Bathroom bashing

At my high school the bathrooms are OK, I guess, when I get there at 7 a.m. But by homeroom time, some of the toilet paper is gone, several of the seats have been peed on and usually all but a few of the urinals are not usable because someone has thrown something like a fast food wrapper or even a crushed coffee cup or soda container into the bowl. The janitors will eventually be called but only after there has been a flood and the room is pretty much unusable. There is some guys though that will try to make the best of it by waiting in line for one of the 8 or 9 non-doored toilets to open. Each usually has guys waiting 3 or 4 deep. When you weigh in detention time or loss of class points for being late, many guys hold their crap as long as possible, but when it comes they have to get in line and hope for the best. Sometimes that means sitting in someone else's pee, sacrificing underwear because by afternoon, there are many toilets with no toilet paper available, and waiting and waiting for the guy seated to get done or at least feel guilty while others are watching him and hoping not to have an accident in line.

I had just signed out of class. We have to log our times in and our teacher does go through the list and sometimes she will highlight one or two of the signatures and times for being too long. I haven't been called up yet and hope that it stays that way because I would not not want to explain personal stuff to her. So I got to the bathroom. All the toilets had someone seated on them and there were guys waiting for each. I was eyeing the 3rd toilet because there was just one guy waiting. He had his hands in his pockets and was fidgeting badly. I looked forward at the guy seated. He looked to be a freshman and seemed scared to directly look forward at us. It amused me that he had his organ pointed into the bowl and you could hear him pissing into the water. Every minute or so there would be a bigger splash and I knew what that was. There were two long pieces of toilet paper on each side of the toilet on the floor. Probably used as a seat guard by an earlier user. He reached down and picked up both and used them as he wiped from the seat. He rushed past us and bolted out the entrance into the hallway. No flush. No handwashing.

I was worried about how long I had been gone from class. The guy in front of me was surprising. He walked in but didn't turn around to sit. He picked his left leg up and with his foot flushed the toilet. Then after he steadied himself, he caught his right foot under the seat and kicked it and it hit the wall behind the toilet hard. He unzipped and peed like a fully opened faucet into the bowl. It was impressive and he used both hands for his aim. As he was doing that, a loud fart caught my attention from a nearby toilet and then there were a couple jeers directed at someone down the line that we can't print here. The guy in front of me then footed the flusher again and said the toilet was all mine.

As for me, I turned around, dropped my jeans and underwear to half-thigh and luckily remembered at the last moment to drop the seat. It hit hard and was off track so much that I had to get up twice and right it so I could have my normal sit without having to worry about falling off the left side. As I pushed my big grogan out (what my Uncle John calls a big but satisfying dump) I had to sit still and not risk my delicate balance. During the 2 or 3 minutes I had been seated more guys came in; some of them I think had been dismissed early from a large PE class. I was asked twice by those waiting if I was almost done and I kind of lied and said yes. The two large pieces hurt my butthole coming out, but since they were heavily formed, I knew there would be minimal damage to my underwear since I was confident there was nothing in any of the toilets to wipe with. I reached back and flushed, pulled up my clothing and quickly washed my hands. I didn't take time to use the dryer and instead wiped them on my jeans as I hurried back to class.

Unfortunately my time gone was 13 minutes and my teacher told me after class that I would not be able to leave her class again for a month. I was too embarrassed to give her an explanation. However, after school at my study partner Mandy's house I hit the bathroom immediately to inspect the damage to my underwear. There was a mark the size of a quarter, probably because my crap was more formed and harder. I did my wiping there and then we did our homework.


to T & Constiguy

Hi T

I like your idea of the "push buddy". The fact is that I've been constipated frequently all my life (I'm in my 20s) and my brother has often come into the bathroom with me when I poop and encouraged me to push (he occasionally gets constipated, but very rarely compared to me) and I've always found it helpful. My best friend has also done something similar, although he was not actually in the bathroom with me, but encouraging me from outside the stall--it was still cool. Often I find myself pushing and straining without anybody else there, but I feel like when my brother is there encouraging me, I poop more quickly. lol


I haven't had digital stimulation much to help with constipation, but I have had a few times when my constipation has been especially severe, such as not going for almost 5 days. In that case, I didn't think anyone would help except digital stimulation and frankly I'd rather have a finger in my butt than take strong laxatives that cause really painful cramping. Every time I've had it I've found it works really well. It's often just the initial part of the poop that's really hard and once that comes out the rest comes out more easily.

Victoria B.

Reply to Sarah and Rose

You two are after my own heart! The flush is one of my favorite parts of any poop and I'm glad that we're talking about it now.
There's one big difference between us though and that's this: I always flush while I'm still sitting down, once I've finished wiping. Something about the rushing water beneath my naked butt and thighs feels refreshing and helps get me ready to pull up my pants and rejoin the real world.

Give it a try!


Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Paris with Pete the Poop

Hey Pete. Have you traveled to other parts of France? In the more rural areas, you will sometimes find the squat toilets. Have you ever used one? I was there a couple of years ago with some friends and we found some. I told them that I was excited to be able to finally use one of these. They looked at me like I was odd. After I came out, I told them how I didn't quite know how to stand there, or how far to lower my pants and briefs, but that I found it comfortable and was looking forward to using one again. I even took a pic of myself using it and sent it to a buddy who I had spoken to about them before I left home. I now even use a squatty potty at home to take a dump. Hope you were able to experience one in France!

In my first post on page 2731 I posted an amusing story of a guy at my local gym who who had a poo in the cubicle next to mine whilst his mate was waiting outside. Anyway, last night I went to the gym again and I saw him there. I was on the treadmill and I noticed him in the free weights, although he wasn't with his mate this time. Anyway when I finished my run, I headed back to the changing rooms.

I quite like the toilets at this gym so I thought I'd go for a poo, even though I'd had one earlier that day. I went into the toilets and took my usual cubicle closest to the door. I was in no particular rush so I just sat there taking my time waiting for the turds to come. I was in there for about five minutes and then I heard someone take the cubicle next to me. He immediately ripped a long fart followed by a loud sigh. He continued with long airy farts which echoed around the small toilet area. I plopped a couple of logs but felt I was empty so proceeded to wipe. I finished up, flushed and washed my hands and returned to my locker. From there, I could see the toilets. As I was unchanging I noticed the guy come out of the other cubicle - it was Alex, the guy who'd pooed next to me before! Anyway, he returned to his locker, which was just past mine. He noticed who I was as he passed. He said "You alright mate?" I responded "Not too bad thanks, how are you?" "I just destroyed the toilet here again, I don't know what it is every time I come to the gym I have to take a monster shit" I laughed and explained that I had just gone too. We got talking as we both unchanged and walked to the shower. Turns out he lives on the next road to me and works in an office near mine in the local town. It's amazing how the toilet brings people together!

I have a story about my friend Sarah. She's a small, slim girl, 5'1" and about 100 pounds, with medium-length black hair and hazel eyes. We're both 15, by the way. Even though she's so tiny, her stomach seems to be a bottomless pit. She can outeat anyone I know.

So, today we had the day off school because it's a holiday. We went out to breakfast, to a local restaurant that's known for their huge meals. Right now they have a breakfast challenge, where if you can eat it all in less than an hour, you get your meal for free and get a tee-shirt. Of course, Sarah took them up on this challenge, and she won. She was even still hungry and ate the leftovers from my "normal sized" (but still huge) meal. After we had finished and she got her shirt, she told me she needed to use the bathroom before we left. I said I did as well and we headed off that direction.

This restaurant has two one-occupant bathrooms, so we went in the ladies room together. Once we had closed and locked the door, Sarah said "Oh man, I have to poop SO bad!" I just had to pee and not very badly, so I let her use the toilet first. She slid down her jeans and panties and sat on the toilet. She began peeing forcefully and let out a huge booming fart. As she finished peeing, she farted again even louder.

I heard a small crackling sound as her turd first emerged. Some minutes went by and the only indication she was pooping was the steadily rising smell in the bathroom. Finally, there was a small plop as her turd broke off. When she spread her legs to wipe, I caught a glimpse of a thick, dark brown turd curled up in the bowl. I exclaimed, "Wow! That's a huge poop!"

Sarah finished wiping and stood up to look in the bowl, but she seemed nonchalant and replied "Yeah, I guess it is a bit big, but I pretty much poop like this every day." I asked her not to flush because I wanted to see it in all its glory first. I went over and looked in the toilet and was greeted with what looked exactly like a giant chocolate snake. The "head" rested in the hole and it stretched all the way to the front of the toilet, then it doubled back on itself and went all the way to the very back of the toilet, before curving off to the left and curling part way around the outside of the toilet. It must have been at least three feet long, maybe more!


Hey T

To T: I'm so glad that Paige could help you poop! Maybe if I ever get constipated enough, and have access to the web, I can read a live poop post, too! Anyway, I didn't have to really push much with today's poops, because they were on the loose side of the spectrum. It started after breakfast with most of it coming out then, and ended up lessening midmorning. However, my day gets better! I'm finally able to access my Gmail without that annoying verification page (Yay!) For those of you who need push buddies, have fun with them. Bye!


Question about stadiums

I was thinking about the Stadium post. If there are 100,000 people at a football game, I would think that about 60,000 are women. If only 10 percent poop during the game that is 6,000 women over a two hour period pooping.


To Sarah

Hey Sarah!
I really love flushing too! There's something so satisfying about it, just pushing the lever and whoosh, down it all goes! I thought I was one of very very few people who felt that way haha, it's really nice to hear from someone who shares my feelings towards it!
Waving at it as it goes down is adorable, I'm going to give it a try! There's something about waving bye-bye to it as it gets flushed that really appeals, for unknown reasons.
I imagine you share my wish that people described their flushes a little more on here haha! I really appreciate hearing about other people flushing the toilet.


pete the poop

very desperate cafe poop

I was heading into town the other day. I felt the need to poo before i headed in but it wasnt desperate and i fancied doing it in town. On the way in i wondered was that the best decision as my need started to grow. I arrived and decided my first need was my pooh and headed to the nearest cafe. My need was pretty desp but i felt i could order my hot chocolate first. I sat in enjoying my hot chocolate and half way through decided i need to do the deed. A lady was just leaving as i went to the single toilet. I quickly got my jeans down and over about a minute a load of logs flew out. About an inch wide and between 4 and 7 inches long. Man it really really stunk. Just then someone tried the door handle. I shouted occupied give me 2 mins. The wipe up was very messy and took longer than the poop itself. I felt very relieved, washed up flushed and left. The pan was very skidmarked and i apologised to the 60yr old lady about the smell. I went back to my hot choc relieved. I saw the lady come out 3-4mins later.

I Have a few more recent stories ill post later. Hope people enjoy my experiences

Anna from Austria
@ Mina thanks. I am sure I will have a nice time in South Korea. My flight is next week already. Looking Forward already.

Yesterday I had a unsual BM at the mall. I was Shopping for some new tops when I felt a sharp pain in my stomache. So I headed to the ladies room. It was quite empty so i took on stall in the middle. Locked the door pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet.

At first I peed a bit, then I started to push and after some wet farts very soft, almost mushy poo came out. And suddenly in the middle of my bm it started to become liquid. That was the unsual part. It never happend to me before that the condition of my poo changed in the middle of the "action".

Anyway after some more explosions out of my butt I felt emtpy and started to wipe and flushed. After that I felt much better and the pain in my ???? was gone.

That's my Story for today.

Hope you liked it.

Greetings from Austria



Peeing/pooping at the wedding

Busy, busy, busy. I haven't posted for a long time, so I will try to catch up, William and I first were going to get married in September because both of our birthdays are in that month. However, the biggest party of the year at our swim club is Halloween, so we changed it. Off we went to prepare. Bill and I decided to walk together hand in hand. No giving away. We went off to the gown shop. I got so excited the first thing I did was run off to the bathroom and pee. We looked at several gowns and I picked one that was short and wouldnt need a lot of brides maids. The store agreed to put a few pumpkins on it!, I went to the bathroom again and I peed again. Next we,went to get Bill a txedo. That was pretty quick. This time, Bill needed to pee, so we both went to the bathroom, and peed.

The party came and we both peed just to make sure. We walked down the aisle, said our vows, and finally got married. The cake came next, several, times. And yes, several pees and poos.

Just Jerika

Large bathrooms and the buddy approach

Back more than 10 years ago when me and my friend Gopi were in junior high and were given permission to attend our first big concert at the the arena without our parents we found the buddy approach worked best in the really crowded restrooms. Both me and Gopi were physically small compared to our classmates so when a cubicle door would open, if we were standing alone, others would squeeze in front of us, slam the door, and sometimes say something like 'Don't try that with me B####!" That would bring tears to my eyes and caused some of the mean girls to pick on me in my first month of 6th grade.

So me and Gopi would stick right by another. When a toilet would open she would slide right into the opening, a couple times even surprising the girl as she would slither around her. I remember once she almost got into a fight with a girl who came out, but then remembered she left her phone on the toilet paper container. Gopi was my best friend and while I knew I would be the next on that toilet, she took my patience because she would take a minute or so pulling off toilet paper to place on the seat before she sat down. All that when my bladder was bursting! She was good at getting her pee started and, sometimes taking less than she did with papering. Often in these situations I was watching her as she stood, and as soon as she opened the door, I was in and latching it. Sometimes, the flush would still be in progress when my jeans came down and my butt hit the seat. I do remember getting splashed a couple of times by a really mean flush cycle but I didn't care. Me and Gopi looked out for one another and in a similar situation a few weeks later, she saved me when I had a really messy poo and there was no toilet paper left. I remember giving her a hard time about wasting the paper on the seat and then flushing it. But she was the best friend I had.


so beautiful

Hi everyone, are you fine? I and friends are very fine.

This time (maybe only this time, because you confuse) I give my nickname, friends often use. I tell you other nickname. Kazuko is Kazu or Kazu-chan, Maho is Maholin, Hisae is Chae. But you confuse, so maybe I don't use, or don't use so much.

Yesterday we went very nice Chinese restaurant for Maho's birthday. Of course we ate and ate, and 3 friends drank lots, but I drank only little alcohol because Doctor said me, Mina don't drink too much.

This morning we decide to have breakfast in beige flat. In beige loo, easy to squat right side of motion person, so useful for left-handed to wipe her bottom to dry. We know that after big breakfast with many vegetable, we are going to bomb to loo with big vengeance.

New people this site don't know, Hisae and Maho are left-handed both of them and I use both hands. But idea to use beige loo came from Kazuko. She is so sweet! We all love our very own Kazu.

So Hisae decide, when she finish to do and wash her beautiful bottom and dry, she turn round so Kazuko is easy to wipe her with paper. She took off panties and I placed on shelf. Then she bombed to loo big volume and big noise. And many time, even she is quick and finish in 5 minutes. She washed and dried her lovely bottom, then jumped up (she always jump everywhere, never walk) did U-turn and land on loo, bump. And lean forward so Kazuko can dry her properly. Kazuko dried her long time. I and Maho smile each other. We are not hurry, we decide. OK for Kazu to take her time. Hisae whimper and Kazuko too.

Then Kazuko flush for Hisae and Hisae put on panties. Maho take off panties and sit on loo with graceful movement, then she begin to bomb, but slowly. She is her birthday so Hisae kneel near her and give massage so Maho feel good while she push. I see Maho's face muscle move, it is beautiful movement.

She takes a bit more than 10 minutes to drop seven heavy bombs into loo, then she drops baby bombs a few. Hisae's fingers move and move and Maho moan many times, she has beautiful moan voice. Then Hisae dry her bottom with left hand and Maho moan more.

Kazuko's turn. I am next her. She lean forward so I can see. She is tease, she knows well that I will cry, it is almost sure. Her beautiful bottom domed out and she pushed and pushed and out come beautiful turds, one, two three, more and more.... They come out steady movement, and I flush for her, she stop and when flush finish she start again. One time she pause and look at me, then I start to cry. She is so beautiful! I try not to cry, but Maho and Hisae say, "Minappe please cry!!" Kazuko squeeze my hand, but at same time she still bombing to loo very steady pace. Bombs are softer and make swish noise, then suddenly burururururururu, it is Kazuko trademark.

After 15 minutes she finish and wash and dry her beautiful bottom and I wipe her dry, and cry and whimper, and Kazuko cry little bit too.

And then me, and all time I am bombing, Maho caress and caress. But I stop crying. Reason of this post is to explain a bit why I always cry. I bomb long time because I have very full heavy bottom and I want it to come out all. And I do very much so Maho flush many time.

Finally all finish. We go to table and Kazuko make tea. I say to my friends ......

" I'm sorry to always cry. But it is so beautiful!"

I wrote "beautiful" many times this post.

But it is true. I watch Kazuko. 1, she has very pretty face. 2, she has beautiful body, all her body is beautiful. 3, her bottom is so so beautiful. Woman often ashamed her bottom, but we don't. 4, her hole of bottom is so beautiful both when it is closed and when it is open. 5, her hole open beautiful movement. 6, turds come out beautiful movement and they are beautiful shape. 7, large number of turds come out succession is even more beautiful. 8, pile of turds in loo is so beautiful. 9. They are sweet fragrance. We really like! 10, wee from front part of body also beautiful. 11, this is most important, her heart is very very beautiful! 12, loo is beautiful. we like shape of loo and atmosphere of loo. Even in department store, we see many loos together, and we feel warm feeling.

I tell my friends such these things, and they understand so well. Of course I feel same about Maho and Hisae. We all agree, everything connect to loo is beautiful. I wonder, anyone else this site feel same feeling??

In our flat, loo is tasteful decoration, and we keep very clean. Green and beige loos both. Love is everywhere in loo. Atmosphere of loo is atmosphere of love.

Of course my friends say, "everything you say of us, it is same in you Minappe!" So sweet things they say. I never think I am beautiful, but when friends say, I always moved.

So when I read stories of site, and translate for friends, always this word "beautiful" is in my mind.

Anna (from Canada), you sometimes write "my big butt" I think size is not important so much. I can imagine your beauty when you are on loo, or squat in countryside, same with us. I can say this thing to other people on site, Brittany B (your volume of motions is same with Kazuko and I think really beautiful) and Victoria B and Timeeka and Abbie and Abbie's friends and everyone, and Rochelle you said same thing about your friend when she was on loo and did a diarrhoea. Even diarrhoea is beautiful I think, even it is painful.

Sorry this is long, but I hope it makes people on this site be more comfortable on loo and never think gross. I hope you all enjoy wonderful loo time!!

Love to everyone.

Your very own Mina, and M H K


Replies and story

Hey it's Paige here again and I wanted to post again because there were a few posts my eyes seemed to miss the last time I checked here!

Benjamin: wow, the whole time I was on the edge of my seat, wondering if you were going to get caught! Luckily you didn't! I enjoyed your story

AU: awesome story! I've been guilty of sneaking a peek too; it's fascinating watching the poop come out! It's almost satisfying. Same with pee

Mr. Clogs: your poop and pee thing on the cam? I'm intrigued; what do you mean by that? Also, i'd hate to accidentally get poop on the floor! Interesting story!

T: I enjoyed your live pooping session! I was cheering you on as I read! I'm glad I helped with my session and that you liked it!

The poster without a name: first of all, I hope you found some toilet paper! I will now answer your survey.

1) are you a guy or girl?

2) if you are out of toilet paper do you waddle with you panties/underwear down to search or pull up your pants/underwear ?
Usually this happens to me at home, but it happened in public once too. I always keep my pants and panties down to my ankles and waddle. At home, I will cup my hand underneath my private area to make sure I don't drip pee, and then I'll find some toilet paper.
One time in public, the bathroom was occupied by 2 other people and I was in my stall and had just finished pooping. I panicked when I realized there was no toilet paper!!! My worst public bathroom nightmare. I was too shy to ask for toilet paper, so I waited until everyone was out. I then stood up, my pants and panties at my ankles, and waddled into the next stall to get some toilet paper. My heart stopped when I heard someone enter into the bathroom during my walk (well, waddle, lol!) back to my stall. My face was so red. She asked me if I was alright, and I said yes and avoided eye contact. A stranger saw my poopy butt and I was mortified! I didn't come out of the bathroom until a few minutes after I was certain that she'd left. I wanted to go home right after that! To this day I wonder what my reaction would be if I saw her walking down the street.

3) have you ever not wipes after pooping in public and if so how long did you go without cleaning yourself or changing
I think I might have, don't remember how long though.
4) how many times do you wipe?
It depends.
It depends. I just wipe until it comes out clean.
5) do you have a hairy butt?
This is embarrassing but yes I do.
6) if you have a hairy bum, do you thing it affects you ability to wipe completely with dry toilet paper?
A little bit. I prefer baby wiped

7) do you know anyone who shaved or waxes their hole ?
8) does waxing your hole help with hygiene ?
I don't wax mine so I wouldn't know.

Imogen: I can totally relate to your story! There have been quite a few times that I've nearly had accidents on car rides and stuff. I've had accidents before, came close, AND have had to stop and pee, so I've done it all. Loved your story!

Optional Person: I've sat backwards on the toilet too! Mainly it was because I needed some help when pooping when I was constipated as a child, though.

Mike: when I had surgery I was constipated for like a week. It was awful! I remember one night my stomach was aching from not pooping for a long time, and I sat there on the toilet and pushed for a long time, but nothing came out! So frustrating! Good luck with yours, hope it's easier than mine!

Grace P: hahaha, I found your story really amusing too! I could just picture that! Thanks for the laugh!

Wilden: I really love your stories; keep them coming! Your stories remind me of when I was younger and doing that type of stuff with my older (female) cousin.

I will address others in another post! Now for a story!! It's a lot different than most stories on here though!!

I have a friend who is transgender. He has a female body but he is a man in his heart. He's female-to-male. We'll call him Rob.

Rob and I have been friends for several years, and we're pretty comfortable with each other. Well, recently, he got sick. He had really bad diarrhea and a fever. I stopped by one day to drop off some candy that might make him feel better. I found him curled up in his bed and his face was contorted in pain.

I put the candy down and asked him if he was okay. In a strained voice, he said, "I need to go to the bathroom...."

I told him that it was okay and that he could go. He went into the bathroom, closed the door and I heard the classic diarrhea sounds and wet farts. I asked him if he was okay when he came out. He must've been in there for at least 15 minutes! He was limping for some reason too.

"Yeah but my right leg is asleep," he explained.

He got back into bed and I reached over for the candy to present to him but before I could do that, he groaned really loud and announced that he needed to go again but his leg was still asleep. I told him I had an idea, and I quickly ran to get some towels and a container.

I got back into his room and told him we could put the container under him and put towels under the container just in case. He agreed but I told him I'd help him since it'd be hard for him to properly position himself since he had an asleep leg.

He was really embarrassed about the thought of having his pants down, because he's very self conscious about his genitals since he hasn't had surgery yet. But I told him not to worry about it and that he didn't have to be embarrassed or ashamed because I knew he was a man and nothing else mattered. Eventually he agreed to it, probably because his bowels demanded him to, and he took off his pajama pants and I slid the container and towels under him.

A long stream of pee started dripping from his vagina, but I only snuck a little peek before turning away to respect his privacy and dignity. Then I heard a bunch of loud wet farts, and the diarrhea started coming out. But he was having that kind of burning diarrhea that you had to push out. He groaned and started squirming a little.

"Paige?" he said, his voice unstable.

"Yes?" I asked.

"This really hurts. Can you please distract me? My butt literally feels like it's on fire. I don't care if you look. Just please get my mind off this."

I turned to him and sat on his bed. "Just try to keep pushing, even though it may hurt a lot. It'll be over soon, and it'll be all out soon. You'll feel a lot better afterwards."

He started pushing hard again, and the diarrhea came spurting out of his behind. He was groaning really loud, and squirming and grimacing in pain. I told him to hold my hand if he needed to through the pain.

After a few painful minutes, he finished up and I got the container out from under him and flushed the contents of it down the toilet. I grabbed some baby wipes and wiped his butt, and gave him some to wipe his vagina.

We've been super close ever since then, though it was embarrassing for him.

That's it for today! I hope you liked it!

Monday, November 12, 2018

pete the poop

desperate Paris pooo

was out shopping in paris along the Champs-de-lysee. developed an urge to poop and as we continued to browse shops became very desperate. couldnt see a toilet anywhere. i was almost turtle heading when i spotted a bsr. i told my wife i needed the loo and could we get a drink. I rushed to the loo which was thankfully empty. i quickly sat down and a barrage of sausages fell out. oh the relief!!!

i was done in a few mins and left relieved

Hey, guys it's just melanie again.
Does anybody have any stories of their family members or friends having to help them to push their poo out?
Or maybe a story of THEM helping a family member or friend?
Just curious.
- melanie.


Digital Assisted Pooing

Recently my therapist gave me some assistance by inserting her finger in my back passage and pushing it up as far as reasonable whilst I pushed against it as I had a big hard stubborn turd to eject. It worked wonders and I covered this on one of my earlier posts. Has anyone else had this done and what were the results???


To Paige

Hey everyone, hope everyone is using the bathroom well!

To Paige: I loved reading your live poop, I've already read it multiple times. One time, I read it when I was constipated so it was like I was pushing with someone. Just know that I was cheering you on, even though you probably weren't going when I was reading. But I will say, my poop was easier while I was reading and pushing along with you!

Don't mean to sound like a broken record, but if anyone wants a push buddy, I've found many nice people to confide with here!

Happy pooping,


Pooping at a stadium

Brittany B.
I loved your story about your poop with jess in that awesome large ladies room! My heart is warm and fuzzy hearing how she warmed up and felt glad when she was done. I would have loved to go back to that place on a busier day, to poop and to just sit and listen.

I've always loved big crowded bathrooms! I don't enjoy waiting in long lines with with a loaded rectum, but just the feeling of being in a room with so many girls peeing and pooping at once. The sounds and smells, not that I really enjoy the smell of poop, but the whole environment is such a pleasure to me. So girly!

The largest bathroom I've ever been in was at a large stadium. There was a large room full of sinks. You followed a short hallway which tee'd off to a double row of stalls on the left, and again on the right. I counted 50 toilets total.
The stalls were so busy that people generally dispersed in front of the stalls up and down the whole aisle as they waited for toilets to open up. The sound of a busy restroom is so fascinating to me! Lots of belt buckles jingling, cloths slipping up and down, pee streams, echoy toilet bowl farts, splashes, toilet paper rolling, with lots of toilet flushes throughout! So girly!
When I went to this place, I had eaten a big early lunch earlier in the day, so I had a pretty loaded rectum inside. When I made it into the isle of stalls, I proceeded to disperse and wait like everybody else. I tried to appear not focused on anything in particular as I waited, but I couldn't help but glance thought the gaps in the stall doors. You could see lots of nice lady thighs big and small, seated on the toilet seats. You could see some lady's faces too, but I tried not to make any eye contact.
A nice curvy lady in her mid 30s went into a stall ahead of me and I got to watch her drop her jeans and undies to the floor while she took a seat and began looking at her phone. She spread her legs and began to pee in a good healthy stream which lasted about 10 seconds. Then, she let out a pretty juicy fart and a log slowly inched from beneath her. She obviously wasn't straining much, she must have been very relaxed because I watched her poop emerge to about 5 inched long, and then stop.
I watched it hang there for a bout a minute, before the neighboring stall opened up to to reveal am older ???? lady in her 50s. She had such a genuinely friendly smile on her face. Her phone was in her hand which reminded me of when my mother often emerged from our home bathroom with a newspaper in her hand because she loved to read on the toilet as she pooped. I had been watching the young girl in the other stall for about 4 minutes before the old lady came out, so I knew this nice lady had been on her toilet for a while. I smiled at her and said "thanks for warming the seat for me!". She smiled bigger and said "Oh that seat was love at first sight, I had to shit so bad I exploded!". I smiled and said, Great, I'm gonna love on it some more!.
I took her stall and yup, a familiar smell! There was some very fresh brown splatter in the toilet bowl too, so I knew she had a very happy poop! I dropped my jeans and undies to the floor as I always do, and sat down. It was comfortably warm! The seat was what I believe is called a "Posture Mold" seat with a nice curve in the back. It really cradled my butt so nice! I spread my legs out comfortably started off with a pee stream and a good airy fart with was clearly audible for a ways around. I looked up though the crack in the stall to see if anybody was watching me. I really don't mind it when people do this, mostly because I know I certainly like to do it anytime I get the chance. A little girl was waiting outside for my stall and she was watching me. I just smiled at her and comfortably kept my legs spread because it opens my rectum a bit more and helps those poops and farts very free, just how I like them!
I don't hold back when I poop in public. I like to let it all out, the freer, the better I enjoy it. I broke eye contact with the girl so she wouldn't feel ashamed if she continued to look. I gave a gentle push and a wet, lubricated poop came sliding out and made a splash. I glanced up and the girls was still looking. I relaxed and pushed again. A wave of gloppy, soft wet poop came out with a mixture of gas, and sprayed the already loved toilet bowl even more. I smiled and said "ahh" under my breath, knowing the girl heard all of it and was still watching me. I gave another push and another wave of gassy gloppy goodness massaged my anus as it blasted out with reverberations that just delight me so much, not to mention the bowl echo!
I felt done, so I wiped my front, and then I began the task of wiping my much loved butt while seated. I wiped from the right, which is the side the girl was looking at. I reached back to flush the toilet and then stood up. I reached down to pull up my pants and undies, and buckled up. As I opened the door, the girl was still there waiting for my stall. I smiled at here and said "It's all yours sweetie!".

I would like to say that because My Mom and I had such an open relationship about our poops, and both love to do it, I kind of bums me out that so many ladies feel ashamed and embarrassed by there poop. I could have scowled at her in annoyance, but it didn't annoy me at all. I really wanter her to see me naturally, as I love to poop with my legs open and my orifices relaxed letting pee, poop and gas flow comfortably. I wish more ladies didn't hide their poop, for their own benefit really.

Well, I have to move on but until next time, Love your toilets People! Love your poops!

Thursday, November 08, 2018


Girl from work watching me poo

Recently I joined a restaurant as one of the chefs, there is this girl called Juliette working there who is very close with me.

Now to the day this all happened, I was late for work and didn't get the chance to have my morning poo, once I got in we had to start preparation for the lunch service and my stomach was bubbling so badly and I let out several silent farts which stunk really bad and people were starting to notice, but they didn't realise it was me. I saw Juliette and a couple of the other ladies laugh and joking about it and asking each other 'hey is that you?', it got so bad that I hid on the other side and let a loud wet fart out luckily again they didn't notice it was me and as this fart was full forced and loud it let a deadly stink out and i saw the girls holding their noses and saying 'OH MY F****** GOD WHO THE F IS FARTING, ITS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE', i stayed silent and said nothing. The girls walked out for a breather, so I decided this could be my big chance to go poo!!

I headed to our only bathroom which has one toilet and for some reason a shower, now this is where the story begins. I entered the bathroom and took one of the newspapers we leave for our customers. I put the newspaper on the floor and started to lower my trousers down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. As soon as sat down I started to pee for about 20-30 seconds. After the pee was out I let a long fart out and started pushing, nothing came out. So I waited until I felt the shit was ready, after a minute or so i pushed again and i felt a hard turd forcing its way out and it was a long one which splashed so loudly in the toilet, now i heard some feet or some noise coming from the shower so I decided to open the shower curtain and soon as i did i shaked because i saw Juliette holding her nose and I said 'Julie WTF YOU DOING IN HERE' she said she came to clean the bathroom as the boss was complaining about the dirt in the shower, to which i saw cleaning products in the shower. She said she heard me come in and that she thought i was in here to pee. I asked her 'so after you heard the pee stop did you realise what i was going to do?' She said 'YES AND I WAS TO EMBRASSED TO LEAVE, SO I STAYED BACK IN HERE AND WAS GOING TO HOLD MY NOSE UNTIL YOUR DONE WITH YOUR SHITTING'. I asked her do you want to leave now? To which she said 'I want to stay now because I never seen a guy poo, do you mind? I said it's fine but be aware of the smell. She laughed.

So with all this chatter my poo was getting ready to escape . So whilst I pushed I told her 'I was the one farting earlier' and she said 'I realised that now, its fine' whilst grinning. The next piece was getting ready and come out with a fart which made Juliette giggle. I farted again and several pieces popped out and the smell was getting intense, Juliette began holding her nose and asked 'hey is there more?' 'I said yes'. I pushed out my final turd and it took forever to get out Juliette asked to see it and she giggled saying 'hey dude you growing a tail back there?' We both giggled. I pushed to release this sausage and it popped out with a small fart. I said 'PHEW I NEEDED THAT ' Juliette giggled and said 'I could tell & handed me the TP, it took 7 wipes and three flushes to get it down. Whilst I washed my hands Juliette was spraying airwick around the room and said 'hey i wanna do this again' I said 'sure but only if I get to see you poo' she said 'yes you will' and winked.

I really like Juliette but I'm too shy to ask her out. Anyone got advice for me?

Happy pooing



The tale of my unfortunate accident

Paige here yet again. Since my other stories seem to be well-received, I think I'll share another. As I've mentioned before, I used to get UTIs all the time when I was little, so I had to give urine samples a lot.

One time I was like 5 or 6 and we went to the doctors for yet another UTI. We were given a urine sample cup and directed to the bathroom. By this point, I knew the drill: take pants and panties off and hand them to mom, put toilet seat cover down, spread my legs and lean back so Mom can wipe me thoroughly. I did all that.

I really had to pee though, so this was a bit more urgent. I could barely stop moving. I couldn't wait to pee. I tried to hold it in as my mom parted my labia and wiped my vagina with 2 wipes. She held the cup under me and told me to start peeing. I started to pee, and thank goodness my mom put the cup right under my vagina because I overfilled the cup quickly, and when she took it away I peed everywhere. My stream went straight out, pretty much anywhere but the toilet. My mom quickly told me to close my legs, and I did, but by that point I'd already made quite a mess. I spread my legs again when I was done and mom gently wiped me with some toilet paper. She told staff about the incident and they said they'd clean it up. I was so embarrassed!!!!!! That never happened before!! I don't know why I peed so forcefully. It was uncontrollable though!

Sonya Sue

Interstall conversation

A few days ago I helped my grandma at a huge craft fair at the civic center in our city. Grandma spends a lot of time doing the crafts and what she makes in one weekend funds the Christmas presents for our large family. It was on a Saturday morning and I had some work to do on campus in a computer lab. I had my morning crap there but I downed more coffee on my drive to the Civic, so it was one of those park-run-get on the toilet fast situations when I got into the Civic. There must have been about 15 toilets in the row. All were in use which is about par with the 10 a.m. crappers. Then I noticed that there was a doorless option not in use. I raced for it because there were a couple of ladies at the sinks who were turning toward it.

I pivoted over the toilet. I didn't notice what color the seat was, how clean it looked, or what, if anything, would greet me from the bowl. I swore two or three words as I grappled with the fake silver buttons on my jeans. Since I went off to college three months ago, I have put on weight and I broke two fingernails as I desperately sought to get the buttons through the hole. I finally got 'em down and my pee started before I slid myself onto the seat. I was surprised as I looked between my legs and saw nothing on the floor and that my black thong was also dry. There was a considerable splash over the bowl at the seat cutout, but I knew I was lucky because I had survived yet another run.

As I hunched over with my hands around my knees, I remembered Royal, my boyfriend, making fun of my bladder runs and a couple of times tell me that I will be a disaster if I ever start drinking alcohol. At that point there was a noise from like wood falling to the floor, and the bottom half of a cane slid mostly under the cubicle and into my space. Then there was this crackly voice of an older lady apologizing and saying her cane is trying to run away from her. I was suppressing my laughter as I reached down and slid it over to her. Then she did a Bad-Cane, Bad-Cane impersonation that as a drama major I just loved.

Although I was in a hurry to finish my pee, and I was a bit nervous as others came into the bathroom and how exposed I was sitting on the toilet with no privacy door. As I was pulling from the toilet paper roll, the nice lady started talking to me about her bowels, how she had just changed laxatives on the advice of her grown daughter. One lady, about the age of my mom came running in and seeing no closed door, really intruded on my space. Our knees almost touched one another and she was so apologetic. Then when she walked further down the row of toilets, the lady next to me said she couldn't believe the building owners had not put another door on. Then the lady started to say she was feeling like her daughter's laxative was working. Within a few seconds I could hear some splashes into the water and a sigh from her. She said she had been trying for 25 minutes.

I stood, pulled up my clothing, and reached back for the flusher. Just before I flushed the lady asked me to stop at her door on my way to the sinks. I didn't hesitate because she seemed so nice and was almost continuously talking. She opened her stall door and I could see she was 90 or pretty close to it. She asked me if I could do her a favor because her daughter was at work and usually went with her to such shows. She stood totally leaning on the cane in her left hand. She asked me to hold her steady as she pulled toilet paper off and wiped herself. That part was easy. I noticed the bowl was mostly dark brown and pretty full. She wiped four times and I tossed the toilet paper into the stool for her. After a couple of minutes in there she started to shake a little so I held onto her tighter.

Then I told her I would pull a large strip of toilet paper off each of her inside thighs. She was really grateful for me reminding her. One strip was stuck to her because she was sweating and it tore in two as I was taking it off. Then she started telling me how her daughter and granddaughter fault her for using toilet paper like that, but she said she has been doing it for 80-some years and probably won't change. I agreed with her and told her she shouldn't have to change. After flushing, she opened the door on her own and I was surprised how well she could walk to the sinks with her cane. Then she reached into her purse and gave me a card with her booth number on it. She made me promise to stop by and see her later. I stopped by her display a few hours later and she gave me a hand-made Christmas ornament from the display table. I will always remember Agnes.


Thank you and a story!

Thank you to everyone who responded to my survey! Victoria B, that's exactly what I do as well when I wipe. Also, that's really sweet that you're there for anyone who needs you when they're on the toilet!

And now for my own story.

Me and my friend Alex went to a party together. It was a lot of fun but very crowded. We both kind of separated to talk to different people, so we weren't exactly attached at the hip.

At one point during the night, I really had to poop. This was a party at someone's house, so I really didn't want to have to go to the bathroom. But when nature calls, it calls alright! It got so uncomfortable that I finally caved in and walked into the bathroom. The door was closed, and I dumbly didn't knock before coming in. I guess since it was later, I was pretty tired.

But as I opened the door, literally the second I walk in, Alex is standing there, having just dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles. I blushed and profusely apologized, but he told me he didn't really care and that I could stay. He pointed his penis to the toilet and started to pee, his stream hard and strong. Clearly he really had to pee! After he was done, he shook the remaining droplets off of his penis, turned around and sat down on the toilet. "Sorry, I have to take a &;@/ too," he said, laughing.

"It's ok," I said, laughing along with him. "Wow, so we ARE really good friends after all!"

He spread his legs and started to grunt. I sat on the edge of the bathtub, which was right across from the toilet, and looked between his legs as he pushed out his first poop. He asked me "what are you doing?" while giving me a weird but amused look and laughed. I blushed a lot, and said "sorry, do you mind if I look? I just wanna help you since it seems like you're having trouble." He said okay, and he started to push again but this time I noticed he was shaking a little as he strained, was grunting more, and his face was turning red.

"It's okay, you're doing good," I told him, holding out my hand for him to hold. "Here, squeeze my hand whenever you need to."

He kept pushing and pushing, and I watched as a long piece of poop slowly emerged from his bottom, and dangled there for a little while until finally dropping, while I kept encouraging "halfway there! Keep going! You can do it!"

Finally he finished up, and he stood up, wiped his bottom, pulled up his pants and flushed the toilet. I told him he could leave the toilet lid up because I had to go too. Washing his hands, he asked if I wanted to be left alone and I told him it's only fair and that he could stay. He sat on the edge of the bathtub, right where I was sitting. Unashamed, I pulled my panties and skirt to my ankles and sat on the toilet with my legs parted. I started to pee, and Alex watched the pee spraying out of my vagina into the toilet water.

I farted and started to push, and he said "oh boy, it's gonna be one of THOSE bathroom visits" jokingly, and I joked back "hey, I had to be here for yours so it's only fair that you're here for mine."

I very quickly and relatively effortlessly pushed out several long poops and then wiped my vagina and then my bottom, pulled my skirt and panties back up and flushed. I told him I'd been holding that in for hours, and he said that wasn't hard to believe because there was so much of it and that I must be relieved! I washed my hands and we both came out of the bathroom. I think it began as an embarrassing moment but now I think it was just a funny event between us that made our bond even stronger, especially me being his midwife as he struggled to push out his poop, LOL!

Very interesting event! We still are joking about it. Now, whenever I need a poop buddy, I know who I can call!


To Paige

Hey everyone, hope everyone is using the bathroom well!

To Paige: I loved reading your live poop, I've already read it multiple times. One time, I read it when I was constipated so it was like I was pushing with someone. Just know that I was cheering you on, even though you probably weren't going when I was reading. But I will say, my poop was easier while I was reading and pushing along with you!

Don't mean to sound like a broken record, but if anyone wants a push buddy, I've found many nice people to confide with here!

Happy pooping,

Grace P

Something That Just Happened

Me and my mom were sitting at the kitchen table, and she leaned over and let out the wettest fart I ever heard. And you can probably guess it wasn't just a fart. My mom looked me dead in the eye, and said "I just shit myself". I instantly started laughing, and she started to laugh as well. In the middle of our laughing, she yells "I just peed myself," which caused us to laugh even harder. My mom got up from the table and went to the bathroom laughing her ass off. I'm still laughing typing this

Does anyone else really love flushing the toilet specifically? I enjoy a good dump but my favorite part has to be flushing the toilet and watching all my poop get sucked away. Sometimes i even wave goodbye as it swirls down. Just wondering if anyone else feels this way


The Fort fart

When I was a kid some of us boys built a "fort" in the woods surrounding our subdivision. One of us came up with the idea to make a "hobo" stove that consisted of two cans. One would have wax to burn and one to be the "grill". So we went to the woods as usual but we cooked bacon and made sandwiches this time. Then we went back to playing "fort".

Soon, as the old gastrocolic reflex kicked in for some of us there were toots of farts heard around the camp. Then all of a sudden the oldest, Harold jumped up and stood stiff and had a wooden expression on his face. "What's the matter, Harold," someone asked. "Gotta poop!" said Harold as he grabbed his crotch and bent slightly as last night's supper settled in between his butt cheeks.

Someone asked if we should go home and Harold said he couldn't, he had to go too badly. He's moving around stiffly as he popped his jeans button and there was a dry creek near where we were standing. He waddled over to the creek and turned his butt toward the creek as he finished lowering his jeans.

We had all seen each of other pee, but this was a new show. Me and another kid jumped the creek and looked over as his nether hole was opening, and opening. Finally a huge cannonball of poop emerged and dropped to the leaves. It was hard and dry and immense, but short. He pulled his pants back up and the crisis was over.

Curious Cody

Family bathroom remembrances

This weekend Jeci and I attended a gathering at her grandparents' cabin. A picture of her and me and her grandma out sledding generated some discussion and a history "lesson" from her grandma. We were at one of the most-used sledding hills in our state but after about an hour there grandma and Jeci got into a bathroom fight. I think me and Jeci were about 7 then and when she said she had to go No. 1 grandma got on her case a little about not having gone at home. But while the three of us trudged through a few inches of snow and some drifts that went up to our waists, Jeci started to cry and grandma wiped the tears away so they wouldn't freeze, although she continued to a bathroom building a ways away that she said we would be lucky to find open. Luckily, or maybe unluckily it was open. Grandma pushed the metal door open, stuck her head in, pulled on a light chord, and told Jeci to get it done. That's when an argument started. Jeci was afraid to go in alone. Grandma said the door was open and Jeci needed to get on a toilet and get the job done. Jeci pleaded with grandma to come with her, but grandma refused to give in. She told Jeci to do just like at school and elsewhere. That meant get up on the toilet, do her thing, wipe, flush, wash her hands and a few other words I didn't catch.

The fight went on for so long. Jeci was crying and grandma finally did this count-down thing starting at 10. If Jeci didn't get in there by 1 we would pack up and go back home and there was another punishment that she was going to get. At 2 Jeci stomped through the bathroom door. Me and grandma heard a seat fall, and it was obvious what was happening. As we were leaning against the building, grandma explained
that a child should be able to go in alone when they started school. She assumed that was the case with me too. Wrong. She asked me how my parents handled it. I told her my mom was still taking me into the ladies room with her, but I was hoping that would end soon because all my other friends were given more freedom to go in on their own. Finally we heard a flush and the sink being used. Then Jeci came out and grandma leaned down and kissed her.

We had a great time for a couple more hours. Then grandma took us to lunch. We enjoyed the hot chocolate and cheeseburgers and while we ate grandma told us how it was when she was growing up. We were most surprised when she told us how great we have things today. She when she was our age, she said once or twice a week she and her mom had to pay to use a toilet in a large public building or store. They had to put a dime or something like that into a slot, flip some switch, pull a handle and then the door would open. She said when she and her friends were together at pay toilets they often jammed in together for the cost of one admission. Jeci and I were both surprised that you had to pay to piss or poo back then. Neither of us think that would be allowed today. That was pretty much the conclusion of those at the party. One of my uncles said he thought the U.S. constitution would forbid it.

Hello again. Another story for you guys. This happened to me at the weekend. I went to visit my younger brother at his uni. I took the coach as it was cheaper than going by train. However it meant a long three hour journey to my destination. About an hour into my journey my stomach really started to hurt. I needed to shit, but the toilet at the back of the coach just wasn't an option, for several reasons. Firsly they are always dirty, secondly you stink out the people sitting next to the toilet and thirdly they are not very sound proof. So I decided to hold on until I got to the destination.

We finally arrived into the bus station and I darted off the coach and I followed the signs for the toilets. To my great relief they weren't far away and so I went inside. Once inside it was quite busy. They weren't the cleanest of toilets, but to me I was just pleased to see some proper toilets. Only problem was that all five cubicles were occupied and there were two guys already waiting for the cubicles. They were talking to each other, and one of them had a uni hoodie on, so I guessed they were mates from the same university. We waited for a good few minutes and they were casually talking about their uni course and their other mates. Finally two cubicles became free at the end and the two lads took their place. Someone joined the queue behind me. It looked like he worked as a barista in the coffee shop in the station. A minute later the middle cubicle became free and I darted in. I dumped my backpack on the floor and quickly pulled my jeans and Calvin's down. The two uni guys were still chatting away, the one next to me was grunting a bit and was telling his mate that he was struggling to go. I heard about 10 plops from his mate. My poo was grim - wet, farty and loud. I think my stomach was a bit sick. Meanwhile the cubicle to my right emptied and was replaced by the barista. His sounded grim too and he blasted a load as soon as he sat down. The guy at the end left first, telling his mate he would meet him outside. Eventually I heard two plops and his mate quickly left. The barista tapped on the wall and asked me for some toilet paper as his was empty! I obliged and gave him a lot as his sounded messy. He thanked me. I finished up and went outside and waited in the cafe my brother. Whilst there I saw the two mates come in for a coffee too and they ordered it from the guy who has asked me for toilet paper! I thought that was quite funny.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018


Codeine and Constipation & Informative Enema

I noted Mike was constipated....codeine almost guarantees constipation. Best thing is to limit pain meds that contain codeine or opoids, of course if that is possible.
Laxatives are a must...high fiber diet will only make the situation worse...of course drink plenty of water. My best choice is plain water enemas but have not done that for a few years due to lack of privacy at home and enema clinics are expensive. I use osmotic laxatives....a suppository may work but only if the stool is well down into the rectum area. Try prune juice on an empty stomach like first thing in the morning and just before bed. A doctor told me that constipation in some people is a serious problem so throw all you need to to get a result. Right now I am constipated due to pain meds so sipping tea with osmotic laxative.

Now next story...several years ago I was diagnosed as having Parkinsons Disease...the diagnosis changed a few years ago to something else....similar to Parkinsons but not Parkinsons. I was, of course, constipated and went to the enema clinnc which is really one of those places that offer personal services, enemas being one. I told the receptionist why I was there and that I had PD. Out came a youngish lady who was to do my enemas and she revealed at the beginning that her partner has PD and she is finding it difficult. She sat we on the toilet whist she questioned me on PD and my replies and discussions were punctuated by grunts,,,pushing.. and a few farts. Two enemas followed and the discussion and explanations continued as I sat on the throne pooing like there was no tomorrow. We talked about medications, the emotional side and general day to day management. At the conclusion I felt so much lighter and pleased to be able to help someone....I received an email from that lass later that day fro throwing clarity on her and her partners situation.
More news next time.


Having to poop during recess.

When I was six, I was playing outside at school one day during recess. My stomach had been hurting all morning, but I hadn't asked to go to the bathroom, since it was in the classroom and I was shy. Cramps gripped my belly as I walked around, in too much pain to really play with anyone.

My stomach cramped again and I felt a sudden hard pressure in my lower belly. Uh oh. I made a quick decision and headed for a small wooden playhouse on the edge of the field by the fence. No one else was around as I quickly slipped through the open door, and I shut it as I entered. It had a small latch-lock on it and I put the latch into the metal eyehole in the wall beside the door, locking it fairly well.

Looking around, I saw a small plastic pail lying on the ground and grimaced as another cramp rippled through my belly. Ughhhh... Hurriedly, I righted the pail and then, giving an anxious glance at the locked door, tugged my short and underwear down to my ankles and carefully squatted, resting my bottom lightly on the rim of the pail.

My breath came nervously and quick as I squatted there in the darkness over the pail. Another cramp rippled through me and I groaned softly, involuntarily pushing.

PPPrrrrtttt! A loud fart blasted out of my butt and my heart clenched as I hoped no one had heard. After a few seconds, though, the urge to push became unbearable and I relented, straining hard.

NNNnnnngggg....THUD. My large poop dropped into the pail with a big thud, shaking it slightly. The pressure in my stomach lessened slightly. Pushing again, I farted, but a bit quieter this time, and then farted suddenly twice more, much softer.

Another push forced out a long turd, which dropped into the pail with another heavy thud. I kept pushing, my hands clenched at my sides, and moaned softly as a looooong, thick turd slowly slid out, finally dropping in with a loud thud. I let out my breath in a huff.

Another thick turd forced its way into the pail as I strained again, thudding on the bottom after a few seconds. I farted again. It was beginning to smell quite a bit in the small shack, I noticed. Just then, I noticed I needed to pee badly and, with difficulty, managed to aim my penis into the pail beneath me. A sigh escaped as my pee began drumming on the sides of the plastic pail. I finished after about thirty seconds, feeling totally empty.

A final, short turd worked its way out and fell into the pail with a little splash. I farted twice more and finally felt done. Glancing around, I saw a few paper towels lying on the ground for some reason and used them to wipe my butt before dropping them into the pail.

I stood up and pulled up my shorts again, feeling very relieved. I carefully unlatched the door again and slipped quietly outside. Fortunately, none of the students, and especially none of the teachers, had noticed I was gone, so I rejoined my play-group by the swings.

However, the next day, the principal called the whole school into the auditorium to announce that they had investigated a funny smell and found someone had used a plastic pail as a toilet! I tried to look as innocent as I could as her eyes swept the room menacingly; thankfully, she didn't notice. She lectured us on the importance of letting a teacher know we had to use the bathroom while out on recess, not to use a playhouse as a bathroom.

To this day, they don't know who did it.


First post

Hey this is my first and maybe last post after seeing this site a handful of times before and being interested in the idea of it
I always was interested in the idea of pooing in public bathrooms like I never did it until I was like 14 when travelling somewhere and it didn't become a regular thing for me until like 20 years old I never went at school tho I had a few friends who regularly went and only went outdoors for the first time earlier this year at 27 lol I have a handful of stories I could probably tell so here goes haha when I was like 12 we went camping with some family friends including a girl Cassie who was my age one of the afternoons Cassie said she needed to go to the bathroom so she went away from the rest of us to find a small area of bushes like some semi privacy
Anyway it had been a few minutes and Cassie's parents were like guess Cassie must be doing a poo haha my parents weren't around at the time and I wasn't sure if they were serious or not thing is she wasn't too far away from us so I eventually heard a faint grunt but I'm not sure if anyone else did either way I wanted to go try find where my parents had gone as they had gone walking somewhere
Didn't take much wandering away to eventually come across a strong smell and faint rustling in the bushes which I realised was Cassie couldn't help but notice a small see through gap between part of the bushes I could see her white bum cheeks or at least one of them u know and she started to use her hands to pull them apart as a big brown poo came through I know I shouldn't have been looking but I couldn't help be amazed by it
Looking I realised she didn't have toilet paper and I had walked off at this point so was left wondering what if anything she used to wipe her bum with but at any rate eventually we were all back together again at the campsite and I spent the rest of the time with my family her family and Cassie herself laughing and joking and generally having a good time I never took a poo while were there as said I never did one outdoors until earlier this year we were only there for a night and two days so I just held it lol I was way more poo shy back then but anyway we are still family friends to this day and she has since grown into a beautiful woman with 2 young kids her own she still to this day doesn't know I saw her that day but I'll nver forget how amazing that was don't know if that ended up being an inappropriate story or not sorry if it did but I did want to eventually post something on here and can now feel good knowing I have

Victoria B.

Paige's survey and an unexpected gift


I had some free time today and I thought I might do something here!

These are my answers to Paige's survey.

1. Females: when you poop, do you wipe your privates and butt from the front, in between your legs, or do you wipe yourself from behind while you're wiping your butt, or do you wipe your privates first through the front and then wipe your bottom from the back?

I wipe my privates first, slide forward on the seat, grab paper, and then wipe my butt from behind.

2. Do you wipe sitting or standing?

Sitting for both front and bottom if needed.

3. Has anyone ever walked in on you peeing or pooping?


4. Have you ever walked in on someone peeing or pooping?

Once or twice.

5. How long do you sit on the toilet after a poop? Right when you're done or do you sit there for a while, on your phone?

I like to sit and think for awhile. My pooping schedule has changed and I'm now a once-every-morning girl and so most of my poops are at home. I tend to be much quicker with my business if it's being taken care of in a public toilet.

6. Have you ever used a doorless stall?

Yeah, when I played tennis and ran track in high school.

7. Have you ever gone to the bathroom outside? What did you wipe with?

I have on several occasions. Once when I was out running I just hooked my thong over one of my cheeks and waited until I got home to wipe.

8. Have you ever been encouraged by someone while you were pooping?

I'm pretty open about bodily functions around people that I'm close to so yeah.

9. Have you ever encouraged someone while they pooped?

I try to always be there for someone who needs help on the toilet. Doesn't matter if someone needs encouraging words, a hand to hold, a new roll of paper, or a shoulder to cry on.

Yesterday I came home with a few friends from my cohort. We'd been out drinking and got the bus back to my apartment to order food and watch a movie at my place. Adrienne, who'd been doing her best to hold it, walked into the bathroom and raised the unusually-down lid before getting my attention. Someone had apparently clogged the toilet and not either told anyone or fixed it themselves: how rude! Not wanting to make Adrienne pee her pants meant that I had to spring into action. I got out my lucky pink plunger and Adrienne gave the seat of my black skinny jeans an affectionate spank as I bent over and began plunging. It took three flushes and various obscenities before everything was gone. I put the plunger away, the seat down, and left Adrienne to her business. The pink plunger never fails!

Have you ever clogged a toilet in someone else's place? Did you try to fix it yourself? Confess? Tell me about it because I've got a story too!

Love and good poops to all!


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