Sonya Sue

Roller skating and Peeing

Back when I was 8 or 9 I had a babysitter who was great. She was much more confident than me, I couldn't believe how much attention she got from boys--not just those from her high school but some throughout the city. She was very athletic and she took me out to a roller skating rink which was huge and on a Friday evening, it was jam packed. I was clumsy and she had to help me put on my skates. Somehow or another I got the laces messed up. And I couldn't tie them as well as I should have. She left me on a bench while she went into the bathroom to pee because she said she had shit at school so if she fell she wouldn't shit her jeans. I hadn't shit for a couple of days, but it worried me a bit and I knew I wanted to be careful.

Laci came out and joked about it being my responsibility to tell her when I needed a break, especially to use the bathroom. Then she put the skates on and she took my hand and we were off. The DJ system was playing this really long song, something about a Celebration, and eventually after 3 or 4 laps Laci let go of my hand and I was following her on my own. When she slowed down for me, she saw my balance was uneven and she encouraged me by telling me I was going to be awesome. Then came the test. Two boys from her school linked up with her with her in the middle and they were doing really good. After a couple of more laps I started to feel the need to pee. I slowed down, struggled up a couple of steps and fell to my knees like three times. By straddling some tables and chairs and avoiding some tangles in the carpet, I got to the bathroom. I skated past a sign requiring me to take off my skates, around a drain, and up to the first toilet.

If I ever wanted a situation where there was no privacy door this was it. But by opening the door and trying to balance myself on a swinging door threw me forward, onto my knees and with my face and nose dangerously close to being smashed into the seat. By holding onto the stall panel, my plan was to throw my butt onto the seat, and then to pull my jeans and panties out from under my body. I accomplished it but only with 2 or 3 accidents where one arm around the toilet paper holder and the other holding me onto the seat. My pee was uneventful, but I didn't dare move too much. I wasn't about to wipe or flush. At that point Laci came in calling for me. While I sat with my jeans down to my knees, she took off my skates and rescued me from more embarrassment and bruises. Then she took the seat and let go of another long pee. When we got back outside and she was putting my shoes back on, her two friends started to give me a hard time. One called me three-legs and she swore and socked him. Then the guys took off and Laci and I had a great time.



I've had a great day today with a nice poop that came out after lunch. It was splatty/gassy/loud, but it seemed no one was paying attention. I did another poop that wasn't as urgent earlier, but pretty much felt a bit the same. To Callie,brave of you for trying out the pee-into-the couch trick. I bet somebody found out, because the couch would've stunk. Anyway, this evening has been quite pleasurable since I've been having fun activating my singing/dancing bear I got yesterday who sings loudly, but beautifully!

I made the teacher post. Anyway growing up with one bathroom in the house has been interesting. You would either be using the bathroom or taking a shower, and then here pounding at the door and somebody screaming "HURRY UP! I HAVE TO GO!". We used to lock the door when we showered, but my dad ended up banning it when my older brother took a really long shower and my dad shit himself waiting for him to get out. I remember one time I was taking a shower and I heard the bathroom door yank open. The next thing I know, I was hearing explosive diarrhea in the toilet. So I spent the rest of my shower hearing my mom poop. I remember my mom once saying that she and dad had shared the toilet because they both had to poop so bad.


Push buddy

Good evening

I am a 19 y/o male. I've been a fan of this site for a long time, but this is one of my first posts. I get constipated frequently so I like reading peoples constipated stories. I've learned that when I'm trying to poop, having someone encourage or coach me always helps. I haven't been able to find anyone to do that for me, so that's why I'm here. If anyone here gets constipated and wants someone to talk to so they can encourage, coach or just talk during a poop session, I would love to find someone to help me. Feel free to reply if interested.


Wednsday, October 10, 2018


During The Night

The other night I woke up in the middle of the night and I was bursting with pee. It was about 2:30 am. I knew it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I got up out of bed and instead of going to the bathroom, I quietly went downstairs. There was no one awake in the whole house. I knew I had to take advantage of this. I knew exactly what I was going to do. Slowly I walked over to the couch. Then I took off the middle cushion and set it down on the floor. After that I pulled down my pajama bottoms and I sat down on the couch where the cushion was. Then I started to relax. Soon I began to pee. I began to pee right into the couch. I peed right into the fabric where the cushion had been. It was awesome. I actually peed a lot, and it not only made a nice puddle in the fabric, but after a while I could also hear it start to drip onto the carpet underneath the couch. I am very glad that I was able to do this and I hope to do it again sometime soon.

To Wilden

Uncle Harry

There is nothing wrong with peeing in your car. I suggest you carry both a male and female urinale. I do.

Story #1: Amazing Poop at Home: I'm on a softball team for 10-12 year olds and yesterday we won our third game in a row 27-2. Me and my sister are on the same team and we live in a apartment complex and we hang out with the same friends. We got home and our friends were hanging out in the street my mom was talking with one of our friend's mother. I asked her for the keys to the apartment. I went into the upstairs bathroom dropped my jersey pants down to my ankles and sat on the toilet and started to push out a massive turd. One of my friends Krista came upstairs and asked, "Sylvia what are you doing" "I'm taking a poop" "Okay can I wait in your room" "Sure". The turd was crackling out and was out to about 8 inches and splashed in, I farted and pushed out 2 more fat turds. It felt amazing since I couldn't poopsuring the game, I wiped my bum and flushed and had to use a plunger to get the last turd down. I went into my room and me and Krista started playing on my Playstation and Krista went into the bathroom. I went into the hallway and looked under the door of the bathroom and saw her black skirt and purple undies down by her knees. After about 3-4 minutes I assumed that she was pooping which I didn't mind at all I was just interested in how she poops. She came out about 2 minutes and we continued to play.

Story #2: First Porta-Potty Experience: So back in June, school had just ended and my mother and me went down to Virginia to see my sister and my niece Lucy who is 3. We went to a local playground and played. Eventually I really needed a toilet and my sister told me that there was a path that went down to a building with a couple of Porta-Potties inside of it. I found the building and went inside. The first one was locked so I took the second one and dropped my pink pants down to my ankles. I was just sitting there farting and I heard a knock on the door and it was my sister. "Sylvia are you in there" "Yeah it's me" "Are you pooping in there" "Yeah don't tell mom she doesn't want me pooping in Porta-Potties" "She already knows, Lucy has to poop so just go back to the car when you're done". I started pushing out a fat turd, it felt like a foot long and it eventually dropped in. I pushed out another turd which was about 7 inches long, I wiped and went to the sinks and my sister and Lucy came out and she said, "Damn Lucy just had a big poo poo right Lucy", "Yeah mommy, auntie did you have a poo poo" I said, "Yes a big poo poo".

So to wrap my post up I have a survey and just intrested in how people respond to this:


1: How old are you
2: How many bathrooms do you have
3: How big are your poops
4: Where do you poop the most (School, Home, etc)
5: Where do you put your bottoms at (Pants, Shorts, etc.)
6: How long does it take to take a poop
7: Do you poop with friends
8: Do your feet hang off the toilet
9: Do you fart when you poop
10: Have you ever been walked in on

My Answers:

1: 12
2: 2
3: About 7-12 inches
4: Home sometimes school if I really have to go
5: Ankles
6: At school about 3-5 minutes, at home I'll take my time and take about 10 minutes
7: Yes especially at School
8: Yes
9: Most of the time
10: I've been walked in on so many times mostly at home since there aren't locks on the bathroom doors.


Back to grade school bathrooms

A colleague of mine convinced me at the last minute to attend a political meeting. It was held in the gym of his old elementary school in the evening and an overflow crowd attended. I had a beer with another colleague at lunch and Brett and I stopped for a couple of shots at a lounge after work. Another friend of his bought us a round of beers and about halfway through the pitcher I had a pee emergency. I'm learning better to cut conversation and get myself onto the toilet before the flood. There must have been six ladies ahead of me in line at the back of the lounge. Luckily a couple of them saw the guys' door open and decided to take advantage of it. That saved my undies and black business suit.

About an hour later Brett and I arrived at the school. There were already a few hundred people there and I told Brett to get the seats while I stopped in the bathroom. He likes to joke around and said something about whether our company's health insurance covered replacement of a pee-sized bladder. It seemed like he was making fun of me so I leaned over and whispered in his ear 'F### you. I'm going to be taking a shit. I suppose you want me to shoot a picture of it.'
I wasn't surprised; he said Yes. I went into the entrance and found six doorless cubicles. The first was occupied by a TV reporter who I recognized. She had her jeans below knee level, she was gradually spreading her legs wider so I figured she was shitting the big one--all the while she had her phone out and was texting.

I surveyed each of the five remaining toilets. Each had shits of various levels of erosion in the bowl. I selected the third toilet. I raised my right foot to flush it and momentarily lost my balance. Probably due to how Brett and I had spent the previous two hours. I pulled my clothing down to my knees and seated myself at normal speed. Bad decision. The toilet was so low I thudded so hard it hurt me. So uncomfortable for a 5' 11" woman. I looked forward with a large mirror mounted on the wall that was as big as the whole room. Within a few seconds while my bowels were lining up I got to thinking about something being wrong. There was a saying painted in red on the mirror in front of me: 'Think about others--get to know them!' Such irony and
for those using the toilets with their classmates watching them and washing their hands. I had a pretty thorough shit and filled much of the bowl. After a quick wipe (I heard others in the hallway and figured visitors were coming) I leaned down with my right hand and flushed. When I realized my error, I took my phone out and quickly shot the double-sized shit left by the reporter. When I got back to Brett at the top of the bleachers, he said my shit was 'commendable.'


Pooping with a friend

My friend Claudia is usually very shy about her pooping and usually will make every effort to avoid people hearing her poop or even knowing she's pooping. Recently, we were both on holiday, the place we are staying is super old and doesn't have a lock on the door. I woke up after her and went downstairs to pee as I do most mornings. I see the bathroom door is slightly open, and as I open it, I find Claudia sat on the toilet pooping. She's sat far forward and there is a sizeable and very thick log in the toilet. I apologise and she looks embarassed but she was clearly right in the middle of dropping another large poop as I entered. As I go to walk away I see the water ripple and another very dense, thick dark turd emerge from beneath her and scrape down into the bowl, leaving a huge skid mark. I didn't want to embarass her more so I leave.

Pete the poop

Reply to zip

Thata Glastonbury not been myself but i reckon it would be cool

Pete the poop

Big work dump

I had a pretty big dump at work the other day
I had been holding an urge to poop most of the morning. Not despwrare and i was very busy. Come the afternoon i had some free time and it was as if my body knew as my poop came back with a vengeance. I hurried down to the cafe to use the 2 two toilets there. I was turtleheading as i walked down. I hurried in closed the outer door and lifted the lid to see a huge skidmark. Not a problem mind i quickly sat down an unloaded 3 poops in quick succession. The first was about 2.5 inches wide and 7-8 inches long. The relief felt great. As i was about to unload i heard footsteps next door as a lady took the other cubicle. I couldn't hear much and i finished off and left with considerably more skid marks now present in the bowl and down the sides as my poop had landed sideways sonehow. I enjoyed a cup of tea and saw her come out about 4 mins later. I love a good poop

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Steph great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards.

To: Debbie great story it sounds like you both had good poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Awkward poo

Hi it's Aaron from the UK again. I posted my first two posts a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to post about an awkward poo experience I had yesterday.

I am currently off work for a week so decided to travel to London to see a mate of mine who is studying there. We ended up at a large shopping mall where we ate some lunch and look round the shops. We were about to head to a bar which is part of the shopping mall. My stomach was feeling a bit off and I told my friend that I just needed to go to the toilet and for him to go straight to the bar. He responded "I need a piss as well so I'll come with." I thought to myself, 'well I don't need to piss but I really need a poo'. Anyway we went into the toilets which were fairly small and completely empty. There were two cubicles at the end, urinals to the right and sinks to the left. My mate went to one of the urinals and I went into the first cubicle and latched the door.

I pulled my jeans and boxers down and sat on the seat. By this stage my mate would have known what I was doing as he would have heard me undo my belt and pull down my jeans - it was deadly silent in there. I heard my mate head over to the sinks and wash his hands. I then thought he would say: "I'll wait for you outside" or "I'll see you in the bar - I'll buy you a pint." No, sadly neither was true. Instead of leaving, he walked over to directly in front of my cubicle and started a conversation with me. He started talking about girls he liked at his uni. Why wouldn't he leave me to enjoy my poo alone? What made it really awkward was that I was VERY gassy and as he was talking to me I kept farting loudly into the toilet which reverberated around the room. He was not fussed and carried on like we were sat talking at the pub. I tried to give the hint that I wanted to be left alone by only answering in one word answers "Yes, No, Later" etc. He still wasn't taking the hint. I didn't want to tell him to leave - it may seem rude and he had just bought me lunch. He was very generous and quite wealthy so he was was always buying drinks for me etc as I'm not in a particularly well paid job currently.

As I was sat there having this stilted conversation, someone else came into the toilets. He walked over to the cubicles and said "Excuse me" to my mate. He responded by saying "sorry mate" and then the guy went into the cubicle next to me. I heard him quickly sit down. My mate carried on his conversation, now talking about an ex I used to see at uni. This carried on for another two or three minutes, I couldn't help but be noisy and I was letting some loose stuff go. I couldn't hear any noises from my neighbour. He must have felt just as awkward as I did - there was someone right outside his cubicle talking away loudly and would surely be able to hear him go for his poo. It was uncomfortable for the both of us. At this point I noticed that I was making a smell, and I didn't want to continue a conversation in the middle of a smelly poo. I then asked my friend "Look, why don't you meet me in the bar, I'm not sure how long I'm going to be." He then, finally, took the hint. "Ok mate, I'll see you in there. What do want, lager?" "Yes please" I responded. "Ok, mate" he said, and with that he walked out the toilets. Finally he had gone. Now that there was nobody right outside his cubicle listening to his poo (apart from me, but I was having a poo as well), my neighbour then started to push quite loudly "Urrrrrrrghh, ummh, Urrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhh" followed by a loud fart. I let out three more waves of loose stuff and my neighbour eventually plopped some heavy logs. We both started to wipe at the same time, which took some time. I need quite a lot of paper to clean up and so did my neighbour. He flushed a few seconds before me and went to wash his hands and I followed shortly after. He was a young guy about my age wearing a backwards baseball cap and a red t-shirt and black ripped jeans. I went to the sink next to him and he turned to me "Thanks for getting rid of your mate - it was really awkward him right outside my cubicle!" I responded "Yeah no problem, I don't know why he did that." We both then left.


To Steph

HeySteph, sorry about the constipation. I'm grateful you got that beast turd out though. Congrats to Fred for his support! He was a real sweetheart, and I'd do the same for you. Luckily though, I have had great poops. Some were a bit on the nasty side concerning consistency, but were relieving. I had another one of those farts that felt like poo was going to be loose, so I made my way to the bathroom to pass thick slop into the toilet bowl. This happened awhile back ago when I was trying to find an important phone number, so I suppose this was nerves. Other times when my poos have been like this without me actually being sick, it just felt like a needy evacuation. For those of you who remember me being at ????, I've graduated already, and am on my own home toilet again. Sadly, things are a bit boring back home, but I hope to get things busy again just like at the center. I graduated on the 20th of September, and after having a busy day joyriding a bit on my favorite elevator, going to classes, etc, I had to pee after graduation. I made it despite the slight urgency. Although I miss the elevators at ????, at least I can carry a small one with me in my purse lol! My favorite pen has a tiny elevator in it, and its from Otis. I haven't looked into this yet, but wouldn't it be cool to have a pen with a tiny toilet inside of it for toilet lovers? I have fun writing to toiletstool. Good day.

Today, in class the teacher kept farting. She would lift up her leg and fart very loudly. She had never find anything like that before, and it was funny


Re: BF in the bathroom

Neither of us care if the other is in the bathroom when we are taking a dump. If she wanted some sort of help I would be happy to provide but the only bathroom-related help I can recall her ever asking for is an enema.

Jacob B.


To Steve;

I don't have much stories to tell about my friends or myself having an accident, since I never had one in my life (except for when I was a baby) and I rarely saw any of my friends having an accident. However, there was one time I almost witnessed one of my friends having an accident.

Aside from Short Track Speed Skating, I am also part of my school choir. I had been in the choir since the beginning of this year. Even though I'm not a great singer, I decided to join since my school required a fine arts course so that I can graduate from high school.

It was in early September of this year, I just joined the school choir and we were having a choir field trip to perform in a Choir Festival at a nearby mountain. I had a friend the choir. Her name was Kayla. She was just like me, not talented in singing but joined the choir just for the fine arts requirement. She was the same age as me and played basketball and soccer for the local teams in the area. Kayla is Chinese, with brown eyes, long black hair and is skinny in stature.

During our choir performances, we had to wear the usual choir uniform. Even though my school was a private school, and we had school uniforms, we were forced to wear a separate uniform for choir recitals. This was for boys and girls a blue shirt with a necktie and black pants (could be dress pants for boys or skinny jeans for girls). We were also required to wear black dress shoes and for the females, black formal shoes like flats or Mary Janes.

Since our performance was first, we got the time to hang out and explore the mountain. It was a mountain resort and there were paved hiking trails. During this time, it was sunny and hot so Kayla and I decided to have a walk through the woods. She was wearing black skinny jeans and black flats with a bow in front. I was wearing black dress shoes. The trail took 1 hour to walk and the terrain did not change. It looped back to where we started so there was no need to be afraid of getting lost.

Around 20 minutes into walking down the trail. Kayla said she really needed to pee. She was squirming and fidgeting. I asked her how long was she holding it for. She said since the beginning of the walk. Since there was no bathrooms around (we were in the middle of the forest), we had to improvise and go in the bushes.

After walking off the trail, we found a clearing that was surrounded by bushes. I asked Kayla if she went camping before. She never did, so I showed her what to do. I dug a hole in the ground using a stick. At this point Kayla was cross-legged and had a pained look on her face.Her hands were grabbing her private parts. I told her to pee in the hole. She asked me to give her some privacy, so I stood outside the bush as she peed. I peeked through the bushes, just to make sure that she was safe. She stood about 5 feet away from me. Kayla undid the button on her skinny jeans, pulled down her black thong to her thighs and squatted. She peed for around 15 seconds. When her stream came to an end, she asked me if I had any tissue paper or napkins. Luckily, I kept some tissue paper in my pocket so, I took one piece and gave it to her by rushing my hand through the bush. She asked me for another piece so she can put it in her thong because some pee dripped on it. I gave it to her.

Since a hole had been dug, I decided to poop in it. I did not have to poo really bad, but I usually do it since I feel bad that my friends had bodily functions and I did not. Therefore, I told Kayla that I had to poo. She asked if I wanted my privacy, but I said that it was fine if she saw me (both me and my sister, Karen, pee and poop in front of each other all the time, so I'm not scared to do it in front of her). I undid my dress pants, pulled down my grey athletic works boxer briefs to my knees and lowered my butt near the hole. Kayla saw how comfortable I was pooping outside and she said that it was "like second nature" to me. I told her my parents taught me how to do it since we go on camping trips all the time. I gave a medium push, and my poop exited my butt. It was a mid-sized poop. So it covered the hole neatly. After wiping myself with tissue paper, I pulled up my boxers and dress pants We covered the hole as best as we could and continued our walk.

That's it for now!

Anyone remember using the potty as a kid? I remember quite a few potty experiences from when I was younger.

I used to have urinary tract infections a lot, so I had to pee in a cup a lot. My mom would usually help me with it in the doctors office bathroom, but eventually we just started doing them at home. One day I had to have a urine sample taken at home and I remember my parents helping me change out of a nightgown and into just a shirt. I walked around totally bottomless until I had to pee. My parents kept me naked from the waist down until it was time to pee because sometimes when they'd leave my pants on, I'd wait until the last minute to tell them, and as they would be pulling down my pants I'd start peeing before my mom got a chance to clean me before giving the urine sample. Sometimes these urine samples were taken while I was on the toilet with my legs open, and other times I'd stand with my legs open and my mom or dad would hold the cup under my privates and I'd stand on a towel. The standing sample was usually only when it wasn't a mid stream sample. When I'd have to be on the toilet for the urine sample (which was most of the time) it was because I had to be cleaned to provide an uncontaminated sample.

I also remember being potty trained and having to sit on the potty and wait until I peed or pooped then I'd get a reward and a pat on the back. Sometimes I'd get constipated and my dad would let me squeeze his thumb as I pushed. Also, I remember having my bottom wiped after pooping.

Anyone else have similar childhood experiences?


Rock Poo

I have had a bad time has been like rock and painful but more to the point I almost pass out when trying to go.
Today I needed to poo...not at all urgent but knew I needed to at least try. I went to the local clinic where the therapist sat me on the toilet and stood by me whilst I tried to evacuate my bowels....I grunted without shame and loudly! I push it out slowly...there is still much more in me. It was fortunate that I had someone with me because of the effort that had to be applied. At the conclusion the therapist massaged my shoulders and sore from the effort.
If it was not for the therapist I may not sit on the pot or might sit but get nothing out.


reply to steph


i had a similar experience, my wife was in the bath one day when i got home from work and i had been needing and holding in a huge poo all day, i thought i was home alone and ran to the bathroom with a poo head starting to poke out my bum i saw her and told her i need the toilet and she said she will be out in 15 mins, i told her it was urgent and she said go ahead... the toilet was right next to the bath by the taps and she was sitting maybe 2 feet away facing the toilet, but i had to go i pulled my pants down and saw her take a quick peek of my bits as i sat and tucked them down into the front of the toilet, after that she was just reading her phone as normal.
a few air squeeks passed by my open bum hole and the poo and she glanced at me as if to say "oh dear" then my poo started to come out, it was really wide so it was coming out slowly with a crackle squeeking sound, the room was completely silent except for the sounds comeing from my bum, i felt so awkward and embarrased almost as if she could see my asshole pooping... i was going red and hot,but she continued to act like i wasnt even there, my poo was a round ball that plipped into the water and then a huge one dropped out so fast and broke in two and ploped so loudly followed by another the exact same maybe a split second later, she looked at me with her eyebrows raised and said "poop abit slower" as a joke, i pushed out 2 more big logs then a lot of gassy mush that was so noisy and ended with a huge splattering fart that pebble dashed the bowl, i wiped up my bumhole which was still open feeling from the size of my turds and it took a while because it was poking out before i sat down, eventually i stood up and flushed and she said " feel better" i just nodded and left the room.

Monday, October 08, 2018



To wilden;

At the end of the day it is your car and your choice if she can pee in your car... I pee in my car as do a few of my friends and it doesnt really damage the car seats at all and there are many ways to clean the seats once its done... and as for the other places again its down to you but i always find if she has a specific pillow that is easily washed then thats always fun to pee on.


Awkward moment

Hey all, so I'm wondering if this ever happened to anyone. I have been severely constipated these past few days which is causing me to be very uncomfortable. My boyfriend and I moved in together over the weekend after dating for two years so this is where the awkward comes in, we have peed in front of each other before but that is as far as it went. So I went into the bathroom, lifted up my nightshirt and sat on the toilet. I didn't bother to lock the door, fred knocks on the bathroom door and I said it was open. He came in and seen me on the toilet and asked if it was a bad time because he wanted to shave and get ready for work. I said no not at all come on in, so he stood at the sink while I peed and rubbed my stomach. He was nearly halfway through his shave when i felt my bum start to open i didn't want to clench it shut because i have been waiting so long for a BM so really quickly I said babe it's probably best if you went out in the kitchen and finished that. He started to say why and then it clicked he's like oh. Unfortunately there was no time for him to pack up his stuff and leave when a huge fart came out. Turning red I said sorry babe, he was like don't worry about it. The bathroom started to stink and i was in so much pain but i was starting to feel relived at the same time, i asked him if he wanted to leave he should now but he's such a sweet guy and he seen that i was in pure agony so he took a towel wiped the remaining shaving cream off his face and sat down on the edge of the bathtub next to me. He took my hand and told me to do what i had to do so i said alright but don't look at me differently after this. So I held his hand and I just relaxed, a few wet turds slid out of me and hit the toilet bowl hard, water splashed up on my ass and it felt weird but good. Next thing to start moving was the monster, as the turd was moving it's way out of me I slowly started to squeeze Fred's hand harder and harder. My bum was as far open as it was going to get and i pushed like I was giving birth to a baby. The tip of the turd got out of my butt and got stuck halfway between the bowl and my ass. I stopped squeezing fred's hand and stopped pushing for a minute. I took a deep breath and asked fred if he was okay? He said he was but he don't know how I'm doing it I'm only a petite girl. The bathroom stunk so bad i ran out of air freshener but i wasn't worried about that right now I needed this thing out of me pronto. So Fred took my hand again while i rubbed my stomach with my other hand and started to push. I wiggled my bum a little bit and that moved the turd, I didn't think I was ever going to stop pushing until finally I didn't feel the turd in my bum anymore. I let Fred's hand go and I took another breath of air. I felt so much better, I let out a couple of farts but I think they were just air. Once Fred knew I was okay he went to the kitchen and got some candles. I was afraid to look but I had to, i got off the toilet and my bum was extremely sore. I looked down and no exaggeration it was the full length of the bottom of the bowl and it stretched up right to the bottom of the seat. I said uh oh toilet is clogged for sure. So i tried flushing and half of it went through but got stuck so i wiped my bum ever so gently and put the tp in the garbage bucket for now. I pulled my nightshirt down not like it was going to make a difference and I went in on the bed to lie down. Fred came back with the candles and said babe are you alright, I said yes I'm fine the toilet is clogged but i'll clear that in a minute I just needed to relax. He said you relax babe i'll get this I'm like babe you have to go to work he's like i phoned my boss told him a family emergency came up I might be in later this afternoon. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up I heard the toilet flushing normally and Fred was washing his hands. He came into the room and I said you fixed it he said I did. He asked me how I was feeling and I told him so much better but my bum is really sore. He said what you did in there was amazing. Then this might sound weird but he was like does the front part of you hurt I'm like nope that's best kind so we.... I don't know of any guys who would stay with their girlfriends or wives through that much less .... afterwards so that's why I'm asking if anyone had a similar experience?


Dump After Laxative

I've been feeling constipated lately thanks to a new medication I'm on. So, last week, I decided to take a laxative. I hadn't pooped in about three or four days and I knew I was pretty much full of shit. No pun intended. When I woke up the next morning, I felt a whole lot of churning inside my stomach and so I ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I peed a little bit, and then the beginning of my dump started. I gave a big push, and a long, loud dry fart ripped out of me. "Ssssssssssspppppppppppplllllllltttttt..." I grunted and pushed again and this time only a soft fart came. "Pfffffffftt!" I pushed another time, and soon, really hard pebble-like turds began plopping out of me. "Plop... plop... splunk! plop... plop".

That loosened things up a bit, and pretty soon, I had another wave of pebble turds plopping out of me again, only this time a bit softer. "Plop... ploop... ploop... ploop". After this, my stomach began to hurt and then I realized: here comes the soft part. Without pushing, I began crackling out a long, soft log that I thought would never end. My stomach churned all the while. "ccccccrrrrrkkkkkklllllllll...splllllt....ppffffffftttt...cccccrrrrkrkkrkkkfffffttttt...." Finally, it plopped into the toilet. I was about to get up and look when I felt a big cramp, and looser, mushier, and smellier shit squirted out of me. "FFFffffffflooomp! BRAAAAAP! Fffffffffffllllloooooomp!"

After a few waves of that, I was finally done. I got up to wipe, and saw that I had practically filled the toilet: a huge pile of mushy poop that obscured the giant log and pebbles coiled underneath. It took a lot of wipes to get myself clean, but I finally did it, and felt much better after that. I wiped, flushed, and left the bathroom extremely stinky.


My Girlfriend, Maya

I want to tell you about my girlfriend, Maya. She is mildly autistic, but you wouldn't be able to tell unless you know her well. In fact, she is incredibly smart and has a fairly normal life. We both skied on our high school team. She has had a few accidents with me, but it rarely happens. We've been together for about 2 years, and it's only happened like 2-3 times. One of those times, for example, we were just watching TV, and something really funny happened on the TV and she laughed so hard that she fell to the floor laughing and wet her jeans. She didn't seem embarrassed, though, just surprised.
There was one time when she pooped her pants that I would like to tell you about. This happened when she was 17 and a junior in high school and I was 18 and a senior in high school. One of the things we like to is to hike through the woods. This is something that we can do often, since we live in a rural town. One day, we hiked to the top of a hill that overlooked the town. It was a beautiful sight, so we sat on the edge of the cliff and just admired it for about 15 minutes. Then she said, "Can we start heading back now? I have to go to the bathroom." So we started to hike back to my house, which was about 1.5 hours away. As we continued to walk down the paths, she looked uncomfortable, so I asked her if she was okay and she said she was fine, but I could tell that she had to go. About halfway home, she looked a lot more uncomfortable. Then she stopped walking and was silent. I asked her if she was okay, and that's when the smell hit me. I knew exactly what happened. She started to cry and I hugged her. "I can't believe I shit my pants," she said. She turned around and asked me if it was noticeable. There was a large softball-sized bulge in the back of her jean shorts. She was still sobbing and I suggested that she just dump it out into the woods and clean up when we got back to my house. She agreed and started to undo her pants. When she pulled her shorts down, the tight waistband squished the load a little and a brown stain formed on the back of her light blue panties. She pulled down her panties, squatted a little and dumped her load into the woods by the side of the path. Surprisingly, her panties were fairly clean. There was a little bit of a stain where the waistband of her shorts squished the turd and her ass crack was caked with shit. She then pulled her panties and shorts up and we continued to walk back to my house. I helped her to clean up when we got home and afterwards we agreed never to talk about the incident.


Bodily needs during a power outage

Last week at school one morning we had a power outage. We were in an art class and once the lights flickered, came back on and then a second later we were in the dark. At least 3 classmates used the f-bomb when their computers went off. As for me, I wasn't using one but I was just ready to ask permission to go to the bathroom. It was urgent because Kennard overslept and hadn't shared my large coffee with me. I figured I was a couple of minutes from a disaster. After getting permission to go and walking across the room in the dark, I almost had an accident when I feel over a chair that had not been pushed into a work station. I knew whose it was, but couldn't find them because we are required to place our phones in a slot on the entrance wall. Luckily the classroom door was unlatched because I would have had water from two places. First, my eyes and secondly from the black thong under my white jeans. Most of the rooms in the lower level of the school don't have windows. The bathroom was no exception. I felt my way to the bathroom based on some noise I had heard. I stepped up once at the entrance and knew I was at the bathroom. Some of the cubicles had doors, some didn't so I expected my hands to have to do more work. The dam was breaking. I think I came knee-to-knee with a girl on the first toilet. It scared me, caused me to start trickling and although I felt bad about it later, I said part of something to her that could have gotten me detention time. I knew it wouldn't make any difference so I awkwardly led myself to another cubicle, used my hands to assure me that the seat was down, and I threw myself to the back to get on it. My right elbow collided with the toilet paper roll, but my piss started at once and went on for more than a minute. One of the few times this has happened, but it actually burned me as it came out. I later told Kennard about it and he said it was probably the acid in the coffee.

I sat probably 5 minutes longer than needed, but I was hopeful the lights would come back on. When I got back to the art room our teacher had allowed students to get their phones for light and there were 25-some lights in the room. Just then there was a big cheer when the first student read the principal's message that school was out for the rest of the day. So I texted Kennard to meet me at our regular entrance. It was 11 o'clock then when he came and I suggested we take advantage of the nice weather, walk to a sandwich shop to get take-out and then go to the park for lunch. What he wanted to do, that made me upset because it happens all the time, was to walk about five blocks to his house so he could get and walk his dog. I immediately knew what he was up to. He wanted to go home to crap. He has like never crapped at school. And he tries to get out of crapping at many public places we go to. Holding his crap in for up to 7 hours can't be good for him.

He doesn't have a lot of money so I used it as a bribe of sorts that I would pay for his lunch, but we had to get down there before the office crowd came in. No dog/crap side trip home! So we walked to a street with all the fast food options, got our food to go, and walked over to one of the biggest parks in the city. We didn't go all the way up the hill to our favorite place, but instead got a picnic bench near the entrance. Both he and I were hungry and he chugged more than half the 2-quart soda container. He ended up farting a few times and I knew it was just a few minutes before he was going to have to give in and use the park bathroom at the top of the hill. I wasn't too far off. I had to pee and I told him I would walk up with him. During the 10-minute walk I could tell he was getting a little scared. He was sweating out his flannel shirt, but he and I have used the toilets together up there before, and I know he had figured that out. In walking through some high weeds, I almost took out a knee when I fell into a small hole against him. I could smell what his anus was holding. When we finally got to the toilet building I told Kennard what the rules were going to be.

One, we were going to use the ladies side. Two, I was going to take my pee in the toilet on the left while in front of me, he was going to use the toilet on the right. No cubicles. Two old fashioned toilets right across from one another. Kennard said it wasn't fair because girls have more experience on toilets than guys. Then he said that was especially the case with me because he said I pee way too much! I know he's just jealous because I don't have the difficulties he has. But I told him since he had overslept and my drinking all the coffee had almost caused my bladder to burst, he was going to have one other requirement. I was going to make him squat crap. Kennard seemed surprised at first but he asked that I make one change in the rule. He would have a couple of minutes to sit and then if he didn't get his crap going, then he would try the squat. I said OK and I immediately dropped my jeans and thong and placed myself on the seat. I pushed myself farther back so he would definitely hear the pee pounding into the water. Luckily I had no problem doing that, although the seat did seem a big sticky under me.

Then from my seat I started giving Kennard his directions. His boxers were twice as faded and had more tears than the last time I had seen them in that bathroom. He's kind of awkward and I'm trying to encourage him as someone who needs more confidence. In his squat he was about two inches from the seat and at about a 25-degree angle as he swayed sideways during his push, and as he increased pressure in his push, Kennard almost lost his balance and fell backward. I was able to suppress my laughter, but luckily he had his head lower, almost between his legs, as a log started to emerge and drop, falling apart into multiple pieces. That brought a smile to his face. By holding his stance OK, within a couple of minutes, two more rather large drops occurred. I told him he earned the right to seat himself and clean up. He worked pretty fast on the wipe and went through all the toilet paper. I was impressed. So I pulled some off my roll and walked over to give it to him. In a few more wipes, he had it. Then we hung out in the park for a couple of hours and got a lot of homework done. He enjoyed staying there so much he had forgotten all about his need to walk his dog.


Where you go

Hey guys,
I have a horrible habit of intending to post regularly to the site and I never do but I think this time it's finally going to happen. I've always been intrigued by toilet habits and where and when people go or don't go. I myself have a very liberal view of where it's ok to go but I hate going with anyone around. That frequently leads to close calls and ear misses or going in places you might not expect. Today was just a near miss. I left work and as soon as I got in the car I realized how full I was in both senses. There was a heaviness in my stomach and my bladder felt full to the brim so I loosened my belt and unbuttoned my pants to allow so room while I trekked the 8 miles to my apartment. As I got closer things were progressing, I had farted a few times but now there was just a tip pushing to come out and I was getting worried. I considered going in my pants or finding something to go in but decided trying to dispose of the evidence would be pretty tough. By the time I got in my apartment the poop was opening my hole. I dashed to the bathroom as it started coming out and just avoided marking up my pants. The relief was awesome though so I can't complain. I've got tons of stories of this type, hopefully this time I'll actually share them.


To Jacob B.

Do you have peeing stories, like any accidents you or your friends may have had? Would love to hear about that!

Tuesday, October 02, 2018


Alexis and peeing in the car (need advice!)

Hello everyone, I posted a few months back about how my friend Alexis peed all over my car. I think its on page 2718. Well since then I have become closer friends with Alexis, and I found out that she likes to pee in different places and stuff. So I have a couple stories if anyone wants to hear them. Also, Alexis has asked if she could pee in my car. Now last time it was a huge mess and an accident, but it was also a pretty crazy thing to witness first hand. But this time it would intentional. Do you guys think I should let her pee in my car? And any other advice from you guys on peeing other places would be appreciated. Thanks!


First Time Taking a poop at New Work

So if you have seen my past stories you know that I'm a teacher. Well a couple weeks I started a new job as a teacher for 4th graders, throughout the day I really don't have a lot of time to use a toilet. Except for lunch time which by then I'm grading papers and putting together worksheets and everything so I never really have time. I usually go right after I get home and before my kids get home so that either they don't know their mother is pooping or if they need to poop from a long day of school.

Yesterday was a different story, I showed up to school and 5 minutes later the students showed up and it wasn't until 11 that I was dying to go. I asked the teacher next door if she could watch my students, I went down the hall to the girls bathroom which I had never been in before. It had two stalls and I took the second one. I dropped my jeans down to my ankles and sat down. I started peeing and the door opened and I recognized the girl cause of her pink shoes and it was a student from my class Arianna. I saw her stretchy pants go to her ankles, and green underwear which had a poop mark on them. My first piece crackled out and splashed in and a second crackled out right after, Arianna kept on grunting and I heard a "plunk" sound and it was followed by a huge fart. One more piece came out and I started to wipe and I heard a plop sound from Arianna and she said, Ms L can I have some toilet paper please and I gave her some. We both got to the sinks and she apoligized for the smell and I told her no worries and that all of us have stinky poops.

Afterwards it felt really good and I'll be sure to do it again when I have to.

Jacob B.

A Bathroom Experience with my Teammate

Hi everyone! My name is Jacob and I am Karen B's younger brother (she posted on page 2703 about her friend's soccer practice). She recently told me of this site and I was interested in it's content! I'm 14 years old and, just like my sister, I am a Short Track Speed Skater. This story that I am about to tell you happened at last week practice.

My team just got on the ice and were doing some warm up laps. My friend, who I will call Michael, was practicing his starts. Michael just joined our team from another team due to how close ours was to his house. He is 13 years old, skinny and is about the same height as me. As got to know Michael over the weeks of practices, I found out that he was very open about everything. I decided to practice starts next to him. About 5 mins in, I noticed that he had a pained look on his face. I asked if he was alright, but he said that he didn't feel well and had to use the washroom. I asked my coach if Michael and I could go to the bathroom. She was understanding and let us go.

The rink's bathroom stalls had broken doors and walls . They were removed by the rink maintenance crew and were undergoing replacement for quite sometime. The only part of the stall that was standing were the supports that marked where the stall was supposed to be. Luckily, there was a concrete wall that divided the washroom door from the actual public, so anyone who used the bathroom had privacy. Michael said that his stomach hurt and he felt like he had diarrhea. I told him to just poo and he'll feel better. He agreed. During this time, I tried to make it less nervous of him to poop in front of me by peeing the urinals right in front of the stalls. These urinals extended to the ground so it made it hard to pretend that I peeing. I actually had to pee, since I drank 3 bottles of water before practice, so it thought it was best to let it out now.

The urinal had a mirror just above it, so I would see what Michael was doing. He unzipped his skinsuit and Kevlar suit and pulled them down to his hips. I saw that he was wearing a T-shirt of a Minor Hockey team. Then he pulled his black Nike sport boxers down. Then, he sat on the toilet. I did the same, only instead of taking of my pink and orange American Eagle boxers, I stick my penis out of it. I started peeing. I looked at the mirror as my stream was going, Michael was pushing with all his might. I heard farts and grunts. Just he stopped his grunts, my stream was coming to an end. I saw the Michael was staring between my legs, looking at my urine cascade down the tall urinal wall.

I shook my penis and pulled it back into my boxers, I redid everything and sat at the bench in front of Michael, who was still sitting on the porcelain throne. He was pooping regularly now, as he did not grunt as hard. I asked Michael about why he was wearing a Minor Hockey shirt. He said that before he started speed skating, he played hockey. However, his parents wanted him to play a sport that was less expensive, so they switched the Short Track. Michael the asked me a question. He was wondering why would I use the bathroom now and not later. I explained that, as a new member to the team, I wanted him to feel welcome. I explained that I used the urinal in front of him to show that I was no afraid to show my body function in front of him. Moreover, I said that I would give you the courage to relieve yourself so he can feel better to get back on the ice.

Michael wiped and redid his Kevlar and Skinsuit. I asked if he felt better, and he said yes! We got on back ice and continued practice.

From that day on, Michael and I became the closest friends. I can't believe it all started in the bathroom.

I continue to write more! My sister also gave me an idea of a short survey to do so i'll do it here:

1)Name, Gender and/or Age
2)Are you open in doing your bodily functions in front of friends?
3)Have your friends done any bodily functions in front of you?
4)What would you do if your friend got diarrhea? Do you comfort them or follow them to the washroom?
5)To any athletes/musicians/dancers, have you had any accidents during your game/event/match/recital?

Karen B.

A motivational experience at the Arena!

HI! This is Karen B who recently posted on pages 2609 and 2703. I have another experience to tell you from my arena's bathroom. I recently retired from Short Track Speed Skating since I graduated from high school and moving away to go to University. Now, I coach my brother, Jacob, who recently posted here (I told him all about this site since he wanted a place to document his bowel movements and bathroom experiences). This story happened the prior to my final practice of the season (so February of this year). That day, I recall I was wearing my Speed Skating Canada shirt, Adidas track pants and runners (basically athletic wear). This experience help motivates me to do well both in time management.

I usually arrive to the arena early (my school is near the rink that I practice at). At the arena, there is a cafeteria with tables and chairs to enjoy small snacks and drinks. Since my practice started in an hour and a half time I decided to do study for my History test that was coming up. I was busy writing notes when something caught my eye. A girl, around the age of 10 - 11, and her mom were walking into the arena lobby. She was dragging what looked like a hockey bag. The girl had sour look on her face. She was wearing a Nike shirt, pink leggings and Asics runners. "But I don't want to!" the girl argued. "Emma", her mother said, "you have to do it! You have physio appointment later and when you come home, you will have no time to do it." "What if my friends see me? They are going to laugh and give me weird looks if they see me doing it! "Emma replied. "Your practice begins in two hours, you have time to do it. Now, I have to send your sister to basketball practice. Don't let your friends dictate who you are! Stay here and do it." her mother sternly said back. "You see that young lady over there", Emma's mother pointed at me "she's doing what you are doing! There's nothing wrong with doing it in a public place. "I then realized what was going on. Emma did not want to do her homework at the arena. I saw that tucked in her arm was a binder and textbook that said English. Emma said okay reluctantly. As her mom left, I continued to study for my test. Emma placed her hockey bag and the ground and opened her textbook and binder. During this time, I decided to wrap up what I was doing and use the bathroom. I ate a lot of pasta for lunch and had to poo.

After packing my books and binder in my backpack, I decided to go back to my car to trade my school bag with my speed skating bag. I walked back to the arena and straight into the women's washroom. The bathroom had two stalls and one handicapped stall (which was out of order). I took the stall on the right and locked the door. After pulling down my sweat pants and blue Under Armour panties, I seated myself on the toilet. The seat was warm, so someone might have used it before me. As I sat on the toilet, I heard the sound of someone walking into the bathroom. As I stared into the crack, I noticed that it was, of all people, Emma. She took the stall on my left. With the stall hanging from the ceilings, I could see up to her middle calves. I heard the sound of her hockey bag making a big thump on the ground. She then proceeded to throw her binder and textbook on the ground. Then, I heard the sound of her pulling down her leggings and pink flower panties to her thighs. I then heard the toilet seat make a large thud, followed by a big sigh. As this was happening, my stream quietly started and continued for a good 5 seconds. I heard Emma talking to herself from the stall, "Why does SHE always do this to me! I wish dad was here! "Little did she know that I was in the stall next to her. I proceeded to push my soft poo out of my butt. I came out with a soft splash. I proceeded to wipe my vagina and butt and flush. After that I decided to change into my Kevlar and skinsuit since practice was beginning in 30 minutes (we usually stretch out in our skinsuits before going on ice). After changing, I flushed and exited the stall.

While I was washing my hands. I was able to peek into Emma's stall to see what was going on out of curiosity. I wonder if she was still in a bad mood. I saw that she was on her phone while pooping. I also saw that her Asics shoes were on tippy toes. After some straining she let out a big fart. As that happened, I heard the sound of a large splash. "Phew!" She said, "I shouldn't have eaten those onion rings!" As I continued to wash my hands, I heard the sound of toilet paper being torn off and a flush. As the door opened, Emma walked out with her hockey bag. As she walked out, she caught a glimpse of me washing my hands.

"Wait a minute... you're the girl that was doing homework in the lobby?" she asked. "Yes, I was" I replied. "Why did you do that?" she asked. "Because it's the only thing to keep me occupied?" I replied. "You know what Emma," I continued. "Your mom just wants you to have a better future." Emma said, "but when my Dad sends me to hockey practice, he just lets me surf on my phone or talk to my friends! I just want to do my homework at HOME!" I reasoned out with Emma. "You know if you do your homework here, then you are free after your physio appointment, right." Emma sighed. "That's what I do. I do my homework here so that when I go home, I have time to do other things, like text my friends or watch TV." Emma responded, "But what if my friends make weird looks at me or laugh at me?" I then told her, "when you were in the stall, you let out a large fart." "Ummmmm... yeah?" she said. "You had the courage to do that in public!" I responded. "I swear that if I was outside the bathroom, I could hear you fart and say that you ate too much onion rings," I continued. I explained that if she had the ability to say and do all that, then doing homework in public is less embarrassing. I asked if she was embarrassed on doing that. She replied that she does it all the time and her friends don't mind. I then said there's nothing to be afraid then with her friends. We talked for a bit and I found out that she moved to Canada from Tampa Bay, Florida a year ago, so that was her first year with a new hockey team. I got that she was a bit upset with her parents that she had to leave all of her friends because her father got a new job here. I told her that I had to go to practice. I wished her the best in her upcoming seasons. As I left Emma replied, "One last thing, you look so cool in that uniform." She was referencing my skinsuit. "What sport is that?" she questioned. I replied, "Short Track Speed Skating. You should try it sometime!" Emma said maybe.

On that day, I helped encourage someone and taught them an important lesson in time management.

A few questions:
1)To the athletes, where and when do you do your homework? I.e. Before tournaments, on the toilet, or in the car on the way to practice?
2)Are you comfortable to fart in front of your friends or do you just hold it
3)To the students, are you comfortable in doing homework or studying on the toilet. If so is it comfortable?
4)Has anyone peeked into your stall while you were having a bodily function? How did you feel?

I hope to post more once I start University!

Karen B.


Poop at the store + boyfriend poops

I've been a long time lurker of this site.I have a lot of stories I can post but I'll start with one of my more memorable ones.

First, a little about me. I'm a 5'6" female, light brown hair just past my shoulders and big blue eyes. I weight 155lbs with very curvy hips, a small waist, and perky size 36C breasts. I usually poop every day, though the time varies. My stomach is very sensitive to spicy.

One time, I was at the grocery store about 8pm just to rent a red box for my dad and I to watch. It was surprisingly busy that night inside the store, but I was the only one outside. I was getting frustrated with red box because it wasn't accepting my credit card, and I noticed the urge to poop was getting stronger very quickly. I was letting off silent farts about every 10 seconds. I was going inside to ask an employee for help when I knew I needed to take a detour to the ladies room.

I walked in and was surprised to see I was third in line. There were three stalls, 2 normal and one handicapped. The two regular stalls emptied and the two women in front of me, a mother and older (about 17) daughter quickly replaced them.

The girl just peed and when she left the first stall, I took it. Her mom told her daughter she might be a couple minutes. I quickly lowered my jeans and gray and purple undies to just below my knees and spread my legs a little. I heard the mom next door drop two plops as my butthole began to open and poop to start its exit.

I'm normally a very quick pooper as I wait until i really need to go before I poop. My poop exited my butt very quickly and was what I call a "salsa" poop, since that is exactly how I would describe the consistency. It smelled pretty terrible and my butthole felt dirty. It was. I needed at least 8 wipes to get clean.

I'm don't fart much when I poop, unless its diarrhea. Sometimes when I pee, I will let go of some very light airy farts. This poop was memorable because at the very end, I let out a very loud, wet fart. I wanted to laugh but I was kind of in shock as a fart like that is very rare for me. I could hear the girl waiting for her mom giggling.

Her mom came out of her stall while I was still wiping away. They left. I finished wiping, pulled up my pants, and washed my hands.

The woman in the handicapped stall was still there, but I didn't hear any poop noises or voice noises from her at all. The only reason I knew she was in there was because i could see her shoes.

Another thing I'd like to add is that my boyfriend and I are very open about our pooping habits. We're long distance, but whenever we're together we like to shower together in the morning and after drinking the coffee he makes, I usually have to poop. He will start the shower while I'm pooping and stand beside me brushing his teeth. It made me uncomfortable at fist, but now I don't think anything of it. Sometimes he laughs if it's a loud poop and usually tells me I have a stinky butt because my poops are usually pretty smelly.

During my last visit, I saw him pooping twice. I listened very carefully but I never heard any plops from him, making me wonder how big it was and if it just coiled in the bowl and didn't make a sound. He knows that men pooping turns me on, but he always flushes with his butt still on the toilet so I've never seen what his poop looks like unfortunately. I want to ask him but I'm still a little embarrassed by what he calls my "poop fetish." I'm not interested in poop play or scat, but more by a man's asshole opening and stretching to let a huge poop through. I'm building up the nerve and will try asking him next time we see each other. Maybe I will try holding mine or drinking my coffee quicker and coordinating my morning poop with his and ask him to buddy dump.


Portopotty poops

Peter the Poop-I was reading about your festival port o potty poops. I had to use one yesterday. Fortunately it was early, so I think I was the first one to poop in it. Got the nice blue splash.

Have you heard that there is some big music festival in England where there are only long drop toilets and you basically sit on a board with a hole in it and poop into the holding pit. There are dividers between the holes, but it's kind of like out door stalls, so your feet and legs are visible to everyone outside. It looks kind of nasty, but interesting. You couldn't be shy about everyone standing in line knowing that you are taking a dump in there because they could see your legs facing outwards and maybe even your trousers and underwear being lowered down. I think you can google "long drop toilets" and see pics of them.


Trip to Ukraine

Some time ago I went for a trip to Ukraine,to Lviv. Due to I had to wake up early, I had no time to use the toilet; about noon I started to feel that I need go #2. There are not many shopping centers in Ukraine's cities,so I had to use a toilet in a toilet building in one of Lviv's markets. When I went in I saw a female toilet attendant talking to her (also female) friend; I paid 2,5 hryvnias I saw there were (in men's part) two squat toilets; toilets were in cubicles,but those cubicles and door were very low (toilet was on the step and the upper edge of the door was between my chest and my belly. I dropped my pants,pooped and then... I saw there was no toilet paper! I asked the toilet attendant to bring some and after few minutes she did it. When it was time to wipe,I stood up (it was a little bit uncomfortable to squat for all the time) and then I realized that I'm cearly visible (apart from my genitals and butt covered with this low door) for toilet attendant's friend who was standing and the door and talking to her. It was a weird feeling: I'm standing,wiping my ass and she sees my face and even a blouse I was wearing that day...
But that toilet wan't the worse: in some not to big city park I saw another toilet; this one was without water... and without door,just really low walls (maybe to the belt level) and nothing more. This time I needed only to pee but I wonder if I needed to poop and someone was there... that would be strange.


Airplane bathrooms/moving bathrooms

The discussion about airplane lavatories is reminding me that one of my problems with them is that it is often difficult for me to pee while in motion, just to get the stream started. It is also an issue on trains. Does anyone else have this problem?


Acquatic Constipation

It was many years ago and was constipated as usual. I decided to go to the local swimming pool and did a few laps of freestyle.
It might have been the stretching...the different gravity...or the continual exercise of the ???? muscles, however, I had to stop my laps because of quite an abdo pain. I thought a trip to the toilet and sit on same would be a good idea. As I got out of the pool the pain got worse and thundered in my belly. But of fear of same I would have pushed to try and defecate there and then.
Instead I made my painful way to the toilets which had become my holy grail. I entered the gents and there was nobody I approached the throne I attempted a fart but no response. I slapped or threw my wet bum on the toggs around my ankles on a wet floor. Expecting an exodus of shit nothing happened...I pushed strained , grunted and groaned but absolutely nothing. It seemed to me that my poo was stuck well up my colon. I gave up. showered, dressed and went straight to the chemist. I told the shop assistant my situation and she said take these two micro enemas...."it will work!!!" she said with steely determination. Anyway, I went home , inserted the micro enemas they stimulated the lower colon but nothing happened except expulsion of the enema fluid.
It was early evening so I also purchased some NU Lax and I took a big dose. Off to bed without bowel success. After a time I woke up and had to use the toilet...I sat of a little while but could not produce anything but a couple of small rock pebbles. Back to bed...fell asleep and woke up again and again on the toilet. This time more was happening. The offending rock hard stubborn turd that was blocking everything had moved down my colon into the rectal area...but it was thick and hard and from a point of anatomy it was thicker than my hole....anyway I pushed and pushed and lent right head was below my knees and my bum pointing up. Push ,push push, and it came out millimeter by millimeter and then I could feel a large part was out of me and it must have looked like an erect tail! and then wooosh out came the rests. It was a large piece of poo but thick...was it thick! I passed another turd, somewhat smaller and then wiped and as I got up there was shit over the back of the toilet seat which must have occurred when lent forward and the poo stuck out straight.
Back to bed , with tingling bum hole...but not for long...back to the toilet...just made it and let out an enormous loud wet fart and then a a few small bit of poo....this went on and on...a few plip plops a fart and more plip plops. The smell was over powering . And then I got a real sever urge more more ???? cramped and it went on for a while the laxative was doing its job and I was trying to do mine! Then relief...sweet blessed relief... the whole contents of my colon emptied into the toilet bowl in a continual rush of plops (not plips) and farts....the toilet was a mess...I wiped, flushed and noticed the wooden toilet seat had indented on my bottom..but who cares....I had my glorious.

@Nishita, It sounds like you have IBS and/or poor muscle control of your pelvic floor. Have you gone to the doctor and told them about all the accidents you are having or are you too embarrassed too, there are tests that measure your anal closure and urethral closure strength to make sure the muscles are strong enough and if they aren't strong enough there are a few things the doctors can do to help. You can practice anal kegels and you can hopefully strengthen yourself that way and there is no shame in wearing diapers whole community full of people who wear them for for sexual or nonsexual reasons.

For those of you whose mothers or family have helped them poop that sounds really embarrassing them seeing you naked like that.

I'm jealous of those that get to see someone's anus especially one open and closing.

A little bit about me I'm a 36 year old male with IBS living in Atlanta Georgia. I've worn diapers and pull-ups in the past both for health and fun reasons ;-)

Does anyone else like to make noise when they go in semiprivacy like moaning or grunting, what I mean is secretly hoping an apartment neighbor might hear you but at the same time you'd be embarrassed if they heard?

Having IBS My stomach is always making noises at work that make it sound like I'm farting. If I'm nervous them I'm apt to have to poop and pee and fart. Thankfully the bathrooms at work are pretty private although it's still possible for someone to see your privates if they try. One of my biggest fears is someone that I work with I know will see my privates as I don't like the size of them.

I've had people peek at me in the bathroom before I'm not sure about any of y'all.

Has anyone used squatty potty before I've found it works for me.

I wish we could see the results of the surveys that people take on this site think that would be really awesome.

Does anyone else their legs spread wide when they sit on the toilet?

Any other guys sit down to pee most of the time or is it just me?

I hate having to give anytime sample for a drug screen or for a Doctors test because I find I often feel like I have to poop while peeing so I'm trying to hold the poop back yet give the sample all while not getting pee anywhere but in the cup or having anyone barge in and see my privates.

I can't wait to hear from you guys.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina as always another great story it sounds like you both had great poops and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next story thanks.

To: Kaitlyn great story it sounds all of you had great poops.

To: Shellee great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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