're both the same age. 34. What are the chances of that, I ask? So we were driving back to Bennett's apartment when he apologized for becoming increasingly distressed with a crap coming on. So much so he angled into a park and drove as close to a bathroom building as he could. To make him feel better I told him the liquor was going through me too so we both entered our respective sides of the bathroom. Hearing his seat drop and a real ostentatious blast of gas following it, I felt better for him. As for me, I stayed on the faded white seat for about 15 seconds longer than the 30 seconds I needed because I found it intriguing to what was happening with Bennett.
Then came his shout "I need some G**damn toilet paper."

I did my usual fast wipe, I had to put three times my right arm's weight on the flusher to get it to take. That was fine because I was thinking how I was going to handle Bennett, whom I've been dating for about seven months. You see he gave me crap a couple of weeks earlier when we were traveling and I had to practically beg him to stop at a rest area so I could take my crap. His phone battery was down and he came into the bathroom to get mine and made a big deal about me being seated on toilet paper instead of butt-down on the seat. He teased me about taking the toilet paper for the next three or four users and wasting it for a frivolous cause. I told him I could guarantee never to be caught with my pants down in public without knowing where my toilet paper to wipe with was coming from. Of course he didn't like that because he knew I was right. As our discussion developed more he teased me that he had never known a woman that was inconsistent with toilet habits more than me. I will sit butt-on-seat on a public toilet if I'm just going to piss because that's for at the most 30 to 40 seconds; I cover the seat to poop because it might take me 10 to 15 minutes to get done. He likes to use logic on me and says there's no logic to that. Well it's just me!

I moved as slowly as I could in washing my hands and even checked my make-up in the mirror as Bennett continued to shout out for me. When I yelled to him that I didn't think there was enough left on my roll, he let out an F-bomb. I took all but one or two pieces off the paper roll and walked in and said "Sorry hun!" He stood, got up and showed me how he half filled the bowl. I admit, it was impressive. As I backed away he was getting madder. I counted to five and then surprised him with the stash that I had hid in my back pocket. We did a quick kiss before I walked out as he was doing his cleaning. We annoy each other but he's a keeper.


Not the first (to Bianca)

Someone asked if it was my only accident and no no no. That's funny to me. They're a common occurrence for me. Especially growing up but even now, I've noticed I wait too long and it happens at least once a month. My last messing accident was back in December about a week before Christmas. I had decided to take a walk in the park because I had a whole day to kill, and love winter. Wanted to get out and enjoy it you know? Wasn't too cold or too much snow on the ground so I googled the map of the park so I knew what was what. I'd been there a lot but I never rly noticed what building was the bathrooms. So I emptied my bladder at home and took a drive. Wearing a winter coat, scarf, boxer briefs, some black sweatpants (they were tight and warm as heck), and finally some warm wool socks. Halfway through the car ride I was hit by the urge. "Great, just great." I thought. I hadn't gone in 2 days or so, so I had parked and immediately started walking in the direction of the bathrooms. Calmly, mind you, because I was confident I could hold it till I got to them. The Park was strangely barren, and I finally got to the other end of the park where the bathrooms were. Then I realized why it was so barren. I guess they lock the bathroom on Sunday's because they are technically closed. So when I tugged on the door, my heart sank, and my face turned red. I started to run knowing the trouble I was in. Back to the car, as fast as I could. But the more I ran the more I gradually slowed down to waddle along. As I passed the playground I noticed two teenage girls who seemed to be babysitting two little kids. They talked and laughed as I passed. My car was parked right next to the playground, I could see it. I walked right by them, hiding any signs of needing to go and gave them a friendly hello. Maybe I shouldn't have cuz they laughed a bit and started trying to have a conversation. I insisted I was in a rush as kind as I could and started to walk away. But I got 10 steps or so before it happened. Since I wasn't holding myself, I'd given my body too much space to work with and I *painfully* bent over a bit. God that cramp hit me like a truck and I pushed instinctively, and was rewarded with total relief. I stood for maybe 20 seconds letting it all happen. Once I'd filled my pants up I turned to them and apologized over and over while backing away. One was simply giggling and trying not to laugh. The other was shocked and kept saying "you're fine you're fine. Sorry that happened." She seemed more sympathetic and I eventually just walked to my car and sat down with a loud smush. I couldn't believe I'd done that in front of two strangers. Not some excusable wetting, but completely unloading in my pants. By the time I got home I had gone a bit more in my pants, not caring anymore and began the familiar clean up. That was one of the few times I did it and someone witnessed me. So I hope that answers your question :P


More Comments

To Rick: wow your apartment walls are thin! That was nice of you to let Sheila use your bathroom. Boy judging by the sounds of it, she had to poop a lot. I used to live in an attic apartment as a child, but don't recall bathroom noises from my neighbors. It was a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom kind of place. The toilet was next to the sink if I recall right, but the bathtub was in a room called a shower room. I also think the kitchen was small, with a window over the counter that allowed you to look in the dining area. My bedroom was on the right when you walked through the apartment into the hall, and Mom's was also on the right further down with the open kitchen just before the door to the living room. Here's an interesting ending to this post. While watching a documentary about the World Trade Center attacks, some guys broke through a wall outside the elevator, and ended up in a bathroom. All I can say is that it sounded big. I have no doubt that place had a ton of bathrooms with lots of sinks, and toilets.

Katie Kool

Poo and pee and more

My last post I sent on Monday didn't seem to get posted, so I've thought I would do another push by push post today whilst I'm on the toilet before going out today ( Sunday ) Mum reminded me to do a poo and has gone to work, I've got dressed to go out and has done my make up in the bathroom mirror and I've just sat down on the toilet, my skirt is so short I didn't need to lift it up because as I sit it bares my ass.. I've got a pair it thigh high stripy socks and a low top with short bomber style jacket. On my feet I've got wedges. I've just pushed down hard and gone pffffrt and sent a forceful jet of pee into the toilet bowl.
Hi Constiguy. When I said about other guys and girls seeing they have never said anything nasty to me, and with the exception of being in bed at home I've always managed to get on a toilet like if it's at a party or in my friends flat. The girl who saw last time was waiting for the toilet after me and the 2 guys who were in there with me were like with me if you know what I mean - that time I was squirting liquid poo into the toilet and still drinking whilst sat there and keeping both guys happy..
Ok just pushing down hard really hard and a couple of little pieces of poo have dropped. I don't think I will do much poo as I had a couple of liquid poos Saturday evening, when I was out and 1 when I got in this morning at 6 am and that was a really big amount but I had such bad ???? ache I had to keep pushing and pushing to make it all come out it was like water but smelled like cider.
I've still got belly ache so I'm having a really good push down on my guts into my ass to get out whatever is there .just pushed hard and a few small pieces and a pffffrt pffffrt and splatter of like a thick liquid like snotty like stuff has splattered the bowl, I've just checked with toilet paper and it's got a yellowy poo mark and bright red blood. I'm pushing down again and although the blood is dripping it now feels like a bigger poo is coming down so I'm keeping the pressure up by bearing down and pushing down as hard as I can. ive now pushed several times really hard and a piece of poo quite long and solid came out and followed by some mushy stuff. I've just done anther pee. Now going to relax from pushing for a few minutes and write about my poos during the week up to now.
Monday and Tuesday i withheld, with the help of Imodium then on Tuesday went shopping with mum where she bought me the new clothes I wanted. On Wednesday I had ???? ache the constipated sort and was soiling my pants but withheld it until mum confirmed that I was allowed to go to an overnight party Wednesday night and not due home until Thursday evening. So on Wednesday i went on the toilet and pushed and pushed for ages and eventually felt something moving and I did a huge hard poo before going out it was like 10 inches long and really fat and lumpy followed by softer mushy poo and left me with a very sore ass.. When I got home Thursday evening I didn't poo as I was too tired and sore so went to bed, when I woke on Friday my bed was wet and the pants I had put on when I left the party were full of poo. On Friday I went out so disputed the amount I'd done in my pants during Thursday night i sat on the toilet and pushed and pushed and eventually like after half an hour did a somewhat mushy poo. I did the same on Saturday evening before going out.
I've just done a really hard push and squirted some soft liquidy poo and blood and snotty stuff squirted out along with a popping fart. I now need to go to meet my friend to go to the flat and get drunk and have fun again. I've scrunched some TP and taken 3 wipes to be clean and dabbed again with fresh scrunch and theirs a blood stain so I've put some paper between my ass cheeks even though my ass is so sore and have flushed. Now in my room I've got a very small tight pair of bikini style white pants to put on. Ok so I'm off out now .
Hope this gets posted
Katie x

Sunday, February 24, 2019


Here I sit broken hearted...

You might have heard the little rhyme "Here I sit broken hearted, came to shit but only farted" before. Well that's exactly what happened to me earlier today! I was doing my usual weekly grocery shop on Friday which involves me going to a few shops. As I was in the second shop I began feeling the urge to poop and since the third and final shop had customer toilets, I decided I would go there before walking around with my trolley. By the time I had got there I was feeling pretty desperate so I went straight to the ladies and into one of the available stalls. I pulled my jeans and thong down to my calves and took a seat in preparation for a healthy and enjoyable dump.

I had only been sitting for a few seconds when I let out a loud booming fart, very unlike me. I'm sure everyone in the room would have been able to hear it. I relaxed and tried to let my poop come out naturally like I always do but after a couple of minutes with no progress whatsoever I got impatient and pushed. I farted again, quieter this time but still audible and began peeing. Every time I pushed I would fart a little, and it would finish as soon as I stopped pushing.

I probably spent a good 10 minutes sat on the toilet pushing and farting but didn't produce anything solid. It was so strange! I have never been so windy before in my life. It felt really nice getting it out of my system though and I figured it coming out was only a good thing. Once I finally stopped passing gas whenever I pushed I got some toilet roll and wiped my front, then got some more for my behind just in case. It came back completely clean! I pulled up my clothes as I stood up and then flushed before washing my hands and continuing with my shopping. I don't think I farted once for the rest of the day.

I hope you enjoyed my story of my Taylor Toots. Hopefully I'll have a more productive toilet experience to share with you next time!

PS - To Anna, I always sit whenever I wipe and so does my sister and mother. However when I was little I would sit to wipe my front and stand to wipe my behind! I'm not sure when or why I changed but I always sit now.


Huge poo

Hi everyone, I had a few spare minutes tonight so thought I would do a quick post.
As I was finishing at work this afternoon I started to feel the urge for a poo, although I'm not as constipated as I was I'm still not exactly having an easy time and when I thought back I realised I hadn't been for a poo for 3 days so I knew I was probably in for a hard one. As I was waiting for the bus I started to get more desperate and had to start clenching my bum to stop the tip from poking out into my knickers, luckily just then the bus arrived and I got on, doing my best to walk normally even though I was trying to hold back what felt like a massive log! Luck was on my side again as there seemed to be a lot less traffic than usual, so when I got off at my stop I was still managing to keep my poo in. I arrived at my house getting more and more desperate by the second, the tip of what felt like a massive log was really trying to poke despite my best efforts and although I was only seconds away from being on the loo I seriously doubted whether my knickers would stay clean, especially as I could feel they were stuck up my bum! I unlocked the door and went upstairs as fast as I could, as I got to my bedroom door I couldn't help letting the log slide out and although I managed to clench my bum again and stop it coming out any more I knew that by now I would have dirty knickers which was annoying. I noticed my bedroom light was on and when I opened the door I could hear straining noises and I knew that Lucy had beaten me to it. Sure enough I went into my ensuite and found her sitting on the toilet, she had taken off her top and trousers and was just in her white bra, her green flowery knickers were part way down her thighs and they had got twisted round so they were inside out and I noticed she had skidmarks too! "Hi Abs, sorry, I'm having a poo but its got stuck, I've been sitting here ages trying to push it out!" Lucy looked really hot and bothered and was red, I could see she was having a hard time and I felt sorry for her. "Well I want a poo as well so I'll have to go in the other bathroom, I can't wait, its already poking out in my knickers!" I said, squirming around. "No, don't worry, you can swap with me," Lucy said, "I'm gonna break mine off and try again later, I'm shattered and I just can't push it out!" She took some loo paper and reached round behind herself to break off her log, she then lined her knickers with a few sheets of paper and pulled them up, I noticed they were way too small for her so they didn't cover her bum properly. Lucy must have caught me looking as she said, "Sorry about these knickers, I know there too small for me, I've nearly run out of clean ones!" "Yeah, me too, I'd better put some washing on when I'm done!" I replied. I unzipped my trousers and kicked them off and then pulled my orange, yellow and purple stripey knickers down to my knees and moaned as I sat on the loo and let my quivering bumhole relax, as I had predicted there was a skidmark in my knickers but the feeling of being able to just relax and let my poo come was fantastic! After the tip was out I could feel it was getting fatter and I knew I'd have to start pushing so I took a deep breath and bore down hard, the fat piece started to come out but as I relaxed I could feel it going back in. After a few more hard pushes and rather loud grunts I knew I must be bright red too but I wasn't really getting very far, I pulled a face and Lucy said, "Are you OK Abs?" and I said, "Its come part way out but its getting fatter and I just can't push the rest out!" Lucy said, "I know the feeling, I had exactly the same problem, to be honest I'm tired of having massive fat hard poos that feel like there gonna be stuck up my bum forever!!"
"At the rate I'm going I think this one will be stuck up my bum forever," I panted after another hard push. I paused and said, "I'm just gonna take my top off, I'm boiling hot!" I took off my shirt so I was just in my bra like Lucy, I was wearing a white one too. "Maybe we should swap," Lucy suggested, "I'm feeling like I might manage to finish off now I've had a bit of a rest!" "Yeah, good idea, I could do with a breather," I replied, like Lucy had done I reached round behind myself to break off my log and put some toilet paper in my knickers before pulling them up. Lucy dropped her knickers to her thighs and sat on the loo again, she squeezed her thighs together, went up on her toes and reached round behind herself to pull her bum cheeks apart and she pushed so hard she screwed her face up and went as red as a tomato, she pushed for ages and then released the pressure with a grunt that was almost a yelp and really quickly took another deep breath and started to push again. After another few pushes like that she moaned and I heard a splash, she weakly said, "Thank God thats out it was gigantic!" She stayed sitting as she flushed and then she wiped and started to pull her knickers up, but she stopped and said "Actually I need clean knickers, I got these ones a bit dirty." She took off her knickers completely and went back into the bedroom naked apart from her bra. By now I'd pulled my knickers down and was back on the loo again, I knew I'd have to do exactly what Lucy did if I was going to pass this massive poo so I pushed with all my might for as long as I could, once again I could feel the log starting to poke out. Like Lucy had done I pulled my bum cheeks apart and took a really quick break between pushes, the log started to get sucked back up but luckily I managed to bear down again before it had gone back up my bum and it crept out really slowly, after three more massive pushes I could feel it starting to move faster and I moaned. By now Lucy had come back in, she had put on some pink spotty knickers but hadn't bothered to get dressed, she still looked pretty warm from her earlier struggles. She said, "Are you OK?" and I said, "Yeah, I've managed to push the fattest part out now so its coming alot faster!" Lucy said, "Great, its such a relief when that happens!" and I nodded in agreement as I pushed again. After a few more pushes I felt the log drop and splash into the bowl, I felt about a stone lighter! I did a few pellets and then felt empty so I wiped my rather sore bum, flushed and took my knickers off, I said, "I need to change my knickers too, they were stuck up my bum so there was no hope of them staying clean!" I went back into the bedroom after I'd washed my hands and opened my underwear drawer, I took out a clean pair of pink knickers with blue edging which I put on before lying down on my bed to recover! Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!


Multi Toilet House

I read with interest the post from "Name" some days ago where she and her mother had some food poisoning and both needed the toilet at the same time. This is a case for a two toilet house, however, that aside I would her mother poop her pants because she could have used a bucket or even gone in the shower in cases of such urgency?


Incontinence undies. Lesson 7

I wear the above and would not wear anything else. The negative aspect is that you cannot go into a men's change room or if staying at someone's house or them at yours you need to be very discreet . I wear them because of bladder leak after doing a wee. Also I sometimes get bladder urgency and sometimes a release on the way to the toilet..... it saves soggy undies. Bladder problems are worse with constipation and if the constipation is bad I get extreme skid marks. Sometimes when I have had poo urgency I have had some escape and it is no problem. Also and importantly I can fart how I like and if needs be I am saved by the undies!!!!! They are a great invention!


My Upstairs Neighbors

Hello again! It's been a while since my last post. Life's been rather hectic for me, but it's all calming down now so I'm back. Today's story happened on Monday. I don't think I said anything about this before, so let me start by saying I'm currently living alone in a rental apartment on the second floor. It's a nice enough place with a living room, small bedroom and kitchen, bathroom, and it even has a balcony. The building is rather old though, and the walls are thin - not that I ever really noticed that until last Monday.

Living in the apartment above mine is a rather sociable couple. We're on good terms and help each other out a lot. The girl, her name is Sheila, is two or three years younger than me. She has long caramel brown hair, brown eyes and a nice figure. I assume she works at some high-class place like a hotel or maybe a bank since she goes to work wearing a suit.

So this Monday, around 6.40 am, my doorbell rang. Luckily I am an early riser and was already up and about, so I went to open the door and found a very fidgety Sheila standing in front of it, wearing her usual gray suit. I asked her what was up and she quickly explained that a pipe burst in their apartment and they had to shut off the water until it was repaired, but she really needed to use the bathroom before going to work and asked if she could borrow mine. I told her "Sure, come on in", and she made a beeline for the bathroom door. Standing in the doorway, she said "Thank you for this, I'll be out in a bit." I told her to take her time and she nodded gratefully before shutting and locking the door behind her. I returned to what I was doing (checking my emails on my computer in the living room) and was pretty surprised to suddenly hear the faint thud of the toilet seat being lowered. I never realized since I live alone, but sitting in front of my computer, the bathroom is literally just behind the wall and you can hear everything going on inside. I felt a bit embarrassed, but also excited at the prospect.

A few seconds later, I heard her tinkling into toilet. She peed for a about ten seconds, then sighed. After a while of silence, I could faintly hear her voice. She grunted and groaned for a bit, finally producing a heavy plop. She caught her breath for a moment, then grunted again. Two smaller plops were followed by long, loud fart. She grunted some more and eventually made another loud splash, followed by a bunch of squeaky farts, then started unrolling toilet paper. She wiped just once, then flushed and was back out soon after. She thanked me again, then hurried off to work. Looking at the clock, I found she'd occupied my toilet for a good fifteen minutes. I went into the bathroom and her smell was still very noticeable even though she had opened the window. She'd also left the toilet seat down. I took a peek inside, but the bowl itself was sparkly clean, not a single skidmark on the porcelain.

Well, that's all for today. Take care everyone!


Heather the Holder

I attended a 2-day conference in a much larger city for college coaches and athletic administrators. Heather, one of the administrators at our university attended with me. We shared a room and went to many of the same meetings together. As many of you may know, I'm 6'6" and I tower above the stall partitions in public restrooms. In some bathrooms, often in public buildings and especially high schools while I do a lot of visits and recruiting, just standing in line for a toilet to open enables me to see many of the users from their shoulders up as they sit and do their thing. I'm also noticing in schools that the doors on many of the toilets might be up to a foot lower on the top and a foot lower at the bottom than the metal panels. You can also tell because some of the doors have a little bit different color of paint than the divider panels. There are a good number of schools where you can see the doors have been taken off the toilet stalls.

I learned before our flight that Heather was a public toilet hater who loathed using such facilities. While waiting with her at the airport, I asked her nicely if she needed to use the bathroom because I wanted her to watch my carry-on and told her I would do the same for her. She seemed surprised that I was going to be so adventuresome and said she was able to hold hers until we got to the hotel. I was in awe! That was at least 4 or 5 hours away. When we got to our destination, I told her I was heading to the restroom because I didn't trust my body to hold it while we waited in the rental car line and drove to our hotel. She said she could hold hers and would get a place in the line. I went in and did one of my most satisfying craps. Having held it for the last few minutes of the flight, the release was very satisfying, although the tranquility of my sit was agitated by the continual PA announcements and paging.

The hour-long drive to our hotel started to take its toll on Heather. She suggested what she thought would be a faster way in because it was a toll road, but it wasn't and she was showing so much physical discomfort as we hit more traffic, that I suggested we stop off and get lunch. That caused her to become more agitated, but I told her I needed to pee and I stopped at a fast-food place where I went in and contributed to the liquid flow of the toilet, before buying a 48-ounce drink that would reload my bladder. I've always been a great consumer of liquids and I encourage the girls I coach to drink in order to remain hydrated.

There was a check-in line at our hotel and I excused myself to use the bathroom there. It was a 3-staller, was equipped with those toilet seat-protectors that I have never bothered to use, and I took a satisfying pee. When I got out to Heather and saw the line was not making much progress, I told Heather how nice the bathroom was and encouraged her to use it. She said something nice, but seemed surprised that I would suggest such a thing. When we got to our room and I was unpacking it seemed Heather was in the bathroom for about 15 minutes. Then I heard one flush and then a second. We walked to a happy hour at a nearby club where we had a drink. I used the toilet there before we headed to our restaurant. Before we started to do our walk back to the hotel, I went in for another pee. Heather seemed surprised that I wasn't going to wait 10 minutes until we got back to our room

Over the two days of exhibits and meetings at our hotel, I didn't see Heather once use one of the bathrooms in the ballroom, meeting room complex or exhibit hall. One day when she had locked her key card in her room, she borrowed mine four times to go up to our room on the 38th floor. Each time she gave me a small excuse which I didn't question because she's in her late 30s and my immediate evaluator.

I might be able to accept the hold-it stance from a young adolescent who hasn't traveled much or who is insecure. But for an adult, it troubles me.



Hi everybody! Laverne, you must be new. Welcome, and too bad your embarrassing poop situation while drunk got videotaped. Anyway, I had a sudden loose poop today. I had a salad with spinach, beans, etc which probably loosened things up too much. The interesting thing about this episode is that it wasn't total water-poop. Instead, it was a mixture of a liquid with some chunkiness to it. About flushing, I don't really have much of an interesting flush story since I can't see the toilet. In regards to quality however, my favorite flushes are the fast ones. If you know what I mean, you'll recognize this description. You flush the toilet, and within 2 to 3 seconds or so, everything is gone.

To Icy

Was that your only accident you ever had, do you have more stories if not?

Thursday, February 21, 2019


Public Wasted Shit

I note Katie Kool and Laverne have had an occasion when they had too much alcohol and had to poo in front of others. Katie Kool , how did the boys and girls react? ... I hope they were kind to you? To Laverne , I hope your bf deleted that which you wish to be deleted because if it got into the wrong hands it could be serious. My question is that it could have been your bf that needed to poo and there we go ! To both of you I assume your BM was urgent and how did you feel after the evacuation? Were you ok about going in front of others? I suppose you had no alternative! Thanks

weird guy

response to roses survey

1 it depends on how much I have drank previously. generally, m stream lasts 30-45 seconds. when I first wake up is usually my longest pee of the day
2 I have shares a flush before with my nephews when I was on vacation. to take it a step further, we all 3 peed into the toilet simultaneously
3 since I'm a guy, I don't wipe after peeing. as to pooping, I remain seated on the toilet to wipe. the exception comes if I'm planning to shower immediately after my dump, I often will skip wiping my but
4 when I flush, I usually am standing. I generally wipe my but and pull up my pants, then stand up. at that point I close the lid and flush. if I'm having nasty diahrrea I will flush while seated before I'm done
5 the only food waste I can ever recall flushing was some beer I had once that was so stale I couldn't drink it
6 the strangest thing I remember flushing was a q tip that I accidentally dropped into the toilet one time.
hope u enjoy


Great Morning

Following from my last post I have had the best morning in a very long time . Had a good long nights sleep , was able to eat breakfast and enjoy it and as for my morning shit which I described in my last posting was so complete I still feel empty from it over 9 hours later . Have not even had the need to fart and feel so much lighter. In fact, wait for it, my trousers are not so tight around my waste. I have had such experiences after multiple enemas but not on a normal BM

To Kari With The Huge Bladder

I read your incredibly literate story back on page 2732 and I hope you write another one soon. This website has mostly poo posts but ironically it also has some of the best stories about females with extraordinarily oversized bladders. I don't know why more women don't contribute other than A) having an ability to urinate for incredible periods of time is rare and B) women in that category are probably more pee-shy about it than exhibitionistic.

Very much like Kari, I was a God's gift to peeing ever since I was a little girl. Unlike her mother, my own mother was definitely no slouch when it came to her bladder endowment, so for whatever reason that genetic predisposition was passed-on to me many times over. When I was old enough to begin to notice such things I recall that her voiding sessions on the toilet were much-much longer with a far greater volume than my fathers. In the early morning she would sit on the commode and calmly shoot-out stream upon stream of urine loudly into the water in their bathroom. The reason I think I began to notice was her urinations sometimes took such a length of time they would evoke comments from my father still in bed. Having said that it didn't take long for them to discover that they had a an only child who was a veritable little peeing machine.

That fact really would come to a forefront when we took a long family road trip and she and I went into a public restroom. I remember one particular time we went into this restroom off the interstate when mother's bladder was just bursting. I was maybe ten at the time and I had to go badly as well. We went into adjacent stalls and started peeing at about the same time. Since mother was fairly desperate I didn't think twice about opening-up my bladder and letting it flow strongly. And flow it did. It was a busy restroom and I recall stall doors opening and closing as women peed and finished while we continued to urinate. We may have made some small talk but I don't remember. I do recollect mother was taking one of her longest pees- which was good because my bladder was feeling as full several minutes into the pee as when I started. We kept going as I stared into space and a parade of feet beyond my stall door of women who had peed in other stalls, exhausted their bladders only to be replaced by other women who had also finished urinating.

Literally minutes later I heard my mother's pee stream start to taper-off and I consciously thought to myself, oh-no what do I do? I was still peeing away and my bladder was sending signals that it wasn't anywhere near drained yet. Fortunately mother is a woman who's bladder usually has some left after she initially sounds as if she's finishing. After a prolonged pause I heard her commence peeing again, which was fine with me because I was merrily peeing away. She splattered and pushed more pee out, obviously trying to drawn-out her urination even as I heard her inquire if I was just about done. What could I say? No. Then there was just silence over on her side. No more sounds of peeing.

I don't remember how many toilet stalls there in that place were other than it was a restroom off the interstate filled with women having to pee after lengthy car trips and not enough stalls. And there we were, two females who had been peeing for an obscenely long time thereby putting two toilet stalls effectively out-of-order. After mother finished I heard a lady rudely say something like "that one is finally done" and her equally rude friend whisper back "good lord it's about time." Those comments made mother a little embarrassed I think because she quickly dried, composed herself and left her stall. Seconds later I heard a knock on my stall door. I reached-up and unlatched it to let mother in, whereupon she bent down and in hushed tones asked if I was almost done? That day was so memorable for me because there I was, in this public restroom, urinating away with an obviously behemoth bladder that had outlasted my mother and was still pouring forth. I silently looked-up at her with a look of resignation even as my urine stream answered her question. At that moment my mother's attitude changed perceptively when the rude woman in the adjacent stall's light stream abruptly ended after a few seconds in duration. She assured me in a rather loud voice, "that's alright honey. You just pee as long as you have to. There's no need to hurry. Some of us naturally hold a lot more than others." I think my face turned a bright red but I also felt the size of my still prepubescent bladder made mother beam with pride.

When I finally did finish and we came out of the stall I felt dozens of eyes bore into me. I thought just how many of these women and their daughters in that restroom had been in there to witness this girl in a stall who peed forever and ever? When we got back to the car my father asked impatiently what took us so long in the women's restroom? For the next fifty miles home my mother kept proudly recounting the story of how their daughter took a monumental pee that just would not end.

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