Panty counting

The team I coached traveled to a road game and stayed overnight in a hotel. Meeha, a friend of mine back when we were just starting middle school, lives in that city and suggested we go out for a few drinks while I was there. We did. Its been more than 15 years since she and I competed on the same team and we became pretty good friends. Then my parents moved away so I was interested in catching up with Meeha. See her parents were very strict with her and they had zero tolerance for toilet mishaps. Sometimes at school she would be a bit constipated, probably because she didn't like to crap at school. Numerous complaints from lack of privacy to dirty conditions. Sometimes she would try and hold her crap but a fart, the physicality of team practice, or other things could cause Meeha to have an accident in her underwear. I think the first time she had an accident, she cleaned her panty out, but her mom hit the roof about the amount of soiling. Meeha was honest with her mom when she was questioned, but her mom at one point grounded her for two weeks. One of those weeks was spring break so the punishment hurt more.

That caused Meeha to throw soiled panties out. If others weren't around, she would use the trashcan at school. Once at the mall, with the big crowd in the bathroom, she just flushed it. I told her that probably would clog the plumbing, but she couldn't think of any other way to get rid of the evidence. She didn't worry about replacing the first pair. She borrowed from me after about the third incident. Unfortunately that wasn't before her mom had started the panty counting. So she got more punishment this time, largely because her mom saw some yellow stains from when Meeha had some leaks when the lines got too long during passing periods for toilets. I remember lending Meeha money for three-packs sometimes and one time a five-pack and I stored them for her. One evening when my parents were out we washed the new undies so they would have a used look. We were lucky we had no trouble replacing the exact brand her mother had purchased.

Meeha moved out of her parents' house right after high school. She loved college and, like me, is working on a graduate degree now. The panty counting didn't seem to mark her too badly, but in paying for my dinner and a lot of drinks, she insisted on paying me for bailing her out.

Here's a survey below:

1) When you were young how much attention did your parents pay to the condition of your underwear?

2) How understanding were they when you had a pee soil or crap skidmark?

3) Did you ever have a complete dump in your underwear? If so, what caused it? If you told your parents, what did they say?

4) Did your parents do panty counting? How many were missing before they became suspicious?

5) Where were the soiled panties disposed of? Why was this decision made? Was there any follow-up that you know of?

Male or Female? Age at time?

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Anna from Austria


Doing Survey this time

1: How old are you 32 Female

2: How many bathrooms do you have: One bathroom.

3: How big are your poops: Quite big logs, rather soft

4: Where do you poop the most (School, Home, etc): Work, mall or cafes. I am rather a morning pooper and have to go during the morning a time when I am rarely at home.

5: Where do you put your bottoms at (Pants, Shorts, etc.) in That aspect I am rather weird, when thinking about it. At home I put my underwear down to my feat, at public restrooms just to the ankles.

6: How long does it take to take a poop 5 to 10 min. Most of the time about 5.

7: Do you poop with friends Not on purpose, but sometimes it happens. Just with female friends though.

8: Do your feet hang off the toilet No.

9: Do you fart when you poop Yes every time when I do my number 2.

10: Have you ever been walked in Rarely but happend.

So thats it for today

greetings from Austria



Checking in on my 38th Birthday!

Dear Toiletstool,

It's been a long time and I thought that I would check in. It's my birthday and have the day off. My little man is entertaining himself right now! To re-introduce myself, I'm from the south, 6'1, 200 lbs (my new normal since pregnancy), curvy and athletic. I'm married to Alan, who had two daughters from a previous marriage. I refer to them as Chloe and Zoe, to protect their identities. I've had an almost unhealthy obsession with defecation for as long as I can remember, and this site became an outlet for me nine years ago. I work as a pharmacist in a small-town pharmacy, restaurant and gift shop that I built and then sold. Now, I work their full-time, and enjoy pharmacy without the burden of running a business.

My bowel habits have returned to normal, along with my appetite, in the months following birth, which are two, large, voluminous bowel movements daily, one in the morning and one in the evening. I eat a high-fiber diet with vegetarian recipes, though I am not a strict vegetarian.

I do have one story that happened before school started, in late July, that I hope will be entertaining. Chloe, our oldest, was entering the 8th grade. I've adopted her, as her biological mother abandoned her. I took her shopping at a mall in the big city. We were looking for outfits that would suit her for school and for church. Being a Saturday, I slept a little later and did not have my morning doodie before leaving. We were in the Von Maur when a strong urge to go hit me like a ton of bricks.

I told Chloe that I needed to go to the bathroom and that she would need to finish up. She was in the changing room. She found a very expensive pair of jeans that fit her now curvy, womanly body perfectly. Normally I would have said no, but I had to go so badly that I no longer cared. Chloe put her clothes back on and told me that she needed to go as well. I told her of my need, that it was not just a pee. She concurred that she would need some time too.

I had never buddy-dumped with my newly adopted daughter, so this would be some nice bonding time. We really have grown close. She would not normally do this with me unless it was an emergency. We gave our clothing to the woman helping us, told her that we needed the restroom and that we would be back to purchase the items.

We were both wearing summer sun dresses, and had our hair in ponytails. Chloe and I entered one of the most immaculate restrooms we had been in. We both took stalls side-by-side, leaving the handicap stall as the only one. As soon as my butt was seated and positioned, the turtle head of the stool began to crown. It created a lot of pressure at first, but a positive sensation. Then the thick anaconda of my high fiber leftovers slithered its way into the bowl, leaving me feeling a little light headed and dazed. The smell I created was pretty strong, but healthy. Meanwhile, Chloe began her movement with a pee, then I heard a familiar crackling and plopping from her stall. It sounded like a lot of healthy poo. Her aroma added to the already strong smell of poop in the room.

After I urinated, I decided to sit for a while, to see if there were any aftershocks. Chloe farted on the toilet and released a couple more plops. She giggled a little and said "sorry." I began cleaning myself with the Charmin that I keep in my purse. Chloe asked if she could use some of my toilet paper and I passed it under the stall.

Afterwards, we flushed, washed our hands at the sink and left the bathroom. I was grateful we were undisturbed. It was a good bonding experience. As we proceeded to the cash register, two middle-aged, snotty looking women entered the bathroom. When we finished paying we heard them exiting the bathroom, both with looks of disgust on their faces. They complained about the smell with their nasally accents. Chloe and I looked at each other, and Chloe giggled.

On the car ride home, Chloe said that she really had begun to feel close to me and that she felt comfortable bonding over our good poops. I smiled, but shed a tear knowing that MY daughter loved me.

Love to all! Miss you! I doubt I can post again, but wanted to say hello!



Dump at the movies

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I'm really busy with school and just haven't had time. Today I'm gonna talk about a dump I had while at the moves with some friends of mine!
So, last week 2 other girlfriends and I decided to go see a movie at the mall! It was about 9 o'clock and I had had class during the day. We had had dinner before and had also gone shopping. I hadn't gone since that morning before my class but I really didn't feel like I would be expecting to have to poop.
Anyways we got to the movies and all of us went to the bathroom before to pee. My friends who we'll call Allie and Jenna went in, and took our stalls. The bathroom wax paper pretty busy but we found stalls next to each other. All of us peed and washed our hands and left. As we got to the movie I felt my stomach kinda feel uneasy. As the movie started I could feel my poop knocking and thought I could hold it till I got back to my dorm but as the movie went on it got worse. On another note, it's like every time I go to a movie theater I always have to poop!! It's happened the last couple times and it had nothing to do with the popcorn or soda I just end up having to poop! It's in the middle of the movie and I realize I can't hold it. I tell Allie I have to go to the bathroom and make my way there. I get in and it's really busy. A movie has just let out and lots of people were peeing with a couple people pooping. A stall opened up and I went in. I had two people bedside me both liked to be peeing. The toilet looked clean so I pulled my leggings and thong to my knees and started to pee. The person next to me was replaced by a Mom and young daughter. As I finished peeing I started to push. My poop was really big but it slid out with ease and made a big sploosh in the bowl. I sighed when it landed. My stall really started to stink. The little girl who was probably around 7 whispered to her mom "mommy it's stinky!", the mom replied "shhh, it's not nice to say that around people sweetie". I didn't mind it, I knew I was really causing quite the smell. As I continued pushing a person in the stall on my right came in and shut the door quick and sat down. She pulled her tight jeans down and peed. After she finished, she just sat there for a bit in silence. I could feel another poop coming and I could help but kinda grunt as a pushed. The log came out with a little toot and I could see the line through the gap of the stall getting longer. The girl next to me then farted kinda loud and I heard a coouole plops land. She then started wiping. I didn't feel quite done and continued to poop. It was honestly one of the toughest piping sessions I'd had in a while and would've honestly liked to have it somewhere less than the movies. I could feel this monster turd crown and I pushed kinda hard and boy was it LONG. The relief was amazing as it came out. It dropped with a sloosh. I looked in the bowl to see my progress. All three turds were really long. The first one was floating while the other two were curled up in the bowl at the bottom. I felt done and a lot better and started to wipe. The toiolet paper was that cheap half ply and it took a while to get clean. I probably wiped around 8 or 9 times, flushed mand pulled up my leggings and thong and went to wash my hands. I left some major skid mark. As I was washing,I got some looks as I held up a few people. I don't mind. If ya gotta go ya gotta go! I made it back to my friends and after the movie they commented, "you always have to poop when you're at the movies!" And I just don't know why this happens?? Does this happen to anyone else where you have this one place where no matter what it is you end up having to go poop??
Anyways thanks for reading my story! Bye for now!

Wiping survey

I'm taking a poop at work right now during my break. There is no toilet paper in my stall. I have a few options

1) waddle with my pants down to check for paper in the next stall
2) surrender my panties ( they are black, but it's a thong. Probably no skid marks, but it will feel gross.
3) procrastinate until someone else comes in and ask

I'm going for number 3...

Here is a survey I'm curious about ?
1) are you a guy or girl?
2) if you are out of toilet paper do you waddle with you panties/underwear down to search or pull up your pants/underwear ?
3) have you ever not wipes after pooping in public and if so how long did you go without cleaning yourself or changing
4) how many times do you wipe?
5) do you have a hairy butt?
6) if you have a hairy bum, do you thing it affects you ability to wipe completely with dry toilet paper?
7) do you know anyone who shaved or waxes their hole ?
8) does waxing your hole help with hygiene ?

I will answer my own survey soon. Until then, I'm going waddle to the next stall now


A scare

Dear Simmee: What a scary toilet-related Pumpkin Patch Story! I think I had a haunted house experience at the ???? in ???? as a child, but don't remember. Here's something funny I read today. I was reading on Reddit about not being able to cancel elevator buttons, and someone said "You can't unshit a turd." That's certainly true especially if its gone beyond turttleheading. The funniest thing I've been doing lately is sleeping with my favorite pen from Otis Elevator lol! I put it back on my nightstand if I have to go to the bathroom at night, then pick it up again to put beside me below my pillow when laying back down. Anyway, I'm glad Merika was able to do a poop in the scary haunted bathroom especially with the sound system blasting spooky words.

Anatomy student

Re: melanie

I'm sorry to hear you're still having trouble with constipation. You need to talk to your mom about how she is stressing you out and stress is a major factor when it comes to constipation. If you can't relax your body won't be able to let things slide easily.

I would recommend an enema considering how long it has been.

Dried fruits can actually make things worse. Your stool is already too dry. You need soluble fiber that holds water in. Try eating apples, papayas, mangos, or plumbs. Avoid bananas though, as they cause constipation. Pickled okra always cleans me out thoroughly, I swear it's like a natural laxative and it tastes great! Drink more water and less caffeine, especially if you take iron supplements.

Hope you feel better soon :)

Optional Poster:
Thank you! I'm glad you liked my story.

Your therapist helps you poop? How does that work? Does it happen over the phone? I'd be very interested in hearing those stories!


Re Accident in College

Hi Katie,

I have also pooped on myself from waiting to long when I was in College. Have you ever pooped in your pants before College? I had a few both before and after college. Sometimes we hold it a little to long and Poop accidents happen. Not really that big of a deal though.

After reading the posts on here about having a 'push buddy', I just had to share that I have one too! She's my co-worker Amy. One of us can usually sense when the other is constipated. Several years ago we were doing a formal presentation at work and we were having the day from hell. Nothing was going right, our boss was fuming, my feet were killing me from running around in high heels all morning, and to top it off I was constipated (of course). I should have taken my Correctol the night before but I didn't. Finally when we broke for lunch I was in the ladie's room, trying to pass the brick in my rectum, and I felt so bad and frustrated I started to sob. Amy was in the next stall and asked me what was the matter and I told her. She had been constipated too and had a jar of glycerin suppositories in her purse! She gave me one and I inserted it, then we had lunch and after a half hour we went back in the bathroom and I was finally able to do my push job. Since then we've been pretty open about our bathroom issues. If I don't do my push job at home in the morning, I usually try again around ten when we take our break. If either one of us is in the stall for a really long time, the other usually asks if she 'needs help'.
So this morning neither one of us had had a poop all weekend. On break we went in the ladie's and got stalls next to each other, there was a lot of breath-holding and grunting but fortunately we both managed to move our bowels. What a relief!
Several of my live-in boyfriends have been push buddies too. If they saw me taking a laxative, or heard me mention that I was constipated, they would come and sit with me and hold my hand and encourage me. I don't mind sharing that at all, it's comforting and reassuring to me to have someone with me when I'm having trouble getting it to come out.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


To Melanie

Melanie, I'm sorry to hear your still struggling to go for a poo and that the dried fruit hasn't helped. You need to make sure your drinking loads of water too otherwise the fibre in the dried fruit will cause even more bulk in your colon which at the moment will probably just make it even harder for you to have a poo. I would have been mortified if my mum had known I was constipated, luckily my parents both work a lot and are out of the house most of the time and its been that way for ages, so even when I was younger I was able to keep my poo struggles private. Could you go round a friends you trust and see if you can have a decent poo there? I was much more relaxed about trying to have a poo with a friend as they didn't try to take charge of me, they just helped me through it which is what I needed. It sounds like you really need to take your time on the loo and try to pass the big log which is just sitting there, it will be hard but you'll feel alot better when you've done it. I really hope you are able to have a good poo soon and your mum eases up a bit.


Pumpkin Patch & Spook House

Our city has a large pumpkin patch and spook house park that is quite popular this time of the year. With schools out for a couple of days due to conferences, I took Merika, an 8-year-old girl I babysit to the park for the afternoon and evening. When I picked her up at her home, she faked coming out of the bathroom because she knows I require it. See now has difficulty in using many public toilets because well she gets nervous about the lack of privacy and some other things that are different from home.

We were up in the hills looking at pumpkins and taking a hayrack ride when Merika first started to squirm. I knew that she had to pee and that's when she reluctantly admitted faking me about at home. The ride was horse-drawn and the horse was as slow as they come. Of course, there were no toilets within blocks. The wagon was fully of other children and adults and pulling her pants down and peeing into the hay was not going to work. After about 20 minutes I asked the driver if he could stop and luckily there was a PT about 5 minutes away.

When we got up to the flat black unit with a white skeleton on the door I know that Merika didn't like the attention she was creating. The others at first were a little upset about stopping, but Merika and I got off. I quickly opened the door for her--luckily it didn't fall off in my hand because it was that loose. What I saw inside was greatly gross, but we had no alternative. Just pushing Merika in and closing the door caused a stench whiff to reach most of the others because the wagon was parked so close.

After a couple of minutes I knocked easily on the door and asked Merika how she was doing. Her voice was mumbled due to the noise outside and I didn't dare open the door because I would have exposed her sitting on the toilet to 20 or so others. After a couple more minutes, Merika opened the door, came out fast and as I was helping her back onto the wagon she whispered to me that she had only been able to pee a little. A few minutes later we stopped at the top of a hill and we got to look at pumpkins of all sizes and some different shapes. We were allowed to take one back and the ride back took about 15 minutes.

When we got back to the main building, I knew Merika needed to finish her pee but there must have been five kids in front of her for the bathroom. She was in pain but I whispered to her to remember how she was learning her lesson. She cried a bit but it didn't last long. Finally the door opened and a girl about Merika's age called for her mother without totally exiting. The mom was shopping elsewhere in the store so I asked the girl what she needed and she said the toilet paper was out. So I went over to the clerk, got an extra roll and gave it to the girl. I did the best I could to encourage Merika, but I wanted her to learn her lesson.

Finally, the door opened and the girl came out thanking me for helping her. I took Merika by the hand into the small one-toilet closet. The smell made it obvious that the other girl had pooped. And also probably a few others before her. Merika couldn't wait to get up on the toilet. The line was getting longer and I know that made her nervous as she sat with her undies against her shoes. The toilet was of a rather large size and I figured her discomfort sitting with feet off the floor was the reason why I didn't hear any piss hitting the water in the bowl.

At that point she jumped down and asked if she could sit with me. It has worked before so I pulled my jeans down and sat about halfway back on the seat while I spread my legs wide and grabbed Merika and pulled her back against me. Her pee started almost immediately. She loves being hugged and a peck or two on her semi-long hair helps also. Within a minute she was done, but I urged her to sit for another minute, time that allowed me to contribute an ounce or so to the double-pee. Then we washed our hands and walked by the line that wasn't getting any shorter.

After supper, an old barn building was opened as a spook house. I don't know if it was the tap on her back from a witch flying above or something else, put she announced it was time for her #2. At the other side of the building I saw a flashing "Enter at your own risk" sign with a toilet seat (white with simulated blood on it) swinging from the ceiling. I took Merika to the door, quickly surveyed the one-person toilet cubicle for toilet paper, and told her to do her thing.
This was a more modern toilet with an auto-flush something that Merika has not seen at her school or other places, I guess she slid forward off the seat and back on again as part of her poo-push and at that point the flusher activated. It really spooked her and she threw the door open to me in tears.

It didn't help that while I was in there tearing off toilet paper and checking it (her wipes away from home are far from adequate) when several multiple flashing lights went off and the sound system blasted what sounded like a shriek Fire--You're Going to Burn! with what sounded like an organ, drum and some of the scariest words I heard for a while. I insisted though that Merika clean herself (it took 7 tries) before we came out. She was shaking and so was I, but we spent another hour there before heading back home.


Bed pee and ideas

Hello everyone, I appreciate the feedback I got! Today I'll share what happened after my last story. This happened pretty recently. So I didn't see Alexis for about a week after she came over and peed on the back porch. We text some but didn't really talk much about anything pee related. Finally one day we both were free in the evening, and she wanted to come over and hangout. Of course I knew she wanted me to watch her go, and I was sure she had some new idea to try out. So she came over and watched some tv. She said she had to go pee but wanted to hold it for a while longer. So we had some snacks and just relaxed. After an hour or so she told me she was ready to pee, as she had to go pretty bad. I asked her what she wanted to do. "I want to pee on something" she said. I asked her what she meant. She told me that we should go to my room and find something. So we went up to my room, even though I was still kind of confused. We got to my room and she saw my bed. She asked if she could pee on it. I was pretty surprised she suggested that! I didn't really know what to say. She was really excited and wanted to that though. But I didn't want my mattress destroyed, so I told her she could go on my pillows. She seemed pretty happy to do that, but she said she wanted to go on my whole bed. I asked her why and she said she liked making a mess. Problem was she couldn't really do it at her house because her parents would find out. I told her mine would too! She seemed bummed out, and I didn't want to miss this chance to see her pee again, as I really enjoy it. So I ended up letting her do it. She got super excited when I said she could. I got out an extra blanket and layed it on the bed so that it would absorb more pee and not have as much get into the mattress. Alexis then pulled her leggings and panties off. I could only stare at her full pale butt as it jiggled from her doing a little pee dance as she got her panties off around her ankles. She climbed onto my bed and sat her bare ass on my pillow. She leaned back against the headboard and spread her legs.

I was standing off to the side as she gave me a big smile and said "alright…here goes!". Within seconds urine spurted out of her vagina. She giggled and then a full thick stream of the golden liquid sprayed out of her onto my bed! It hissed as she soaked my blankets and pillow with her piss. Her pee flooded out, reaching about a foot or so from her womanhood. She then said 'watch this'. I saw her muscles around her crotch contract as she pushed. Her stream picked up tremendously as it hissed very loudly. Her pee arched up and easily cleared the length of my bed! She used her hands to pull up on her labia and skin around her vagina to help arc the stream. I stood in awe as Alexis power pissed in my room! It hissed loudly as it sprayed out. She also pushed some farts out along with her piss. It showered my whole bed and the floor in front of it. "I love this so much!" she said as she continued to urinate. "Me too!" I told her. After a few more seconds of this strong peeing, it tapered off. She then let two farts off into my pillow. "All done!" she said. My bed was absolutely soaked. I was pretty impressed by the pee Alexis just did. I was glad I let her do it, as it was pretty amazing to witness. Alexis got up and pulled her panties and leggings. I decided to get some paper towels to soak up some of the pee. We cleaned it up best we could and threw away the towels. I just let the rest dry. I liked the idea of letting it soak in my bed.

After that was done we went back to watching tv. Alexis then started talking about more pee ideas. I told her we should try measuring both the amount of her pee, and how far she could pee. She told me she wants to find out both of those. She then told me she wants to pee some place really bad. I asked her what it was. She told me my car. I asked what she meant. "Well…after I peed in car, even though it was an accident, I realized how much I liked doing it. I know its wrong, but I just found it so…thrilling to do. Making a mess like that." She explained. I told her I understand, that it was like my bed. But I told her I would have to think about it. So after that we hung out for a little bit longer and then she had to go home. By that time my bed was still wet, and my room smelled like pee. So I got some air fresheners. I changed my sheets, and saw my mattress was wet. I was ok with it though, as I found it awesome to have Alexis' pee soaked into my stuff.

Well that's the end of that story. I have another one to tell, and then I'll be caught up. Based on everyone's feedback, I think we will keep these pee adventures going!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anonymous great story it sounds like you had a great 2 stage poop it sounds like the first one was just a warm up for the main event later on.

To: Brittany B great of stories it sounds that girl in the costume had a really good poop.

To: Mina as always another great story.

To: Benjamin great story it sounds like Carrie really had to poop and a lot as well.

To: Sylvia great set of stories.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

After 18 months of having diarrhea 30 minutes after eating I have recently found blood in my poop.
My primary care doctor is arranging for me to have a colonoscopy.
For those of you who suffer from chronic constipation, the preparation they give you is like liquid dynamite.
I'm just dreading the taste of the prep as my local hospital gives you a well known brand with artificial lemon and lime flavour which doesn't taste very nice.
The colonoscopy is the easy part as you are sedated and given IV pain relief.
Wish me luck that everything comes back okay and it is just a worsening of my IBS.


Butt Mud Term

To Optional Person: I never heard the term "butt mud" before. I'm guessing your poo was like sludge. I've done sludge times before, too. Today I did a couple of poos both at home, and I've started to warn mom that I stunk it up sometimes. I did a medium/somewhat smelly turd after KFC. I also had some spicy chicken earlier with ????, and mashed potatoes, so who knows what tommorrow's poos will feel like. Speaking of poo, I had to get what I'm sure was mouse fecal material out of some of my plush items yesterday, and that was gross.

That Girl <3

To T

Your constipation got better? How?

Ive tried suppositories a few times and I'm not a big fan, I feel like they don't help getting everything out and that makes me really frustrated, how about you?
Also, how is it to be coached and how is it to push with someone else?
Hope you tell some abt your experience.


Questions about pooing

Just a quick post as Paige's post struck a chord with me and raised a question.
What was the deciding factor to your Mom saying that perhaps you weren't ready or saying that you had to keep pushing? Was it that on the days you were told to keep pushing that you hadn't been for a few days? Also how long were you made to stay on the toilet trying?
Was it at school where your friends helped you ?
Hope you don't mind me asking but if you e read my earlier posts you will see my situation was very similar.


Jaz K


Long day

Today was one of those days where you just want to go sit on the toilet but life won't let you. I umpire softball on the weekends and yesterday we did several games and while I occasionally took a pee break I never sat down for a poop. By the time I got home I had no real need to go so I settle on a shower and beer instead of trying to force a dump out. This morning I woke up with a little twinge but was in a hurry to get back to the ballpark and get my games started. As the day and afternoon went on the need built to a pretty strong urge to go. In my last game before my break I was standing around between inning and relaxed and my hole actually started to open. I closed it back up and squeezed everything back up in place and prayed for the end of the game. Finally we were done and I had an hour to get this beast out. I power walked to the facilities and seated myself in record time. As soon as my bum hit the seat the head poked out but then waited for my to empty my bladder before proceed the rest of the way out. The first turd was probably 10 inches but the next one just curled out of me and was easily a foot and a half long. The relief was immense. When I was done I reached for the paper and started the clean up. Unfortunately I got some on my hand and spent ten minutes trying to make sure I was completely clean but I went back to the fields refreshed and empty. Excellent poop and well worth the wait IMO.
Happy popping everyone


My first outdoor dump while hiking

Hi first I'm have visited this site and reading others posts for sevral years. I am a 17 year old male 5 fr 8 from southern new york. Today we had before going in a long group hike and this morning I peed before but felt a small urge to shit. I decided I wanted to do it in the woods. So we hiked for a wile then we stopped for lunch at the top. So at that point I decided to go then scince it would have been perfect time. So I looked and found a spot next to a tree. It was very windy and cold. So I undid my belt and squared down I felt it poke my bum go back in. So I pushed and softly grunted and did this a few time and it would slowly making progress. The tip was sticking out I pushed a little it slowly started to move and advently hit the ground. It was knobbly and about from it was about 2.5 inches long in length and 3 inches thick
It was soft enough I squashed it with a sick. Hope to poop outdoors again. &#128077;&#128512;


Push Buddies & Paige

Could not agree more...I have had some turds that have been so hard that I have almost passed out trying to expel them.
Somebody holding your hand and rubbing my back really helps .
I get to a point when the stool starts to move I get beyond the point of no return and have to keep on pushing with all my might and then some.
If I am able and O feel I have a big stubborn turd to eject I go to my therapist who acts as a pooing wonders.
Paige, I think you mother has a great approach.

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