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Paige's Suvey

1) Are you a girl or guy? Girl
2) If you are out of toilet paper do you waddle with your panties/underwear down to search or pull up your pants or underwear?
This happened fairly recently at our apartment. Spencer came home from work early and had brought four of his friends with him to watch a game on the big screen. I had the radio going in the bathroom for my second crap sit of the day. I had used my 10-minute break at the mall three hours early trying to get it out, but I ended pulling up my jeans and getting back to my kiosk. I don't think it took me 10 minutes this time to get it out and it was softer and less painful than I expected. Then I reached for the toilet paper roll behind me. Nothing! I so hate Spencer in situations like this. First, we always stock packages with multiple rolls in the storage space off the kitchen. Second, he wastes it and has for the 10 years I have known him because he lines our home seat with it before he sits to crap. I find that so bizarre, but I find it hard that he can't replace the two rolls we keep in the bathroom linen cabinet. So I came out of the bathroom, pants down, waddling heading into the kitchen. Before I heard the TV noise, I guess I was moving too fast and each of them got a good side view of me. Spencer knew immediately what was happening and he ran to get the toilet paper. He was immediately at the bathroom door with two rolls and I grabbed them from him without saying anything. I turned the radio off to hear if there was any laughter (there wasn't) but I wiped, flushed (yes I had to do some plunging). I grabbed my purse and car keys and went to a movie alone to cool down. When I got back the game was over and the guys were gone. Spencer had totally cleaned up and he totally apologized while kissing me in our favorite spot. This was the second total embarrassing toilet situation I have been in. I hope it is the last.
3) Have you ever not wiped after pooping in public and, if so, how long did you go without cleaning yourself or changing?
It happened two or three times in high school. There was so little time during passing periods as I waited for a toilet to open that by the time I got on the warm seat and was pushing it out, the one-minute warning bell rang and it was everything I got do to pull up my clothing and make the run to class. Saturday School detentions were a deterrent. Then, if we weren't doing anything in class or had a substitute I would ask permission to use the bathroom. Then I would sit and clean myself. At a Taylor Swift concert I took a messy crap, there was no toilet paper, those waiting were getting hostile, I had waited 25 minutes, so I wiped with my white underwear, and I rolled it up and through it in the corner of the end stall I had used.
4) How many times do you wipe?
Two or three times for a regular crap; sometimes twice that if it was extremely soft.
5) Do you have a hairy butt?
I don't like to admit it, but yes.
6) Do you think it affects your ability to wipe effectively with dry toilet paper?
Yes. This is especially true if my stool is especially soft.
7) Do you know anyone who has shaved or waxes their hole?
8) Does waxing your hole help with hygiene?
Not applicable.

Have 2 stories today. At my job, 4 weeks ago, on a Sunday, i got to work and, as i was walking past the checkout lines after clocking in for the day, i noticed a particularly strong odor of shit. The kind that comes with the dark, mushy diarrhea....REALLY strong. I did not smell it till i came near a kinda tall lady, probably in her 20's, with black leggings, about to pay for her various items at the check out. I dont remember her hair color at the moment, but i know she frequents the store. I was quickly ready for work and walked off to start working for the day.

Just yesterday, i arrived at the station to catch a train home, and i passed by a group of about 6 people (2 women and some guys). As i passed the group, i noticed a foul smell of shit (again, a diarrhea shit, obviously....the less solid variety). I suspected (or wished, haha) that the smell was coming from one of the women. None of them in the group acted as if anything was wrong, and both women were animatedly talking away. I could barely understand what they were talking about, but none of them seemed embarrassed. I noticed a guy far off from the group who kept looking over with a kinda disgusted look, so he at least knew someone from that group must have done something in their pants. I kinda went on the other side of a barrier near the platform, from the group. They were only about 10 - 15 feet away, but i was on my phone, and the poop smell was distracting me, so i had moved more to the other side of the barrier where i couldnt smell the poop smell as much. I wondered if perhaps that smell came from the station at first, because sometimes after the floors in the station gets mopped, it has a strong, sulfur smell, almost like rotten eggs. But, when i got on the train (along with the group, i still smelled it, but the women were still talking, as if nothing was wrong, and the guys they were with were talking to each other, but i noticed the guys all sat away from the ladies, and one guy who was with them, sat in the seat across from mines, and i was basically on the other side of that compartment, about 20feet from the women. I noticed that one of the women stood up for nearly the entire train ride (they had gotten off before me), or for about 4 stops. She had on light blue, tight jeans, was blond, with a black jacket. I think her friend had dark jeans or leggings and a white top, perhaps a sweater (i dont really remember). The women were still talking to each other as if nothing was wrong, but the smell was strong, and i knew it was her (you couldnt tell she pooped herself because she had a sweater or shirt wrapped around her waist), because as i came to just within 10 feet of where the ladies had been after getting off (3 stops later), the smell was still rather strong. Both ladies were hot, as well. I guess the lady wanted to play it off....or truly didnt mind, or perhaps just wanted to take any of the embarrassment away from herself by making things obvious. What do you guys think? Thanks,



Secret at the beach

When I was around 19 I was camping with friends on an island for around a week. Our site had no water or power, and we were digging our own toilet holes to get the job done. I had a real bad habit at the time of holding in my motions for far too long (up to two weeks at a time whilst only letting out small amounts when the urge was too much) I found it very pleasurable and loved the embarrassing secretiveness of it all.

I had the idea to arrive at the campsite already quite full and enjoy the urges to go over the next few days, awaiting the perfect time to sneak off into the bush and revel in dropping an amazing load. I would hide in my tent, legs crossed and shameful, or in the ocean or in a camp chair... my thing tingly and straining against my pants.

On the 4th day it became too much. Everyone was chilling out or napping around camp but I was in my tent, doubled over and quietly straining and thinking, it's time! I could already feel myself opening and the hard tip had already started to emerge. The force behind it was enormous and each wave of pushing was ecstasy and i couldnt stop it. So quickly I grabbed some toilet paper and exited the tent. I managed to escape unseen and followed the car tracks in the sand away from the camp.

I didnt get too far, and was incredibly embarrassed and shameful at the idea of being seen as i was out in the open. Any car driving past would have easily seen me. The last thing i wanted was for a park ranger to pass by me.
But I had to go NOW. I undid my boardshorts and whipped them down (no swim trunks underneath i was freeballing) and let my self hang low and out in the open, skin still damp and cold from the swim I just had.

my hole was feeling sore (that good ache) and i let my body naturally heave and push, letting that sharp tip poke in and out a little. In front, my member hung low and i released a few dribbles, taking my sweet time. It started to twitch more, until it stuck out straight and strong, i released my piss now allowing it to pour out relaxed and thick. Even after finishing it couldnt help but jump a few more times, releasing dribbles. the sand was soaked and it was obvious why, as the stream had arched onto the car tracks in a straight line.

Another involuntary heave let me know the last part was about to come. my hole stretched wide slowly, and i arched my back up straight and enjoyed the ache as this monster crept out of me. Ive never gone so slow though, this turd was dry and very flat, condensed and hard from being squeezed back in so many times. I gave a gentle push and felt the payload slide over a special place inside my ass. As another centimeter crept out I reached my hand forward and gently stroked, I'd never been so excited. More drips fell from my tip, silvery like silk.

By now the turd had touched sand, and i had to take a shuffled step forward and make room, the thickness of this thing was unreal, curved gently like a banana but easily the thickness of my forearm if not bigger. I had reached a point where the turd began to shrink in size as it left my stretched hole and it sped up, falling forwards into the sand with a thud. I was finally done and my hole gaped wide and happy. I did a little wipe but there wasnt much work to do. I stood up and admired my creation, deciding to leave it for someone else to find and marvel at. I returned to my tent and seconds later, was completely relieved and settled in for an amazing sleep.


Hairy butt crack conundrum

I have noticed some posts mentioning hairy butt cracks as part of a response to a survey question. As a British Indian guy I have quite a hirsute body and have always had a very hairy butt crack, I have always attributed this to the need to wipe a fair few times till I felt clean and why we go through loads of toilet paper in our household. A few years back I took the plunge and had my butt, crack and sack waxed. The feeling of smoothness was immediately noticeable and it was like I was feeling my undergarments against my skin for the first time. Definitely it made post poop clean up a lot easier and quicker and definitely felt cleaner. However one major downside was that my farts were noticeable louder and that the smooth skin provided the perfect acoustic environment for my wind to reverberate. I even began to walk more delicately because even the slightest stride that was too long aloud gas to squeak out audibly. Turns out that ass hair is a great muffler and gives great modesty protection.


Recent poop

This morning I had a rather large poop, and wanted to share it.

When I woke up this morning, I could feel a bit of pressure already, right around my abdomen. I decided to wait and grab a quick bowl of cereal, and then go. When I settled on the toilet, the poop came out fairly easily, but I could feel that it was all a bunch of little pellets pressed together, and as it came out they fell and splashed in the bowl. I peed, a lengthy, steady flow from me to the porelain, and the toilet's water. When I finished, I wiped, and then stoodto take a peek.
As I had felt, the hole was filled with dozens of little acorn-sized pieces. I pushed the lever, and water flooded into the bowl, stirring up some of the pellets and causing them to spin and twist. Some of the pellets were gone instantly, along with the toilet paper, but a few pieces managed to hold on, swirling and spinning around until the water descended close to the hole and the current finally took them. Whoosh; all gone.


Responses to Victoria B + Sarah + Anna from Austria

Hey all!

Victoria - I tried flushing while still on the toilet yesterday, and it was a fun experience! I like the idea that my waste literally never saw the light of day before it was gone. That said, I do think I agree with Sarah about the thrill of the sight of a turd's last seconds.

Sarah - nice story! I really enjoy your description of your flush, it's very graphic - in the best way!

Anna from Austria - I almost always flush once, for everything. I wipe, drop it on top, and send it all down together.
One thing I have done before is waited until mid-flush before dropping my toilet paper into the bowl, waiting and then releasing the paper to fall into the swirling water and be swallowed up almost instantly.

Anna from Austria
@Mina Thanks. I will post about my time in South Korea when I am back in Austria and I will also post how I liked the toilets there.

@all thanks for answering my survey. :)

@to Jenny I use quit a lot of paper to be honest. Wrap my whole hand in it most of the time.

Most of the time my bm are on the soft side, so I need to wipe a lot. If use to little paper some of the poop could get on my hand which is kinda disgusting. Happens anyway sometimes.

greetings from Austria


Office Brian
Hey, everyone. My name is Brian and I work in an office that is, apparently, the most ???? troubled office in the world. I think someone in HR must have, like, X-Ray vision and be able to see into the bowels of potential hires, because it seems like almost every person I work with has some type of problem with digestion!! I have so many stories to tell about my experiences with several different peoeple that I think you'll enjoy reading, but I thought I'd start off with the first day I found out about one of my coworkers and their toilet troubles.
I had been working at my office for about a week, mabye a little less or more. Now, when I said that almost every person has some type of problem with digestion, I included myself: I have extremely irregular bowels. I often don't eat extremely well, so I'm sure that contributes to it, but even when I am eating semi-heathily, my movements are very unpredictable. There doesn't seem to be any real corrleation between what I eat and how I go, except that sometimes cheese in mass amounts gives me issues. Anyway, on the morning this story happens, I had woken up feeling a little bloated. I sat on the toilet and pushed out two small logs, but that didn't really change how I felt. I had breakfast and then went off to work. Around 9:30, I started getting the urge, but I ignored it. I'm not exactly poop shy, but this would be my first time pooping at my new job, and I was afraid to head to the bathroom prematurely in case the urge left. I didn't want to be gone from my desk for a long time.
By 10:00, though, the urge was persisting, so I made my way to the bathroom. (Important note: my corporation is very progressive, and all of our bathrooms are all sex bathrooms.) There are four stalls in this bathroom closest to me. I walked into the second closest stall, only to see it was out of toilet paper. I turned around, exited the stall, and just then, the bathroom door opened, revealing a woman we'll call Heidi. Heidi is our front desk secretary, about my age (late 20s/early 30s), on the shorter side. I wouldn't call her ????, but she isn't supermodel thin either, just sort of average size, with blonde hair and glasses. We locked eyes and she smiled slightly. "Good morning." I replied and informed her that the second stall was out of toilet paper. She thanked me and then, as I moved into the stall closest to the door, she moved all the way to the one farthest from the door.
By now my poo was knocking solidly on my back door. As soon as my but hit the seat, my hole opened for a nice firm log to slip out. It landed with a classic plop and a fart. Much to my surprise, I heard a chuckle come from Heidi's stall. "Is this when your morning coffee makes its exit too?" she asked.
I was slightly confused. I hadn't even HAD coffee that morning. "No..." I replied uncertainly.
Before either of us could get another word in, I heard a noise somewhere between a gasp and a moan come from Heidi's direciton, immediately accompanied by a short fart and a torrent of sloppy sounding diarrhea. Four or five seconds passed and then another fart and Heidi sighed. "Well, here's mine. Ohhh." She moaned slightly as another short explosion sounded.
I felt another log pressing against my backside and gave a small push, releasing another log and a tiny pebble behind it. My stomach rumbled once, small gas pains bubbling as my release changed the pressure in my stomach. I rubbed it absently. It was nothing like what I was hearing from Heidi. By now she had had at least four or five small waves of diarrhea, each punctuated by wet farts. Remembering her question, I paused, then asked, "you do this every morning?"
"Like clockwork!" Her reply was almost cheerful, even as she grunted slightly to push out another round. There was a pause as it barrelled out of her, and then she continued. "Coffee goes straight through me."
I wanted to ask her why she always drank it, then, but I figured we'd already been friendly enough for our unintentional buddy dump. Plus, I knew my own tendency to keep eating and drinkting things, even if I knew they might mess with me. I pushed out a few farts, mine much dryer than hers, in order to releave the pressure in my stomach, and a few more pebbles dropped. My stomach was calm now. Heidi's seemed to be calming as well, but I finished before her, and by the time I wiped, flushed, and was washing my hands, she was still passing what sounded like wet farts and a few more turds. After one particularly sloppy sounding one, she moaned "ooof."
"Good luck," I said as I headed for the door.
"Like I said, happens every day," she replied again, still sounding high in spirits. "So if you ever need anything from the front around this time, you know where to find me!"
This has not been the last time I "found" Heidi around this time, nor others far more worse for wear than she. Stay tuned for more!

pete the poop

clogged toilet

I went to the cinema today. Prior to the film starting i headed off to the loo as i needed a pee and poop. When i got into the toilets one cubicle was out of order and the other was clogged with paper and water but no visible sign of poop. Had someone just stuffed paper down?

It wasnt completely clogged all the way to the top and it was needs must for me as i didnt want to hold it throughout the film. I unloaded 3 much needed logs and a piss. I wiped and tried to flush (silly idea)and it rose to the top. Nothing i could but leave it there.


Digital Pooping and Pooping Buddies

My favoured treatment of constipation is multiple enemas because that gives the best clean out and can be done in an hour or so. I need to be near a toilet for a few hours thereafter because I sometimes have a few post enema motions.
To explain digital pooing my buddy wears a lubricated glove. I stand by the toilet and lean forward with my arms wrapped around my legs and my bottom pointing upwards over the toilet bowl. My partner inserts her finger...pick someone with slim fingers, and if I push as to poo when she makes the insertion then that is easier. She moves her finger inside me thus expanding and lubricating my rectum and I start pushing whilst she encourages me...when the poo pushes against her finger then she withdraws it and out it falls into the toilet and I can see what is happening between my legs.
I refer to Dominic and agree that the poo is hard to begin with...I will only have female buddies...would not feel comfortable with a male.
Dominic you could also try an osmotic laxative....they contain magarol and do not cause cramping...the problem with osmotic laxatives is that when I poo it splatters all over the bowl which is gross.
Returning to digital pooping I would do it all the time if it was to buddies they are handy because sometimes I have to push really hard and if one pushes to hard you can have a stroke...the buddy keeps an eye on me.
I had a slightly different situation a few months ago. I had a medical procedure and after several hours I was allowed out of bed....the nurse who was very nice said I should try and use the bathroom...ny room had an ensuite so I went in and closed the door but did not lock it...she (her name was Karen) waited just outside only several feet away whilst I did a poo and she asked me a couple of times how I was feeling...although she could not see me she could hear everything. I felt perfectly comfortable with this but I am sure many men would have freaked out and refused to go in the near presence of another person. I feel my attitude to bodily least my own has helped me greatly and made bowel management and bladder management problems a bit less difficult.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Embarrassing Desperation!

Hi my names Katie and I have had a crazy day today. So I was going to this thrift store I often go too, it was about 10 min away and I had to pee really bad, but I can hold it until I got there, so I get there and move to the bathrooms right to the back, There's a men's and a women's single bathrooms, I went to open the door to the women's and it was locked, the women just said "I'm in here" so I am outside waiting and I start moving around and the more I look at the door the more I'm about to pee myself, and I'm in flip flops, skinny jeans and a hoodie. This women was still in there after 5 min so I was being a bitch but knocked again, same answer from her, she was pooping, so I just said ???? it I'll go in the men's room, And of course a guy comes down the hall and goes in, I let a little spurt out and huffed a little, I thought about going and finding a place to squat, there was a closet of the changing rooms up front to the side, I think now the guy and the girl were pooping, of course my luck, so I went and was thinking of going in the closet but I was afraid of getting caught, I grabbed my crotch and walked to the fitting room, I couldn't hold myself where people can see so it was a bit hard, I grabbed a t shirt off the rack cuz I needed to pee on something since it's a tile floor, I went into the changing room, a women was next to me maybe in early 40's and a guy next to me didn't see him though. The stalls had walls that stopped around your shins, I pulled my jeans to my knees, my purple thong too, and the man next to me left, Perfect, I faced his side and my butt towards the women, I couldn't squat too low or else people can easily see if they peek under, I put against my crotch and started peeing, bad news, Full force peeing, I started hissing, my pee was sorta loud but I hoped nobody can hear it, my pee no longer stays in the shirt and is hitting my hand and the tile floor making a hissing and splashing sound, I turn red, start to sweat and panick, I couldn't stop my stream when I tried, i was full force peeing on the floor, but the shirt was still against me to help a little, as my stream is coming to an end, I fart, not a little one but a surprise loud fart, the women next to me deff Hurd me the whole time, I have a puddle under me, it's a little yellow, and I'm stil there, my jeans to my knees, and I'm nervous that the women would say something, I pull my thong and jeans up, and I open the door to find a girl around 20 years old standing infront of the door about 2 feet away, I turned red and walked to the front door, while walking the girl must have stepped in my puddle cuz she yelled "oh shit" she knew it had to be me, and I have no idea how long she stood out there for, but I guess not to see me pee or else she would have known, I got to my car, and relax and while about to leave the girl goes to the car infront of mine and it was her mom, she said she "didn't see anything she liked" me feeling embarrassed but a little excited, I was at a stop light and looked to the car in the right lane next to me, the girl and her mother were there, I looked at the girl and she looked st me and looked a little surprised, i mouthed "sorry and smirked" and she opened her mouth and it looked like she got angry, I drove off and it was a fun experience

Victoria B.

Paige's survey

Here are my answers to the survey Paige did.

1) Are you a guy or girl?


2) If you are out of toilet paper do you waddle with you panties/underwear down to search or pull up your pants/underwear?

It depends. If I'm stranded in a bathroom being used by other people I'll try to get someone's attention and ask for paper rather than attempt the dreaded pants-and-panties-down waddle. If it's empty I might try it but I'll take my undies and pants up to thigh level before I leave the stall. Once I was in a coffee shop that had two unisex, one-toilet bathrooms. I chose the one that only had enough paper for wiping either my front or back and not both and had to get crafty because I was wearing my favorite pair and didn't want to ruin them. So I took my panties off, put them in my purse, flushed, pulled up my jeans, washed up, and went into the other bathroom to finish the paperwork. My trick worked!

3) Have you ever not wiped after pooping in public and if so how long did you go without cleaning yourself or changing?

Yeah, the above story is an example and so are the times when I've needed to go while out running. In each of those I cut a beeline to the bathroom as soon as I got home!

4) How many times do you wipe?

Until I'm confident in how clean I feel.

5) Do you have a hairy butt?

Party in the front, business in the back ;)

6) If you have a hairy bum, do you thing it affects you ability to wipe completely with dry toilet paper?

I can see how it would, yeah.

7) Do you know anyone who shaved or waxes their hole ?

Some of my friends who are hairier back there shave.

8) Does waxing your hole help with hygiene ?

The closest that stuff has ever been to my butt is on my calves and I intend to keep it that way.


Victoria B.

Anna from Austria's flushing survey

Here are my answers to the survey Anna posted.

1) How often do you flush when you go number two?

It depends. I've been a bigger-than-average pooper since I was a girl and being vegetarian for the last year hasn't changed that. If I've already dropped three or four logs and still feel like I have more to go I'll flush, poop whatever's left, wipe, and then flush again with the second part of my business and the paper together. If I'm in public on one of those jet engine flush toilets I can generally get it all down at once; if I'm at home for one of my usual morning number twos I won't bother with wiping either front or rear because I just hop off the toilet and get into the shower. Saving water is important to me and I'd like to be able to get everything down at once but my body has other ideas and I don't enjoy having to deal with a clogged toilet.

2)Do you only flush when you have finished everything including wiping?

As often as I can.

3)Or do you flush your poop down and take an extra flush for the paper?

Only in rare circumstances where I'm using an older toilet in a public place and they have that terrible, thin toilet paper that either leaves you with a dirty butt and underwear or makes you wipe yourself raw getting clean. Then it'll be a flush with poop and paper and then a second flush of just paper.

The attitudes of the women in my community (an urban area of about the same population as metro Vienna) are aligned with yours and mine about the environment and saving water. I feel guilty about being hard on plumbing sometimes but I also think that every human deserves the right to fully relieve and properly clean themselves.


Hello everyone!

Special greetings to my old favorites Catherine and Anna ( from Canada). Catherine great to hear from you. Glad life is going well, though we miss you on the posts, I am so happy for you. Glad you checked in. Anna from Canada I know you have a busy year and hope it's going well if you have time to read here from time to time.

Paige- I noticed you response to the survey about the hairy butt. I have hairy cheeks and and in between ( for a girl) I'm half Italian. I do trim and shave my front but am thinking about going professional bikini or even Brazilian not just for my front but for my crack. I feel like skid mark my panties about average for a girl , or more than average. I know a few friends who never see to get skid marks, or they are better at hiding them or don't admit to getting them. I do have a "juicy" booty which requires a bit of cleaning. Sometimes, but I think the hair makes it futile. This transitions to answering the other Anna's survey:

1) how often do you flush when you do Number 2?

1-3 . Closer to one lately. I sometimes do a "courtesy flush" if I am dropping a huge load to prevent clogging . But I will do that that poop some more, then wipe. I arely take a paper only flush. But I used to...
2) Do you only flush when you have finished everything inlcuding wiping? Lately

3) or do you flush your poop down and take an extra flush for the paper? I used to . In high school I was super self conscious about my skid marks ( still am but I am open with more people about it now and I take myself less seriously then when I was younger, but I still blush when I talk about my skid marks) anyway in high school I would poop, flush and use tons of toilet paper. Huge wads about 5-10 wipes. I clogged a few toilets with my paper, I have only clogged the toilet once with my only my poop . I stopped using as much toilet paper in college when I started buying my own toilet paper, and got tired of buying so much toilet paper. In college I also noticed my panties were not any dirtier using less toilet paper. (More guys in college had the opportunists to the see the inside of my panties, I tried to hide my panties before sex as quick as possible unless I was too drunk ) I wipe actually no more than 5 times usually, and sometimes only twice if I know my panties are going to get skidded anyway when I run, bike or hike.

How much toilet paper do people use with a wipe?When I was young I would wrap my whole hand in toilet paper. Now I use a few squares. I want to be less wasteful. Once again my cleaning job is no worse with less toilet paper. I'm also less grossed when I occasionally get poop and my hand when I wipe . I wash my hands for at least 30 seconds no matter what ( I'm a nurse).

How often to people get poop on their hand when they wipe?

I am curious if any ladies ( or guys) noticed cleaner underwear if they reduce the hair on their butt or crack.

Take care,
Skid marked in Seattle,


Problems caused by Dad's constipation

This happened back two years ago during my first week of high school. My parents have a smaller house, just one bathroom, and both me and mom were getting ready early. She works in an office downtown and was dropping me off at school on her way to work. Dad works in construction and tries very hard to have his crap before leaving for the site. He says the crew he's on use the portable toilet for peeing, but he's the only one that has to sometimes crap. I can't believe these guys in their 40s and 50s give him a playful hassle when he has to go in and shit.

So some days while mom and me would want to use the bathroom dad would be on the toilet for sometimes 30 to 45 minutes. I think he was taking some laxatives, they just weren't working fast enough. Unless mom and I got up extra early and beat him to the toilet, I would have been late to school and she, to work. And that was the way it was on this day. As mom was backing the car out of the driveway, I asked if she needed gas because while she was pumping it I could sneak inside and take my pee that was starting to worry me. Mom said we had a full tank but that she would need to stop somewhere soon for her BM. As we got into the parking lot at my school mom decided that would be her pit stop. That seemed so strange both she and I hurrying through the hallway and then into the girls' room and none too soon. We took toilets right next to one another.

I know she ran track like 25 years ago when she was in high school, but she was fast. Her pink pantees were at shoe level and she hiked her loose-fitting dress and the moment her butt thudded to the seat she was blasting away. Gas first, then the sigh of satisfaction that comes with the BM. Under the cubicle partition she saw my jeans drop, heard me drop the seat, seat myself and then the pour started. She asked why the noise was so loud and said I might be sitting back too far. I told her I thought each of the toilets was a little different in the shape and size of the bowl. But I did take her advice and moved forward so that my pee would be less noisy.

I could hear her texting from her seat and then softly cuss. I asked what was wrong. She said she had no toilet paper. The entire holder had been busted off the wall and four holes and lots of graffiti was all that was left. I laughed out loud because that's what's happened to many of the toilets. I told her that she and I had the only toilets with doors in a room of 20 toilets. I pulled off three long strips of paper and handed them to her under the partition. She thanked me and said as she wiped that nothing has changed she and her best friend Jordan used those vary toilets about 25 years ago.

About a month later mom and dad announced they were adding a 2nd bathroom downstairs at our house. I know that saved dad and all of us from a lot more hassles.


Work toilet visit and Anna's answers

Hi everyone, it's "Taykir" lol, kinda messed up typing my name with that last post with Robyn! I just wanted to share a story from last night at work. I work the evening shift at an office helping customers over the internet. Think of when you go through live chat for an online shop or something.

It was about 8pm and I was absolutely bursting for a wee so once I had finished for a customer I took my break and headed to the toilets. There is two single bathrooms on each floor, one for men and one for women and about 30 of us to a floor but fortunately it was unoccupied. I locked the door behind me, pulled my trousers and thong down just enough to go and sat down. After only a couple of seconds I started a strong hissing stream. The relief was incredible, I just sat there with my head in my hands letting it all drain out, loving the amazing feeling. I went for ages and as I was getting some toilet paper to wipe with, I felt something knocking on my back door. I wasn't expecting it but whatever, I just relaxed, toilet paper in hand, and let it happen.

I felt pressure against my hole and then was gently opened by my poo sliding out with ease! These little surprises can be nice sometimes. It soon fell into the bowl with a quiet splash and seemingly done, I used the toilet paper to wipe my behind. I only needed two pieces. I wiped my front, redressed, flushed and washed my hands before continuing with work. I was in the best mood ever!

Answer to Anna -

I usually flush once and that takes care of it, but if there's a lot I'll flush before wiping and then flush the toilet paper on its own.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Heather great story it sounds like Sarah had a really great poop and pooped a lot as well.

To: Anna From Austria great story.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends it sounds like you all had great poops.

To: Rochelle great story it sounds like you had a great poop and got a good show from the other women in the bathroom as well.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Victoria B.

To Minappe

Your last post made my heart float in my chest. There is so much care and tenderness in your writing that I can feel the love all the way from across the Pacific. The weather here is like Hokkaido and has already turned cold but your words will help keep me warm during the deepest of blizzards.

There's a sushi place just a short train ride away from my apartment that not only serves delicious food but also has bathrooms with TOTO washlets-just like in the green and beige loos! I peed and wiped normally the time I ate there and decided to wait until my bottom had its own bombs to drop to try it out. When it does I'll let you know!



Response to Rose and Victoria B.

I am pleased to see people that share my views on flushing; you are correct, Rose. It would be nice to see that area further described on the stories here. And Victoria, I have done that sometimes. It is a nice sensation, like you described, but for me it can't compare to actually watching as all the mess gets sucked away.

Speaking of which, I had a very satisfying poop earlier. My poop usually comes out as a Type 1, just a bunch of hard,unsatisfying lumps of waste. This time, though, was much nicer. As I sat down on the toilet, I could feel it close to leaving. I barely had to give it a push, and it just slid right out of me. I wiped and stood up to look at my creation. It was still pretty lumpy, but a single unit this time, all stuck together. A nice solid brown, it was like 6 inches long, max. It was a very easy wipe, only two passes to have my butt perfectly clean. I pushed down the flush lever, and watched as all my waste was swiftly disposed of. Since the poop itself landed right near the center, it was sucked down first and almost as soon as I pushed the lever. The paper was next, and soon all the pee was gone, cleansed and clear again. This was about a day ago, I haven't pooped since then.


PS to last post

I forgot to say, point 13 (but the order is different, it comes between old 7 and old 8) : plop sound is so beautiful like music! We love that beautiful sound!! burururururururu sound also beautiful. And crackle sound and burst sound and tinkle sound and fart sound and all loo sounds, they are beauty!!

We like flush sound too, so that is No.14.

Heather, my colleague Mari is same with your friend, small body but eat like tyrannosaurus and do her motion tyrannosaurus size.

Anna from Austria: I have same experience with you, start to poo normal speed and suddenly in middle increase speed and very fast and puree or liquid. Kazuko and Hisae do same, quite often I think. I hope you have good time in Korea and can relax in Korean loo.

Paige, you are a sweet friend! I think Rob is happy man.

Love to everyone.

Your very own Minappe, Chae, Kazu, Maholin a.k.a. Mina, Hisae, Kazuko, Maho

Anna from Austria

flushing survey

I have a question for the ladies.

1) how often do you flush when you do Number 2?
2) Do you only flush when you have finished everything inlcuding wiping?

3) or do you flush your poop down and take an extra flush for the paper?

The reason why I am asking is i had an funny experience yesterday.

There was a Business Meeting aft my Office where also some japanese and korean representatives there.

When I headed to Ladies room, one of the asian visitors was in front of me, not sure if she was from the Korean or the Japanese Company.

Anyway we took two stalls next to each other, and while I only had to doo a long and hissing wee, the asian Lady had to do a loud and gassy poop. After the did she flushed, then wipped herself an flushed again.

In order to save water, my mom told me when I was Little to flush as Little as possible. If possible i flush everything down at ones. My poo and the paper. And I kept it that way till the adulthood. Seems to be common Knowledge among Austrian females I suppose, because all the other ladies I could listen, neither friends or complete strangers did the same Thing as I .

Now I got curious about the flushing habits of the other ladies here in the Forum.

greetings from Austria


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