It's been a while since I posted but the last time I did I was still really constipated. And honestly, nothing has changed. Right now it's been nearly a week since anything has come out except pebbles and I'm so bloated. I can literally feel it sitting in my colon but it just won't come out.
I think I mentioned last time that my mother was going to get me some dried fruit to snack on in the hopes that it'll soften my poo, but all damn week I've been loading myself full of dried apricots, prunes and dates and all it's given me in gas and belly aches.
My mother has also been on my case about my constipation ever since the ordeal and every time I get up to go to the bathroom she's always asking, "How is your poo, Melanie?" or "Do you need help?" And it's so embarrassing. This morning when I came out of my room she even said, "Come here and let me feel your stomach." I was so nervous because I thought that she would be able to tell that I was full of poo but after her prodding, poking, pushing and rubbing she just let me go.
I don't know what to do. I don't want to ask for help again.

Optional Person

Huge load comes out quick

This morning before taking someone to the airport, I had to take a dump. I ran into the toilet quick when no one was paying attention and sat normally. And magic happened. A dump quickly crackled out of me and made a couple embarrassing loud popping sounds as it came out of my butt. as I am typing this I feel more settling into my butt. when I got up the toilet bowl hole was missing. it was covered up by a turd wrapped around itself a couple of times at least with little pieces on top of it. it was brown but with a jade green hint. it all flushed quickly. it isn't like I filled up the entire toilet, but for me filling up the hole with something rather large is pretty nice. it wiped pretty easy too.

Paige that was a really sweet story. As someone who is numb. all I can say is that made me go "aww" in my head.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Pete the poop

Garden centre relief

I was at the garden centre today and i needed to plant a few things myself. I carried on browsing until my bum told me id need to go pretty quick. I left my cart and hurried into the mens. 1 cubicle 1 urinal. I quickly tool my walking trousers and pants down and 4 to 5 logs shot out. It was all over in a min. I wiped up and left feeling mighty relieved


To BrentC and That Girl + push buddies

To BretC and That Girl,
Thanks so much for replying! Usually when I'm constipated I just drink a lot of water. I used to be much worse with constipation when I was younger, and my parents often gave suppositories. I find that it's a very nice and effective experience to have someone coach me through a difficult poop, and it's even nicer when both people are constipated and push together. If either of you want a push buddy, I'd be happy to help!

To anyone else: Don't be shy to contact me if you want a push buddy!


Dear Sylvia

I do your survey again. Maybe problem last time.

1. I am 27.

2. One bathroom my flat, one bathroom next door flat, I live in 2 flats with 3 friends. Bathroom and toilet are separate both flats. I don't like loo and bathtub in a same room.

3. My turds are very big, huge volume, usually I don't know exactly because I flush when I do about half of what I think to do. But when I went in nature, my pile was a bit bigger than large melon.

4. I poo the most in my flat.

5. Before I put my bottoms (that is panties, am I right??) at ankles, but now at knees. In hot summer, I take off them and put on shelf.

6. How long takes? 10 minutes is minimum. Last post, nearly half an hour.

7. Yes I poo with friends! We love!!! You can see many stories of our happy loo time in this site.

8. No. I am medium size. My friend Hisae, she almost hang.

9. Sometimes I fart. My friends too, especially Kazuko does it often and big noise.

10. Walked in on? N/A. Because in my flat, I never close door and my friends can see me in the action.

I hope this is satisfy to you. Old timer of this site know already these things. But you are new I think. You are very young! You don't need hurry to find your loo habits. All in a good time! Perhaps you will be shock about some things you see, not only me but other people. But you can understand, we are all different and have different loo idea, and because you are very young, you will need time to understand a many things. I and my friends wish you a good luck.

Are you American? Loo is British word, it mean toilet. My English is bad, but please don't angry. I am Korean live in Japan. One of my friends also Japanese Korean, she is Maho, and other two are Japanese.

Love from Mina


Peeing at the skateboarding park

Recently I had three students to tutor after school. When I left the library, the only bathroom nearby was already locked up. I had been holding my pee in for two hours and I had promised Beau, one of the 9th graders I work with, that I would walk over to the skateboarding park that afternoon and watch him practice. I had never been there before but was confident they had a bathroom because when there are competitions there, parents attend and sit in the stands. When I got across the street, my pee was a full emergency. I spotted a tiny bathroom building, about 1/4 the size of my bedroom, the entry door was open and I was confident. I noticed a lot of cobwebs on top of the door and bugs dead and alive on the floor. The only thing in the room was a really stained toilet stool with two things on top of the tank. One was a plunger and the other looked like a wheel busted off a skateboard. I took my bookbag off, placed it on the tank, hoping it wasn't going to fall over on me as I sat. I noticed the black seat had numerous splashes on it (and I quickly thought about why there can't be a spring on the seat because boys just never remember....), but I lowered my jeans and placed my butt on the wet, cool seat.

I was just starting my piss when I heard a woman pound her fists into the door, saying she had an emergency. When I told her it would be a couple of minutes she got angrier and hit the door harder, so hard that it partially opened. I recognized her as a student in one of my classes, but I didn't really know her. She was yelling at me to let her onto the toilet, saying she had taken a suppository at school a half hour earlier and that her asshole was exploding. It hurt me but I stopped my piss, got of the toilet and moved against the wall while she lifted her skirt, tore her panties down and thudded herself onto the seat in like one second. After about four blasts and messy splashes into the toilet that made me want to gag, and with me dripping a bit of piss, she complained about the toilets being closed at school. As she sat, she laid her head way down between her knees and said she felt like puking. There was nothing I could do because I was eagerly waiting for the toilet and wasn't about to halfway dress and go outside and stand and wait for her.

She pulled her undies over her shoes and off. Just looking at how badly damaged they were almost made me want to puke. Neither of us could believe there was absolutely no toilet paper. As she sat, I asked her if I could do a couple of flushes due to the smell that would have killed any bugs still alive. She stood and I did two flushes. There was no trashcan for her to toss her undies into. She gestured toward the bowl, but I stopped her because I didn't want a flood. She just tossed them over into the corner. As she pulled her skirt down and prepared to leave, she became very apologetic. On the other hand I no longer cared about the violation of my space. I reseated myself on the much warmer seat not really worrying about what was being exposed as she went out the door. I leaned forward to secure the lock and became more frustrated over the three our four minutes that it took to get my piss restarted. The odor was horrendous as I sat. While I was relieved to be pissing, the odor made me feel like I was going to die. When I got done I left the door open to air out the room and when I got home instead of immediately going to the kitchen and having dinner, I took a long hot shower and threw my clothing into the hamper. My dad asked what had happened but I told him it was not appropriate for supper conversation.

I'm the nameless poster who asked about potty experiences from childhood. Now I thought I'd use a name to call myself. Now I'm Paige. That'll be my name whenever I post here. So if people reply to me they will have a way to address me.

I saw T's post about being encouraged on the toilet. I have plenty of stories about that, plenty that he might enjoy, so I'll write them here for him to see! I hope you all like them.

I made it a point to poop before school every day in elementary school. My mom and dad have a bathroom in their room, so every morning I'd go in there and leave the door open. A few times, after lots of straining, my mom would tell me that maybe I just wasn't ready yet, or she would tell me to try to keep pushing. Also, my dad let me squeeze his thumb when I pushed.

I've had a few friends that have helped me on the toilet. I'd open my legs, and would push as hard as I could as they'd encourage me, saying stuff like "you're doing great, good job, keep pushing, almost there, you can do this, breathe." I really enjoyed that.

My mom helped me a few times too. One time, around the time I was potty trained, I got the urge to poop while we were out. I got her attention and told her "I have to go potty."
She took me to the women's room, and I took off my pants and underwear and she held them. I spread my legs wide open, and practically straddled the toilet. I peed, and my mom told me "good job! Look at you, such a big girl going pee pee in the potty!"
Then, I started pushing. I grunted and groaned, straining loudly. My mom kept encouraging me. "Okay sweetie, just push, push, push! You can do it!"
I kept pushing and a log started to come out of me, but it got stuck and just kept hanging there. I looked down between my legs, and my mom looked down there too to see how I was doing. She said "you're doing great baby, just keep pushing! You're almost there!"
I started to cry because of the pain of the poop being stuck halfway, and also because I kept pushing and it wasn't coming out. My mom gave me a few tissues and told me "come on honey, get those poopies out so you, me and dad can keep shopping! You really liked that dress in that store. The sooner you go poo poo, the sooner you can try on the dress!"
This of course gave me the courage to keep going, and eventually, after one final big push, it plopped out. My mom cheered and clapped and said "good job! I'm so proud of you! You'll get an extra special treat just for that!"
She wiped me and I put my pants and underwear on.

I remember a few other instances but I'm so tired! I hope you've enjoyed my stories!!

Pete the poop

Poo pouri and vi poo

Ive seen two adverts now for these which a funky poo smell. Anyone trued them? Personally i dont really care. I love a good poo and im happy to leave my scent (and occasionally my artwork)


Two Stories

I'm the Anonymous who wrote about having a huge dump after taking a laxative. I forgot to tell you about myself last time. I'm in my early 20s, rather fat with a big butt, female, and black. Today I have two stories.

The first one took place last week when I had Mexican food for dinner. I had a taco with nacho cheese in it, and a big burrito. Needless to say, the next morning my guts were a mess. I had really bad gas, too. I woke up with gas bubbling in my stomach, and when I woke up, I let out a big one. "Bbbbrrrrrrmppppfffffffftttt..." It stank a lot, and I knew I was going to have a big morning poo. I ran to the bathroom, pulled my pajama bottoms down and farted again while peeing a thick, urgent yellow stream. After peeing, I stayed seated and began pooping. I grunted as a big, soft, creamy turd began squeezing out of me with a high-pitched fart and loud crackling sounds. It burned a little bit too. "Uuungggh... pppppppfffffffffffftttttt crrrrrrrrckkk lll... sssssppppllllttttt..." Finally, it broke off into the toilet with a little chunk coming after it. "Fffffflooomp... plop!" I kept pushing but all that kept coming was gas. "Ssssspppppplllllttt! Vvvvvvvvp! Boooooooppppbbbbboooop!" I got up and saw a golden brown turd, rather thick and folded over. I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands and got ready for the rest of my day.

Later on, the rest of it came. I had to run to the toilet a few hours later, where I almost instantly started pooping. I pulled down my pants and panties and started pushing out really soft stuff that plopped softly into the toilet. "Ploop... plooooop... ploooop plooop" over and over again. The smell was unbearable. Finally, I finished, and wiped a lot, flushed and sprayed some apple scented air freshener. The rest of the afternoon, the bathroom smelled like apple pie and shit. I didn't poop for the rest of the day but I did rip a lot of silent farts.

My second story just happened not long ago today. I was sitting in the backyard on a bench and had the urge to pee. No one else was there, so I took off my pants and started peeing. I really had to go, so I peed a lot. I made a really wet muddy spot in the dirt below me. It was weird, but it was fun too.

That's all for today.

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Using a broken toilet

Hi it's Aaron again from the UK. I hope you are enjoying my stories. Another one for you. I play football (or soccer as some of you may know it!) in a Sunday league. Last weekend my team was playing away in another village. We won our game, but for the last 10 minutes of the game I was really starting to need a big poo. Anyway, following the game both teams headed back to the clubhouse to shower and change.

My team went to the away team changing room, but before I had a shower I decided to use the toilet first. We got in the changing room, but there were showers but no toilets. A sign pointed to the toilets through a door off the changing room. I headed down a dark corridor (this place was fairly old) and past the home team changing room. One of their team was ahead of me in the corridor and he went through a door at the end. He was in mid twenties with jet black scruffy hair. As I neared I noticed the sign for the men's toilet. I followed the guy in. The toilet was small and looked like it was not very well maintained. The worst thing was that it only had one cubicle and as I went in, the guy had just gone inside. I heard him pull his shorts down. I didn't really know what to do at this stage. Should I wait in the toilet outside, bearing in mind it was fairly small in there and I would probably hear this other guy's poo, or do I wait in the corridor? Postponing my poo wasn't an option as I really needed to go. I figured that lurking in the dark corridor would look a bit weird and I knew I would lose my place in the 'poo queue' if any of the other lads came to use the facilities. So I leaned against the wall and hoped the other guy wouldn't take long.

He was about five minutes, and he really blasted out some sloppy stuff. It was a little bit awkward having to stand there and listen to this guy. It also stank as well as there was only a bit of thin wood between me and the guy. Eventually he started wiping and he pulled up his shorts. He then went to flush: 'klunk'. He tried again: 'klunk' 'klunk, klunk, klunk.' It wouldn't flush. He tried again but to no avail. He unlocked the door and he looked embarrassed. "Er, the toilet won't flush" he said to me looking at the floor. He knew I had been waiting to go in after him. "Is there another toilet here I can use? I asked. "Sorry, this is the only one in the building..." "It's fine, I'll just use this one" I responded and he darted out the door without washing his hands. I think he was quite embarrassed and just wanted to escape. I went into the cubicle. The toilet was full of poo and dirty toilet paper. The black toilet seat was still sweaty and I could see the impression where he had been sitting. The worst part was there was only about two squares left on the roll. At this point I didn't care and simply sat down on the seat which was still warm and wet. I also blasted some loose stuff on top of the previous guy's load. I wiped using the last of the paper and stood up and looked in the bowl. It was by now very full, with my pile sitting on the top of the previous guys. I felt sorry for the caretaker, but I really had to go. I left quickly before anybody knew it was me.

Optional Person

Butt mud travel.

Earlier this year we( my family) made a trip to the southern end of the country. In Austin, Texas we hit a huge pile up of traffic. The previous day I had traveled quite well, much like I did years ago.But on this day I had a familiar problem. It was like my anxiety days. I went to the bathroom as much as I could and made sure to go before leaving the hotel. But nothing mattered, by Austin I had to poop really bad. Not the kid of really bad that you can push yourself beyond, but the kind of bad that cramps your stomach really badly, and gives a HUGE pressing and hot sensation in your butt. I never poop in public if I can avoid it, but as we slowly moved through the traffic, I was fidgeting around the entire time in agony. It appears that when I go out to do things that are special now, I get nervous or something and some form of IBS shows up. I don't really think I have IBS but in certain situations like this one, it comes up. Luckly we broke free of the traffic and I did something I didn't want to do. I told my parents I needed the bathroom. There was a gas station not far past the traffic blockage and we got off the exit and over to it. I rushed in and to the mens room. it was a single use toilet. Thankfully no one was in there. I rushed in, locked it, flung my pants down, and sat my butt down on the toilet, and with all my might pushed out a huge explosion. it felt so good to get that out. my stomach still hurt a bit but I was just glad the poop was out. I wiped a few times and got up to look at my butt mud. The toilet water was full of butt mud. A little butt mud was sprayed on the bowl outside of the water, and there was a turd swimming in the butt mud. it all flushed nicely and I washed my hands and got back to the car. And thankfully was better. Later further in texas at a restaurant I had to do the same thing, while the family was at dinner and we had met some people. luckly no one was in this regular bathroom, and I did what I needed to do quickly. no turds swimming, just butt mud. I really hate how I get butt mud when I am traveling. Does anyone else have this problem?

Optional Person

extra story, wilden responce.

Also in texas in a public bathroom while I was peeing at a urinal I heard someone take a stall. A squeaky fart escaped and it smelled like rotten spaghetti. And I heard a couple plops. I wish I could have taken a stall and experienced the rest of the sounds and the growing smell of that dump. but I was with my parents so that wasn't possible.

Nice story Wilden. I don't know which part I would haved enjoyed more, being given permission by a beautiful girl to stare at her vagina or getting to hear that beautiful girl fart.


Urinal for Alexis


You should buy Alexis a female urinal if she wants to measure her pee. This could also come in handy when she wants to pee in your car. Maybe get a male urinal for you. I have one that I measure my pee in sometimes :)


Sanitation v. Wiping

This happened about 15 years ago in my old city. My friend Austin, who was a year older than me, and myself (at age 11) spent a lot of time that summer in a large park about 3 blocks. We were really good friends and with so much time on our hands, using the toilet with one another present was something both of us was something we both wanted to try. On one morning it was really windy so we decided to take our kites down to the park. I don't know why but my 11-year-old bladder didn't cooperate that well and at about 10 a.m. I told him I had to pee. He called the bathroom the pee station and said he would walk the block or so to the back of the park where the building was located. Before I turned the corner to enter the ladies' side, I gave him my kite to hold. He said he wanted to hear the pour out of me. That didn't surprise me because our lockers were next to one another at school which was right next to the bathrooms. Sometimes while waiting for our rides, we would be sitting next to our lockers and we could easily hear the pours from the girls room and the dumps from the guys'
bathroom. One afternoon after school we heard our principal go into the bathroom, drop the seat and he sat whistling as he took his dump. We heard him flush 3 times to get it to disappear. He acknowledged us as he walked by. Austin had made a joke and we both had to suppress our laughs.

When I walked into the park bathroom I was surprised. There were 3 open-out toilets with no privacy but I was prepared to use one until I found there was absolutely no toilet paper. To use one of my mom's lines that was the 'deal breaker'. I had been taught to sit on paper on the seat and not let my butt touch a public seat. I did the same thing at school, too. But I knew then that I was in a minority. So I told Austin to hang onto my kite and I was going to go back home to go. I could tell he was up to something from the look on his face. He said that if I didn't use the park toilet right then and in the normal way, I would owe him. Before I started my trot home I didn't give it much thought. At home, I did my normal pee that lasted more than a minute. Then I hurried back to the park. I even brought Austin a soda from our fridge but was surprised that he had my punishment all planned out. He put our kites under a picnic table and led me into the mens room. It was exactly like the girls' room. Just 3 open-out toilets. Austin backed up to the middle toilet which was in such bad condition it might have been used by the settlers. He dropped his blue shorts and quickly seated himself. He tucked his white briefs into his shorts and pulled them down just below his knees. His organ was laying over the front of the bowl between the seat cutout. I playfully asked him if he was going to have to push so hard that he might accidentally pee on himself. He told me not to push it. Splashes below him started almost a once and while he sat, he pointed to the half-used roll of toilet paper on the wall behind him. Then he told me to come forward. That kind of scared me. Austin told me to pull off a good amount of the toilet paper because my punishment was going to be wiping him. I told him I hoped his crap was hard since there would be less to do. 'Its just the opposite b****,' he playfully said. After a couple of minutes more on the seat, he got up, turned around into a squat, and told me we would allow no skidmarks in his new underwear. That directional question for wiping went through my mind. I dropped 1 small mitt in trying to find his hole. Then it took 4 wipes to get the job done. Then I told him I should get to wash my hands first. He motioned that a flush was necessary. I didn't waste any time getting that done. Then Austin let me use the lone sink first.

T, I enjoy being encouraged during a bowel movement as well! It's rare to find people with similar interests. I really enjoyed Lavah's stories on here, as they all seem to contain that element in them!


Places to pee

Wilden, A bucket, some newspaper or a towel could make cleanup easier indoors. Do you have a basement with a drain or an out of the way spot? You could pee (or maybe poop) there.

Brittany B

2 New Stories

Hey all! I must apologize for not posting for a few weeks. The fall is always a very busy time for me, though I have been keeping up with reading what everyone posts. I have 2 stories to share today!

I do want to give a quick shout out to Becc. I hope you're still out there girl and everything is going great for you! And that you're still taking great dumps! haha

Story 1 - Ok, so this one is rather short, and it's not about a dump I took but one I just wanted to mention. A few weeks ago some friends and I went to the Renaissance Fair. It was Oktoberfest weekend so the beer was flowing freely! It was a fun day. I didn't end up dropping a load at the fair, but with all the beer, I did pee quite often. One of those times, I went into the bathroom following behind this pretty girl who was dressed as Ciri from The Witcher games. Her outfit was spot on, the white hair, makeup, and fake scars on her face and everything. She looked awesome! So naturally there was a line because there always is at fairs and large events for the ladies' toilets. It seemed like most people were just peeing though because the line moved fairly quickly. Lucky for me, Ciri and I got stalls right next to each other. As a dropped my jeans down and sat to pee, I could hear Ciri taking her pants down to sit as well. It probably took her longer cuz she wasn't wearing modern pants haha She finally got seated while I was mid pee, and right when she was settled I heard a loud fart from her. It was exciting to think this hot girl dressed as a video game character was about to poop next to me! I could hear her turd start to crackle out and drop into the water with a "flump" sound. Must have been a big one. I heard her push another turd out while my pee dribbled to an end and I grabbed for the toilet paper. While I wiped and redressed, I heard a third turd crackle its way out of her butt. I flushed my toilet while she started peeing and working the toilet paper roll. I washed my hands and left before she came out of her stall, and I didn't see her again for the rest of the day.

Story 2 - So this one I'm excited to share. This past weekend, my friend Jess and I went to a beer and wine festival, just the two of us. Some of you may remember Jess from one of my past stories, she's the friend I took a dump in front of at a party. haha! Anyway, we had a fine time, trying all the different beers and wines that were there. The event was at a fairground. The bathroom situation was mostly small clusters of porta-potties around the edges of the circle of tents and stands of the event. We went for a pee break at a cluster of porta-potties once, but nothing too exciting happened until we were going to get ready to head home. I felt an alcohol induced poop getting ready to be let go in my bowels. I turned to Jess and said that I'm gonna have to hit a toilet before we head home. She said, "ok, honestly, I have to go potty too." This peaked my interest because for Jess, "go potty" is code for that she has to poop! She followed this up with, "But I don't want to go in a port-potty." Well at the entrance to the even, there was a large brick building where we gave our tickets and got our wristbands and everything, and I knew there was a bathroom there. I told her that and we decided to go there, especially since it's on our way to the parking lot and everything. SO we made our way out the gates and saw the door to that ladies room. We went in, and let me tell you, this bathroom was huge. You walked in and to your right along the wall is all the sinks. Probably 20 or so. Then across from the sinks, the bathroom is kind of divided into 3 long hallways, and each side of the hallways are lined with stalls, probably 10 in a row. So 6 rows of like 10 stalls each. That's a lot of toilets! Imagine the smell if each toilet was occupied by someone taking a huge dump! hahaha! And the walls dividing the outer hallways with the inner hallway was only as high as the stall walls, so people back to back with each other could hear everything. Jess looked nervous, she's a shy pooper and even I've never been around to witness one her dumps, so put my hand on her shoulder and told her everything was fine, nobody is going to care about us, and I'm sure we weren't going to be the only poopers. I had her follow me into the middle hallway and we went a little ways toward the end. Not a lot of people were around us. We took stalls next to each other after making sure there was toilet paper. The toilets were clearly old, short, with a tank on the back. No lid, just a round seat but with the gap at the front of the bowl. I dropped my jeans to my knees and as I went to sit, I kind of bent forward a little and blew a loud wet fart. This was gonna be a good poop! I sat and farted again as I saw Jess' jeans and panties fall to her ankles and she sat as well. I figured if I just go, Jess might be less self conscious, so I pushed out a few mushy plops into my toilet and sighed. I farted again and more plops rushed out, alcohol can do that to me. I sighed but then I heard Jess quietly strain and some quiet but firm plops fell into the bowl beneath her. She strained a little and let out a fart. I was so proud of her! hahaha We were really stinking too! I farted and plopped more of my mushy turds in the toilet before I was done, and Jess pushed 2 more turds into her bowl before we bother started wiping. We flushed at the same time and washed our hands together. On our way home, Jess thanked me for being there with her. She said it made her a feel better about pooping in public with me there since I'm so unashamed of it. I told her I'd be her poop buddy anytime! haha maybe I'll actually get to see her in action sometime!

So there's my stories! And it made me want to ask, what's the biggest public bathroom you guys have ever seen? That one was probably the biggest I've ever seen.



I am Japanese style?

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is very fine.

I had a difficult experience some days ago. I went to loo in the morning for motions, as usual. I sat there long time but motion refused to come out! It came out from my bottom little distance, and a tiny piece broke off it, but then stopped. I really wanted to drop that motion! So I became to be in a pain very much and started moan.... Maho was at washbasin, she come to me, "what is the matter Mina?" So I said, "I'm so constipate, motion stuck in bottom and don't move at all!" Maho looked, she said, about 3 cms. come out, no more. Maho said, "you had better to climb on loo and squat, then motion is more easier to come out." Actually I saw Maho do this before.

So I was bare feet, lift up loo seat and climb on loo. I squat well, stomach is touching knees almost. Maho stayed near me.

She could see all of my private part of body but I don't care because she is Maho and I love her, and before I saw her same position so we quits. I began push again. Maho tried massage my lower back, she want to call Hisae from beige flat but I said no, Hisae is busy to get ready to go work. I open knees so Maho can massage stomach.

Suddenly I feel change feeling in stomach and then suddenly turd start to move! And move and move and when 30 cms. it drop into loo with huge PLOP! And next one same size come out at once, PLOP! Maho said "yaaaa!" Maho said I squatted 10 minutes before turd came out. I thought time pass more quickly. Maho massage me 10 minutes???? Maho is so sweet and lovely!!!

But then suddenly I jump down, put down loo seat super speed and sit, and huge burururururururu come out very big speed! I surprised!! How much I do!! But I was constipate long time so maybe normal.... I did bururururururu again twice and then feel normal and push out little pieces. How a relief I was!! Maho started to cry. I wash my bottom, Maho dry and I get off loo and hug her hard. Lucky, she didn't need to do motion, we had plenty time. She did next day very big one and I dried her. All that week I was with Maho in green flat, we usually change over every week now, not every day. This week I am in green flat with Kazuko and she stays on loo very long time every morning and does motion like elephant. But I love her so its OK, and I also do like elephant so it is sin to complain, I think. It is lucky that we are early bird.

Maho's father say, good to have long time to do motion, bad to hurry. So I hope everyone who on this site have lots time to do motion if they are constipate, and they can relax and do huge motion and feel good.

I do Jacob's survey.

1. Mina, 27, female.

2. I am very very open in doing body functions in front of friends.

3. They are same with me. We often do in front of each other! and dry a bottom each other.

4. If my friend is a diarrhoea I stay with her, hold her hand, say sweet words. My friends do same to me. Hisae says she enjoy diarrhoea if I or Maho or Kazuko is with her.

5. I am not musician or dancer. My friend Ayumi from home town is belly dancer. She says, she always do motion before performance, if she can. (But when I saw her performance, she couldn't do, she said, and next morning in hot spring hotel she did very huge one, and I did too.) when Kazuko was teen she did performance of flute sometimes. She also did motion always, before performance, same with Ayumi.

Sylvia I did your survey, but it is not in this site yet, maybe I broke rule? I am hard to understand some rule. I wait a bit, if it doesn't come, I do again.

Love to everyone and I hope you all have happy time in loo and everywhere.

Mina and K M H.

Optional Person

Poop today

I just got back from going to the store and previous to that today I ate the rest of a bag of Dots Pretzels, and at Costco I ate a greasy piece of pizza. Now my butt has that full feeling inside of it and it feels warm and slightly crampy. I'm typing this portion before I run to the toilet. I just got back from the toilet. I decided to do the backwards dump for this. I sat down with my pants all the way down and pushed as hard as I could. it wasn't as impressive as I had hoped, but it crackled nicely out of my butt, and made a kind of bubble popping noise at the end. When I looked down I saw a nice thick light brown mud, covering a chocolate brown turd. I am guessing the crackling was the chocolate turd and the bubble pop was the light brown mud. the mud had some corn pieces in it. this little mud pie pile was at the front of the toilet bowl. The smell was kind of like an industrial smell meets poop smell kind of smell. again a low volume type smell. my butt feels empty now. it is interesting how most of us are very attracted to the butts of the opposite sex since we know what goes on in the life of a butt. I wish my poop smelled more.

Benjamin, that sounds like a fun experience. I can't believe she held her nose. there is no shame in enjoying terrible smells. That sounds like a fun experience.


Sylvia's Survey


1: How old are you


2: How many bathrooms do you have


3: How big are your poops

Very big especially after eating pasta or fried chicken

4: Where do you poop the most (School, Home, etc)


5: Where do you put your bottoms at (Pants, Shorts, etc.)

Around the ankles

6: How long does it take to take a poop

5 minutes. Sometimes 10-15 but rarely

7: Do you poop with friends

No but I'm looking for a female dump buddy

8: Do your feet hang off the toilet


9: Do you fart when you poop

Yes all the time lol

10: Have you ever been walked in on


Huge poops

Hey I'm G. Been lurking around here for some time now and thought I would share.
So on Easter Sunday me and the family had a traditional Easter dinner with Mac and cheese, ????, potato salad, couscous, and the main ticket... Roasted lamb. It was all soo good. The next day at work I felt that dinner knocking.. loud. I run to the loo and fix the seat and focus. I cranked and crackled more than ever. When I was done and out of breath lol I looked at the damage. It looked like I pooped the lambs leg right out! Whew it stank BC it was coming up from the water. I flushed but it hung around so I snuck out and the next day it was fixed. Anyone else poop loads the size of a leg? I got another story for another day
Xoxo to all the best poopers out there!


Two Stories

I'm the Anonymous who wrote about having a huge dump after taking a laxative. I forgot to tell you about myself last time. I'm in my early 20s, rather fat with a big butt, female, and black. Today I have two stories.

The first one took place last week when I had Mexican food for dinner. I had a taco with nacho cheese in it, and a big burrito. Needless to say, the next morning my guts were a mess. I had really bad gas, too. I woke up with gas bubbling in my stomach, and when I woke up, I let out a big one. "Bbbbrrrrrrmppppfffffffftttt..." It stank a lot, and I knew I was going to have a big morning poo. I ran to the bathroom, pulled my pajama bottoms down and farted again while peeing a thick, urgent yellow stream. After peeing, I stayed seated and began pooping. I grunted as a big, soft, creamy turd began squeezing out of me with a high-pitched fart and loud crackling sounds. It burned a little bit too. "Uuungggh... pppppppfffffffffffftttttt crrrrrrrrckkklll... sssssppppllllttttt..." Finally, it broke off into the toilet with a little chunk coming after it. "Fffffflooomp... plop!" I kept pushing but all that kept coming was gas. "Ssssspppppplllllttt! Vvvvvvvvp! Boooooooppppbbbbboooop!" I got up and saw a golden brown turd, rather thick and folded over. I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands and got ready for the rest of my day.

Later on, the rest of it came. I had to run to the toilet a few hours later, where I almost instantly started pooping. I pulled down my pants and panties and started pushing out really soft stuff that plopped softly into the toilet. "Ploop... plooooop... ploooop plooop" over and over again. The smell was unbearable. Finally, I finished, and wiped a lot, flushed and sprayed some apple scented air freshener. The rest of the afternoon, the bathroom smelled like apple pie and shit. I didn't poop for the rest of the day but I did rip a lot of silent farts.

My second story just happened not long ago today. I was sitting in the backyard on a bench and had the urge to pee. No one else was there, so I took off my pants and started peeing. I really had to go, so I peed a lot. I made a really wet muddy spot in the dirt below me. It was weird, but it was fun too.

That's all for today.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Advice for Wilden and My Situation

If your friend likes to pee in front of you then that is OK. I would not suggest in the back yard of your parents home as I think that is a bit disrespectful.
the toilet would be fine or in a potty. Possibly in the bush or in a secluded part of a park. If she does a couple of farts, maybe she would like to poo also?
OI think people should be able to do what they want how they want so long as it does not affect others unfairly.

as for me I took some osmotic laxative early on Saturday morning. On Sunday morning I had a poo (average)and had to go to a wedding . Left just after mid day but had another poo before I left. At the wedding I had a lot to drink and so much to eat. During the function I went to the toilet and had a poo. Got home late that night to sleep then woke up with a rumbling ????. Tried for a poo but nothing.... The alarm woke me and had to throw myself on the toilet for an urgent BM. Showered, no time for breakfast but before I left had to go again as a point of urgency. Went to an appointment then to a club which has a car park and went to the toilets again and another big poo...did it stink. Then to a customer and after a few hour there I had to head to the toilet for yet another. went back to the club to get the car and had a light lunch and back on the toilet for yest another. That is 7 BM in less than 24 hours and they were solid to semi solid. Yesterday no action at all.
There you have it.


Alexis pees on the back porch and advice

Hello everyone, I appreciate the feedback I got on whether I should let Alexis pee in my car again. I'm still considering it. I'm just worried about the smell and mess. I figured today I would share a story on how Alexis and I started our latest trend of her peeing in front of me.

So over the summer me and Alexis didn't see each other or talk much after the incident in my car because I broke up with my ex, who was Alexis' friend. A few weeks after that we saw each other in public and started talking. We started hanging out some after that, and I found out that Alexis just wanted to be friends, which was fine. But a few weeks ago she asked to come over and wanted to talk to me about something. So she came over and we sat outside. She seemed nervous and scared. She asked if I remember when she peed all over my car. I said of course I remembered! She told me that after that happened she started having an 'interest' in pee. I asked what she meant and she said she wants to try peeing in different places and measuring her pee. I didn't really know what to say, as I didn't know why she was telling me this. I just told her it was neat, and that I didn't think it was really weird. Pee interests me too, but I didn't want to say anything to make it weird, since we were just friends. Then she said that I could watch her go if I wanted to. At this point I realized why she had told me. I told her I would watch if she wanted me to, as I didn't mind seeing it. Her face lit up when I said that. She told me she was nervous I would say no. So it worked out well because I was interested in watching, and she obviously wanted me to see her pee.

She told me she had to pee now if I wanted to watch. I happily agreed. She asked if she could pee on my back porch. My parents were home, but they were downstairs watching tv. So I said sure. My back yard is fenced in so no one would be able to see her. She stood up and unbuttoned her shorts, and then pulled them and her black panties down. I looked down, because I felt awkward and didn't want to stare at her exposed vagina. But she told me it was fine to look. After all, its where the pee comes from! She squatted down and after a few seconds began to pee right there onto the pavement. She sprayed her yellow urine out. I was mesmerized as I watched the pee hiss out of her lips. It splashed a lot off the pavement onto her legs and onto mine too. She pushed out a couple short farts as well. After maybe 15 seconds she was done. She peed quite a bit onto the pavement. She asked if I liked it as she pulled her shorts back up and sat down. I told her of course! She told me that she was glad I did, and that she hoped to go in front of me a lot more in the future. She had to leave shortly after.

Well that's it for that story. I'll share more about what happened in the past couple of weeks since that soon. In the meantime, does anyone have any pee ideas for her to try? Like places to go, things to do etc? Also any ideas on how she should pee in the car, if I let her? Thanks


Pooping in a toilet at a construction site

Hey, it's Benjamin back with another story.

When Carrie and I were eleven, we found a construction site near out neighborhood that was currently closed for winter. Figuring it'd be fun to poke around, we slipped under the yellow construction tape and entered the partly-finished house.

Given the house obviously had no electricity yet and it was nearing evening, we'd brought flashlights so we wouldn't stumble around in the dark. Still, the darkness was unsettling, not helped by the chill in the air that seemed to emanate from the bare walls of the house itself. The roof was complete, at least, so we were sheltered from the light dusting of snow that covered the outside streets.

The unvarnished wooden stairs creaked as we headed through an open doorway leading into the basement. There was no handrail, so we kept close to each other as we descended. At the bottom, we found a spacious bare, cement room about twenty feet long and twenty feet wide. As we walked around, I noticed Carrie shifting around uncomfortably, looking a bit anxious.

"What's wrong, Carrie?"

She blushed in the light of my flashlight. "Um, actually, I really need to poop. I forgot to go at home."

Just then, I noticed something looming out of the gloom and nearly laughed at the coincidence: it was a toilet, just sitting in the corner, clearly not installed yet. I pointed it out to Carrie and she pouted at first.

"That's going to be someone else's toilet! I can't use that!"

But she was holding her stomach as she looked at it, biting her lip. Her stomach gave a nasty rumble and she grimaced. I encouraged her to go, saying they would never know it was us.

Finally, her hands dropped to her belt and she began fumbling with her jeans. She hurried to the toilet and dropped her jeans to her ankles and pulled down her underwear. Sitting on the seat, she shuddered.

"Gah, it's so cold! I wish it wasn't winter!" she complained. She sat in silence for a few seconds, blushing furiously. "Okay...okay, here goes..." She grimaced, letting out a grunt, and leaned forward slightly on the toilet. I began to hear crackling coming from her bottom as she strained. She pushed and pushed for nearly a minute straight, her fists clenched tight in her lap, grunting softly under her breath all the while.

A loud thud hit the bottom of the empty bowl as she sighed in relief. She peeked between her legs.

"Wow, that's big!" Then she coughed and covered her nose. "Peew, that stinks! Yuck. I hope I'm done soon."

Then she grimaced again with a grunt, pushing hard. Another loud thud echoed in the toilet bowl. Then Carrie sighed loudly as a rush of pee flooded the toilet, tinkling against the dry porcelain. She peed for nearly thirty seconds, her eyes closed. Finally, her pee slowed to a few squirts and then stopped. She sighed again.

Crackling told me she was pushing again, and sure enough, there was a dull thud in the bottom of the bowl a few seconds later. PPPPRRRRTTTTT! A loud, long fart made her eyes fly open and she giggled. "Oops! Sorry, that slipped out!"

She pushed again and farted again. Another short push dropped another small poop, thudding dully in the bowl. She let out her breath in a short huff. Another, softer fart echoed in the bowl.

She sighed. "I think I'm done. Wow, it's stinky! Do, um, you have any toilet paper? I didn't."

I found a few napkins in my pocket and gave them to her. She carefully wiped her butt, dropping the paper into the toilet when she was done. She stood up and quickly pulled up her pants, shivering. "Do you need to go?"

I did. I glanced in the toilet and saw the bottom was filled with pee. Carrie's first turd had clearly been huge, perhaps two feet long all around the bowl, surrounded by many smaller ones.

Sliding down my sweatpants and underwear, I quickly sat on the now-warm seat. PPPPRRRRRRRTTTT! A long fart immediately erupted and Carrie laughed. I practically moaned as I felt my butt open and a long, thick turd slowly slid out. With a last, hard push, it sped up and dropped into the toilet with a thud. Carrie giggled again.

"Ooooohh, that felt good," I said. She smiled. Another loud fart echoed in the toilet bowl. I carefully pushed my penis between my legs and sighed as I began to pee. It lasted for almost twenty seconds: I really needed to go.

Feeling another turd on the way, I pushed hard again, gripping my knees. A long crackling started as it slowly slid out of me, dropping with a dull thud. Another fart echoed in the bowl, followed quickly by a second fart.

The basement was really smelly now. Carrie had her shirt collar pulled up over her nose as she laughed at me. I grunted and strained as I pushed one more time, trying to get anything else out, and only farted twice. I was finished.

Carrie went to find me something to wipe with and came back with a small cloth handkerchief (I felt bad about using it) and I quickly wiped my butt and dropped it in the toilet. I stood up and pulled up my sweatpants, relieved to be done and out of the cold.

We left quickly, not wanting to stick around longer than we had to. Good thing to, as a few days later, the site was surrounded by police cars. Uh oh. Guess they came back and found the used toilet. Whoops.


Claudia's constipation

Yesterday me and Claudia went to eat out, we had some delicious fried chicken and fries and some other things too. We ate so much we had to take a cab home and we both just sat there thinking about how full we were. I think it made us a little constipated too because I went to see Claudia the next day and her roommate said she was in the bathroom and would be out in a minute. I waited for a good 5/10 minutes before she arrived and she apologized for the delay. I asked if I could pee before we left as we were heading out for the day and she looked a little worried but agreed. When I went to the bathroom there were lots of marks and a piece of poop that had not flushed at all and it smelled very strong in there - she must have had real trouble!

End Stall Em

Crowded Bathrooms

Last week on campus it was mid-morning and I was upset as I left the Student Union. All the coffee and food served there takes its toll on our bodies and all three bathrooms had lines waiting. At two of them, the lines extended outside the door for the small number of toilets available. I was farting heavily, but I didn't want to be late to my class on the other side of the campus. So I quit drinking from the large water bottle in my backpack and headed to class. When I got to the building, I realized with my fast walk, I had earned a shot at a pre-class crap. Just inside the entrance to the first floor, I saw a line of women leaving the biggest bathroom, so I got my hopes up. As I worked my way through the crowd at the sinks and looked down the row for opening doors, I saw my friend Florence coming out. She was having trouble buckling up her jeans and I could tell she was pissed there was no room at the sinks. I slithered around some talkers and got into the stall.

The stool was full. Black and brown crap from several users. Terrific foul smell, like from a stack of dead animals, and I partially looked the other way as I flicked a wad of toilet from the seat and into the bowl. It was obvious the bowl had been jammed by multiple users. I quickly pulled my jeans and white underwear down to the knees and seated myself. The seat was the warmest I had ever sat on and reminding me of when I was bored at about age 7 or 8, dropped my clothing and with the help of a footstool, decided to take the seat on top of a radiator in the bathroom of my grandparents' house. I think I lasted about 10 second on it then and then missed a stair and fell in getting down. Back to present, I didn't have to push hard to evacuate my bowels. I already had toilet paper in hand for a fast wipe and run to class. The smell reminded me that I would be standing for this wipe because I didn't want my hand to collide with the top of the stack under me. Luckily, my crap was a little harder than normal so one wipe sufficed. Then I hustled to class without taking the time to wash my hands.

Four hours later I was at the mall and at my job when my break replacement came. My pee was being held and was starting to hurt me. I walked fast to the end of the hall, hopeful that the 8-stall bathroom wasn't too busy. Only the 3rd stall was taken, so I took the end one just 2 stalls away from it. My designer jeans and underwear came down as fast as I know how to do it and my faucet started off seconds before my butt touched the seat. Unlike most of my other toilet stops away from home, this one was going to be leisurely. I like to just sit, in silence, and catch up on my messages and think. But I started the timer just to guarantee that I didn't overstay my break. I was reading about Spencer having a flat tire and a bad day when the phone rang in the other toilet. From her voice I could tell this was probably a middle school-age person and the next several minutes of my break left me frozen as she sat and was arguing with someone she referred to as her best friend. Really profane words directed at the caller. The girl said 3 or 4 times "I'm taking a shit, a f#####' shit, and I didn't know I needed your permission." Then she seemed to be blaming her friend for some pizza they had eaten that she said had f#####-up her digestive system.

Although my timer buzzed, I just couldn't get off the toilet. For some reason, I found the argument to be just too amusing. Finally I wiped, stood and flushed while the argument continued non-stop. Using the mirror in front of me as I wiped my hands, with the small gap between the door and partition, I could see a red-head and legs flapping like the windshield wipers on a car, so she was smaller with legs that were unable to reach the floor. Finally, as I was leaving a girl about the age of the girl on toilet came rushing by me and shouted out for Melanie. Although I wanted to stick around, or at least move more slowly, I knew I had to relieve the security guard who was covering for me at my kiosk. But all during the end of my shift, I was kind of wondering how it turned out. The girls did not come by my kiosk, as I was hoping for. I told Spencer about it at our late dinner. Spencer's quite happy in doing commercial landscaping work.

Sylvia's Survey

1. Age: 21
2. Number of bathrooms: 1 in Spencer's apartment, but multiple ones on campus and at the mall I work at.
3. Poops: formed to semi-soft, 2 or 3 pieces
4. Where I poop most: 1) school; 2) the park; 3) sometimes the mall.
5. Where my bottoms are put: at knee level when I'm not at home; at floor level when I'm staying at Spencer's apartment because I know what he likes to see!
6. How long to take a crap: 10 minutes or less, but I sometimes like to linger on the toilet afterwards.
7) Poop with friends: yes and also a couple of male cousins, on occasion when they visit.
8) Feet hang off the toilet: no--not since I began middle school.
9) Do you fart when you poop: yes but only when I'm at home and not in public. I have a few times in public, but not with anyone I know around.
10. Have you been walked in on: yes, several times. Yes, I've written about them especially when I walked in on Spencer way back when when we were just starting to be friends.

6: How long does it take to take a poop: Between 5-10 minutes, maybe longer if I haven't gone for a couple of days.

7: Do you poop with friends: No

8: Do your feet hang off the toilet: No

9: Do you fart when you poop: Sometimes

10: Have you ever been walked in on: Yes, but only once or maybe twice

Jacob's Survey:

1)Name, Gender and/or Age: Steve A, Male, 21

2)Are you open in doing your bodily functions in front of friends?: I wouldn't say friends, but family and random people when I have to go out in public.

3)Have your friends done any bodily functions in front of you?: My mind is a little unclear about this, but I've seen some strangers urinate out in public during concerts & outdoor parties when the porta potty line was too long of a wait.

4)What would you do if your friend got diarrhea? Do you comfort them or follow them to the washroom?: I would, but it all depends on if they want me to help them or not.

5)To any athletes/musicians/dancers, have you had any accidents during your game/event/match/recital?: I've never had an accident during an event, but I've been desperate to pee on the marching band bus before.


Irregularity and a Hard Future

Constipation lives on....the urge to go hits from time to time.
I am taking the osmotic laxative in big quantities and it does work, but when????
Sometimes I go soon after waking up or after breakfast, but then often not. sometimes later in the morning or in the afternoon.
I have a neurological condition which affects muscle performance and I think the colon/intestinal muscles are not as active as they should be.Build up of shit in the colon contributes to my bladder problems.
This Monday morning I went to my see her I need the opportunity , that is be in the area and have a break between commitments, and of course feel the urge and the speculation that it will be a hard one. As I arrived she was arriving to...she lead me to the toilet and then said that she needed to go as she was in a rush to get to the clinic and had not gone. Talk about confidence, she dropped her trousers and sat on the toilet...plop, plop,plop and more plops it was over in a minute...she wiped, flushed and got up. She sat me on the seat....I pushed but too hard....she told me to get up off the seat and lean forward and with a gloved finger inserted it and told me to try and push her finger out. She kept on urging me to push and held her finger in my rectum....I was leaning right forward and then out moved a large bit of poo that was sticking out of my bottom...and then a long train of poo poured out....I could see it between my legs as I lent forward. She then sat me normally on the toilet and said to sit there for a short while to recover from my efforts....I felt so much better.
But next day, back to square one.
I have got use to being constipated and have a number of techniques to relieve things but it does not stress me out.

Steve A


Sylvia's Survey:

1: How old are you: 21

2: How many bathrooms do you have: We have 4 bathrooms in our house, which is a 3 story townhouse.

3: How big are your poops: Usually 6 - 12 inches, but it all depends on what I eat and how often I go. If it's been a few days, then my loads are usually bigger. But, if I go once a day, or even twice a day in some cases, then my loads are usually smaller.

4: Where do you poop the most (School, Home, etc): I usually go more often at home, but I also go whenever I have to go, even in public.

5: Where do you put your bottoms at (Pants, Shorts, etc.): Ankles

Optional Person

Little dump.

While sitting in my room listening to Alternative and Indie rock music after having just mowed the lawn, my butt felt full and warm, so I headed to the toilet. I moved the trashcan back so I could sit backwards on the toilet. my butthole was right on the lip of the front of the toilet bowl. I began to push. I originally felt like it would be a nice log. But I was wrong. regardless, I enjoyed the lovely crackling and sputtering Moises of the poop as it came out of my butthole. imagine smell as a volume, the volume of the smell of my poop is low, but it still had a nice smell. it smelled like a sewage plant when it is full of many dumps from a variety of humans. I wish the smell had been stronger. the cow pie was very small. a little turd curled into a pie shape. you could see on the front of the bowl where it slid out of my butthole. a little mess cascaded from the rim of the toilet bowl on into the water where the pie was sitting. I took two pieces of toilet paper and wiped my butt. I really hardly needed any paper. I then took a piece and wiped up the mess on the bowl and rim. and then I took a one more and shoved the pie the rest of the way into the toilet and I then used that toilet paper to push the poop around the toilet making it look like I had had diarrhea as the poop broke apart. I then flushed the toilet and washed my hands, and put the trash can back where it belonged.

Optional Person

Update and Slyvia survey.

Many times when I have posted on this site before, I had told you all about having maybe one or a couple turds, nothing huge, nothing special. And sometimes something decent sized. I have never not been regular, but I have rarely been consistent as far as the poop itself goes. Lately most of my dumps have been consistent. In the mornings I will walk, and in the late morning to mid afternoon my lower abdomen cramps a little and it is poop time. Most of the time lately I have been sitting normally, but on occasion I still like to sit backwards. A lot of times they come out kinda like cow pies, all the poop piling on itself and being soft. but I have had some pretty nice turds as well. This is more of an update, then a story. I miss Catherine, I miss Rochelle, I miss Toilet Car, and thinking about that, I realized, there was a small chance some of you maybe missed me. I will try to have an actual story and to make a comeback.

Sylvia, I really enjoyed your stories. I find it impressive that a girl your age can poop so largely and I think you paint a picture pretty well.

I will answer your survey.

1: 25 years old.
2:I have 2. one bathroom that is all for me.
3: they aren't very large, normally they are cow pies.
4: Home. I am poop shy.
5: I pull them all the way down to my feet often.
6: A minute or two. not very long.
7: No I don't. I wish I had a friend of the opposite sex to poop with.
8: No. I am tall, so they do not.
9: Sometimes I fart. But because I am a picky eater, I don't fart a lot or make big poops.
10: once on vacation in a gas station years ago, I didn't lock it fully and my dad walked in on me. I wish I could forget it, but I just can't.

I hope to return as of this post. I missed this place. I still lurked, but just had nothing to say.


To T

I also get constipated frequently. In fact, I am constipated most of the time. Pushing can be an ordeal and is usually not successful. I often try though before resorting to a laxative or suppository to provide relief.

I have always wanted to find someone to encourage me to push while I am on the toilet. Those kind of friends are hard to find, though. I did have a suite mate in college who also had constipation problems. We would often find ourselves in the shared bathroom in the morning trying to poop. The toilets were adjacent to one another behind partitions but were not completely enclosed. We never explicitly encouraged one another to push, but did sometimes comment about the difficulty we were having. Sometimes, one of us would take a laxative and would have be taking a large, explosive dump. That always sparked a discussion. I would love to relive those experiences with someone else.

By the way, do you ever take anything to help relieve your constipation? Were you a withholder as a kid? I believe that childhood withholding made my adult constipation worse.

That Girl

Reply T (Push buddy) + advice

Hey T!
It's funny I'm interested in the same, also one of my first posts and always looking for constipation stories, someone encouraging would be lovely.

I'm often constipated and this past few weeks have been worse, I've been eating prunes but they don't seem to be working, anyone here with same issue, what do you do when constipated?

Sunday, October 14, 2018

To Callie I actually pooped in the sofa once lol, because my sister pissed me off.

Pete the poop


I thought id do one

1) whats the grossest toilet you have had to use
2) whats the longest you have had to wait in line for a toilet
3) longest time spent on the toilet
4) what do you like the most about going to the toilet

My answers
1) didnt use it but an old lady had an accident in the mens. Ive used a porta potty full if peepoo and flys but no other loo around and place if scientic natural interest (so no pooping outside)
2) 45 mins at a concert
3) just pooping 1/2hr
4) the relief and pleasure hearing others


My friend Claudia

As I said in my last post, Claudia is mostly very poop shy, but since I saw her pooping by accident, she's become a little more open about it and now sometimes tells me when she had to poop, which I think makes her feel better about being shy too.

As well as being shy, she also seems to do very dense, thick logs, very unlike her slender and petit body. She sometimes leaves big skid marks on the toilet and even some very small pieces, I guess where they don't flush. She's pretty regular from what it seems and she poops mostly when she wakes up

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