in nature

Hi everyone, I promised you I tell if we do buddy dump in nature, and we did! It was happy and unforgettable time and at same time it was bit scary. After we back to hot spring hotel I made many memo with help from friends so I can tell you detail, I hope you like, and not yawn too many time.

It was Monday, we had holiday until Tuesday with annual leave and went to hot spring on Sunday. On Monday we got up early and went to car and Maho drive to pass we found before. Nobody there, we walked around bit to see if safe, no dangerous animal or snake. Everything OK. we went to car and took off panties, we were wearing skirt all of us so if someone appear we can stand up quickly and skirt go down by itself. Jeans need long time to pull up, so skirt is better.

I stayed at corner of car park to keep a watch, other three went to bushes to do wee, then went to different place for motion. Because we want to put smartphone near us and if ground wets it is no good. I could see my friends from vantage point in corner of the car park. From me, Hisae was left, Kazuko middle, Maho right. They bared bottom, hitch up skirt, they face away from me.

Soon I can see their bottom open all three. Then there is logs under their bottom, Kazuko and Hisae are faster than Maho. I take photos with zoom, but they also taking, when there is break between movement of bottom. They are quite far from me so I use binocular. And they are lower height than me because at back of car park land goes down , so impossible to see from road. They are semicircle so Kazuko is a bit front from her friends.

After their bottom open some times I see Kazuko take paper from bag and she wipe Hisae's bottom. Hisae said she finish quickly so I can go down while she is lookout. So Hisae get up and drop skirt, she come to me and say, you can go down Mina. So I go down, I do wee little distance from my friends and then squat next Maho. My bottom very impatient, I didn't go three days before this day. So I soon open my bottom, and exactly same time Maho drop log, it is her number four, and Kazuko drop bururururururu. But they take photo of me at same time and I think amazing, how they can take photo and open bottom same time??? But when log number five hang from Maho's bottom I try to do motion and take photo at same time and it is not difficult so much. Maho said, it is because Japanese are good at squat, because in school we have squat style toilet, so we are accustom. Especially girls are because they squat many times one day.

We are very very busy long time so we look back at Hisae, she make OK sign each time. So I do more and more and more. It is very nice feeling in the nature!! Soft wind blow past us from back and air our bottom. And we can see butterfly and dragonfly. (They do motions in the nature just like us.)

Finally Maho say she finish, it is seven large log and some mushy but not so much, her motions usually hard. I take paper and clean her, then I squat again. Because I need to do, and it is mushy now. Under Kazuko is huge mushy almost cover her logs. Wow! How she do so much??? But I look under me, and it is same, and I don't yet finish....

Maho go to lookout place and Hisae come to us and take photos, then suddenly she squat next me and buuuuuu....rururururururu and pile of mushy under her. Kazuko quickly take photo! I am not so quick.... I clean Hisae with pushing from my bottom same time. Same with Kazuko, under me many logs, but almost covered by mushy.

Kazuko finally finish. I say, I don't believe, because Kazuko never finish, but she say, really true!! I took paper to clean Hisae and then she went to car park so Maho come down to clean Kazuko. That was promise. Mina is still squat, but of course I started more later than others. So I continue squat and do more. Then Kazuko go to look out, Hisae come down and clean Mina, but suddenly Mina said "just moment" and little extra come out so Hisae wipe again. Then all finish. It was very relaxing time!!! About 28 minutes all together. beautiful nature and lovely sunshine (sometimes cloud) and so good feeling to be with best friends for so comfortable time! We drop skirts and put all paper in bag and go back to the car, and Maho get into driver seat and Hisae next her, Mina and Kazuko in back.

Kazuko put arm round me because tears in my eyes, you know Mina is stupid crying baby, and my heart very full. So lovely moment!! This motion is most beautiful in all my life!! My lovely friends!! I love and love and love and love!!! I cry into Kazuko's breast, she say in croon voice, Mina you can cry, please cry a lots, it's OK.

But then....scary! No cars on this road, but soon we cross...a POLICE car!! Aaaah! If they come when we are squat and huge mushy under, what they say?? Lucky that we finish! I stop to cry of course. They didn't look at us, it was place where easy to pass other car. No cars in car park maybe, so police don't need stop. If only one car, perhaps they stop, and ask question about drugs or terror. Maho is very safety driver and that is help.

If police go to car park and explore, soon they find 5 piles of brown mushy and logs, but car park is empty, so they don't go, Hisae said.

We arrived at hot spring hotel and went our room and we all sit on hotel room loo to use washlet and clean bottom properly, then we get in shower and wash, I wash Kazuko and dry her. Then we go to big hot spring bath and enjoy bath, it is open air bath and loo in direction of our mountain pass! and then we go to late breakfast. And we eat and eat and eat because nature air so clean, it made us to be hungry!! We arrive five minutes before order stop so very lucky! That day we went to sea, it is not so far, then back to hotel and enjoy bath, and at sea side we ate ice cream, and big lunch and in hotel big dinner, but we didn't go to mountain pass Tuesday, because we said, once is wonderful twice is a fool, Japanese say same thing about climb Mount Fuji. So one hour in hotel room loo Tuesday morning, Hisae 5 minutes Mina 15 Minutes Kazuko 15 minutes Maho 15 minutes, perhaps hotel room loo had most biggest breakfast in whole her life.

When we drive to city Tuesday afternoon we stop at mountain pass. No police car. We look our piles, they were still there, but very dry and some flies, so we didn't stay. And we saw snake. Very big one so not poison. I wonder , what snake is thinking about 5 brown piles?? The we back to city and our flats.

Sorry we don't send photos to toiletstool site. We want to keep for our self. And anyway, I think we can't send. It's OK.

Thank you to everybody who gave to us idea of buddy dump in nature. We will never do again, but it was so wonderful experience!!

Love to everyone.

Hisae, Kazuko, Maho, and your very own Mina

P.S. Sorry this story so long. You yawn many times?

Just Jerika

Limited bathroom options at the beach

I took my niece to the beach as an end-of-summer treat. I also needed the babysitting money for my continuation in college. At 8, this was Megan's first beach trip. I told her to get on the toilet before we left my apartment, but she somehow didn't make the best use of the opportunity. It's a 30 minute trip and 10 minutes into it, due to traffic we hadn't gone that far, she said she had to pee bad. Since both of us were already in our swimsuits that limited our option in finding a normal bathroom. My fault I know, but I couldn't find my beach sandals in the messy car so a lot of our our toilet stop options were out.

Megan doesn't exaggerate as much as others her age and I knew we had to find her a bathroom. I couldn't blame her for not having the shoes necessary for a fast-food place or store because I was guilty too. The test I could think of was to go about a mile out of our way to a public park and hope the toilets were open. Otherwise my 15-year-old sedan was going to have to do. Once we got there the ladies toilet was locked but I heard noise in the boys room. We waited as 3 boys chased one another out and I stood guard in the doorway while Megan undid the bottom of her yellow swimsuit and sat up on the toilet. Her pee was at least a minute long, and then she got down once, but quickly got back on to top it off for another 10 seconds or so.

Both she and I were relieved. I had to have two boys about Megan's age sit over on the curb and wait. He said to his friend: 'some dumb girl is in there--I hope you don't shit your pants.' Finally Megan came out, the boys brushed by us in the doorway, and we made our way to the beach. Luckily we didn't need to use one of the dressing rooms coming in. We set up our blankets and Megan immediately grabbed out a soda. I told her to give me a swig, but gave it back to her. Then I told her to go easy on that stuff because Hernandez (my boyfriend) and I had found the bathrooms to be quite lacking earlier this summer.

After about a half hour in the water with our inner-tubes, Megan said said she had to poo. I asked her if she was sure because it was about a 15 minute walk in deep sand to the nearest toilet hut. She said the need was real. I halfway blamed myself for letting her have that soda so fast. Again and again she said her poo wasn't going to wait. Although I'm vertically challenged, she was having trouble keeping up with me. I grabbed her up. Put her on my back and carried her as fast a my smaller legs would take me. As I did, I hoped she would not fart and give me a brown present running from my neck down my back. As the toilet hut came into view I felt more encouraged because I saw two ladies leaving. Obviously, not padlocked.

As we finally got onto cement and I let Megan down, I could hear noise from the bathroom. I didn't think too much of it until we rounded the entrance and found a guy, about my age, on his knees, with a sponge cleaning a toilet seat. This was a 3 open-toilet room. He asked us to wait outside as it would take him about 10 minutes to do each of the toilets. He said he couldn't wait because he was already behind schedule. I told Megan we'd go next door to the boys' and he said that couldn't work because his partner was in there doing the same thing.
I let an F-bomb slip, although only Megan heard it and she laughed.

Finally, he suggested a compromise. We could use a toilet on the other side of the room while he continued to work. While I thought that could be an employee-of-the-month type of suggestion, I asked Megan. She agreed to it. Megan walked over to the toilet which was quite a bit larger than I had used earlier this summer there. Megan pulled her swim suit bottom down and seated herself like normal over the front of the seat. She said last time she used a toilet this big was at a theme park where her mom and her did a buddy. I told her I was certain that with my small size I would not be able to set myself far enough back to accommodate her on the front, between my legs. The she quickly got up, walked to the side of the toilet and side-seated herself. By the time I did that on the other side she was splashing away into the water. I took my seat on the right, with my back up against hers. Both hers and my feet were off the floor.

It turned out to be about a 4 or 5 minute sit. I contributed about a 20 second pee while Megan sporadically would make another plop into the water. She seemed to double up her pushing as she popped out her final piece which seemed heavier and more substantial. I had the toilet paper in front of me. I took off a good amount of the paper and tore a couple of sheets off for me. I wouldn't always wipe in a situation like that but I wanted to set a good example. Then I took off about five winds of the paper on my hand and handed it over to her as I stood up. The fact that she did a thorough job of wiping was impressive to me because it was probably a lot better than when I was her age. I still remember mom more than 10 years ago coming into my room with the laundry and asking me about the stains in my while underwear. My best friend Gopi gave me the solution and that was to save up my babysitting money for dark underwear. I remember getting five packs and dark blue and black.

Megan went back in about an hour later. This time she had a much larger piece to unload. I didn't get to see it that well but I could tell it was higher than the water level in the toilet.


Odd Women's Bathroom at the Museum

I once visited an art museum with my girlfriend, Lucy. As we were getting ready to leave, I told her I was going to use the restroom real quick before we hit the road. She said that she also kind of needed to go to the bathroom. We headed to where the bathrooms were. I went into the men's and quickly used the urinal. When I got out, Lucy was still in the bathroom, so I just stood and waited outside. That's when I noticed something different about the women's room from the men's. Unlike the men's room, there was no door to the women's, just an entrance. The men's room also had an L shaped passage leading into the room itself, making it doubly isolated. Not so with the women's. The entrance way lead straight into the bathroom, looking straight onto the far wall opposite the entrance. You couldn't see any of the stalls from there, but there was very little separating the bathroom from the hall outside.

Then I noticed a sound. It was a slightly labored exhalation, from a voice I recognized. It was Lucy in the bathroom. Due to the open nature and acoustics of the room, anyone outside could hear anything going on inside the women's bathroom, in detail. It was almost as though it channeled sound towards the doorway. I'm pretty sure she didn't realize that myself and anyone outside passing by could hear every sound she made as she did what comes natural. What was all the more embarrassing, though, was that she didn't just need to pee. She was clearly shitting. And from the sound of it, she was perhaps understating things a bit when she said she "kind of" had to go to the bathroom earlier, as a lot ended up coming out (then again, I've noticed that she tends to have large bowel movements). And you really could hear the entire thing, every single fart, splash, and plop, even her quiet grunting and the even quieter sound of it coming out of her. Hell, I could even hear her turn the pages on the museum pamphlet she was reading.

I don't know why they designed this bathroom in this way. Perhaps it was to accommodate more stalls or longer queues during events. Perhaps it was a work of art in itself. But I've never forgotten it.


Coffee Poop

I know a lot of people say coffee always make them need to poop, but it's one thing that's never affected me in that way. Until today however.

At the weekend I attended a barbecue at a friends house, Classic Scottish summer, it started to rain towards the end! I ate a lot of meat while I was there, mainly chicken, pork and steak. I could feel it sitting in me all day yesterday, I tried to poop but only got out a few tiny, as in about 3'' long, thin poops.

Today, I started work as normal, didn't sleep great last night so am pretty tired, so grabbed a coffee about 9.15 and carried on working while I drunk it. At about 9.45, the urge hit me like a train! I rushed to the toilets in the workshop, praying that a cubicle would be free, as some other parts of the workshop were on a tea break. Luckily, all 3 cubicles were free! I took the far right one, quickly took my work trousers and boxers down, and logs started firing out of me, 6 in quick succession, each maybe 6-7'' long. The relief was amazing! I tried pushing but it must've all been waiting at the door, as I was empty. As I was wiping, someone took the far left stall and started doing some loose, noisy pooping. I finished cleaning up, flushed, pulled my clothes up, washed my hands and went back to work.

Was pretty cool to experience something is only ever read about!


Toilets in China

I have a trip to Beijing later in the year, I know squat toilets are still the norm there.
Some friends who went there a few years ago were telling me that many of the public toilets were open lines of squat pans with no stalls so you had to use these in full view of anyone else who happened to be there.
Has anyone had a trip there recently & if so are the toilets still open like this?


Outdoor poop.

This situation takes place a few years ago. I was twenty two years old. Me and my mom was visiting my mom's sister, my aunt n Tennessee. on the second day we shopped at day. I bought so cute jeans and boots and a beautiful belt and belt buckle trying to fit into the southern style and stuff. We ate greasy stuff the day before and pretty much did the same thing. On that day while we were out. We go back to my aunt's and plan for the next day to go horseback riding. SO we all go to bed the next morning comes. I finally am able to take a poop that morning it's not a lot but hey I finally did it! as you can tell from my other stories i'm a nervous pooper! Well my aunt gives me her home made jerky. and it's so good and i'm eating on it all morning driving with a trailer and horse trailer getting to the trails. WE unload the horses mount up and get going. Well I'm still eating this jerky. while riding my horse. After about an hour into this ride and getting bounced around in a saddle my stomach starts feeling really bloated and my ???? is really pushing on my new jeans. IT was at this moment we three was sitting on our horses looking at the view it was beautiful and all you hear from me in my saddle is a bubbly nasty wet fart ripping out in the saddle. Totally ruined the moment my mom and aunt both are dying laughing at me. And I don't know if you have ever farted or passed gas in a wooden chair and how much louder that makes your fart. But doing it in a saddle is the same thing it was SO loud. We kept riding and I kept passing these bubbly huge farts. And getting shaken up while riding that horse my stomach was turning into a mess. When finally it hits I have diarrhea. Like it hit me so hard. I was like mom!! I have to poop! and she just laughs and tells me to poop on the ground. I was shocked! My aunt assured me it was ok no one was up there in the hills we was in. So I decided i could hold it we rode on for a little bit longer until it was like No I can't hold it this is it now or never either pop a squat and go or i'm about to ruin my new panties and jeans. So first challenge was getting off the horse. I just had to wait until my cramp in my stomach went away enough and I had enough control I could climb down. Which I did and when my feet were on the ground I clenched my butt cheeks together with all my might and found me a good level place to squat. Then the next thing was to undo that stupid belt after fumbling with it for a bit finally did that and then.. my stupid tight jeans! the button was like stuck. And with my panic and frustration the cramp was coming back. I started whimpering. leaning side to side and I started passing small little toots out uncontrollably. When I thought all hope was lost my mom came in the save the day! she unbuttoned my jeans. Down they and my panties went and into my squat in one motion. Without even straining just the motion and movement of me squatting it came flying out of me. I just started moaning and pushing out loose sludge. With each strain more and more came out of me. The reason my mom came over to help me wasn't for me she needed a poo as well. She walked a little ways and behind a bush when I hear a huge fart rip out of her. She didn't have diarrhea like I did she was really having to push hers out. And she called out to check on me. Between my groans and sprays I told her I was getting better. She was done way before me and left me a pack of baby wipes. I finally felt like I would be Ok. And I cleaned up really well pulled everything up and like magic my pants fit better wasnt' as tight. So we get back on the trail I feel like hell the rest of the ride. We get back to the truck and trailer and we load back up. BEFORE we even get back to my aunts I have to stop again. I stop in a mcdonalds I don't usually poop in public at all. if i can help it. But this was a situation of I needed a bathroom terribly again. I take a stall next to a woman who sounded like she was giving birth in her stall from pushing so hard and I just sit down and water comes roaring out of my rear end. Finally get done with that get back to my aunts. Find out it was the jerky what really set my stomach off. How I found that out it was my mom who had some the next day and had to fight to rip her pants off to poop out the same sludge as me.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Steve A

To Brittney B (Question)

I've dealt with that several times before because the women's bathroom for the employees upstairs actually smells slightly worse than the men's one. I'm not sure why, but the customer ones are not that bad.

I'm not sure if they're really good at stinking up the place, but my question is:

Did you ever have to deal with teachers before college (middle & high school) when they were strict on bathroom usage and time limits?

Unfortunately, I did, but college is obviously more leinant about it.



My family went to the mall yesterday. After an hour or so, my little sister Emily started complaining that her stomach was hurting. At that point, we were waiting in line for a very popular Chinese restaurant. The line hadn't moved in forever, so my mom told her to just use the public bathroom in the mall. Emily is kinda shy, so she kept refusing. She said she would just wait til we got home. After another 30 minutes, she was openly clutching her stomach. She squatted down, and I could tell (from personal experience) that she was sitting on her heel to hold in her poop. The line hadn't moved an inch, so we decided to come back some other time. We rushed her over to the parking lot and into the car. We lived roughly 20 minutes away, but even that seemed to be too long. Emily was crying by now. She told us that she couldn't hold it much longer. When we were about two blocks away from home when she finally lost control. I could hear a faint crackling as the poop smell hit our noses. It stopped pretty abruptly as her poop presumably met the resistance of the car seat. My mom told her it was ok and that she could finish her poop as it was already out. Sniffling, Emily lifted her self off the seat and pushed the rest out. It left a massive bulge in her gray tights. She was clearly relieved in the moment, but she's still pretty mortified.


Poop scene in music video

Whos seen the poo scene from the music video Eric Prydz Proper Education. Search it on YouTube and skip to 2:20 where it starts. Let me know what you guys think of it. Also let me know if there are any other poo scenes that you've seen in a music video.




Honesty With Teachers

I was in 9th grade of high school in my former state. The basketball team I was on had to play a makeup game with a school that had been rescheduled due to severe thunderstorms. We were crammed on a bus with some cheerleaders and a few parents for a 1 1/2 hour trip to and from the gymnasium. It was a long drive but it was worth it because we won. A couple of minutes after that I knew I had to take the longest pee that city had seen in some time. So while my teammates were showering and dressing for the trip home, I went on the other side of the locker room where there were two toilets, separated by a 1/3rd high block wall. There were no privacy doors. A girl who must have been a fan using the dressing room as a bathroom was seated making a loud pee directly down onto the bowl water. As she sat, her phone went off and I think it was her mother. She was cursing, lying by saying the game was only at half-time, and some other lies as I placed myself on my toilet. I, too, really peed hard and because of my large size, I know I made as much noise or perhaps more as my pee tore into the water. That night, when we got back to school at 1 a.m., and dad picked me up, I asked him to stop by a 24/7 store and pick up a laxative. We did and I took it before bed. So I figured my 3 day late crap would come the next day at school. Right after 3rd hour class started I found that emptying feeling increasingly coming over me. I didn't think there was a snow-ball's chance in hell our teacher would let me leave the room because she had been disciplining several girls for not getting to work. I was getting desperate and had to choice but to ask her. I was polite, turned my worksheet in and then asked for the favor. She smiled and said Yes. I walked down to the main hallway, swung the door open to the bathroom and got onto the first toilet I saw. My jeans and underwear was down and I was doing a little push to get the turd demon out. My hope was up, then not quite, and I had to start the push process again. My butt was a little larger than the seat and the front was giving a little pain to my thighs. I pushed myself back on the toilet which was a good decision because now I could feel it sliding down. I checked my phone and I was at 9 minutes.
I continued the push as the head finally emerged and a second, third, and I think fourth piece slowly came out. I didn't feel totally satisfied so I continued to sit. A smart move because there were three poofs of very soft-to-runny crap that splattered onto the rest of my deposit. My butt hole was sore and the soft stuff irritated it more, I think. I stood up, turned around, looked into the bowl and it was impressive. But then when I seated myself again and grabbed for the toilet paper, there was none. Since I was the only person in there at the time I waddled into three other cubicles only to find they were out too. So I took the end one, with double rolls of toilet paper, and seated myself for the cleaning. That took 6 minutes. So when I got back to class I had been gone 19 minutes. I went directly to my desk and at the end of the hour, asked the teacher to step aside so we could talk in private. At first she seemed a little skeptical, but after I told her the full story she hugged me and said it was commendable that I was so mature for my age. That is a conversation that has never left me.


I'm Back!!!

Hello everybody, finally I have returned to this wonderful site. The reason I have been so long is because recently myself and my two sons moved to Wisconsin from South Dakota and my husband and I have divorced. I am now a 4th Grade teacher at a local elementary school. During the summer I am a summer school teacher. I met a girl named Emily who was starting her first year as a 3rd grade history teacher. She is only 22 which I was surprised about because I wasn't a teacher until I was 27 and I am 44 now. So this happened yesterday at the school. The kids were doing a mini project around 10:30 and summer school didn't end until 1:00. Around 11:00 I really had to take a poop so I asked the girl next door Stacey to watch the kids, I walked down the hall and noticed Emily walking into the girls room, she didn't see me which I was glad since I didn't want her to know what I was doing. I walked into the girls room and heard a loud fart and Emily was in the first stall with brown slacks at her ankles, as I was walking by I noticed her blue underwear had a skidmark so I knew we were about to do the same thing. I sat down and started a nice pee. I heard a plop sound in her stall and she rolled off some toilet paper wiped and left, in a matter of 15 seconds. My hole was slowly opening and I could only think about my kids were thinking like, oh I wonder if my teacher is pooping right now, like I didnt want them to think about that you know. The door opened and the girl was rushing and she pushed my stall door and said, Oh Im so sorry Ms L I didn't know someone was in there, I told her it was okay. She started peeing and my piece was crackling so loudly and through the reflection she was putting her ear up against the divider trying to listen which I thought was so cute. Then my poop splashed and she put her hand over her mouth and looked so excited to hear her teacher take a poop. Once I went back to the classroom everything seemed normal but I knew the girl told her friends about our encounter.

My next story happened back in June, so my new neighbors had a daughter named Kaitlynn who was 12. Her parents knew I was a teacher and Kaitlynn was struggling in English and needed help before going into the 8th grade. So it was a Saturday and both of my kids are gone which I thought would be the perfect day for her to just concentrate. We got about an hour into it and she asked me where the bathroom was and let her do her thing. About 4 minutes later I heard, "Hey Debbie" I went to the bathroom door and she told me there was no toilet paper. I went to the closet and grabbed some, I slowly opened the door and she was on the toilet and exactly said, Sorry Debbie I just took a huge poop in your toilet, and I laughed and said, that's okay we all have to.

So thats all from me for now but I should be back soon with more stories!!!


Massage and Enemas.

There have been posts about ???? massages and enemas etc I have my own experience. I went to a clinic and was given an enema . Although very constipated I could still hold quite an amount of solution . The therapist laid me on the bathroom floor and massaged my colon. Rather soon I said I would need to sit on the toilet. She said to remain where I was and offered me a chamber pot! She said that when the urge gets extreme she would put the pot under my bottom as I lay there. Very soon I gave the word and I raised my bottom and spread my butt cheeks as she positioned the pot, The instruction was to hold on while she pushed down heavily on my colon..... and then the release with one almighty gush which just about filled the pot she then slid the pot out from underneath and it was dark brown and full of lumps and chunks. She gave me a wipe and felt my colon which was now totally flat!!! I felt sooo much better.!

Pete the poop


Adrian yes I was almost touching cloth! I think was a small escapee. Beer and curry always makes me go good. Not diarreoh but a good soft sausage. And often more than once.


Big skid marks

It was just me and my friend home today, about mid way through the afternoon she got up and quickly made her way to the bathroom. I was in a room nearby working so I could mostly hear everything. I didn't hear any plops or noises but when she came out and I went to go pee later there was a HUGE skid mark right down the front of the bowl and even a little piece of soft poop still left which must not have flushed properly. She must have taken a super huge one or it was just very heavy! I don't think she poops every day so it must just build up

Keith ( White Van Man )

One Toilet Households

Last week end I did some work at my lady friends house. On completion of the work, I called out to her from upstairs, ok to have a bath, yes she replied, I ran a bath, got in I have a wash etc, I herd the stairs creaking, in came P my lady friend, stood by the toilet, cigarette in her mouth, said I'm sorry but I've got to as she pullled her jeans and knickers down, sat on began to pee, let a couple of squeaky farts go ,she said I'll only be a couple of minutes, I replied take your time, as she exhaled from her cigarette her first piece dropped, followed quickly by another two pieces, ( she said umm do U like this replying yes ), much to my surprise she agreed that she always liked to listen if she is in a ladies, she wriggled around a bit I could hear a crackling sound, she said I think this ones is very large, grunting a bit , I could still hear crackling, she exhaled from her cigarette, and her large piece hit the water with a ker splonk, another two smaller pieces fell from her arse, she stood and wiping her arsenal, she did this using three lengths of toilet paper, threw her cigarette end in the toilet flushed and carried on chatting to me.

It's now Friday lunchtime and I'm now enjoying a simple meal after a very satisfying poo. Hopefully the laxative effects of the fig chutney on my sandwich will offset the constipating ones of the mature Stilton!

Elbert. Your question about whether skinny women poo two or more times a day. Hmm, interesting one. For what it's worth, I'd say that probably some of them do. At the same time, I'm sure there are others who don't even poo once a day. Everybody's digestive system is unique and individual to them. Some people poo three or five times a day and others only poo once or twice a week. Most of us are, in all likelihood, somewhere between those too extemes. However any bowel habit is 'normal' so long as it's usual for that person. Any sudden change of bowel habit, particular if it's sustained over a period of time is, however, something worth consulting the doctor about in order to rule out any underlying causes which require investigation. My late, much loved, Aunt Anne certainly wasn't a 'daily' person and only went when she needed to but she was also incredibly slim, despite eating a reasonable amount. When she died rather unexpectedly it was from bowel cancer which had gone undiagnosed until shortly before her death. However I like to think it was the luck of the draw rather a result of only going potty when she felt the need.

Steve A. When I was at school and FE College, most of the teachers/lecturers were okay about students leaving the classroom so long as they were respectful and quick about it. Usually the request was met with "Okay, but be quick about it. Two minutes." That was in the 1960s and 70s too. Although we're currently on a summer vacation, I have been in some part time high education during the last year and on study days students are free to get up and go the loo during lectures if they need to. Most of the students are reasonably healthy adults in their forties, fifties and sixties and, have suffient self-government for such departures from the lecture room to be pretty rare.

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Two or More Question

Do skinny women poop two or more times a day?

Steve A

To Brittney B (Question)

I've dealt with that several times before because the women's bathroom for the employees upstairs actually smells slightly worse than the men's one. I'm not sure why, but the customer ones are not that bad.

I'm not sure if they're really good at stinking up the place, but my question is:

Did you ever have to deal with teachers before college (middle & high school) when they were strict on bathroom usage and time limits?

Unfortunately, I did, but college is obviously more leinant about it.


Cousin Darci's return visit

Last year on Page 2629 I wrote about my Cousin Darci who was stranded at one airport while I waited at our airport for her plane to land. Strange as it may seem, she and I were texting and when we pressed each other for specifics, we were both on the toilet taking our craps at the same time!

So last month Darci was in our city to participate in a college business student competition. She flew in two days early to spend time with us and to see her favorite country band perform at our city's arena. She bought a ticket for me too. So when we got to the arena and had located our reserved seats, we chowed down on the concessions that she bought, and enjoyed the opening band. There was a 20-minute intermission, none too early for both of us who needed to pee. Chalk it up to my inexperience, I guess, but both of us got into our respective restrooms when many of the other 20,000 did. Long line and some of the older guys who had too much to drink were anything but helpful. There was a large communal urinal like a trough for cattle and already 40 or more guys at it. A couple of the guys down the line were so drunk that they were swaying into one another with their organ out and a fight almost broke out.

In order to get privacy in public places and my school too I prefer to use a stall. I'm most comfortable sitting down to pee. Standing over the toilet kind of scares me because there's been a couple of time when the door latches have been loose and guys have barged in on me. And at school, many of the stalls have no doors and I don't like having my back turned. So the only question that's been dogging me for the past couple of years is whether to take the time to line the seat with toilet tissues before I place my butt on it. I think I'm actually going to eventually fully get away from it--there's just too many hassles.

So I was two back for my stall when Darci texted me for a report. She said she was several back from the toilets that were opening and that it was criminal that the ladies' room don't have at least double the number of toilets. Being bored by the crowd, I texted her that the guy on the toilet must be a big sized old man because had his legs spread wide and his boxers just above his shoes. Darci said she'd be afraid that the elastic waist band would snap. When he finished, this college-age cowboy in front of me quickly took the seat. His shoes were right together and he kept his jeans and underwear at toilet level. When I explained this to Darci, she called him Midwestern modest. He was only seated for a minute or two, he flushed twice with his foot, and greeted me politely when he opened the door.

So I latched the loose door, quickly scanned the seat and bowl and dropped my butt onto it. As I anticipated it was quite warm, but quite loose also. As I aimed my organ into the bowl, luckily it didn't erect itself like it does sometimes in such situations, so I could read and respond to last four texts from Darcy. She was pissed by the lines, but she surrendered her privacy by taking a doorless toilet just as her piss was erupting. She said she had a 25-cent size pee spot in her green underwear and thought she was going to have a bigger accident. She said at an earlier concert in her college town three sorority girls who had been drinking lost it and each got up on a sink for an immediate pee. The room was crowded and they were largely cheered on.
Darci's fascinated by graffiti and said at her college's field house some of it, while gross, is quite good. She said she only wipes when she craps; then she said she felt a 'trailer' coming on. I asked her what that was and she said it was the final piece of her morning crap at the hotel ballroom which had broken off. I playfully told her to wipe carefully. Her reply: "F#####G SOB there isn't any!" Then she remembered she carries a couple of tissues in her back jeans pocket when she's traveling. Then she reminded me to wash my hands good. I asked her why. She said we were going to be sharing a large bucket of popcorn.

While I was buying the popcorn, Darci finished up and joined me back at our seats. Because of the long restroom lines, the intermission was longer than intended and Darci got back just as the lights were being faded. As she grabbed for the popcorn I asked to see her hands. After a semi-wet hand smacked me in the face, I let her have some popcorn.


reply to Traveler

Thanks for sharing. Like you, I doubt most people, me included, would bring a change of clothes on just a day trip. But accidents can happen to anyone. You said you "had to wet yourself" a couple times recently. Assuming it was similar situations where a bathroom wasn't available?


Unexpected visitors

Before I start this story, I am going to give you a brief background. I'm a 140 lb white man in my 30s with blonde hair and blue eyes, but appear exceptionally young. I'm commonly mistaken for someone who is under the age of 18, even by people who are of that demographic. I exercise regularly and eat roughly twice as many calories as most people and get them mostly from fresh fruits and vegetables, resulting in me consuming roughly 100-150g of fiber a day. I also like to go on long bike rides which keeps my metabolism high. The story below occurred during the middle of one of those bike rides.

I pulled my bike in to a park after riding 50 miles and locked it to a rack to take a break for lunch and re-fuel myself. The table I was sitting at was roughly 100 feet across from a building that had two restrooms and a series of benches, with a large crowd of perhaps 30-50 people congregating there. I started scarfing down my lunch that I had packed when my insides began to churn as pressure built up down below. I wasn't finished eating and decided to pucker my bottom orifice up to forestall the inevitable, at least long enough to finish my lunch without being interrupted by a rude afternoon crap. By the time I was done eating, it was now an emergency. I was primed for a massive shitsplosion in my pants if I didn't empty myself in the next few minutes. Any restroom was acceptable at this point. Never having been here before, I didn't know what to expect.

I got up and waddled myself passed the crowd of people at the benches to the Mens' room behind the building. As I got to the back where the Mens' room was at I could see there was no door and could see inside the restroom from the outside. There was a steel urinal, and a short brick partition with no door. I've used doorless stalls before because my middle school and high school had them, but I am not enthusiastic about doing so and only used them because there was no alternative. Under normal circumstances, I'd have found a more private spot to do my business. These were not normal circumstances. The turtle head was poking out at my underwear and I had no choice, it was either here, or in my pants. I made my way in and took my seat at the stainless steel toilet with my pants at my upper legs to make it as private as possible, barely having time to wipe it down with TP as a precautionary measure against sitting in some strangers' urine. Fortunately, there was no unexpected wetness on the steel rim where I took my seat.

The offensive matter made a loud crackling noise as it was exiting me. I could see the tennis courts outside the restroom over the partition as I sat, but fortunately, I still had my solitude and no one was at the tennis courts to look in on me as I sat. This dump was truly massive and I could feel the warm, squishy matter smearing itself against my buttcheeks as it slowly and somewhat painfully slid out.


As I was pushing it out, someone walked in and interrupted my solitude. It was a black lady in her early 20s. She saw me, stopped walking roughly 10 feet from me, and exclaimed:

"Oh, excuse me. I didn't know anyone was in here. Can you throw me that roll of tissue over there?"

I was caught off guard and not expecting this. Poop was still crackling out of my butt as she stood there roughly 10 feet away from me.


*plort* *fart*

Out of courtesy, I wanted to hold back the soft serve factory until she left, but couldn't. The pressure was too much to stop the flow once it was started.

Me: "I'm not done yet. I'm going to need it."


Her: "The Womens' room doesn't have any. I need some."

Me: "This is awkward. I'll break some off for you instead. This is rather messy and I don't know how much I'm going to need."

I broke her off some from the roll.

She walked over to me as I sat on the stainless steel toilet with my ass exposed, waste matter still audibly extruding out of my body, and handed the paper to her.

Her: "Thank you."


The first log dropped in.

Me: "Sorry about that."

She walked out. I was not embarrassed, but still felt a bit awkward at the whole thing. It's a difficult feeling to describe because the event was so unusual and unexpected.

I continued pushing. I had more to go. About two minutes later, I was done and could feel a satisfying vacuum in my colon. I was indeed a mess, and needed multiple passes to clean my butt off, each time pulling off clumps of squishy, smeared brown excrement with the roll of TP handy. After about 3 minutes of wiping, I was finally close to being clean. The roll was almost empty.

I was performing the second to last wipe when some black guy in his early 20s came in, walked up to where I was sitting, witnessing me with my hand behind my ass then seeing me pull the paper up front to check for the tell-tale brown smears, which were present.

Him: "Can I have that roll of tissue? My girlfriend needs it."

I dropped the paper I wiped with in the bowl and my hand was now free.

Me: "Okay."

I pulled off a few sheets for the last wipe with and handed the almost empty roll to him with the other hand that I didn't use for wiping.

Me: "Here you go."

Him: "Thank you."

He walked out as I did the final wipe. No brown, I was clean.

I pulled my pants up and looked into the bowl. There were two massive logs, one about 14 inches, the other about 10 inches, both roughly 1.5-2 inches in diameter, with wads of soiled toilet paper at the back of the bowl. I flushed and it left a nasty trail of light-brown skidmarks that looked as if someone smeared chunky peanut butter all over the toilet bowl.

I went to wash my hands and there was no soap. Luckily, I had hand sanitizer packed in my backpack on my bike. I made the walk back to my bike, and the lady who had earlier walked in on me and observed me crapping was now standing by one of the benches, looking at me.

This would have embarrassed me greatly when I was younger, since two strangers, one female, one male, watched me defecate. Nowadays I don't care, as I will very likely never see them again anyway. I was just glad to get that out of my system, so to speak.

Pete the poop. Thanks for sharing your M & S poo. It sounds from you've said as though you were touching cloth. Some foods are pretty good at getting things moving and I think curry is certainly one of those, especially if you only eat it occasionally and your system is unused to handling it routinely.

Kenny. In view of what you've said I don't think there's too much to worry about but if your daughter passes blood again I think it may be worth a trip to the doctor to get her checked out, if only to rule out any underlying causes which may give rise to concern.

Matthew. I was constipated somewhat at the weekend, particularly Friday/Saturday and I put it down to too much cheese (one of my weaknesses) and the hot weather we've had here in the UK which seems to mess with all my bodily functions.

Jonquil. Constipation occurs naturally in most people but you must be unique (or nearly unique) in actually enjoying it. In my experience it's not been a fun condition. On Saturday morning I was trying vainly on a hotel en suite toilet to do a poo which simply wouldn't come out. Although as a man it's something I've never done, I came to the conclusion that giving birth had to be easier! I would, however, strongly advise against using Imodium to constipate yourself. That medicine is designed for a very specific purpose which is to fix the opposite problem to constipation and using it inappropriately is risky to say the least. On more than one occasion I've been to the chemist for Imodium because I've had a flare up of IBS and been questioned about it, what other meds I take and, whether or not I've had side effects from using it. It certainly isn't something you should mess with or take unless you absolutely have to.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Pete the poop

Desperate m and s poo

I was out shopping today and we decided to go for a coffee. As I had been walking round the store is felt the need to get last night's curry out and when we went for coffee I excused myself as I needed to sit on the toilet. I went to the two unisex near the cafe and 3 people waiting a gent and 2 ladies. I was pretty desperate now and let a small wet dart out. The gent was looking but the two ladies only peed I think and I replaced the lady as she came out. I hurriedly got my shorts down and immediately with a fart 6 lots came out all about an inch wide and approx 6 inches long. Oh boy the relief. I was done pretty quickly but had to clean a small skid circle in my boxers. I let much relieved but my toilet was a bit stinky for the lady after me


Help Needed

Has anyone ever had blood on their poops? If so, what do you think causes it? I'm asking because of my 7 year old daughter Serenity. One day, she was on the toilet for a particularly long time. I heard pained grunts coming from the bathroom. I walk in and ask her if she's okay. Serenity responds with "Daddy, it's really big and it hurts. Please help me." I told her to try to push it out. She does this and really strains. Her face turned red and she starts to sweat. "Daddy I can't. It's too hard." Serenity tells me. She starts to cry and being the loving father that I am, that shattered my heart. I take her hand and tell her that I'll help her. Whilst I am holding her hand, Serenity keeps pushing it out with sweat and tears going down her face (what a little trooper). After a minute or so, she yells "Daddy Daddy, it's almost out." I respond by telling to push one last time. Serenity pushes with every bit of strength she has left. Her eyes are closed, her face is still red, and her toes begin to curl (that happens to everyone who is pooping a big one out). Finally, her poop lands into the toilet with a loud plop. "Damn, that must have been huge. You okay Serenity?" I said. She gives me a satisfied smile and a thumbs up. She stands up. "My butt is sore Daddy." She states. We look into the toilet and see a wide turd. It's about 6 inches long, but very wide. I saw why it hurt her. I then noticed several streaks of blood on it. Serenity wiped and there was blood on the tissue as well? Has this ever happened to anyone else?



There have been some posts recently about constipation. I am rarely constipated, but I notice in the summer, when it is hot, my stools can be dry and I do have to strain a bit. I attribute this to dehydration, and I force myself to drink more water. There's a young guy at work who struggles with constipation. He will usually sit down and let out a dry high pitched fart, as the gas tries to escape around the hard stool in his rectum. He usually will whisper to himself things like "Oh boy," or "I need to shit." When he finally discharges a hard golf ball sized nugget, he'll sigh loudly, "Oh yeah." Sometimes he resorts to bending over and putting his fists on his shoes. This sometimes helps release a stubborn stool. He seems quite unembarrassed about his situation, and oftentimes I'll see him at the sinks as we both wash up and he seems very casual. I've often wanted to say something to him, "Seems like you really had a struggle in there," but I never have since I think this would be a bit strange. Perhaps not!


A bathroom perspective

My summer school ended on Friday. I know I was stressed but I took the toilet before leaving home and between classes at school, each time I could only release a ball or two of crap. Since we had a guest speaker in my final class, I didn't want to interrupt and take my crap which was now knocking at the door. So I was fully ready to be first out of the room and onto the toilet right across the hall when the noon final dismissal bell rang.

I couldn't believe it, but both doors to the bathroom were locked. I knew that some students had shot off firecrackers right after school the previous day. Plus a couple of bowling balls had been dropped onto a couple of the stools, cracking one and and causing a plumbing leak. So I hurried down to second floor to use the toilet there. Same situation. I had to go down to first floor to get to the parking lot. I tried that bathroom. Same situation.

So I hurried out to my car because I was late to meet with my mom at the mall's food court. She's going back to college at 40 to finish her degree and she wanted to get my opinion on some technology to help her. As I started the three mile drive I even ran a couple of yellow signals because my intestines were hurting. Once I was stuck in some slow-moving traffic during lunch hour, a road work detour through a side street with more pot holes than I had ever seen, I knew I wasn't going to make it to the mall.

My hope then went to my making it to the next gas station without my underwear becoming a bag of mush. I had to abruptly switch lanes, cheat a bit by going the wrong way on a frontage road, but I made it to this station. I no longer cared how clean the toilet was, how badly the room smelled or whether or not there was even toilet paper. I had a fast deposit to make.

I moved between shoppers and the check-out line to find the restrooms.
I know I let out a bit of a scream when I put my arm against the womens door and I was stopped. I noticed there was a code pad that I would have to use. I didn't hesitate to see if an occupant would walk out and give me the break I was certain I deserved. Luckily there were only two ahead of me at the check out counter.

The cashier was older than my grandpa. I know I spoke wrong when I started to unload on him. He interrupted me saying it was for paying customers only. I looked to my right and found a basket of breath mints. I bought them and he gave me the code. I went back and tried the code but the numbers didn't move. Just then a college-age girl with an employee top on opened the door to exit and I seized the opportunity.

I hiked my dress up, pulled my undies down and took the warm seat with no time to spare. I had to reposition myself on the O-shaped black seat a couple of times but the first pieces came along readily. The main event, however, was tearing at my rectum and causing me great pain. As I sat in pain, I had some vicious thoughts about the lock-outs and how I could payback the school and store for frustrating me so badly. Pain makes me devious, I know. But once the mother lode emerged, ecstasy overtook me.

Luckily I had almost a full roll of toilet paper. I stood and saw one very jammed up bowl. The primary piece was about two-inches in diameter and if it was unsnaked and laid out it would have been just over two feet long. A plunger was already called for and before I started wiping, I thought about whether I wanted to pile the used toilet paper higher than seat level. Or I could pile it on top of the already overflowing waste basket. Or I could just stack it on the floor.

I quickly texted mom to tell her I was about 15 minutes away. Then I started the first of 13 wipes. The waded up remains of each I dropped on top of one another. As I anticipated, they were eventually piled higher than the seat. Just to make sure, I took one more swipe and I got a little more off me. There would be no need for mom to remind me on laundry day when she emptied the hamper about proper wiping technique.

Once I got to the food court, I was somewhat surprised how interested mom was as I described my day. As I ate my sandwich she described how her senior class some 20 years ago left a shit tower in one stool in each of 15 or so bathrooms in the school. It must have been very well organized, but she said she had forgotten to hold her shit for school that morning. She had gone at home. Less school spirit than many of her classmates, I guess.


An Awkward Pooping Experience I'd Rather Forget

Hi there, my name's Matthew, this is my first post on this website! Today I'm going to talk about an awkward experience I had while on a camping trip with my friends.

So I was on a camping trip with my friends Jordan and Henry. Jordan's dad was there too, since we were all 10 years old (Henry being an exception, he was 11 at the time) and needed somebody to look after us. One time after we ate our dinner, I felt the urge to take a crap. There were no toilets at the campsite and the only option was to go behind a bush or on the floor. I didn't really want to tell anyone that I needed to poop because I would only embarrass myself. I held the turd in for about 35 minutes. I was sitting in our tent alone, because Jordan, Henry and Jordan's dad were outside playing sports to pass the time. I was squirming around, trying to stop myself from crapping everywhere. Henry soon entered the tent and he noticed me squirming. He said "Matt, do you need to poop?" I hesitated and said "Yes...". He told me that there was a place at the campsite where no-one could see me do my business. I began following him to the place but halfway there, something came out of my ass. It was a huge, sloppy turd. Poop began soaking through my jeans and Henry just stared at me and he couldn't help but laugh his ass off. I kept releasing huge poops out my asshole and the occasional fart. Henry ran back to the tent, I suppose he told Jordan about my accident, and soon Jordan was also laughing his ass off while staring at my ruined jeans. That experience still haunts me to this day.

To Jasmin K:
You mentioned in some of your older posts your mother helping you poo when you were constipated up until you were about twelve.
My mother was much the same with me and would always ask me every day "When did you last poo?" or "How are your poos going?" or "How hard is your poo, melanie?" She always noticed when I started to get 'bloated' too, and knew it was time for intervention.
What did your mother do to help you poo? Mine used to rub my stomach and hold my hands but thats about it.

To jonquil
If I eat a lot of cheese I sometimes won't use the Imodium, but sometimes I take both together and then I get a really good result.

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