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Hey everyone

I'm back, haven't posted in ages! Been busy with life and going my poop and pee thing on the cam. Just do your research and you'll find. Anyways I got a classic poop in a cup story to share well it just recently happened. So I was bit adventurous this past few mornings, I had to go to the bathroom, I had an empty clear cup ready for me to turn into a portable bathroom toilet. I took off my pj pants and undies and squat down to pee first. I had the camera rolling and them move the cup to my but to poop into it, I started pinching off a turd and it missed the cup and ended on the floor! Yuck! I then moved the cup and finished pooping into the cup. It was quick and I had to clean the turd off my bedroom floor and poured the piss and poop filled cup into the toilet and flushed it. Hope all is well with you and take care.


Near major accident

Hi guys

As I said in my post the other day I've been so busy and just havent had the chance to write.

Abbie, sorry to hear about your constipation. It sounds really bad, I'm so lucky that I've never really had that problem! I think about the worst I've had, ironically happened after a stomach bug, I took some tablets which just bunged me up!
These days most of my problems come after I've been out drinking and am on the way home. I remember you saying the same happened to you but you'd managed to avoid having any accidents so far. That's lucky as I've had a couple and plenty of near misses!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I had a very near accident. I was heading home at about 2.30am and it was raining, so I decided to get a nightbus. I felt a need for a wee but because the bus would be much quicker than walking, I thought I'd be fine. First mistake!!! The bus was due in 10 minutes but seemed to be running late. I still wasn't really concerned because I felt sure I'd be ok. I knew how long it took me to be properly desperate, or I thought I did...

By the time the bus arrived I was bursting, not helped by the rain. I sat down and the bus took off at quite a speed, which was fine by me. I was surprised at how quickly I'd gone from needing a wee to being desperate, and had to cross my legs quite tightly. And because I was thinking about needing a wee, it felt even worse!

So I'm sitting on the bus, legs tightly crossed, in absolute agony now, it must have been really obvious to anyone that I was desperate for a wee but I didn't care by that point. The bus approached my stop and I rang the bell, now just before my stop there's some speed bumps, the driver went over them far too fast and there was a CRASH that shocked my bladder. I could feel a squirt escaping and hurried to the front to get off.

By this point it seemed that every movement might cause a leak. As I stepped off the bus I felt another one, and as I walked down the street another. Then I started to feel a slow trickle forcing its way out, and ducked behind a parked van. It wasn't ideal as a hiding spot but I was about to wet myself. I tore down my lacey yellow knickers and black tights, both of which had huge wet patches, and let loose a huge torrent into the tarmac. It was so so relieving and so close, I was panting as I could finally relax from holding it in.

I was so lucky as I very nearly had a major accident, it was bad enough as it was, it was very unpleasant pulling my tights back up!!

Optional Person.

Nice "frosting" dump, and question to Bianca.

I felt like I had to poop this morning. I sat backwards on the toilet, my butthole right on the lip of the toilet. I felt a nice pressure in my butt. I pushed slowly. I tried to get the poop to come out at a natural medium speed. I think I achieved that. it felt good crackling out of my juicy girl-esque butt. I felt some gas enter my butt. and near the end of the poo a loud 'pop' sounding fart came out of my butt and then the crackling turned to squelching for a second or two and then I was empty. When I got up I was happy to see a decent pile on the front of the bowl. I am not sure how tall it was, but it was a nice pile of light brown "butt mud." when I got the toilet paper out to push the poop into the water I had to start from the middle of the pile. as I pushed it, I noticed it was thick. it was soft serve, but it was also thick. like a thick cake frosting or clay. after getting it into the toilet and wiping myself I had to use another piece to wipe the poop from the lip of the toilet where it cascaded down to the bottom of the dry part of the toilet. after flushing I had to flush one more time to get rid of some thick residue. it wasn't a skid mark, it was a thick residue of the frosting like poo. it had a classic poop smell. kinda like manure, which is sort of what a lot of young kid poop smells like. I say that, as I think back to being a kid, that is what the bathrooms at school smelled like. just a low volume, which to me means, it wasn't a strong smell. I put the trashcan back in place, washed my hands and walked out.

Bianca - you like hearing farts come out of your own moms butt? are you two really close?


College report

I'm now in my 3rd month of college. I enjoy it and we're treated with more maturity. This morning I woke up late, raced from my dorm and got to my Ancient World class faster than I expected. I rewarded myself by stopping in the busy main floor bathroom for my piss. I find I'm drinking more coffee and pop and what goes in, must come out. Unlike my high school, I now have a privacy door when I'm on the toilet and most of the girls are more mature about waiting their turn on the toilet. Most flush, some twice if they've done a big poo. Now, unlike high school, we can have a drink container with us in both the bathrooms and in class. In high school, drink containers weren't allowed in the bathrooms--something about them being inappropriate. With me being shorter than most of the others, I have to have my container on the side of the toilet, because my feet are a few inches off the floor when I'm seated on the toilet. Otherwise, I might get a nervous leg and kick it.

The other morning I took my usual soft poo in the student center, but since there were so many other toilets available for users, I caught up on my correspondence as I sat for about 10 extra minutes waiting for my language arts class to get out so I could take my seat for the next lecture. I got a text from my boyfriend whose a senior in high school. He was pissed. He'd been to two bathrooms at my old high school and each toilet that was vacant was well splashed up or was without toilet paper. Almost none of the toilets have a privacy door and Carson said he can't wait to graduate onto college. I told him that he may have to do what I and many of my friends did and that is simply take a splashed seat to prevent an accident. I know Carson's tried to regulate himself to do his poos at home or after school. It hasn't worked and probably never will, especially because he gets so mad. He's even talking about getting more aggressive about calling guys out when he sees them pissing without first raising the seat. I answered him back with my calculation that he has only 135 days of high school left. He didn't find that too amusing!



To Optional Person: I read and write toilet posts etc using my electronic Braille notetaker. It talks, and has a display with raised dots that I can read. To people who read emails on the toilet, I could if I wanted to, but unfortunately one of my accounts says my password is wrong, and the other has a verification security page that's not blind friendly. Luckily with the account with the security page, someone can at least read it for me. I don't email about toilet stuff though, because when I was able to write on my own, I mostly wrote to people in wich it'd be inappropriate to mention such a matter (teachers in class, or to a favorite company). I use Gmail btw. Anyway, bye, and hope everybody has great poops and pee sessions.


Latest story

Hi again, this is another story from yesterday. Lydia and Annabelle (Lydia is Lucys cousin and Annabelle is her friend, there both 16) came over to stay the night again as Lydias parents were both away working. I managed to get back from work early so I'd be home to let them in, Lucy was due back at about 5.30. I got home about 5 minutes before they were due to arrive, as I did some washing up I got a few twinges in my belly and realised I was starting to want a poo but I knew I wouldn't have time to have it so I just sucked it up and figured I'd go later, although with my constipation issues coming back to haunt me I knew I shouldn't hold it for long. Just then there was a knock on the window and Lydia and Annabelle were standing on the path. I let them in and we went upstairs to my room after I'd made them a drink and a snack. We sat around on the floor chatting for a bit, they were wearing their grey school skirts without tights and I could see their knickers as they were sitting with their knees up under their chins, Lydia had pink and blue stripey pants on and Annabelle was wearing yellow pants with pink butterflies. Lydia must have realised she wasn't exactly being careful about how she was sitting as she said, "Sorry, I know my pants are showing, sitting like this is just really comfy and obviously I can never do it at school!"
"Yeah, its a real pain having to be careful about how you sit all day so you don't flash your pants," agreed Annabelle, "But I hate wearing trousers, it takes me ages to get them down when I need the loo!"
"I know what you mean, I always wore a skirt to school for exactly that reason!" I said. "When your desperate for the loo its so much quicker just to flip your skirt up and drop your pants!!"
"Yeah, the other day at school I was desperate for a poo when I was in the queue for a free cubicle, I definitely would have pooed my pants if I'd been wearing trousers!" said Lydia.
Annabelle said, "Actually I'm desperate for the loo now, talking about it has made me really need to go!"
We all went into my ensuite so we could keep chatting, as Lydia and I sat on the floor Annabelle hiked up her skirt, eased her knickers to her knees and sat down heavily on the loo, moaning as a strong wee stream came gushing out. Lydia said, "I hope you just need a wee Annabelle coz I'm dying for a poo, its literally just about to come out in my pants!" I hoped she'd make it onto the loo before her poo poked out and made her knickers dirty! "Well actually I do want a poo but I guess I can hold it a bit longer if your that desperate!" said Annabelle as her stream started to die away, it had been going on for ages!
"Nows probably not a good time to say that I want a poo as well!" I said, "But I can hold it a while longer too, I only started to need it just before you arrived!"
"Well I've been holding it in since the start of the lesson just after lunch!" said Lydia. Annabelle took some loo paper, wiped and pulled her knickers back up. Lydia stood up and added, "I told the teacher I was bursting for the loo but she wouldn't let me go so I literally had to suck it up and then it actually went away for a bit but its come back again these last few minutes!!" Lydia lifted her skirt and dropped her knickers before sitting down and sighing with relief, she started to have a wee and said, "Actually I really need a wee too!"
"Well I started to need a poo as we were coming out of school," said Annabelle, "So luckily I'm not too desperate yet!"
Lydias wee stream died away and I could see she was starting to push, I knew I was probably in for a rough time so I hoped that the other 2 wouldn't have really easy poos! Luckily for me nothing had happened after a couple of minutes apart from the fact that Lydia was starting to go a bit pink and was making some soft grunts. "Sorry about this, I think I'm a bit constipated, its actually been a few days since I last went for a poo!" she admitted after another few minutes of no success.
"No worries, don't worry if you have to push really hard, I'll probably be doing the same when its my turn, I'm constipated at the moment too!" I said.
"Actually that makes me feel alot better," added Annabelle, "I've been a bit constipated as well these last few days and I had visions of you two sitting there having a really easy time and then me struggling for ages!"
Lydia was now pushing harder and making louder grunts, she said, "I'm really sorry I can't help grunting!" and I said "Don't be embarrased, just do what you need to do!" She nodded and bore down hard and with that I heard some crackling so I knew she was having more success, after a few massive pushes and really loud grunts she moaned and I heard a loud plop, she said, "Thank God thats out, it was a massive fat one!" and Annabelle said, "Too much information!" and we all laughed. I noticed Lydia was bearing down again, she said, "I'm not done yet!" and farted a couple of times before eventually pushing out two more logs. "Right, I think I've finished!" she said, reaching for the loo paper. She wiped her bottom and then pulled up her knickers and flushed the loo. As she was washing her hands I said to Annabelle, "Er… do you want to go next?" and Annabelle nodded, she stood up and once again hiked up her skirt and lowered her knickers, as she sat she said, "Thanks for making the seat really warm!" and we all laughed again.
"Again, sorry if I make a lot of noise!" Annabelle said and then she took a deep breath and pushed really hard until she was red, she released her breath with a grunt and then straight away started to bear down again. After a few more pushes like that she shook her head and said, "I don't think its ready to come, I'll try again after you Abbie!" She stood up to pull up her knickers and caught sight of herself in the mirror, she said, "Oh God, I didn't realise I'd gone so red, thats really embarassing!"
"Well last week I had a poo at school and had to push really hard to get it to come and when I went to wash my hands I was bright red and everyone was staring at me!" said Lydia. By now I had swapped with Annabelle on the loo and was sitting with my grey leggings and white knickers at my knees, I had a wee which went on longer than I was expecting as I didn't feel like I needed to go that badly, and then I started to push for my poo. I gave some gentle pushes at first but when that didn't stir anything I started to bear down really hard like the other two had done and after a few pushes I could feel a really fat log poking out, I just knew it would get sucked back up my bum when I stopped pushing so I strained for as long and as hard as I could, grunted as I released my breath, then took a really quick breath in and started to push again, I could feel I was going really red too but I just wanted this log out! After what seemed like ages I'd pushed enough if the log out that I could have a bit of a breather, I said, "Sorry about this, I'm having a really fat one too!" and Annabelle and Lydia both giggled. I bore down again and after another few hard pushes and embarassingly loud grunts I gasped as the massive log splashed into the bowl, I felt another log move into position and I started to push again, luckily this poo wasn't quite so fat but it was still another big one! I saw Annabelle shifting around, she said, "I must have shifted something earlier, I've got a log just about to poke out and my pants are stuck up my bum, there too small for me!" She lifted her skirt and pulled her knickers down so the top of her bum was showing "I'm nearly done, I'll be as fast as I can!" I panted as I kept on pushing, I passed another couple of logs over the next 5 minutes and then felt empty, I said, "Right, I'm done, I'll wipe standing up so you can get on the loo straight away!" I stood up, flushed and grabbed some loo roll. Annabelle had been waiting next to me, her thumbs in her knickers, as soon as I stood up she quickly pulled them down, sat and started to push. I started to wipe my bottom and when I was done she shifted forwards on the seat so I could throw the paper away and I saw a rod of poo sticking out of her bum so at least she was managing to go this time! She kept on bearing down and after a few minutes she panted, "Its coming at last!" and shortly after there were three loud plops one after the other, I guess it broke up as it came out. Silence, and then two more plops a few minutes after followed by a groan of relief. Annabelle said, "Well I think that makes three of us now to have had a really fat one!" and we all laughed as she took some toilet paper and wiped her bum. When she'd finished wiping she pulled her knickers back up, flushed and washed her hands and we went back into my room all feeling alot better! Lucy arrived back shortly after having missed all the drama! Hope you enjoyed this story, I will try to post again as soon as I can, bye for now!!

Uncle. Harry

To Wilden

Your stories are ausum. Keep it up.

Steve A

Bowel Habits: What makes us different? (With A Question)

Now, I don't mean to make this post "weird" or anything, but this idea comes up in my mind once in awhile and it makes me wonder:

What makes our bowel habits different from each other?:

A fast metabolism? Being an athlete: diet and exercise? Growing up? Our own eating habits? Etc?

For the athlete one, I can relate due to my current college major: (Physical Activity & Fitness Management) Even though my major is more about fitness and exercise rather than physical health.

My question to you: If you grew up differently by eating a completely different diet, if you worked out, or any other factors, would you agree that your bowel habits would be different from your current ones?

My answer: I'd say that it would be different, but it'll be slightly hard to say because we're all different and who knows, I could still have the same habits even with some changes.

Sunday, November 04, 2018


Shopping trip with Robyn

This weekend I was caring for my neighbours young daughter, Robyn, because she needed to go away and didn't feel comfortable with leaving her on her own. Robyn is thirteen years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, very pretty. She's rather quiet and shy but we get on well together and I was more than happy to look after her for a few days. On Saturday we went into town so she wasn't cooped up in the house all day and after a couple of hours walking around shopping she grabbed my attention. "Taylor, I really need to go to the toilet. Like 'go go'" I knew she meant she needed more than a wee and since I hadn't had my morning crap yet, I figured it was a good time to get some relief too. I took her hand and started walking to the toilets when she pulled me back. "I can't go in public toilets, I don't like it"
"Do you think you can wait until we get home?" It was at least a 30 minute drive. She shyly shook her head. "Well we need to come up with something sweetheart. If I promise to find somewhere quiet, will you at least try? For me?" She nodded and we set off on a journey to find some quiet toilets. I knew the main ones at the shopping centre we were at would be packed but there was some on the floor above that might be quiet. Most of the shops there were closed and the cinema had toilets so anyone watching a movie would use those instead. Robyn and I took an escalator to the top floor and into the public toilets. As I predicted, they were empty. There was only two stalls but at least we were alone.

Robyn reluctantly took the stall furthest away from the door and I went into the one next to her, pulling down my jeans and thong to my calves before sitting on the freezing cold seat. It was horrible! I could see her jeans and knickers at her ankles so I knew she was at least sitting and trying to go. After about 30 seconds I was gently opened by my poop easily pushing out of me, it was soft and felt so good as it left my body. It soon fell into the water with a couple of splashes and I started peeing while waiting for round two. I hadn't heard anything from Robyn's stall but I hoped hearing me go would help her relax a little. I was slightly stretched again as my wee tapered off and it wasn't long before it too fell into the water with a little splash. I felt empty but I really didn't want Robyn to feel pressured or rushed so I waited before wiping and just let her take her time.

Five minutes passed since either of us made any sound so I decided to check on her. "How are you doing, Robyn?"
"I'm trying… sorry"
"You don't need to be sorry, take as long as you need." I pulled out my phone and was checking a few emails online when I heard a loud tinkle coming from her stall. She was making some progress! "Does that feel better?"
"Uh-huh" she replied with a shy giggle. I continued checking my emails and after a couple of minutes I heard a faint crackling coming from her. Hurrah! The crackling lasted a little while with plenty of quiet splashes and then I heard her getting some toilet paper so I began wiping too. I used three pieces for my rear and one for my front before standing up, redressing at the same time. I flushed and left my stall to wash my hands, waiting for Robyn.

Robyn emerged from her stall about a minute later, looking really embarrassed and joined me at the sink to wash her hands. I didn't mention it but I was so proud of her! She found it difficult but she managed to overcome her fear and I hope she finds it easier next time.


Replies and some random stories

Constiguy- that gave me a better idea of what you meant. Thank you! The thing about you pushing against her finger then a large snake of poop coming out upon removal of her finger was almost satisfying to read!

Bianca- I found your stories interesting! Thanks for the reply! I will definitely look into that- sounds like she has a tough life!

Now that I'm posting these replies, I may as well post some more stories!

Last week, I had been having stomach cramps all day and my stomach was making funny noises frequently. I knew I had to poop, but didn't want to until I got home, after classes (it was a looooong day). When I got home, I finally got onto the toilet, where I started farting loudly and uncontrollably, and liquid poop started coming out of me. That was luckily the only bout of diarrhea I had that night! It was really messy to wipe after, though.

At college the other week, I desperately had to poop. Holding it was not an option; I had to get it out ASAP! So I went into the bathroom. Of course there were a few people in there already. Sigh. I took the furthest stall, locked the door, put some toilet paper on the seat and sat down. The gaps in the stalls were pretty big, and I could easily see people washing their hands while I was on the toilet, and I was embarrassed to know they could probably see me sitting there too. I tried to move my head to avoid awkward eye contact, but it was still uncomfortable! Someone knocked on my stall door to see if it was occupied, but I just froze and silently sat there. I'd push to poop whenever someone flushed, and when I was confident that everyone was out. Not fun! As you can imagine, that whole ordeal took a while.

I have another childhood pooping/constipation story! I was very young when this happened. I really had to go to the bathroom, so I took off my pants and panties and put them on the ground. I hopped up onto my potty seat on the toilet and started peeing. After I was done that, I started to push. I guess I grunted and strained really loudly and dramatically, because my aunt, who was babysitting me, came into the bathroom and asked if I was doing okay. She sat on the edge of the bathtub, across from me, and just kept me company while I pooped. But the last few ones were tricky to get out. My aunt encouraged me to push and that I could do it. She asked me to lean forward so she could see how it was coming along; by this point, it was dangling from me but required quite a bit more pushing. She got up and looked behind me, and assured me that I was almost there, but it was hard to see, so she told me to spread my legs so she could encourage me accordingly, based on how close I was to being done. I was reluctant, very embarrassed at the thought of my privates being exposed, seen and looked at. But my aunt kept reassuring me that we were both girls, had the same privates and that she wouldn't laugh and it was nothing to be embarrassed about. I spread my legs and she kept encouraging me, and it was actually easier to push like that! Finally I was done, so she wiped me and that was that.

Optional Person

To Bianca.

Yes Bianca that is what I meant. And you are blind? Do you have someone help you read and post? I love your stories. always do.


cups of pee

Hello again. So about two weeks ago was when this story happened. A few days after Alexis peed on my bed, we decided to hang out again. Alexis wanted to pee in some cups this time. She was going to hold it for a while so that she would go a lot. She wanted to see how much she could pee. I was pretty excited. I had some clear plastic cups, and they held 8ozs. Alexis was texting me that day telling me she had to pee. She had been holding since about 1pm, and she ended up coming over around like 7 that evening. As soon as she got to my house she was bouncing like crazy and holding herself! I could tell she was about to explode! We rushed up to my room. Alexis was super excited, despite how desperate she was too release her urine. Once we got into my room, I grabbed the cup as she ripped at the button and zipper on her jeans. She was hopping from foot to foot doing a pee dance as she got her jeans around her round bubble butt and thick pale thighs. It was pretty cute to watch. She puffed out her checks and said 'ooooh gooood I have to peeeeee" as she then got her black thong off. "I want you to hold the cups" she said as she kicked off her pants and thongs from her ankles. I was more than happy to! She sat on the edge of my bed and spread her legs. I had a cup in each hand, as I knew she was gonna fill one up pretty easily. I knelt in front of her spread crotch, about a foot away from her vagina. I held the first cup up about a couple inches away from her vagina. "Here goes!" she said.

Instantly a high pressure jet of pee gushed out of her! Luckily the cup I was holding was in position so that all of her urine went into it. I didn't want flashbacks to the disaster in my car! The jet of pee splattered against the plastic cup in my, and I had to hold on so that it didn't fly out of my hand. The force of Alexis' pee was strong! The smell of her urine filled my nose, with me being so close to her while she pissed. It hissed loudly as her stream hit her pink lips as it shot out. Within seconds the cup was almost full. As the pee filled to the brim, it started splashing some onto me and onto Alexis' thighs. I didn't mind it. The pee quickly reached the top of the cup and started spilling onto my thighs. I felt the warm liquid soak into my pants. I quickly switched the cups, so that her powerful pee stream was going into an empty cup. Some of her stream hit me as I switched, but I did it quickly. I knew there was no way of getting her to stop peeing, based on how much pressure she was peeing with, and the look of pure bliss on her face from the relief. As the second cup started to fill she let out a short but loud fart. It was cool because I could see the muscles around her butt hole move as she farted. She smiled and said "excuse me". It was really cute. I carefully set the full cup down while holding the second one as she filled it with piss. I then quickly grabbed a third cup with my free hand. The second cup filled and started overflowing as I got the third cup ready. Once again swapped cups, getting wet in the process. When I put the third cup in position, it was higher than the last. So her pee stream hit the top and splashed off all over! The warm liquid splashed onto my face and hair for a brief moment until I got the cup lined up. Still Alexis peed, filling this cup up just as fast as the first two! I was pretty amazed by the amount of pee coming out of her! I got the fourth cup ready as she filled the third one up to the top with her pee. It just kept flowing out between the lips of her vagina. I switched the full third cup and the fourth one. The smell of her fart mixed with the smell of her urine. The fourth cup filled with pee, but she was starting to finally slow down. She still easily filled the fourth cup though. I got the fifth cup ready as she topped off the fourth cup with her yellow liquid. I switched the fifth cup as her stream slowed down. I had to move the fifth cup closer to her pussy to get all the pee. It dribbled out of her vagina into the cup, getting it almost filled to the top. It slowed to a drip, and then she was done.

Alexis and I looked at each other in pure disbelief. She had peed so much! I set the fifth cup of pee next to the other 4. I wiped the pee droplets off my face. My shirt was pretty wet from her stream hit me when switching cups. My shorts were wet too from when she overflowed the cups. Her thighs and crotch were pretty wet, as was the bed under her crotch. Had as this pee had made it into the cups, it would have been over 5 cups of Alexis' pee! "Its so much pee!" I said. "Yeah, but I bet I could pee a whole lot more than this. I wasn't drinking a lot of water or anything, this was just me not going for a few hours" she told me. "That's even more impressive" I told her. I looked in awe at the five cups of Alexis' urine that sat on the floor. Alexis put her thong and pants on. We then dumped all five cups into the toilet. It was a lot of piss to dump out! Alexis had to go back home, so she left right after that. I did some calculations and found out that she had peed about 1.1 liters!

Well that's all for that story. Next time we are going to try distance peeing. I also finally decided to let her pee in my car! So that will happen soon. If anyone has any suggestions for things to try, let me know!

Dear Catherine: So happy to see writing from you! We are glad that you are very genki. Genki means good health. It was nice story about you and Chloe. You can bond well. I was happy that after she did motion, she stayed on loo and did more and more. It show she is not scared of you. We all four are happy for you. Maho and Hisae and Kazuko send their love to you, and me too. But Maho said, she want to push faces into loo for long time, faces of women who did angry face and complain nasally accents about smell which you made. They make too, sometimes. I can understand Maho's feeling very much.

Dear Anna (from Austria): I hope you have a good time in Korea, it is my nation! Even I don't live there. I don't know much about loo in Korea. I hope you have comfortable loo time.

I do survey from Paige.

1. When I wipe, I use washlet to bottom first, then I use washlet to front part, then I wipe bottom from back, then front part. My friends are same, because I told them, to wipe bottom from front is danger, piece of motion can go into lady part and then we can have dangerous disease. But sometimes I wipe bottom and front part almost at same time because I am ambidextrous. If my friends wipe me, then they wipe my bottom from back, and I wipe my front part by myself. My friends are same with me but always use only one hand.

2. We wipe sitting all four of us.

3. Anyone walk in on us when we are at home? It happen all the time!! We don't close the door. Outside my house, very rare.

4 is same with 3!!

5. I and 2 friends (not Hisae) stay long time after we do motion, we often do second one or more and we stay. After last motion, maybe 2 or 3 minutes. But we never use phone. Very dangerous. Lot of bacteria on phone, if we use after that when we are eating, dangerous disease, O-157 or noro virus, so best we leave phone alone when we are in loo.

6. doorless stall.... Hisae said she used when she was girl. But Maho and Kazuko and me, never.

7. Yes , we went outside, there is story on this site, it is page 2728 maybe. We took wet wipes with us. We usually have in our bag, so when it is emergency (Hisae had, it is little time ago now) we use them.

8. encourage? We encourage all the time!! If one of us has a trouble on loo, another of us kneel near her and give sweet words to help her to defecate.

9 is same with 8!

I like survey, it is a fun. My friends also like. Kazuko says, if someone publish book of loo survey, she will buy and keep as a treasure.

Love to everyone.

Mina and KMH


Survey answers

Paige's survey:

1) Wiping: when I poop, I wipe from the front.
2) Sitting or standing: At places like school where I have most of my poops, I wipe from a standing position because I'm trying to save time and not get a tardy to class. At home and less stressful places I wipe from my seat.
3) Being walked in on: yes it has happened several times, unfortunately.
While doing some cross-country running, I used a park bathroom. A totally open toilet I'm on it peeing away and two boys half my age come running in. The painting on top of the entrance was tampered with. All 3 of us felt badly.
4) Have I walked in on someone else: Yes. At a gas station, the door latch was loose, my crap was turtleheading and this lady the age of my mom was on the toilet. The door cracked her leg pretty hard. She was mad and I felt bad.
5) How long I sit for a poop: at home I will often linger with my phone or a book; at school it's done in 4 minutes or less. That's all the time provided.
6) Have I ever used a doorless stall. Yes, sometimes once a week at school
7) Going to the bathroom outside: Yes a couple of times while running because there were no alternatives. I'm not good with the squat but I don't fall over any more. Once I wiped my butt with a newspaper insert for carpet-cleaning. I tore it into 4ths and despite the fact that it was a bit moist from the dew the 2 pieces I used worked well.
8) Encouragement by others when pooping: by mom before leaving home for errands. She was flexible with the extra time because she knew my options would be better than away from home.
9) Have I ever encouraged someone while they pooped: Yes. I was 12 and it was my first child-sitting job. This 5 year old boy finally got it on his 4th try when we were at the circus.

Braidy's survey:

1) When I was young, how much attention did my parents pay to my underwear? After the first couple of weeks of school in 1st grade, very little. I was very nervous at first having to get teacher permission and being out of class. I had a hard-time adjusting to a larger bathroom and other users in there. I think a couple of times I forgot to wipe. So mom questioned me about the streak in my underwear.
2) How understanding were my parents about pee or poop stains? After what I explained above, about once a year I would make a bad choice of toilet at school and there was no toilet paper. I was too-self conscious to ask for someone else to pass some to me or to get into line again for another toilet.
3) Did you ever have a complete dump in your underwear and what caused it? Yes, I was in 7th grade and we visited a museum. For lunch we had something that didn't agree with me. Two hours later at our state capital I figured out the food didn't agree with me. Luckily there was an open toilet, I had black slacks on and my held one of those poof-poops. I flushed my underwear and didn't confess to the incident that night when my mom questioned me about not wanting dinner.
4) Did your parents do panty counting? No, but mom would check them occasionally and then buy me new for Christmas because they were getting too tattered or the elastic around the waste was getting too loose.
5) How were the soiled panties disposed of? Flushed at the capital.
Female, 12

Wiping Survey:
1) How old am I now: 16
2) How many bathrooms do I have: 1 at home.
3) How big are my poops? About as wide as a flash light battery. About four inches long for an average.
4) Where do I poop the most? School or a park when I'm doing my running.
5) Where do I put my bottoms? Knee level at school or the park. At the floor when I'm home.
6) How long does it take me to poop? About 4 minutes or less when I'm away from home. I'm less stressed at home and I will sit longer.
7) Do you poop with your friends? Sometimes, like when Lisa and I are running at the park.
8) Do your feet hang off the toilet? Not since about 5th grade.
9) Do you fart when you poop? Only when I have gas because I've drank a lot of pop.
10) Have you ever been walked in on? A couple time in public toilets; more than a few times recently by my kid brother who is a perv!

Pete the Poop's survey:

1) Grossest toilet I've ever had to use? At a gas station when dad and I were out shopping. He was in a bad mood and told me I had only the amount of time he needed to pump his gas. I made it on time but I remember one of my cheeks sticking to the seat.
2) Longest I've had to wait in line for a toilet? more than 45 minutes for a high school championship game at a stadium built at the end of World War 2. There were like only 4 usable toilets.
3) Longest time I spent on the toilet. A little over an hour at the airport. This was just last year. I ended up using a suppository, but I made the decision a lot later than I should have.
4) What do I like most about going to the toilet? The satisfaction from relieving myself.



Hey so I figured I'd do a live pooping session as well just like T did.

I just peed. Had a lot to drink tonight at dinner! Lots of water and juice.

Ok I'm starting to push and I'm feeling something coming. I just farted

Ughhhhhhhh pushing hard!!!!!


It's coming

It's coming!!!!

It's hanging there now, halfway out

Okay it finally dropped

More pushing! Ughhhhhhhggg!!!!!!!!!

Okay, some more came out!

This is a tricky one! I feel another one dangling but it won't come out

I think I'll just sit here and wait

Oh wow some more is coming out and it feels so good! Nice to know my hard work is paying off

Some encouragement would be nice!


pete the poop

m and s poop

At lunchtime today i decided to go for a tea at marks and sparks. After my tea i headed to the 2 unisex toilets. 2 ladies were waiting. We all waited for a few minutes before a lady came out and said sorry. I assumed she had taken a while pooping and was apologising. The lady who replaced her wasnt in long and i went in for my pee


How Nasty

To grace: Aunt Mandy was so gross blowing stinky farts and thinking it wasn't her. I bet that elevator stunk real bad with that one she blew in there! Great story. I don't think I ever made an elevator a fart bomb, but I know while borrowing an IPod Touch from my daily living skills teacher that I often played music from Youtube in my favorite one near the cafeteria.


Latest update

Imogen- great to hear from you too and I hope you get the time to post about your very near major accident- sounds like a great story!
So, after a really good time recently in terms of not getting constipated I must admit I have started to struggle again over this last week, I guess all good things must come to an end eventually! I have been really busy and just haven't had time to go on the loo when I get home from work and after tea like I normally do, I was kind of hoping that after a few months of having a much easier time going for a poo I would be able to get away without doing that, but it seems to have tipped the balance and so I'm starting to struggle unfortunately. The first sign that I'm getting constipated again is always the same, basically when I'm on the loo pushing the poo will poke out of my bum but it does tend to feel fatter, harder and drier, then in between pushes it will go back up my bum and I have to really strain hard to get it to come. When I'm not constipated I still have firm and solid logs which I do have to work fairly hard to pass, the difference is they don't go back up my bum and they aren't as hard and dry so it isn't a massive struggle and I'm only on the loo for 10 minutes rather than probably 20 minutes plus when I'm really finding it hard to have a poo. I've never been one of those people who can have a poo without making any effort at all, sometimes when I'm on the toilet in public or back when I was at uni/ school there would be girls next to me who would start pooing as soon as their bum hit the seat and it would be all over in seconds while my log would be inching out really slowly as I pushed and pushed. It didn't bother me that much as I do actually like the feeling of a fat log stretching my bum really wide and sliding out slowly, the main problem is that I don't always get time to have a poo when I feel the urge and that made my constipation much worse back when I was at school, I lost count of the number of times I was on the loo at morning break having a wee and being so desperate for a poo that I would be trying to stop a log from poking out, as most of the time there would be 5 minutes until the bell and I knew I'd end up being really late to my next lesson if I decided to have a poo as well. That said, it was pretty annoying going off to class feeling really uncomfy and probably ending up with a log poking out into my knickers by lunchtime so now I look back on it I think I should have risked being late a few more times, I might have got in trouble but its hard to concentrate on what your meant to be learning when your bursting for a poo and plus my knickers would have stayed clean as well!
Anyway, my main story is from the weekend, I'd had a really busy couple of days rushing around visiting friends and family and so got back on Sunday night and realised I hadn't been for poo since Thursday. After tea I told Lucy I was feeling constipated and said I really needed to try to go, she said she hadn't had a poo for a couple of days either so it seemed we were both in for a hard time. We went up to our room and started to get undressed, when I know I'm in for a hard time on the loo I prefer to just be in my underwear as I can get really hot and bothered. As I took my top off I realised the dirty washing hamper was overflowing, it had been ages since we had done any washing so we were both rapidly running out of clean clothes. I wanted a shower after so I checked to see if I had clean knickers and realised I was down to my last few pairs! As Lucy took her top off I dropped my jeans, I was wearing yellow knickers which were too small for me so the top of my bum was on show, I said to Lucy, "I'm just gonna nip and put some washing on, I'm running out of knickers, sorry about these ones I know there really grim!" Just then Lucy unzipped her jeans and pulled them down, she was wearing pink flowery knickers which looked really tight as well, she said , "Yeah, me too, these were the only knickers I could find this morning and there way too small!!" I said, "I think I'll do a white load," so I grabbed as many white tee-shirts, socks and knickers as I could, actually there were quite a few pairs of knickers as we both have loads of white pairs so at least I knew we'd have some clean ones for a few days!!
By the time I got back upstairs Lucy was on the loo, her knickers round her knees and rather red in the face, she said, "Sorry, I got really desperate and couldn't wait!" She started to strain again and grunted loudly as she released her breath, she said, "Sorry about this, its a massive fat log, I'm gonna have to push really hard!" Lucy continued to push and grunt, I was talking to her but she could now only nod or shake her head and come out with a few words here and there. Suddenly she gave a big sigh and said "This is really frustrating, for ages I could only push the tip out and then it got sucked back up my bum, but now I've pushed more of it out its got really thick and I can't get it to move at all."
"Try holding your bum cheeks apart" I suggested, "Thats what I usually do when it gets stuck like that."
Lucy reached round and pulled her bum cheeks apart, pushing her knees together and pushing as hard as she could.
"Is it working?" I asked and she nodded, by now she was bright red and looking really hot and bothered. Suddenly there was a huge splash as her poo dropped and a moan of releaf from Lucy. She then pushed a few more logs out but they were a lot easier to pass. After she was done she took some toilet paper and wiped her bum, before pulling up her knickers and flushing. I said "Well I need a poo now, I doubt it'll be much easier than yours so I'll probably be a while." I pulled down my knickers and sat on the loo, I had a wee and farted a few times and then started to push out my poo, as I thought I was also finding it hard. "I've got the same problem as you just had" I panted, "I can push out the tip but it goes back in when I stop straining." I pushed for as long and hard as I could manage and finally managed to push a few inches of the first log out of my bum, not before making some really loud grunts and no doubt going red in the face. Just as Lucy had done, I then had to reach round and pull my bumcheeks apart and then eventually I got the poo to drop. I finished with a couple more pieces which came out a lot easier, then wiped my bum. I quickly pulled up my knickers and we went back into my room to get ready for bed. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!



Hi ,
Im on Codeine meds and i dont know if any of you are ,..but have been trying to poop for the last 3 days ..and it isnt happening !
I am sat here trying for the 3rd time today but having no luck at all , Im just bunged up solid and feeling frustrated !

Ive taken Senna but that hasnt worked (not yet anyway but it was 24 hrs ago)

Thursday, November 01, 2018


1st time alone in a public bathroom

I think I was about 6. Up until that time mom would take me into a bathroom, and if the place was really large, open a toilet door and watched as I latched it and took my seat. I really remember a couple of times when I was bursting and she held me back while she placed these toilet tissues over the seat. Then she would pick me up and sit me down on the tissues. I remember a couple of times at mid-lift the front of the paper had several drips on it. She found I wasn't lying. My bladder was bursting. That might be the reason why I never cover the seat with anything or even wipe it before I sit. Down-to-business is what one of my favorite babysitters called it.

So this one Sunday me and mom were at a show at the events center. We had just started to walk down the aisle to the bathrooms and mom literally bumped into this lady she had not seen since way back when. They hugged and I told mom I was going in. I don't know if she heard me but I didn't care. I was in pain. This was the largest bathroom I had seen. There were two long rows of toilets. I looked to my left and the first toilet door was hanging open. What stopped me in my tracks was a large pair of shitted underwear laying on one side of the seat. Then the bowl grossed me out also because it was full and smelling really bad. I immediately turned back and took the second stall.

Now I was ready to burst. The toilet was a bit higher than home or school, but I got up on it in record speed. I yanked my shorts and underwear down and none too soon. My pee was so refreshing, but then I had the door thrown open on me. It scared me but I hadn't taken the time to latch it. It hurt to stop my pee, but I wasn't big enough to latch it from the toilet. It took me a couple of tries but I finally got it. Then my pee was back on. Then there was a big bang of the door to my right. The partition shook. I saw a purse hit the floor. Two large feet in jeans turned around, the shitted underwear was thrown on the floor, and after a thud onto the toilet an explosion as loud as thunder blasted off.

I stayed seated because I knew I hadn't crapped since a couple of days at school. It seemed like my toiletmate was splashing shit and pee at the same time. I was kind of impressed but the underwear so close to my right foot received most of my attention. I remember dropping a couple of logs of hard crap after some pushing. But I knew the reward was less cleaning. That went fine but even several tries with both hands didn't work to flush it. Finally I balanced myself and used my left foot too flush. (If the flushers worked easier would there be more toilets flushed?). Outside in the hall mom and her friend were still talking. I got more and more frustrated as they continued to talk. Finally they stopped talking and mom took me back in while she took her usual big Sunday shit.


To thatgirl, tracygirl, and Paige + live poop

Hey everyone, really glad that the whole "push buddies" thing has been well received, it works wonders for me.

I don't know how my constipation got better, maybe I started to relax and have a better diet, but I haven't used a suppository since I was little. Besides that, being coached while trying to poop is very motivating and almost always helps get it out, but I haven't been able to encourage others that much, but when I do it goes okay.

Anyway I can feel a big poop in me now, so hopefully I don't need coaching. I'm gonna give this one live updates; hope I have people cheering me on lol.

Okay I've been on the toilet since I've been writing this but now I'm gonna try to go.

Okay I'm pushing but it feels big so I'm gonna squat on the toilet because that always helps. I've also drank water and coffee today, so I'm fairly confident I can get this out.

Pushing (nnnngh!)

It's right at my hole so hopefully this won't be that hard. Gonna push again now.

I just pushed again and got a 4 inch turd out with a little piece as well.

Pushing now

Just got another out, this ones about 2 inches, I might be done.

Just pushed out another 2 incher, and now I'm empty

Luckily i didn't need any help on that one haha. The live poop stories are my favorite because I feel like I'm pushing along with someone. Feel free to submit one as well so we can help each other!



Response to Braidy's Survey

1) When you were young how much attention did your parents pay to the condition of your underwear?
Not too much. They weren't very concerned with that once I got out of diapers.

2) How understanding were they when you had a pee soil or crap skidmark?
Like I said, my parents weren't too obsessive over the condition of my panties, but when I had skidmarks or pee stains they were very understanding.

3) Did you ever have a complete dump in your underwear? If so, what caused it? If you told your parents, what did they say?
Yes. I did at school once. My parents picked me up, and despite trying to hide it, the smell gave it away. When we got home, my pants and panties were removed and put in the wash, and I had to stand in the shower while my mom cleaned my privates and bottom. Certainly not the most dignified thing!

4) Did your parents do panty counting? How many were missing before they became suspicious?
Nope, they never did that

5) Where were the soiled panties disposed of? Why was this decision made? Was there any follow-up that you know of?
I don't know where they were disposed of. It was made because my panties were too messed to be able to clean. No follow up.

Male or Female? Age at time?
Female. I was around 7, 8 or 9 at the time.


My survey

Saw a lot of people posting surveys so I thought I should create my own!

1. Females: when you poop, do you wipe your privates and butt from the front, in between your legs, or do you wipe yourself from behind while you're wiping your butt, or do you wipe your privates first through the front and then wipe your bottom from the back?

2. Do you wipe sitting or standing?

3. Has anyone ever walked in on you peeing or pooping?

4. Have you ever walked in on someone else peeing or pooping?

5. How long do you sit on the toilet after a poop? Right when you're done or do you sit there for a while, on your phone?

6. Have you ever used a doorless stall?

7. Have you ever gone to the bathroom outside? What did you wipe with?

8. Have you ever been encouraged by someone while you were pooping?

9. Have you ever encouraged someone while they pooped?


For mushrooms

wanted to share with you a story about how I did my first shit in front of my husband.
My husband and I were in the woods in the morning, picking mushrooms. Around 11-00 I really wanted to use the toilet. I should have done shit. I told my husband about it and wanted privacy. He smiled and said no need to go far. I moved to the other side. There was a Bush around me. Took off his pants and panties. Sat down and began . Almost immediately began to get caught the first poop. The husband stood up and looked in my direction. I was a little confused because I only made PI-PI in front of him early. Soon has fallen the latter a turd. I didn't have toilet paper. So I just got up and pulled my panties and pants on my ass. I was a little ashamed, and my husband noticed it. He said if I wanted to, I could look at him when he was doing shit, too. I liked the idea. We have become further to collect mushrooms. A couple hours later, my husband said he had to do shit. He walked a little to the side, took off his pants and sat down. I was looking at his cock. A second later, he poured urine. He began to squeeze poop. It was really fun to watch. When the last piece of shit hit the ground, he got up and pulled his pants. Said his ass was too dirty because we didn't bring toilet paper. When we got home, our panties were very dirty. But it was an interesting experience.


Dear Paige

Hi Paige! Its Bianca. I'm 5 2, almost 30 with cerebral palsy, and am blind. Sorry to hear you had the stomach bug so much as a kid, and you trusted a fart when it was really a shart. There's been a few instances where I had what I thought were sharts, but were not. One time, I freaked a bit internally, and thought I was going to miss my ride when I was doing my work experience training as part of a program that I graduated from. Luckily though when I went into the half-bathroom attached to my bedroom and checked myself, I was good. Yes Paige, I've had the experience of emptying both ends, and even having such strong dry heaves that I forcefully pooped a semi-large poo into the toilet. Today was a great day concerning farts, because Mom did some good bass ones on the toilet after I watched my favorite Youtube chanel on the tablet. Here's a sad, but still interesting story. There was a documentary I heard about a girl named Brooke Greenberg. She has a rare syndrome in wich she ages normally, but stays infant sized. Of course that means she can't use the toilet. I have know idea how much people made fun of her, or if they did, but I bet some things were embarrassing especially being treated like a baby when she was older. In that case, her parents would've had to advocate for her, and maybe say something like "She has a rare syndrome". If there are others like her, I know their life is hard at times, too.Hope you enjoyed this interesting end to my post. Bye!



Poop Therapist

To Paige
I have an advanced medical condition and have reduced energy for physical tasks. The problem is that it often affects my colon and the transit time from eating to expelling can be a bit slow. Also I do not have the energy for a good long push. I my area there are places that offer massages ( certainly not prostitution, because the areas that many massage places work from are not zoned for such activities. In fact the person I see does not even do "happy endings" is strictly therapy. The person I see when I am in the area and need a BM and think it would be a hard one etc and all this coincides...she takes me into the toilet...rubs my back as I sit there trying to push etc...last time I was so impacted she put her gloved finger up my rectum and told me to push against it and kept pushing and as she withdrew it all came out in a long brown snake.
I find it really helpful. Hope that answers your question.

Yo I'm not sure where to go with this question but I think this story was on this website but I could be wrong. Trying to find a story (it's pretty long). It's about this woman on a plane (with her husband I believe) and the plane is experiencing turbulance but she can't hold in her shit so she poops her panties in the seat. But then the plane makes a landing and she has to go like straight to somewhere else and doesn't change out of it. Then her boss calls her and makes her give a presentation at that moment. She's just in her pooped panties but feels the urge to go more and doesn't think anyone will notice so she starts pushing and her boss says something like "jeez ______ haven't you gone enough?!?" And she laughs it off and finishes. And more stuff happens but it's really hot so any help would be appreciated.


To Abbie

Hi Abbie, it's great to see you posting again! I hope things are good with you and hope to see you posting again.

I've had a few things recently that I haven't got around to posting, including a very near major accident, but I've been so busy! I'll try to post soon.

Grace P

Aunt Mandy

During the summer I went on vacation with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. They aren't really related to me, but we're close like family.

Anyway, one night we were driving to the suite. My Uncle Jake was driving and Aunt Mandy was in the passengers seat. Aunt Mandy was wearing a tank top over her bathing suit top, but still had her bottoms on. She is 5'8, skinny, and has curly brown hair that goes to just above her shoulders.

Me and my cousins were talking when an awful smell hit our noses. Aunt Mandy asked who farted, and all of us said no. A few minutes later the awful smell returned and Aunt Mandy once again asked who farted, and we all said no again. My cousins, Jordan and Riley start accusing Uncle Jake of doing it.

Well a few minutes later a loud fart was heard and the awful smell once again returned. The sound had came from Aunt Mandy's side and Uncle Jack pointed to her and said "IT WAS YOU!" Aunt Mandy laughed and said "All three farts were me".

But the story doesn't end there. We reached the suite we went into the elevator. Our room was on the 20th floor. The moment the doors closed, Aunt Mandy went up to the doors, put her hands on the doors, bent over a little, and loudly farted.

Someone how it smelled worse than the other ones. I was legit gagging! Aunt Mandy was laughing her ass off while the rest of us were dying. The moment the doors opened we dashed out.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Hey guys it's Paige again and this time I wanted to share some childhood stories regarding bathroom stuff!

When I was little, me and my parents were driving to my grandparents house which was about 3 hours away. I had just been potty trained and was wearing "big girl undies" for the first time. My parents brought the diaper bag with us just in case, although I was insistent that I wouldn't need them.

About halfway through, I got bad stomach cramps. I made the mistake of letting out a fart. I ended up pooping myself. There was no hiding it; my parents could smell it and hear it. I was so upset that I'd had an accident in my brand new underwear.

My dad pulled over and my mom changed me in the backseat. Cars were passing by, and she had to keep the car door open to change me, and I liked my privacy so I was pretty embarrassed being exposed like that. My mom got the baby wipes and wiped my privates, then put me in the diaper position (legs straight up) and wiped my bottom. She put the diaper on me and put my soiled clothes in a plastic bag. When we got there, I removed my diaper and sat on the little potty my grandparents had at their house for me to use. I peepeed and did more poopies and I felt a little more grown up.

Another time, I was on the potty with my pants and underwear down to my ankles, peeing and in the process of pooping, and my mom burst into the bathroom. The little potty was right next to the toilet, so she quickly yanked everything down and the second she sat down, she started farting loudly, holding her stomach and peeing. She had explosive diarrhea. The smell was pretty bad, so I held my nose and laughed, but mom wasn't really in the mood for joking around. She wiped herself, and stood up and pulled up her pants and flushed. By that time, I was all finished too so she also wiped me and washed her hands. That was the first time I remember pooping with my mom.

I could be pretty stubborn at times as a child. My aunt was babysitting me and told me to try to pee before we went out. I wouldn't even go as far as to get on the toilet. But she made me. I was on the toilet, pants down to ankles, just sitting there. I was pretty embarrassed to be honest. She sat right in front of me and waited for me to pee. I did have to pee but didn't want to at that moment for some reason. But my aunt made me sit there until I peed, and after a few minutes I finally did.

Has anyone seen a parent on the toilet? I've seen both mom and dad on the toilet many times. T, you might like this; sometimes, when my mom would be on the toilet, I'd get in front of her, look between her legs and tell her to push, though this wasn't a huge thing, just a few here and there. I was fascinated with watching bodily functions. Also, I happened to see my dad on the toilet having a hard time pooping. I saw him half stand up to look behind and below him to see how much of the poop was out. I saw the poop hanging from his bottom, I found it kind of funny!

Also, a few times when I was younger I'd get sick with bugs that had both vomiting AND diarrhea. Fun, huh? I had a lot of stomach bugs as a kid. My mom was always in the bathroom to help me. Usually I sat on the toilet for the diarrhea and threw up into a trash can held in front of me. But I remember a few times I decided I'd prefer to be on the floor instead of on the toilet. I decided to throw up into the toilet and either fully take off my pants or at least pull them down to at least my knees if not ankles. I'd have accidents on the bathroom floor because it was coming out of both ends! I remember feeling embarrassed and like a baby because my mom would wipe me, front and back, to clean me after these accidents. I also sometimes got showers for the lower part of my body only, to get off the poop.

Anyone have any similar stories? If so I'd love to hear them!

Anna from Austria

Reply to Erin

I really liked the Story about your poop at the movies.

I indeed have two places where i always end having a poo. A cafe when having some coffee. The other place is when eating at a mexican Restaurant. The spicy Food causes me going Number 2 pretty bad and fast.

@all Nothing new to Report yet. I am quite busy with preparing my trip to South Korea. Maybe I have to Report some stories afer coming back from Korea. I also wonder if there are more Squat or more modern toilets. I hope it will be similar to my trip to Japan when i always had some modern toilets to my disposal.

Greetings from Austria


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