Surveys and Answers

Paige survey: have you ever used a doorless stall?

Yes, several times. At my school, about half the doors are gone off the toilet stalls. Our school newspaper has listed frequent misuse of the toilets as why. So far this year there has been more vaping, drugs, and something our principals are really against. Loitering in the bathrooms.

Just last week I had to pee like mad because the subway was running so slow. I missed my transfer and I most hate these toilets. The room is small, the size of my bedroom, with three stools coming out of the wall. The seats are almost always wet because of parents with little kids and those that don't hover very good. I just sat down to get it over with. The seat was warm and luckily I had a dress on so I got some privacy, I guess

I've used the toilets at the park a few times. They are very much like those at the subway station. But they get a lot less use. Sometimes there is toilet paper, but other times it has been stolen or used up.

One time last fall I had to visit police headquarters because I had witnessed a car accident and I had to swear to and sign my statement.
The place scared me to the point that I had to immediately crap. I had had that feeling twice that day at school, but my teachers weren't excusing anyone with bathroom needs. One of the two cops in uniform and on the toilets said Hi and that she wished we could have more privacy there. We had a nice conversation as we both sat without a privacy door and did our craps. Hers sounded awesome as it hit the water in two or three installments.

Zach survey:

Gender: Female
Age: 16
Type of underwear: Regular cotton some days; thong sometimes. Mom bought me white until about 5th or 6th grade when a couple of mean girls were pointing out sometimes when I had a poo streak in the locker room. I was thinking "Hey B****"..." in the locker room but my mom understood and we switched to color.
Have you ever had a wee accident: yes. One day in 4th grade we had several subs in the building and they were off-schedule with bathroom breaks. So the bathroom was jammed. I waited and waited for a toilet and then the dam broke. Luckily I had new black jeans on. Then down with the nurse she found I had the beginning of measles coming and I was home for the week.
Have you ever had a poo accident? Yes. I think it was 3rd grade and again we had a jammed up bathroom. Some students from the other classes were getting hostile and I got pushed hard up against this large communal hand-washing sink. That caused me to drop one into my underwear. I was lucky because it was hard and didn't smell. I stole some time after I got my lunch tray to get back on the toilet, use toilet paper to handle it and then drop it between my legs into the toilet.

Karen B's survey:
Do I do homework on the toilet? Yes both home and at school.
Are you comfortable to fart in front of friends or do you just hold it back?
In class I've learned to change my posture and muffle it. Just yesterday I remember waiting until our teacher started a movie. I wish I had the confidence of my friend Faith. She'll just let one off and smile and say "Sorry."
Has anyone peeked into your stall while you were having a bodily function?
Yes and somewhat frequently to the point where I now chose to use a doorless stall, especially if I'm in a dress and just in need of peeing at school.It has saved me from a few detention periods.


me and strange young girl in bathroom

Hi everyone,I come from China.My English is very poor,please don't mind.Last time I use mechanical translation,I feel very embarrassed.Look dowm my story
I lay in bed where looking back the anecdote of my childhood.
In the eight years ago,I am 11,my mother register a course in order to me can more better learn English and increase my English mark,but the first day,i am diarrhea after eat breakfast.
I have been in class about 20min,I feel that I want to fart.but I can't,because I am a likely awkward person,and more urgently,when you diarrhea,you can't I disguise understand knowledge that what teacher teach.suddenly,teacher me a question,but i don't know,so teacher teach it again,I only to unwillingly listen it again.
I think this class will be end,but I am unaware that time goes by slowly.I had held on to half of hour when I trying to stick to my diarrhea almost spill out but it didn't come out.
And then,I was asked to do practice,but I just absent-mind due to I stomach ache,and more importantly,when you hold on for once diarrhea,next time,stomach will be ache even more.
I am casually write practice and waiting teacher's explain.and then my stomach ache again.
My tears flowing out
I didn't listen to anything,just then,the pressure of stomach more intense......
Finally,the poop uncontrolled come out but I tighten the butt have a bit wet.
Suddenly,I have a idea:now that the pants had wet,why not i pour out it in,when teacher talk with me,i release it in pant.but this "wet" very uncomfortable,eventually,I shyly tell teacher I want to go to bathroom.
I utterly unexpected,I stand up,carefully walk away.
The toilet is universal toilet,there are five stall,at this time,a young girl come in,she's about six years old.and then she stand in stall side,i don't like people around me when I take pooping.
So I disguise peeing,stand in stall without close the door but I glance that girl by stealth who still stand in there as to peep me,OH,WHAT SHOULD I DO!
And then,my stomach begin to ache again which more than ever,I turn around,looking at her,meanwhile,she look at me as well.
Her ask me weather I have tissue,I clutch my stomach,giveing her some tissue.
"Are you ok?",her say.
"not bad."
I see her go to stall,and then,take off her pant,squat dowm without lock door
I already unbearable! I reluctantly go to stall and then close the door.
"Why did you just stand up there instead of go to toilet?"
I haven't words reply her.
Taking off my pants and look at my underwear,A lot ot them are stain and some of them are my butt rubbed in class.
squatting and pulling,there is no sound at first,only the sound of watery.
at this moment,I hear a sound that cracking from the young girl's stall,her poop seem very large and much,what a unbelievable!the next,I start fart,she start laugh,but I did't embarrassed as before,maybe my heart feel some......balance.then,I flush and wipe,standing up and walk out stall.I glance her's stall,she unaware that I look at her.
I saw the three turds and some watery mess under the her……
When I go home,and took a bath at night, my mother naturally asked me what happened to my underwear……

Anna from Austria

tripple poop at restaurant toilet

Last Friday I had a business meeting at restaurant. During eating I started to feel some pressure at my backdoor. So I excused myself to toilet. During my way I could see two other ladies heading to restroom as well. It was a rather small restroom for a restaurant with only 3 toilets. So I and the other ladies had to use stalls next to each other. I pulled down my pants and thong and sat on the toilet. I heard the other ladies doing the same thing.Then there was silence for about one minute. They were just playing on their cell phones. I thought that they needed to poo but where to shy to make first step.Somehow I did not want to be the first as well and if I visited to restaurant in private I might have waited because I needed to but not that urgent.But this was out of the question because I could not let my boss and the other people waiting longer than necessary. So I started to pee first and during peeing I did a brrrt type fart and my first log started to come out. As expected that broke the ice and the lady to write started to grunt, and had hard time getting her poo out. Theo other lady did a big fart even louder than mine and then i could here some rather soft poo hitting the toilet bowl. I did some more farts and one other log. Then I was empty. I started to wipe, then flushed washed my hands and left. Theo other ladies were still doing their businesses when I left the toilet.

that is my story for today. It was a interesting experience but also gross somehow. 3 people pooping at the same time in a small bathroom with bad ventilation and without a window to open does not smell very well. That was the worth stunk up bathroom I ever experienced so far.

greetings from Austria


I went to a friend's house back in school I remember to hang out with and watch this really cool action movie that we both wanted to see. His parents had this huge mansion. My girlfriend was on vacation with her parents and his girlfriend and twin sister came over to watch the movie with us.

The mansion we were in of his parents was something I'd never seen or imagined. It had like 9 bedrooms and about the same amount of bathrooms. His sister was home for summer break from school and he was showing me around the mansion before we were going to watch the movie in the main family room which had a huge big screen TV and surround sound which was going to make it awesome.

We went back up stairs and he was showing me the main level and his sister ( Amber) I remember she stopped to say hi and gave me a hug. She was in Black pair of warm up pants and a white t shirt.

The main level of the house a total shock to see. His parents room the huge master bedroom overlooked the backyard that had a huge swimming pool and hot tub. And my favorite part also was the big basketball court to. His parents room had the huge master bathroom, it didn't have a door. All you had to do was walk around a wall with a huge entry way. Big tub and shower all separate. The toilet was straight ahead against the wall. It was one of the kind that sits high up.

We went back down to watch the movie and his girl friend and her sister and his sister watched the movie with us. We had drinks and snacks to.

After a while the girls left and we kept watching the movie. We lost track of time and did notice where the girls went. His girl friend and her sister left and his sister disappeared in the house.

The movie finished and he asked me did I want to shoot some hoops? I said"of course" and I told him I think I had to much soda to drink so I'd find the bathroom and meet outside.

I went upstairs to look for one of the many bathrooms. All the bathrooms are set up the same like in his parents bedroom. Big entry way and the same set up.

I went towards the main master bathroom and as I went to turn the corner and right there is Amber on the toilet with everything exposed. Her warm ups were at her ankles and her White
Full cut briefs were past her knees. I startled and apologized. She she don't be I don't mind. I won't say anything if you don't. She said" I had to much to drink" and that the she takes vitamins that help you poop. She said then when ya gotta go ya gotta go. Plus it's that time of the month if you know what I mean? I said I'm looking for one of the other bathrooms and I would leave her to her business.

I needed to pee but I had signals in my stomach telling me otherwise. I'm in the next bathroom on the toilet with my basketball shorts almost to my ankles and my blue briefs also at my ankles doing my busiy and as I'm finishing up and Amber knocks and asks if she can come in. She said she ran out of toilet paper and was in a embarrassing position to go further to find more. Like she said before she wouldn't tell anyone.

I said ok so she came in holding her pants and underwear just above her privates and her ass was showing. I pulled my briefs up so I could cover my area. She said don't be shy plus I needed to finish up. So she stood there cleaning her bum with everything down and showing me every thing including the hair around her area.
I was finishing up and she was still showing everything and said " you mind if I sit" back down for a minute? I need fix and check some thing down there before I pull my underwear up.

I pulled up my briefs and stood aside while she sat back down on the toilet. She adjusted her feminine things down there and stood and farted a little and blushed. She ripped off a little toilet paper and and did a quick little wipe. I'd already pulled up my pants and she was pulling up her underwear it went all the way to her crack then she pulled them out of her crack a little then bent down to pull up her pants and adjusted everything. We both washed our hands and left and went outside so all 3 of us could shoot hoops. Eventually my girl friend and I broke up and Amber and I started dating. My friend ( her brother) Ryan was so happy for us and never knew about the incident in the bathroom.

Victoria B.

Reply time

Nothing too earth-shaking to report. I've pooped six times in the last three days though, a personal record! I feel like I've won the brown ribbon lolol!

To Minappe: Not having that indicator that says whether or not a stall is being used is one of the worst parts about American public bathrooms, right up there with the ridiculous, privacy-defeating gaps between stall walls and the floors and rear walls. Next time I'll probably knock too!

To Wisco Girl: Always good to have another Upper Midwesterner here! Good thing your co-worker at the K-Trip was there too help. I've been on the business end of a plunger many, many times in my life and you should never be ashamed of doing what your body needed to do!

To Taylor: Hello from this side of the pond! Your post inspired me to become a little more adventurous with my number twos: I've gotten into a routine where almost all of mine happen at home and it does become rather dull after awhile! It sounds like you not only had a great poop for yourself and for your neighbor. Sometimes a nice crackle, plop, or fart is all it takes to help someone loosen up and be a little less self-conscious in the bathroom.

Happy pooping to all!

Saturday, February 09, 2019


Approach to Pooping and Weeing Lesson 4

I note the post by Jenny regarding mindful pooing. Yes, I practice it and it makes for a relaxing and good evacuation. It is the attitude that comes from mindfulness. I use mindfulness in my every day life and it works for many things and to an extent pain relief. I became good at it without knowing about it. With respect to weeing start with a good full bladder....just relax, take a breath a bit bigger than usual and exhale a bit slower than usual and at the same time relax the muscles around the bladder etc and then go with the flow...just relax...breath out and feel the tension and strain in the bladder fade away.
Now with pooing it is a bit more difficult because you need time and to not be works well when nobody is at home or in a public toilet that is not busy. You really need the urge to use this technique and just sit back breath slowly and relax on the exhale. Enjoy the sensation of poo leaving your ???? and exiting your hole. Allow plenty of time. It is particularly good when a laxative is hitting in.
On a similar subject I enjoy posts where there are pooping buddies...particularly Mina's post as kind encouraging company can make a BM more satisfying. It is so much the better if you can be massaged whilst moving bowels. The dominant problem is to find a pooping buddy and then confidentiality because the world is still very Victorian in the ir bodily functions and not ready for pooping buddies...sadly!

Katie Kool

Missed answers

When I last posted I missed out an answer to Paige
Yes it just came out with out me pushing.. I think it happened because of the position I was in and what was came out as a 1 lumpy log.
I will write a push by push post later in the week probably Friday when I will next poo as withholding this week as grounded..


To Becc

Becc: I love your gym story! Too bad though, you missed the first pooper. At least you got some company later. That was so cool that you and Tracy poopped at the same time. My poop history concerning sounds is hissy gas, squeaky gas, and the toots, etc. Poops that sound different are amazing too.


Strange places

Growing up, I peed in the backyard many times. The first time was because the bathroom was occupied, after that I often did it simply from enjoying it. No house overlooked our back yard, with the porch light off there was no way anybody would see what was happening. In adulthood I've always had a two story house on at least one side, I haven't done it since.

Being a hiker I've peed on many a tree, once I took a dump beside one because it was dark and the best I could do was get into a spot where nobody would walk in it. I've also done it once because the toilet situation had been miserable and I finally got to a place with some decent cover and holding my poo was rather uncomfortable by then.

If it's warm enough out I enjoy peeing out in nature, I would prefer something proper to sit on for a poo.


I peed in my bedroom's sink at college

when I lived at a residential college we had a room each and a sink in each room. my bed was next to the sink and if I woke up during the night instead of walking out my room to the toilet I would just pee in my sink, then run the tap a little to wash it away. and then at some point the next day I would use dettol to clean my sink so it wouldn't smell.

and if you're wondering if I peed in their shower- of course I did, but I did make sure I washed all visible pee away with the shower.


Katie Kool

Poo pee and more

Sorry it's been quite a while since I posted and thank you to all who commented or replied.
It made me feel welcome on this forum. This morning is the first chance I've had to have to write. I stayed in bed and waited for my mum to say they were going to my Nans so i said I wanted to stay in bed so she let me. I got up, changed my pissy soaked bed, showered got dressed to kill and full makeup and took my the iPad and am now sitting on the toilet writing this. I might write a push by push account in a future post

Doorless stalls I've not actually used one that didn't have a door, even at school they have door just most of them don't lock shut. At home and sometimes at my friends place I don't always shut the door.
And thank you for advice re the uti. I really appreciate you taking time to write that for me.
I am seeing them on Monday after school but not at my Doctors, so I didn't want to have an extra appointment as It was so near to when I have a routene appointment at the clinic place. Every 3 months I get my birth control re done and also see the continence nurse because of bed wetting and things. They always test for uti and std there then text me in a couple of days and I then go back and they give me antibiotics, one tablet I have to take there then another 3 over 3 days then a week later I have to go back and get tested again and this visit get my birth control done.

I can post about my continence nurse visits if anyone is interested.

This last couple of weeks I've done a poo every day and some days twice because I haven't been grounded and haven't been withholding. My mum thinks I've been really good as I've been in bed when she has got in from work at midnight. I've been out every evening and just made it back in time.hehehe.
My poo has varied between being solid logs, chunky pieces and soft runny that takes so much wiping clean of my bum I hate it,not to bad if it's when I come in and empty myself if I've been drinking whilst out, i sit there pushing down hard and it is liquid that sprays out, if I don't empty myself before bed sometime it comes out in bed especially if I'm really drunk. If it's a school morning I have my shower as soon as I get out of bed so I don't smell of peepee from my bed or make my school uniform smell. Mum insits I have breakfast even when I have ???? ache then after breakfast i go on the toilet and push this mushy poo out and it's really sticky and messy to clean and takes several scrunched of loo roll to clean. Mum always asks if I've done a poo poo if I tell her it was runny she gives me 2 Imodium tablets to take then and 2 more to take at school.
My pre going out after school /'Evening poo poos are solid lumps. I get in from school about 4 pm unless i go with someone on the way home then it's about 5 pm. As mum is working lates she leaves food out for me, my brother goes to my Nans. Most evenings I go and meet friends at this flat above a shop in town. The flat belongs to 2 girls who work in the shop who ages ago invited me and my best mate to a party there, since then we go there all the time, there's always lots of fit guys and lots of drink. I get ready so I am ready to leave then last thing I go on the toilet and make a poo poo which has been hard chunks of poo.i push down really hard and squirt a jet of pee and then a chunk fires out, then push hard again and more pee and a chunk or 2. I like seeing what I've done when it's hard so a couple of times I've put the strainer thing in the toilet to catch what I do, I was surprised,that the chunks were different colours like from very dark brown to a dark yellow. One morning I didn't poo before school and mum asked me to text her if I did it that evening, i had put the strainer thing in the loo and I stayed on the loo for an hour pushing as hard as I can and nearly filled the strainer thing with poopoo chunks. I lifted it out and placed it on some TP on top of the toilet cistern and took a photo and sent it to my mum hahaha., then went out and had a really fun filled evening.
Well I've got to end now as I'm due to go out and meet 3 guys at their place. I've done loads of poo, some chunks and some softer mush, which I'm surprised about due to the amount of liquid poo I did during the evening at my friends flat, it was what she called booze poos where you've had so much, been sick had more, been sick,had more and you get that liquid slosh and ???? cramps and the only thing you can do is push down hard and it's just lumps and liquid which actually smells like what you've just had comes squirting out, thing was 2'guys with me watched me on the toilet squirting from my bum and puking into a bin at the same time then a liquid poo at home like 3'am when I got in, and now this load, mind you i was eating kebab and junk on the way home..
So I'm sat here about to wipe well in fact I'm going to dab because my ass is so very sore and luckily 1st dab a bit of poo and mainly that yellow snotty stuff 2nd dab clean, actually surprised it didn't bleed and as for my front bit a very gentle dab leaving a slight yellow pee and yellow green other stain. I'm even putting a pair of pants ( knickers) on to go out cost it's so swollen and I'm leaking from it..
Just checking the bowl and yes that' a good load, gonna leave it for mum to see as she always asks,,I've just texted her and said I've done a big poopoo it's here for you to see I'm out now back at 10 pm
Katie x


Dear Victoria

In Japan it's still quite common, but less common than long time ago I think, that somebody knock on door of loo which door is closed. Many people say it is to check if somebody is in loo, and it is a good manner to give little knock for answer, but I think this is sometimes fib. Sometimes the mean of the knock is "I want to use loo soon so come out quickly!" especially this is the mean when the knocking is strong.

In modern loo in Japan, when door is locked, there is red mark near door handle, it means "occupied". So knock is not need. Why people still do?

This is shock story but I heard once, in bookstore somewhere in Japan, a man murdered a woman after she stayed in a loo too long.

Usually if someone knock when I am on loo outside my flat, I give answer knock, old fashion style. But I don't have an experience recently.

Love from Mina + 3


Me & Beau's sledding accident

The other evening Beau, a guy I've known since he gave me a valentine in 2nd grade, and I got done with a day's worth of homework for our AP class and he texted me at about 8 about sledding in the night time lights. My mom mentioned it was dangerous, but I got kind of defiant because we didn't have school the next day. Beau walked the 3 blocks over to my house dragging the awesome new sled he had gotten for Christmas. He was about 10 minutes late and my mom and I argued whether it was too late to go, but I compromised with her by taking a pee before he arrived. We had agreed if he was late I got to ride the sled as we walked about 4 blocks over to the park. There weren't any cars out so the streets were safe for us. Just a lot of ice pounded down from the plows and a couple of surprise pot holes, one of which threw me on to my back. I told him I was lucky I had just peed earlier or I would have had an accident. He just laughed and pulled the sled-rope halfway running. Once I almost got thrown against the wheel of a parked car. He felt bad about that one, though.

When we got to the park Beau announced he had to "leak". That is a word he's always used, except when with his parents who expect him to use more formal language. A couple of security lights right in front of us also enabled me to see that he was getting wood. I know I wasn't going to be able to do anything like a pissing contest into the snow. And the park restrooms were a couple of blocks opposite the sledding hill. To play with him a bit I looked around a showed him some alternatives. They included snow caked on the side of a tree, snow on the top drain cover of a sewer, and something we did years ago when we visited his grandparents' farm. Since we couldn't agree on anything, we decided to take our first about 90-second ride down the tree-lined slope. He took the front seat, and behind him I put my my arms around him, accidentally rubbing against his wood. He used his hands to push the sled off and down the hill.

Some people should never get a driver's license. Beau is one of them. As we were picking up speed, and hitting some bumps, he didn't have his feet squarely on the steering arm and the ice on his boots kept him from guiding it properly. Within 25 seconds or so we went head-on into a tree. We both got thrown off and flew onto opposite sides of it. Everyone says we were lucky we weren't thrown into the tree. There his a gauge into the bark where the sled hit it. Beau rolled some in the snow and then walked over to me. I think I was momentarily knocked out. All I could feel was a lot of warm slop between my legs. Once I partially unbuttoned my jeans I could see and smell that I had soft-shitted myself. Then Beau opened his jeans, put his hand in on his crotch. He had peed himself. We embraced, left the sled to pick up on our way back, and we did a walk to the other side of the park where we knew there was a bathroom building. There was no one around and we were praying that the building hadn't been locked for the winter. It was open. We both went into the ladies room together. No cubicle. Just two toilets coming out of the wall and two sinks. There was a good supply of toilet paper and hand towels and between us we use most of them. I sat on the 1st toilet--seat temperature about 40 degrees--but Beau helped me take off my soiled underwear and cup it in brown paper towels to be thrown away. While I sat and cleaned myself, turning my butt to Beau a couple of times for him to let me know what I was missing. As he sat on the other toilet and took off his blue boxers, he finished his piss. He got up, naked, and held his boxers up to several minutes at the dryer, as I was looking to find the condition of his wood. It was down and he was wiping it carefully and then throwing the towels into the trashcan. When we were done we walked a little farther into the park and saw McDonalds' lights. We had hot drinks to warm us up before we walked back to the sled and then getting ourselves back before curfew.

weird guy

to rose

that is interesting regarding how a round toilet makes your waste look bigger. I hadn't really thought about that angle. as for my last flush, it sounded like a whistle. the crapper at my parents house whistles when it flushes. the sight was 3 turds with several sheets of toilet paper. by the way, the toilet is elongated

Wisco girl

Work poop

So i am 22yr old female, 5'4" 140lb athletic build, i work 3rd shift at kwik trip. lately i have been getting the urge to go #2 around 12am. Well last night i started to get the urge and finished up what i was doing and went to the bathroom. I had a pretty large movement, i usually go once a day but haven't been in a couple days. I did 3 decent size logs about 8in long by 1 1/2" wide. I used quite a bit of paper to wipe my back and im also on my period, so i needed quite a bit for the front as well. I went to flush amd it would not go down and started filling with water. I knew I should have did two separate flushes, so i grabed the plunger out the other stall and started plunging. I did for about 5mins no luck. I gave up and told my coworker one of the toilets in the womans was clogged and i couldn't get it. He told me to put an out of order for now. Him and i are pretty close he is a very sweet and helpful guy works at kwik trip for time and runs a bar and works there one night a week, he also has a band. We love each other kissed a couple times, but nothing else ever really happened hes quite a bit older than me and has a girlfriend. Anyway back to my story, so he went in there later and got it to got down, i have a feeling he knows it's mine lol. I Don't know why i was embarrassed i will probably end up telling him. I don't really think he would mind anyway, just glad he got it.

This was my first post hope you enjoyed.i have a few other stories i want to share in another post some other time.

Victoria B.

Some replies


I thought I'd put a few responses in today.

To Becc M.: I liked you story but not as much as I love that you're back! Keep 'em coming!

To Minappe: One of my favorite things about your writing is your usage and explanation of Japanese bathroom and toilet expressions. May you, Chae, Kazu, and Maholin feel sukkiri after each and every time you need to do a poop!

To Rose: My most recent flush came this morning before I got into the shower. My production once I had done what I needed to do amounted to one large log (judging by how good it felt on its way out) that splash landed pretty far into the drain and a few squirts of pee. I finished undressing as I pooped it, taking my oversized night shirt off and throwing it on top of my already discarded pajama pants and panties before getting up to catch a look at the tail of my turd as it slightly protruded from the mouth of my toilet's elongated bowl. I pushed the plastic handle on the front left side of its tank down and watched as my waste was sucked down the drain in the few seconds that preceded the water from the flush following it. My toilet is an American Standard and it has definitely exceeded my expectations, though I would still prefer a Kohler or especially a TOTO. Someday though....

To Jenny: Dude, your post went straight to my heart. You are arguably more in touch with your body when you poop than at any other time outside of sex. I do meditate when I sit down to poop and the water in the toilet bowl beneath my bare buns is a focal point of that meditation. The water returns to placidity and tranquility no how hard your pee hisses into it or how big of a bomb-dropping you need and so I think about water while I'm going, concentrating on finding my path to its level of release and calmness and letting the pleasant feelings of relief coming from my bladder and butthole wash over me. If I need a deep breath, sigh, or contented moan I'll do what my body needs.

I am in my second semester of grad school at a public university in a large Northern city that sits in a metro area of about the same population as the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA region. Unfortunately, the toilet paper on campus isn't too big of an upgrade from what I was grudgingly forced to tolerate in undergrad and I've had to take action: namely, grabbing a few small handfuls of my preferred paper (Two-ply Cottonelle in the purple pack) from home and stashing them in my purse for days when I'm on campus. I figure that I might as well put the extra space in my bag saved from not needing tampons or pads thanks to my hormonal IUD to good use!

Do a big one for me!

I've been trying to come up with a list of places I've peed - I've had some pretty unusual ones I think

I've peed:
Out of an apartment window, from sitting on the window frame
Onto a campfire (yes, from standing! Still took some stretching haha)
Into a kitchen sink
Into a bathroom sink
Into a bidet
Into a men's urinal
Down the drain in the shower
On top of an anthill (mean, I know, but it was in the middle of the patio, would have been killed anyway)
In the forest a lot, including in bushes, on trees and rocks, over the side of a canoe once
In a train where the toilet emptied directly onto the tracks
By the side of the road
Into the ocean

And of course, many many toilets have flushed my wastewater after I filled their receptacles.

Thursday, February 07, 2019


Extremely lucky.

At the age of 8 I started having bowel problems. Sometimes diarrhea and other times pencil thin poop with urgency that felt like I was pooping molten lava.
At 9 the gastroenterologist in my local paediatric hospital diagnosed IBS.
Because the school and teachers knew I had a problem, I am was never denied going to the bathroom.
Once in high school, some of the other kids were annoyed that I was always allowed to use the bathroom and they weren't.
At 22 I was given the correct diagnosis of Bile acid malabsorption which explained the molten lava poop as the excess bile was irritating my colon.
Thankfully I am only bile binding medication which is a godsend.
I only get diarrhea if I miss a dose.


Stories and Survey

To moderator: please ignore previous submission as this was a mistake on my part.

I have two stories and a survey.

I was walking along the street when I suddenly felt the need to wee and also felt a slight urge to poo. I hastily scanned the street but there weren't any public toilets nearby and none of the shops looked like they had toilets. I knew there was a public toilet about half a mile away but I wasn't sure if I could make it. I began walking up to it and was nearly there when I had to stop and rest against a wall as I was bursting and couldn't really hold it much longer. Wee began spurting into my underpants and my poo was turtleheading. I opened the door and rushed over to the urinal and relieved myself. I then went into the stall and as I was dropping my trousers the poo slid out of my arse and into my striped grey and black boxer briefs. I quickly dropped them, dumped the log in the toilet and squatted over the bowl and pooed some more. I was very relieved to have made it just in time.

Another time, I was heading over to the changing rooms in school to get changed for PE with my friend Gabriel. Gabriel clearly needed to do the toilet but was trying to hold it in. We got changed and went into the gym. During the lesson I could see Gabriel getting more and more desperate. At the end, with 5 minutes left to go, he looked rather relieved and I knew he had done his business in his PE shorts. As we walked back to the changing rooms a thick poo smell emanated from Gabriel's bottom and his shorts were bulging out at the back. We went over to an isolated corner of the changing room that was hidden from view to get some privacy. "I've just pooed myself" he said. "Can you take a look and see how bad it is?" I pulled out the back of his underpants and peered inside. A large, dark brown sausage was nestled inside his underwear. It was just the one log but it was quite a big log. Suddenly, Gabriel farted. "I need to do another one, mate" he said and with that another thick brown jobbie slid out of his arse and into his underpants. Having finished his bowel movement he sighed and dropped his shorts to his ankles exposing his black Hugo Boss boxer briefs. "I'll go commando" he said and began to pull his boxers down. I could see his willy and was rather embarrassed but Gabriel didn't mind. He pulled his boxers to his ankles then stepped out of the shorts and boxers. He put the shorts in his bag and got changed. I noticed that his boxers also had a wee stain in the front as the colour was a little yellower and the front was wet.


Type of underwear you wear:
Have you ever had a wee accident:
Have you ever had a poo accident:
Does the type of underwear you wear make a difference (I.e holding in a poo, soaking up wee):

I would appreciate your stories!


Best poop of 2019

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a good week toilet wise so far! I have a story to share from Monday of what I'm considering to be the best poop of 2019...yet! But first, a little reply to Victoria B -

I loved your story! It's funny how alcohol can affect your brain isn't it, and your bladder! It sounds like you had a really good wee, it's not often I get gushers like that so in a way I feel a little jealous. I've never used the mens toilets either so that is going on my to-do list. Maybe have an experience to share soon!

Anyway, to the story! As I've mentioned before, I really like going in places other than my own home and for my new year resolution I've made a goal of going somewhere other than home at least once a week. I've stuck to it so far. This week I decided to try out some public toilets in town that I had never been to before. You have to pay to use them but I don't mind that, and I've found that they are generally cleaner than the free ones.

I left the house about 2pm with a full bladder and drove into town, feeling quite excited about what was going to happen. It took me about 30 minutes to get there and by that point I was getting close to wetting myself, so at the very least I would be having a wee. I paid the 20p to use the toilets and took the middle stall out of 3. loving how clean they were. I took the time to make my trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, taking off my coat and hanging it on the hook before pulling my skinny jeans and thong right down to my calves and sitting far back on the toilet. Leaning forward and playing on my phone. The curved seat was incredibly comfortable and I felt myself relaxing immediately. I had paid to use this toilet and I was going to make it worth every penny, and take as much time as I needed.

I had been sitting for about 10 seconds when I started peeing, a nice gentle trickle that made plenty of noise as it hit the water beneath me. It went for quite a while too and once it finished I stayed exactly where I was, waiting for nature to take its course. After about 5 minutes the moment I had been waiting for arrived. I let out an airy fart as I was stretched to capacity by my poo slowly forcing its way out of me. I relaxed as much as I could, feeling it effortlessly come out and seeming never ending. After a few seconds I closed up with no splash at all and waited to see if there was any more.

Just to play it safe, I flushed while still sitting and as the tank was refilling I heard the unmistakable click clack of heels and the stall to my left was occupied. I heard her unzip and remove her coat, the rustling of clothes, and then saw a blue thong appear around her ankles just above her black heels. She had a short wee and then we sat in near silence, the only sounds being the tapping of our phones. It seemed like she needed to empty her bowels too but was either not in a rush, or was waiting for me to leave. I stayed seated, wondering who would break the ice.

It wasn't long at all before my stomach gently cramped and I was opened up again by another poo easily coming out of me. It started just as wide as the first piece but quickly narrowed and sped up, falling into the water with a quiet "plunk". Moments later, I heard a quiet crackling coming from next door followed by a small splash. It seemed that hearing me going loosened her up a little so to speak and I was soon hit by the strong odor of a healthy dump. I felt empty so I got myself some toilet paper to wipe with, using 4 pieces for my behind and then wiped my front before flushing again while still seated then standing up and redressing. I left my stall, washed my hands, smiling to myself every time I heard a little splash from the girl in the stall, and then carried on with my day feeling so much better.


Another near accident

Hi everyone, I'm really sorry that I haven't posted recently. I'm in my final year at uni and really busy with work, so I just haven't had the chance.

I had another near accident last week, involving having too much to drink! I had quite wet knickers by the time I got home but I'm not sure I'd call it a full on accident though.

Hope everyone else is well.

Becc M.

Back at the gym

Hey all! I know I haven't had much time to post lately, but I had another great experience at the gym this morning and wanted to share!
So, I completed my morning cardio workout, and as so often happens, I felt my stomach beginning to stir as I headed toward the locker room. The gym wasn't very highly populated at the moment, but I crossed my fingers and hoped for some company in the bathroom. As I approached the room, I noticed that only one of the 5 stalls were closed, and there was a faint poop aroma in the room. I assumed I had already missed my fellow poopers show but I entered the stall next to her anyway and sat down. At this point she started tugging at the paper to begin her wipe. Oh well. I needed to release my load fairly badly at this point but held back for a minute to see if I would get any more company.
As luck would have it, I soon heard another pair of feet padding into the room. I looked up and saw a cute girl Tracy who attended several of my cardio classes. She turned and met my eyes through the stall crack. "hey Becc!" she cheerily said. Thrilled beyond words that she had made the effort to look into the stall to see me preparing for a big poop, I happily exclaimed "Hey girl!". My excitement mounted ever more as she entered the stall next to me. I heard her quickly lower her yoga pants and her butt hit the seat. Immediately she farted rather loudly, then a long extended crackle began. At this moment I relaxed and let my poop start to flow, with a rather loud crackle myself. Hearing Tracy and my own buttholes pooping in unison was invigorating!
Tracy's load broke off and landed with a loud plop, while mine continued for a bit longer. "Nothing like a good post workout poop!" Tracy exclaimed from next door! I couldn't agree more heartily. At this point we were both beginning out wipes. We finished almost in unison and flushed and met at the sinks. She talked casually to me about that mornings classes, all the while I was wondering inside if she had enjoyed the previous moments as much as I had! We then headed towards the showers to continue our days...
Anyways, short and sweet but I hope you all enjoyed! Hope to post more soon!


Strange Places

Hey, I was thinking the other day about maybe if we pooped/peed in other places, it might feel better or something. where have you peed that is out-of-the-ordinary?
Sink (sister was on the toilet)
I an old tree-house
Infant diaper (leaked)
In my swimsuit whilst floating down a river
Pool (to be fair it was an accident)
and The beach! (that was on pupose)

Victoria B.

I loved your last post. I am pooping right now but I also just finished a mindfulness mediation. Enjoying the feeling of pooping and cleaning up be very meditative and you just inspired me to take a mindful poop!

10 minutes later.

That was amazing! Not only did I feel great from my meditation, but my poop was as good maybe even better as I was uncomfortable with my urge to poop toward the end of my meditation .. and pooping mindfully made me appreciate the relief. I even let out a big sigh in my work restroom . Even the sensation panties at my ankles feels good.

It was a messy poop though. It was one of those where I wipes 6 times and I still feel sticky. Mindfulness includes the bad and the good though!!!! My crack feels kinda sticky which is funny because I'm sure a friend at work has been checking out my ass today . Little does he know ( or does he) what that ass did!

Victoria are you still in school? Are you panties still dealing with that crappy ( pun intended) toilet paper, or are able to use wipes more or even a bidet these days?

Anyone try to meditate while they poop?

Victoria B.

A knock came on the door....


So I was out with some friends last night at a local wine bar. The pinot grigio was fantastic and so was the conversation! A couple of glasses in and my bladder starting sending signals. Signals that would have ended in me peeing my new pair of maroon jeans if they weren't answered.

Unfortunately, I was not the only person on their receiving end. The line for the women's room had to have been at least twenty deep and this was already turning into a photo finish by the time I got in line. That was when I got a wine idea: the men's room door had opened several times and I noticed that it was empty. It was time to take action and I bolted in, trying and quite possibly failing to be as inconspicuous as I could.

There were two stalls and thanks to my paranoid paper check I managed to avoid picking the one with an empty cardboard tube sitting in the toilet paper holder. That left the other stall and that left me at the mercy of its last occupant, someone who had left behind a massive turd. It was a real beauty; one that I would totally have been proud to poop myself. When I tried to flush it I found it why it was still there and the news wasn't good. The toilet was as clogged as it would've been had someone dropped a literal log into it and not just the figurative version taunting me from the bowl.

I felt guilty about the prospect of making the mess worse but I was also within thirty seconds of peeing, whether it was on the stool or not. So I tore down my my jeans and navy blue and white polka dotted panties and unleashed a gusher the likes of which sounded more like someone had struck oil than a pee from a "respectable" twentysomething grad student.

It was then that I heard footsteps. The stalls were on the same wall as a group of four urinals and they were heading past them and towards the stalls. This new arrival must have done the same check as I did because a knock came on the door of my stall shortly thereafter. This is where the wine started talking because instead of saying "Occupied!" or "Be out soon!" like a normal person I instead surrendered to the ridiculousness of the situation and injected a "Wha... What's the password?" into the conversation. This gave me a nice red face to clash with my maroon jeans and a mentally muttered "Victoria...."

Much to my surprise though the next customer started cracking up. I finished my pee, wiped and collected myself before offering a couple generous handfuls of toilet paper to the guy at my stall door. He gladly took them and upon locking the stall got undressed and sat down as I was 'flushing' and pulling my undies and jeans back up. I took a short peek in the direction of his stall on my way to the sink and what I heard made me glad that I had given him a little extra paper. I washed my hands and carefully snuck back to my friends with a doozy of a story and curiosity I couldn't shake about whoever it was I had asked for the password because he had a smokin' hot voice!

What do you do when you're using a public bathroom and someone knocks on your stall?



Answers to Karen B's survey

I was looking through the old pages and decided to answer Karen B's Survey on page 2733.

Karen B's Survey:

1)To the athletes, where and when do you do your homework? I.e. Before tournaments, on the toilet, or in the car on the way to practice?

I usually do my homework at home on days that I have no practices. I play soccer so when I do have practices or games, I do it at the library next to the field.

2)Are you comfortable to fart in front of your friends or do you just hold it?

Over the years (if you read my last post on pg. 2545), I was bullied for farting in a public bathroom. I have gotten the courage over the years to fart. Not in a manner that is loud, but discretely.

3)To the students, are you comfortable in doing homework or studying on the toilet. If so is it comfortable?

Since I am in Grade 11 now, there is so much homework. I actually do my homework on the toilet sometimes. I would not recommend it however, it is very uncomfortable when you have to put all your books down when you are done.

4)Has anyone peeked into your stall while you were having a bodily function? How did you feel?



Me & Hildy & Bathroom Needs

Me and my friend Hildy are in several classes together at our high school. We study together, often after school and at our houses. She's also on the debate team and I've been helping her with one of her cases. So the other afternoon an hour after school we were at her locker before walking to my house where we were going to have dinner and then work late. She was squatting, her butt about 6" off the floor as she was trying to find something at the bottom of her locker. After my watching her jeans being strained and the top of her black underwear, she grabbed her butt and said My God! and that she was going to have to poo. She got what she needed, put it in her backpack, slammed the locker door and I put my arm around her to comfort her.

We walked down the hall to the nearest bathrooms. These are large bathrooms but there is no door to enter the room. You just walk around a wall and you are in there. A few days before at an upstairs bathroom I could hear Hildy drop her bookbag, sigh (something she always does before sitting on the toilet), take her seat and then tinkle loudly into the bowl for just under a minute. Then I could hear her pull up her jeans, grab her bag and she hurried out. I stopped her and faked being surprised. No flush! No handwashing! Then she gave me this wink, her tongue expanded her cheek and she said I was guilty of conniption.
That was a new word for me, but she quickly brought it up on her phone. The she shoved me forward into the bathroom. She took me into her toilet and showed me the crap of several people pilled up to just above the water level. She asked me if I wanted to try flushing it. I told her No because I got it. Then she showed me 6 sinks. Like 3 had faucets leaking and towels stacking up. One other had the result of a nosebleed in it, and the others had handles that didn't work without practically breaking them off.

So this time Hildy said she wanted to go up to 4th floor. That bathroom is in better condition, but she wasn't sure she would make it. I assured her on the steps as she started running up faster ahead of me. She turned to the last flight of stairs and yelled back at me I'm Going to F###ing Shit Myself. Only she walked into a teacher walking down who gave her a cursing warning. By the time I caught up, I heard Hildy's bag hit the wall. What followed was a blast worthy of a sewer exploding and I only hoped Hildy's butt was on the toilet. It was. She texted me a couple of minutes later to bring her some toilet paper from the boys room next door. Problem. There were 4 toilets, all with all the toilet paper gone. At the end toilet though there was 2 brown folded hand towels on the floor. I reached down for them. The one had some liquid over one corner, but just reaching down and smelling the stench from the bowl caused me to grab them and run them into Hildy.

Like the guys' there were no privacy doors for any of the toilets. Hildy's black underwear was at her feet and she had a bad bruise on her left knee from gym class basketball. She was not embarrassed because I know she comes from a large family that has an often open-door policy. At her house once I walked down the upstairs hallway and her dad was taking a crap. Most interesting was that he was wearing the same boxer pattern as me. I could have had a conversation with him and he was enjoying insulting my favorite pro team, but I pretended not to care. Hildy used the folds on one towel to create toilet paper and she had me do the other one. She said this experience was probably going to convince her to closer shave some of her butt hairs. As she wiped from her seat, she asked me to grab the aspirin bottle from her handbag which I did and I handed her two pills. She stood, kicked her head back, and downed them before she did the final wipe.

When we got to my house, Hildy ran to the bathroom next to my room to pee. She came out and announced she had done her best pee of the day and that school bathrooms should be condemned. We wrote a debate case
on budget deficits, had pizza with my family and we studied until my parents kicked her out. As I walked her home late at night we got to discussing should school bathrooms be better regulated?



Have you ever used a doorless stall? If so, where was it? I'm curious because I don't think I've ever seen one in real life before!

Paul S.

Eighth Grade Class Poop!

Hi, I have an Irritable Bowel Disease and over the years I've had times when I just couldn't make it to the bathroom. About 20 times or so give or take. I will be posting my most memorable ones. This is my first story and it is by far my most embarrassing one.

Real Story #1

Eighth Grade Class Poop!

One time while sitting in History Class in 8th Grade I had an accident and Pooped in my pants really bad. It was during first period, that day I had a real big breakfast at home before leaving for school. I felt the need and ask to go to the bathroom and the teacher said yes. I went and I discovered that the Upstairs boy's bathroom was locked, but I had the option to go use the one downstairs. I decided instead that I would just go back to class and wait until the bell rang and go in between classes. When I was sitting in class I started to get the Urge very bad. I then asked the teacher if I could go use the bathroom and he said no - because I just went. I was 14 Years old and thought that I could hold it, also because an accident never ever happened to me in Grade School or anything like that. (The one only time was when I was walking home from 1st grade during Halloween. I was really upset but my parents just said that it was OK and that it was no big deal. So I thought for sure there would be no problem. However, the urge to go just kept on getting stronger. Then, I just remember sitting there in my chair and I got these hot flashes and then it just happened - I totally Pooped a Huge load in my Underwear Briefs and white Corduroy Pants (It made a loud noise) while I was sitting at my desk. At first I was totally shocked that it happened, I looked down at my leg and saw that the Poop had stained through the top of my leg - so I knew that it would be noticeable. Plus it Stunk and I totally knew that I would get caught - there just was no way of hiding that I had an accident. I told the teacher that I just had an accident and he told me to go to the nurse. I stood up and walked out of the room with my legs spread out - the load was so big and it had totally stained the back of my white pants. I remember that I felt like a four year old walking like that with Poop in my Pants in front of everyone! To add to the embarrassment, the bell rang and the hallway emptied with kids. As I waddled to my Locker - the kids were all staring and pointing and stuff like that. It was so unbelievably embarrassing. When I got to my locker a girl that was in my homeroom helped me put my jacket on - she felt bad for me and was very nice. I decided (because I lived only a few blocks away from the middle school) that I would just bypass the nurse and walk home.
As I got outside and walked home (It was beautiful Spring Weather) but, I started to cry! I couldn't even believe what just happened to me and what I had just done. I showed up at the back door and my parents were both home. I just looked at them and said "I Pooped in my Pants". My mom told me to go up to the shower and she showed up with a Big Plastic Garbage bag and offered to help clean me. (she later totally cleaned those white pants and I actually ended up wearing them at times through High School). I took off the next three days and the guidance counselor who was very nice called and talked to me on the phone. She had me come down to the school on that third day (afternoon) and talk to her. I of course told her that I did not want to go back to school ever. She told me that it was all right and that it was an accident sort of thing and accidents sometimes happen. That year I was also getting picked on already - so I asked her if she would go into some of my classes and talk to my classmates not the make fun of me or I just wouldn't go back to School. She did and I don't really remember much teasing or anything for the rest of the year. One girl ask me if I had had an accident (but I think it was because she was generally concerned). The Guidance Counseler also told me that if anyone asked that I should just be totally honest and tell them that it was an accident and I couldn't help it. It was late in the year already. I tried to forget about it fast so I could just get by with my day. The Year ended and the next year I started High School.
I got teased about it for a little while at the start of 9th grade, but for the most part it eventually went away. I joined Soccer, Swimming and Track the next year and started to talk to people again. The incident was only mentioned to me a couple of times for the rest of Highschool. Only, when someone wanted to be a jerk and put me on the spot. I got real embarrassed and eventually just told everyone that I did it. Some people in the class stuck up for me - after 11th grade it was never mentioned again.
If this happened to you either in Middle School or High School Please post your accident. That was the 80's. Pooping accidents most definitely still happen from time to time even to this day. If it ever happens to you or someone you know realize that it was just that - and accident. It can happen to anyone and always remember that your not the only one! hold your head up high and join as many of your School Organizations that you find interesting as possible. You'll more than likely make some new friends and it will help you forget about it this way.
And always try to remember that Pooping accidents can happen to People pretty much at any age.

I'm so glad I could share this story with you all ~ Paul.

Hey all!

Sorry for the break, I had a busy few weeks. Lots of pooping, mostly fairly solid and consistent. I clogged up my toilet for a while yesterday with a very large, very soft excrement that felt just wonderful coming out.

I've started using a new toilet at work, its flush is very strong but very slow, giving plenty of time to see my deposits get swept up and then swept down. Great fun to watch!

weird guy, I really don't have a preference for elongated or round toilets, both have advantages for me and I just love to see variety in my toilets. I have a small round one at home that makes all my toilet waste look bigger by comparison.

If anyone's willing, I'd love to hear a description of your most recent flush - what it looked like, sounded like, what exactly happened to the waste, as much detail as you're willing!

Thank you all!!

Sunday, February 03, 2019


Latest update

Hi everyone, will get on to my latest news after a couple of comments.
Jas K- great stories recently and I hope your constipation doesn't get any worse, I look forward to your next post.
Becca- I enjoyed your last two posts, I know what its like being constipated and trying to pass massive fat poos. I quite often end up on the loo for 20 minutes or more when my constipations bad, I have to push really hard too and end up grunting a lot!!
I had a poo earlier this evening and it was really hard, I got home from work with a big urge so I went straight up to my bedroom where I undressed to my underwear before going into my ensuite, once in there I pulled my white knickers down to my knees and sat on the loo. I started to push and felt something moving down inside me, after a few minutes of straining I could feel a fat log starting to poke out of my bum. I kept on pushing but I had to strain harder and harder to keep the poo moving, by now I was grunting really loudly and could feel I was going red with the effort. Whenever I'm constipated my poos get really fat and hard and then I need to spend ages pushing and grunting! As I kept on bearing down I felt the log getting wider, I knew I'd have to give an extra hard push to get it through so I took a deep breath and bore down really hard, I did a massive grunt but luckily I felt the fattest part of the log come out and then it started to speed up and dropped with a big splash a shortly after. I could feel the next log starting to poke and I pushed again, usually the second log slides out much more easily but I realised it was another really fat and hard one so I knew I'd have to push hard again. I took a deep breath and bore down, I felt the log poke put but when I stopped pushing it went back up my bum, I get that problem alot when I'm constipated. The only solution is to strain for as long and as hard as I can and take a really quick breath so I can start straining again, that way the poo doesn't get sucked back up my bum too badly. After a few more hard pushes I could feel a big fat log stretching my bum hole and I knew it wouldn't get sucked back up any more, I kept pushing and the log made its way out really slowly and eventually splashed into the bowl. I quickly flushed before my belly contracted and some mushy poo came out. I felt empty then so I wiped my bottom and pulled up my knickers before flushing the loo and washing my hands. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!



I tell you newest story, actually it is a similar to part 3 story but I can't tell part 3 because I didn't do memo for part 2 so can't remember.

It was last Saturday, after long breakfast with much happy talking, all four of us began to show painful face at same time! But we cleared away breakfast things, and then Maho said, shall we do group motion?

And other three said, Yiiiiii!

We were beige flat. At a week-end, usually breakfast is beige flat. Because when one of us does motions after a breakfast, in beige loo someone can squat next to her right side and wipe her with left hand, I think I said before. 3 of us use left hand. But amazing thing, this idea came from Kazuko, she is only one to use right hand. She is so lovely! she think of us and not of herself.

as usual, Hisae first. Kazuko next her. We think she will be quick, though actually she is little bit slower now compare to before. Mina and Maho are at door to loo, off course door is open! Hisae put off pyjamas and panties and Kazuko put on shelf. When it is group motion, we feel more comfortable with pyjamas and panties on shelf.

Hisae make o-nara noise, o-nara means fart, then her beautiful bottom open, and some plops. Kazuko gasp little. We say Why? and she say, "it was big one!" Few minutes later, more plops. Usually Hisae finish after second set of plops. But this time, she doesn't move. We say nothing but I and Maho stretch hands and hold Hisae's hands.

Five minutes, but nothing.

Then suddenly Hisae's face change, and we hear big burururururu noise in loo. Then about 5 seconds later, another burururururu. We looked at Hisae and she smiled. "I want to do a lots," she said. We are a bit surprise because she is usually quick! Kazuko show much emotion on face. Hisae leaned forward so Kazuko could see everything. We usually do that now.

One more burururururu, then Hisae finished. She was on loo 10 minutes not counting washlet time and drying time. She stand up and did u-turn so Kazuko could use right hand to dry her. Then she put on panties and pyjamas. She flushed and faced us again and Kazuko too, and there were tears on Kazuko's face. Kazuko said to Hisae, "you had comfortable time?" and Hisae said,"it was beautiful time with you Kazu!" So Kazuko started to cry more loudly....and with crying, she bared bottom and sat on loo, Maho squatted next to her.

Hisae's motion was big but Kazuko's was giant! Maho could see, and she gasped, just like Kazuko did before. Soon tears on Maho's face. We ask her, "Why?" She said, "so beautiful!!" Kazuko began to cry more, but at same time, her beautiful bottom produce and produce and produce. She said, "I really wanted to do! It is so relief!" and did more. I and Hisae are holding her hands. Maho flushed, but Kazuko did more every time. But finally finish! Hisae and I said unison, "Really??" Kazuko laughed with crying.

I began fidget, my bottom was becoming to impatient. I think something very big inside it. So I bared my bottom and sat down. Pyjamas and panties on shelf like Hisae and Kazuko. I began to do. It was huge! Felt heavy very much, and many plop noises, six or seven. But very soon afterwards, another one same size. Very lovely feeling! And sweet Hisae massaged me while I doing and doing. Me, I can't stop. My bottom still heavy and feel pressure. I said to Hisae, "If you tired, it's OK you take a rest! I can't move! I have to stay!" Hisae said nothing but her fingers still work and work, and my bottom work and work. I said to Maho, "sorry." Maho said, "not sorry. You must do sukkiri, Please do dondon." sukkiri means good feeling of empty bottom, and dondon means more and more. So I did dondon like Maho said. Now everyone crying but it is silence, only tears run down face of everyone.
Finally I empty, it was about 20 minutes. Hisae dried me well.

Maho's turn, she also began fidget. I was next to her. She moved forward (we all move forward to do motions) and my tears increase. She is so beautiful!! I love to see movement of motion come from her beautiful bottom. I said to her. She said, "Minappe you are same! I love to see!! Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!" Then Hisae and Kazuko say same things! I said to them, "if you want me to stop cry, don't say such a thing!!" but looking hard at Maho's bottom because second beautiful turd is coming out.

Typical Maho style, one turd at a time, slowly, never hurry. I don't want her to hurry. I enjoy to look!! I saw seven large turds come out from her bottom slowly, slowly. They are so beautiful shape! So Kazuko and Hisae want to look!! Maho said OK of course!! I fight with my desire to wipe her beautiful bottom while it is still some pieces of motion on it. We do sometimes, but it is waste of the paper, so we don't do so much. Recently Maho did to me, she said she can't resist her temptation. I don't mind! It was good feeling.

But after Maho washed her beautiful bottom with washlet, I dried and enjoyed. We are still crying, but quietly.

Then all finish. I flush for Maho, then we go out of loo. We say nothing for about 10 minutes, just look at each other all four. We can't say anything. We think only love, love, love, love.

After 10 minutes Hisae suddenly move, she went to kettle and filled with water. It is our custom to drink tea together after group motion! While water heating, we did hugs very strongly.

Who is most passionate? I don't know.... I think we are all same!!!

This story a bit long, I hope you are not bored to a death. I'm sorry, I don't want to shorten. We hope you like story. I think Brandon T will like. Thank you Brandon for nice words always!

Love from Mina + 3

weird guy
to Mina and Victoria. thanks for your response to my posts. I really enjoy a satisfying dump especially on a day off from work so I have time to fully enjoy it without rushing.


shape of loo

I and my friends all like elongated loo! In our flats, both loos are elongated. In my office too, and 3 others say same thing. (Kazuko and Maho work in same office.) Sometimes I see round loo which come out from wall, not from floor, I don't like so much.


Cell phone crapping

On my 11th birthday in 1996 my grandmother gave me a flip phone. It was my first cell phone and it became my go-to companion when I was away from home, alone and had to crap. Peeing was and even now is not a problem for me. I got into a toilet often in a long line of stalls, pull my clothing down, seat myself and my urination is immediate. Most times it is for 30 to 45 seconds. Then I'm up and out and after washing my hands, I'm back to my task.

Now I don't exactly know why, but crapping away from home has always been more of a problem for me. Having to sit on an uncomfortable stool, with a larger seat and metal panels around me, took me some time to get accustomed to. This was especially true at places such as school, the park or at the mall. I'm more selective then and prefer a white seat. Then I roll off toilet paper and place it over the seat before I sit down. I might have to wait 10 to 15 minutes until my crap is fully ready to come out.

That's when I would take out my cell phone in order to occupy myself during the boredom. Many of my craps were in 2nd hour study hall because I didn't get hassled for leaving class. My friends were in class and there was no texting back then, but I would often call toll-free numbers to hear everything from a weather report to my favorite radio station to hear a listing of the top songs of the week. Grandma had just retired and was home most of the time so early every 2nd hour I would call her. The first time she was scared that I was sick because she knew school was in session. Almost every time talking to grandma while I sat took my mind off sitting in a gross and smelly bathroom. That caused me to take my mind off crapping and just let nature take its course. It worked so well and often I didn't even feel my crap coming out. Grandma would hear me pulling off the toilet paper and wiping from my seat. Then I would go back to study hall. I would be weighing a little less and in a much better mood.


Full bladder is never fun.......

Yesterday I was in traffic and had to pee quite badly due to the several cups of coffee running through me. By the time I got home, there was already a small leakage and a small wet patch in my pants. I quickly parked my car and ran to my place while digging for my key. As soon as I opened the door, I immediately bolted and ran for the bathroom while I continued to leak a few more times for the past minute. As soon as I did, I tried to undo my pants but I started leaking again and at this point, I just didn't care anymore, I jumped into then shower and pressed my back on the wall and let nature take over. Within seconds, my entire pants and the shower were soaked with urine but I felt too relief to care.

Unfortunately, I kind of ruined a pair of sneakers in the process. :(

New guy

Another poop with my girlfriend

Hey its 'new guy' again. Sorry i havent posted in awhile ive been really busy and there hasnt been much to report. Anyways, this happened monday after work. I was sitting on the toilet going poop and it was pretty hard and slow going. I heard my girlfriend come in the front door as she was home from work. I heard her race upstairs and she came right into the bathroom and asked if i was nearly done because she had to pee and poop. I told her id be awhile yet but she can go if she wants to. She quickly said yes i really need to go, and we switched spots. She peed up a storm and then began to concentrate on the bigger job. Her face would go red and she would sigh and grunt softly after pushing. This went on for a few minutes as we made small talk when a big splash happened. She pushed a little more and said she was done. She stood up and we looked at her poop. It was about 15 inches long and solid from end to end. She only needed to wipe once and she was clean. I sat back down and began to push and concentrate. After another 5 minutes of effort my turd was finally out. I stood up and my girlfriend peered into the toilet. My poop was resting on top of hers and was slighly smaller probably 12 inches but it was thicker. Wow thats big, Nice job babe! Said my girlfriend. No wonder that took you awhile! I let her flush and we both washed our hands and headed downstairs to make dinner. Ill try to update when i can and stay in touch! Happy pooping

Victoria B.

Weird Guy's other question

This doesn't really answer your question but I see pooping and wiping as different steps in the same process that I deeply enjoy. I love it all from the relief of finding a toilet to the contented feeling that accompanies the unbuckling of my belt and lowering of pants and underwear to the act of going itself to cleanup. There is nothing like the secret joy of a good number two and it makes me so happy to share this place with others who feel the same way!

Love and happy poops to all,

Friday, February 01, 2019

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