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anyone out here who likes to sit for a while on your toilet even after finishing? I personally like to sit and relax on my elongated seat after my dump is complete. also, I have noticed that a second flush usually removes any lingering skid marks. thanks

Brandon T

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To: Victoria B it sounds like you really had to poop pretty bad.

To: Tlana it sounds like Brandee wasn't feeling to well at least you were there to help her out.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Anna From Austria great story.

To: Katie Kool sounds like that food didn't agree with you very well.

To: Becc M it sounds like you both had great poops.

To: Mina great story it sounds like Hisae really had to poop and had a good poop as well.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



I like Constiguy's posts about constipation, something that thankfully I haven't often had to deal with. I find that if I am dehydrated, my stools are a little more difficult than usual to pass so I make sure that I drink a lot of fluids, especially in the summer. I work at a large university and I am often in the mens room with young graduate students. I am amazed that a not insignificant amount of these young guys struggle with their bowel movements. Most of the young guys have no issues unloading. But there are some who really struggle. They usually sit down, let out a dry fart followed by a deep sigh, then spend about ten or fifteen minutes pushing, straining, sighing. They will push out a small amount of dry, hard golf balls, followed by deep sighs of relief. There is one particular young guy who I have sat next to on many occasions. He will often whisper to himself as he struggles. "Oh boy." "I can't shit." "Oh no." After he drops some dry stools, he'll whisper, "Oh yeah." On rare occasions, he'll sit down, let out some gas, and drop a nice large turd. He will sigh with great relief. I have often wanted to encourage him as he struggles, saying, "You can do it!" "Keep pushing." "Okay, you're almost done." But that would be a bit weird!


Crapping in my 9th grade year

When I was in the first semester of my 9th grade, I tried to avoid crapping at school. I was only somewhat successful. I would get an ache, gas would be difficult to control and I knew the odor coming out of me was not that good. When I stayed for clubs after school all my friends had pop and water bottles, but I didn't dare drink anything because there would be a disaster in my pants. There were 3 or 4 girls who would tease me about going to the bathroom. Then they came back into the classroom exaggerating how great they felt after using the toilet. There were some guys like me who didn't have that confidence.

Eventually I used study hall time and sometimes quick sits during passing periods to get my craps in. It wasn't pleasant since most of the toilets didn't have doors but did have clogged bowls, wickedly splashed seats and toilet paper rolls that had probably been used to sabotage the flush cycle. So I would sit down, get my butt wet, and hope I wasn't going to be stared down by the older guys while I pushed away as fast as I could. I remember being startled when some guys came into a toilet to piss and they would take a foot and kick the seat up like a football. It would keep the seat dry for the next sitter, but I remember several times sitting on really loose seats. I would sit closer to the front and make sure my weight was firmly on the floor. Then I would stand to wipe. Well last week my luck ran out. Between 3rd and 4th hour I went in for a quick, soft dump that I had been holding for an hour due to a test. I ripped my underwear down and drop straight down onto the toilet. After a couple of seconds the seat was sliding out from under me. A few guys at the sinks saw it and I heard laughter from the toilets next to me.

The seat had completely broken off at the bolts. I stood, put the seat against the side of the toilet and then seated myself on the bowl. It was cold, so awkward and I knew I had to be ever so careful but luckily my often-usual 12"er cooperated within a few seconds. It seemed different standing to wipe though with my junk and that on display. The warning bell rang and I hurried to class. I was about 25 seconds late but our student teacher, as usual, was cool about it.

I've seen a few people do surveys before, and I thought I'd try making one myself!

1. How long does it usually take you to pee?

2. Have you ever shared a flush with someone? I.E. both use the toilet and no flush in between

3. When you wipe after peeing, do you sit or stand? How about pooping?

4. When you flush the toilet, do you stand or sit? Do you close the lid?

5. Do you or have you ever flushed food waste (soup, cereal, tea leaves, etc) down the toilet?

6. What's the strangest thing you've ever flushed, on purpose or by accident?

Thank you so much for filling this out!

Weird guy, I do indeed sometimes enjoy spending some time on the pot after I finish my business, if I'm at home and distracted by something. I find it quite comfortable sometimes.

Bianca, Victoria B, and hhgreg - thank you for your responses! Bianca, I'd love to hear a flush story from you! I'll put another one up soon, for sure


Pooping in a bag

In my last post I mentioned how I like to go in places other than my own toilet, and it's my new year resolution to do it at least once a week… well this week was very radical, even for me!

For some reason I had been a little clogged up for the last week and hadn't pooped at all, never mind my usual twice a day. I tried sitting on the toilet and seeing if I could still go but I didn't even have the urge. This morning it came back with a vengeance. I woke up about 8am and went through my usual routine. Sat on the toilet and peed, tried to poop with no luck, had a shower and ate breakfast. I was just finishing my morning coffee when I felt the pleasant feeling at my backdoor I had missed so much, I needed to poop. Going from experience I knew it was going to be a big one and I really didn't want to deal with a blocked toilet first thing on a Friday. The last time this happened I went outside in my garden but there is currently building work going on next door so I wouldn't have the privacy. So with my need to go rather quickly becoming very urgent, I had to think fast. Outside was off the cards and taking a dump in my shower didn't seem too appealing either. I was looking around my house, trying to find something to go on when a plastic shopping bag caught my eye. It was perfect!

I grabbed the bag and went upstairs to my bathroom, out of habit I guess and I knew nobody would be able to peer through my windows somehow. I pulled off my jeans and thong, piling them up in the corner of the room and them squatted down over the floor, holding the plastic bag open underneath my butt. My heart was racing and I was getting such a rush. Was I really about to do this? The need to go was getting stronger than ever but I wanted to let it happen naturally. There would be a point where I wouldn't be able to hold it anymore.

I let out the occasional dribble of wee while waiting and after about a minute the special moment arrived. I felt my backdoor doming and there was a faint wet crackling as a wide poop pushed its way out of me. Words cannot describe just how good it felt. I was stretched wide open as it slowly but effortlessly made its way out of me and into the bag. I could hear the bag rustling as more and more fell into it in one continuous rope. I kept trickling small amounts of wee in little spurts but I wasn't too concerned, the bag didn't have any holes in it.

My poop eventually broke off with a quiet thud and I couldn't help but peer underneath me at what I had just created. Looking back at me was a huge turd, at least an inch thick and probably about two feet in total. I was proud! I got back into position and pushed gently to see if there was any more and started peeing properly, it hissing against the front of the bag. I went for a surprisingly long time, I guess the coffee had worked its way through my system! Once satisfied I was empty, I reached behind me for the toilet roll and began wiping my behind. I needed to use four pieces, putting them all in the bag and I wiped my front with an additional piece. I tied up the bag tightly and redressed with the biggest smile ever on my face. I disposed of the bag in the outside bin, washed my hands and relaxed on the sofa feeling like a million bucks! Best day ever!


Accident because of the door lock

The story from Icy remembered me of a story a few weks ago. Me and my family were in Munich. After watching some chain cars which my son likes alot we decided to go to a local store. My wife wanted to stop over at our hotel to take a pee. Wen Me and my son waited for her he announced that he needed a pee as well. My son uses a wheel chair so peeing is not so easy. My wife had his pee botle in her backpack and I was desperately waiting for her to return. I tried to calm him down and make him hold his pee. At When Susan finally appeared she told us that she didn't manage to open the door with the key card because she was so desperate for her pee. She ended peeing herself in front of the door and had to cleanup herself. My son dind't pee himself so he could have his pee in the botle. The hotel had no handycaped toilet available.

Victoria B.

Called Out


My last story got a little garbled. I saw that the part with all the action, so to speak, got published so you just missed the setup. My bad!

I've talked before on here about how people using the phone while sitting on the toilet bothers me. Today I had no choice but to do the same! My afternoon class was cancelled and as I was walking home I felt my insides stir. I needed a bathroom before too long but my building was safely within walking distance and I made it inside and up the elevator with time to spare. My bathroom is the first door on the left of the entrance hallway of the apartment and I walked in before shutting the door, turning on the lights and undressing before taking a seat.

I started with a quick pee before settling in adjusting my cheeks to make myself comfy. My body responded with a large turd that crackled on its way out of me before l
hitting the bottom of the bowl with a dull thud. It was big enough to warrant a flush and I felt no shame as I reached behind me to pull the handle down. I'm currently on the longest clog-free streak of my life and I want to keep rewriting the record books! I reverted to an old habit as the water made its way down and refilled, passing the time by idly snapping the black lacy waistband of my cotton thong against my calves.

Once the water level reset I got back down to business. Two medium pieces fell in quick succession, the latter of which gave me a nice splash between the buns-gross! I was done at this point and would have gone through my normal procedure of sliding forward on the seat to wipe had I not heard my phone ring from the back pocket of my lowered skinny jeans. I picked it up and looked at the number for what turned out to be awkward news: it was a call I needed to take! Here I was astride the porcelain, wet butt and all, having to answer the phone, and unable to either wipe or get up from the pot and switch the vent fan off with an unwiped behind for fear of letting the other person know how awkward of a time they'd called at!

I took several deep breaths and answered. The conversation lasted for about ten nerve-wracking minutes before I could safely hang up and do the paperwork. One wipe for my front and four for the backside was all it took before I could flush, stand up and get dressed again. I washed my hands and left the bathroom happy to have been able to continue my day!

Has anyone else been in this situation with a phone call that had to be taken even if you were on the toilet?

Happy pooping to all!


Question for Icy

You filled your boxer briefs up to the waistand? Wow, that sounds like it was quite a bit of poop! How long had you been holding it to make a mess that size? I'm fascinated. Thanks!

To Icy

Awesome story about your accident you had! I know I have been there with the race against time getting to the bathroom. I had an accident a while back coming back to school from home, I go to college in Michigan myself actually. I had to go so bad coming home but I don't like to go in public so I held it until I got to my apartment, unfortunately when I got out of my car and there was no resistance of the seat, I couldn't hold it in anymore. Thankfully I was wearing some sweatpants so it wasn't too obvious but by the time I got into my apartment I had a pretty good bulge back there lol. It was pretty funny in retrospect to be honest.

Victoria B.

The Plot Thickens 2/2

I turned around and blew a cheeky fart in the toilet's direction as a way of warning it of what was ahead. That done, I took my gray jeans and heathered black boyshorts down to my ankles and grabbed a seat. This was gonna be a bumpy ride on the porcelain. My first fart was followed by two or three others before I realized that my rear was going to need some assistance. The first push didn't get me anywhere but the second resulted in the beginning of what turned out to be a diarrhea. I farted as I pooped it and the impact of the liquid coming from me onto the water in the bowl beneath gave me a nice splashing.

By that point I reconciled myself with my need to do a diarrhea and although not thrilled to be having it in a public bathroom I resolved to do whatever my body needed. A second splatter of liquid poop came and then a third after some pushing when I suddenly heard footsteps. Not a second later and I realized as it was opening that I'd forgotten to lock the bathroom's door! What a dummy! The (smoking hot I might add) guy who came in saw me in my full red-faced, bush-exposed, jeans-and-undies-around-ankles, stinky-diarrhea-poop glory! To make matters worse I punctuated his accidental instruction with another wet fart!

He quickly apologized and closed the door again. For my part I needed some time to recover from the shock before getting back to my dump. That done, I unleashed waves #5 and 6 before wiping with the paper in the metallic holder on the wall to the left of me. It was terrible thin stuff and gave me quite the raw deal as I desperately bargained with it to get my dirty butt clean. Still seated I flushed and then got dressed again before washing my hands and leaving the bathroom vacant. I gathered up my things from the table where I'd been sitting and beat a hasty retreat from the recreation room back to my apartment.

Doesn't anybody knock??


Friday, February 15, 2019


Tlana & Brandee Constipation Lesson 6

I read with interest the above post and found it very relevant. Constipation can be very severe and people have had strokes whilst trying to push one out. Also, less importantly but still not to be forgotten one can get piles. I would think Brandee should try two suppositories or an enema as it might do the job better. The important point is that Tlana was in the cubicle with her because in that situation you not only need encouragement but assistance if you faint, or in this case vomit. I know I have been in that situation with constipation and when I have been with someone it has been so much better because they can hold onto me, rub my back and ???? and bottom. I also find digital stimulation with a lubrication helps a lot....I have placed posts on this technique later last year.
Once I had a micro enema and they take about 15 minutes to work so I straight away got into the car and drive to the gym as I did not have a real lot of time. I planned to evacuate at the gym or public toilets adjacent to the gym. Trouble was the traffic was unusually heavy due to a carnival and I had to park further away than I planned. AS I was parking I was desperate...difficult to concentrate on parking in such situations. I walked very stressed and wondered whether I should drop my trousers near some thick bush but I was likely to be seen, I arrived at the public toilets clenching my butt cheeks...How I made it I do not know...went in and exploded....I had the best shit in a long time....maybe it was holding the enema for so long might have been the reason.


Another story

Well I've started to find some fun in taking about past and recent accidents. So I'll talk about one in the past while on vacation. This was a family vacation to a tourism heavy town. I was probably 16 or 15 at the time. The hotel me and my family were staying at was right on the beach of Lake Michigan. We were all hanging out on the beach, not in bathing suits or anything. I was wearing simple boxer briefs, a t-shirt and athletic shorts. But when I'm away from home, my body doesn't like to tell me when I have to go number 2. Until the last second, and then I don't have much time before I have an accident. And a lot of the time... I just don't make it. So I got one of our 2 keys and made my way inside. Took the elevator to the top floor, made it down the hallways, all while coming dangerously close to unloading. Given the circumstances I wasn't very patient, and the keys to the rooms are just those plastic ones you slide into the door then slide out. But it needed to be just the right speed. But too fast or slow and you won't be able to get into the room. So I kept trying and trying and couldn't get it right.
I was tugging at the handle, blushing furiously, when I just spread my legs a bit and my body took over. An unatural pain forced me to push it all out. I felt my pants steadily fill more and more. A shamefully familiar feeling. As I finished I realized I hadn't gone the whole trip. With pants filled to the waistband, I tried a few more times and the door finally let me in. Allowing me to waddle my way into the bathroom to clean up... oh yeah but the rest of the vacation was fun.

weird guy

toilet posture

anyone out here who likes to sit for a while on your toilet even after finishing? I personally like to sit and relax on my elongated seat after my dump is complete. also, I have noticed that a second flush usually removes any lingering skid marks. thanks


advice for poopin in public

Greg here. first I want to say i sm a terribly shy pooper. And ill keep it short and sweet. So i had headphones on and shyness gone! I pooped a ton in the gym bathroom ith ppl all around! Felt kinda hot tbh. This is for rose, when i flushed, the log swirled around and the softer stuff follows on down the hole. This is a great site yall are great hhgreg.

Victoria B.

The Plot Thickens 2/2

I turned around and blew a cheeky fart in the toilet's direction as a way of warning it of what was ahead. That done, I took my gray jeans and heathered black boyshorts down to my ankles and grabbed a seat. This was gonna be a bumpy ride on the porcelain. My first fart was followed by two or three others before I realized that my rear was going to need some assistance. The first push didn't get me anywhere but the second resulted in the beginning of what turned out to be a diarrhea. I farted as I pooped it and the impact of the liquid coming from me onto the water in the bowl beneath gave me a nice splashing.

By that point I reconciled myself with my need to do a diarrhea and although not thrilled to be having it in a public bathroom I resolved to do whatever my body needed. A second splatter of liquid poop came and then a third after some pushing when I suddenly heard footsteps. Not a second later and I realized as it was opening that I'd forgotten to lock the bathroom's door! What a dummy! The (smoking hot I might add) guy who came in saw me in my full red-faced, bush-exposed, jeans-and-undies-around-ankles, stinky-diarrhea-poop glory! To make matters worse I punctuated his accidental instruction with another wet fart!

He quickly apologized and closed the door again. For my part I needed some time to recover from the shock before getting back to my dump. That done, I unleashed waves #5 and 6 before wiping with the paper in the metallic holder on the wall to the left of me. It was terrible thin stuff and gave me quite the raw deal as I desperately bargained with it to get my dirty butt clean. Still seated I flushed and then got dressed again before washing my hands and leaving the bathroom vacant. I gathered up my things from the table where I'd been sitting and beat a hasty retreat from the recreation room back to my apartment.

Doesn't anybody knock??



Looking Back

Hey everyone. I love looking through my poop history on toiletstool. Does anyone else do this. Crazy me, I realized on one of my earlier posts from 2017 that I made a mistake. When I spoke of my medical precedures and mentioned having 2 ERCP's, I actually had my blockage of gallstones broken up with I believe was a laser.Anyway, I'm so amazed at all the poop stories I've written, and plan to keep them coming. To rose: I love reading toilet flush stories too! Hey rose. What do you call a poop that breaks apart in the toilet? A poop going through a breakup lol!Bye.

Victoria B.

Some more replies

Thought I'd get back to a few friends today. I love you all!

To Rose: Thank you for your kind words! I bet you felt better after giving your toilet a nice meal!

To Just Jerika: Larger multi-stall bathrooms! My reason is that I'll have a higher chance of getting my buns on a seat as quickly as possible in case there are stalls without toilet paper or with clogged stools.

To Jenny: Sometimes I forget how uncommon snow is below the mountains in the Northwest. Sounds like you have a real Seattle freeze on your hands. What a crappy time to run out of paper! Stay strong!

To answer both of your questions, yes. Bringing my own makes wiping less of a task knowing that I won't have to worry about having my poor butthole sanded off by the thin, uncomfortable stuff they put in public bathrooms. I've experimented with wipes like those but I'm kind of a toilet nerd and I've read that they don't really break up in sewer systems and can lead to something that I have too much familiarity with already: a clogged toilet. I have my pink plunger with me just in case, but I haven't (fingers crossed) had to use it yet in my new place!

To Minappe: It's safe to say that we don't put as much effort into our public facilities as other countries. It's not at all uncommon to see a stall out of paper or with an "Out of order" sign on its door.
Chae brought up something interesting though about how stalls for Western, sitting-style toilets have doors that open differently from the ones used for traditional, squatting-style toilets. Non-sitting style is almost unheard of here, but our stall doors tend to open inward and not outward. Outward doors do exist but they're definitely in the minority! Hope you did a big load for Kazu, Chae, and Maholin and I love you all!

Happy pooping!


Brandee's stop-up

Me and Brandee are spending more time together in campus activities and several times off-campus too. Such was the case the other evening when I walked into our floor's dorm bathroom to tell Brandee to hurry up. She was still on the toilet. Because of constipation she might have to sit a half hour or more to get a stool. She often just explains it away saying being several hours away from her boyfriend at college, she's not getting the attention she needs. She said when she's home on breaks she's able to go everyday and that Graham has helped her more ways than one in helping that happen. Our ride service was there and waiting and I heard Brandee wrestle with a package, stand, then sit down again and pull her clothing up. She said she had just used a suppository and was ready to go with me to the Arena and a big basketball game. I couldn't believe her. I told her I thought a suppository would give her a blast-out in 15 minutes or sooner. She said her system's different and they don't work that fast. This was on a Monday night and she had last crapped Tuesday of the last week.

So we got down to the Arena, showed our student IDs for admission and I used myself and my need to pee to get her into the bathroom as soon as possible. The toilets were about half used. We got adjacent stalls and I wasted now time taking the rather warm seat and getting my pee going into the bowl. It was rather loud and Brandee texted me that she could hear it and asked me how many liquids I had drank on campus that day. She said she could never drink that much soda and coffee, plus the water bottle we had shared in the car. She asked me to stay with her while her suppository worked. It had been a half hour and I was surprised it was taking that long.

I could see she was moving around on the seat, shifting her weight and making every attempt at getting action going. In the stall to my right, I heard a door slam kind of hard, saw red high heels turn and back up toward the toilet. I heard the lady pull some toilet paper down, lift the seat up with a smack, and I thought it was a hover pisser as she widened her footwork. Then there was a series of plops into the water, a couple of sighs and then other signs of pushing something out. I could hear it hit the porcelain. Then as the person grabbed and unraveled the wiping paper, I heard the auto-flush take over and repeat a couple of times because of the lady's movements, I guess. Others were coming into the bathroom and I could see the eyes of a young child a few times looking in on me. Then she was swept up and led into the now vacant stall. Before she could get the door shut, her mom, I guess, pushed her way in and corrected the girl about not sitting bare-butt on the seat. The mom forced the girl to step aside, pull off quite a bit of toilet paper and line the seat with it. For some reason it wasn't done right and mom started to be critical of the girl. Then she took her seat and did about a 30-second wee. Brandee texted me to say the big one was coming. She also said she was getting nauseated. I asked her if she wanted me to come in and be with her and she said yes.

I flushed and went directly over to Brandee. Sweat was running off Brandee and she was pushing her long, blonde hair out of her eyes while she changed her position on the toilet and now moved her underwear from knee to foot-level. She put her head between her knees and I could see she was in pain. She was getting frustrated because she had been sitting for 45 minutes or more. I told her not to worry. She said "I'm going to f*****' puke" turned and got off the toilet. I put the seat up and she got on her knees with her chin just above the bowl. That activated the flusher and she got her face out of the way just in time. After a few seconds she said an explosion was coming. I had her stand, I dropped the seat, and her butt dropped onto it none-to-soon. There was air coming out of her mouth as she dropped her head again and held onto her ankles. More sweat was coming and she was slurring her words, something that started to worry me. I hugged her and stroked her hair as the pain got worse. Then when it seemed like she was going to puke, there was a huge blast into the bowl. A few seconds of silence. Then another blast. This happened about 6 times and each time Brandee hugged me a little more. Behind where her butt was seated on the black seat, all I could see was dark brown in the water and a putrid smell.

I grabbed for the toilet paper. Absolutely none. So when Brandee started to get off the stool to unlatch the door for me, the sensor went off and the flush cycle seemed a little louder and longer. I had to go to four toilets that were open in order to extract a roll of toilet paper. I made a mental note of where I got my half roll. When I got back to Brandee she showed me her bottom and the splash out had made it one big mess. She told me I didn't need to help because I had done so much already just staying with her, but I knew she didn't mean it. We used all that toilet paper and I had to go into another stall to get the last little we needed. The fact that she had a hairy butt didn't help, but I wasn't about to say anything. Luckily our movement set off the sensor several times, otherwise there would have been a heck of a clog. After the game, and our team won, five hours later we stopped for coffee at a c-store near campus. In the bathroom there we both peed before going back to our dorm. All that wiping, Brandee said, had made her arse grow increasingly sore. I believed it. I remember seeing a little blood on the last couple of wipes we had done. I was hopeful Brandee's system would not get stopped up that badly again.


Best poops

When I used to live with my parents I remember my best poops were during the weekends. My mom usually cleaned the house well at sundays.

Usually around 11 am I needed to poop. This also was the time whem she clened the toilet. It felt painstakingly long time to hold my poop.

On the other hand it felt amazing to relieve myself after she was done. I grabbed a comic book and locked door behind. Everything was so nice and clean and it smelled so nice. As a kid/teenager I used to eat tons of fiber so my turds were very large. At sundays I didn't need to hurry anywhere so I did spend good amount of time in there.

My mom was aware of my pooping routine and sometimes came to my room to tell me that toilet is ready to use. Even thought I never asked her to do that. Once she even reminded to get something to read before I go.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Constipation. Lesson 5

Constipation is so common. If constipated think first as to whether you are taking medication that could cause it . Next point is anything going on with your health generally that may be linked to constipation? Is anything really adverse happening in your life ..... sometime that can cause it ! Are you drinking hardly any liquids? Have you changed your diet substantially ? If constipation is not resolved then see your doctor!!!! today I had the best poo. It came out easily and one log was like lead I heard it hit the bottom of the toilet bowl with a thud. I feel so good and relaxed now

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much to Victoria B and weird guy for your responses! I loved hearing both, especially Victoria's description of her recent flush. I'd love to hear stories of more people's flushes!

I'll share one of my own recent flushes. Yesterday around noon I felt myself filling up, and the urge to poop came to me fairly quickly. I also happened to really need to piss, so I headed to the bathroom to get it all out. I sat on my toilet seat, and spread my cheeks beneath me. Moments later, with a crackling sound, soft poop began to slowly descend into the bowl below, small parts occasionally breaking off and splashing down into the water. After a few seconds, I began pissing, hitting the front of the bowl and making a splattery hissing sound as my pee ran down the porcelain into the water.

After a few minutes, a second soft poop slid out and joined my pee with a ploop. At this point I began to wipe, cleaning myself well and adding my paper to the bowl. Then, I flushed it all. As I stood over it, the toilet swirled round, tearing my soft turds apart seconds before they washed down and away for good. The toilet paper followed, and I watched until the last of my yellow pee had departed.

I'd love to hear about more people's recent flushes! Let me know what it was like!

Just Jerika

Big or small bathrooms?

My friend Chantel and I both are the same age, taking junior college classes, are smaller in stature than many of our peers and have apartments with live-in boyfriends. Where we differ, though, is whether small or larger public bathrooms are the best to use.

Since junior high, I have preferred the 1 or 2 toilet type. Gas stations are among my favorites. I also like the small toilets outdoors at parks and at a family bowling place and small restaurants that Hernandez and I frequent. I've had too many bad experiences trying to do a simple pee in large arenas and sports stadiums. Nothing got better really when I was in high school.

So Friday afternoon Chantel and I stopped our literature class study period an hour early. We were in the library so I want to the upstairs single-cubical bathroom for my daily crap. She decided to endure the main bathroom where there's a line of toilets and a larger group of students eager to use them. I was done and back in the lobby waiting for her for 2 or 3 minutes before she could get off her simple pee.

She drove us to a happy hour at a ladies club on the other side of town. We had 3 rounds of drinks over about 2 hours. We went to the one bathroom at the club twice, each time together. The room was small, with 2 open toilets right next to one another and a sink and mirror. There was a toilet paper holder on the wall between the two toilets and and a sanitary items disposal drop. We both peed, Chantel for almost twice a long as me and with much more noise.

When we got back to our table the second time, our burgers, fries and another round of drinks were awaiting us. The large amount of food caused Chantel to need the bathroom again. This time was for her second crap of the day. She insisted that I come and keep her company.
She likes large bathrooms with multiple toilets and lots of noise. I just sat on the toilet with my clothing up while we talked. We had our big/small bathroom discussion going pretty well and lost track of the time until there was a knock on the door. Chantel stood and immediately flushed. A quick wipe job followed and she halfway washed her hands because someone was waiting.

On the way back home, Chantel stopped for gas. While she pumped, I headed right to the bathroom. Single bathroom. I latched the door, placed my butt on the black seat and my pee started torrentially. Had that been a larger bathroom with less privacy, I would have been nowhere as fortunate.

What do you ToiletStool.comers prefer? Small single-toilet or larger multi-toilet bathrooms. Why?

Hi everyone,
I'm keeping warm in Seattle we have about 8 inches of snow and stuck home all weekend. I know That's not a big deal to a lot of you. But Seattle is not that prepared for snow. Last Thursday all the grocery stores were packed and the shelves were empty.Oops just about out of toilet paper which I unfortunately Did not restock on.I am pooping right now. I was planning to take a shower anyway. But since I'm probably not leaving the house today to poop if I have to poop again I guess I'm jumping in the shower again. I've seen a lot of posts of what happens when people run out of toilet paper in public stalls. What do people do when they're stuck without toilet paper at home. Improvise Improvise with paper towels? Paper?I like to jump in the shower. I get enough skidmarks from that crummy public restroom toilet paper. I don't need were skidmarks from wiping my ass with a paper towel or or newspaper.

Anna ( from canada)and Catherine. If your happens to be peaking that the forum hi and we miss you. It's amazing how long this forum has been out. Maybe older than some of the posters !!!! Like Facebook people are going to wax and wane with their use and some will chose to move on completely. I appreciate all of you while you are here!!! And I know if you are alive and well, you are still pooping!!!

JR - I loved you post about how you meat Amber. Did you ever see each other poop again?
Victoria B. Is your underwear cleaner now that you bring your own toilet paper to school? Or is it just much more comfortable to wipe with your own toilet paper ? My husband has these one white Charlie's that he gets from dollar shave club. He lets me take a couple to work. They're very refreshing and they feel like peppermint. Not only is my underwear cleaner when I use them but it feels so good almost as good as the poop. I like your comment about poops being something we are naturally mindful of like sex. I love mediation, pooping and sex!!! I guess I never thought about what they have in common neurologically. Though it's probably Wise to takeoff my pants while I'm doing two of the three ....
I actually post when I'm on the toilet on my phone and I'm pretty embarrassed about my typing and editing of my post. Often times AutoCorrect does not make things better. So I'm trying dictating right now. It's pretty funny dictating this while I'm dropping a log. The phone is pretty good at recognizing my voice. Otherwise my five plots might've been dictated. The first for logs came out pretty easily but this fifth one was took a while. I have one more but I think I need to push it out. Haha my grunt and moan was not dictated. I think I'm done and ready to shower

Jenny SIS ( skidmarked in Seattle)

Survey responses

Surveys and Answers

Paige survey: have you ever used a doorless stall?

Oh yes in elementary, jr high and high school.
I used them as little as possible, but when I would use them I would really have to go.
This is when I first started getting self conscious of poopin in public and the skids in my panties. The hot popular girls (non athletic pretty girls) never seemed to poop. And the few I did see in the odorless stall and their pristine white clean panties down to their ankles giving me a complex. When I did go. I would've terrified and blushing even if no body was in the bathroom. I would never use a door less stall if someone was in the bathroom, I would leave and check until the bathroom was empty!! I over pulling my pants/panties down to my ankles when I poop, but in 6th grade I pulled my panties down barley past my crack and front to hid my dirty panties. And I wouldn't do a good job wiping in a rush with one ply toilet paper ( and in high school the single square toilet paper) it was a cycle. I would littler drop turds out of fear when someone walked in on me pooping in a spotless stall. I usually hold my poops in a public bathroom when other are in there but back then if I had to go , I really had to go!!! But honestly though no one was ever mean to me or stared at me when I was using a spotless stall. The stress for me was in my head.

I ever see doorless stalls as an adult. But some of the gaps are pretty large I can see ladies hunched over pushing

Zach survey:

Gender: Female
Age: 32
Type of underwear: thongs and boyshorts
Have you ever had a wee accident: actually now
Have you ever had a poo accident? Do skidmarks count? Lol Yes. Twice in grad school. I was living on my own and and GI issues twice. I would get nauseated with vomiting and diarrhea. I would stay still in my bed trying not to get nauseated. Twice I let out a fart and shatter. I threw out one pair of granny panties ( they needed to go anyway.) but one shaft I was wearing a thong as I had been at class all day. That was a mess and I was wearing yoga pants. They were lululemon expenseice pants and I did not have the heart to throw them away, but they did get clean with stains or smells. The white ( yes white) old navy thong was sent out in the trash right away . Both incidents with just a few ounces of liquid poo. I have never dropped a solid turn in my pants as an adult .

Karen B's survey:
Do I do homework on the toilet? I used to in school. I don't do continuing education in the toilet. I just text and post on my phone really badly .
Are you comfortable to fart in front of friends or do you just hold it back? Actually yeah as long as they don't see my panties. My husband sees my panties so I actually don't fart in front of him. I have a separate hamper for my underwear so he doesn't see the dirtiest panties often. But my girl friends, yes i fart in front of them all the time!

Has anyone peeked into your stall while you were having a bodily function? No, but my husband jokingly peaks at me at home only because he know that I freak out when he does

Hey it's Paige!!

Katie: thanks for the response! Also I'd love to hear about the visits with the continence nurse!

More and more stories keep coming to mind, so here's another one but it's more recent!

Me, my grandmother, my sister Kelsey (not her real name but for anonymous purposes) and my aunt were at the mall shopping around. My grandma is in a wheelchair, but she did her own shopping as well! But anyway, at one point she told me, pretty frantically, that she needed to use the ladies room. My aunt and Kelsey both went with us so they can help. She repeated that she had to use the restroom a few times, but then she stopped. When we got into the ladies room, she whispered, "it's too late." We could smell her accident already but we stayed mature about it.

We went into the handicap stall and I put the seat cover on the toilet. My sister pulled her pants and her depends down but instead of just pulling them down to her ankles like usual, she took them off because they were soiled. My grandmother is a very private woman, and very modest just like I was when I was younger, so we feel bad whenever she has to change or go to the bathroom because we know she's embarrassed, but she knows we need to help her.

Once we got her pants and depends off, I noticed that she was definitely in a mess- literally! Her front had poop all over it, not to mention her butt which I noticed when we lifted her up to put her onto the toilet.

We transferred her from her wheelchair onto the toilet, pretty urgently because she said she felt more coming. We had barely put her on the toilet before she had another intense and noisy wave of diarrhea and started to tinkle a little bit!

My aunt took her pants and depends out to the sinks but decided that they were so soiled that she just threw them out. Again, she's very private so she wasn't too wild about the door being left open. Meanwhile me and Kelsey were rubbing her back and talking to her. My aunt came back and asked how she was doing. She might be modest but she still does have a sense of humor. She said "well, my rear end is on fire, but other than that." We all laughed.

After a few minutes she said she was done. We asked her if she was sure she didn't have to do more, and she said yes.

I asked for her to open her legs a little bit so I could wipe her front. Since she was so modest, she loathed this part but tolerated it. I tried to make it as quick as possible but I had to really get in there to clean up all the poop. I wiped between her labia downward a few times. Kelsey and my aunt lifted her up from the toilet and I wiped under her. I wiped her butt really well and also tried to clean up her thighs. She didn't particularly like having her butt wiped either and was always very embarrassed when we've had to do it, but she seems to have more of an issue with her vagina being wiped. I used a wet paper towel my aunt brought to clean her front, thighs and bottom again to make sure she was totally clean. I went to go get some paper towels for her to sit on in the wheelchair and my aunt and Kelsey put them on her wheelchair for her. We were kind of confused about what to do because we had thrown her pants out for being so soiled and we also didn't have any more depends. We couldn't just leave her naked from the waist down until we got home! My aunt went out and bought her some pants and underwear to wear temporarily as we got out of the mall and into the car. Me and Kelsey stayed with her and tried to comfort her and make her feel better because we knew she was mortified.

My aunt got back. We put them on her and we all washed our hands and left.

I hope this is okay to post, Mr. Moderator! I just wanted to share that story as I thought you all might find it interesting!

Now here's my question: has anyone ever been in a situation like that? What happened and where were you? I'm very curious!


door of loo

Dear Victoria,

If you knock on door of loo when someone inside, maybe small knock is best! In Japan we usually knock only two knocks, but in foreign movie I often see people knock on door four or five knocks. (Off course this is not in loo.) This is only my feeling, but if I am on loo in department store or somewhere and someone knock four knocks, I feel bad, but two is not so bad.

Actually this morning we talked about this problem (?) when I was on loo to do motions and Kazuko was at my side and Hisae and Maho were at door of the loo. But we didn't know then that you plan to knock on door and we didn't know that in USA there is no red mark on door. In Italy there was I think.

Maho said, no red mark on door is big problem! Why they don't have??! she said with big voice. We often surprise very much about American loo. Big partition, easy to see from outside, no paper, many surprise things.

But Hisae said interesting thing. Now, many loo in Japan is Western style, so we sit on loo. And door open outwards. Possible that door is closed even loo is vacant. (But most loo have red sign.) But old style Japanese squat loo, door usually open inwards, and when nobody is there, the door is open always, so easy to see if someone is there or no.

She also said, she don't like to see open door of Japanese loo, because many dirty women (perhaps men also) they leave brown mushy all around loo instead of do in to clean style. I said before, looking at many loo in Ladies of department store is nice feeling, because loo is so nice place, but with Japanese loo, I don't have this feeling, and my friends say same thing. But Maho said, if Kazu or Chae or Minappe squatting over that Japanese loo long time with busy bottom, of course she feel warm feeling!

I had plan to write only short letter today, but my friends said so many things, so it is long letter....

Love from your very own Minappe + 3


Latest story

Hi everyone, I've got a story from this weekend, Lucy was away visiting her family so on Saturday I went to stay the night at my friend Katies house. I arrived at about 4pm, we were planning on ordering a pizza and just chilling and watching a film. Katie answered the door in her dressing gown, she said, "Perfect timing, I've just got out of the shower!" We went up to her room and chatted for a bit, after a while she said, "I just need a wee a sec, come on in so we can keep talking!" We went into her ensuite and she pulled up her dressing gown, I noticed she didn't have any knickers on as she sat on the loo and started to wee a heavy stream. As it dribbled to a stop she took some toilet paper and wiped, and then stood up and said, "Right, I'm just going to get the washing out of the machine, I've totally run out of clean pants would you believe, I didn't realise until I went to get dressed after my shower!" "Don't worry, it happens to me a lot too," I said, "The other day I had to wear the same knickers for two days because I didn't have any clean ones!"
A couple of minutes later Katie came back upstairs carrying a massive handful of clean knickers, they were all normal cotton pants in different pastel colours and patterns, we both think that its much more important to feel comfy in our knickers rather than worrying about fashion so I only ever wear those sort of knickers too. She said "The drier's broken so sorry but I'm gonna have to hang them about everywhere!" She put 3 flowery pairs on the radiator and then hung the rest on the clothes airer in her ensuite, altogether there were about 15 pairs! "Well I guess I won't run out of clean pants for a while now!" she said and we both laughed."I've got some plain white ones to wash too but I think I'll have to do them tomorrow, theres no more room at the moment!" she added.
"Right, I need a wee now!" I said, going back into the ensuite. I pulled down my grey leggings and yellow flowery knickers and sat on the loo, I opened the floodgates and started to wee a heavy stream which went on for quite a while before dribbling to a stop. I quickly wiped my front and pulled up my knickers and leggings before flushing and washing my hands. About 3 hours later we were waiting for the pizza to arrive and were watching telly in the living room when Katie said, "Right, the pizza should be here in about 10 minutes, I'm just going upstairs to see if my pants are dry!"
"Actually I'll come up too, I need another wee and I'll get changed into my nightie," I said, following Katie upstairs. We went into her bedroom, as I quickly undressed to my bra and knickers Katie went straight over to the radiator and picked up the first pair of knickers, they were pale blue with pink and yellow flowers. "Yeah, there dry now," she said. "Right, I'm just gonna go and have a wee," I said, I actually wasn't that desperate but I didn't want to need it while I was in the middle of eating! I dropped my knickers, sat on the loo and had a quick wee, I wiped, flushed and pulled my knickers back up and went back into Katies room to find her taking off her dressing gown, she wasn't wearing anything at all underneath it but it was no big deal as we've been naked in front of each other loads. I took off my bra and started to rummage in my bag for my nightie when the doorbell rang!! There we were, me just in my knickers and Katie totally naked and the pizza obviously at the door! "Don't worry, I'll go!" I said, as Katie was putting on her knickers I quickly pulled on my top and leggings, I didn't have time to put my bra back on but my top was quite baggy so I hoped I'd get away with it! I answered the door, took the pizza and put it in the oven on a low heat while I went back upstairs to finish getting changed. When I got back up to her room Katie was still just in her knickers rummaging through her drawer, as I started to get undressed again she said, "There it is!" She took out a nightie and pulled it on, she said, "For a minute I thought I'd run out of clean nighties too!" I put my nightie on as well and then we went downstairs to eat the pizza.
After we'd pigged out we just lazed around in our nighties watching telly in Katie's room. I hadn't been for a poo for a couple of days and now I'd eaten I thought I could feel a big one brewing in my belly. Just at that moment, as if she'd been reading my thoughts Katie said "I need to have a poo" and went into her ensuite, I followed her in and sat on the edge of the bath. We can both get a bit constipated and are totally relaxed about seeing each other on the loo, I find it helps if I can chat to someone if I'm struggling to push out a big load, it seems to make it easier and takes my mind off it. Katie went over to the toilet and lifted her nightie, she pulled her knickers down to her knees before sitting and starting to have a wee. "Ah that's better" she sighed as her wee stream died away and I saw her starting to push, she farted a few times as she did so. I shifted position on the floor as I could feel the tip of my poo creeping closer towards my bum. "You're making me need a poo as well!" I complained as Katie bore down hard and let her breath escape with a pant. "Sorry Abbie, I've been a bit constipated lately, I'm gonna really have to grunt this one out" gasped Katie and then pushed again. I carried on talking about nothing in particular to take her mind off it, eventually after several massive heaves and loud grunts there were some plops and shortly after that Katie took some toilet paper and started to wipe her bottom. By now I was squirming around, I could feel my poo starting to force open my bumhole and I was struggling to hold it back. Katie didn't exactly hurry to wipe, by the time she was done and had flushed I knew if I moved I would end up with the poo poking out into my knickers and getting them dirty. I stood up as carefully as I could but felt the poo slide out, I quickly reached up under my nightie and pulled down my knickers but I wasn't fast enough and I noticed that I had a massive skidmark. Katie noticed and said "You should have told me you were that desperate, I didn't want you to end up pooing your knickers!" "Don't worry, I suddenly got desperate out of nowhere" I said, kicking them off and feeling my poo sliding out. As usually happens with me, it was starting to get fatter so it had soon stopped part way out and I had to start pushing. I started to have a wee as I did so and it went hissing down into the bowl. After a couple of hard pushes and grunts I managed to pass the widest part and it started to speed up again before splooshing down into the water. I did a few farts before finishing with a few smaller pieces which made loud plops! I took some toilet paper, quickly wiped my bottom and then flushed, luckily it all went away even though it was a massive load. We went back into Katie's room, I looked through my bag and took out some white knickers which I put on, it was getting quite late so we decided to go to sleep. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!

Steve A

Karen B's Survey

Do you do your homework on the toilet?

No, I never did, I only read on my phone.

Are you comfortable to fart in front of friends or do you just hold it back?

I used to fart in the hallways around girls just to get a reaction out of them, which compared to a classic high school prank. However, I would fart around my friends only if I had to, but I still feel more comfortable farting/burping around girls than guys, & I don't know why...

Has anyone peeked into your stall while you were having a bodily function?

It never happened to me.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Zach's Survey

Gender: Male
Age: 21
Type of underwear you wear: Briefs
Have you ever had a wee accident: Sometimes
Have you ever had a poo accident: Yes, more than peeing
Does the type of underwear you wear make a difference (I.e holding in a poo, soaking up wee): I only wear briefs so I don't know, but I do know that briefs are good for holding a poo after it is in my pants compared to boxers where it would fall on the floor lol

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