Really public crapping

I was between appointments with clients and after my meeting I found I was locked out of the main entrance to this business. Too bad because right around the corner would have been the bathroom for those in the offices on that floor. So instead of walking around the 2 block long building to the main entrance again, I decided to cut my walk to my car and arrive early at my next appointment. That would give me the extra time to use the bathroom there. My former constipation was giving way due to a laxative I took the previous night. So I'm back on the expressway, I feel my crap becoming more immediate, and I knew I would have to change my plan. I saw a huge billboard advertising a travel stop 3 blocks down the street with the cleanest bathrooms in the state. The caricatures showed a mom and two children, who I imagined to be in close appearance to my Darcee and Kellan, but they were happy and not fighting. So I wheeled in only to see 2 yellow school buses parked there and a long line of kids waiting. My first thought to myself was F***!, one of the words I try and never use in front of my kids.

So I pulled out of the pump area, almost getting broadsided by a speeder who wasn't looking and I drove a little farther with my anus ready to explode. I had the bottom of a nice business pant suit on and a silk white top that was easily starting to show my perspiration and frustration. I saw a sign and arrow for a city park I hadn't been to for 20 years where my high school boyfriend and I sometimes used to make out. I took the winding road through an endless grove of trees over to the picnic area where I had remembered the bathrooms to be. I remember a horrible grinding when I prematurely shifted my gear into park. I didn't even take time to cover my purse with my jacket as I locked the car and sprinted to the bathroom.

There were a couple of mothers and daughters at a bench outside with some art materials in front of them. As I walked into the toilet entrance and got hit with the first of a large group of flies, it was like nothing had changed since the mid-90s. Only 2 toilets left--I had remembered 3 or 4 when me and Jake and some other friends were frequent users. Neither toilet had any privacy booth and the far one had a girl about 4 on it. Shorts and underwear swinging partially covering her feet. I smiled and said Hi just as she looked away as I yanked my clothing down and took my seat. Bugs were getting on my hair, soaked face and arms as fast as the blasting began under me. I looked to my fellow toileter next to me and saw brown paper towels protruding from under her butt, something that I had done with by two at that age. I didn't feel any remorse from sitting directly on the seat. It's just something I've grown accustomed to in my sales job which takes me all over a 3 county area. Within a minute or two I found the girl's eyes fixated on me. I figured she was probably surprised at the ease with which I was transacting my business and the number of times I had looked at my watch as I mapped out how I was going to do 8 miles in less than 10 minutes to my next meeting. From my seated position I did 4 or 5 wipes. The really soft stools in the past have caused me to stain my underwear. I looked for the sink of course, and couldn't find one. Only some holes in the concrete blocks where it looked like it had been broken off the wall. I smiled at the girl, wished her well, ran for my car and and got back onto the expressway in record time. At the business, the purchasing director I was meeting with was late, so I used that time to make another trip to the bathroom. I better cleaned myself and wiped myself down from the sweat before my meeting.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna From Austria great story.

To: Levi great stories it sounds like they had good poops and one sounds like she had to poop a lot as well.

To: Dayna it sounds like you a pretty nasty poop.

To: Britany B great story about pooping in front of your friend.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hello, Aaron again from the UK. I did my first post this week and I thought I'd follow with another story. Despite the fact that I had two interesting stories in that post, I don't tend to encounter interesting poo stories. I use toilets in public most days, but not a lot seems to happen. However, I do have one from when I was at uni in my final year last year. I've since graduated so this one is from the past.

When I was at uni, there was a problem with vandalism and graffiti around the campus. I have no idea why anyone would want to do these things or whether it was a student doing this or someone from outside, but I remember the toilets were often vandalised quite bad, I guess because there was no CCTV in there to catch anyone.

Anyway one day around lunchtime I had just finished a seminar. I needed a poo but figured I'd wait until I got back to my student house. I was walking out with Harry who was a mate of mine who was also a housemate. As we were walking into the lobby of the building we were in, chatting away and then he cut me off mid-sentence: "Sorry mate, I gotta drop a bomb" We were both due to walk back to the house together. I responded with something like "Oh, I was going to wait until I got home" to which he then explained that there was no toilet paper in the house. Being typical students, nobody had bought any and we were all skint so didn't want to buy any either. "I'd better go here then" I responded. Harry said, "See what a good friend I am, I saved you from having a dirty bumhole." We both laughed and headed over to the men's.

It was a small toilet, just two cubicles and a metal trough urinal and a couple of sinks. There were a couple of students in using the urinal but both cubicles were free. We both headed over and went inside. "Ah" I explained. This toilet had also been vandalised. Somebody had ripped the toilet roll holder off the wall as it was on the floor and punched a giant hole in the dividing wall which meant I could see into Harry's cubicle and he could see into mine. "Shall we go somewhere else?" I said. Harry responded "I'm not walking anywhere else. I don't care if you see me s**t." He took off his backpack and put it on the floor and proceeded to pull his jeans and underwear down, essentially he was naked from the waist down but didn't seem to care. "Right." I said. I guess I couldn't wuss out now. I hung my bag on the hook and pulled my boxers and jeans down and sat on the pot. I glanced over to Harry to see his face contorted and red. He then kept straining heavily trying to force his poo out. I knew he was noisy on the pot as I had heard him at home. My room was next the bathroom and the walls were paper thin. I was less comfortable and tried to get my poo out quietly, although I blasted out some loose stuff. Harry kept straining "Urrrrrrrghhh, urrrrrghhhh" After about a minute, there was a heavy thud and Harry breathed a sign of relief. This was followed by two more plops into his bowl. He then relaxed and looked over to me. "How's it going over there?" he asked. "Fine I think, I'm not finished yet. I'm not going to lie, this is awkward." To which Harry farted. "What are you worried about?" he said. I still needed to get some poo out, so continued to push quietly. Harry, however, had so such inhibitions. He stood up and proceeded to pull paper from his dispenser and proceeded to wipe. He then pulled up his boxers and jeans, flushed and left. I was still not done. "I'll see you outside" he shouted at me and left the toilets. Somebody else came into the toilets and went into the recently vacated cubicle, although he said "Oh, sorry mate" and left when he saw me on the pot, although he left the door to the other cubicle open so that guys who were in there could clearly see me sat there. I was pleased to finish my poo that time.


funny ice cream

Hi everybody, I give you short story. I went business trip to city which is far away from my city. So I stayed hotel. My colleague Mari also went this trip and we shared room. Boss asked if it is OK, to share room is more cheaper, and we said OK, because I am a good friends with Mari. If it is Suzuna accompany me on trip, I don't want to share room.

In the morning we went to a breakfast, it was viking style, all you can eat. Of course we ate like tyrannosaurus, we always do! Strange thing, in corner there was ice cream dispenser. It gave ice cream which curl on cornet, we call soft cream in Japan, but I think this is not correct English name. But this dispenser label didn't say soft cream. It said, soft serve!

I learn from this site that soft serve is soft motion which is almost a diarrhoea. So when I saw this label, I laughed big voice. Mari said, "why you are laughing?" I didn't want to tell her. So I said, "I remembered something very funny. I tell you later, not good to laugh big voice in hotel, I am sorry."

But now I wonder, when English people say soft serve, is it always means poo??

Mari speaks English a little, but she doesn't know this word, I think. She didn't laugh.

I saw her do her motion in hotel bathroom, and she saw me, but I am sleepy very much now, so next time I tell.


Mina (and Mari)


Walking in

The other day, I was in a Starbucks, and I saw a woman open the bathroom door, then immediately close it. A minute later, another woman came out and she said "sorry about that" to her. They left together (I guess they were friends).

I've never walked in on anybody who was on the toilet, and nobody has ever walked in on me. Have you been on either side of the walk in? I'd like to hear stories about having your potty privacy interrupted.


Pooping at Work

I liked Alex's story about pooping at work. I think that this is an issue for a lot of people. I go routinely around 10 AM and enjoy the break. Some guys are pretty shameless, and you can see them walking towards the rest room with newspapers. Others are very timid. I was in my usual middle stall a few weeks ago and I could see through the crack this young intern, Sam, entering the mens room and walk with purpose towards the stalls. He noticed a co-worker at the urinal and he immediately detoured to the urinals. The two chatted about a football game on TV that they had both watched. The co-worker finished up and left the bathroom and immediately, Sam ran to the stall next to me on my right. He dropped his chinos and plaid boxers to the floor and I could see his swipe card attached to his belt. He let out a small fart and pushed out what sounded like a huge long log that crackled. He sighed deeply as it came out. He must have been holding this monster for awhile and it must have been a tremendous relief to let it out. He then took his phone out of his pocket and played with it for about three minutes. He started to wipe and I did as well. When he heard me wiping, he stopped. I don't think he wanted to exit the stall at the same time I would be exiting. I finished, washed up and left. A few minutes later, I noticed him walking back to his cubicle. I felt like asking him if he felt better, but I did not thinking that this would be a bit weird!


Van Driver

Was out in the car for work today and nature was calling - probably as I had curry last night! It was quite a rural area. Luckily there was a roadside sign for toilets so I pulled over. It was a village hall car park and toilets were signed down the side of the hall. Just before I pulled in a white van pulled in too. A lad got out this van. He was carrying a magazine tucked under his arm. He got to the toilets first and took the only cubicle so I had to wait, cheeks clenched outside. I could hear him unbuckle and sit down. He opened up his magazine and settled down. He was pretty quiet and every now and then you would hear him turn a page. After about 5 minutes I heard a loud plop and then several more turds and farts were released in quick succession. He then got back to his magazine reading for about 10 minutes further. I was quite jealous of him at this point as he had taken his dump while I was outside desperately trying to hold a curry in! Eventually he started wiping, which lasted a while before he flushed and emerged with magazine back under his arm. I darted in the cubicle sat down and released my load quickly. The seat was so warm as he had been sat on it for about 20 minutes! When I left he was sat in his van eating something and still reading his magazine.

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Merika's fear of using a portable potty

Even though school's started again, I continue to spend child care hours with Merika. Her parents are divorcing and her mom works like two jobs. Merika is in 3rd grade. She doesn't have any trouble going to the bathroom at the movies or the mall or fast food places. My only concern is that may be she should do another wipe or two after a crap. However, we're outdoors quite a bit and in the parks and street festivals we visit often a row of portable potties is our only option. I kind of find it confusing that the all-day street festivals with their parades have many stores as sponsors but on the day of the celebrations the public bathrooms are locked and have a Do Not Enter sign on the door.

In such situations Merika would prefer that we walk back to either my house or her apartment. Either way that would be just short of a mile each way. I was successful for a while this summer to get her to use the bathrooms of one of the parks we go to. The problem is that none of the toilet cubicles has a door. I asked a cop my family knows and he said there are too many crimes committed behind the doors. That's not fully understandable by Merika, but I guess I wouldn't have understood that when I was 8.

So the only alternative I see are the portable potties. Merika will hold her pee for as long as necessary but I know the pain is getting to her. And it doesn't help when we're in a crowd and she's got her hands on her shorts between her legs and she's telling me in her louder-than-necessary voice that he has to pee like right now. One lady in front of us at the festival turned around and pointed to several portable potties. The lines weren't that long so I got more forceful with Merika and took her over there. It was only about 5 minutes before our turn came. I took Merika up the ramp, opened the door, pushed her in, and then slammed and locked it behind us.

There was very little room for us to move around in. I immediately dropped my jeans and underwear and showed Merika how I would sit on the silver-like seat with a huge pipe under it. I told her I knew it smelled but I pointed out a fan going on the ceiling a few inches above my head. Then I spread my legs and reached out to Merika to sit between them. She said the seat was warm and I agreed. My pee was done within 10 seconds. About the same time hers started. I'm certain she didn't empty her whole bladder, but I pulled a broken plastic comb out of my small purse and combed some tangles out of her hair. Then I showed her how the flush button worked. The noise was mean and it scared her. As we walked down the ramp she told me she never wanted to do that again.

Anna from Austria

first time pooping in front of friend

Last saturday I visited my friend Gloria, for having dinner together and then we were about to head to town for a party.She is really into asian stuff so we had some spicy asian noodles. tasted quite good but as I am not used to spicy stuff my stomache did not agree with the noodles. So shortly before we left I need to use the bathroom. I asked Gloria were her bathroom is and she showed me the way.

Unfortunately it was a all in one bathroom. So the toilet, and the bathtub are in the same room. Also they key was missing at the bathroom door so I could not lock it.

I pulled down my jeans and thong and sat on the toilet. While I was peeing Gloria entered the bathroom and told me we need to hurry if we won't to get the next bus.

I shall do my things quick while she was brushing her teeth and put on her makeup. I was shocked at the moment and was thinking about sending her out but then It was to late Could not hold it anymore and my butt-hole opened and with a load splash a rather load splash my log fell into the toilet. Gloria just said why did not you tell me you need to poo? I said sorry I was too embarrassed to tell you. She said ok. I come later again. Just make it quick.

The room was quite smelling already but I was not finished yet. I pushed again and after some load farts I did almost liquid poo. Then I felt empty.

Cleaned myself with lots of toilet paper and flushed and washed my hands.

Then I went back to Gloria and she asked me if I feel better now. I said yes and told her she can finish her makeup and brush her teeth. She laughed and said I will wait a bit. It muss smell horrible right now. I just nodded and blushed a bit. She said it is ok, thats natural. Gloria is a rather new friend, and I was surprised how easy going she was with that topic. I wonder If I can watch her doing her Number 1 one day as well.

thats my story for today

greetings from Austria



First time pooping at work

I've been reading for at least a decade, if not more, but I feel compelled to write for the first time. If you want to get a mental image of me, I'm a 25 year old guy from the east coast, about 5'7, 170 pounds, curly black hair, glasses. With that out of the way, I did something that is truly an accomplishment for me: I shit in public for the first time in probably 15 years, and at work no less!

The night before, my brother had bought Thai food for me. I try my best to adhere to a vegetarian diet, so I opted for tofu instead of the usual meat that would go with the meal. I also assumed that that would cut down on any intestinal issues that goes along with Thai food. I assumed wrong.

I woke up the next morning with a uneasy feeling in my stomach. I tried using the bathroom before jumping in the shower but there was nothing going on. After showering, my stomach felt better, and I spent about an hour lounging around before heading into work. About five minutes into my ride into work, however, my stomach started to rebel with a vengeance. I was getting the WORST cramps imaginable. I should also mention that I just started a new job recently, and being the anxious individual I am, the nerves of a new workplace with the food the night previous was wrecking havoc on me.

I spent the next 15 minutes or so driving in agony, waves of cramps ripping my stomach apart. I had to shit, and badly, trying to clench in my seat every so often. I debated stopping off at a gas station, but I was already running a little bit late, and I have an intense fear of using the bathroom in public (I can't even pee at a urinal unless the place is empty). So I decided to deal with the pain.

Right before I pulled into work, the cramps and the urge subsided a bit. I was still in pain and needed to shit, but seeing as I only had about two minutes to clock in at the office, I (stupidly) thought I could hold off for a while. Since I just started my job, I was shadowing one of the senior workers trying to learn the ropes of everything. After a few minutes of this, all of the stomach cramps came back in full force, cranked up to 11.

I was trying my best to hold on (and not show how much agony I was in) but it was no use. I started breaking into a cold sweat, and couldn't focus on anything. This went on for about an hour. I was in the middle of keying some documents when I literally could not stand it anymore and realized the inevitable: I was going to have to shit my brains out at work or it was going to be in my pants. I told my coworker I was going to run to the bathroom quick, and before she could say anything, I was out the door. The bathrooms are on the other side of the office, so did the awkward "I need to poop" walk/run across the building until I got to the bathroom.

When I got into the bathroom, I completely lucked out. It was empty except for one guy who was washing his hands. I didn't even care if he heard me: my urge to go completely outweighed any embarrassment I would feel. I ran into the handicap stall, fought with the door, and threw myself onto the toilet. Almost immediately, I just exploded with soft poop and diarrhea. It was pretty gross (and noisy too). That happened for a few minutes. A couple times I thought I was done, only to push out some more. After I was sure I was done, it took about five minutes to completely clean myself up. I flushed and felt about 100 times better! I returned to work and had no problems for the rest of the day, thank god. And the best part is nobody walked in during that catastrophe either, so that helped with my self esteem immensely.

To some, it doesn't seem like much of an accomplishment, but for people with shy bladders/bowels like myself, being able to shit in public (even if it's not in your control) is like a crowning achievement. Hope you guys liked my story, I have a few other toilet-related mishaps I might share in the future.


A lifetime of accidents

Hi, I'm Krutika..I'm from India. I'm 42 now, medium built,black hair. Throughout my life, I have been accident prone, mostly poop. During school, I used to poop my pants in class once or twice a month..but the ones that felt bad the most were those I had as an adult..well, I still poop my pants 2 to 3 times a year I guess..but unfortunately, some of those have been in public or around people I know..

There have been too many accidents to remember all of them..but I do remember a lot of them.
One of the most painful ones was when I was with my 2 year old baby. I was in my apartment trying to get him to sleep. I was feeling gassy from lunch and was letting out silent farts every few minutes, I thought I'll go when he's slept. While I was doing that, the doorbell rang and it was the maid. I let her in, and went back to putting my son to sleep. I knew the maid was in the kitchen doing the dishes.. About 15-20 minutes later, she came to the room I and my son were in, to clean it. As she was cleaning the floor, I thought okay, now I'll go the washroon. As I got up to go, I let out a few muffled farts and it happened. Warm soft poop filled my blue jeans instantly; I immediately sat back next to my sleeping son, to hide what had happened. But it had already gotten to my thighs and I could smell it a bit. I picked up a magazine and pretended to read it. As I did, I couldn't resist peeing either, as few streams of pee got out into my already messed jeans. I could feel it mixing with the poop and adding to the odor..anyway, I remained calm. But it didn't help..a few minutes later, the maid noticed the smell and immediately assumed the baby had pooped itself. She came over to my son, to check his diaper and told me to relax, that she'd take care of it. She checked my son's diaper, and obviously found nothing..I guess , then she noticed the wetness of my jeans or the source of the smell, because she gasped in shock, with wide eyes, and looked at me. My face burned red and I felt ashamed..she had caught me. Anyway, it was horrible. The poop , due to the peeing had seeped onto the bedsheets.. My maid , she lifted me up by my arms and some poop dripped onto the floor. She told me to wait there, and I did. She came back with a bunch of old newspapers. She pressed a few of those papers on my ass, holding the dripping and held me by my arms, taking me slowly to the toilet. Anyway, the newspaper helped, as the rest of the house wasn't soiled..and she helped me clean up, which took an hour. This one was very embarrassing for me, as instead of the baby , I had pooped myself in front of someone. The maid works other apartments in the building and I knew others in the building knew as well , because I got a few giggling stares for a few months after that.

The other embarrassing story, was a huge series of accidents when my in-laws were visiting us ; My son, at this point was 10 years old. I was 35. My husband's parents and his three sisters had come to stay with us for 6 months. This was the first big visit by my in-laws, since they lived in the USA...and I had never pooped myself in front of them before this..Well, they hadn't stayed with me long enough before this..well, I don't know if it was the combined stress of taking care of my in-laws plus my job plus my son..I don't know..this was the worst period for me, accident-wise. During these 6 months, well, I pooped in my pants almost once every week. these were just the normal poop accidents.. I mean, I peed and pooped my bed as well, with increased frequency. The first time it happened, I was working on my laptop and soft poo had poured into my pants accidentally. My in-laws were in the same room. I acted quickly and blamed the smell on my son, that he pooed his pants; I mock scolded him and took him to the washroom (yeah, that was horrible of me embarrassing my son like that..but I faced the music for it soon enough)..I didn't think it mother-in-law and the three sisters followed us to the washroom, not believing a 10-year old pooped his pants (I had not expected this). My mother-in-law was scolding my son in a grandma sort of way, about how he should have used the toilet earlier. And my son kept defending himself, that he hadn't done anything..I didn't know what to do, I was losing control; I had to poop more and pee too. My father-in-law had also arrived at the scene now. Well, as my in-laws were scolding my son in disbelief, I lost..I let out an almighty wet fart and started unloading in my pants and completely peed myself too, in front of all of them. In the silence that had fallen, my son yelled, "I told you I didn't do anything"..and ran of to play. Well, it was the first time they had seen me like this, they were disgusted but they hid it from me; They told me that it can happen, and helped me clean. Well, they didn't know this was going to happen 30-40 more times during the 6 months..

One time, I pooped/wet my pants 4-5 times in one day. On account of my several accidents, my in-laws had complained to my parents and they had come home too, to pacify them. That was a dreadful day. I had woken up that day with pee in my pants..I had wet the bed. Obviously, everyone in the house found out. I tried to avoid everyone's glares and got about making breakfast and lunch for everyone..I hadn't gone for my morning poo..and it came out in my pants during breakfast, at the table. The smell lingered , and my mother-in-law immediately looked at me. My mom couldn't believe..she had thought I had stopped pooping myself after the age of 25 and didn't think my accidents continued into motherhood. Once discovered, I peed myself too. Then I said my goodbyes, and left for work. I work at a jewelry store as a saleswoman. Abut two hours into work, around 12 PM, I pooped in my work pants accidentally. A few customers complained about the smell. I tried to cover my butt , turning it away from people. Eventually, they spotted it was me, when a co-worker saw the big bulge on my ass. Again, in the fear of the situation, I peed over myself. They called my home, mom came to get me. She was disgusted, didn't talk to me all the way home. Not one word. Just keep covering her nose. Others at home reacted the same, except my son and my husband who were quite understanding. I had been sent home from work before lunchtime. By this point, I think I had completely lost self-control and self-respect..because I don't think I was trying enough to hold it in.. After lunch that day, we were all watching a movie in the living room, and I felt pressure..I tried to push a fart out, and it all came out, with a lot of crackling and farting noise. My husband was disappointed for the first time...and the same thing happened again post-dinner that night. I don't think I have ever changed my pants so many times in one day..
Eventually, at the end of the 6-month period, Mother-in-law advised my husband to divorce me and said that he had married a woman who never uses the toilet..well, to be fair, during those 6 months I hardly did, even at work. He didn't divorce me at that time..After a dozen more accidents at work and at home, after having changed 5 jobs in 2 years due to my accidents, I finally one day pooped myself at my son's parent-teacher meeting at school. My husband was there and so were other students and their parents. The accident happened after the meeting, when the headmaster was giving an end-of-term speech. It was very crowded, hardly any space to stand in the school lawn. I had to go bad. I was silently farting and then i let out a loud "Brrrr" and it came out in my jeans , it was a big load and bulged out my demins.. I could have hidden it and got away I guess..but because of the crowd so close, turns out, a short kid was standing right behind me; his face right behind my backside. He saw the bulge , told his mother and soon all kids were laughing at me. My son and husband were deeply embarrassed; after being caught, as usual I peed myself out of fear, just standing there while everybody looked at me. Well, that accident sealed the fate. My husband divorced me, and a year later, got custody. Well, I don't blame him. I get to see my son every week, which is good. I still do poop myself , but it has reduced to 2-3 times a year. I don't have IBS or any such bowel condition, I have checked with numerous doctors. My therapists told me that I don't get the concept of "holding it", that's it.I pooped in therapy too, once, but this is getting too long. More stories later.

Thanks for being the community I could open up to.


At a castle

Some years ago me and my girlfriend were walking around on top of castle walls, looking out at the scenic views, and down into the castle grounds at all the now roofless buildings.
When I noticed a female walk away from a group and enter a building right below us, as I watch her she moved away from the doorway and with her back to us she dropped her trousers and knickers and went into a squat and had a piss, once she had stopped pissing she stood up and bend over to her handbag giving me a good clear view of her large bum, as she got a tissue and wiped herself, tossing the tissue into the corner of the building she pulled her things back up and walked out and back to her group.
We continued our walk and into the castle keep.
As we climbed the stairs up from level to level we looked into all the rooms, we saw in one small room the 'guardrob' ( the castle toilet which was a shoot out through the wall into the river below) now with a iron grating over it to stop people falling into it. ( it would have had a wooden seat). We continued all the way to the top of the keep were we could see for miles.
After a short rest as we were about to go back down my girlfriend said that when we get to the bottom she must go to find the public loos. I said why waste time why not use the guardrob on the way down as there was no-one about.
So when we came to the little room with the guardrob my girlfriend jumped up onto the grating and with her back to the wall dropped her jeans and knickers to her knees, her pussy was at my face height, and squatted down and pissed like for ever down the grate, on standing back up she said that she did not have anything to wipe with so to be helpful I took out my hanky and to be more helpful parted her lips and gave her a good wipe, she pushed me away saying that is it, and pulled her knickers and jeans back up.
I said that I to needed a pee, but when I got my thing out it was pointing up and she offered to hold it down for me as I had helped her, this she did but it seemed like hours before I started to pee and then it would not go down the grate, with a step backwards we got most of my piss to go down.
We left the keep and the castle to walk along the river path under the guardrob outlet, looking up to see if any of our piss had made it to the out side and down the walls, but could not see any, it may have been because of the hot sun on the wall drying it up before we got to look.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Last night I took Caleb and his friend Nathan to a school social. I was talking with parents and Nathan asked me if I could show him where the bathroom was. I showed him the unisex bathroom since I had to go too. He took the first stall and I took the second stall. I lifted up my dress and sat. Nathan started ripping off toilet paper, I looked throught the stall and he was placing it on the seat. I was so excited because he was gonna poop, he put his purple shorts at his ankles I looked through his stall and he was just standing there looking through his flip phone. All I could pay attention to was his bum which was big. He put his phone on the toilet paper holder and sat down he started peeing fiercly for about 30 seconds. During that my first piece was coming out and plunked in and Nathan covered his mouth very surprised, I started hearing a loud crackle and his first piece splashed in. I pushed out one more piece and was done and started to wipe and I heard another crackle and a second plunking noise and he wiped up and left without washing his hands or flushing. I looked in his stall and saw two pieces one was about 11 inches and probably 2 inches wide. The second one was about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide.

The other day Caleb had his first baseball game of the season. They were in the second inning and I really had to use the bathroom, there were 2 porta potties and I took the second one. It had poop all over the seat so I walked down the path to the snack stand which had bathrooms in the back. I saw a student of mine Lauren, she had dirty blonde hair and was about 5'6, she took the 3rd stall and I took the second. As I sat she ripped off some toilet paper and wiped the seat. She pushed her skinny jeans down to her knees and wiped the seat one more time and put her purple underwear at her knees and sat with her hands under her thighs. As my piece plopped in she started peeing, I saw her butthole start to twitch and it opened a bit and I started to see the tip of her first piece start to come out and she started grunting a bit and I heard a "floomp" sound. She started to wipe up as my second piece was crackling out and splashed in. She left and I was surprised she didn't notice it was me.

So as I'm finishing this story in my bedroom on my laptop, Caleb is having diaherrea right now. The toilet is right up against the wall where my bed is, I can hear all the pings and pangs of the toilet bowl and the farting. I can unfourtunately hear him groaning and everything.
I'm gonna put one last story for this post which happened two years ago.

So Caleb was friends with a boy named Jason, his mother Bonnie was a very nice lady and did not have a car. There was an open house at thier new elementary school and she had to work and was being picked up by a coworker so she asked me if I could take Jason with us. We showed up a bit later and we met their teacher. We were the last ones there and they needed to use the bathroom so I let them go off. About two minutes later I saw a mother and her son the same age as Caleb and the boy told his mom he was gonna use the bathroom and she went out to her car. I followed the boy behind where he couldn't see me. He took the third stall and put shorts at his ankles and farted. Jason was in the second stall with his sweatpants and underwear at his ankles and Caleb looked to have his shorts at his knees. I waited for about 3 more minutes and they both came out and we drove back to Jason's house and dropped him off.


3 Girls poop

Hello readers. It's been a while since I commented here. Last time I did, I shared the story of my friend's little sister taking a really big dump. This time, I have not one, but two stories about girls I know that pooped.

The first story happened during my Freshman year of high school. I was in horticulture class and I asked to go to the bathroom. Those nachos I had for lunch did not agree with my stomach. I walked into a bathroom. I noticed that they're weren't any urinals, but didn't give a damn. I pulled my jeans and boxers down and sat on the crapper. I farted several times, but nothing came out (constipation is a bitch). After several minutes, Mariah, senior and my teacher's student aide, walked in. I could tell because she always wore flip flops. That's when it dawned on me that I was in the girl's bathroom. She was on the phone with someone, talking about how she shouldn't have eaten all those chicken sandwiches and how she was going to take a big shit. Eventually, she hung up and got into the stall next to me. She pulled her pants and underwear to her knees and sat on the toilet. Her pee drizzled into the toilet for about thirty seconds and then she began to groan. I hear a crackling sound and a plop as her first turd drop. She began to push. A long crackling sound rings out through the bathroom and a huge splash. A moan of relief escaped her mouth. She stood up, wiped and looked into the toilet. "Holy shit." Mariah yelled in surprise. I heard the toilet flush and Mariah walked out. I left my stall and peaked into her toilet. Unfortunately, everything went down. I would have loved to see what her poop looked like.

The second story happened at my girlfriend's house after school one day. Also Freshman year. Her name was Maya. She is slim, has hip length blonde hair, blue eyes, and a decent face. Maya was wearing a blue tank top, jeans, and black flip flops. She was Caucasian as well. Her toenails were painted a light green. They were pretty. We were walking to her home. As we were going, I noticed that she was uncomfortable. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that she hadn't pooped in a week and she felt it coming out. We rushed to her home and I walked her into the bathroom. Before she sat down, I asked if she minded that I watch. She shook her head no and pulled her jeans and panties down before perching on the toilet. "Here I go. Baby, watch me." She grunts and her poop begins to crackle out. It splashes into the toilet bowl. Maya began to push again and a second turd drops into the toilet. A third followed soon after. "Damn Maya." I said. She goes on her her toes as a crackling sound rings from her. A big splash soon follows. "????, that one was big." Maya whined. Shortly after, a long, wet splatter starts. "Baby, I have diarrhea. This is gonna hurt." She winces as a series of long splatters and splashes erupt. The segment ended with a long fart, about 10 seconds long. "Finally. I feel so much better. Sorry you had to see that." She said. I caressed her cheek, this brings her comfort. "It's okay Maya. I'm glad that you emptied yourself. I'll wipe you." She stood up and I wiped her bottom several times. "Damn, I pooped alot." She says, giggling. I look into the toilet and I see several long turds sticking out of the water. I bet she felt relieved. This isn't the first time she pooped big. I'll tell those stories another time.


Poop accident

Hello, all!!

I've really liked posting here in the past but got scared and stopped. I had to return are tonight. So about me, quickly, I'm in my mid 20s, skinny and white, and I teach elementary school. I was spending time with a friend tonight, and like happy young friends, decided to be silly and I was taking a test online called "I can make you pee." I was going to prove I wouldn't pee but I just sadly didn't get through it. I've felt badly all weekend, having what I suspect is food poisoning from eating leftover mcdonalds (an obvious mistake). I had drank a lot of water and not to mention I had pooped about 6 or 7 times over this weekend. During this fun online test, I really had to go poopy but I just thought of temporarily holding off.

One step was "go sit on the toilet with your clothes on for 7 minutes with the faucet running." During that, I could feel a rush of milkshake texture poop coming down but it was manageable, and I determined to wait until after my experiment. I'm sitting on the potty with my skirt up and my white Hanes panties on, and needless to say, out of nowhere, hot and wet poop just starts spilling out into them. I panic but just can't fight it. I wipe well enough, sneak into my friend's room and ask her for my things. I sneak outside, slide my poopy panties off, he in the car with them and drive home.

As for my poopy granny panties, they were badly ruined and I just threw them away. I took a towel from the clean hamper and wrapped up in it, and put my skirt, shirt and socks in the washing machine, which is on the way to outside. I felt another poopy emergency and rushed out the door and, again, just pooped all over myself. At least it's dark.

I rush to grab some clean and soft white panties, and rush to the bathroom. Of course, I hover over the potty for round 3 and pooped more diarrhea but I finally felt empty. I showered, put on the new panties and climbed into bed to cuddle with the pillow and wallow.

I just can't believe I've pooped on myself this many times as an adult. Everyone poops, though. This time was completely my fault and I shouldn't have ignored nature's call. I just hope the poopies don't strike again at work!! :(

Love love,
Shannon :)


Does anyone have poops that burn their butthole for hours?

Hiya. Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been super busy now that the new semester started! Lately, I've been experiencing really infrequent poops, probably due to my shitty diet. Every once in a while, though, I eat something that gets my bowels going like you wouldn't believe. Yesterday, I ate this rockfish/mushroom/tomato stew that I made that was quite delicious, but left me with really bad gas! Probably didn't help that it sat on my desk for a few hours uneaten because I took a nap haha.

Well, today it hit me. Hard. That telltale urge to poop hit me like a truck! I rushed to the toilet, dropped my panties and laid down a ~13 inch log that burned my tush real bad. I decided to flush while I was wiping and clogged it! I wiped around 6 times; it seemed like it was never gonna show up white! Each time was a slightly differing shade of orange-brown. My poor butthole burned like hell for hours afterward, I think all the wiping left something inflamed. Anyone else have poops like that?


Maya: Welcome to the site! I'm looking forward to seeing you around more.

Brittany B: Great story again. I love it when I'm able to comfortably poop in front of my gal pals!

Charmer: Really sounds like you hit the jackpot with her! I wish you both well.



To Brittany B

I'm so happy for you! This is first step. And you did twelve motions in front of your friend and she didn't angry! I am looking forward your next experience! Keep hoping.

I have stories, but sleepy now, so sorry to keep you waiting.

Love, Mina


Two stories

I'm new to this site but have been reading for a long time. I am a 22 year old male from the UK. I have two stories from the which happened this weekend.

Story one

The first happened when I was at the gym on Saturday. I had finished my workout and thought I'd go for a poo before I had a shower. I went into the toilets which are just off the changing rooms. There are two cubicles there and both were free. I took the one closest. I had just started to play a game on my phone when I heard two guys come into the toilet area as they were talking to each other. They sounded like youngish guys, either late teens or early twenties. One said to the other "I need to s**t." The other responded "For f**k's sake, you'll be ages." "I don't want to s**t myself when I'm lifting do I."

So one of the guys went into the cubicle next to me and I heard the other taking a leak at the urinal. I had still not started my poo yet and I heard the guy next to me pull his shorts down and sit on the toilet. He started to push "ugh, ugh, ugh" and I heard his mate wash his hands and walk over in front of the two cubicles. "Alex, which one are you in?" he said. "Left one..." At that moment my poo had decided to make an entrance. Big time. I blasted one of the biggest farts I have ever done: "BrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRR." It lasted about five seconds. It was loud. The guy outside the cubicles said "F**king hell, was that you Alex?" Alex responded "No mate, I haven't even started yet." I thought I had better make light of it. I piped up "Sorry about that, that was me." The guy outside said something like "Fair play mate, bet the guy next to you can't beat that. He can't even lift 25kg" "F**k off. Least I'm not fat like you." Just as he had finished his sentence Alex let out a load of soft poo loudly into the toilet. Then I quickly followed by a plop plop plop. "Dirty b***ards" the guy outside said. I heard Alex then wee and I started to wipe. My poo sounded a lot cleaner than Alex next door. The guy piped up outside again. "You two absolutely stink." I must admit it was potent in there. I thought I would continue the lighthearted convo: "Sorry mate, protein shakes." Alex blasted another load of poo and quickly wiped. I pulled up my boxers and shorts, flushed and went outside. The guy standing outside was a tallish guy with a t-shirt, and definitely not fat! He spoke up "Did you have a good one?" to which I responded "5/10." Alex laughed from the cubicle. I then washed my hands, just as Alex flushed and came out. He was a lean guy with blond hair and a gym vest on. "Right, let's go" he said to his mate. As I was drying my hands, Alex passed me, nodded and said "Alright." I responded "Alright." I finished up went over to my locker and undressed for a shower. I will try to get to know the two guys at the gym. They seemed like sound guys!

Story two

On the Sunday I went to a shopping mall to meet some mates for lunch and we were going out afterwards. I was early so was just wondering around. I thought I'd go for a poo as the I was some doing some silent farts. I headed to some smaller toilets which are quieter and cleaner. As I did so there was a young couple ahead of me heading towards the toilets as well. I guess they were about 19/20 and the girl kept kissing the guy. He looked like a skater type guy and he had a beanie hat on, black t-shirt and drainpipe jeans. As they got to the toilet entrance she sat down on the sofas and he went into the men's. I also went into the men's, which was completely empty and I saw the guy heading to the cubicle. I went to the other cubicle and locked and pulled my jeans and boxers down. My poo was nice and easy, and all came out silently with no farts or noises from my anus. The poor lad next to me sounded like he was having a really rough time. He kept doing really loud wet farts interspersed with plop plop plop plop. I just sat there playing with my phone. He was really filling up the bowl. I wiped and left and the kid was still going for it. As I left the toilets his girlfriend was still there waiting. She asked me if I had seen her boyfriend in there and described him. I said that I thought I had seen him going into one of the cubicles.

So, I posted before about an urgent post-coffee poop. I have a question, again to do with coffee. I don't drink it much, maybe a cup first thing in the morning when I get to work on early shifts but that's generally it! However, when I visit my mum, she drinks coffee religiously. If I'm there, I'll maybe have 4 cups in 2 hours. I've noticed on these occasions, that when I pee after drinking a substantial amount of coffee, I can smell it in my pee. I know asparagus and various other foods taint the smell of your pee but I've never heard of it with coffee. Does anyone, or has anyone, experienced this??


Lack of supervision in public toilets

Saturday morning I walked 6 blocks to our park to meet with this boy from my school who is having personal problems. I got there about 9 a.m. and the couple of hills I used for a short-cut took advantage of my bowels. I even thought about squatting and dumping in this dense patch of trees. A couple of squirrels jumping from branch to branch right on top of me spooked me so bad that my bladder was almost activated. So when got to the park I headed right to the bathrooms.

There were 6 toilets. I found it interesting that each had a half-high privacy door, luck that I don't always have with the large number of public toilets I need to use. I took the first toilet. It had a seat whereas one I had used at the Civic earlier in the week was seat-less. It looked like it had been busted off. My first wee sitting over the front of the bowl; very uncomfortable and something that hurt my under-thighs. I had two surprises, however. There was no latch on the door for privacy. I would close it and it would creak and swing open on me. I dropped my butt onto the seat and the coldness reminded me that the nights are getting cooler.

I had punched out my second nugget when this boy about 4 walked into the opening. He started by asking me if I had seen his mother. Then he asked my name. What I was doing. If the black underwear at my knees was mine. I told him to leave me alone and used the partial door to push him backward. In doing that I slid to the very front of the toilet and my tailbone was almost off it. The problem was one of my softest nuggets missed the toilet and splattered onto the gray painted floor.

I didn't see any way I could have my normal seat on the toilet and still finish off my crap and my wee while still holding the door closed. So I texted Sean and asked him to come in and get the boy. I told him to pick the boy up, carry him out to a picnic bench and I would finish up. He came in immediately and did what I asked him to do. Then I composed myself, widened my legs as I sat on the toilet. My wee started and was productive. I punched out one more nugget. This one was a little hardened. As I did I leaned down between my legs, pulled off a double amount of toilet paper and picked up most of what resulted from my accident. Then I took a small mitt of toilet paper to wipe the rest of the soft nugget's evidence off the floor.

That was the end of my toilet paper. I waddled next door. There was a full roll of toilet paper, although it seemed moist probably due to the dew and humidity. I seated myself because I was still a little shaky and I took about three minutes to clean myself. I flushed, pulled up my clothing and went back to the original stall. I flushed, although three pushes was needed to get the flusher to activate. It hurt my hand a little but I don't like to leave a mess for the next person, especially if they are a child or senior citizen.

While washing my hands, I noticed legs in the far end stall. They had obviously been there as along as I had been in the bathroom or longer.
By looking over the half-high privacy door, I could see a woman seated
and as I looked further, I could hear her snore. She had her clothing down, her head was leaning against the toilet paper roll and she was asleep. I texted Sean that this was probably the boy's mother or babysitter and I was going to try and wake her up. I knocked on the door several times. Then I shook both of her shoulders and pushed her sideways into a normal sit. That finally did it. She was groggy, and with my help she stood up and found no evidence that she had gone to the bathroom. Then I assured her that her son was OK outside with Sean.

She thanked us and they got into their old car that almost didn't start and drove away.

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