Using a sandbox for the weekend retreat, pt. 1

Hi, it's me, back from a long break. This is a story about Carrie and a friend of hers, which she told me long ago. When she was eight, Carrie had a friend named Kate that she invited over for the weekend, planning to camp out in the treehouse in the backyard. Kate was a year older than Carrie. On Friday afternoon, she and Carrie prepared the treehouse with necessary supplies for a few days (she often stayed in her treehouse overnight in good weather, so her parents weren't worried).

In the corner of Carrie's yard, blocked from view of the house by a tall hedge that bordered the woods and served as a kind of natural fence, was an old sandbox that had been left by the previous owners of the house. It had been covered with a wooden board and weighed down with rocks, with her family not really bothering to do anything about it, so it had stayed semi-forgotten for years.

After a few hours in the treehouse, Kate told Carrie she needed to pee and Carrie said to follow her outside. Kate followed Carrie as she went to the old sandbox and, with effort, uncovered it. In the light of their flashlights, dozens of bugs scurried out of the way of the beams of light. Yuck.

Carrie took a nearby stick and dug experimentally in the dry sand, fortunately not unearthing anything more sinister. She turned to Kate and said she was free to pee. Kate hesitated, having never peed outside before. Carrie assured her that it was easy. In demonstration, she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled her pants and underwear down in front of Kate and squatted confidently over part of the sandbox. Kate blushed and looked away, but Carrie laughed and told her it was all right to watch, so Kate did.

Carrie began peeing, sighing softly in relief as she let go of the day's pee. She emptied her bladder over the next twenty seconds and then shook her butt a bit to shake off any droplets. She then took a moment to scoop a small hole in the sand for Kate to use. Kate swallowed as she fumbled with the buckle of her own belt and soon she was squatting beside Carrie over her hole, blushing furiously and not looking at her. Carrie gently squeezed her hand and consoled her, telling her to let go when she was ready.

And Kate closed her eyes and began to pee. Her stream flooded out as a long sigh of relief left her. Then her eyes flew open as she suddenly farted! Carrie laughed and then covered her mouth, as the other girl was clearly mortified. "It's okay, Kate! We've farted in front of each other! Just do it. Do you need to poop, too?"

Kate blushed deeply, breathing fast, and nodded once, not looking at Carrie. Carrie took her hand gently and squeezed it again comfortingly. "Just push. Let it come out and we can bury it afterward in the sand. Think of it like a giant litterbox for a cat, and you're the cat!"

Kate nodded shortly and sucked in a deep breath. She was still holding Carrie's hand and Carrie felt her squeeze it as she began to push hard. A short grunt escaped Kate as she pushed and she flushed an even deeper red in embarrassment; she now resembled a tomato quite strongly. Carrie laughed gently and stroked her arm.

Kate grunted again, and suddenly there was a small thud in the hole beneath her butt as she pooped. Kate gasped as she heard it, and then she covered her nose and coughed. "Pee-U! I'm- I'm really sorry, but I had to go so badly! I was nearly pooping in my pants watching you pee!" She grunted again, leaning forward a bit, and groaned as she let out a long, thick turd which dropped into the deep hole with another thud. Kate farted loudly again, and this time, she laughed.

Kate farted again before dropping another turd and squirting a bit more pee into the hole beneath her. With a final, hard groan, she cranked out a long turd which fell into the hole with a big thud, after which she let out a long, loud fart. She said she felt done now. She pushed once more with a grunt, just to make sure, and produced a tiny puff of a fart that made them both laugh. Pronouncing herself finished, she asked shyly if Carrie had anything she could wipe with and Carrie handed her the packet of tissues she'd brought for just this occasion.

Kate wiped her butt a few times, dropping the dirty tissues into the hole on her poop, and then wiped her front and dropped that one in as well. Finished at last, she carefully rose from her squatting position and pulled up her pants. Mission accomplished! Carrie stood too and also pulled up her pants; she spontaneously hugged Kate, happy she had learned to use the bathroom outside. Kate laughed and returned the hug warmly.

Pushing the sand back into the holes over their pees (and in Kate's case, poop), they headed back to the treehouse, but not before Carrie found two sticks and pushed them into the sand where they'd gone to the bathroom, for future notice. Then they headed back up the treehouse ladder to sleep.

Pt. 2 to follow.


toilet doors

I and my friends did a bit of research of doors of loos in Japan.

It seems that loo door to Japanese style squat loo open inwards, I said before.

About Western style loo where you sit, some doors open inwards and some outwards, we knew. Opening outwards doors was usually older loos. But quite common.

One reason of opening outwards is that loo space is small and if you open inwards, door will bang on loo bowl.

Often I see this site, people forget lock door of loo, then loo door burst open. If open inwards, then door bang on knees of person while she is doing motions...?

Interest thing, in my house in my hometown, downstairs loo door opens inwards, but upstairs loo door opens outwards.

We found sliding door too, in hotel loo. Loo room was round shape.

It was a fun to investigate architecture of loo. We hope you enjoy.

Love to everyone.

Mina + 3


He better had deleted it...

A few days ago my boyfriend and were at the party and I were completely wasted.

The next morning I had woken with barely any recollection of what happened but for some reason my boyfriend had recorded a very embarrassing moment. He popped out his phone and showed me that I were literally out of control. Then all of the sudden, I had apparently said I had to poop so I for some reason pulled my pants off and pooped my guts out on some poor person/people's front lawn and ran before the home owner came out.

I begged him to delete it and he did eventually after a bit of teasing and torment..... :(

I just hope he didn't keep any copies...

Anna from Austria

wiping survey for the ladies

Normally tha gaps under the austrian toilet stalls are rather small if the exist at all, so it is impossible to see what the neighbor is doing. That's why i never thought about it. But since last week we moved into another Office which has very strange toilets for austrian Terms. The toilets have rather big gaps so you can easily so the shoes and even the panties of your neighbors.

Thanks to this unsual Setup i noticed something that i never noticed before. Unlike most ladies, I always stand for cleaning myself after doing my pee or poop. Other ladies seems to always remain seated.

No I wonder how my fellow ladies here in the Forum handles this.

greetings from Austria


weird guy
it's me again. I must say that I take great pleasure in holding in a good beer or soda whiz. the relief is unreal when I step up to the urinal or toilet and just let go. one thing I don't like, though, is even after shaking the drips, I still sometimes leak a bit in my boxers. thanks



Well least I'm not alone! But I wouldn't say it was "to the waistband" because of the size of the accident, rather the position I was standing it was rly awkward and kinda forced it upwards rather than down ~
Still though, I guess when you're in the middle of an accident your posture isn't the first thing that comes to mind


Should I be as concerned?

I was in my morning routine of leaving our apartment earlier, then stopping at one of a variety of coffee/donut/fast-food providers on my drive into downtown where my office is. I filled my tank because Diver, who had borrowed my car for a trip to see one of his friends, hadn't gotten the gas like he promised. I went in and paid, scouted some nice treats to go with my coffee and I pulled the car over to the parking place. There was no question that my next stop was to take a pee. If I had come across one more accident tie-up on the radial I would have been in great pain. Inside, the ladies room was clearly marked, but the door was latched and In Use appeared on top of the door knob. As I waited for probably 5 minutes, that seemed like 30, there should have been music on the intercom for the dance I was doing. Suddenly, the door flung open and a burly lady about twice my age who was cussing somebody on her cell phone bumped by me and almost knocked my purse off my shoulder.

I quickly closed the door, latched it and turned the light on. I found it was amazing that someone will remember a light instead of a rather yellowish gathering of three wide pieces plus a couple of toilet paper wads in the toilet. Not wanting to waste a few more seconds, I lowered
my clothing and seated myself. Instead of thinking what was smelling and laying a couple of inches below me, I emphasized relieving my bladder. For much of the two minutes of the process, I saw the door knob turn. Slowly one way, then the other. Then there would be an awkward jerk or two. I figured it was probably a child and I felt sorry for her having to wait. For an early moment, I thought about after my pee, standing, flushing and then reseating myself for my morning crap because I still had a 30 minute drive ahead of me to get to work. I called out "I'm almost done", stood and flushed and quickly dabbed my hands in a routine that would not have made my mom proud.

I unlatched the door and opened it. The little girl, about 4 or 5, was alone and smiled when she saw me. I went out, got my coffee and two donuts, and just after I seated myself I saw the little girl come running out and joining a cluster of people in the very wide line. Knowing that the bathroom was available, and that she was done, I went back in, again latching the door, but more carefully sliding my butt onto the seat, while also noting that she and done her civic duty and flushed. I was also encouraged that the faucet was fully turned off, and that no paper towel had been just thrown aside. It took me only a couple of minutes to get my large, but soft crap out. A couple of extra wipes were necessary, but I wasn't about to complain. I flushed twice to get it all down, washed my hands better than before, then went out and ate my food. Three women of various ages were standing in line to take the seat when I left.

weird guy

response to roses survey

1 it depends on how much I have drank previously. generally, m stream lasts 30-45 seconds. when I first wake up is usually my longest pee of the day
2 I have shares a flush before with my nephews when I was on vacation. to take it a step further, we all 3 peed into the toilet simultaneously
3 since I'm a guy, I don't wipe after peeing. as to pooping, I remain seated on the toilet to wipe. the exception comes if I'm planning to shower immediately after my dump, I often will skip wiping my but
4 when I flush, I usually am standing. I generally wipe my but and pull up my pants, then stand up. at that point I close the lid and flush. if I'm having nasty diahrrea I will flush while seated before I'm done
5 the only food waste I can ever recall flushing was some beer I had once that was so stale I couldn't drink it
6 the strangest thing I remember flushing was a q tip that I accidentally dropped into the toilet one time.
hope u enjoy

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

weird guy

fun times

I forgot to mention with my last post. sometimes I like to sit on the pot after my business is done. I change things up though, in that sometimes I wipe my but and stay seated for a bit, while other times I finish pooping then just sit for sometime before I wipe, pull up my pants and flush

Pete the Poop

a few desperate poops


I've been having a few decent and quite often desperate poops and I don't whether it's the angle or the softness of the sausages but I've had some really big messy wipes up.

The latest two were in Sainsbury's the other day and at home.

I hadn't been for a few days (unusual for me) and whilst shopping in Sainsbury's I got a big urge to go. I hurried into the loos and the one open cubicle. Thankfully it was reasonably clean although quite a lot of TP at the bottom (not unusual for their). I hurriedly got my jeans and knickers down and two sausages flew out followed by a few other nuggets. All with a decent plop plop plop and a small fart. It was over in about 2 minutes but I had a lot of poop smudge that required a big clean up.

The last one was just now. Cleaning the kitchen trying to hold it in for a bit longer and couldn't wait any longer. Sat down and a large 8-9 inch flew out and a few other smaller ones. The poop had smudged my cheeks on it's way out and it was again another very messy wipe up. The relief after both was amazing though.

How many others often have a messy wipe up?


Public toilets. Lesson 6

I read with interest Matthews post and I certainly would not be making any contact or giving assistance to a random person in a public toilet. One comment is that at a University people are likely to be on the young side so if constipated now it is likely to get worse as age progresses. As stated before I really prefer someone with me if I am to have a difficult motion bit has to be the right person in very private circumstances, As for what is happening now. I have just had breakfast and am sitting on the toilet typing this post...... the poo wants to come out and that is great I am relaxing my bum and it is coming out now with nil pushing. It is long smelly and still hanging from my bum. I could hear it exit. Absolutely no effort came out of its own accord. Now looking in the toilet it is long, thick and healthy. I have starred to push and out comes a heap more with some farts and now a wee. This is a minor victory because usually at this time of the morning my bowels and body is too tired to poo, even though I need to . What I really need most mornings is someone to massage my colon and give me encouragement. Some years ago I went to a clinic and the therapist massaged my colon and when I got the urge she but a pot under my bum she pushed on my colon whilst I pushed and did a splendidly large poo in the pot . It is time I wiped my bottom. Unto the shower and on with my day. What a good start !!!!


A Moment

This was a moment between me and my mom from this past summer. I was 15 and she was (and still is) 43. We both got some kind of virus from eating bad shellfish which gave us diarrhoea. My father, despite eating the same shellfish, was totally fine. It's weird. Anyway, we were walking home from the shop when the urge struck us again. I was wearing a T-shirt, short skirt, panties, socks and shoes, and she was wearing a long sleeved collared white shirt, short brown skirt, panties and very practical low boots. She never wears any footwear she can't run in. When the urge struck me, I stopped walking and grabbed my bottom, clenching it together.

"I really have to poop," I said.

"So do I," she said. "Let's walk quickly home."

We walked home, clenching our bottoms together. Occasionally I stopped to hold my bottom. I knew that if I farted at all, I'd shart and mess myself.

"Don't stop honey, it's best to get home quickly," she said, obviously worried that she'd mess herself too.

By the time we got to the door we were both bursting and had 1 hand on our bottoms. My mother's legs were trembling from the strain and I was hopping from foot to foot. The pressure was becoming unbearable. My mother got out her keys to open the door, and dropped them.

"If I bend down to pick them up, a volcano of poop will erupt in my panties," she said.

"I'll pick them up for you," I said, "I'm shorter."

I crouched down, straining with all my strength to hold it in, and handed her the keys.

"Thanks, sweetheart, you might just have saved my panties," she said, smiling. She unlocked the door. The toilet was downstairs, a short sprint from the door.

"Race for the toilet!" she shouted, and ran ahead of me. I tried to catch up, but she got there first. I felt my guts gurgling and knew I'd mess myself if I had to wait for her.

"You go first, sweetie, I'm bigger, I can hold it," she said, but her voice betrayed a little doubt that she could.

"Thanks so much," I said, and I dashed in, tugged down my panties and sat on the toilet. An enormous explosion of sludge burst out of me. I sat there, slightly stunned by the force of it.

"Can you hurry up please?" said my mother, clenching her bottom with both hands and obviously about to lose control. "I really have to go."

"Alright, I'll try," I said, wiping myself. "Just hold on a little longer." I was repeating what she'd told me on so many occasions.
Then I heard a quiet farting sound, and it wasn't from me. My mother's face, which had previously been strained in exertion, was now one of shock and embarrassment.

"I am officially crapping myself," she said, in her typical deadpan way.

Some louder farting sounds followed the quiet one, and a little brown sludge spilled from her panties and stained her legs under her skirt. I finished and got off the toilet, then flushed and started washing my hands. She just stood there, continuing to soil herself. I guess she just didn't see the point of moving. Once she'd finished, she walked over to the toilet, some more sludge squelching down her legs and staining her skirt. The back of her skirt smelt like a sewer. She dropped her panties to her ankles. They were oozing with sludge. She sighed and stepped out of them before dumping the contents in the toilet and starting to wipe herself clean.

"Will you throw those panties away?" I asked.

"No, I'll try to save them," she said. "Obviously I'll have to tell your father, but he'll understand."

"I'm sorry you pooped yourself, mom" I said.

"You don't need to be," she said. "I really should have been able to hold it at my age. But the pain was unbearable and I thought I could lessen it by just farting a tiny bit. Stupid me."

"You're not stupid," I said. "Everybody has accidents. That doesn't mean they are stupid, and you're really smart."

"As are you," she said.

And that's the story.


Pee fights in public toilets

My friend Gabriel, who I kind of like, spend time together after school and sometimes kind of go out. Well he has this friend, Tomas, who is a couple of years younger than us who tags along with us after school at places like the mall and the park. I can't say that it is deliberately timed or anything but when one of us says a bathroom break is needed, we all kind of use the opportunity. This happened once recently at school just as we were leaving the building and yesterday when we went to a movie at the mall. So I go into the ladies room and they go into the nearby guys toilets. I get a toilet, sit down and relieve myself, wipe, flush, wash my hands (most times) and then go outside standing against the wall waiting for them. Often I will hear some insults, lots of laughter, some cursing and surprisingly no other noise such as a toilet door swinging, never a flush or handwashing. So I asked Gabriel why that is and what's going on in there.

He and Tomas then will joke and brag about this game they've been playing for years when they are out and away from home. Each claims to be the Pee Fight Master. And I'm like "What?" Here's what takes place.
In the guys bathrooms there are users who will lay sheets of toilet paper over the seats before sitting down on it. They take their crap, then leave the toilet unflushed, the paper on the seat (although sometimes it might partially slide off) and Gabe and Tomas will find one of these toilets. By standing at opposite sides of the toilet's entrance, backs to the door they will splash-piss into the toilet and see who can blast more of the paper off the seat with his piss before he's emptied out. They admit it messes the toilet up for the next user but say its fun. Gabe said he and Tomas got the idea from watching our city's fire department and another city's department trying to move a barrel extended on a wire over our town's main intersection on the 4th of July. That's done with high-pressure fire-fighting hoses, however. To me, the pee fights seem very juvenile and why public toilets have a reputation of being so bad in terms of cleanliness.


Post Title (optional)My 7 years old son love wearing diaper!

I'm Trackor I am a single dad with three children I have one son in he is 7 years old in I have two daughter one 17 in the other one 16 they teenager I don't have any problem with my two girls they spends alot time with their mother,and my son he have trouble use the toilet he potty trains like 5 years ago but he still wet the bed in using the the bathroom on himself one day I took to school teacher just call me saying that my son pee hisself I don't think he know have use the toilet I questions him why he use the bathroom on hisself he won't answer me I didn't want him feel bad or anything he still won't answer so I ask him he wanting be in diaper again he answer he said "yes" so I order like $300 dollars worth of diaper bought goodnites,pamper size 6 in pamper easy ups size 6 and also I bought pull ups training pants and a diaper plastic cover so he won't have anymore accident or leak around the house.

I feel like a bad parent letting my son wearing diaper again when known how use the toilet but he choose not too so I look online to see other parent gonna through this too, it alot parent gonna this so I not the only one parant,I have been treating him like a baby for like 5 months changing him in pulling him clean diaper so he won't have diaper rash or something like that a week ago he had the flu an also having diarrhea so let him sleep in my room so I can keep eye on him he get very sick after he stopped throwing up he have diarrhea he fulled like 2 diaper in they did leak on the side so I use the plastic diaper cover it work perfectly no leak I let him stay in that same diaper like 2 days when the diarrhea stopped when he stopped having diarrhea his diaoer was very thin nothing leak out so I change him everything was cool...any parent gonna through this free comment me...

Katie Kool

Visits pee and more poo

In my last post I said I would write a push by push account of me sitting on the toilet which I am doing today. I am writing this first part in my room having got up showered and dressed ready to go out to my friends this afternoon.
So first an update I was grounded all week as last Sunday I didn't get home on time and on Monday had my clinic visit which was ok, I got my birth control renewed on the actual day without having to go back and had antibiotics given at the visit.The nurse checked and took a swab in my girly bits and said I had to take antibiotics straight away so I got them the same day and 3 more days supply then I got a text 3'days after to tell me what i had.. The antibiotics have also cleared up the dull low back ache I had. I've no idea why but they did. Anyway my poo was quite soft all week, I think the antibiotics do that. I withheld because I was grounded but had to do it Wednesday evening as I had dirtied my pants in school and got sent home. My mum was like here take this and gave me Imodium. I went on the toilet and did a load of soft mush poo that didn't actually smell much. On Thursday morning I woke and showered as I had totally soaked my bed, got dressed in clean school uniform including 2 pairs of white cotton pants just in case and ate breakfast. Then went on the toilet and did a strong pee and pushed for a poo which wouldn't come. I lied and told mum I had a runny one again and got more Imodium 2' capsules then and 2 more format school. I didn't poo again until Friday evening when my grounding was lifted..
It is now 11.00 am Sunday I am in the bathroom dressed for going out soon, wearing a short pleated black and purple mini skirt, fishnet holdups, black and purple DM boots, white short top.. When I'm ready to go I will also wear my black coat. My hair is in ringlets and below shoulder length and at the moment it's got blue and purple wash colour through it over some blond dye colour. I'm not wearing pants ( knickers) as I'm meeting 2'guys who have a van and we're going in the woods to play hehehe. I have 2 pairs in my coat pocket for later.
So I'm lifting my skirt and sitting down on the toilet and doing a pee. Before I push again Friday's poo was 1'solid piece about 8 inches long. I had a liquid poo whilst out on Friday evening and on Saturday morning when mum makes me go I did a soft log and several soft pieces of poo. I went out Saturday afternoon and got very very drunk with lots of others in this flat I mentioned before and had 2 more liquid poos and chucked up a couple of times. So now for my next push and I'm pushing down into my ass really hard some pee is dripping and I've just farted a pfffffff pffffff and I've taken a breath and pushing down again and a squirty fart and a lump of poo. When I'm on the toilet before going out I push as hard as I possibly can each time I push until I do it. I don't care if there is poo there in my ass ready to come out or not I just force and push as hard as I can until I make some come out and I don't care how much it hurts or if it bleeds I want to do a poo and poo I will do. Ok so another long hard push grrrrrnnnnnnnnn grrrrnnnnnnnn and I feel another piece come out with some softer poo that splatters as a fart comes out., I want to be empty when I go out and I don't like to poo when others are about, actually when I'm very drunk and get booze poos I don't care if others are about, I've been seen doing booze poos by guys and other girls and even sat on the toilet doing a booze poo and drinking wine from a bottle whilst doing it.. Just pushing down hard again grrrrnnnnnnnnnnngrrrnnnnnnnnnn and then another little log. Pushed again and a very wet fart and some liquid splatters out, just dabbed with TP and there is some light brown poo and yellowish snotty like stuff.l push down really hard again and pffffff pffffrt and again I push and keep pushing and grunting and another little piece drops making a sound like a pebble into water. when I'm sat on the toilet I always think about other things may be the guys I'm gonna meet and what we will do or things I like doing but don't know exactly why like getting really really drunk which makes me always wet the bed like multiple times in a night sometimes poo in bed or my clothes but I love doing it and even when I throw up I just carry on drinking straight after or like binging on chocolate again until I throw up and then just carry on or likes when mum makes big meals i like to eat and eat until I can't move then a few hours later I have a real struggle to make a poo.
Anyway another hard push down and lots of softer mushy poo splattering into the water and around the bowl with each pffffrt as I push down.
Whilst I recover from that last long push I will reply to
Paige. Hi you asked about continence visits. They started when I was 11 and was sterling secondary school, my mum had spoken to the school about my issues and they said as part of my care plan I needed to see a continence advisor. The visits haven't really changed over the last 4 years, I don't have as many school issues now as I used to but I think that is more down to how my life now is rather than the actual visits.
So at this latest visit she asks me am I aware of any infections I say no and she says I will check your test results but I know from records the clinic prescribed antibiotics then she asks about passing water how often etc and how often I'm wetting my pants and wetting the bed so I just say oh a couple,of times a week ( I don't mention about drinking and soaking my bed after that every night several times) and then asks about my bowels and my motions ( horrible cringe worthy words ) are they soft hard regular etc so I say sometimes hard and sometimes soft and runny then asks am I going to the toilet ok I say yes and she asks how about when it's hard I say if I'm going out I make it come out in the toilet she asks if not going out I say I hold it in then she asks about accidents in my pants and bowel control so i say sometimes a couple of times a week and she then looks at some email from my school and tells me how many times they say I've done it in my pants or had to go home etc and that I'm improving, at junior school some weeks i did it in my pants every day. And then asks about withholding and why etc then asks about counselling which I decline but I think they will now want mento attend again as she mentioned me being promiscuous and it's not good at my age etc.
So all rather dull again hehehe
Now I've just been pushing hard and nothing now but little pffrts and snotty stuff so time to wipe. I've taken a scrunch which is for me around 10 squares of paper but as 1 length and scrunched it up. Just done a little pee and now padding my front bit dry which is tender but not stinging when I pee. Ive re scrunched my paper and now reaching round behind me to wipe which is a little bit of poo and snotty stuff, second wipe same and re scrunch again and 1'more wipe and it's clean. I've stood up checked in the toilet and opened the door and shouted to mum " mum mum I've done a poopoo" and she replies ok you can flush it. I've smoothed my skirt down and checked in the long mirror to see if the red lines that the toilet seat makes on my ass after an hour on the toilet are visible my skirt is short and they just are as the skirt just. Ones to the bottom of my ass cheeks. Oh well I don't really care.
Flushed and cleared in 1 go and now leaving bathroom.
Hope you like this I will post again soon
Katie Kool

Sunday, February 17, 2019

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