Colder toilet seats in stadium

Me and my friend Becca attended our school's first away game last week. Her parents dropped us off at that large football stadium at a nearby town. I don't know if me or Becca were the happiest to finally get the trip over with. Her parents got to my house just as I was going to take my usual piss before leaving. So I had to hold it for the 30 minute trip that I think was longer because of all the rush hour traffic. Just before picking me up they had stopped at a Wal-Mart for gas and Becca said she ran into the store because she had been holding her crap since they got on her case for holding them up at the time they wanted to leave. Becca couldn't believe it but each of the bathrooms in the store was packed with people waiting for each toilet. So she ran back to the car so they wouldn't be pissed off about having to hit the heavy traffic in picking me up.

After we held our bodily functions during the trip that seemed like it would never end, me and Becca couldn't get through the ticket gate fast enough and get into the toilets. We were lucky in that we had beaten the crowd there. On the walkway to the toilets there were a large number of cheerleaders seated on the cement and painting a huge banner to be hung. I was able to step around a couple of them to get to the toilets. Becca tried to jump over the banner but her shoe came down at the very top of it and almost tore it. One of the girls swore at her, but a teacher laid into the cheerleader for not having made an earlier deadline.

As we went around the wall into the toilets, Becca was still mad and said if she had lost her footing on the banner, she would have fallen onto it and definitely shit herself. None of the toilets had a door. There were a line of them. I've known for years that Becca likes to use the middle one because she finds it interesting in what those on each side of her are doing. When we were younger she and I would sit and be entertained by the farts, other noises, and especially some of the conversations other users were having. I took the stool next to Becca and she was having a hard time with the button on her jeans. So my butt hit the seat first and I was totally surprised by the coldness of the seat. It seemed that I was sitting on one of the shelves in the fridge. Before I could get my warning out to Becca next door I heard a thud as she hit the seat. Right then it seemed like a string of firecrackers went off and then there were so many splashes into the bowl I couldn't count them. Becca swore and said she was amazed she hadn't messed herself because that was her chili from lunch.

As for me, I just didn't find the seat comfortable. My cold butt was one reason and the contour of the seat was anything but inviting to my butt. My pee started slowly and as I pissed I looked between my legs over the front of the seat and saw several dimples. I guess they were cigarette burns from back when. And it didn't help as I was trying to get my piss going better when I saw two waterbugs go through the drain cover in the concrete between my feet. Becca started cursing again when, after telling me about filling her bowl, and finding that someone had busted off and stolen the toilet paper hanger.

Sometimes I like to mess with her. This was one of those times. I told her I had a toilet paper hanger. At that time my stream was at the max and I knew she could hear it. I also knew she would resent it. Quietly I started to pull down these cut 4-inch by 4-inch squares of toilet paper and each time when I got like 6 of them I would hand them under the panel to her. I could tell she was getting madder. After she wiped with one group of them from her seat, she stood and I gave her the next group. Standing and wiping didn't satisfy her at all. Then she walked like a duck with her clothing down next door into that stall. I could tell she was getting madder in there too because there was no normal roll of toilet paper to be used.

Finally others started to come in and I know Becca just gave up and wanted to get out of there. Luckily our team won and after the game when there were very few people left in the stadium as we were waiting for our ride to come, Becca talked about sneaking into the boys' room and seeing if it had normal toilet paper on rolls. She didn't, though, because there were a few teachers and administrators around.


To Big Bladder Babe

Your story hits pretty close to home as I am in the same bladder category as you. In fact I discovered this forum way back when I was an adolescent in something like seventh or eight grade. The posts from women with abnormally oversized bladders and their stories gave me comfort that I was not alone in the ability to pee forever. For some reason those peeing stories stopped a decade ago as if the posters either got bored that they were in the minority here. Big Bladder Babe: You seem pretty confident and proud of your long peeing ability but I can tell you unequivocally that it freaked my mother out while at the same time it made me the center of attention and popularity in the girl's restroom and at slumber parties. Someone here once wrote that there is a sexual component to female bladder capacity and peeing ability and I agree. I have a story or two I can share.

As I said my mother thought I was some anatomical oddity, so just to not drive her insane with my endless morning pees I'd hold-it until I got to school. Our mid-morning break wasn't much to speak about so at that point I'd wait until the lunch bell when we girls would make our way to our school's restroom off the quad. It was a newly built high school with a large well-appointed restroom which was as much a social gathering spot as one for relieving a full bladder. I remember that restroom's toilets were like an acoustic chamber for peeing second to none; someone would go in to a stall and the entire place would echo with either a piddle, a spray, a stream of a gush-- there was no way to hide one's bladder capability. A parade of girls would go into stalls, close the door and a vast majority would pee some relatively average duration and output taking a minute or less. Pathetic but there were exceptions. At the beginning of my freshmen year I remember a senior went into a stall and peed for maybe two-and-a-half or three minutes with a loud and steady stream and when she came out her friends were all giddy telling her "how can you pee like that?" She loved all the attention and brushed it off as if it was no big deal which it wasn't. When I arrived at that high school I increased the category of peeing prowess by many fold.

When I pee, I go very similarly to Big Bladder Babe and other women I've read about here hundreds of pages ago. Since I'm usually holding an enormous quantity it takes an eternity for me to void. I too pee in phases. Initially I tinkle for at least a minute before my stream builds-up and shoots in a heavy unified stream straight into the water. When my velocity really increases it resounds with a low thunderous roar that you can hear outside the restroom or from one end of the house to the other. I'll pee and pee and pee, then after maybe a minute or two my stream will quickly taper-off to a tinkle or stop. After a fashion it will start anew whereby I'll pee and pee more minutes away until it halts again. From my very limited life survey of women like me and reading stories online I'm beginning to think most women with extraordinarily oversized bladder capacities pee in the same style. Anyway I'll go into this wondrous euphoric state on the pot as my pee continues to flow and flow--stop-- only to commence again and flow and flow. Around me stall doors are opening and closing, girls are peeing and running dry as the minutes wear-on.

In school my pees were so ridiculously long and voluminous that my closest friends soon insisted I use the end handicapped stall. Three of them would gather with me in the relatively large space in the handicapped stall and we would talk while I peed and peed. Thinking back I'm sure they got a secret erotic thrill witnessing my epic performances. Minutes would pass and conversation topics would change. Invariably after my sixth, seven or eighth pee cycle when my stream would stop there would be a lull in the conversation. when that happened I could usually see them openly looking in my direction on the toilet. More often than not my bladder would respond with still another cascading stream of urine into the water go the bowl. At some point my urination would reach such an outlandish duration that each would shake their heads in amazement and whisper something along the lines of "Kari, you are f*****g unbelievable" or "you can out-pee any woman in this world!" I don't know about that but I am in a rarified bladder size category, that I'm confident of.

Better story number two: After high school I went away to college where I first shared a dorm room with a nutty roommate who was so overwhelmed by my bladder capabilities that she left on the second day. Yes, my endless peeing was driving her crazy. I don't know who she complained to or told but my second roommate was a wonderful freshman, as tall as I at 5' 9" who came knocking on the door a day later and introduced herself as Brianna. After a fashion she shrugged her shoulders and said she agreed to trade dorm rooms with the other girl and that everyone thought we'd be more compatible. I remember that was a Friday and I didn't see her all that day until she came back to the room late in the evening and slipped into her bedroom; our dorm rooms were ridiculously small but we had a few square feet of personal space to sleep separated by a bathroom.

And this is where the story gets interesting. Early in the pre-dawn darkness I heard the rustle sheets, her getting-up and going into our adjacent bathroom. As I said the dorm rooms were small; the toilet was located immediately on the other side of the door a few feet from my bed. While I kept my eyes closed on the pillow I could hear the unmistakable sounds of urine starting-up and striking the center of the water. She made no effort to mask her flow. It wasn't a gushing torrent but it flowed loudly and confidently into the toilet. At 5 a.m. with a new roommate I attempted to give her privacy, ignore the sounds and turned-over in my bed. In the darkness of my room the sounds of steady pee continued for fifteen, thirty, forty-five seconds and then a minute before I heard it taper-off. Thinking she had exhausted her bladder I again turned-over in my bed and faced in the direction of the bathroom door. But instead of hearing Brianna reach for a tissue, my senses were greeted with the sounds of her urine stream building once again to the same level as before. She continued to pee steadily and strongly with an unwavering confidence as the digital minute hand of my Bose Wave radio on the end table flipped two, three, four times. After well over five minutes of peeing her pee changed to a series of prolonged splashes and dribbles. She made no effort to shorten or stop her pee. In my bedroom I lay there wide awake, a captive and enthralled audience of one as she piddled and dribbled for several more minutes before finally running dry. I didn't know how to react or what to say. My mind raced to a weird conclusion that the fourth floor dorm word-of-mouth must have gone around until the RA or someone came to the conclusion that Brianna and Kari would be perfectly compatible roommates......because.

Ironically that early morning I was too embarrassed-- don't ask me why-- to take a pee with her so close in proximity but our introductory dorm introduction ended splendidly. Since it was a Saturday, I allowed my bladder to continue to fill enormously. By mid-afternoon I knew the next time I peed it would be a very lengthy one and that was an understatement. While I waited for her to return to our dorm room I studied for my economics class until finally around 4:30 she returned, throwing her jacket on the coach in our tiny living room. We exchanged a few pleasantries before I excused myself, telling her I had to drain some serious quantities of pee. She smiled as I went into the bathroom without fully closing the bathroom door. My bladder was so full that I started piddling for thirty seconds before it gradually built-up to a stream for another minute. Then my bladder's source tapped, pee flowing started in earnest with a high velocity rumble shooting into the water. Urine sounds filled the dorm room out to where she was sitting. I don't think my first pee slowdown occurred until after two minutes had passed. A few seconds later it began anew. I heard her leave the living room for her bedroom where she rummaged for a book and plopped-down on her bed on the other side of her door to read as my pee droned-on. My pee stopped and began again for another minute-and-a-half, stopped and began once more. I could hear her in her bedroom get-up and reach for more reading material. I continued to pee and pee and pee, my bladder feeling like an infinite reservoir of urine supply. More minutes passed until something occurred eerily similar to my high school exploits with my friends in the school restroom.

From her bedroom I heard "Gawd they weren't kidding about you!" From my position on the toilet I called out "what?" She replied "nothing." I continued to pee and pee as still more time passed. When my pee stream halted for the umpteenth time only to start anew, she blurted-out from behind her door "O.K. even I have to ask. Do you ever finish?" I told her casually "eventually....maybe." And then I told her to open the door and that we were roommates and could handle something as natural as each other peeing. I guess I had become something of an exhibitionistic pee 'er after years of going in front of my astonished girlfriends in high school. When she opened-up her adjacent door to the bathroom I felt a renewed tingle in my nether region and bladder as well. I attempted to make small talk while I peed. I asked what her major was and if she liked her classes to which she mumbled a reply. By that time my pee had reached the prolonged splash-stream and piddle stage but on that day I knew I still had more left; I could tell with each renewed stream it was really affecting her. At long last Brianna, standing at the bathroom door, came-out with what had been on her mind. "Kari, do you have ANY idea how long you've been peeing?" As I pushed a little harder and my stream flowed more strongly I matter-of-factly shrugged my shoulders and said "I just have an unusually large bladder and it takes me a very long time to pee." She shook her head sarcastically and quipped "that's the understatement of the century." I took the opportunity to tell her "well when you got-up this morning I heard you go for quite a while." She waved her arms and replied without inhibition: "Yeah my family says I have a bladder that can outlast a waterfall. When we go on road trips my sister and mother don't want to go into a rest stop restroom with me because I take so damn long. Wait until I tell them my new roommate has a bladder so enormous and pees so long she makes me look like nothing. "Hi mom, I have a roommate named Kari who pees for fifteen minutes or more."

She and I still correspond.

Accident in Community College

I would like to tell you about an accident that I had recently. First of all, my name is Katie and I am 18, but I will be turning 19 in 2 weeks. The accident happened last week at the community college I attend. I had a 4 hour break between classes, so I decided to spend my time studying in the library. The urge to poop has been building up all day, but I thought that it wouldn't get bad until I got home. As I was studying, I got bad cramps that made me double over in my seat. Luckily, I was alone, otherwise people would've known that I had to go. I decided I had to go to the bathroom now, so I packed up all my stuff and rushed out of the library. I decided that I would go to the bathroom in one of the classroom buildings. It was on the 4th floor, but it was a single-person bathroom that locks, so if I did end up having an accident, I could clean myself up in private. So I entered the door to the building that is right next to the elevator. Right then, I got another bad cramp that made me double over and the poop started to turtlehead. The door opened and I got in and pressed the button for the 4th floor. Unfortunately, I forgot that the elevator goes REALLY slow, and as it was going up, I got hit with another bad cramp that caused me to double over again as the poop rushed into my panties. It felt solid at first, but then I felt let out a fart that was accompanied by a wave of hot mushy poop. As the elevator passed the 3rd floor, the wave stopped and I relaxed. I looked at the reflection in the metallic walls and saw that there was a very noticable softball-sized bulge in my khakis. Then the door opened, and I quickly walked out. There was a bit of a walk from the elevator to the bathroom that went past a couple of desks in the hallway that are used for studying that there was only one person at. I tried to walk as normally as possible, but as I did, I felt the mess sliding in my panties and going onto my crotch. When I walked past the other girl studying, she gave me dirty looks and I think she knew that I had pooped myself. I entered the bathroom, locked the door, and dropped my backpack. I slowly lowered my pants and panties and assessed the damage. It was a huge lump covered in liquid poop. I dumped the turd into the toilet and began the cleanup process, thinking I can't believe I did this. I am almost 19 and in college. I spent 20 minutes cleaning the stains out of my panties and wiping my butt and crotch. Twenty minutes later, my panties still had a large brown stain on them, but it was good enough. I flushed, pulled up my panties and pants (luckily there wasn't a stain on my pants), washed my hands and left, still mortified by what I've done. When I left the bathroom and made my way back to the elevator, the girl was still studying in the hallway and once again gave me a dirty look as I passed her. I went through the rest of the day as if nothing had happened and I prayed that there wasn't still a smell. I've had plenty of close calls before, but this is the first time I pooped my pants in college. After this experience, I've been keeping a spare pair of panties in my bag just in case I had another accident.


to Melanie (how my mom helps me poop)

To Melanie: You asked me how my mother helps me poop, which is a good question! I grew up with constant problems with constipation, so my mom has been assisting me on the toilet off and on since I was a baby. I typically poop on my own, but if I'm having a particularly difficult time and my mom is around, I'll ask her to help me out. I've written on here before about one of the times she's helped me when I was constipated. I believe you can find it on Page 2655. She has a lot of different ways of helping me poop. Sometimes she'll rub my stomach, lower back, hips, or butthole to help get things moving. She usually either does this while I'm on the toilet trying to push or while I'm laying on my bed before I head to the toilet. Other times, she'll spread my buttcheeks apart with her hands while I'm straining. She'll also give me a bear hug while I'm straining, usually while I'm sitting backwards on the toilet or while squatting on the floor over some towels, much like you mentioned in your story. Another thing she'll do is let me squeeze her hand while I'm pushing. When I'm really struggling, she will have me lay on the bathroom counter on my back with my butt hanging over the sink and roll a rolling pin up and down my stomach, and when I'm really, REALLY struggling, she will grab my turd if it is sticking out and pull it out of my butt. She encourages me as I push and strain also, usually telling me things like:
"Come on, Lavah! You can do it!"
"You're doing great!"
"It's almost out!"
"Keep pushing!"
"You're okay, you're okay!"
That's pretty much the bulk of her regular tips and tricks. I hope that answers your question! always appreciate having help pooping when I need it, whether it's from my mom or my sister or some of my close friends! I hope you're having an easier time pooping lately! -Lavah

Jasmin K

Ongoing constipation and reply to Melanie

Hi all
It's been quite a while since I last posted, early August if I recall correctly. I was constipated then and nothing has really changed I still am and it's really bad now. I had been trying to eat a good diet but that didn't seem to be working very well and after the constipation I had back in August I sort of gave up on the good eating and went back to my old ways, eating snacks, crisps ,lots of chocolate and sweets and junk basically. My poo's are little hard pellets and pebbles with an occasional knobbly log. I'm laid in bed writing this having just had an hour on the toilet and produced a couple of pebbles, that's not much after an hours hard straining and considering my poo was crowning, IE actually protruding out of my bum hole, and still is and its rock hard, I can't push it in or push it out so I am consoling my self due to having belly ache and a sore bum by tucking into my fav lunch of 2 bags of crisps and 2'twix bars and a bar of dairy milk chocolate..
I will write about my constipation after this reply to Melanie.

Melanie you asked what my mum did to help - well at the age I am now nothing, she doesnt often ask if I've done a poo any more, the only time she comments is when I have several pairs of dirty / wet knickers / or wet my bed.
I was made to go to the toilet every day, mum would take me into the bathroom, tell me to lift my skirt and she would then pull my knickers down and tell me to sit on the toilet and when seated tell me to start straining( it was the same for my older and younger sister) in thats I had to stay on the toilet straining untill I did a poo, on school mornings for up to half an hour others untill I did it and wasn't allowed to get up untill she was ready to check what I'd done. Mum would check if a poo was coming by feeling my bum as I strained and would sometimes insert a finger to help it come out. If I didn't do a poo I got spanked. If i didn't do a poo before school i had to do it that evening - it didn't make any difference if you didn't need to poo IE had done one at school (it didn't count doing it any where else, i was only supposed to do it at home so she could see what I had done) or were rock hard constipated I had to do a poo. Mum or my older sister would be telling me to try / strain /push harder and not letting me get off the toilet because I hadn't done enough poo, telling me ' you know what happens if you don't do a poo / or do more poo'( that was getting spanked) if I remember that was up till I was 11 and a half. When I was constipated Mum would rub and press on my belly whilst I was on the toilet but was also done on my bed on a plastic sheet and towel, laid on my back legs up and and I had to hold them back with my hands she would rub and press my belly whilst telling me to push hard, Imwould then do my poo on my bed whilst Mum watched it coming out. Sometimes whilst I was either laid down or sat on the toilet she would open me up by inserting her fingers with some cream on, in my bum and hold it open as I pushed. It would start with 2 fingers but if she could feel the hard lump and it wouldn't move she would use 3 fingers and hold me wide open, and occasionally would pick a piece of poo out to help things along. Mum would also have me raise my feet up whilst on the toilet usually on a foot stool. From about age 11 I used to use a pair of high heel shoes to achieve the same effect.

At the moment as I said earlier it's just little pebbles, they like all stick in my bum and make a hard mass that won't come out without a lot a of straining.

A couple of weeks ago one of my boyfriends had a works trip on business to several countries and asked me to go with him. My boss said I could take the week off. I informed my BF that I would come but was really badly constipated and he would have to accept me wearing a pad and pants in bed to avoid accidents.
This particular BF does not get involved in my toilet issues other than he knows I have trouble with constipation and that I spend hours on the toilet but will occasionally, usually in in appropriate places actually feel my backside and bum and comment on it being swollen or rub my belly and say to me that I'm constipated.
My constipation and consequently my bum was really bad prior to going and I was wearing 2 pairs of knickers most days and changing several times. I discussed my trip with my best friend who has similar problems and in light of the fact this BF likes me wearing very tight shiny leggings with heels or very short skirts bare legs and heels the risk of showing soiled knickers was not an option. My friend has in the past suggested I use plastic pants like she does and on this occasion I agreed and borrowed 2 different pairs.
I packed and had left enough time before setting off left enough to have another good straining session for an hour on the toilet to try to poo,I pulled my skin tight black leggings down and I strained as hard as I could and was encouraged by a plip plip plip as a couple of pebbles splashed in the water, I leant forward bearin in mind I had heels on and pushed into my bum as hard as I could and a tip of a log emerged, I kept straining as it inched out. I knew then that this was going to be huge and painful, my bum was still sore from my after breakfast unsuccessful toilet visit except I could feel the hard mass of poo inside but where after an hour of hard straining all that came out was a few farts,mucous, blood and the inside of my bum by 3 inches.
As this big log inched out it was stretching me and was sort of stuck round it's fattest lumpiness part. I took a deep breath and gave a long hard push and it splashed into the water followed by a few pebbles. I strained again for 5 minutes with nothing, my belly ache was less so I wiped - the paper was clean which meant I could carry on just wearing the leggings, although my bulging bum hole was pressing on them, the leggings sort of holding it up. I had knickers and a pair of plastic pants in my hand luggage.
When BF and I met at Heathrow I got the impression I was going to be spoiled with chocolates - he knows I love them and did not disappoint giving me a huge box and saying he had several other bars in his hand luggage.
During the flight we a mainly me finished the whole box and I had 2 bars of chocolate, we arrived in the early hours. At breakfast he stated that his car would pick him up a mid day local time and I should go and explore. I had other ideas and went back to the room to try to get rid of my now aching belly. I actually felt sick but whilst on the toilet managed to do a lot of damage to the next box of chocolates he had left me. Well after an hour I had only farted and made my bum bleed, after 2 hours I had done a few pellets and mucous and a log about 2 inches long and bitty. I put a pair of bikini knickers on with plastic pants over as my bum kept leaking and went to the town. The next morning left to fly to the next venue and as usuall the customery box of chocolates to eat on the plane. My belly was so aching but I couldn't say no, I told him to stop buying chocolates as they were making me constipated and he replied that I could always just not eat them. He then said did it bother me getting constipated from eating them and I replied no not if I would have to give up chocolate etc to avoid getting constipated. He then asked if I stopped eating them when I was constipated I replied no I eat them on the toilet when I'm trying to relieve my constipation.
That evening my belly ache was bad and I could feel my bum leaking I knew my knickers were soiled. He was working on his paperwork and I went on the toilet, took my knickers off and put the soiled pair in a bag to go in my luggage, whilst the pair that was over the plastic pants I decided to wear as my knickers when I got off the toilet, I wiped the plastic ones and put them in my bag. I strained and strained and with each strain dropped like 1 pebble, I know this sounds bad but I caught one in my hand and squeezed it, it was like solid, dark and didn't really smell. I bore down hard and felt it move so strained again but to no avail it was stuck with soft poo coming out round it. At that point he knocks and says - are you ok you been ages, I said yes come in if you want, well he ended up sat on the bath feeding me chocolates as I sat there straining - must have looked a right sight, high heels, mini skirt round my waist, hair in an untidy bun and my make smudged as the straining was making my eyes water and it wasn't the water proof stuff.
The couple of pebbles I did were the last poo for 3 days. My belly was really swollen but on the 2 nod to last night I managed to poo, took 2 hours when he was in a meeting it was a log made of pebbles - in the water it was 10 inch s long and so fat I don't know how it came out, it tore my bum and pulled the inside out. After it dropped I had a piece of pipe under me that must have been 4 inches long, I had a job to get it back inside, about an hour later I got the full feeling so went back and strained hard and despite it falling out again I kept dropping little chinks and pebbles and some softer poo. When I tried for my after breakfast poo next morning all I got was several rock hard pebbles.

That's it for now

Jasmin K

Sunday, September 30, 2018


Reply to Lavah.

Lavah, you wrote, "My mother has had to help me push out a stubborn piece of poop several times throughout my childhood and even now in my adulthood."
Exactly how does your mother help you push your poo out?
Kisses, melanie.

Anna from Austria

Reply to James

I have never used a porta potty but I had to use the airplan bathroom once for going number 2.

And I was not happy about the that. I knew airplane bathrooms from previous flights and I did not like them. Especially the flushing mechanism seemed weird to me.

I only flew 3 times in my life so far. And the first and second flight where just Shorter ranged flights So i could avoid going Number 2 on board. But the third flight was long range flight to Japan.

So during the flight the the inevitable happened. I was not worried about other People hearing me because it was very loud in the cabin and I never heard anything from other previous users of the bathroom, even when I was waiting outside the toilet.

I was more worried about the smell, and the flushing. The pooping act was nonthing Special. i weed first, then same small farts, poop and some other farts. The smell was horrible. But luckily the flushing was stronger than I expected. Everyhing was flushed away without any Problems.

greetings from Austria


Curious Cody

Jeci and my underwear competition

First, you have to realize that Jeci and I have what my grandfather calls a "Days of Sand and Shovels" friendship that began in pre-school, went on through our K-12 school years and has blossomed into a romance. On alternating weekends, we stay at each others' apartment. Secondly, we are both pretty competitive people that have fun with one another about bathroom habits, personal hygiene, who's more efficient in the bathroom, that type of thing. So one Sunday afternoon at her place, she was studying for a test and asked me to take her hamper to the laundry room at the basement of her building. She had a weeks worth of clothing and of course underwear in it. In doing the separation work, I added my two days worth of underwear and a couple of sweaty t-shirts to the pile as I loaded two machines.

What I did though was to carefully look over her undies. She had light brown poop smears in the seat of two and then in three of the others she had yellow discolorization in two. One was the size of a quarter, but the second had a stain at least triple in size of the other. She teases me when she sees mine and places special attention on streak marks in my colored boxers. I've admitted that at my college the bathrooms are constantly in use and that between lectures I've got to take what options that I can. Sometimes I forget to look for toilet paper when I take a seat. Othertimes, I might only get one or two wipes in before I yield to the next user. I've told Jeci that I think the guys, even though they are college age, get more hostile than the ladies when they get less patient while waiting to get their toilet sit time. Jeci just smiles, shifts her tongue and uses this multi-syllable word that I can't remember or define.

My best friend, Josh, has said that if Jeci and me were to ever eat something that disagrees with us, that the resulting Montezuma's revenge could provide the best test yet.


Feeling so much better

Right at the moment I am pooping really well and feeling comfortable in that region. No hard stool constipation at the moment.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


College moving trip

I'm now a freshman in college. This campus is six hours from my house so on moving-in day my dad and I took a load in my car, followed by my mom with a load in their car. Mom was following behind us by about a half hour because she had taken a laxative the previous night and wanted to do her crap at home. Most of my craps at least since middle school have been away from home. When you gotta go, you gotta go and that's what I believe.

So I was driving with dad and after about an hour and a half I knew the rest stop up the highway was going to be for me. I had double my usual amount of coffee and it goes right through me. At the stop, dad stayed in his seat and I made a run uphill to the bathrooms. Strange, compared to others I've used, this was one of the smallest. Just two toilets. Each had a door, but the second one had the door taped. I peeked in and found out why. All I could see was a hole in the floor, a pipe sticking up and the toilet had been removed. So I moved to the other toilet. The seat was up and I dropped it. I lowered my jeans and underwear and got up on the seat which was a little loose, but comfortable. As I was seated and waiting for my relief I got to thinking about the first guy I went out with and wondered if he had beaten me to that other toilet. Then I remembered what I had thought originally when I saw one of his craps. Everything seemed to fall together.

All of a sudden I saw feet under my door panel. I hadn't heard her because she was bare foot but this girl pounded both fists into my door. She said she was having an accident. Since my faucet was slow, I told her I would let her in. I opened the door with my clothing half up, and she quickly slipped around me and dropped herself onto the right side of the seat. She never latched the door and her faucet started I think while she was hiking her dress and dropping her underwear. I was amazed that as her piss was hammering the water she slid her body around like 25% so she was seated normally. The faucet was not interrupted for more than a minute. Then she stood, pulled her underwear up and in a very soft voice sheepishly thanked me for helping her not have an accident. She said something negative about her mother trying for a longer waiting period so as to better train her bladder. The girl was about 8 or 9 and I felt really sorry for her.

She ran out without flushing or washing her hands. I going back in, I made a quick wipe of the side of the seat because there was a big, moist blotch there, which made me think she at least partially leaked into her underwear. Once seated, my faucet cooperated this time. It was very efficient. I stood, wiped, and flushed for two. After washing my hands, my dad was walking to the guys' room. It was so nice out in the early morning air. I stood and could hear a toilet seat drop, an immediate blast that could scare birds, and an immediate sigh or two from dad.


reply to melanie

To melanie: Sorry to hear that you're struggling with constipation! My mother has had to help me push out a stubborn piece of poop several times throughout my childhood and even now in my adulthood. Please don't feel embarrassed. It's okay to have a little help when you need it. Kudos to your mother for helping you in your time of need! I hope you're able to poop easier in the future! Thanks for sharing your story!! -Lavah

Thank you to Victoria B for explaining to me about soft serve. I never see this words before except this site. No, I didn't eat any ice cream, this is answer to Donnie. I think morning is not best time to eat a ice cream! But I ate many other food.

After breakfast we went back our room to brush teeth and get ready for meeting. I was brush teeth when Mari look in to bathroom and said, "stomach hurts, is it OK I sit on loo?" Of course I said OK. Mari pull down panties at once before I leave bathroom! I think she was hurry! I hurry to get out, but she said, "Mina it's OK you stay, you are woman!" And she sat on loo quickly and I heard about six heavy plop sounds very quickly. She look at me then, and gave me warmest smile. She has beautiful smile, even her teeth go every direction, like Kazuko. I continue to brush teeth. I don't feel anything her naked body, because I am woman too and not lesbian, and I know Mari is also not lesbian. I saw her body previous night when she took bath. and she saw me in a birthday suit too.

After some more plops there was smell so Mari quickly flushed loo. "Sorry the smell." But I said, "smell is normal, so you don't sorry!" Mari gave me warm smile and did some more plops. I went out of room because finish to brush teeth, and I went to mirror in bedroom.

After about 10 minutes Mari opened bathroom door and said, "Mina you don't need loo?" I need very much, so I said, "after you finish, I use loo!" Mari closed door again and I hear burururururu sound, then washlet sound. Then sound of paper. Then flush twice.

And Mari opened the door. I went into loo and pulled down panties, Mari still there but it's OK, I think. I said her, "Mari you can brush teeth! I don't mind you are here when I am on loo." Mari gave me warm smile and took toothbrush, I gave push to stomach and plop, plop, five times I think. Mari gave me another warm smile. I push again and again while she brush teeth. Then I flush.

She said, "you said smell is OK, why you flush?" I said her, "Because loo is full!" and we giggle. I did more plops, quite many, so we giggle again. Mari said,"you do takusan takusan!" Takusan means many. I said, "it is good to push out all, we are sukkiri." sukkiri means clear feeling. Mari said, " I think so too, and actually I did very takusan." I said, "I could hear you." She did burururururu many times when she was on loo. I start to do, too. Burururururu. Burururururu. Burururururu. And flush.

Mari went out of bathroom, but she came back minute later, because she forgot her contact lens liquid. I said, "you can do here!" She said OK and I did another burururururu, I said "this is last one, I do little pieces and then finish." Mari show she understand with warm smile. I began to use washlet, and Mari went out of room. I think she don't want to see me use paper. I also don't want. With Kazuko and Hisae and Maho, I love, but not Mari. It is different relationship, we are colleague. I love Mari, but I don't want to wipe her bottom. That is for Maho and Kazuko and Hisae only.

We don't like so much that bath tub and loo are in a same room, but in hotel, it can't help, especially business hotel. Bathroom is very narrow. Washbasin is about 10 centimeters from loo so when I brush teeth I can see motions come out from Mari's bottom but I don't look so much, I don't want to look. If it is Maho or Hisae or Kazuko I love to look, but it is a different!! And Mari didn't look when I was doing motions, too.

Then we went to business place and work. I don't feel anything and Mari too. Just work. We stayed one more night in hotel because work finish late, we went back our city next morning, so we did motion again in that hotel, it was same with first day, we don't feel anything special, just sit on loo and plop and bururururu and other one brush teeth and do contact lens, and we talk. And wipe time, we are in bathroom alone. And I don't cry!! I am senior colleague, senior colleague must never to cry.

I am crazy woman.... But Maho said, "you are normal! OK to do motion with Mari, but wipe bottom is us only." So she felt same with me. Kazuko and Hisae nod head and smile. But they want to know all about Mari's motion, shape and colour and how long time and smell and so on, I tell them, I don't look shape and colour, they showed happy face. I am happy that thing.

This morning Sunday, we did usual group motion and had happy time. I don't give details because this story too long, but it was same with every time, and we stay together for all time and wipe to each other etc, you know how we do always.

I hope everyone is well and happy, and comfortable on loo.

Love from Mina + 3 + Mari


Reply to James

Hi James!!!

I'm the same age as you but female. In response to your question about pooping in porta potties or airplane potties: I've pooped in before. I don't have any fantastic stories about pooping in porta potties but in my experiences, you're right. They are almost very sticky and very stinky.

One time when I was little, about 10 or 11, I was flying with my daddy up north to visit relatives. I told him I had to go poop and made my way to the toilet in the front of the plane. I walked by this elderly man who was dead asleep in am aisle seat.

I walked in and sat down on the potty, swinging my feet and just happily pooping. What I didn't know was that locking the door activated a sensor outside the door saying either "in use" or "free." So while I'm going poop, the old man, who must've woken up, walked in, saw me, and darted out. I wasn't bothered, and finished up my poop, flushed and left.

He was waiting outside the airplane potty and he apologized profusely, that he would've seen the sign say the bathroom wasn't occupied. I totally understood by I don't know why another passenger that was awake couldn't have told him I went in.

I understand your worrt and my poop probably was pretty stinky, but you don't want that discomfort on long flights! Remember people on planes aren't going to make a scene or judge you. We all need to poop :)



Constipated, Yet Again

I Read Melanie's post about being constipated and after getting to poo out she did a wee.
My experience was several years ago I was constipated and went to a clinic for a few enemas. I was told to drink a lot of water before I arrived which I did. When I got there I was told to sit on the toilet and try and push what I could out and then proceed with the enema.Of course nothing would come out....not even gas!
Anyway, the enema was given and I was totally desperate for the toilet but I not only needed a poo but also a wee!
I, of course, sat but to my shock I could not poo despite the urgency and I was in agony for a wee. No amount of grunting and pushing achieved a thing, all this despite me being full of enema water and my stomach bloated out.
The nurse came in and saw my situation and asked me to get off the toilet, bend over, and rest against the bath...with a gloved and lubricated finger she inserted it you know where and moved it around. As she withdrew she commanded me to sit on the toilet and I only just made it with out causing a mess because the enam water was gushing out of me and then a thud in the toilet and out came the stubborn offending poo and then a torrent of brown lumpy liquid. I sat back, relaxed my bladder and did the biggest would flow and flow, stop and flow again. I then had two more enemas and felt brand new. Like you, Melanie, my poo was blocking my bladder exist so I could not wee either.

As for now, I am so constipated...three days ago I did the hardest poo in a public toilet and my moans and grunting could easily be heard. I nearly passed out then...I have not done a BM since...been taking laxatives and will report back in due course about my continuing struggle.


Back Again

I mentioned in my previous post that I sent, maybe an hour ago that I was constipated with hard stools.
I got fed up so I got two micro enemas...not the "big time" enemas I get at the clinic....they come in a small tube with a very long nozzle to fit way up the rectum.
I went to my bedroom (nobody at home) and took the top of the first micro enema and with a slight squeeze lubricated the nozzle. I got into a semi squat position and inserted same but on doing so pushed as if to have a BM...this makes it easier to insert....right the way up and then squeezed all the solution into my rectum. I did the same with the second micro enema.
Soon I was getting urges and severe ones...I kept resisting and they came in waves. I had a little uncontrolled squirt of fecal fluid into my incontinence undies. Ultimately I gave a big push and plop, plop,plop etc into the evacuation. I do not have much of a sense of smell but it was foul!!! I feel much better but my bum is tingling a bit.

Pete the poop


The other day after a heavy night out i got a lift to work. As i was on the car i felt my bowels move into place. By the time i arrived i waa needing the loo and letting off sbds. I went straight straight to our main cafe area and the gender neutral toilets. All 3 were taken but as i arrived a mam came out of one. I hurried in locked the outer door and quickly got my trousers down. I immediately farted and let out 3 sausages. Oh boy what relief. I was done pretty quickly wiped flushed leaving some decent skidmarks. I washed my hands and left feeling relieved and empty


Ashamed of myself

Hi, this is Nishita again.. I had posted about my accidents on page 2201 I think, and on a few pages after that. If anyone remembers me, I'm an accident prone girl...well, woman actually now. I'm 36.

I feel ashamed of myself at times..this year especially has been the worst.. I have pooped in my pants 7-8 times I think, this year, and peed my bed a few times. its just horrible.. I often control it and make it to the bathroom, but so often it gets so bad, I don't know.. I have shit myself 6 times this year, but it feels like too many times to have done it at the age of 36..I'm thin, a decent body I think.

The first one was at one of my old workplaces; I worked at a software company as an administrator. My job was to handle supplies, manage peoples cubicles and other such stuff. Anyway, this particular day, a shipment of new PCs were coming in, and I had gone down to receive them. I was a bit full, since this was post-lunch and I hadn't gone to the toilet through the day..I was silently farting in the lift as we were bringing up the new PCs, there were 5 delivery guys in there, they probably smelt it , doesn't matter..As we were setting the PCs up in one of the new offices, it happened. I bent down to plug in a cable , and I pooped in my formal trousers..and unfortunately, it came out with some fart noises.. I was shocked , immediately got up. My face was burning hot, but the people in the room, they just laughed it off, they found it really funny I guess, and then one of them said "haha, farts always crack me up", and i realized, I still can escape this, they thought it was a fart. So I quickly put my hand behind me, to check my pants. I could feel a bulge, so I thought I'll just flatten it with my fingers a bit and get out of there. That was a mistake though, because someone noticed my hands there and realized the situation..The delivery guys in the room soon figured it out, and my manager got wind of it. My husband had to pick me up from work, and I was fired from that job a few days later. My husband tried to understand, but i could feel him giving up, because he had this kind of "again?" expression on his face..

The other accident was a diarrhea at church. I and my mom wee there on Sunday, and I felt gassy. I held it through the mass , and as we were about to leave, mom was talking to some friends. I was standing next to her. I tried to let a fart out and it came out as gushy liquid poop. My heart was pounding hard and realized I can't do anything..the poop was dripping down my legs and some directly fell on the floor. It might have sounded like water dropping, except for the color..People were just shocked, there was a yellowish puddle at my feet and I was farting.. A few women helped me clean up. They brought me some spare pants. My mom was very very embarrassed. She knew I had had accidents till in my late 20s , but she had forgotten about it...I hadn't had one in front of her for a few years.

The next one happened when I had gone to pick my son from the local bus stop. The bus had come very late and I had major cramps, almost turtleheading. When it arrived and my son got down, I immediately grabbed his hand, about to leave. But then another mom caught up with me, asking about how I manage time with my son's homework..I knew she lived in the same direction as my house..I just didn't expect her to walk along with me at that time. As I was telling her about his math homework last week, I just couldn't help it..I started pooping my pants, and i was wearing sky blue yoga pants. It smelled immediately and my son started giggling. He told it to the other girl, whose mom I was talking to,.. "Mommy went in her pants again" It just felt so horrible..I tried not looking into that woman's eyes, hoping she didn't hear my son.. but she had , and she had smelt it too. and it made me feel guiltier when she offered help. I wanted her to leave me alone. But she didn't..she came into my house, wanting to help me! And then she said, 'you really had to go didn't , you?'..I nodded. But then she added, 'but Nikolai said again..that you went in your pants you have a problem?' I denied..I told her she must have misheard my son. Well my husband did find out I did it again, and didn't talk to me properly, for a few days.

The fourth one, was just so random and sudden. My son had gone off to school, husband was at work, and I had been fired from my job, hadn't found a new one since the work accident. I was at home, and a few ladies in the building where I live decided to meetup for lunch at one of their houses. so we were there, just the ladies, and after lunch we were all just lazing around on the couch or the floor, gossiping. One minute I'm talking to them, and the next few seconds, I started farting and let out a huge load into my seat. And I started peeing myself too, on her couch. It started reeking of poop and from the wetness of my pants and my face, they knew what I had done. They kind of went "wtf" and got away from me, I just sat there, looking down in shame..I mean, I'm a 30+ woman, hanging out with some new people trying to make new friends and I soil myself. The woman whose house we were in, she eventually said, "can you please get off the couch?"..I immediately realized that I had ruined her couch and felt more guilty. I got up, and that released the pressure on my ass..and I pooped more now..I tried to hold it in my pants with my hands but a lot of it just fell plop on the white floor. I didn't know what to do, I was standing in a puddle of pee and poop, her couch was beyond saving and no one was saying anything, which made it very awkward. I started crying and said sorry and rushed away..I lived 3 storeys below that and a few people in the elevator also saw my accident. I just tried not to make eye contact. The other women got over it in a few days and came to check in on me. They even apologized for failing to help..they said they didn't know what to do.

The fifth one was at a new temp job. An elderly woman, who's a doctor hired me as an assistant at her clinic. It was a small was just me and her. I'd fix the appointments and she'd help the patients. Just a small dispensary I guess. Well, one crowded morning with too many patients, I pooped into my pants at the reception desk. I didn't know what to do, I just sat back down, to flatten the bulge and hide it. There was a small queue outside the only washroom at the place, so I thought I'll just wait here. But the smell got very worse and my boss too smelled it. She thought one of the older patients maybe did it, and came over me to tell me that..that I should help whoever it is, without embarrassing them..when she came over though, she realized i was the source of the smell..she asked me if I farted. I said no, i thought i could deny my way out of this. She looked at me suspiciously sniffing her nose, and then asked, "Did you poop in your pants?"..I said no..she waited a while, I tried to look away and she said she doesn't believe me and asked me to stand up. I hesitated a bit and she commanded loudly "stand up!" I had to, and she turned me around..i pooped more and she gasped. She flipped, and started berating me.."are you a baby? how can you shit yourself?" etc etc..she asked me to leave. The patients weren't happy either, of course.. I asked her if I can please use the washroom, she said no she can't let me do that, because of hygiene. I had to have the walk of shame back home which is half a mile away. Obviously I lost the job.

The most recent ones were last week, when I was visiting my parents. I pooped myself a few times during this week. Once while watching TV with my mom, I peed and pooped on the mattress. Mom was very upset , but she helped me clean up. Problem is, she helped too much, which makes it too hard to watch, at this age. She had to clean the floor, throw out my panties etc..Then it happened next day when we went shopping. I did it while we were shopping for bags. It caused a bulge and everyone noticed. We immediately rushed home, and my mom suggested I use diapers. The harder part was the next few days. My mom, kept checking on me asking me if I had to poop, she would come every hour or two, turn me around to check my pants. She put on rubber sheets on my bed...well, I was chatting with an old friend on my phone, in the living room and i pooped in my jeans..I could feel a fart, and I pushed, it came spluttering out. Mom was in the kitchen, but she came out at that time, to get something. I tried to act normal, looking at my phone. To no avail though..she came again to check my pants, and this time smelled it. She kept asking what is the matter with me, that I had used the toilet properly for last 3-4 days, why did it happen etc. I said I had to go and couldn't hold it. She just shook her head in disbelief. The rest of the stay was horrible, so I left there immediately.. I didn't my pants checked every few hours to see if there's poop in it. Its humiliating.

Anyway, that's my recent life..I'll post more about what happened before as well, but later. Thanks.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Peter the poop

Porta potties


Sometimes at festivals porta potties are unavoidable. I have plenty of stories but heres 2

Last weekend went to a country and game fair and the only toilets were porta potties. I had to use them twice and both were pretty clean but full of toilet paper.

Another at a music festival and early.morning needed a big poo. Went to the nearest porta potty and had to wait 5 mins to get in. 50yr old lady xame out apologising. Toilet was full pee poop and tp. I was desperate so Ijust squatted and let it out. I remember feeling much relief!

If u want anymore let me know

Friday, September 21, 2018


One of my several walking in stories

Even as a child, I was always away from home a lot and even today with my job and activities, I probably have 70 percent of my pees and craps away from home. I think I was 16 and my family had just moved across the country and it was about a month into the school year when this happened. I stayed up most of the night to write a social studies paper that I had put off, two or three cups of coffee kept me alert and awake, but by that next morning at school my kidneys were. It didn't help that my friend Amanda wanted to stop for coffee on our way to school. By the time we had walked into the building, I was swimming in liquids.

The bell rang for 1st hour even before I could get to my locker so I had increased pain as the announcements were read and the first math problems were being worked on the overhead. I volunteered to work a proof but asked my teacher if I may be excused to the bathroom first. Since I was new, I think she was more accommodating to me because she had a way of saying no and in a very commanding way.

I hurried to the closest bathroom. I so hated the bathrooms at this school and it had been hard for me to adjust to them. They were twice as large with less privacy. Much dirtier, with smelly overflowing toilets, old black seats that were way outdated, no toilet seat covers that I had become dependent on in my old school, and low doors on many of the toilets that had no latches. That was like half the toilets; the others didn't have any privacy door. I remember asking a senior about why that was and she said there had been a lot of vandalism and drug use that was so bad the sometimes the principals would not unlock a bathroom for a few days as punishment. Amanda said her boyfriend was forced to use a bathroom upstairs a couple times a week when all of his classes were on the lower level or first floor.

I walked into the bathroom that must have had 25 toilets. All were available. I glanced to my right and immediately found a dry seat, although the bowl looked like the color of orange juice, but I quickly lowered my jeans and underwear and carefully placed my butt on the seat. Reaching with my left arm, I closed the door. I was frustrated as I sat by some of the crude stuff etched into the wooden door and pictures of body parts drawn with a marker. Further frustrated by not wanting to spend too much time on the toilet, I used a finger-technique Mom had taught me and that started my pee with such good force that it was stinging me a little. Almost immediately, the fire alarm went off. Lights flickered on and off and this thumping noise so scared me that I felt I could do a crap too.

I think I had been peeing hard for about 30 seconds when the noise in the hallways started. I was in pain and decided I was probably free to finish my pee. Not long after that I heard a trudging sound coming into the room, the yell "everybody out" and within a second or two this male firefighter, crashed my door open and in full uniform he pulled me off the toilet, cursed at me about some state and local law I was breaking and as I was pulling my clothing up, he walked me into the hallway and outside where he took me to a principal with 500 some students watching. Then the firefighter went back into the building.

After the fire drill (which it seemed like never ended) I was taken to the principal's office where he and a fire captain wearing a lot of badges and stuff like that said I was the reason why the school was going to fail its fall fire drill. I was given a week of detentions and my Mom was called at work. I remember crying and telling the fire guy that I thought it was just a 3rd or 4th fire drill of several and that I wasn't trying to break the law. I made the mistake of telling the captain that in my previous state the firefighters never came to the school to run a drill. Then he got more stern and told me about how laws in this state differed from those 900 miles away. While all this was going on, classes had resumed and I found out some students were looking out windows and wondering why two large fire trucks and a chief's car were still parked at the school.

Dad came and picked me up after a few minutes. I talked him into stopping at the first gas station so I could finish my pee. I also did about half a crap there too. I wonder why.


Porta Potty or Airplane toilet stories?

Has anyone here ever pooped in a porta potty or airplane toilet? How old were you female or male,and what happened? I ask because I'm a 24 year old male in the United States and that is probably the two places I fear pooping in. Airplane toilets I'm concerned of someone going in after the smell of hearing me. Ports potty just seems nasty. I was just asking for experiences/stories and any advice you may have to overcome the fear. Thanks! James

Donnie C.

To Mina

Mina: Did you eat some of the ice cream? Or does it give you an upset stomach? (Asians tend to be lactose intolerant, and can't have milk or foods with dairy.)

Soft serve ice cream might remind you of Hisae's soft motions, the way it comes out of the machine. Imagine her doing her motion into a food bowl instead of the toilet!

Sheelee: I know how miserable and frustrated you must have been! When I take a laxative (Correctol), if I take it by mid-evening, eight o'clock or so, it normally works for me right after breakfast. Unless I'm really constipated when it takes a little longer. When I haven't had a BM for a few days, I normally go and sit on the toilet after dinner and really make an effort to go, if nothing happens, then I take some Correctol right after.

My bigger problem is, if I withhold my BM till the urge goes away, it ALWAYS results in constipation. I had this even as a young girl. If I'm caught out in the car when the urge comes, I try to keep the urge going with little tentative pushes until I can get to a ladie's room and have a bowel movement. If not, its several miserable days of being constipated.


Hey Jerry, to answer your question, I've been on both sides before! Several times, actually. Let's start with the times I've walked in on somebody else.

When I was little, I woke up and my grandma was babysitting me for the day but she wasn't in her normal spot in the living room so I panicked a bit. I went around looking for her high and low but couldn't find her. I was checking every room (even checked the closet!) but there was no sign of her. The downstairs bathroom door was cracked a little bit, so I knocked on the door. I guess I knocked a little too hard though, because the door opened up completely and of course, there was my grandma on the toilet with her pants all the way down, in the middle of a pooping session. Not a pretty image lol!

Again at home, when I was a little younger I had to use the bathroom. The door was shut, but we shut the door behind us if we left a bad smell in the bathroom. I opened the door and my mom was on the toilet. She looked at me like a deer caught in headlights!

A few years ago, I had to pee so I wandered into the bathroom. To my surprise, a foul odor hit my nose and my dad was standing up wiping his butt after a messy poop! He yelled at me to get out and I apologized and went away. Couldn't look at him for the rest of the day.

Also, one time my neighbor and I were playing outside. I went inside his garage to get something, but it took a little while for me to find it. We sometimes went into each other's houses by the way, so this wasn't anything unusual. By the time I got back, he was gone. I figured he had gone into his house to warm up (his garage was away from his house) so I went in my house. I had to pee anyway, so it was a convenient time for a pee break. I open the door and see him sitting on the toilet and I heard him peeing and I heard a few plops as well. He was really embarrassed and I quickly got out and closed the door. That was my first time seeing a boy's private parts too.

Now on to the times I've been walked in on.

This happened many times, but one of these times stands out to me. We were at Disney and I was in one of the bathroom stalls in one of the water parks. I was really young, probably around like 7 or 8, I don't know. But my mom was in the stall with me and I was taking a poop. I was wearing a one piece swimsuit so I had to take it all off in order to go to the bathroom. All of a sudden, some lady opens the door. I'm sitting there completely naked and shocked not to mention humiliated. She said "I'm so sorry" and closed the door and walked away, but I started crying because I was so embarrassed because she saw everything.

I was picked on a lot at school mainly in third and fourth grade. I was in fourth grade and the stall doors in the girls bathroom were like impossible to lock. I was shy about pooping but I really needed to go so I tried to make it quick. I got in the stall, closed the door and pulled my pants and undies to my ankles and started to go and then some of my biggest bullies "accidentally" walked in on me all of a sudden. Needless to say, they taunted me and pointed and laughed. "Hey look! Jamie's pooping!" The worst part was, similar to another poster's story below, I was nowhere near done and they kept the door open so my dignity was pretty much totally gone and I didn't want to embarrass myself and make a mess by standing up to close the door again. That was so bad.

More recently though, I was at a party and it was really crowded. I was in the bathroom just to pee and change my pad because I was on my period, but the door didn't have a lock. As I was peeing, some guy opened the door but quickly closed the door behind him and walked away. My used pad was still in my panties, so needless to say that made it extra embarrassing!

I have so many more but this post would be too long if I were to type out every single incident like that. Hope you liked the stories -Jamie


Jerry's question about walking in

A reply to Jerry's question about walking in on someone or being walked in on: I can only remember a few times. One time I was in a restaurant and I went to the bathroom which was single-occupancy but gender-labeled. I opened the unlocked door and there was boy, maybe around 7 or so, sitting on the potty. I apologized and closed it again. Another time I was at a urinal in a men's room at a university, and two young women who were probably students walked right in, talking. They walked more or less right past me to two adjacent stalls and peed audibly. One of them apologized while passing me again on the way out--- apparently the women's was being cleaned. I said I didn't mind, which was true. Another more recent time I was at a New Year's party at a friend's house, where there were a lot of people I didn't know before the party. The party was sort of winding down and a lot of people had left. I went into the bathroom to pee. It was a New Year's party with plenty of champagne and other beverages. There was a sliding door that didn't really quite latch properly, so you more or less had to knock, or else assume that if the door was closed then it was occupied, and leave the door open otherwise. But this woman (who I had just met at the party for the first time) either didn't realize this or forgot, and slid the door open while I was standing in front of the toilet peeing. She kind of shrieked a little bit and closed it again. When I came out she seemed really embarrassed, but I said it's OK, we're all friends here. There is also a library at the same university (where I'm a grad student) which has two single-occupancy all-gender bathrooms. The locks are a little confusing when you lock from the inside. Pushing the door handle from inside unlocks it, and I notice a lot of people fiddling with the locks for a while before convincing themselves that it is actually locked. And a couple of times while reading nearby I have seen someone open the door from outside and appear to surprise someone who thought the door was locked.

PS to Big Bladder Babe: great description--- sounds like you really enjoy how your body works!


School toilets

In all my years at school. There till I was 18 I have only ever done a poo twice and they were on consecutive days I really never needed to go ! At one stage in primary school I was given the task of restocking the boys toilets with toilet paper . They needed hardly any restocking. I recall a friend on great pain at the end of the day because he did not want to take a shit at school.


Measuring your bladder

Big Bladder Girl, do you ever measure your bladder output? If so what do you use to pee into? Stories if you've got them :)

My new gf poops a lot and is very open about it.

Yesterday evening, I was on the phone when she came home, so we whispered hi and I went back to the dishes. In a few minutes, I put something away near the open bathroom door and realized my girl was going poop by the smell! I got off the phone quickly, as I'd realized she'd been pooping for ten minutes already, since she'd gotten home. I came in and sat down and she said, "I'm pooping," with a big smile and dropped a piece of poop. I said "Is it okay if I hang out in here?" She said "Of course! Sorry, stinky." It really was stinky. She let me look in to see a bowl full of poop underneath her. She was done soon and wiped.

This morning, I came home after an errand and started to make breakfast. She said "I might have to poop" as she walked into the bathroom. I turned the burners off and followed her. She leaned forward and began pooping. She said "It's my second poop today so might not be a lot." The first coil dropped and another poop came out immediately. She was constantly pushing out coils of poop for about five minutes until it slowed. She looked at me and I thought she was done. But she reached back, pulled her big butt cheeks apart, and began to poop more. She pushed out about 20 pieces before she was done.

Sometimes she poops like this four or five times a day! Boy I'm lucky...

Blind Man From Aus

Pooping In Australia and the US

I travel to the States from Australia about twice a year. I've posted once before under a different title, but I forget exactly what it was! What interests me most in terms of the experience on Australian and American toilets is that the water level in Australian toilets is much lower. So when I'm in Australia, I get a much better idea, as a person who is blind, about how big my poops are in an auditory sense. The water levels in US toilets are much higher, so you don't get the sense of how big your poops are to the same degree as you do in Australia. I find this kind of disappointing! While you can of course feel how big your poops are as the exit to some degree, you can't necessarily know how big they are without the auditory feedback! During my last four weeks in the States, I noticed a few big poops which splashed most satisfyingly into the toilet, but the majority of my poops didn't give me the same feedback! In Australian toilets, the feedback is much more obvious due to the water level in the can! I wonder why this difference is, and I marvel at the detail on this site about the poops that other people who write witness! I love a good poop. And a big part of the enjoyment is hearing my plops enter the toilet, which is more obvious in the Australian context!


To big-bladder-babe

welcome bitg bladder babe. Your description was very detailled and triggered some questions in me. Ofcourse I am looking forward to your pee stories.

What sounds makes your pee itself when you go? hissing or splattering?
Do you prefer special kind of toilets or places when releaving such big pees e.g. toilets where you can hit the water directly or pee against the sides?
Often when holding too long big pees pee is collected before the bladder so it fills up directly after peeing. Anyone that had some beers knows the effect. So you should be careful not to overstress your body with so much pee.

My poops yesterday and today where softer and with more farts in between than usual. I don't know wehre this comes from but it made me run to the toilet immediate.


constipated again!

It's been a while since I've posted on this forum but I'm back and I have a story to tell.
So I've never really eaten very well and that's probably why I'm constipated all the time, but recently I've been eating really bad. Cookies, candy, chips, chocolate.. All those things that taste so wonderful going in but are so hard to push out!
I hadn't been to the bathroom in about a week and I'd had no urges at all, just a lot of stomach cramping. I was starting to get worried that I'd need help to go, but I finally felt the urge yesterday. I was lying on my bed when I felt my rectum dialate as a huge poo pushed its way into it. I knew it was going to be huge so I put it off for a little while. My bloated stomach was groaning and gurgling the whole time, probably thinking, "Please melanie! Push! Get this thing out of me!" I stayed on my bed and laid on my back with my legs in the air, doing a couple of pushes just to see if I could tell how hard it was going to be. It didn't move at all and I felt scared. I got up and went into the toilet, took some paper off the roll and laid it on the floor and squatted. I grunted and pushed but it still didn't move. After about half an hour of pushing and straining my mother knocked at the door. I assumed she wanted to use the toilet so I just yelled, "Occupied!" yet she stayed at the door. She sighed loudly, "Can I come in?" She called back. I finally gave in, "I'm pooping!" I yelled back. "I know. I can hear you from the living room!" She called back, sounding embarrassed and exasperated. "Will you let me help you?" She asked. I was really reluctant to do this because my mother hasn't seen me poo since I was like 3 and I get so embarrassed when anyone talks about poo. But I unlocked the door and let her in. She seemed curious that I was trying to poo on the floor and let me stay. She gently pushed me onto my knees and had a look at my stretched rectum, wide open with a huge ball of poo sitting there. She started to comment on how I really needed to eat better and how she was going to buy me some dried fruits and things to eat for my constipation but I think she saw how embarrassed I was and how I really didn't need to be lectured because she stopped pretty soon after. She poked at the poo with her finger very gently, not seeming disgusted by touching it. She commented on how hard it was and how big and dry it felt and kept poking at it. Finally she asked me to push. I pushed hard and she said that it moved a little. She asked me to squat again and wrapped her arms around me, sort of pushing her fists into my belly. I wanted to give up but she wouldn't let me. She even said, "No, you got this hard poo you're going to get this hard poo out." Eventually after a lot of pushing and straining, belly rubs and encouragement, the huge ball of poo dropped onto the toilet paper. My anus closed up and I let out a huge fart. I quickly sat on the toilet and peed. My mother said that it was probably because the poo was blocking off my bladder. After this she left me but she told me to stay on the toilet because there was probably more to come. She did buy me dry fruit to eat but it hasn't helped at all. I hope this never happens again. I was so embarrassed. I actually hated it. It's not fair.

Victoria B.

Soft serve

I'm loving grad school but it has me crazy busy! I'm still reading and have some stories to post when I get time, but today all I can do is answer Mina's question. Soft serve normally means the kind of ice cream from the machine that you and Mari saw, but the way we use it here is in more of a metaphorical sense. Ice cream doesn't come from our bottoms but when the poop that does is of a similar consistency to that ice cream we call it soft serve. Hope this returns the favor of you showing us Japanese loo terms!


Hi, Imogen here, I don't have much time but wanted to post with an update. My final year at uni is about to start and last week I needed to go in to drop something off. I realised I needed the loo when I was there so headed to the toilets only to find they were sectioned off with builders working! Went upstairs and found the other set also being worked on. Apparently they are being refurbished which is good I guess. I carried on up one floor and found some open toilets, which was good as I needed to go quite badly.


Forest Toilets

Hey guys, it's Tom here. I've got a story from when I was about 12 years old about toilets. Where I lived as a child, our house backed onto the woods where a bunch of the neighbourhood kids, both boys and girls, had built a treehouse. Not wanting to go home every time we need to pee/poo, we decided to build a toilet out in the woods as well. About 50 paces behind the treehouse and hidden by some bushes, was our toilet. It was just a long wooden plank supported by two posts over a ditch. If you needed to go, you would drop your pants, sit on the plank and hang your bum over the ditch. Us boys only used the toilet for a poo, preferring to pee against a tree. The girls would use it for both, though my best friend Annie would stand to pee with the boys after her older sister taught her to use her fingers to direct her stream.


Smooth Moves Tea

Has anyone on here ever tried Smooth Moves Tea? It's a senna laxative in tea form. One of my co-workers gave me some today, she knows about my constipation problem and she has one sometimes too. Has anyone tried it? How does it work? How long does it take to work? Best time to take it? Morning or night? Usually I take a laxative at night so that I don't get "surprised" during the day.

Just wondered what everyone on here thought of it.

Smiles, Tracy


Toilet Interrupted: walked in on

This is my story about being walked in on while using a public toilet. It happened eight summers ago just after I turned 8. Because I got my grades up, Grams treated me to a day at a theme park. They had a large amount of rides for all ages, plus a pool with a beach. It was a two hour drive there and Grams picked me up at 7. We drove for about an hour when we stopped for breakfast and the bathroom. Before we got back on the highway, I told Grams I had to use the bathroom. I was hopeful that this would be the first time she would let me go in on my own. It was! So I walked down the hall to the mens room, turned a strange door knob that didn't work that good, and walked in I found five urinals and three toilets. No one else was in there. I went into the middle stall. The black seat looked bigger than my butt. Just a little scary compared to the much smaller toilets I had at my school.

Just as Mom and Grams taught me, I took two strips of toilet paper off and placed them over the two sides of the seat. I had pulled my shorts and underwear down and seated myself. One of the paper pieces had slipped a bit before I sat down, but I didn't care. Often I have three pieces of crap. Sometimes it is two if one doesn't break. I heard the door open and man charged forward. He threw the door open on me. "You need to latch it, son," he said. I told him it wasn't working right, but he frowned, looked at me, and said something about responsibility that I didn't fully understand. He went to the stall on my right. I guess he was mad because he slammed the door so hard that the jar I felt scared me. He slammed the seat down and his crap came quickly, making bigger splash noises than I had ever heard. I heard a couple of yanks on the toilet paper roll, but he didn't flush or wash his hands. I wasn't about to leave my toilet until he had left.

Back in the car, Grams asked how I had done. I told her it was my usual size morning crap, but this guy had seemed kind of angry. She used a word that had so many syllables that I could never spell it, but I figured it was a put down on the guy. So when we got to the theme park we decided to do the rides first. After about three hours, I had to pee. The bathroom was pretty large but surprisingly nice. There was a sign on one side "Little Gents" and they had a couple of urinals at floor level and a couple of toilets that were only half as high as the others. I loved the smaller urinal and wish more public bathrooms had them. One of the worst experiences I had was at the airport the day Grams flew in. They had like a hundred urinals all normal height, but unless I stood on a step stool I would not be able to get my organ higher than the bowl to pee normally.

When we got to the swimming park it was very busy. Now the bathroom no longer had the "Litte Gents" things. I used a bench to change into my swim trunk and then on my way out to the beach to meet Grams there was a sign telling us to go to the bathroom first. I went into the next room where I had been hearing several flushes steadily going off. As I walked through the entryway, I was shocked. There was a very long, huge trough like cattle would use. I was too small to get my organ within even a couple of inches of it. I went to the other side where the toilets were. Several swimmers were seated punching out their prize. There was this big guy with engineer jeans and his boxers all the way at floor level. There were no privacy doors on any of the toilets. So I decided to do what my best friend's older brother calls "pissing girlie".

I somewhat carefully lined the seat, pulled my tan trunks to my knees, and I seated myself. I slid back a bit, which was less comfortable, but now I was able to use my left hand to aim my piss into the bowl. I was somewhat relaxed as I pissed. Pretty suddenly, this little girl about 4 or 5 came running in and went to the toilet paper roll. Bumping into my knee, she started yanking on the toilet paper. She said her Dad needed it now, when I told her she should move on and give me privacy. She looked me over, said my trunks were ugly, but then I heard this guy call out her three-part name. She was dragging and almost stumbled on the toilet paper she was delivering. It took me a while to get my piss going again, but I did, and while I was at the sinks, she was still straying too far away and interrupting the privacy of others.


Desperate at School

Hey everyone, today (Tuesday) was a really tiring day. I woke up 20 minutes later and missed the bus, and I didn't get a chance to go poop before I left so I was squirming around in the car. I didn't get a chance to go when I got to school cause it was only 3 minutes until class started and I knew it would take me about 7-8 minutes to poop. I managed to hold it until lunch time and got to the bathroom right after class ended, I found a bathroom with 2 stalls and I took the second one. I had never been in this bathroom before and was interested to see if anyone else I knew would come in. Right then my friend Tyisha walked in and recognized me and said Hey to me, as my hole started to open Tyisha was wiping the seat and dropped her jeans and underwear down at her ankles and sat, I started to hear a wet crackle sound and a "floomph" sound as she sighed. My hole was stretched open so wideat this point and it started making its way out, another person walked in and it was a girl named Mckenzie who was really awkward, she was a red head and always came into the bathroom when I went in. She was looking at me through the door and Tyisha started wiping her butt and flushed and Mckenzie pushed her shorts down to her ankles and sat down and she immediately farted with a couple of plopping noises. Meanwhile I had been in the bathroom for about 6 minutes and my second piece of poop was halfway out and was just hanging from my bum. I looked at the door and could see the reflection and Mckenzie was staring at my butt through the wall. I wiped up and left fast before she could finish up.


Dear Vincene

Hello vincene. Sorry to hear that you got pulled off the toilet during a fire drill! Luckily, that has never happened to me. I'm glad however, that you didn't shit yourself, but disappointed that you had to see the principal. Speaking of craps, and the toilet, I took 2 of them today on the toilet in my bedroom bathroom at ????. They weren't that exciting because they were a bit on the smallish side, but it was soft enough to feel good coming out. Later this morning, I called the Schindler Elevator company from Austin to give positive feedback, and I was so excited my fingers were shaking. I've never needed to poop from excitement though.

Uncle Harry

To. Big Bladder Babe

Your post about how well you can, and need to, hold your pee, is astounding. I can somewhat do that, but nothing like you. When traveling,, I hold my pee until I get to a bathroom or a woods. If I have to piss, I will find a spot. Apparently, you always use a bathroom. Do you ever pee outdoors? Id
Ike to know,


An interesting toilet event just happened

Hi all,

I promise I'll finish part three of the RV repair post provided the mods allow the first two parts to be posted.

Even though I've been a long time reader, I should have studied the FAQs before spending the time to write a super long post. I admit I am overly detailed in my writing.

I really hope my previous posts make it though.

So I was trying to finish my story when I got a call from my "real" workplace necessitating me breaking it into a third part and taking care of work biz.

I am in building maintenance. I am facilities director for a multi-use high rise building in a major city. We have retail, offices, a luxury hotel and condos at the very top.

Ironically the call is about a toilet issue so I thought I'd share.

One of the techs has been having a problem with a particular hotel room toilet continually needing to be plunged and snaked. The odd part is some strange noises when it's flushed and the snake feeling like it hits rocks.

I told him to stop being lazy and pull the darn toilet and take apart and see what's wrong. Comes to find out, he calls me, to tell me he found 4 golf balls in the U bend. Strange. The gold balls are heavy enough to stay trapped in thr U bend but not so heavy as to be able to be flushed through. Water will flush but paper and solids. Not.

Apparently last week we had a disgruntled guest staying in the room part of a golfing group and he left us a present to express his displeasure.

I'd like to put thr balls in a zippy and mail them back to him but of course we can't do that. Custy service you know. Anywho. That ranks as one of thr most unusual finds ever.


pete the poop

wakked in on

Was at a training course and headed off to the two gender neutral toilets closest to our room. Thought i had locked it and walked over to sit down. Was mid poop when one of the ladies on the course walked in! Only part way but still enough to see me standing up to shut the door. I apologised and she cwent in the other 1

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Big Bladder Babe

Happy to be here: Big Bladder Girl Intro

So I have been a reader of this site for years but never had built up the courage to post something of my own. I am so glad I finally decided to share my experiences on this forum because,
I have a lot of great pee stories to talk about. I'll start off today by discussing and describing what my peeing habits are and how my pees usually are.

I have a fairly large bladder, partially due to the fact that I had developed a habit of holding it for long durations of time as a young child that eventually just followed me into adulthood. I can go hours without pee-peeing and generally remain unbothered by any sort of slight desperation I might feel, even after practically an entire day of holding in my super full, balloon-sized bladderful of piss.

Sometimes waves of sudden desperation hit me and in response I typically bend my knees and bend over, but it is very rare that I will need to hold my crotch.

When I finally do go after such long periods of holding in such huge pee-pees, it is complete ecstasy. I immediately feel an enormous wave of relief come over me as I hurriedly begin to push out my enormous load of pee-pee. It comes out so heavy, and I can feel my thick, fanned-out pee stream pushing open my urethra as it escapes out at full speed. I bear down intently in order to try and push as much pee-pee out, as fast as possible. Emptying out an oversized bladder slowly can be excruciating, especially because when you are aware of how big your capacity is, you automatically know that you have so much more pee-pee left in there and that it will probably take you ages to get it all out. I cannot even begin to describe how orgasmically relieving it feels to push out a ???? stream of pee-pee as hard and as fast an you can.

I also possess the type of bladder which forces me to stop and start a lot of times during my flooding pee-pee. I'll initially push out a torrential load of piss in a fat, wide stream and then within seconds will get to a point in which I have to contract my Kegel mussels in order to cut off my stream and restart a stronger, faster one. I honestly just typically have so much pee-pee to get out that I usually want to do it as fast as possible. I do this probably at least four of five times during the initial stage of my pee release.

As I feel myself relieving my exhausted, oversized bladder I oftentimes moan or sigh in sweet relief. "AAHHHHHHH" and "OOOOOHH" are two sighing sounds ill utter loudly out of sheer relief. Sometimes I'll mutter things to myself such as "ooohhh god" and "ahhh thank god", "oh god...I had to go sooo bad" "oh god.....come out please come out" "oh man, there's still so much more"

Once I'm like a minute or so into my piss and start to feel greatly relieved then I will relax my keels a little bit more and let my pee-pee start to flow out naturally with only gentle pushing when necessary. It usually transforms from one big think spraying stream into a twisty but hefty jet in which I usually have more than one heavy streams going at a time. Sometimes it feels as though my pee-pee in falling out of me like a rushing waterfall. As I relax more and more I continue to sigh, moan, and talk to myself, in relief. This part of my stream usually lasts a couple minutes at least.

After minutes and minutes of exhausting my Kegel mussels and emptying my ginormous bladderful of pee-pee, I will FINALLY start to begin to feel more than halfway empty. However that doesn't mean that I still don't have a whole lot, (and I mean A LOT) of pee-pee left in me. So here I go into phase 3 of my bountiful bursting pisses--I like to call this one, the. endless weak streams and dribbles. As my hefty stream begins to slow itself down I often (once again) sigh in relief. After usually at least 2-4 minutes my ol' reliable stream will FINALLY come to a halt.

But once again. with my bladder--I know better than to be fooled into thinking that I am completely finished. And so.....I wait. And "ahhhh" like music to my ears I began to hear the faded trickle of another small stream. Again it will not last very long and will abruptly come to a stop, but, again I will wait to see whats coming next because I know that there's always more pee-pee in there. This sequence will repeat itself several times until I suspect that I'm nearly empty. God my pee-pees are long.

Sometimes it only takes several seconds for my final trickle to make its' way out, signing off on the commencement of a truly gigantic, long, and powerful pee-pee. Sometimes, I sit on the toilet for over 10 minutes because I can still feel that last little bit left in there, and after carrying around such a massive load of piss--the last thing I want to do is leave even a single drop left in my poor, outstretched, fatigued bladder. So when I feel it come out, whether it's a small gush or barely even a trickle, I often breathe heavy and sigh of relief. Finally empty after hours of holding so much piss, I then wipe, flush the toilet, wash my hands, and head on my way.

I take absolutely gigantic mega-sized pee-pees and I am so damn proud of it.

Do you know anyone who takes enormous pees and/or has an oversized bladder? I'd love to hear stories from you guys too!


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