Reply To Jas K and Another Poo

Firstly Jas K- I haven't let my bf help me, I've always been nervous what he might think-but, I might let him! Has anybody ever helped you? I do have quite a struggle, I find myself constipated quite easily, maybe because I'm quite big. O, 12 inches, sounds painful - I'm sorry to hear that it split your bum.

I've just returned from a having a poo. True to form, it was a big one as I have been constipated since Friday and I was on the toilet for about 25 minutes. I felt uncomfortable most of last night and so decided that this morning I was going to go properly.

I got out of bed my pj's barely covering my bum and bloated belly. I decided to take them off so as to be naked sitting on the toilet, hoping it might help. I was on my own so left the bathroom door open.

I let out a stream of pee before beginning to focus on my turd. I could feel this mass inside me and I strained nnnnnnn nnnnnnn uggggghhhhhhh to hopefully get the turd moving. I could feel this lump inside me, and dying to come out. I began to massage my bloated belly and knowing I was on my own bore down hard nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn my eyes closed as I worked o so hard on the turd.

I stopped, paused and massaging my belly once more grunted harder ugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my face must have looked contorted as I felt the turd move and slowly stretch my puckering bum hole. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn pant pant nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn continuing to massage my belly as the thick head of the turd finally poked out from my hole. I knew it was a thick one and I grimaced as it hurt a little poking out. It eventually thudded into the toilet with a plooooop and I sat back panting.

I pushed nn and a wave of softer poop emitted from my hole, nnn plop, ahhhhhhh. I was in so much relief but needed to wait a while until I could wipe.

Bye for now,


re: Public Toilets

As i have stated before, i'm a guy and i hate using public toilets. Maybe part of it is shyness like you say, but i just don't like to be around others when i'm on the toilet. For guys if you go into a cubicle, everyone knows exactly what you're doing in there. Then, there are the ones like yourself who have no shame, who sit there for ages, sometimes on the phone. Or even the ones who try to talk to you. I just find it terribly embarrassing. That's even without going into the amount of times i've had the door pushed open on me.

As for the toilet paper on the seat, i'll stop doing it when i stop seeing stains on the back of the seat. I'm not sitting in someone else's mess.. ugh. I feel like so many guys don't mind just going anywhere, but i've always dreaded it.


Pooing ( & peeing ) Joy. Lesson 3

If you think about it the rectal and anal area is adjacent to the reproductive area of the anatomy. I gues there is a reason for this. If those that designed the human body had have though pooing was filthy and shameful then the anus would be located quite a distance from the reproductive area . I have had a personal trainer at the gym who told me she never had a problem with her bowels but usually felt much better after a big poo. What are your thoughts? Similarly when you are busting for a wee how good does it feel when you do wee? We enjoy eating and drinking.... why not pooing and peeing ?


Answer to weird guy

I love to poop much more than to wipe my bottom. But I love to wipe Maho's bottom or Kazuko's bottom or Hisae's bottom. It doesn't matter their bottom is dirty or clean. Because it is always beautiful.

Love from Mina


Period From Hell

My name is Deb. I'm from London, Ontario. I have posted a few times before.

My periods are terrible. This month wasn't any different. The day before it started, I had diarrhea on the bus on my way to work. I was standing when it happened and could not keep my butt cheeks closed. It started with a cramp and a wet fart that splattered into my white bikini panties. I could feel it soaking into my panties. I had another cramp and then a huge rush of diarrhea poured into my panties. It was terrible. Luckily I had a change of panties and pants in my bag, so I got myself cleaned up pretty well before I started work.

The next day my period started when I was st work and it was very heavy. I wasn't prepared wth a pad, so I bled through my panties and pants. I checked my bag for some spare panties and pants, but I forgot to put some extras in my bag because of my pooping accident from the day before. A chill ran down my back. Fortunately I had some pads with me. I put one on and had to wear my sweater around my waist for the day. I had a bunch of pads with me which was good since my period was so heavy.

I went to the gym that night after work and had another leak through my pad and workout pants. It was so embarrassing.

Are there any other women here with period accident stories?

Thank you,


survey of restaurant pooper

I had a plan to write part 3 of "passionate" story, but part 2 is not on the page, so I decide to wait and tell part 3 if I see part 2. But I have newer story, so if part 2 never appear, I tell that story instead.

Today not much of energy, so instead of story, I do survey, Hisae helps me. We like survey!

1. Personal description of Hisae: Short, little bit ????, rounded body, short brown hair bob style, poker face. And PERFECT bottom.

2. Age: 28.

3. Gender: female.

4. Is she OK pooping in public? She doesn't really care. If she needs to go to loo, she will go any place.

5. Did she recently poo in fast food place or sit down place? I don't know mean of "sit down place" but yes, she did motions recently in a fast food.

6. How many stalls? 2. This was rather large fast food place. Hisae went one stall, I went other one, I finished wee soon so Maho went, then Kazuko went. All of us heard plop sounds from next door stall, so Hisae's beautiful bottom was very busy.

7. Use seat cover or hover: Main reason of this post is this question. In Japan, often there is dispenser of medicine to clean loo seat. It is on the wall of toilet room. So we take toilet paper, put under dispenser container, press button and medicine come out on paper, then we clean toilet seat with this medicine, then sit down and do.

8. Use toilet before or after meal? After. Hisae often does motions after a meal.

9. Anyone else in loo? Yes. See above. After Kazuko comes out, no one went in, so when Hisae finishes, she was alone. Kazuko waited little while for Hisae, but then she heard huge bururururururu noise from Hisae's cubicle so she said, shall I wait? And Hisae said, OK to go back to others, if someone else come in they want to use loo. And I want to do some more, she said.

10. How long did it take? About 7 minutes. Normally Hisae was more quicker, but recently she began to take longer time. This motion was very big one, she said. She was needed to open her bottom many times before feel empty.

11. How many wipes? 2. This loo, like many loos in Japan, had washlet. So 2 wipes was enough to dry.

12. Any more details? Like I write above, Hisae stays on loo longer time now. Sometimes 10 minutes. She is beginning to think that loo is somewhere to stay long time, and she loves when her friends stay very long time! But she said, if there is only one stall, she try to finish quickly and go again later.

I and Kazuko and Maho don't have experience recently to do motions in restaurant. We do at home every day or almost and we don't need go until next day. Sometimes I or Kazuko go in office loo when we are a diarrhoea. Hisae said, she is happy to tell you her story. She hopes you enjoy.

Love from Mina and Hisae And Kazu and Maho


3 sits for a shit

Recently I had an overnight babysitting job with Merika. It was on a school night so I had to get her up early, take her to her school and then get to mine. So when I walked her into her school I had to wee. I got permission from the security guy to use the toilet there. He walked me to the nearest bathroom. I thanked him and walked into a toilet, closed the door, and took my seat (very uncomfortably because the toilet was so low for like a 1st or 2nd grader). As I sat with my knees much higher than normal looking at the inside of a blue painted door (and wondering why us older students can't have a privacy door in the toilet cubicles at our school) I grew rapidly upset with my inability to get my wee started. I looked at the time. I didn't have a second to waste and had to get to my school for a tardy check which would be the least of my worries.

After I got to 1st hour late I sat in pain for about 10 minutes until our teacher asked for a volunteer to go downstairs to the bookroom to get a workbook for our new student. Luckily the secretary had the book for me right away. So on my way back to the room, I ducked into the closest bathroom for my wee. Second try. I was seated on a normal-size toilet this time. No privacy door, but I've gotten use to it and I deliberately wear a loose-fitting dress certain days of the month and when I'm constipated and have taken a laxative. That way I'm not showing off as much when the bathrooms are crowded. But again I couldn't get my wee stream started. I have a good relationship with my teacher and because I didn't want to jeopardize it, I got off the toilet hurried back to class with the workbook.

Again, I took my seat with a pain between my legs. It was getting worse the last 5 minutes of the hour. In my desperate thoughts I made out my plan to be the first out of the room at the dismissal bell and the two turns and hall I need to take to get myself back on the toilet. At the bell I was first out, practically ran down the hall before it got too congested, dumped my bag and seated myself on the middle toilet out of a line of about 13 or 14. I used a couple of tricks that I had learned online. They worked and I cried a little as the pain eased. Problem was I looked up to see the angry faces of several others who I knew had about 3 minutes to seat themselves and do their thing. What hurt most, however, was this varsity cheerleader who started to hurl some 4 and 5 letter words at me.

I was angry at them because I really wasn't monopolizing the toilet. Because I was mad I got up fast and just wanted to push my way through the crowd. I didn't want to flush or wash my hands. I just wanted out of there. I stood up fast. Pushed my crumpled dress down and as I was grabbing for my book bag, I could feel my bowels come alive. The two laxative pills I had taken before bed were ready to give me my 3-day cleanout. I looked at those watching me, mumbled I was sorry, and I pulled my underwear down and retook my seat. A couple just swore again and luckily hurried to other toilets that became available. It was noisy when 5 or 6 toilets would all be flushed at once and the attention would turn upon those. There was no one directly watching me as I easily dropped a series of perhaps my best softees fast into the bowl. That was followed by what my mom use to call a good amount of "soup" that irritated my arse. It smelled bad as it finally trickled to a stop.

This had been one of the messiest shits I can remember. It seemed like I was holding my dress up for a long time, as I wiped with my other hand. I probably didn't make sense, but I didn't care. I didn't flush.
Nor did I wash my hands. I accepted that my tardy was getting me a 4 hour Saturday morning detention. I didn't even hurry to class. I just walked at my normal pace. But I felt good.

Victoria B.

Round vs. elongated

Weird Guy asked about preferences in terms of round or elongated toilet bowls and I must say that I agree with him and prefer an elongated pot for my posterior any day. I'm on the tall side for a woman and I feel more comfy sitting further back on the seat than some for either a pee or a number two. If it turns out that my behind needs to be wiped after I've finished going I just slide forward on the seat. I've done my bathroom business like that for years and I'm so happy to live in an apartment with an elongated toilet again! Longer bowls for all!


The Dean

Walked in on During an IBS Explosion by a punk rock looking

This happen last week and was pretty embarrassing. As some know I have IBS and it usually acts up once a week but it can also be triggered by Chinese or Mexican food or something similar. My IBS attacks usually result in a ton of loud gas with endless booming farts and at least a 15 minute trip to the bathroom with several waves of soft serve poo.

Anyway last week I was at this small old bar that had been turned into a night club. It fit maybe a hundred people. I had Chinese food the day before but I was feeling okay so I decided to go out. Big mistake! In the middle of the evening my stomach started gurgling and I could feel the gas building up and knew I had to get to a toilet soon.

In this place there is only one unisex bathroom and it only has three toilets in a line with no stall doors or anything. It is kind of a grungey rock club and it is old. There is a lock on the main door though. Fortunately it wasnt that crowded and there was no line. I got in the bathroom and the door locked and immediately started passing big trumpet sounds of gassy farts. I got to the third toilet closest to the wall and pulled down my jeans and blue boxer briefs down to my ankles and sat down.

Right as I was about to unleash this Chinese food gas and poo explosion I heard the the door start to jiggle and I squeezed my buns closed to listen. There was a hard knock on the door and I yelled out just a minute while holding my stomach.

All of a sudden I saw the lock turn and unlock and this punk rock looking girl walked in holding her lower stomach. She had black and blue shoulder length hair, a silver tank top, and tight black jeans and was skinny and attractive.

She locked the door behind her and saw me on the toilet with my jeans and underwear down to my a ankles, laughed a little and said, "Sorry dude I had to pick the lock cause I have one huge one to pinch off and I can't wait." She waved a hand in front of her face and covered her nose while she walked to the toilet before I could even respond. She pulled her jeans and red panties down to her thighs and sat leaving a toilet between us. She busted a huge three second fart and started straining and I heard a huge splash.

At this point I was dumbfounded and kind of shocked and still clenching my butt with tons of gas building up. She looked over at me and said,"What's wrong you constipated or somethen?" right as as she dropped another huge turd and farted again.

I sheepishly said, "I have IBS and it's going to be bad." She laughed and said, "Well don't mind me dude. I walked in on you. Let it rip." I hesitated but I was feeling pain so I relaxed and let loose. A huge six second fart boomed out of me followed by a wave of soft serve poo which was then followed by another huge thunderous fart. The girl laughed and waved her hand in front of her face. She said,"Wow you really do have the shits! I haven't heard anyone fart that loud since I use to hold down my kid brother and fart on his head!" And then she ripped her own big but not nearly as loud fart.

I found her comment interesting because it reminded me of a childhood bully named Troy I had in middle school. He use to wedgie me by pulling my tighty whities hard up my butt while I was peeing at the urinal at school. He would usually tug on my undies until I said uncle several times but once in a while he would just keep yanking until my undies ripped clean off. One time I intentionally wore an old worn out pair that ripped clean off from just a few tugs from the back which made him mad so he forced me down to the ground and farted while sitting on my face right before he went in a stall and took a huge dump.

Anyway I was still unloading and farting up a storm as she was finishing. She wiped and pulled up her pants and started to wash her hands. She was about to leave and looked back at me still blowing up the toilet and said, "Thanks for being a sport. I just really had to pooh. Good luck with your IBS." And with that she left relocking the door from the outside for me I guess in the same way she picked it.

It was really embarrassing when she first walked in but once she left it wasn't so bad because she was at least nice about the whole situation. I have never unloaded in a toilet like that in front of a woman other than my girlfriend Sofia.(you can find the story I told about the first time I had to use a toilet in front of Sofia on page 2622)


Hi Kara

I got some questions about your Pooping Accident while working at the Amusement Park stand. Was it a really big Load? What type of shorts did you wear that day? Did any of your customers say anything? Did the Poop start to seep through the fabric of your shorts? Did you walk differently to your car? I've had many Pooping accidents. It's totally fine and you should never feel embarrassed or ashamed of having an accident in your pants. It happens to a lot of people. My past ones were usually pretty noticeable too!

Johnny boy

Few questions

Hi im new here I been reading this forum for a few years and now was time to encourage myself and post something. First of all I want to ask you few questions and them i will answer them

1 Gender and Age?
2 How many times do you poop per day? And when?
3 Do you fart while pooping?
4 How are your poos?
My answer

1 I am an 18 years old Spanish boy
2 I poop twice normally rarely 1. The first one right after breakfast and the other one right after lunch.
3 Yes i allways start my poos with a long loud fart that last normally about 5-6 seconds (i don't why i allways start the same, but i like it, specially in punluc bathrooms where others can listen me)
4 My poos normally starts with this long fart then I push a big log (from 15 to 20 cm) then few other logs (much smaller than the fist one) and then i realese some farts but smalls ones

Monday, January 28, 2019


Public Toilet Pooping Lesson No 2

As stated I use public toilets quite a clubs and facilities and in parks etc. I have a rule that when the urge hits...I sit....that almost rhymes!
Sometimes public toilets can be so bad they are to be avoided. Most are OK provided they are cleaned regularly. For public toilet users remember that someone else has to use them so be clean...that someone else could be you!
I once hated public toilets now I really prefer them if I have a stubborn shit.
For those that do not like doing the deed in them get into practice...pick a toilet that is cleanish and not too crowded....try and have a good urge before you use the toilet...drink prune juice etc.
After you have had a poo then think about bad was that?
For those shy people get working on it now.
You will be well rewarded.
One thing I do not like is those who have to line the seat with toilet becomes very messy and wasteful....they are using the toilet paper that should be for the next person.
If some of the readers over the next several days could give public toilets a try and report would be good.

Jasmin K

Recent poo's and replys

Firstly a quick reply to Becca. Sounds like you have quite a struggle to poo, have you ever let your BF help you ? Ok so my biggest turds are usually when I manage to poo after being constipated for some time. Thing is the sizes I put in my posts are of the longest bits and don't take account of the lumps and pebbles that break away first and I usually do 3 or 4 turds of different lengths. I think the longest single piece was around 12 inches and girth wise I've done one that was 2 - 3 inches I remember it as it was rock hard and split my bum really badly.

For the last few days my poo's have consisted of only lumps and pebbles, these are hard and dry and just plip plip plop out Imto the water as I strain. No logs and no softer bits at the end. There is no feeling of needing to poo just I go and sit before leaving for work and strain hard and little lumps just drop. Takes about 10 minutes of hard straining before they start dropping and I keep straining untill I can't get anymore out which in total is about 1/2 an hour. I wipe and there is no poo on the paper just a smear of jelly mucousy stuff that's yellowy brown in colour.
That's It for today
Jas K


Reply to John

Hi John

I was sorry to read about your experience and having to use the ladies because the gents wasn't fully equipped. If anything I had the opposite experience today. I found myself on the railway station of a town in the north of England with a population of some 90,000 when I needed to pee. Believe it or not, the gents toilet on that station has two cubicles but just one urinal which I find beggars belief. I don't like using cubicles unless it's a #2 emergency and today I had to wait to use the one, solitary, single person urinal. It was just unbelievable.

weird guy

toilet preference

I don't hear much talk on here about round vs elongated toilets. I have an elongated toilet at my house. I prefer it over a standard round bowl. obviously, if I'm in a desperate situation, I will use whatever is available . I personally like the extra room the elongated seat offers

Post Title (optional)buddy dump

Me and my friend were walking up a mountain the night before we both had so much Chinese food as we were walking our stomach started the rumble and cramp i stopped and told my friend lets call her (carol) to keep identity anonymous, i stopped and said carol I've just followed threw she turned around with the exact same expression i had and said me to we both usually shit together in public bathroom and stuff cause were dump buddy's so anyway we went up a tree with two branches facing each other and took turns watching each others shit

This is one of my embarrassing experiences i was in class and i kept asking the teacher if i could go the toilet it got to the point wee i said i really need to go i ate something that didn't agree the teacher still said no anyway i ended up shitting myself there was a big bulging lump and poo was still coming out it was squeezing out the sides i went and told the teacher she still didn't believe me and so she felt my bumm and looked down the back of my pants she and up taking me out the class and cleaning me up

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Becca great story it sounds like you pretty good poop after not pooping for 3 days.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends it sounds like you guys had some good poops.

About an hour and a half ago while I was at the book store a woman rushed into the bathroom and began to have diarrhea I heard some wet farts and soft poop blast into the pull along with some moans from as she pooped it was a good catch.

Sincerely Brandon T

Ps. I love this site

End Stall Em

Speed bump, curbs and peeing

The other day our city had its first heavy snow of the season. Spencer my boyfriend, and I were woken up at 2 a.m. by a large number of calls from clients who wanted their parking lots plowed immediately. Since Spencer installed a large blade on the front of his truck and advertised his services, he had to go. I decided to get out of bed too and go with him because I knew I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep. He had set a goal of clearing $1,000 in a day which is money we can put to use so as he and I were quickly dressing, he started to warn me about how rough the ride was going to be. He was done first and I decided not to pee because I didn't see it as that important.

My bladder would soon disagree. He would drive into lots at like 20 MPH giving me a big bounce on the curb and the constant forward and backward jerking movement was unlike I expected. Often there was so much bounce that it seemed like I was 8 again trying to ride my bike on the railroad tracks. After about 45 minutes of the pulling and jerking and us hitting I don't know what because he would miss the driveway entrances to lots, I started to fill the first trickles in my underwear. After a few more minutes I was in pain and told him I was bursting for a pee. At first he thought I was joking, but after I hit him in the ribs a couple of times and swore at him, he told me one of his customers was a 24/7 convenient store. I got out as soon as he let me and tripping and slipping to get my footing didn't help, but I got inside, and after slipping some more on the polished floor, within a minute, I was on a nice warm toilet pissing like there was no tomorrow.

The sit was comfortable but I knew he was waiting and probably getting mad. When I got done, I did stand and pull off my white underwear. As I suspected, there was a spot about the size of the width of a drinking glass. I decided to put the evidence in my back jeans pocket and show it to Spencer ASAP. When I did, he first thought it was hilarious and then he mumbled something about a finger in a dike, but then caught himself and leaned over and kissed me. What I hadn't thought through in my anger was that the next spill would go right through my jeans. Knowing that I limited myself to a couple of swigs of his coffee from the thermos we were sharing. About an hour later, after more abrupt stop and go and speed bump hitting driving, my bowels were now in motion. I was in pain until we reached another gas station client. I raced in and did my crap that I couldn't have held any longer until my normal 8 to 9 a.m. time. While the last of the log was exiting I reminded myself that I had to be extra good at the wipe because otherwise I would be soiling my designer jeans. The thought was good, but when he dropped me off at my mall job hours later, I went in to pee again. It might have been a couple of heavy-duty farts but there was a smear about 3 inches long and 1/2 inch wide in my jeans.

Katie Kool:
Sorry to hear about you being grounded! Question: you didn't have to push or anything? The poo just came out?

Also, just giving you some advice. When I was younger, I had very frequent UTIs, and if your vagina is hurting and it burns when you pee, you might want to get it checked out. UTIs are easy to diagnose and treat. You just go to the doctors, pee in a cup, they test it and if it comes back positive you get antibiotics. They don't have to look at your privates usually. They looked at my privates when I was having them a lot but usually not for just isolated ones.

Anyway, here's a story from my childhood I thought you'd all like to hear!

Me, my mom and my aunt used to go swimming a lot at her swim club. It was one of my hobbies! I LOVED going to the swim club to go swimming, and did that a lot during the summer growing up!

So one day we were swimming and I really needed to use the bathroom. I needed to pee AND poop. Lucky for me (sarcasm), the bathroom was crowded. It was especially bad since we were all wet and cold waiting to go to the bathroom!

I was jumping around, holding my privates, and kept telling my mom I couldn't hold it. She told me to just hold it for a few more minutes but I couldn't.

There was a drain right next to the stalls, so my mom took me over to that. There, she helped me out of my bathing suit and I stood there stark naked in front of everybody (I was wearing a one piece so I had to be completely naked), peeing. The pee was going down my legs so my mom told me to widen my legs a little, which I did.

I was relieved after about a minute of peeing, but still had much more to do. I told my mom I REALLY needed to poop, and she told me to wait to get onto a toilet to poop. But still no stalls were open, and I had about 5 minutes tops. My poop was coming, and it wasn't willing to wait!

I started to feel it turtleheading, and I told my mom that it's coming. She looked behind me and confirmed that my bottom hole was definitely opening up for the poop to come out, so she ran to the sinks to get some paper towels and ran back and held the paper towels right under my butt to catch the poop when it came.

It all slipped out pretty smoothly, and only one of them required some pushing and effort. My mom wrapped the paper towels with more paper towels and would dump them into the toilet as soon as it was free.

I didn't know what to wipe with though. But my mom held the paper towels full of my poop with one hand and pulled some tissues out of her purse. She asked me to stand with my feet apart again and she wiped my privates and my butt. Then I put my bathing suit back on.

I always was modest even as a child, so even back then the experience was humiliating but it's funny to look back on now. Technically, that day my mom's hands were my toilet. It's a funny thing to think about now!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

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