My maid in the toilet with me

I am 18, I have a new maid, she has been working in my house for like 4 months, I remember one time I was pooping and I realize I dint have more tp, so I call her and ask her for some from the other door side. She then knock on the door and I tell her to pass and dont worry. She entered, I was there, sitting in the toilet with some midpoop and strong smeel in the restroom, I remebered that while she gave me the tp in my hand my poop felled and a big plop echoed in the bowl, she and I look in each others eyes and leave a nervouse life. Suprisingly, 2 weeks after, I had the same situation, I called her and this time she entered without any hesitation. Since then I always pooped with the door open while she is cleaning the room conected to the restroom while she makes me questions. 2 times had passed that she cleans the shower and the sink while I am pooping, she stays in my smeel,hears all my farts, plops and she dont even care to notice, actually she seems to like it. We talk and she even cleans the sides of the toilet while I am pooping there seated, she passes her head just right my naked thighs, and the second time while she was doing this, when she finished, she stand up supporting her hands in my lap, and before she totally stand up, she asked me if I was having a good poop, she said that she asked because of the smell, I told her I was ok so she said ok and then stand up went to the shower that it is right beside the toilet, I notice she then glanced at the space between my bum and the toilet seat while I was expelding a poop and she tell me to not to worry, everything was fine, we both finished in our jobs, so I Started wipping while she saw me and then she sigh and smile at me, she take her things and leave the restroom with the door open


Visit to my grandparents

Back four years ago, when I made the superior honor roll in middle school, I was rewarded with a trip to visit my grandparents. They are really nice, in their early 80s, but have different routines than those I am being raised with. Going to the bathroom is a good example.

So I got off my flight at the airport needing to crap pretty bad. My mistake, I know, but I felt really self-conscious standing in the plane aisle in front of everyone waiting in line for a one-toilet sitting experience. Grandma was waiting at the gate and she said grandpa was downstairs to pick up my luggage. I told her I needed to use the bathroom. She asked me what it was for. She said, "Oh, heavens No, you hold it until we get back home. Our bathroom is cleaner and you can have it all to yourself." My mind was on doing a dump. Right then. Nothing else. So when we got downstairs there was a large crowd, several flights came in at about the same time, and I tried again to get away by telling grandma I was thirsty and wanted to get a water bottle. She had me stand with grandpa while she went off an bought it.

OK I held my crap for more than a half hour until we got to their house. Toward the end I was in pain and sweating. The next night they took me to my first pro baseball game. I had drank alot of sodas that day and by the second inning, I had a full bladder. I was 11 and told grandma I could go in by myself. She wouldn't hear of it. She walked me to this huge bathroom, stood with me in the line, and when the toilet opened, she came into the stall with me to check things out. As I turned to pull my underwear and shorts down and take my seat, she stopped me and pulled off toilet paper she said I should line the seat with before I sat down. As some was beginning to tinkle down the inside of my leg, I grabbed the toilet paper and did what she wanted me to do. Then she stood in there and seemed amazed that I was so fast in getting started. I didn't say anything. I just sat and looked down at my shoes.

I did make a mistake because I was hearing cheering and didn't want to miss any more of the game. I didn't immediately go over and wash my hands. And before that, she insisted that I learn to foot-flush the toilet, rather than using my hand.

Rather than having similar criticism the next day when we went to the beach, twice I just peed in the water. It gave me kind of a nice feeling that I hadn't experienced before. That evening at McDonalds when my grandpa asked me to go back and get him another order of fries I ducked into the bathroom and enjoyed peeing normally and without any hassle. Then the next day, grandpa took me down to the river and taught me how to fish. I thought it was kind of funny the first time when he asked me to walk up to a fishing supply building nearby and check the price of extra worms. When I came back a little soon than expected, I could see he was zipping himself up. When he learned that I was onto it, the second time he asked me if I thought the fish enjoyed his "water treat." I just laughed and he hugged me. Then about an hour later he let me go to the supply building on my own. I crapped and thanked him for giving me some space. He said we shouldn't tell grandma. I agreed. That bathroom really, really sucked but I got rid of my crap without feeling guilty or getting a lecture.

Hi Abbie, thanks, I normally stop for a wee on the way home from a night out to be honest but got so far this time it didn't seem worth it. Lucky you to have avoided an accident, do you really think it'll happen to you sometime soon?!

It's interesting that you get constipated in the hot weather, I get exactly the opposite! I'm not sure what it is that causes it but without fail, hot weather leads to runny poo!

Went out drinking in the park on Saturday and had to wee behind a bush twice! On one of the occasions I went with my flatmate Heather, she had a jump suit on and practically had to get completely naked, she only had her bra on, pull her knickers down and squat!


Response to Gerry:

Yes, I think alcohol can play a role & it's not just women that have accidents. I've had it happen a couple of times & really just over the past couple years or so. The one that certainly involved alcohol was that time in the WI Dells when I took a two hour boat trip & had been drinking beer at a bar before. Long story short, I got on the boat even though I had to pee because I was almost running late, then I had an emergency & asked the tour guide if there was a restroom on board. She said there was not, but that there were restrooms on an island that they make a landing on halfway though, well, I did not make it & completely wet much pee that it was running out into the isle. The tour guide came back to talk to me when she saw I was having an accident.

Second time was at a restaurant & oh yes, I'd a had a beer or two, but got a sudden urge to use the restroom, but one of the employees was cleaning the restroom so it was closed at the moment. I told the waitress I really needed to get in there to pee so she said she would tell her. she no more than left my table to talk to her & I had an accident right there in my both. Of course I had to tell her what happened. My girlfriend Anna has also had wetting accidents. Once last year when we were on a Christmas shopping trip & she also is a school teacher of second & third graders & she said that one day last year, she waited until her break to use the restroom because no other staff was available to watch the kids for a moment & she ended up wetting herself just as class was ending but that nobody noticed. she was wearing a black outfit that day so it was not visibly easy to notice. she stayed to teach her last class of the of the day, but said her wet clothes were really uncomfortable. so yes, it does happen but often times has nothing to do with alcohol & it happens to men too!
a couple of years ago my nephew, 18 at the time was traveling with me back to my brother's place. He really had to pee & told me we had to stop at the very next town to find a restroom. all of the sudden, he got really concerned & asked me off I had an empty bottle or anything he could pee in. I really did not have one at the time. next thing I knew he turned to me & almost crying told me he was wetting his pants. All I could do is tell him to not worry about it. I do know it is very embarrassing when it happens. so, yes, it does happen to adults & not just kids.


About Reading in the Bathroom

Hi everyone! First time poster here, though I've been reading the posts here for years now. You can call me Rick. I'm a guy in my late twenties, almost six feet tall, with ash blond hair and light blue eyes. I'll post some stories about my own experiences if I find the time. For now, I wanted to reply to Ronan about reading in the bathroom.

Personally, I don't read in the bathroom, but both my mother and my older sister do whenever they take a dump at home. Mom usually takes a book into the bathroom. Sometimes, she even leaves it there as her exclusive bathroom book. As for my sister, in the past, she'd usually take some magazine or another, nowadays she mostly takes her phone. Either way, whenever one of them enters the bathroom with their 'reading material' in hand, it's safe to assume they'll be occupying it for the next thirty minutes or so. Mom tends to do one or two courtesy flushes while she's at it, but Sis doesn't usually bother to do that so the bathroom really stinks afterwards. Also, Sis sometimes fiddles with her phone while using a public toilet too (I can tell by how long she takes). I keep reminding her that it's annoying to the people waiting in line, but she's just incorrigible in that regard.

That's all for now. I hope this provides some insight. I think quite a few people read in the bathroom. Others, like myself, rather use the time to think about stuff in peace.
Well then, have a nice day everyone. I'm quite busy so it may take a while before I find the time to post again. Until then!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


read in the loo?

When I was teen I read in bathroom, I think American say this word for toilet. But in Wales I never did, I don't know reason, my host mother said, Mina you are in loo very long time, why you don't take book? And I said, I want to use loo time for think things, when I went to loo for motion time went fast because I think all time "my host mother is so sweet!" and I did all motions and came out, I tell her, she give me big hug and big kiss.

I don't want to take book in loo because bacteria on book, if I read in tearoom after that I get O-167 disease. It can't be help clothes, but in hot summer, I take off clothes and leave at door. My friends are same. For us all four, now loo time is thinking time, and if friends with us we talk a bit too. But we don't read an we don't use phone. Phone is better because you can wash, but you can't wash book.

Love to everyone. H,M,K, and your very own M


Reply to Imogen

I loved your Accident story , Imogen , please keep posting on this forum .

Just Jerika

Response to MX

Megan suggested the shared arrangement, even while I was still talking to the cleaning guy who I had interrupted. It is hard to describe the layout of the bathroom. On one side there were two toilets pretty close together with no stall panels or other privacy. Those were the ones he was cleaning. Opposite him, on the other side of the room, there was the other larger toilet which we used for our buddy sit. Each of us took one of the two sides to that toilet. Most of the time his back was to us as he was on his knees cleaning those two toilets. However, we were only about a foot behind him and I remember he turned a couple of times and complimented Megan for getting at it so fast. As I sat I hoped that I hadn't come across as too gross when I answered him saying that all the time I was carrying Megan on my shoulders I was hopeful she wasn't going to have an explosion. I remember turning on the toilet once to see how sunburn Megan might be getting and I caught the guy trying to sneak a look at us. When I got off my side of the toilet, he heard me taking some toilet paper and wiping a couple of pee splashes off the seat. When I reminded Megan to do the same he again complimented us. He said we had the right idea by sitting on the seat and not trying to hover over it and mess things up with our misses. As we were washing our hands, the guy complimented us a third time as he was on his knees and scrubbing away. I thanked him nicely for letting us use the bathroom.

Shy guy pooping
Hi. I'm a guy in his early 20s and physically active. I've been lurking for a long time.

I was hiking with my friends this summer. This was two days and nights trip in the wilderness. We hardly saw any other travellers. But there were some camping spots. They were pretty full so we decided to set up a camp somewhere elsewhere both nights.

My bowelmovements are irregular and during this trip there wasn't just a good moment to go outhouse or find peaceful spot to squat. Infact most of the time i didn't feel the urge so everything was mostly fine.

Last day I realised I really need to poop. We were kinda in a hurry so I just had to hold it for a while. Finally we reached our destination. This was a checkpoint where our cars were parked. There was people just hanging around. Cooking food in a camfire and talking. Also in a distance I could see two outhouses. With my friends, I went to our cars and packed up. I was being slow on purpose, because I was hoping to go outhouses alone without making a huge number of it. We said goodbye to each other and my friends left.

I grabbed a book from my car and a roll of toilet paper and walked happily towards outhouses. Finally I could relieve myself in peace! There was two doors and one wall separating holes where you sit. Unfortunately there was no lock and you couldn't shut door completely. I couldn't care less at this point. I sat on the hole and opened my book. I made one big hissing fart and felt turd poking out of my anus. This turd is taking its time so i just tried to relax and read my book. Turd still wasn't about to exit my body. Couple minutes later I could hear steps from the outside. It was mother and her two kids. Because of wind, my door was almost competely open at this time and I couldn't reach it. There I was just sitting, my pants down, book in my hands, right in front of them. Mother realised the situation and closed my door for more privacy. She went to next stall wit her kids and they peed. I finally managed to push my turd out with a loud thud. After wiping, I looked down. There was a lot of shit and used toilet paper. I noticed that my huge turd made the other turds yealous. It was proudly laying top of the pile. Its going to be a challenge to beat my "record" for a next user. I bet this outhouse is a common place for shy hikers to go release them after holding a poop for a long time. And you could tell it for anount of shit there was.


The effects of alcohol

Hi all, a reader of so many years now, never posted until now...

As a kid I was somewhat accident-prone (day & night off and on), and young adulthood and alcohol their own too. I found I wasn't alone though, with one ex girlfriend a regular wetter (daytime throughout her life), and another a bedwetter (almost every night until 15 years old). Maybe some stories for another day, feel free to ask about anything.

The shame put on me by my parents resulted in (female) accidents an interest of mine, and society means it remains a hidden interest. So I loved these pages since I found them! I live in South America by the way.

Anyhow, last weekend my partner (32 years) went out with her two sisters and a cousin (30, 20 and not sure), so four girls. I think there were two other cousins also that left earlier. After some time at the home of the cousin, they went around a few bars and/or clubs looking for a bit of atmosphere. I stayed home looking after her nine year old and our two year old.

Around 4am they got home, and I was half asleep. My partner started telling me about her night, mostly boring when you're not there. For once though there was something to peak my interest.

She said in one bar-club there was a girl just next to them that was a few years older than her younger sister, so likely around 23-25, and worse for wear.

So from one moment to the next they look over, and notice this girl is peeing herself. Seemingly totally unaware, stood there emptying everything with no control. Well this made my night, but I could hardly ask for many details given that my partner spoke of it with a hint of disgust.

I collected her younger sister on my motorbike the next day, and asked about the night. She told me this girl was totally drunk, and wearing pretty inappropriate high heels. Seems at some point after wetting herself she was helped to the bathroom (I had to ask if there was a point by then!), where the sister was already. Apparently so drunk she arrived there with just one or her high heels.

Made me wonder (more than the average person...) how the clean up may have been, or if she may have made it home or even to hospital and any reactions, and how her clothing may have been (obviously enough to see everything as it happened, but I couldn't ask too much without showing my interest too much).

So I'm sure aloohol in makes for many wettings (or number 2) and would love to hear from anyone that has experienced seeing them or doing them. Also those that have done one or the other and managed to hide it, please share.

Imogen, I very much enjoyed your story, thank you for sharing despite your embarrassment :/

Novice Squatter

First Ever outdoor poop

Hi All,
When I was about 10 years old was camping with my family in Algonquin park. We had taken a canoe out for the day and we were having a picnic on this rocky island out on the river. I had always been a 'poop at home base' kinda guy and wasn't keen on using the outhouse near our campsite, and the toilet building was being cleaned when I checked, so I had been holding onto a mild urge since the morning. Well after lunch on this island the urge wasn't so mild anymore. I unfortunately had to share this development with my parents, knowing full well the nearest toilet or outhouse was a few hours by canoe away and it wouldn't be worth going back for. So looks like my only option was to handle this somewhere nearby.

There wasn't much privacy on this island, but the shore was very close-by so my mom handed me some tissues, I hopped in the canoe and soloed it the best I could to the shore. When it was shallow waded into he river and pulled the canoe up partway onto the shore.

The shore was the base of a low ridge, covered in conifers. The ground was just dirt so I just walked up the slope until I was satisfied my family couldn't see me. There wasn't really anything to hide behind so I just stopped when I felt the place was right. It is interesting, despite this being my first outdoor poop, my first instinct was to squat. I dropped my swim trunks to about knee level, held the front of them above my crotch and crouched down into the low flat-footed squat.

I didn't try to poop first, I figured it'd be better to ease into it with a pee. Standing or sitting was no problem but in this position it seemed to take some effort, so the pine needles in front of me got a few enthusiastic sprinkles rather than the usual patter.

With that out of the way, I gently pushed. My poop started to come out no problem, but it felt strange to be in this environment and have my poop make virtually no sound aside from a muted thump and swish when it dropped into the orange and brown pine needles under me.

This is where it became apparent I hadn't pooped outdoors before. I had squatted facing downhill, and when my turd made landfall it flopped forward and rolled for about a half turn. I got lucky, it came close to touching one of my feet. I shifted my weight and feet bit and continued to defecate.

Another, smaller poop came out and started to roll but got stopped by the first one. After a little bit rhythmic straining I was satisfied I was done. I looked down in curiosity and there was a reasonably large pile of excrement between my sea socks, some of it was sprinkled with pine needles that it had picked up when it rolled. The smell was interesting too, not totally like a washroom but I've come to learn that human feces has a different smell when not in a toilet. I wiped, stood up, walked back and rinse my hands in the river, feeling a lot better. Since then I've sort of been fascinated by pooping outdoors and don't shy away when I get the chance.
Looking back I totally DID NOT follow proper outdoor pooping procedures for this. I don't think I don't think I was 200 ft from the river, and I was uphill to it! It didn't even cross my mind to dig a hole (we didn't have a trowel) or to pack it out (ew that's my POOP!). So a preteen boy's bowel movement and used TP lay in the open air under the trees for who knows how long. I hope no one came across my "little present".
I think one uncovered nature poop is probably fine, but if everyone had that mentality we might have a problem. What do you guys think? From what I've read, many of us think a mere "stop, squat, wipe and walk" approach works just fine.

Love this site :)


@Steve: China

There is a huge amount of variation in China, period. The toilets are merely one example of this. Very old stuff side by side with totally modern stuff.

Some guy

Valuable poos

How I found money in my bowels

It all started one day when I was reading some old posts when I came across a post entitled "making money" and one thing led to another and now I am really interested in the idea of swallowing something that isn't food and finding them in my poos the next day. So I started eating some small plastic beads and small plastic gemstones used for art, then I moved on to coins! My first attempt was half successful, I managed to swallow two dimes and a nickel but part two recovering them failed.☹️ oh well. Than I tried my luck at dice and was very successful and than I ate one of those plastic fake gems 💎 that you can buy at party stores and places like that and also succeeded. Finally I decided to try again with coins, so first I swallowed four dimes and than later a quarter. I pooed one that day and one the day after but with no success. But I kept looking and it paid off, Two days after I swallowed the coins they all came out in my turds!💩 Well two dimes and the quarter did the other two dimes either passed without me knowing or are still inside me, but in any case this was a success!
(By the way The coins turned black while being digested)


Latest news

i everyone, sorry I haven't got round to posting for ages, I've been really busy.
Imogen- sounds like you well and truly weed your knickers the other night, I was so glad you managed to make it home without anyone noticing. I know exactly what you mean about having a slight urge for a wee and then getting really desperate over a short amount of time, it quite often happens to me when I'm going back home after a night out too and I get really worried that I'm going to wee my knickers big time! Luckily theres somewhere quite near to my house where I can go when I'm desperate to have a wee and know I won't be able to make it home, its a grassy area with some bushes I can squat behind. So far I've got away with a few spurts in my knickers which haven't shown through but it wouldn't surprise me if I end up wetting myself completely at some point, its been really close a few times!!
Natasha- great to hear from you again and good to hear your still keeping regular for the most part. I'm glad you were finally able to have a poo at the station, I guess the bearing down you did earlier must have shifted something! Thanks for answering my question, I'm basically doing the same, I go and sit on the loo after breakfast, lunch and tea, I got into a fairly good routine before the hot weather started when I was having a poo every other evening but when it warmed up I started to get constipated again and was going back to having really hard poos which were taking ages to push out, plus I was only going every 3 or 4 days which made it even worse! Each time I think my constipations finally gone it seems to come back to haunt me, I'm not sure whether I'll ever get over it completely but its definitely better now than when I was a teenager, back then I really suffered.
Anyway, since the weather has cooled down a bit I've been struggling less to go for a poo which is certainly a relief, I was feeling like I might be able to have a poo when I got home tonight so I went straight to the loo. I lifted my skirt and pulled down my white knickers and sat, trying to just relax and let it come. After about 5 minutes I felt a log starting to move down and it poked out of my bum shortly after, it was quite a fat one but wasn't too hard so I hoped it wouldn't be too much of a struggle to push out. I started to bear down and felt my bumhole open wide, I couldn't help moaning as it felt so good as it slowly eased out. As it got to its fattest point I took a deep breath and did some harder pushes which made me grunt a bit, luckily that did the trick and I felt the log speed up again and drop into the bowl not long after. I finished with a couple of smaller logs that only needed minimal pushing, then wiped my bottom, pulled up my knickers and let down my skirt. Hope you enjoyed this post, will try to post again soon, bye for now!


Bed Wetter

I have been a lurker here for a long time now, too afraid to post. I finally have found the courage due to some more recent emotional growth.

For the past few years I have been struggling with bed-wetting on and off due to some severe PTSD. When I am most anxious or nervous I tend to wet my bed and it goes through cycles. I can be dry for a couple weeks and then I will wet my bed every night for a while. It has made me feel like I have no control over things in my life and it can be overwhelming at times. I have been hiding it from my family as I have lived alone for a long time now and it's just not something I really want to talk about when I do get the chance to see them, which isn't often. I do however live with roommates and it has been a challenge to hide it from them, trying to make sure my room doesn't smell of urine. I have debated talking to my parents about it because holding on to this huge secret which takes a toll emotionally in addition to other things I am dealing with. I don't really stay with them except for about a week or two a year during the holidays and question whether the shame of telling them about it is worth it. Any advise from people who have been in similar situations is welcome.

What really spurred my want to post today is because last night In addition to wetting my bed, I also soiled my self in my sleep too. I woke up today around 9am and right away I noticed the smell and instantly knew what happened. I was shocked as I have never really pooped myself sleeping before.I sat up an cried a little bit while trying to understand why it happened. I have a history of messing my pants due to some OCD but that has only ever happened while I was awake and usually because I refuse to use public restrooms despite my desperation. It used to happen a lot growing up in my teens as I was embarrassed to use the restrooms at school and would always try and wait till I got home. It happened frequently on long road trips as well due to my internal struggle between my bowls and off the highway restrooms. More then one occasion I have pooped myself with my sister and my mother in the car driving home from vacation. As I have gotten older I have gotten wiser about my bowl habits so I only have a soiling accident every 6 months or so because I plan out my BM's. This recent soiling has me on edge because I am not sure why it happened as I have been trying to be more positive lately and I haven't soiled my pants since Christmas this year.

I hope I can get a hold over these issues but just opening up at all about it even on this forum has made me feel better.


Monday, August 20, 2018



How many of you read in the bathroom? My girlfriend is a notorious bathroom reader. Her mother once joked that she was going to live that one episode of Seinfeld where George is forced to purchase an expensive book he took into the bathroom at a bookstore. She said she even used to do this at school all the time. Poop time was always time to get out of class and catch up with whatever book she was currently reading (and she has always been a voracious reader). She also likes to read bathroom graffiti and will often report on various things she has seen written/drawn on bathroom stalls while she takes care of her needs. She once sent me a photo of a very elaborate cartoon drawn on the inside of a stall involving cats (she loves cats) and said it was the best place to poop ever.

Dayna: Yeah, I didn't tell her anything about the sound afterwards. Didn't want to embarrass her. Although the museum was not very crowded that day, and the number of people that heard her was pretty small. She had the bathroom virtually to herself, other than one other woman who went in at the same time as her but finished at around the same time as I did.

Sonya Sue

Emergency babysitting gig & bathroom independence

The day recently when I had to drive 1 1/2 hours to the college I'm going to be attending for a half-day freshman orientation and to buy my books Matthew's mom called me dying to find a babysitter at the last minute. Since she pays well, I told her I'd take him but he would be spending much of the day on a college campus. She was really desperate and needed the time and a half she was going to make on the extra shift.

Part of the problem was caused by my not requiring Matthew to use the bathroom before he left my house. I forgot about that need for myself too and after about 45 minutes on the Interstate I asked how he was doing and he said he needed a bathroom. I figured it was a good time for me to piss too when we wheeled into the rest area. Since he's just starting school next week, and the restrooms were busy with travelers, I knew I would be taking him into the ladies room with me. About 3/4 of the cubicles were in use and a couple I could tell were occupied by really young kids because feet were swinging and hanging off the floor.

I quickly identified two toilets for us to use. I looked in the door, found the seat was down, it had been flushed, there was TP on the roll and I really felt good about directing Matthew in, watching as he showed me how he could use the door latch, and then I let him do his thing. I forgot to ask about Number 1 or Number 2 because I wanted to get into the next cubicle for my needs. There a shit in the bowl the size of a flashlight but I didn't want to take time to deal with it. I quickly seated myself and my stream started immediately. Every few seconds it picked up intensity. That reminded me of the emergency shift I had worked overnight at the C-store I work at and the large amount of coffee my manager Vi had given me to keep me alert at check out.

I looked under the stall and saw Matthew was successful on his third try at getting himself up onto the stool. I saw his white underwear and jeans at his feet. I felt good about his independence. I asked him how it was going and reminded him we were on a tight schedule. Before he could answer there were four slightly muffled farts and I saw his feet start to spread out. Then his feet hit the floor just as I heard a splash into the water. Then I could see he was back on the seat. Then there was another splash. I asked him again how he was doing and he said his butt was getting wet. I asked him if that happened when he pooed at home and at his day care. He said no. I told him that was because he was sitting too far back on the toilet. He seemed a little confused and I saw some more movement of his legs.

While I stood and wiped myself once, I asked if he was done and he said yes. I told him to do at least three wipes. I heard him stand, pull off some TP, wipe and then I saw the paper land on the floor about 6 inches from my left foot. I took it, put it in my toilet, and quickly made myself presentable and then opened my door. I knocked on his, he let me in, and then I saw the problems. He had some soft poo smeared on the left side of his butt. There was also a piece of poo over where the seat cut-out was, and he had a little poo on his right little finger. I tried to remain calm as I cleaned him. As he was pulling his clothing up, I cleaned the front of the toilet and with another I wiped off the seat for the next user. I emphasize he should do that each time.

Then I explained to him that he can flush either with his hand on the flusher or using his foot. He used his hand, actually both hands in order to gain the weight necessary. It was on his 5th or 6th try and with the help of my hand that he finally got the flusher to work. Matthew's handwashing came easier, although the blower needed three soft punches to activate. Once we got back on the road, I started to give him some other tips he could use. At the college he peed twice and it went much better. On the way home it was me who needed the pit stop for a late afternoon shit.


Toilets in China

Thanks for the update.

Sounds like there is still quite a variation there.
The open stalls etc don't faze me, all part of living in another country.


Summer School

Hi everybody I just found this site after searching "Pooping Forums" haha. It seems like a very neutral site so I just decided to post on here. Right now I'm in summer school which honestly sucks. None of my friends go to summer school but I got a D in Science so I had no choice. First let me describe myself since most people do. I have brown hair, 5'5, 115 pounds and I'm 15 years old. My parents have been divorced since I was 3, my mother is only 33 she had me when she was in high school and my Dad is 50. According to my mother I have a nice butt so I just wanted to put that in. I have a peeing story and 2 pooping stories. I'm very modest when I use the bathroom I put my pants or shorts at my ankles, I always wipe and flush and never poop anywhere but in school or in my bathroom.

So this first story happened in January and I was out walking my dog and really needed to pee so I headed to the baseball fields nearby and found 2 porta potties there was a jogger nearby and she offered to hold my dog while I went. I sat down and it felt so good. That was until the wind started blowing and the door whipped open and the lady saw me which was embarressing.

So my next story happened at the library and I was babysitting a girl named Hanna. She was a red head about 9 years old. She said she needed to use the toilet, I went in with her since it was a one person bathroom. She sat with her shorts at her knees and peed for a little while and then I heard a loud splash and she said "Ew" I asked her what was wrong and she said that water splashed all over her bum.

My last story obviously happened at summer school. My school doesn't offer summer school so I have to go to a high school a couple towns away for it. There was one girl I knew named Meaghan, she was very short blonde hair and she had a huge butt. It was around 10 and it ended at 12 and it was lunch time so me and Meaghan decided to go to the bathroom. I dropped my shorts to my ankles and her sweat pants went down to her ankles she asked, "Kaitlynn are you peeing or pooping", I said pooping and she said, "Good I have to also". I started peeing when I heard a very an airy fart from Meaghan, it was funny how she was short because her feet hung about an inch or 2 off the ground which my feet haven't since 6th grade. I heard a plop from her stall and she said, "I hate when the poop is hanging out of your bum and a piece breaks off and gets your but wet". We laughed and I finished my pee and started pushing. I heard a ding and it was my phone and it was a text from my mom that read, "Hey hunny, how are you doing". Also if I use this ", I'm just trying to show what the person said, I responded saying "Im doing good, I know one person here" she said "Well that's good who is it" "Meaghan I think you remember her" she said "Yeah I do, what are you guys doing right now" I quietly laughed and typed out "I'm taking a poop right now in the bathroom" "Oh haha is Meaghan too" "Yeah she is mine is just starting to come out" "Okay well I'll let you finish up bye". My poop started to crackle out and I farted and it splashed in. It was a nice thick piece about 11 inches, another piece started to come out and it was about 7 inches. Meaghan said to me, "Kaitlynn the poop won't come out of my bum I don't know why" I told her that she might've been constipated. I wiped up and waited outside her stall, I just waited until she said, "Come on in for a second I need you to check my bum to see if it's hanging out. It was and it was just a dry piece hanging out, her bumhole was stretched about 4 inches it was MASSIVE. About 3 minutes later I heard a loud splash and she said finally. She wiped up and we headed back to the library where our class was.

Okay so this will be my last story in this post. It happened on Wednesday, I didn't have summer school and my mom was working until 6:30. I slept in until about 9 and got up and made breakfast, I went down the hall to the bathroom and put my pajama bottoms at my ankles and sat down. My friend Morgan started calling me and she asked me if I wanted to come to her house I said sure and then she asked if she could actually come to my house cause her brother was home. She's my neighbor so it wasn't that hard for her to come over, I told her I was pooping so she could just walk in. She opened the front door and poked her head out and said hi because the bathroom was right by the front door. I left the door open and she walked in and said, "Ew why do you put your pants at your ankles", and I told her I like to feel more open. She told me she pooped right before she called me. The thing about Morgan is that she has HUGE poops. Normal sized for her is like 10-13 inches long, I remember one time when we were like 9 she was in my bedroom bathroom and clogged the toilet. Thats all I have for now but I'll be sure to post soon. Bye everyone.


Question to "Just Jerika

I'm not sure if I understood you well. You've written that there were three open toilets in the room; does it mean that you and Megan sat on toilets on the full view of the cleaning guy,with him watching you peeing and her moving her bowels? I think I couldn't even imagine some similar situation (that I enter the bathroom and see few open toilets and the cleaning lady tells me to use one of them with her cleaning the other bowls).

Canada Pooper

Question for JC

JC if you don't mind me asking how old is your little sister from your most recent story ?
also do you have a other "accident" stories ?

To Evan

You still out there? Love your stories but haven't seen you post in a while!

Hi all. I can't help but get the feeling that all of my recent posts have begun with some variant of "sorry it's been so long since I last posted" but, well, you know how it is when things get busy. In particular, since the last time I posted here, I've moved into a new house. I really like living where I do now, I'm only a few minutes walk from a train station so it's easy for me to get most everywhere I need to go.

Anyway, enough of that and on to what the forum is really about. Earlier on Abbie asked about my daily routine and what I do if I'm unable to poo after doing my morning sit. Thankfully, I'm able to do a poo almost every day, but on the rare times when I'm not I just wait until the urge hits me later in the day and go when I need to. I'll usually also sit for a few minutes on the loo at lunchtime. If I still haven't gone by the time I get off work, I sit at home and try to push something out. This typically does the trick for all but the most stubborn of poos. But if for some reason even that doesn't work, I just wait until the next morning and try again then.

I actually do have a story about a time last week when I wasn't able to poo during my morning sit. That day, I did my usual 15-minute sit in the morning but didn't end up pooing so I got ready for work and left. By lunchtime, my stomach was hurting a little so I headed off to the toilet block. All I was able to do then was fart a tonne but I couldn't poo. My stomach did feel better after getting out that trapped gas though. A few hours later, I felt a familiar urge to poo, so I returned to the toilets. I still couldn't poo then, even after bearing down. For the rest of the day, my stomach continued to hurt but it didn't really feel like I needed to poo, so I didn't bother trying again before I left work (though looking back, maybe I ought to have tried).

I walked to the train station and headed off towards home. During the ride, my stomach was aching worse and worse. Soon enough, I felt a major need to poo building. Thankfully at that point, the train was almost at my stop. I got off and I knew I wouldn't even be able to make it home - I had to go and NOW! I walked over towards the toilets, all the while fishing in my bag for some coins to use the pay-toilets. It sucks having to pay to use the toilets at the station, but they've been some of the nicest public toilets I've ever used. I finally found enough to get into the toilets and rushed into the closest available cubicle, closed and locked the door and yanked everything down.

I sat on the loo and immediately started weeing and pooing at the same time. A thick piece of poo came out and it was quite long too. I finished weeing but was still pushing out that first piece of poo. Eventually it broke off, though it was quickly followed up by another piece a little less thick. This one grew to be about the same length as the first. When I'd let that one out I felt so much better and I was done. The poo was rather messy as well, I ended up needing eight wipes on my bum and then one more for my front. I stood up and looked at my poo before flushing. There were two huge turds coiled up amongst and top of each other and completely filling the pan. That definitely explained why my stomach had been hurting all day! I was kind of glad I'd done this big poo in these toilets, as they have a very powerful flush, so I had no doubt it would flush. Indeed, a quick press of the flusher and everything got sucked down just fine.

Right, so that's me for today. Bye for now!

Saturday, August 18, 2018


Coffee Poop

I know a lot of people say coffee always make them need to poop, but it's one thing that's never affected me in that way. Until today however.

At the weekend I attended a barbecue at a friends house, Classic Scottish summer, it started to rain towards the end! I ate a lot of meat while I was there, mainly chicken, pork and steak. I could feel it sitting in me all day yesterday, I tried to poop but only got out a few tiny, as in about 3'' long, thin poops.

Today, I started work as normal, didn't sleep great last night so am pretty tired, so grabbed a coffee about 9.15 and carried on working while I drunk it. At about 9.45, the urge hit me like a train! I rushed to the toilets in the workshop, praying that a cubicle would be free, as some other parts of the workshop were on a tea break. Luckily, all 3 cubicles were free! I took the far right one, quickly took my work trousers and boxers down, and logs started firing out of me, 6 in quick succession, each maybe 6-7'' long. The relief was amazing! I tried pushing but it must've all been waiting at the door, as I was empty. As I was wiping, someone took the far left stall and started doing some loose, noisy pooping. I finished cleaning up, flushed, pulled my clothes up, washed my hands and went back to work.

Was pretty cool to experience something is only ever read about!


Toilets in China

You'll find a huge range.

Most any hotel you will be allowed to stay in will have normal sit-down toilets. Other places, though, you'll find quite a range.

In tourist areas you'll find plenty of sit-down toilets. On the train we found one end of the car was sit-down, the other was squat.

I have a picture around of toilets where there was a single trench that water ran down and several stalls on it, you couldn't see into the other stalls but anyone else in the room got a side-on view of everyone using the stalls. Urinals are likely to be a common trough.

I have also encountered the side-on stalls with doors, but you'll still see what those upstream of you produce when it goes by.

I do not recall ever seeing simply a trench with no partitions, but I do recall a bus depot where the "toilet" was simply an area with a wall a few inches high around it. The men's version a guy could stand to do a #1 but if you need a #2 you would have to squat with your feet on the wall and your ass over the mess. (By appearances people didn't do a #2 there unless they really had to.) There would be no way to do both at once without something going outside the containment. While it was walled off you could see right into the men's from a substantial distance. I think the women's had a similar view but not from where people were likely to stand.

Expect to pay to use the toilet, expect to find no paper--either bring your own or in heavy use areas there will be someone selling it.


Quick update

Hiya! I've been getting that "your poop is ready" feeling in my gut the entire day, but every time I went to the potty I could only push out a few farts! Well, one time I managed to squeeze out this slither of a crap, but that was at best only a few inches--not relieving of the pressure at all. Just now, actually (I'm writing this still seated!), I managed to wait out my daily constipation spell and let loose a foot-long, spicy, slimy snake out of my poor, burning butthole! It's definitely one of those dumps that leaves skid marks along the white porcelain. Anyway, that's it. The new semester's starting soon so I'm getting more chances for public poops again! Oh, and some replies to posts.

To Brittany B.: Lovely story! Sounds like a good night of fun--makes me miss my old DnD group!

To Ronan: Dang, that sounds like hell for someone who has no idea that everyone can hear their bathroom noises! That sounds both mortifying and exhilarating!



This is for JW

Wow JW we could be brothers. I was constipated pretty much all the time as a kid and my mom would require me to leave the toilet un-flushed until she could see how much I did.

Also I received enemas from my mom; many many enemas. I don't think she really had much choice. I would go for weeks without going and it would make me sick at some point.

We should talk more. Any questions for me? Anyone can respond of course but I am directing this to JW.


sorry everybody : 2 correction

Sorry, I am very bad typist. I type 2 strange things! in my post of buddy dump in open air. One is, in part about big hot spring bath, I wrote "open air bath and loo in direction of our mountain pass" but it should be "open air bath and LOOK in direction of our mountain pass". There is not open air loo in that hot spring! (But, it is good idea I think. I have idea about hotel garden, put some loos, then surround with bamboo wall, and plant bushes and flowers around loo. And cover top with bamboo cover when it is rain. I want to do many motions in a such loo.)

Second one, at end, I wrote "The we back to city" it should be "THEN we back to city".

Mina is stupid girl. Sorry. IQ is minus 100.

Kazuko is sitting on loo now. She has pretty smile on her face. Her door is open wide and she is talking with Hisae and Maho, so I know she has success on loo. I go to look, loo is full!! Kazuko is having good time. I am happy for her. Hisae said she also want to do motion, after she finish we go to shopping mall.

Love from your very own bad silly Mina

End Stall Em

Putting off using the bathroom

With my college starting up again in a couple of weeks, I've been working time and a half at the mall. One of the high school interns we've taken on as part of a government program is Shiloh. She's 16, a hard worker, but very naive. When you're working at a customer service kiosk from 9 to 6, I told her it was important to plan her bathroom needs around her mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks or lunch period. I told her I relieve myself at each of those times. It may not be a full pee or crap, but I will seat myself for at least five minutes to encourage my system to respond. Shiloh normally takes a city bus to work, but on Saturday evening when we got off she asked for a ride home.
I could tell she was in a hurry. However, I told her I had been needing to pee and she could come down with me before we went to my car. This was a large bathroom, customers were using half the cubicles, but luckily both end stalls were open and I took the first. It was a fast-come, 30 second pee and when I came out and was at the sinks I noticed she was doing nothing but standing near the hand dryers looking bored. I told her that maintained my average of three pees a shift and as we walked to the parking lot she surprised me totally by saying she only pees when she gets up in the morning and when she gets home from school and work. She also seemed proud of the fact that she got through her entire freshman year of high school not having had to use the school bathrooms once! OMG!
During our conversation on our 25 minute ride that involved several traffic jams and a power outage at one intersection, I could see Shiloh getting more agitated in her shotgun seat. Then she started to suggest some side streets I could take that would be faster. I tried to be supportive while I decided to take a more radical action when I suggested since we were five minutes from my apartment that I swing by so I could check to see if our power was back on because of a bad wind storm the previous night. This gave her a way out by peeing at our place before we finished the trip. I sure didn't want her to have an accident in the car or get a urinary tract infection from her foolish decision not to use a public toilet.
Shiloh lost no time getting onto our toilet and looked more than relieved when she came out. Interestingly, she didn't flush and that was something Spencer tried to hang on me when he came home while Shiloh and I finished our trip.
Am I right worrying about Shiloh's public toilet phobia?


Son's Friend

So a couple weeks ago at the end of July my son Caleb had his 8th birthday party and invited 4 friends, Carson, Jake, Luca, and Ryan. Luca and Carson were spending the night and I didn't mind it cause I knew they would behave. When we were doing cake, Jake and Caleb started goofing around and Jake smacked cake in Caleb's face which was extremely funny. Once Jake and Ryan left, Caleb went to go take a shower. I got into my pajamas and started watching the movie Patriot's Day. I went into the laundry room to grab all the laundry in the dryer and I heard a fart, I thought it was me and then I heard it again and a plop sound, I put my ear up against the dryer to figure out if it was my dryer. I really had to pee so I went down the hall to the bathroom off of the garage and the door was cracked open a bit. I looked through the door and saw his friend Carson pooping on the toilet, I went upstairs and continued to watch the movie and then I heard footsteps, it was Carson and he looked a bit worried and said, um Ms L I um I clogged your toilet, I told him it was okay and he was fine and I'd unclog it. I opened up the lid and saw the poop which was massive, it was easily about 15 inches long and 3 inches wide. It managed to go down after I used a plunger. I felt bad because Carson must've really had to poop and I can understand why he was worried to tell me since he was at a friend's house.

Last summer in August I flew down to Massachusetts to see a friend and she got tickets to see a pre season football game for the Patriots. It was around 10 and the game only got into half time so my stomach was really starting to hurt so I told my friend I would be right back and went up to the bathrooms. I went into the bathroom and waited for the last stall which was occupied by an 8 year old girl brownish hair, she had nice yoga stretchy pants that just made her little bum pop. Meanwhile there was a woman in her 30s who was having the stinkiest diaherrea possible. Then I heard a grunt from the little girl and a "clunk" sound, she flushed and walked out and we both smiled at each other. I sat down and started having diaherrea, it felt like pee but it was coming out of my bum, it was a minute long wave and it was done which made me so relieved.

So this last story os a pretty funny one, the day after Thanksgiving break was over last year. So my son Caleb still had another day off although my other son had to go to school and I had to go back to work. So I dropped my son off at school and went to work. It was my lunch break so I had a salad and a couple of fiber bars, I had about 15 minutes left on my break so I walked down the hall to the girls room. I pushed my brown slacks down to my ankles, I pushed out a thick long turd about 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. The food at Thanksgiving was so good and I love pooping after that the turds are just so huge. I went back to my room and saw on my phone that I got a text from Caleb that said, Hi Mom there is a weird guy at the door right now and I don't know what to do. I responded back by saying, Okay go hide in your room then, I was laughing so hard at this point. 2 minutes later he responded, I can't I'm in the bathroom, in the old house we had 3 bathrooms. The one Caleb was in was right by the front door so he couldn't leave, I responded by saying, Oh were you taking a poop, and he said, I needed to pee but then I had to poop so I sat down and the doorbell rang. I said, Okay well finish up your poop and go into the living room until he leaves.

That's all I have for today but right now we are about to head out to Florida so there should be more stories. Bye everyone!!!



Sorry I've not posted in a while!

I have to admit I had a wee accident last week. I'd gone out on a Friday night and on my way home felt the familiar need for a wee. It's quite late, probably about 2am by this point by the way! I thought about stopping at my "usual" point but there were some guys out drinking nearby and I didn't need it that much I thought! So I carried on,still feeling ok, a bit drunk but quite happy!

Anyway, I'm feeling like I do need a wee quite badly by now, but that I'll get home and have a relieving one and that'll be it. By this point I'm about 5 minutes from home. Then suddenly it hits me, a massive feeling of needing to wee desperately. In about ten paces I went from feeling ok to feeling like my bladder was going to burst. I stopped dead and felt a squirt leak out into my knickers. I realised I needed to squat somewhere immediately, and took a step to my left on to the grass verge, where I felt another bigger squirt. I'd barely had time to register this when there was another equal leak, followed by a short regaining control, followed by me starting to bend over and reach the hem of my skirt, followed by the wee starting up again and the realisation that yes, I was actually weeing myself. So I decided there was no point trying to hold it in anymore and just let go, it was incredibly forceful, I could hear it hissing out and I could feel my knickers bulging with the wee.

I must have stood there for about a minute as I totally had an accident, a fact which only dawned on me when it had subsided. I was incredibly relieved and incredibly glad nobody was around! I carried on home and when I got in went straight to the bathroom and surveyed the damage. My dress wasn't too bad, there were a couple of wet patches. My knickers were sky blue but with a massive navy patch in the middle. I realised that not only was I bright red with embarrassment but I really needed to go again, so squatted naked above the loo and did another wee (the backs of my thighs were still wet). Shower and bed.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina great story about you all pooping outside it sounds like you all had great poops and pooped a lot as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Christy great story.

To: Debbie it sounds like you had a pretty good poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS I love this site

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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