Hey all, happy thanksgiving! The survey you guys are posting responses to isn't my survey, but an unnamed poster. I just responded to it in one of my posts. So, the credit shouldn't go to me, lol!

To answer Tonya's survey...
1. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to go pee?
Yes, absolutely.

2. If so what do you do 1st then 2nd and how many times will you pee?
It depends. Usually I'll pee first and then poop, but sometimes I'll do both at the same time. Sometimes I have to poop so bad that the pee only comes out while I'm pushing, so I have to push for it at times. As for how much I pee....depends how much water I drank! Usually it's only once or twice, though.

3. Have you ever pee'd then about 20 mins later had to poop and also go pee again?
Yep! Whenever I'm on the toilet, I go pee no matter what. That mixed with the muscles contracting used to push while pooping typically makes the pee come out too.

4. Have you ever pee'd in a maxi pad while waiting to go pee and poop?
I have! I have very heavy periods, so I wear extra thick, absorbent pads. Once or twice I've tinkled a little. Not a lot, just enough to hold me over until I get to a toilet.

5. Have you ever took a poop in front of a friend and what was there reaction when you started peeing as well?
I have many times! One time me and my neighbor were playing outside and I really had to poop. He dared me to do it outside. But he insisted on watching me. I was embarrassed but thought I may as well because after all I had to go so bad. So we got in his backyard and I took off my pants and underwear and told him to hold them while I go. I squatted down with my legs spread and looked down and watched as my pee jetted out of my vagina. He also watched this. We were very young, so he was curious. After that, I started to push and a huge log started coming out. After a few grunts, while it was still coming out, I started peeing too while it was half out of me. He said "wow I didn't know girls pee when they poop!"

Nurse N


Oh dear. I would most definitely help you when you are having problems on the toilet. Giving you a nice long ???? massage, rubbing your back, holding your hand and encouraging you anytime you needed it hun


The Best

Hi everyone. Since I can't see, I don't enjoy flushing my poop as others do. I still enjoy flushing, but for a different reason. The best part is knowing that I'll fill the bowl eventually again. Instead of enjoy the visual look of the poop going down that sighted people do, I rather enjoy the unpredictability of my poop. For example, I enjoy how not all poop arrivals feel the same. I've felt semistrong urges while brushing my teeth. I also sometimes dream about using the toilet. I didn't eat much for Thanksgiving, so my poop was only medium sized. This morning's arrival didn't feel strong, but it came out making a rapid tapping of the toilet water. Bye!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

School Accident

Anyone ever poop their pants while peeing into a urinal?

I did once back last year in high school as a senior. I had to go all day really badly. I was holding my poop to do it at home because the toilets at school were kind of gross and it was a bit taboo to go at school. At the end of the day I had collected my stuff from my locker and went to the bathroom to pee before walking home because I had to pee badly by then. As I was peeing in the urinal my butt opened up and I couldn't stop the poop from coming out. I absolutely unloaded into my tighty whities. Thank god I had on baggy gym shorts because the bulge was massive. Also thankfully I had my backpack on too which kinda hung over it because right as I finished peeing and pooping, someone came in. I raced to wash my hands as he was standing at the urinal, and right as I walked out of the bathroom I could hear him say "damn it smells like shit". I walk/waddled out of there and the 2 blocks home.

I didn't really mind it because I have had accidents before but this was completely unexpected, in retrospect pretty funny too.

Victoria B.

Responses and survey!

Hello all! I'm enjoying my Thanksgiving break from my first semester of grad school and glad to be able to find some time to post!

To RatherRemainNameless: As a vegetarian who farts and poops a lot I think about that sort of thing all the time! It's not at all uncommon for me to think about how good a meal I've enjoyed will feel coming out the other end and I'm sure the same is true for others here!

To Sarah, Rose, and Brittany B.: It's nice to hear that you enjoy the sit-down flush as well. Since I've been reading these posts I've switched it up once or twice and stood for a flush-and I've enjoyed watching the results. Brittany, I love your writing!

To Minappe: I can't wait to tell you four all about it!

To Taylor: Something like that recently happened to me, but I was in the bathroom with someone who was obviously trying to hold back a number two until I was gone. I decided to see if I could get something to pass from the rear after I finished peeing in order to help comfort my stallmate and remind them that all humans need to poop! A fart and a couple plops in my toilet were all that was needed to get things moving for my neighbor!

Tonya's survey:

1. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to go pee?
Almost always.

2. If so what do you do 1st then 2nd and how many times will you pee?
The pee tends to hit the water first.

3. Have you ever peed then about 20 mins later had to poop and also go pee again?
Thanks to the miracle of coffee

4.Have you ever peed in a maxi pad while waiting to go pee and poop?
Part of the reason why I love my IUD so much is because that isn't a problem anymore.

5. Have you ever took a poop in front of a friend and what was there reaction when you started peeing as well?
I've written about that several times on here.



To Constiguy

Hi Constiguy! I had a nurse watch me on the loo at a hospital for both pee and poop when I needed some medical things taken care of in 2016. The bathroom was connected to my room. Luckily for me, I only had one Iv drip, so I didn't have to take much equipment into the loo with me. I have to tell you though, those Iv's with fluids make you go! Also, I wore the desposeable undies 1 time for that time of the month, and they felt great. The undies I had on that day had an absorbent layer in the front with elastic waistband, etc. I'm glad you found a solution to your skid marks. Bye!


Last park visit of the year

Recently we've had some mild weather and one afternoon I tried to coax Kennard after school to walk over to the park with me. We both had a lot of homework to do and its really quiet and satisfying there. When I met him in the hallway after school it was just like most other days. He had been holding his crap since morning and refused another offer I made him to go in after school and do his dump. He came up with a couple of feeble excuses about going home ASAP and I knew his stored up daily shit was going to be the most important thing. He denied it though. So I took the short walk over to the park while he made the long walk home and then had to double back. I had taken my daily crap 2nd hour at school. It was a little larger than usual, came out with ease, but I was surprised at 9 a.m. that all the toilet paper was gone in my cubicle. I tapped on the cubicle, asked the girl on the toilet next to me to hand me some, and as she did her pee stream continued as strong as I've ever heard. I complimented her, telling her it takes me a minute or two sometimes to get my pee going and she said something about her storage tank was full and about to explode. She had done her homework the previous night at a coffee house and she said her insides were drowning. As we talked we found we had been in the same middle school, although we hadn't met. Later I described my crap that morning and told Kennard he needs to get over his phobia of capping in school. Its so upsetting to me that we have to make plans around his need to go home first to crap.

I had peed three times that day at school, but when I finally got to the park I headed up to the restroom building for Number 4. I had sat down on one of the two very open toilets and my pee was trickling to a start when this older lady with two leashed pugs came in. She was very gracious and asked to take the very open toilet next to me. She seated herself on the toilet, sweats still up, and placed the leash of each dog around her feet. Then she stood, dropped her sweats and white flannel underwear to her knees and took the seat. As I finished weeing I reached over to pet one of the dogs. I couldn't believe it when she said the dog's name was Miranda. We got into a nice conversation and she asked what I was doing at the park. I told her about Kennard. She said her husband has the same phobia as Kennard about crapping in most public toilets. She said she wasn't about to 'break him' after 20-some years of marriage. They went to the same high school together and she said he would often walk about three blocks home during his lunch hour to take his crap. Then she talked about some things that also apply to Kennard: don't like to update their underwear and this phobia about not crapping in public toilets.

As I wiped and stood up, Miranda extended the leash to jump up toward me and lick me but the owner nicely pulled the leash in while she was still seated on the toilet. She was a real estate agent and gave me her card. She said I should think about buying my own house while I'm young. I thanked her nicely. Once outside, I saw Kennard coming up the hill. When I told him the story he said I should have had the lady take my picture with Miranda. I felt bad that I hadn't thought of that, but I could see her and the dogs driving off.


World Toilet Day

I read the post this morning about being World Toilet Day. I did a good dump this morning so I made my contribution to the cause ! Due to my neurological condition I find getting out of bed and generally getting out the door very slow and exhausting. The problem is my bowels are very slow and whilst I know I need to go I am too tired to push anything out. I need often a pooing buddy to massage my ???? and encourage me on the loo . I cannot see that happening though. On the p subject of wiping my bottom I wear incontinence disposable underwear which is good because I often have trouble properly completing that task. Also with osmotic laxative I get done leakage of runny poo. Thanks to my disposable underwear that is no real problem. More next time

Anna from Austria

to Mina


Dear Mina thanks for your reply. Yes the fear off clogging is a good reason to flush more often. Here in Austria the toilets flush quite well so I am not particularly afraid of it.

During my time in Japan though I was also a bit worried about it. Was staying at a guesthouse and somebody really managed to clog the toilet. Was quite gross. Was not me luckily. But could have happened to me to be honest because the toilet at the guesthouse was not flushing well. But somehow I managed it t avoid doing my motions at the guesthouse. Not on purpose though. It just happened that I just always outside when I needed to Number 2. I always used public toilets for that. Either in the subway stations, or at Lawson or other convenience stores.

Hope you and your friends Mina will have a nice weekend.

greetings from Austria



Desperation leads to making a new friend

Hi my name is Crystal I am a 20 year old Mexican American girl from Texas I am 5"5 light brown skin , I have light brown hair and eyes ,I am skinny but not super skinny , I've been told I have a cute little butt and b cup Breast . I also run once a week at a local park with a group of girls I meet.for you guys and girls to have a visual of how I look .
Enough about that I found this site about a year ago and it was because I've always been interested in other girls going to the bathroom and glad I found this site . I've read multiple pages wort of post and honestly I enjoyed every last one that I've read.
Katie I really enjoyed youre story about the desperation situation you were In at the shop and really enjoyed it hope you post more ^_^

Know for the story ^_^: on this day I was in town I was wearing a pink top with a white skirt that reached to my upper tighs with a pair of pink sandals and matching pink bra and thong combo . On this day I went out and got my nails done at a salan and got them painted purple with red hearts they were super cute so I after word I head out for lunch after my appointment is done and I decide to stop by and get lunch at this burger place that has really good burgers.i quickly make my way in and order my lunch witch consist of a double meet burger with a large sprite with some fries and I will say they were so good and quickly finished my lunch as I was really hungry and Thirsty and mmmm it was so delicious.

After I finished my lunch I made my way to my car and as I sat down I started to feel the need to pee an poop creep up but decided I can hold it and make home a choice I would soon regret. Because little did I know there was a car accident that caused me to be stuck there for about two hours and by then I definitely had to go as I was letting out SBD in my car . Eventually we started moving again and by this point I had two choices ether a gas station or my skirt and thong luckily there was a gas station nearby and I decided to pull up parking my car and quickly get off and made my way to the single person ladies room .

As I run I make a B line straight to the ladies room and open the door closing it and locking and as I turn around as I pull up my skirt and grab the sides of thong I notice a girl who let's say her name is Carla is pulling down her jeans and pink panties to her ankles when I barged because she forgot to lock the door.we both started blushing as we both looked at each other and I started by saying " omg I am so sorry " I say as I turn around and about to unlock the door when she stoped me and told me " you are already in here and we're both girls and you already saw me why not stay " I answered surprised " ok " as I bite my lower lip as I hear her pee stream start .she notices me squirming and apologize for that and let's me know she needed to pee and was In that traffic jam I responded with yeah me two but I have to go more than pee as I hear her stream end she bigins wiping her front sitting down and flushes after one wipe and gestures for me to go I say thank you to her as I quickly pull down my thong and skirt to my ankles and I give a sigh of relief as my stream gushes out of me .

Carla is washing her hands as we make small talk after my stream ends after a minute and soon I start grunting as my poop starts cracking out I did a few large poops and a few smaller poop in total I did 4 poops and had to wipe my front once and my butt needed 4 wipes I ended up getting Carla's number and was invited to join her group of a five girls who get together to run in the local parks they are all a lot fun to hang around with as well as a few of my female friends . Also I am sorry if the details are not the greatest this happened two years ago I still and in contact with them and I am not the greatest at writing I do hope you enjoyed this and I hope I can post more experiences I've had in the ladies room


Tonya Survey

1. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to go pee?

Yes almost majority of the time

2. If so what do you do 1st then 2nd and how many times will you pee?

1st pee, then poop with little pee still coming out now and then

3. Have you ever pee'd then about 20 mins later had to poop and also go pee again?

Interesting question, but surprisingly not happened to me yet,

4. Have you ever pee'd in a maxi pad while waiting to go pee and poop?


5. Have you ever took a poop in front of a friend and what was there reaction when you started peeing as well?

At school i had friends see me, and there were like its a 2 for 1 deal.


Formerly known as T, Thanksgiving lice poop challenge

Hey everyone, I used to go by T but someone else here is T, so I'm Toots now. I'm the one who talks about a push buddy.

I thought it would be fun to start a thanksgiving live poop challenge. Mainly because the post thanksgiving poop is an infamous one haha. I'll start

I've just waddled to the toilet and sat down
Peed for a while about to start


I feel something moving, but it won't be easy

Pushing harder (come on come on)

The head is out

Grunting (nnnnnnngh!)

It's coming out more and stretching me wide

Hard pushing come on get out (I'm imagining that my push buddies here are cheering me on!)

Halfway out, but stuck


Pushing harder

Big push
I think somethings coming

It's still moving but I can't keep pushing much longer please drop!

I got it!

Looks to be about a foot long and a couple inches wide

What a relief.

Now it's your turn! Feel free to submit a live poop of your post thanksgiving dump

Good luck!

Friday, November 23, 2018


Office pooping

I note Brian's comments about unisex toilets at a work place. I enjoy unisex toilets but might find it difficult with those I work with day to day. I do not think my present female co workers have ever taken a shit whilst I have been there and that is quite some time. They would certainly go for a wee but never in the toilets for anything longer. One issue I have had with unisex toilets is that if I am in a cubicle and ready to leave and there are ladies around outside I stay there till they have gone. I do think unisex toilets are the way to go as they offer flexibility. It reduces the queues for the females particularly if the genders are not balanced. I hope this makes sense.


first-time poster, question for people

Hi everyone, had a read of some of the posts here and it's nice to see such openness about a usually taboo subject.
I'm kind of nervous about posting here because I rarely do online but
I've got a question about the subject matter of the site;
What do y'all think about what food you've eaten and have ate in relation to what comes out? Personally I've always been fascinatedwith the biological side of it, it's a strange topic I know but whenever I eat something notable I think about how it'll be the next day and so on, anybody else do the same?

Hope I haven't broken any rules or anything and soon enough I'll add my own stories here too! :)


Survey for women

1. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to go pee?
2. If so what do you do 1st then 2nd and how many times will you pee?
3. Have you ever pee'd then about 20 mins later had to poop and also go pee again?
4. Have you ever pee'd in a maxi pad while waiting to go pee and poop?
5. Have you ever took a poop in front of a friend and what was there reaction when you started peeing as well?

Victoria B.

World Toilet Day

Happy World Toilet Day to everyone here!

I celebrated with a huge poop and clean of my bathroom this morning. Hope your visits there today are productive too!


Brittany B

Flushing Survey and a Shoutouts

Hey all! I wanted to chime in on the flushing! I'm with Victoria on this one, I really like the feeling of flushing while I'm still sitting. It feels so good! I do it every time. I'm also going to give answers to Anna from Austria's survey about flushing.

1) how often do you flush when you do Number 2?
2) Do you only flush when you have finished everything inlcuding wiping?
3) or do you flush your poop down and take an extra flush for the paper?

I normally flush once, but there have been occasions where I've flushed mid-dump either because it smelled really bad and I was trying to reduce that being in a public toilet, or that I was just pooping a lot! I think my record for flushes before wiping is 4. I don't usually use separate flushes for my poop and toilet paper.

And now for some shoutouts!

Rochelle - Hey girl, that stadium sounds like quite the place for a poop! It'd be so fun to go and poop there with you! I don't often go to stadiums with large bathrooms, maybe I should look into going to more large events... ;)

Pratik - That was such a hilarious story about your coworker accidentally watching you poop! I hope you do let her watch again in the future, and I also hope that she returns the favor! Be sure to relay your account of her dump to us here!

I don't have anything new to share today, but I'm hanging out with my friend Jess this weekend, I hope something interesting happens!


Dear Victoria: Thank you for lovely words! We are happy if you are happy. I hope you have good sushi meal and enjoy loo after. Washlet is wonderful.

Anna, I answer your question about flush.

Usually we flush twice when we do motions. Because we are afraid of clog. It waste water maybe, but in Japan there is lots water always because we have lot of rain especially we have in summer.

But I have a good news. In beige loo, owner of before fitted new washlet because old one was a trouble. And new one is in wall and flush button is part of it. Flush button is three. "Big", "Small" and "Eco small". So when I do half of motions, I press "eco small" and I look in loo and only tiny trace of my motion. Then I do more until finish and use washlet and paper and press "Big" and loo will flush perfectly. My friends do same style, but Hisae often flush only once.

Once when I was college, I clogged college loo because I did too much motion. Water came to top of loo! And about 15 turds swimming in it. I was embarrass very much. So I am scared of clog.

When I was in Wales, loo flush was not strong very much. After flush, still some of my motions in loo because I did a many many. So I have to flush twice after wait long time. I told to my host mother, she said OK to flush in middle, it is same result.

Sometimes Kazuko flush more than two times when her motion very very huge. Maho and me too, but only special case.

I hope you are having a good time in my country Korea, and that you are comfortable in a Korean loo.

Love from your very own Mina

Live Poop! Really gotta go so skipping intro

let go
Another chunk-pushing only slighly
more push
ok here's the hard part
ugh almost exploded but I pushed most of it out!

Ok, so It's been a LOOOONG time, but I'm back!
Middle School is not the best, but, you know, what evs.
Recently I was reminded of something that happened in third grade. I had a friend named, let's say, Kian. We also had one of those teachers that didn't enjoy kids using the bathroom during class. So we were in line, and I think she taught a music class, and he was squirming around. I asked him what was wrong, and he said he just really had to pee. We were learning this dance, and so I was dancing. But I looked at Kian, (He sat behind me) and he was kneeling on the floor in complete agony. I thought nothing of it, knowing you could sit out if you wanted. But I looked back a second time, just in time to see liquid start to run down his pants. but it didn't just soak, I could literally see the stream. Now he was crying, knowing he would be punished. again, only third grade. Huh.

Anyways, Bye!


Incontence disposable undies

I wear the above and would not wear anything else. Saves scrubbing undies with skid marks and as they are so absorbent save wearing soggy undies . Next and important point is that I can let it rip and if there is some follow through just go into toilet and clean of the toilet excess . Does anyone else use a similar product and what do you think???


Digital pooping etc

I have mentioned this before and the best treatment for constipation is plain water enemas and a few in succession . Dominic could also consider an osmotic laxative. They contain magarol and do not cause cramping but my poo splatters everywhere when I go . Now for the digital pooing I have a therapist who with lubricated gloved finger inserts it in my butt. I leans forward as if to touch my toes but cannot go that far so I wrap my arms around my legs with my bottom sticking up in the air over the toilet. At the beginning I push as if to have a poo as she makes the insertion . I keep pushing and the finger dilates my rectum and lubricates so when she feels the poop pushing on the tip of her finger she withdraws and out it comes . This method is only useful for hard stools in the rectum . I like to be with someone when I have a hard movement because I am afraid of passing out! I have no problems with my bodily functions and others. This year I was in hospital briefly and after the procedure I wanted a wee. Both arms had drips in them so the nurse held my male appendage whilst I got sweet relief in the bottle. Later that day the same nurse got me up and sat me on the toilet. She stood the other side of the door while I did a poo. The door was ajar so she could monitor my progress. I am so glad I am not shy.


Work toilet visit and Anna's answers

Hi everyone, it's "Taykir" lol, kinda messed up typing my name with that last post with Robyn! I just wanted to share a story from last night at work. I work the evening shift at an office helping customers over the internet. Think of when you go through live chat for an online shop or something.

It was about 8pm and I was absolutely bursting for a wee so once I had finished for a customer I took my break and headed to the toilets. There is two single bathrooms on each floor, one for men and one for women and about 30 of us to a floor but fortunately it was unoccupied. I locked the door behind me, pulled my trousers and thong down just enough to go and sat down. After only a couple of seconds I started a strong hissing stream. The relief was incredible, I just sat there with my head in my hands letting it all drain out, loving the amazing feeling. I went for ages and as I was getting some toilet paper to wipe with, I felt something knocking on my back door. I wasn't expecting it but whatever, I just relaxed, toilet paper in hand, and let it happen.

I felt pressure against my hole and then was gently opened by my poo sliding out with ease! These little surprises can be nice sometimes. It soon fell into the bowl with a quiet splash and seemingly done, I used the toilet paper to wipe my behind. I only needed two pieces. I wiped my front, redressed, flushed and washed my hands before continuing with work. I was in the best mood ever!

Answer to Anna -

I usually flush once and that takes care of it, but if there's a lot I'll flush before wiping and then flush the toilet paper on its own.


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